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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Product dispensing cap with pivotal directional spout
Method and apparatus for converting spent water-based drilling muds into fertile indigenous top soil
Hearing protective device that includes cellular earmuffs
Foot guided shoe sole and footbed
Shoe tree supporting shoe exactly
Hair iron
Dual head interdental toothbrush
Inflatable knee pillow having thin profile and foldability when deflated
Restraint safety device
Seat portion of a seat
Infant/toddler carrying apparatus
Hand-operable pill crushing apparatus
Machine-readable identifier on a portion package, which contains ground coffee, for espresso machines
Apparatus for brewing and method for making the same
Spatial field effect physical therapy device
Method and apparatus for acquiring overlapped medical image slices
System for rehabilitation training using muscle force data measured of a person both before impaired and when impaired
Refastenable absorbent garment
Walker wedge
Inflatable lift device
System and methods for detecting efforts to thwart material detection by service animals
Aerosol inhalation system and interface accessory for use therewith
Roping and suspension harness with enhanced resistance
Fire protection and fire extinguishing device for domestic appliances
Golf bag base
Ski with improved edging characteristics
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and process for distributing liquid
Gas-liquid contactor baffle
Apparatus and process for distributing liquid
Anti-syphon emitter
Dynamic separator
Cluster tool process chamber having integrated high pressure and vacuum chambers
Method for increasing the process stability, particularly the absolute thickness precision and the installation safety during the hot rolling of steel or nonferrous materials
Method of designing and manufacturing a pipe fitting, particularly for aircraft
System and method for aligning a machine-tool with a spindle
Method for installation of guide rails in an elevator shaft
Oil pan assembly and method of selecting an oil pan
Tool handle drivable by other tool
Marking device
Device for cutting fruit and vegetables, in particular onions
Method for correction of variations in the amount of ink applied in a printing process
Device and method for identifying modules in a graphics machine
Printhead substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
Printhead maintenance station having maintenance belt
Inkjet printer and inkjet print method
Method for determining a printhead gap in an ink jet apparatus that performs bi-directional alignment of the printhead
Image recording apparatus
Clipboard assembly
Bicycle hub having enhanced strength
Tow bar having a single moving part for operatively accommodating pitch and roll movements between a towing vehicle and a towed vehicle
Wheel suspension system for a motor vehicle
Solar panel configuration for vehicles
Cabriolet vehicle
In-expensive head and upper torso restraint with u-shaped air bag
Headrest height adjusting apparatus
Vehicle hazard detection and warning system
Fascia anti-rattle springs
Folded airbag and airbag device
Airbag and airbag apparatus
Air bag device
Foamed body for the production of a seat of an automobile with airbag module
Occupant protection apparatus
Step apparatus
Functional unit for a vehicle interior
Drive device of hydraulic cylinder for working
Multiple engine hybrid locomotive
Vehicle impact absorption type steering column device
Multi-purpose tow bar for a trailer
Powered nose aircraft wheel system
Variable energy attenuating apparatus
Engine assembly for aircraft
Apparatus with helical tension cables for ejecting a spin-stabilized body from a spacecraft
Apparatus with axis-parallel tension cables for ejecting a spin-stabilized body from a spacecraft
Device with needle penetrable and laser resealable portion and related method
Closure cap
Holder to facilitate the signaling and storage of collectible baseballs and other sports memorabilia
Sheet feeding apparatus, image reading apparatus equipped with the same, and method of detecting double feed
Sheet conveying apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and device for melting glass using an induction-heated crucible with cooled crust
Polyamide resin, epoxy resin compositions, and cured articles thereof
Fluorosilicone-based dielectric elastomer and method for its production
Textiles; Paper
Braiding unit moving type braiding apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Locking system and flooring board
Power linear displacement striker
Closing system for a door, lid or the like, particularly those of vehicles
Tubular running tool
Method and system for extraction of hydrocarbons from oil shale
Plunger lift apparatus that includes one or more sensors
Gas operated pump for hydrocarbon wells
Nozzle unit and method for excavating a hole in an object
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control device for supercharged internal combustion engines comprising a system for adjusting the control times of an inlet valve
Variable phase drive coupling
Variable valve timing apparatus
Valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Automotive muffler
Exhaust gas control apparatus for engine and method for producing same
Coolant circuit for a coolant-cooled internal combustion engine
Energy collection
Control system for internal combustion engine
Method and system for rich-lean catalytic combustion
Control device and control method for air amount regulating mechanism
Control system and method for internal combustion engine
Ultrasonic fuel/power enhancer
Fuel vapour storage and recovery apparatus with heat exchanger
Electronically controlled electromechanical valve
Opposed pumping load high pressure common rail fuel pump
Fuel injector including an orifice disc, and a method of forming the orifice disc including punching and shaving
Compensation device and cylinder head arrangement
Fuel injector nozzle for an internal combustion engine
Lever operated pivoting float with generator
Wave power device
Synthetic leather packings for reciprocating piston pump
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic regeneration system
Electrically operated brake
Electric parking brake device
Engine mount
Shield assembly for a vehicle suspension
System and method for reversing the movement of a vehicle, in particular for an agricultural tractor
Brush seal
Stepped labyrinth seal
Hose for water and hot water supply
Two-piece oil filter oil cooler connector bolt
Mobile paint rack
Arrangement for mounting a directional antenna in an adjustable inclined position
Unitary control for air conditioner and/or heat pump
Method and installation for the provision of gas under pressure
Differential detection system for controlling feed of a paintball loader
Wheel alignment apparatus and method for all-terrain vehicles
Method and apparatus for measuring the mechanical response of micro-electro-mechanical systems
Force measuring device
Method for adapting a measured value of an air mass sensor
Optical waveguide vibration sensor for use in hearing aid
Floating body flowmeter
Liquid detecting device, liquid container and method of manufacturing liquid detecting device
Vertical pillar structured infrared detector and fabrication method for the same
Load cell
Web tension profile measuring method and roll applying the same
In-water hull cleaning sampling method
Continuously variable transmission belt inspection method and inspection device thereof
Rapid prototype integrated linear ultrasonic transducer inspection apparatus, systems, and methods
Angular velocity sensor having one amplifying circuit for amplifying plural detection signals
Correlating data from multiple spectrum monitors
Mobile terminal housing
Thin film transistor substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display panel having the same
Method for off-loading driver wireless activities to passengers via the vehicle wireless interface
Buck-boost circuit with protection feature
Clock signal generating circuit
Method of managing sensitive data in mobile terminal and escrow server for performing same
Web content fingerprint analysis to detect web page issues
In-line packet processing
Modular computer system and method
Apparatus for rendering content
Local message queue processing for co-located workers
Image forming apparatus having an assignment unit that assigns pulse modulation signals in accordance with a predetermined rule and a specific pixel position information
Gathering context information for a communication
Gathering context information for a communication
Methods and systems for dispatching messages to mobile devices
Managing graphics load balancing strategies
Reroute of a web service in a web based application
Browsing session metric creation
Retrospective changing of previously sent messages
Piecewise linear neuron modeling
Method and apparatus for automatically structuring free form heterogeneous data
Method and apparatus for pruning audio based on multi-sensor analysis
Packet processor verification methods and systems
Unreasonable answer filter
Half node scaling for vertical structures
Apparatus, system and method for authenticating a plurality of users for a mobile device using biometric means
Visually generated consumer product presentation
System and method for providing visualization of a parameter on multiple branches of a distribution network
Providing assistance to read electronic books
Display device and display method
Display device and method for operating the display device
Coordinate information updating device
Touch sensor having a single sensor layer
Graph-based transfer learning
Electronic apparatus
Dual trench alternating phase shift mask fabrication
Stored value card validation
Generating an incremental information object
Method of transmitting electronic signature during a financial transaction
Automatic device registration system with barcode identification and maintenance information generation
Object detection using limited learned attribute ranges
Grid data processing method and apparatus
Method using a touchpad for controlling a computerized system with epidermal print information
Imaging system for imaging an object
Automatic visual fact extraction
Generating an enhanced image of a predetermined scene from a plurality of images of the predetermined
Method and apparatus of creating a perceptual harmony map
Method and device for encoding a block of an image and corresponding reconstructing method and device
Automatic test generation for decision table based rules
Radio frequency based remote health monitoring
Computer-implemented method, computer program product and system for analyzing a control-flow in a business process model
Asynchronous serialization for aggregating process results
Cash dispensing automated banking machine deposit printing system and method
Card activated cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Methods and apparatus related to producing a household economic forecast
Method and apparatus for facilitating user selection of a category item in a transaction
Methods and systems of aggregating information of geographic context regions of social networks based on geographical locations via a network
Visualization method and system based on quartile graph display data
Animated audiovisual experiences driven by scripts
Image display device, image display system, and image display method
Image processing system for multiple viewpoint parallax image group
Image processing apparatus and method that synthesizes an all-round image of a vehicle's surroundings
Compression format conversion for texture data
Image restoration method and image processing apparatus using the same
Method for evaluating an examination
Access control system that detects static electricity
Digital media rental and return kiosk having a three-position lockable gate mechanism and methods of operating a digital media rental and return kiosk
System for biometric security using a smartcard
Connection detection system and detection device
System and method for finding an object at distance
Mobile communication device and communication method
Fractional HARQ re-transmission
Method and on-board unit for warning in case of wrong-way travel
Signal processing method
Display device with idle periods for data signals
Display device configured to perform pseudo interlace scanning image display based on progressive image signal, driving method thereof, and display driving circuit
Vibration sensing and canceling for displays
Video card and computer
Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
Stringed instrument hemispherical pull string tensioner
Methods and devices for determining media files based on activity levels
Audio synchronization for document narration with user-selected playback
Replication and formatting method and system for bit-wise holographic storage
Memory system and controller
Bit error rate mapping in a memory system
Distributed clock synchronization
Sensors for electrochemical, electrical or topographical analysis
Discharge surface treatment method and coating block for discharge surface treatments
Electroconductive microparticles, anisotropic electroconductive material, and electroconductive connection structure
Methods for fabricating refined graphite-based structures and devices made therefrom
Durable fine wire electrical conductor suitable for extreme environment applications
Dry type transformer with improved cooling
Actuator driver circuit
Solenoid assembly for friction clutch
Actuator for medium voltage switchgear
Carbon-based electrodes containing molecular sieve
Tungsten capacitor anode and process for production thereof
Self-assembled organic monolayer hybrid materials and methods thereof
Image pickup apparatus effective for reducing false operation due to static electricity
Polarized electromagnetic relay
Electrode for producing a plasma, plasma chamber having said electrode, and method for analyzing or processing a layer or the plasma in situ
Plasma block for remote plasma source
High resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Lighting device with fan directed airflow and air filtering
Method for forming a component of a vehicle latch assembly
Dicing tape-integrated film for semiconductor back surface
Method for forming structures in a solar cell
Capacitor from second level middle-of-line layer in combination with decoupling capacitors
Method of vapor-diffusing impurities
Method for depositing a group III nitride semiconductor film
Semiconductor device structures with self-aligned fin structure(s) and fabrication methods thereof
Methods of forming replacement gate structures on finFET devices and the resulting devices
Method for fabricating FinFET with separated double gates on bulk silicon
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with tensile stress
Sacrificial carrier dicing of semiconductor wafers
Semiconductor device including power and logic devices and related fabrication methods
Fabrication of higher-k dielectrics
Fabricating a microelectronics lid using sol-gel processing
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor structures having low resistance paths throughout a wafer
High gain device
Photoelectric conversion device having two switch elements
Transformation of nanostructure arrays
Breakdown voltage multiplying integration scheme
Blanket short channel roll-up implant with non-angled long channel compensating implant through patterned opening
Device and method for fabricating thin semiconductor channel and buried strain memorization layer
Field effect transistor and semiconductor device
Dual metal contact scheme for CMOS devices
Dual path thermoelectric energy harvester
Piezoelectric energy harvester device with a stopper structure, system, and methods of use and making
Method of forming an embedded metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor
Anthracene compound, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic appliance, and lighting device
Electron donor-fullerene conjugated molecules for organic photovoltaic cells
Electro-optical device stack, having patches covering layer breaches
Layer configuration
Portable and modular power generation device
Integrated electrode architectures for energy generation and storage
Electrical storage unit
Device and method for electrochemical device electrical interconnection
Bus bar locating feature and method
Shaped fuel source and fuel cell
Solid oxide fuel cell and method for producing the same
Process for manufacturing an integrated circuit system
Method for fabricating horn antenna
Tunable delay line arrangement
Antenna device
Corrugated horn antenna with enhanced frequency range
High gain frequency step horn antenna
Wideband bow tie antenna
Dual-band multiple beam reflector antenna for broadband satellites
Connector assembly and female connector used for the same
Jack with cylindrical housing
Electric connector
USB connector having a tongue with a plurality of contacts on its upper and lower sides symmetrically and reversely arranged
Charging inlet
Connecting terminal
Spark plug
Plasma jet spark plug
Integrated safety disconnects for power systems
Protection circuit and related method
Load leveling system of power system
Power system for actively maintaining operation
Wireless electromagnetic receiver and wireless power transfer system
Battery system
Mobile device wireless charging system
Hierarchical system for controlling a battery of electrical energy storage devices
System for balancing, by magnetic coupling, an association in series of elements for generating or storing electrical energy
Method and apparatus for avoiding noise in non-contact charging system
Electric machine with base element
Tubular linear motor with magnetostrictive sensor
Intermittent power line communication for inverters
Controller supply terminal boosting
Method and apparatus for providing a power factor correction (PFC) compatible solution for electronic devices
Circuit arrangement for supplying an output current to a load
Independent output control for single-inductor, bipolar outputs, buck-boost converters
Power supply device
Motor drive device
DC to DC converter assembly
Apparatus for driving interior permanent magnet synchronous motor and method of controlling the apparatus
Duplexer and cable modem using a duplexer
Multi-mode power amplifier and mobile communication terminal having the same
Distortion compensation device and distortion compensation method
Instrumentation amplifier with rail-to-rail input range
Power amplification apparatus and control method
Power circuit and electronic device utilizing the same
Method for calculating radio coverage in wireless device
Video encoding system for dynamically managing energy, rate and distortion and surveillance system using the same
Method and apparatus for communicating data in a digital chaos cooperative network
Radio communication device and timing control method
Customized display banner indicating call quality
Tracking received power in wireless communications
Method for reporting buffer status for device-to-device communication and apparatus therefor
Precoding and scheduling for a cellular communication system using a large number of base stations antennas
Wireless channel interference mitigation methods and apparatus
System individualizing a content presentation
Switching device
OFDM-CDMA equipment and method
Optically interconnected chip, method of testing the same, and optical receiver
Method for accessing network by terminal in wireless communication system, and device therefor
Method and apparatus for providing voice service in communication system
Method and device for monitoring downlink channels
Methods and device for determining when to switch between multiple communication modes of a transceiver subsystem
Communication system, forwarding node, control device, communication control method, and program
Systems and methods for establishing or maintaining a personalized trusted social network
Communication device and path establishing method
Method, system, and computer program product for managing routing servers and services
Method and apparatus for controlling access between home device and external server in home network system
Method and apparatus for interconnecting a user agent to a cluster of servers
Global server load balancing
Scheme for device discovery and P2P group formation
Media transmission method and apparatus
Out-of-order message filtering with aging
Method for transceiving reference signal in wireless access system and terminal therefor
Radio relay apparatus, radio communication method and processer for controlling radio relay apparatus
Agile network protocol for secure communications with assured system availability
Method and system for processing of images
Encrypted mass-storage device with self running application
Multi-modality communication
Mobile device case having an ergonomic battery handle
Linguistic coordination system
Charging method and apparatus for proximity-based service
Method and system for call, facsimile and electronic message forwarding
Methods and devices for updating filter coefficients during echo cancellation
Display apparatus, method of controlling operations of the same, and network system
Complexity allocation for video and image coding applications
Device and method for coding video information using base layer motion vector candidate
Stereoscopic video temporal frame offset measurement
Optical stereo device and autofocus method therefor
Image display apparatus
System and method for shot change detection in a video sequence
Video signal processing device and display apparatus
Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Image capturing system, image capturing apparatus, decoding apparatus, image capturing method, and display control system
Tune-in button
Series reminders and series recording from an interactive television program guide
Method of recording multiple highlights concurrently
Vibration-induced rotation of electronic devices
Systems and methods for processing a traffic log having an optional promotion log entry
Motion video encoding apparatus, motion video encoding method, and motion video encoding computer program
Wireless augmented reality communication system
Information processing apparatus, calling method, and communication system
Entitlement validation and quality control of content in a cloud-enabled network-based digital video recorder
System and method for delivering media content at predetermined times
Methods and apparatus for demosaicking artifacts suppression
Acoustic box structure
Method and apparatus for down-mixing multi-channel audio
Speaker and edge structure thereof
Deploying a toll-free data service campaign
Methods and systems for monitoring moving UE/vehicle speed in wireless networks
Method and apparatus for network based positioning
Method of DTX detection in a wireless communication system
Success rate improvements for ANR measurements while reducing data loss at a UE
Method for determining a handover between a macrocell and a femtocell
Methods for handover configuration
Method and apparatus for performing closed subscriber group grouping in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling interference based on carrier aggregation for small base station
Wireless communication device with internal local access point
Method of beamforming and 3D antenna array
Method by which a terminal receives enhanced downlink control channel in wireless communication system and apparatus for same
Feedback method in coordinated multi-point communication system and apparatus thereof
Methods and systems for cell selection using uplink load measurements
Automatic enabling or disabling of auto-negotiation between network devices
Method, network element and UE achieving identifier and location separation and interface identifier allocation
Location-oriented services
Managing registration with a push-to-talk communication system
System and method for reassigning an active mobile telephone call from device to another device
Retransmission method and device
Method and apparatus for controlling network access in a wireless communication system
Scheduling in coordinated multi-point transmission scheme
Discovery method and apparatus in device-to-device direct communication
Device configuration in a hybrid communication network
Dynamic power management control
Balancing quality of service and power saving in a direct communication link environment
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
Method for processing scheduling grant and user equipment
Locating and tracking system
Communication system, communication apparatus and communication control method
Management of mobile devices leveraging location based cooperation
Customizable serviceability mechanism
Methods and apparatus for selecting a communication node by exchanging messages
AC LED lighting apparatus using voltage edge detector
Light-emitting structure and a method for fabricating the same
Ambient lighting control system
Light-emitting element repair in array-based lighting devices
Method to detect uneven AC load or parallel load removal
High voltage tube tank for a portable x-ray
RF generator
Assembly, method of assembling, and tile for use in assembly
Motor control device
Housing for electronic circuit unit
Touch window
Printing circuit board with traces in an insulator
Flex-rigid wiring board and method for manufacturing flex-rigid wiring board
Method for producing a printed circuit board consisting of at least two printed circuit board regions, and printed circuit board
Apparatus and method for facilitating air cooling of an electronics rack
Stackable security wraps
Mounting plate and security device using the same
Cooling method for a 3D IC computer system
Double insulated heat spreader
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soil cultivating apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling a tractor/implement combination
Bearing guard for a ground-working implement
Seed flap for controlling seed placement
Planter with centrally mounted coulter apparatus
Intra-oral mirror
Automatically reciprocal multi-stage supply and ventilation system
Apparatus and method for applying variable doses of irrigation and agrochemicals
Neck extending method and headgate therefore
Animal ear tag
Holding harness with urine collecting device
Dry particulate food dispenser
Waterfall aquarium cleansing system
Multidirectional rotatable handle
Conveyor for continuous proofing and baking apparatus
Method and device for stuffing meat product sealed by stapling
Apparatus and a method for handling confectionery products
Conveying unit for transferring a mass of cigarettes
Method for embellishing the shape of a human body by means of a cosmetic plaster
Lightweight denim fabric containing high strength fibers and clothing formed therefrom
Arching mechanism and method of use
Beach umbrella with lamps
Multimedia gift card
Device and method for selectively applying hair treatment
Coating tool and storage container
Applicator and method for applying a product
Device for applying a product to a surface
Shoulder and luggage strap
Personal hydration system for runners
Collapsible cup with vented pocket
Baby-carrying bag
End-rounding devices and methods for end-rounding
Foldable banquet table
Folding table
Snap together drawer pedestal base
Damping device for movable furniture parts
Universal rack rail
Drawer organizer
Adjustable shelf anchor
Portable writing board structure
Storage apparatus for computer tower
Pillow hold for use on an adjustable surface of a bed
Chair adapted to be stacked
Seat headrest
Body support tool and seat cover holding body support tool
Combination chair and umbrella
Reclining child seat
Highchair cover and support
Baby bottle attachment
Book shelf support for standing on a floor and unattachably abutting against a wall
Ball display assembly
Vertically-adjustable picture hangar
Knife rack to attach to a freestanding grill
Illuminated mailbox
Baffle operated liquid heating and dispensing system for a single serve beverage brewer
Cooking appliance having a tank and a secure emptying device
Blender blade assembly
Detachable device for gripping, lifting, handling and tilting cooking utensils with two handles
Easy loading dispenser
Single piece tub frame and support
Fast interrupt of dishwasher hand sensor
Cookware washer
Method and apparatus for obtaining and displaying computed tomography images using a fluoroscopy imaging system
Ophthalmic refractor having retrofittable readout illumination
Dental anchoring device
Dental ring having orthogonal protuberance
Intraoral discluder device and method for preventing migraine and tension headaches and temporomandibular disorders
Disposition introduced in an assembly of elements used in osteo-integrated implants
Impression and foundation system for implant-supported prosthesis
Nose bleed treatment device
Set for inserting a shunt valve into a shunt between the oesophagus and the trachea
Artificial muscle
Method for treating glaucoma
Protective eyewear kit
Rolling walker adapted to negotiate uneven surfaces
Controlled-dose dispenser with integral nozzle and cap
Combination cap for a baby bottle and water bottle
Stuffed toy with attached pacifier
Universal shelving system and method of use
Fluid delivery mechanism having a plurality of plungers for compressing a metering chamber
Method and system of calibrating air flow in a respirator system
Oil well fire suppression device
Low pressure pneumatic and gate actuator
Rotary tilt exercise machine
Spinner game and method of playing the same
Miniature sports radar speed measuring device
Brake for inline skates
Flexing base skate
Ice skate scabbard
Interface plate mounted on a snowboard
Platform for raising the binding intended for fitting on a board for gliding
Method of controlling a character in a video game
Baseball board and trivia game
Puzzle and elements for creating puzzles
Animated clamshell puzzles
Spinning top
Hop along doll
Doll that reacts to the voice and to caressing by laying down or sitting up
Control system for, and method of, operating toy vehicles
Golf ball novelty item
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-mineral/ash benefication process and apparatus
Portable mixing/delivery apparatus for pre-blended granular mixtures
Acoustic ejection of fluids from a plurality of reservoirs
Mixed-size packed beds
Sealing device for sealing a cavity rotatable about a rotation axis
Milling installation
Refrigerating cycle or compressor having foreign matter collector
Device for the separation of solid objects from a flowing fluid
Fluid dispensing device
Dynamic air replenishing device for liquid product dispenser
Spraybooth scrubber noise reflector
Atomizing nozzle structure
Automatic coating method and apparatus
Curtain coating apparatus and curtain coating process
Method and apparatus for conditioning coins prior to discrimination
Sieving device
Heat exchanger, method of manufacturing the heat exchanger, and method of manufacturing tube for heat exchange
Method and apparatus for making a sand core with an improved hardening rate
Method and apparatus for supplying melted material for injection molding
Method for manufacturing mold for hot-runner injection molding machine
Bar code stencil and method of use
Bar code stencil and method of use
Method of casting a product
Method for the uphill casting of cast pieces in sand moulds with controlled solidification
Sequential loading apparatus
Piston skirt turning tool and method
Clamping chuck
Facedriver for miniature workpieces
Sealing system for electronic device and sealing method therefor
Electrode tip dressing apparatus
Milling machine and milling process
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, electronic parts mounting method and heating/melting process equipment
Twin-spindle machining tool
Vehicle engine hanger
Bearing for multi-spindle bar machine
Fluid circulating apparatus for drill
Wood planing machine with a height display unit
Machining center and method of changing tools thereof
Belt wiper for a chemical mechanical planarization system
Lawn mower blade sharpener
Centrifugal barrel finishing machine
Wafer retainer and method for attaching/detaching the wafer retainer to/from polishing machine base plate
Wafer carrier head assembly
Reinforced chemical mechanical planarization belt
Deformable pad for chemical mechanical polishing
Apparatus and method for enhanced processing of microelectronic workpieces
Method and apparatus for determining CMP pad conditioner effectiveness
Silver-coated abrasives, tools containing silver-coated abrasives, and applications of these tools
Fused AL2O3-rare earth oxide-ZrO2 eutectic abrasive particles, abrasive articles, and methods of making and using the same
Magnetic driving tool having a telescopic pipe
Wrench teeth arrangement for ratchet tools
Switching arrangement for a reversible ratchet type wrench
Valve wrench
Self-supporting retaining device for threaded fastener assembly
Magnetic connecting tube for a screwdriver head
Hand held power tool
Wrench with a fixed maximum operational torque
Sealed gripper apparatus
Rotary clamp
Portable, internal combustion-engined, setting tool
Rotary hammer
Impact tool carriage system
Lockable railing trough
Apparatus for wiredrawing vegetables or dicing them into three dimensional shapes
Web or sheet-fed apparatus having high-speed mechanism for simultaneous X, Y and .theta. registration and method
Tree trimming apparatus
Wood planing device for a wood planing machine
Height-adjustable workpiece feeding device for a wood planing machine
Automated planer machine
Component processing center
Side mounted temperature probes for pressware die sets
Injection moulding machine with a machine base
Injection molding nozzle for resin of highly temperature-dependent viscosity
Blow molded plastic container with inclined mouth and method and apparatus for obtaining same
Hydraulic actuated radial friction clutch/brake
Method and apparatus for adjusting the gib-slide clearance using a thermal treatment process
Device for pressing the adhesive-glued areas of continuously conveyed, flat objects
Arrangement for providing and feeding transfer material for a thermographic process for producing printing plates on a plate cylinder
Removable ink cassette for a printing press
Printer having detection and correction of tilt using skew correction
Print media loader
Thermal printing device with fast closure
Ink jet device with movable platen
Rotary encoders
Star wheel surface enhancement and process of manufacture
Re-application of dye to a dye donor element of thermal printers
Carriage assembly of printer employing movable print head
Method and apparatus for preventing satellite induced banding by selective pixel compensation
Method and apparatus for continuous marking
Ink jet recording head and method of producing a plate member for an ink jet recording head
Slotted substrate and method of making
Printhead chip that incorporates covering formations for actuators of the printhead chip
Driver transistor structure of inkjet print head chip and the method for making the same
Symmetrically actuated fluid ejection components for a fluid ejection chip
Ink cartridge for printer or the like and ink cartridge positioning and locking mechanism
Ink-jet recording apparatus and ink supply method therein
Ink cartridge
Diaphragm/check valve used in inkjet cassette to air removal for extended life storage
Ink cartridge
Detection of a print recording material reservoir
Recording method of medical image and apparatus for recording medical image
Pen to paper spacing for inkjet printing
Tape printing apparatus and image forming method and label producing method for the tape printing apparatus
Method and apparatus for making an album page
Geared drive hub assembly for a printer cartridge
Ribbon cassette, ribbon cartridge using ribbon protector, and printer using ribbon cassette and ribbon cartridge
Shock absorber cushion and method of use
Laminated book cover
Paper retaining structure of a loose-leaf file folder
Flip chart holder
Dispenser with integral separator for removing a backing from a self-adhesive article
Building board and manufacturing method thereof
Spoked wheel apparatus
Wheel bearing assembly
Molded wheel assembly
Pneumatic tire including short fibers
Pneumatic tire for construction vehicle having sidewall protectors
Jet drive assist for off-road vehicle with flotation
Spring strut supporting bearing
Spring strut support bearing
Semi-balanced tandem suspension
Device for delivering air at the front of the cabin of a vehicle
Automatic sun visor and solar shade system for vehicles
Sliding roof device with a sliding head liner
Locking arrangement for a movable section of a vehicle roof
Sliding roof for a motor vehicle
Folding convertible top for a motor vehicle
Retractable top system for vehicles with movable rear section
Pickup bed cover
Pop-up vehicle wind deflector
Filling pipe for a fuel tank with insert
Collar for fuel filler pipe
Slide cover unit for a shift lever assembly
Accelerator pedal module
Attachment structure for a center display unit
Dual integrated gauge mechanism for simultaneous visual display of associated parameters
Vehicle instrument panel assembly
Torque transmission device
Magnetism prevention structure of a motor assist apparatus for a vehicle
Limousine utility vehicle
Structure of revolving seat
Vehicle seat drive having a mechanical inchworm linear motion actuator
Ratchet-type lever mechanism for seat lifter
Seat recliner
Motor vehicle seat
Crash locking mechanism for an adjustment device of an automobile seat
Neck rest for a seat for automobiles
Vehicle armrests with removable beverage container holders
Conveyance shelf and container attachment
Tailgate lock-open mechanism
Load lifting apparatus for use on a vehicle
Positioning assembly for positioning a container on a platform
Illumination device
Bumper system for a vehicle and a method of making same
Seat occupant restraint system for vehicle
Inflatable restraint system and method
Side-curtain airbag and method of manufacture
Expandable fluid inflator device with pyrotechnic coating
Seat belt with a buckle tongue stop
Occupant restraint system and kit with compartmentalization
Sliding cover for tie down anchor
Rear window shelf for motor vehicle integrated with supports for objects
Cargo management container/organizer attachment apparatus and method
Lining adjustable device for disk brake system
Brake pedal apparatus
Vacuum booster apparatus and a brake apparatus
Electro-hydraulic brake actuating device for a trailer
Empty load device
Rail mounted traversing transport
Installation for filling a sand box fitted to a rail vehicle
Vehicle carrying rail road car structure
Communications-based vehicle control system and method
Device for adjusting and elastically locking moveable switch parts
Hand cart cargo netting attachment
Garden trolley
Foldable stroller with passenger support base
Steering column
Containment cart for solvent recovery system
Vehicle construction and method of making same
Hood latch and vehicle mounting
Lightweight automobile body structure
Deployable airfoil for trucks and trailers
Belt driven mechanical boost power steering
Potentiometer for electric power steering system
Joint rod for a motor vehicle
Seat construction for pedal-operated cycle apparatus
Auxiliary device of monocycle
Convertible bicycle
Steering structure of children's tricycle
High aspect dynamic lift boat hull
Adjustable boat top
Deluxe float in place raft
Aluminum hull boat with extruded running surface
Water sport towing apparatus
Fast deployment, high pressure inflatable panels and watercraft or other objects with armor or other protection
Floating, modular deepwater platform and method of deployment
Buoyancy control device and method for controlling divers ascent
Diving mask with compensation means
Personal flotation device with eccentric fixed and mobile ballast and buoyant members
Water jet propulsion apparatus
Cooling system for jet propulsion boat
Modulatable power transmission clutch and a marine transmission
Adjustable weight ballasts for weighing down differently sized lighter-than-air balloons
Composite propeller blade with unitary metal ferrule and method of manufacture
Wind power facility with a verticle rotor
Thrust reverser system with a pass-through torque activated brake
Helicopter undercarriage
Flexible bearing arrangement for double helical pinion
Helicopter individual blade control system
Directional elastomeric coupler
Tripodal modular unmanned rotorcraft
Force-producing apparatus
Blended wing and multiple-body airplane configuration
Closure fault indicator, particularly for an aircraft engine pod cowl
Load relief system for a launch vehicle
Crewed on-orbit, returnable, and reusable space vehicle
Modular product feed
Dispensing device in machines for filling containers with powder material
Automatic machine
Method for producing bags comprising closure profiles actuated by a slider
Toner feeding container and powder feeding container
Bag hanging and storage device
Standing tree baler
Tube organizer and dispensing aid
Container assembly
Child-resistant fluid delivery device
Variable display position expanded printing surface package
Packing box
Carton and carton blank
Bottle carrier
Beer container
Positioning assembly for positioning a container on a platform
Device for locking/unlocking by gravity, the lid of a container and a container equipped therewith
Long wear conveyor assembly
Conveyor line and support profile for a conveyor line
System for transporting sliders for zipper bags
Variable capacity storage unit for commodities
Process for conveying granular solids
Discharge apparatus adapted to distribute material
Pneumatic tank for storage and high volume discharge of pulverulent materials
Closure sticker applicator
System for transfer and inversion of a continuous web substrate between printing and other devices
Image forming apparatus
Swing gate
Apparatus handling paper sheets and the like
System and method for reorienting flat articles
Paper-feed roller and fabrication method thereof
Replaceable roller bogie for document feeding apparatus
Method and device for transporting flat products away
Sheet discharge apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet set compiling system with dual mode set ejection and first sheet feeding and reversal
Sheet finisher having stapler and image forming apparatus for use therewith
Method and apparatus for controlling print media shape during media transport
Apparatus and method for winding optical fiber onto reels
Method and device for aligning sheets
Safety device for escalators and moving walkways
Twist off bottle cap remover
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Sand finish spray texture
Composition for substrate materials and process for the same as well as a heat conductive substrate and process for the same
Fibre-reinforced ceramic body and method for producing same
Method for manufacturing an electrodeless lamp
Multi-train installation for the production of cement clinker from raw meal
Gemini surfactants in cleaning compositions
Method of selecting ink jet inks in a color set
Methods and oil-based settable drilling fluid compositions for drilling and cementing wells
Solder-dross mixture separation method and apparatus
Coated cutting tool insert with iron-nickel based binder phase
Textiles; Paper
Institutional towel
Looper thread take-up apparatus externally added to outer end of lower driving shaft of a sewing machine
Flatbed sewing machine conversion for sewing the rim of a molded sole to an upper
Remote water control valve
Apparatus for breaking up compacted laundry
Fixed Constructions
Plural component striping spray system and method
Method and apparatus for constructing a temporary automotive vehicle parking lot
System and method for sealing roadway joints
Barrier device with external reinforcement structure
Protective wall assembly
Wave dissipating block for covering a breakwater
Swing cylinder oscillation control circuit and valve for oscillating booms
Adjustable valve assembly
Septic system tank
Tendon receiving duct
Ventilation system
Method and apparatus for retaining separable coupling parts for concrete forming panel
Anchor bolt locating jig
Temporary trench cover and rail
Floor-stripping tool
Hanging scaffold support
Movable scaffold and method for painting cylindrical tank
Retaining wall support posts
Collapsible frame
Slide bolt unit
Internal locking device for use on magazine doors
Power striker with toggle linkage drive mechanism
Hood latch with self-retracting secondary latch release arm
Device for fixing an insert in an opening of a carrier in vehicles, especially a door handle in the opening of the outer panel pertaining to a door
Security container having combination mechanical and magnetic locking mechanism
Pivoting type latch for removable electronic devices
Foldable hinge bracket for a laptop computer
Door hinge mounting structure
Self-closing gate for fence enclosures
Energy saving window shade system
Winding mechanism
Amusement dunk tank step assembly
Tubing containing electrical wiring insert
Submersible pump drop pipe and casing assembly connection and method of manufacture
Downhole tools
Method and apparatus for enclosing an oil drilling rig
Valve assembly for use in a wellbore
Downhole radial set packer element
Screw-driven wellhead isolation tool
Externally actuated subsea wellhead tieback connector
Bridge plug
Curved flapper and seat for a subsurface saftey valve
Reciprocating pump vent-dump valve and methods of use
Method and apparatus for producing fluid from a well and for limiting accumulation of sediments in the well
Technique for protecting a submersible motor
Logging-while-drilling apparatus and methods for measuring density
Reef miner with disk and drum cutters
System for controlling cutting horizons for continuous type mining machines
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll compressor having an anti-rotational arrangement including an axial bearing
Rotary pump
Power steering pump
Spring-loaded joint sealing key assembly for sealing between joint seal faces
Arrangement for adjusting the diameter of a gas turbine stator
Inertia welding of blades to rotors
Turbine blade airfoil and turbine blade for axial-flow turbine
Valve timing control device
Hydraulic detent for a variable camshaft timing device
Camshaft for the operation of valves of an internal-combustion engine
Valve deactivation with an electro-hydraulic actuator
Valve seal for rotary valve engine
V-type internal combustion engine
Multi-position, operator-carried, four-cycle engine
Closed loop radiator water system for an internal combustion engine
Engine cooling system
Spark ignited internal combustion engine with at least one cylinder
Method and device for controlling a mechanical supercharger of an internal combustion engine
Power unit for a motorcycle
Acoustic shielding article
Device for adjustably limiting the engine speed of a hand tool
Method for operating an internal combustion engine comprising at least one working piston
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Distributed ignition method and apparatus for a combustion engine
Control device of internal combustion engine and method of judging failure of sensor
Apparatus and method for controlling air-fuel ratio of engine
Method for canister purge compensation using internal model control
Process and device for controlling cylinder selective filling in a combustion engine having a variable operation
System and method for diagnosing EGR performance using NOx sensor
On-off valve for a gas injection system, particularly of methane, for internal combustion engines
Fluid control valve and system
Idle speed control valve
Intake device for an internal combustion engine
Thermoformed intake duct made of non-woven material with double bending
Fuel injection valve
Fuel high pressure accumulator for fuel injection system of internal combustion engines
Integrated fuel delivery and electrical connection for electronic fuel injectors
Fuel feed device of engine
Fuel injector of internal combustion engine
Plug pin for an internal combustion engine fuel injector nozzle
Sealing surface pressure increasing arrangement of fluid conducting system
Ignition system having improved spark-on-make blocking diode implementation
Swash plate in swash plate type compressor
Stator supporting apparatus for reciprocating compressor
Gas suction apparatus for a reciprocating compressor with a piston inertia valve
Flywheel attachment for a compressor motor
Reciprocating parallel flow compressor with discharge muffler
Compressor apparatus
Oil supply apparatus for hermetic compressor
System for remote diagnosis of the state of wear of the suction and delivery valves of reciprocating compressors
Microfluidic pump device
Load securement method for general cargo
Multi-chamber positive displacement fluid device
Stator with rigid retaining ring
Screw compressor having bearings for the drive shaft of the compressor screw and the motor
Drive mechanism for a screw pump
Slide in, hook and fold out ceiling fan blades
Neck fan for personal cooling
Drag reduction for gas turbine engine components
Motor-fan assembly for a floor cleaning machine
Hydraulic pump nozzle and method of use
Vehicle brake system having a gas pressure accumulator
Operating device for a rotatable closing element of a valve
Removable deep set drop-in anchor
Method, system and apparatus for guiding and supporting an elongated flexible member
Fastener for a heat-radiator on a chip
Threaded fastening device
Segmented ring-nut for gasketed pressure vessel opening
Suction cup having compact axial installation and release mechanism
Deck screw having multiple threaded sections
Spacer and parts attachment device
Three degree of freedom joint
Roller bearing cage
Unitized cage for cylindrical roller bearing
Bearing retention assembly having cam chamfered bearing race ring
Siamese bolt holes in powder metal components
Automatic latching lockout shaft sensing coupler
Thrust plate assembly for a friction clutch
Dual mass clutch system
Ball ramp clutch with indexing plates
Flexural pivot
Truck brake drum
Brake application device for a motor vehicle brake
Parking brake device including pivotable brake lever which extends through aperture of backing plate
Cylindrical elastic mount
Hydraulic anti-vibration sleeve
Vibration control by confinement of vibration energy
Indexing apparatus and method of assembling the same
Modular actuator, and brake calliper comprising such actuator
Shift device for a gear change transmission
System and method for optimizing the efficiency of an oil supply
Radial shaft seal
Pressure relief system with trigger activated valve
Ball cock assembly
Grooved valve seat with inlay
Solenoid valve
Flow rate control valve
Proportional valve
Noise reducing housing for toilet tank fill valve
Decorative device for retaining disc-like objects
Stand base having modified hexagonal configuration
Grease gun with a rotary oil injection tube
Device for lubricating a step-up/down mechanical assembly
Series/parallel relief valve for use with aircraft gaseous oxygen system
Light emitting diode (LED) flashlight
Methods and apparatus for a light source with a raised LED structure
Easily assembled lamp retaining device
Adjustable mounting system for a directional light
Emergency device with glass breaking function
Computer light
LED pen clip
Vehicular lamp
Methods for controlling ignitability of organic waste with mineral by-products
Utility lighter with an improved child safety device
Piezoelectric gas lighter
Multi-button piezoelectric child-resistant cigarette lighter
Method for producing a sequence of high-voltage ignition sparks and high-voltage ignition device
Fireplace insert
Bracket for mounting igniter on gas water heater
Upright heating burner having a heatsink device background of the invention
Programmable burner for gas stoves
Energy system
Wall-mounted supply-air device
Hot gas liquid heater
Circulating agricultural building heaters
Elevating base for gas-fired water heater
Solar energy concentrator and converter
Liquid circulation cooler
Arrangement for cooling a flow-passage wall surrounding a flow passage, having at least one rib feature
Device for cooling a vehicle appliance, in particular a battery or a fuel cell
Heat exchanger
Air gun magazine and air gun having said magazine
Rotating arrow dispenser
Single-cam compound archery bow
Missile defense system with dynamic trajectory adjustment
Dispenser structure for chaff countermeasures
2-D projectile trajectory corrector
Self extracting submunition
Warhead decoupling bearing
Ignition mechanism for a restraining device in a vehicle
Obscurant device
Variable increment modular artillery propellant
Method and apparatus for energy and data retention in a guided projectile
Switch key tool for use in changing switch knob settings on a laser guided bomb
Ignition device for pyrotechnic microcharges
Method and device for contactless online measuring of the wall thickness of hot-rolled pipes
Vibrating gyroscope and electronic device using the same
Vibrator, vibration gyro using the vibrator, and electronic device using the vibration gyro
Angular velocity sensor
Connecting light source to background plate
Accelerometer without proof mass
Vibratory transducer
Liquid level sensor
Automatic boiler level controller
Method for determining the fluid level of a tank in motor vehicles
Method for predicting temperature, test wafer for use in temperature prediction, and method for evaluating lamp heating system
RTD assembly, and temperature sensing system and excitation control system employing an RTD assembly
Method and device for measuring pushing and pulling forces
Unbalanced force sensing apparatus
Apparatus to recover sample gases from fluids
Ultrasonic pipe assessment
Sample injector with interface-control lever
Dispensing device for dispensing units of platform-loaded goods
Angular accelerometer having balanced inertia mass
Reflection type demagnification optical system, exposure apparatus, and device fabricating method
Continuously variable analog micro-mirror device
Variable-profile optical device including variable-profile mirror and optical element including variable-profile optical element
Projection image display
Image projection system with a polarizing beam splitter
Method for connecting optical fibers
Method for manufacturing optical device and optical device
Optic adaptor with variable signal attenuation
Collimator array having precisely aligned optical beams and method of assembling same
Internal EMI shield for multiple array optoelectronic devices
High brightness laser diode coupling to multimode optical fibers
Underground cable retrieval tool
Controlling light discharged by a phosphorescent material
Adjustable micro device feeder
Photographic processing system
System and methods for protecting printer consumables through positioning non-use zones
Balance wheel provided with an adjustment device
Watch case assembled via the bezel
Remotely switched portable outlet
Method and system for web based printer error information
Information processing device, information processing method and smartcard
Selective access to multiple registers having a common name
Method for improved security in the handling of printer bin output
Printing with reduced outline bleeding
Bar code data entry device
Method of fabricating a wireless radio frequency identification device
Non-contact IC card and IC card communication system
Plug-in removable card, forming a chip card reader for a micro-computer
Multi-purpose card connector
Prediction method and storage medium
Casino game and method having a hint feature
Automated transaction system and method
Multiple coin slot
Electronic cash register
Liquid measurement teaching aid
Method for instructing a student using an automatically generated student profile
Backlight device
Acoustic resistor for hearing improvement and audiometric applications, and method of making same
Tape cassette and cassette holder
Rack for flat rectangular articles
Deformable mounting bracket
Ganged receptacle fixture apparatus
Fuse holder
Multiple-fuse holder
Plasma display panel manufacturing method for achieving luminescence characteristics
Methods and systems for positioning substrates using spring force of phase-changeable bumps therebetween
Scalable and modular heat sink-heat pipe cooling system
Connector for integrated circuits, and assembly for use on integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for determining wafer identity and orientation
Shunt connection to emitter
Terminal connector
Electrical connector with improved grounding terminal arrangement
Reduced profile EMI receptacle assembly
Connectors with shroud having internal grounded shield
Electrical connector for a circuit board
Insulation displacement connection connector having improved connection features between cover and body thereof
Electrical connector with matching differential impedance
Structure of horizontal type DIMM connector for dense arrangement
Broadband coaxial microwave connector
Coaxial connector and communication device having the same
Divided connector and a connection method of a divided connector with a mating connector
Surface-mounted right-angle electrical connector
Method for producing a male terminal fitting with a tab free of sharp edges
Terminal fitting and a connector provided therewith
Electronic card connector having power contacts
Side spacer structure in connector
Electric connector, with contact positioning elements
Electrical connector with terminal protector
Terminal structure and stacked audio jack connector provided therewith
Secondary lock for a cable harness plug having different types of contacts
Connector and method for constructing a connector
Electrical connecting device
Electrical connector assembly
Bayonet-type electrical connector assembly
Connector composed of connector socket and mated connector
Connector assembly
Easily removable and attachable mechanical/electrical coupling
Connector and a connector assembly
Method and apparatus for AGP universal connector
Arc limiting electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector receptacle with module kickout mechanism
Electrical connector with interspersed entry ports for pins of different LEDs
Joint connector having plural connecting units and a joint plate
Holder for discharge lamp
Unit for connecting conductor terminals
Bracket assembly for mounting electrical box between two building studs
Network hub for a reconfigurable data network having physical transmission media
Reflection type projector
Speaker assembly
Electrical connector
Loader/unloader of printed circuits
Socket for removably mounting electronic packages
Coil spring contact connector
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