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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rolling leaf removal device
Upright planting apparatus
Film sheet for area focusing of sun light and greenhouse provided with the same
Saltwater fly fishing surf/jetty stripping basket
Device for relieving pressure from a selected area of an animal's skin and methods of fabricating and applying the same
Triple density gel heel cups
Jewelry piece reinforced with nano diamonds
Comfortable bed preventing bed sores for Invalids and sleep disturbing patient
Pet safety guard for a bed
Resilient material/air bladder system
Method and apparatus for measuring electro-physiological activity
System and method for augmentation of endoscopic surgery
Mapping the coronary arteries on a sphere
Method and apparatus for displaying a tissue containing a fluorescent dye
X-ray computer tomographic imaging apparatus and control method thereof
Adjustable support
Retinal implant with improved implantation and working properties
Methods and systems for denoising a neural recording signal
System and method for controlling the recording of diagnostic medical data in an implantable medical device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Portable vapor containment structure
Method and apparatus for improving mechanical properties of magnetically activatable materials
Orthodontic treatment aligners based on CT data
Pre-aging of rollers, gaskets, or o-rings to improve material response to compression set and compression stress relaxation
Bonding apparatus
Wafer positioning system
Fastening apparatus with authentication system
Central vacuum for vehicles
Gas turbine aircraft engines and operation thereof
Methods for manufacturing packaged systems for implanting markers in a patient
Fixed Constructions
Snow chute
Foundational cistern
Toilet water tank refilling system
System and method for modifying existing structures to provide improved resistance to extreme environmental conditions
Gliding bed for concrete slabs, process for the production of a concrete slab and structure with a gliding bed
Built-in interior wall cavity drying and filtration system
System and method for attaching a solar module to a substrate
Engineered molded fiberboard panels and methods of making and using the same
Wall structure with hollow plastic modules
Top down trap lock two-ply shingle system for roofs
Wall assembly, wall assembly with display screen, and architecture
Idiot-proof lock device that prevents a user from changing the code freely and unintentionally
Two-piece frame assembly for window of enclosure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for storing, disseminating, and utilizing energy in the form of gas compression and expansion including thermo-dynamic battery
Nozzle diffuser mixer
Exhaust purification device of internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purification apparatus for internal combustion engine
Exhaust system having parallel asymmetric turbochargers and EGR
Propulsion engine
Theft prevention device
Heat source unit and refrigeration system
Shut-off valve mounting structure, and outdoor unit of air conditioner including the same
Modular scalable coolant distribution unit
Coiled heat exchanger having different materials
Firearm with a tilting barrel
Stock for a firearm
Adapter extension for rifle fired muzzle mounted grenades
Snap-on dovetail pistol sight
Method and apparatus for measurement and/or calibration of position of an object in space
Daytime stellar imager for attitude determination
Measurement apparatus for the absolute determination of lengths and of angles
Quick removable position sensor
In-vehicle wiring harness with multiple adaptors for an on-board diagnostic connector
Apparatus, method, and program for detecting decrease in tire air pressure
Arrangement for determining a characteristic variable of a fluid, sensor device and use in a motor vehicle
Data communication adaptor
Lane testing with variable mapping
Light modulator with concentric control-electrode structure
Optical fibre sealing
Planar-resonator based optical chemo- and biosensor
Ferrule for optical wave guide
Photonic structure
Plasmon multiplexing
Plasmon gate
Silicon modulator offset tuning arrangement
Optical switch matrix
Optical switch, and apparatus and method for controlling optical switch
Light beam scanning display
Coated optical fibre unit and methods of manufacturing coated optical fibre units
Method of zooming image in wireless terminal and wireless terminal implementing the same
Apparatus and method of forming a photoresist pattern, and repair nozzle
Image forming apparatus and function extension program for image forming apparatus
Method for charging a photoreceptor to extend the life of a charge receptor in a xerographic printer
Multi-function peripheral
Image forming apparatus with a display screen information transmission function
Color image forming device having an output toner transport member
Image printing apparatus with fixing device
Method of manufacturing a one-piece hairspring
Software object, system and method for an automation program with function rules which has multiple uses for various programming tools
Common transmission protocol system for an automation device
Neural network predictive control cost function designer
Method for booting computer multimedia systems with a hot key standby state
Method and apparatus for power supply adjustment with increased slewing
Method, apparatus and system for enabling a new data processing device operating state
Computer data storage unit reinstallation data protection method and system
Fast data breakpoint emulation
Handling memory errors in response to adding new memory to a system
System and method for economizing trace operations
ECC coding for high speed implementation
Obfuscated state store for rights management system and the like
Data copy device
Information processing system and memory controller for controlling operation of memories
Automated on-line capacity expansion method for storage device
Storage system which controls access to logical devices by permitting attribute modes for the logical devices to be set
Mass memory device and method for operating a mass memory device
Non-intrusive address mapping having a modified address space identifier and circuitry therefor
Control device for a RAID device
Data processing method providing remote copy in a system having first, second, and third storage systems
Memory area allocation control device for allocating target information to free area of memory area, storage medium storing its program and its method
Storage system with independently adjustable cache memory partitions
System for preventing unauthorized use of recording media
Multi-client cluster-based backup and restore
Disk array and method for reading/writing data from/into disk unit
Programmable crossbar signal processor used as morphware
Method and apparatus for distributed application execution
Dynamic lane management system and method
Buffer chip and method for controlling one or more memory arrangements
Method and system for updating boot block BIOS program
Data input terminal device
Interactive web book system
Retargeting of platform interrupts
Implementing bufferless Direct Memory Access (DMA) controllers using split transactions
Receive buffer in a data storage system
PCI-E automatic allocation system
Methods and systems for attachment processing in association with electronic messages
System and a method for accelerating communication between a client and an email server
Recoverable return code tracking and notification for autonomic systems
Dependent context trees for related network offerings
Interprocessor communication protocol
Protocol executing system and protocol PDU common data structure converting method for processing protocol PDUS
Method and system for initializing protocol information used to extract status information from networked devices
Composable data streams for managing flows
Method and system for diagnosing, collecting information and servicing a remote system
Method for efficiently storing information used to extract status information from a device coupled to a network in a multi-protocol remote monitoring system
Temporary aliasing for resource list
System and method for controlling remote console functionality assist logic
Challenge response messaging solution
Internet video conferencing on a home television
Internet video conferencing on a home television
Data and voice messaging system
Receiving network metrics data from disparate devices and displaying in a host format
Method and apparatus for policy management in a network device
Method and system for forming a hyperlink reference and embedding the hyperlink reference within an electronic version of a paper
System, method and program product to route message packets
Identification information creating method, information processing apparatus, computer program product, recording device monitoring method, terminal apparatus management method, and communication network system
Setup program, recording medium, and setup method
Method for conserving system resources
Method and system for setting document-linked timed reminders
Vehicle control apparatus
Pivot analysis with XML/XSL mechanism
System and method for analyzing a pattern in a time-stamped event sequence
Methods and systems for modeling material behavior
Compound word breaker and spell checker
Automatic schema discovery for electronic data interchange (EDI) at runtime
Method and system for high-availability database
Network fingerprinting
Method, system and program for selection of database characteristics
Method and system for performing utilization of traces for incremental refinement in coupling a structural overapproximation algorithm and a satisfiability solver
Method and system for providing a diverse supply of electrical energy
Method and apparatus for facilitating circuit design
Method and system for ASIC simulation
Apparatus and method for composite behavioral modeling for multiple-sourced integrated circuits
Method, system, and program product for automated verification of gating logic using formal verification
Method for engineering a control system
Slew constrained minimum cost buffering
Method and apparatus for compensating for position slip in interface devices
Power generation performance analysis system and method
Electronic identification key with portable application programs and identified by biometrics authentication
Method and system for logging test data
Reducing information transfer in screen capture series
Method for data transmission between an input-output card with an add-on memory card and a host system
Method and apparatus for a collaborative meeting room system
System and method for message and error reporting for multiple concurrent extended copy commands to a single destination device
Structured workfolder
Method and system for generating an auto-completion list for a cascading style sheet selector
Oil pressure control apparatus for an automatic transmission
Dynamic cluster database architecture
Operating system activation key embedding handling method and system
BIOS locking device, computer system with a BIOS locking device and control method thereof
System and method of supporting kernel functionality
Method and apparatus for converting memory instructions to prefetch operations during a thread switch window
Method and system for call screening
Dynamic readjustment and interpolation of progress method and system
System for expanded instruction encoding and method thereof
Qualification of event detection by thread ID and thread privilege level
System and method for identifying changes made to a computer system due to software installation
Optimized ordering of firmware modules in pre-boot environment
Methods and apparatus to compile a software program to manage parallel .mu.caches
Flexible network simulation tools and related methods
System and method for thread scheduling with weak preemption policy
Apparatus for maintaining resource integrity without a unified transaction manager in a software environment
Bio-optical sensors
Image distribution system of surveillance camera with privacy protection
System and method for anatomical structure parsing and detection
Method and system for face detection using pattern classifier
System and method for generating a custom font
Method and system for using cutting planes for colon polyp detection
System and method for visualization of pulmonary emboli from high-resolution computed tomography images
Apparatus and method for adjusting inputted image on the basis of characteristics of display system
Method and apparatus for an intuitive digital image processing system that enhances digital images
Image segmentation using branch and bound analysis
Video and audio monitoring for syndromic surveillance for infectious diseases
Method for abstracting histogram of HSV color
Video content understanding through real time video motion analysis
Analyzing tabular structures in expression recognition
Information processing method, information processing apparatus, program, and storage medium
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Video image capturing and displaying method and system applying same
Systems and methods for mixed raster conversion in direct printing
System(s), method(s), and apparatus for decoding exponential Golomb codes
Image processing method and apparatus, and image processing program
Method and apparatus for enhancing local luminance of image, and computer-readable recording medium for storing computer program
System and method for displaying a user interface object using an associated style
Stored value transaction system including an integrated database server
Transaction processing system
System and method for automatic scalping of a tradeable object in an electronic trading environment
Method for accelerating Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance process for management of a company
Methods and systems for portfolio cash flow valuation
Mechanism for multicast delivery in communications systems
MIMO hybrid-ARQ using basis hopping
Apparatus and method for supporting automatic repeat request in a high-speed wireless packet data communication system
Device for exchanging data between moving vehicles
Method and system for partitioning a continental roadway network for an intelligent vehicle highway system
Emergency-light indicator
Banner apparatus and method of use
System and method of processing speech within a graphic user interface
Speech input disambiguation computing method
Method and apparatus for multi-sensory speech enhancement
Method for determining optimum recording power through detecting whether RF top channel signal is correct
Disk array system
Method and apparatus for disc playback
Disk device and drive unit-driving mechanism
Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor having a flat shield
Method and apparatus for controlling power during recording of a visible image in an optical storage medium
Method and apparatus for initializing optical recording media
Information recording medium and reproducing apparatus therefor
Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
Write margin of SRAM cells improved by controlling power supply voltages to the inverters via corresponding bit lines
Read-only memory
Shift register and driving circuit and display device using the same
Memory device and memory error correction method
Sense amplifier for semiconductor memory device
Random access memory including multiple state machines
Semiconductor storage device
Decontamination and sterilization system using large area x-ray source
Device and method for controlling a voltage control signal
Q-modulated semiconductor laser
Optically pumped semiconductor laser pumped optical parametric oscillator
Method and apparatus for signal noise control
Device, system and method of detecting erroneous packets
System correcting random and/or burst errors using RS (Reed-Solomon) code, turbo/LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) code and convolutional interleave
Method and system for optimizing forward error correction of multimedia streaming over wireless networks
Self-correlating pseudo-noise pairing
Vehicle accessory microphone
Timing controller and timing control method
Multi-tuner integrated circuit architecture utilizing frequency isolated local oscillators and associated method
Countering power resonance
Data transmission/reception system, mobile terminal, content server, radio base station device and method for data transmission/reception
Broadcast signal reception enhancing
System and method for receiving and transmitting information in a multipath environment
Multi-mode radio with interference cancellation circuit
Method for performing reacquisition in a positioning receiver, and an electronic device
Optical duplexer and optical triplexer
Light source in optical transmission system, waveform shaper, optical pulse train generator, and optical reproduction system
Optical communications using multiplexed single sideband transmission and heterodyne detection
Wireless, especially mobile, communication device for communicating with communication devices in vehicles
Radio receiving apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for supporting mobile IP proxy registration in a system implementing mulitple VLANs
System and method for enhanced SONET network analysis
Method for real time protocol media recording
Radio access network system, radio communication method, synchronous server and node
Ghost network built using data transmission via phantom mode
DS3 to ASI converter with reduced memory
Packet aggregation protocol for advanced switching
Method, arrangement and secure medium for authentication of a user
Method to facilitate determination of a data rate
Link capacity adjustment scheme
Method and system for routing fibre channel frames
Method and system for optimized reliable non-member group communication through write-only membership
Methods, systems, and computer program products for modeling and simulating application-level traffic characteristics in a network based on transport and network layer header information
Method and system for automating membership discovery in a distributed computer network
Communication service unit and connection sequence operating method
Method and system to transport high-quality video signals
Multicasting in a high-speed switching environment
Bidirectional line switched ring network
System and method of providing network node services
Method and apparatus for end-to-end connection between an RPR and an MPLS network
Method and apparatus for accessing a telephone network from the internet
System for protocol processing engine
Adaptive dialing
Distortion compensation apparatus
Receiver for receiving a spectrum dispersion signal
Method and adaptive modulation in multi-carrier communication
Filter method and apparatus for polar modulation
Iterative decoding
Method and system for indicating zero-crossings of a signal in the presence of noise
Method and apparatus for enforcing network security policies
Systems and methods for obtaining digital signatures on a single authoritative copy of an original electronic record
Method for processing multiple wireless communications security policies
Method for implementing secure corporate communication
System and method for wireless local area network monitoring and intrusion detection
Automatic client authentication for a wireless network protected by PEAP, EAP-TLS, or other extensible authentication protocols
Method and a system for authenticating a user at a network access while the user is making a connection to the Internet
Handheld electronic device with shockproof mechanism
Method and arrangement for filtering of signals
Voice and telephone keypad based data entry for interacting with voice information services
Methods and systems for providing application level presence information in wireless communication
Toll-free number blocking override indicator
Intelligent roaming system with over the air programming
System and method for routing both toll-free and caller-paid telephone calls to call service centers
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
Writable storage medium, apparatus and method of recording to a storage medium
Decoding device and decoding program for video image data
Audiovisual reproduction system
Seamless playback of multiple clips of media data across a data network
Method for providing broadcasting service in communication system
Method and apparatus of secure roaming
Making roaming decisions based on association qualities between wireless devices and wireless access points
Method of designating a future network coordinator
Method and system wherein timeslots allocated for common control channels may be reused for user traffic
Scheme for providing regulatory compliance in performing network selection in a foreign country
Method for controlling channel re-selection
Condenser microphone
Surface mountable transducer system
X-ray computed tomographic apparatus
Mounting method using dilatancy fluid
Expired Patents Due To Time
Undergarments with mistletoe attachment
Tri-cushioning sock
High overboots
Protrusions on a belt
Stitching on the uppers of a shoe
Shoe insert
Portion of a shoe upper
Umbrella stand base assembly
Storage pocket for paint applicators
Surface pattern for a napkin providing the illusion of a three-dimensional shell
Surface pattern for a napkin providing the illusion of a three-dimensional pineapple
Surface pattern for a napkin providing the illusion of a three-dimensional arc rainbow
Bed with built-in aquariums
Sleigh bed
Baby chair
Triple passenger seat
Booth book furniture module
Club chair
Spa table
Plant stand display rack
Display stand for eyewear
Television receiver stand
Honeycomb shelving system
Folding frame with a picture and impression
Garment hanger
Human Necessities
Flexible agricultural automation
Modular monitoring and protection system with automatic device programming
Method and system for automated tracing of an agricultural product
Hand-held electrical appliance such as a hair drier provided with position adjustable control members
Method and apparatus for fabricating orthognathic surgical splints
Catheter with electrode having hydrogel layer
Method and system for controlling heat delivery to a target
Interface system for use with imaging devices to facilitate visualization of image-guided interventional procedure planning
Camera referenced control in a minimally invasive surgical apparatus
Method and apparatus for non-invasive blood constituent monitoring
Sensor wrap including foldable applicator
Probe and apparatus for determining concentration of light-absorbing materials in living tissue
Pulse oximetry sensor and dispensing method
Methods and systems for detecting abnormal tissue using spectroscopic techniques
Positioning method for pulse oximetry fetal sensor
Non-invasive method of determining skin thickness and characterizing layers of skin tissue in vivo
Optical sensor for in situ measurement of analytes
Cardiovascular imaging and functional analysis system
System and method for mapping and ablating body tissue of the interior region of the heart
System and method for detecting whether a person is under the influence of a psychotropic substance
Closed loop neuromodulation for suppression of epileptic activity
Apparatus and method for use in medical imaging
System and method for determining location and tissue contact of an implantable medical device within a body
Transcanal, transtympanic cochlear implant system for the rehabilitation of deafness and tinnitus
System and method for closed loop controlled inspired oxygen concentration
Defibrillator with controller operating in a low power mode
Electrical connector for multi-contact medical electrodes
High impedance drug eluting cardiac lead
Modified guidewire for left ventricular access lead
Electronic lead for a medical implant device, method of making same, and method and apparatus for inserting same
System and method for providing percutaneous electrical therapy
Method and system for myocardial infarction repair
Vagal nerve stimulation techniques for treatment of epileptic seizures
Low impedance implantable extension for a neurological electrical stimulator
Implantable stimulation device and method for discrimination atrial and ventricular arrhythmias
Cardiac rhythm management system with user interface indicating energy of pacing pulses
System and method for determining remaining battery life for an implantable medical device
Pacemaker utilizing QT dynamics to diagnose heart failure
Impulses or a series of impulses for defibrillation and device to generate them
Adaptive analysis method for an electrotherapy device and apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Machine readable storage media for detecting distribution of macromolecules between nucleus and cytoplasm in cells
System and method for directly connecting an advanced facer canceler system to a delivery bar code sorter
Method for monitoring a workpiece during a transportation and/or production process
Injection molded noise attenuator for a photoreceptor
Sheet processor mounted within sheet-discharge section of image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus including the same
Control method for suspension
Method and device for coordinating measures influencing the driving performance of a vehicle
Vehicle speed control system
Tire pressure vehicle speed limiting
Vehicle clock tampering detector
Vehicle idling stop system
Automatic optical-axis adjusting device for automatically adjusting directions of optical axes of front lights with respect to steering angle of steering wheel
Automated vehicle inspection system
Vehicle dynamics measuring apparatus and method using multiple GPS antennas
Vehicle side slip angle estimation using dynamic blending and considering vehicle attitude information
Antiskid brake control system
Method and device for variably setting the brake force in a hydraulic brake system of a motor vehicle
Electrical steering for vehicle
Electric power steering controller
System and method for controlling traveling direction of aircraft
Method and system for active noise control of tiltrotor aircraft
Structures and processes for packaging perishable and other products
Systems and methods for analyzing viscoelastic properties of combinatorial libraries of materials
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber communications system using index-guiding microstructured optical fibers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Efficiency-based engine, powertrain and vehicle control
Process and device for electronically controlling actuators of a combustion engine with variable gas exchange control
Electronic control apparatus having mode check function
System and method for engine data trending and analysis
Cylinder flow calculation system
Method and apparatus for identifying parameters of an engine component for assembly and programming
System, method and computer program product for enhancing commercial value of electrical power produced from a renewable energy power production facility
Method for calculating characteristic curve of centrifugal fluid machine by computer
Methods and apparatus for determining resilience of spring washers
Drive power transmission device, image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Method for manually stipulating the transmission ratio of a continuously variable transmission (CVT)
Continuously variable transmission controller
Luminaire device
Manufacturing process evaluation method for semiconductor device and pattern shape evaluation apparatus using the evaluation method
Position measuring apparatus and working apparatus using the same
Micro inertial measurement unit
Method and apparatus for determining global position using almanac information
Vehicle self-carried positioning method and system thereof
System and method of a GPS control system with communication function
System and method for reducing the amount of repetitive data sent by a server to a client for vehicle navigation
One-way road point symbol generation
Navigation device
Navigation system
Navigation system with sign assistance
System for data capture from a rotor
Method for calibrating hydraulic actuators
Method and device for measuring characteristics of a sample
System and method for remote analysis of small engine vehicle emissions
Oscillation measuring method and frequency measuring apparatus
Methods for identifying a molecule that may bind to a target molecule
Method of determining speed of rotation of squirrel-cage motor and a computer software product to carry out the method
Apparatus, method and article of manufacture for utility monitoring
Method for in-service RAM testing
Apparatus and method for measuring and reporting the reliability of a power distribution system
Error detection in digital scanning device having parallel data streams
Test circuit for exposing higher order speed paths
I/O device testing method and apparatus
Clock skew measurement circuit on a microprocessor die
Computer implemented circuit synthesis system
Scan test method for providing real time identification of failing test patterns and test bist controller for use therewith
Communication system with boundary scan elements
Method and apparatus for programmable LBIST channel weighting
Method and apparatus for fault injection using boundary scan for pins enabled as outputs
Method for on-line circuit debug using JTAG and shadow scan in a microprocessor
Semiconductor test system and monitor apparatus thereof
Packet-based device test system
Using clock gating or signal gating to partition a device for fault isolation and diagnostic data collection
Thrust ripple measuring apparatus and method in linear motor
Magnetic resonance angiography using floating table projection imaging
Systems for improved monitoring accuracy of intelligent electronic devices
Position calculation method and position calculation apparatus
Methods and system for characterizing the response of subsurface measurements to determine wellbore and formation characteristics
Real image mode finder optical system
Dispersion slope compensating optical fiber
Optical fiber, optical fiber cable, and radiation detecting system using such
Optical fiber
Optical waveguide and method of manufacturing same
Optical waveguide, optical module, and their fabrication method
Plastic optical fiber with a lens portion, optical fiber connector, and connecting structures and methods between optical fibers and between optical fiber and light emitting/receiving device
Optical waveguide module-mounted package
Optical device, terminal apparatus, and system for wavelength division multiplexing
Arrayed waveguide grating type optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Wavelength shifting and optical switching
Balanced coupler for radiation sources
Wavelength selective optical cross switch and optical add/drop multiplexer using volume phase grating and array of micro electro mechanical mirrors
Monolithic integrated terahertz optical asymmetric demultiplexer
Optical performance monitor
Apparatus and method to metallize, reinforce, and hermetically seal multiple optical fibers
Optical fiber organizer for organizing optical fiber inside of a fiber duct
Optical cabling apparatus having improved dry filling compound and method for making
Conduit insert for optical fiber cable
Shallow photonic bandgap device
Method and system for acoustically tuning a light source
Integrated waveguide arrangement, process for producing an integrated waveguide arrangement, and waveguide components
Image forming device with sheet finisher
Image forming apparatus, control method thereof and control program therefor
Selective depopulation and/or repopulation of a full color image forming device
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Endless belt dry toner agitator
Toner cartridge cap
Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Developer container, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus provided with seal functions on both sides of developing roller
Apparatus and method for non-interactive magnetic brush development
Image forming apparatus having developing device with magnet roller with particular magnetic flux density
Fuser assembly including first and second fusers
Image heating apparatus
Image heating apparatus that changes heat control amounts at different moving speeds
Image heating apparatus
Thermal fixing apparatus
Common polarity toner duplexing electrostatographic reproduction machine
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Vacuum system information network
Distributed control system including a compact easily-extensible and serviceable field controller
Method for NC- programming and system for NC- machining
Position detecting apparatus and library apparatus
Method and computer program for automated design and manufacture of custom workholding fixtures requiring machining of substantially unique mounting geometries
Numerical controller and method for controlling the shaft of numeric controller
Method and equipment for assessing the life of members put under high in-service temperature environment for long period
Process for monitoring the state of a safety facility
Strategy based diagnostic system
System and method for reliability assessment of a power system having integrated modules
Production method using global positioning system
Autonomous vehicular appliance, especially vacuum cleaner
Mass flow rate-measuring method and mass flow rate control apparatus
Method and apparatus for analyzing and allocating resources of time-varying value using recursive lookahead
Software-defined communications system execution control
Secure on-line PC postage metering system
USB-compliant personal key
Method and apparatus for producing a clock signal having an initial state at reference point of incoming signal thereafter changing state after a predetermined time interval
Performance optimization of computer system by dynamically and immediately updating a configuration setting based on detected change in preferred use
System and method for independent power sequencing of integrated circuits
Low power consumption semiconductor integrated circuit device and microprocessor
USB device and USB connecting system
LAN interface
Fast database state dumps to file for deferred analysis of a database
Cable network repair control system
Method and apparatus for handling failures of resource managers in a clustered environment
Method and apparatus for processing read requests in a shared disk system
System and method for monitoring controller diagnostics
Method and system for absorbing defects in high performance microprocessor with a large n-way set associative cache
Data storage system and method for managing critical data in an N-way mirrored storage device using first and second sequence numbers
Ultra reliable disk memory for multi-processor platforms
Remote mirroring system, device, and method
Raid device for establishing a direct passage between a host computer and a hard disk by a data hub selectively passing only data to be accessed
Management of uncommitted register values during random program generation
KVM switch having a uniprocessor that accomodate multiple users and multiple computers
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of data processing system
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of data processing system
Method for service level estimation in an operating computer system
Method and apparatus for debugging a software program
Problematic binary isolator
Method and system for determining and displaying the topology of a storage array network having multiple hosts and computer readable medium for generating the topology
Method and apparatus for parallel execution of conduits during simultaneous synchronization of databases
Spare area management method of optical recording medium
Method and article for managing references between objects in memories of different durations in a run-time environment
Atomic resolution storage device configured as a redundant array of independent storage devices
Method and apparatus for determining unknown relationships between storage devices and storage device enclosures
System and method for mirroring memory with restricted access to main physical mirrored memory
Data transfer and synchronization system
Shared database usage in network devices
Data cache store buffer
Storage subsystem, information processing system and method of controlling I/O interface
Method and system for responding to file system requests
Share masks and alias for directory coherency
Processor including a translation unit for selectively translating virtual addresses of different sizes using a plurality of paging tables and mapping mechanisms
Management of caches in a data processing apparatus
Modified least recently allocated cache replacement method and apparatus that allows skipping a least recently allocated cache block
Method and system for implementing memory efficient track aging
Method and apparatus for protecting data retrieved from a database
Programming protection status indicators for flash memory
Switching system for controlling internal apparatuses in an exchange system
Apparatus and method for mapping IEEE 1394 node IDS to unchanging node unique IDS to maintain continuity across bus resets
IP fragment-processing apparatus, method and computer program
Method and system for exposing proprietary APIs in a privileged device driver to an application
Access control method for drive units, and a drive unit using the method
System and method for arbitrating access to a memory
Method and apparatus for bus optimization in a PLB system
Bus system
Methodology for providing persistent target identification in a fibre channel environment
Method and apparatus for passing device configuration information to a shared controller
PC adapter card with an interchangeable connector set
Integration of channel-to-channel communication capability into a communication channel of a computing environment
Fault tolerant USB method and apparatus
Synchronous semiconductor memory device having a burst mode for improving efficiency of using the data bus
Dynamic web object row count in hyper text markup language
Method and apparatus for control of content based rich media streaming
Apparatus and method for the convenient transfer of data between a computer network and a non-connected computer
Multi-node data processing system having a non-hierarchical interconnect architecture
Replication of computer systems by duplicating the configuration of assets and the interconnections between the assets
Rental property caching and searching system and process
Method, system, and program for determining boundaries in a string using a dictionary
System and method for predicting web user flow by determining association strength of hypermedia links
Method and system for editing the content of a web site with a facsimile transmission
Method and system for selectively streaming markup language documents
Apparatus for retrieving similar documents and apparatus for extracting relevant keywords
System for facilitating the navigation of data
System for effectively collecting and disseminating data
System and method to maintain real-time synchronization of data in different formats
System for and method of cache-efficient digital tree with rich pointers
System and method for file transmission using file differentiation
Hierarchical file system structure for enhancing disk transfer efficiency
Optimizing database entries
Virtual replication for a computer directory system
System and technique for suggesting alternate query expressions based on prior user selections and their query strings
Deletions on circular singly linked lists
Method and system for performing tasks on a computer network using user personas
Method and apparatus for expression building editors
Method for practical concurrent copying garbage collection offering minimal thread block times
Data mining apparatus and storage medium storing therein data mining processing program
Method and apparatus for simultaneous highlighting of a physical version of a document and an electronic version of a document
Dynamic group generation and management
System and method for hashing digital images
Method of automatically generating schematic and waveform diagrams for isolating faults from multiple failing paths in a circuit using input signal predictors and transition times
Analytical constraint generation for cut-based global placement
Optimization of loop bandwidth for a phase locked loop
Structure analysis method and program, and recording medium thereof
Method of designing integrated circuit device using common parameter at different design levels, and database thereof
Device level layout optimization in electronic design automation
Method of designing hierarchical layout of semiconductor integrated circuit, and computer product
Non-linear optimization system and method for wire length and delay optimization for an automatic electronic circuit placer
Method and apparatus for graphically programming a programmable circuit
Method and apparatus for simplifying a circuit model
Bayesian principal component analysis
Time domain noise analysis
High density input output
Method and apparatus for using a diagonal line to measure an attribute of a bounding box of a net
Method of creating MCM pinouts
Determination and use of three-dimensional moments of molecular property fields
Method and system for signal detection in arrayed instrumentation based on quantum resonance interferometry
Method and computer program product for designing combinatorial arrays
System and method for collecting data and managing patient care
Override having built in audit trail for medication dispensing and administering systems
Features generation for use in computer network intrusion detection
System and method for regulating the transmission of media data
System, apparatus, method, and computer program for execution-order preserving uncached write combine operation
3-D selection and manipulation with a multiple dimension haptic interface
Techniques for alignment of multiple asynchronous data sources
Data warehouse portal
Decentralized, distributed internet data management
System and method of saving and restoring registers in a data processing system
Apparatus for storing disc-type recording media
Multi-functional arithmetic apparatus with multi value states
Multiplier cell and method of computing
Converting an arbitrary fixed point value to a floating point value
Microprocessor with expand instruction for forming a mask from one bit
Configurable branch prediction for a processor performing speculative execution
Address generation interlock detection
Method and apparatus for pausing execution in a processor or the like
Method and system for managing the result from a translator co-processor in a pipelined processor
Method and device to calculate activity degrees of method programs
Universal verification and validation system and method of computer-aided software quality assurance and testing
Manipulation of an object-oriented user interface process to provide rollback of object-oriented scripts from a procedural business logic debugger
Technical information management system
Programs maintenance procedures in parallel processing system
Instructions for creating an extension data to create instances of an object with additional attributes without creating a new object type
Peripheral driver installation method and system
System and method for providing dynamic configuration ROM using double image buffers for use with serial bus devices
Architecture enabling code overlay using a dedicated endpoint
Monitoring of software operation for improving computer program performance
Modulo scheduling via binary search for minimum acceptable initiation interval method and apparatus
Emulation system with search and identification of optional emulation peripherals
Method and apparatus for unifield control and data event exchange in a software system
Object oriented framework mechanism and method for distributing and managing heterogenous operations of a network application
System for distributing and handling electronic program guide information using CORBA-wrapped objects
Application program interfaces and structures in a resource limited operating system
System and method for dynamically sizing hardware loops and executing nested loops in a digital signal processor
Data carrier designed for contactless communication and having detection means for detecting a temperature prevailing in the data carrier
Apparatus and method for detecting rough position of two-dimensional code
Character recognition system
Process control system and process control program storage medium
Method and assistance system for supporting work planning for a production process
Outline information generating apparatus and computer-readable recording medium recording thereon outline information generating program
Email client application incorporating an active transmit authorization request
Method for integrated supply chain and financial management
Informational object authoring and distribution system
Method and apparatus for synchronization of two computer systems by executing a synchronization process at a portable computer
Dynamic aircraft maintenance production system
System and process to ensure performance of mandated safety and maintenance inspections
Problem isolation through translating and filtering events into a standard object format in a network based supply chain
System and method for automatic, real-time delivery of personalized informational and transactional data to users via high throughput content delivery device
Method, apparatus and business system for online communications with online and offline recipients
Metering the flow of electronic information
Processing extended transactions in a client-server system
System and method for reducing mortgage interest rate and mortgage guaranty insurance premiums associated with a mortgage loan
Watermark detector
Motion image reproducing apparatus
Processor and image processing device
Predictive image caching algorithm
Method and apparatus for performing swap analysis
Method of evaluating energy loss of golf ball
Method of suppressing geometric distortion of an image space
Method for reducing shadows and/or noise in a digital image
Image encoding apparatus, method and memory medium therefor
Embedded and efficient low-complexity hierarchical image coder and corresponding methods therefor
Method for transmitting data using an embedded bit stream produced in a hierarchical table-lookup vector quantizer
Image processing apparatus that can have picture quality improved in reproduced original image data
Motion image coding apparatus for performing hierarchical coding
Method and system for consumer electronic device certificate management
System and method for providing demographically targeted information
System and method for pre-processing information used by an automated attendant
System and method for transmitting data from customer premise equipment sans modulation and demodulation
Recognition system
combined engine system and method for voice recognition
Voice authentication system having cognitive recall mechanism for password verification
Speech recognition system including manner discrimination
Speech presence measurement detection techniques
Program information providing apparatus and record/playback control apparatus
Outer route for robots in a horizontal storage library
Voice file management in portable digital audio recorder
On-the-fly algebraic error correction system and method for reducing error location search
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction information
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction information
Optimizing reader to writer offset compensation for a disc drive
Methods of computing with digital multistate phase change materials
Hash CAM having a reduced width comparison circuitry and its application
Portable programming system and control method therefor
Flash memory with fast boot block access
Memory redundancy with programmable non-volatile control
Asynchronous bist for embedded multiport memories
Device and method to test on-chip memory in a production environment
Method for providing user definable algorithms in memory BIST
Method and apparatus for testing memory
Memory tester tests multiple DUT's per test site
Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
System and method for automated monitoring and assessment of fabrication facility
Wafer carrier
Arrangement for transmitting, radiating and receiving high-frequency signals
Optical packaging assembly including a hermetically sealed optical device housing and method of making the same
System and method for the prevention of corruption of networked storage devices during backup data recovery
Byzantine fault tolerance
Journaling for parallel hardware threads in multithreaded processor
System and method for controlling power demand over an integrated wireless network
DC motor control method and apparatus
System and method for monitoring locomotive operation
Frequency converter
Frequency plan
Control device for radio repeater in communication field
Wireless microphone system
Radio squelch techniques
Forward error correction and framing protocol
Coding device and communication system using the same
Syndrome assisted iterative decoder for turbo codes
Frequency tracking and locking system of a wireless microphone
Combination of a radio with an earphone and a ball-point pen
Methods and apparatus for power control
Small, battery operated RF transmitter for portable audio devices for use with headphones with RF receiver
Supervisory apparatus for transmission lines
Wireless optical communications without electronics
Wireless optical communications without electronics
Apparatus and methods for improving linearity and noise performance of an optical source
Optical transmission device and optical transmission system employing the same
Distortion compensation in optically amplified lightwave communication systems
Bit-rate and format insensitive all-optical clock extraction circuit
Polarization mode dispersion compensator and compensation method
Signal transmission circuit
RF block of mobile communication base station
Method for traffic load control in a telecommunication network
Method for directing antenna beam, and transceiver in a mobile communication system
Transmitter and receiver communication apparatus with transmitter switch and receiver switch
Method for transmitting measurement data in a wireless communication system and a wireless communication system
Light source and method for the transmission of spectrally coded data
Method and device for tunable frequency selective filtering of optical signals
Reliability-based type-II hybrid ARQ scheme
Stack-less, CPU-less creation of valid SNMP-trap packets
Address routing in a protocol analyzer
Beacon assisted hybrid asynchronous wireless communications protocol
Decentralized network system
System and methods routing packets on alterate paths
Method of automatic reply for radio transmission and radio modem
Generic proxy service for docsis-enabled set top devices
Server cluster interconnection using network processor
Method and system for establishing secure communication over computer networks
Method and apparatus for supporting authorities in a public key infrastructure
Software, systems and methods for managing a distributed network
Method and apparatus for scanning a web site in a distributed data processing system for problem determination
Maintaining data collaboration conferences
Autonomously established secure and persistent internet connection and autonomously reestablished without user intervention that connection if it lost
Apparatus and method for hybrid network access
System and method for using an IP address as a wireless unit identifier
Abstract initiator
Execution of application process using registry having binding methods
Execution of dynamically configured application service in access method-independent exchange
System and method of associating an object with a world wide web (WWW) site
Data gateway unit and data gateway method
Internal parallel system channel
Controlling network access by modifying packet headers at a local hub
Remotely operated portable wireless video/audio monitoring system
Computer cleaning system, method and computer program product
Bus interface for cell and/or packet data transfer
Data processing system and method for dynamically assigning a temporary network address to a client computer system utilizing an access port
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for efficient server response generation using intermediate state caching
Method and apparatus for lost connectivity recovery
Elastic interface apparatus and method therefor
Computer-based auction and sale system
System and method for document-driven processing of digitally-signed electronic documents
Remote (or wire) control auxiliary push button dialing system
Communication control method, status notification method and mobile communication terminal using same
Image reproducing apparatus
Method of adjusting image reading position, method of reading image and image reading apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method which determines a block size in accordance with a filter structure
Method for processing saturated intervals in video sequences
Camera with which battery is used
Conditional access filter as for a packet video signal inverse transport system
Method and apparatus for customized rendering of commercials
Method and apparatus for pay-per-view system
Blockiness period detection of DCT-based codecs
Method and apparatus for quantizing and dequantizing data
Shift and/or merge of transformed data along one axis
Magnetic recording apparatus and method therefor, and magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus and method therefor
Method and apparatus for performing error checking in a network
Method and arrangement for transferring information in a packet radio service
Thermal controlled by a subscriber's identification module for running an application
Method and apparatus for transmitting voice information
Base station apparatus and transmission branch selection method
Mobile communication unit and mobile communication system
Method and apparatus to support remote and automatically initiated data loading and data acquisition of airborne computers using a wireless spread spectrum aircraft data services link
Method for operating a communication terminal
Authentication method for inter-system handover between at least two radio communications systems
Mobile communication system for home-zone service and method thereof
System and method for location positioning a mobile station in a CDMA cellular system
Method and apparatus for selecting communication cells in a wireless communication system
Procedure in a mobile telephone system to transmit position specifications
Wireless telephone system and operation method therefor
Transmission channel allocation method and radio apparatus using the same
Method for testing a hearing aid, and hearing aid operable according to the method
Implantable cardiac lead having terminating connector strain relief and method of manufacture
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