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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Granular water dispersible agent and production process
Physical mode of action pesticide
Antimicrobial peptides and methods of their use
Bicyclic tetrahydropyrrole compounds
Bicyclic derivatives of azabicyclic carboxamides, preparation thereof and therapeutic use thereof
Compositions of kinase inhibitors and their use for treatment of cancer and other diseases related to kinases
Dietary supplement containing alkaline electrolyte buffers
Agent for enhancing contrast of image of fluorescent staining of lumen of digestive tract
Material for facilitating thermal treatments of biological tissues and method of energy targeting leading to thermal treatment of biological tissues
Method and composition for evenly applying water soluble actives
Pyrrole-2-carboxamide derivatives as glucokinase activators, their process and pharmaceutical application
Aryl-substituted heterocycles, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
1,2,4-triazolylaminoaryl (heteroaryl) sulfonamide derivatives
Pyrazolopyridine and pyrrolopyridine multikinase inhibitors
1,4-disubstituted 3-cyano-pyridone derivatives and their use as positive mGluR2-receptor modulators
Crystalline forms of 4-[2-(4-methylphenylsulfanyl)-phenyl] piperidine with combined serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibition and uses thereof
Pyrazolylmethylamine compounds as calcium channel modulators and preparation method thereof
Methods for treating drug resistant cancer
Inhibitors of Bruton's tyrosine kinase
PDE5 inhibitor compositions and methods for treating cardiac indications
5-demethoxyfumagillol and derivatives thereof
Antibacterial condensed thiazoles
Compositions comprising an extract of Tiarella polyphylla or compounds isolated therefrom for preventing and treating cancer diseases
Treatment for eye disorder
Method for extraction of material from a Sapindacea family fruit
Hair growth stimulants adn the manufacturing method thereof
ILT3 polypeptides and uses thereof
Peptides and regulation of calcium channels
Self-assembling peptide and gel produced from the same
Method of modulating cell survival and reagents useful for same
Analogs of ghrelin substituted at the N-terminal
Compositions and method for epigenetic modification of nucleic acid sequences in vivo
IgE CH3 peptide vaccine
Isolation and purification of P. falciparum merozoite protein-1.sub.42 vaccine
Attenuated Mycoplasma gallisepticum strains
PEGylated mutated Clostridium botulinum toxin
Live attenuated virus vaccines for La Crosse virus and other Bunyaviridae
Concomitant treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with anti-TNF-.alpha. antibodies and methotrexate
Methods of modulating T cell-mediated immune responses with anti-P-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1 antibodies
Product and method for reducing substance craving
Color cosmetic compositions for topical anti-aging skin treatment
Stable sterile filterable liposomal encapsulated taxane and other antineoplastic drugs
Stable micelles formed with diblock copolymers of critical micelle concentration copolymer and temperature-sensitive copolymer
Sustained delivery of an active agent using an implantable system
Matrix compositions for controlled delivery of drug substances
Two-part capsule to accept pharmaceutical preparations for powder inhalers
Adhesive pharmaceutical preparation containing bisoprolol
Electronic incense assembly
Vapor phase hydrogen peroxide deodorizer
Method for sterilizing a plastic bottle
Fused polycyclic compounds having a heterocyclic ring(s) and pharmaceutical use thereof
Trans-4-[[(5S)-5-[[[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]methyl] (2-methyl-2H-tetrazol-5-yl)amino]-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-7,9-dimethyl-1H-1-be- nzazepin-1-yl]methyl]-cyclohexanecarboxylic acid
Motion platform video game racing and flight simulator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for deodorizing sewage treatment plant sludge by using native microorganisms
Multi filter lubricant purification system
Gas vent
Cleaning magnet device for cleaning drilling fluid
Filter type trapping agent for volatile cesium compound and trapping method for volatile cesium compound thereof
High-efficiency catalytic converters for treating exhaust gases
Catalyst for dehydrogenating primary alcohols
Process for continuously producing geometric shaped catalyst bodies K
Process to produce high surface area nanoparticle vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst and product derives thereof
Pathogen-resistant fabrics
Hydrogen production system and method of controlling flow rate of offgas in the system
Process and apparatus for producing and purifying epichlorohydrins
Apparatus and method for handling fluids for analysis
Method and apparatus for applying a topcoat to a golf ball surface
Method for depositing particulate material onto a surface
Metal bodies containing microcavities and apparatus and methods relating thereto
Device for connecting metal sheet at the edges
Laser marking machine
Laser dicing apparatus and dicing method
Approach for assembling and repairing probe assemblies using laser welding
Rotating laser welding pressure unit
Device designed to cut off the spent wire on a spark erosion machine
Spin-mounted fabrication of injection molded micro-optics
Double tread
Method for fabricating medical devices with porous polymeric structures
Method of low temperature imprinting process with high pattern transfer yield
Method for granulating and crystallizing thermoplastic polymers
System, apparatus, and method for resin level maintenance in a stereo-lithography device
Method for recycling scraps of prepreg materials
Method of producing a movable lens structure for a light shaping unit
Hollow structure forming substrate, method of producing hollow structure forming substrate, and method of producing hollow structure using hollow structure forming substrate
Method of producing a blank of packaging laminate as well as a thus produced blank and a packaging container
Waterproofing membrane
Polycarbonate resin film and manufacturing process thereof
Hollow base decorative surface covering
Postage label dispenser for dispensing application ready/lined labels including a re-lining station facilitating the fabrication of lined labels
Composition and method for making a proppant
EMI filter for plasma display panel
Ambiphilic coal body surfaces
Process for obtaining pipes and joints from a polymer composite
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for improved gasification of fuel solids
Beverage dispenser
Method of staggered release or exposure of microorganisms for biological remediation of hydrocarbons and other organic matter
Apartment-shaped anaerobic digester for producing biogas
Selective etching bath methods
Low iron high transmission glass with boron oxide for improved optics, durability and refining, and corresponding method
Low temperature co-fired ceramic powder and special raw material and use thereof
Isostatic pressing method for applying a silicon powder onto a silicon brick for silicon crystal growth in a mono-crystal or multi-crystal furnace
Alignment material for liquid crystal display device of vertical alignment mode and method of preparing the same
Alkynyl phenyl derivative compounds for treating ophthalmic diseases and disorders
Process for producing a concentrated solution for a photoresist-stripping liquid having low water content
4-Cycloalkyl or 4-substituted phenoxyphenylamidines and use thereof as fungicides
Methods of synthesizing 1-(acyloxy)-alkyl carbamate prodrugs
Water-soluble triterpenephenol compounds having antitumor activity and the preparation thereof
Process for preparing .alpha.-keto acids and derivatives thereof
Heteroarylcyclopropanecarboxamides and their use as pharmaceuticals
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Nor-seco-bis-nor-seco, tris-nor-seco, and higher nor-seco-cucurbit[n]uril compounds
Recovery of components making up a liquid mixture
Radiation protection drug containing tocopherol or tocotrienol compound ester derivative as active ingredient
Semi-synthetic process for the preparation of taxane derivatives
8-substituted isoquinoline derivative and the use thereof
N-heterocyclic carbene-amido palladium(II) catalysts and method of use thereof
Frustrated lewis pair compositions
Pseudoglycolipid and use thereof
Constructing a DNA chimera for vaccine development against leishmaniasis and tuberculosis
RNA molecules and vectors for gene silencing
Expression of Class 2 mannosidase and Class III mannosidase in lower eukaryotic cells
Methamphetamine-like hapten compounds, linkers, carriers and compositions and uses thereof
TDF-related compounds and analogs thereof, analogs and bioactive fragments
Polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding same, antibodies thereagainst and methods of using same for diagnosing and treating cancer and skeletal disorders
Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that neutralize botulinum neurotoxins
Influenza infection-inhibiting peptide, influenza virus infection inhibitor, liposome, and influenza preventive/therapeutic agent
Polymer dispersion and process for preparing a polymer dispersion
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
Phenol compounds and (co)polymers thereof
Acetone-soluble, absorbable, crystalline polyaxial copolymers and applications thereof
Curable cage-type silicone copolymer and process for production thereof and curable resin composition comprising curable cage-type silicone copolymer and cured product thereof
Biodegradable plastics
Vapor phase assisted post-consumer polymer processing apparatus and method
TPO nanocomposites and methods of use
Low energy, cold process formulation aid
Process and reactor for synthesis of ultra-high molecular weight acrylic polymers
Adhesive compositions for bonding composites
Self-stratifying coating
Chemical resistant ionomers and protective coverings
Water miscible solvent based process for purifying a bisphosphate
Shape memory polymers and process for preparing
Water-based two layer coating systems based on urethane, the use thereof and substrates coated with them
Coating fluid applicable by hand for sol-gel film formation
Mixed phase method of manufacturing ink
Discrete ink particle with solid phase and liquid phase
Crayon and process for producing the same
Method of manufacturing phosphor translucent ceramics and light emitting devices
Method and apparatus for maximizing throughput of indirectly heated rotary kilns
Equipment and process for upgrading oil
Continuous method for the heterogenically catalyzed esterification of fatty acids
Compositions that can especially be used as solvents for cleaning paint work
Method for preparing an expanded product for fermentation
Production of peracids using an enzyme having perhydrolysis activity
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and therapeutics
Orthogonal process for purification of recombinant human parathyroid hormone (rhPTH) (1-34)
Nucleic acid sequences encoding AN1-like zinc finger proteins
Insecticidal proteins from Bacillus thuringiensis
Methods and compositions for the treatment of cancer
Production of C5-C8 alcohols using evolved enzymes and metabolically engineered microorganisms
Methods for isolating proteons from plasma samples
Methods for purifying pertussis toxin and peptides useful therefor
Processes for catalytic conversion of lignin to liquid bio-fuels and novel bio-fuels
Method of multiplex microorganism detection
Secondary structure defining database and methods for determining identity and geographic origin of an unknown bioagent thereby
Selection method for cell internalizing nucleic acids
Method for producing pig iron
Dust collection system for calcine transfer container
Device and method for loading and unloading a heat treatment furnace
Ultrahigh-strength steel sheet excellent in hydrogen embrittlement resistance and workability, and manufacturing method therefor
Use of liquid-crystal displays, and processes for the recycling thereof
Manufacture of specialized alloys with specific properties
Method and apparatus for extending chamber component life in a substrate processing system
Rapid generation of carbon filament structures of controlled geometries at low temperatures
Electroless deposition from non-aqueous solutions
Method and apparatus for plating metal parts
Electroplating apparatus
Crucible for the crystallization of silicon and process for making the same
Method for crystallizing Geobacillus strain T1 lipase polypeptide
Repeatable protein arrays
Textiles; Paper
Electrical components and circuits constructed as textiles
Electrochemical probes for corrosion monitoring in hydrogen sulfide systems and methods of avoiding the effect of electron-conducting deposits
In vitro analyte sensor, and methods
Microfluidic devices and methods of using same
High sensitivity localized surface plasmon resonance sensor and sensor system using same
Methods, kits, and antibodies for detecting parathyroid hormone
Method for diagnosis of disease using quantitative monitoring of protein tyrosine phosphatase
Antibodies to tumor associated proteins
Photochromic material
Exposure method and method of making a semiconductor device
Positive-working radiation-sensitive imageable elements
Alkaline rinse agents for use in lithographic patterning
Electrophotographic photosensitive member
White toner for electrostatic charge image development, electrostatic charge image developer, toner cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Multi-color holographic optical trapping
Key and keyboard apparatus
Board capable of generating a harmonic sound
System and method for a simplified musical instrument
Conductive paste, printed circuit board, and manufacturing method thereof
Vinylidene fluoride based polymer powder and use thereof
Method for the production of magnet cores, magnet core and inductive component with a magnet core
Package structure of compound semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode package
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Methods for normalizing strain in semiconductor devices and strain normalized semiconductor devices
Method of making a semiconductor chip assembly with a post/base heat spreader and a plated through-hole
Method of manufacturing a solid-state imaging device with a silicide blocking layer and electronic apparatus
Method for producing circuit substrate, and circuit substrate
Germanium-containing release layer for transfer of a silicon layer to a substrate
Monitor pattern of semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Structure and method of forming enhanced array device isolation for implanted plate eDRAM
Method for fabrication of a semiconductor device and structure
Plasma etching method
Selective threshold voltage implants for long channel devices
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device with increased drain breakdown voltage
Interconnect structure fabricated without dry plasma etch processing
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Offset solder vias, methods of manufacturing and design structures
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Process for fabricating a multilayer structure with post-grinding trimming
Method of manufacturing layered chip package
Semiconductor device comprising metal gates and a silicon containing resistor formed on an isolation structure
Undercut-repair of barrier layer metallurgy for solder bumps and methods thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device with charge storage layer and its manufacturing method
Luminescent solar collector
Sealed battery
Aqueous electrolyte energy storage device
Method of manufacturing seal-integrated type membrane electrode assembly
Method of operating fuel cell system and fuel cell system
Metal separator for fuel cell and manufacturing method thereof
MEA member and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Proton conductor
Proton-conducting structure and method for manufacturing the same
Metal supported solid oxide fuel cell
Outlet or switch panel
Method for manufacturing magnet poles
Power-ground plane partitioning and via connection to utilize channel/trenches for power delivery
Circuitized substrate with dielectric interposer assembly and method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Heated cup holder system
Spa electric heater system using multiple spa heaters
Device to disinfect air or surfaces with radiation and method therefor
Method of checking an isocentre and a patient-positioning device of an ion beam therapy system
Entertainment apparatus, storage medium and object display method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for cleaning harmful gas by irradiation with gas laser and electron beams
Pre-loading of components during laser peenforming
Method for producing images containing laser-induced color centers and laser-induced damages
Laser weld monitor
Laser shock peening method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for removing substance from the surface of a workpiece
Method of joining two members of a vehicle seat
Welding-type system with network and multiple level messaging between components
Power box
Method of and apparatus for controlling thermal head
Image-recording method and image-recording system
Tire pressure monitoring device and antenna therefor
Near object detection system
Method and apparatus for maximizing hybrid vehicle energy management
Mercury-free metal halide lamp, with contents and electric power control depending on resistance properties
Irradiation direction control apparatus for vehicle lamp
Method of detecting improper mounting of acceleration sensors on a vehicle
Remote control system for a vehicle door
Method for determining the angular position of a rotative part which performs a rotational movement
Weight release mechanism for underwater object
Boat ignition safety apparatus and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and method for distributed monitoring of surroundings using telemetry of data from remote sensors
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenylquinolines and devices made with such compounds
Ion implanter in-situ mass spectrometer
Laser synthesized wide-bandgap semiconductor electronic devices and circuits
Method for producing semiconductor device
Fixed Constructions
Downhole data transmission system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ignition system and method
System, method, rotating machine and computer program product for enhancing electric power produced by renewable facilities
Motor having removable poles with positioning structures
Magnetic position sensor for measuring linear displacement
Bearing device
Linear actuator with abutment stoppers
Display lamp with reflector having IR-reflective coating
Balanced integrated position determination system and communication system
Display system for airplane cockpit or other vehicle
Displacement sensor containing magnetic field sensing element between a pair of biased magnets movable as a unit
Micro-thermocouple for a mass flow meter
Thermally activated sensor system
Positive temperature coefficient resistor/overload resistor method and assemblies
Integrated sound transmitter and receiver, and corresponding method for making same
Mirror fluorometer
Apparatus and method for continuous surface examination comprising a light shielding member at outer ends of the examined surface
Semi-insulating material testing and optimization
Self reference eddy current probe, measurement system, and measurement method
Apparatus and method for wireless gas monitoring
Part feeder velocity measurement system
Silicon carbide interconnect for semiconductor components
Optical current measuring for high voltage systems
Test coupon for measuring a dielectric constant of a memory module board and method of use
Methods of engaging electrically conductive pads on a semiconductor substrate
System for split package power and rotational burn-in of a microelectronic device
Structure and method for charge sensitive electrical devices
Semiconductor chip package with alignment structure
Method and apparatus for evaluating electroluminescence properties of semiconductor materials and devices
Timing variation measurements
Magnetic sensor with modulating flux concentrator having minimized air resistance for 1/f noise reduction
Device for suppressing electromagnetic coupling phenomena
Magnet arrangement comprising a superconducting magnet coil system and a magnetic field forming device and a dimensioning method
Field adjusting mechanisms and methods for permanent magnet arrangement with backplate
Method for high resolution magnetic resonance analysis using magic angle technique
B-value calculation and correction using a linear segment gradient waveform model
Method and system for position calculation from calculated time
RF system for rejection of L-band jamming in a GPS receiver
Synthetic NAV-data for a high-sensitivity satellite positioning system receiver
Method for determining accurately coordinates of a GPR antenna relative to a fixed reference
Method for detecting stationary object located above road
Ultra-wideband smart sensor interface network and method
Scanning radar system
Automated system and method for processing meteorological data
Self-calibrating electronic distance measurement instrument
System and method for single platform, synthetic aperture geo-location of emitters
Radar warning receiver with position and velocity sensitive functions
Efficient phase correction scheme for range migration algorithm
Integrated borehole system for reservoir detection and monitoring
Triodic rectifier switch
Flat panel display and drive method thereof
Liquid crystal display element and method of manufacturing the same
Mask and method for patterning a semiconductor wafer
Electron gun, illumination apparatus using the electron gun, and electron beam exposure apparatus using the illumination apparatus
Reticle and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Capacitive toner level detection
Electric device as well as process for its operation
High D.C. voltage to low D.C. voltage circuit converter
Electromagnetic compatible regulator
Volume integral type multi-directional input apparatus
Clock monitoring apparatus
Double-sided keyboard having a spacer plate with apertures to hold contacts
Methods and systems for increasing the input efficiency of personal digital assistants and other handheld stylus-engagable computing devices
Portable computer and method using an auxilliary LCD panel having a touch screen as a pointing device
Wireless communication device and information-processing apparatus which can hold the device
Apparatus for providing regulated power to an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for reducing inefficiencies in shared memory devices
Driver circuit, receiver circuit, and signal transmission bus system
Method and apparatus for routing data to multiple graphics devices
System and method for displaying and navigating links
Drug administering system and administering method
System and method for keyboard independent touch typing
Computer keyboard assembly
User interface
SO3 input device
Coordinates input apparatus
Method and apparatus for swapping the contents of address registers
Graduated visual and manipulative translucency for windows
Method and system for distributing art
Method and apparatus for enhanced connectors and connection manager
Interface frames for threads
Laser control device
Method and system for sort independent alpha blending of graphic fragments
Three-dimensional skeleton data error absorbing apparatus
Surface following interaction method for adaptively sampled distance fields
Single-pass warping engine
Visual attention model
Auto power-on, hot-pluggable user interface controller for mailing machines
Disposable wireless messaging devices and systems and methods related to same
Magnetic detector of vehicle wheels
Method of efficiently increasing readability of framemaker graphical user interface
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling on-screen display font height
Drive circuit for active matrix light emitting device
Automatic scaler mode detection
Plasma display panel driving method and apparatus capable of realizing reset stabilization
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Organic electroluminescence display and driving method and apparatus thereof
Driving circuit system for use in electro-optical device and electro-optical device
Electronic circuit and liquid crystal display apparatus including same
Gray voltage generation circuit for driving a liquid crystal display rapidly
Liquid crystal display
Shift register circuit, driving circuit for an electrooptical device, electrooptical device, and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Electro-optical device substrate, active matrix substrate and method for inspecting electro-optical device substrate
Single-ended high-voltage level shifter for a TFT-LCD gate driver
Sampler for a picture display device
Slow rate controlled ramp and its use in liquid crystal displays
Persistent usage context
Circuit control devices utilizing electronic display screen light
Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating digital data
Signal processing circuit and method for measuring pulse width under existence of chattering noise
Edit data creating device and edit data creating method
Memory module with improved electrical properties
Multiple-bit non-volatile memory utilizing non-conductive charge trapping gate
Integrated circuit having a test operating mode and method for testing a multiplicity of such circuits
Method and apparatus for correcting multipole aberrations of an electron beam in an EBT scanner
Transformer container
Electromagnetic actuator having a permanent magnet
Magnetically-efficient solenoid for a linear actuator
Luminous EL sheet having a domed diaphragm and a switch employing the EL sheet
Timed switch
Magnetic rotary switch mechanism
Polar relay
Method and apparatus for sensing a programming state of fuses
Low-voltage circuit breaker with an arc-extinguisher chamber and a switching gas damper
Insulated gate field emitter array
Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Plasma display panel and the manufacturing method thereof
Gas discharge display and method for producing the same
Plasma display panel, method of manufacturing the same, and display device using the same
Collector structure of traveling wave tube having a lossy ceramic member
Magnetron having straps of different materials to enhance structural stability
Color cathode ray tube having a shadow mask structure
Structure for damping vibration of shadow mask in flat cathode ray tube
Electron gun for color cathode ray tube with main lens having composite electron beam passing apertures
Cathode ray tube deflection yoke
Flat panel display with gettering material having potential of base, gate or focus plate
Electron source device, method of manufacturing the same, and flat display apparatus comprising an electron source device
Thermal regulation of an ion implantation system
Electron exposure device and method and electronic characteristics evaluation device using scanning probe
Plasma treatment apparatus and plasma treatment method
Plasma processing apparatus with annular waveguide
Cathode for emitting photoelectron or secondary electron, photomultiplier tube, and electron-multiplier tube
Cathode ray tube electrical connector with through passage and leaf springs
Electrodeless discharge lamp
Short arc lamp improved thermal transfer characteristics
Blue incandescent general purpose lamp
Proximity sensor detecting loss of magnetic field complete
Mechanical transmission system for automatically breaking off in response to earthquake and method thereof
Microelectronic structure, method for fabricating it and its use in a memory cell
Method of manufacturing anti-reflection layer
Semiconductor structures
Method of making an improved field oxide isolation structure for semiconductor integrated circuits having higher field oxide threshold voltages
DRAM cell capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device including low dielectric constant insulating film formed on upper and side surfaces of the gate electrode
Asymmetric gates for high density DRAM
Buried ground plane for high performance system modules
Substrate device, method of manufacturing the same, and electro-optical device
Multilayered doped conductor
Method for forming conductors in semiconductor devices
InP collector InGaAsSb base DHBT device and method of forming same
Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor with carbon incorporation
Power semiconductor element capable of improving short circuit withstand capability while maintaining low on-voltage and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device including a semiconductor pellet having bump electrodes connected to pad electrodes of an interconnect board and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device module frame and group thereof
Clean room arrangement for electron beam lithography
Method for aligning and connecting semiconductor components to substrates
Shallow trench isolation fill process
Semiconductor device comprising a dual gate CMOS
Semiconductor storage component with storage cells, logic areas and filling structures
Semiconductor device having line-and-space pattern group
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having multi-layered wiring
Semiconductor device having ESD protective transistor
Thin film transistor array panel and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory device utilizing tunnel magneto resistive effects and method for manufacturing the same
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) semiconductor structure for implementing transistor source connections using buried dual rail distribution
Semiconductor device having shallow trench isolation structure
Electronic device
Integrated circuit package mounting
Protective layer for a semiconductor device
Stackable ball grid array package
Semiconductor device packaging structure
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit chip
Interconnect substrate and semiconductor device electronic instrument
Bilayer silicon carbide based barrier
Tape-carrier-package semiconductor device and a liquid crystal panel display using such a device as well as a method for testing the disconnection thereof
Wiring board utilizing a conductive member having a reduced thickness
Device for electronic packaging, pin jig fixture
Integrated polysilicon fuse and diode
Copper interconnection
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having multilevel interconnection
Microelectronic device package filled with liquid or pressurized gas and associated method of manufacture
Hot socket soft pull for ESD devices
Semiconductor module and electronic component
Transistor and power amplifier with improved bandwidth
Single transistor random access memory (1T-RAM) cell with dual threshold voltages
Semiconductor memory device using vertical-channel transistors
Ferroelectric data processing device
Integrated circuit having photodiode device and associated fabrication process
Current-amplifying logarithmic mode CMOS image sensor
Organic light emitting diode display with surface plasmon outcoupling
Semiconductor chip with partially embedded decoupling capacitors
Composite transistor having a slew-rate control
Semiconductor device
Deep trench body SOI contacts with epitaxial layer formation
Structure of discrete NROM cell
SOI substrate having an etch stop layer and an SOI integrated circuit fabricated thereon
Semiconductor device having an ESD protective circuit
Monolithically integrated E/D mode HEMT and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing and structure of semiconductor device with floating ring structure
Single electron memory device comprising quantum dots between gate electrode and single electron storage element and method for manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same and thin film transistor liquid crystal display device
Semiconductor device and semiconductor display device
Semiconductor device having silicon carbide layer of predetermined conductivity type and module device having the same
SOI CMOS device with body to gate connection
Semiconductor device including at least one schottky metal layer surrounding PN junction
Metal sulfide-oxide semiconductor transistor devices
Ferroelectric memory cell with diode structure to protect the ferroelectric during read operations
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Power semiconductor rectifier with ring-shaped trenches
Solar battery module with cover member and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor light-emitting device having a reflective case
Light emitting diode, light emitting device using the same, and fabrication processes therefor
Illumination unit having at least one LED as light source
Semiconductor light emitting element, display device and optical information reproduction device using the same, and fabrication method of semiconductor light emitting element
Quantum phase-charge coupled device
Low heat loss and small contact area composite electrode for a phase change media memory device
Low-forward-voltage molecular rectifier
Dual path break before make digital circuit
Dielectric filter for filtering out unwanted higher order frequency harmonics and improving skirt response
Nonreciprocal circuit device and communication apparatus
Tunable broadside coupled transmission lines for electromagnetic waves
Method and apparatus for low loss high frequency transmission
Vehicular glass antenna
Antenna element and portable information terminal
Miniaturized planar antenna for digital television reception
Low-cost HDMI-D packaging technique for integrating an efficient reconfigurable antenna array with RF MEMS switches and a high impedance surface
Dual feel multi-band planar antenna
Inverted F-type antenna apparatus and portable radio communication apparatus provided with the inverted F-type antenna apparatus
Method of repointing a reflector array antenna
Active electronic scan microwave reflector
Laser-induced bandgap shifting for photonic device integration
Semiconductor laser device and its manufacturing method, and optical disc reproducing and recording apparatus
High electrical stiction spark plug
Intelligent circuit breaker module
Method and system to automatically reduce generated power
Lockout for reset mechanism of electrical protective device
Dynamic series voltage compensator and method thereof
Voltage equalizing apparatus for battery devices
Power switch for battery protection
Series pass over-voltage protection circuit for a motor vehicle electrical system
Alternator regulation circuit having parallel field coil current re-circulation
Power apparatus for intermittently powered equipment
System and method of reducing bearing voltage
Insulating jacket structure of a stator of a direct current motor
Stepping motor
Magnet type stepping motor
Multi-phase linear motor with induction coils arranged on an axis perpendicular to the direction of motion
Method and device for controlling a dc-dc converter
Charge pump circuit
Multi-phase DC-to-DC buck converter with multi-phase current balance and adjustable load regulation
Electrostatic actuator and method of driving the same
Apparatus for controlling an induction motor
Stepping motor driver
Electrical machine drive system and method
Motor Apparatus and control method therefor
Method and apparatus for improved motor control through current/velocity correction
Oscillator and control method for controlling the oscillator
Magnetron apparatus
Method of modulation gain calibration and system thereof
System for closed loop power control using a linear or a non-linear power amplifier
Ultra fast and high efficiency inductive coil driver
Cascode amplifier integrated circuit with frequency compensation capability
Ultra-wideband constant gain CMOS amplifier
Inductive amplifier with a feed forward boost
Method and system for implementing autonomous automatic gain control in a low noise broadband distribution amplifier
Dynamic range on demand receiver and method of varying same
Semiconductor integrated circuit including a filter with adjustable cut-off frequency
Matching circuit including a MEMS capacitor
Bulk acoustic wave resonator with two piezoelectric layers as balun in filters and duplexers
Surface acoustic wave filter device
Surface acoustic wave apparatus
Isolating circuit for P/N transmission gate during hot-plug insertion
Thin switch and display panel provided with switch
Differential buffer having bias current gated by associated signal
Methods and systems for sensing and compensating for process, voltage, temperature, and load variations
Transceiver driver with programmable edge rate control independent of fabrication process, supply voltage, and temperature
Tri-state driver arrangement
Programmable termination for CML I/O
Efficient arrangement of interconnection resources on programmable logic devices
Configurable logic block with a storage element clocked by a write strobe pulse
Detecting counter contents for time-critical applications
High speed voltage-controlled ring oscillator
Level shifting circuit
Input clamp circuit for 5V tolerant and back-drive protection of I/O receivers using CMOS process
Glitch detect filter
Digital clock adaptive duty cycle circuit
Time domain reflectometer with digitally generated variable width pulse output
Delay locked loop for controlling phase increase or decrease and phase control method thereof
Fractional-N frequency synthesizer and method of operating the same
Digital lock detect for dithering phase lock loops
Data recovery circuit and method thereof
PLL device with plural phase comparators
Differential ring oscillator stage
Oscillator tuning method
Multiple VCO phase lock loop architecture
Double-ramp ADC for CMOS sensors
A/D converter and solid-state camera
Delta-sigma modulators with improved noise performance
Compression/decompression techniques based on tokens and Huffman coding
Interface circuit for multiplexing multiple serial data streams from unsynchronized clock domains
Second harmonic tuning of an active RF device
Adaptive antenna receiving apparatus
Efficient method and apparatus for interleaving and de-interleaving data
System and method for representing the information technology infrastructure of an organization
Multi drop stack bus detector method and apparatus
Quadrature mismatch compensation
Image input device
Data transfer between RGB and YCRCB color spaces for DCT interface
Internet television system and method with user selectable genres and schedule
Image display apparatus and camera and image communication system
Audio clock restoring apparatus and audio clock restoring method
Automotive glazing panel having an electrically heatable solar control coating layer
Enhanced trim resolution voltage-controlled dimming LED driver
Electroluminescent device
High power factor electronic ballast with lossless switching
AC power generating apparatus having electrolytic capacitor and ceramic capacitor
Discharge lamp unit with noise shields and noise control method for discharge lamp unit
Method for operating high-pressure discharge lamp, lighting apparatus, and high-pressure discharge lamp apparatus
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp low dimming antiflicker control circuit
Solenoid control and safety circuit system and method
Method for generating a train of fast electrical pulses and applying the pulses to an undulator
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