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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Grain drill with accurate metering of the rate of planting of seed
Combine header belt tensioning apparatus and method
Lawn mower attachment for controlling discharge flow
Illuminated hummingbird feeder
Harpoon device and methods of use
Fish scent dispenser
Sun hat with eyeglasses
Cushioning assembly in an athletic shoe
Modular furniture attachment strap
Brush head for toothbrush
Toothbrush having needle-shaped bristle tapered at one end and manufacturing method thereof
Mobile folding table having a lifting assist center torsion bar and lift off casters
Laundry hamper
Apparatus for displaying more than one object
Back support for seat
Headrest-mounted monitor
Cold storage
Support cradle for rolled coils and other cylindrical objects
Automatic shoe cover dispenser
Autonomous floor cleaning robot
Method and kit for inducing hypoxia in tumors through the use of a magnetic fluid
Portable Digital Medical Camera for Capturing Images of the Retina or the External Auditory Canal, and Methods of Use
Toothbrush with kinetic plate
Oral hygiene devices
Compressor unit for nebulizer
Automotive fire suppression system with a reinforced, double concave composite reservoir
Adjustment device for an accessory such as a ski binding heelpiece
Systems, methods and articles to facilitate playing card games
TRI board game
Packaging structure and method
Apparatus and methods for playing electronic table card games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Feedstream inlet sparger for reaction vessel used in hydroconversion of fossil fuels
De-entrainment of liquid particles from gas
Fuel cell catalyst treatment
Method and device for separating particulate material
Cleaning device for a vehicular lamp
Fluid product spray head and distributing pump comprising this spray head
Dispenser bottle for at least two active fluids
Food breader
Automated bundle and pallet preparation system and method of use
Sonic jewelry cleaner
Process for producing hot-rolled steel strip and apparatus therefor
Electrical outlet drying boot
Rapid prototype casting
Investment casting
Manufacturing method for continuously cast product of steel
Heater unit for dispensing metered portions of molten lead
Method of compressing a polymeric layer of an expandable medical device
Tube expander for heat exchanger
Quick release push feed guide and tool support for terminal applicator
Apparatus for installing an edge piece on a battery plate
Adapter coupling device
Apparatus for trimming brochures
Compacting apparatus
Method for applying indicia to a golf ball
Ink Jet printer having a print misalignment detection sensor
Printhead, printhead substrate, ink cartridge, and printing apparatus having printhead
Printhead assembly comprising wicking element
Constant negative pressure head ink supply arrangement for inkjet printhead
Inkjet cartridge
Ink priming arrangement for inkjet printhead
Image forming apparatus and method
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Liquid droplet ejection head and image forming apparatus
Ink jet printer, method for controlling ink jet printer, and computer program product for ink jet printer
Ink jet printer
Vehicle wheel cover retention system and method for producing same
Tire for heavy machinery including at least three half-plies on each side of crown reinforcement
Security screen door for vehicles and a locking system therefor
Device for absorbing lateral forces in a side impact in a motor vehicle
Method for detecting abnormality in a hybrid vehicle
Electric power supply system for an aircraft, aircraft and airport power supply system
Active material actuated headrest assemblies
Headrest control apparatus for vehicle and method of controlling headrest control apparatus for vehicle
Prediction of free parking spaces in a parking area
Bumper beam for vehicle
Impact absorbing airbag inflator
Airbag system for out-of-position occupant protection and adaptive venting
Child safety seat with emergency harness release
Vehicle article carrier having stowable cross bars
Reservoir tank for vehicle brake system
Electro mechanical brake, control device and control methods
Anti-lock brake control device and brake control device
Hybrid energy off highway vehicle electric power storage system and method
Steer-by-wire system
Sensor mounting for power assisted steering system
Heavy vehicle
Wind energy generating apparatus with dihedral sails
Filament wound crew rest enclosure structure
Machine for sealed cover for a set of documents
Filling apparatus
Continuously operating vertical bag forming filling and sealing machine
Cup assembly having a cooling compartment
Device for closing an opening, particularly a man hole
Bottle carrier
Compressed gas propellants in plastic aerosols
Tray and recording apparatus
Sheet transport apparatus, image reading apparatus including same, and image forming apparatus including same that aligns various sheet types
Image processing apparatus
Elevator apparatus that detects an accurate running speed of an elevator car that operates over speed
Method for making an elevator and system for elevator delivery
Quick panel lifter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing batch materials for the manufacture of glass
Showerhead-cooler system of a semiconductor-processing chamber for semiconductor wafers of large area
Textiles; Paper
Method of making furniture with synthetic woven material
Apparatus for patterning and stabilizing a workpiece web by use of an replaceable patterning shell
Method for controlling mixtures especially for fabric processing
Fixed Constructions
Flip-over push/back-drag blade attachment for work vehicles
Tool for excavating an object
Multiple valve drain and pipe-cleaning device
Rebar reinforced masonry wall system and method
Knock-down portable partition system
Enhanced girder system
Gate bracket systems and methods
Cable guide mechanism for luggage handles
Integral screwless window assembly
Variably operable oil recovery system
Determination of correct horizontal and vertical permeabilities in a deviated well
Practical methods to estimate horizontal and vertical permeabilities
Method and system for return of drilling fluid from a sealed marine riser to a floating drilling rig while drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve timing controller
Exhaust system for an engine
System and method for reduction of nitrogen oxides from exhaust gases generated by a lean-burn combustion engine
Internal combustion engine and method
Multi-mode internal combustion engine
Integrated power unit including split crankcase with reinforced fastening arrangement, and vehicle including same
Turbine engine rotor stack
Premix burner and method for burning a low-calorie combustion gas
Power plant
Heat energy recovery apparatus
Pulse combustion device
Exhaust gas recirculation system for an internal combustion engine
Evaporative emission control in battery powered vehicle with gasoline engine powered generator
Heater for a canister
Fuel delivery system and method of operation
Direct injection fuel system utilizing water hammer effect
Wave powered system for generating energy
Vacuum type booster device
Spindle motor and disk drive apparatus
Method for error recognition and error avoidance when switching an automated gearbox as well as an automated gearbox
Butterfly valve having flanges forming a positive lock
Leak containment apparatus for reactive gases
Hinged and segmented pipe
Display apparatus
Entrance ticket with lighting effect
Perimeter lighting apparatus
Personal illumination device with variable lighting patterns
Machine vision inspection devices and machine vision methods of inspection
Cooking compartment door of a cooking oven having a pyrolysis function
Modular dehumidifier
Dryer control method and dryer using the same
Carbon nanotube heat-exchange systems
Heat exchanger of air conditioner
Gas operated semi-automatic rifle
Multi-purpose propulsion device
Segmented rod projectile
Emergency responder's orientation method and device
Vehicle installed mobile device and server for GPS services based adhoc task assignments
Laser detector and grade rod coupling device
Gauge laser pointer
Fuel consumption meter for internal combustion engines and method
Spanner with strain alarm function
Semiconductor piezoresistive sensor and operation method thereof
Combustion state determination method of internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for testing rubber tires or solid rubber wheel laboratory samples
Method for preparing a motor vehicle for a crash test
Scanning near field ultrasound holography
Device for testing material properties with regard to combined tensile and shear loads, in particular for testing adhesives
High throughput screening for moisture barrier characteristics of materials
Current counting analog-to-digital converter for load current sensing including dynamically biased comparator
Radiograph detector and method for manufacturing the same
Optical subassembly and projection objective in semiconductor lithography
Compound automotive rearview mirror
High voltage transformer having a sensor system, method for monitoring physical characteristic variables of a high voltage transformer and sensor system for monitoring physical characteristic variables
Holding arm connection for exterior vehicle mirror assembly
Control apparatus, control method and control system
Architecture for a projector
Laser based projection display system
Projection equipment and a method of driving a light source lamp in projection equipment
Illumination unit and projection type image display apparatus employing the same
Automated control of interactions between self-driving vehicles and pedestrians
Fluid mixer
Preventing split-brain scenario in a high-availability cluster
Marking of unfamiliar or ambiguous expressions in electronic messages
Controlling power state based on presence detection
Message management method
User initiated rule-based restrictions on messaging applications
System and method for generating a customized singular activity stream
Action-defined conditions for selecting curated content
Systems and methods for fractional routing redundancy
Text resizing within an embedded image
Relevance estimation and actions based thereon
Inventory management method for refrigerator using mobile terminal
Encryption / decryption of data with non-persistent, non-shared passkey
Selective content cloud storage with device synchronization
Method and apparatus for ordering entertainment programs from different programming transmission sources
Controlling delivery of notifications in real-time communications based on communication channel state
Mobile terminal and communication method thereof
Multiple inspection avoidance (MIA) using a protection scope
Centralized system management on endpoints of a distributed data processing system
Network switch with external buffering via looparound path
Automating capacity upgrade on demand
Bank card with sweepstakes feature
Electronic settlement system, settlement apparatus and terminal
Limited use pin system and method
Optical information reader and method of reading optical information
Depth value restoration method and system
Assisting the authoring of posts to an asymmetric social network
Efficient visual surface finding
Travel amount estimation device and travel amount estimating method
Method and system for high accuracy and reliability registration of multi modal imagery
Segmentation using hybrid discriminative generative label fusion of multiple atlases
User authentication in a mobile telecommunications system
Automated bundle discovery platform
Surveillance and positioning system
Hospital communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling camera for color calibration of multi-displays
Method and apparatus for controlling playback speed of animation message in mobile terminal
Tile-based rendering
System and method for photorealistic imaging using ambient occlusion
Methods and apparatus for the filtering of spatial frequencies
Bleed-through detection method and bleed-through detection apparatus
Hands-free access control
Reusable electronic seal
Wireless lock
Dimensionally stabilized molded token
Dispensing and display system
Community game that adapts communal game appearance
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine
Smoke detector with airflow barrier
Overload detection for electrical wiring
Integrated visual notification system in an accessory device
Systems and methods for coordinating power save operations in an ad hoc network
Communicating an alert notification to a particular vehicle
Magnetic writing board chore chart
Method and system for expediting bilinear filtering
Apparatus and method for television backlignting
Microphone stand base
Stringed musical instrument performance feedback system and method
Hybrid predictive model for enhancing prosodic expressiveness
Hybrid predictive model for enhancing prosodic expressiveness
Processing and cross reference of realtime natural language dialog for live annotations
Correcting text with voice processing
Voice conversation support apparatus, voice conversation support method, and computer readable medium
Using pitch during speech recognition post-processing to improve recognition accuracy
Determining estimated position information of a magnetic recording tape using media thickness estimation
Dynamic adjustments of tape head wrap angles
Cartridge case and information recording medium
Nonvolatile memory system with block managing unit and method of operating the same
Current-mode sense amplifier
Providing services from a remote computer system to a user station over a communications network
Providing services from a remote computer system to a user station over a communications network
Liquid nitrogen emergency cooling system for nuclear power plants
System and method for storing energy in a nuclear power plant
Reactor, converter, and power converter apparatus
Transformer assembly structure
Wired-wireless combined power transmission apparatus and the method using the same
Magnet arrays
Multilayer ceramic electronic component having a plurality of internal electrodes and method for manufacturing the same
Electromagnetic switch with increased magnetic flux density
Vacuum interrupter arrangement for a medium voltage circuit breaker with cup-shaped TMF-contacts
Fuse circuit assembly
Medium voltage switchgear
Illumination display switching device
Device resulting from printing minimum width semiconductor features at non-minimum pitch
Methods of forming a nanowire transistor device
Methods for reducing semiconductor substrate strain variation
Semiconductor device having self-aligned gate contacts
Preparation method of a germanium-based schottky junction
Vertical floating body storage transistors formed in bulk devices and having buried sense and word lines
Method for producing self-aligned vias
Sacrificial carrier dicing of semiconductor wafers
Methods for forming FinFETs with non-merged epitaxial fin extensions
Hybrid source and drain contact formation using metal liner and metal insulator semiconductor contacts
III-V fin on insulator
Back-end transistors with highly doped low-temperature contacts
Semiconductor devices, semiconductor device packages, and packaging techniques for impedance matching and/or low frequency terminations
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Backside through silicon vias and micro-channels in three dimensional integration
Boron rich nitride cap for total ionizing dose mitigation in SOI devices
Field effect transistor contacts
Semiconductor device having non-magnetic single core inductor and method of producing the same
Complementary heterogeneous MOSFET using global SiGe substrate and hard-mask memorized germanium dilution for nFET
Manufacturing method of flexible device substrate
Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and method of manufacturing the same
Pure boron for silicide contact
Pure boron for silicide contact
Fabricating shallow-trench isolation semiconductor devices to reduce or eliminate oxygen diffusion
Capacitance reduction for advanced technology nodes
Field effect transistors having multiple effective work functions
Structure and method to increase contact area in unmerged EPI integration for CMOS FinFETs
Stressed channel bulk fin field effect transistor
Integrated circuits with diffusion barrier layers and processes for preparing integrated circuits including diffusion barrier layers
Lateral double diffused metal oxide semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Photoelectric conversion device
Epitaxial silicon germanium fin formation using sacrificial silicon fin templates
Engineered band gaps
Method for fabricating thin photovoltaic cells
Device and method for restoring silicon-based solar cells using an ultrasound transducer
Semiconductor light emitting module comprising an exposed plate surface
Optoelectronic semiconductor component
Method of producing a surface acoustic wave device
Piezoelectric energy harvester device with curved sidewalls, system, and methods of use and making
Load-managed electrochemical energy generation system
Electrical energy storage
Battery pack
Positive electrode materials for lithium ion batteries and process for preparing the same
Hydrothermal process for the production of LiFePO.sub.4 powder
Split band antenna design
Multi-band antenna
Power socket terminal
Terminal connecting apparatus
Flat wiring body module
Water and ingress resistant audio port
Device for dividing a bundle of insulated electrical conductors
Cable connector assembly with improved strain relief and method of making the same
Smart plug system and method
Modular electrical connector
Cord organizing assembly
Contact element for connecting to a circuit board, contact system and method
Cable connector structured for reassembly and method thereof
Terminal block
Dual wavelength laser module with constant output intensity
Cable manager
Protection of photovoltaic modules of a photovoltaic generator against surge voltages relative to ground
Method for determining flooded state and electronic device thereof
Electrostatic discharge clamp
Multiple voltage power box
Energy harvesting apparatus and energy harvesting system
Power supply system for mounting to a rail
Multi-charging device for connecting and charging portable terminal
Charging device and operating method thereof
Segmented armature motor having a segmented coil frame having coil windings on the outer surface
Outer rotor type motor
Apparatus and methods for low voltage high PSRR systems
High efficiency switched capacitor voltage regulator
Power converter controller with analog controlled variable current circuit
Power supply with output rectifier
Control of a switched mode power supply and linear power supply for an audio device
Method for system level oriented load-pull-based envelope tracking power amplifiers
Method and apparatus for sensing inter-modulation to improve radio performance in single and dual tuner
Self-adjusting duty cycle tuner
Initializing components of an integrated circuit
Oscillator startup
Complex bandpass filter having a transfer function with two poles
Method and system for controlling an interleaver
Radio-frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) chip(s) for providing distributed antenna system functionalities, and related components, systems, and methods
Assembly comprising two antennas controllable to output or not output signals
Compact dual-channel transceivers
Transmission apparatus, transmission system, and failure detection method
System and method for enabling automated testing of wireless data packet signal transceivers
Shaker apparatus and related methods of transmitting vibrational energy to recipients
User apparatus and user assignment information estimation method
Two way communication assembly
Adaptive mode-switching spatial modulation for MIMO wireless communication system
Repeater, broadcast transmitting system and method for relaying broadcast signal
Quadrature modulation apparatus for AM stereo transmitters
Virtual window
Interference control method, interference control apparatus, and wireless communication system
Context aware wireless data access point changeover
System and apparatus for using multichannel file delivery over unidirectional transport ("FLUTE") protocol for delivering different classes of files in a broadcast network
Web server and method for hosting a web page for presenting location based user quality data related to a communication network
Managing configurations of system management agents in a distributed environment
System and method for ensuring subscriber fairness using outlier detection
Method and system for measuring frame loss ratio
Constrained route distribution for multiple virtual private network services
Temperature sensitive routing of data in a computer system
Method for operating multi-type beacons
Sharing media items with pass phrases
Secure assertion attribute for a federated log in
Detecting past intrusions and attacks based on historical network traffic information
Polluting results of vulnerability scans
Method for manufacturing a filtering module
Systems and methods for social parenting platform and network
Customizing participant information in an online conference
Atomically updating ternary content addressable memory-based access control lists
Managed authentication on a distributed network
Method and apparatus for monitoring network device
Simulation to find user behavior impact in social media network
Monitoring and controlling perception of an online profile of a user
Social networking website system with automatic participation based on current location information
Scalable multi-client scheduling
Pilot arrangement method in mobile radio communication system and transmitter/receiver adopting same
Multi-mode phase-frequency detector for clock and data recovery
Stego key management
Information delivery system with advertising mechanism and method of operation thereof
Provisioning digital certificates in a network environment
Waterproof structure and electronic apparatus
System and method to sort messages exchanged in a wireless personal area network according to relative orientations and positions of sending and receiving devices
Home control gateway and gateway control method thereof
Page image correction device, and recording medium
Image sensor alignment in a multi-camera system accelerator architecture
Camera system transmission in bandwidth constrained environments
Camera system encoder/decoder architecture
Image compression device, image compression method, image decompression device, and image decompression method
Video-encoding method and video-encoding apparatus based on encoding units determined in accordance with a tree structure, and video-decoding method and video-decoding apparatus based on encoding units determined in accordance with a tree structure
Water dispensing and display apparatus
Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Method of capturing images and obtaining information of the images
Image capture accelerator
System and method for formatting and displaying video data
Inside view motion prediction among texture and depth view components
Video conferencing using wireless peripheral video conferencing device
Processing method for video conference and server using the method
Moving image player device
System of sound reproduction with audio headsets provided with sound processors, components of such a system and associated method
Contactless rechargeable audio headset
Low-cost method for testing the signal-to-noise ratio of MEMS microphones
Pre-filtering for loudspeakers protection
Article and method for muting a voice amplifier
Sound processing device, sound processing method, and program
Audio format
Method of manufacturing speaker with diaphragm arrangement
Speaker driver
Device accessory with speakers
Surround audio compatibility assessment
Dynamic event notification system for mobile devices
Selective compression in a wireless communication system
System for connecting radio access nodes of a radio access network
LTE handover parameter configuration for specific types of traffic
Systems, methods and apparatus for switching networks in active mode
Radio access device and handover method
Method for configuring wireless local area network in wireless metropolitan area network and wireless communication system supporting the same
Radio communication system, radio base station and radio communication method
Wireless positioning and wireless positioning method and apparatus
Confirmed link level broadcast using parallel receivers
Method and apparatus for selecting a carrier in a wireless communication system
Management apparatus and method for identifying candidate for improving communication quality; apparatus and method for identifying communication path; non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing such programs; and wireless communication system
Systems and methods for concurrent service discovery and minimum spanning tree formation for service delivery
Addressing multiple communication terminals in a wireless communication network
Method and device for searching for supported service through WiFi direct network
Methods and system for dynamically switching off/on of base stations
Method and apparatus for fast TCH to idle transition
Task management across low-power wireless communications
Method and apparatus for utilizing a second receiver to establish time and frequency
Network management apparatus for priority channel assignment to acquire available channels in frequency sharing and method thereof
Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmission method and apparatus
Methods and devices for allocating a radio resource for an LTE-unlicensed data transmission
Available channel information sharing system and available channel information sharing method
Method and apparatus for determining operating channel in wireless communication system
Efficient transmission of stand-alone aperiodic CSI reporting for LTE carrier aggregation
Method and apparatus for device-to-device direct communication
Management of mobile devices leveraging location based cooperation
Method, apparatus and system for triggering wireless communication devices to attach to a wireless communications network
Stabilized beverage container warming device
LED lighting drive circuit
Alternating current rectifying circuit and alternating current rectifying method for driving LED module
Lighting device, luminaire using lighting device, and lighting system using luminaire
Controlling apparatus for dimming level of light and controlling method of the same
Lighting system for contained environments
LED illumination device for fluorescent light fixture
Lighting device and lighting fixture
Electrical discharge lighting
Printed circuit board copper plane repair
Processes for forming waveguides using LTCC substrates
Mast arrangement radio network node and related method
Electrical equipment including a conductor mounting between two casing portions
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Cultivator point assembly
Bulk fill delivery venturi system
Unloader tube pivot ring mechanism
Brake assist assembly for agricultural bagging machine
Auxiliary powered forest clearing implement
Plant watering device
Method and apparatus for temperature control of an enclosure
Outrigger assembly
Closed-loop mosquito insecticide delivery system and method
Adjustable tree stand
Hunting accessory
Removable and replaceable tree stand
Modular ladder with removable rungs
Universal head for fixing a nozzle to a fluid distribution duct
Public health oriented board game system
Smokeless tobacco product
Manufacturing method for cut tobacco and manufacturing system therefor
Arrangement for reducing the noise level of tobacco-processing production machines
Woven fabric constructions having high cover factors and fill yarns with a weight per unit length less than the weight per unit length of warp yarns of the fabric
System for producing microporous laminated sheet
Adjustable ice skate
Protective cover for a key fob
Wire weaving apparatus and method
Multiple-fold automatic umbrella as ergonomically constructed and manipulated
Gyroscopically balanced walking cane
Handbag with removable purse
Pouch-like container in particular billfold and the like
Easily inspectable luggage
Shoe carrier and storage device
Combined file pocket and expanding file
Apparatus for hairstyling by means of steam
Hair clip
Extendable strap and bag provided with the same
Shoulder strap assembly for golf bags
Breath freshener with mouthwash atomizer
Distributing substance onto a target surface
Finger-mounted marking device
Device for applying a product and method for manufacturing device
Holding device for monitors provided with viewing screens
Marble table
Modular storage assembly
Modular mobile storage system
Furniture foot
Seat assembly including resilent friction member
Connection mechanism for a bench having slats
Method for forming a curved surface in a curved decorated board
Horizontal gliding chair
Pull rod-type foldable chair structure
Folding chair
Furniture article having panel and integral perimeter frame
Structure of a headrest
Massaging device for a chair with resilient straps
Ergonomic chair
Chair with writing table
System for improving body posture
Modular display rack system
Extension/retraction mechanism for checkstand with telescoping take-away conveyor
Kneeless kicking tool for stretching a carpet
Dual purpose pneumatic floor covering device
Holiday ornament/candle apparatus
Curtain rod
Standard and track shelving system
Button actuated pressure released and locking devices for pressure cookers
Sifter attachment for mixer
Safety device for a food processor with a large chute
Plug-in elastic holder
Box holder device
Method for manufacturing a wet towel and the apparatus thereof
Cleaning composition, pad, wipe, implement, and system and method of use thereof
Sweeper magnet
Apparatus and method for sanitizing or washing footwear
Surgical stapling apparatus
Method for tissue expansion using pulsatile motion
Ophthalmic instrument having wavefront sensor with multiple imaging devices that simultaneously capture multiple images of an array of spots produced by a lenslet array
Fundus camera
Alignment system for an ophthalmic instrument
Apparatus for X-ray fluoroscopy and radiography
X-ray detector provided with integrated cooling
Birthing aid
Anti-snoring apparatus
Method for diagnosing and improving vision
Door assembly for improved vehicle access
Folding unicycle attachment for a wheelchair
Wheelchair transfer device
Docking assembly
Rotatable compact case with non-removable pill package insert
Multipart label for blister packs, and the production and use thereof
Disposable baby bottle
Bonding nurser
Medication processing system and method
Systems devices and methods for opening receptacles having a powder to be fluidized
System for automatically weaning a patient from a ventilator, and method thereof
System and elements for managing therapeutic gas administration to a spontaneously breathing non-ventilated patient
System and method for adjustable disconnection sensitivity for disconnection and occlusion detection in a patient ventilator
Appliance for a stoma
Endotracheal tube
Laryngeal mask airway
Ventilation tube connection system
Low noise exhalation port for a respiratory mask
Piercing nozzle
Protector for thermally responsive member of sprinkler head
Inflation valve device with a pressure measuring unit for an inflatable bladder
Golf tee holder and dispenser
Disc toss game
Collapsible structures
Heating arrangement for ice skate blades
Steerable locomotion device for sport or leisure
Device for retaining a boot on a sports apparatus
Method of playing a multiple-draw poker card game
Playing cards comprising no axis of symmetry
Board game
Magnetic gaming device having predetermined outcomes which appear to be random
Swing attachment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wellscreen having helical support surface
Liquid-gas manifold for a matter and/or heat exchange column, and column using such a manifold
Screen plate filter for low pressure side of automotive air conditioning compressor
Multistage gas generator for air bag and air bag apparatus
Apparatus for supplying oxygen
Humidifying module
Process for atomizing FCC feed oil
Method and apparatus for shaping particles by ultrasonic cavitation
Solids reduction processor
Crushing device
Coherent jet nozzles for grinding applications
Pump dispenser and spraying apparatus
Trigger sprayer with nozzle trigger lock
Vortex twin-fluid nozzle with self-cleaning pintle
Multiple horn atomizer with high frequency capability
Foaming device
Air assisted spray system with an improved air cap
Air intake valve arrangement
Actuator and handle for a paint sprayer
High-speed liquid dispensing modules
Portable screening plant with displaceable eccentric
Vibratory screening machine and vibratory screen and screen tensioning structure
Systems and methods for processing workpieces
Drill cutting treatment method
Method and a device for manufacturing a tool and a tool made by the method
Wedge-lockable removable punch and die bushing in retainer
Manually operated wire twisting and tying tool and method of twisting and tying the wires together
Fence mesh forming machine, knot box and method
Method and apparatus for producing casting moulds or mould parts
Shaped core for cast cooling passages and enhanced part definition
Casting wheel produced by centrifugal casting
Method of torch-cutting steel
Determining separation distance of two surfaces in a hostile environment
Aluminum nitride/aluminum base composite material and method of producing the same
Heat exchanger cast in metal matrix composite and method of making the same
Gas assisted flow tube and filling device
Non-impact keyless chuck
Hydraulic collet assembly with a valve unit
Drill locator for locating holes to be drilled in tubes
Cutting insert
Machine for producing bevel gears
Threaded insert for tapered seat spark plug bores, installation tools, and method of installation
Wire bonding device
Resonator for ultrasonic wire bonding
Tapered friction stir welding tool
High-strength solder joint
Conductive paste and semiconductor component having conductive bumps made from the conductive paste
Driving head for the numerically controlled setting movements of a tool spindle or workpiece table around at least one axis of rotation
Device for connecting the protective plates on bellows covering the guides of automatic machines, machine tools and robots
Chuckable natural stone tile edge chipping tool
Screw holding and driving device
Form tie breaker tool
Manual pick-up device
Flywheel operated nailer
Damping apparatus for reciprocating pneumatic tools
Tool holder for a rotary hammer or chisel hammer
Quick disconnect tool apparatus
Tool suspension rack
Mechanic's tool and parts utility cart
Power switching mechanism for robotic applications
Robotic platform
Double arm substrate transport unit
Unitary, circumferentially edge wound friction material clutch plate, and method of making same
Process and apparatus for loading dies for forming ceramic tiles
Concrete stone texturing machine, method and product
Colored plastics molding device having an automatic calibration function
Air bag cover of polymeric foam having weakened region
Hot runner sealing apparatus
Electric injection molding machine for controlling injection of electric injection molding machine
Extrusion die with rotating components
Apparatus for transferring containers of thermoplastic material with a prefixable orientation
Takeout and transfer apparatus for a wheel blow molding machine
Blow-molded container and closure, and method and apparatus for making same
Tire puncture sealant set
Lens mold carrier
Dismountable toroidal support for tire manufacture
Clutch-brake system and press machine
Multidensity liner/insulator
Serial recording apparatus
Printing apparatus
Ink Jet printer and printing method
Printer and method of controlling the same
Sheet delivery and position controlling apparatus for a printer
Printing apparatus and printing method with movable printing-head guide
Ink jet print apparatus, ink jet printing method, program, and computer-readable storage medium that stores the program
Correcting variations in ink discharge velocity in a printer by printing a test pattern and adjusting a printing position shift
Staggered multi-phase firing of nozzle heads for a printer
Method and apparatus for optimizing a relationship between fire energy and drop velocity in an imaging device
Printhead chip having a plurality of nozzle arrangements that each incorporate a motion transmitting structure
Ink jet printhead having an integral internal filter
Stacked heater elements in a thermal ink jet printhead
Thermal ink jet printhead with cavitation gap
Ink-jet printing head and ink-jet printing apparatus
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink solvent delivery apparatus
Wiper for avoiding ink residues adhering on side surfaces of a print head
Method and system for calibrating ink ejection elements in an image forming device
Precursor electrical pulses to improve inkjet decel
Printer having one or more print cartridges installed during manufacture
Light source apparatus
Apparatus and method for placing fluid droplets onto an object
Mechanical deflection estimation for ink-jet service station motion servo
Double-side automatic feeding apparatus
Device for binding sheets and bound sheets
Multiple insert delivery systems and methods
Methods of forming informational items
Storage case
Labeling machine with mechanical timing means
Omni-directional munitions handling vehicle
Bicycle hub axle assembly
Sealing device for a bearing
Wheel cap structure
Pneumatic tire including water drainage passage
Vehicle tire having sipes
Central tire inflation system for steering drive axle
Combination pneumatic tire and monitoring device
Vehicle tire with reinforcement beneath overwide circumferential tread groove
Reinforcement package for tires
Pneumatic radial tires
Trailer hitch
Tag axle suspension system for a dump vehicle
Hydropneumatic suspension system
Anti-roll suspension valve body
Pressure compensation in hydraulic vehicle suspension systems
Energy saving defog/device operation strategy and control scheme for vehicles
Air-conditioning device for motor vehicle
Vehicle air conditioner with automatic air-conditioning control having learning function of manual operation
Dolly wheel steering system for a vehicle
Sunshade apparatus for automobile
Clip lock visor
Attachment devices
Exterior accessory module for vehicular modular door
Lost motion mechanism for power liftgate closure system
Folding roof system and vehicle equipped therewith
Sliding system for closing and exposing a roof opening
Automotive vehicle roof system having multiple sunroofs
Sliding roof system
Fasteners for truck bed covers
Wind deflector for motor vehicle roof
Device for mounting a radiator on a vehicle support
Methods and apparatus for mounting a heat exchanger to a vehicle
Bumper/muffler assembly
Passthru device for internalized component fuel tanks
Shaft assembly which retains a reversible shaft
Full-time all-wheel drive power take-off unit for motor vehicle
Cruise control device for motor vehicle with adjustable traveling distance of pulling cord reel
Vehicle instrument panel structure to support electronics packaging
Automotive vehicle with telescopic load carrying arm
Power train having an internal combustion engine, energy converter, clutch, and accessory
Vehicle with high voltage power source mounted thereon, power source controller, method of starting such vehicle, and method of utilizing high voltage power source
Compressor with built-in motor mounted on engine of mobile structure
Electric hybrid vehicle
Passenger seat with low profile seat back recline locking assembly
Anti-vibration seat for riding mower
Aircraft passenger cabin with rotatable passenger seats
Fold-flat seat hinge assembly
Device for guiding a seat of a vehicle
Seat reclining device
Hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat, and a seat fitted with such a mechanism
Child seat device
Seat belt position adjusting arrangement for a vehicle seat
Stowable rear vehicle seats
Guide mechanism, open-close mechanism of covering member using the guide mechanism, interior equipment for automobile using the open-close mechanism
Latch and drawer device using latch
Side dump trailer device
Multipurpose working, load carrying and camping platform structure
Device used to hold a cargo-locating rope in a freight
Lightweight rearview mirror assembly
Headrest mounted video display
Mounting device
Rotary holder for corrugated tube
Vehicle battery support platform assembly and cross tie alignment tool
Bumper beam and bumper assembly including a bumper beam
Motor vehicle bumper beam, and a bumper fitted with such a beam
Grille attachment to hoods
Bodily-injury protective system of pillows located within a vehicle
Vehicle pillar structure
Fastener for fastening a curtain airbag to a vehicle
Automotive vehicle air bag system
Air bag module with oppositely aligned inflators
Adaptive venting for an air bag module
Device for inflating an airbag
Seat belt buckle and tongue presenter system
Webbing retractor
Seat belt retractor with multi-level load limiting
Seatbelt retractor
Flexible bag carrier for vehicles
Vehicle partition
Modular system for a vehicle
Side lock assembly for storage bin
Air damper used in glove box of automobile
Apparatus for cleaning or de-icing a vehicle window
Washer system having single tank for storing cleaning liquid
Bleed device and kit for hydraulic circuits
Method and system for operating an electrically controlled pressurized-fluid brake system
Pneumatic volume booster for valve positioner
Parking and maneuvering valve for trailers having a spring-loaded parking brake
Brake system for railway vehicles
vibration damper for damping fluid vibrations in a hydraulic system
Vehicle brake control system and method therefor
Column guided and supported self-propelled vehicle
Transit system
Floor for vehicles, in particular, rail vehicles for transporting passengers
Transport system comprising a vehicle with good cornering performance which can be moved on rails
Gas-hydraulic shock absorber assembly
Conveyor roller with chain attachment link
Indexer carriage chain tension and dog control system
Industrial transportation and storage cart
Infant seat with a shopping cart system
Cart with collapsible receptacle and method of use
Infant retention member for a stroller
Cabin of back hoe
Hood hanging structure for a vehicle
Smooth side body structure and method
Truck wind deflector
Holding device for a spare wheel of a motor vehicle
Power steering device
Method of steering a vehicle
Power steering system
Device for handling containers for road transport
Tracked vehicles, and endless tracks and wheels therefore
Motorcycle kickstand anti-sink attachment
Frame of bicycle saddle
Integrated control and power unit for use aboard a bicycle
Bicycle front fork assembly
Airbag suspension system for motorcycles
Telescoping suspension fork having a quick release wheel axle clamp
Scooter with integral frame mounted shock absorber
Semi-displacement hull
Positioning assembly for positioning a container on a platform and method for making the same
Personal watercraft with storage tray
Submersible articles and method of manufacture thereof
High performance sailing craft
Vessel floatation aid
Lifting vessel and method for positioning, lifting and handling a platform deck and a jacket
Diving mask allowing breath of a user with the nose
Snorkel with improved purging system
Internal combustion engine control for jet propulsion type watercraft
Rotary aeronautical lifting cell
Lifting arrangement for lateral aircraft surfaces
Non-encroaching aircraft passenger seat
Method for providing gliding and trajectory control of a parachute cluster assembly
Air vehicle having rotor/scissors wing
Apparatus, method and system for fluid-motion-powered modulation of a retroreflector for remote position sensing
Access apparatus
Surface illumination system of an aircraft and like vehicles
Apparatus for improving the installation moments of external loads on aircraft
Method and apparatus for supplying orbital space platforms using payload canisters via intermediate orbital rendezvous and docking
Deployable radiator for a space vehicle
System for printing and applying tape onto surfaces
Packet of cigarettes and relative production method
Device for applying labels
System and method for passage rinse
Container capable of maintaining its compressed state in a longitudinal direction and compression method thereof
Foldable container
Holder for viscous fluid dispenser
Folding collapsible combination storage box assembly
Method for irreversibly fixing a cap on a container head enabling a limited rotation of said cap on said head
Shipping and display case
Compression supporting package divider set
Neck apparatus and closure system for a multi-compartment bottle
Carton with article dispenser
Disposable/recyclable pallet and method
Support slat
Resealable blister breath strip case
Prewrapped gift package
Pallet with a plastic platform
Food container lid member having selectively peelable area
Device and method for sealing a discharge aperture in a rotating container
Indexing parts rack
Transport diverter for plate material conveyor, particularly a plate glass conveyor
Conveying system
Conveyor device
Linear belt sorter and methods of using linear belt sorter
Suspension rail
Specimen-conveying conveyer
Guide rail support bracket assembly for conveyor system
Transportation system for transporting objects
Servo-controlled distribution conveyor
Method and device for conveying reams of paper
Automated metal removal system for conveyor belts
Precision resistor tube feeder
High pressure feeder having smooth pocket in rotor
Rotary air lock feeder with improved material intake and discharge
Multi-positional, rotatable/large substrate backstop guide
Paper money handling device
Method and device for transforming a conveying stream of flat articles
Printer having a document transfer device
Device for aligning papers flowing in a stream
Rear jet air knife
Paper currency storage cabinet mounting arrangement for a paper currency receiving system used in a ticket vendor or the like
Tape dispenser
Tape and joint compound dispenser for taping drywall joints
Adjusted capacity level indicator
Feeding string
Fiber optic cable winding tool
Payout device for data transmission lines and method for the production of payout device
Reel arrangement with detachable drive means
Elevator car isolation system and method
Loading crane and its control system
Load transfer system
Self-propelled crane
Radio frequency identification systems for asset tracking
Filling system for still beverages
High speed beverage dispensing method and apparatus
Beverage dispenser
Multi-port cap adapter for a liquid dispensing system
Tamper-proof chemical dispensing device for high security environments
Nanotweezers and nanomanipulator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Quick start large dynamic range combustor configuration
Oxidation protection for carbon/carbon composite and graphite friction materials
Polyurethane geotextile composite liner with improved water resistance and a process for the production thereof
Locking structure for connector
Well completion foamed spacer fluids and methods
Resilient cement
Methods and oil-based settable spotting fluid compositions for cementing wells
Methods of consolidating proppant in subterranean fractures
Wafer boat and boat holder
Axial feedstock injector with single splitting arm
Textiles; Paper
Light-shielding container for light-sensitive material using light-shielding cloth and light-sensitive material package
Sewing machine
Method and apparatus for linking plain knitted fabrics
Chemical dispensing system
Cylindrical screen
Fixed Constructions
Machine for rehabilitating a track bed
Airport in-pavement lighting fixture
Protection barrier system
Self-orienting piling, fluid-flow reduction device
Wave attenuator
Foundation drain system
Frost proof sillcock service sleeve
Assembly and method for joining drain pipe to concrete catch basin
Connecting element for connecting at least two wooden construction parts and a joint plate
Methods and apparatus for suspending fixtures
Acoustic attenuator
Tile type fencing insert
Post puller
Door latch opening system
Drop and slide escutcheon
Pushing device for the emerging of the bolt in locks
Lever handle support mechanism
Latch device
Vehicle door latch device
Securable cane bolt
Push-push latch
Reversible garage door track bracket
Lift method for storage bin door
Take up guide tensioning system
Partitioned wave-guide sound insulation glazing
Laterally moving supports for horizontal blinds
Providing a conduit for an instrumentation line
Method for installing a water well pump
Method for installing an expandable coiled tubing patch
Method and apparatus for controlling pressure and detecting well control problems during drilling of an offshore well using a gas-lifted riser
Method and apparatus for milling a window in a well casing or liner
Casing hanger system with capture feature
Cup packer
Valve for use in wells
Pipe assembly with a plurality of outlets for use in a wellbore and method for running such a pipe assembly
Positive indication system for well annulus cement displacement
Ball valve seat and support
Hydraulic control system for downhole tools
Apparatus and method for cleaning a gas well
Method of optimizing the design, stimulation and evaluation of matrix treatment in a reservoir
Apparatus and methods for isolating a wellbore junction
ESP pump for gassy wells
Path mapping in underground boring tool applications
Reduced contamination sampling
Underreamer and method of use
Method and system for accessing subterranean deposit from the surface
Nozzle for jet drilling and associated method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stationary regenerator, regenerated, reciprocating engine
Rotary type fluid machine, vane type fluid machine, and waste heat recovering device for internal combustion engine
Scroll compressor having reversion preventing device
Internal combustion engine rotatory (turbovolante)
Rotor platform modification and methods using brush seals in diaphragm packing area of steam turbines to eliminate rotor bowing
Exhaust-gas turbine
Method and device for assembling and adjusting variable capacity turbine
Turbocharger thrust bearing
Endwall shape for use in turbomachinery
Turbomachine blade
Non-contacting apparatus for determining relative rotary position of two elements
Lock-pin cartridge for a two-step finger follower rocker arm
Deactivation roller hydraulic valve lifter
Two-step finger follower rocker arm assembly
Arrangement for the relative angle-of-rotation adjustment of a camshaft of an internal-combustion engine with respect to a driving wheel
Using differential pressure control system for VCT lock
Cylinder head for internal combustion engine
System and method for calibrating variable actuation system
Linear actuator apparatus and actuating control method
Pneumatic hand tool exhaust muffler having inner and outer tubes
Transverse partition for exhaust volume
Vehicle engine cooling system with variable speed water pump
Homogenous charge compression ignition engine having a cylinder including a high compression space
Piston head for internal combustion engine
Two-stroke internal combustion engine
Two-stroke interal combustion engine
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
Two stroke hybrid engine
Variable compression ratio engine
Control system for in-cylinder direct injection engine
Internal combustion engine using premixed combustion of stratified charges
Connector assembly for gas turbine engines
Control system and method for a bi-fuel engine
Controller for controlling an evaporated fuel amount to be purged
Control system for in-cylinder direct injection engine
Accumulator fuel injection apparatus
Air-fuel ratio control device for internal combustion engine
Individual cylinder controller for three-cylinder engine
System and method of controlling the activation of a vacuum-driven actuator
Controller with feed-back system
Method of operating an internal combustion engine operated on gasoline type fuels
Method for fuel vapor pressure management
Solenoid valve assembly
Fuel injector retention arrangement
Valve arrangement in a feed line to deliver fuel from a tank to an internal combustion engine
Fuel pump assembly including a filter outlet to pump inlet isolator
Pressure/stroke controlled injector with hydraulic multiplier
Fuel injection pump system
Suction controlled pump for HEUI systems
Internal combustion engine fuel injection system
Throttle element with gap filter
Internal combustion engine
Orifice plate
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Pressure-control injector for injecting fuel with a double valve
Electromagnetic valve
Electric starter device for an internal combustion engine
Device for electronic ignition systems
Ignition coil assembly with spark plug connector
Ignition control circuit providing temperature and battery voltage compensated coil current control
Control method for ignition system
Apparatus for controlling ignition timing of engine
Fluid-pumping system employing air-driven pump and employing at least one pulsation dampener
Rotary slant shaft type gas compressor with multi-stepped exhaust system
Pad plunger assembly with one-piece locking end members
Pump assembly useful in internal combustion engines
Fool-proof plug in fluid system
Variable flow impeller-type water pump with movable shroud
Pump control method and apparatus
Pump system for use in a heat exchange application
Interchangeable fan blade system
Dual-chamber air pump
Check valve
Fan or propeller, with shape memory
Gas compression apparatus and method with noise attenuation
Regenerative fuel pump with leakage prevent grooves
Microfluidic actuation method and apparatus
Poppet valve having an improved valve seat
Nut assembly including frame having a flange portion and opposed arms supporting a pivotable nut
Quick release base and mounting bracket for napkin dispenser
Clip assembly with positive locating features
Probe locking washer
Suction-type rack
Device for assembling two parts having a positioning set
Connecting element with eccentric disks
Fastening device for electronic board
Tube connecting system
Fluid dynamic bearing secondary capillary seal reservoir
Oil-impregnated sintered bearing
Spindle motor and bearing assembly
Wheel-support rolling bearing unit and method of manufacturing the same
Plain bearing
Device for fixing a hydraulic clutch activating device, especially a clutch slave cylinder
Torque transfer device
Electromagnetic clutch
Viscous coupling
Wheel brake caliper with integral brake pad torque sensing
Disk-brake and torque-transmitting device
Disc brake comprising a brake mechanism
Safety braking device for elevator
Spring element of elastic material
Vibration isolating apparatus
Fluid-filled vibration-damping device and method of producing the same
Variable inertia flywheel
Composite wave ring spring
Trailer mounted bursting energy absorption system
Module for adjustment of movement intensity, particularly for a support head for television or motion-picture cameras
Shock absorber
Impact damper
Active hydraulic fluid vehicular suspension damper
Buffering mechanism
Oil supplying system for an automatic transmission with a hydrodynamic starting device
Cylinder head gasket having reinforced combustion seal
Retainer gasket with pressure relief vents
Multi-core brush seal assembly for rotary machines
Brush seal placement between rotating and stationary components with reversely bent leaf spring
Fluid bearing mechanism
Valve with guided ball
Flow reversal control valve
Pressure relief valve with field-replaceable high corrosion-resistant components
Evaporative emission control system including a fuel tank isolation valve
Check valve
Vacuum valve
Switching device for optionally passing a flow of medium through a first or second treatment member
Poppet valve with heater
Compact manifold trunnion ball valve
Method and apparatus for underground connection of pipe
Flexible metal tube with closed section and flexible pipe comprising same
Cable tie mounting base
Air brake hose coupling member
Quick connect coupling
Locking apparatus for a beverage dispenser
Conduit assembly and method of installation
Sealing device for a conduit passing through a wall
Flexible, armoured pipe and use of same
Portable pinata support frame
Support apparatus and grounded equipment frame
Structure of a LPG tank valve
Connection structure of a lamp tube
Housing rotation lock for a track lighting fixture
Liquid-activated novelty light
Ceiling fixture
Sheet for an illumination device, illumination device, and liquid crystal display
Beam light source having a beam-shaped light guide
Planar light source system and light deflecting device therefor
Utility lighter
Safety lock for piezoelectric lighter
Safety guard for patio heater
Water spreading in evaporative coolers
Heat sink with multiple surface enhancements
Method for operating air conditioner in warming mode
Optimized fins for convective heat transfer
Flat tube block heat exchanger
Multiple tube bundle heat exchanger
Self-aligning paintball gun barrel assembly with optional bore size adapter
Mechanism for deploying cylindrical objects from a spinning container
Aircraft with electric flight controls provided with a fuselage able to deform and vibrate
Two-way display infrared thermometer
Thermometer base
Apparatus for inhibiting contamination of sample during bailer emptying
Method of embedding and recovering encoded item identification information in an emulsion by means of radiant energy
Apparatus and method for handling pipetting tip magazines
Window baffles
Illumination system and projector
Method of using a tablet for introducing tint, UV absorbers and other chemicals into spectacle lens and optical filter tinting systems
Optical fiber with mirror for semiconductor laser
Multi-fiber, in-line attenuator module and assembly for optoelectronic networks
Ferrule assembly and optical module
Duplex clip for optical fiber connector
Fiber optic connector and an associated pin retainer
Method of attaching optical fiber in alignment with a light source in an optical module
Method and apparatus for automatically forming a coiled segment of optical fiber
Progressive spectacle lens with low swaying effects
Large-audience, positionable imaging and display system for exhibiting panoramic imagery, and multimedia content featuring a circularity of action
Cassette assembly for use with roentgen apparatus with automatic exposure control
Radiation cassette
Actuator and selector mechanism for compact camera
Image forming apparatus
Method for enabling/disabling mode functions in a multimode electronic device
Redundant power supply system and method for an automated robotic device in a data storage system
Direct-acting pressure regulator
Image recording apparatus, image recording control method, and storage medium
Electronic marking of a medication cartridge
Memory card
Data carrier having a chip including means for the controllable voltage supply to a further component of the data carrier
Card-type peripheral device
Scanner for and method of repetitively scanning a coded symbology
Bar code reader with an integrated scanning component module mountable on printed circuit board
Hand-held dataform reader having multiple target area illumination sources for independent reading of superimposed dataforms
Multi-merchant gift registry
Lottery ticket dispensing apparatus
Hook array for a bill acceptor
Coin sensor
Self service check cashing system and method
Optical transaction card
Serviceable tamper resistant PIN entry apparatus
Smart card reader with microcontroller and security component
Display apparatus
Manifold for a horn loudspeaker and method
Robotic docking apparatus for a cartridge library system having a cartridge storage array
Magnetic tape cassette storage case
Magnetic tape cartridge
Disk security device
Film layer separation device for multi-layer disks
Holder support device
Holding stand for fragile plates
Wafer loading system positioning method and device
Multiple reflector solar concentrators and systems
Integrated positioning and locking device
Telecommunication and electrical service box for mounting in a floor
Method and apparatus for accessing product information using bar code data
Making language localization and telecommunications settings in a multi-function device through image scanning
Document reproduction
Color synthesizing optical apparatus and projection type display apparatus
Image display system
Fixing member for fixing an object to be attached to a plate and clamp with fixing member
Mounting bracket for efficiently storing electronic devices
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