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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plastic mulch retriever
Biological optimization systems for enhancing photosynthetic efficiency and methods of use
Teat cup shell
Pet bed cooling system and method
Method for determining the variation with time of the amount of steam released from a food product during a cooking process in a cooking chamber of a baking oven
Low ignition propensity cigarette paper
Anti-smoking device
Shingle layer or shingle having thick appearance
Athletic garment
Fastening device
Footwear and systems and methods for merchandising footwear
Removable spike for footwear
Invertable handbag and method of use
Handbag articles
Multi-function case for portable digital media device
Protective transport bag
Leakproof makeup applicator
Motorized toothbrush tip having inner and other heads counter around different axes
Orbital electric toothbrush
Demountable shelving unit
Domestic appliance with concealed hinge
Refrigerator with TV and radio function
Merchandise display hook having pivotable locking base
Adjustable bracket assembly
Camp lantern tree stand
Chair assembly with a seat-adjusting device
Portable collapsible chair and sling
Furniture base with central collector
Seat assembly having a movable head restraint
Adjustable vehicle head restraint assembly
Tool hanger assembly
Display system
Luggage attachable cushion device
Swaddle garment
Closable type display apparatus
Food flipping and turning spatula
Dirt-collecting device for a floor-cleaning machine, and floor-cleaning machine having such a dirt-collecting device
Cyclone separation dust cup and vacuum cleaner using the same
Method and system for retinal health management
Intermaxillary fixation bonded bracket assembly
Dental diagnosis apparatus and a method for using the same
Holding element for a dental implant
Vaginal pessary
Lower extremity surgical positioning device
Negative pressure care bed
Aircrew rebreather system
Adhesive nasal respiratory devices
Harness hinge member attachment for snowshoe
Prize dispensing amusement game
Jet propulsion construction toy assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Magnetic stirring mechanism
Energy-saving and wind-powered aerator
Mixing device with stator having grooved pulverizing edges and rotor for pumping
Reducing the content of heavy metals in recovered plastics
Monodisperse droplet generation
Inhaler for preparations in powder form
Can manufacturing device and can manufacturing method
Method for producing internally or externally profiled rings and arrangement therefor
Method of forming a printhead
Method for manufacturing cast iron member
Device for forging bush-shaped objects and a forged part produced therewith
Hybrid core assembly for a casting process
Casting roll of twin roll type strip caster and surface treatment method thereof
Continuous casting plant particularly for long steel products, and a method for continuous casting
Appliance comprising polyurethane foam
Hand-held power tool
Solder feeder
Micro-bump forming apparatus
Motor vehicle body assembly apparatus
Closing method and closing machine
Process for producing bearing device for wheel
Module and manufacturing method thereof
System and method for assembling a closure
Multi-socket wrench
Plunger for holding and moving electrical components
Scraper structure
Press with cutting shock dampening
Process and apparatus for producing gas hydrate pellet
Self curing injection nozzle
Apparatus for activating a web
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
Beveled edge doctor blade for drum maintenance
Peak position drum maintenance unit for a printing device
Inkjet recording apparatus and image forming apparatus
Ink-jet head and ink-jet apparatus
Dispensing liquid using curved vent dispenser
Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Package structure of inkjet-printhead chip
Liquid ejection apparatus and liquid ejection surface cleaning method
High flow ink delivery system
Liquid supplying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Liquid supply apparatus, image forming apparatus and liquid supply method
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Surface cleaning using a filament
Method and inkjet printer with automatic compensation of the thickness of a printable substrate
Wall mountable printer having hidden print engine
Image forming apparatus
Liquid ejecting apparatus
System and method for controlling registration in a continuous feed tandem printer
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Printer with uniform illumination for media identification
Binding system, sheet for appliance in a binding system and use of a binding system
Quick-change caster
Pneumatic tire with tread having main grooves, oblong holes, and communication grooves
Pneumatic tire
Adjustable towing apparatus for vehicles
Suspension assembly with tie-plate
Louvre for an air-conduction housing of a vehicle air-conditioning system
Air conditioning system with cold thermal storage and evaporator temperature control
Vehicle structural reinforcement system
Impact and damage resistant front end airflow control device
Utility vehicle
Energy storage system for a hybrid vehicle
Stowable child seat for automotive vehicles
Seat assembly with blast mitigation device and front end collision resistance
Flexible arm stowage retainer for vehicle
Energy management structure
Single towing vehicle for both car and cart
Dumping vehicle
Device for and method of securing items in a cargo bed
Illumination unit for vehicle headlights, and vehicle headlight
Side turn signal lamp
Structure for installing electrical part
Motor vehicle door protection assembly
Tensioning apparatuses for occupant restraint systems and associated systems and methods
Airbag and airbag system
Deployable/stowable seat mounted seat belt webbing comfort guide
Method of controlling a four-point occupant restraint belt system
Cross bar of roof carrier for vehicles
Support device for walking machines
Braking control system comprising a pressure-control simulator
Method of shipping automobiles, railcar for shipping automobiles, and method of manufacturing railcars
Two-wheeled motor vehicle
Utility vehicle
Side stand attaching structure for motorcycle, motorcycle and method for attaching levelable side stand to motorcycle
Sensing mechanism of pedaling assistant system
Mount structure of two-way valve for fuel tank of small boat
Floatation device for a pregnant woman
Shock bump
Aircraft noise reduction apparatus
Swash plate anti-torque mechanism
Method and apparatus for deploying an auxiliary lift foil
Dynamic roughness for aerodynamic applications
Locknut assembly for a coaxial shaft
Method and apparatus for operating an aircraft landing system
Bag support with cinching mechanism
Plastic bag with pour spout and reinforced bottom end
Dispenser device
Installation of gas absorbent in a high pressure tank
Device for transporting freight
Deflecting device for flat products
Spiral conveyor system and methods
Product dispensing system with increased product-to-dispenser contact
Winder for winding strips
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus with separation claw and intermittent drive
Motor inside pick-up roller
Image forming apparatus
Brake device for a lift car
Universal cable puller
Fluid dispenser
Textiles; Paper
Cut resistant yarn
Tufting gripper with spring-biased support of an insert
Fixed Constructions
Boom mooring system
Earthquake resistant earth retention system using geocells
Percussive shovel for robotic applications
Vibration damper
Fastening bracket of deck cross member
Containment work platform with protruding connection
Hybrid scaffold system
Hinge device of plane display
Activation-device launcher for a cementing head
Swellable screen assembly
Flow control system having an isolation device for preventing gas interference during downhole liquid removal operations
Methods for increasing gas production from a subterranean formation
Apparatus for measuring streaming potentials and determining earth formation characteristics
Method and apparatus for hydraulic steering of downhole rotary drilling systems
Steering system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Injection tubes for injection of fluid into a scroll compressor
Machine for increased hydro power generation
Blade outer air seal
Shaft trim balancing devices, related systems and methods
Airfoil with cooling passage providing variable heat transfer rate
Internal combustion engine with variable valve gear
Air to fuel ratio control device
Oil control valve assembly for engine cam switching
Effects of biodiesel fuel on fuel dilution of engine oil
Exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
Exhaust control device for vehicle engine
Passive ammonia-selective catalytic reduction for NOx control in internal combustion engines
Exhaust gas purification system for internal combustion engine and control method for same
Organic rankine cycle systems using waste heat from charge air cooling
Method for powering an apparatus
Rotary pump with a fixed shaft
Variable compression ratio apparatus for vehicle engine
Swirler for use in a burner of a gas turbine engine
Mode transition systems and methods for a sequential turbocharger
Fuel supply device
Gear pump for a power steering system
Scroll type compressor comprising an Oldham ring having a reinforced pawls and a mirror plate having a concave recess for a movable scroll
Motor-driven compressor
Micropump, tube unit, and control unit
Wheeled, manually moveable air compressor
Wheeled, manually moveable trash pump
Wall anchor system
Bearing arrangement
Wheel bearing apparatus incorporated with a wheel speed detecting apparatus
Multi-part axial cage for a large-diameter roller bearing
Resin cage and rolling bearing
Multi-plate clutch
Control method for hydraulic type continuously variable transmission
Multi-axis spring damping system for a payload in a spacecraft
Energy absorber for aircraft
Pneumatic vibration isolation device
Worm-gear assembly having a pin raceway
Sealed linear actuator unit
Gate valve with equalizer port
Finely adjustable firing valve for rapidly discharging compressed air or gas
Wick assembly and method for installing an underdrain
Faucet connecting structure
Systems for the subterranean support of underground conduits
Lawn mower tilt tool
Main-shaft lubrication device
Video conference lighting fixture
Wrist-mounted illumination device
Lighting apparatus
Total internal reflection lens with integrated lamp cover
Illuminator device having multiple reflective surfaces
Bifacial light emitting backlight
Method and apparatus for burning particulate matter
Regenerative adsorption system with a spray nozzle for producing adsorbate vapor and condensing desorbed vapor
Steam dryer control method
Methods and compositions for drying coal
Parallel flow evaporator with spiral inlet manifold
Projectile loading, firing and warning system
Transmission method and transmission mechanism for toy gun
Paintball marker loading and feeding system
3D instrument cluster
Apparatus and method for measuring relative speed between a fluid and a reference
Fuel delivery unit with a filling level sensor operating with ultrasonic waves
Fuel level sender protector
Reinforced panel
Dual potting temperature probe
Pre-heat type clinical thermometer
Robust design of high pressure sensor device
Transducer assembly
Adjustable belt dynamometer
Automatic sequential sampler for roof-top runoff of rainwater
Method of evaluation using ultrasonic waves
Enhanced ultra-high resolution acoustic microscope
Testing device for an electronic device having two pivot points
Mass loading monitor
Glazing panel
Parabolic trough or dish reflector for use in concentrating solar power apparatus and method of making same
Continuous adjustable 3Deeps filter spectacles for optimized 3Deeps stereoscopic viewing and its control method and means
Image display apparatus and image distortion correction method of the same
Escapement mechanism
Airconditioning equipment, signal transmission method, and signal transmission method for air conditioning equipment
Image forming apparatus employing carriage with image forming unit mounted thereon
Database system and method for encryption and protection of confidential information
Apparatus and method for automatically manipulating software products
Systems, methods, and apparatus for indicating processor hierarchical topology
Tamper detection mechanism and card processing device
Apparatus, method and system for facilitating payment of monetary transactions
Automated banking machine system and monitoring method
Lighting device, display device and television receiver
In-store marketing sign
Low profile cable connector assembly
Power receptacle, power plug and power connector assembly with improved heat dissipation path
Connector module and connector
Card connector anti-misinserting a micro SD card
Card connector anti-misinserting a micro SD card
Electrical connector with improved notch structure to separate large and small receiving cavities arranged side by side
Electrical connector assembly with support for an optoelectronic module
Electronic apparatus having light-emitting power connector
Electrical apparatus having a screw terminal
Battery connector and method of assembling the same
Variable grounding plug design for continental europe
Method of manufacturing resistance film heating apparatus
Embedded coupler device and method of use thereof
Hybrid cable for conveying data and power
Audio jack connector device
Very thin coaxial cable end processing method
Bottling or container filling machine and other rotary bottle or container handling machines in a bottling or container filling plant and a drive therefor
Network apparatus with secure IPSec mechanism and method for operating the same
VLAN router with firewall supporting multiple security layers
Media data protection with secure installer
TV program profiling technique and interface
Local video and audio network with optical data line
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Virtual fluoroscopic system and method
Video-based surgical targeting system
Method and circuit for indicating quality and accuracy of physiological measurements
Apparatus and method for quantification of tissue hydration using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Near infrared blood glucose monitoring system
Method and apparatus for testing hearing and fitting hearing aids
Phantom and method for evaluating calcium scoring
Methods and apparatus for estimating a material composition of an imaged object
X-ray computer tomography apparatus
Echocardiography workstation
System and method for the detection of anatomic landmarks for total hip replacement
Neutron radiation installation for treatment of cancer
Electronically augmented multiplayer sporting game with virtual ball passed by infrared apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Low or no-force bump flattening structure and method
High density, angled optical fiber array and method
Manually positioned printer with an alignment means
Sheet post-processing device, image forming apparatus having the device and error handling method therefor
Rigid sting extension for ocean turbulence measurement from an unmanned underwater vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Antiglare optical device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Nuclear reactor plant
Controller for controlling an electromagnetic actuator
Electrical heating apparatus
Three-dimensional shape measuring apparatus
Cylindrical-shaped workpiece evaluation method and evaluation apparatus
Pedometer with an illumination lamp
Optical sensing device containing fiber Bragg gratings
Method and apparatus for internet, intranet, and local viewing of virtual microscope slides
Pattern inspection method and pattern inspection apparatus
Tuning method for a processing machine
Needle-card adjusting device for planarizing needle sets on a needle card
Defect inspection method and apparatus therefor
Tunnel junction sensor with a multilayer free-layer structure
Method of and system for estimating a time of arrival of a radio signal
System and method for navigation using two-way ultrasonic positioning
Methods for enhancing performance and data acquired from three-dimensional image systems
Method and arrangement for managing a service in a mobile communications system
Method for morphologic analysis of seismic objects
Method and system of acquiring seismic data in an area having periodic acoustic interference
Lightning protection systems
Pressure-actuated bi-stable optical switching
Optoelectronic IC module
Optical element, optical deflection element, optical multiplexing element, and scanning apparatus
Active photonic crystal waveguide device and method
Optical waveguide crossing and method of making same
Controllably variable optical attenuator
Modified PM tap couplers
Using fibers as delay elements in optical true-time delay devices based on the white cell
Optical collimator and method for making same
Tunable optical filter
Optical connection arrangements
Polarization mode dispersion compensation using a wavelength locked loop
Fast variable optical delay
Optical surface-mount lens cell
Adaptive dispersion compensation device and control method for the same
Passive thermal stabilization for an optical mux/demux
Optical wavelength routing circuits
Optical switch controlled by selective activation and deactivation of an optical source
Optical coupling for optical fibers
Semiconductor laser device and method for producing the same
Optical fiber management system and method and fiber bender thereof
Fiber optic cable bend radius protection system
Electric conductors incorporating optical fibres
Optical cable including optical fibers stranded with high tensile strength fibers
Flexure assemblies and methods of making the same
Speed variation mechanism
Waveguide coupler modulator
Optical modulator with reduced deterioration of optical waveform in high frequency band
Visual axis detecting apparatus
Electric power control device for camera
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with sheet size and shape detection
Endless belt with serpentine motion preventing member and image forming apparatus including same
Image forming apparatus and sheet feeder
Image formation management system which manages image formations performed by a plurality of image forming apparatus
Sheet conveying apparatus and original document processing apparatus
Toner misregistration detection sensor, color image-forming apparatus using the same, and method for toner misregistration detection
Method of and apparatus for detecting error in laser scanning device by determining whether a light source requires exchange or a contaminant is present in an optical path
Insulated journals for a donor roll
Image forming apparatus having intermediate transfer bodies, brush roller devices and transfer roll device having defined axial lengths
Method and apparatus for printing image
Image forming apparatus capable of shortening start up time of fixing device
Overheating protection for toner image printed substrate in a radiation fixing device
Induction heating type image heating device
Image forming apparatus enabled to optimize transfer medium slack between transferring and fixing portions
Image forming apparatus including components mounted and/or dismounted in selected order
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Neurofuzzy based device for programmable hearing aids
Threshold voltage compensation circuits for low voltage and low power CMOS integrated circuits
Device and method for the protected output of electronically transmitted and stored documents
Portable computer equipped with add-on battery
Fastening device
Protective cover with ternary structure
Increased thermal capability of portable electronic device in stationary or docked mode
Keyboard device for personal digital assistants
Personal mobile computing device having antenna microphone for improved speech recognition
Card retention assembly
Latch for computer chassis fan assembly
Microcomputer equipped with built-in temperature sensor
Liquid-to-air cooling system for portable electronic and computer devices
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption
Transmission and reception of TCP/IP data over a wireless communication channel
Method and apparatus for plug-and-shift packing of time slots
Serialized bus communication and control architecture
Method and system for identifying data locations associated with real world observations
Method and system for recognizing security documents
Image processing method according to sort of image and image processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus for performing image formation using signals obtained by pulse-width modulating an image signal by a plurality of modulating methods
Method for determining the skew angle of a two-dimensional barcode
Apparatus for remote control of a microscope
Convolution filtering of similarity data for visual display of enhanced image
Device for applying accurate color thresholds in real time
Document analysis system and method
Method of compression of binary data with a random number generator
Apparatus and method for image-compression encoding and decoding using adaptive transform
MPEG data processing apparatus comprising an arrangement for estimating an interval between particular picture data
Descriptors adjustment when using steerable pyramid to extract features for content based search
Morphological postprocessing for object tracking and segmentation
Color image quantization using a hierarchical color perception model
Data processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Watermarking in the time-frequency domain
Method and device for inserting and detecting a watermark in digital data
Method and apparatus for enhancing an image using data optimization and segmentation
Method and apparatus for obtaining a high resolution image
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and storage medium
Image synthesis by illuminating a virtual deviation-mapped surface
Method of synthesizing an image for any light source position and apparatus therefor
Method of image sampling and apparatus thereof
Image processing apparatus
Image processing device and image processing method
Method for extracting titles from digital images
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus image processing method, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for detecting edges in a mixed image
Contour tracing and boundary detection for object identification in a digital image
Method for smoothing staircase effect in enlarged low resolution images
Expandable grayscale morphological erosion operator
Correcting an epipolar axis for skew and offset
Interpolation in transform space for multiple rigid object registration
Automated DNA array image segmentation and analysis
System and method for visually tracking occluded objects in real time
Motion vector detecting device capable of accommodating a plurality of predictive modes
Systems and methods for analyzing target contrast features in images of biological samples
Apparatus and method for characterizing fiber crimps
Data compression processing method and apparatus
Ensuring video buffer verifer integrity in MPEG-like encoding
Video process where part of compressed version of video signal accompanies video signal itself
Picture data compression device and red data detection device
N-dimensional data compression using set partitioning in hierarchical trees
Logistical and accident response radio identifier
Anti-counterfeiting and diffusive screens
System for automated determination of retroreflectivity of road signs and other reflective objects
On-line educational system for document sharing
Apparatus and method for correcting signal and color degradation in a video using known icons from video images
Digital audio watermarking using content-adaptive, multiple echo hopping
Recording method, reproducing method and recording and reproducing apparatus for magneto-optical recording medium
Recording medium storage apparatus and medium transfer mechanism
Stocker and changer for information recording media
Method of manufacturing disc drive, apparatus for manufacturing disc drive, and disc drive
Method of creating security medium, device for creating security medium, and reproducing device
Demodulation method and demodulator
Information reproducing apparatus and information recording medium
Data demodulation
Low cost detection of wobble inversions using a bandpass tuned circuit
Apparatus for managing defects and recording and/or reproducing real time data
Method and apparatus for electronically shifting mechanical resonance of an actuator system of a disc drive
Disk drive having separate motion sensors for base and actuator
PQ enhanced dual stage servo controller
Disk device having powder removal apparatus and disk device having timing offsetting apparatus for loading
Memory in cassette has use restriction recorded in read-only memory
Magnetic transfer apparatus
Optical disk having sub-blocks and sub-block indentification marks
Information recording medium where address mark comprising pattern suitable for prevention of detection error is recorded, and cutting apparatus for reproducing the information recording medium
Method and apparatus for identifying a track of a rotating disk using EPR4 data equalization and detection techniques
Data storage method, apparatus and medium
Method for identifying a reserved data area, and corresponding apparatus
Method and apparatus for writing a servo track to a storage medium
Method and apparatus for writing clock data to a storage medium
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction information
VISS signal detecting method for detecting VISS signal of video tape
Editing device and editing method
Radial positioning of data to improve hard disk drive reliability
Method for harmonic frequency identification in a disc drive
Audio component with integrated digital recording and storage media
System and method for estimating a frequency of slider airbearing resonance
Anechoic chamber noise reduction for a disc drive
Magnetic recording device and method, magnetic reproduction device and method, and tape recording medium
Controlled impedance amplifiers
Read/write head and magnetic recording device
Thin film write head with universal coil design
Magneto-resistance effect head and magnetic storage device employing the head
Dual element magnetoresistive read head with integral element stabilization
Spin valve sensor with a biasing layer ecerting a demagnetizing field on a free layer structure
AC unlatch using grey code detection with zone partitioning
Damped protective cover to improve disc drive acoustics
Method of fabricating electrically isolated metal MEMS beams and microactuator incorporating the MEMS beam
Medium, apparatus, and method related to encryption resultant information
Decreased load time by storing cassette initialization information
Method and apparatus to normalize the acceleration constant
Method and apparatus for determining high order polynomials for linearization of position signals
Air bearing design producing steeper ramp profile near the laser texture zone
Magnetic transducing slider with leading edge crossbar
Tracking controller for recording track of narrow track pitch
Focus controlling apparatus and method, and optical disc drive
Light-pickup device applied to a recording and/or reproduction device for an optical disk inluding a detection circuit that generates a focus zero cross signal
Laser drive integrated circuit and optical disk apparatus using the same
Apparatus for readout of optical recording medium
Optical head apparatus
Liquid-crystal panel, optical pickup, and information reproducing system
Nonvolatile storage device and operating method thereof
Magnetoresistive random access memory and method for reading/writing digital information to such a memory
Sense amplifier control circuit of semiconductor memory device
Bistable molecular mechanical devices with a middle rotating segment activated by an electric field for electronic switching, gating, and memory applications
Methods for saving power and area for content addressable memory devices
Device and method for timing the reading of a nonvolatile memory with reduced switching noise
SONOS latch and application
Methods of programming and circuitry for a programmable element
Column redundancy system and method for a micro-cell embedded DRAM (e-DRAM) architecture
Column redundancy system and method for a micro-cell embedded DRAM (e-DRAM) architecture
Method for recognizing and replacing defective memory cells in a memory
Termination cards and systems therefore
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device with flexible redundancy system
Adjustable current mode differential amplifier for multiple bias point sensing of MRAM having equi-potential isolation
Read circuit on nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Circuit for lines with multiple drivers
Method and apparatus for read operation and write operation in semiconductor memory device
Serial access memory
Memory device tester and method for testing reduced power states
Semiconductor memory device having write column select gate
Programmable fuse and antifuse and method therefor
Nonvolatile memory structures and access methods
Multi-bank chip compatible with a controller designed for a lesser number of banks and method of operating
Architecture, method(s) and circuitry for low power memories
Methods of reading and/or writing data to memory devices including virtual ground lines and/ or multiple write circuits and related devices
Segmented lattice rack to store fuels coming from nuclear reactors
Fuel assembly and thimble screw of the same
Method of operating a nuclear power plant at multiple power levels
Determination of operating limit minimum critical power ratio
Safe lift and process for transporting canisters of spent nuclear fuel
Fabrication of unit lenses for compound refractive lenses
Circuit selected joint magnetoresistive junction tunneling-giant magnetoresistive effects memory cells
Protective coating for electrolytic capacitors
Implantable heart monitors having flat capacitors with curved profiles
Charging dispenser for a thin web
Telephone terminal device
Hermetic single phase motor protector
Pulse-width modulated relay
Method for interrupting an electrical circuit
X-ray imaging system incorporating pixelated X-ray source and synchronized detector
X-ray tube having a unitary vacuum enclosure and housing
Process for producing a strontium ruthenium oxide protective layer on a top electrode
Voltage regulation for semiconductor dies and related structure
Dynamic floating SCR (semiconductor-controlled-rectifier) ESD protection
Dense metal programmable ROM with the terminals of a programmed memory transistor being shorted together
High frequency signal switching unit
Plasma antenna with two-fluid ionization current
Electronic equipment and board insertion/removal apparatus therefor
Gas drawing/refilling and sealing structure for gas laser
Contact structure for semiconductor lasers
Optical amplifier, optical transmission equipment, optical transmission system, and method thereof
Self-adapting filters for fine-tuning laser emissions
Multi-wavelength Raman laser
Method and system for fueling a closed cycle chemical oxygen iodine laser
Distributed feedback type semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
Chopped laser driver for low noise applications
Electrically pumped edge-emitting photonic bandgap semiconductor laser
Protective side wall passivation for VCSEL chips
Vertical-cavity, surface-emission type laser diode and fabrication process thereof
Distributed feedback laser device and method for manufacturing the same
Organic vertical cavity lasing devices containing periodic gain regions
Lightning suppression system for T1 and DSL circuits
IC PMOS Schottky reverse bias protection structure
Overvoltage-protective device for power system, AC/DC converter and DC/DC converter constituting the power system
Switching voltage converter
Control method and apparatus for a flyback converter
PWM controller having a saw-limiter for output power limit without sensing input voltage
Power converter including circuits for improved operational control of synchronous rectifiers therein
DC-DC voltage converter
Limited-pool random frequency for DC brush motor low frequency PWM speed control
Post-amplifier filter rejection equalization
Adaptive speaker compensation system for a multimedia computer system
Integrated circuit for detecting a received signal and circuit configuration
Frequency error estimating apparatus and a frequency error estimating method
Method and circuitry for controlling a phase-locked loop by analog and digital signals
Digital recorded data reproducing device
System and method for detecting and correcting phase error between differential signals
Mobile telephone device with passive integrated module
System and method for receiving analog and digital signals
Demodulation of receiver with simple structure
System and method for joint time tracking of multiple paths
Method and apparatus for tracking in an optical communications system
Two-optical signal generator for generating two opticle signals having adjustable optical frequency difference
Re-configurable fibre wireless network
Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) optical receiver having gain control and a remote enable
Double filtering fiber optic soliton signal transmission system
Methods and systems for polarization mode dispersion compensation
Optical communication network with receiver reserved channel
Reduction of EMI through switching frequency dithering
Method and apparatus for reducing peak-to-average power ratio in a discrete multi-tone signal
Transmitting and receiving system for digital communication on electric power-lines
Method and apparatus for connecting broadband voice and data signals to telephone systems
Transmission power control method
Raising random access channel packet payload
Automatic power control system for a code division multiple access (CDMA) communications system
Doppler correction and path loss compensation for airborne cellular system
Iterative rake receiver and corresponding reception process
Method of and apparatus for time synchronization in a communication system
Device and method for assigning spreading code for reverse common channel message in CDMA communication system
Method and device for utilizing frequency bandwidth in a wireless communication system with asymmetrical traffic load
Radio receivers and methods of operation
AM band transmission using multi-tone modulation
System and method employing concatenated spreading sequences to provide data modulated spread signals having increased data rates with extended multi-path delay spread
Apparatus for capturing image
Data communications circuit with multi-stage multiplexing
Retainment of alarm events during wait restore (WTR) cycle of channel restoration and squelch table with reduced memory area
Transmission method and apparatus for transmitting low-speed SDH signals using a high-speed SDH frame
Apparatus and method for communicating time-division multiplexed data and packet data on a shared bus
Data transmission device and data transmission method capable of minimizing delay of fast data
Communication apparatus and method for a CDMA communication system
Method for transmitting radio signals, radio communication access network and terminal using same
System for the transmission of data
Automatic SDLC role configuration on router interfaces
Age-based network arbitration system and method
Method and apparatus for providing policy-based services for internal applications
System for providing modem access via an IR interface in a PBX
Wireless local area network(LAN) and a method of operating the LAN
Distributed ring protocol and database
Unified method and system for scheduling and discarding packets in computer networks
Processing rate monitoring apparatus
Apparatus and method of monitoring a queue state in an asynchronous transfer mode switch
Switching of redundant communication channels in ATM switching system
Communications network and method of routing messages within the network
Method and system for implementing end-to-end QoS in packet-switched networks
Method and apparatus for scheduling packets being sent from a component of a packet switching system
Simultaneous searching of layer 3 policy filter and policy cache in a network switch port
Methods and apparatus for random chip delay access priority in a communications system
Decoding and detailed analysis of captured frames in an IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN
Multi-service network switch with multiple virtual routers
Point-to-point data transport over the internet utilizing label switching without IP headers
Apparatus, and associated method, for updating a location register in a mobile, packet radio communication system
Method and system for protection switching in a telecommunications network
Integration of remote access and service
Cell compliance decision method and apparatus
Method for reducing packet loss and increasing internet flow by feedback control
Processes in a distributed multiprocessor system
Wavelength division multiplexing combined with time division multiplexing using a common time reference
Method and system for dynamic service classification and integrated service control
Method for controlling multi-channel voice data of gateway system and apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for voice over internet protocol swapping in a communications system
Bandwidth transfer switching system
Integrated telecommunications test system
Flexible system and method for communicating between a broad range of networks and devices
Subscriber card, subscriber connecting unit and relay centre for concentrating internet frames
Reduced complexity decision circuitry
Receiver devices, systems and methods for receiving communication signals subject to colored noise
Method for symbol-spaced estimation and/or tracking of a fractionally-spaced fading radio channel
Channel estimation by phase multiplexed complementary sequences
System, device and method for time-domain equalizer training using an auto-regressive moving average model
Viterbi detector for extending tolerable extent of direct current bias
System and method for sampling phase adjustment by an analog modem
Noise reducing apparatus for minimizing noise in modems
Automatic power control system for a code division multiple access (CDMA) communications system
High IF frequencies with a lower frequency logic based FSK modulation selecting a harmonic alias and demodulation using sub-sampling techniques
Variable rate modulator
Efficient pre-distorted 12/4 QAM modulator
Pickup and delivery of data files
Bit stuffing for synchronous HDLC
Mechanism for implementing voice over IP telephony behind network firewalls
Method and system for mapping phone numbers to IP addresses
Scheme to relocate H. 323 gatekeeper during a call when endpoint changes its zone
Transmitting method, receiving method, transmitter, and receiver
Searching the optimal sampling instant in a TDMA packet transmission system
Communication device and distinguishing method for distinguishing between different data burst types in a digital telecommunication system
Mobile station user interface, and an associated method, for facilitating usage by a visually-impaired user
Method for displaying performance feature names at a communication terminal equipment
Mobile phone accessory, particularly for the hands-free function, and an arrangement
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for an asynchronous context switching mechanism
Placement of a transmit predistortion filter with respect to a data access arrangement
Communications system and method with telemetry device identification capabilities
Method and system for modem pulse dialing in a telecommunication system
Apparatus system and method for enabling multi-frequency communication over a telephone network having a billing/tax tone
Startup procedure for international line powered DAA
Method for editing terminating ring tone in a mobile wireless terminal
Device and method for generating quaternary complex quasi-orthogonal code and spreading transmission signal using quasi-orthogonal code in CDMA communication system
Systems and methods for verifying the provisioning of advanced intelligent network services
Method and apparatus for performing a traffic measurement in a telecommunication network
Telephone providing directions to a location
Call management implemented using call routing engine
Method, system, and article for informing a telecommunication customer of a future performance estimate for a telecommunication feature
Multi-line telephone with input/output mixing and audio control
Method and apparatus for providing continuous voice and call communications between a data network and a telephony network
Apparatus and method for dynamically routing documents using dynamic control documents and data streams
Method and system for locating and accessing digitally stored images
Facsimile apparatus
Scanner having synchronization dynamic random access memory scanner and its related memory access method
Facsimile apparatus determining type of received image to select printing device
Automatic background detection of scanned documents
Image processing method and apparatus
Controller for a multiple array color sensor
Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
Apparatus for converting screen aspect ratio
Television apparatus control system
Computer controlled recorder of television signals having the ability for a user to select among a varity of stored signals for playback independent of recording of an audio and video stream
Receiving device, recording and reproducing device and receiving/recording-reproducing system for digital broadcast signal
System for controlling a clock signal for synchronizing a counter to a received value and method thereof
Method for generating a multiplexed sequence of media units
Method and system for utilizing a global optimal approach of scalable algorithms
Circuit for synchronizing picture and method therefor
Statistical multiplexed video encoding for diverse video formats
Methods and systems for encoding real time multimedia data
High performance multifrequency signal detection
Communications system for providing ATM connections and echo cancellation
Quotient algorithm in monitoring disturbance processes
System for managing telecommunications
Method and system of seizing communication channel enhancing usability of remaining communication channels
Switch matrix among tributaries of a telecommunication network and managing method thereof
Methods, apparatuses and systems for transitioning from a signaling system 7 network to a data network at a signaling system 7 gateway
System and method for using an intelligent peripheral to supply telephone service
Call processing digit translation and characterization
Method and apparatus for providing localized information to a communication device in a wide area communication system
High speed data transmission in mobile communication networks
Determining bearer services in a radio access network
Location blocking service for wireless networks
Method for establishing telecommunications links and switching system
Stand-by system
Self-sacrificing cellular system
Method and apparatus for performing idle handoff in a multiple access communication system
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating communication handovers in a bluetooth-public-access radio communication system
Adjustable sound capturing device (MICTUBZ)
Hearing aid
Acoustic transducer damping method
Microphone-speaker apparatus
Automatic volume control for communication system
Audio reproduction apparatus
Positioning device for diaphragm for speakers
Simultaneous neutralization and monitoring of charge on moving material
Module and connector having multiple contact rows
Hearing-aid assembly using folded flex circuits
Systems having modules sharing on module terminations
Thermal connector for transferring heat between removable printed circuit boards
Integrated shield wrap
Shielding scheme for a circuit board
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