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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Steering device
Manual tracking adjustment
Electric power steering apparatus
Brassica juncea lines with high oleic acid profile in seed oil
Genetically modified plants which synthesize a starch having increased swelling power
Plants with increased tolerance to water deficit
Radical scavenger and active oxygen eliminating agent
Pyrazolone derivatives as PDE4 inhibitors
Radiant heating using heater coatings
Auto-focus intra-oral camera having a linear piezoelectric actuator
Blood constituent concentration detector and starter for transporter
Assessing the condition of a joint and devising treatment
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Transmission fluorometer
Precise image reconstruction of spiral CT images at optional pitch values
Resorbable nanoenhanced hemostatic structures and bandage materials
Fecal sampling device and method
Hyperthermia treatment systems and methods
Artificial retina device with stimulating and ground return electrodes disposed on opposite sides of the neuroretina and method of attachment
Stable pharmaceutical compositions with docetaxel
Histone deacetylase and tubulin deacetylase inhibitors
2-acylaminopropoanol-type glucosylceramide synthase inhibitors
Method for the treatment of metabolic disorder containing benzazole derivatives as an active ingredient
Use of quaternary pyridinium salts as a therapeutic or preventing agent against ionizing radiation-induced damage
Carboxamide compound and use of the same
Phosphonic acid compounds as inhibitors of serine proteases
Electrical muscle controller
Electrical muscle controller
Apparatus to selectively increase medical device lead inner conductor inductance
Lead system having a non-stationary to stationary electrical interconnect and method therefor
Apparatus and method for visual stimulation indication
Apparatus and method for treating ventricular tachyarrhythmias
Method and apparatus for delivering chronic and post-ischemia cardiac therapies
Identifying new semiconductor detector materials by D.C. ionization conductivity
Orthovoltage radiotherapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Seam welding apparatus and seam welding method
Method for updating manufacturing planning data for a production process
Stylus functioning as joystick and electronic device utilizing the same
Electrostatic digital offset/flexo printing
Write control circuit with optimized functional distribution
Light-emitting device, print head and image forming apparatus
Fan drive apparatus and image forming apparatus having fan drive apparatus
Side loading attachment for forklift trucks and the like
Antitheft device for vehicle
Vehicle control apparatus
Device for setting the wheel size of a bicycle on a bicycle computer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process of making a chlorinated hydrocarbon
Method of making alkylene glycols
Process for purifying ethanol
Process for producing ethanol using an extractive distillation column
Method for producing tris(perfluoroalkanesulfonyl)methide acid salt
Method of enantioselective addition to enones
Process for production of halogenated alpha-fluoroethers
Recovery method of pyrolysis product of resin
Process for the catalytic synthesis of diaryl ethers
Heteroarylacrylamides and their use as pharmaceuticals
Process for stereoselective synthesis of lamivudine
Metal complexes and their use as the emitting constituent in electronic components, in particular in electroluminescent display devices
PEG-lipid conjugates for liposomes and drug delivery
Sugar production by decrystallization and hydrolysis of polysaccharide enriched biomass
Resin composition for optical components, optical component using the same and production method of optical lens
Process for producing conjugated diene polymer
Catalyst precursor for the production of olefins with an odd number of carbons atoms, process for its preparation and production method for such olefins
Polishing pad
Process for preparing diaryl carbonates from dialkyl carbonates
Continuous washing of poly(vinyl butyral)
Organopolysiloxanes having polyhydroxyamido groups and preparation thereof
Perfluoropolyether-modified polysiloxane, a method for preparing the same and a defoaming agent comprising the same
Method and chemical composition for reclaiming of cured elastomer materials
Rubber composition in particular for the manufacture of tires
Rubber composition for coating steel cord and tire using the same
Producing polychloroprene latices
Composition containing silsesquioxane and silsesquioxane-containing hydroxyalkyl cellulose resin composition
Process for the production of a bituminous composition
Methods for modulating apical bud development in a plant
Apparatus for the optical inspection of wafers
Optimal detector position for gamma backscatter
Navigation server
Vehicle-mounted equipment
Guide-by-wire vehicle steering
Sensor output correcting device
Apparatus and method for measuring total luminous flux
Sensing assembly for mobile device
Infrared sensor
Particle characterization via doppler distribution
Method and device for determining a foam density
Method and device for the online determination of the ash content of a substance conveyed on a conveyor, and device for carrying out such an online determination
Flame ionization detector
Particulate matter detection device
Process and device for differentiating objects influencing an electromagnetic alternating field, in particular metal objects
Mouse model for eye disease
Field-based similarity search system and method
Resistance measuring device, display panel, and measuring method of bonding resistance
Capacitance touch sensing device and door locking device
Method, system and test platform for testing output of electrical device
Method for the digital evaluation of a data transmission network
System and method for guiding and distributing network load flow
Network system and data transfer device
Quality of service management for home-to-home connections
High speed full duplex test interface
Magnetic sensor circuit
Cuckoo hashing to store beacon reference data
Forward-looking synthetic aperture radar processing
Radar device
Method and apparatus for coherent marine radar measurements of properties of ocean waves and currents
Method and apparatus for determining the topography of a seafloor and a vessel comprising the apparatus
Network and method for calculating ionosphere corrections
Mote presentation affecting
Phase sensitive radio frequency mapping for magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for initialization of a wellbore survey tool
Calibration method for a microresistivity logging tool
Article having metal dielectric reflective film
Zoom lens system with wide angle of view
Loupe support system
Method of manufacturing oscillator device, and optical deflector and optical instrument with oscillator device based on it
Light source apparatus and optical module included therein
Imaging lens, imaging device, and portable terminal
Method for producing optical element and the optical element
Cable exit trough with insert
Fiber Bragg grating sensing package and system for gas turbine temperature measurement
Optical connector and a method of connecting an optical connector to an optical printed circuit board
Holographic drive head and component alignment
Electro-optical deflection/modulation
Method of manufacturing polarizer, polarizer, polarizing plate, optical film, method of manufacturing composite polarizing plate, composite polarizing plate and image display
Light bar structure, and backlight module and liquid crystal display applying the same
Process and apparatus for producing optical compensation film, optical compensation film, polarizer, and liquid-crystal display
Phase difference element and display device
Liquid crystal display polarizing plate, method for producing liquid crystal display polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
Pixel array
Pixel set
Low-cost large-screen wide-angle fast-response liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display having subpixels per color pixel
Optoelectronic patterned transient electrodes for particulate manipulation
Backlight module, stereo display apparatus, and beam splitting film
Method for manufacturing optical nonreciprocal element, and optical nonreciprocal element
Optical pulse compressor
Digital camera with coded aperture rangefinder
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, and aperture stop manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for controlling multiple exposures
Photographic apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image forming system, image processing method and computer readable medium
Potential sensor, electrophotographic image forming apparatus including the potential sensor, and manufacturing method of potential sensor
Image forming apparatus
Multi-color printing system and method for reducing the transfer field through closed-loop controls
Fuser system and heat source power circuit
Image-forming device with a retreat unit and image-forming method employing a retreat unit
Printing system and method for handling unfixed pages in such a printing system
Opening-and-closing mechanism and image forming apparatus
Image forming unit and image forming apparatus provided therewith
Image forming apparatus having varying distances between photosensitive drums and transfer rollers
Heating device and image forming apparatus
Multicolor electrophotographic print engine
Rotor rotating apparatus, developing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Toner cartridge with rotator and sliding cover for toner leakage reduction
Belt device and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Laser fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Roller to affect the temperature of a print substrate in a digital printer
Time piece with LED light means
Operator interface terminal for correlating data points to time points
Interactive patient system
System and method for logging in multiple users to a consumer electronics device by detecting gestures with a sensory device
Field device for processing data and parameters in a decentralised automation system
Arrangement and method for controlling an automated system, in particular a railway system
Systems and methods for differential altitude estimation utilizing spatial interpolation of pressure sensor data
Analog-to-digital converter with non-uniform accuracy
Power supplying apparatus including a pulse-width modulation oscillator and smoothing filters
Circuit and method to startup from very low voltages and improve energy harvesting efficiency in thermoelectric harvesters
Constant-current controller for LED light string
Semiconductor device
Power supply having an improved maximum power point tracking function
Low dropout regulator
Voltage reference circuit
Method, apparatus, and system for reducing leakage power consumption
Precision oscillator for an asynchronous transmission system
Display device and housing structure of the display device
Electronic device and plug connector thereof
Cycling computer attaching mechanism and method
Integrated network chip and electronic device
Method for determining faulty components in a system
Peripheral component switch having automatic link failover
Failure recovery method, failure recovery program and management server
Parallel debugging in a massively parallel computing system
Scenario creating apparatus, scenario creating method, and storage medium storing scenario creating program
Reconfigurable two's-complement and sign-magnitude converter
Adaptively modifying pre-read operations within a rotating media storage device
Computer system and management method for the transfer and replication of data among several storage devices
Disk array system and traffic control method
Power efficient and rule movement optimized TCAM management
Computer system performing capacity virtualization based on thin provisioning technology in both storage system and server computer
Information processing program, information processing device and information processing method
Flash management techniques
Storage controller, storage control system, and storage control method
Method for controlling a computer generated or physical character based on visual focus
Interface card system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Seasonality-based rules for data anomaly detection
Discriminant forest classification method and system
System and method for identifying trees using LiDAR tree models
Image processing apparatus, method, and system for generating image data from prints
Method for processing register request, network element, and communication system
Method and system for setting up a system for sharing images over a communication network between multiple users
System and method for providing connectivity between two different networks using different protocols
Method to provide sync notifications to client devices
Organizing resources into collections to facilitate more efficient and reliable resource access
Multi-application follow-up
Network system with initiator subnetwork communication to target subnetwork communication including fibre channel over ethernet to fibre channel over internet protocol conversion
Systems and methods for bandwidth scavenging among a plurality of applications in a network
Network system, control apparatus, terminal apparatus, and connection state determining method
System and method for storing broadcast content in a cloud-based computing environment
Methods for identifying and recovering non-revenue generating network circuits established outside of the united states
Dual-band communication of management traffic in a blade server system
Supervised access computer network router
Wireless internet access with enhanced bandwidth capabilities
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for processing information
Apparatus and method product for accessing information related to a particular setting from an information repository
Short-circuit evaluation of Boolean expression by rolling up sub-expression result in registers storing default value
Methods and apparatus for interactive network sharing of digital video content
Method for converting a computerized briefing file to a PC-less briefing file and briefing system for presenting the PC-less briefing file
Character string display system, character string display method, and storage medium
Database rebalancing in hybrid storage environment
Automated legal evaluation using bayesian network over a communications network
Method and system to manage multiple party rewards using a single account and artificial intelligence
Simulator and simulating method of heat radiation energy
Method and system for modeling the performance of a gas turbine engine
Systems and methods to enable interactivity among a plurality of devices
Transferring and displaying hierarchical data between databases and electronic documents
Decorated model architecture for efficient model-driven application development
Method, system and computer readable medium for addressing handling from an operating system
Network attached device with dedicated firewall security
Creation and management of electronic files for localization project
Name retrieval method and name retrieval apparatus
System and method for determining overall utilization
Method and apparatus for assisting integrated circuit designing with a substrate coupling
Method of designing a composite laminate
Integrated circuit reliability
Minimizing memory array representations for enhanced synthesis and verification
Microfluidic devices with integrated resistive heater electrodes including systems and methods for controlling and measuring the temperatures of such heater electrodes
Electronic device for measuring leaktightness
Method to control fuel injector pulsewidth in a compression-ignition engine
Method and system for modeling a manufacturing process
Information processing system, service providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Methods and computer program products for swapping synchronous replication secondaries from a subchannel set other than zero to subchannel set zero using dynamic I/O
Performance of a storage system
Method and apparatus for binding user interface objects to application objects
Operating device with a transmitter and a receiver
Projector and projector accessory
Multi-directional remote control system and method with automatic cursor speed control
Display device having precharge operations and method of driving the same
Apparatus and method for generating VCOM voltage in display device with buffer amplifier and charge pump
Matrix touch panel
Sensing system and locating method thereof
Modeling configurations of systems
Scrolling interface
Predictive user interface mimics for finishing
Job processing method for restarting jobs after an interrupt
Job processing apparatus coordinating update of software used in job execution and control method thereof
Job management system, apparatus, and method for distributing print job information list in RSS format
Method for changing printer drivers in information processing apparatus
Print control with interfaces provided in correspondence with printing methods to show status of member printers
Information processing apparatus and its control method
Image processing device, image recording system, image processing method and computer-readable medium
Method to determine transcriptional regulation pathways in organisms
Processing model-based commands for distributed applications
Transmission shifting with speed dither and torque dither
Online management of historical data for efficient reporting and analytics
Index structure for TV-anytime forum metadata having location information for defining a multi-key
Method and apparatus for compressing a data set
Web page security system and method
Passive offset and overshoot cancellation for sampled-data circuits
Method and system for tracking or identifying copy of implementation of computational method, and computation system
Information processing device and method of controlling instruction fetch
Examination value predicting device using electrophoresis waveform, prediction method, and predicting program
Scenario generation method and scenario generation apparatus
Method for predicting flow and performance characteristics of a body using critical point location
Techniques for thermal modeling of data centers to improve energy efficiency
Virtual reservoir sensor
Printing using multiple paper sources
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and storage medium
Method and system for correlating of uniformity compensations across halftone screens
Image processing to reduce image printing time based on image dimension and print pass thresholds of print apparatus
Automatic identification of fingerprint inpainting target areas
System and method for assessing a condition of an insured property
Systems and methods for monitoring the amplification and dissociation behavior of DNA molecules
System for 3D monitoring and analysis of motion behavior of targets
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable storage medium
Detection of animate or inanimate objects
Method and apparatus for internet, intranet, and local viewing of virtual microscope slides
Bridge structural safety monitoring system and method thereof
Noise suppression in diagnostic images
System and method for searching handwritten texts
System, plug-in, and method for improving text composition by modifying character prominence according to assigned character information measures
Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and computer program for causing computer to execute control method of image processing apparatus
Detecting device, method, program and system
Method and apparatus for determining facial characteristics
Method for generating computed tomography image data records of a patient in the heart CT scan during a perfusion control by applying contrast agent
Device for characterizing unique objects
Method for optically detecting surface defect of round wire rod
Component assembly inspection method and component assembly inspection apparatus
Image processor with an encoder in a predictive coding system that reduces an amount of encoded data
Information processing device and method
Methods and systems for image scaling
Static image compression method and non-transitory computer readable medium having a file with a data structure
Method, terminal, and computer-readable recording medium for trimming a piece of image content
Moving-picture coding device and moving-picture coding method
Image processing method of compressing image data to be suitable for data transmission
Methods and systems for reducing compression artifacts
Image search method and device
Image processing apparatus and method, data processing apparatus and method, and program and recording medium
Enterprise project management system and method therefor
Methods for testing ophthalmic lenses
Method, system, and software for geographically focused network advertising
System and method for enabling an intellectual property transaction
Systems and methods for trading a trade list in financial markets
Table driven accounting method and system
Managing a life insurance investment
System, method, and computer program product for executing a buy or sell order
Methods and apparatus for intelligent selection of goods and services in telephonic and electronic commerce
System and method for predicting future prices of a cut meat
Method and system for insuring against investment loss
Mobile recommendation and reservation system
Detecting content on a social network using links
Method, system, and computer program product for linking customer information
Method and apparatus for surveillance system peering
Electronic tag configured to sense a plant environment
Field improving system provided with resonator
Device for detecting and signalling malfunctions in the use of electrical appliances
Monitoring and displaying activities
In-train display-device management system and in-train display-device management method
LED strip light lamp assembly
Drinking water level alarm lamp
Minimizing power consumption in a network device
Optical receiving apparatus, shield plate, computer product, transit support method, and transit support apparatus
Dielectrophoretic displays
Monolithic driver-type display device
Liquid crystal display device and associated method for improving holding characteristics of an active element during a vertical blanking interval
Gate driving circuit of display panel including shift register sets
Backlight lamp lighting control device and display device including same
Liquid crystal display and two-frame overdriving method using LSB to indicate modulation status
Light-emitting device and driving method thereof
Optoelectronic display system for transport vehicles
Mobile device and area-specific processing executing method
Rendering and compositing multiple applications in an interactive media environment
Display drive circuit, display device, and display driving method
Apparatus and method for simulating video data of liquid crystal display device
Color gamut forming apparatus, color converting apparatus, color gamut forming method, color conversion method, computer readable medium and computer data signal
Digital light management controller
Method and system having a multi-function base for storing and accessing an audio file for use in selection of a horn
Discriminative training of language models for text and speech classification
Embedding data in audio and detecting embedded data in audio
Method and apparatus for audio signal expansion and compression
Dialog detecting apparatus, dialog detecting method, and computer program product
Voice guidance system for vehicle
Disk library system including array of removable disk cartridges and movable connector system
Optical disc drive device
Method and apparatus for determining a location of a defect on a storage medium
Perpendicular magnetic head and magnetic recording system having non-magnetic region in shield layer
Metal layer having aperture, method of forming the same, light delivery module including metal layer having aperture, and heat assisted magnetic recording head including the same
Magneto-resistance effect element including diffusive electron scattering layer, magneto-resistance effect head, magnetic storage and magnetic memory
Disk drive cross correlating track crossing signal with ideal signal to calibrate jog value
Optical disc drive
Optical information recording medium
Adaptive writing method for high-density optical recording apparatus and circuit thereof
Integrated circuit with an array of resistance changing memory cells
Common drain non-volatile multiple-time programmable memory
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Data read-out circuit in semiconductor memory device and method of data reading in semiconductor memory device
Method and control unit for operating a volatile memory, circuit arrangement, and trip recorder
Memory device having multiple power modes
Resistive temperature detector assembly
Surge arrester
Electric equipment in which heat being dissipated through superficial temperature maintaining member and exchanging fluid
Vacuum insulated switch-gear and its height adjusting method
Vacuum insulated switchgear
Toggle switch with magnetic mechanical and electrical control
Hermetically sealing a device without a heat treating step and the resulting hermetically sealed device
Electroluminescent devices with color adjustment based on current crowding
Separate LED lamp tube and light source module formed therefrom
Light-emitting diode
Micro cross-section processing method
Semiconductor device and production method thereof
Differentially recessed contacts for multi-gate transistor of SRAM cell
Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing electronic device and electronic device
Semiconductor device including spacer element
IC solder reflow method and materials
Semiconductor device
Electronic device, relay member, and mounting substrate, and method for manufacturing the electronic device
Semiconductor chip with a bonding pad having contact and test areas
Photoelectric conversion material containing fullerene derivative
Pressure measuring device
Light emission device, light emission device driving method, and projector
Thin film transistor substrate and method for fabricating the same
Low-capacitance electrostatic discharge protection diodes
Semiconductor device utilizing dummy gate to enhance processing precision
Thin film transistor, and display device having the thin film transistor
Closed cell trench power MOSFET structure
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Luminescent solar collector
Apparatus to send biological fluids through a printed wire board
Image reading device
Luminescent solar collector
Light emitting diode package
Nitride semiconductor with active layer of quantum well structure with indium-containing nitride semiconductor
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor light emitting device with concave-convex pattern and method for manufacturing the same
Pixel structure and fabricating method thereof
Display apparatus and method of producing same
Nitride-based semiconductor device having electrode on m-plane
Light emitting diode light source having a ceramic substrate
Illuminating means
Light-emitting apparatus
Optoelectronic component and package for an optoelectronic component
Process for the preparation of low contact resistant contact on a high transition temperature superconductors
Piezoactuator with a predetermined breaking layer
Mobile device and power supply device with converter for converting energy of mechanical movement into electrical energy
Organic field effect transistor and making method
Tetrathiafulvalene derivatives and organic thin-film transistor
Classified solar charging method
Frequency-agile frequency-selective variable attenuator
Tire-state detection device
Antenna module
Dual-band dual-antenna structure
Waterproofing method for electric wire and the wire having waterproof part formed by the waterproofing method
Semiconductor laser device
High performance ZnO-based laser diodes
Circuit protector and electric connection box
Dual-directional electrostatic discharge protection method
High efficiency universal input switching power supply with switchable PFC circuits
Fieldbus system with shared redundancy system
Control device for rectifier stations in a high-voltage DC transmission system
Mobile terminal and method for controlling charging thereof
Battery charger cradle
Charging apparatus and charging method
Battery monitoring system
Electric motor with no counter electromotive force
Electro-actuated magnetic bearings
Arrangement and method for cooling an electrical machine
Power conversion apparatus controlling output of inverter based on power value
Power source apparatus
Single-stage power supply with power factor correction and constant current output
Power generation apparatus including an electret and an opposing electrode on the surface of a movable member facing a dielectric
Switchable capacitive element with improved quality factor, and method of production
Resonance type oscillation circuit and semiconductor device
Receiving circuit
Distributed Doherty power amplifier
Multi-mode audio amplifiers
Method and device for multi-dimensional processing using a single-state decision feedback equalizer
Systems and methods providing in-phase and quadrature equalization
Equalizer system
Surface mount crystal oscillator and manufacturing method of the same
Piezoelectric thin film resonator, filter using the resonator, duplexer using the filter, and communication equipment using the filter or the duplexer
Non-sequentially configurable IC
Electrical space switching matrix
Spurious pulse generator
Duty detection circuit, duty correction circuit, and duty detection method
Clamp circuit using PMOS and NMOS devices
Multi-frequency band receiver
Power supply system
High-performance memory interface circuit architecture
Clock generation circuit
Sub-exponent time-to-digital converter using phase-difference enhancement device
Radio communication system
Chained checksum error correction mechanism to improve TCP performance over network with wireless links
Power line communication using frequency hopping
Digital controller and transmitter for portable electronic device
Communication system and search and rescue terminal for vessels
Phase corrector and phase correction method
Channel characteristic analyzing apparatus and method
RF transceiver front-end
TV tuner and the manufacturing method thereof
Direct-conversion transmitter with resistance to local oscillator pulling effects
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image
Dispersion compensating apparatus and dispersion compensating method
Optical transmission system
Homodyne receiver for optical communications with post processing
Communication apparatus and signal reception method
Data pattern dependent distortion compensation in a coherent optical signal receiver
Optical code division multiplexing communication system and method for correcting failure of the same
Method and system of sending power control commands
Wireless communication terminal and control method thereof
Solution for queue handling
Method of controlling feedback channel in communication system comprising at least one relay station
Narrowband transmissions using a plurality of antennas
Transmissions to multiple stations in wireless communication systems
Estimation of Eigen coherence bandwidth
System and method for improving transport protocol performance in communication networks having lossy links
Method and apparatus for transmitting sequence in wireless communication system
WDM transmission apparatus, optical add-drop multiplexer and WDM transmission method
Transmission device
Methods and apparatus for providing quality-of-service guarantees in computer networks
Method and device for managing multi-frames
Data acquisition system for test and measurement signals
System and method for identifying and managing service disruptions using network and systems data
Apparatus and method for providing PDG information
Blended synchronous/asynchronous messaging
Method and system for providing presence information related to a communications network
System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed video having a composite frame format
Data distribution apparatus, relay apparatus and data distribution method
Variable gain control for high speed receivers
Method for transmitting control information
Method for allocating a resource among consumers in proportion to configurable weights
Network information analyzing method and apparatus
Method for signal adjustment through latency control
Method for providing local and toll services with LNP, and toll-free services to a calling party which originates the call from an IP location connected to a SIP-enabled IP network
Methods for enhancing TCP communications and systems thereof
Packet switch with separate look ahead, computation, and shift phases
Vector based session security
Repeater and repeating method
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing traffic control services
Technique for identifying RTP based traffic in core routing switches
Method for updating and managing synchronization identifier by using release messages or status request and response
Methods and systems for hierarchical resource allocation through bookmark allocation
Smuggling and recovery of non-packet information
Interconnect network for operation within a communication node
Architectures for clearing and settlement services between Internet telephony clearinghouses
UMA CS/PS split architecture and interface
Apparatus and method for remote controlling
Method of optimising the rank of a MMSE channel equaliser
4X over-sampling data recovery method and system
Transmitter and method for configuring transmission frame
Home node-B apparatus and security protocols
Mobile terminal capable of providing weather information and method of controlling the mobile terminal
Biometric key
Electronic device, integrated circuit and method therefor
Universal authentication method
Information processing apparatus playing encrypted content distributed through network
Data card verification system
Slide type mobile terminal with tiltable slide module
Motion sensor assisted auto-shutdown mechanism in portable audio systems
Multi-mode IC with multiple processing cores
Communication terminal, control method for communication terminal and control program for communication terminal
Method of pairing a portable device with a communications module of a vehicular, hands-free telephone system
UMTS wired and wireless mobile 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and other new generations of cellular, mobile
Dynamic interface for mobile devices
Method and apparatus for forwarding incoming telecommunication calls according to receiver position
Enhanced directory assistance services in a telecommunications network
System and method for managing mobile communications
Method and system for clear signal capture
Echo canceller for eliminating echo without being affected by noise
Image reading apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Information processing system and method of controlling same
Image reading apparatus, image forming apparatus incorporating the same, image reading control method therefor, and program implementing the method
Image scanning apparatus and method of determining size of original document
Image to target comparator software
Image forming device, image forming method, and recording medium
Distributed data flow for page parallel image processing within printing systems
Techniques for adjusting the effect of applying kernels to signals to achieve desired effect on signal
Solid-state image sensing device and image signal output circuit
Image pickup apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Fast and low-power digital camera with GPS
Adapter apparatus and control method thereof, and computer program
Synthetic image formation via signal processing for vignetted optoelectronic arrays, lensless cameras, and integrated camera-displays
Camera module with perpendicularity adjustment assembly
Image stabilization control apparatus and imaging apparatus
Photographing apparatus and microscope system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium for correcting chromatic aberration
Testing surveillance camera installations
Driving method of solid-state imaging apparatus, solid-state imaging apparatus, and imaging system
Video data saving device and video data saving method
Data processor and hierarchy for recording moving and still picture files
Mobile communication terminal and operation control method thereof
Video and audio reproduction apparatus and method thereof
De-interlacing system
Image prediction apparatus and method, image encoding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system utilizing mull packet and TRS code to improve receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
Transmitter apparatus for MPEG-4 IPMP extended ISMA media stream
Method and a system for transmitting encrypted control message based on mobile multimedia broadcast
Method and device for visual compensation
Image pickup apparatus having a dummy signal readout circuit
Scene segment dividing device
Audio-video recording device
Information recording apparatus, information copying system, method for copying information, program and computer readable recording medium
Reproduction device, image synthesis method, image synthesis program, and integrated circuit
Input-output circuit, recording apparatus and reproduction apparatus for digital video signal
Telephone supplementary service communication control system
Method and apparatus for power management for a radio frequency identification system
Radio frequency identification communication system and method thereof
Recessed and rotatable spa speaker system
Electronic device and electro-acoustic transducer thereof
Head-mounting device to mask ambient sounds for sleeping
Portable device with enhanced stereo image
Wireless communication area measuring apparatus and computer program of the same
Femtocell handset assisted clock correction
Communication methods and terminals for improving the transfer of connection between cells belonging to different networks
Adaptive resource allocation method in a wireless communication system and transceiver for implementing the same
Band adaptive modulation and coding method sharing resources with neighbouring base stations and mobile station supporting the same
Method for frequency division duplex communications
Method for exchanging cell information between networks
Method, apparatus and system for implementing multi-user virtual multiple-input multiple-output
Femto backhaul fault detection and recovery
Mobile communication system, base station device, mobile station device, and mobile communication method
Apparatus and method for relocating persistently allocated resource in a broadband wireless communication system
Communication controller and communication controlling method for controlling a movable communication terminal device
Transit account management with text messaging
Method and system for reassigning traffic channel configuration in wireless communication system
Navigation device for communication to an information providing server
Method for providing random access to communication system
Method and apparatus for providing machine-type communication service in wireless communication system
Base station apparatus and communication control method
Proximity sensor
Electric heating material and laminate floor containing same and method for producing the laminate floor
Light emitting device having inorganic luminescent particles in inorganic hole transport material
Light collection system for an electrodeless RF plasma lamp
Multilayer printed circuit board
Housing case for electronic circuit board
Vibration isolation within disk drive testing systems
Printed wiring board reliably achieving electric connection with electronic component
Modular high-power drive stack cooled with vaporizable dielectric fluid
Planar heat pipe for cooling
Heat removal in compact computing systems
Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for transporting and sorting flowers
Soybean cultivar M800188
Substituted pyridine herbicides
Heater cloaking grill grate system for downdraft cooking appliance
Thermal cup
Baby wipes warmer for maintaining moisture and coloration of baby wipes contained therein
Conductive composition for biological electrode
Sanitary napkin
Absorbent article with center fill performance
Absorbent article with macro-particulate storage member
Absorbent product with creped nonwoven dampness inhibitor
Absorbent structure in an absorbent article
Method and an apparatus for charging a heating cushion/washer
Hydroxamic acid derivative as inhibitor of the formation of soluble human CD23
Syntheses and methods of use of new antimitotic agents
Process for purifying 6-methoxy omeprazole
Compositions of parasitic helminth PLA2 nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Conjugation of biomolecules using Diels-Alder cycloaddition
Polymers for delivering nitric oxide in vivo
Multifunctional dentin bonding agent
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Radiation source module
High refractive index hydrogel compositions for ophthalmic implants
Magnetically shielded assembly
Warming composition
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tubular polymerization reactors and polymers made therein
Method for producing polyetherpolyols in the presence of a multi-metal cyanide complex catalyst
Process for the epoxidation of hydrocarbons
Handling of a catalyst
Information based network process for mail sorting/distribution
Method for marking packaged integrated circuits
Method and device for forming porous metal parts by sintering
Cutting erosion machine tool
System for the control of the quality of a laser cut or perforation, in particular for sheets of metal
Galvanometer controller and laser machining apparatus
Wire electrode with core of multiplex composite powder, its method of manufacture and use
Screw air compressor for a welder
Sintered holder for a workpiece or tool
Process for manufacturing a tire safety support and support obtained by this process
Composites comprising a hydrophilic polyester-polyurethane foamed material for vehicle interior trim
Wetlaid unitary stratified composite containing absorbent material
Method and apparatus for marking glass with a laser
Seat weight sensor
Wire harness
Bushing capable of serving as watertight packing and watertight structure using the bushing
Paper discharge device
Process for wafer level treatment to reduce stiction and passivate micromachined surfaces and compounds used therefor
Bi-level microelectronic device package with an integral window
Single crystal, tunneling and capacitive, three-axes sensor using eutectic bonding and a method of making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electromagnetic water heater
Method and apparatus for heating a gas-solvent solution
Solder glass and electrical device employing same
Process for the production of (meth)acrylic polymers
1,2,4-triazolol[4,3-a][1,3,5]triazine-3,5,7-substituted precursor, and process, and compounds therefrom
Process for making olefins
Bridged zirconocene compounds, process for their preparation and their use as catalyst components in the polymerization of olefins
Process for separating alkylaromatic hydrocarbons
Work-up of distillation residues from the synthesis of toluene diisocyanate
Method for making monomers with two quarternary amino group and (co)polymers obtained from said monomers
Resolution of DL-racemic mixtures
Method of processing of hydrogen for reductive acylation of nitro, azido and cyano arenes
Method for the production of N-alkenyl-amides
Use of diamines and alkanolamines to inhibit unsaturated monomer polymerization
Process for preparation of oximes and resulting products
Method for producing alkoxy malonic acid dinitriles
Coupler for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Process of making fluorinated alcohols
Method of producing n-(4,5-bis-methanesulfonyl-2-methyl-benzoyl)-guanidine, the hydrochloride thereof
Process for production of 1,1-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexane
Method of producing 1,1-bis-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexane
Method for producing 1,1-bis-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexane
Preparation of 1,1,4,4-tetramethoxy-2-butene
Process for preparing sorbic acid by thermal cleavage
Process for producing a calcium carboxylate
Granule of parahydroxybenzoic acid or parahydroxybenzoic ester and process for producing the same
Preparation of carboxylic esters catalyzed by a sulphonic acid
Processes for making surfactants via absorptive separation and products thereof
Procedure and device for the alkylation of isobutane by light olefins
Antihistaminic piperidine derivatives and intermediates for the preparation thereof
Process of preparing 3S-3-amino-3-aryl proprionic acid and derivatives thereof
5-chloro-3-(4-methanesulfonylphenyl)-6'-methyl-[2,3']bipyridinyl in pure crystalline form and process for synthesis
Processes for preparing pesticidal intermediates
Method of producing thiobarbituric acid derivatives
Chemical process
Process for the preparation of 1,2,4-triazolin-5-one derivatives
Process for preparing triazine compound and quaternary ammonium salts
Farnesyl transferase inhibitors
Photoinitiators and their applications
Method for reacting an organic compound with a hydroperoxide
Process for preparing 3-fluoroalkoxymethyl-3-alkyloxetanes
Fluorinated oxetane derivatives and production process thereof
Manufacture of 3-methyl-tetrahydrofuran from 2-methyl-gamma-butyrolactone
Preparation of warfarin sodium from warfarin acid
Process for production of high purity tocopherols
Pyrazole antimicrobial agents
Disubstituted imidazoles useful in the treatment of bacterial infections
Process for the preparation of 5-(substituted)-10 methoxy-2,2,4-trimethyl-2,5-dihydro-1H-chromeno [3,4-F] quinolines and derivatives thereof
Indolizine compounds and method for the synthesis thereof
Naphthalenyl piperidines as renin inhibitors
Process for the preparation of N-silylorganocarbamates
Preparation of triethyl phosphate
Methods and compositions for the manufacture of C-3' and C-4' anthracycline antibiotics
Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2
2'-O-aminoethyloxyethyl-modified oligonucleotides
Compositions and methods relating to cyclic compounds that undergo nucleotide base pair-specific interactions with double-stranded nucleic acids
Process for catalytically hydrogenating phytosterols
Inhibitor of cell proliferation and methods of use thereof
Pro-apoptotic fragments of the dengue virus envelope glycoproteins
Plant-optimized genes encoding pesticidal chimeric cry protein toxins
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to M. catarrhalis for diagnostics and therapeutics
Human polyhomeotic 2 (hph2) acts as an oncogene
Inhibitors of NF-.kappa.B Activation
Oligonucleotides for dysferlin, a gene mutated in distal myopathy and limb girdle muscular dystrophy
Cyclin D binding factor, and uses thereof
Human tumor-associated gene
Stem cell growth factor-like polypeptides
Leukocyte derived growth factor 2
Polypeptide hormone-phosphatonin
Sodium ion-driven chloride /bi-carbonate exchanger
Placental organic anion transporter
Derivatives of soluble T-4
Artificial antibody polypeptides
Nucleic acid encoding monocyte chemotactic protein 4
Mammalian cell cycle protein
Generation of xenogeneic antibodies
Process for preparing growth hormone secretagogues
Chemically modified hyaluronic acid or salts thereof, and a process for producing thereof
Process for the preparation of low molecular weight hydrogenated nitrile rubber
Supported single-site catalysts useful for olefin polymerization
Polymers containing zwitterionic monomers
Self-photoinitiating multifunctional acrylates
Process for preparing methylene diphenylamines by partial neutralization of acidic methylene diphenylamines
Electronic component
Product A'ABC of epoxy resins A' and product of polyepoxides A, fatty acids B and amines C
Radiation curable coating containing polyfuorooxetane
Fluorinated curable compositions
Zwitterionic polyamines and process for their production
Cured fluorine-containing material
Modified polymers
Water immiscible porogen removal process
Elastomeric articles made from a synthetic polymer
Process for reducing residual free radical polymerizable monomer content of polymers
Optical materials having good ultraviolet absorbability and method for producing them
Nanocomposite based on a bridged clay, and cable comprising said composite
Electrostatic-dissipative multipolymer compositions
High performance thermoplastic compositions with improved melt flow properties
.beta. modified monoazo dye resistant to dyeing, its preparation and use
Electrodeposition coating composition
Anaerobic compositions with enhanced toughness and crack resistance
Production of hydrocarbon products
Method for extracting and fractionating fats with solvent, using at least a hydrofluroether
Deprotection of RNA
Antisense IAP nucleic acids and uses thereof
Strategy for maintaining pregnancy
GANP proteins
Plant lipases
Semiconductor device with titanium silicon oxide layer
Textiles; Paper
Polymeric and carbon compositions with metal nanoparticles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Magnet-positioning device for rotor
Spindle motor
Storage drum heater
Thin film CMOS calibration standard having protective cover layer
Method and apparatus for weighing railroad cars
Apparatus and method for transferring and weighing powder materials using pipette transfer devices
Combination weighing equipment with sealed happer door driving mechanisms to facilitate cleaning
Display and operating element for an electronic scale
Method and system for linearization of MOEMS tunable filter scan
Handheld heat detection device
Infrared detecting element, infrared two-dimensional image sensor, and method of manufacturing the same
Position-detecting apparatus
On-line and off-line deposition of liquid samples for matrix assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectroscopy
Preparation of thin lead samples for alpha particle emission test
Charged particle beam apparatus and method for inspecting samples
Humidified imaging with an environmental scanning electron microscope
Fluorescent labeling complexes with large stokes shift formed by coupling together cyanine and other fluorochromes capable of resonance energy transfer
Semiconductor device utilizing pad to pad wire interconnection for improving detection of failed region on the device
Method and apparatus for monitoring the interior space of a motor vehicle
Optical technique for the detection of suspended trip-wires and cables
Positron emission tomography apparatus
Monitoring emissions
Apparatus and method for focusing a laser scanning cytometer
Active matrix substrate and manufacturing method therefor
Apparatus for scanning sheet-like recording medium
Gas-actuated stages including reaction-force-canceling mechanisms for use in charged-particle-beam microlithography systems
Intelligent surgical footpedal with low noise, low resistance vibration feedback
Manual call point
Motion activated decorative article
Motivational apparatus for controlling use of electronic devices and method of use
Keyboard lid opening and closing mechanism for keyboard musical instrument and keyboard musical instrument
Injection molded synthetic drumsticks with microcellular structure
Sounding block for a drum
Saxophone mouthpiece
Objective lens and optical pickup
Method and system for molecular charge storage field effect transistor
Twin bit cell flash memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Optical near-field microscope
Enhanced scanning probe microscope
Radiation attenuation system
Microelectromechanical system assembly and testing device
Electronic device connection cable and electronic device
Shielding for multicore shielded wire
Stranded conductor to be used for movable member and cable using same
Press button type safety switch
Press button type safety switch
Rear mounted integrated rotary encoder including a pushbutton switch
Operating arrangement for mechanism
Contact arrangement for a vacuum interrupter
Contact image sensor unit
Scattering target-holding mechanism and an electron spin analyzer
Differential contrast transmission electron microscope and method of processing data about electron microscope images
Electron beam lithography system, electron beam lithography apparatus, and method of lithography
Photosensor with a photocathode in reflective mode
Method and system for performance improvement of photodetectors and solar cells
Time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer and method of TOF mass spectrometric analysis
In-line reflecting time-of-flight mass spectrometer for molecular structural analysis using collision induced dissociation
Ion-guide systems
Methods and apparatus to control charge neutralization reactions in ion traps
Lead frame with multiple rows of external terminals
Flip-chip package with underfill having low density filler
Mold for a semiconductor chip
Deuterium passivated semiconductor device having enhanced immunity to hot carrier effects
Process for forming damascene-type isolation structure for integrated circuit
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor power component and a corresponding manufacturing method
Bipolar transistor device having phosphorous
Sti pull-down to control SiGe facet growth
Semiconductor structure having elevated salicided source/drain regions and metal gate electrode on nitride/oxide dielectric
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Inverse T-gate structure using damascene processing
Structure and method for dual gate oxidation for CMOS technology
Structure and method for planar lateral oxidation in active
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Trench capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having a logic transistor therein
PIP capacitor for split-gate flash process
Memory cell and production method
Semiconductor stacked die devices
Semiconductor memory device and method of forming the same
Display device such as electro-optic element and thin film transistor and display device manufacturing method
Semiconductor memory device utilizing tunnel magneto resistive effects and method for manufacturing the same
Composite dielectric layers
Semiconductor die package having a UV cured polymeric die coating
Multi-chip semiconductor device
Package structure for a semiconductor device
System for uniformly interconnecting and cooling
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Multiple row fine pitch leadless leadframe package with use of half-etch process
Stacked paired die package and method of making the same
Cross substrate, method of mounting semiconductor element, and semiconductor device
Flip-chip integrated circuit routing to I/O devices
Gate length control for semiconductor chip design
Chip carrier film, method of manufacturing the chip carrier film and liquid crystal display using the chip carrier film
Semiconductor package comprising vertical power transistor
Single and multilevel rework
Semiconductor device with a low resistance wiring
Barrier metal oxide interconnect cap in integrated circuits
Multilevel copper interconnect with double passivation
ESD diode structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Flash memory circuitry
Semiconductor-on-insulator device with thermoelectric cooler on surface
CMOS image sensor
Semiconductor element and semiconductor memory device using the same
Semiconductor device having driver circuit and pixel section provided over same substrate
Single transistor ferroelectric memory cell, device and method for the formation of the same incorporating a high temperature ferroelectric gate dielectric
SiGeC-based CMOSFET with separate heterojunctions
Trench MOSFET having low gate charge
Use of high-k dielectric materials in modified ONO structure for semiconductor devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of operation thereof
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and semiconductor integrated circuit
Bipolar diode
HBT with nitrogen-containing current blocking base collector interface and method for current blocking
Semiconductor integrated circuit
High performance PD SOI tunneling-biased MOSFET
Nonvolatile memory
Semiconductor device having a bipolar transistor structure
Bipolar transistor
Lateral components in power semiconductor devices
GaN-based semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor power device for high-temperature applications
Variable capacitor using MOS gated diode with multiple segments to limit DC current
Multiple layer phrase-change memory
MOS control diode and method for manufacturing the same
Hermetically sealing package for optical semiconductor and optical semiconductor module
Multi-quantum-well detector for low-background applications
Solar module with border sealing
Light-emitting diode (LED) package and packaging method for shaping the external light intensity distribution
Semiconductor light emitting device including a fluorescent material
ZnO compound semiconductor light emitting element
Thermoelectric unicouple used for power generation
Power inlet box with integral circuit breaker
Simplified interconnect for center of wide body aircraft
Load configurable electrical distribution bus
Unique way of terminating devices using insulation displacement
Compound semiconductor surface stabilizing method, semiconductor laser device fabricating method using the stabilizing method, and semiconductor device
Electromagnetic shielding structure for electric wire
Tamper-resistant outlet cover
Auxiliary magnetizing winding for interior permanent magnet rotor magnetization
Vehicle rotary electric machine
Electronically commutated machine, in particular motor
Electric motor with improved terminal connector
Spindle motor with an aerodynamic and hydrodynamic bearing assembly
Electric motor with integrated heat shield
Electric motor housing
Dynamoelectric machine
Automotive alternator
Automotive alternator
Portable device and motor mounted thereto via elastic member
Tangential torque support
Eccentric commutator for vibrator motor
Enhancement mode junction field effect transistor with low on resistance
Method and system for gating a sensor using a gated power signal
Method and apparatus for illuminating an object with white light
Electromagnetic sound generator
Musical signal processing apparatus
Electrical, thin film termination
Apparatus for uniforming microwave and heating system using the same
Multi-layer interconnection board
Grounding terminal and mounting structure of the same on a printed circuit board
Multilayer-wiring substrate and method for fabricating same
Device for accomodating electronic components
Electromagnetic shielding device with heat-dissipating capability
Electrically conductive forming paste
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