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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Waste collection device
Nucleoside analogues for the treatment of a viral infection, and method for evaluating the sensitivity to said treatment
Organophosphorus derivatives and use thereof as uncoupling agents
Modified pectins, compositions and methods related thereto
Door opening/closing device unit and method for mounting the same
Suction cup attachment device
Video wall mount having adjusting structure
Turkey mount and process
Cap holder with magnet
Cooker with steam generating function
Mobile system with network-distributed data processing for biomedical applications
Therapeutic agent for urinary excretion disorder
Tetracyclic compounds
Indenoquinolone compound, preparation method and use thereof
N-(pyridin-2-yl)sulfonamides and compositions thereof as protein kinase inhibitors
Substituted pyrrolo[1,2-a]piperazines and pyrrolo[1,2-a][1,4]diazepines as neurokinin 1 receptor antagonists
Substituted 2,3-dihydro-1H-benzo[a]pyrano[2,3-c]phenazines as anti-angiogenic and anti-cancer agents
Crystals of salts of phenylalanine derivatives
Morpholine compounds and uses thereof
Tannin inhibitors of HIV
Uracil derivatives and use thereof
Polypeptides for treating and/or limiting influenza infection
Treatment of bacterial infections with cyclic antimicrobial peptides
Mycobacterial vaccines
Pharmaceutical compositions for binding sphingosine-1-phosphate
Binding proteins specific for insulin-like growth factors and uses thereof
Alcohol-in-oil type emulsion comprising a multivalent metal salt
Crystalline form of sitagliptin sulfate
Phosphorylcholine-based amphiphilic silicones for medical applications
Compact device for controlling and modifying the pressure of a gas or a mixture of gases
Side load lead anchor and methods and systems using the lead anchor
Electrical stimulation device having multiple stimulation channels
System and method for ocular iontophoresis with buffering
Portable magnetic stimulation type medicalcare device
Laser device for intracranial illumination via oral or nasal foramina access
Portable rescue tool and method of use
Pressure assisted aerial retardant delivery system
Compositions and methods for remediation of chlorinated polyaromatic compounds
Strength training aid
Support frame for exercise apparatus
Exercise wheel
Variable force mouth exerciser
Method of providing resistance for use with a resistance training device
Respiratory training assembly
Golf tee apparatus
Compact folding sports goal
Multi-sport apparatus
Device and method for practicing the golf swing
Rotatable binding system
Operating device for game machine
Dynamic update of contact information and speed dial settings based on a virtual world interaction
Environmental game with artificial intelligence
Interacting balls toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter element, air cleaner, and methods
System and method for automatically adjusting the dosage of feed products in a livestock feed recipe
Solution process for the production of EP(D)M elastomers and polymerisation reactor for use in said process
Method for producing hollow bodies having enclosed freely displaceable particles
NOx storage and reduction catalyst, preparation method, and NOx removing system
Method of forming zeolite shaped body with silica binder
Reactor comprising a rotor
Method for producing hydrocarbon oil, fischer-tropsch synthesis reaction device, and hydrocarbon oil production system
Method and apparatus for aseptic transfer of biological material
Apparatus and method for transferring test tubes
Condensation-reducing incubation cover
Lance of a gas turbine burner
Intermediate paving material
Valve device for high voltage cable insulator manufacturing
Flexible coating composites having primarily mineral composition
Sorting apparatus for arthropods and method of use thereof
Beverage bottling plant configured to fill already used, returned, returnable beverage bottles which includes a cleaning machine, and a cleaning machine
Method for washing incineration ash and dust contained in extracted cement kiln combustion gas
Turk's head stand
Injection apparatus
Drilling system using a pocket hole joint method
Rotational-flow spray nozzle and process of using same
Brazing process, braze assembly, and brazed article
Auxiliary clamping system for welding operation
Y-axis machining apparatus
Sleeve structure
Auxiliary device for maintaining a screw upright
Spindle removal tool
Duct assembly tool
Drop and drive tool
Robotic appendages
Method and apparatus for compacting powders
Method and device for the production of tubular structural components
Method of making a floor tile with overmolded pads
Activatable adhesive, labels, and related methods
Coating or polymeric labels
Metamaterial composition comprising frequency-selective-surface resonant element disposed on/in a dielectric flake, methods, and applications
Decoloring apparatus
Liquid ejecting apparatus including a gap forming member having a locking member
Decoloring device
Reducing print artifacts using isolated tension zones
Printer apparatus
Image translation device providing navigational data feedback to communication device
Speed typing apparatus
Vinyl chloride resin latex for thermal sublimation transfer image-receiving sheet, and thermal sublimation transfer image-receiving sheet using same
Substrate for lithographic printing plate
Mechanical pencil having lead-rotating mechanism
Triangle ruler capable of measuring angles
Impact beam
Control device
Fuel-saving rating device and power amount management device
Vehicle seat
Cargo decking beam system
Carbon fiber wrapped aluminum dual tube deflector
Backhoe loader
Electric booster
Method and module for determining of at least one reference value for a vehicle control system
Transportation system including a hovering vehicle
Hybrid drive device
Control system for a hybrid excavator
Shopping cart tray
Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus
Idler wheel assembly
Electric motorcycles having crash bars and methods for modifying an electric motorcycle to include crash bars
Brake system with linking effect
Slider shoe fitting
Safety buoy
Deep-sea device for recovering at least one deep-sea object
Power supply device
Method for installing a dome-shaped pressure bulkhead in a rear section of an aircraft, and device for carrying out the method
Feeding device
Retort cup
Tamper-evident container cap and neck finish
Temperature-sensitive packaging closures
Tablet cartridge for medication dispensing apparatus
Arrangement for storage, warehouse rack and handling machine particularly for such an arrangement
Tubular conveyor with cleated belt
Conveyor assembly
Method for changing a transporting configuration of a workpiece of an absorbent article
Paper pickup mechanism
Post handling device
Operation lever lock apparatus
Dispenser with rupture member
Water container
Liquid transfer system
Adjustable horse bit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and methods for safely providing hazardous reactants
Method for decontamination of a liquid effluent including one or more radioactive chemical elements by treatment in a fluidized bed
Method and apparatus for processing fluids
Method for water treatment regeneration stage
System for biological treatment of water and wastewater
Transparent conductive oxide coating for thin film photovoltaic applications and methods of making the same
Crystallized silicate powder by synthesized and high strengthened porcelain body having the same
Method for producing optically active naphthalene compound
Plant based monomers and polymers
Process for synthesis of alcohols
Methods for conversion of a glycol reaction product obtained from hydrothermal digestion of cellulosic biomass solids into a dried monohydric alcohol feed
2-substituted-3-phenylpropionic acid derivatives and their use in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Method for coproducing isobutene and MTBE from tert-butanol mixture in a catalytic distillation column
Regeneration of catalysts for dehydrating alkanes
Process for the production of methyl acetate/acetic acid
Catalytic disproportionation of pentane using ionic liquids
Lipogenesis inhibitor compounds
Aromatic ring compound
Chemical compounds capable of complexing at least one metal element and a coordination complex based on these compounds
Antibacterial compounds
TrkA kinase inhibitors, compositions and methods thereof
Fused heteroaryls and their uses
Pharmaceutical compounds
Method of preparing carbon nanotube composite surface having metal particles
Organosilica compounds
Method for producing aminoalkylalkoxysilanes
Human monoclonal antibodies broadly protective against influenza B virus and methods of using the same
RSPO3 binding agents and uses thereof
TDF-related compounds and analogs thereof
Method for producing optical member and use of UV-curable resin composition therefor
Regioregular copolymers and methods for making same
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Method of controlling orientation of domains in block copolymer films
Organosiloxane compositions cross-linking at room temperature
Microcapsules with a paraffin composition as capsule core
Method and apparatus for torrefaction of biomass materials
Integrated biofuel process
Methods and apparatus for the detection and differentiation of non-sialated proteins from sialated proteins in a fluid sample
Uracil-requiring moorella bacteria and transforming-gene-introduced moorella bacteria
Methods for detecting a target nucleotide sequence in a sample utilising a nuclease-aptamer complex
Photocatalytic hydrogen production and polypeptides capable of same
Compositions for bacterial mediated gene silencing and methods of using same
Influenza A 2009 pandemic H1N1 polypeptide fragments comprising endonuclease activity and their use
Cellulase preparation comprising endoglucanases derived from two different types of microorganisms
mTOR ligands and polynucleotides encoding mTOR ligands
Methods for diagnosis, prognosis and methods of treatment
Methods and nucleic acids for the analysis of gene expression associated with the development of prostate cell proliferative disorders
Process and device for producing pig iron or liquid steel precursors
Apparatus and method for producing Mg(2)Si(1-x)Sn(x) polycrystal
Extreme ultraviolet radiation (EUV) pellicle formation apparatus
OB fold domains
Textiles; Paper
Device and method for producing a nonwoven composite fabric
Method for operating a clothes drying appliance and clothes drying appliance
Fixed Constructions
Toilet valve float mechanism
Toilet apparatus
Interlocking panel assembly for modular building construction
Foldable support device for a stand lamp
Protective covering for roof mounted systems
Pivotable roof gutter assembly
Bracket, kit and assembly for decorative mounted panels
Transportable flooring kit and method for assembling the same
Adjustable formwork climber for casting a protruding region of a structure
Tent frame coupler assembly
Apparatus for the alignment and support of fence rails
Automatic storage system for vehicles
Lock mechanism with a key removal interlock and an interlock of key removal from a lock mechanism
Latch release system
Driving structure of electronic lock
Compact door closing latching mechanism
Pressure lock for jars
Annular pressure release sub
Well-drilling sucker-rod pump
Controlling and assessing pressure conditions during treatment of tar sands formations
Method and apparatus for logging a well below a submersible pump deployed on coiled tubing
Graph to analyze drilling parameters
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power plant and method for retrofit
Lost-motion variable valve actuation system with cam phaser
Variably operated valve system for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine and control apparatus for variably operated valve system
Internal combustion engine independent valve actuator
Method for monitoring the pollutant coversion capacity in an exhaust gas after-treatment system
Fuel efficient ammonia generation strategy for lean-burn engines utilizing passive NH3-SCR for the control of NOx
Secondary air supply system for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for monitoring the light-off temperature of a diesel oxidation catalyst
Exhaust aftertreatment system where an activator material is added to the reductant fed to the catalytic converter
Turbocharged engine with a sensor device in the turbocharger housing
Gas turbine with flow separation and recirculation
Gas turbine air intake manifold controllably changing a mechnical rigidity of the walls of said intake manifold
Method and apparatus for operating a gas turbine engine
Four cycle engine carburetors
Producer gas carburettor
Marine energy capture system
Blade pitch lock system for a wind turbine
Methods and systems for electric power generation using geothermal field enhancements
Actuator with efficient energy accumulation
OTEC cold water retrieval and desalination systems
Adjustment device for a rotating body and rotating body
Preload releasing fastener and release system using same
Bearing arrangement for a torsion bar spring of the roll stabilization system of a rail vehicle
Driving force transmission apparatus
Reduced weight wheel configured for use with valve stem and or tire sensor
Rotary damper
Mechanical system with one-way clutch and alternator comprising such a system
Hybrid fan drive with CVT and electric motor
Torque converter for motor vehicle
Drive device for a wind turbine
Tank valve
Latching clutch valve
Gas saver valve and method using the same
Apparatus and method for the vibration control of a rising pipe of a vertical pump
CPAP systems
Erosion resistant flow conduit
Method and device for lubricating and cooling a bearing that is subject to high loads
Liquefied gas storage tank and marine structure including the same
Light emitting diode bulb
Device for adjusting an optical tube arranged in the housing of a headlight or optical device
Light fixture with adjustable direction lighting
Luminaire adapter with tombstone cover
LED element having elongated LED and direct-type backlight module using the same
Lens and LED light module having the same
Display device and television receiver
Lighting and/or signaling module for a vehicle comprising a light guide with a rib and a support with means of attachment collaborating with the rib
Phase-change enabled flow field visualization
Radiant burner
Air regulation for film cooling and emission control of combustion gas structure
Combustor fuel nozzle and method for supplying fuel to a combustor
Fuel plenum annulus
Gas turbine and fuel injector for the same
Room pressure controlling system
Low profile, high volume, filtered window fan
Heating and cooling system
Hot air blower
On-door ice maker cooling
Two stage dedicated heat recovery chiller
Environmentally adaptable transport device
Window air conditioner
Variable-flow nozzle for cooling tower
Firearm magazine release lock
Sound suppressor
Apparatus for loading cartridges into a firearm magazine
Firearm cartridge primer removal tools
Device for measuring the rotating angle of two objects rotating around an axis in relation to each other
Probe indicating intermaterial boundaries
Position recognition device of printer
DLA rotor flux density scan method and tool
Method for observing protein crystal
Travel itinerary based on user profile data
Hand-held laser distance measuring device
Indicating device
Level gauge
Differential temperature sensor and its capacitors in CMOS/BICMOS technology
Lens module testing device
Cell for very high pressure analysis of fluid samples and associated measuring method
Device and method for filtering blood
Microfluidic mixing and reaction systems for high efficiency screening
Fluid body flow visualization device and visualization method
Manufacturable sub-3 nanometer palladium gap devices for fixed electrode tunneling recognition
Mobile sampling of target substances
Methods and devices for diagnosing cardiac disorders
Device and method for separating and analyzing blood
Method of producing insoluble carrier particles, insoluble carrier particles, measurement reagent, specimen analyzing tool, and immunoturbidimetric assay
Methods for identifying a GLP-1 secretagogue
Automatic genechip array diagnosing apparatus
Thermal convection type angular accelerometer
Pressure activated high density switch array
Integrated circuit with toggle suppression logic
Steered-electron electric-field (SEEF) sensor program
Access method for communication terminal
Scintillation pixel array, radiation sensing apparatus including the scintillation pixel array and a method of forming a scintillation pixel array
Secondary battery, inspection apparatus and inspection method for secondary battery, and battery inspection system
System in space for reinforcing photosynthesis and method
Tunable optical diffraction grating apparatus and related methods
Retro reflector including at least one corner and two mutually parallel vertical faces
Fabrication of planar light-wave circuits (PLCS) for optical I/O
Wafer level optical device
Optical waveguide directional coupler and method for making same
Lens element and optical communication apparatus with same
Method for electrophoresis in liquid crystals
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
LED backlight source drive circuit, LED backlight source and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal electro-optic device
Optical mask for blending overlapping tiled images
Donor film and thermal imaging method using the same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus capable of reducing image density irregularity
Image forming apparatus and image density control
Apparatus and method for destroying an encoder wheel
Toner container and image forming apparatus
Method of transferring image and image transferring system and image forming apparatus with same
Fixing device, image forming apparatus with same, and method of assembling fixing device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fixing device including a separation unit and image forming apparatus thereof
Sheet processing apparatus
Measuring the phase of received signals
Method of managing a worksite
Jitter compensated numerically controlled oscillator
Backplane communication system
USB OTG device with power mode switch function
Decoupled power and performance allocation in a multiprocessing system
Fast deskew when exiting low-power partial-width high speed link state
System and method for automated hardware compatibility testing
Data preserving apparatus, method and system therefor
Microcomputer runaway monitoring device
Managing device driver cross ring accesses
Electronic device capable of being debugged via earphone port
Memory management in a streaming application
Memory system
Testing method and testing apparatus for testing function of electronic apparatus
Automated program testing to facilitate recreation of test failure
Reducing flash memory write amplification and latency
Input/output traffic backpressure prediction
Memory control device, memory control method, data processing device, and image processing system
Communication device with fast start mode for transfering data to temporary areas beyond file system control
Method to allow storage cache acceleration when the slow tier is on independent controller
Memory sharing by processors
Hierarchical cache structure and handling thereof
Read-copy update implementation for non-cache-coherent systems
USB hub with automatic communication mode switching
Firmware management of storage class memory for connected or disconnected I/O adapters
Copy-on-write buffer for restoring program code from a speculative region to a non-speculative region
Technology prediction
Computer product, migration executing apparatus, and migration method
Management of stream operators with dynamic connections
Rapid data-based data adequacy procedure for pipeline integrity assessment
Bag-of-repeats representation of documents
Semantic questioning mechanism to enable analysis of information architectures
Node-level sub-queries in distributed databases
Search engine for ranking a set of pages returned as search results from a search query
Database query language gateway
Nomadic data collection and management method including pessimistic locking of data
Distributed configuration information management device and distributed configuration information management method using duplicates
Building a metadata index from source metadata records when creating a target volume for subsequent metadata access from the target volume
Providing interaction between a first content set and a second content set in a computer system
Data profiling method and system
Performing sequence analysis as a relational join
Methodologies and analytics tools for identifying white space opportunities in a given industry
System and method for geographically classifying business on the world-wide web
Systems and methods for scalable topic detection in social media
Multi-dimensional physical arrangement techniques using bin-packing with per-branch combination tries
System and method for posteriori adaptation of a state of charge model in a battery
Methods and apparatus related to gate boundaries within a data space
Automated feedback for proposed security rules
Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption
Dynamically adjusting write pacing by calculating a pacing level and then delaying writes for a first channel command word (CCW) based on pacing level
Apparatus, system, and method for detecting tampering of fiscal printers
Computer or microchip with an internal hardware firewall and a master controlling device
Method and apparatus for intuitive wrapping of lists in a user interface
Systems and methods for implementing pixel-based reverse engineering of interface structure
Mobile terminal
Touch panel controller and semiconductor device
Touch screen and touch panel including mutual capacitance type and self-capacitance type pixels, and driving method thereof
Method and apparatus for adjusting touch sensitivity of touch sensor in portable terminal
Method and system for navigating hierarchical levels using graphical previews
Dynamic toolbar for markup language document
Method and apparatus for retrieving a media file of interest
Share box for endorsements
Device controller for a memory device
Computerized information system for creating patent data summaries and method therefor
Voice based biometric authentication method and apparatus
Instruction set architecture with secure clear instructions for protecting processing unit architected state information
Methods and devices for prime number generation
Executing unpack instruction and pack instruction with saturation on packed data elements from two source operand registers
Method and system for providing a widget for displaying multimedia content
Program source code navigation
Error detection on the stack
Automatic generation of user stories for software products via a product content space
Dynamic determination of application server runtime classloading
Device and method for smart device and sensor node integrated application update
Software code profiling
Automated graph-based programming
Software signature discovery
Distributed control method and apparatus using URL
Flattening conditional statements
Certification for flexible resource demand applications
Simulation apparatus, simulation method and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
Virtual machine migration with swap pages
Affinity of virtual processor dispatching
Automated application reconfiguration
Method and system for analyzing the performance of multi-threaded applications
Supporting heterogeneous virtualization
Input/output traffic backpressure prediction
Maintaining hardware resource bandwidth quality-of-service via hardware counter
Maintaining hardware resource bandwidth quality-of-service via hardware counter
Job management system that determines if master data has been updated, then re-executes a sub-job based on available executing computers and data sharing status
Power-constrained compiler code generation and scheduling of work in a heterogeneous processing system
Providing access to an application programming interface through a named pipe
Commodity sales data processing apparatus and control method
Method and apparatus for performing automatic switching of media
Multi chip smart card
Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, radio equipment, and data transmitter
Image retrieval method, real-time drawing prompting method, and devices thereof
Method of processing radiograph and apparatus for processing radiograph using the method in which hough transform and radon transform performed on image
Method and apparatus for virtual viewpoint synthesis in multi-viewpoint video
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Methods, devices, and computer readable mediums for processing a digital picture
Apparatus and method for biometric authentication
Parameter selection and coarse localization of interest regions for MSER processing
Heuristic method for scene cut detection in digital baseband video
Face annotation method and face annotation system
Systems and methods for row causal scan-order optimization stereo matching
Real-time anomaly detection of crowd behavior using multi-sensor information
Upper merged ontology for it architecture
Rule based content modification and interaction platform
Performing what-if analysis
Method and system for identifying and visualizing work transfers using financial data
Imaged-based method for transport and authentication of virtualized workflows
Method and apparatus for providing automated payment with an audio token
Virtual accounts linked to financial accounts
System and method for managing access rights to a project team area for a community development asset
Image processing techniques for tile-based rasterization
Automated tilt and shift optimization
Game controlling method, storage medium, and game apparatus
Tire position determination system having tire pressure sensors and using axle rotation detectors
Signal transmitter
Image projecting apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Information processing apparatus, image display apparatus, and information processing method
Range shifter and particle radiotherapy device
Low alpha particle emission electrically-conductive coating
Electrical component and method of manufacturing the same
Solar power generation apparatus
Thermal solar system
Method of fabricating a magnetoresistive element
Electrical generator with improved cooling and exhaust flows
Switching voltage regulator
Device for encoding and decoding using smaller block of symbols
Method of generating a computer architecture representation in a reusable syntax and grammar
Method and system of verifying and authenticating consumer reporting history
Techniques for identity-enabled interface deployment
Minimized-thickness angular scanner of electromagnetic radiation
Film grain for stereoscopic or multi-view images
Sound source signal filtering apparatus based on calculated distance between microphone and sound source
Method and apparatus for providing position-related information to mobile recipients
Digital X-ray imaging system with still and video capture modes
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System and method of soil distribution, such as a soil blend, capable of being blown into place
Agricultural beater having replaceable blades
Concave locking member for a rotary combine
Grinding device
Programmable scent emitter
Shellfish cutting and eating utensils
Diving jacket
Process for the formation of vulcanized hollow bodies
Watch that can serve as either a wristwatch or a clock
Loops for poles
Handle for storage bag
Lighted and content-organizing carrying case
Portable tooth/nail surface cleaning polisher
Application implement
Decorative container with applicator
Stopper device of drawer slide rail
Quick release extrusion bracket with a secure lock
Stadium seat
Arm support for a chair
Floor mat and integrated foot rest
Rollable health care displays
Chair having an armrest with a detachable face panel
Removable and vertically adjustable storage apparatus for vehicle seat backrest
Device for adjusting position of shelved merchandise
Portable lighting fixture assembly
Oral dosage dispenser
Hygienic toilet pack
Transport cart for cleaning and collecting recyclable waste
Endoscope shaft comprising a movable distal end
Methods and systems for real-time structured light depth extraction and endoscope using real-time structured light depth extraction
Endoscope having a composite distal closure element
Insertion facilitating device for intestinal endoscope
Method for releasing buttress material attached to a surgical fastening device
Unitary anastomotic device
Expandable anastomotic device
Inflatable hemostat having reinforced portion
Cutting guide instrument
Apparatus and method for preparing box cuts in a distal femur with a cutting guide attached to an intramedullary stem
Surgical saw blade
Targeting device for an implant
Bone screw, method for producing the threads thereof and drill for drilling holes therefor
Guide wire brake
Bi-directional atherectomy burr
Surgical micro-shaving instrument with elevator tip
Method of performing port off-pump beating heart coronary artery bypass surgery
Microderm abrasion device and method
Bone support assembly
Total hip replacement
Offset helix surgical fixation screws and methods of use
Surgical devices assembled using heat bondable materials
Method of transplanting human body tissue
Cryoprobe and method of treating scars
Cooled, non-sticking electrosurgical devices
Process and device for the treatment of atrial arrhythmia
Molecular absorption resonance system
Method of treating intervertebral discs using optical energy and optical temperature feedback
Therapeutic laser system operating between 1000nm and 1300nm and its use
Reinforced sterilizable containers
Noninvasive transdermal systems for detecting an analyte obtained from or underneath skin and methods
Apparatus having redundant sensors for continuous monitoring of vital signs and related methods
Method and apparatus for the measurement of intra-abdominal pressure
Multi-mode audiometric device and associated screening method
Non-invasive focused energy blood withdrawal and analysis system
Microneedle device for transport of molecules across tissue
Needle receptacle
Blood-collection position indicator
Use of virtual reality and desk top computer formats to diagnose executive dysfunctions
System and method for detecting an action of the head and generating an output in response thereto
Radiographic apparatus
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for flow analysis
Dual ultrasonic transducer probe for blood flow measurement, and blood vessel diameter determination method
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Ultrasonic control apparatus and method
Method for dispensing dental materials
Interlocking implant screw abutment
Pelvic splint and associated method
Sheet pack
Absorbent article having good body fit under dynamic conditions
Absorbent garment with seamless leak guards
Disposable liquid absorbent article with elasticizing members
Refastenable absorbent article exhibiting improved body fit
Disposable pull-on undergarment
Thin sanitary napkin having a flexibility selected to provide a good comfort potential while reducing bunching
Absorbent article having an extensible outer cover with activatable zoned breathability
Method for applying a medicament and swab applicator for use therewith
Cast punch
Vaginal pessary
Controlled anal incontinence disease treatment
Intravascular device with improved radiopacity
Serpentine coiled ladder stent
Tissue engineered blood vessels and methods and apparatus for their manufacture
Methods and systems for the inhibition of vascular hyperplasia
Ophthalmic lens insertion instrument and package
Accommodating multifocal intraocular lens
Method of implanting a flexible annuloplasty system
Stent-based venous valves
Prosthetic knee and method of inserting
Intervertebral implant
Endoscopic device for removing an intragastric balloon
Ankle brace
Palm splint system
Bandage for parts of the body
Method of using a neck brace
Retractable micro-surgical tool
Pneumatic spinal and extremity manipulator
Massage chair for carrying out foot massage by utilizing whirlpool
Walker device with power assisted lift
Vial access adapter
High pressure injection system
Dyeing composition for keratin fibers and dyeing method using same
Flexible kite
Adhesive for dentures and method for its production
Under tissue conditions degradable material and a method for its manufacturing
Protective assembly for a percutaneous access device
Minimally invasive direct cardiac massage device and method
Cardiac recovery
Device for removal of gas bubbles and dissolved gasses in liquid
Flexible tube for endoscope
Therapeutic method for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Perfusion balloon catheter
Method for making a catheter
Balloon catheter
Vaginal douching and/or enteroclysm device
Apparatus for angiography by the injection of CO2
Method for regulating fluid pump pressure
Needle shield for a prefillable syringe
Stimulator head and method for attenuating the sound emitted by a stimulator coil
Method and apparatus for treating a desired area in the vascular system of a patient
Radioactive seed with multiple markers and method for using same
Swing training and practice device
Pivoting overhead hand-over-hand climbing device
Spring roller-type pectorals exerciser
Exercise device
Interactive programmable fitness interface system
Calf master
Pogo stick
Non-mold method of forming objects and articles formed thereby
Dual non-circular dimple for golf balls
Golf ball having multi-layer cover with unique outer cover characteristics
Rubber thread for golf ball and golf ball
Ball game ball
Golf ball and process for manufacturing the same
Golf ball
Grip tape having multiple gripping functions
Golf club
Game racket including a string suspension system
Putting trainer
Breakaway basketball rim
Football game
Golf practice device
Golf swing training device and method
Core for a gliding board
Skid plate
Convertible game table
Computer readable program product storing program for ball-playing type game, said program, and ball-playing type game processing apparatus and method
Casino game with multiple playing modes and wagering options
System and method for facilitating casino team play
Aerial top having a stepped axle and a varied diameter tether
Method for providing an amusement by deforming facial images
Toys incorporating geneva gear assemblies
Parachute toy
Basketball retrieval device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Media filter cabinet for gas furnace
Air purifier
Permeable membrane and method
Apparatus and methods for hydrogen separation/purification utilizing rapidly cycled thermal swing sorption
Adsorption processes
Pressure swing adsorption process for the production of hydrogen
Gas separations using mixed matrix membranes
Membrane and use thereof
Device and method for creating hydrodynamic cavitation in fluids
In-line homogenizer using rotors and stators in a housing for creating emulsions, suspensions and blends
Liquid distributor assembly for use in packed column
Monomolecular adhesion methods for manufacturing microfabricated multilaminate devices
Removable multiple orifice spray tip
Atomizing nozzle an filter and spray generating device
Liquid spray apparatus, system and methods
Pop-up sprinkler with internal debris cup
Advanced cold spray system
Static free method for blowing loose fill insulation
Water spraying gun
Liquid sprayers
Jet stripping apparatus
Phosphor ink coating device, plasma display panel, and method of manufacturing the plasma display panel
Process and apparatus for coating glass containers and coated glass container
Two-dimensional ultrasonic transducer array having transducer elements in a non-rectangular or hexagonal grid for medical diagnostic ultrasonic imaging and ultrasound imaging system using same
Method for emptying parcel containers
All-purpose conduit for conveying harmful fumes or gases away from a work station
Web particle removal method and apparatus
Method for cleaning semiconductor wafers with ozone-containing solvent
Apparatus and method for creating a seal on an inner wall of a tube for hydroforming
Stucco tower and method
Molten metal treatment furnace with level control and method
Chuck with spring leg dust cover
Holding chuck for a tire-wheel with a chatter-suppressing device
Outer diameter deburring tool
Cutting tool assembly
Sintered cutting insert having center hole for clamp screw
Use of a cleaning process, a cleaning process, a connection process and a workpiece pair
Method and device for fastening screw between body and lens of vehicular lighting device
Repair of single crystal nickel based superalloy article
Parallel mechanism structure for controlling three-dimensional position and orientation
Boring arrangement and method for boring holes in overlapping workpieces
Adapters for use with an electric power tool
Collet holder with rotation mechanism and method
Milling machine and method of cutting a keyway
Integrated platen assembly for a chemical mechanical planarization system
Eccentric plate grinding machine with a cylindrical housing
Contour sanding attachment and method
Method and apparatus for abrading the region of intersection between a branch outlet and a passageway in a body
Method for endpoint detection for copper CMP
Carrier head for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Activated slurry CMP system and methods for implementing the same
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Protective film separator in semiconductor wafer grinding process
Polishing method and polishing apparatus using the same
Dust shroud for abrading machine
All purpose cleaner and polish in abrasive applicator
Workpiece holding fixture
Vacuum cup with precision hard stop
Clamping stand
Dual T-lock apparatus
Gripper for picking apparatus of a module IC handler
Gripper system, in particular vacuum gripper system
Composition for impregnating porous materials, preparation and use thereof
Apparatus and method for molding a core for use in casting hollow parts
Precast concrete beam element and methods of making and installing same
System for forming a thermoset golf ball cover
Apparatus for the production of polyurethane material with a cleaning member having a filler feeding channel and an inclined front surface
Apparatus for the removal of contact lenses
Clamping cylinder for a cylindrical stamping mold apparatus
Stack mold carrier and rotary turret with services provided by a rotary union
Extruder plant with worm extruder and gearwheel extruder
Binding metal for covering with heat-shrinkable sheet
Manufacturing process of patio tabletop glass with broken protection
Resin component
Power transmission belt and method of manufacturing the power transmission belt
System and method for reducing blistering in automobile racing tires
Apparatus for handling blanks in packaging machines
Machine for gluing folding cartons for producing folding cartons from blanks
Device for transferring a folded box
Compact apparatus and system for creating and dispensing cushioning dunnage
Method for manufacturing a metal powder, a metal powder, an electroconductive paste using the same, and a multilayer ceramic electronic component using the same
Panel of composite material and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for two-color ink jet point of sale (POS) printing
Recording paper cutting mechanism
Display for removable cartridge having measurable parameter
Recording apparatus
Method of printing postage indicia using ink jet technology
CMOS/MEMS integrated ink jet print head and method of operating same
Ink-jet recording apparatus and method for driving ink-jet recording head
Apparatus for generating high frequency ink ejection and ink chamber refill
Ink-jet output control method
Ink jet recording head having two or more pillars for each nozzle
Recording head and image recording apparatus utilizing said recording head
Feature in firing chamber of fluid ejection device
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus comprising the same
Ink jet recording head, method for manufacturing the same, and ink jet recorder
Ink jet head having a plurality of units and its manufacturing method
Ink jet semiconductor chip structure
Laminated ink jet recording head having a plurality of actuator units
Ink jet print head having offset nozzle arrays
Ink jet recording apparatus and discharge restoration method
Liquid container
Print head device and ink jet printer including the print head device
Ink cartridge for ink jet printer
Ink jet printing device and an ink cartridge
Ink-jet printing apparatus and ink cartridge therefor
Variable power thermal printer
Moving up and down apparatus of print head, printing apparatus
Hand-held tape printing device
Method for the realization of printed polychrome decorations on metal artifacts and related apparatus
Recording apparatus
Printer ribbon motion detection system
Bismuth-containing laser markable compositions and methods of making and using same
Ink-jet recording material comprising pigment layers
Applicator for applying adhesive to the spine or adjoining regions of a book block guided past the applicator
Information recorded medium, device for reading the information, information recorded medium transfer foil, and method for producing information recorded medium
Marker pen
Ink regulating apparatus in a pen
Laser marking compositions and method
Bicycle wheel rim for mounting a bicycle tire without an inner tire body
Tow hitch rear bumper assembly
Under-bed fifth wheel mounting system
Tow bar apparatus
Laterally and longitudinally adjustable hitch coupling device
Enhanced computer optimized adaptive suspension system and method
Two stage body mount rebound cushion
Suspended axle with side and oscillation control linkage
Automotive seal component for vehicle door
Body cover device for car
Connector supporting structure and coupling structure
Automotive body panel damping system
Lamella roof for a vehicle roof opening
Side-rail coupling for tarpaulin covers of vehicle superstructures
Convertible vehicle
Convertible motor vehicle roof
Instrument panel arrangement for motor vehicles
Vehicle drive assembly
Arrangement for mounting a restraint belt mounted vehicle seat to a vehicle floor
Vehicle seat comprising a height-adjusting mechanism, and a control device for such a seat
Seat integrated latch recliner assembly with inertial locking mechanism
Seat frame of an adjustable seat in a vehicle
Car seat with an integrated child seat
Vehicle tailgate storage apparatus
Extendable deck assembly
Integrated flexible lamp assembly
Vehicular headlamp having a reflector with improved efficiency of reflection
Vehicular puddle light
Theft resistant lamp
Light arrangement
Wire harness structure
Coupling structure of shock transmitting member and shock absorbing member, and bumper
Automotive safety net system
Airbag apparatus
Airbag device with tearable strap
Low permeability airbag and method
Rollover air bag system
Attachment structure of passenger side airbag device
Air bag cover with internal hinge configuration
Casing module comprising an airbag
Air bag device, production method of an air bag device, activation method of an air bag device and vehicle with an air bag device
Tension sensing switch assembly
Vehicle sliding floor extension and cargo brace
Device for transporting objects in a motor vehicle
Method of controlling hydraulic brake system for vehicle
Control system for a vehicle
Door edge protection system for conventional autorack railcars
Structure of handlebar joint
Automotive vehicle having a structural reinforcement system for vehicle transport
Tractor mudguard
Component for a motor vehicle
Unitized bus vehicle roof
Virtual ball joint
Travel trailer
Sensor installation structure for vehicles
Motorcycle kickstand and detent mechanism
Portable motorcycle support stand
CD changer mounting structure and support device
Bicycle power generating arrangement
Replaceable top tube for bicycles
Fender structure
Anti-reverse system for twist vehicle
Bouyant moon pool plug
Catenary anchor leg mooring buoy
Flexible buoy assembly
Temporary floatation stabilization device and method
Swivel drive assembly
Lower unit guard for an outboard motor
Convertible vertical take-off and landing miniature aerial vehicle
Display apparatus
Inclined non-uniform planar spaced constellation of satellites
Package having re-sealable end closure and method for making same
Vehicle transportation module
Refuse container lifter
Bulk material handling system
Apparatus and method for extracting a single bar from a plurality of bars
Device for holding-disk-shaped plastic substrates
Multiple level loading apparatus and method
Bulk handling apparatus
Sheet feeder
Print media roll holder with multi-diameter core adapter
Carrier tape recycling apparatus and method of recycling carrier tape
Device for detecting remaining quantity of rolled papers
Winding stand for a reel hub employed for winding and unwinding flat printed products
Paper pickup apparatus for a printer
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus having same
Lifting/pull-sucker drive mechanism for a sheet-processing machine
Method and apparatus for separating a collation from a supply stack
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus therewith
Spreader for container crane
Lifting device for layers of tray stacks
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing iron oxide pigments
Filament recoating apparatus and method
Method for preparing a mortar
Conductive concrete composition
Etching method and apparatus
Process for the production of biodegradable encapsulated fertilizers
Variable burn-rate propellant
Human tumor necrosis factor receptor-like proteins TR11, TR11SV1 and TR11SV2
Graft copolymer and composition thereof
Gelled articles containing tertiary amide-terminated polyamide
Dye based aqueous pigment dispersions
Non-toxic corrosion inhibitor
Flowable and pumpable metallic-pigment semifinished product for the production of paints and lacquers
Black ink compositions for inkjet printing
Ink set, printing method, ink, printed article, printing apparatus, ink cartridge, recording unit, and process of forming polymeric compound films
Aqueous carbon black dispersions
Within ink systems
Method for assembling parts
Fuel composition in the form of an emulsion derived from heterogeneous greasy waste and method for making same
Triacylglycerol based candle wax
Process for manufacturing molten metal iron
Fuel rod cladding tube for a boiling water reactor fuel rod and the production thereof
Process for the extraction of copper
Nickel-molybdenum alloys
Corrosion resistant powder and coating
Surface alloyed high temperature alloys
Rotary fluid bearing coatings and coining and processes for manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method to achieve continuous interface and ultrathin film during atomic layer deposition
MOCVD ferroelectric and dielectric thin films depositions using mixed solvents
Substrate processing apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Controlled plating on reactive metals
Boronizing agent in paste form
Forced mist cleaning of combustion turbines
Method of making a metal membrane foil made of a palladium alloy for hydrogen separation
Electrical resistance heater and method for crystal growing apparatus
Remote-control, crystal-annealing, cold-stream blocking device and method
Slicing of single-crystal films using ion implantation
Textiles; Paper
Means and method for dying keratinic fibers
Device and method for applying a coating medium onto a moving surface
Fixed Constructions
Rail support
Sheet-metal highway guardrail system
Concrete foundation pierhead and method of lifting a foundation using a jack assembly
Shower head holder
Connector system for structural members
Double bias corner form
Pool heating apparatus
Retrofit door latch attachment
Latch assembly
Electric motor-driven locking device for lock
Rotary latch system and method
Pod door to port door retention system
Method and apparatus for connecting underwater conduits
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
High speed UniVane fluid-handling device
Pressure articulated positive displacement, single expansion rotary engine
Rotary piston engine having an oil system for lubrication and cooling
Bi-directional low maintenance vane pump
Turbo-molecular pump having enhanced pumping capacity
Overlapping interference seal and methods for forming the seal
Actuating seal carrier for a turbine and method of retrofitting
Integrated regulating bleed device for a steam turbine
Heating device and method for deployable ram air turbine
Fourth-stage turbine bucket airfoil
Second-stage turbine nozzle airfoil
Blade with optimized vibration behavior
Reduced shank external flow passage bolt with integral pilot
Device for operating a gas shuttle valve by means of an electromagnetic actuator
Method for the control of a transmission
Lubricant filter mounting structure
Engine blower
Fuel vapor treatment canister
Valve for controlling liquids
Wall effect injector seat
Air foil configuration for wind turbine
Enclosure for an air aspirating machine
Temperature compensation system for regulating flow through tubing in a pump
Hydrostatic pressure test pump
Variable capacity type pump
Scroll-type compressor with an integrated motor and a compact cooling system
Bladeless turbocharger
Method and apparatus for estimating flow in compressors with sidestreams
Device for dissipating heat and cutting off power of a pump
Fan guard of blower unit and air conditioner
Feed pump
Spiral fluted wheel for a water pump
Environmental control system blower assembly
Portable air moving apparatus
End seal
Pin part locator
Off-set adjusting nut
Hanger device with suction cup
Thrust washer
Bearing with low wear and low power loss characteristics
Precision air bearing slide and stage assembly for controlled linear motion
Arrangement of a cover strip on a linear guide
Hydrodynamic type bearing unit
Dynamic pressure bearing and spindle motor with the bearing
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Sealing system for a spherical bearing
Planetary gear device for reducing speed of an output shaft of a motor
Externally actuated locking differential assembly
Hydraulic control device for automatic transmission
Control unit and control method of automatic transmission and automotive vehicle
Apparatus for controlling a power transmission device
Control device for an automatic transmission
Gasket-squeeze construction
Metallic gasket
Sealing device and a method of repairing/replacing sealing devices
Brush seal for a bearing cavity
Ball joint with seal
Hydraulic cylinder piston seal
Pipe coupler and method of coupling
Universal conduit connector
Metal C-shaped ring gasket
Light duty adjustable pipe support assembly
Flanged pipe fitting
One-touch joint for flexible tube
LCD monitor stand having a multistage structure
Musical instrument accessory mounting device
Light emitting diode lamp with individual LED lenses
Light emitting diode assembly for flashlights
Chasing rope light
Devices and methods for distributing radially collected and collimated light
Illumination apparatus
Light assembly having improved glare control and increased performance
Vibration damping headlamp mounting system
Ceiling lamp junction box double-constraint lighting rod mounting structure
Light bulb assembly on a soft support
Gimble ring lighting fixture support
Cover assembly for a light
Lamp attachment for flashlight
Illumination device used in a compact disk receiving frame
Conical lens array to control projected light beam color, divergence, and shape
Flood light or luminaire construction
Planar light source device and liquid crystal display apparatus
Surface lighting device
Floating light for a swimming pool
Stack type backlight assembly, LCD having the same and assembly method thereof
Planar display lamp and method of forming a light scatterer pattern
Cigarette lighter
Pressure activated cloth seal
Carbon monoxide venting system
Installation for illuminating rooms
Air register
Baking support
Natural convection type heating furnace
Evaporative media unit for cooling tower
Remotely resettable target array
Three axis flap control system
2-D projectile trajectory corrector
Micro-machined thermo-conductivity detector
Uniform volumetric scanning ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system
Automated ultrasound system for performing imaging studies utilizing ultrasound contrast agents
Correction of extended field of view images for distortion due to scanhead motion
Antiglare and antireflection film, polarizer, and image display device
Precision formed membrane surface for electromagnetic radiation concentration and method of forming same
Light source device for an image forming apparatus
Optoelectronic transceiver module
Opto-electronic transceiver module and hermetically sealed housing therefore
Connection mounting for rimless eyewear lenses
Vision facilitation apparatus and method
Eyeglasses frame with hinge repair kit
Attachment structure of a frame body relative to a front portion
Eyewear with prescription lens inserts
Eyeglasses of the type without mounting and having supplementary lenses
Rear projection display apparatus and translucent screen for use therein
Pan/tilt camera
Shutter driving mechanism for camera
Film forming method and film forming apparatus
Structural component made of hard material for a wristwatch
Electronic device for regulating and controlling ambient temperatures, and relative setting method
Method and apparatus for bag stopping in a small coin sorter
Standard peripheral communication
Body motion teaching system
Interactive education system for teaching patient care
Recording of information
Coupon booklet and method
Modification of receiver surface to reject stamp cancellation information
Hybrid burnish/glide head with advanced air bearing fly height control rails
Optical data storage card
Auto-collimating digital X-ray system
Tungsten chamber with stationary heater
Multi-functional vacuum processing apparatus
Methods for making electrode assemblies for fluorescent lamps
Chip element holder and method of handling chip elements
I-channel surface-mount connector with extended flanges
Method of preparing electrochemical cells
High speed bus contact system
Electrical connector having grounding path
Differential signal electrical connectors
Circuit board electrical connector
Circuit board connecting structure and method of connecting the circuit board
General purpose connector and connecting method therefor
Electrical outlet cord support
Card connector
Electrical connector assembly
Modular jack having contacting spring leads
Electric jack
Telecommunications jack subassembly
Adaptor for connecting between terminals with multiple pieces
Terminal lug and wiring board provided with the same
Connector terminal and L-shaped connector using the same
Quick connect device for electrical fixture
Connector and cable having transducer and receiver for optical transmission
Seat belt guide
Method and apparatus for reducing noise in electronic film development
Apparatus and method for processing image data by applying edge emphasis while minimizing dropout
Precision cable drive
Printed circuit board having a light source
Socket for electrical parts
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