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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of milking and milking parlor
Spill resistant water and food dish for pets
Insulated probe device
Athletic protector convertible from hard-cup to soft-cup configuration
Hooded garment with built-in skull cap, gloves, and lower face covering with mouth opening
Crash helmet with thermoelectric cooling
Jewelry setting, particularly suited for displaying multiple faces or gem stones
Structure of display rack
Inflatable knee pillow having thin profile and foldability when deflated
Food press
Hose assembly for a cleaner and upright-type vacuum cleaner using the same
Transluminal mitral annuloplasty with active anchoring
Sequential scanning wavefront measurement and retinal topography
Transformation methods of wavefront maps from one vertex distance to another
Measuring device and method of measuring
Stethoscope cover incorporated into an isolation garment
Toothbrush employing an acoustic waveguide
Method of measuring abdominal thrusts for clinical use and training
Thermal retention patient hood
Poker game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Directional nozzle for a spiral separator
Ratcheting retaining ring
Indexing valve
Automatic lift faucet
Voltage block
Method and system for purging a dispensed fluid within a fluid dispensing system including a filter-free connector apparatus
Method to assemble a steam generator
Flat product of metal, in particular, in the form of a wall for heat exchangers, as well as a heat exchanger with a double layer wall of copper and titanium
Metallic wire for grip rings, producing method and apparatus thereof, producing method and apparatus of grip rings for tube connector with use of metallic wire and grip rings for tube connector
Metal filling device
Apparatus of recycling printed circuit board
Limited access building connection
Power tool work light
Arrangement having a first component, a second component and a connecting element
Package opener
Debris collection container for a planer
Method of processing wood
Electroplated metals with silvery-white appearance and method of making
Rotary roller printing press
Liquid ejection head and method of producing the same
Ink jet printing apparatus and print position setting method
Liquid ejection head, liquid ejection apparatus and image forming apparatus
Printing device, printing method, printing program and computer-readable recording medium on which the program is recorded
Cleaning device for ink-jet printers
Holder for liquid absorber and liquid ejecting apparatus incorporating the same
Printing apparatus having printhead chips with overlapping end portions
Hand stamp with housing having arcuate slot and stamp carrier movable within slot
Method of fabricating structured particles composed of silicon or a silicon-based material and their use in lithium rechargeable batteries
Reduction-drive device
Vehicle seat armrest assembly
Snap-in coupling assembly
Wireless remote-controlled searchlight with improved manipulator
Bumper system with integrated energy absorber underbar
Brake system for a motor vehicle
Reversible running stroller
Vehicle front body structure
Motorized trunk-closing system for automotive vehicle
Ram air turbine speed sensing ball detent over-speed prevention mechanism
Vacuum packaging machine having a plurality of vacuum chambers for performing a vacuum sealing operation on product packages
Single piece packaging container and device for making same
Synthetic resin bottle
Carton with removable corner portion
Collapsible container
Suspension packaging system
Multi-purpose fixing insert for toy containers and method of packaging
Adjustable conveyor system
Drive system for escalators or moving walkways
Multi-row passive component carrier tape
Method and apparatus for controlling a moving web
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Elevator levelling
Wheel for driving a flexible handrail
Safety cap
Actuator cap and product refill for a housing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device and method for melting a substance with the occurrence of a low level of contamination
Controlled radical copolymerization of fluorinated monomers by xanthate or trithiocarbonate
Bypass gas feed system and method to improve reactant gas flow and film deposition
Radial antenna and plasma device using it
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for monitoring load imbalance in a washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Rotary hammer with mode change ring
Method of installing tension members on supporting structures, and apparatus for performing the method
Vending machine lock assembly
Locking mechanism for door hinge
Hinge members and hinge assemblies
Rock drill bit having outer and inner rock-crushing buttons
Hands-free bail-elevator locking device with combined power/control connector, bail spreader and method for use
Orientation device for a core sample
Labyrinth seal for pumping system
Apparatus for driving fence posts and the like
Point anchor coated mine roof bolt
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine airfoil with counter-flow serpentine channels
Parallel serpentine cooled blade
Hydraulic valve lash adjusters
Coaxial poppet valve
Dual walled particular filter for transporting filtered exhaust to a compressor of a diesel engine turbocharger
System for harvesting energy including a counterweight and a system for controlling the angular position of the counterweight
Engine balancer apparatus
Internal combustion engine
Power generating system and method
Counter-rotating turbine engine and method of assembling same
System for positioning a piston including a fail fixed valve for holding the piston in position during a power interruption and method of using same
Final control element for a control unit
Intake manifold
Solar power system and method for power generation
Intake valve for a high-pressure pump, in particular for internal combustion engine fuel
Linear guide unit
Anti-leakage device for lubrication oil in a fan
Simple action actuator with a hydraulic fast-opening valve for controlling a clutch
Damping material, damping arrangement and method for designing a damping arrangement
Torque converter with a rotary oscillation damper
Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Adjustable flow rate valve
Mounting system and method for mounting an air conditioner
Sensor assembly for detecting ice crystal formation on heat exchange surface and ice-making machine incorporating the same
Air-conditioning system and method of installing energy recovery apparatus
Thermoelectric-enhanced, liquid-based cooling of a multi-component electronic system
Protecting method of article
Direct cooling pallet tray for temperature stability for deep ion mill etch process
Muzzle brakes for weapons
Sensor module for a probe head of a tactile coordinated measuring machine
Surface mountable assembly for a line generating device
Liquid composition for ink jet, ink set for ink jet, ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
Method and system for inserting a probe
Method and system for people counting using passive infrared detectors
Failsafe mechanism for preventing an integrated circuit from overheating
Pressure sensor
Displacement instrument for determining the modulus of a material
Nickel-coated free-standing silicon carbide structure for sensing fluoro or halogen species in semiconductor processing systems, and processes of making and using same
Apparatus and process for sensing fluoro species in semiconductor processing systems
Extended accuracy flexured plate dual capacitance accelerometer
Packet spraying for load balancing across multiple packet processors
Reflector for laser interrogation of three-dimensional objects
Optical fiber connecting portion structure and light monitor apparatus
Method, apparatus, and system for using an optical link with electrical link receiver detection
Laser module with sealed package containing limited optical components
Image projector having a LED light source
DC-DC converting circuit
Offset transmission shift lever and isolator arrangement
Accelerator pedal module
Storage management technology
Interface control
Computer method and system for attachment reduction
Technique for effective organization and communication of information
Low latency communication via memory windows
Confidential communication method using VPN, system thereof, program thereof, and recording medium for the program
Network performance monitoring
Systems and methods for data packet processing
Balancing the allocation of virtual machines in cloud systems
Architecture for moderating shared content consumption
Strong authentication token with acoustic data input over multiple carrier frequencies
Unauthorized use preventing system of projection-type projector
Interactive email
Authentication server and authentication method by authentication server
Programmable signal processing circuit and method of demodulating via a demapping instruction
Camera system comprising color display and processor for decoding data blocks in printed coding pattern
IC card module
Product management system
Visual code system for camera-equipped mobile devices and applications thereof
Universal card reader
Isolated control apparatus incorporating light controlled power semiconductors
Aiming indicia for a bar code and method of use
Image processing method and image processing apparatus for performing a tone correction to acquire a combined image
Managing on-line transactions
Gaming system in which a plurality of slot machines scramble for awards
Multisensor system for the blind
Interactive medical device monitoring and management system
Emergency detection and alert device and system utilizing a mobile communication device
Hand care reporting panel
System to monitor the ingestion of medicines
Warning application systems for vehicle movement activated electrical power generator, and method for providing electrical power
Estimation of arrival times at transit stops
Dieting support system and dieting support method
Retail display article and system
Support systems
Autograph ball
Display apparatus and driving method thereof
Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
Noise control panels to provide a noise-free environment for infants
Text-to-speech for digital literature
Method and apparatus to determine and use audience affinity and aptitude
Determining estimated position information of a magnetic recording tape using media thickness estimation
Locating data stored on a magnetic medium
Reading method for linear tape open
Suspension board with circuit
Notched trailing shield for perpendicular write head
Tape dimension compensation
Suspension board with circuit and head gimbal assembly
Optical recording device, optical recording method and multi-layer disk
Semiconductor memory device
Electric element
Deep sleep wakeup of multi-bank memory
Fine granularity power gating
Ceramic scintillator body and scintillation device
Method and apparatus for control of coherent synchrotron radiation effects during recirculation with bunch compression
Power-electronic-type fault current limiter using magnetic turn-off principle
Wireless power transfer for furnishings and building elements
Chip component, substrate and electronic apparatus
Method for winding coil on an object
Relay for a defibrillator
Rapid tri-state bidirectional switching device
Method of manufacturing small fuse
White LED device having LED chips directly driven by alternating current
Fluorescent display tube with touch switch and method of forming electrode and wiring of same
Data sampler, data sampling method, and photo detecting apparatus including data sampler that minimizes the effect of offset
Apparatus, hybrid laminated body, method and materials for temporary substrate support
Wafer backside particle mitigation
Method of molding semiconductor package
Semiconductor device exhibiting reduced parasitics and method for making same
Method of producing semiconductor wafer, and semiconductor wafer
Method of forming well-controlled extension profile in MOSFET by silicon germanium based sacrificial layer
Methods of forming gate structures for semiconductor devices using a replacement gate technique and the resulting devices
Contact bars with reduced fringing capacitance in a semiconductor device
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits with robust gate electrode structure protection
Integrated cluster to enable next generation interconnect
Organic light-emitting display apparatus and related manufacturing method
Display panel and display device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Lead carrier with print-formed terminal pads
Three-terminal antifuse structure having integrated heating elements for a programmable circuit
Graphene wiring and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Light emitting device with selection circuit for image signal polarity inversion
Thin-film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display device including the same, and method of manufacturing the thin-film transistor array substrate
Vertical-channel type junction SiC power FET and method of manufacturing same
High voltage gallium nitride based semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Power semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Power semiconductor device capable of maintaining a withstand voltage
Planar vertical DMOS transistor with a conductive spacer structure as gate
GaN based semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Photoelectric conversion device
Titanium incorporation into absorber layer for solar cell
Solar cell module
Solar panel enclosure unit
Photoelectric conversion device
Phosphor dispersion liquid, and production method for LED device using same
Shielded electrical contact and doping through a passivating dielectric layer in a high-efficiency crystalline solar cell, including structure and methods of manufacture
Light-emitting device
Lighting-emitting device with nanostructured layer and method for fabricating the same
Power generator
Memory device
Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Light-weight bipolar valve regulated lead acid batteries and methods therefor
Portable solar power trailer with rotatable panels
Oxygen permeable film, oxygen permeable sheet, and cell including these
Rechargeable battery
Battery pack
Modular battery system and components
Low molecular weight salts combined with fluorinated solvents for electrolytes
Combinations of fluorinated solvents with imide salts or methide salts for electrolytes
Ion conductor and solid state battery
Fuel cell module and method manufacturing the same
Multi mode filter for realizing wide band using capacitive coupling / inductive coupling and capable of tuning coupling value
Multiband antenna
Radio device
Antenna device and wireless communication apparatus
Connection apparatus for electronic device
Socket with a cover lock
Receptacle connector
Replacement adaptor for broken clip on cable connector
Connector device for building integrated photovoltaic device
Crimpable insulated electrical connector
Metal part for an electrical connection device, a method of producing same and an electrical terminal equipped therewith
Hybrid vertical-cavity laser
Cable pulling system
Method and apparatus for storing power from irregular and poorly controlled power sources
Multi-chemistry battery charging system and method of identifying and improved charging technique for primary and secondary dry-cell batteries
Battery charging circuit
Add-on communication apparatus attached to in-cable charging control device and operating method thereof
Dual mode charging device
Electric vehicle battery storage system
Charge-discharge control device, charge-discharge monitoring device, charge-discharge control system, and computer program product
High efficiency high output density electrical power generator
Stator structure and stator manufacturing method
Motor support structure of lens barrel
Assembly for converting an input AC voltage to an output AC voltage
Electric power supply apparatus
Very high frequency switching cell-based power converter
Power conversion with controlled capacitance charging including attach state control
Inverter device and electric motor drive system
Method for starting a single-phase induction motor, starting device for a single-phase motor and starting system therefor
Low power high-speed digital receiver
Musical instrument master volume amplifier
Gate drive circuit
Digital down conversion and demodulation
Systems, devices, and methods for continuous-time digital signal processing and signal representation
Data-processing device and data-processing method
Magnetic tape recording in data format using an efficient reverse concatenated modulation code
Systems and methods for clock calibration for satellite navigation
Communication apparatus
Data transmission system and method for transmitting data in a data transmission system
Apparatus for communicating a plurality of antenna signals at different optical wavelengths
Optical transmission system, optical transmitting apparatus, and optical receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for compensating impairments in radio frequency circuitry of a wireless device
Apparatus and method for determining received signal level in ray-tracing wave propagation environment
Train or trailer communication system
Method for reducing interference at a terminal of a wireless cellular network, wireless cellular network, node and central node of a wireless network
Base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus and control information transmission method
Mimo beamforming-based single carrier frequency division multiple access system
High rate packet data (HRPD) idle state handout from femto access point to macro access network
Two-dimensional transmit power compensation
Wavelength path switching method, optical communication system, optical communication device, optical repeater, and network management device
Systems and methods for processing time-division signals and frequency-division signals
Apparatus and method for processing path management packet
Distributed clock network with time synchronization and activity tracing between nodes
Method and apparatus for optimizing and scaling control plane traffic in carrier ethernet transport networks
Distributed path update in hybrid networks
Quality-of-experience measurement for voice services
Computation of measurement metrics for wireless networks
Internetworking and failure recovery in unified MPLS and IP networks
Methods and devices for providing robust nomadic wireless mesh networks using directional antennas
Network module
Self-configuration of an E-node-B
Systems and methods for estimating processing workloads
Load balancing traffic in a MPLS network
Method and apparatus for creating and distributing cost telephony-switching functionality within an IP network
Routing control system for L3VPN service network
Method and apparatus for processing GPRS tunneling protocol user plane traffic in a cloud-based mobile network
Hierarchical profiled scheduling and shaping
Method and device for signal processing
Spatio-temporal processing for communication
Storing log likelihood ratios in interleaved form to reduce hardware memory
Detecting malicious circumvention of virtual private network
System and method of maintaining private communications using coded messages
Method and apparatus for remote connection
Isolation proxy server system
Secure access using location-based encrypted authorization
Identity verification
Location based enforcement of mobile policy
Method for compensating the frequency dependent phase imbalance
Communication system, receiver, and eye-opening measuring method
Identity management on a wireless device
Method for authentication of a wireless backup system for an optical network unit
Gasket structure for a terminal apparatus
Accessory for mobile devices
Method and apparatus for designing an improved transmit signal for use in a single ended line test (SELT)
Method and apparatus for acoustically characterizing an environment in which an electronic device resides
System and method for indicating emergency call back to user equipment
Real time feedback of script logic
Calendar-callback voicemail
Image test apparatus, image test system, and image test method
Image decoding device, image coding device, methods thereof, programs thereof, integrated circuits thereof, and transcoding device
Method, apparatus and system for visual inspection of transcoded video
Efficient storage of motion information for high efficiency video coding
Image data compression
Frame buffer compression for video processing devices
Deblocking filtering method and deblocking filter
Video data
Apparatus and method of reducing noise of image
Generating a composite field of view using a plurality of oblique panoramic images of a geographic area
Apparatus and method for generating and consuming three-dimensional (3D) data format to generate realistic panoramic image
Central processor with multiple programmable processor units
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Display method and associated apparatus
Transmission terminal, communication system, and computer-readable storage medium
Spot notification method, spot notification device, and spot notification device program
Managing common content on a distributed storage system
Method and system for determining a channel service
Mobile eye tracking system
Imaging apparatus
System and method for managing moving surveillance cameras
Method and system for producing full motion media to display on a spherical surface
Sub-surface marine light unit with variable wavelength light emission and an integrated camera
Method and apparatus for generating multimedia data having decoding level, and method and apparatus for reconstructing multimedia data by using the decoding level
Medium and method for interactive seamless branching and/or telescopic advertising
Moving-image playback device
Oscillation device and electronic apparatus
Hybrid derivation of surround sound audio channels by controllably combining ambience and matrix-decoded signal components
Suspension for sound transducer
Inner magnet type microspeaker
Radio frequency interference awareness assistance data
Communication device
System and method to support data applications in a multi-homing, multi-mode communication device
System and method to support data applications in a multi-homing, multi-mode communication device
Responding to an interactive multicast message within a wireless communication system
Method and system of power saving and portable device using the same
Server for undertaking control plane in mobile communication network and method for supporting traffic detour service mobility in same server
Method and apparatus for device-to-device communication
Wireless communication method, wireless communication system, and wireless communication apparatus
Apparatus and method for obtaining inconspicuous user input on a mobile device
Apparatus and method of establishing credit on a cash register or printer
Method and apparatus for network personalization of subscriber devices
Updating of network selection information
Bluetooth low energy module systems and methods
Method for performing random access procedure for reporting abnormal power outage in wireless access system supporting M2M environment
Mobile communication system, method of controlling the same, and radio base station apparatus
Power adaptation apparatus and power adaptation method for controlling uplink/downlink power
Method and apparatus for configuring enhanced timing measurements involving multifarious radio links
Method and apparatus for classifying a mobile device location
Method and apparatus to facilitate support for multi-radio coexistence
Aperiodic channel state information reporting method, radio base station apparatus and user terminal
Wireless communication method and apparatus
Wireless communication device
Alternating current (AC) line voltage determination
Lighting system
Regulator for LED lighting color mixing
Light source apparatus and vehicle headlight using the same
Lighting apparatus having complex sensor and interworking type lighting system
Self-oscillating resonant converter-based light emitting diode (LED) driver
Semiconductor package and wiring board having the semiconductor package thereon
Method of producing printed circuit board, and printed board produced by the method
Display apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Golf green repair apparatus and method
Leveling wheel structure for a minimum tillage ripper
Folding agricultural implement frame
Spreader/sprayer for lawn mower apparatus
Forage harvester header having conveyor arrangement for controlling crop stalks
Machine for harvesting fruit and berries and the like from fruit trees and bushes planted in a row, and shaker rod for a machine of this kind
Crop harvesting header with cam controlled movement of the reel fingers
Pick-up rake
Brake for a disc cutterbar
Lawn and garden edging device
Apparatus or installation and method for hydroponic cultivation of plants
Cover forming apparatus
Device and method for examination and handling of deer and other animals
Reversible crank handle for a fishing reel
Fish hook releasing device
Tool and method for trimming and shoeing a hoof
Lighted insect trap
Reusable pesticide bait station
Spring trap setting device
Gopher probe
Drinking receptacle
Device and method for controlling fermentation and ensilagation of food
Method and device for regulating the output humidity of tobacco
Thin cigarettes having filter elements with distinct relative retentions
Hypobaric cigarette filter device
Continuously knit hosiery and underwear garments having variably graduated diameters
Glove with tapered fingers
Sole for footwear
Athletic training shoe inserts and method of fabrication
Spike for golf shoes
Device for immobilizing the ends shoe laces
Footwear article using a criss-crossing lacing pattern
Hook tape fabrication method
Immobilized and aligned closure systems
Umbrella structure for releasing wind
Universally adaptable mobilized storage container
Full-gussetted luggage and an associated method of making full-gussetted luggage
Kit with illuminated tweezers and magnifying mirror
Hair clasp
Luggage including a removable carrier bag
Foldable ski carrier pack assembly
Device and method for holding a handheld object
Cane clip attachment
Replaceable head toothbrush providing controlled brushing pressure
Mascara applicator assembly having inturning wiper fingers
Hairstyling device having coupling and interchangeable heads
Modular storage assembly for miniature toy collection
Storage rack
Merchandise display
Shoe carousel device
Apparatus and method for operating a checkout system having an RF transmitter for communicating to a number of wireless personal pagers
Novelty drinking apparatus
Drinking vessel
Spill-resistant container with reinforced cold plug
Clothing protective device
Service tray
Cover for an open-topped container for food and/or drink
Method of attaching a floral sleeve to a pot via bonding material
Poultry cooking apparatus
Self-heating or self-cooling containers
Device for preparing food
Toaster rack system
Cooking system
Dispenser apparatus and method
Anti-explosion steam vacuum cleaner heating structure
Device for drying objects
Vacuum cleaner bag mounting assembly
Turbo-brush for cleaning a surface
Upright type vacuum cleaner having a cyclone type dust collector
Emptying device for a cyclone vacuum cleaner
Vacuum hose and cord holder
Electric power cord retrieving device for vacuum cleaner
Instrument for interrupting conduction paths within the heart
Device and method for forming a circumferential conduction block in a pulmonary vein
Laser onychectomy by resection of the redundant epithelium of the ungual crest
Animal bandage device
Individually packaged absorbent article and a method for making the same
Apparatus for making an absorbent composite product
Method and apparatus for correction for gynecological pathologies including treatment of female cystocele
Delivery apparatus, nozzle, and removable tip assembly
Lateral stiffening snoring treatment
Casket interior kit
Method for moving finger joints
Method and kit for making injections and withdrawing blood without the use of protective gloves
Administration of CPAP treatment pressure in presence of apnea
Portable single patient use carbon dioxide detector
Rebar anchorage system for horizontal lifeline
High pressure fitting with dual locking swaging mechanism
Low pressure, early suppression fast response sprinklers
Mobile firefighting systems with breathable hypoxic fire extinguishing compositions for human occupied environments
Beverage cooler
Columnar race game
Transfigurable self-erecting structure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electrical circuit for testing a transducer horn assembly
Sub-sea membrane separation system with temperature control
Seal for holding a microwave antenna at a pressurized tank of a gas drying system and method
Method and system for feeding a reducing agent into a catalyst device
In situ water and soil remediation method and system
Tricoaxial injection element
Feed sensor system and method of operation
Process and plant for processing interleaved glass
Packaging and dispensing device fitted with a dispenser head
Paint booth temperature control system
Pipeline padding machine and method
Cleaning sponge roller
Method and apparatus for cleaning workpieces with uniform relative velocity
Method and device for cleaning and polishing jewelry
Surface tension effect dryer with porous vessel walls
Method and apparatus for cleaning industrial pipe systems
Method and apparatus for flushing x-ray tube heat exchanger
Rolling unit for a rolling mill for rolling or sizing metal pipes, bars or wires
Driver system for reducing the speed of or dragging metal strips
Coiling machine for hot rolled stock such as strip or sheet and relative coiling method
Device and method for manufacturing turbulators for use in compact heat exchangers
Vehicle wheel cover retention system and method for producing same
Method of the buttoning type for assembling sheets together without welding
Method of manufacturing a heat-exchanger fin, fins according to the method and exchange module including these fins
Method of forming a cylindrical portion of a sheet metal member having a center hole
Component rolling tool of dynamic pressure groove and component rolling method
High performance forged aluminum connecting rod and method of making the same
Method of controlling the movements of the squeeze plates of a string moulding apparatus and string moulding apparatus
Casting having an enhanced heat transfer, surface, and mold and pattern for forming same
Continuous casting process for producing low carbon steel strips and strips so obtainable with good as cast mechanical properties
Controllable variable magnetic field apparatus for flow control of molten steel in a casting mold
Hand-held casting device for molding a hollow pointed, grooved, and twice throughbored bullet
Multiproperty metal forming process
Cutter head together with knife and knife holder therefor
Table saw blade heel adjuster
Blade ejection mechanism for a saw blade clamping arrangement of a power tool
Viewing window for circular saw guard
Soldering method
Wire bonding apparatus
Method for producing steel rolling bearing rings
Manufacturing plant and system for manufacturing rigid bodies
Transfer line workpiece inspection apparatus and method
Method of repairing a turbine blade tip
Method of machining workpiece with complex tool
Method of beveling plate-like metal member
Method and apparatus for abrasive for abrasive fluid jet peening surface treatment
Group for joining closed-loop abrasive belts
Impact ratchet wrench
Combination skateboard tool
Screwdriver with easily replaceable bits
360 degree clutch collar
Tooling for camshaft gear removal
One-hand actuated, self-closing pliers
Magazine for nail gun
Holder for a drive piston of a setting tool
Washer supply device for power nailers
Pneumatic tool assembly
Knife handle
Transformable vehicle
Power driven hair clipper
Shaving apparatus
Edge trimming tool
Adjustable safety utility knife with slip resistant elements
Melon slicer
Method for cutting a layup of sheet material
Sleeve cutting apparatus
Process for producing an industrial member having throughholes of high aspect ratio
Sample cutting apparatus
Static chopper for thin webs
Work apparatus having a centrifugal clutch
Adjustable miter attachment
Multiple-speed gear arrangement for portable planer and other power tools
Cutter support body for high speed cutting heads for woodworking
No-vibration and no-noise rock splitter of oil hydraulic piston type
Apparatus for sealing packaging containers
Roof covering and its method of making and using, comprising a rib mesh corrugated with at least one outer layer, the generally parallel corrugations permitting deformation without restoring creep
Cylindrical body of fiber drum and method of fabricating the cylindrical body
Assembly method and installation, a device assembled thereby, and a unit including the device
Method for seamless engraving of patterns
Cylinder drive
Printing unit for a rotary printing machine with cross slide
Printing press
Printed media transverse binder
Method of fabricating a micro-electromechanical systems device
Stencil printing machine having moistener mechanism
Card file assembly
Lightweight high capacity industrial caster
Security device and method for transport devices
Dual ring tire inflator with splittable support plate
Integral solid tire
Pneumatic racing cart tire and manufacturing method thereof
Utility transport tractor
Apparatus for tarping flatbed trailers
Vehicle front structure
Tubing manifold with expansion loops
Fuel tank valve apparatus
Motor vehicle
Apparatus and method of controlling a vehicle
Arrangement for operating a transportation system with a magnetic levitation vehicle
Tablet form of gas generant
Column lock device
Shopping bag holders for vehicles
ATV carrier rack
Vehicle-mounted load carrier
Carrier rack for vehicle
Mechanical type drum brake device
Integrated handlebar and master cylinder having piston and hydraulic line coaxially aligned with major central axis of handlebar
Two stage brake valve
Method of manufacture of a structural body
Converted multiple hopper rail car and method for making same
Multi-functional radiator support assembly
Steering system for a vehicle
Rear cab latch mechanism
Rack bar and manufacturing method thereof
Suspension mechanism for a snowmobile
Mount system
Change-speed lever for a bicycle gear
Engine supporting structure for motorcycle
Turret support system and bearing unit
Marine carrier
Anchoring system
Road-towed heavy ferry
Submarine torpedo tube underwater vehicle recovery system
Suspension device for connecting an item of on-board equipment to the structure of a vehicle, particularly a rotary-wing aircraft
Side thruster of flying object
Machine for packaging mattresses in a sheet unwound continuously from a roll
Method for manufacturing a package for packaging food products and apparatus for executing the method
Insulation strapping machine
Method of supporting plastic containers during product filling and packaging when exposed to elevated temperatures and internal pressure variations
Device for arranging gelatine capsules for loading in blister packs
Bag closing apparatus
Sterilizing liquid remover
Packing material feeding apparatus for vertical-type bag form-fill-sealing machine
Folding laminated containers
Strapless pallet
Container having storage area with separate chamber
Self-opening bag
Washing system with auxiliary reservoir
Synthetic resin tube container
Closure cap
One touch tray for produce and the like
Spacer for coiled products
Carton having panel-interlocking means
Container holding apparatus
Package for ink cartridge and method for packing cartridge
Systems and methods for storing items with containers
Child resistant pill dispensing package
Powered conveyor system
Driving roll
System and method for transporting bulk materials and loading apparatus therefor
Carriage for an endless conveyor and a conveying mechanism for such a carriage
Method and apparatus for high speed plastic container unscrambling
Selection and supply device for cylindrical-type products
Separating conveyor for the transfer of unit loads
Duct corner dispenser and method of dispensing duct corners
Weather shield for below a dock leveler
System and method for producing a continuous fabric strip for a use in manufacturing paint roller covers
Adhesive tape piece sticking device
Apparatus providing a point of sale printer with a large paper supply roll having controlled acceleration and deceleration
Device for the suspension guidance of a travelling web
Apparatus and method for folding and dispensing tape
Process for exchanging the bearings of a traversing fiber guiding rod and textile machine accommodating same
Wire-winding box capable of unidirectionally winding wire
Conveyor crossover
Ergonomic platform lift
Safe and quick bottle opener for removing a cork stopper
Beverage dispenser
Beverage dispensing system
Device for cooling and tapping
Saddle girth
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Internal combustion fuel reforming
Oxygen doping of silicon oxyfluoride glass
Method for quartz crucible fabrication
Belt for bending a glass sheet, and method and apparatus for bending a glass sheet using the same
Method and apparatus for making individual glass panes
Method and apparatus for controlling an outside diameter of a preform bait tube during a glass layer deposition process
Optical fiber fabrication method
Manufacturing method of an optical fiber
Design of gas injection for the electrode in a capacitively coupled RF plasma reactor
Surface modification using an atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma source
Methods and compositions for grouting heat exchange pipe
Process of making a metal matrix composite (MMC) component
Processes for forming styrene/methyl methacrylate copolymers
Nonflammable mixed refrigerants (MR) for use with very low temperature throttle-cycle refrigeration systems
Treating shale and clay in hydrocarbon producing formations
Method and apparatus for dewatering fiber cells
Method of treating fabric with fabric care composition containing polycarboxylate polymer and compound derived from urea
Container for anaerobic products
Chamber having improved gas energizer and method
Textiles; Paper
Process for the production of a face-to-face carpet fabric
Composite nonwoven fabric and method for making same
Independent single end servo scroll pattern attachment for tufting machine and computerized design system
Machine for wet rope form treatment
Imaged nonwoven fabrics
Drum-shaped container for a laundry washing or drying machine
Washing machine and method of breaking up same
Effluent shower for pulp washer
Refiner disk sensor and sensor refiner disk
Fixed Constructions
Dowel placement apparatus for concrete slabs
Attachment for an all terrain vehicle
Apparatus and method for preparing an excavator stick for transport
Method and apparatus for lifting a work implement attached to a work machine
Hydraulic recovery system for construction machine and construction machine using the same
Apparatus and method for coupling an excavation tooth assembly
Backflow prevention assembly
Spigot pipe anchor method and apparatus
Anchoring device for components made of concrete
PVC wall panel system
Apparatus for stabilizing a channel member
Rod chairs
Single-ply roofing membrane with laminated, skinned nonwoven
Drywall finishing outside corner end-caps
Crypt burial apparatus
Method of erecting a tent
Erectable canopy with reinforced roof structure
Temporary canopy structure
Portable fabric structure
Electric powered portable pool cleaner
Electronic combination lock having anti-tampering features
Cylindrical shell for a deadbolt
Storage lock mechanism
Plug for operatively connecting torsion springs to overhead shafts of counterbalancing systems used for garage doors and the like
Apparatus for connecting a cabinet door hinge to a frameless cabinet wall
Electric window regulator having a spring for increasing the time in which an anti-pinching system can operate
Blast resistant window framework and elements thereof
Storm cover for protecting exterior building glass and associated method
Safety and protection device for an industrial door
Accessorized stepladder
Hollow tubing pumping system
Coiled tubing drilling rig
Method for improving performance of fishing and drilling jars in deviated and extended reach well bores
Well cap apparatus
Reinforced borehole plugs
Hydraulic actuator
Percussive down-the-hole hammer for rock drilling, and a drill bit used therein
Method and apparatus for measuring multiple parameters of steam
Interface monitoring placement system
Ice auger cutting head
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine airfoil process sequencing for optimized tip performance
Exhaust power recovery system
Fuel moisturization control
High pressure bypass sliding setpoint for steam-cooled turbine
Valve timing and lift control system
Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for two-step cam profile switching
Electromagnetic actuator for operating a cylinder valve of an internal combustion engine
Engine lubrication system
Fluid level measuring system
Reciprocating internal combustion engine including a camshaft
Method and system for controlling storage and release of exhaust gas constituents in an emission control device
Catalyst monitoring in a diesel engine
Engine exhaust gas cleaning system
Induction cooled exhaust filtration system
Exhaust emission control device of internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine gas flow control
Fuel vapor emission system
Steam-injection type gas turbine
Unit for controlling electronically controlled throttle valve
Method and apparatus for processing output of position measurement sensor
Process for exhaust gas recirculation into the air intake region of motor vehicle internal combustion engines and device therefor
Engine combustion control device
Method and apparatus for adjusting an internal combustion engine with variable valve timing
Gaseous fueled engine system and method
Intake-air quantity control apparatus for internal combustion engines
Intake air control system of engine
Air-fuel ratio control system for internal combustion engine and control method therof
Transmission system utilizing centrifugal clutch
Diesel engine control
Method of assessing operation of an internal combustion engine common-rail injection system
Electronically controlled throttle valve with limp home mechanism
Articulated piston having a profiled skirt
Stub airfoil exhaust nozzle
Method and apparatus for reforming gas vapors of an internal combustion engine
Device for the transfer of exhaust gas from the exhaust collector of a supercharged internal combustion engine to the inlet conduit thereof
Exhaust gas recirculation system module
Integrated pressure management apparatus having electronic control circuit
Fluid heat exchanger assembly
Foamed over integrated circuit for intake manifold
Check valve for engine fuel supply system
Assembly for transferring fuel from a motor vehicle tank
Fuel injector
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Control system for direct fuel injection engine
Modular fuel injector having a snap-on orifice disk retainer and having a terminal connector interconnecting an electromagnetic actuator with an electrical terminal
Coating for a fuel injector seat
Solenoid valve for regulating the fuel supply pressure of an internal combustion engine
Cover for a fuel pressure regulator of an air assist fuel injection system
Wiring connection for fuel injectors
Electro-desorption compressor
Methods and apparatus for testing fluid compressors
Seal for hydropneumatic pressure intensifier
Hydraulic system for a work machine
Modular surface mount manifold assemblies
Hydraulic system with cross function regeneration
Hydraulic line connection
Friction drive cable shifter
Double row taper-roller bearing and method of assembling the same bearing
Cam for composite camshaft
Friction clutch with a device for taking up wear in the friction liners, especially for a motor vehicle
Driver disk for a clutch plate
Low-noise low-friction resistance, one-way drive car wheel assembly
Clutch connection control system
Brake for a rotary turntable
Brake actuation using a toggle clamp
Cylinder device for a disk brake
Friction engagement device
Continuously variable transmission
Hydrodynamic clutch
Adjustable ramp helix
Drive axle for motor vehicle
Expanded graphite knitting yarn and a gland packing
Hydraulic release system
Shock actuated responsive mechanism for vertical fluid valve assemblies
Method for checking the operational readiness of a valve
Intrinsic gauging for tube fittings
Protecting and identifying fittings
Test plug handle
Method of testing boiler tube integrity and probe for same
Combined hydraulic fluid cooler/tank
Solid material melting apparatus
Three-dimensional swirler in a gas turbine combustor
Combustor dome assembly and method of assembling the same
Counter addition for a range top
Combined expansion valve and fixed restriction system for refrigeration cycle
Remote inspection and control of refrigerator
Refrigeration system with modulated condensing loops
Automatic ice maker of the open-cell type
Cooling cabinet
Cryogenic rectification system using magnetic refrigeration
Cooler housing apparatus and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for undirectional coolant flow control unit for pressurized cooling systems
Plate heat exchanger for multiple circuit refrigeration system
Rotary magazine for firearm with hold-open lever
Safety mechanism for preventing unauthorized use of a firearm
Rapid feed paintball loader with pivotable deflector
Model gun in the type of revolver
Overhead arrow support device
Multi-railgun system using three phase alternating current
Pressure-balanced gas turbine underwater launcher
Armor system for flexible cables and conduits
Method of making a high-explosive projectile
Coil restraint device
Secured high-power electro-pyrotechnic initiator
Emergency rescue device
Sabot shotgun slug assembly
Firearm cartridge having a plurality of ignition primer chambers and associated methods for reducing the likelihood of misfire and cold shot and enhancing rapid and reliable firing
Apparatus and method for measuring alignment of metered dose inhaler valves
Apparatus for producing a visible line of light on a surface
Pole section for surveying equipment
Adjustable post level brackets
Leakage detector, a latching solenoid, a flow meter, and a liquid dispensing apparatus including same
Metering pulse transducer
Microsensor for measuring velocity and angular direction of an incoming air stream
System for measuring multiphase flow using multiple pressure differentials
Determining gas and liquid flow rates in a multi-phase flow
System and method for fluid compressibility compensation in a Coriolis mass flow meter
Method and apparatus for monitoring liquid level in a container
Collection shroud for indoor tire test apparatus
Method and apparatus for testing tires
Countermeasure hovering test fixture
Energy redistribution system for a vibrating system
Fluid sampling system
Portable air sampling apparatus including non-intrusive activity monitor and methods of using same
Single detector differential particulate mass monitor with intrinsic correction for volatilization losses
Ultrasonic strain gage using a motorized electromagnetic acoustic transducer
Microscratch test indenter and method of microscratch testing
Test strip holder for supporting test strips measuring the intensity of shot peening in cavities
Chromatography detection system and method
Capacitance type dynamic quantity sensor having displacement portion and formed by wire bonding
Method of alignment between sheet materials, method of alignment, substrate assembling method and aligning apparatus
Photographic mount
Cardboard-plastic slide mount
Method of fabricating a light-shielding blade composed of beryllium-aluminum alloy
Printing plate processing apparatus and method of detecting the location of a register mark on a printing plate
Wireless method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling food temperature
Method and system for encoding information on a printed page by modulation of the dot development
Compact dual aperture scanner
Data acquisition device
Scanning beam system and method for reading information symbols
Methods and apparatus for dual thresholding in processing of barcode signals
Pre-paid card system and method
System and method for performing money transfer transaction using TCP/IP
Method and apparatus using verifiable data destruction procedure to initiate removal of supply chain transaction
Method of correcting face image, makeup simulation method, makeup method makeup supporting device and foundation transfer film
Device, method, and system for extracting deposited items from an ATM/CAT safe
Multiple coin holder
Garment dispensing and receiving apparatus having a removable cartridge body and a flexible dispensing door
System for card to card transfer of secure data
Decorative display apparatus
Piezoelectric rotating point-of-purchase display
Shadow display device
Portable display support with combined stabilizer and insertion aid
Tape leader member in a single-reel tape cartridge
Method and apparatus for storing and displaying electronic storage media
Apparatus for holding a compact disk
Touch panel with click button for elevator
Method of electroforming a slip ring
Rack cabinet and method for making same
Cable insulation slitting tool
Armature coil winder
Speaker having a hemispherical vibrator
Circuit board card cage with one-piece, integral card guide units
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