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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Substituted phenyl(oxy/thio)alkanol derivatives
Substituted pyridine compound
Heat dissipating assembly and mold having the same
Vaporizer kit for tobacco, medications, and the like
Sealing system for refrigerator
Shopping cart child safety restraint device
Tool-free shelving system
Bathroom washing apparatus with plural basins and integrated waterflow features
Nozzle assembly and composite stretch material produced by using the same
EphA4 is a disease modifier in motor neuron disease
Etomidate analogues that do not inhibit adrenocortical steroid synthesis
Substituted pyridazines as PDE10A inhibitors
Topical ocular analgesic agents
2,5-disubstituted arylsulfonamide CCR3 antagonists
Pyrido [4,3-b] indole and pyrido [3,4-b] indole derivatives and methods of use
Process for isolating tigecycline and tigecycline made therefrom
Crystalline forms of tenofovir dipivoxil fumarate
Method for producing hematopoietic stem cells
Tetranectin-apolipoprotein A-I, lipid particles containing it and its use
Use of IgG.sub.1 immunoglobulins and/or ligands of the CD32 receptor for treating inflammatory diseases and manifestations via the mucosal route
Antibodies against human TWEAK and uses thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus, systems, and methods for sampling and conditioning a fluid
Apparatus for mechanically treating a liquid composition and method for mechanically treating such a liquid composition
Actuation of valves using electroosmotic pump
Automatic feed paper shredder with improved paper pressing mechanism
Coating apparatus including a chamber, sensor, removal unit and control device for application of liquid to a substrate
Modular-construction vacuum-coating system
Methods for applying polymer-modified wet concrete mixtures
Method of production of pressed sheet parts with integrated preparation of blanks of non-uniform thickness
Cycle wheel rim and method of manufacture
Method of producing metal matrix composite (MMC) with uniform surface layers
Chainsaw with a sharpening element
Receiver plate-coupler plate assembly
Apparatus for removing plugs
Positioning block for positioning object on work bench
Moving fixture and related moving apparatus
Mobile robot and mobile truck
Moistening system for presses
Production of synthetic, non-flammable wicker
Holding ring for a blow mould for locking and fixing a plastics material pre-form
Folding device
Production process of polyimide film laminate, and polyimide film laminate
Roof module
Resin particle having many recesses on the surface thereof
Assembly including a reinforced composite part with a pre-formed rivet receiving button
Image forming apparatus with medium holding devices retractable to access transport path
Inkjet head, driving device of inkjet head and driving method thereof
Tire rotation device
Truck bed extension cover
Machine body and machinery
Accel and brake
Assist grip
Header trailer with improved steering
Control of a personal transporter based on user position
Auxiliary trailer lighting and control device
Adjustable extremely large mirror for a vehicle
Harness routing structure for electric vehicle
Cross member for a motor vehicle
Hybrid vehicle and conversion kit
Vehicle airbag
Retention dock
Detection apparatus and method
Heated windshield wiper assembly
Folding travel wagon
Lid box joining structure and joining method
Advanced engagement small overlap deflector
Synchronously controlling device for a bicycle
Air intake device
Method for joining two fuselage sections by creating a transverse butt joint as well as transverse butt joint connection
Parachute canopy insert
Apparatus for the handling of multiwall bags containing powdered or particulate material
Apparatus for the closure of containers with clean room
Pouch pack having a pressure outlet
Waste receptacle system for securing a plurality of plastic liners
Feeding device
Roller conveying module with separating device
Arrangement and method for print product distribution
Method for the vacuum-pneumatic transporting of bulk materials with a high mass concentration
Apparatus for transporting a quantity of lost circulation material and methods of making and using same
Curl straightening method and image forming apparatus
Winding device
Printing finishing system and method for operating a print finishing system
Sheet feeding device, control method for the sheet feeding device, and image forming apparatus incorporating the sheet feeding device
Fastener removal device
Jack structure
Material handling device and weighing apparatus usable therewith
Universal adjustable marine deck fill lid key
Screw cap removal tool
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Molten salt rolling bubble column, reactors utilizing same and related methods
Process for increasing hydrogen content of synthesis gas
Carbon activation in a microwave fluidized bed process
Sulfide oxidation process for production of molybdenum oxides from molybdenite
Process for manufacturing needle-shaped strontium carbonate particles
Method for removing drugs from waste water using neutralized bauxite residue
Chitosan derivative, a method for its preparation and its use as an adsorption agent
Method of treating treatment object containing harmful compound
Burner holder for a burner of a melting vat
Method of making particulate material
Method of cementing using polymeric retarder
Compositions and methods for servicing subterranean wells
Process and installation for production of clinker and electricity, and process for modification of a production installation of clinker
Synthesis of Aliskiren
Leukotriene B.sub.4 antagonist compound
Method to produce alcohols from organic acids
Nitric acid oxidation processes
Bridged Spiro[2.4]heptane ester derivatives
Pyrrole derivatives as nicotinic acetylcholine receptor modulators for use in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders such as alzheimer's and parkinson's disease
Cathepsin C inhibitors
Substituted dicyanopyridines and use thereof
Intermediates to prepare herbicidal pyrimidone derivatives
Tricyclic compounds useful as neurogenic and neuroprotective agents
Method for producing epoxy compound
S-nitrosoglutathione reductase inhibitors
Organic compounds
Heterocyclic compound
Compound and asymmetric synthesis reaction
Process for manufacturing naphthyridine derivatives
Rare earth metal complex having phenanthroline compound as ligand
Substituted pyrido[3,2-e]pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazines as inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase (PARP)
Phosphorus--silicon synergistic flame retardants and the preparation method and use thereof
N-substituted mannosamine derivatives, process for their preparation and their use
Reduction of the content of protein contaminants in compositions comprising a vitamin K-dependent protein of interest
SEMA5B peptides and vaccines including the same
Methods of using E2F2 for the treatment of hypertension
Ciliary neurotrophic factor variants
Compositions and methods for the preparation of protease resistant human growth hormone glycosylation mutants
Human insulin analogues and derivatives comprising cysteine substitutions
Broad spectrum antibiotic arylomycin analogs
Propylene polymer with improved processability in thermoforming
Elution of metal ions from chelating resin using amino acid eluant
Method for manufacturing biodegradable copolymer by split-injecting aromatic dicarboxylic acid compound
Flame-retardant polylactic acid (PLA) by grafting through of phosphorus-containing polymers directly to PLA backbone
Process for crosslinking a polymer comprising pyridyl groups
Barrier coatings post-formation treated with multi-valent metal cations
Boron carbide high polymeric fiber
Reflector for light-emitting devices
Polyethylene having faster crystallization rate and improved environmental stress cracking resistance
Color and durability of ink-jet ink sets with added latex
Aluminum phosphate, polyphosphate, and metaphosphate particles and their use as pigments in paints and method of making same
Rinsing agent, and method for production of hard disk substrate
Heat transfer compositions
Reactions with undesirable components in a coking process
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of a gene from the Ebola virus
Method of diagnosing and treating cancer
Isolation and targeted suppression of lignin biosynthetic genes
Controllable on-off method for fish reproduction
Metal abstraction peptide with superoxide dismutase activity
Variant lipolytic enzymes and methods for expression thereof
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Compositions and methods for the production of L-homoalanine
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase I activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Phenylpyruvate reductase and method for manufacturing optically-active phenyllactic acid and 4-hydroxyl-phenyllactic acid using same enzyme
L-malate production by metabolically engineered escherichia coli
Mutants of a pseudomonas glumae butynol esterase
Cermet body and a method of making a cermet body
Process for the manufacture of sealed anodized aluminum components
Textiles; Paper
Stitch bonded creped fabric construction
Washing machine and washing method
Washing machine wherein the unbalanced load is balanced
Bagasse fractionation for cellulosic ethanol and chemical production
Fixed Constructions
Roof or window panel to metal roofing or siding interface securement system
Elevated water tank
Drywall joint system and method
Acoustic absorbent wall coating
Carpet tiling system and method of installation
Boom system, engineering machinery, and a method for acquiring boom system distal end position parameter
High rise building with a stairwell and a intake air shaft
Fence attachable awning
Partition assembly
Post pulling attachment system
Lock device with positioning assembly for two-way travel drawer
Motorcycle paraphernalia latching system
Safety gate locking strap and a safety gate assembly including the same
Filament wound composite ball
Methods for increasing methanogenesis in subsurface reservoirs
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Boundary layer disk turbine systems for controlling pneumatic devices
Oil supply system for a stationary turbomachine
Systems and methods to control flow in a rotor wheel
Blade for a gas turbine, method for manufacturing a turbine blade, and gas turbine with a blade
Recovery system using fluid coupling on power generating system
Multistage pressure condenser and steam turbine plant equipped with the same
Blowby gas handling assembly for internal combustion engine
Silencer arrangement
Flexible fuel generator and methods of use thereof
Gas turbine combustor endcover with adjustable flow restrictor and related method
Internal detonation engine, hybrid engines including the same, and methods of making and using the same
Assemblies and apparatus related to combustor cooling in turbine engines
Structure for preventing surge of 2-cylinder engine
Intake enhancement system for vehicle
Wind energy systems and methods of use
Distributing valve for concrete pump and the concrete pump
High pressure pump
Valve and seat assembly for high pressure pumps and method of use
Scroll fluid machine with cooling duct
Flow machine for a fluid having a radial sealing gap and a stationary wear ring
Hinged arm mechanically activated fastener
Board assembly with lock members
Tamper-proof locking fastener
Rotary connection for a work machine
Clutch housing with lever spring retention slots and method of installing a lever spring
Rotation transmission device with built-in one-way clutch and alternator comprising such a device
Motorcycle brake disc rotor
Planetary gear device for vehicle power transmission device
Drive train and systems for a three-wheeled vehicle
Shift device with synchronizer
Moon gear assembly
Power tool with continuously-variable transmission traction drive
Multilayer reinforced hose
Flexible unbonded oil pipe system with an optical fiber sensor inside
Natural gas adsorption devices
Luminaire junction box
Modular LED light
Light source module using laser as light source
Dual fuel heater
System and method for supplying a working fluid to a combustor via a non-uniform distribution manifold
Swirler for mixing fuel and air
Remote distance transporting and integrating heat ejection connected to central heating ductwork (auxiliary heat ejectors)
Air-conditioning system and use thereof
Heat medium heating unit and vehicle air conditioning apparatus provided with the same
Ventilating fan for heating
Automatically adjusting light shelf and method of use
Ice maker and method, and refrigerator having the same
Supplemental fuel to combustor of dual fluidized bed gasifier
Vertical/horizontal convertible suspending reduction furnace
Heat pipe and method of manufacturing a heat pipe
Managed transmission line coupled cooling system
Thin heat pipe having recesses for fastener
Uniform rectilinear gun
Combined direct drive gas piston system, and frontal, ambidextrous, non reciprocating, charging system for autoloading rifle
Hand gun shoulder-supported shooting platform
Non-contact visual measurement device
Detection system, joint system provided with such a detection system and automotive vehicle equipped with such a joint system
Physical object search
Map-based guide system and method
Visual sight flexible gas flow indicator
Strain sensing cable
Subsea retrievable pressure sensor
Exhaust gas analysis system and exhaust gas analysis program
Method for monitoring a wheel of a rail vehicle
Rigid body characteristic identification system and rigid body characteristic identification method
Sampling device
Apparatus and method for the automated detection of phases for automated analysis
Method and apparatus for gold detection
X-ray fluorescence analyzer
X-ray spectrometer and sample analyzer
Test method and testing device for nozzles and nozzle
Method and apparatus for detecting smoke in an ion chamber
Tensile testing apparatus
Method for predicting the presence of reproductive cells in TESTIS
Nanogap device with capped nanowire structures
Particle detecting system and particle detecting method
Fluorescent detection of in vitro translated protein on a solid surface
Measuring instrument for testing voltage
RF dynamic power control and radio protection in metering devices
Antenna testing device and antenna testing unit thereof
Substrate and method for manufacturing the same, and probe card
Integrated circuit (IC) test socket with Faraday cage
Electronic device and printed circuit board testing method
Voltage testing device and voltage testing method for CPU
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Count rate measurement device and associated fission chamber calibration device
Non-linear tomography method for main axis of symmetry of anisotropic velocity model and apparatus
Reverse time migration model dip-guided imaging
Flexural wave attenuation
Permanent magnet device for generating an offset uniform magnetic field
Optical film and method for manufacturing the same
Optical lens with anti-reflection film and lens module
Single-pixel camera architecture with simultaneous multi-band acquisition
Combiner storage device, head-up display device
Lens and a method of forming the same, a method of generating a refractive index profile for a lens and a photonic package
Transparent illumination panel and method of manufacturing
Optical connector assembly
Eyeglasses support
Multi-purpose electrical window and methods thereof
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Wavelength conversion crystal and wavelength conversion laser device
Maskless vortex phase shift optical direct write lithography
Method for producing polyamide and resin composition
Pattern mask and method of manufacturing thin film pattern using pattern mask
Image forming apparatus including a covered retracting mechanism
Fuser control device, fuser control method and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with a fixing device
Timing system and device and method for making the same
Content enabling cover for electronic book reader devices
Optimizing heat transfer in 3-D chip-stacks
Computer product, control apparatus, and control method
Power reduction by minimizing bit transitions in the hamming distances of encoded communications
Power consumption control on an identified unused storage unit
Method and apparatus for activating device
Rebuilding a storage array
Systems, methods and computer program products for an automated test framework
Management system for outputting information denoting recovery method corresponding to root cause of failure
Memory system
Managing failover in clustered systems, after determining that a node has authority to make a decision on behalf of a sub-cluster
Self evaluation of system on a chip with multiple cores
Selective cache-to-cache lateral castouts
Apparatus and method for memory-mapped register caching
Placement of data in shards on a storage device
Tracking a relative arrival order of events being stored in multiple queues using a counter
Storage system and method for controlling storage system
Buffer for managing data samples in a read channel
Secure memory system with fast wipe feature
Split-word memory
Synchronous and asynchronous discard scans based on the type of cache memory
Protecting look up tables by mixing code and operations
Management computer used to construct backup configuration of application data
Storage management system and storage management method with backup policy
Read-copy update implementation for non-cache-coherent systems
Universal serial bus device and method for controlling an idle-delay time thereof
Dual casting PCIE inbound writes to memory and peer devices
Data management system, data management method, and data management apparatus
Method and system for custom designing nail wraps
Caching agent for deadlock prevention in a processor by allowing requests that do not deplete available coherence resources
Managing tag clouds
Adding syndication feeds to calendar application items
Method and apparatus for utilizing user identity
Adaptive weighted stochastic gradient descent
Memory management in a streaming application
Document image layout apparatus
Apparatus and method for supporting creation of an electronic document
Autonomic generation of document structure in a content management system
Fast snapshots
Systems and methods for concurrent online and offline document processing
Page frame and page coordinate determination method and system based on sequential regularities
Recommendation rationalization
Method and system for processing incompatible NUI data in a meaningful and productive way
System and method for converting content
Documentation of system monitoring and analysis procedures
Indexing mechanism (nth phrasal index) for advanced leveraging for translation
Evidence profiling
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Database index management
Gathering index statistics using sampling
Language-oriented focused crawling using transliteration based meta-features
Obtaining partial results from a database query
Apparatus, method and program product for classifying web browsing purposes
Online repair of a replicated table
PDSE dynamic directory optimization for caching
Inferring relevance based on user interactions with email
System and method for resolving entity coreference
Predicting service request breaches
Cross-talk noise computation using mixed integer linear program problems and their solutions
Pattern-based via redundancy insertion
Method for designing the layout of turbines in a windfarm
Method and system using an HVAC air handler and thermostat for building energy loss testing, monitoring and cost control
Method for performing power consumption management, and associated apparatus
Malicious mobile code runtime monitoring system and methods
Method of controlling information processing apparatus and information processing apparatus
Kill switch security method and system
Password entry for double sided multi-touch display
Apparatus and method for implementing zero-knowledge proof security techniques on a computing platform
Secure password generation
Data processing apparatus and method for controlling same
Methods and apparatus for re-provisioning a server of a data center
On-chip structure for security application
Tape drive buffer utilization
Framework for system communication for handling data
Durable subscriptions in publish/subscribe messaging
Content summarizing apparatus and content summarizing displaying apparatus
Method and system for media presentation during operative workflow
Eraser for use with optical interactive surface
Data filtering method and electronic device using the same
Capacitive touch panel sensor synchronized with display driving operation and touch panel display device having the same
Information input unit, information input method, and computer program
Optical sensing apparatus and method for detecting object near optical sensing apparatus
Touch sensor
Noise compensating touch panel and touch device thereof
Device for detecting the location coordinates of a pressure point within a sensor field
Content display device, content display method, portable terminal, program, and recording medium
System and method for unlocking touch screen of electronic device
Method for automatically defining icons
Keyboard comprising swipe-switches performing keyboard actions
Information processing device, information processing method, and computer-readable medium that determine an area of a display screen to which an input operation belongs
Systems and methods for performing a scatter-gather data transfer operation
Driverless printing system, apparatus and method
Monitoring apparatus, monitoring method, and storage medium for acquiring counter information from an image forming apparatus
Display device that separately controls first and second display windows for indicating connection statuses of plurality of instruments on display device
Multiple shell multi faceted graphical user interface
Compensating for unbalanced hierarchies when generating OLAP queries from report specifications
Computer, control method of computer, and recording medium
Run-time characterization of on-demand analytical model accuracy
Client based resource isolation with domains
Method and system to provide concurrent user-level, non-privileged shared resource thread creation and execution
Static analysis of computer software applications having a model-view-controller architecture
Self-diagnosing processes using quick response codes
Hardware-assisted program trace collection with selectable call-signature capture
Trace coverage analysis
Three-dimensional GUI object stores in automation test tools
Monitoring and maintaining balance of factory quality attributes within a software factory environment
Prescribing a software architecture for implementing service integration
Deciding whether to install a first application within one of a plurality of candidate environments
Evaluating application compatibility
Power consumption design-optimization of a communication device software program
Predicted outputs in a streaming environment
Reducing overhead in loading constants
Resource allocation for virtual machines and logical partitions
Provisioning of virtual machine pools based on historical data in a networked computing environment
Executing a collective operation algorithm in a parallel computer
Operation transfer from an origin virtual machine to a destination virtual machine while continue the execution of the operation on the origin virtual machine
Computer, virtualization mechanism, and scheduling method
Executing a collective operation algorithm in a parallel computer
Apparatus and method for predicting performance attributable to parallelization of hardware acceleration devices
Assignment method and multi-core processor system
Background collective operation management in a parallel computer
Responding to a timeout of a message in a parallel computer
Data processing method and data processing system
System and method for managing a resource
Information processing apparatus, computer program, and method for controlling execution of jobs
Efficient rollback and retry of conflicted speculative threads with hardware support
Realizing jumps in an executing process instance
Portable computer-communicator device with rollable display
Method for optimizing the development of an underground medium by means of a reservoir study comprising optimized upscaling
Online learning using information fusion for equipment predictive maintenance in railway operations
Service providing system and service providing method for providing a service to a service usage device connected via a network
Information processing apparatus and information display method by the same
Power supply control method for radio-frequency identification reader in mobile terminal
Data backup using color space encoded image
RFID tag including protection layers and having enhanced durability
Secure code generation for customer tracking
Reader for fiber router
Apparatus and method for iris image analysis
Image processing device, image processing method and computer readable storage medium
Method and system for noise reduction in low dose computed tomography
Orientating an oblique plane in a 3D representation
Pattern inspection apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for reconstructing three dimensional faces based on multiple cameras
Image processing device, image processing method, and recording medium
Expedited process execution using probabilities
Process networking and resource optimization
Childcare tracking systems and method
System and method for verifying identity
Vending modified climate control device
Wireless mobile transaction system and the procedure for carrying out transactions with a mobile phone
Transferring an ownership right to a copy of a copyrighted work from a physical object to digital media
Information reading apparatus, commodity sales information processing apparatus, and pasted object
Method and system for updating information on a merchandise catalog page
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Automatic vending machine
Banknote handling apparatus
Mobile gas detection cart with wireless transceiver
Portal-security detection mechanism
Protecting a material from contamination
Automatically locating fire alarms
Medical image display apparatus and method for displaying medical images
Graphically representing tags in a networked computing environment
Systems and methods for using entered text to access and process contextual information
Media distribution system
Stale data detection in marked channel for scrub
Auxiliary keyboard and auxiliary input device
Water tank limit switch assembly
MEMS device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for etching a complex pattern
Power generation predicting apparatus and method thereof
Electric vehicle carousel battery exchange/charging system
Carbon material and electricity storage device
Electromagnetic braking device
Circuit assembly having a converter part comprising a central control unit
Time-to-digital converter
Zero delay reduced memory GPS PRN code interpolation
Impairments identification module and method
Method and apparatus for maximizing brand exposure in a minimal mobile display
Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
System and method for detecting recording devices
RFID bridge antenna
Transmission power control circuit and transmission device, transmission power control method, program
Waterproof structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Combination weeding tool
Silage cutter
Method of sterilization
Rounder bar with floating foot
Perogie maker
Bacon hanger
Methods of isolating urea, urea compositions and methods for producing the same
Method for the regeneration of supercritical extractant
Shaping and molding pan
Method of manufacturing an article of clothing
Circumferentially continuous arrangement which is to be worn preferably on the wrist and has a hinged closure
Applicator systems
Salon mirror with support and non-slip handles
Bag for a musical instrument
Brush coupled to hairdye ejecting apparatus
Entertainment center wings
Cabinet mounting support device
Moving racks that support heavy materials
Shelving assembly
Climatized seat with vortex tube
Ergonomic base and chair providing constrained lateral movement there between
Collapsible foot rest for casual seating
Seed box tote
Methods and apparatus for customizing configurable photocubes
Self-retaining endoscope
Examination mitt
Organ manipulator having suction member supported with freedom to move relative to its support
Tissue anchor system
Wound site management and wound closure device
Device and method for correction of a painful body defect
Expanding parallel jaw device for use with an electromechanical driver device
Tissue separation cannula and method
Method and apparatus for occluding aneurysms
Gel tourniquet cuff
Dura guard for use with a craniotome and method of use
Method and instrumentation for posterior interbody fusion
Milling cutter and cutter holder
Apparatus and method for acquisition and retrieval of resected biological specimens
Surgical instrument
Apparatus and method for crossing a position along a tubular body structure
Method and means for cementing a liner onto the face of the glenoid cavity of a scapula
Endoscopic foreign body retrieving tool
Osteosynthetic fastening device
Allograft bone fixation screw
Bone resurfacing apparatus and related procedures
Cool-tip electrode thermosurgery system
Test slide for a vision testing apparatus
Ellipsoidal corneal modeling for estimation and reshaping
Method and apparatus for subject monitoring
Electronic blood pressure gauge equipped with dismountable external memory device
Respiration monitoring system based on sensed blood pressure variations
Method and system of distinguishing pressure pulses from v waves during wedge pressure measurement
Device for electromechanical stimulation and testing of hearing
Sample collection device
Apparatus and method for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests
Blood-collecting tubes
Non-invasive bladder pressure measurements
Caloric energy balance monitor
Method and apparatus for assessing the performance of an x-ray imaging system
Data entry and setup system and method for ultrasound imaging
Dual doppler artery ligation and hemorrhoid treatment system
Method and apparatus for improving the accuracy with which the speed of a fluid is measured
Dental device and method for controlling same
Method of forming a dental coping
Conversion system for non-implant anchored dentures
Orthodontic brackets and convertible buccal tubes
Bone implant with intermediate member and expanding assembly
Therapeutic bandage
Absorbent article having enhanced leg curvature in use
Absorbent article with a flap and spacer
Absorbent articles that include liquid barriers
Blood clot filtering system
Low profile sheathless embolic protection system
Stent designs
Expandable stent dimensional retention system and method
Balloon catheter with stent securement means
Anatomically compatible posterior chamber phakic refractive lenses
Deformable intraocular lens insertion system
Surgical method for affixing a valve to a heart using a looped suture combination
Medullary plug including an external shield and an internal valve
Manufacturing orthopedic parts using supercritical fluid processing techniques
Tibial tray with adjustable keel
Synthetic knee system
Portable traction device
Venting/filter assembly, bag incorporating same and method of venting flatus gasses
One shot actuation housing apparatus for instilling a medication into an eye
Corneal surgical apparatus
Methods, apparatus and system for removal of lenses from mammalian eyes
Spectacles frames for shaped lens elements
Movable canopy warmer for an infant care unit
Supinator/pronator therapy system to bring mobility to wrist, forearm and/or elbow
System and methods for controlling distribution of acoustic energy around a focal point using a focused ultrasound system
Self-contained, automatic mechanically opening and closing steam head with built-in thermostat
Pressure point foot pad
Echogenic coating
Method of reducing dentin sensitivity and compositions therefor
Systems for treating teeth
Moldable post-implantation bone filler and method
Apparatus for supporting heart performance
Bladeless pump
Apparatus for fluid delivery in a dialysis clinic
Antifoaming device and method for extracorporeal blood processing
Pressure transmission apparatus
Tube having a retention member
Catheter having a low drag septum
Radioactive source wire, apparatus and treatment methods
Passive perfusion sleeve/placement catheter assembly
Antiseptic preoperative applicator
Method for subcutaneous access to the vascular system of a patient
Needle-less injection system
Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors
Universal pullback mechanism for in-situ treatment device
Health maintenance system
Ice screw with non-linear taper
Multi layer golf ball
Inflatable sportsball with cushion layer
Racket with apparatus for enhancing elasticity of network
Interlocking string network for sports rackets
Counterweighted golf club
Set of woods with face thickness variation based on loft angle
Adjustable golf club
Golf club head capable of enlarging flexible area of ball-hitting face thereof
Putter head
Method for predicting a golfer's ball striking performance
Lacrosse head pocket
Golf tee marking system and method of use
Golf putting target
Jogging scooter
Apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Running toy
Puppet assembly
Animated toy doll
Combination toy building block and container for holding liquids and the like
Method and apparatus for enhancing an applause
Miniature puppet theater and book combination and case for storing and transporting the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Carbon dioxide cleaning and separation systems
System and method for separating solids from a fluid stream
Method for isolating polymers from solutions
Liquid filter with a replaceable filter element
Key system for ecological filter cartridge and element
Method of cleaning flue gases
Pressure swing adsorption gas separation method, using adsorbents with high intrinsic diffusivity and low pressure ratios
Desiccant tablets for gas drying
Method and an apparatus for treating wastewater from a chemical-mechanical polishing process used in chip fabrication
Distributor plate for crossflow cassette-type filtration appliances
Tracking apparatus and method for use with combinatorial synthesis processes
Process for reducing the level of carbon dioxide in a gaseous mixture
Method of preparing platinum alloy electrode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cell using anhydrous metal chloride
Multi-well microfiltration apparatus and method for avoiding cross-contamination
Electric dust collecting unit
Air ionization apparatus and method for efficient generation and cleaning
Fragrance dispenser
Aquavision fountains pot
Fume hood with air chamber
Air blowgun
Molten metal ladle transport arrangement
Ferromagnetic powder
Quick change chuck
Turret hand drill
Cutting tool
Method of controlling workpiece machining
Method of machining seats of compressor piston
Cage for constant-velocity joint and method for manufacturing the same
Bearing with adjustable setting
Apparatus for finishing inside diameter of work
Radial drilling device for a lathe
System for magnetorheological finishing of substrates
Optical lens coating and method
ELID centerless grinding apparatus
Automated razor sharpening device
Chemiluminescence detection apparatus
System and method for pneumatic diaphragm CMP head having separate retaining ring and multi-region wafer pressure control
Driving a carrier head in a wafer polishing system
Carrier head with a flexible membrane
Optical monitoring in a two-step chemical mechanical polishing process
Self-cleaning slurry arm on a CMP tool
Grinding tool, processing machine with a grinding tool, use of a grinding tool and method for processing a work piece
Abrasive sheet dispenser and method of use
Universal work holder arrangement
Method and apparatus for releasably attaching a polishing pad to a chemical-mechanical planarization machine
Clamping frame for plastic sheet thermoforming apparatus
Wadded document extractor
Combustion-engined tool having a braking device for its piston
Framework removal tool
Power hand tool having a detachable handle
Actuation system for highly underactuated gripping mechanism
Electric gripper
Device and method for automatically trimming the open side edges of bound printed products
Injection nozzle for plastic substances
Press with molding equipment
Paste extrusion apparatus
Cup lid having combined straw slot depression and tear back lid retainer
Tire sealant system
Tire curing press mold height adjustment apparatus
Apparatus and method for manufacture of tires
Elastomer film laminated cushion method
Method for the proper alignment of sheets
Apparatus and method for drying receiver media in an ink jet printer
Method of exercising nozzles of an inkjet printer and article
Halftoning method and apparatus
Synchronously stimulated continuous ink jet head
Ink jet apparatus having amplified asymmetric heating drop deflection
Continuous ink jet printhead and method of rotating ink drops
Printhead and printing apparatus using the same
Recording apparatus having abnormality determination based on temperature and average ejection duty cycle
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus incorporating the same
Nozzle poker for moving nozzle ink jet
Method of discharging plural liquid droplets from single discharge port
Liquid ejection head, apparatus and recovery method for them
Nozzle guard alignment for ink jet printhead
Electrode patterns for piezo-electric ink jet printer
Piezoelectric material and method of polarizing the same
Ink-jet printer and printing method, auxiliary member, ink-jet head, warp correction method, ink-jet head unit and color-mixture reducing method
Method for micro injecting device for cleaning nozzles
Mail piece producing machine having a wide swath envelope printing module
Liquid supply system, liquid supply container and negative pressure generating member container used for the same system, and ink jet recording apparatus using the same system
Ink cartridge
Method for inserting absorbent into container and container receiving absorbent produced by the method
Ink cartridge with memory chip and method of assembling
Ink jet nozzle arrangement
Inkjet printer ink-out sensing during printing
Printer with label separator
System and method for printing sequences of indicia
Pigment treatment in paper coating compositions for improving ink-jet printing performance
Informational item forming and bonding machine and method
Security document with security marking formed of transparent windows
Outgoing and reply envelopes with improvements to reduce possibility of damage
Article holder
Poly-material envelope organizer for receipts, coupons, and/or package (recyclable) for flat products
Crayon with eraser
Writing board with reference lines which are invisible from a distance and fabrication process
Method of reproducing colored images on a heat transferable decorative, at least partially metallized and/or 2 D or 3 D holographic film
Tire or solid wheel for wheelsets of rail vehicles
Ball clamp trailer coupler
Device for receiving and securing a ball
Bearing socket liner for ball joint
Hatchback lid for motor a vehicle
Sliding hatch for vehicles
Hinged connector assembly for truck toppers
Passenger compartment cover for a convertible vehicle
Collapsible truck box cover
Roof of a convertible
Apparatus for mounting engine for automobiles
Transmission with an electro-mechanical energy converter
Vehicle seat slide
Automobile vehicle seat including hinge mechanisms connected in rotation by a connecting bar
Infant's restraining seat
Height adjustment device for a vehicle seat
Beverage holder with adjustable mounting system
End dump fifth wheel trailer
System for preventing damage to recreational vehicle slide-outs
Installation structure of mid-gate of sport utility truck
Device for controlling the light distribution of a headlamp installation of a motor vehicle
Illuminating rubbing strip for a car
Vehicle lamp
Method for production of conducting element and conducting element
Extendable rear view mirror
Retraction and extension mechanism for a vehicle rear vision mirror
Structure for wiring circuits on panel
Rotation connection unit
Electrical junction box
Lower fender extension brace
Inflatable curtain with positioning device
Vehicle restraint system
Air bag and air bag apparatus
Inflatable metal structure with built-in pyrotechnic charge
Airbag covering cap comprising a support layer and a cover layer of different elasticities
Gas bag restraint device
Aircraft seat structure
Pretensioner device
Personalize vehicle settings using RF tags
Luggage compartment for vehicle
Carrier assembly mountable within a pickup truck bed
Compact braking assembly in an axle for an industrial vehicle
Vehicle brake system having two brake circuits
Vehicle braking
High-pressure fluid control valve assembly having a microvalve device attached to fluid distributing substrate
Devices and methods for transporting containers
Door transporting and support system
Steering column crash system
Arrangement for a steering system for a vehicle and method for mounting a steering system
Fiberglass reinforced panel refrigerated trailer
Storing and transporting flexible sheets
Power steering apparatus
Track for snow vehicles
Grouser for a crawler chain
Clip for snowmobile track
Bicycle cable locking system
Portable two-piece motorcycle windshield
Expandable motorcycle saddlebag with top cover
Frame with built-in suspension
Pump and drain apparatus for a marine propulsion system
Exhaust system for watercraft
Boat propeller capable of being easily changed in pitch thereof
Actuation system and method for a load-bearing paraglider
Large thermal protection system panel
Application of carbon fiber mesh for space and airborne platform applications
Feed wheel for strapping tool
Printer with improved label dispensing
Metal cabinet cuttings receptacle
Partial web in tray corners
Delivery device for small parts and transportation channel
Transport system for chilled products
Urging device provided with multiple loading member and paper feeding device incorporating the same
Device for separating sheets piled up so as to form a stack, in a feeder of a sheet-processing machine
Delivery of a sheet-processing printing machine
Output paper stacking device of a printing apparatus and method for completing the same
Sheet treating apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Recording sheet feeding device
Variable acceleration take-away roll (TAR) for high capacity feeder
Thread traversing device
Jack with rotary handle sleeve
Extendable base and support extension for transportable lift
Carbonated beverage dispenser
Microactuator based on diamond
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ozone dissolving system for a reservoir
Method for increasing productivity of direct reduction process
Reduced-pressure distillation system
Variable resonance descaling decalcifier device connected to a forced sequential rephasing transformer
Process for sorbing liquids using tropical fibers
Methods for the removal of organic substances from aqueous solutions
Biofiltering system for treating wastewater effluent
Process for controlling scale in the sugar process
Method and apparatus for processing wet material
Building products
Low silica furnace cement
Settable composition
Delayed-setting concrete
Reactant, compound and process for the perfluoroalkylation of a nucleophile, and the derivatives obtained
Syntheses of 5,5'-diformyl-2-2'difuran and derivatives thereof
Adhesive compositions
Bix-azo naphthylene compounds and their use in compositions and inks for ink-jet printing
Ink jet inks, inks, and other compositions containing colored pigments
Process for preparing purified dyestuffs
Stable polymorphic copper-free phthalocyanine pigment
Ink for ink jet recording
Environmentally preferred fluids and fluid blends
Two experimental trials using the system 10 demonstrate the efficacy of the present process:
Adhesive varnish to receive powdered pigments
High-resistant condensation cross-linking silicon
Biodegradable high performance hydrocarbon base oils
Pelletizing and briquetting of combustible organic-waste materials using binders produced by liquefaction of biomass
Method and an apparatus for upgrading a solid material
Process for bleaching paper using bleaching-active dendrimer ligands
Treatment for fabrics
Detergent compositions for the removal of complex organic or greasy soils
Method and apparatus for making metallic iron
Method for integrated desulfurizing of pig iron melt and steel melt
Heat treatment method of steel
Apparatus and method for transferring heat treated parts
Hard metal or cermet body and method for producing the same
High toughness amorphous alloy strip and production thereof
Processing of iron aluminides by pressureless sintering of elemental iron and aluminum
Process for the powder metallurgical production of objects
Personal ornament and silver alloy for personal ornament
High-strength and high-conductivity Cu-(Ni, Co, Fe)-Si copper alloy for use in leadframes and method of making the same
Sputtering apparatus with magnetron device
Planar optical devices and methods for their manufacture
Substrate support with multilevel heat transfer mechanism
Vapor deposition chamber components and methods of making the same
Photo-excited gas processing apparatus for semiconductor process
Semiconductor processing equipment having improved particle performance
Apparatus for supplying gas used in semiconductor processing
Susceptorless reactor for growing epitaxial layers on wafers by chemical vapor deposition
Process for the application of a metal film on a polymer surface of a subject
Cathodic protection method and device for metal structure
Sealant composition
Process for regeneration of electrolytes from pickle liquor, in particular of NA2S04 from pickle liquor for stainless steel
Method for the production of multi-crystalline semiconductor material
Method for producing silicon single crystal
Textiles; Paper
Injector with a vacuum packing drum
Pretreatment of chips before cooking
Steam explosion treatment with addition of chemicals
Fixed Constructions
Road-marking machine
One piece reflective delineator and method of making
Guardrail terminal
Method and device for braking vehicles
Drainage system with unitary void-maintaining geosynthetic structure and method for constructing system
Retaining wall structure for soil stabilization including double layer of geogrid web material to provide high strength connection with backfill material
Ground treatment
Method for forming a cellular core member
Barrier for the bottom of fences
Motorized lock for flaps or doors in motor vehicles, especially a lock for glove compartments
Vacuum IG unit with seal for pump-out aperture
Ventilator for a glass block window and associated products
Softwall mining method and device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wear-preventing and positioning device for a screw compressor
Centrifugal compressor and centrifugal turbine
Compliant foil seal
Angel wing seals for blades of a gas turbine and methods for determining angel wing seal profiles
Pressure actuated brush seal
Cooling system for a gas turbine
Film cooling for a closed loop cooled airfoil
Blade platform cooling
Turbine blade having a cooled tip shroud
Tension device for a flexible drive element
Foreign material exclusion device
Method and means for mounting a wind turbine on a tower
Reciprocating pumps with linear motor driver
Hand pump with and attaching device for attachment to a bicycle frame
Linear compressor
Suction muffler for a hermetic compressor
Roller for peristaltic pumps having a plurality of projections to minimize current draw
Miniature pump with ball-plate drive
Gear pump
Screw compressor
Screw machine
Screw compressor with axial thrust balancing and motor cooling device
Scroll compressors
Two stage compressor and a method for cooling such a compressor
Nutating centrifugal pump
Liquid pump with a claw pole stator
Casing design for rotating machinery and method for manufacture thereof
Casing for centrifugal compressors and method for the manufacture thereof
Method and apparatus for compressor control and operation in industrial gas turbines using stall precursors
Inducer wheel and method of forming the same
Integrally formed stamping sheet-metal blades having 3D structure
Method for limiting split ring diffuser travel
Fastening bolt
Ball joint
Sintered oil retaining bearing and fabrication method thereof
System for active stiffness, power, and vibration control in bearings
Thrust dynamic pressure bearing
Interlocking linear roller bearing
Ceramic ball bearings and assembly
Bearing arrangement and method for fixing at least one bearing in place in a bearing retainer
Self-centering shaft adapter
Constant velocity universal joint
Flexible shaft coupling
Liquid-sealed vibration-proof device
Dynamic machine mount
Blower motor with annular damping element
Torque-based shift scheduling during traction control for an automotive vehicle
Control for vehicle with torque converter
Brush seals and methods of fabricating brush seals
Non-contact type shaft sealing device
Pressure regulator utilizing pliable piston seal
Valve assemblies
Solenoid valve
Fluid controller
Pinch valve arrangement for flow control
Fabricated oval duct connector
Rotatable swivel elbow
Hanger assembly for hanging elongated members from a support
Connection device for conduits
Pipe joint
Clamshell coupling system and method
Method for rehabilitating low pressure service mains connections
Drag mechanism for tripod head
Tilter for positioning electronic devices
Collapsible laptop stand
Safety flashlight
Recessed lighting fixture locking assembly
Wall-mountable, battery-operated light-emitting device
Safe light emitting device
Lighted newel post
Luminaire optical system
Method of evaluating basic curved surface for reflecting mirror, evaluation system for evaluating basic curved surface for reflecting mirror, and computer-readable storage medium
Electric lamp/reflector unit
Spread illumination apparatus
Directional diffusing film
Method of modifying the spectral distribution of high-intensity ultraviolet lamps
Piezoelectric lighter with safety arrangement
Fast-fit electronic gas-lighting device
Structural component for securing tiles onto a ready-made chimney
Modular air vent assembly kit
Non-contact floating device for turning a floating web
Methods and apparatus for ink jet printing with forced air drying
Produce data collector with enhanced LVF spectrometer
Ultraminiature fiber optic pressure transducer and method of fabrication
Floating electrical connector for a pressure sensor
Multi-cell rotor
Micro-fuel cell sensor apparatus and method for modeling the sensor response time
Frequency division multiplexed wireline communication for ultrasound probe
Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Anti-reflection material, polarization film, and production methods therefor
Projection system comprising at least two light sources having a unique optical arrangement with respect to at least one spatial light modulator
Optical film material especially TiO2 or Ta2O5 optical waveguide layer and method for producing such
Alignment pin assembly for fiber optic connectors
Connector for optical fiber cord
Eye glasses with alignment markings
Spring hinge for eyewear
Progressive addition lenses with prism power added to improve wearer comfort
Magnetic shelter frame for glasses
Electrical connectors for display devices
Digital projector
Handle attachment structure and projector
Intraoral dental radiographic film packet with flavored/scented molded frame and method for forming same
Device for flatly displacing in all directions a support, with quick locking means
System and method for digital color dye film processing
Processing photographic material
Processing photographic material
Center release drive sled
Test pattern printing method, information processing apparatus and printing apparatus
Method, system and device for transferring, by electromagnetic linkage, data between readers and nomadic objects
Optical reader with selectable processing characteristics for reading data in multiple formats
Authenticated electronic coupon issuing and redemption
System for utilizing a single card to provide multiple services in an open network environment
Automated fee collection and parking ticket dispensing machine
Apparatus for automated key retrieval and deposit
Device for withdrawing bank note bundles and making them available at a cash withdrawal station
Method of estimating the performance of a croupier at a roulette table
Gaming device having improved award offer bonus scheme
Object drop feature for a gaming machine
Game machine
Gaming machines with board game theme
Method for reading and writing lines containing words formed from letters
Event planner with visual seating chart organizer
Reeled L.E.D. assembly
Display panel and method of manufacturing electromagnetic-wave shielding and light transmitting plate
Systems and methods for controlling a phased array focused ultrasound system
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
R-Fe-B base permanent magnet materials
Ergonomic hand-held electronic device with keypad input and display screen
Film forming apparatus
Overlap design of one-turn coil
Method and manufacturing an image forming apparatus having improved spacers
Manufacturing method of image forming apparatus, manufacturing apparatus of image forming apparatus, and manufacturing method of panel apparatus
Method for cleaning photovoltaic module and cleaning apparatus
Single-substrate-processing apparatus for semiconductor process
Method and apparatus for diffusion of an impurity into a semiconductor wafer with high in-plane diffusion uniformity
Apparatus for storing and moving a cassette
Apparatus for positioning a semiconductor pellet
Mounting bracket for integrated circuit device
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence element
Organic electroluminescence device and process for fabricating the same
Card edge connector assembly for tiered daughter boards
Connector with egg-crate shielding
Connector for a flat cable
Terminal structure of connector
Electrical contact interface
Equipment direct-mounting-type shield electric connector
Angle type plug connector
Refined rack-and-panel construction with self-locking connectors; and method of use
Metal-sealed, thermoplastic electrical feedthrough
Electrical connector having device for controlled latching movement
Floatable connector assembly with a staggered overlapping contact pattern
RJ modular connector having substrate having conductive trace to balance electrical couplings between terminals
Multi-pole angle-connecting device
Shielded telecommunications connector
Pick-and-place cap for connector having bail latches
Pin header and a method of making same
Electrical modular terminal
Cable erection technique and cable erection coil
Electrical connection box to be mounted on a vehicle
Kit for a bus bar system for connecting bus bars with connectors of an electric installation device
Illuminating apparatus for a projection display
Projection display using transmissive and reflective light valves
Method and apparatus for mounting component
Adhesion of polymeric materials to metal surfaces
Circuit board having an integrated circuit board connector and method of making the same
Ventilation device, especially for electrical control devices
Gasketed cover, cover for electronic equipment and process for producing the covers
Cooling airflow distribution device
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