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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rice hybrid XL730
Tocopherols, tocotrienols, other chroman and side chain derivatives and uses thereof
Preservative compositions for wood products
Lipolysis stimulator
Device and method for introducing liquids into meat
Crunch providing chewing gum additive and method of making
Automatic double folding hand fans
Shelf for supporting articles, particularly in refrigerated installations
Break-down sofa having a detachable frame
Vehicle seat assembly and storage panel
Pediatric liver retractor
Remote controlled device for tool rotating
Transcranial ultrasound thrombolysis system and method of treating a stroke
Full thickness resection device
Methods and instruments for interbody fusion
Curved ultrasonic end effector
Ophthalmologic image taking apparatus
Orthodontic retainer elements
Adjustable scroll absorbent article and method
Disposable wearing article
Intravascular device for axially stretching blood vessels
Bifurcated guidewire and methods of use
Fixation band for affixing a prosthetic heart valve to tissue
Methods for therapeutic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
Therapy patch
Process for preparing nitrile compound, carboxylic acid compound or carboxylic acid ester compound
Mediators of hedgehog signaling pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
Reovirus for the treatment of neoplasia
Use of erythropoietin and erythropoietin mimetics for the treatment of neuropathic pain
Preventives/remedies for thickened scar, keloid or chronic arthritic diseases
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli vaccine
Targeted combination immunotherapy
Hair care compositions
Oral composition comprising isomalt and remineralizing enhancing agent
Preparations for the application of anti-inflammatory, especially antiseptic agents and/or agents promoting the healing of wounds, to the lower respiratory tract
Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds
Syringe/plunger coupling
Safety syringe and safety syringe adapter
Abdominal and torso strengthening apparatus
Racquet sport score keeper and vibration damper
Method and apparatus for operating lotteries and for generating and processing lottery entries
Hockey game table puck with weighted perimeter
Method and computer-readable medium for deploying characters in a game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Spinning disk evaporator
Water treatment system
Method for the rectifying separation of liquids containing (meth)acrylic monomers in a rectification column
Method and device for cleaning filters for dust-laden waste gases
Regeneration of adsorption beds using heated nitrogen
Vibratory apparatus for settling the contents of a container
Ultra-dispersed nanocarbon and method for preparing the same
Catalyst comprising at least one zeolite chosen from ZBM-30, SM-48 EU-2 and EU-11 and at least one Y zeolite and process of hydroconversion of hydrocarbon charges using such a catalyst
Olefin polymerization catalysts, transition metal compounds, processes for olefin polymerization, and .alpha.-olefin/conjugated diene copolymers
Methods and apparatus for air pollution control
Utilization of high permeability filter fabrics to enhance fabric filter performance and related method
Organic electro-luminescent device, manufacturing method for the same, and electronic equipment
Iron-based mixed powder for powder metallurgy and sintered body
Method and apparatus for the production of metal powder
Tool for chip-removing machining
Process for short-time arc-welding and short-time arc-welding system
Media control valve
Method of manufacturing a resin molding
Magnetically readable card and a method of making a magnetically readable card
System for forming a hollow body
Method for attaching intersecting tubes
Modified membranes
Method for manufacturing bonded substrate
Composites pressure resin infusion system (ComPRIS)
System and method for improving print quality on mail pieces having low reflectivity
Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head
Liquid-discharge recording head
Replaceable ink container for inkjet printer
Ink refill unit for maintaining negative pressure in negatively pressurized ink storage compartment
Ink cartridge for ink-jet printing apparatus
Ink jet apparatus
Ink tubing chain slider for wide format printer
Image forming apparatus using thermal printing head
Recording head and recording apparatus using the same
Inkjet recording apparatus and recording method
Systems and methods for print head defect detection and print head maintenance
Multilayer body with a first laser-sensitive layer and a second laser-sensitive layer and method for generation of a multilayer image in said multilayer body
Instrument panel assembly
Split seat stowage system
Vehicle door handle device
Interchangeable flashlight-cargo lamp system
Fixing member and a fixing structure for vehicle part
Motor vehicle safety barrier mounting
Methods and devices for controlling a disk clutch
Shock absorbing device for steering columns
Body fairing assembly for scooter
Slide out for a motor home
Sulky for self-propelled machines
Folding frame for a tricycle, scooter or child's bicycle
Linear actuator for flapping hydrofoil
Closure for containers and reclosable containers including the same
Image forming apparatus
Feed of sheet material in a feeder/separator
Image forming apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the production of ammonia and Fischer-Tropsch liquids
Beverage pourer with magnetic enhancement
Bonds between metals and polymers for medical devices
Photocatalytic granular mixture for mortar and concrete and its use
Method of making a ceramic matrix composite utilizing partially stabilized fibers
Creatine salts and method of making same
Fischer-Tropsch process using a Fischer-Tropsch catalyst and zeolite Y
Process for removing methanol from formaldehyde-containing solutions
Macrolide analogs and methods for identifying same
Pyrazole derivatives, their preparation and their use in pharmaceuticals
Substituted 1-propiolylpiperazine compounds, their preparation and use
Process for preparing cationic rhodium complexes
Immunomodulatory peptides derived from heat shock proteins and uses thereof
Cationic conductor, its intermediate, and lithium secondary battery using the conductor
Isotactic polypropylene containing polymers
Polyol compositions useful for preparing dimensionally stable, low density water-blown rigid foams and the processes related thereto
Bioabsorbable, biobeneficial polyester polymers for stent coatings
Tire tread reinforced with a silica of low specific surface area
Method for producing blends of phthalic acid diesters, decanols and tridecanols
Particle composition, recording method, and recording apparatus using the particle composition
Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition and formed article
Ink composition for inkjet
Ink formulations, print systems, and methods thereof
Emulsion ink
Dye mixture and ink containing the same, inkjet recording method and image forming method
Aqueous pigmented coating formulation providing for improved opacity
Hydrotreating process
Optoinjection methods
Methods for producing .alpha.-substituted carboxylic acids using nitrilases and strecker reagents
Glycosyl hydrolases
Preparation of a granule containing protein, corn starch and sugar layered on an inert particle
Immunoaffinity isolation of modified peptides from complex mixtures
Polymeric ammonium and or phosphonium salts having added .pi.-electrons and higher molecular weight as enhancers for chemiluminescent systems
Methods for detecting the presence of or predisposition to autosomal dominant hypercholesterolemia
Epoxide polymer surfaces
Method for depositing a thin film adhesion layer
Rapid cycle time gas burster
Device for generating nanostructures
Laser irradiation method and laser irradiation apparatus, and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Crystallization reagent matrices and related methods and kits
Textiles; Paper
Rubbing cloth for use in manufacturing liquid crystal display panels
Elastically stretchable composite sheet and process for making the same
Multifunctioning method utilizing a two phase non-aqueous extraction process
Treatment of solid containing material derived from effluent
Energy efficient TMP refining of destructured chips
Method for maximizing water removal in a press nip
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for preventing dock or structure piling uplift
Repair jacket for pilings and method
Catch basin filter
Method and apparatus for separating oil and debris from water run-off
Method and apparatus for repairing a wall covering
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine airfoil with integral cooling system
Gas turbine airfoil leading edge cooling construction
Laminated turbomachine airfoil with jacket and method of making the airfoil
Prevention of unpowered reverse rotation in compressors
Flanged sleeve guide
Power blower
Hydraulic circuit for the control of a drive train
Control strategy for a dual crankshaft engine coupling arrangement
Clutch system for belted constant velocity transmission
Power transmission lubrication system
Cooperative control system for prime mover and continuously variable transmission of vehicle
Hydraulic control device for vehicular automatic transmission
Apparatus for deflecting or inverting moving webs
Valve, actuator and control system therefor
Replacement illumination device for a miniature flashlight bulb
Device integrated into a card to activate and/or deactivate a light, sound or light and sound module by means of blowing
Quadrilateral symmetrical light source
Light emitting panel assemblies
Multicolor light source and backlight module using the same
Torch operable to position a flow control lever at a plurality of locations on the torch
Through the hole rotary position sensor with a pair of pole pieces disposed around the periphery of the circular magnet
Treatment liquid for ink jet, treatment liquid tank for ink jet, ink set for ink jet, ink tank for ink jet, ink jet recording method, and ink jet recording apparatus
Cluster tool for microscopic processing of samples
Measuring apparatus
Methods and apparatus for inspecting an object
Method to assess organoclay exfoliation and orientation in organoclay/polymer composites
Pressurized oxygen for evaluation of molding compound stability in semiconductor packaging
Test sample collection system
Mice which are +/- or -/- for the elastin gene as models for vascular disease
Spectroscopic breath analysis
Analyte assay device with preabsorbing zone
Mammalian myeloid progenitor cell subsets
Methods and device for detecting prostate specific antigen (PSA)
Recording medium detecting system
Method and apparatus for creating performance limits from parametric measurements
Magnetic field generator device for calibration of magnetic force microscope
Stereo display for position sensing systems
Radiation detector and radiation imaging apparatus and method for producing radiation detector
Wireless communication system and method
Estimating the concentration of a substance in a sample using NMR
While-drilling methodology for estimating formation pressure based upon streaming potential measurements
Retardation film and process for producing the same
Semiconductor optical package
Apparatus for viewing an operating panel of an electronic device
Wide-angle diving lens
Apparatus and method for eye comfort
Liquid crystal display module and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Optical compensator for a liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Vertically aligned liquid crystal display
Two step maskless exposure of gate and data pads
Projection display apparatus
Stage apparatus and exposure apparatus
Processor unit with provision for automated control of processing parameters
Interference multilayer capping design for multilayer reflective mask blanks
Negative resists based on a acid-catalyzed elimination of polar molecules
Multi-layer imageable element with improved properties
Method for determining and correcting reticle variations
Method for monitoring a reticle
Organophotoreceptors with azine-based compounds
Process for producing toner
LED buck regulator control IC
Stable DC current source with common-source output stage
On-chip high frequency power supply noise sensor
Programmable processor and method with wide operations
System and method for rasterization through approximation
Care device with wireless data communication
Locator system and method
Sensor system
Method and apparatus for testing RFID devices
Power saving wireless telemetering system
Dynamic self-configuring metering network
Communications monitor and control for consumer devices
Piano key finder and chord indicator
Electrophoretic display and method of producing the same
Liquid-crystal display apparatus capable of reducing line crawling
Image display device and driver circuit therefor
Display device having multiple image display units
System and method for whiteboard scanning to obtain a high resolution image
Coordinate positioning device and method thereof
Printing tree-described documents
Optical mouse having image lights source with different colors
Pointer control method, pointing apparatus, and host apparatus therefor
Upright keyboard musical instrument
Performance data transmission controlling apparatus, and electronic musical instrument capable of acquiring performance data
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic thin film media with an underlayer of CrMoZr, CrMoNb or CrMoMn
Magnetic recording medium
Display module for non-stable environments
Conductive sintered compact for fixing electrodes in electronic device envelope
Printed circuit board transformer
Multiple frequency inductive resistivity device
Pancake type bifilar winding module using high-tc superconducting wire and bobbin for winding therefor
Fuse and truck cable assembly for a rail vehicle third rail current collector
Method and an apparatus for cooling an arc lamp
Lighting device and method for manufacturing the same
Field emission display device having plurality of emitters with a common gate electrode
Display element array for emissive, fixed format display
Light emitting apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Starting aid for low wattage metal halide lamps
Daughter ion spectra with time-of-flight mass spectrometers
LED device and method for manufacturing the same
Low warpage flip chip package solution-channel heat spreader
Process for producing fine particles of bismuth titanate
Manufacturing method of semiconductor and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display device
Method of sensor packaging
Apparatus for housing a micromechanical structure and method for producing the same
Optically pumped edge-emitting semiconductor laser
Optically pumped, surface-emitting semiconductor laser device and method for the manufacture thereof
Integrated circuit with metal layer having carbon nanotubes and methods of making same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Post metal chemical mechanical polishing dry cleaning
Method for forming a coating film on a plate-like workpiece
Method and apparatus for forming conformal SiN.sub.x films
Method of fabricating a silicon-on-insulator device with a channel stop
Method of fabricating a mask ROM
Process for producing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of doping a conductive layer near a via
Method of packaging and interconnection of integrated circuits
Through-wafer interconnects for photoimager and memory wafers
Method of and mechanism for peeling adhesive tape bonded to segmented semiconductor wafer
Reversible oxidation protection of microcomponents
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Multi-layered complementary conductive line structure and manufacturing method thereof and manufacturing method of a thin film transistor display array
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for integrated circuit packages
Circuit board with a thin-film layer configured to accommodate a passive element
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Multi-row lead frame
Semiconductor substrate and semiconductor device fabrication method
Circuit layout for improved performance while preserving or improving density
Organic field-effect transistor and method of making same based on polymerizable self-assembled monolayers
Sequentially charged nanocrystal light emitting device
Electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM) cell and method for making the same
Wiring structure to minimize stress induced void formation
Semiconductor device having a high breakdown voltage transistor formed thereon
Method for directing an optical beam and a method for manufacturing an apparatus for directing an optical beam
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having logic circuitry and memory circuitry on the same substrate, and its use in portable electronic equipment and IC card
Structure and method for a high-speed semiconductor device having a Ge channel layer
Heterojunction bipolar transistor having an emitter layer made of a semiconductor material including aluminum
CMOS image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Solid-state image sensing device and method for manufacturing the same
Dielectric element, piezoelectric element, ink jet head and ink jet recording apparatus and manufacturing method of same
Light-emitting apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Fast charger for high capacity batteries
Electrolyte-electrode joined assembly and method for producing the same
Offset quasi-twin lead antenna
Built-in type antenna apparatus for portable terminal
Reflector comprising a core having a thickness that varies in accordance with a given pattern
Semi-automatic satellite locator system
Method and apparatus for attaching flexible circuit to a rigid printed circuit board
Card connector adapted for cards having different width dimensions
Data storage device with self-mating host connector that is insertable into a receptacle formed in a housing of the device
Patch panel
Memory card adaptor
Connector which can be reduced in operating force and miniaturized
Integrated control and diagnostics system
Flat cable clamp
Electric car control apparatus
High efficiency radio isotope energy converters using both charge and kinetic energy of emitted particles
Brushless starter-generator with independently controllable exciter field
Voltage controlled oscillator and PLL circuit
Filtering variable offset amplifier
Surface acoustic wave apparatus and communications device
Piezoelectric resonator element, piezoelectric resonator, and piezoelectric oscillator
Output buffer circuit and semiconductor device
Duplicated double checking production rule set for fault-tolerant electronics
Method and system for improving communication between logic elements in an integrated circuit
Embedding memory within tile arrangement of a configurable IC
Data latch circuit and electronic device
Phase locked loop circuit
Circuit and method for determining optimal power and frequency metrics of an integrated circuit
Systems and method for a delay locked loop with false-lock detection
Delay locked loop having charge pump gain independent of operating frequency
Time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter having timing calibration
Digital PWM controller for preventing limit cycle oscillations
Code generation and allocation method
Method and system for reading optical information
Line address computer for providing line addresses in multiple contexts for interlaced to progressive conversion
Imaging system with delayed verification image presentation
Image pickup apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Systems and methods for processing a digital captured image
Dual mode tuning arrangement
Cameras, other imaging devices, and methods having non-uniform image remapping using a small data-set of distortion vectors
Image correction by combining results of multiple linear filters, where extreme linear filter values are eliminated
Pixel correction processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, pixel correction processing method, program, and storage medium
Key-less entry system
Electronic system, components and method for tracking files
Portable electric grill
Elevated track for support of signal lines on a printed circuit board assembly
Printed wiring boards possessing regions with different coefficients of thermal expansion
Multi-layered interconnect structure using liquid crystalline polymer dielectric
Expired Patents Due To Time
Pacifier lollypop
Segmented cooked dough food product
Hat in the shape of a car
Shoe sole
Shoe upper
Shoe sole
Portion of a shoe sole
Directional comfort cleat
Portion of a shoe upper
Shoe upper
Bottle pack
Combined three pocket identification holder and advertising
Truncated crescent bandolier
Flexible ball bag
Key chain flashlight
Hockey goalie ornament
Hip seat baby carrier
Door for display bins
Accessory compartments for a golf bag
Multiple use handle
Handle support
Kitchen brush
Folding chair
Baby seat
Ladderback chair
Arm chair
Combined bench and clothes hamper
Double glider
Chairs for aircrafts
China cabinet
Weight plate support tree
Shelf support
Merchandising display structure
T.V. stand
Curvy key tag rack
Horizontal display
Door console
Rotary display stand for commodities
Stackable drawer
Modular product display
Cushioned fabric seat for collapsible chair
Chair control mechanism
Transparent wardrobe locker door with single point recessed handle
Oval ceiling rack for pots, pans and utensils
Picture frame with archiving container
Removable crib mattress cover with detachable top pad
Double layer shade with fabric roman shade
Tribal mask drink container
Oval carving platter set
Child feeding device
Flowerpot shaped drink container with straw
Drink container with integral straw
Cooking grill
Oven vent cover for a gas cooking appliance
Double oven front panel and door
Barbecue plate lifter
Microwave oven
Stove ring
Microwave oven
Grate assembly for a gas cooking appliance
Handle of kitchen utensils
Handle of kitchen utensils
Panel for a compact portable campfire container
Cooking grill
Barbeque grill bottom
Knife hilt
Hand operated citrus fruit squeezer
Luminous cup pad with amusement function
Can opener
Drill chuck attachment for use with extendable spline-drive socket assembly
Bike cuff lock
Reciprocating saw
Portable electric jigsaw
Finger cutting ring
Opener for packaging film
Tool handle for blades
Door bracket for suspending strip hangers
Side insert three-prong back with positioning dimple
Caster support
Three-prong back with positioning dimple
Heavy-duty mounting back
Paint can scraping tool
Drawer guide bracket
Shelf bracket
Tool handle
Multi-function tool for use by divers
Device for spreading substances having a paste like consistency
Pair of handles
Wire management device
Hanger hook
Latch housing
Latch base
Captive screw
Dispenser for liquid media, especially for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
Single handle container
Storage and dispensing carafe
Cap case with a transparent cover
Container with corner tab lid
Flexible pouch
Food container lid support with compartment
Handle of a box
Aerosol actuator
Bag holder
Clock with light
Carabiner shaped chronometer
Photo detector
Network connectivity tester
Combination rack for chemical analyzers
Body fat scale
Animal training device
Modified princess faceted diamond
Watch strap
Necklace slider
Round multi-faceted diamond
Modified round faceted diamond
Deck boat
Snowmobile ski
Tire tread
Tread of a tire
License plate frame
License plate frame
Surface configuration of a front fender for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy and miscellaneous consumer products incorporating the design
Surface configuration of a rear fender for a vehicle
Vehicle floor mat
Surface configuration of pieces or members for a radiator grill
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Brake shoe
Automotive wheel
License plate frame
Power converter
Key chain mountable battery holder in the shape of a generic personal digital assistant
Power supply apparatus
Electric cart PV panel solar cell layout
Electric cart PV panel solar cell layout
Electrical connector
Twin power outlet
Multi-outlet center
Cable mounting bracket
Compact disc player-tuner-radio-cassette recorder
Radio, cassette tape recorder and CD player
Home audio system
Wireless headset
Winding keyboard
Computer rack enclosure
LCD display
Keyboard wrist pad
Integrated all-in-one computer
LCD display
Computer mouse with bullet shape
Disc cartridge
Electronic dictionary
Multi directional input apparatus
User interface for a television display screen
PDA cradle
User interface for a television display screen
Computer and expansion unit enclosure
Optical disc memory
Display screen with user interface icon
LCD display
Face for a carrier for a portable computer drive
Set of icons for display on a glucose meter
Monitor for a computer
Decorative accessories holding band for a computer monitor
Computer display
Media player
Monitor for the rear seat of an automobile
Portable communication device
Cellular phone
Telephone receiver
Multimedia communications device
Portable radio
Cordless telephone handset cradle
Cable television receiver
Cordless telephone base station
Compact vehicle antenna
Television receiver
Telephone handset and base
Oil pumping device
Front housing for a compressor
Splash tube
Counterbore pilot
Movable barrier operator
Movable barrier operator
Diamond shape extruder insert
Extruder plate for diamond shaped extruder insert
Toner cartridge
Cash register
Flexible cover
Heavy duty stapler
Desk organizer
Writing instrument
Writing utensil
Correction or marking roller
All-purpose multi-carrier label
Reading guide
Vending machine island
Home sweet home tissue box picture frame
Farmhouse tissue box picture frame
Plush toy
Craft kit construction component - cap with facial features for a toy
Aquatic diving toy
Portable game machine with an odor sensor
Aquatic diving toy
Game piece
Model locomotive smoke generator unit
Portion of a club head
Exercise device
Set of golf club heads
Pop-up tackling practice machine
Grip for golf club
Spiral-wrap golf club grip
Golf club head
Back cavity of a club head
Camping tent
Fishing bobber
Duck decoy
Lizard lure with tassel tail
Mole trap
Ultrasonic/electromagnetic pest repeller
Sonic/ultrasonic pest repeller
Ultrasonic pest repeller
Insect bait housing
Burnable insect-repellant coil
Escutcheon and cap
Sprinkler irrigation device
Shower control valve
Shower control valve
Body and spout
Sanitary fitting, especially kitchen faucet
Sanitary faucet
Sanitary faucet
Pedestal for a lavatory
Toothbrush assembly
Lavatory basin
Side panel of a heater
Air conditioner
Volatile actives dispenser
Faucet with escutcheon and cap
Low intensity light imaging apparatus
Dental x-ray unit
Fluid drainage canister and tube
Chromatography vial
Needle protecting device
Safety medical needle assembly
Elongated applicator handle having a distributor at both ends
Pump housing for medical equipment
Hand wand for massaging apparatus
Hand wand for massaging apparatus
Container for pacifier
Rainbow arch
Paired side portal structure for a water distributing chamber
Commercial sized dental floss dispenser
Method of design for testability for integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for testing high performance circuits
Data transfer circuit and data processing method using data transfer circuit for handling interruption processing
Differential clocking for digital platforms
Stabilizing circuit for interfacing device
System for managing power of peripheral communications by automatically closing communications channel immediately after finishing a communication with a peripheral device
Method and apparatus to power up an integrated device from a low power state
Standby SBC backplate
Method for improving personal computer reliability for systems that use certain power saving schemes
Method and system for data protection
Semiconductor memory device with an on-chip error correction circuit and a method for correcting a data error therein
System and method for minimizing message transactions for fault-tolerant snapshots in a dual-controller environment
Bus and/or interface local capture module for diagnostic analyzer
Method and system for providing limited access privileges with an untrusted terminal
Methods and systems for testing parallel queues
Method for fast wake-up of a flash memory system
Page address look-up range ram
System and method for allocating storage space using bit-parallel search of bitmap
Shared memory multiprocessor system and method with address translation between partitions and resetting of nodes included in other partitions
Method and system for page-state sensitive memory control and access in data processing systems
Methods and apparatus for re-reordering command and data packets in order to restore an original order of out-of-order memory requests
Methods and apparatus for memory allocation for object instances in an object-oriented software environment
Method and apparatus for memory allocation in a multi-threaded virtual machine
Data write method into nonvolatile memory, information processing device and recording medium
Apparatus for controlling data transfer between a bus and memory array and method for operating same
Error detection in cache tag array using valid vector
Time based mechanism for cached speculative data deallocation
Translation lookaside buffer flush filter
Method and apparatus for managing cache line replacement within a computer system
Non-volatile memory read/write security protection feature selection through non-volatile memory bits
Dual input lane reordering data buffer
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for providing access to data stored in compressed files
System and method for accomplishing data storage migration between raid levels
Automatic conversion device driver of device type data
Memory interface circuit
Data fetching control mechanism and method for fetching optimized data for bus devices behind host bridge
Bus system
Multiplexed bus data transmission control system
High bandwidth memory interface
Technique for controlling synchronous devices and asynchronous devices connected to an inter-integrated circuit bus (I2C bus)
Method for out-of-band network communication
Apparatus and method for automatically selecting an appropriate signal from a plurality of signals, based on the configuration of a peripheral installed within a computing device
Method and apparatus for information processing, and medium for provision of information
Digital signal processor having distributed register file
Transmit pre-arbitration scheme for a can device and a can device that implements this scheme
Inverse inference engine for high performance web search
Blocking saves to web browser cache based on content rating
Network image view server using efficient client-server, tiling and caching architecture
Apparatus for keeping several versions of a file
Collection of images in Web use reporting system
Adaptively transforming data from a first computer program for use in a second computer program
System and method for physically modeling electronic modules wiring
Method and apparatus for rendering an IC design layout employing graphics files at low zoom-in factors
Method and apparatus for pre-routing dynamic run-time reconfigurable logic cores
Windowing mechanism for reducing pessimism in cross-talk analysis of digital chips
Method for providing pre-designed modules for programmable logic devices
Database having a hierarchical structure utilized for designing system-on-chip integrated circuit devices and a method of designing the same
Method of placing a repeater cell in an electricalcircuit
Wiring design apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for selectively displaying signal values generated by a logic simulator
Method of designing a semiconductor integrated circuit device in a short time
Method and apparatus for evolving an object using simulated annealing and genetic processing techniques
System and method for authenticating peer components
Methods and apparatus for preventing unauthorized write access to a protected non-volatile storage
Information processing device and method for reading information recorded on an information recording medium
Apparatus and method for providing access security to a device coupled upon a two-wire bidirectional bus
Security services and policy enforcement for electronic data
Secure storage device for transfer of digital camera data
Clocking scheme for independently reading and writing multiple width words from a memory array
Time constrained sensor data retrieval system and method
Gate delay calculation apparatus and method thereof using parameter expressing RC model source resistance value
Methods and apparatus for branch prediction using hybrid history with index sharing
Method and apparatus for providing intermittent connectivity support in a computer application
System for expressing complex data relationships using simple language constructs
Method and system for executing BIOS code in secure multitasking operating environment
Method and apparatus for coordination of a shared object in a distributed system
Method for choosing device among plurality of devices based on coherncy status of device's data and if device supports higher-performance transactions
Method and apparatus for enforcing locking invariants in multi-threaded systems
Method and apparatus for providing accelerated content delivery over a network
Method of cryptological authentification in a scanning identification system
Device for reliability creating electronic signatures
Mechanism allowing asynchronous access to graphics adapter frame buffer physical memory linear aperture in a multi-tasking environment
Intelligent discontinuous transmission and comfort noise generation scheme for pulse code modulation speech coders
Distributed synthetic speech generation
Method and apparatus for recognizing tone languages using pitch information
Task oriented dialog model and manager
Method and apparatus for variable rate coding of speech
Method of noise reduction in speech signals and an apparatus for performing the method
Write cache circuit, recording apparatus with write cache circuit, and write cache method
Audio playback device
Method for detecting or repairing intercell defects in more than one array of a memory device
At-speed built-in self testing of multi-port compact sRAMs
Circuit, architecture and method for reading an address counter and/or matching a bus width through one or more synchronous ports
Automated shielding algorithm for dynamic circuits
Lighted house number box
Design architecture for a parallel and serial programming interface
Reduced-complexity max-log-APP decoders and related turbo decoders
Method and apparatus for Viterbi decoding of punctured codes
System for managing and automatically deleting network address identified and stored during a network communication session when the network address is visited
Service quality monitoring process
Secure gateway having routing feature
Method and apparatus for high-speed network rule processing
Dual communication services interface for distributed transaction processing
Method for transferring data files between a user and an internet server
Methods, systems and computer program products for centralized management of application programs on a network
Conditional access system
Broadcast service access control
Balanced cryptographic computational method and apparatus for leak minimizational in smartcards and other cryptosystems
Speech recognition assisted data entry system and method
Apparatus for the integration of television signals and information from an information service provider
Information providing apparatus and method, information receiving apparatus and method, and transmission medium
Video distributing apparatus and video distributing system
Method for generating information sub-streams for FF/REW applications
Method of streaming video from multiple sources over a network
Discrimination of information access methods
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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