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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mowing head with peripheral members for engagement of the cutting line
Modular snow travel system for common footwear
Methods of making tungsten carbide-based annular jewelry rings
Foot-worn scrubbing apparatus
Floor care appliance equipped with break-over protected latch assembly
Pulse oximeter with parallel saturation calculation modules
Tool position indicator
Subcutaneous electrode for transthoracic conduction with highly maneuverable insertion tool
Electrical stimulation system and methods for treating phantom limb pain and for providing sensory feedback to an amputee from a prosthetic limb
Rotating gamma system visual inspection camera
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for making drainage element with a periphery of different materials
Method for forming a bumper beam for a motor vehicle
Combined cycle power generation
Particle cassette, method and kit therefor
Fixed scroll positioning apparatus and fixed scroll positioning method
Method and apparatus for assembling rolling bearing
Extension pole with docking assembly for a matching tool
System and method to enhance attitude estimation for transfer orbit maneuver
Methods and systems for advanced spaceport information management
Resealable seals and docking systems containing these seals
Textiles; Paper
Iron holder
Fixed Constructions
Multiple stage mechanical drift tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electronic switching system for a detonation device, method of operation and explosive device including the same
Apparatus and method for drying a solid or liquid sample
Method to predict and identify defocus wafers
In-situ critical dimension measurement
Device and method for the determination of imaging errors and microlithography projection exposure system
Optical apparatus, method of determining position of optical element in optical system, and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for object alignment
Hydrostatic sensor device and method for measuring below-ground elevation changes in grade
Device for analysing a wavefront with enhanced resolution
Laser-scanning examination apparatus
Systems and methods for monitoring a process output with a highly abridged spectrophotometer
High-throughput chiral detector and methods for using same
Method and device for non-destructive analysis of perforations in a material
Fiber optic smoke detector
Library accuracy enhancement and evaluation
Method for radiation spectroscopy using seeded localized averaging ("SLA") and channel-address recycling
Virtual path restoration scheme using fast dynamic mesh restoration in an optical network
Data logging
Optical system, and optical apparatus
Optical scanning microscope
Micro mirror and method for fabricating the same
System and method for generating images
Optical scanning apparatus and its optical element, method and apparatus for positioning and fixing the optical element, and a molding tool for making the optical element
Scanning optical system
Tunable filter and method of manufacturing the same, and sensing device
Complex lens
Alicyclic compound for optical material
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
Dynamic optical waveguide sensor
Illuminated latch indicator assembly
Waveguide bends and devices including waveguide bends
Twin waveguide based design for photonic integrated circuits
Optical device and optical apparatus
Fiber optic switch
Test head for optically inspecting workpieces
WDM systems and methods
Self-healing cable apparatus and methods
Indoor optical fiber cable
Image-formation optical system, and imaging system incorporating the same
Optically controlled optical-path-switching apparatus, and method of switching optical paths
Polymer phase modulator
Exposure system and method
Projection exposure apparatus and method, catadioptric optical system and manufacturing method of devices
Duplex hinge device and a multi-function peripheral using the same
Filter for replenisher toner particles
Image forming apparatus having a detachable process cartridge and a lubricant
Unit supporting device and image forming apparatus
Fuser roller and fusing station
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Cover adapted for protecting a photosensitive member of a process cartridge
Method for monitoring an automation system
Method for controlling a production machine, in particular a machine tool, with the controller associated with a production machine
Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for a robot
Integrated circuit which disables writing circuitry to memory when the power drops below a power threshold predetermined and controlled by the processor
Method for remotely querying a blade server's physical location within a rack of blade servers
Query of bios-stored value to determine user intent at return to active state
Device and method for synchronizing an exchange of data with a remote member
Apparatus to reduce the internal frequency of an integrated circuit by detecting a drop in the voltage and frequency
Method and system for analyzing loop interface failure
Method and structure for replacing faulty operating code contained in a ROM for a processor
System and method for capturing kernel-resident information
Secure video card methods and systems
Device, system, and method of virtual machine memory mapping
Apparatus and method of moving picture encoding employing a plurality of processors
Method and system for managing a suspend request in a flash memory
Data replication in a storage system
System and methods for sharing configuration information with multiple processes via shared memory
Method and apparatus for data storage using striping
Systems and methods for providing time-and weight-based flexibly tolerant hardware ID
System for providing a trustworthy user interface
Remote management commands in a mass storage system
Internet modem streaming socket method
Fair hierarchical arbiter
Method and apparatus for handling requests for files in a data processing system
Chipset support for managing hardware interrupts in a virtual machine system
Methods and apparatus for providing data transfer control
Method and system for creating a quality of service message
Printer formatter in a removable card
Schema-based services for identity-based data access
Quick reference to printer setting information
Intelligent system network interface architecture for document processing devices
Dynamic client/server session recovery in a heterogenous computer network
Efficient retrieval of desired information from agents
System, method, and computer program product for transferring remote device support data to a monitor using e-mail
Compact text encoding of latitude/longitude coordinates
Disk control unit and storage system
Using internet protocol (IP) in radio access network
System for self-monitoring of SNMP data collection process
Administration tool for gathering information about systems and applications including the feature of high availability
Traffic engineering method and node apparatus using traffic engineering method
Method for transmitting signaling messages using alternate path
Method and apparatus for configuring a device that is non-conforming with a management system using configurations provided by the management system over a network
Cartridge for dispensing pill- or capsule-form medications in desired doses
Method and apparatus for controlling communications
Data copyright management system
Specifying arbitrary words in rule-based grammars
Method and system for flowing data to an arbitrary path defined by a page description language
Efficiently displaying and researching information about the interrelationships between documents
Left-corner chart parsing
Synchronizing databases
Search-on-the-fly with merge function
Information processing method, information processing apparatus, information processing system, multimedia presentation system, file update method, multimedia presentation method, and storage medium
Distributed pre-cached query results and refresh method
Integrated circuit logic with self compensating shapes
Optimization of the design of a synchronous digital circuit
Methods for evaluating quality of test sequences for delay faults and related technology
Device modeling for proximity effects
Logic circuit design method, computer-readable recording medium having logic circuit design program stored therein, and logic circuit design device
Methods and apparatus for generating programmable device layout information
Method and software for generating enable and data input signals for flip-flops used for implementing logic functions on programmable logic devices
Technology migration for integrated circuits with radical design restrictions
Method and system for context-specific mask writing
Systems and methods for production planning
Job queue management system and method thereof, including clustering wafer lots processed by common recipe into group, and creating process job and control job
Machining stock and part offset control
Digital combined apparatus, control method therefor, and digital combined apparatus system
Information rearrangement method, information processing apparatus and information processing system, and storage medium and program transmission apparatus therefor
Peripheral data storage system with multi-state user display
Receiver multi-protocol interface and applications thereof
Intuitive tools for manipulating objects in a display
Customizable electronic commerce comparison system and method
Personal transportation system
Analog delay elements
Arrangement of 3-input LUT's to implement 4:2 compressors for multiple operand arithmetic
Method and apparatus for providing random bits
Apparatus and method for user-defined tunables
Performing backup operations to peripheral data storage systems
Apparatus, system and method for quickly determining an oldest instruction in a non-moving instruction queue
Method for debugging flowchart programs for industrial controllers
Event driven graph explorer for model-based testing of software
Remote control inputs to Java applications
Processing packet sequence using same function set pipelined multiple threads spanning over multiple processing engines and having exclusive data access
Portable data-processing terminal including a program competition manager
Systems and methods for managing a run queue
Multiple integrated machine system
MRC image compression
Method for detecting motion pixels in image
Statistically comparing and matching plural sets of digital data
Change information recognition apparatus and change information recognition method
Three-dimensional imaging system
Stroke segmentation for template-based cursive handwriting recognition
Method and apparatus for reduced size image
Methods and apparatuses for generating composite images
Smoothing tile boundaries of images encoded and decoded by JPEG 2000
Graphics engine for high precision lithography
Method of image feature coding and method of image search
Method for increasing detectable light energy without changing shape content in radial and angular or rotational analysis of images for shape content and matching
Report system and method using prompt in prompt objects
Method, system and computer readable medium for brokering the purchase and sale of glass cullet
Health management support method, system and healthy life expectancy prediction data generation method and system
Technique for transaction reconciliation
System and method for cross-fading between audio streams
Slot-in type optical disk player
Falling sensor and the information processing device making use of it
Media player including a resume function
Disk drive with cover plate having high stiffness
Servo writing a disk drive by integrating a spiral track read signal
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
Method and device for canceling a land-groove offset component of a focusing error signal in an optical storage system
Information reproducing apparatus and method
Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing management information on/from optical disc
Random access memory cell of reduced size and complexity
Memory cell array
Tuned pinned layers for magnetic tunnel junctions with multicomponent free layers
Semiconductor memory device comprising controllable threshould voltage dummy memory cells
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device control method
Semiconductor device
Content addressable memory (CAM) devices having bidirectional interface circuits therein that support passing word line and match signals on global word lines
Compact column redundancy CAM architecture for concurrent read and write operations in multi-segment memory arrays
Shift redundancy circuit, method for controlling shift redundancy circuit, and semiconductor memory device
Feature control circuitry for testing integrated circuits
Integrated memory having a test circuit for functional testing of the memory
Semiconductor memory device
Method and device for a main board commonly associated with DDR2 or DDR1
Decoding techniques for read-only memory
Semiconductor device
Formation of metal-insulator-metal capacitor simultaneously with aluminum metal wiring level using a hardmask
X-ray generator tube comprising an orientable target carrier system
Standard cell, standard cell library, semiconductor device, and placing method of the same
Superconducting coil fabrication
Electronic chip and electronic chip assembly
Method for making smooth transitions between differing lead segments
Terminal applicator system
Method for manufacturing hybrid printed circuit board
Method and apparatus for semiconductor laser driving capable of stably generating consistent optical pulse widths of laser diodes
Ground-fault circuit-interrupter system for three-phase electrical power systems
Integrated circuit with multiple independent gate field effect transistor (MIGFET) rail clamp circuit
Temperature dependent switching circuit
Method and apparatus for accessing and activating accessory functions of electronic circuit breakers
Architecture for power modules such as power inverters
Device and a method for advanced protection from short circuit current
Method of manufacturing stator core of electric rotating machine
Encoded multi-access bus system and method
Motion estimation method for moving picture compression coding
Filter with signal taps temporally spaced at fractional symbol intervals
Apparatus and method for symbol combining in a mobile communication system
LSI design system, logic correction support equipment, logic correction support method used therefor, and program therefor
Wireless communication system using an impulse signal train, a wireless transmission apparatus, a wireless reception apparatus, a wireless transmission method, and a wireless reception method
Mobile phone operation based upon context sensing
Content-based characterization of video frame sequences
Image encoder, image encoding method, image decoder, image decoding method, and distribution media
Method and device for image interpolation with motion compensation
Background processing and searching for a communication channel
Fading frequency decision device and method
Enhanced uplink packet transfer
Data communication system
Disperse equalizer and disperse equalizing method
Noise suppressor
Wireless receiver without AGC
Modulation apparatus for reducing time delay of on-channel repeater in terrestrial digital TV broadcasting system
Method and system for determining uplink/downlink path-loss difference
System and method for resolving frequency and timing uncertainty in access transmissions in a spread spectrum communication system
Time acquisition in a wireless position determination system
Method and apparatus for rescheduling a communication system channel after a channel property change
System and method for multiplying communications capacity on a time domain multiple access network using slave channeling
Network access control technique in a CDMA system
Communication system for rebroadcasting electronic content within local area network
Method and apparatus for configuring signal lines according to idle codes
Packet shaping for mixed rate 802.11 wireless networks
Method and apparatus for continuous synchronization of a plurality of asynchronous data sources
Multi-home agent control apparatus and method
Stealthy secret key encoding and decoding
Credit sharing for fibre channel links with multiple virtual channels
Device and method to compress destination addresses of a multicast message
Terminal-to-terminal communication connection control method using IP transfer network
System and method for storing and retrieving multi-speed data streams within a network switch
Adaptive state transition control
Apparatus for and method of control and communication of multiple stations in a TDM network
Multistage digital cross connect with synchronized configuration switching
Media file distribution with adaptive transmission protocols
System and method for providing desired service policies to subscribers accessing the internet
Method and system for communicating voice over a low-speed communications link
Method and system for providing dial-up data sessions with distributed service
Ring overlay network dedicated to carry broadcast traffic to DSLAMs
Internet security system
Systems and methods for authenticating documents
Key-based secure storage
Method and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio sectorized wireless cell
Method for the detection of impedances and for the qualification of the telephone lines
Authentication systems, wireless communication terminals, and wireless base stations
Image processing apparatus and method, image synthesizing system and method, image synthesizer and client computer which constitute image synthesizing system, and image separating method
Internet information displaying apparatus and internet information displaying method
Image reading device and gain setting method in image reading device
Glossmark images with clear toner
Method for recording or reproduction of sub-picture data accompanying video signals corresponding apparatus signal and data carrier
Audio/video recorder with automatic commercial advancement prevention
Method of coordinately processing pieces of copy information and information recording/reproducing apparatus
Modulation of a video signal with an impairment signal to increase the video signal masked threshold
Method and apparatus for playing-back moving image data
Apparatus for playing back still picture stored in storage medium based on still picture management information
Computer readable storage medium for storing still picture and still picture management information
Method and process for transmitting video content
Method and system for the protection of data with a header in a transmission system
Method of reducing access time to UTRAN in UMTS
Fixed cellular terminal with packet data transmission over analog interface
Method and apparatus for detecting a radio frequency to which a broadcast receiver is tuned
Wireless access control method and wireless access system
Call transfer for an integrated packet and wireless service using a temporary directory number
Mobile station and method for selecting public land mobile network thereby
Communication network and method for improved resilience of a mobile-terminated connection
Apparatus and method for estimating a velocity of a mobile terminal in a mobile communication system
Wireless packet transfer apparatus and method
Electromagnetic driver for a planar diaphragm loudspeaker
Bone conduction hearing assistance device
Low profile speaker and system
Dual-tweeter loudspeaker
Mammographic system and apparatus
Radiography apparatus, radiography system, and control method thereof
Process of fabricating a semiconductor package
Method of manufacturing heat radiation substrate having metal core
System for mounting modules in a rack mounted chassis
Connector device and display device using the same
Transmission device capable of cooling a handheld electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Delay coordinating system for a system of operatively coupled agricultural machines
Apparatus and method for customizing cosmetic products
Detection of sensor off conditions in a pulse oximeter
Method of and devices for fluorescence diagnosis of tissue, particularly by endoscopy
Procedure alarm silence feature for medical telemetry system
Switching device for multi-sensor array
Sensor for biopotential measurements
Electrode leads for use in laparoscopic surgery
ECG auto-gain control
Method and apparatus for electroencephalography
Visualization of nonenhanced MR lymphography
Multi-phase cardiac imager
Solid state x-radiation detector modules and mosaics thereof, and an imaging method and apparatus employing the same
Method and apparatus for osteoporosis screening
System and methods for the reduction and elimination of image artifacts in the calibration of x-ray imagers
Method and apparatus for acquiring transmitted-radiation image data
Determination and adjustment of exposure values for X-ray imaging
Method of producing an endoprosthesis as a joint substitute for a knee joint
Therapeutic infrared energy wrist cover
Pool and spa components with fiber optic illumination
Structure of steamer
Spinal cord stimulation leads
Perfusion lead and method of use
Iontophoresis device and drug unit
Methods and apparatus for tachycardia rate hysteresis for dual-chamber cardiac stimulators
Methods and apparatus for preventing atrial arrhythmias by overdrive pacing multiple heart tissue sites using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
System and method of bridging a transreceiver coil of an implantable medical device during non-communication periods
Method and system for providing radiation treatment to a patient
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for paint repair in a reduced retooling cost system
Selection and bundling method for random length materials
Method of determining the trajectory of the groove to be machined in the edge of a lens to be fitted to a "metal supra" type spectacle frame
Image processing method with control of discharge of pages in image forming apparatus
System and methods for reporting toner level in a partially sensed environment
Method and arrangement for controlling a vehicle and/or for providing driver information when there is loss of tire pressure
Control system for hybrid vehicles
Method and device for detecting a lane change
Method of electronic brake force distribution while cornering
Method and apparatus for performing refueling transactions using customer-issued speech commands
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for generating laser light and laser crystal
Bulk internal bragg gratings and optical devices
Textiles; Paper
Producing an object-based design description file for an embroidery pattern from a vector-based stitch file
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for self-diagnosis of a sensor
Road surface gradient detecting apparatus
Method and system for acquiring a three-dimensional shape description
Method and apparatus for determining a cell density of a honeycomb body, in particular for an exhaust gas catalytic converter
Surface texture measuring apparatus
Method for obtaining precision road maps
Method and apparatus for automatically generating pedestrian route guide text and recording medium
Navigation apparatus, navigation method, and information recording medium in which program for navigation is computer-readably recorded
Navigation system and method with intersection guidance
Route search system and route search method
Vehicular route optimization system and method
Unit for the bidirectional detection and transmission of data via modern communication networks
Symmetry compensation for encoder pulse width variation
Multi-wavelength polarization monitor for use in fibre optic networks
Method of detecting residue on a polished wafer
Method and device for measuring blood parameters
System for determining the concentration of a substance mixed with a fluorophor, its method of implementation
Apparatus for measuring the pulse transmission spectrum of elastically scattered x-ray quantities
Impregnation process and device for monitoring the impregnation of a carrier material
Acoustic detection of stress-induced mechanical damage in a borehole wall
In-situ test for embedded passives
Constrained signature-based test
Method of driving a meter
Correction of a pseudo-range model from a GPS almanac
Method of authenticating beacon
Acoustic method and system for measuring fish population data in littoral environments
Security and tracking system
Systems and methods for locating subsurface objects
Methods and devices to expand applications of intraoperative radiation probes
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and storage medium
Seismic cables and a method for manufacturing such
3-D seismic trace extrapolation and interpolation
Acoustic frequency selection in acoustic logging tools
Obtaining an image of an underground formation
Optical switch using an integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer having a movable phase shifter and asymmetric arms
Temperature compensated fiber bragg grating
Tunable optoelectronic frequency filter
Micro-optoelectromechanical system based device with aligned structures and method for fabricating same
Optical fiber mounting and cleaving device and method
Optical waveguide connectors
High-speed multi mode fiber optic link
Optical systems for Z-axis alignment of fiber, lens and source arrays
Optical fiber for compensating the chromatic dispersion of an optical fiber having positive chromatic dispersion
Optical fiber management system
Optical fiber holder
Integrated chip optical devices
Sub-oceanic cable network system and method
Method and arrangement in connection with optical bragg-reflectors
Acousto-optic variable attenuator with active cancellation of back reflections
Optical transmission apparatus
N.times.N optical switching device based on thermal optic induced internal reflection effect
Damper device for camera
Photo-taking apparatus, control method adapted for the photo-taking apparatus, and computer program product supplying control program adapted for the photo-taking apparatus
Camera display apparatus having rotating elements to indicate information
Process and an apparatus for loading a disposable camera with a photographic roll film, and a disposable camera loaded with a photographic roll film
Long-life focal plane shutter for reconnaissance cameras
Photometry device for a camera including external light sensor
Strobe control device
Waveguide plate and process for its production and microtitre plate
Image forming apparatus having toner density detection and image density control method therefore
Image forming device having grounded photoreceptor
Toner density sensor
Image forming apparatus, including a lock unit for preventing a reading unit and a platen cover from being opened simultaneously
Image formation system, control method of image formation system, image formation apparatus and storage medium thereof
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
Auger for magnetic materials with specific use for developer transport in elelctrographic printing systems
Toner transport apparatus using flexible augers
Toner replenishing device and toner cartridge thereof
Toner supply with level sensor and meter and method of using the same
Image forming apparatus and its controlling method
Toner cartridge with mixed toner delivery apparatus
Extended-life toner cartridge for a laser printer
Xerographic printing apparatus, varying bias during the transfer step
Transfer device, image-forming apparatus using the same and method for producing transferring member
Apparatus for supplying cooling air to a cooler section in a fusing device
Electronic timepiece
Methods and apparatus for object-based process control
Universal robust filtering process
Adaptive data security system and method
Remote data access and system control
Automated welding program for full body-in-white finite element assembly
Determining tuning parameters for a process controller from a robustness map
Carrier system positioning method
Modifier function blocks in a process control system
Method and system for self-replicating manufacturing stations
Performance-based control system
Direct digital synthesizer based on delay line with sorted taps
Temperature control circuit for central processing unit
Power supply restart circuit
Security system for network address translation systems
Informing system
Component testing with a client system in an integrated test environment network
Method and apparatus for performing generational garbage collection using barrier bits
Data transfer control method and system, data transfer control program file, and file storage medium
System and method for improved digital differential analyzer
Method and apparatus for compacting a metadatas stream in a data processing system
Optimal line break determination
Performing 2-phase commit with presumed prepare
System and method for clustering large lists into optimal segments
Cost based materialized view selection for query optimization
Method and device for object control with a plurality of operation-target flags
Method and system for consistent update and retrieval of document in a WWW server
Methods, systems and computer program products for archiving topical search results of web servers
Document search method for registering documents, generating a structure index with elements having position of occurrence in documents represented by meta-nodes
Database structure having tangible and intangible elements and management system therefor
Database system and method of organizing an n-dimensional data set
System and method for retrieving information from a database using an index of XML tags and metafiles
Data analysis method and apparatus for data mining
Multiple storage class distributed nametags for locating items in a distributed computing system
Diagnosis and interpretation methods and apparatus for a personal nutrition program
Computer numerical control utilizing synchronized logic execution in an open computer platform
Computer software products for nucleic acid hybridization analysis
Authentication framework for managing authentication requests from multiple authentication devices
Floating point calculation method and unit efficiently representing floating point data as integer and semiconductor integrated circuit device provided with the same
Data processor architecture and instruction format for increased efficiency
Message broker apparatus, method and computer program product
Method and apparatus for concurrent thread synchronization
Method and system of database divisional management for parallel database system
Method to control refuse management fleets
Data carrier including a circuit with time slot determination means and time slot fixation means
Color image enhancement during YCbCr to RGB color conversion
Image processing apparatus for managing image data
Method of storing data in and searching through an electronic phone number data book in a digital mobile phone with character recognition function
Method of generating classification model and recording medium
Framework for dynamic hierarchical grouping and calculation based on multidimensional member characteristics
Electronic notification agent
Electronic mail system, method of sending and receiving electronic mail, and storage medium
System and method for creating and inserting multiple data fragments into an electronic mail message
Customer feedback acquisition and processing system
System for completing a multi-component task initiated by a client involving Web sites without requiring interaction from the client
Method and apparatus for detecting and deterring the submission of similar offers in a commerce system
Security analyst performance tracking and analysis system and method
System, method and computer program product for increasing the performance of a proxy server
Method for increasing the functionality of a media player/recorder device
Electronic watermark insertion device
Process for reconstructing a three-dimensional image of an object
Downsampling and upsampling of binary images
Apparatus and method for image data interpolation and medium on which image data interpolation program is recorded
Image information network
Automatic detection of die absence on the wire bonding machine
Decoding of embedded bit streams produced by context-based ordering and coding of transform coeffiecient bit-planes
Wavelet image compression and decompression
Run-length decoder with error concealment capability
System and method for layered video coding enhancement
Object-base digital image predictive coding transfer method and apparatus, and decoding apparatus
Apparatus and method of decoding an image using a statistical model based on pixels
Voice authentication method and system utilizing same
Partial OCR note confirmation methods
Environmental traffic recognition identification prediction strategies
Vehicle mounted device and a method for transmitting vehicle position data to a network-based server
Traffic control system for signalling timely any obstruction on the road
System and method for avoidance of collision between vehicles
System and method for voice access to internet-based information
Magnetic head including stepped core and magneto-optical recording device using the same
Recording or reproduction apparatus with a mount for disc-type recording media
Disk carrying apparatus and disk carrying method involving determining optimum stop position of disk carrier based on detected stopping state of disk carrier
Method and apparatus for sequentially reproducing optical recording media
Data storage disk cartridge including a shutter assembly with a stress relief mechanism
Disk cartridge
Recording apparatus, recording method, and recording medium carrying computer program for recording a signal
Digital reproducing apparatus and control method
Optical storage medium having multiple recording layers of different formats
Disk drive device
Optical information recording/reproducing method and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
Writing strategy for CD-RW
CD card
Method for forming an information recording medium having information on spare area, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data to/from the medium
Optical recording medium, manufacturing method of optical recording medium master disk, and cutting device used therefor
Drive apparatus for optical recording medium
Optical recording medium
Method and apparatus for aberration correction
Information recording and reproducing apparatus and disk discrimination method thereof
Optical head device
Storage medium having electronic circuit, apparatus communicating information with the electronic circuit, and system including them
Optical disc having textured structure, and a method of manufacturing the optical disc
Copy restriction method and apparatus which restrict copying of data from optical recording medium to another recording medium and copy-restricted optical recording medium
Method for writing and/or erasing high density data on a media
Content addressable memory apparatus and method of operating the same
Wireless communication apparatus
Processing semiconductor devices having some defective input-output pins
Method for generating memory addresses for accessing memory-cell arrays in memory devices
Memory control with dynamic driver disabling
Synchronous memory modules and memory systems with selectable clock termination
Clock-synchronous semiconductor memory device
DRAM interface circuit providing continuous access across row boundaries
Method and apparatus for transferring data in a dual port memory
Boiling water type nuclear reactor core and operation method thereof
Multi-layer structure with variable bandpass for monochromatization and spectroscopy
Miniature connector array
Charge transfer device and a semiconductor circuit including the device
Satellite telephone handset
System and method for amplification of a laser beam
Highly doped fiber lasers and amplifiers
Method for actively modelocking an all-fiber laser
Method and apparatus for programming a paste dispensing machine
Residential load shedding
System, method and apparatus for protecting consumer electronic devices from brownouts and short duration power outages
Electric power conversion optimized for efficient harmonic elimination
Charge pump with switched capacitor feedback
Pulse width modulation utilizing a shifted control signal
Phased ripple DC-to-DC converter
Method and circuit to bias output-side width modulation control in an isolating voltage converter system
Switch mode power supply and method for transferring data across a power transformer
Mixer circuit with output stage for implementation on integrated circuit
Intermediate frequency amplifier circuit for use in receive and transmit modes
All digital automatic gain control circuit
Digital filters
Laser diode drive circuit
Single chip CMOS transmitter/receiver
Satellite digital audio radio service tuner architecture for reception of satellite and terrestrial signals
Wireless communication device
Convertible portable telephone
Communication device with operation mode selection according to its position in relation to an independent reference system
Radio telephone with a combined battery and support structure
Dual mode phone architecture utilizing a single transmit-receive switch
Adaptive path searcher in a CDMA receiver
Method and apparatus for orthogonally overlaying variable chip rate spread spectrum signals
Mobile radio terminal and automatic frequency control circuit
Embedded software negotiation of PCM companding format
Ultrasonically-calibrated fast-start echo canceller for cellular and pcs telephone car kits
Selective discontinuous transmission for high speed data services in CDMA multi-channel configuration
Method for optimizing forward link power levels during soft handoffs in a wireless telecommunications network
Multi-user communication system architecture with distributed transmitters
Wireless telephone apparatus
Method for configuring a telecommunication system
System and method for managing channel usage in a data over cable system
Method and device for transmitting information, method and device for receiving information
Method of MAC synchronization in TDMA-based wireless networks
Wireless infrared digital audio system
Stuffing filter mechanism for data transmission signals
Network interface for interfacing PDH network and ATM network
Data transmission system
Method and apparatus for reduced reversed traffic in a cellular telephone system
Method for the orthogonal and offset transmission-reception of a signal and device for realizing the same
Method and apparatus for estimating fading distortion of a signal propagating in a communication channel
Non-break change-over device for redundancy system in information transmission systems
System and method for communications management with a network presence icon
Network management system with network designing function
Network device monitoring with E-mail reporting
Central office technician notification and information system
Link auto-configuration protocol specification topology
User-level dedicated interface for IP applications in a data packet switching and load balancing system
Method and apparatus for data stream optimization
Router and routing method
Band controlling apparatus
Method and apparatus combining a plurality of virtual circuits into a combined virtual circuit
Network switch with head of line input buffer queue clearing
Packet filtering in connection-based switching networks
Low latency shared memory switch architecture
Electronic mail message checking system
Signal time of arrival estimation method and system
Multi-carrier transmission method and data transmitter
Multi-carrier transmission system and method thereof
Flow-level demultiplexing within routers
Network layer support to enhance the transport layer performance in mobile and wireless environments
Method and system for the routing of requests using an automated classification and profile matching in a networked environment
Mobile IP communication scheme using dynamic address allocation protocol
Communication enabled consumer products and controller
Remote operating system
In-band on-channel digital broadcasting
Communication system with multicarrier telephony transport
Method and apparatus for generating encryption stream ciphers
Phone amplification and privacy device
Relay for personal interpreter
Caller ID data-reporting mechanism for electronic devices and associated methods
Voice messaging system storage of emergency alert system warnings
Telephone apparatus with audio recording function and audio recording method telephone apparatus with audio recording function
Systems and methods for maintaining the voice path connection during caller disconnect of an emergency 911 call
Method and apparatus for remote FAX forwarding control
Telephone enabling remote programming of a video recording device
Alternate network fallback for IP telephony
System and method of detecting overload in a service control point of a telecommunications network
Intelligent network provisioning system and method
Method and apparatus for providing an all digital loop with power-optimised mode
Method for detecting faults in a switching device
Methods and systems for forwarding anonymous and unknown calls
Method and apparatus for simultaneously monitoring computer user screen and telephone activity from a remote location
System for automatically routing calls to call center agents in an agent surplus condition based on delay probabilities
Enhancement of near-end voice signals in an echo suppression system
Image processing method and apparatus
Video signal encoding device
Method and apparatus for superimposing and detecting an additional information signal
Coaxial cable/twisted pair fed, integrated residence gateway controlled, set-top box
Audio/video synchronous reproducer enabling accurate synchronization between audio and video and a method of audio/video synchronous reproduction
Variable-bit-rate coding apparatus
Compensating for drift in the down conversion of high definition sequences to lower resolution sequences
Dual network housing device
Multi-link wire hopping over copper pairs
Method and apparatus for setting a signaling virtual channel for an ATM exchange system
ATM line evaluation apparatus capable of synthetic evaluation
ATM layer device controlling method and ATM layer device
Dynamic ATM connection management in a hybrid fiber-coax cable network
Accurate computation of percent utilization of a shared resource and fine resolution scaling of the threshold based on the utilization
Process for distributing engagement requests depending on direction in two-way trunk groups
Method and apparatus for providing packet data service in a communication system
method for constructing WVPN (Wireless Virtual Private Network) for CDMA
Method for optimising coverage by reshaping antenna pattern
Temporary wireless local-loop in cellular mobile networks
Channel switching device and channel switching method
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating setting of link parameters to improve communication qualities in a radio communication system
Method for handover and cell re-selection
Cellular communications network and method for maintaining speech quality by controlling the admission of a new call
Method and system for providing general information to users in a mobile radio network
Initialization of dynamic logical coverage areas for wireless base stations
Method for location registration of mobile stations in a mobile communications system
Electroacoustic transducer
Support device for a behind-the-ear hearing aid
Electroacoustic transducer having diaphragm with coil mounting projections and interposed stabilizing walls
Local loop telecommunication repeater housings employing thermal collection, transfer and distribution via solid thermal conduction
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