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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lumbar support device
Methods, devices and systems for the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and the diagnosis and treatment of infants predisposed to SIDS
Low intensity light therapy for treatment of retinal, macular, and visual pathway disorders
Temporal artery temperature detector
Focused ultrasonic renal denervation
Adapter mattress for dental chairs
Damping assembly for a front-wheel independent suspension of a four-wheel mobility scooter
Antiviral composition against flavivirus
Fused tetracyclic pyrido [4,3-B] indole and pyrido [3,4-B] indole derivatives and methods of use
Compositions and methods for treating parkinson's disease
Methods using immunomodulatory compounds for modulating level of CD59
Formulations comprising jorumycin-, renieramycin-, safracin- or saframycin-related compounds for treating proliferative diseases
Antiviral activity of bicyclic heterocycles
Heteroaryl-substituted hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
Soft protease inhibitors and pro-soft forms thereof
Method for obtaining concentrated polyphenol extracts from a stirring process
Allergen peptide fragments and use thereof for treatment of dust mite allergies
Polynucleotides encoding enantioselective carboxylesterases and methods of making same
Methods and compositions for the treatment of cancer
Biodegradable, water soluble and pH responsive poly(organo)phosphazenes
Modified hyaluronic acid polymer compositions and related methods
Methods for the treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
T cell receptors specific for immunodominant CTL epitopes of HCV
Use of parasitic biological agents for disease prevention and control
Water-free cosmetic preparation
Sustained-release liposomal anesthetic compositions
Formulations for infusion of type B lantibiotics
Self-emulsifying pharmaceutical compositions of rhein or diacerein
Ink composition for detecting hydrogen peroxide and indicator for detection of hydrogen peroxide
Inactivation of pathogens
Security features for a medical infusion pump
Portable medical power system
Sun protection kit
Method of donning and testing abrasive blast respirator
Noise reduction system for supplied air respirator
Exercise apparatus system
Portable gymnastic device
Exercise device
Jaw exercise device
Electric inversion table
Exercise support system
Device for training swimmers and performing physiotherapeutic exercises
Light emitting ball structure
Correct feet batting trainer
Portable golf game practice device
Analysis system, analysis apparatus, electronic device, analysis method, and program
Performance based baseball scoring system
Systems and/or methods for stock portfolio based competitive simulations
Balloon arrangement
Messaging digit cover and method of making
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation of light hydrocarbons and sour species from a sour gas
Apparatuses and methods for removing acid gas from sour gas
Method for producing high purity crystalline carbamide
Self-assembling polymers--IV
System and process for production of liquid product from light gas
Integrated combustion reactor and methods of conducting simultaneous endothermic and exothermic reactions
Porous composite particulate materials, methods of making and using same, and related apparatuses
Method for enhancing heterogeneous asymmetric selectivity and catalytic activity
Method and device for crushing and drying moisture-containing material, especially wood
Material reducing apparatus having features for enhancing reduced material size uniformity
Control valve for airless sprayer pressure adjustment
Head unit, ultrasonic probe, electronic instrument, and diagnostic device
Identification of material composition
Drain pipe cleaning device and method
Portable tool for straightening metal
Drawing process for titanium
Work-punching device, work-punching method, and method for producing element for continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for providing metal container with lining
Methods of forming earth-boring tools including sinterbonded components
Adjusting a position of a heating wire within a breathing circuit
Press-fit assembly apparatus
Surface processing system for a work piece
Knife sharpening system
Sheet for mounting a workpiece
Anti-clogging mesh abrasive cloth
Device for a user to secure a workpiece
Oil core replacing device
Adjustable tool handle for holding a tool during use
Collision-resistant tool box
Post lock tool holder for L-shaped wrenches
Structural assessment, maintenance, and repair apparatuses and methods
Digital level and laser clipper liner kit
Printer with paper skewing section positioned after manual cutter
Apparatus and method for providing film sheets, application apparatus for populating articles with film sheets
Method and device for packaging by heat sealing
Method of making and recycling a golf ball
Method of manufacturing an optical element
Solid deck bead lock drum
Method of folding pallet supports
Article for dispersing energy of a blast or impact
Laser bonding method
Powder comprising stabilized zirconia granules and a binder having Tg of 25C or lower
Liquid retainer
Printer head shuttle and printer head assembly systems
Reducing print artifacts using isolated tension zones
Liquid droplet detecting device, inkjet recording device incorporating same, and liquid droplet detection method
PDMS imprinting stamp with embedded flexure
Fastener for sheet objects
Method for producing an epoxidized natural rubber, rubber composition for tires, and pneumatic tire
Stable high-speed utility vehicle
Air shock absorber with smart suspension system with height adjustment without losing comfort and safety
Vehicle suspension system
Method and module for determining of at least one reference value for a vehicle control system
Stepped dual tube deflector
Automotive Storage Container
Control systems and methods for customizing windshield wiper speed settings
Wiper blade for cleaning vehicle windows, and wiper arm
Electronic control brake system for vehicles
Steering-shaft-rotation-angle detection device
Structural assessment, maintenance, and repair apparatuses and methods
Angle adjusting device for bicycle saddle
Cycle transmission exhibiting low steering interference effects
Tricycle with variable position footboards
Water craft having open upper deck, AFT swim deck and collapsible bulwarks
Stratospheric stay facility
Hybrid drive and energy system for aircraft
Aircraft using turbo-electric hybrid propulsion system for multi-mode operation
Rotor blade with integrated passive surface flap
Air-to-surface surveillance and/or weapons system and method for air-based inspection and/or engagement of objects on land or sea
Aircraft fuel tank access cover and an aircraft fuel tank
Filler coupling and corresponding receptacle and filling method
Folding device and assembly for making a fold in a foldable wrapping material or material to be wrapped
Paperboard pallet
Bottle for extemporaneous preparation products, particularly medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic products
Modular appartus for production testing
Carton with dispensing hole
Tool positioning pad
Quick change conveyor roll sleeve assembly and method
Transmission device for plotters
Sheet aligning device and image forming apparatus including the same
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Elevator display device with a metallic tone film
Elevator ceiling
Roller guide with speed dependent stiffness
Unloading and loading crane arrangement, container terminal and method for unloading and loading a ship
Filling element, method and filling system for filling containers
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Systems and methods for oxidation of synthesis gas tar
Process for increasing hydrogen content of synthesis gas
Method of recycling of by-products for the production of soda ash and ammonium sulphate
Fine particle composite, method for producing the same, catalyst used for solid polymer fuel cell, and solid polymer fuel cell
ZnO structures and methods of use
Porous fireproof material suitable for glass production, method for the production thereof, and uses
Method and device for converting carbon dioxide in flue gas into natural gas
Process for the selective meta-chlorination of alkylanilines
Process for producing an aminopropyne or enaminone
Compounds for treating ophthalmic diseases and disorders
Ether lubricants from fatty acids
Selective hydrogenation of dienes in the manufacture of MLAB
Process for recovery of a carboxylic acid from a feed stream containing the corresponding ester
Method for producing compounds comprising nitrile functions
Apoptosis inducing compounds
Organic compound and photovoltaic device comprising the same
Cyclic hydrazine derivatives as HIV attachment inhibitors
Dibenzo[b,f][1,4]oxazepin-11-yl-N-hydroxybenzamides as HDAC inhibitors
Tris(dialkylamide)aluminum compound, and method for producing aluminum-containing thin film using same
Synthesis of trithiocarbonates and allyl sulfides and their application into advances in covalent adaptable networks
Method of enantioselective addition to imines
Pretreated product of lignocellulosic biomass for saccharification and process for producing the same
Semi-cured product, cured product and method of manufacturing same, optical component, curable resin composition
Self-renewing hydrophilic organic coatings
Toughened polylactic acid (PLA) by grafting through of impact-modifying polymers directly to PLA backbone
Phosphazene-formaldehyde polymers and their polymer metal-complexes
Composite membranes comprising a sulfonated polyarylether and their use in forward osmosis processes
Process for producing viscoelastic flexible polyurethane foams
Mercaptofunctional high mubeta EO chromophores and high TG, low optical loss, covalently bonded, high mubeta EO chromophore containing polymers and methods of synthesizing EO materials
Blends for composite materials
Cellulose-based composite materials
Narrow particle size distribution calcium carbonate and methods of making same
Surface composition and method of application thereof
Radiation-curable aqueous dispersions
Pigmented two-component protective coating
Solvent-free, self-polishing polyurethane matrix for use in solvent-free antifoulings
Metal nanoparticle-coating silicate luminescent material and preparation method therefor
Method for generating electricity and for producing gasoline from methanol and system therefor
Organic fuel brick
Gel-type fuel and method of making same
Bright detergent composition
Acetolactate synthase having 2-ketoisovalerate decarboxylase activity and uses thereof
Bovine adeno-associated viral (BAAV) vector and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for mesenchymal stem cell proliferation
T7 RNA polymerase variants with enhanced thermostability
Process for producing lower alkyl alcohols from cellulosic biomass using microorganisms
Assays for mutagenesis detection
Method for typing and identification of micro-organisms
MITF as a marker for predisposition to cancer
Library compositions and methods for acyclic identification of aptamers
Sputtering device
Method for applying aluminum alloy coatings for corrosion protection of steel
Atomic layer deposition apparatus
Fluorine gas generator
Substrate carrier device for double-sided electroplating of solar cell
Textiles; Paper
Electrospinning process for manufacture of multi-layered structures
Two vessel reactor system and method for hydrolysis and digestion of wood chips with chemical enhanced wash method
Doctor for a paper machine
Fixed Constructions
Waste water vessels with multiple valved chambers, and associated systems and methods
Water-powered pump for use in irrigation and for other purposes
Modular faucet
Brick bracket for installation of a ledger on the brick facing or veneer of a structure and associated methods for the installation of the brick bracket on the brick facing
Construction component having embedded internal support structures to provide enhanced structural reinforcement and improved ease of construction therewith
Exterior mounted solar shade screen for skylights
Elongated rail system for mounting objects to roof structures
Transition element for connecting a tower to a jacket
Cantilever canopy
Ball hinge structure
Rotary drill and method for the production thereof
System and method for controlling surface equipment to insert and remove tubulars with a well under pressure
Control system and method for a well completion system
Mechanical counter
Methods and systems of down-hole reagent processing and deployment
Apparatus and method for cutting and pulling of a casing
System and method for deploying a downhole casing patch
Pneumatic spanner structure
Device for carrying a replacement safety valve in a well tube
Tubular assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Disk turbine using heat pipes
Reheat steam bypass system
Rotating seal configuration and method of sealing a rotating member to a housing
Arrangement for introducing a liquid medium into exhaust gases from a combustion engine
Double cam axial engine with over-expansion, variable compression, constant volume combustion, rotary valves and water injection for regenerative cooling
High swirl engine
Gas turbine combustion chamber
Hazardous location diesel engine power unit with protected controls for automatic shutdown
Internal combustion engine control methods
Control device of an engine
Flow conducting assembly for cooling the low-pressure turbine housing of a gas turbine jet engine
Propellant feed system for swirl-coaxial injection
Control of a wind turbine, rotor blade and wind turbine
Direct drive wind turbine, transport system and method of construction of a direct drive wind turbine
Wind turbine
Device, system and method to lower starting torque for electrical system
Micro-dosing pump having a rotatable valve disk driven by a magnetized actuator disk
Hydraulic pump control system for construction machinery
Portable blower
Electro-hydraulic actuator with an integrated brake
Coaxial tensionable automatic lock
Foil bearing
Cage, rolling bearing, method for manufacturing cage, and injection mold
Spindle motor and disk drive apparatus
Micro-electro-mechanical-systems based hydraulic control system for a wet dual clutch transmission
Circuit arrangement for operating a torque wrench or similar
Crank set for a motorized bicycle
Friction transmission belt
Apparatus for front/top lay vertical adjustment and sheet-fed rotary printing press having the apparatus
Slider-crank mechanism with L-shaped connecting rod
Automatic transmission
Pin for guiding a gear wheel, and planetary transmission containing the same
Shift system for power transfer unit having dual sector shift actuator
Shift control device for automatic transmission
Fuel gas supplying and filling system
Draining device for machine tool
Tube splicing device
Flow control
Ultra lightweight and compact accumulator
Sealing plug
Portable foldable cradle
Kinematic mount
Lightweight liquid reservoir
Apparatus for sealing and illuminating a balloon
Vehicle lamp with laser lighting source
Method of producing LED lighting apparatus and apparatus produced thereby
Variable focuslamp
LED lighting device including heat dissipation structure and method for making the same
Illumination light source
Lighting unit and lighting device
Acoustic light panel
Light source device
Burner for a thermal post-combustion device
Burner and pilot protector for horizontal flammability test chamber
Ducted ceiling mounted fan
Hydrogen elimination and thermal energy generation in water-activated chemical heaters
Solar concentrating wedge, compact and ventilated
Stand for supporting solar panels on a flat roof
Air-conditioning loop provided with a solenoid valve and operating as a heat pump
Monitoring freeze drying with gas measurement on vacuum pump exhaust
Heat exchanger
One-piece sleeve with alternative slot(s) for firearm noise suppressor
Rail mount offhand recoil grip
Frame bump offhand recoil grip
Modular accessory system for rifle
Lens for sighting device
Mount for a firearm
Magazine holder
Apparatus for maximizing damage caused by a projectile to a hunted animal
Contactless method for determining the ray of a beam, corresponding system
System and method for verifying screw threads
Retractable assembly
Power transmission and sensing device
Method for routing in a network, routing system, and transport system
Photoelectric-type continuous liquid level measurement method and device
Tunable multispectral laser source
Apparatus, system, and method of estimating spectrum of object
Method and device for the fast phase evaluation, in particular of multi-cycle pulses of laser radiation
Capacitive pressure sensor with reduced parasitic capacitance
System and method for assessing the performance of an attitude control system for small satellites
Machining head for a laser machining apparatus
Cable condition monitoring device
Closures which contain reservoirs and allow acoustic ejection
System and method for controlling electric fields in electro-hydrodynamic applications
Apparatus and method for inspecting crystallization
Radiation inspection apparatus
Structural health monitoring using sprayable paint formulations
Microfluidic, electrochemical devices
Enzyme triggered redox altering chemical elimination (E-trace) immunoassay
Viscoelasticity measuring apparatus
Environment risk analysis system and method of analyzing environment risk
Methods and materials for the detection of melamine
Aquatic pollution monitoring
Integrated nanopore and paul trap mechanism for DNA capture and motion control
Screening methods employing insects with blood brain barrier
Therapeutic use of anti-CD22 antibodies for inducing trogocytosis
Arrangement of piezo-sensors in accelerometer
Matching positive transitions in a time trace disaggregation process
Systems and methods for inspecting reinforced concrete structures
Testing apparatus for simulating stratified or dispersed flow
Method for performing power consumption control, and associated apparatus
Method with system and program product for prioritizing clock domains for testing of integrated circuit designs
Electrode evaluation apparatus and electrode evaluation method
Ultrasound image enhancement and super-resolution
Scintillating module, positron emission tomography, ion beam profiler, ion beam filter, and ion beam generating device using scintillating module
Particle detection system
Logging tool
Zoom lens, camera, and portable information device
Projection display apparatus
Optical scanner manufacturing method, optical scanner, image display device, and head-mounted display
Spatio-temporal directional light modulator
Optical filter and optical module having optical filter
Protective magnification film for electronic devices
Backlight unit and 2D and 3D image display system
Optical element filtering ultraviolet light and lens module including same
Optical unit in which optical element is mounted on base having optical wave guide and method of manufacturing the same
Fiber optic sensor manufacturing method and structure thereof
Inverted 45 degree mirror for photonic integrated circuits
Optical fiber connector
Optical connector, optical connector system and optical backplane apparatus for optically connecting first optical waveguide and second optical waveguide
Optical connector
Step response suppression structure of lens driving apparatus
Lens for projection and projection-type display apparatus
Lenses, devices and methods for ocular refractive error
Operating device for an electric appliance
Light guide plate and surface light source device
Front and rear compound liquid crystal display comprising a reflection board having a bottom board and a pair of wing boards at two sides
Personal camera accessory system
Rotary image projector
Spectral purity filter, lithographic apparatus, and method for manufacturing a spectral purity filter
Apparatus and method of direct writing with photons beyond the diffraction limit using two-color resist
Plate surface protecting liquid composition for lithographic printing plate using same
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Belt driving device and image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus, lubricant application system, lubricant application method, and lubricant container-applicator
Motor controller and motor system
Autonomous mobile robot system
Pressure regulator
DC-DC converter
Apparatus and method of controlling clock signals
Supporting apparatus and display device using the same
Multi-function attachment for a mobile computer
Electronic device
Defect analysis system for error impact reduction
Highly autonomous dispersed storage system retrieval method
Method for guaranteeing program correctness using fine-grained hardware speculative execution
Information processing method and apparatus for recovering state of system
Control test point for timing stability during scan capture
Device and method for calculating battery usable time period for mobile station
Automatic testing apparatus for embedded software, automatic testing method thereof and test scenario composing method
Advanced notification of workload
Systems, methods and computer program products memory space management for storage class memory
Data storing method and apparatus applied to flash memory storage device
Dead block predictors for cooperative execution in the last level cache
Systems and methods for managing read-only memory
Instantaneous save/restore of virtual machines with persistent memory
Replicating tracks from a first storage site to a second and third storage sites
Simultaneously accessible memory device and method for using the same
Methods for seamless storage importing and devices thereof
Relocating related resource partitions
Synchronous and asynchronous discard scans based on the type of cache memory
Selective release-behind of pages based on repaging history in an information handling system
Avoiding recall operations in a tiered data storage system
Mechanisms to accelerate transactions using buffered stores
Multi-level aggregation techniques for memory hierarchies
Stored data analysis
Audio codec with audio buffer to store decoded audio data wherein decoding processor enters low power mode during playback
Method and apparatus for virtual machine live storage migration in heterogeneous storage environment
Multi-user display system and method
Report generation apparatus, report generation system, and computer program product
System and method for decorating a hotel room
Redundant task execution in a distributed storage and task network
Cutting plotter and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
Techniques for initiating functionality of an electronic device
Processor provisioning by a middleware processing system for a plurality of logical processor partitions
Hardware support for performance analysis
Touch panel control device and non-transitory computer-readable medium
Touch sensitive data entry using a continuous gesture
Providing resistance portions along touch panel electrodes, for adjusting electric potential distribution
Force-sensing resistor sensor and applications
Methods, systems, and computer program products for grouping tabbed portion of a display object based on content relationships and user interaction levels
Method, system and program for supporting input of execution parameter of predetermined software to input field
Managing active GUI elements remotely
Fishing analysis based on geographical location
Active downforce generation for a tilting vehicle
System for on-line archiving of content in an object store
Method and system for data retention
Method and system for controlling engine speed and boom-type engineering machine
Interconnect controller for a data processing device with transaction tag locking and method therefor
Dynamic data dimensioning by partial reconfiguration of single or multiple field-programmable gate arrays using bootstraps
Self-healing using an alternate boot partition
Self-healing using an alternate boot partition
Processing core with speculative register preprocessing in unused execution unit cycles
Error injection into the leaf functions of call graphs
System and/or method for computing interprocedural dominators
Caching and analyzing images for faster and simpler cloud application deployment
Debugging data format conversion
Providing performance tuned versions of compiled code to a CPU in a system of heterogeneous cores
Differential voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) switch reduction
Determining collective barrier operation skew in a parallel computer
Determining collective barrier operation skew in a parallel computer
Signal processing device and semiconductor device for executing a plurality of signal processing tasks
Supply capability engine weekly poller
Batch jobs using positional scheduling policies of mobile devices
Method and system for process load balancing
Auto detecting shared libraries and creating a virtual scope repository
Auto detecting shared libraries and creating a virtual scope repository
Secure print job through mobile device ID
Method and apparatus for cooking using coded information associated with food packaging
Method and system for identifying a liquid product in luggage or other receptacle
Security sensor having adjustable retaining arms
Multi-state shutter assembly for use in an electronic display
Rear projection screen with infrared transparency
Information processing apparatus, conference system, and information processing method
Information providing apparatus, information providing system and information providing method
Forming magnetic microelectromechanical inductive components
Display device including electrostatic protection circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Nitride semiconductor substrate
Microlens for organic EL element, organic EL element using the same, and manufacturing methods thereof
Method and apparatus for multi-level de-emphasis
Error correction decoder and error correction decoding method
Information processing apparatus and computer program product
Systems, devices, and methods employing angular-resolved scattering and spectrally resolved measurements for classification of objects
Display device and television
Computational systems and methods for locating a mobile device
Bonding structure and electronic device using the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Enabling tractor
Broadcast spreading top dresser
Grain storage tank for an agricultural harvester
Fishing reel
Boron compound/amine oxide compositions
Apparatus for rinsing and scraping bi-valve mollusks
Apparatus for the production of shells of fat-containing, chocolate masses
Marine protection jacket
Golf club grip and glove rain shield
Personal security assembly
Baseball, soft baseball and lacrosse bag
Easily manipulated closures for bag-like containers, containers incorporating the same, and methods for making such containers
Handle structure for turning and adjusting direction
Light assembly for the interior of a purse
Article comprising a cell system
Medical storage pouch
Harness system for lifting objects
Belt mounted holder for spackle items
Semi-enclosed applicator for distributing a substance onto a target surface
Mascara brush configured for loading from sidewall of container
Convertible bed with computer desk
Scrapbook nook
ATV rear gear bag
Swing support assembly
Back for seating unit and method of assembly
Portable arm rest
Portable swing system
Apparatus for supporting modular and cooperating components
Three dimensional wall mounted striping system
Display stand for use with sprinkler nozzles
Jewelry box with security locker
Bag dispensing assembly
Hanging and transport device
Leak-free drinking cup
One-way pepper grinding tool
System for removably securing kitchen utensils over a kitchen sink
Dual toilet roll dispenser
Element for adjusting the outlet width in paper towels dispensers
Pump having dynamic shaft seal
Vacuum cleaner
Manual control part of endoscope
Endoscope for optically variable power using moving time as position information
Connecting structure for a flexible tube and a mouthpiece of a treatment tool used for an endoscope
Attachment to flexible bronchoscope, slotted tubular stylet for endotracheal intubation
Sealing device and wound closure device
Suture anchor
Shaped suture clip, appliance and method therefor
Medical graft assembly
Method and apparatus for segmental bone replacement
Ultrasonic ablation catheter transmission wire connector assembly
Devices and methods of vertebral disc augmentation
Catheter-based methods for enlarging blood vessels to facilitate the formation of penetration tracts, fistulas and/or blood flow channels
High output therapeutic ultrasound transducer
Thrombolysis device
Instrument for application in endoscopic surgery
Tissue specimen encapsulation device and method thereof
Pneumatic control handpiece for surgical and medical use
Stereoscopic percutaneous visualization system
Bone anchoring assembly with a snap-in ballhead
Method of dorsal wrist fracture fixation
Intramedullary interlock screw
Method and apparatus for rupturing targeted cells
Ultrasound-guided ablation catheter and methods of use
Radio-frequency generator for powering an ablation device
Medical instrument working end creating very high pressure gradients
System for electromagnetic radiation dermatology and head for use therewith
Fastening element for a medical instrument and such medical instrument
Finger tissue expander
Fiberoptic-guided interstitial seed manual applicator and seed cartridge
Spirometry test and analysis system
IVR-CT apparatus
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
Ultrasonic harmonic image segmentation
Ultrasonic image processing method and examination system for displaying an ultrasonic color-coded image sequence of an object having moving parts
Ultrasonic elasticity imaging
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method
Securable mounting for an articulator for dental casts
Dentures and false teeth
Abrasion device
Dental tool
Winged impression cap for reduced height dental impression post
Absorbent article having a refastenable mechanism
Absorbent article with improved liquid acquisition capability
Absorbent article
Absorbent article
Pant-like disposable absorbent articles with a releasable line of weakness and a fastener
Laterally loaded insertion device
Method for collecting and disposing of human waste
Self-applicator for bandages
Passive cardiac assistance device
Cannula with flow diversion mechanism and methods of use
Endoluminal vascular prosthesis
Multiple-sided intraluminal medical device
Articulated stent
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Soft tissue repair material fixation apparatus and method
Collarless shoulder arthroplasty prosthesis
Socket liner for artificial limb
Knee joint structure of artificial limb
Compression brace structure and material
System and method for heat control of a living body
Segmented pre-formed intrastromal corneal insert
Adjustable flow rate glaucoma shunt and method of using same
Control system for high resolution high speed digital micromirror device for laser refractive eye surgery
Device for connecting a plurality of apparatus and instruments of a medico-technical system
Automobile ingress/egress system
Invertible eye drop dispenser device
Dual-filled twin bag, a package and a method for forming a package administering a solution
Battery operated pill crusher
Differential scanning calorimeter
Method and apparatus for enhancing flux rates of a fluid in a microporated biological tissue
Paste formulation for dental use, a paste injector, and a system for detecting of paste filling
Modeling composition, method of preparing modeling material using said modeling composition, modeling material, and modeling method using said modeling material
Valve for osmotic devices
Door sanitation system
Compositions for medical implantation
Implantable nickel-free stainless steel stents and method of making the same
System for withdrawal of blood
Vascular access sheath
Remote sensing gene therapy delivery device and method of administering a therapeutic solution to a heart
Catheter having continuous lattice and coil reinforcement
Intravascular catheter with composite reinforcement
Catheter with multi-layer wire reinforced wall construction
Circulatory support system and method of use for isolated segmental perfusion
System for actively supporting the flow of body fluids
Ultrasound method for revascularization and drug delivery
Systems and methods for coupling a drainage catheter to a patient and decoupling the drainage catheter from the patient
Apparatus for treating vascular occlusions
Coupling for medical cannulae
Infusion device cartridge
Medication delivery device with telescopic piston rod
Discoid and elastic valve to produce a hermetic closure inside pre-filled syringes
Method, composition and apparatus for rapid and accurate pediatric resuscitation and emergency medical treatment
Method and apparatus for monitoring heart rate
Needle position lock
Balloon catheter having adjustable centering capabilities and methods thereof
Source wire for radiation treatment
Hifu applications with feedback control
Collapsible doorway exercise apparatus
Portable exercise device
Actuator assemblies for adjustment mechanisms of exercise machines
Cardiovascular fitness equipment in furniture
Stationary exercise bicycle with shock absorption system
Golf ball
Golf ball composition and method of manufacture
Insert shim for a bowling ball
Golf ball cores with improved durability
Tennis ball
Golf ball and method of manufacturing the same
Golf club head and improved casting method therefor
Golf bag
Method for making a bamboo-made golf tee
Golf tee and golf ball display
Golf cup retaining holder for artificial greens
Composite bat with metal barrel area and method of fabrication
Goal shot training system
Apparatus for a retractable basketball backboard and hoop assembly
Mogul skiing simulating device
Putting practice device
Method and apparatus for boxing
Omni-directional wheel sith frictional bias
Skiing facilities capable of changing shape of surface of ski slope and method for changing shape of surface of ski slope of skiing facilities
Elevated wooden racetrack for go-karts and associated methods
Snowboard binding
Endless belt
Method for processing object movements, game machine using said method, and recording medium on which a related program is recorded
Recording medium having sequentially accessible data recording regions, data access method, game progress control method, and game machine
Electronic interactive gaming apparatus, system and methodology
Game machine having a main unit exchanging data with a portable slave machine
Casino card game
Method of playing a dice game
Tile sequencing game assembly
Swap the birds puzzle
Built-up spinning top
Revolving structure for built-up toy
Toy building set
Toy construction element
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fold package with pressure-sensitive hanging tab
Separation and collection of analyte materials
Method and apparatus for compressing atmospheric air, and corresponding air distillation and gas turbine installations
Air filtration device including filter change indicator
Electromagnetic vibratory microplate shaker
Apparatus for the treatment of substances
Agitated vessel for producing a suspension of solids
Method of manufacturing a filter
Distribution apparatus having bubble caps with riser vanes
Method and device for two-stage classification of granular material
Centrifugal separator having end walls and a central shaft to resist axially directed forces
Snow, ice particle generator, or nucleation device, integrated in a pressurized water spray head for making artificial snow
Spray head with a pivot nozzle
Sprayer retaining clip and method
Manufacturing method for a plasma display panel, a plasma display panel, and a phosphor ink applying device
Housing containing a replaceable flexible packaging unit
Sieving device
Method of removing mail from a mailstream using an incoming mail sorting apparatus
High pressure hydraulic cleaning unit possibly with detergent ejector device
Remote spray coating of nuclear cross-under piping
Material treatment method and apparatus
Method for making multisheet metal sandwich structure with throughholes
Niti-type medical guide wire and method of producing the same
Nail machine, and a tool ring and fitting for securing holding jaws for such machine
Linear guide rail and method for working same
Holding apparatus with improved retention ability and method of holding a tool
Drill guide and method for drilling holes
Milling cutter capable of using inserts of various geometrical shapes
Structure and method for connecting rim and disk integrated wheels
Process and apparatus for fabricating solid electrolytic capacitors
Spindle device and machine tool utilizing the same
Automatic tool changer
Overhead clamp-type gripping device for grabbing a load
Grinding or cleaning device for a textile machine
Wafer-polishing head and polishing apparatus having the same
Multi-zone pressure control carrier
Pure water reusing system
CNC machine tools
Polishing pad conditioning system
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Ratchet wrench with lighting circuit means
Method and apparatus for spring tensioning
Washer supply device for power nailers
Small impact power tool
Socket suspension rack
Device for lifting, orienting, and positioning enclosures
Tool for a coal cutting, mining or road cutting machine
Conformable cube corner retroreflective sheeting
Extrusion apparatus with rotatable winding socket
Rotary blow molding machine
Device for processing a strip of material with ultrasound
Retroflective prismatic retro-reflectors without visually disturbing seams
Tire vulcanizing system and tire vulcanizing method
Method and apparatus for preforming and creasing container board
Plastic film bag stack with corner holes separated by perforations from a flap having stacking openings
Printer having precision ink drying capability and method of assembling the printer
Carriage drive belt with compliant belt section for inkjet printer
Aligning method for multiple ink jet color printheads with built-in optoelectronic position detector
Controlling transparency haze using a soft drum
Microwave energy ink drying method
Continuous ink jet printhead and method of translating ink drops
Ink drop deflection amplifier mechanism and method of increasing ink drop divergence
Method of driving liquid-drop spraying device
Inkjet printing media handling system and method for reducing cockle growth
Fringe field electrode array for simultaneous paper tacking and field assist
Ink jet recording device capable of controlling impact positions of ink droplets in electrical manner
Active compensation for changes in the direction of drop ejection in an inkjet printhead having orifice restricting member
Liquid ejection head, head cartridge and ejection apparatus with plural, independent liquid supply means
Thin front channel photopolymer drop ejector
Ink supply arrangement for a portable ink jet printer
Method of mounting fluid ejection device
Liquid-firing head and manufacturing method thereof, ink-jet recording device and micro-actuator
Ink-jet head and printer using the same
Replaceable ink container for an inkjet printing system
Apparatus for providing ink to an ink jet print head
Method for reducing variations in print density
Ink-jet printing apparatus and recovery processing method of ejection port
Systems and methods for randomized dot scheduling for multipass printing
Ink jet printer, control method for the same, and data storage medium for recording the control method
Ink jet printing method
Method for laminating a pre-press proof to simulate printing on thin plastic
Device for maintaining constant a certain viscosity of an adhesive for pasting the spine of an inner book or a book cover
Book containing model components combinable to form a three dimensional model
Value-bearing document with window
Hanging file basket
Method and apparatus for staging envelopes
Disc brake system
Hubcap locking device
Suspension system including arm having zero clearance axle connection
Damper with integrated dust tube and rate surface
Independent suspension bushing block
Trailing arm axle/suspension system
Air passage opening/closing device for vehicle air conditioner
Air conditioning installation for a vehicle, with gentle diffusion
Driver ventilation for delivery truck
Automatic windglass fog prevention method for a vehicle climate control system
Roll-up sunroof shade
Front end structure of vehicle
Hydraulic actuating device for a folding roof of a motor vehicle
Convertible roof and tonneau cover system
Adjustable flap in the covering of a vehicle
Mounting structure of exhaust pipe system in vehicle
Fuel filler door assembly
Filler neck closure with static charge dissipater
All wheel drive for motor grades
Hydraulic control system for automatic transmissions
Transmission unit for hybrid vehicle
Diesel-electric drive system with a starting torque converter
Regenerative pneumatic propulsion apparatus
Control method for a coordinated regenerative brake system
Parallelogram load sensing apparatus for a vehicle seat
Clamp roller ratchet mechanism
Child car seat
Armrest storage
Hinged headrest for a vehicle seat
Restraint system for a school bus seat
Integrated seat belt and seat support
Method and means for handling and conveying loosefill
Polycarbonate resin pellet tank type container and transportation method using the same
Lamp for automobile
Rear light unit for a vehicle and circuit therefor
Light emitting panel assemblies for use in automotive applications and the like
Mounting for proximity radar
Instrument cluster reflector
Rotary connector
Battery retaining system for children's ride-on vehicles
Inflatable structure system and method for using the same
Stiffener bar bezel
Horn switch for a steering wheel
Door mounted side restraint
Window washer nozzle and molding device for molding the same
Controlling a braking system
Model based brake pressure estimation
Parking brake device for vehicle
Anti-locking brake system
System and method of retaining a component in a hydraulic control unit housing
Auxiliary wheeled frame for wheelbarrows
Mobile compressed gas module
Wagon with wheel braking device
Direction changing device for a stroller handle
Vibration damper
Vehicle steering damping system with magnetostrictive element
Hood for earthmoving machines
Rear cargo lining storage area
Drive sprocket wheel
Rotating oleodynamic distribution system for the steering of rear axles of vehicles
Outer tie rod assembly connector body
Swing arm for vehicle
Sidecar steering aid
Children's ride-on vehicle and bucket assembly
Water trampoline
Line throwing device
Low friction exhaust bellows and techniques for constructing and assembling such bellows
Flap actuator system
Inflatable airfoils, and elevated and propulsion driven vehicles
Method for controlling an aerospace system to put a payload into an orbit
Spacecraft orbit control using orbit position feedback
Launch lock for spacecraft payloads
Re-sealable food storage bag filling device
Holding device for holding a container and a method for fixing a container
Container and closure package and a method of filling
Stackable shipping container
Child resistant container and closure, package and method of assembly having a locking tab on the container and a cam stop lug on the closure
Device for holding a plurality of receptacles
Personal identification for improved hygiene
Slurry container
Hinged flexible polyurethane foam protective packaging and shipping element
Dispenser for the dispensing elements in strips
Bailing and automatic stowing system for electric conductors
Bicycle protector
Multiple-sectional garbage container
Stockyard for bulk materials
Apparatus and method of pneumatically conveying powder substances and use of the apparatus
Gravity flow sludge load-out metering gate
Linear drive assembly and process of using same
Sheet feeder with dynamic speed control
Method and device for intermediate storage of documents
Method of controlling elevator installation with multiple cars
Elevator destination registering apparatus for displaying route to a destination point
Elevator car door locking and unlocking mechanism
Method for using a revolver crane, and a revolver crane
Jib crane
Heavy duty cable puller
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Passive purification in metal hydride storage apparatus
Apparatus for growing low defect density silicon carbide
Process for the production of an aluminium-containing iron oxide crystallization nucleus
Wafer holder for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, method of manufacturing wafer holder, and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Heat producing system for a building
Chiral ligands for asymmetric catalysis
Bloom-resistant benzotriazole UV absorbers and compositions stabilized therewith
Macromolecular materials
Colored interference pigment
Bituminous composition
Phthalocyanine compounds used in inks for ink jet printing
Water-soluble ink composition and ink jet recording apparatus using same
Lightfast additive molecule for inkjet ink
Ink jet ink set
Ink for plate pen
Fire starter as sole fuel to quickly ignite a log of wood
Flame-resistant wick holder for candle
Ore comminution process
Piston ring
Throughput enhancement for single wafer reactor
Getter system for purifying the confinement volume in process chambers
Method of fabricating group III-V nitride compound semiconductor and method of fabricating semiconductor device
GaN system compound semiconductor and method for growing crystal thereof
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for applying a chemical foam to a traveling substrate
Method for improving the stability of the shape of trousers
Pulper for a fiber stock preparation system
Hydrocyclone device for cleaning a fluid
Fixed Constructions
Curb forming apparatus
Manually-operated device for picking up objects
Erosion control block adapted for use with cellular concrete mattresses
Method of forming an in-situ void system
Bucket fastener for a hydraulic shovel
Fire rated cover for luminaires
Reinforcement bar support system
Rail and supports thereof
Adjustable drywall support apparatus
Vinyl fence post mount
Slide-switched flat illuminator
Latch assembly for covered containers
Locking arrangement for a switchgear cabinet
Percussive rock drill bit and buttons therefor and method for manufacturing drill bit
Downhole apparatus and method of use
Apparatus to measure the earth's local gravity and magnetic field in conjunction with global positioning attitude determination
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Combination double screw rotor assembly
Turbomachine with double-faced rotor-shroud seal structure
Gas turbine segmental ring
Twisted stator vane
Inner platform impingement cooling by supply air from outside
Exhaust manifold clamp with vibration disconnecting effects for flange connections in exhaust lines and method of making same
Engine control arrangement for four stroke watercraft
Electronic throttle body gear train module
Snap-fit throttle shaft
Gasket with molded-in bolt retention means
Variable resonator
Contaminant tolerant compressed natural gas injector and method of directing gaseous fuel therethrough
Coated fuel injector valve
Modular fuel injector having a snap-on orifice disk retainer and having a lift set sleeve
Swash plate type compressor of variable capacity type
Compressor utilizing spaces between cylinder bores
Freon compressor
Dual stage compressor
Exhausting spring structure for high-pressure discharging pipe of compressor
Air compressor
Radial flow turbomolecular vacuum pump
Axial fan with reversible flow direction
Connector for attaching a ceiling fan blade to a fan blade holder
Enhanced performance air moving assembly
Method of assembling a high solidity axial fan
Cooling-water pump and method for its production
Turbomachinery impeller
Airfoil blade and method for its manufacture
Device for measuring and adjusting preloading on bearings
Conductive ceramic bearing ball, ball bearing, motor having bearing, hard disk drive, and polygon scanner
Expansion turbine for low-temperature applications
Externally pressurized gas bearing spindle
Progressively engaging clutch
Split spool type flexible coupling
System for protecting drive line components from excessive engine inertial forces
Disc brake
Drum brake device having a shoe clearance over-adjustment prevention apparatus
Reduced drag wet disc brake assembly
Torsional vibration damper
Motor vehicle air spring having an ancillary volume
Eccentric orbiting type speed reducer
Variable speed drive
Torque converter assembly
Lockup clutch for torque converter
Differential lock actuator
Hydraulic control system for transmissions
Procedure for improvement of the shifting speed
Shift control apparatus for automatic transmission
Control system for vehicular automatic transmission
Metal gasket with bead and seal coating
High-temperature gas control valve
Multi-channel rotary joint
Means for connecting a pipe to a tubular body
Swiveling hose coupling
Mounting clamp for a tubular part
Sway brace
One-piece conduit hanger
Universal pipe-tank connection assembly
Accessory support apparatus for hand held device
Decorative lamp
Garland light set
Under cabinet halogen light fixture with internal wire raceway
Light fixture
Illumination device, in particular light for motor vehicle
Surface light source device and adjusting method of chromaticity thereof
Lighting apparatus for illuminating well-defined limited areas
Incandescent lamp
Manifold diffuser assembly for a gas burner
Air vent apparatus for blocking light
Paint ball delivery hopper with manual dispensing valve
Portable apparatus for 3-dimensional scanning
Conveyor and plant for baling paper pulp
Method and apparatus for testing a temperature sensor
Aperture compounding for medical imaging
Aberration correction apparatus and methods
Monocular borescope or endoscope with offset mask
Projection-type image display apparatus
Optical mirror coatings for high-temperature diffusion barriers and mirror shaping
Optical plug connector
Universal panel mount system for fiber optic connecting devices
Assembly of opto-electronic module with improved heat sink
Interactive eyewear selection system
Display apparatus with corrosion-resistant light directing film
Method of manufacturing pixel electrode for reflection type display device
Image projection system that enables almost complete superposition without any image shift in superposition projection of original images a plurality of image projection apparatuses
Projection display apparatus
Method and system for processing photographic material which includes water recovery from humid air for re-use in the processing
Processing apparatus system
Multi-reaction chamber static film processor which allows for multiple overlapped-cycle film processing
Charging contact plate
Fail-safe proportional mixing valve
Apparatus for remote temperature control
Computer system bulkhead plate for attenuating electromagnetic interference (EMI) at a telephone jack connector
Method for monitoring food intake
Virtual distributed multimedia gaming method and system based on actual regulated casino games
IC card contacting and releasing mechanism
Proximity type contactless IC card issuance machine
Aerospatiale matra airbus
Low cost smart card reader, extension style, with wiping contacts
Methods and apparatus for area weighted means processing of barcode signals
Symbology scanning system for efficiently locating coded symbologies
Easy handling gaming chip
Parking meter with electric grounding arrangement for corrosion reduction
Gaming system with location verification
Gaming machines with board game theme, apparatus and method
Self-defense ATM
ATM enhancement system
Coin processing device
Automatic identification equipment and IC cards
Chemblox educational molecular models
Indication lamp
Table top display devices
Grooved tape guide
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus including a reel disc having magnetically acting holding means for a reel
Collapsible hub assembly
Guide packing recording media along with cartridges and apparatus incorporating such guides
Multi-purpose wide media cartridges and cartridge chassis subassemblies
Apparatus using a method for recording digital data including a data conversion or format conversion, and apparatus using the method
Plasma display panel and method of fabricating barrier rib therefor
Electrical socket having a backup means
Multi-layer conductive device interconnection
Connectors for circuit boards configured with foil on both sides
Electrical connector with terminal insert
Power cable assembly
Electrical connector configured by wafers including moveable contacts
Socket-and-plug assembly
Metallic shroud for use with board-mounted electronic connectors
Male electrical plug locking device
Electrical connector assembly
Small form-factor pluggable transceiver cage
Low profile modular jack
Back plate with a grounding member for an electric apparatus
Electrical connector having printed circuit board mounted therein
Joints for filter connector
Pass-thru electrical connector assembly
Arrangement and method for forming an electrical contact in an electronic device
Power connector for DC microwave oven
Flexible printed circuit connector
Electrical connector for two flexible printed circuits
L-shaped coaxial connector and terminal for the same
Multiple pin contactor device for power bus bar systems
Mounting device for mounting an electrical device on trunking
Reflective LCD projector
Illuminating apparatus for a projection display
Method and apparatus for precoining BGA type packages prior to electrical characterization
Gangable low voltage bracket for electrical devices
ZIF socket with improved retention mechanism
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