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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Solution-based synthesis of CsSnI.sub.3
Pleated bed sheets providing more room for the legs and feet of a user
Bath accessory holder and scoop
Floor cleaning machine using microfiber pad
Performance based basketball scoring system
Second player bonus game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for locking a first tube member to a second tube member
Head assembly for a component mounter
Horizontal assembly of stator core using a central rail structure
Device for holding a dressing on a cylinder including a holding member and bow in the channel
Vehicular carbon monoxide detector
Hydraulic brake booster
Boat construction with stowable seat
Mounting system and method for rigidly attaching a water sports towing frame to a vessel
Ground anchors with compression plates
Defect detection device and bag packaging system equipped with defect detection device
Method and device for wrapping products
Method and apparatus for making reclosable packages having slider-actuated string zippers
Method for filling a package for compressible flat articles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Double-center bipyridyl cationic ion liquid, preparation method therefor and use thereof
Sensitizing complexes, process for the preparation thereof, semiconductive inorganic/organic hybrid material comprising them, and photovoltaic cell comprising said material
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine and dryer having being improved duct structure thereof
Fixed Constructions
Photovoltaic device and method
Combined computer security lock and security cable
Flip-up electronic product mounting structure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Switchable drag lever of a valve timing mechanism of an internal combustion engine
Detection of a specific faulted DOD electrohydraulic circuit
Method and apparatus for providing for high EGR gaseous-fuelled direct injection internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation methods and apparatus for reducing NOx emissions from internal combustion engines
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Air induction system and assembly method for an intake manifold with a single shaft and sensor for activating air control valves
Mechanical returnless fuel system
Motor vehicle starter with improved starter drive assembly
Pre-ignition detection and mitigation
Heat dissipating apparatus for mobile phone
Pulsed plasma thruster and method of making
Jump force vacuum booster
Hydraulic system, reservoir and pump suction enhancer for motor vehicle
Hydraulic system having a post-pressure compensator
Angle drive with power distribution
Oscillation generating device
Method of determining a shift gate position for a vehicle transmission and a shift gate position determining system for the same
Linear actuator
Fluid expansion-distribution assembly
Device, system, and method for structural health monitoring
Shock waveform synthesis methods for shock response spectrum over short time interval, digital filter for obtaining shock response history and inverse filter thereof
System and method for closed loop control of boundary layer shear stress
Resonator and biosensor system including the same
Oxygen sensor
Physical quantity sensor having movable portion
Optical power transmission packeting systems and methods
Objective lens driving unit and optical pickup device adopting the same
Static eliminator and image forming apparatus including same
Identification processing apparatus and mobile device using the same
Method and apparatus for processing housing
USB memory stick
Scalable prediction failure analysis for memory used in modern computers
Method for detecting anomalies in a control network
Tape backup method
Erasing physical memory blocks of non-volatile memory
System and method for identifying content using content templates for distribution to internet users
Direct response and feedback system
Information processing method, recording medium, and information processing apparatus
Cloud computing system and method
Calendaring tool with optimized management capabilities
Shared media experience distribution and playback
User initiated rule-based restrictions on messaging applications
Client device connectivity with integrated business rules
Inter-domain user and service mobility in SIP/SIMPLE systems
System, method and computer program product for resolving addressing in a network including a network address translator
Management computer, resource management method, resource management computer program, recording medium, and information processing system
Telecommunication network
Telecommunication network
Simultaneous P2P and non-P2P communications
Network interface determining apparatus and method
Apparatus and methods of identity management in a multi-network system
Information extracting server, information extracting client, information extracting method, and information extracting program
Transaction prediction modeling method
Method and system for data transfer optimization
Automated document redaction
Efficient loading of data in databases
System and method for multi-dimensional personalization of search results
Persisting and retrieving arbitrary slices of nested structures using a column-oriented data store
Systems, methods, and apparatus for prefetching node data for linked data structure traversal
System and method for electronically managing medical data files
Identifying unknown parameter and name value pairs
Query optimization in a parallel computer system to reduce network traffic
Management and synchronization of batch workloads with active/active sites OLTP workloads
D2D communications considering different network operators
Method for the preparation of a digital mock-up of a plurality of objects in an installation space
Control voltage mirror circuit
Smoothing power output from a wind farm
Providing integrity verification and attestation in a hidden execution environment
Method for entering a password and computer program (therefor)
Computer virus screening methods and systems
Data processing lock signal transmission
Data processing lock signal transmission
Optimizing content production based upon distribution channel metrics
Custom color spectrum for skin detection
Verifying correctness of a database system via extended access paths
System and method for verifying the identity of an internet user
Trusted and secure techniques for item delivery and execution
Smart router
Image processing device and image processing method
Light scanning device capable of executing automatic light amount control and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Apparatus and method for selecting secure element in near field communication device
Customer medium to record the utilization of services
Switching between internal and external antennas
Object tracking method and apparatus
Copy-resistant symbol having a substrate and a machine-readable symbol instantiated on the substrate
Method and electronic device for controlling display device using watermark
Systems and methods for characterizing spatial distortion in 3D imaging systems
Automatic focus stacking of captured images
Automated tuberculosis screening
Electronic equipment with image analysis function and related method
Method and system for recovery of 3D scene structure and camera motion from a video sequence
Rapid prototyping and machine vision for reconfigurable interfaces
Image transformation apparatus and method
Face annotation method and a face annotation system
Auto-maintained document classification
Auto-maintained document classification
Predictive and descriptive analysis on relations graphs with heterogeneous entities
Methods and systems for processing telephonic communications and product data
Expedited process execution using probabilities
Smart calendar
Integrated business system for web based telecommunications management
Device, charging method, and system
Portable e-wallet and universal card
Projector system, and method for drawings
Method and apparatus for adjusting a property of an image based on rotations of a transfer function
Method and apparatus for movement estimation
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for providing a mechanism for gesture recognition
Tachograph, toll onboard unit, display instrument, and system
Implementing rating timer control in a pre-biller to support online and offline charging
System and method for automated identification of a photographed subject at a resort area
Systems and methods for tracking subjects
Identification system for a surface
Traffic management device and system
3JCN music notation
Visualizing the mood of a group of individuals
Sign assembly
Display having staggered display element arrangement
System and method for controlling the slew rate of a signal
Display device
Display devices and methods for generating images thereon
Driving device, electronic device, and drive control program
Display panel and display apparatus comprising the same
Three-dimensional image display apparatus and method of driving the same
Hue sequential display apparatus and method
Piano desk cover
Sympathetic parallel plate resonator for acoustic instruments
Musical instrument switching system
Sound enhancing case for electronic media devices
Distracted browsing modes
Method for identifying speech and music components of an analyzed audio signal
Method for implementing quality control for one or more components of an audio signal received from a communication device
Pitch period segmentation of speech signals
Case, magnetic tape library apparatus and method of preventing housed object from falling
Library device
Method for providing a magnetic recording transducer using a chemical buffer
Magnetic head manufacturing method forming sensor side wall film by over-etching magnetic shield
Method and device for high density data storage
Hierarchical memory magnetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM) architecture
DRAM controller for variable refresh operation timing
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device that does not require a sense amplifier
Systems and methods for efficiently preparing plutonium-238 with high isotopic purity
Micro-column with double aligner
Method for manufacturing transparent printed circuit and method for manufacturing transparent touch panel
Silicone multilayer insulation for electric cable
Method for manufacturing a metal composite component, in particular for an electromagnetic valve
Reactor and compound used in same
Tuned switch system
Floating grid electron source
Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and drawing chamber
Image acquisition method and transmission electron microscope
Hydrogen getter
Micro-bumps to enhance LGA interconnections
Tablet for plasma coating system, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing a thin film using the method of manufacturing the tablet
Methods for producing complex films, and films produced thereby
Vertical nitride semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Oxygen scavenging spacer for a gate electrode
Stacked sidewall patterning
Integrated circuits with relaxed silicon / germanium fins
Connection device, method for manufacturing connection structure, method for manufacturing stacked chip component and method for mounting electronic component
Integrated circuits with dual silicide contacts and methods for fabricating same
Method for manufacturing light emitting device
Method of forming semiconductor fins
Achieving uniform capacitance between an electrostatic chuck and a semiconductor wafer
Use of contacts to create differential stresses on devices
Tensile nitride profile shaper etch to provide void free gapfill
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Chip with shelf life
Self-aligned permanent on-chip interconnect structures
Integrated decoupling capacitor utilizing through-silicon via
Polysilicon fuse, semiconductor device having overlapping polysilicon fuse sections and method of severing polysilicon fuse
Methods of managing metal density in dicing channel and related integrated circuit structures
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Nanowire LED structure with decreased leakage and method of making same
Nanowire LED structure with decreased leakage and method of making same
Bonding transistor wafer to LED wafer to form active LED modules
Pixelated LED
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
FinFET extension regions
Layered element and photovoltaic device comprising such an element
High-efficiency photovoltaic back-contact solar cell structures and manufacturing methods
Method for resetting photoelectric conversion device, and photoelectric conversion device
Light-radiating semiconductor component with a luminescence conversion element
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Organic EL lighting emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and organic EL light source device
Compound having triphenylamine structure, and organic electroluminescent device
Manufacturing method of light-emitting device with nano-imprinting wiring
Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
Electrodes incorporating nanostructured polymer films for electrochemical ion storage
Method of fabricating a rat's nest RFID antenna
Waveguide mechanical phase adjuster
Hybrid cabling system and network for in-building wireless applications
Beamwidth adjustment device
Quad-slot antenna for dual band operation
Antenna device
Magnetic connector apparatus
Substrate connection structure using substrate connector
Micro SIM card socket
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Safe outlet
Child-resistant plug
Grounding clip for electrical components
Mini USB connector
Control unit housing and production method
Battery connector for electronic device
Housing for connector and securing same to wiring harness
Solar junction box and wire connecting structure thereof
Optical wavelength comb generator device
Laser stabilization with an actively controlled fabry-perot resonance cavity
Terminal plate circuit
Tape winding structure at wire guiding out portion
Circuit breaker
Method and apparatus to reduce overcurrent during the startup of a switching regulator
Resource cost optimization system, method, and program
Portable charger with rotatable locking portions
Techniques for power source management using a wrist-worn device
Charging apparatus for electric vehicle
Stator, method for manufacturing stator, and flat conductor for winding
Work output device
Device for dynamic balancing of a rotating component of a centrifuge
Linear actuator
Voltage waveform detector, power controller and control method for switched-mode power supplies with primary-side control
Power supplying apparatus having a detectable useful life
Class-F CMOS oscillator incorporating differential passive network
Semiconductor device
Amplification device and transmitter
Switched mode high linearity power amplifier
Receiving device and method for removing mismatch in wireless communication system, and low-power amplifier thereof
Electronic component module
Semiconductor device and wireless communication device
Reset synchronization logic circuit
Circuits and methods for a combined phase detector
Output power control for RF digital-to-analog converter
Compression ratio for a compression engine
Low-power and low-cost adaptive self-linearization system with fast convergence
RF transmitter with average power tracking and methods for use therewith
Amplitude modulation to phase modulation (AMPM) distortion compensation
Reducing interference for multiple receive antennas
Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
Optical communication apparatus
Method and system for connection establishment
Method and apparatus for controlling femtocell base station
Managing distribution of software updates in near field communication (NFC) mobile devices
Method and apparatus for maximum ratio transmission mobile transmit diversity system
Methods and apparatus for joint demodulation with max-log MAP (MLM)
Self-adapted multi-antenna selection method for broadband wireless access for high-speed railway
Spectrum sensing with partial information feedback in a cognitive relay network
Method and apparatus for scanning and device detection in a communication system
Adaptive test system for network function and performance evaluation
Optical transmission system and noise suppression method
Connector and interface circuit for simultaneous content streaming and user data from handheld devices
Method, apparatus, and logic for wireless data transmission
Repetition coding for a wireless system
Network congestion prediction
Radio link monitoring in a wireless communication device
MIMO communication method
Method for receiving multicast service and terminal employing same
Virtual server migration plan making method and system
Apparatus and method for controlling data transmission in a wireless communication system
Isolator device for passing through a signal
Method of detecting packet error of return link performed in satellite communication apparatus
Quality-deteriorated part analyzing system, quality-deteriorated part analyzing device, quality-deteriorated part analyzing method, and quality-deteriorated part analyzing program
Systems and methods for applying multi-source multiple-input multiple-output communications
Multicast miss notification for a distributed network switch
Relay apparatus and relay method
SS7 MAP/Lg+ to sip based call signaling conversion gateway for wireless VoIP
Communication system, controller, node controlling method and program
Learning a MAC address
High-availability remote-authentication dial-in user service
Apparatus and method for relaying a packet transmitted from and to an information processor
Two stage adaptive equalizer for a batch receiver
Base band processor with peak suppression function, transmitter with the same and method of transmitting signal
Securely tracking electronic messages
System and method for reception and transmission optimization of secured video, image, audio, and other media traffic via proxy
System and method for account access
Remote direct memory access authentication of a device
Cross-user correlation for detecting server-side multi-target intrusion
Digital certificate issuer-correlated digital signature verification
Topic protection policy for publish-subscribe messaging system
Establishing and controlling audio and voice back channels of a Wi-Fi display connection
Method and apparatus for control channel transmission and reception
Multi-transceiver wireless communication device and methods for adaptive multi-band communication
Autonomic manufacturing operator authorization adjustment
System and method for dynamic FOB synchronization and personalization
Using information in a digital certificate to authenticate a network of a wireless access point
Wire arrangement structure and electronic device using the same
Cellphone with a detachable receiver
Wireless architecture for a traditional wire-based protocol
Enterprise wireless device usage reporting
Communication apparatus and communication method for extracting notification information from received signal and transmitting notification information
App for preventing phone functionality while driving
Directional audio capture adaptation based on alternative sensory input
Method and apparatus for performing image forming job, and recording medium
Spectral characteristic acquisition apparatus, image evaluation apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Frame rate conversion apparatus for 3D display and associated method
Bluetooth theft prevention
Image processing device and image processing method
Location based determination of related content
Self-reset asynchronous pulse frequency modulated DROIC with extended counting and having reduced quantization noise
Imaging robot
Semiconductor and optoelectronic devices
Digital camera having image processor and printer
Source content preview in a media system
Display device with front-facing concealable interfaces
Reproducing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Viewing of commercial break content during fast-forwarding of a video stream
System and method for distributing and broadcasting multimedia
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image display system
Wavelet transformation using multicore processors
Apparatus and method for modulating images for videotelephony
Switching between views using natural gestures
Method for the distribution of audio-visual information and a system for the distribution of audio-visual information
System and method for automatic content program discovery
Interacting with time-based content
Rapid, no-flow, whole-blood, and volumetric circulating cell counting system and method
Methods and systems for GPS-enabled baggage tags
RFID device with wide area connectivity
Levitated structure of bluetooth speaker
Microphone unit
Smart electrical switch with audio capability
Audio spatialization and environment simulation
Method for providing application service
Deploying wireless docking as a service
Inter radio access technology (IRAT) measurement to improve user equipment (UE) battery performance
Location-based content enablement system
Apparatus and method for transmitting data to a wireless communication device to minimize congestion and interference from undetectable devices through carrier sensing
Channel quality reporting for different types of subframes
System and method for satellite communication
Communication system, receiving device, relay device, reception method, and relay method
PSC transmission with time offset for unique small cell identification
Determining access node capacity
Extended local IP access for a converged gateway in a hybrid network
Method for a secure detach procedure in a radio telecommunication network
Mobile communication method
Managing network selection for wireless communication
Systems and methods for selective scanning based on range and movement
Deferred access method for uplink packet channel
Method for allocating a ranging channel in a wireless communication system and base station for same
Method and apparatus for constructing a user-generated geographical system
User-in-the-loop architecture for indoor positioning
Selective review of bundled messages from a wireless communication device
Mobile phone terminal and communication state transition method thereof
Method for reducing communication delay in printing apparatus having a wireless LAN capability
Power supply adjustment and polar modulation in a MIMO system
Mobile communication method, radio base station, and mobile station
Network management device, base station device and network management method
Method to minimize inter-cell interference in a LTE deployment
Default civic address locations for mobile E9-1-1 calls
Tunable correlated color temperature LED-based white light source with mixing chamber and remote phosphor exit window
LED light source
Lighting device
Circuit board and method for manufacturing same
Communications bladed panel systems
Expired Patents Due To Time
Sun glove
Serving cart
Mechanic's creeper
Shoeshine machine
Pool cleaner
Floor cleaner lower handle portion
Origami toy
Craft kit construction component--rising-curl-style, hair-wave form
Craft kit construction component - double-rise, hair-wave form
Exercise device
Sanitary fitting, especially kitchen faucet
Sanitary fitting, especially kitchen faucet
Sanitary faucet
Sanitary faucet
Garden hose
Sanitary faucet
Spout body
Toilet and sink combination
Faucet handle
Vanity cabinet
Rim for a sink
Casing for an air conditioning, cooling and/or heating apparatus
Medical electrode
Dental model base having two rows of stationary pins for random location of teeth
Examination table
Handheld ultrasonic display device
Glucose sensor
Needle assembly
Needle assembly
Patient mounted I/V protector assembly
Multi-well plate
Transilluminating device
Orthopaedic bone plate
Orthopaedic bone plate
Abutment for dental implant
Bone plate
Travel collar
Hand wand for massaging apparatus
Window screen frame with rectangular flange
Wall mounted retractable motorcycle cover
Floating candle
Travel reading light with flashlight
Ceiling lamp
Floor lamp
Light assembly
Recreational vehicle vanity light fixture
Tail lens assembly
Compact fluorescent lamp
Laser projection tool
Landscape lighting fixture
Landscape lighting fixture
Solar lamp
Compact fluorescent lamp
Surface configuration of a light strip for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Vehicular tail light
Reflector for lamps
Street light cage
Light stake
Metal mesh design for lighting fixtures
Piezoelectric lighter
Utility piezoelectric lighter
Basketball end cap for cigar tube
Baseball end cap for cigar tube
Cosmetic container
Lipstick container
Personal grooming device
Hair dryer
Infrasonic vibration massager
Dispensing comb
Curling iron
Dental pick
Red helmet respiratory protection device
Bird activity center
Aquarium cover
Laboratory animal house
Cat play house
Pet bed
Sweat scraper and shedder for horses
Human Necessities
Earth working sweep
Device for harvesting agricultural, stalk-like material
Mass flow rate sensor for sugar cane harvester
Safety cover for cutting blade of portable trimmer
Self contained fully automated robotic crop production facility
Interspecific tree named `Yuba Gold`
Floribunda rose plant named `WEKvosuimp`
Geranium plant named `Royalty White`
Peach tree named `Sierra Snow`
Petunia plant named `Conviolet`
Geranium plant named `Elegance Purple Bicolor`
Peach tree, named `Burpeacheleven`
Shrub rose plant named `WEKrera`
Geranium plant named `Jewel`
Peach tree named `Burpeachtwelve`
Floribunda rose plant named `WEKtorcent`
Geranium plant named `Elegance Raspberry Swirl`
Variety of geranium plant named `Bravo`
Interspecific tree named: `Early Dapple`
Floribunda rose plant named `WEKsanpoly`
Geranium plant named `Stardom Pink and White`
Geranium plant named `Stardom Red`
Miniature rose plant named `WEKsnacare`
Oak tree named `QNFTA`
Geranium plant named `Candy Light Salmon`
Blackberry plant named `Pecos`
Geranium plant named `Patriot Red`
Method and device for measurement of pulsating milk flow
Pet bed with helical springs
Fly bite and botfly prevention legging for equine
Animal ear holder apparatus and method of obtaining desired animal behavior
Boar cart for insemination of sows
Fishing lure with spinning member
Process for fastening of a stop arrangement to a line and a line having a stop arrangement connected thereto
Fishing sinker and method of making
Microbe-mediated method and apparatus for attracting mosquitoes
Rodent trap with removable bait container
Method and apparatus for dispersing pigeons
Game decoy with high-speed, rotating "strobe" wings and in-line motor drive
Method of quickly drying a fresh sample and method of preserving a dried body
Fermenting mixing kneaders
Collapsible cooler for game
Food washing apparatus with rotary agitator and method for washing food
Reduced protein reconstituted tobacco and method of making same
Belt-type compression molding apparatus for a tobacco stream
Athletic protective pad
Headwear packaging system
Cushioning device for footwear
Water-resistant and floatable footwear and method of manufacture therefor
Breathing sole
Quick release locking device for a strap
Modular jewelry
Clasp for jewelry and accessory
Earring with interchangeable ornaments
Eyeliner applicator
Foundation-retained cosmetic implement
Training toothbrush
Electrical connection brush and tester assembly
Lightweight folding table with self-fixturing leg attachment
Ceiling mounted sleeping system
Valve for inflatable objects
Single coil dual path dehumidification system
Illuminated transparent article having a semi-transparent image thereon
Multipurpose tablecloth
Liquid decanting and/or aerating device
Barbecue grill assembly having a work surface with slide mechanism
Rotatable broiling driver
Donut maker
Assembly of a cleansing device and one or more cleansing elements
Bath safety fixture
Bath station
Side skirt for a surface treating apparatus
Dust collector
Medical grafting methods and apparatus
Imaging table mount
Mechanical visual protector for welding application
Elevating mechanism for assisting patient in using a toilet alone
Surgical table
Patient transport system
Portable container device
Drum of medicine sharing and packing device
Disposable oxygenating device
Connecting apparatus for placing fluid flow paths in fluid communication
Pharmacological inhaler
Apparatus for assembling a shaft to a golf club head
Apparatus and method for practicing hitting a baseball
Composite mouthguard with palate arch with nonsoftening framework having at least one bridge
Unpowered toy vehicle play set
Simplified piston pump
Horse race starting gate
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation of purified water and nutrients from agricultural and farm wastes
Particle separator
Gas absorption and release apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
Process and device intended for nitrogen oxides elimination in an exhaust line of an internal-combustion engine
Inverted pressure vessel with horizontal through loading
Device for applying drops of a fluid on a surface
Device and method for producing, portioning and reloading a stack
Tubular line kiting system
Machine for washing containers
Method and device for monitoring a bearing arrangement
Transfer roll
Method and apparatus for forming a wire
Heat pipe and method for processing the same
Internally-toothed member, and method and apparatus for molding same
Process for drawing and stretching sheet metal
Self-centering trim punch
Hemming machine
Modular system for expanding and reducing tubing
Clutchless wire cutting apparatus
Thread-rolling end-working attachment
Bicycle crank arm and method of making same
Method of manufacturing internal combustion engine pistons
Mote moulding machine
Method and apparatus for production of cast article having small hole
Method and apparatus for continuous casting
Method and apparatus for preventing undesirable cooling of the strip edge areas of a cast strand
Dual alloy piston and method of manufacture
Tile cutting guide arrangement for power saw machine
Adjustable and extendible platform for working table
Universal saw adapter
Reciprocating saw with rocker motion
Workpiece handling device
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic peening of annular recesses for the attachment of blades to a rotor
Impact tool battery pack with acoustically-triggered timed impact shutoff
Blade tool for cutter head of thickness planers
Grease filter remover for restaurant hoods
Tool for unblocking heavy machinery
Snap ring installation tool and method
Screwdriver tool box structure
Bolt hole marker
Hydraulic control system with tactile force and position feedback
Detailing tool for substrates having a self-alignment feature
Rotomolded hydraulic reservoir with integral extended length return line
Plastics pallets and moulding apparatus for producing plastics pallets and other plastic articles
Apparatus for molding a laminated assembly
Adhesive tape applicator for the door sash frame of an automobile
Press-fit multi-ring composite flywheel rim
Lithographic plate materials and method for making lithographic plates using the same
Method and apparatus for identifying and distinguishing between sheets on a printing press where the sheets have some defective and non-defective print areas
Temperature controlled gravity feed fountain solution supply apparatus
Electrostatic printing aid
Stencil printer
Retractable caster
Trye having a tread band
Pneumatic tire
Pneumatic tires whose bead core has a thick-diameter core wire and a plurality of layers of thin-diameter sheath wires
Forming and mounting of an asymmetric race tire
Air conditioning system and method
Method for checking the refrigerant-fluid level of a closed loop vehicle air-conditioning system
Ultra-lightweight thin sliding door for a vehicle
Float operated fuel tank vapor vent valve
Flexible fuel filler pipe
Dual fuel tank system with single fuel nozzle
Retractable safety marker
Webbing tension sensor
Structure for mounting to steering wheel
Vehicle shift lever device
Electronic antitheft system for a motor vehicle
Heated wiper system
Vehicle washing system
Brake-power proportioning mechanism for a manually actuated parking-brake system comprising a multi-piece lever mechanism
Near real-time friction estimation for pre-emptive vehicle control
Method and device for positioning a train
Steering wheel with a clamping hub
Pedal driving mechanism of bicycle
Safe remotely operated single operator personal boat mooring system
Apparatus for providing resistance to cargo spills and terrorism at sea
Replaceable seal for watertight and fire-resistant sliding doors
Marine instrument
Water bike equipped with speed meter
Pontoon watercraft
Shielding device for protection of floaters of an inflatable boat
Drag-free hull for marine vessels
Aqua turbo generator
Variable mode jet engine--suitable for STOVL
Method of linear actuation by inflation and apparatus therefor
Banding fixture
Apparatus for setting a corner protector on the corner of a package and system for protecting a package
Method and apparatus for capping container cans for food products and drinks
Method of, and device for, checking cigarettes
Process and apparatus for printing blanks
Automated solid pharmaceutical product packaging machine with parallel filling and sealing capability
Method and apparatus for orienting flexible walled articles
Fitting dust plug
Duct system for temperature-controlled cargo containers
Apparatus for avoiding falling over of objects conveyed on a conveyor system
Conveyor product transfer apparatus and method
Self-adjusting capping chuck assembly for filler and/or capper device and associated method
Water chiller
Microelectromechanical structure insensitive to mechanical stresses
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of preparing an aluminum-containing iron oxide nucleus
Method for producing optical quartz glass for excimer lasers and vertical-type heating furnace
Method for fabricating high-purity silica glass using sol-gel processing
Method of manufacturing optical fiber
Alkali-free glass and method for producing the same
Compositions and methods for cementing using elastic particles
Explosives with embedded bodies
Selective acylation of epsilon-amino groups
Compositions for solving lost circulation problems
Apparatus for dispensing gas for fabricating substrates
Textiles; Paper
Seam enhancements for seamed papermaker's fabrics
Single end servo motor driven scroll pattern attachment for tufting machine and computerized design system for tufting carpet
Washing machine with functional water generator
Laundry appliance with versatile programming control device
Horizontal axis washer or dryer door with viewing system
Apparatus and method for cooking and dispensing starch
Synthetic fiber rope to be driven by a rope sheave
Fixed Constructions
Running type road surface shape measuring apparatus
Safety end for a culvert
Snow removal apparatus
Middle armor block for a coastal structure and a method for placement of its block
Boom of bucket type excavator and method for making same
Raised flooring system & method
Interlocking concrete block
Building construction system and method
Modular tenon and slot mortise building blocks for habitable shelters
Joint arm awning with cover, in particular box-mounted awning
Deck board spacer
Partition mount
Hole patching device and method of use
Multi-function base unit for portable stand-alone restroom facility
Folding tent frame
Locking system for containers
Cylinder lock with effraction-resistant device
Lock used for the cabinets in public places
Snap-in mount for CAM locks and the like
Flexible shackle lock with a replaceable shackle
Dual-loop restraining device
Computer hinge
Gear-motor closing-part drive for a motor vehicle and associated method for manufacturing the drive
Window safety barrier
Raising device for a venetian blind
Spring motor assembly for a venetian blind without outside hanging lifting cords
Retractable mosquito net
Apparatus, system and method for installing and retrieving pipe in a well
Flow control apparatus and method
Progressive production methods and system
Valve assembly
Multi-stage liquid elevator
Techniques for hydraulic fracturing combining oriented perforating and low viscosity fluids
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control system for servo valve and combined-cycle electric-power generating plant and gas turbine plant
Transient liquid phase bonding repair for advanced turbine blades and vanes
Steam motor
Sheet metal rocker arm, manufacturing method thereof, cam follower with said rocker arm, and assembling method thereof
Combined oil drain and fill apparatus for an engine
Breather system for engine
Handheld type four-cycle engine
Variable speed drive for an auxiliary member in an internal combustion engine
Cooling system for land vehicles
Method of operation for a spark-ignition, direct-injection internal combustion engine
Combustion chamber for direct injection engine
Fuel control system for marine engine
Power transmission device of an engine
Four cycle outboard internal combustion engine for driving a watercraft
Intake system for horizontal opposed type internal combustion engine
Air feeding system for an internal-combustion engine
Fuel injection system for engine
Cylinder liner having EGR coating
Cartridge thermostat system
Engine exhaust control
Reformed natural gas for powering an internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation transient smoke control
Method of operating an internal combustion engine
Auto-ignition combustion management in internal combustion engine
Revolution number control system for engine
Method for controlling a fuel system of a multiple injection system
System for estimating engine exhaust temperature
Fuel injection control system for engine
Equivalence ratio-based system for controlling transient fueling in an internal combustion engine
Failure diagnosis apparatus for exhaust gas recirculation system
Liquid cooled cross flow cylinder head for internal combustion engines with cylinders arranged in series
Duct burner with conical wire mesh and vanes
Starting fuel supplying apparatus for engine
Fuel supply system for a vehicle including a vaporization device for converting fuel and water into hydrogen
Vacuum detection component
Method and apparatus for determining an oil grade of an actuating fluid
Fuel supply device and internal combustion engine mounting the same
Common-rail-integrated injector for injection systems
Ignition coil device for engine
Air conditioner and displacement control valve for variable displacement compressor
Bladder-type sampling pump controller
Air conditioner outdoor unit drive control unit
Hydrostatic transmission
Damper device
By-wire shift lever device for vehicle
Shut-off valve
Diaphragm valve
Device and method for operating at least two valves
Vacuum pressure control apparatus
Textile tubing
Flexible pipe with compressed ends
Plumbing tool and method for repairing a pipe therewith
Quick connector with one-way check valve
Cover for propane tank
Tabletop white smoke generator using dry ice
Feed water heater
Flammable vapor resistant water heater with low NOx emissions
Mechanical draft controller
Diffuser combustor
Air supply control device
Water heater with arrangement for preventing substantial accumulation of sediment and method of operating same
Solar swimming pool heater panels
Thermal exchanger for a wafer chuck
System and a process for supplying fluid in hermetic circuits
Vertical tube ice maker
Chilling system
Integrated power generation system
Hot water supply system with heat pump cycle
Cold plate utilizing fin with evaporating refrigerant
Bolt action for rifles
Heat sink for firearm barrels and method for attachment and use
Firing lever arrangement for a firearm
Gas-flow device for automatic shotguns
Detonator assembly
Accessory mounts for firearms
Solo plane pin head bow sight
Accumulated detonating cord explosive charge and method of making and of use of the same
Pyrotechnic initiator for use in high pressure environments
Aerial fireworks product having synthetic resinous stabilizing base
Digital fastener size indicator
Device for measuring bounce, loft and lie of golf club
Gemstone measurement apparatus
Automotive wheel camber alignment apparatus and method of aligning automotive wheels
Apparatus for producing a horizontal foundation for a masonry wall
Microelectromechanical system for measuring angular rate
Angular velocity sensor
Optical displacement sensor and torque sensor employing relatively movable slit patterns
High output differential pressure flow sensor
Ultrasonic flowmeter and ultrasonic generator/detector
Transit-time flow sensor-frequency mode
Liquid flow meter
Thermally balanced mass air flow sensor
Level transmitter for a liquid container, and method for determining a level in a liquid container
Fluid level monitor with at least partially submersible buoyant element
Liquid level measurement and fuel transducer using anisotropic magnetoresistance device
Filling level sensor
Dynamic load cell apparatus
Pressure sensor capsule with improved isolation
Pulse oximetry testing
Tomographic spray momentum mapping system
Process sensor module having a single ungrounded input/output conductor
Pressure sensor with encapsulated circuitry
Method and apparatus for measuring viscosity of green compact, and computer readable recording medium for storing method for measuring viscosity of green compact
Settling test for magnetorheological fluids
Method for additive adhesion force particle analysis and apparatus thereof
Device and method for controlling a liquid flow
Impact drop tester for portable consumer products
System and method for resetting vehicle engine oil sensors
Apparatus and method for measuring the characteristics of an oilfield fluid or the like
Acceleration sensor element, acceleration sensor, and method of manufacturing the same
Electrostatic capacitance type acceleration sensor, electrostatic capacitance type angular acceleration sensor and electrostatic actuator
Dynamic quantity sensor having movable and fixed electrodes with high rigidity
Rifle scope with side indicia
Compound recording apparatus and compound recording and processing method
Quick zeroing knob assembly
Capacitance change-based input device and detection device
Pop-up items having pressure-sensitive adhesive
Manually operable and self erecting foldable planar image board and easel composite display device
Roadway sign
Liquid-filled ornament
Head-disc merge assembly station
Stackable storage unit
Atomic force microscope
Polymer thick-film resistor printed on planar circuit board surface
Automatic tuning in a tapped RF transformer inductive source of a plasma reactor for processing a semiconductor wafer
Plasma processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for cleaning flat workpieces within a semiconductor manufacturing system
Method of drying substrates
Integrated circuit package separators
Apparatus for positioning electronic components
Self-assembly of mesoscale objects
Spring clip for a cooling device
Fastener carrier
Method of mounting an electrical receptacle on a substrate
Spark plug boot keeper assembly
Housing for electrical components
Wire centering device for a wire stripper
Method of manufacturing a stator
Manufacturing method for slotless stator, and rotating electrical machine
Method of making tunable thin film acoustic resonators
Electric-component mounting method, electric-component treating method, and electric-component mounting apparatus
Apparatus for manufacturing a wiring substrate
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