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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thermal transfer device and method for forming a display device using the same
Apparatus for and method of forming image using oscillation mirror
Polarization interference microscope
Dual cavity displacement sensor
Illumination sources and customizable spectral profiles
Method of analysis in optical measurements
Chamber particle detection system
Method and apparatus for analyzing proposed service features in a communication network
Robust low-frequency spread-spectrum navigation system
Non-scanning radar for detecting and tracking targets
Methods and systems for detection and location of multiple emitters
Orientation transfer device and method
Bent zoom lens
Zoom lens and camera with zoom lens
Color filter substrate, electrophoretic display device having the same, and method thereof
Diffractive thin-film piezoelectric micromirror and method of producing the same
Projecting lens system
Solid-state imaging device and electronic device including same
Device and method for display memory using manipulation of mechanical response
Electro-optical device, drive circuit, and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Color filter substrate and liquid crystal display panel with spacer having a recess or clipping opening in which an active device is wedged therein
Gel polymers containing ionic liquids
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method using the same
Image processing method and apparatus thereof
Removable hard-disk structure without screws
Wireless transceiver system for computer input devices
Image input device, image input/output device and method of setting information for communication
Dot analysis device, dot analysis program storage medium, and dot analysis method
Graphical representation of financial information
Method for determining the three-dimensional surface of an object
Anti-theft tag
Bi-slot tree based tag identification method in RFID systems
RF tags for tracking and locating travel bags
Power wire carrier wave automobile anti-collision radar
Plasma display apparatus which has an improved data pulse and method for driving the same
Apparatus for driving electroluminescence display panel capable of energy recovery
Electro-optic device, method for driving the same, and electronic device
Gate switch apparatus for amorphous silicon LCD
Movable audio/video communication interface system
Image reproducing method and apparatus for displaying annotations on a real image in virtual space
Image display method, apparatus and program
System and method for asynchronous continuous-level-of-detail texture mapping for large-scale terrain rendering
Projection display system with pressure sensing at a screen, a calibration system corrects for non-orthogonal projection errors
Optical recording medium, information processing device using the recording medium, and data recording method
Magnetic disk drive
Disk drive and drive unit driving mechanism with disk selector for spacing disk holding members
Compact magnetic head slider with reduced bearing surfaces
Method and apparatus for using a specular scattering layer in a free layer of a magnetic sensor while stabilizing the free layer by direct coupling with an antiferromagnetic layer
Data recording device
Disk drive employing iterative learning control for tuning seek servo loop
Disk device, and position determination method for pickup head
Optical disc apparatus and information recording and reproducing method
Tilt control method and apparatus for optical disc recording and playback apparatus
Method to improve performance of SRAM cells, SRAM cell, SRAM array, and write circuit
DRAM including a tunable gain amp as a local sense amp
Semiconductor device with a plurality of one time programmable elements
Semiconductor memory device containing antifuse write voltage generation circuit
Semiconductor memory device and its test method
Semiconductor memory device
Bulk erase tool for erasing perpendicularly recorded media
Semiconductor device, substrate, equipment board, method for producing semiconductor device, and semiconductor chip for communication
Antenna circuit, IC inlet and IC tag
Laser apparatus and method for harmonic beam generation
Light source module
Control circuit of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
Electronic load control unit (ELCU) used as bus tie breaker in electrical power distribution systems
Radio receiver with selectively disabled equalizer
Data compression using variable-to-fixed length codes
System and method for enhanced symbol generation
Operator independent, transparent wireless modem management
Multi-frequency data transmission channel power allocation
Method for equalization of a data signal taking into account a disturbance channel
Acquisition circuit for low chip rate option for mobile telecommunication system
Device and method for improving the signal to noise ratio by means of complementary sequences
Method and apparatus for transmitting data with reduced coupling noise
Echo canceller gain control for channel diagnostic systems
Threshold setting using piecewise linear approximation for channel diagnostic systems
Pattern diversity to support a MIMO receiver and associated methods
Wireless telecommunications system for accessing information from the world wide web by mobile wireless computers through a combination of cellular telecommunications and satellite broadcasting
System and method for improving transport protocol performance in communication networks having lossy links
OFDM signal collision position detection apparatus and OFDM reception device
Methods and apparatus for cost minimization of multi-tiered infrastructure with end-to-end delay guarantees
Method and apparatus for a dedicated control channel in an early soft handoff in a code division multiple access communication system
Automatic clock synchronization and distribution circuit for counter clock flow pipelined systems
Mobile communication system and method of controlling operation thereof
Communication apparatus, communication program, storage medium, and method of communication
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) location based conferencing
Method and device for simultaneous multipoint distributing of video, voice and data
Packet transfer apparatus
Traffic matrix computation for a backbone network supporting virtual private networks
Method and apparatus for providing congruent multicast and unicast routing
Datagram replication in internet protocol multicast switching in a network device
Method for operating a router having multiple processing paths
Transmission device and method, recording medium, program, and control device
SIP-based session control among a plurality of multimedia devices
DSL access system negotiating a voice codec type to be used between two systems
Method and apparatus for enabling communications assistance for law enforcement act services
Standard telephone equipment (STE) based deployable secure communication system
Method of robust timing detection and carrier frequency offset estimation for OFDM systems
Receiver and method having envelope compensation signal
Communication of interference mitigation related information between wireless devices
Communication apparatus and control method thereof
Apparatus for frequency synchronization and method for the same
Image-processing apparatus, an image-processing method, a program, and a memory medium
Image reading apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing program for rendering pixels transparent in circumscribed areas
Photoelectric conversion unit stacked structure
Solid-state imaging device and camera system
Device and method for generating timing signals of different kinds
Method and apparatus for detecting noise in moving picture
Portable information terminal equipped with camera
Photobooth having lighting sources with relative intensity variation
Automatic gain control circuit with exposure control circuit
Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, program, and storage medium employing random number generation
Video signal processing apparatus and video signal processing method
Method for processing I-blocks used with motion compensated temporal filtering
Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
3-dimensional image display device and 3-dimensional image display equipment
Printer system and image processing system having image correcting function
System and apparatus for silencing communication devices
Methods and apparatus for providing a transparent bridge associated with a wireless mesh network
Housing of foldable electronic device
Display device having anti-fog transparent protection plate
Display device having anti-fog transparent protection plate
Switch assembling structure
3 dimensional layered flex circuit electronic assembly designed to maximize the cooling of electronics that are contained within the assembly such that the component density within said electronic assembly can be maximized
Heat sink assembly for multiple electronic components
Electromagnetic wave shield case and a method for manufacturing electromagnetic wave shield case
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bathtub step stool
Candy mint
Bib for an adult
Shoe with elastic cord
Shoe sole
Shirt collar
Attachment for a zipper cord
Footwear upper portion
Case for tampons
Waterproof floatable container
Portable tool holder
Billfold with clip attachment
Golf travel case
Combination golf bag and travel case with accessory bag
Drill bit box
Carrying case for a compact disc player and associated compact discs
Wooden basket
Bag carrier
Wire brush
Hand held utility brush
Baby bottle scrubber
Manicure brush
Paint brush protector
Stuffed animal display bench
TV stand
Computer desk
Wall cabinet
Wall cabinet
Wall hung plate rack
Rack for compact disks
Drawer stand
Magazine holder
Magazine holder
Foldable guitar stand
Supporting frame
Chair frame
Side rail for a bed
Table top
Saddle comfort seat
Display device
Robe hook
Robe hook
Robe hook
Designer crib sheet set
Bed covering anchor system
Carbonated beverage dispensing carton
Car cup
Food service tray
Vacuum bottle
Barbecue grill
Microwave oven
Pie tin
Foodstuffs cooking plate
Grease and debris catcher container design for a barbecue grill upper lid
Egg slicer
Steam iron
Cupcake holder
Cup dispenser
Can opener
Vineyard stake
Shovel handle attachment
Socket for screwdriver
Handle and latch release lever for a multipurpose hand tool
Hot air blower
Laminated hand tool assembly
Wire-wrap/unwrap hand tool
Portable electric drill
Floor laying clamp
Engine lift plate
Ornamental suction cup
Cord winder
Coiled tubing guide for a coiled tubing reel
Vehicle tie-down winder
Pipe supporting device
Mop head
Hinge for box
Toggle bolt
Golf ball display cabinet
Medicine cabinet
Aerosol container
Lotion bottle
Contact lens cleaning solution disposable bottle
Package overcap
Combined metal bottle and cap
Container having a collapsible cap
Cover panel of a box blank
Carton blank
Package for a computer input device
Product package
Container lid
Adjustable rack for containers
Pad for transporting multiple transformers
Recycling bin
Device for supporting a flexible bag
Sound-emitting clock
Weather vane
Square tool with tape measure
Absorption testing device of a vacuum cleaner
Appliance suitable for self-diagnosis for measuring the bodily states of a human being
Aerial for doppler effect hyperfrequency detector
Activation key
Audible signal for alarms
Soda bottle whistle
Yard and garden ornament
Yard and garden ornament
Yard and garden ornament
Yard and garden ornament
Golf cart
Side rails of a frame for a creeper
Truck frame crossmember
Dual arch tricycle body
Rear sprocket for a motorcycle
Tire mounting alignment pin
Exterior surface configuration for a hood of a truck
Handlebar for a motorcycle
Vehicle instrument cluster
Floor mat
Automotive wheel
Automotive wheel spoke
Custom wheel
Automotive wheel
Vehicle-wheel front face
Wheel rim
Hitch mountable cargo carrier
Desktop battery charger
Electrical connector
Modular cable protector
Control panel
Video tape recorder
Microphone for flat surfaces
Electronic device
Electronic organizer
Computer clip
Combination lock for floppy disk drive
Remote control switch for electronic computers
Magnetic disc memory
Computer front bezel
Computer generated icon for a thermostat display panel
Computer icon for a computer monitor
Graphical user interface for a display screen
Mobile telephone
Mobile telephone
Mobile phone
RF transmitter module
Signal receiver with mounting
Remote controller
Air compressor assembly
Compression driver cover
Rodless cylinder
Display panel for power machine
Earth moving machine
Vacuum cleaner
Cleaner for swimming pools
Filter holder for a vacuum cleaner
Portable journal turning lathe
Cutter suitable for cutting metal
Cutting insert
Transfer chamber
Omni-directional camera
Front portion of camera
Eyeglass frame
Carrier for samples or reagents
Drumstick with square cross sectional handle
Ink tank for printer
Ink tank for ink jet printer
Correction tape dispenser
Office magnet
Cookbook holder
Alarm with perpetual calendar for traveler
Writing instrument with flashlight and/or bulbous grip
Writing instrument
Ball point pen
Pen case
Device tag for display of electrical devices
Transparent card with a machine readable stripe, IC chip and ornamental rectangle
Internet computer terminal kiosk
Game machine
Game machine
Video game table
Game playing die
Elegant dining playset
Golf handicap calculator
Golf putter
Golf putting aid
Golf accessory
Golf tee holder
Archery bow shock absorber
Fishing lure
Bait cast reel
Reel seat for fishing rod
Propeller for agitating liquids
Nozzle for dispensing fluids
Water sprinkler
Water sprinkler
Water sprinkler
Water sprinkler
Shower mixer
Faucet handle blade
Toilet paper roll holder
Household accessory
Fragrance imparter
Range hood
Combined motor housing, blade irons, switch housing and light fixture unit for a ceiling fan
Infusion tubing set
Ophthalmic device for mapping the acuity of a human eye using wavefront analysis
Dental prophylaxis paste container ring holder
Suppository applicator
Capsulorhexis forceps with tab
Capsulorhexis forceps with bulb
Bone marrow biopsy needle assembly
Pacifier with floral design
Glider frame for single glider
Construction glider frame for single glider window
Construction sill for double and single hung window
Window frame extrusion
Concrete anchor
Canopy shelter
Voucher terminal
Combination halogen table lamp and compact-disc storage rack
Suspended luminaire
Support frame of a table lamp
Track lighting fixture
Round-faced work lamp
Double round-faced work lamp
Light bulb
Vehicle clearance lamp
Utility vehicle
Lighting shade
Lighting fixture arm
Cigarette making machine
Detergent tablet
Black head remover
Hair dryer
Shaving aid strip for a razor cartridge
Contour clipper
Pendant cosmetic container with slidable cover
Safety helmet
Safety helmet
Elbow and knee protector
Pet leg bracelet
Round pet bed
Fixed lug plate in a food waste disposer
Stand mixer
Coin holder
Human Necessities
Carrying case
Water filter device having a collecting pot and a heating element
Internal mechanism for displacing a slidable electrode
Infrared endoscopic imaging in a liquid with suspended particles: method and apparatus
Pulse rate and heart rate coincidence detection for pulse oximetry
System and method for management of X-ray imaging facilities
Three-dimensional infrared imager for subcutaneous puncture and study of vascular network
Surface perfusion pressure monitoring system
Reconfigurable array for positioning medical sensors
Image reconstruction method and apparatus
Mouth held plate for use in tomograph
Method and apparatus for maintenance of pierced orifices
Electrode pad system and defibrillator electrode pad that reduces the risk of peripheral shock
Intracardiac defibrillation leads
Coronary venous lead having fixation mechanism
Method of blood pressure moderation
Drug delivery neural stimulation device for treatment of cardiovascular disorders
Prioritized rule based method and apparatus for diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias
Atrial sensing and multiple site stimulation as intervention means for atrial fibrillation
Laminated magnet keeper for implant device
Apparatus for frequency analysis of atrial fibrillation
Technique for secure network transactions
Play device for generating synthesized self-portrait
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and an apparatus for improving heat transfer
Multi-layer reinforced and stabilized cable construction
Vehicle speed control system and method
Motor vehicle drive system controller and automatic drive controller
Method and device for determining the inertial position of a vehicle
Method of controlling a retractable stairway assembly
Method and regulating system for applying defined actuating forces
Brake system for a motor-driven vehicle
Roll control device of vehicles with tracing of turning course
Steering control system for vehicle
Deceleration based antiskid brake contoller with adaptive deceleration threshold
Method and apparatus for checking the wrapping state of a roll
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods and apparatus for determining optimum exposure threshold for a given photolithographic model
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine control method using real-time engine system model
Pump station control system and method
Disk recording and reproduction apparatus and dynamic damper thereof
Method/system for initiating automatic upshifting in an automated mechanical transmission system
Demand anticipation control system for a high efficiency ultra-pure fluid heater
Raw material heating apparatus
Method for determination of the tip position of consumable electrodes used in electric smelting furnaces
Core unit of heat exchanger having electric heater
Three-dimensional virtual view wheel alignment display system
Method of determining the measuring uncertainty of a coordinate measuring device
Method and arrangement for recording and using geographic data
Positional information providing system and apparatus
Method for operating a navigation system for motor vehicles
Street identification for a map zoom of a navigation system
Method of determining and treating the health of a crop
Color measurement system with color index for skin, teeth, hair and material substances
Vision system for inspecting interconnections of optical cards mounted in a rack and associated methods
On-line sampling and image analyzer for determining solid content in a fluid media
Method for elimination of effects of imperfections on color measurements
Substrate inspection method and apparatus
Contact macroradiography characterization of doped optical fibers
Enhanced X-ray converter screen for X-ray radioscopic systems
Nondestructive examination using neutron activated positron annihilation
Portable-type fluorescent X-ray analyzer
Method and apparatus for fault detection
Methods for analysis of large sets of multiparameter data
Instrument with installation-evident accessory modules
Energy management system and method
Testing memory modules with a PC motherboard attached to a memory-module handler by a solder-side adaptor board
System and method for using LBIST to find critical paths in functional logic
Method and apparatus for detecting spread spectrum signals using a signal from a secondary source
Method and apparatus of monitoring a navigation system using deviation signals from navigation sensors
Inertially augmented GPS landing system
Aircraft combat training signal processing system
Method of geophysical exploration
Photographing unit for a microscope
Offset optics for use with optical heads
Method for the manufacture of optical components, and optical component
Method and apparatus for modulation of guided plasmons
Variable single-mode attenuators by spatial interference
End piece for a fiber-optic cable
Attaching arrangement of an optical cable case to a container box of a communication apparatus
Indoor/outdoor dry optical fiber cable
Optical waveguide device including an electrical capacitive configuration
Camera with laser view framing function
Lens movement control device
Camera and camera system
Lithography reflective mask
Removal of reticle effect on critical dimension by reticle rotation
Photoreceptor web grounding structure of liquid electrophotographic printer
Method of controlling power supply to heat source of printer and apparatus therefor
Image forming apparatus for storing document image in memory by one document feeding operation and the method thereof
Contact depth controlling roller mechanism
Toner cartridge installation structure for electrophotographic machine
Developer bearing body electroless plated on blasted surface using spherical particles, production method therefor and developing apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus and ink solidifying method in image forming apparatus
Attraction member and image forming apparatus using the same
Cleaning apparatus for cleaning an image carrier, process cartridge having a cleaning apparatus for removing remaining developer on an image carrier, and image forming apparatus having a cleaning member for removing remaining developer on an image carrier
Image forming management apparatus that manages the number of image formations by image forming apparatus
Developer container seal, developer container, developing apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
System and method that prevent messages transferred among networked data processing systems from becoming out of sequence
Protocol checking for concurrent systems
Apparatus having a number of operating parameters that can be set by an attendant via a control unit
Information registration method and document information processing apparatus
Host system elements for an international cryptography framework
User-controlled document processing
Media connect module for portable computer
Electronic apparatus having a low voltage auto-reset circuit
Managing multiple operating systems on a single computer
Method and apparatus for connecting a device to a bus carrying power and a signal
Power control apparatus and method using digital switch in display unit
Method and apparatus for disaster tolerant computer system using cascaded storage controllers
Method and apparatus for managing redundant computer-based systems for fault tolerant computing
Systems and methods for intermittently communicating diagnostic information from user input devices
Method of performing self-diagnosing and self-repairing at a client node in a client/server system
Cluster-wide database system
Method and apparatus for reporting malfunctioning computer system
Coding scheme for file backup and systems based thereon
Method and apparatus for performing error correction on data read from a multistate memory
Battery-operated device with power failure recovery
System and method for determining which processor is the master processor in a symmetric multi-processor environment
Method and system for resource monitoring of disparate resources in a server cluster
Method of mirroring log datasets using both log file data and live log data including gaps between the two data logs
Method and system in a computer network for the reliable and consistent ordering of client requests
Information processing system hardware test
Software recognition of drive removal or insertion in a storage system
Trigger sequencing controller
HTTP session control
Method and apparatus for generating non-redundant symbolic debug information in computer programs
Method and apparatus for prefetching data read by PCI host
Method and apparatus for managing linear address mapped storage under selective compression and regency of usage constraints
Microprocessor circuits and systems with life spanned storage circuit for storing non-cacheable data
DCBST with ICBI mechanism to maintain coherency of bifurcated data and instruction caches
Method and apparatus for executing singly-initiated, singly-sourced variable delay system bus operations of differing character
Microprocessor system requests burstable access to noncacheable memory areas and transfers noncacheable address on a bus at burst mode
Cycle-skipping DRAM for power saving
Tamper resistant methods and apparatus
Chip for CCSDS compatible serial data streams
High bandwidth DRAM with low operating power modes
System for maximizing bandpass on an interface directly coupling two units where the interface has independently operative data and address interconnections, and computer sysem employing same.
Multimedia system employing timers to properly allocate bus access
Method and system for pseudo delayed transactions through a bridge to guarantee access to a shared resource
Data communication interface including an integrated data processor and serial memory device
Protocol for using a PCI interface for connecting networks
Time allocation shared memory arbitration for disk drive controller
Communication interface for an electronic organizer and a personal computer
Enabling access to a selected one of two detected same type peripheral devices connected to separate peripheral slots in a computer
Method and apparatus for processing pipelined memory commands
Smart target mechanism for eliminating dual address cycles in a peripheral component interconnect environment
Method and apparatus for creating interactive web page objects
Data processing apparatus
Computer network size growth forecasting method and system
Router which dynamically requests a set of logical network addresses and assigns addresses in the set to hosts connected to the router
Modular, hybrid processor and method for producing a modular, hybrid processor
Apparatus with extended markup language data capture capability
Paper based intermedium for providing interactive educational services
Architecture for computing a two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform
Method and system for providing side notes in word processing
Word/phrase classification processing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for accessing a file that can be concurrently written
Mechanism for ensuring SCM database consistency on multi-part operation boundaries
Method and system for generating materials for presentation on a non-frame capable web browser
Anchor based automatic link generator for text image containing figures
Information distributing system and storage medium recorded with a program for distributing information
Method of determining the visibility to a remote database client of a plurality of database transactions using simplified visibility rules
Method and apparatus for updating and searching an ordered list of values stored within a memory resource
Phrase retrieving/selecting method and a computer-readable recording medium with a program making a computer execute each step in the method recorded therein
Method and apparatus for knowledgebase searching
Method and means of matching documents based on text genre
Distributed data warehouse query and resource management system
Data access system
Related term extraction apparatus, related term extraction method, and a computer-readable recording medium having a related term extraction program recorded thereon
Automated information technology standards management system
Database program with automatic creation of user features
Cache-based compaction technique for internet browsing using similar objects in client cache as reference objects
Method and system for design verification
PLD/ASIC hybrid integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for selecting a molecule based on conformational free energy
Hardware-software co-synthesis of embedded system architectures using quality of architecture metrics
Method and system for determining critical area for circuit layouts using voronoi diagrams
System for controlling access to encrypted data files by a plurality of users
Coordinating user target logons in a single sign-on (SSO) environment
Method and system for providing password protection
Method of sharing buffers for the streaming of unchanged data
Manipulating disk partitions between disks
Method for operating an array of video storage units
System for selectively incrementing a count number of an associated node only when the node is put in use in conjunction with a successful compare and swap operation
Apparatus and method for multiplication in large finite fields
Method and apparatus for anticipating leading digits and normalization shift amounts in a floating-point processor
Method and system for performing a power of two estimation within a data processing system
Queue having distributed multiplexing logic
Vector packing and saturation detection in the vector permute unit
Storing predicted branch target address in different storage according to importance hint in branch prediction instruction
System for converting instructions, and method therefore
Processor E-unit to I-unit interface instruction modification with E-unit opcode computer logic in the unit
Method for storing data structures in memory using address pointers, and apparatus
Virtual register sets
System and method for determining the relative age of instructions in a processor
Data processor capable of executing two instructions having operand interference at high speed in parallel
System and method for canceling a computer request
Method and apparatus for object oriented programming in component building, its storage medium, uses, support and object between-network-display
Method and system for controlling and tracking client access to server software
Method of and system for installing a computer program
Multi-CPU device capable of automatically shutdown general purpose OS when feed from main power supply is interrupted
Real time supply PF plug-and-play installation resources
System and method of making software product deliverables
Binary class library with debugging support
Interruptable multiple execution unit processing during operations utilizing multiple assignment of registers
Object-oriented data processing system with transactional adapter
Method of performing parallel cleanup of segments of a lock structure
Multiprocessor stalled store detection
Mechanism for optimizing location of machine-dependent code
Distributed transaction processing system implementing concurrency control within the object request broker and locking all server objects involved in a transaction at its start
System and method for recycling numerical values in a computer system
Individualized fingerprint scanner
Method and apparatus for the recovery of compression constants in the encoded domain
Method and apparatus for selecting text and image data from video images
Method of compensating for pixel histogram distortion in an object recognition system
Circle location
Method and system for extracting features in a pattern recognition system
Method of estimating at least one run-based font attribute of a group of characters
Specifying complex device configeration through use characteristics
Electronic mail system and electronic mail access acknowledging method
Data communication method and system therefor
System, method and article of manufacture for multiple-entry point virtual point of sale architecture
Method for estimating the value of real property
Method of redeeming collectible points
Computer apparatus and methods supporting different categories of users
CT systems with oblique image planes
Image cutout method and apparatus
Image processors for reading and outputting data
Simulation mesh generation method, apparatus, and program product
Methods and systems for registering image data
Non-linear and linear method of scale-up or scale-down image resolution conversion
Method for detecting the exact contour of targeted treatment areas, in particular, the external contour
Method of and apparatus for processing image
Image segmentation apparatus and method
Method for the determination of peaks in a discrete signal
Method for combining the computer models of two surfaces in 3-D space
Method and apparatus for two-row decoding of MPEG video
Method and apparatus for motion vector compression
Arrangement for communication between stations of a mail processing machine
Interactive process for applying or printing information on letters or parcels
Postage metering system having separable modules with multiple currency capability and synchronization
Data card verification system
Method and device for transmitting data on traffic assessment
Systems and processes for data acquisition of location of a range of response time
Apparatus for the active suppression of noise radiated by a surface
Method, apparatus and system for generating acoustic parameters in a text-to-speech system using a neural network
Time series signal recognition with signal variation proof learning
Method, device and system for noise-tolerant language understanding
System and method for using a correspondence table to compress a pronunciation guide
Method for reducing search complexity in a speech recognition system
System and method to facilitate speech enabled user interfaces by prompting with possible transaction phrases
Distributed voice capture and recognition system
Method and apparatus for normalizing speech to facilitate a telephone call
Reproduction device
Magnetic recording and reproducing system including search reproduction circuit for reproducing an entire screen of one picture channel selected from a plurality of picture channels intermittently recorded on a magnetic tape
Storage medium loading mechanism and storage medium storage and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical disk device having increased height at an outer periphery of the optical disk
Device for playing compact disks
Compact disk auto-exchanger and method thereof
Flying head with adjustable actuator load
Adaptive tape drive control in a video recorder
Optical pickup with structure to reduce vibration
Data recording medium and recording/reproducing apparatus for providing optimum position of mark start and end parts
Optical head having a reproducing optical system and filter formed by light passing therethrough
Memory writer with deflective memory-cell handling capability
On-chip circuit and method for testing memory devices
Method and device for the incremental reading of a memory
Method and apparatus for initializing a memory device
Semiconductor memory system comprising synchronous DRAM and controller
Holder for fuel elements and method for repairing such a holder
Automatic modular wafer substrate handling device
Profile design for wire bonding
Method for controlling thicknesses of layers formed by deposition equipment for fabricating semiconductor devices
Method of designing active region pattern with shift dummy pattern
Wireless communication filter operating at low temperature
Method and apparatus for isolating high frequency signals in a printed circuit board
System and method providing delays for CDMA nulling
End-pumped waveguide optical splitter-amplifiers based on self-imaging
Optical fiber laser device
Laser assembly platform with silicon base
II-VI compound semiconductor light emitting device
Multi-layer semiconductor devices with stress-relief profiles
Radio frequency modulation employing a periodic transformation system
System for recovery of digital data from amplitude and phase modulated line signals using delay lines
Radio receiver with a double-balanced mixer circuit having signal damping elements
Microwave mixing circuit and down-converter
Control of gain and power consumption in a power amplifier
Electronic device having an AGC loop
Telephone system comprising a base station and at least one handset, method implemented in such a system, subscriber station and base station suitable for such a system
Radio receiver with adaptive bandwidth controls at intermediate frequency and audio frequency sections
Digital processing radio receiver with adaptive bandwidth control
Fractional decimator with linear interpolation and method thereof
Dual-processing interference cancelling system and method
FM radio receiver
Synchronization system for reducing slipping
Method and apparatus for calibrating a resistive ladder switching matrix
Addressing scheme for convolutional interleaver/de-interleaver
Interleaved analog metric calculator
Method for decreasing the frame error rate in data transmission in the form of data frames
Concatenation compression method
Radio with halting apparatus and method
Telecommunications network receiver
Mechanism for automatically tuning transceiver frequency synthesizer to frequency of transmit/receiver filter
Spread spectrum receiver and transmission power control method
Frequency discrimination in a spread spectrum signal processing system
Dispersion compensating optical fiber, and wavelength division multiplex light transmission line using the same
Transmitting and receiving antenna voltage standing wave ratios measuring circuit of base station in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for group calls in a wireless CDMA communication system
Communication system
System and method for mitigating intermittent interruptions in an audio radio broadcast system
Method for partitioning an integrated ground air traffic management communications system
Communication device having position registration in a multiple services communication system
Optimal packet routing method and system for low earth orbit satellite communication system
Synchronizing system capable of certainly executing synchronizing operation
Cellular/PCS network with distributed-RF base station
Method and apparatus for reducing data distortion and improving simulcast reception
Circuit array and method for creating a data feedback channel from receiver to transmitter in a common frequency network
Nonlinear digital communications system
Digital phase locked loop circuit and method therefor
Network interface device, method and article of manufacture for providing high bit rate access over robbed bit
Method and communication system for the transmission of compressed voice information in a communication network
Combined interference cancellation and maximum likelihood decoding of space-time block codes
Apparatus and method for measuring transaction time in a computer system
Method and apparatus for remotely testing token ring local area networks
Wireless network
Synchronous stack bus for fast Ethernet repeater
Data-processing network having non-deterministic access, but having deterministic access time
Virtual circuit switching architecture
Optimal link scheduling for multiple links by obtaining and utilizing link quality information
Method of topology database synchronization in an asynchronous transfer mode network
Optimistic, eager rendezvous transmission mode and combined rendezvous modes for message processing systems
System and method for transporting a call
System and method for off-line notifying a network user
System and process for allowing wireless messaging
Customer telecommunication interface device having a unique identifier
System and method for linking a VDSL based distribution system with an xDSL based system
Controlling an adaptive equalizer in a demodulator
Constellation design for a PCM modem
Cellular mobile telephone system
Method and apparatus for transmission and reception
Point-multipoint radio transmission system
Method of estimating trellis encoded symbols utilizing simplified trellis decoding
Secure delivery of information in a network
Method and apparatus for monitoring a communication link based on TCP/IP protocol by emulating behavior of the TCP protocol
Method and apparatus for propagating user preferences across multiple computer environments
Method of communicating between a personal computer and a service provider
System and method for communicating pre-connect information in a digital communication system
Method of efficiently retrieving data on a computer network by monitoring performance of mirrored network locations
Route switching mechanisms for source-routed ATM networks
Load balancing of client connections across a network using server based algorithms
Switching module for redundant local area network
Communications methods and apparatus
Method and apparatus for source synchronous data transfer
Apparatus for, and method of, processing signals transmitted over a local area network
Retiming circuit and method for performing retiming
Adaptive data recovery system and methods
Wireless subscription portability
Communication terminal apparatus and method for selecting options using a dial shuttle
System and method for identifying a callee of an incoming telephone call
Method and apparatus for inhibiting echo in a channel of a communication system
DCE controlled V.8 bis negotiation
Intelligent networked, automated telephone calling card service system capable of bailout to an operator
Switch hook status determination in a communication system
Method and system for generating predetermined messages during selected calls-in-progress
Method and apparatus for receiving conventional telephone calls while connected to the internet
Speed calling when away from home
Method and apparatus for entertaining callers in a queue
Telephony call-center scripting by petri net principles and techniques
System and method for determining a tentative master of a radio conference system
Teleconferencing audio bridge
Image reading apparatus and method for preventing electric noise
Image processing apparatus
Video data shuffling method and apparatus
Method and system for supporting interactive commercials displayed on a display device using a telephone network
Digital recording protection system
Adaptive control of video encoder's bit allocation based on user-selected region-of-interest indication feedback from video decoder
Video coder with global motion compensation
Video postfiltering with motion-compensated temporal filtering and/or spatial-adaptive filtering
Available bit rate flow control algorithms for ATM networks
Arrangement for synchronization of multiple streams of synchronous traffic delivered by an asynchronous medium
Method of transmitting an ATM cell over an ATM network
Communications adapter for processing ATM and ISDN data
Service management system for an advanced intelligent network
Method of controlling connections in a telecommunication system
Mapping function and method of transmitting signaling system 7(SS7) telecommunications messages over data networks
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification
Dynamic traffic distribution
Message waiting notification using ANSI-41 network messaging protocols
Wireless telecommunications system utilizing CDMA radio frequency signal modulation in conjuction with the GSM A-interface telecommunications network protocol
Subscriber identity module for a mobile telecommunications terminal, and a mobile telecommunications terminal
Method of adapting the operation of a subscriber identity module to one or more interfaces of a mobile radiocommunications terminal, a corresponding subscriber identity module, and a corresponding mobile terminal
Wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for providing fault tolerance in frequency reuse wireless communication systems
Method and system for solving cellular communications frequency planning problem
Method and apparatus for dynamic channel allocation for wireless communications using channel occupancy data
Cell selection influenced by stored data and mobile station using same
Method and apparatus for performing idle handoff in a multiple access communication system
Collar microphone
Acoustic point source
Attachment of a micromechanical microphone
Electroacoustic transducer comprising a diaphragm having through portions for mounting a voice coil
Headphone apparatus
Audio signal generator to emulate three-dimensional audio signals
Method for controlling the electron current in an x-ray tube, and x-ray system operating according to the method
Shielding housing and a method of producing a shielding housing
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