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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pet door hood
Pet game board detail and board game
Installation for supplying liquid feed to an animal and an autonomously displaceable vehicle for use in such an installation
Mounting bracket for GPS antenna
Apparatus for producing so-called soft ice cream and process for feeding a relative mixture
Mark-free wire fabric straps
Multi-end adjustable fastener straps for bra
Device holder with magnetic retainer
Fluid dispenser, particularly for liquid soap
Method and apparatus for modular furniture
Overbed table with arm supports
Frame section and switching cabinet using the same
Rotary bearing, rotary table device and table diameter determining method
Vehicle seat
Backrest device for a chair
Seat device for vehicle
Non-invasive injection of light into a transparent substrate, such as a window pane through its face
Spring loaded camming device with movably-anchored trigger
Bicyclists' water bottle with bottom drinking valve
Medical device control system for controlling generation of magnetic field acting on medical device
Rotatable operation device for endoscope
Miniature endoscope system
Endoscopic smart probe and method
Foam port and introducer assembly
Wound retractor device
Surgical instrument with indicator
Device for administering a gaze nystagmus field sobriety test
Method and device for measuring force, torque and output on an ergometer or bicycle
Shape memory dental retention systems
Gastric band with contrasting supply tube
Meditation pillow using craniosacral therapy
Dental mill blanks
Universal belay device
Protective hood
Portable exercise device and method of using the same
Portable exercise device
Iron-type golf clubs
Soccer training device
Adjustable ski pole basket
Wagering game that allows player to alter payouts based on equity position
Gaming system, server, gaming terminal and game control method
Method and apparatus for providing an advantage to a player in a bonus game
Method for playing a video gaming machine
Bonus game points in a gaming environment
Children's building system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microtiter plate with stirring elements
Stepped down gas mixing device
Micro-erosion recovery system for tire materials
High pressure fuel injector seat that resists distortion during welding
Apparatus for making working electrode of dye-sensitized solar cell
System and device for self-tanning
Flanged perforated metal plate for separation of pellets and particles
Leak control system and dishwasher incorporating the same
Boronized laying pipe
Method and an apparatus for prestressing components
Metal tie tool with rotary gripper and ball setting device
Press tool arrangement
Brush roll for casting roll
Solid composition having enhanced physical and electrical properties
Methods to fabricate fully enclosed hollow structures using friction stir welding
Method and device for trimming print products
Power-driven hand tool with clamping fixture for a tool
Power toilet bowl cleaning attachment
Pneumatic nailer with sleeve actuated piston return
Hydraulic-based spherical robot
Industrial robot and control method
Knife with a lighting system that includes an integrated circuit board
Dicing method, program for the dicing method, and storage medium for the dicing method
Finisher for cutting or scoring receiver
Automatic bead seater assembly
Impregnation of a filament roving
Method and device for preliminarily bonding laminated glass using curved roll
Press and a method for manufacturing a press
Cassette for printer with thermal head contact portion
Printing systems with progressive image transfer and progressive radiant energy exposure of images for multi-pass printing, printing apparatuses and corresponding methods
Inkjet printer
Liquid ejection apparatus
Solid ink stick with motion control inset
Ink tank holder and ink jet printing head cartridge having a light guiding portion
System and method for improving throughput for duplex printing operations in an indirect printing system
System and method for improving throughput for printing operations in an indirect printing system
Method of position detection with two-dimensional sensor in printer
System and method for attenuating rotating member contamination affecting uniformity measurements in an inkjet imaging device
Combination hole punching and book binding machine
Stroller brake
Body for pneumatic vehicle
Assist grip mounting structure
Operating device with a locking assembly
Electric driving unit for a vehicle
Vehicle occupant head protection
Lifting system for display cases
Removable enclosure for rear of vehicle
Liner for cushioning and securing rolled coils and other cylindrical objects in a transverse trough of a railway car
Trim cover arrangement for motor vehicles
Integrated side curtain airbag assembly
Bicycle carrier rack
Semi-trailer landing gear
Steering column cover
Car body for a motor vehicle
Combination load bed and platform for a vehicle
Arrangement structure for evaporated fuel treatment device of saddle-type vehicle, and vehicle incorporating same
Protective cover for bicycle drive train elements
Hybrid motorcycle
Ergonomic hand grips for watercraft
Boat propulsion system, and control device and control method therefor
Landing gear mount
Braking-energy equalization system
Laminar flow wing optimized for transonic cruise aircraft
Quick-change fastening system for mounting an element to a fastening structure
Filling device for at least two granular materials and filling method using such a device
Water gun assembly
Child-resistant cap
Product package utilizing an information indicator held in a product tray
Container, lid and clip therefor
Support device for materials handling
Trash receptacle with trash bag dispenser system
Paint roller paint saving pan
Stack carrier
Small storage receptacle for food with air influx hole
Collapsible coolers
Collapsible coolers
Food container
Self-adjusting wedge bumper
Actuator systems and methods for aerosol wall texturing
Modular display and dispensing system and module device for building a display and dispensing system
Golf ball picker basket and method
Tool set package
Transfer system co-operating with a machine for producing tobacco and filter product rods as well as method of transferring such rods within the transfer system
Method and device for guiding value documents
Conveyor to transport air
Modular print system
Tactile wafer lifter and methods for operating the same
Device and process for taking over and further processing of flexible, flat objects
Printer producing dividing sheets for output tray
Method for controlling a paper-processing machine
Medium conveying device and image forming apparatus
Substrate material processing equipment and substrate material processing method using the same
Strap spool mountable to a shaft
Sheet rolling device
Gripping device for load structure
Restraint device for traction sheaves
Textiles; Paper
Net and process for producing the net
Laundry device
Fixed Constructions
Soil compacting device
Water faucet temperature gauge and display
Methods and devices for constructing a wall with brick facade
Method for establishing a wind turbine on a site
Fence rail with concealed fastener
Re-keyable cylinder lock
Dual locking device
Sliding screen door
Ladder safety device and method of using the same
Hammer device
Superabrasive materials and methods of manufacture
Wellbore system
Drive head assembly for a fluid conveyor system
Method of installing sand control screens in wellbores containing synthetic or oil-based drilling fluids
System and method for controlling flow through a sand screen
Cuttings processing system
Crawler-type and height adjustment drilling machine for setting roof and side wall anchor bolts and anchor cables
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with tip cooling circuit
Large twisted turbine rotor blade
Turbine blade with leading edge edge cooling
Turbine blade with near wall cooling
Rotor of a turbomachine and method for replacing rotor blades of the rotor
Method of driving and drive mechanism utilizing surface tension difference convection generated in two fluids having an interface
Control time adjusting device
Hydraulic machine with oil dams
Internal combustion engine, vehicle, marine vessel, and exhaust gas cleaning method for internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purifier of construction machine
Control system for a particulate matter filter
Control of spark ignited internal combustion engine
Feed circuit for supplying a supercharged engine with at least one fluid and method for supplying such an engine with at least one fluid
Exhaust gas recirculation diagnostic for coordinated torque control systems
Oil storage structure for engine, engine incorporating same, and vehicle incorporating same
Burner having swirler with corrugated downstream wall sections
Control device and control method for internal combustion engine
Method and system for enabling cylinder balancing at low idle speed using crankshaft speed sensor
Plasma jet ignition plug ignition control
Wind turbine shroud
Heating/cooling system for indwelling heat exchange catheter
Valve-seat interface architecture
Fluid transport system with elastic tube and detaching cam arrangement
Systems, methods, and apparatus for providing a magnetic seal
Movement-compensating plate anchor
Linear ball bearing
Linear motion device comprising a deflection assembly having a single deflection passage
Rolling bearing with a split bearing ring
Device for driving a generator by a belt drive of an internal combustion engine
Inner joint member for constant velocity universal joint, manufacturing method therefor, and constant velocity universal joint
Centrifugal multi-plate friction clutch and vehicle equipped with the same
Vibration damping system
Intermediary flange, combined intermediary flange unit and vibration damper
Wheel suspension for motor vehicles
Silent chain transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Assemblies and methods for clamping force generation
Method for controlling an automated step-by-step variable speed transmission
Hydraulic tensioning system comprising integrated overpressure valve
Fluid-biased hydraulic control valve
Control valve for a camshaft adjuster
Water tap
Automobile high pressure pump solenoid valve
System and method for whole-body cryotherapy
Solar umbrella clip light
Decorative roof light covering system
Adapter for outdoor light
Lamp, especially suspended lamp, comprising a first and a second light emitting area
Lighting system cover including AR-coated textured glass, and method of making the same
Operation lamp and illumination unit thereof
Lighting apparatus
Solid state optical system
Laser-lit planar illumination device and LCD using such device
Method and apparatus for providing an omni-directional lamp having a light emitting diode light engine
Control valves for heaters and fireplace devices
Indirect heating system with upgrading of ultra-fine fuel particles
Heat dissipation device
Superconducting magnet system with radiation shield disposed between the cryogenic fluid tank and a refrigerator
Thermal controlled pillow
Heat exchanger arrangement
Acoustic shock wave attenuating assembly
Wall breaching fragmentation warhead
Hormonal quotient profile calculator
MEMS pressure sensor device and method of fabricating same
Monitoring the structural health of components
Device, system, and method for detecting and locating malfunctions in a hydraulic structure, and a hydraulic structure with said device
Apparatus and method to determine the adhesive strength of materials
Scanning near field ultrasound holography
Quantitative evaluation of scratch-induced damages on polymeric and coating materials
Vehicle side view mirror system
Interior or exterior rearview mirror assembly
Attachment of a connector to a fiber optic cable
Spectacle frame with vision training function
Co-axial multi-tip eyeglass retainer coupling and method of use
Side arm release system for eyeglass frame with changeable temple pieces
Dome camera enclosure with virtual tilt pivot mechanism
Image display apparatus and image display method
Cooling and air flow exhaust for image projection apparatus
Discharge lamp lighting device, projector, and control method of discharge lamp lighting device
Method and device for converting an emission beam from a laser light source into 2-dimensional light
Adjustment device and projector having the same
Focal plane shutter and imaging apparatus including the same
Document imaging system with document entry guide surface
Water-and-hot-water mixing device
Card game
Method for generating numbers for lottery games
Exception notification system and method
Produce data collecter which collects internal produce information
Attachment arrangement
Image engine with integrated circuit structure for indicia reading terminal
Item having a data tag
System and method for creating and/or serving online games embedded in websites
Resuscitation metronome
Computer-implemented method of and system for teaching an untrained observer to evaluate a gemstone
Potty training device for boys
Medical task status checklist and manufacturing method therefore
Hermetically-sealed packages for electronic components having reduced unused areas
Multiple substrate transfer robot
Electric connector with a lock member on an elastically displaceable lock arm
High-speed card connector
Mounting structure for shielding shell
Clamp for a male terminal
Female electrical contact, connector unit, and process for production
Single-serving device for the display and cooking of in particular kernels of corn for making popcorn
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Computed tomography with virtual tilt and angulation
Dual energy x-ray imaging system and method for radiography and mammography
Personal body grounding system
Gastric stimulator apparatus and method for installing
Cardiac pacing using adjustable atrio-ventricular delays
Intraluminal radiation treatment system
Wireless game control system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image processing for laser shock processing
Print system and registration control method at print start time of the print system
Integrated optics beam deflectors and systems
Object detection system
Device for use in electric vehicles for detecting adhesion in relay due to melting
Monitoring system for electrical angle calculator
Sonar array system
System for remotely communicating voice and data to and from an elevator controller
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon fibers formed from single-wall carbon nanotubes
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for assessing the effect of yarn faults on woven or knitted fabrics
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for a downhole refractometer and attenuated reflectance spectrometer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control method for an electromagnetic actuator for the control of an engine valve
Process cartridge, electrophotographic photosensitive drum, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and color electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Rotatable optical fiber cable holder
Light diffuser
Reflector, sidelight type backlighting apparatus and reflector substrate
Method of discriminating shape of free-form curved surface
Capacitive displacement sensor
Procedure and device for measuring the thickness of a liquid layer on a roller of a printing press
Telemetry equipment for the two-dimensional or three-dimensional mapping of a volume
Target device
Dither system for motion sensors
Temporally resolved wavelength measurement method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for determining the dispersibility of a product in particulate form
Method for rapid determination of composition of polycarbonate resin
Atomic absorption photometer
Method of diagnosing nutritious condition of crop in plant field
Defect inspection method and apparatus for silicon wafer
Method and apparatus for detecting properties of reflective transparent surface coatings on a sheet of transparent material
Electronic component inspection equipment
Method, system and device providing a musical representation of a transparent or translucent structure
Optic flow sensor with negative iris photoreceptor array
Method and device for gauging a device for producing electrical components
Method and system for providing a self-aligned electrical contact for a TMR element
Image process, computer to evaluate data and nuclear resonance tomograph equipped with such a computer
Method and apparatus for detecting and tracking coded signals in a noisy background environment
Parallel precise time transfer to multiple GPS units
Method and apparatus for tracking sonar targets
Three-dimensional image capturing device
Objective with crystal lenses and projection exposure equipment for microlithography
Variable-focus lens system
Rapidly changing dichroic beamsplitter in epifluorescent microscopes
Solid immersion lens array and methods for producing a solid immersion lens array
Solid immersion lens array and methods for producing and using solid immersion lens array with fiducial marks
Method and arrangement for spatially resolved and time-resolved interferometric characterization of ultrashort laser pulses
Optical arrangement for symmetrizing the radiation of two-dimensional arrays of laser diodes
Rod lens array
Optical member with handling portion and method for manufacturing optical member and method for mounting optical member and optical module
Three dimensional imaging system
Optical fiber for wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system using densely spaced optical channels
Low-dispersion optical fiber and optical transmission system using the low-dispersion optical fiber
Optical transmission line and optical transmission system including the same
Laser device, method of producing the same and composite optical medium for use in producing the same
Planar photonic bandgap structures for controlling radiation loss
Planar polymeric waveguide devices with temperature dependence control features
Optical coupling structures and the fabrication processes
Optical waveguide device to be optically poled, method of manufacturing optical waveguide device to be optically poled, and method of optically poling optical waveguide device
Manual variable optical attenuator having sealing gasket
Spot size converter and method of manufacturing the same
Optical demultiplexer circuit and demultiplexer device and optical wavelength division multiplex circuit
Arrayed waveguide grating and multiplexer/demultiplexer system and multiplexer/demultiplexer device using thereof
Wavelength compensated optical wavelength division coupler and associated methods
Low dispersion interleaver
Method and apparatus for an optical filter
Method of self-aligning optical waveguides
Micro-optic adhesive assembly and method therefor
Optical communication module and process for producing the same
Apparatus and method for wavelength division multiplexing
Semiconductor laser module
Optical fiber retention device
Connection of an add/drop node
Positioning an object
All optical switch for optical integrated circuits
Finder optical system and camera having finder optical system
Camera apparatus, control method thereof and program
Bonding apparatus
Illumination system with reduced energy loading
EUV-transparent interface structure
Device for measuring relative position error
Adjustable automatic process control density patch location detection
Image forming apparatus
Charging device and image forming apparatus using the same
Long life charging apparatus
Image forming apparatus with reduced image defects
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and developing apparatus
Hybrid electrophotographic apparatus for custom color printing
Image preparation system for transfer to substrates
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively performing an image fixing process
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with fixing apparatus
Image forming apparatus with an element for removing paper dust from photosensitive member
Developing device, process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and developer container and method of assembling the developer container
Reassembled process cartridge and method of manufacture
Day and night depicting clock device
Time display device
Switching power unit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Information processing methodology
Key encryption using a client-unique additional key for fraud prevention
Portable computer docking station with movable electrical interface
Ergonomic data system stand
Frequency generation in a wireless communication system
Direct memory swapping between NAND flash and SRAM with error correction coding
Storage device for reliably maintaining data in a reproducible state for a long period of time
Communication bus system
Three-dimensional image display device in network
Filter based data imaging method for an image forming device
Apparatus and method for adaptive jitter buffers
Scanning system for imaging and storing the images of test answer sheets having open-ended questions
Fingerprint sensor with leadframe bent pin conductive path and associated methods
Method for visual tracking using switching linear dynamic system models
Area extraction method, address area extraction method, address area extraction apparatus, and image processing apparatus
Document-inclination detector
Efficient transmission of quarter-VGA images using DVC codecs
Image transmission apparatus and method utilizing different transmission modes for transmitting moving image data and still image data
Automated mass audience telecommunications database creation method
Watermarking recursive hashes into frequency domain regions
Apparatus and method of building an electronic database for resolution synthesis
HVQ-based filtering method
Method and apparatus for rotating Bayer images
Image processing method
Method and apparatus for correcting large defects in digital images
Process, system and computer readable medium for pulmonary nodule detection using multiple-templates matching
Image defect detection apparatus and image defect detection method
Method of taking three-dimensional measurements of object surfaces
Apparatus for calculating optical flow and camera motion using correlation matching and system model in moving image
Image data compression and decompression
Apparatus and method for resolution transformation of orthogonal transformation image
Fixed-rate block-based image compression with inferred pixel values
Image data encoding apparatus
Picture transmission system using minimal reference-frame modification to recover from transmission errors
Image decoding apparatus and image coding apparatus
Encoding and decoding with super compression a via a priori generic objects
Method and apparatus for representing a digital image to provide a coded representation
System and method for compressing data
Digital image coding/decoding apparatus and method for correcting distorted data in transmitted signals that use watermarking
Call center for handling video calls from the hearing impaired
On-line educational system for processing exam questions and answers
Active noise control apparatus
Magneto-optical recording device having optical and magnetic heads moving independently
Objective lens actuator
Magnetic tape drive having a mechanism for preventing slack in a magnetic tape
Magnetic tape device with mechanism for controlling threading operation
Disk storage apparatus and disk changer apparatus with enhanced access to disks
Disc changer apparatus
Storage apparatus offering improved precision in positioning carriage relative to disk
Disc holding device and disc recording and/or reproducing device including disc mounting mechanisms and bias mechanisms for biasing a disc towards the mounting mechanisms
System for reproducing information recorded on an information recording medium
Turntable driving device for a disc player
Optical disk drive unit
Digital data reproducing apparatus and method, digital data transmitting apparatus and method, and storage media therefor
Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
Slider-level microactuator for precise head positioning
Hard disk drive head-media system having reduced stiction and low fly height
Tape cassette
Information recording method, information recording/reproducing apparatus, and information recording medium
Stream editing apparatus and stream editing method
Apparatus and method for detecting wobble defect
Information recording method and apparatus and information recording medium
Method and system for recording data for the purposes of performance related skill development
Method and apparatus for predictive failure analysis technique for head crashes in hard drives using position error signal
Recording medium holder for accommodating recording medium and information providing body accommodating recording medium
Rotationally free mount system for disk drive having a rotary actuator
Vibration damper device for disk drive
Mobile rack for hard disk drives
Break-away disc tray
Distributed scalable backplane
Internal disc drive gas reservoir
Disk drive breather filter with adsorbent layer shorter than receiving sheet aperture
Method for reproducing information on a recording medium
Architecture for a hard disk drive write amplifier circuit with damping control
Magnetic head unit
Vertical writing type magnetic head
Magnetic transducer having inverted write element with zero delta in pole tip width
Thin film magnetic head comprising insulating layer provided between core and coil
First pole piece of a write head with a notching layer in a combined magnetic head
Method detecting a fault of a magnetic recording head, and a magnetic recording device
Actuator assembly with enhanced bonding surface for bonding a voice coil to a yoke
Thin film magnetic head comprising track positioning marker
Fabrication method for integrated microactuator coils
Method for controlling the velocity of an actuator arm in a hard disk drive
Magnetic disk evaluation apparatus and method
Metal carbide air bearing surface layer on a silicon read/write head element
Negative pressure type head slider and disk drive employing same
Optical information recording and reproducing system with overwrite capability and recording medium for use therewith
Optical disc having emboss pits in the control data zone
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus for writing and/or reading data to and/or from optical recording medium having data recorded in pit trains of mutually different depths
Anti-fluttering transmission apparatus for CD-RW drive head
Guiding mechanism for supporting a reading-head moving within a optical storage carrier player
Device for scanning a rotating information carrier
Objective lens collision preventing device and method for manufacturing the same
Laser control device
Optical scanning device
Semiconductor laser device
Optical recording medium, method of producing same, and optical recording and reproduction device
Information recording disc having an anti-reflection layer and information recording/reproducing apparatus
Methods of operating MRAM devices
Thin film magnetic memory device for programming required information with an element similar to a memory cell and information programming method
Magnetic memory device in which influence of adjacent memory cell is controllable
Magnetic memory cell and method for assigning tunable writing currents
Apparatus and methods for data storage and retrieval
Access control system for multi-banked DRAM memory
Suppression of leakage currents in VLSI logic and memory circuits
Semiconductor memory having electrically erasable and programmable semiconductor memory cells
Non-volatile memory and method of non-volatile memory programming
Nonvolatile memory system, semiconductor memory, and writing method
Nonvolatile memory, IC card and data processing system
Semiconductor memory device equipped with dummy cells
Memory device and method having data path with multiple prefetch I/O configurations
Read/write memory arrays and methods with predetermined and retrievable latent-state patterns
Asynchronous random access memory with power optimizing clock
String programmable nonvolatile memory with NOR architecture
Unirradiated nuclear fuel transport system
Magnetoresistive sensor with laminate electrical interconnect
CPP GMR device with inverse GMR material
Method and apparatus for elevating and manipulating objects using fields only
Packaging structure with low switching noises
Surface flashover resistant capacitors and method for producing same
Arc extinguishing aid
DC arc detection and prevention circuit and method
Tunable IR laser source for MALDI
Shield cap and semiconductor package including shield cap
Operating device for heat sink
Solid state laser apparatus
High-power external-cavity optically-pumped semiconductor lasers
Q-switching method for pulse train generation
Wavelength agile external cavity diode laser
Mode control using transversal bandgap structure in VCSELs
Semiconductor laser and method of producing the same
Method of controlling the turn off characteristics of a VCSEL diode
High voltage surge protection element for use with CATV coaxial cable connectors
Lightning suppression apparatus for use with coaxial cable and heliaxial cable
Protective relay apparatus
Inverter protecting apparatus
Tri-mode over-voltage protection and disconnect circuit apparatus and method
Electrical energy distribution system and contactor for such a system
Switching power supply with transfer function control circuit
Multi-stage DC--DC converter
Resonant switched mode power supply system
Low-inductance busbar system for a matrix converter
High precision, low phase noise synthesizer with vector modulator
Digital phase/frequency detector, and clock generator and data recovery PLL containing the same
Variable gain amplifier for low voltage applications
Wireless terminal device
Stereophonic device and stereophonic method
Semiconductor protective control unit for controlling output transistors connected to inductive load
Single-event upset immune frequency divider circuit
Method and apparatus for noise bandwidth reduction in wireless communication signal reception
Process, voltage, temperature independent switched delay compensation scheme
Dual-loop system and method for frequency acquisition and tracking
Data decoding apparatus and data decoding method
Narrowband noise canceller
Dual-mode receiver
Optical flow monitor
RF transceiver with low power chirp acquisition mode
Mobile communication device having a good tracking precision and a wide following range of synchronization
RF receiver having improved signal-to-noise ratio and method of operation
CDMA mobile communication system, searcher circuit and communication method
Radio communication apparatus
Apparatus and methods for selective correlation timing in rake receivers
Optical signal receiving device
Bit rate detection circuit and algorithm for optical networks
Optical signal receiver apparatus
Super-ring architecture and method to support high bandwidth digital "last mile" telecommunications systems for unlimited video addressability in hub/star local loop architectures
Systems and methods for measuring interference reciprocity between uplink and downlink directions in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation updates in a multicarrier transceiver system
Dynamic bias for RF power amplifiers
Adaptive modulation/coding and power allocation system
System for providing optimal satellite communication via a MEO/LEO satellite constellation
Systems and methods for terrestrial reuse of cellular satellite frequency spectrum
TDMA beacon for satellite system synchronization
CDMA radio transmitting apparatus and CDMA radio receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for synchronization within a spread-spectrum communication system
Universal repeater for communication systems
System and method for detecting harmonics of RF broadcast station survey signals
Ethernet fiber access communications system
Optical communications network
Method and circuit for improving the pointer processing in synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) transmission frames
Frame synchronization and fault protection for a telecommunications device
Method and apparatus for passing control information in a bidirectional line switched ring configuration
Forward error correction for high speed optical transmission systems
Method for receiving a secured transmission of information through a plurality of frequency orthogonal subchannels
Method and apparatus for controlling the flow of data between servers
System for checking data integrity in a high speed packet switching network node
Network management method, apparatus of same and network systems
Method and apparatus for measuring network performance and stress analysis
Flow control of multiple entities sharing a common data link
Method and system for directing transmission of IPX control packets to influence reception of IPX data packets
Shared credit round robin queuing
Router device and label switched path control method using upstream initiated aggregation
Bluetooth communication units, wireless communication systems, wireless communication devices, bluetooth communications methods, and wireless communication methods
Network switch including restriction of source address look-ups based on receive queue length
Packet switched router architecture for providing multiple simultaneous communications
Network relaying apparatus and network relaying method
Collision control circuit in ATM exchange
System for routing and switching in computer networks
Method and system for implementing an improved DSO switching capability in a data switch
Transmission method and transmission apparatus
Carrying voice traffic over broad band networks
Call admission control methods and apparatus for improving route selection in packet networks
Variable rate digital switching system
Dynamic upgrade of quality of service in a packet switched network
Communication apparatus with relay function and relay method
Hybrid server architecture for mixing and non-mixing client conferencing
ISCSI-FCP gateway
Amplitude and phase estimation method in a wireless communication system
Terminal position location using multiple beams
Gain controller with comparator offset compensation for circuit having in-phase and quadrature channels
Received-signal absolute phasing apparatus of receiver
Multi-bit per symbol rate quadrature amplitude encoding
Base band signal processing circuit capable of improving both noise characteristic and distortion characteristic
Method and apparatus for data transportation and synchronization between MAC and physical layers in a wireless communication system
Methods and apparatus for redirecting network traffic
Method for convolutive encoding and transmission by packets of a digital data series flow, and corresponding decoding method device
Encrypting conversion apparatus, decrypting conversion apparatus, cryptographic communication system, and electronic toll collection apparatus
Encoding method, encoding-decoding apparatus, and code communications system
Headset adapter with detachable under-the-phone accessory deck
Handset port interface including DC measurement and transmit path calibration
Call timers specific to each type of cellular telephone call
Method and apparatus for logging DTMF phone symbols dialed from an extension
Device for automatically identifying DTMF and FSK for caller ID
Method and apparatus for providing service to VODSL derived telephone lines during power interruptions
Asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) downstream high speed cell bus interface protocol
Voice transmitter
Method and system for multicasting call notifications
Controlling advertising output during hold periods
Routing data based on comparative income values
Circuit topology for protecting vulnerable micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and electronic relay devices
Method and system for transmitting background audio during a telephone call
Audible notification of called message (ANCM) service implementation method on wireless intelligent network (WIN)
Transferring voice mail messages to a data network
Telephone switching system with data integration
Method for transmitting a message to a mobile station
Call center monitoring system
Internet protocol telephony
Process and apparatus for eliminating loudspeaker interference from microphone signals
Light source lamp for image reader
Digital imaging device with background training
Structure and method for managing a video recorder
Macroblock parsing without processing overhead
Apparatus and method for embedding and extracting information in analog signals using distributed signal features and replica modulation
Coding apparatus for recoding coded bit streams
Method and apparatus for altering the picture updating frequency of a compressed video data stream
Video data compression
Method and apparatus for recording and playing back monitored video data
Image sensing device capable of outputting image signals by blocks and processing circuit which processes image signals by blocks
Method for analyzing images and for correcting the values of video signals
Image display apparatus
Multiple channel image compressing and recording apparatus and method therefor
Cover for a remote terminal
Housing structure for ultrafast communication apparatus
Switching system, a subscriber apparatus and a switching apparatus
ATM gateway system
Method and apparatus for establishing modem connections over a packet network
Gateway making it possible to develop new services independently from the underlying network
Local exchange carrier escape list for local number portability
Interface between an SS7 gateway and an IP network
Method and arrangement for transferring information in a packet radio service
Switching device in digital unit of multi-sector base station
Method of initializing a link between a mobile terminal and a domestic base station
Virtual pilot channel generating apparatus and its operating method for supporting effective hand-off between frequencies in CDMA mobile communications system
Global wireless prepaid roaming
Signalling method and conversion device for telecommunications networks
Interchangeable pivoting loudspeaker assembly with spring retained high frequency transducer
In-the-ear noise reduction headphones
Intergrated hearing aid for telecommunications devices
Direction finder
Method and system for driving speakers with a 90 degree phase shift
Digital wireless premises audio system and method of operation thereof
Electronic part, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and manufacturing method of the electronic part
Electronic control module for a removable connector and methods of assembling same
Circuit board assembly with solder cover
Electronics assembly
Circuit board assembly with integrated air plenum chamber using self-aligning heat sinks
Apparatus for containing electromagnetic interference
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew