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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Detection, imaging and characterization of breast tumors
QT-interval measurement in the electrocardiogram
Cochlear implant devices
Method of speech conversion in a cochlear implant
Implantable biomedical chip with modulator for a wireless neural stimulation system
Implantable stimulator
Observer based Q-control imaging methods for atomic force microscopy
Method of evaluating surface deformation
Fault determination device and method of negative pressure generation device
Apparatus for testing a device with a high frequency signal
Method and device for detecting electric arc phenomenon on at least one electric cable
Method for producing underground deposits of hydrocarbon from an earth formation using fault interpretation including spline fault tracking
Optical probe and optical tomography apparatus
Optical modulator and transmitter
Dispersion compensating method and dispersion compensating apparatus
Tunable dispersion and dispersion slope compensator in optical telecommunication system
Fiber optic cables having a toning lobe
Image-taking apparatus and focusing method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method using initial toner
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus capable of providing a stable belt movement in a belt unit
Image forming apparatus including drive transmission member including gears and shafts
Developing unit
Image forming apparatus including a cleaning web for removing residual toner
Image heating apparatus with pads and urging means contacting the pads and a step between pad contacting surfaces
Method and apparatus for the free-form optimization of bevel and hypoid gears
Method and apparatus for the free-form optimization of bevel and hypoid gears
Reliability tools for complex systems
Method for calculating availability for line power systems
Using highly skewed clocks for application based tracing and application based normalization of processor clocks in an SMP environment
Power distribution network performance data presentation system and method
Computer system and method of reproducing data for the system
Diving information processing device, control method for a diving information processing device, and a control program
Apparatus for measuring eccentricity of optical module
Methods and systems for automatically presenting users with option to call sender responsive to email message
Client classification and management
High performance XML storage retrieval system and method
Method, apparatus, and program product for visualizing tree structured information
Rhetorical content management system and methods
Inverse modified discrete cosine transform (IMDCT) co-processor and audio decoder having the same
Database storage and maintenance using row index ordering
Apparatus, system, and method for file system serialization reinitialization
Methods and systems for transferring data over electronics networks
Semi-automatic annotation of multimedia objects
Method and system for managing information
Recording and reproducing apparatus, processing method in the apparatus, and program for causing computer to execute the method
Automated process control using parameters determined with approximation and fine diffraction models
Method and device for predicting a failure frequency
Information submission tool for website development
Method and system for updating a search engine database based on popularity of links
Digital signal averaging using parallel computation structures
Geocoding method using multidimensional vector spaces
Method for the modeling of material and/or heat exchange process in a device and device for carrying out said method
Digital watermarking system and drift compensating system
Image processing apparatus and method
Adaptive OCR for books
Digital image crop and order linked to a physical cropping tool
Image processing device and image capturing device
Focus correction using fractional fourier transform operator approximations
System, method and article of manufacture for decompressing digital camera sensor data
Method and apparatus for varied format encoding and decoding of pixel data
Hierarchically compressing and coding and storing image data
Swarm autonomic agents with self-destruct capability
System and method for storing information for a wireless device
Automated transaction processing system and approach
System and method of service product offer management
Method for tracking employees
Home ownership payment system and method
Method and system for pricing and risk analysis of options
System and method for calculating optimal rates in a multi-source price engine in over the counter markets
Automated check cashing and loan processing ATM system and methodology
Third-party billing system and method
System and method for effecting a real-time payment for an item won on an electronic auction
Method and system for allowing simultaneous usage of prepaid services
Online donation management system
X-ray tube and X-ray analysis apparatus
Timing synchronization module and method for synchronously playing a media signal
Signal processing device and method for operating a signal processing device
Multi-tuner system, single package dual tuning system and receiver and digital television using the same
Universal radio module
Circuit arrangement that functions as an interface between a SIM card and GSM modem
RF-photonic transversal filter method and apparatus
Optical transmission apparatus, continuity testing method therein, and optical transmission system
Satellite information autonomous distribution satellite, satellite information collecting system, and satellite terrestrial test system
System and method for a wireless mesh network of configurable signage
Method and system for implementing the GEA3 encryption algorithm for GPRS compliant handsets
Method and system for hardware accelerator for implementing f8 confidentiality algorithm in WCDMA compliant handsets
Apparatus, system and method for detecting a loss of key stream synchronization in a communication system
Display format for handheld wireless communication devices
Portable terminal device
System and method for providing integrated voice and data services utilizing wired cordless access with unlicensed spectrum and wired access with licensed spectrum
Cover plate for a mobile device having a push-through dial keypad
Method and apparatus for maintaining network performance in a communication system
Systems and methods for monitoring voice service feature failures in a telecommunication network
Mobile communication system, mobile communication device and method for incoming-call filtering
Image acquisition for contacts list
Method and system for providing calling name identification requery
Noise matching for echo cancellers
Integrated circuit for use in a playback apparatus
Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, transmitting apparatus and transmitting method
Wireless video transmission system
Moving image recording apparatus and method of recording moving image
Information storage medium containing enhanced AV (ENAV) buffer configuration information, reproducing method thereof and method for managing the buffer
Scanner device, scanner system and image protection method
Reproduction apparatus, data processing system, reproduction method, program, and storage medium
Auditing of wireless network node databases
Positioning system using radio signal sent from node
Systems and methods for context relevant information management and display
Mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for providing wideband services using medium and low earth orbit satellites
Method for call forwarding a call from a mobile telephone
Expired Patents Due To Time
Door check
Mounting for a door leaf
Apparatus for adjusting angle of back seat for vehicle
Operative hinge for opening/closing body
Adjustable hinge assembly
Method and hinge structure for temporarily installing a door with a vehicle for subsequent removal from the vehicle or the temporary connection of a body half of a hinge with a door half of a hinge and for subsequent separation of the halves
Molded plastic swivel connector
Mechanical connection for open clamps
Slider zipper reclosable fastener
Wire tensioning apparatus
Clothesline line tightener
System for coupling and fixing plastic material accessories to modular self-supporting elements and the latter to the vehicle bodywork
Shoelace lock
Method for treating a crease sensitive fabric web
Rotary transfer machine
Rotary pallet changer for machine-tool
Method of and apparatus for removing burrs from metal work-piece
Apparatus for installing a clip
Method of converting a truck sleeper cab to a day cab
Method for improving motorcycle braking
Sleeved/interference fit (threaded) fastener installation tool
Method for sequentially feeding and automatically machining long length articles
Circulating type milling apparatus for milling a lock core keyway
Method of assembling a modular current transformer
Method for constructing a pivot cartridge assembly for a disc drive
Assembling method for key board
Electronic component feeding apparatus
Electronic component mounting apparatus
Device for assembling a needle and a suture thread including means for extracting one suture thread from a bundle of such threads
Composite lightweight copper plated aluminum wire
Method for mounting a component to a printed circuit assembly
Method for assembling a warewasher assembly
Electronic component installation method
Method for positioning a printed-circuit board in a press
Apparatus and method for direct attachment of heat sink to surface mount
Method of utilizing a replaceable chip module
Conductive bonding design and method for aluminum backed circuits
Method of heating and quenching a hollow metal member
Method for manufacturing air assist passageways for fuel insector
Vane and method for producing same
Miniature recycle-type heat exchange production method
Method for repairing vertical welds in a boiling water reactor shroud using a clamp with eccentric pins sealed against an interior of the shroud
Heat exchanger tube to header swaging process
Method and apparatus for producing rotationally symmetrical valve seat faces of high surface quality in valves
Fabrication method for a flange-type ball valve
Multi-layer engine bearings and method of manufacture
Slitter device
Electrical hair-cutting apparatus
Hedge clipper
Hand-held ratchet action tool
Hollow shaft pruning assembly
Windscreen removal devices
Blade clamping system for a jigsaw
Coping saw with multi-directional cutting blade
Fastening device for a muzzle mirror
Optical calibrating apparatus for emitting datum laser line
Trailer hitch positioning system
Reusable batter board support
Measuring apparatus
Probe tip locator
Method and system for aligning spherical-shaped objects
Marking attachment for measuring system
Method and device for mechanically adjusting graduation-scale carrier members
Apparatus and method for measuring the relative differential length in a sheet of material
Vacuum apparatus for multiple-bed industrial hide driers, and drier including the apparatus
Pass-through semiconductor wafer processing tool and process for gas treating a moving semiconductor wafer
Steam blower box
Dispersed-air footpad
Fluid filled insole with metatarsal pad
Protective insole insert for footwear
Fit and support system for the foot
Molded snowshoe
Sole of baseball spiked shoe and method of measuring shearing stress distribution of baseball spiked shoe
Apparatus and method for connecting an implement to a traction vehicle
Plow hitch assembly for vehicles
Underwater mining apparatus
Steam iron with calcification indication
Automatic transparency masking
Wind responsive display device
Display panel
Display device for images
Warning device for use with vehicles
Vehicle-mounted, rear-directed message display apparatus
Menu board graphics display
Weather-proof readerboard signage system
Applique for apparel and method for making the applique
Device tag for display of electrical devices
Repeating rifle with semirigidly lockable bolt action and striking-pin safety
Reloader for loading cartridges into a magazine
Collapsible fishing net mechanism
Fishing rod and holder apparatus
Live animal trap
Insect trap
Container systems for floral arrangements
Method of wrapping potted plant with sleeve having tabs
Plant cultivation mat and method for laying the same
Capillary carpet irrigation system
Lighting system for use with a vertical growing column
Adjustable puppy gate
Walk-through gate with concealed hinge and latch
Convertible window assembly
Window sash latch
Apparatus for mounting a sliding door to a vehicle having a slotted door track and an insert and release hole
Balanced door closing apparatus
Open/close control system for a vehicle slide door
Door frame reinforcing structure
Portable room
Flexible light seal for partition systems
Roofing tile, roof and method of assembling
Splitting technique
Suspension and sound-insulation system
Movement limiting device for bridge bearing
Small skylight with non-tracking solar collector
Metal-faced angled spline for use with structural insulated panels
Plastic foundation system
Water permeable slab invention
Compactly-shipped site-assembled concrete forms for producing variable-width insulated-sidewall fastener-receiving building walls
Locking connection for ceiling grid system
Mounting system for panels for use in facade cladding on buildings
Modular temporary building
Mortarless retaining wall structure with improved lateral and longitudinal reinforcement for a vertical, set forward and/or set back retaining wall in whole or in part constructed by utilizing standardized blocks
Reinforced-concrete floor slab thickness indicator/reinforcement rod spacer combination
Shim-less door hanging system
Packaging machine, in particular for the production of cigarette packs
Cross joining and/or cross cutting device in a packaging machine of the flow packing type
Method and apparatus for forming stable stacks of intrinsically unstable objects
Apparatus and method for placing corner protectors of different heights on palletized
Application system for sliders at form-fill-seal machine
Method of packaging a bedding product
Container forming apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for producing bags and foam-in-bag cushions
Method of controlling end seal time in bag-making, filling and packaging machine
Single station covering and fastening system
Dual implement hitch
Lawn mower with a deck formed with a trap door
Single shaker head harvesting apparatus and method
Garden tool with multiple tiers
Chain link which can be adapted to a plurality of use configurations
External blower motor and starting motor for a combustion turbine system
Combined cycle power generation plant and operating method thereof
Combined cycle power plant
Turbine aircraft engine starting method
Combustor dilution bypass method
Method of operating a gas-turbine group by directing a fuel/water mixture to the combustion chamber
Monopropellant assisted solid rocket engine
Turbo fan engine nacelle exhaust system with concave primary nozzle plug
Mems synthesized divert propulsion system
Rear mixer ejector for a turbomachine
Device for reactivating catalyst of engine
Controlled temperature catalytic converter, in particular for a motor vehicle
Exhaust assembly for use with combustion engines, and vehicle provided with such assembly
Hydrostatic machines for use in transmission and transaxle product
Vented reservoir for a master cylinder
Altitude compensating wastegate control system for a turbocharger
Method of reducing turbo lag in diesel engines having exhaust gas recirculation
Method and apparatus for converting thermal energy into work
Liquid fuel injector system
Durability flame stabilizing fuel injector with impingement and transpiration cooled tip
Container with self-heating module having liquid reactant and breakable reactant barrier at distal end of module
Cryogenic tank wall
Plant and process for supplying helium to a plurality of production lines
Method and apparatus for chilling perishable liquids
Cooling chamber temperature control device
Refrigerating system
Rupture disk
Electric vehicle air conditioner system and method for effecting defrosting operation before battery charging operation
Air conditioning circuit using a refrigerant fluid in the supercritical state, in particular for a vehicle
Desiccant/evaporative cooling system
Hinged pocket thermal breaker and refrigeration unit
Air conditioning system
Air conditioner having air cleaning function
Air-conditioner with high-efficiency differential cold-valley pipes
Compact rotary evaporative cooler
Cooling device for cooling a hot, moving metal strip
Cooling apparatus for the breech region of a weapon barrel
Ice-on-coil thermal storage apparatus and method
Suction accumulator
Receiver and filter and adsorbent unit therefor
Self-retaining adsorbent unit
Process and plant for the combined production of an ammonia synthesis mixture and carbon monoxide
Method and apparatus for separating air to produce an oxygen product
Cryogenic indirect oxygen compression system
Side-discharge melter for use in the manufacture of fiberglass, and corresponding method
Method of stretching an optical fiber preform with monitoring the diameter at two locations
Butt welding optical fiber preforms with a plasma torch
Method of solution doping a sol gel body via immersion
Process of rotary knitting a tubular blank with knitted pocket on multi-feed circular knitting machine
Stitch loop retaining method by using a flat knitting machine
Yarn feeder for knitting machine
Knit criss-cross brassiere, blank and method for making same
Socks and knitting method therefor
Knitting machine needle
Motorcycle wheel disk lock reminder system
Anti-theft device for aircraft
Convertible cylinder lock
Safety padlock assembly
Electronic reset for solenoid activated control in an electronic lock
Key retaining lock apparatus
Key holder with distributed keys through two moving cylinders
Lever handle controller
Lockable structure for a big-handle lock
Device and method for shaping flat articles
Linking apparatus and method for a can shaping system
Selectively heat treated side intrusion beams and method for making the same
Forming press and method for shaping angle-section workpieces
Zone heating methods and apparatuses for metal workpieces for forging
Forging device for crown-shaped helical gear
Slotted crimping die for use in a crimping machine
Crank press
Top die raising and lowering guide mechanism for punching, pressing, and shearing machines
Method and apparatus for side impact testing of motor vehicles at a sub-system level
Air fuel ratio sensor and method for assembling the same
Method for laboratory measurement of capillary pressure in reservoir rock
Apparatus and method for testing the hydraulic conductivity of geologic materials
Leak detection in heating, ventilating, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems utilizing adsorptive materials
Crude oil measurement system and method
Quasi-static viscometer
Methods for measuring the sorbate content of substrates
Vibration distortion removal for scanning probe microscopes
Portable motorized tire support
Method to improve the quality of a formation fluid sample
Water meter
Material level sensing
Capacitive filling level sensor
Inspection apparatus for evaluating a partially completed weld
Sensor for measuring acceleration and sound pressure
Vibration sensing device
Method and device for multiplexed spectro-rheological measurements
Apparatus and method for testing bond strength of electrical connection
Chain wear indicator
Honeycomb shear testing method
Electrode assembly for electromagnetic flow sensors
Ultrasonic flow sensor
Free standing Coriolis driver
Redundant linkage and sensor assembly
In-line diluting extractor
Composite wastewater sampler
Reagent pouch for use in a modular automated diagnostic apparatus
Electronic parts loading device
System and method of detecting, concentrating and suppressing subterranean termites
Tool, apparatus and method of testing a fixture
Positioning apparatus
Electric actuator
Adjusting mechanism especially for an automobile seat
Ball screw with lubricating grease and seal member of solid lubricating composition
Gear form constructions
Manually controlled operating lever
Industrial robot
Rack guide in rack and pinion type steering system
Quick-action fastening system for actuating-pull mechanisms and a spring for a fastening system
Bowden cable for transmitting tensile forces
Device for separating a pedal mounting from the structure of a motor vehicle
Adjustable vehicle control pedals
Hook retention in tubular jack handle
Connecting rod assembly for an internal combustion engine
Bicycle pedal
Gear for twin-screw extruder
Rotary die laser machining and hardening apparatus and method
Actuating device for an electrical power wrench
Socket spanner provided with retaining device
Self-adjusting and/or self-locking pliers
Method of end trimming of blinds
Shape sawing system
Apparatus for cutting sheet material
Matcutter with clamping system and cutting head
Single station cutting apparatus for separating semiconductor packages
Cutting tool assembly in coil spring winding machines
Paper transfer assembly, and image reading and/or recording apparatus incorporating the same
Panel sawing device
Thermally massive radar decoy
Field howitzers
Synchronized travel of independent actuators
External pneumatic cushion system for air cylinder
Piston machine
Fluid pressure cylinder with a lock mechanism
Actuator and method of operating same
Operating mechanism
Piston with releasable rod connection for refrigeration compressors
Device for preparing hot beverages and method for preparing hot beverages using the device
Carbon dioxide precooling system for a carbonator
Pressure cooker
Portable roaster
Baking oven for producing thin-walled shaped products with baking forms each consisting of two form halves which open and close
Portable roaster
Integrated modular design of a pulsed electrical field treatment chamber
Device for driving the press plate of a waste bale press
Shearing compactor pump
Tower type multi-color printing press
Drive for a rotating component of a rotary printing press
Ink vessel-containing stamp pad
Replaceable inking arrangement in a can decorator
Leak-free ink supply apparatus for keyless printing
Low impulse telescoping cartridge
Captive soft-point bullet
Suspension monorail with climbing trolley
Magnetic/air transportation system
Adjustable hinged derail
Lateral control mount
Flat-surfaced floor structure for boxcars
Shelving system
Protective device for valuable documents
Recovery boiler
Waste treatment method and waste treatment apparatus
Combination chisel plow and fertilizer placement apparatus
Seed boot and seed positioner
Thread-cutting device for an eyelet buttonhole sewing machine
Web-fed chain-stitch single-needle mattress cover quilter with needle deflection compensation
Process and sewing unit for working in extra width in a fabric layer
Personal hydrofoil water craft
Spar for a sailboat
Steering system for watercraft
Wind scoop
Water craft and dock protector assembly
Swivel drive arrangement
Automatically inflatable boat
Sit-on-top kayak with space efficient cockpit area
Collapsible boat
Method and an arrangement for launching and taking aboard a raft
Emergency rescue aid system
Compact, low-cost, rotary knob with indicator
Pointer instrument
Plasma enhanced chemical processing reactor
Perforated plasma confinement ring in plasma reactors
Plasma reactor with internal inductive antenna capable of generating helicon wave
Method of improving breeding conditions in newborn pigs
Mastication article possessing microbe-inhibiting properties
System and method for making live animals appear to talk
Method for upgrading a boiler
Burst pulse cleaning method and apparatus for liquid delivery system
Double-fired horizontal tube heater
Gas engine
Internal combustion engine total cooling control system
Method and apparatus for operating a cooling fluid circuit of an internal combustion engine
Safety cap, particularly for cooling liquid circuits of i.c. engines for motorvehicles
Hub of a fan wheel for an internal combustion engine
V-type engine
Controlled self-ignition combustion process and associated four-stroke engine with residual gas storage volume and dedicated valve
System and method for controlling internal combustion engine
Valve control device for an internal combustion engine
Structure of overhead-valve internal combustion engine and manufacturing method for the same
Rocker arm fixture
Combustion heater for internal combustion engine
Housing system
Intake system for an internal combustion engine
Device in a power-driven tool
Piston configuration for reducing smoke and particulate emissions from direct injected engines
Control system for an engine
Valve cleaning method for direct injection spark ignition engine
Control system for internal combustion engine
Compression engine braking system
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine with electronically-controlled throttle system
Throttle lever assembly
Engine control having fuel volatility compensation
Noise reducing bracket for a fuel injection system
Direct injection fuel pump for engine with controlled ignition and injection system comprising same
Gaseous fuel supply device for an internal combustion engine
Magnetic fluid treatment apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Device for reducing toxic wastes of diesel fuel
Fuel improving method and apparatus
Automotive fluid control system with pressure balanced solenoid valve
Pencil ignition coil assembly module
Archery bow having a side mounted swing arm cable guard
Adjustable arrow rest with deflection indicator
Hand-held motor-driven saw
Wire saw control method and wire saw
Saw wire assembly, cutting method utilizing the same, and system therefor
Heat pack
Fluid heating apparatus
Stowable fireplace
Heat and moisture exchange apparatus for architectural applications
Mouth protector
Method of endoscopically visualized occlusion of the side branches of an anatomical passageway
Aerosol delivery smoking article
Foot sander
Frosting cap and method of use
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for ozone generation and surface treatment
Cleaning apparatus and method
Waste water classifying recovery apparatus in wafer cleaning system
Pickle tank cover with plenum chamber
Device for cleaning deposits from an internal combustion engine
Children's activity and entertainment enclosure
Table screen
Method for reducing the pipeline drag of heavy oil and compositions useful therein
Universal-fit replacement flange and handle set
Shut-off valve for a sprinkler head
Rupture disk assembly
Self-priming siphon, in particular for irrigation
Automatic drain system
Double seat valve with cleanable seats
Autonomous cleaning mechanism
Hydrant design
Safety element for a duct
Drop chute spill guard
Safety container for potentially explosive and/or environmentally hazardous substances
Hose reel
Covering rosette
Tap for compressed or liquefied gases having an overcharging prevention function
Fluid supply apparatus
Flow rate control apparatus
Intelligent pressure regulator
Reverse flow prevention apparatus
Fuel supply adapter
Three-way valve
Quick connect coupling with concentric configuration
Hydraulic coupling with pressure-energized dovetail seal
Actuating device for double seat valve with cleanable seat
Vacuum holder for automated carton erecting machine
Spool valve type electromagnetic valve
Plate-type mounting base
Reinforced, flexible hose with built-in handle
Thermoplastic elastomer composition, process for the preparation there of, hose made by using the composition, and process for the production thereof
Heat-insulating and noise reducing duct
Weaving method to put laser-processed diagram sheets onto band without spoiling the diagram
Apparatus for the insertion of weft threads for a series shed weaving machine and a series shed weaving machine with an apparatus
Synchronized drive system for a leno selvedge
Low caliper multi-layer forming fabrics with machine side cross machine direction yarns having a flattened cross section
Drawing gripper for a rapier loom for receiving and positioning a filling to be inserted into a loom shed
Device and method for packaging
Filling machine assembly having a magnetic adjustment mechanism
Filling assembly for aseptically operating deep-drawing packing machines
Apparatus and improved method for changing automatic transmission fluid in motor vehicles
System for, and method of, removing a component from immersion in a liquid
Fluid level controlled automatic shutoff valve
Loading system with movable divider mechanism
Molded one-piece weighing funnel
Air blower
Work piece adjustable support
Carry bag with pouch insert and cover
Concealable wallet with key securing mechanism
Agricultural pneumatic tires having directional lugs
Tire having beads of specified structure
Tire having an improved carcass
Apparatus and method for configuring, locating, and applying information to a label, and printing and applying labels to articles
Process for the adhesion of a flat plastic substrate in the form of a circular disk to a like second substrate for a digital video disc and apparatus for implementation of the process
Bead depressor
Method and apparatus for seating tubeless tires
Internally mounted sunroof screen arrangement
Venetian blind
Automatic overhead door opening system with dual motor drive and automatic door lock
Screen retention system
Pivoting automobile window shades
Method of reducing distortion in a spray formed rapid tool
Transmission shift fork, and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for the early recognition of ruptures in continuous casting of steel with an oscillating mold
Non-hot crack bottom block for casting aluminum ingot
Heavy vehicle radiator with center-mounted hydraulic cooling fan motor and hydraulic motor oil cooler
Vehicle air-conditioning device
Method and a machine for treatment of water, especially when producing ice, particularly ice cubes
Heat dissipation device
Mechanical assembly for regulating the temperature of an electronic device which incorporates at least two leaf springs for self-alignment plus a low initial contact force and a low profile
Heat exchange system having slide bushing for tube expansion
Heat exchanger with an integrated tank and head sheet
Heat exchangers
Distributor for plate heat exchangers
Digital-hydraulic well control system
Lockdown mechanism for well tools requiring fixed-point packoff
Down hole gas separator
Conveying a tool along a non-vertical well
Artificial lift, concentric tubing production system for wells and method of using same
Apparatus and method for killing or suppressing a subsea well
Measuring method and system comprising a semi-rigid extension
Cutting blades
Sod-laying vehicle apparatus and Sod-holding device therefor
Seat operable lawn treatment device
Garden tool
Impulse wrench
System for indicating the firing of a perforating gun
System and method for automatically controlling a pipe handling system for a horizontal boring machine
Stabilization system for measurement-while-drilling sensors
Method for magnetic survey calibration and estimation of uncertainty
Directional drilling apparatus
Breakout control to enhance wellbore stability
Vacuum tank for use in handling oil and gas well cuttings
Method and apparatus for handling and disposal of oil and gas well drill cuttings
Supplemental charge for hydrostatic steering system
Hybrid track for a vehicle
Ice shanty mover
Vehicle drive/suspension system
Motorized chair base
Vehicle heat exchanger system and method for a vehicle that augments and modifies aerodynamic forces
Fuel efficient and inexpensive automobile
Motor vehicle safety apparatus
Radar output control system
Pedal arm and switch
Hydraulic steering apparatus and method
Steering apparatus for vehicle
Underground acoustic wave transmitter, receiver, transmitting/receiving method, and underground exploration using this
Retention and extraction device for a hearing aid
Noise attenuating sandwich composite panel
Interlinked watercourses for sushi boats
Below the scanner (BTS) nesting check stand/cart system
Elevator hoist brake release apparatus
Wear detection probe for a brake pad
Parking lock for an agricultural implement
Power source activated handbrake release mechanism
Hydraulic elevator with plunger brakes
Spring assembly for a floating calliper disc brake
Exhaust brake variable bypass circuit
Braking device for vehicles
Vehicular damper with vehicle height adjusting function having an internal heat source
Gas spring having an intermediate stop function and temperature compensation
Blockable piston-cylinder unit
Foldable suitcase having foldable handle device
Travel organizer
License plate bracket with electrical attachment
Self-winding cable reel
Electrical model railway set
Damper device in lock-up clutch for torque converter
Trim valve for a fluid operated friction torque transmitting device
Device for releasing a security device for a vehicle with an automatic transmission in case of emergency
Conveyor device for shelf channels in shelf-storage systems
Bank note discriminating apparatus and bank note drawing means detecting method
Device for conveying folded signatures
Article reorientation mechanism
Points for a conveyor arrangement
Torsion holder conveyor belt scraper
Mechanical device three chains for the continuous spacing and transfer of products
Bearing stand
Vibratory conveyor
Method and package for storing a pressurized container containing a drug
Compact disc holder with artwork display system
Storage box for compact disk
Device for transport and splayed display of media
Protective holder for a portable electronic device
Light-Shielding packaging system for photosensitive web roll
Container for lead refill
Packaged photocurable composition
Dispensers for bags, and bags for use therein
Carrier tape and die apparatus for forming same
Tension clamp and screen system
Color sorter assembly and method
Welding helmet
Boxing glove
Hand protector
Lower leg and foot cover
Custom-fitted catcher's leg guard and method
Apparel stain protector
Undergarment with carrying pockets
Helmet fitting system
Safety goggles having a lens frame force-fitted in a primary frame
Cap and vest garment components of an animate body heat exchanger
Toilet deodorizer
Liquid dispensing toilet rim mounted toilet bowl cleaner
Trash collector for exfiltration drain system
Transportable waste collection and treatment toilet system
Multi-flush system and method
Toilet and bidet assembly
Toilet overflow control
Adjustable multi-nozzle rotating hydrotherapy jet system
Barrier-free shower system
Body heat responsive control apparatus
Ventilation upgrade kit for a crib bumper and method of using it
Bedsheet with pocket
Stretcher mounting unit
Deflector attachment for an adjustable bed
Mattress with adjustable massage units
Pressure control assembly for an air mattress
Electric toothbrush
Processing apparatus
Mop scrubber adapter
Toothbrush comprising a resilient flex region
Toothbrush having bristles for interproximal cleaning
Vehicle window cleaning apparatus
Slurries for chemical mechanical polishing
Combination trowel
Rotary window cleaner
Device for linking a wiper blade to a wiper arm
Web cleaner track assembly
Vacuum cleaner cannister with removable bag
Dust free and noise improved vacuum cleaner module
Ballast frames for maintaining flexible mesh screen vents unclogged
Human Necessities
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sibila`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Suave`
Red raspberry plant named `Encore`
Red raspberry plant named `Prelude`
Floribunda rose plant named `Meilyzro`
Grape plant named `Sugrasixteen`
Osteospermum plant named `Ninda`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Sunluck`
N-[(3-heteroaryl-1-pyrrolidinyl)-alkyl]phthalimides and related compounds and their therapeutic utility
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for attaching fitments to cartons
Pivot assembly for a structured vehicle seat
Fixed Constructions
Vertical pin automobile door hinge wear compensator
Cable assembly for use with opto-electronic equipment enclosures
Electric motor with combined permanent and electromagnets
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew