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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of determining transport and/or storage parameters for maintaining viability of an organ
System and method to simulate hemodynamics
Use of diacetyl trimer as an aromatic and flavouring substance
Potentiation of cancer chemotherapy by 7-(2, 5-dihydro-4-imidazo [1, 2-A] pyridine-3-yl-2,5-Dioxo-1H-pyrrol-3-yl)-9-fluoro-1,2,3,4 tetrahydro-2-(1-piperidinyl-carbonyl)-pyrrolo [3,2,1-jk] [1,4] benzodiazepine
Topical pharmaceutical composition comprising a cholinergic agent or a calcium channel blocker
Antibacterial aminoglycoside analogs
2-pyridinylethylcarboxamide derivatives and their use as fungicides
Aryl indolyl sulfonamide compounds and their use as 5-HT.sub.6 ligands
Herbicide/azole combination
Combination of azelastine and mometasone for nasal administration
Wet state preservation of mineral slurries
Compositions and methods for improving rice growth and restricting arsenic uptake
Lactobacillus rhamnosus NCC4007, a probiotic mixture and weight control
Lactobacillus rhamnosus CNCM I-4096 and weight control
Ayurvedic formulation advocated for the prevention and management of coronary heart disease
Use of debranched starch in extrusion-spheronization pharmaceutical pellets
Glassware structure with metal cladding
Steerable multi-linked device having multiple working ports
Device to permit offpump beating heart coronary bypass surgery
Release mechanism
Apparatus and method for performing a bypass procedure in a digestive system
Lancet device with lance retraction
Device for preparing a space in bone to receive an insert
Soft tissue conduit device and method
Compression transmission collar for fastening
Surgical method for implanting a permanent percutaneous electrical connection device
Device and method for intra-ocular pressure measurement
Pressure sensor for biological fluids and use thereof
Device and method for assessing blood glucose control
Methods and devices for non-invasive analyte measurement
Diagnosis system of deficient and forceful pulse
Apparatus and method for detecting lung sounds using an implanted device
Full-field breast ultrasound system and architecture
Absorbent article formed with microlayered film
Method of treating disorders using compositions comprising zotarolimus and paclitaxel
Implants for administering substances and methods of producing mesoporous implants
Controlling resorption of bioresorbable medical implant material by application of microwave, ultrasound or radiofrequencies
Apparatus and methods for endoluminal graft placement
Crimpable and expandable side branch cell
Biodegradable self-expanding prosthesis
Longitudinally flexible stent
Modular humeral head resurfacing system
Femoral component of knee prosthesis, the femoral component having anterior/posterior claw(s) for digging into bone and/or a raised rib with a bulbous terminus
Methods and apparatus for performing therapeutic procedures in the spine
Asymmetric stent delivery system with proximal edge protection and method of manufacture thereof
Safety cap for an ostomy bag
Method and gel composition to prevent reflection of HIFU at tissue-air interface
Therapeutic agents for the treatment of lymphoid malignancies
Composition and methods for the protection of hair from treated pool water
Solid pharmaceutical compositions containing benzofuran derivatives
Antioxidant polymers containing [1,2]-dithiolane moieties and uses thereof
Therapeutic agent for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Co-crystals of propiconazole
Plant pathogen resistance
Lysine related derivatives as HIV aspartyl protease inhibitors
N-(heteroaryl)-1-heteroarylalkyl-1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives, preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Method of treatment of nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
Bicyclic benzamides of 3- or 4-substituted 4-(aminomethyl)-piperidine derivatives
Pyrrolidine derivatives as NK3 receptor antagonists
Therapeutic compositions and methods
Medicament for the enhancement of cognitive function and neuroprotection
Quinazoline derivatives as NK3 receptor antagonists
Modulation of neural stem cells and neural progenitor cells
Anti-cancer therapies
Polysaccharides with antithrombotic activity comprising at least one covalent bond with biotin or a biotin derivative
Compositions comprising an anti-inflammatory blend
Super fast-acting insulin compositions
Unacylated ghrelin fragments as therapeutic agent in the treatment of obesity
Method of regulating glucose metabolism, and reagents related thereto
Method of treating a disease by administering caspase-8
FSH producing cell clone
Method for treating amyloid disease
Methods for prevention and treatment of inflammation using anti-chemokine antibodies
Anti-pan neuropilin antibody and binding fragments thereof
Protective vaccine against Staphylococcus aureus biofilms comprising cell wall-associated immunogens
Anti A beta antibody formulation
Neurotoxic oligomers
Substituted imidazole derivatives
Antibodies to high molecular weight melanoma associated antigen
Methods and systems for neural maintenance and regeneration
Macrocyclic cyanine and indocyanine bioconjugates provide improved biomedical applications
Cosmetic depilatory composition
Radiation sterilization of medical devices
Method and apparatus of sterilization using monochromic UV radiation source
Catheter with composite stiffener
Urinary catheterization assembly with vented sheath
Catheter for tissue dilation and drug delivery
Slideable vascular filter
Robotic catheter rotatable device cartridge
Applying shear stress for disease treatment
Device for actively removing a target component from blood or lymph of a vertebrate subject
Self-contained pressurized injection device
Device for securing medical tubing
Parietal anchoring tool and device, in particular for laparoscopic or coelioscopic surgery
Biostimulation apparatus, gene control apparatus, and muscle-related disorder therapeutic apparatus
Pyrazinooxazepine derivatives
Use of nucleating agents to increase the flexural modulus of ionomers
Golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sand separation system and method
Grit chamber and a method for controlling the same
Process for the treatment of gas phase alkaline chloride in a combustion plant
Microencapsulation of amines
Transfer port and method for transferring sterile items
Laser ablation for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Catalyst for catalytic partial oxidation of hydrocarbon and process for producing synthesis gas
Functionalized fly ash and oil scavenging using the same
Hydrogen generating fuel cell cartridges
Reactor vessels with pressure and heat transfer features for producing hydrogen-based fuels and structural elements, and associated systems and methods
Nanoparticle filtration
Stent coating method
Metallization on a surface and in through-holes of a substrate and a catalyst used therein
Method of manufacture of an electrode for a fuel cell
Nanotubular titania for decontamination of chemical warfare agents and toxic industial chemicals
Method of producing metal nanoparticles continuously and metal nanoparticles produced thereby
Transfer apparatus having gimbal mechanism and transfer method using the transfer apparatus
Method of making multi-ply door core, multi-ply door core, and door manufactured therewith
Non-slip activation members
Compression moulding apparatus, methods and item
System and method for manufacturing optical display device, set of material rolls and method for manufacture thereof
Method for replicating optical elements, particularly on a wafer level, and replicas formed thereby
Decorative tubular art form and method of assembly thereof
Diffusion barrier for electronic display devices
Resin composition
Substrate which is protected against organic pollution
Blow mold and backfill manufacturing process
Negative-working imageable elements with overcoat
Titanate nanowire, titanate nanowire scaffold, and processes of making same
Base material processing device and base material processing method using the same
Adhesive masking article for corners and door hinges
Launderable, leak-proof, breathable fabric and articles made therefrom
Electrochemical depositions applied to nanotechnology composites
Magnetic device definition with uniform biasing control
Milk-type food and drink packed in transparent container and process for producing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chemical processes and reactors for efficiently producing hydrogen fuels and structural materials, and associated systems and methods
Glass yarns capable of reinforcing organic and/or inorganic materials
Green cement for sustainable construction
Additives for a hydraulic binder based on belite-calcium-sulphoaluminate-ferrite clinker
Family of metastable intermolecular composites utilizing energetic liquid oxidizers with nanoparticle fuels in sol-gel polymer network
Use of solvents derived from renewable resources, paints and coating including them, method for preparing them
Inhibitors of Bruton's tyrosine kinase
Method of differentiating hematopoietic stem cells into natural killer cells using YC-1 or IL-21
Fluorinated polyurethane composition
Visco-elastic polyurethane foam
Methods for making oxidation resistant polymeric material
Oil-dispersible composite of metallic nanoparticle and method for synthesizing same
Weatherable resinous compositions
Polymer-encapsulated pigment with amphiphilic passivation layer
Structural urethane adhesives comprising amide polyols
Liquid crystal display panel and method of manufacturing the liquid crystal display panel
Nonflammable compositions comprising fluorinated compounds and use of these compositions
Method of producing a crude product
Biheteroaryl metal complexes as bleach catalysts
Bis(hydroxyquinoline) metal complexes as bleach catalysts
Cleaning agents comprising a cyclic carbonate
Engineered yeast cells and uses thereof
Hematopoietic progenitor cell gene transduction
Reversible, parallel and multitask cloning method and kit
Genetic material and chromosomal processing and manipulation methods
Fermentative vitamin C production
Aptamer-based assays
Optically-detectable enzyme substrates and their method of use
Method of measuring the activity of lipid-modified enzyme
DNA extraction method for bursaphelenchus xylophilus from wood chips, lamp primer set for bursaphelenchus xylophilus, and detection method for bursaphelenchus xylophilus from wood chips
Use of genetically modified organisms to generate biomass degrading enzymes
Method of recycling useful metal
Method and device for producing molten material
Cast heat-resistant austenitic steel with improved temperature creep properties and balanced alloying element additions and methodology for development of the same
9 Cr-- 1 Mo steel material for high temperature application
Ductile metallic glasses
Enhanced copper growth with ultrathin barrier layer for high performance interconnects
Duplex surface treatment of metal objects
Erosion resistant cermet linings for oil and gas exploration, refining and petrochemical processing applications
Hydrogen producing unit
Methods of manufacturing diamond capsules
Directional solidification furnace for reducing melt contamination and reducing wafer contamination
Induction for thermochemical processes, and associated systems and methods
Textiles; Paper
Non-woven mat and method of producing same
Fixed Constructions
Barge oil skimmer
System, method, and composition for adhering preformed thermoplastic traffic control signage to pavement
Virtual semiconductor nanowire, and methods of using same
Apparatus and method for specimen suitability testing
Fibrinogen alpha and hemoglobin polypeptides as cancer markers
Methods for assaying percentage of glycated hemoglobin
Droplet actuator loading and target concentration
Photosensitive resin composition and color filter using the same
Dynamic masking method for micro-truss foam fabrication
Optical-image-intensity calculating method, pattern generating method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Electrostatic charge image development carrier, electrostatic charge image developer, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Magnetic read/write head substrate
Method for providing RF powder and RF powder-containing liquid
Composition for forming electron emission source, electron emission source including the composition, method of preparing the electron emission source, and field emission device including the electron emission source
Superconducting composite, preliminary product of superconducting composite and method for producing same
Solar array of transparent nanoantennas
Utilizing aperture with phase shift feature in forming microvias
Three dimensional structure memory
Enhancing MOSFET performance by optimizing stress properties
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure
Contact spring application to semiconductor devices
Integrated circuit package and method of making the same
Method of wafer level purifying light color emitting from a light emitting semiconductor wafer
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of making a semiconductor device as a capacitor
Inexpensive electrode materials to facilitate rutile phase titanium oxide
Substrate comprising a nanometer-scale projection array
Method for thin film device with stranded conductor
Composition for manufacturing SiO.sub.2 resist layers and method of its use
Method for fabricating nitride-based semiconductor device having electrode on m-plane
High-k dielectric gate structures resistant to oxide growth at the dielectric/silicon substrate interface and methods of manufacture thereof
Thermal treatment equipment and method for heat-treating
Tunnel field effect transistor
Method of manufacturing transflective liquid crystal display panel
Self-assembled electrical contacts
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor and display device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for reprocessing semiconductor substrate, method for manufacturing reprocessed semiconductor substrate, and method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Method of encapsulating light-emitting diode devices using bent frames
Method for forming gate structures
Method of forming a trench isolation
Method of manufacturing an organic thin film transistor
Compound and organic light-emitting device
Fused polycyclic compounds and organic light-emitting device using the same
Negative electrode for lithium battery and lithium battery including the same
Battery including electrode lead having high resistant portion
Cathode for electrochemical reactor, electrochemical reactor incorporating such cathodes and method for making said cathode
Negative electrode active material for nickel-metal hydride battery and nickel-metal hydride battery using the same, and method for treating negative electrode active material for nickel-metal hydride battery
All solid-state polymer battery
Fuel cell and vehicle having fuel cell
Hydrogen generator and fuel cell using the same
Fuel cell assembly
Membrane-electrode junction agent, proton conducting membrane having junction layer, membrane-electrode assembly, polymer electrolyte fuel cell, and manufacturing method of the membrane-electrode assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for adjusting an input parameter of an adjustable bolster on a seat
Power and data distribution system for beam-mounted seating
Discharge lamp, ultraviolet ray irradiation apparatus and method of using the apparatus
Speed measurement device with statistic gathering capability
Animated image generating method and apparatus, readable storage medium storing animated image processing program and video game system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electrode array for development and testing of materials
Portable motor powered device
System for singulating semiconductor components utilizing alignment pins
Flexible electrode antenna
Thermal head, cleaning method thereof and color thermal printer
Thermal printer
Multi-beam exposure unit
Printhead for an image-forming apparatus and an image-forming apparatus containing the same
Image recording method having increased recording element output or increased recording element spot size
Picture printing system
Laser marking techniques
Method and apparatus for preparing customized reading material
Magnet having dry pressed flower sealed therein
System of apparatus for monitoring a tire condition value in a pneumatic tire
Technique for changing a range gate and radar for coverage
Hybrid electric vehicle DC power generation system
Electrical machine drive method and system
Seat position sensor
Vehicle seat occupant detection system with seat cushion identifying transponder
Computer vision based parking assistant
Portable warning light system
On-vehicle electronic device and panel rotation control method
Security system
Method of preventing car thefts
Device for controlling an electronically commutated motor
System for determining precise orbit of satellite and method thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
CRT panel glass and production method thereof and CRT
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Photochromic pyran compounds
Low pressure mercury vapor fluorescent lamps
Liquid crystal composition and reflective type liquid crystal display
Null-field magnetron apparatus with essentially flat target
Fixed Constructions
Railroad crossing signal apparatus
Movable barrier operator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for inspecting the interior of hollow articles
Self-starting motor control device and method for engine
Incandescent bulb for a motor vehicle
Vertical speed indicator and traffic alert collision avoidance system
Servo controlled calibration of repeatable errors in position transducers
Multiturn rotary encoder with detector devices on a shared side of a printed circuit board
Absolute encoder based on an incremental encoder
Stabilized conductivity sensing system
Electrical strain sensitive resistor
Water detection system and method
Sensor array for electrochemical corrosion monitoring
Magnetic flux density apparatus for, E.G., detecting an internal crack of a metal or a shape of the metal
Sensor assembly with splice band connection
Piston for module test
Electro-optic apparatus for measuring signal potentials
Power detector using FET transistor
Apparatus for and method of measuring capacitance with high accuracy
Regulable test integrated circuit system for signal noise and method of using same
Display control apparatus and electronic appliance
Identification of a distribution of transformers and fault location in primary underground loop systems
Test device for internet and telephone lines
Method and apparatus for providing rotational burn-in stress testing
Method and apparatus for coupling to a device packaged using a ball grid array
Integrated circuit having stress migration test structure and method therefor
MRI magnet with reduced fringe field
Magnetic resonance resonator system with coil branches operable with a time-delay relative to each other
Magnetic resonance apparatus with selectively activatable isolation mechanism
Methods for spectral analysis and their applications: spectral replacement
Magnetic resonance force microscope for the study of biological systems
Shifting of artifacts by reordering of k-space
Magnetic resonance apparatus for obtaining NMR navigator echoes with slight disturbance of the longitudinal magnetization
High-sensitivity satellite positioning system receivers and reception methods
Inter-vehicle distance measuring system and apparatus measuring time difference between each detection time of same road surface condition
Unwanted peak detection for radar
Single receiver wireless tracking system
Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method
Electronic active phase control array antenna, method for compensating for direction differences at the antenna, and satellite tracking system and method using the antenna
Non-linear technique for mitigating correlation timing errors due to multipath signals
Position estimation services
Method of determining the position of geostationary satellites by transit time measurements of satellite navigation signals
Method and apparatus for predictive altitude display
Display apparatus for navigational aid
Radar systems
System and technique for enhanced radar object detection
Real-time three-dimensional weather data processing method and system
Birefringence minimizing fluoride crystal optical VUV microlithography lens elements and optical blanks
Apparatus for the improvement of the optical qualities of optical microscopes
Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Camera display system
Stereoscopic video/film adapter
Correction of birefringence in cubic crystalline optical systems
Diffractive optical element and image reader using the same
Neutral polarizer and liquid crystal display
Wavelength selective light source using Bragg-grating
Method of automatically adjusting focus in a shutterless digital camera
Liquid crystal display screen with backlighting
Liquid crystal display and image display device using the same
Apparatus and method for fabricating substrate of a liquid crystal display device and interconnects therein
Display apparatus and assembly of its driving circuit
Liquid crystal display apparatus and driving method
Tiled electronic display structure and method for modular repair thereof
Electro-optical device
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof, and reworking method of alignment film using the same
Web fabrication of devices
Reflective-transmission type thin film transistor liquid crystal display
Leakage electric field preventing sheet, liquid crystal display unit and liquid crystal display device
TFT-LCD with scattering layer, reflector, color filters formed on TFT
Liquid crystal display device utilizing spacers in both the seal and active regions and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device with spacers on color filters outside display area and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Active matrix liquid crystal display and method of making the same
Image recording device
Image processing method, information management device and image processing device
Image printing method and apparatus
Addressable semiconductor array light source for localized radiation delivery
Exposure apparatus and method utilizing isolated reaction frame
Alignment system and projection exposure apparatus
Safety circuit with automatic recovery
Internal power voltage generator
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Methods and apparatus for generating a supply-independent and temperature-stable bias current
Protection circuit for extending headroom with off-chip inductors
Performance reference voltage generator
Electric positional actuator
Methods for producing highly compressed software products
Semiconductor integrated circuit having oscillators or oscillation circuits connected to a wiring line at connection points with intervals in length therebetween
Electronic apparatus including pen
Memory expansion module with stacked memory packages and a serial storage unit
Mechanism for transmitting from a sensor assembly to an acquisition system a message that includes self-describing information
Method and apparatus for communication using a distributed multiplexed bus
Method and system for accessing information
Method in a computer system for embedding a child window in a parent window
Keypads style input device for electrical device
System and method for selecting and deselecting information in an electronic document
Screen saver disabler
Focus-based scrolling
Human interactive type display system
System and method for advanced interfaces for virtual environments
Scroll box controls
Mouse optical sampling scheme
Digital camera
Monitor connected with a pointing device for adjusting images on a screen
Tricolor LED display system having audio output
Method and apparatus for performing a floating point compare operation
System and method for managing programming object visual representations participating in alternative execution paths
Print head and image forming apparatus using multiplexed compensation data
System and method for automatically configuring graphics pipelines by tracking a region of interest in a computer graphical display system
Doubly-virtualized texture memory
Method and apparatus for creating and performing graphics operations on device-independent bitmaps
Method for defining the scale of reusable geometric content
Vertex and spherical normalization circuit
Virtual architecture experience method and apparatus
Multi-level simulation
Seaming polygonal projections from subhemispherical imagery
Antialiasing method and image processing apparatus using same
Relational modeling of trimmed nurbs surfaces
Method for displaying three-dimensional objects and a computer-readable storage medium storing a program for achieving the same
Verification device for an effective visual field, method for verifying the effective visual field, and programming medium for verifying the effective visual field
Portable computer supporting paging instructions
Advanced notification system and method utilizing a distinctive telephone ring
Position dependent messaging system
Integrated surveillance display
System and method for providing and accessing educational information over a computer network
Distortion correcting circuit and display device
Switched mode digital logic method, system and apparatus for directly driving LCD glass
Failsafe display of frame locked graphics
Low voltage driving apparatus and method for plasma display panel
Surface discharge type plasma display panel with intersecting barrier ribs
Organic electro luminescent display device
Data line driving circuit of electro-optical panel, control method thereof, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Method for driving liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Picture display control system, image signal generating device, and picture display device
Methods and arrangements for allowing independent program modules to access shared display device resources
Adaptive input pen mode selection
System and method for increasing performance when compositing images
Method and apparatus for color adjustment of display screen
Structure and method for transverse field enhancement
DC testing apparatus and semiconductor testing apparatus
Charge pump circuit for semiconductor device
High speed digital signal buffer and method
Laminated impedance device
Planar miniature inductors and transformers
Transformer core
Self-packaged magnetic hand tool assembly
Actuation device
Surface mount molded relay package and method of manufacturing same
Field emission cold cathode
Weld-free mask support blade structure
Color display tube provided with a color selection electrode
Flat display screen with a protection grid
Panel for flat screen type CRT
Electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus
Ion-shielded focusing method for high-density electron beams generated by planar cold cathode electron emitters
Long life fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent CWX lamp with reduced mercury
High pressure discharge lamp of the short arc type
Structured lighting material, method to generate incoherent luminescence and illuminator
High pressure sodium lamp having reduced internal diameter
Methods of and apparatus for manufacturing ball grid array semiconductor device packages
Method of modifying connecting leads and thinning bases of encapsulated modular electronic components to obtain a high-density module, and a module obtained thereby
Wirebond structure and method to connect to a microelectronic die
Method and apparatus for packaging a microelectronic die
Semiconductor die including conductive columns
Device transfer method, and device array method and image display unit production method using the same
Integrated circuit with bonding layer over active circuitry
Semiconductor device having a copper interconnect layer
Direct bonding of small parts and module of combined small parts without an intermediate layer inbetween
Semiconductor component and method of manufacturing same
Apparatus and method for detecting a mechanical component on a computer system substrate
Semiconductor device with reinforcing resin layer
Flip chip carrier package with adapted landing pads
Air isolated crossovers
Low profile stack semiconductor package
Semiconductor chip having a supporting member, tape substrate, semiconductor package having the semiconductor chip and the tape substrate
Semiconductor device having an interconnect layer with a plurality of layout regions having substantially uniform densities of active interconnects and dummy fills
Contact ring architecture
Multi-stacked memory package
High frequency module having a laminate board with a plurality of dielectric layers
Electronic component and process for producing the electronic component
Method for driving solid-state image sensing device
Low profile optically-sensitive semiconductor package
Large current detector having a hall-effect device
Organic EL device with light absorbing piece and method for manufacturing the same
Electronically tunable RF diplexers tuned by tunable capacitors
Ultra-wideband planar coupled spiral balun
Antenna for submarine towed buoy
Built-in antenna of portable radio apparatus
Antenna apparatus
Printed circuit antenna
Circuit board and SMD antenna
Multi band chip antenna with dual feeding ports, and mobile communication apparatus using the same
Multiband microwave antenna
Chip antenna device and method
Fast deploy, retrievable and reusable airborne counter-measure system
Antenna alignment devices
Compact multi-band antenna
Antenna apparatus and electronic toll collection system and electronic toll collection method using the same
Voltage tunable laminated dielectric materials for microwave applications such as a coaxial cable
Voltage tunable laminated dielectric materials for microwave applications such as a tunable cavity
Phased array antenna using a movable phase shifter system
Twin monopole antenna
Optical amplification apparatus using Raman amplification
Temperature dependent constant-current generating circuit
DC power source unit with battery charging function
Contactless battery charger
Electric machine having at least one magnetic field detector
Generator magnetic armature wedge
Power supply
Soft start circuit for regulated power supply
Multi-phase switching regulator
Current controlled motor amplifier system
Soft start of a switching power supply system
Method for controlling torque in a rotational sensorless induction motor control system with speed and rotor flux estimation
Drive unit for brushless motor
System and method of increasing a self-resonant frequency of a tuning circuit and an oscillator employing the same
High-frequency oscillation circuit
Auto bias circuit for power amplifier using power MOSFET
Reduced architecture for multibranch feedforward power amplifier linearizers
MOS linear transconductance amplifier
Digital signal processor enhanced pulse width modulation amplifier
Divided-voltage fet power amplifiers
Combined differential and single-ended input buffer
System and method for minimizing dissipation in RF power amplifiers
Circuits with dynamic biasing
Controllable attenuator
Switched capacitor circuit
Surface-acoustic-wave filter providing outputs with different delay times and communications unit
Slew rate control of output drivers using PVT controlled edge rates and delays
Power on reset generator circuit providing hysteresis in a noisy power environment
MOSFET based, high voltage, electronic relays for AC power switching and inductive loads
Current driver circuit for supplying write current to a write head while changing a flow direction of the write current
Input termination with high impedance at power off
Method and apparatus for selectably providing single-ended and differential signaling with controllable impedance and transition time
Double translation voltage level shifter and method
Low voltage shifter with latching function
Memory cell
Designs of integrated circuits for high-speed signals and methods therefor
Clock pulse width control circuit
Ring oscillator with random noise cancellation
High speed voltage controlled oscillator
Multiphase comparator
High speed digitally voltage controlled oscillator
Apparatus for ensuring correct start-up and phase locking of delay locked loop
Process compensated phase locked loop
Voltage controlled oscillators
CMOS phase locked loop with voltage controlled oscillator having realignment to reference and method for the same
Digital-to-analog converter and method of operation
Dual analog-to-digital converter system for increased dynamic range
Analog-to-digital conversion circuit having increased conversion speed and high conversion accuracy
Digital-to-analog converter
High precision, high-speed signal capture
Method and system for data compession with dictionary pre-load of a set of expected character strings
Method, device, and system for level equalization
Coupling device for providing a communications link for RF broadband data signals to a power line and method for installing same
Timing reproducing device and demodulator
Method and system for presenting semilinear hierarchy
Terminal device and method of setting a terminal device
Analog isolation system with digital communication across a capacitive barrier
Portable electronic apparatus with flat display
Apparatus for determining the best image from a dual resolution photo sensor
Digital camera using separate buses for transferring DMA processed data and CPU processed data
Photoelectric transducer and photoelectric transducing method of the same
Compact-dot reproduction of scanned halftone screens
Image input apparatus
System and method for scanning a document
Image forming apparatus of a 4-series drum configuration
Apparatus and method of adjusting horizontal position for a video display appliance
Electronic camera capable of detecting defective pixel
CMOS image sensor array having charge spillover protection for photodiodes
Imaging system with low sensitivity to variation in scene illumination
Flange back focus adjustment mechanism for a video camera
Electronic camera and dial control device of electronic equipment
Method and apparatus for creating a multimedia presentation from heterogeneous media objects in a digital imaging device
Interchangeable lens video camera system having improved focusing
Video format converting apparatus
Video intermediate frequency processing apparatus
Scanner phase control for a scrolling color projector
Projection display device and application system of same
Switch matrix
Pager-based communications system
Electrical control for an LED light source, including dimming control
Lighting apparatus for producing a beam of light having a controlled luminous flux spectrum
Switching device for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp
Inverter type illumination lighting apparatus
Full wave sense amplifier and discharge lamp inverter incorporating the same
Isochronous cyclotron and method of extraction of charged particles from such cyclotron
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