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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods of wound care and treatment
Pesticidal mixtures comprising isoxazoline compounds II
Delivery system for active components as part of an edible composition including a ratio of encapsulating material and active component
HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein oligomer and methods of use
Process for the production of immunogenic compositions
Methods of monitoring a human anti-human antibody response and inhibitors thereof
Coated natural calcium carbonate oral care toothpowder composition
Process for controlling sulfur in a fermentation syngas feed stream
Organopolysiloxane emulsions and their production
Performing Operations; Transporting
Profiled strip and separating assembly formed therefrom
Heat driven concentrator with alternate condensers
Separation and extraction of bitumen from tar sands
Device and method for particle separation
Sorbents for the recovery and stripping of acid gases
Gas purifying process and device
Carbon nanotube composite material-based component for wet electrostatic precipitator
Curing system and coatings obtained thereof
Method of carbo-nitriding alumina surfaces
Photoalignment material, display substrate having an alignment layer formed using the same, and to a method of manufacturing the display substrate
Article of lightweight inorganic agglomerate in form of slab, process of manufacturing the same and resulting panel
Apparatus, systems and methods for producing particles using rotating capillaries
Manufacturing method and a manufacturing apparatus for a composite sheet
Method and assembly for the production of a homogenous composite pipe of unspecified length
Method for producing organic EL device and substrate for producing organic EL device
Method for recovering uncured rubber and tire including reclaimed rubber
Aluminum nitride sintered body
Method for preparing oxide material
Flushable multilayer film
Reinforcing preform in the form of a meshed grid and composite material with preimpregnated fibers for a dental prosthesis, and method for producing the grid
Corrugated carbon fiber preform
Microstructured multifunctional inorganic coating additives for preventing fouling (growth of biofilm) in aquatic applications
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, and method for producing the same
Red organic light emitting element and display device provided with same, donor substrate and transfer method using same, method of manufacturing display device, and system of manufacturing display device
Method for forming a concavo-convex pattern and a method of manufacturing a patterned medium type magnetic recording medium
Method of forming semiconductor device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Processes for extracting aluminum from aluminous ores
System including a forced air gas-fired fluidized bed combustion chamber for purifying and recirculating potable water as well as for generating electricity
Apparatus and method for treating wastewater
Wastewater treatment method and wastewater treatment apparatus
Starch-based filler and coating pigment composition for fibre webs and method for the manufacture thereof
Method for producing a grafted polymer coating and substrates formed in accordance with the method
Pigment and filler and a method of manufacturing it
Process for treating a hydrocarbon-containing feed
Device and method for the automated and reproducible production of cell or tissue samples that are to be analyzed and are arranged on object supports
Transgenic photosynthetic microorganisms
Process for producing antibodies
Cell culture of micorrhizal fungus and arthrobacter histidinolovorans
Method of producing a fermentable sugar
Use of HSA-producing cells
Method for diagnosing liver toxicity with sex specific biomarkers
Genetic marker identification in atlantic cod
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain reactions
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain reactions
Sputtering system
Textiles; Paper
Process for manufacture of surface elements
Process for the production of paper, board and cardboard having high dry strength
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for producing water-resistant polarizing film
Method of detecting tumor cells by fluorescence signals
Electrochemical cell
Automatic analyzing method and apparatus for microfluidic system
2,5-diketo-L-gluconic acid reductases and methods of use
Method and storage system for reducing contamination of a photomask
Three-dimensional direct-write lithography
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with single domain exchange-coupled soft magnetic underlayer and device incorporating same
Method for improving internal quantum efficiency of group-III nitride-based light emitting device
Panel-level package fabrication of 3D active semiconductor and passive circuit components
Vertical structure LED current spreading by implanted regions
Process for fabricating a charge storage layer of a memory cell
Strain preserving ion implantation methods
Manufacture of light emitting devices with phosphor wavelength conversion
Self-aligned embedded SiGe structure and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing heterogeneous electrochemical capacitors having a double electric layer and of manufacturing and balancing the coulombic capacities of electrodes for use therein
Method for producing photovoltaic device and photovoltaic device
Ink for forming thin film of solar cells and method for preparing the same, CIGS thin film solar cell using the same and manufacturing method thereof
Organosulfur compound, process for producing the same, and organic electroluminescence element using the same
Secondary battery module
Connection terminal and secondary battery using the same
Rechargeable battery
Fuel cell module
Fuel cell system with heat transferor and fuel tank and method of driving the same
Fuel cell without bipolar plates
Polymer electrolyte membrane, and membrane electrode assembly and polymer electrolyte fuel cell using the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
High temperature minimal (zero) insertion force socket
Electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly having strain-relief
Connector lock mechanism
Power and data network system media architecture
High density electrical connector adaptable to the wires of different diameters and the method of making the same
Cable clamp assembly
Light set arrangement
Connector assembly and male connector assembly associated therewith
SIM card incorporated in battery pack of terminal
Modularized electric connector
Stacked connector assembly
IC card connector assembly
Stacking computer connector
Bumper mounted cord set
Electrical connecting device
Guide tube for coupling an end connector to a coaxial cable
Waterproof connector and method of assembling the same
Sealing arrangement between an electrical connector and an electrical conductor
Electrical contact device and associated method of manufacture
Connector apparatus
Electrical connector with a securely attached shield
Cable end connector
High density electrical interconnect system having enhanced grounding and cross-talk reduction capability
64PCI-ISA add-on card with a card edge connector that can plug into both 64PCI-ISA and 32PCI-ISA slots
Multi-function outlet strip having cable organizing features
Two-way radio accessory quick connect and extension cord
High frequency electrical connector assembly with forward facing contact/terminal member securing insert
Electric connector including a circuit board
Molded receptacle for a daisy chain power cord assembly
Connector having a position regulating structure
Electric connector with terminal locking member
Locking mechanism of deflector for watercraft
Outboard motor protection apparatus
Mounting system for a marine propulsion device
Swimming fin and manufacture process thereof
Shock tower
Water sport belt
Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device electron source and image-forming apparatus
Method and system for curing ultra violet curable sealant that is shadowed by metallization
Safety device for a spring loaded flying toy
Universal connector toy
Teaching toy telephone
Swimming aquatic creature simulator
Flexible game call with replacement diaphragm
Running toy system
Undergarments with invisible strap
Method and apparatus for detecting the endpoint of a chemical-mechanical polishing operation
Spherical mirror surface processing method and device
Substrate polishing apparatus
Method for endpoint detection for copper CMP
Work machining method
In-situ/self-propelled polishing pad conditioner and cleaner
Extended guide rings with built-in slurry supply line
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and method
Powered oscillating hand tool
Grindstone adapter
Self-aligning tool for hands-free cross-sectioning of an integrated circuit
Shape memory alloy-controlled slurry dispense system for CMP processing
Mechanism for honing non round cylinder bores and machine adapter assembly
Overhead conveyor system for slaughtered chickens or other poultry
Rotary shackle with position lock
Device and method for separating foreign objects from a mass of coins
Coin dispenser with pilferage detection
Accessory for exhaust gas vents
Seat air conditioner for vehicle
Ventilation nozzle for vehicles
Air-conditioning equipment for vehicles
In-situ monitoring of linear substrate polishing operations
Electronic system and method for operating an auxiliary incentive game
Method of scoring a video wagering game
Game machine having speaker
Full-time turn based network multiplayer game
Apparatus for damping vibrations
Torsional damper, in particular for motor vehicle clutch friction
Eccentric shaft coupling
Driveshafts having convoluted boot seals with ventilation for joint interior
Hole forming apparatus
Golf ball dispenser
Correlation method and apparatus for target-oriented sports activities
Golf putting apparatus with variable surface
Putting trainer for speed control
Metronome timing and tempo golf swing aid
Device for changing inclination angle of golf ball swing table
Iron golf club set
Dual radius putter
Golf ball
Three-piece wound golf ball
Game ball with logo formed from UV ink
Golf ball
Golf ball and golf ball marking method
Adjustable basketball system with counterweight
Ball game method of play and base
Apparatus and method for maintaining differential tensions in the strings of a sporting racket
Graphite arrow and method of manufacture
Flying disc
Flying toy
Continuously variable transmission with control arrangement and method for preventing transmission belt slippage
Dual-adjustable belt idler
Random engagement roller chain sprocket with cushion rings and root relief for improved noise characteristics
Transmission assembly for a powered sliding door system
Gearing for power sharing in planetary transmission
Trunnion supporting structure of a toroidal continuously variable transmission
Industrial transmission
Activity controlled audio-visual system
One piece face and neck exerciser
Chin-up bar
Resistance device
Hand exercise system
Device for ameliorating tennis elbow
Linkage device for a stepping and swinging exerciser
Suspension system for exercise apparatus
Sports treadmill
Method and apparatus for securing an infant walker extender to an infant walker
Exercise method and apparatus for relieving hip and back pain
Exercise machine for upper extremities
Inertial exerciser
Portable collapsible aquatic abdominal exercise apparatus
Method and device for assisting the leg muscles during cycling
Semiconductive roller
Cushioning conversion machine
Box making machines and method of retrofitting
Method and device for treating moving paper webs
Paper dispensing system and method
Methods of breast cancer treatment
Focussing of therapeutic radiation on internal structures of living bodies
Capsule for use in brachytherapy and a combination of a capsule for brachytherapy and a guidewire
Magnetic stimulus type urinary incontinence treatment apparatus
Coil assemblies for magnetic stimulators
Coil arrangement for transcranial magnetic stimulation
Magnetic coil for pulsed electromagnetic field
Magnetically suspended fluid pump and control system
Vacuum driven stimulative sexual aid
Device to enchance clitoral stimulation during intravaginal intercourse
Controllable endoscopic sheath apparatus and related method of use
Fluorescent diagnosing apparatus including optical path switching member
Computerized method of health prophylaxis through food combining microcomputer for food combining software product for food combining
Replaceable prism system for applanation tonometer
Method and apparatus for medical diagnostic ultrasound real-time 3-D transmitting and imaging
Medical diagnostic ultrasound method and apparatus for improving doppler processing
Method and related apparatus for measuring and analyzing a physical quantity of interest through the application of fuzzy logic rules
Passive/non-invasive systemic and pulmonary blood pressure measurement
Respiratory profile parameter determination method and apparatus
Ambient sensing feature for thermometer recalibration system
System for thermometry-based breast cancer risk-assessment
Collection container assembly
Guide wire with multiple radiopaque sections and method of use
Enhanced radioactive stent for reduction of restenosis
Layer of material for use with tissue examination device
Device for heart measurement
Acoustic wave therapy apparatus with reduced noise during acoustic wave emission
Cardiac assist method using an inflatable vest
Adjustable vibrating head massaging device
Adult novelty device
Lymphedema treatment system
Therapeutic stimulatory massage device
Adjustment splint assembly
Orthosis for supination and pronation of the wrist
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Nitrocellulose coated tampon applicator having a pierce-through fingergrip
Cell necrosis apparatus
Treatment apparatus for wounds
Liquefracture handpiece
Self-occluding catheter
Surgical/medical irrigator with removable tip and integrated suction conduit
Method of controlling the operating parameters of a surgical system
Drug delivery catheter with tip alignment
Catheter with a flexible and pushable shaft
Imbedded marker and flexible guide wire shaft
Retractable needle medical devices
Vascular infusion device
Low compliance inflation/deflation system
Catheter with uniform spray pattern along infusion length
Hybrid coating for medical devices
Ostomy bags and vessels for biological materials
Umbilical cord blood collection
Absorbent article
Membrane port for a container
Single use universal access device/medical container assembly
Multiple use universal connector flexible medical container assembly
System and methods for electrosurgical restenosis of body lumens
Oval vascular catheter
Implantable therapy systems and methods
Catheter having integral expandable/collapsible lumen
Infusion system with fixed occluding wire
Foot controller for microsurgical system
Laser probe
Method of cryoablating benign prostate hyperplasia
Expandable catheter having two sets of electrodes
Apparatus for thermal ablation
Vascular tissue sealing pressure control and method
Expandable-collapsible electrode structures made of electrically conductive material
Planar ablation probe for electrosurgical cutting and ablation
Bipolar electrosurgical scissors
Bone fixation arrangements and method
Bone fusion apparatus and method
Graft fixation device and method
Set screw for use with osteosynthesis apparatus
Blocking system for the medullary canal of a tubular bone
Device for insertion of foldable intraocular lenses
Animal tagging system
Obstetrical vacuum extractor
Surgical head clamping device
Tick removal device
Anastomotic fitting
Sutureless closure for connecting a bypass graft to a target vessel
Method and apparatus for modulating flow in biological conduits
Guiding catheter for positioning a medical device within an artery
Carpal tunnel device and method
Oscillating bone harvesting device
Apparatus and method for dissecting and retracting elongate structures
Device for protecting the tissues of physiological pathways during explorations with diagnostic and/or operating instruments
Coaxial PTCA catheter with anchor joint
Stretch resistant embolic coil with variable stiffness
Stent expansion and apposition sensing
Emboli filtration system and methods of use
Target tissue localization device and method
Vascular device having one or more articulation regions and methods of use
Methods and apparatus for in situ formation of hydrogels
Hemostatic puncture closure system and method of use
Smoking cessation device and method
Cross chamber interval correlation
Flexible stent and method of use
Stent with reduced shortening
Artificial heart valve
Flexible intraocular implant formed in one piece
Means for cartilage repair
Biopolymer matt for use in tissue repair and reconstruction
Intervertebral implant, process for widening and instruments for implanting an intervertebral implant
Articulating spinal implant
Implant for fusing lumbar vertebrae and method of using same
Orthopedic prosthesis with cement compression ring and method
Centering device for femoral implant and method and apparatus for implementation thereof
Composite self expanding stent device having a restraining element
Leather impregnated with temperature stabilizing material and method for producing such leather
Fabric treatment compositions containing polysulfonic acid and organic solvent
Compositions and processes for dyeing keratin fibers with azo compounds
Keratin fibre dye composition containing pyrazolopyrimidinoxo compounds, use thereof as dye couplers, and dyeing methods
2-imino-2,3-dihydro-1H-indole derivatives for dyeing keratin fibers
Layered sintered body for electrochemical cells, electrochemical cell and process for manufacturing layered sintered body for electrochemical cells
Aromatic Mannich compound-containing composition and process for making same
Method for producing abrasive grains and the composite abrasive grains produced by same
Method for making an abrasive article and abrasive articles thereof
Hybrid filter bag assembly
Vacuum cleaner tank assembly
Air cleaner having sealing arrangement between media arrangement and housing
Filter arrangement and a method for its manufacture
Method and combination for increasing plant productivity
Process for generation of fertilizer granules containing urea and ammonium sulfate
Method of improving compressibility of a powder and articles formed thereby
Basic tundish flux composition for steelmaking processes
Process for producing liquid pig iron or semifinished steel products from ore
Method for the generation of variable density metal vapors which bypasses the liquidus phase
Aluminosilicate organic-inorganic polymer
Preparation of fine aluminum powders by solution methods
Process for the separation/recovery of gases
Apparatus and method for producing HF from phosphate rock
Apparatus for recovering, refining, and storing hydrogen gas
Mobile unit for cleaning contaminated air
Flushing machine with liquid/air separating tank
Corrugation adhesive, corrugated board, and preparation methods therefor
Cyclic urea surfactants
Black iron oxide with improved heat stability and method of preparing same
Iron oxide red pigments, process for the production of iron oxide red pigments and use thereof
Work crystal orientation adjusting method and apparatus
Method for manufacturing silicon single crystals and wafers adapted for producing semiconductors
Method for manufacturing single crystal
Continuous flow process for production of semiconductor nanocrystals
Compound gas injection system and methods
Dopant delivery system and method
On track coater unit cup set
Apparatus for and method of coating particulates
Silicone coat weight measuring and control apparatus
Apparatus for performing chemical vapor deposition
CVD apparatus for forming thin film having high dielectric constant
Backside gas delivery system for a semiconductor wafer processing system
CVD photo resist deposition
Deposition apparatus for an organic thin-film light-emitting element
Heater for use in substrate processing apparatus to deposit tungsten
Method and apparatus for improved control of process and purge material in substrate processing system
Process for steeping corn and steepwater having a low reducing sugar content made therefrom
Decontamination of electronic cards from copper salts
Disposable toilet drain unclogger
Motorized vehicle for cleaning and degassing underground storage tanks
Pull-up drying method and apparatus
Method for removing hard coat film from plastic lens
Motor rotary shaft and manufacturing method thereof
Surface treatment of rolling element bearing steel
Aqueous phosphating composition and process for metal surfaces
Solder alloys
Method for heat-treating a hollow cylindrical workpiece
Stabilizers for hydroxylammonium nitrate, hydroxylammonium nitrate derivatives, hydroxylamine and compositions containing the same
Method and apparatus for aligning the bonding head of a bonder, in particular a die bonder
Methods of making stretched filled microporous films
Bonding system for glazing assemblies and a process for its manufacture
Pneumatic tire and process for production thereof
Method of manufacturing composite wood flooring
Method for forming a composite acoustic panel
Process for preparing composite warhead casings and product
Process for filament winding composite workpieces
Process for making composite sheet
Method for manufacturing laminates
Optical film and process for manufacture thereof
Method for manufacturing a drip irrigation tube and dripper unit therein
Polishing pad and process for forming same
Method of protecting a non-planar feature using compressive pads and apparatus thereof
Pressure sealer three tiered sealing roll configuration
Method for making electronic circuits having NiAl and Ni3Al substrates
Apparatus and method for etching printed circuit board
Dry etching apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for using across wafer back pressure differentials to influence the performance of chemical mechanical polishing
Method for controlling deinking process using contact angle
Method for continuous cooking of cellulose-containing fibre material
Method of making kenaf pulp
Tissue paper having a substantive anhydrous softening mixture deposited thereon
Paper having improved strength characteristics and process for making same
Process for influencing the breaking length cross-machine profile of a running fibrous material web
Method and control device for paper web profile control with plurality of sensors
Papermakers wet press felt with high contact, resilient base fabric
Method for producing acrylic acid
Purification process of pentrafluoroethane
Method and apparatus for treating gas by irradiation of electron beam
Procedure and filter device for removal and/or destruction of organic substances in contaminated air
Process for the preparation of fluoro compounds from the corresponding amines
Two stage process and catalyst for photocatalytic conversion of contaminants
Two stage process and apparatus for photocatalytic and catalytic conversion of contaminants
Apparatus and method for controlling plasma uniformity across a substrate
Apparatus and methods for sputtering
Method of monitoring target/component consumption for dual use titanium/titanium nitride sputtering
Surface treatment and method for applying surface treatment to suppress secondary electron emission
Insitu electrochemical water treatment process equipment for pits and lagoons
Mandrel for forming a nozzle plate having a non-wetting surface of uniform thickness and an orifice wall of tapered contour, and method of making the mandrel
Electrochemical cell
Clamp for electrophoresis systems
Method for separating technetium from a nitric solution
Introducing and reclaiming liquid in a wafer processing chamber
Method and apparatus for treating surface including virtual anode
Circuitry and method for an electroplating plant or etching plant pulse power supply
Metal alloy fluoroborate electroplating baths
Solid polymer electrolyte electrochemical oxygen control system with integral reactor feedback sensing
Method and apparatus to electrolytically produce high-purity magnetite particles
Process for making copper wire
Electrical and chemical treatment of an oxygen sensor
Biased acid cleaning of a copper-invar-copper laminate
Machine and process for treating contaminated water
Gas sensor
Process for obtaining olefins from residual feedstocks
Isoparaffinic base stocks by dewaxing fischer-tropsch wax hydroisomerate over Pt/H-mordenite
Residuum hydrotreating/hydrocracking with common hydrogen supply
Selective purge for hydrogenation reactor recycle loop
Atomizer system containing a perforated pipe sparger
Method of removing contaminants from used oil
Surgical waste liquid and smoke disposal system
Apparatus for separating light and heavy phase liquids
Filter press with alternating diaphragm squeeze chamber plates and filtration chamber plates
Portable apparatus for storing and disinfecting a fluid using ultraviolet source
Interconnected tank assembly of a wastewater treatment system
Continuous filament matrix for magnetic separator
Clarification and solid waste containment system and process
Membrane formed by an acrylonitrile-based polymer
Polyimide membranes for hyperfiltration recovery of aromatic solvents
Method of filtering the organic solutions arising in the production of circuit boards
Removal of organic contaminants from an aqueous phase using filtration media infused with an absorbent composition
Method for removing hydrocarbon products from water surfaces
Sea water desalination using CO2 gas from combustion exhaust
Method for removing sediments under sewage water in a sewer
Device and method for treating water with ozone generated by water electrolysis
Plastic filter for a photograph developing apparatus
Microbiological water filtering
Pool skimmer basket assembly and method
Ink jet printing head, manufacturing method therefor, and ink jet printing apparatus
Plasma processing apparatus and method
Polishing method and apparatus
Method for etching
Mn-Zn ferrite
Composition and process for remediation of waste streams
Liquid crystal polymers
Infrared-reflecting colorants
Nematic liquid crystal mixtures and a matrix liquid crystal display
Bisalkenyl derivatives, liquid crystalline compounds and liquid crystal compositions
Liquid-crystal composition and polymeric liquid crystal obtained by polymerizing the same
Oxygen-containing phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating same
Substrate with transparent conductive coating and display device
Treatment of contact lenses with supercritical fluid
Apparatus and method for removing and transporting articles from molds
Method of making a finished multi-coated and/or laminated eyeglass lens
Process for making ceramic mold
Scouring pad fabricating method
Method of manufacturing pre-inked thermoplastic medium
Methods for the manufacture of sheets having a highly inorganically filled organic polymer matrix
Method for bonding of tubes of thermoplastics polymers
Germicidally protected conveyor components and methods for their production
Method of forming a golf ball core
Process for manufacturing a pointer
Process for producing molded article made of synthetic resin
Method of in-mold coating
Method of making a resin airbag
Method of forming an overmolded electronic assembly
Method and apparatus for casting wire reinforced members utilizing members for positioning and supporting the wire reinforcements
Method of producing a pattern mold
Manufacturing method of color keypad for a contact of character illumination rubber switch
Layer manufacturing using focused chemical vapor deposition
Optical formation device and method
Method for forming shaped fibrous articles
Fluid transport webs exhibiting surface energy gradients
Process for manufacturing a biodegradable blown film
Process for making ceramic hot gas filter
Lead-free solder alloy
Method and compositions for minimizing biological and colloidal fouling
Corrosion inhibiting compositions and methods
Blood treatment system
Method for the preparation and delivery of gas-enriched fluids
Analyzer transport device
Moving platform slide stainer with heating elements
Device for analyzing a sample
Measuring device for use with a test strip
Semiconducting organic polymer gas sensor
Multichannel dilution reservoir
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing methanol
Reactor for the generation of water
Interbed gas-liquid mixing system for cocurrent downflow reactors
Cleaning system and method for cleaning a flow restrictor in a supercritical fluid extraction system
Infectious waste treatment system
Process for recovering rhodium catalyst
Process to recover metals from spent catalyst
Compound with base of an alkaline-earth, sulphur and aluminium, gallium or indium, method of preparing same and use as luminophore
Method for processing flue gases containing sulphur oxides
Exhaust gas catalyst
Readily dispersible precipitated silica
Process for purification of SiO2 granulate
Method for thermally regenerating spent acid
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew