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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Condensed anthran I lami de derivatives as insecticides
Composition and method for affecting obesity and related conditions
KAT II inhibitors
Compositions of dibromomalonamide and their use as biocides
Process for the preparation of non-genotoxic diacetylrhein (diacerein) and formulations comprising non-genotoxic diacetylrhein
Method for predicting therapeutic efficacy of chemotherapy on non-small-cell lung cancer
Fused cyclic compounds
Antagonists of the vanilloid receptor subtype 1 (VR1) and uses thereof
3H-imidazo [4, 5-C] pyridine-6-carboxamides as anti-inflammatory agents
Polycyclic agents for the treatment of respiratory syncytial virus infections
Polycyclic agents for the treatment of respiratory syncytial virus infections
Pyridine derivatives as S1P1/EDG1 receptor modulators
Substituted dihydropteridin-6-one derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as kinase inhibitors
Imidazole derivatives and their use as modulators of cyclin dependent kinases
Derivatives of 4-piperazin-1-yl-4-benzo[B]thiophene suitable for the treatment of CNS disorders
Derivatives of [1,3]Oxazin-2-one useful for the treatment of metabolic diseases such as lipid disorders
Therapeutic pyrazoloquinoline derivatives
Fructosylated puerarin, and preparation method and use thereof
Peptide-peptidase-inhibitor conjugates and methods of making and using same
Peptides for inhibiting the HPV-E6 oncoprotein
Antagonistic peptides for frizzled-1 and frizzled-2
Protein transduction domains derived from secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor
Peptide analogues
Molecules that selectively home to vasculature of pre-malignant dysplastic lesions or malignancies
Methods for treatment using amylin family peptides
Emulsion system derived from engkabang fat esters
Hydrophobic thermoplastic polyurethane as a compatilizer for polymer blends for golf balls
Performing Operations; Transporting
Low conductivity water based wellbore fluid
Macropore-containing polymer foams as insulation materials
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods of making and using activated carbon-containing coated substrates and the products made therefrom
Process for the preparation of an olefin
Crystalline teglicar
Fischer-tropsch process using fibrous composite catalytic structures having at least three solid phases
Polytrimethylene ether glycol or copolymers thereof having improved color and processes for their preparation
Process for the preparation of phenol and cyclohexanone
Process for the preparation of atovaquone
Methods and compositions for extraction and transesterification of biomass components
Method of lowering the cloud point of fatty acid esters
Cycloalkyl lactame derivatives as inhibitors of 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1
Biaryl substituted heterocycle inhibitors of LTA4H for treating inflammation
Benzodioxole piperidine compounds
Process for preparing 5-fluoro-1H-pyrazolo [3,4-B] pyridin-3-amine and derivatives therof
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound and pest control agent
Morpholines as selective inhibitors of cytochrome P450 2A13
GPR120 receptor agonists and uses thereof
Benzazole derivatives, compositions, and methods of use as .beta.-secretase inhibitors
Substituted heteroarylamide analogs as mGluR5 negative allosteric modulators and methods of making and using the same
Fused tricyclic compounds for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Peptidomimetic compounds
Protein kinase inhibitors
Branched materials for photovoltaic devices
Anti-pathogen treatments
Process for the preparation of polymer of 1-butene
Oxygen-bridged bimetallic complex and polymerization process
Method for producing modified conjugated diene-based polymer, and method for producing vulcanized polymer
Conjugated polymers and devices incorporating same
Self-adhesive hardener composition
Method for producing branched SiH functional polysiloxanes and the use thereof for producing SiC- and SiOC-linked, branched organomodified polysiloxanes
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Cement compositions comprising latex and a nano-particle
Use of seeds as a cement set retarder
Methods of preparing degradable materials and methods of use in subterranean formations
Deacidification method
Tol1 factor transposase and DNA introduction system using the same
RNAi modulation of RSV, PIV and other respiratory viruses and uses thereof
Plants having improved growth characteristics and a method for making the same
Forming an electrode having reduced corrosion and water decomposition on surface using a custom oxide layer
Resistive memory device and method for fabricating the same
Autosynthesizer for the controlled synthesis of nano- and sub-nanostructures
Expired Patents Due To Time
Wet oxidizing process
Removal of thiosulfate from Stretford solution with hydrogen peroxide
Reactor unit for a catalytic chemical reaction, especially for a catalyzing methanol reformer
Method to enhance tissue accumulation of radiolabeled compounds
Tropane derivatives useable in particular for in vivo detection of dopamine transporters
NGR receptor and methods of identifying tumor homing molecules that home to angiogenic vasculature using same
Hydrophilic cyanine dyes
Tunable indocyanine dyes for biomedical applications
Foamable aerosol agricultural-chemical composition and method of controlling diseases and insect pests
Dual component dentinal desensitizing dentifrice
Use of polysaccharides for improving the light protection effect of cosmetic or dermatological light protection compositions
Compositions containing diesters or polyesters of naphthalene dicarboxylic acid and methods for imparting hair gloss and to provide hair color and hair dye stabilization
Dissolvable air freshener
Method and composition for rewetting contact lenses and relieving eye dryness
Remedies for hyperphosphatemia
Polymeric prodrugs of amino- and hydroxyl-containing bioactive agents
Formulations for protection of peg-interferon alpha conjugates
Method of cancer treatment
Recombinant helicoverpa baculoviruses expressing heterologous DNA
Method of using immunoglobulin and fiber-containing compositions for human health
Lactobacillus compositions and methods for treating urinary tract infections
Remedy for axillary osmidrosis containing adrenocorticosteroidal preparation
Monoclonal antibody to human Mx protein MxA
Peptide p277 analogs, and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them for treatment or diagnosis of diabetes
T cell receptor beta subunit
Method for producing an extract containing artemesinin
Symptomatic relief of allergic reactions
Vascular endothelial cell growth factor II
Vectors having terminal repeat sequence of Epstein-Barr virus
Nucleotide and polypeptide sequences of pestivirus strains
Attenuated hepatitis a virus vaccine which grows in MRC-5 cells
Vaccine delivery system
Pasteurella haemolytica vaccine
Pharmaceutical agents that contain perfluoroalkyl-containing metal complexes
Therapeutic delivery using compounds self-assembled into high axial ratio microstructures
Spa gems mineral bath
Histidine derivatives, preparation process and uses
Method of preparing microemulsions of amino silicone fluids and MQ resin mixtures
Composition and its uses for the dyeing, permanent reshaping or bleaching of the hair
Composition comprising a cinnamic acid derivative and a polyamino polymer
Cosmetic skin care compositions containing alpha hydroxy acids linoleates
Fragrance enhancing compositions for cosmetic products
Solid cosmetic composition and uses thereof
Composition for topical application comprising an olefin copolymer of controlled crystallization and use of such a copolymer in the manufacture of compositions for topical application
Cosmetic composition
Low tack cosmetic composition sticks
Pesticidal thiadiazine compounds
Slow release insect repellents
Non-carcinogenic substitute for play sand
Polyurethane-containing delivery systems
Vitamin E preparations for beverage applications
Process for improving glucose metabolism, satiety, and nutrient absorption in companion animals
Hydrogel wound dressing and the method of making and using the same
Antioxidant composition for topical/transdermal prevention and treatment of wrinkles
Enhanced ciruclation effector composition and method
Three-dimensional colorimetric assay assemblies
Phospholipid-coated microcrystals for the sustained release of pharmacologically active compounds and methods of their manufacture and use
Etherlipid-containing multiple lipid liposomes
Process for preparing solid formulations of lipid-regulating agents with enhanced dissolution and absorption
Composition and method for treating nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Modified amino acids for drug delivery
Composite gel microparticles as active principle carriers
Reduction of surfactant inactivation in pulmonary surfactant therapy
Chewing gum containing 1,1-GPS sweetener and process of preparing
Chewing gum base stabilized with carnosic acid
Process for preparing baked potato product
Process for reducing the oxidation of food products by electrochemical extraction of oxygen
Semi-artificial monarch butterfly larval diet
Method for cooking fresh noodles in a microwave oven
Method of reconstituting frozen and powdered drinks
Process for packing foodstuffs with a film
Leavened dough extrusion process
Process for manufacturing compression-molded candy
Method and apparatus for cheese block forming with vacuum separated tower sections
Natural colorant from potato extract
Sweetener having an improved sucrose-like taste and process for the preparation thereof and use thereof
Acid salts of N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester
Process for preparing an N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester agglomerate
Process for aerated confection
Beverages with improved texture and flavor impact at lower dosage of solids
Banana flower tea
Heat modifiable edible dog chew
Method of producing antimicrobial metal articles and antimicrobial metal articles produced by the method
Method of making a membrane-electrode assembly
Method of forming ruthenium-based thick-film resistors
Substantially light-insensitive thermographic recording materials with improved stability
Double-sided adhesive material and method of making
Method of providing a wear-resistant overlay on a metal sealing gasket
Process for the manufacture of a membrane device with internal sweep
Method for internally coating live gas pipe joints or other discontinuities
Device and method for preparing and/or coating the surfaces of hollow construction elements
Method of producing a plated product having recesses
Process and apparatus for treating surfaces
Ribbon for smoothing print image and method for smoothing print image using the same
Process for the production of a coated copper alloy
Coating composition
Elastomer surfaces of adhesive and coating blends and methods thereof
Surface treatment composition for metallic material and method for treatment
Method of producing support garments by applying polyurethane coatings to specific areas of fabric
Displace deposition-plated and doping-modified metal material and process for producing same
Aqueous two-component polyurethane coating agent, process for its production, its use as a finishing coating material or clear coating material, and its use for coating plastics
Methods for forming composite coatings on substrates
Hard and abrasion resistant surfaces protecting cathode blocks of aluminium electrowinning
Copper-based alloy casting process
Thermal barrier coatings having an improved columnar microstructure
Method of forming a film on a substrate
Fabrication method for fabricating an object as a plurality of successive laminae
Method of making an electronic component using reworkable underfill encapsulants
Method for preparing a multilayer optical material with crosslinking-densifying by ultraviolet radiation
Method and apparatus for aluminum nitride coating of a contact surface, especially a cylinder contact surface of a crankcase made of an aluminum basic alloy
Vapor source for chemical vapor deposition
Method for plasma deposition of a thin film onto a surface of a container
Solids produced from ash and process for producing the same
Decorative lawn ornament
Artificial Christmas tree
Automobile body formed of interconnected molded plastic articles
Manufacture of simulated heritage windows
Multi-layer tubing having at least one intermediate layer formed from a polyamide/polyketone alloy
Multi-part sets of sheet material
Beaded adhesive and hem flanged part made therefrom
Cationic and hybrid radiation curable pressure sensitive adhesives for bonding of optical discs
Rewritable optical data storage disk having enhanced flatness
Large capacity disk and method for manufacturing the same
Rotational moulding process
One piece air bag
Touch fasteners having portions with different properties and methods of making same
Composite honeycomb sandwich panel for fixed leading edges
Foil-covered automatic interior plastic part having a decorative preform and method of making same
Information recording medium and method for producing the same
Biaxially oriented polyester film
Abrasion resistant energy absorbing treadmill walking/running belt
Composite laminate and method therefor
Soft touch automotive latch handle
Heat sensitive planographic printing plate, its manufacturing method and image forming method employing the same
Wiping article which exhibits differential wet extensibility characteristics
Multilayer printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
Organic electroluminescent element
Borosilicate glasses and second surface mirrors thereof
Ink jet recording material and method of producing the same
Ideal Oxygen precipitating silicon wafers and oxygen out-diffusion-less process therefor
Conductive elastomer for grafting to thermoplastic and thermoset substrates
Gold-containing nanoporous aluminum oxide membranes a process for their production and their use
Densification of a porous structure
Method of absorbing rays outside a visible region
Tannic acid-adsorbed silicon oxide used as resin additive
Method of forming a monolayer of particles, and products formed thereby
Digital clear display material with bluing tint
Outdoor advertising system
Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition useful for contact coating on heat sensitive substrates
Permanently crimped fibres and method for making same
Crosslinkable polyethylene composition
Overhead high power transmission cable comprising fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composite wire
Sorbent glass fiber material
Cellulose fibers and yarns with a reduced tendency to form fibrils
Phosphorus-containing iron powders
Hollow silicone resin particles and method for the preparation thereof
Tempered glass
Recording sheets containing oxazole, isooxazole, oxazolidinone, oxazoline salt, morpholine, thiazole, thiazolidine, thiadiazole, and phenothiazine compounds
Microcontact printing on surfaces and derivative articles
Acrylic ogligomeric and polymeric durability enhancing agents, method therefore and cured coating composition containing the same
Arrangement for reducing bending stress in an electronics package
Laminating adhesive composition
Embossable water-based vinyl chloride polymer laminate
Waterbased thermoforming adhesives
Method of repairing scratched and/or abraded transparent substrates and the repaired substrates
Plasticized polyvinyl chloride and interlayer thereof
Thermally-insulating coating system
Siloxane organic hybrid polymers
Curable silicone foul release coatings and articles
Epoxy composition for printed circuit boards
Flame-retardant polyester resin composition
Semiconductor supercapacitor system, method for making same and articles produced therefrom
Brazing or soldering material and production method thereof
Biaxially oriented film and magnetic recording medium comprising the same as a base film
Structured media for phase change ink printing
Heat shrinkable ink jet recording medium
Compression molding of synthetic wood material
Metal-matrix composites and method for making such composites
Spray coated member resistant to high temperature environment and method of production thereof
Method for modifying the surface of a thermal barrier coating, and related articles
Low thermal expansion circuit board and multilayer wiring circuit board
Thermal coating composition
Hard carbon coating-clad base material
Soldered article
Flip chip solder bump pad
Cutting tool
Organic electroluminescent device containing a 1,3-dibenzylideneindane compound
Magneto-optical recording medium
GaAs single crystal substrate and epitaxial wafer using the same
Low defect density gallium nitride epilayer and method of preparing the same
Method for operating a PEM fuel cell plant and PEM fuel cell plant
System and method for automatically providing fuel to a fuel cell in response to a power failure in a primary power system
Fuel cell with cooling medium circulation arrangement and method
Cell unit for fuel cells
Fuel cell collector plate and method of fabrication
Method for fabricating membrane and electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Dispersoid-reinforced electrode
Reclamation of active material from metal hydride electrochemical cells
Method of manufacturing battery explosion prevention safety device
Trilayer battery separator
Composite separator and electrode
Cathode for lithium secondary battery
Method for reducing voltage delay in an alkali metal electrochemical cell activated with a nonaqueous electrolyte having a sulfate additive
Electrochemical power cells and method of improving electrochemical power cell performance
Exposed conductive core battery
Lead-acid cells and batteries
Polyether copolymer and solid polymer electrolyte
Gel sensors and method of use thereof
Projection-microlithography mask with separate mask substrates
Multi-phase mask using multi-layer thin films
Static resistant reticle
Structure and manufacture of X-ray mask pellicle with washer-shaped member
Mask pattern preparing method and photomask
Color filter having substrate and ink absorptive resin layer
Liquid crystalline filter dyes for imaging elements
Focused particle beam processing for use in electronic apparatus manufacturing
Migration imaging process
Multi-color toner set and method of forming multi-color images, using the multi-color toner set
Photosensitive body for electrophotographical use and manufacturing method thereof
Photosensitive body for electrophotographical use and manufacturing method thereof
Tetrafluoro hydroxygallium phthalocyanines and photoconductive imaging members
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus provided with the electrophotographic member
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus, and process for producing the same photosensitive member
Translucent imaging paper display materials with biaxially oriented polyolefin sheet
Organic photoreceptors for liquid electrophotography
Solution for making a photoconductive layer in dry-electrophotographically manufacturing a screen of a CRT and method for dry-electrophotographically manufacturing the screen using the solution
Layered polymer particles, toner formed therefrom and methods for forming the same
Developer compositions and processes
Organic photoreceptor with improved adhesion between coated layers
Dip coating process
Carrier particles with halosilanated pigments
Photographic imaging system incorporating metadata recording capability
Poly (disulfonyl diazomethane) compound and positive-working chemical-amplification photoresist composition containing the same
Method for preparing thin liquid samples for microscopic analysis
Compositions for making structured color images and application thereof
Radiation sensitive resin composition
Composition for photoimaging
Method of imaging an article
Process for the continuous liquid processing of photosensitive compositions having reduced levels of residues
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a fine pattern, and semiconductor device manufactured thereby
Method for patterning a thin film layer
Alkaline developing solution for radiation sensitive composition and development method
Photopolymerizable compositions having improved sidewall geometry and development latitude
Heat developable color photographic material and image-forming system using the same
Method for masking and exposing photosensitive printing plates
Method for the decontamination of a photographic bath using heat-reversible polymer particles
Photographic conditioning solution containing polyaminocarboxylic acid as sole antimicrobial agent and method of use
Photographic element for color imaging
Photographic material for reducing drive mechanism dust
Tinting correction of images in the photographic image layers
Photographic element, compound, and process
Silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photographic material containing said silver halide photographic emulsion
Determination of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor P27 levels as a prognostic factor in cancer patients
Artificial recombinant substrate (rAGG 1) and native aggrecan to determine the proteolytic activity of `aggrecanase` in cell culture systems
Apparatus for detecting contamination in food products
Labelling and selection of molecules
Diagnosis of the fragile X syndrome
Method, reagent and kit for the detection and amplification of nucleic acid sequences
Nucleic acid probes for the detection and identification of fungi
Extended dynamic range assays
In vitro scanning saturation mutagenesis of proteins
Vacuolar proton ATPase subunits
Green fluorescent protein fusions with random peptides
5' Upstream region sequences of the MyoD1 gene and uses thereof
Process for simultaneous preparation of sex specific and gender-neutral semisynthetic amplicons useful for sex determination
Electropolymerizable film, and method of making and use thereof
Method for monitoring transcriptional synthesis of RNA
Method of isolating target specific oligonucleotide ligands
Quantitative PCR method to enumerate DNA copy number
Methods and apparatus for the photo-electrochemical detection of nucleic acid
Chemical array fabrication with identifier
Nucleic acid mediated electron transfer
Antisense modulation of daxx expression
Metal chelate containing compositions for use in chemiluminescent assays
Method for diagnosing and treating chronic pelvic pain syndrome
Membrane pore inhibiting agents for treating infection
Individualized patient-specific anti-cancer antibodies
Methods for identifying compounds that bind to CSPAK-2
Industrial scale process for the preparation of 2-hydroxy-4-methylbutyric acid using a nitrilase
Process of producing .beta.-lactam antibiotics applying micro-organisms with increased ligase activity
Recombinant DNA expression vectors and DNA compounds that encode deacetoxycephalosporin C synthetase and deacetylcephalosporin C synthetase
Peptides which inhibit ras protein activity, their preparation and use
Recoding of DNA sequences permitting expression in yeast and obtained transformed yeast
Protein called epil/placentin, process for the preparation of this protein and pharmaceutical composition containing such, DNA coding for said protein
Polynucleotide encoding a Mouse 7-transmembrane GPR43 receptor
Methods for producing heterologous polypeptides in trichothecene-deficient
Process for bacterial production of polypeptides
Ryegrass pollen allergen
Varicella-zoster virus antigen
Humanized immunoglobulins and methods of making the same
Modified factor VIII
Method and devices for extremely fast DNA replication by polymerase chain reactions (PCR)
Microorganisms for the production of tryptophan and process for the preparation thereof
Method for preparing tert-leucine and analogues thereof in enantiomeric form and intermediates therein
Microbial biotransformation
Extraction of triglycerides from microorganisms
Humanized antibodies
Immobilization of bioactive protein in phyllosilicates
Cyclin-selective ubiquitin carrier polypeptides
Cloning of a new member of the serine threonine kinase family
Pseudomonas chlororaphis microorganism, polyurethane degrading enzyme obtained therefrom, and method of use
Xylanase derived from a bacillus species, expression vectors for such xylanase and other proteins, host organisms therefor and use thereof
Flea leucine aminopeptidase proteins and uses thereof
Picornavirus I proteinase and methods of making and using thereof
DNA sequences coding for the human proteins Tx and Ty related to the interleukin-1beta converting enzyme
Arginine deiminase
Enzymes and micro organisms with amidase activity which hydrolyze polyamides
Virion-constrained nanoparticles comprising a plant virion coat protein shell and encapsulated guest molecules
Phytase-producing bacteria, phytase and production method of phytase
Highly efficient controlled expression of exogenous genes in e. coli
Streptomyces strains and process to produce single streptogramin component
Water-soluble contact lens care product
Method of carrying out a treatment in the presence of a centrifugal force and an apparatus therefor
Reagent chamber for test apparatus and test apparatus
Carbon producing apparatus utilizing biomass
Incubator with external gas feed
Two-step immunization procedure against the pyramyxoviridae family of viruses using recombinant virus and subunit protein preparation
RNA ribozyme polymerases, dephosphorylases, restriction endoribonucleases and methods
Method of subculturing culturing avian cells at pH 7.8 or above
Polypeptide production in animal cell culture
Method for inhibiting apoptosis induced by photodynamic therapy using a cysteine or serine protease inhibitor
Antisense inhibition of tumor necrosis factor alpha converting enzyme (TACE) expression
Cultural medium for maintaining neural cells in ambient atmosphere
Starvation and storage of mature somatic embryos
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination
Cloning and/or sequencing vector
Fluorescence polarization in nucleic acid analysis
Spectrophotometric apparatus with multiple readheads
Method and system for preparing samples for gas chromatography
Light-triggered indicators that memorize analyte concentrations
Test for chlorine in water
Low level TOC measurement method
Breath test for detection of drug metabolism
Plasmon resonant particles, methods and apparatus
Method and device for predicting physiological values
Immunochromatographic assay
Force discrimination assay
Method of manufacturing magnetic field transducer with improved sensitivity by plating a magnetic film on the back of the substrate
Low temperature CVD processes for preparing ferroelectric films using Bi carboxylates
Method and apparatus for manufacturing magnetic head
Endpoint detection by chemical reaction
Method for wafer polishing and method for polishing pad dressing
Method for improving wafer sleuth capability by adding wafer rotation tracking
Data transfer circuit
High performance sub-system design and assembly
Method of manufacture of a thermally actuated ink jet including a tapered heater element
Monolithic scanning light emitting devices using micromachining
Process for selective area growth of III-V semiconductors
Methods to reduce light leakage in LCD-on-silicon devices
Fabrication of single absorber layer radiated energy conversion device
Combination inductive coil and integrated circuit semiconductor chip in a single lead frame package and method therefor
Method for producing a contactless chip card
Semiconductor device with economical compact package and process for fabricating semiconductor device
Method for removing heat from a flip chip semiconductor device
Adaptable MMIC array
Thin film transistors and electronic devices comprising such
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a recessed-gate FET without producing voids in the gate metal
Bar field effect transistor
Bipolar transistor with an inhomogeneous emitter in a BICMOS integrated circuit method
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having ultra-sharp P-N junction and method of manufacturing the same
Method to fabricate high Q inductor by redistribution layer when flip-chip package is employed
Method of fabricating an oxygen-stable layer/diffusion barrier/poly bottom electrode structure for high-K DRAMS using disposable-oxide processing
Methods for fabricating integrated circuit capacitors including barrier layers having grain boundary filling material
Semiconductor memory device having a capacitor over bitline structure and method for manufacturing the same
Depletion compensated polysilicon electrodes
Semiconductor processing methods of forming stacked capacitors
Shared length cell for improved capacitance
Method of forming capacitor with a HSG layer
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