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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Crop harvesting header with rotary disks and converging system for forming a swath
Plant protection system
Hat accessory with indicia
Boot and liner combination
Technique for setting precious stones such as diamonds
Rib structure of a two-layer cover umbrella
Handbag with interchangeable liner
Water absorbing hair styling implement
Fold-in-half table
Table with foldable legs
Table including a plastic table top and an attached frame
Articulating bed
Collapsible frame for holding a baby carrier and associated method
Universal storage system for office tools
Apparatus for holding a portable device
Load-bearing chair support
Stair rod bracket
Play pillow with hiding space
Appliance for making food that requires the use of heating, stirring, and liquid addition
Methods for treating eye conditions
Method and apparatus for detecting endometriosis
Method and apparatus for facilitating physiological coherence and autonomic balance
Sanitary napkin
Device for supporting at least one arm of an operating person during a surgical operation
Portable gas operating inhaler
Single dose inhaler
Portable inhaler with temperature control
Medical device with sponge coating for controlled drug release
Advanced resistive exercise device
Elliptical fitness machine having incline adjusting mechanism
Inflatable mat having internal bungee cords
Method and apparatus for kinesthetic body conditioning
Confidence putter
Pitching screen system
Automatic card shuffler
Gaming system for individual control of access to many devices with few wires
Performing Operations; Transporting
Flotation of sulfide mineral species with oils
Roller cover end plug
Press plant and a method and use for it with a pressure cell and a divisible tray
Method for manufacturing a fluid dynamic bearing by printing a resin sliding film
Bar material supply device of numerically controlled automatic lathe
Airflow control structure for pneumatic tools
Device and method for soft machining of bevel gears and use of the device
Surface-treatment wheel
Blind, blind slat, manufacturing method of the same, and forming machine of the same
Apparatus for reclamation of precious metals from circuit board scrap
Method of finishing bevel gears to produce a diffuse surface structure
Punch press
Apparatus for molding a trim panel assembly having a narrow transition radius
Apparatus for repeatedly advancing fastener tape a predetermined distance
Ink jet printing apparatus for preventing degradation of liquid application member
Drop deflection selectable via jet steering
Printing system having power regulating printhead cartridge interface
Support assembly for a pagewidth printhead module
Inkjet recording apparatus
Method of filling ink cartridge with ink
Seal for inkjet orifices
Fluid-delivery mechanism for fluid-ejection device
Printing system having power storage printhead cartridge interface
Twist lock ring binder
Bicycle hub sealing structure
Pneumatic tire having bell shaped wide width main grooves
Crown reinforcement for a radial tire
Activation control apparatus for occupant protection apparatus
Fastening arrangement for lashing brackets in the floor of a cargo hold of an aircraft
Curtain airbag device
Airbag and airbag system
Apparatus and method for providing combustible gas inflator
Driveline shift quality in variable valve engine equipped drivelines
Derailment protection apparatus
Air brake hose coupling with locking device
Safety steering column, motor vehicle with a safety system and safety method
Recreational motor vehicle
Injection-molded product and its use
Electric steering and drive system for a vehicle with wheel side steering system
Superconducting crawler system for a production line
Power unit supporting structure of scooter type vehicle
Dual-lever hydraulic brake assembly and method of using the same
Apparatus for control of pivoting wing-type sail
Methods and systems for wind mitigation in autonomous parafoil guidance
Reciprocating slat conveyors
Vehicle body transfer apparatus
Dispenser for separately dispensing wet and dry paper in the shape of a conventional roll of toilet paper
Splicing apparatus and method
Portable winding and reeling apparatus
Sheet discharging apparatus and image forming apparatus
Fire control system of elevator
Elevator and traction sheave of an elevator
Slip-on horse boot with replaceable pastern gaiter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for contactless measurement of the temperature in a melting furnace
Device and method for manufacturing a preform for optical fibres by chemical vapour deposition
Organic compound and photovoltaic device comprising the same
Modification of magnetic properties of films using ion and neutral beam implantation
Textiles; Paper
System for determining wear to rigging system lines
Fixed Constructions
Floor cleaning machine
Customizable partition system
Sill plate
Mounting structure of vehicle interior material
Strap lock with anti-reverse function
Devices and methods for flangeless installations
System and method for creating packers in a wellbore
Casing conveyed well perforating apparatus and method
Electric horizontal directional drilling machine system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Blower without freezing lock phenomenon and heat exchanging device comprising the blower
Automatic transmission oil leak prevention device
Lubricant recovering apparatus for heavy construction equipment
Gas turbine power generation system comprising an emergency power supply system
High response compact turbocharger
Method and device for regulating the charge pressure of an internal combustion engine
Cooling system with boiling prevention
Engine-driven work machine
Compensating shaft drive
Method and system for determining lean blow out condition for gas turbine combustion cans
Controller for a direct-injection internal combustion engine and method of controlling the direct-injection internal combustion engine
Exhaust brake control system
Method of controlling the combustion phase of an internal-combustion engine, notably a gasoline type direct-injection supercharged engine
Diesel engine lubricated with fuel such as light oil
Method of starting spark ignition engine without using starter motor
Rotary compressor, and car air conditioner and heat pump type water heater using the compressor
Implantable centrifugal blood pump with hybrid magnetic bearings
Device for supporting an aircraft battery
Energy absorber
Chain assembly
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Continuously variable transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Vehicle steering apparatus
Control apparatus and control method of an automatic transmission
Pressure control system for automatic transmission
Shift operating apparatus
Lighting device
Illumination module
Uninterrupted power supply for projection lamp protection
Fiber optic darkfield ring light
Air cleaner
System and method for suppressing sublimation using opacified aerogel
Modular aircraft ground support cart
Fan and air conditioner
Light component separation from a carbon dioxide mixture
Pressure control in centrifugal evaporators
Coated heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Security hood for handgun holsters and the like
Sighting system
Safety and arming unit for a spinning projectile fuze
Remote guidance system
Dispenser for solid flowable bulk material
Device and method for calibration of a mass flow sensor
Method and apparatus for proof testing a sheet of brittle material
Apparatuses and methods for monitoring stress in steel catenary risers
Strain gauge with moisture barrier and self-testing circuit
Window fog detecting apparatus
Metal-oxide gas sensor
Automatic salt meter having internal switching device
Sensor and method of producing sensor
Staggered electrical frame structures for frame area reduction
Monitoring laser processing of semiconductors by raman spectroscopy
Semiconductor wafer and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and a device for measuring the speed of an aircraft, in particular a rotorcraft at low speed
Transmitter optical sub-assembly receptacle with thicker split sleeve
Eyeglasses with detachable adjustable electronics module
Automatic zoom for screen fitting
Single-lens reflex camera
Electronic album
Analyzing real-time streams of time-series data
Associating sentiment with objects presented via social media
System and apparatus for measuring application-specific consistency of check-in-based user location data streams
Method and apparatus for context-based grouping
Information processing system and control method of information processing system
Method and apparatus for determining a transaction parallelization metric
Service agreement performance validation in a cloud hosted environment
Message transmission for distributed computing systems
Customized browser images
Method for transferring state information pertaining to a plurality of SIP conversations
Method and apparatus for competitive bonus games based upon strategy or skill
Interpolation filter based on time assignment algorithm
Parallel sorting key generation
Prioritizing storage array management commands
Automatic contacts sorting
Security for cloud systems and virtualization cloud systems, mobile cloud systems and mobile virtualization cloud systems, and computer clusters and mobile device clusters
Program, communication apparatus and control method
Program guide user interface
Display device
Link attributes display
Poly vectoral reverse navigation
Electronic voting apparatus, system and method
Method and apparatus for forming ISO-compliant transaction cards including PLA
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
System and method for checkless cash advance settlement
Ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting check verification method
Electronic device and method for calibrating spectral confocal sensors
Vending machine and control method thereof
Cash withdrawal from ATM via videophone
Fork based transport storage system for pharmaceutical unit of use dispenser
Method and apparatus for bonus round play
Method and apparatus for gaming with alternate value payouts
Apparatus and methods for processing misread or miskeyed magnetic indicia
System and method for service level management
Pool alarm system
Personal electrical injury protection device
Road detection logic
System and method for management of airspace for unmanned aircraft
Image display apparatus
Method of driving a display panel and a display apparatus performing the method
Display device
Display panel driving device and display device
Light emitting diode block display device using a user contact and input for adjusting color
Compositional method, compositional program product and compositional system
Guitar amplifier
Noise energy controlling in noise reduction system with two microphones
Acoustical treatment with transition from absorption to diffusion and method of making
Voice focus enabled by predetermined triggers
System and method of training a dysarthric speaker
Audio coding device and method
Method and apparatus for improving encoding and decoding efficiency of an audio signal
Acoustic echo preprocessing for speech enhancement
Optical disk and optical disk reproduction device for reproducing same
Magnetic memory using spin orbit interaction
Perpendicularly magnetized ultrathin film exhibiting high perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, method for manufacturing same, and application
Non-volatile multiple time programmable memory device
Readout device, dual-function readout device, and detecting circuit thereof
Cable for integrated data transmission and power supply
Method for manufacturing anticorrosive thin film resistor and structure thereof
Pressure-sensitive switch, manufacturing method for same, touch panel including pressure-sensitive switch, and manufacturing method for touch panel
Transformer access apparatus
Mobile conducting unit for a breaker, including a spring for accelerating the separation of arc contacts
Switch including an arc extinguishing container with a metal body and a resin cover
Universal powering station and a method for implementing same
Miniature breaker having short circuit self-locking function and miniature breaker having position state detecting function
Thermal trip device having a current redirecting linking element, switching device, thermal magnetic circuit breaker and method for protecting an electric circuit
Pressure-sensitive switch, manufacturing method for same, touch panel including pressure-sensitive switch, and manufacturing method for touch panel
X-ray generator including heat sink block
Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging apparatus
Detector device
Method and system for detecting radiation incorporating a hardened photocathode
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing a front electrode of a semiconductor device
Methods of forming electronic devices including filling porous features with a polymer
Methods of forming strained channel regions on FinFET devices by performing a heating process on a heat-expandable material
SiARC removal with plasma etch and fluorinated wet chemical solution combination
Method for forming metallic sub-collector for HBT and BJT transistors
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including applying ultrasonic waves to a ball portion of the semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Alignment of three dimensional integrated circuit components
Method and apparatus for detecting foreign material on a chuck
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits with isolation regions having uniform step heights
Method for cleaning base, heat process method for semiconductor wafer, and method for manufacturing solid-state image capturing apparatus
Methods for contact formation for 10 nanometers and beyond with minimal mask counts
Induction heating for underfill removal and chip rework
Wafer level overmold for three dimensional surfaces
Single damascene interconnect structure
Vertically integrated wafers with thermal dissipation
Monolithically integrated antenna and receiver circuit
Radiation detector
FET with air gap spacer for improved overlap capacitance
Short-gate tunneling field effect transistor having non-uniformly doped vertical channel and fabrication method thereof
Mixed N/P-type fin semiconductor structure with epitaxial materials having increased surface area through multiple epitaxial heads
Preparation of low defect density of III-V on Si for device fabrication
III-N device with extended source and drain
Photoelectric conversion device and characteristic inspection method for same
Electrocaloric effect materials and thermal diodes
Punch through stopper for semiconductor device
Method and structure for forming gate contact above active area with trench silicide
Methods of forming punch through stop regions on FinFET devices on CMOS-based IC products using doped spacers
Semiconductor device
Radiation-hardened-by-design (RHBD) multi-gate device
Solid-state image sensing device with electrode implanted into deep trench
System and method of cooling of photovoltaic panel and method of installation of system
Solar cell module
Methods of forming solar cells
Method for making a crystalline silicon solar cell substrate utilizing flat top laser beam
Light emitting diode chip and method of manufacturing same
Thermoelectric conversion device having perovskite crystal including grain domain
Acenaphthylene imide-derived semiconductors
Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
Electrode foil and organic light-emitting device
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Power station arrangement with high-temperature storage unit
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative
Current collector, electrode structure, nonaqueous electrolyte battery and electrical storage device, and method for producing current collector
Expanded battery cooling fin
Fan and PCB mounting in fuel cell stack assemblies
Method of transferring catalyst layer and jig used therefor
Biological fuel cell and methods
Single feed passive antenna for a metal back cover
Portable terminal device and wireless communication method
Printed circuit board connector for back light unit and chassis using the same
Automation system and method for identifying and correcting connection errors
Electrical contact and process for making the same and connector comprising the same
Press-fit connector terminal
Connector housing
Harsh environment connector with dual-level bladder and associated methods
Connector assemblies and electronic devices with the same
Jack assembly
Connector structure
Rotating plug adapter with integral two blade and grounding post receptacle
Lamp and socket assembly which prevents installation of an incandescent lamp
Electrical connector having improved anti-EMI performance
Sure-grip RCA-type connector and method of use thereof
Coaxial electrical connector
Cable-to-cable panel mount power connector
Wire guiding tool
Bracket for attaching an electrical cable to a vehicle
Wireless power transmission and charging system, and impedance control method thereof
Systems and methods for decreasing peak energy consumption of a power consumer using vehicle battery capacity
Steering wheel and car using the steering wheel
Apparatus and method for wireless power transmission
Charging device for charging the energy store of a portable electric device
HF generator with improved solid-state switch connections
Dynamic system for generating electricity
Power factor corrector correcting a power factor of an alternating current (AC) voltage
Power conversion system
Bi-directional soft-switching class-D power amplifier
Differential amplifying circuit and microphone/amplifier system
Mapping system with mobile communication terminals for measuring environmental sound
Peaking inductor array for peaking control unit of transceiver
Apparatus and method for control of semiconductor switching devices
A/D converter and A/D converter calibrating method
Visible light communication method in an information display device having an LED backlight unit, and information display device for the method
Integrated system of infrared remote controls
Wireless transmission system and distortion compensation method
Multi-mode fiber node
Smart antenna method
Differential signal transmission circuit, disk array controller, and differential signal transmission cable
Bus communication device
System and method of associating devices based on actuation of input devices and signal strength
Flexible OFDM/OFDMA frame structure for communication systems
Method and apparatus for managing joining events for vectoring with discontinuous operation
Apparatus for optical signal amplification
Energy conservation by means of traffic shaping
Methods and apparatus for enhancing user equipment performance with efficient resource management
Message digest generator
In-band data communication system using wireless power
Radio and antenna selection method for radio
Snoop virtual receiver time
Multipath fiber channel over ethernet networks
Communication management system, communication terminal, communication system, and recording medium storing control program
Traceroute.sub.--delay diagnostic command
Methods for monitoring data traffic in a gateway device
Method of providing a dynamic node service and device using the same
Method of restoring a MAC address and recording medium
Aligning content and social network audience using analytics and/or visualization
Systems and methods of routing IP telephony data packet communications
Apparatus and methods for origination of voice and messaging communication in a network
Efficient transactional messaging between loosely coupled client and server over multiple intermittent networks with policy based routing
Information processing device, information processing system, and method for processing packets from transmitting devices
Operation environment migration support device, record medium with program stored therefor, and method therefor
Resource over-subscription
Communication method based on bi-level binary digital baseband symbols
Mechanism to augment IPS/SIEM evidence information with process history snapshot and application window capture history
Automated accounts for media playback
Browsing support infrastructure with tiered malware support
Methods and systems for thwarting side channel attacks
Secure transfer of web application client persistent state information into a new domain
Authentication device, output device, verification device and input device
System and method for managing secure communications in an Ad-Hoc network
Apparatus and method for providing digital signature
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information display method
Optimizing call bearer path using session initiation protocol proxy
Method and apparatus for transmitting channel feedback information in a wireless communication system and method and apparatus for receiving channel feedback information in a wireless communication system
Receiving method for interference cancellation, and terminal
Intercell interference mitigation
Radio communication system, user terminal, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
Apparatus for receiving downlink signal in a wireless communication system and method thereof
Method for generating a random output bit sequence
Deleting encoded data slices in a dispersed storage network
Electronic device housing and method of assembly
Electronic device and method of transmitting data between electronic device and flip cover thereof
System and method for providing telephone call notification and management in a network environment
Provisioning mobile station with destination communication address during de-registration
Calling card replenishment system
Image processing system, image output device, and image processing method
Crosstalk reduction with location-based adjustment in multiview video processing
Image display viewing system and image display device
Image processing system and method
Image processing device and method, program, and recording medium
Apparatua and method of browsing content
Methods and devices for estimating a level of use of a communication network and for adapting a level of subscription to multicast sessions
Board grip camera mount
Program guide apparatus
Display apparatus, connectable external peripheral device and method of displaying an image
Image output device, image output method, and recording medium
Pop-ups for video suggestions based on social messages
Live consecutive ad insertion
Scalable video coding prioritization
Communication terminal, communication method, and recording medium storing communication control program
Broadcast system, broadcast control apparatus, and broadcast method
Apparatus and methods for generating clips using recipes with slice definitions
Device for IP TV channel selection
Sensor system for high-radiation environments
Method and device for transmitting and receiving downlink control channel for controlling inter-cell interference in wireless communication system
Headphone audio system
Lighting earphone
Electroacoustic transducer, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic device utilizing same
System and method for securing headphone transducers
Method and system for source selective real-time monitoring and mapping of environmental noise
Mobile terminal and user identity recognition method
Wireless networking-enabled personal identification system
Method and apparatus for ascertaining a location of a personal portable wireless communication device
Node device and communication control method
Method and apparatus for enhanced application signaling from a wireless communications device
Method and device for updating area in wireless communication system
Measurement control method, user equipment, control node, and system
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for channel information feedback in a wireless communication system
Overlapping sub-channels in a network
Transmission method and transmission device
Portable telephone, communication connection control method, and program
Method and apparatus for selecting cell in wireless communication system
Method for allowing a successful first mobile terminated call towards a mobile subscriber initially assigned to a failing core network node
Limiting wireless discovery range
Battery-saving in geo-fence context method and system
Transporting residue of vehicle position data via wireless network
Tracking mobile resource at manufacturing site
Gathering information for members of call
Method for public safety communication and apparatus for the same
Data compression operations in a communications network
Intelligent multiple access communication control apparatus and method
Method for setting operating channel in white space band and device therefor
Wireless communication system, terminal, transmission station, and wireless communication program
Reducing the effects of interference experienced by a communication device
Generating transmission schedules
Method and apparatus for establishing device-to-device connection in wireless communication system
Contact management and dialing using conditional flow logic
Enhanced safety for electrical appliances such as toasters
Dual power SMPS for a modular lighting system
LED drive method and LED drive device
Methods and apparatus for sensing light output and controlling light output
Driving circuit for light emitting diode apparatus and method of operation
Printed circuit board and manufacture method thereof
Integrated interposer with embedded active devices
Method for fabricating circuit board structure
Package structure
Rack cooling
Fluid-cooled module for integrated circuit devices
Power conversion apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Rotary cutting device with quick-release blades
Oscillating ground engaging tool
Sod harvester
Rip strip primary tillage system
Planter hitch apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlled delivery of seeds to an open furrow
Round baler with self aligning knives for twine wrapper
Wire cage
Simulated bird hunting dog-training device for teaching a dog to retrieve
Method for chasing animals from a location
Pet dish
Animal feeding device
Computer system for determining a customized animal feed
Spinning reel having improved spool oscillating mechanism
Cocoshell filtered cold smoke apparatus
Device for removing rod-shaped objects, in particular cigarette rods or cigarette filter rods
Misting umbrella
Umbrella facet connecting mechanism
Hands-free holder which will hold an airline ticket, an identification, credit cards and cash while worn around a user's neck
Rail-track display box
Writing utensil case
Cosmetic and utility kit
Mechanized hair wrapping apparatus
Dual compartment compact with mirror
Devices and methods for dispensing
Dual cosmetic applicator unit
Bar-like paint delivering container
Portable mirror
Paint and paintbrush carrier
Hair clip
Layered clip
Kayak portage harness and method
Extendable waistbelt system
Fanny pack with inflatable lumbar support
Cable tie dispenser
Brush provided with retractable bristles to facilitate removal of tangled hair strands therefrom
Device and method for applying a product to keratinous material
Rotary positioning table
Collapsible music stand
Keyboard support with retractable auxiliary support platforms
Fastening device
Skate for use with a floor track storage system
Assembly railed formed out of at least one profile element
Multi-purpose storing and organizing assembly
Support structure and method of assembly thereof
Cabinet assembly and drawer limiting device therefore
Extractable rack for cabinets equipped with protection bearing cover for slide guides
Drawer sliding structure
Rack mount assembly
Workstation with adjustable height frame
Corner padding attachment device
Adjustable support
Gliding chair unit with left and right safety shields
Resin molded folding chair
Tensional seat support arrangement for collapsible chair
Collapsible tubular rocking chair having occupant-launching means
Torsional energy joint for seating unit
Inflatable lumbar support
Microvalve controller for pneumatically contoured support
Support with adjustable arch, especially a lumbar support for any type of seat or bed
Baby rocking chair frame
Adjustable frame of rocker
Booster seat
Child activity center, entertainment system, and components thereof
Banana bunch support and suspension device
Support device for supporting frames and other objects from a structure
Structural fixture assembly and method of making same
Modular merchandising display connector
Hair band holder
System and method for monitoring a bag supply in a self-checkout station
Multi-layer platter apparatus
Removable foodstuff container holder
Apparatus for holding container in inverted configuration
Automated methods and devices for removing a size indicator from a garment hanger having a removable size indicator
Centrifugal juice extractor
Device for producing milk froth for cappuccino
Hot beverage maker with cup-actuated dispenser
Ceramic valve
Portable expansion barbecue grill apparatus
Pancake cooking pan with flat cooking surface
Compact cooking tool apparatus
Container for wet wipes
Method and apparatus for cleaning the interior of a channel of a medical instrument
Surgical stapler
Fluid delivery device for use with anastomosing stapling, and resecting instruments
Procedures to prevent Alzheimer's or enhance recovery from brain damage by use of procedures that enhance REM sleep
Organ shields for medical procedures
Hand, wrist and forearm device patients during surgery
Autoclavable and resealable endo file container
Package having visual indicator
Kit and method for use during ventricular restoration
Adaptive wavefront modulation system and method for ophthalmic surgery
Secure wheel locking system
Spinal treatment table with length adjustable contoured spinal support
Method of providing a therapeutic regimen and prefabricated container therefor
Filling device for a needleless injector cartridge
Resealable medical transfer set
Breast simulating nursing system
Aerosol generator having a multiple path heater arrangement and method of use thereof
Aerosol generator having inductive heater and method of use thereof
Method and an apparatus for providing a constant medicine dose for an inhalic application at low inhalic flow
Inhaler assistive device
Powder formulation disintegrating system and method for dry powder inhalers
Method and device for delivering aerosolized medicaments
Method and apparatus for determining a zero gas flow state in a bidirectional gas flow conduit
Belaying descending device for climbing or mountaineering
Antiviral and antibacterial respirator mask
Method and device for preventing distribution of fire gases in a ventilating system
Protective bat cover
Method of manufacturing a curved metal plate, and golf club head
Base seat of golf bag
Snowboard system
Game piece with adjustable center of gravity
Magnetic table hockey
Toy ball game with play mechanism
Interactive treasure hunt game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods and apparatus to generate liquid ambulatory oxygen from an oxygen concentrator
Meniscus membranes for separations
Acoustic wave micromixer using fresnel annular sector actuators
Aerator and wastewater treatment system
Process and apparatus for making sheet of fibers using a foamed medium
Non-mechanical valves for fluidic systems
Microfluidic viscometer
Shredder which can shred small media
Method of recovery of precious metals & heavy minerals
Device and method for separating minerals, carbon and cement additives from fly ash
Liquid dispensing pump
Pump having a decompression device
Modular color changer
Electrostatic spray device
Self-adjusting blade
Collapsible dispensing system
Wafer cleaning
Hand tool having a vibration device
Methods for cleaning microelectronic substrates using ultradilute cleaning liquids
Device for injecting a product at a predetermined location of a moving object
System and method for reducing the pressure drop in fluids produced through production tubing
Chimney flashing fabrication tool
Device for bending an extremity of a torsional spring
Rotary device for a rivet setting machine
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semi-solidified metal
Injection method for melted metals
Air releasing check structure of metal injecting machine
Method and apparatus for manufacturing supercharger rotor
Grooved refractory pouring tube for metallurgical casting, assembly of refractory components, casting installation and process for repairing the surface of a refractory component
Radiator fin formed by sintering operation
Tool holder having a clamp plate for transmitting clamping forces from a clamping arm to a cutting insert
Hand held rotary-percussion tool with an electronic depth stop
Deep hole drill
Planographic printing plate machining device, planographic printing plate machining method and planographic printing plate
Cutting apparatus for window coverings and methods therefor
Band saw blade
Grinding attachment and saw-blade grinding machine with an HF spindle
Rubber cutting apparatus
Milling tool and insert, particularly thread milling cutter
Liquid-solid rolling bonding method for different kinds of metals and the apparatus therefor
Structure of soldering iron tip
Automatic fastener apparatus and method
Universal combined milling and boring machine
Tool, tool holder, and machine tool
Machine tool
Actuator system for positioning a workpiece
Optimized band saw feed speed system
Magnetically stabilized precision table and load-carrying bearings
High speed manufacturing system
Variable speed ratchet wrench and method of use
Tool with fastener engaging member
System for installing chains on vehicle tires
Wafer clamping mechanism
Attachment for a percussive tool
Nail pulling cam
Handle for hand tool
Pivotal leg assembly
Tool rack organizer
Display hanger
Aroma therapy delivery system
Sheet cutter
Method and apparatus for cutting a compressible material having an uncompressed thickness greater than a radius of a wheel cutter
Method and system for cutting puzzle cut petals in belts
Method and apparatus for scrap removal from rotary dies
Water jet edge cutter with integral trim chute
Device and process for thermally cutting a moving web of textile material
Process for the manufacturing of joining profiles
Wood tie end plating machine
Electric stapler
Rotating shearing machine for the production of sheared wooden pieces from logs and having log inclination movement
System for shutting-off and relieving the pressure in a liquid supply line
Wide field spherical lenses and protective eyewear
Twin-screw continuous kneading apparatus and kneading method using the same
Cover for an airbag module
Roll baler
Device for the production of multi-ply web material with different size and density patterns on different plies
Composite energy absorber
Screen printing stencil production
Web-fed rotary printing machine
Sheet-fed printing press with screen-printing cylinder
Turning or reversing device with a storage device for flat or sheet-like material
Device for aligning sheets in a feeder of a sheet-processing machine, especially a printing press
Ink blade adjusting mechanism having shape memory material actuator
Controlling media curl in print-zone
Printing apparatus, print control apparatus, and method for use in those apparatuses
Controlling vacuum flow for ink-jet hard copy apparatus
Image printing apparatus, control method therefor, storage medium and program
Printing by switching sub-scan feeding between monochromatic area and color area
Apparatus and method for transporting print media through a printzone of a printing device
Vacuum drums for printing, and duplex printers
Thermal printer unit and thermal printer
Thermal printer with loading aid
Ink jet imaging via coagulation on an intermediate member
Printing apparatus with measuring circuit for diagnosis of condition of each electromechanical transducer
Continuous ink jet printing with improved drop formation
Ink supply structure for inkjet printhead
Liquid drop jet head, ink cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet recording head and ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet head containing a carbon member
Ink jet nozzle arrangement configuration
Ink jet print head and method of production thereof
Ink jet head and printing apparatus
Ink-jet recording method
Ink jet head unit and ink jet printing apparatus incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for adaptive servicing of inkjet printers
Wiping fluid spray system for inkjet printhead
Ink jet recording apparatus
Reducing printhead servicing noise
Seal member for ink jet cartridge
Septum seal plug used in inkjet cartridge
Graded capillarity structures for passive gas management, and methods
Image forming apparatus
Symptomatic reduction of banding artifacts
Supporting structure of an armature of a wire dot printer head
Method and apparatus for maintaining colour sequence when printing
Multiple orientation image forming device and carriage for use with same
Ink jet printhead chip with nozzle arrangements incorporating spaced actuating arms
Inkjet printing composition
Apparatus and method of delivering signatures to a binding line
Gift card form and method of fabrication
Report folder
Drawable and/or traceable carriers
Sleeve for holding digital video discs and graphics
Cap positioning construction
Light-emitting pen with a light-emitting body at a middle section of a pen tube
Novelty devices with flashing light feature
Bearing apparatus for wheel
Apparatus for supporting automotive tires
Wheel cover retention apparatus
Securing member for a wheel cover
Heavy load pneumatic radial tire
Heavy load bearing tire having tread including at least one incision
Apparatus for measuring race car tire stagger
Pneumatic tires and method of making
Non-pneumatic spare tire
Air-spring assembly
Magnetorheological fluid-controlled vehicle suspension damper
Axle assembly
Sealing device between a partition and a fitting set in front of an opening formed in the partition
Automotive coolant control valve
Window screen assembly for vehicle
Side visor fastener
Sun shade
Retractable cover for small vehicles
Supplemental sun visor system for automotive vehicle
Shade device for a transparent roof element
Roof that can be retracted into the trunk of a vehicle
Convertible vehicle with through-openings for linkage elements
Retractable hard top system for convertible car
Roof module for a vehicle
Guide device for a cover of a motor vehicle roof
Fuel tank ventilation system and method for substantially preventing fuel vapor emissions
Fueling device
Fuel and reductant delivery system
Coupling device
Driving force distributing apparatus
Driving state switching unit with synchro-mechanism
Working vehicle
Structure of seat cushion frame in vehicle seat
Drive which acts on both sides and for use in adjusting devices in motor vehicles
Vehicle seat
Console box structure
Motor vehicle seat
Exterior vehicle ashtray system
Winch of a lashing rope
Tip-up light bar assembly
Replaceable LED lamp capsule
Vehicle mirror device
Panel driving device
Impact absorbing truck grille guard
Restraint system
Non-safety vehicle systems control using occupant classification
Method of determining the load on a vehicle occupant
Energy absorbing assembly
Vehicle steering wheel
Air bag device
Coupling for a belt retractor with a belt tensioner
Seat assembly having a seat repositioning device and an associated method
Four-point seat belt having central load limiter
Golf cart anti-theft device
Smart card system for heavy vehicles
Step platform and ball hitch assembly
Step structure for vehicles
Vehicle cargo compartment liner
Container assembly
Storage apparatus for a vehicle panel closure
Deployable roof mounted equipment rack for tall vehicles
Variably configurable securement arrangement in a load carrier
Wheel hub for vehicles
Electric brake actuator
Vacuum booster rear bearing
Rotational sensor mechanical limiter for automatic calibration
Method and device for modeling a hydraulic system and brake force regulating system
Vacuum brake booster with mechanical emergency braking aid
Method for detecting output-stuck fault of car body acceleration sensor, apparatus for detecting output-stuck fault of car body acceleration sensor, and anti-lock braking system for car
Railcar draft gear assembly and system
Device for setting symmetry in a railway switch system
Removable bidirectional skis for trailers and the like
Stroller having wheel-carrying front and rear legs and a handle foldable relative to one another to result in minimum storage space
Bogie wheel carrier
Vehicle having structure for preventing entry of water drops into engine compartment thereof
Radiator core support structure of motor vehicle
Service vehicle
Trailer having improved side wall
Method and apparatus for extending a length of a lift gate
Flare module truck sleeper cab assembly
Steer-by-wire system with first and second steering actuators
System and method of controlling a steering wheel feel of a vehicle steering wheel assembly
Flexibly coupled electric power assist steering system
Power steering system
Rack and pinion steering gear with powdered metal bushing
Method and apparatus for suppressing vibration in vehicle a steering system
Adjustable fifth wheel hitch with improved locking mechanism
Track tension adjustment management actuator
Container dolly with multi-purpose handle
Bicycle computer control arrangement and method
Bicycle head tube and ball bearing mounting arrangement
Vehicle handlebar grip
Gear selection device for a variable gear mechanism, especially for a bicycle drive train
Method of forming a body frame structure for a four-wheeled buggy
Combination engine compartment cover and privacy enclosure
Tension leg and method for transport, installation and removal of tension legs pipelines and slender bodies
System for controlling a marine seismic array
Method of establishing and/or operating a bore well in a seabed and a drilling vessel for use in connection therewith
Engine for planing boat
Foam maintenance center for personal watercraft
Regulator for diving
Linear medium pulling and retrieval system
System for deploying cable
Port security barrier system
Aircraft with a detachable passenger escape cabin and an aircraft with airbags
System and method for actively manipulating and controlling fluid flow over a surface
Releasable control yoke anchor system for kite
Contiguous variable camber device
Device for the attachment of an engine to an aircraft
Thermal management valve with drop-tight shutoff of return to tank
Acceleration system
Aircraft tire chock
Unfolding joint for satellite solar generators
Minimum energy wheel configurations for energy storage and attitude control
Inertial control and measurement system
Device for feeding objects piece by piece
Drum assembly for dispensing a plurality of fluids
Brush wiper and holder for paint can
Torquing-limiting apparatus
Bottle cap having tear tab and sealing bead
Paperboard box with removable identifying indicia
Child resistant overcap for oval container
Supplement compartment for beverage container
Hand-held adhesive tape dispenser
Packing tape composition and packing method using the packing tape composition
Bottom draining tank with disposable liner and method
Container for keeping filled bottles cool
Container-applicator for fluid products particularly for cosmetic or pharmaceutical use
Device for storing and a controlled delivery of a pressurized product
Cigarette pack
Locator for a material sheet
Compact disc package system and methods for packaging the same
Recycling container and method of manufacture
Split belt modules in modular conveyer belts
Enclosed belt conveyor assembly
Mounting and removing a continuous conveyor belt
Scraper bias apparatus
Product dispenser
Method and device for conveying objects
Device for the automated handling and interim buffering of manufacturing components
Transfer system for conveying LCD glass substrate
Delivery for a sheet-processing machine with a braking and smoothing machanism
Document alignment mechanism for currency recycling automated banking machine
Method and apparatus for dismantling a stack of flat objects piece by piece
Offset device for an on-edge stacking apparatus
Mark transfer tool and mark transfer tape
Folding apparatus for napkin stacks having two-color sequences
Method and apparatus for separating image-bearing media
Sheet conveyor system
Wire puller
Device for collecting yarns on conical reels with compensation of the fluctuations of the yarn take-up speed
Coupling arrangement for coupling a motor to a hoist machine
Automatically illumination control device of an elevator display screen
Beverage chiller
Hazardous area power interlock
Automatic truck tank fill system
Variable geometry mirror having high-precision, high geometry controllability
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods of cementing in subterranean zones penetrated by well bores using biodegradable dispersants
Blasting connector block
Method of generating heat and vibration in a subterranean hydrocarbon-bearing formation
Ball bearing
Rolling bearing component
Method of loading a sputter pallet
Apparatus and method for depositing large area coatings on non-planar surfaces
Cutting insert with wear detection
Sliding member and method of manufacturing thereof
Boundary layer control of aerodynamic airfoils
Textiles; Paper
Decorative wire ribbon bow
Sewing machine having a means for setting a sewing working device to a predetermined optimum set value
Method and device to stretch socks in boarding machines
Apparatus for dispensing rinse water additive in an automatic washing machine
Equipment and method in handling of doctor blades for a paper/cardboard machine
Fixed Constructions
Roller compacted concrete paving sealing method
Concrete extraction system
Exhaust damper system for asphalt heating device
Method for correcting the roughness of pavement
Structure having an insulated support assembly
Post for a queue management system
Collapsible traffic barricade and safety marker
Piering device with adjustable helical plate
Block with multifaceted bottom surface
Nondestructive system for adjusting manhole and catch-basin elevations
Cover apparatus for an access opening
Fill and compaction roller using replaceable cleat assemblies with extended service life
Hydraulic circuits for tree-harvesting knuckle booms
Pumping station with efficiency increasing and backflow preventing structure
Method and apparatus for prefabricating modular structural members
Roof-removing shovel apparatus
Ladder standoff device
Guiding means at a joint
Portable well head work platform
System for providing enhanced systems management, such as in branch banking
Waterproof structure of tent
Detachable means for instant setup foldable tent
Extensible barrier
Mounting clip with locking feature
Apparatus for controlling access to a plurality of drawers
Door latching mechanism
Latch assembly
Window covering height adjustment apparatus and method using fixed position rotor
Screen frame having corners under compression
Ladder and associated method for securing same to object
Auger tool for boring
Sand screen with communication line conduit
Wedgethread pipe connection
Guide tube of a drill string configured to facilitate unscrewing thereof from a member of the drill string
Method and apparatus for removing fluids from drill cuttings
Downhole anti-rotation tool
Downhole tool with port isolation
In situ reactor
Core stabilization apparatus and method therefor
Packer retriever
Power system for a well
Downhole packer system utilizing electroactive polymers
Flow completion system
Tubing hanger shuttle valve
Downhole oil and gas well heating system and method
Method and system for management of by-products from subterranean zones
Spectral power ratio method and system for detecting drill bit failure and signaling surface operator
Method of accurate trenchless installation of underground pipe
Method and apparatus for secondary roof support in an underground mine
Multiple tier stopping and method of constructing stopping
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary type fluid machine, vane type fluid machine, and waste heat recovering device for internal combustion engine
Reduced shock transonic airfoil
Sealing system for a rotor of a turbo engine
Labyrinth seal for disc turbine
Seal element for sealing a gap and combustion turbine having a seal element
Variable stator vane support arrangement
Cooled gas turbine blade
Anisotropic support damper for gas turbine bearing
Bi-directional oil scoop for bearing lubrication
Moving blades for steam turbine
Hydraulic cylinder deactivation with rotary sleeves
Control device for switching intake and exhaust valves of internal combustion engines
Variable valve mechanism for an engine
Solenoid valve
Valve opening/closing timing control apparatus and method
Pressure control valve with flow recovery
Method and device for controlling a gas fill of cylinders of an internal combustion engine
Method for controlling an electromechanical actuator for a fuel air charge valve
Hydraulic damper for an electromechanical valve
Exhaust muffler for a fuel-operated heating device
Sound barrier layer for insulated heat shield
Muffler exhaust stack
Attachment for a vacuum pump
Intake system for the combustion air of an internal combustion engine in a portable handheld work apparatus
System for determining the effectiveness of a catalytic coating on a radiator in a motor vehicle
Internal combustion engine with regenerator
Snowmobile cooling system
Injection control pressure strategy during activation of an engine retarder
Secondary cooling system for a vehicular intake booster
Engine lubrication system
Engine with controlled auto-ignition
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Control device for direct-injection spark-ignition engine and method of setting fuel injection timing of the same
Fuel injection apparatus for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control device for a diesel engine
Fuel injection system method and apparatus using oxygen sensor signal conditioning to modify air/fuel ratio
Air flow measuring device formed integrally with electronically controlled throttle body
Cylinder head for a plurality of cylinders
Cylinder head gasket
Vapor fueled engine
Blow-by gas ventilation system for engine
Exhaust gas regulator including an overmolded housing
Regulated linear purge solenoid valve
Silencing apparatus, notably for a turbo engine
Fuel injection valve
Injection nozzle
Pressure regulator
Starter protective device
Turbine apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of reciprocating motor compressor
Unloading valve
Submersible pump system
Do-it-yourself ceiling fan with ceiling lamp
Auto movable electric fan
Device for controlling the output of rotary compressors
Fan with adjustable mount
Pneumatic driving device for micro fluids wherein fluid pumping is governed by the control of the flow and direction of incident plural gas streams
Device for removing fluid from a container
Hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic actuator
Control valve means and furthermore a valve suitable for use as a component thereof
Asymmetric bidirectional flow device
Position-adjustable fastening apparatus and method
Combination seal ring encoder
Linear motion guide unit with separator between any two adjoining rolling elements
Bearing cage and rolling bearing having the same
Cylindrical roller bearing with preload capability
Sealing device for rolling bearings
Walk-behind implement having wrap spring wheel clutches
Brake shoe mounting system for a vehicle brake assembly
Dynamic damper
Vibration damping device, in particular torsional vibration damper and process for controlling hysteresis
Adjustable tuned mass damper
Device for increasing shock absorption
Reconnectable breakaway rope safety connector
Ball screw
Locked differential improvements
Lightweight bearing and wave gear drive
Cylinder head gasket
Metal plate gasket
Ring groove for oil ring with coil expander of piston
In-line valve arrangement for fire suppression water sprinkler system
Reduced-length sleeve valve
Valve opening/closing drive device
Fuel injection valve
Ported slide gate valve with gate motion to break scale build up
Manifold valve position indicator and operator alerting system
Top-entry ball valve assembly having camming surfaces
Pinch valve
Flexible tube for vacuum system
Remotely operable misalignment coupling device
Reduced area gaskets
Clamp for wire harness
Pipe support
Connection block with clip
Interference coupling for a hose
Preloaded squnch connector
Non-rotating quick connector for lawn sprinklers
Socket and plug attachment mechanism for tube joint
Hose-in-hose coupler
Drainage valve pipe tap assembly
Methods and systems for installing cable and conduit in pipelines
Tiltable table
Collapsible satellite dish antenna mount
Heat dissipating laptop computer stand with adjustable tilt
Dual hook clamp
Flashlight with a connecting device for connecting lamp terminals of a lamp unit to a barrel and a battery unit
Flexible rod light and manufacturing method thereof
Ceiling fixture
Lamp fastening structure for three-dimensional ornamental lights
Lighting unit with mounting mechanism
Integral worklight
Illuminating spotlight projector and lighting installation with offset light source
Floored impact-type solids separator using downward expanding separator elements
Direct-fired heater
Portable oven
Hot water heater
Installation structure for display unit of refrigerator
Cooling apparatus boiling and condensing refrigerant
Heat exchanger
Cooling apparatus
Plate type heat exchanger
Heat exchanger exchange-tube cleaning lance positioning system
Method of reconfiguring a firearm receiver system for receiving magazine-fed ammunition and belt-fed ammunition
Revolving ammunition magazine
Vibration dampening device
Shaft clamping arrow rest
Cable lift arrow rest
Wall protecting device
Device for exerting drag
Remote hazardous devices interdiction process and apparatus
Capacitive fuses for missiles
Vibrating gyroscope
Moving target flow meter
Flow and pressure sensor for harsh fluids
Clamp-on gas flowmeter
Ultrasonic flowmeter and manufacturing method thereof
Constant-temperature-difference bidirectional flow sensor
Thermal flowmeter with fluid descriminant function
Level metering device working on the guided microwave principle, comprising a single-wire line and specific connection piece, and connection piece for a level metering device of this type
Ceramic resistor card assembly for fuel sensor
Level sensing safety device functionable in fall-over position
Flowmeter for measuring extremely low fuel mass flows
Single-fiber multi-color pyrometry
Pressure-measuring cell with a temperature sensor
Multicomponent measuring wheel
Pressure sensing apparatus having pressure pulse dampener
Portable digital oxygen leak detector
Variable eccentric rheometer system
Apparatus for testing co-efficient of friction of a road surface
Vehicle performance evaluation test method and apparatus
Acoustic transit time measuring system
Method for evaluating the resilience of a welded assembly and corresponding analysis apparatus measuring the speeds of ultrasonic surface waves
Bearing defect detection using time synchronous averaging (TSA) of an enveloped accelerometer signal
Rheometer for rapidly measuring small quantity samples
Device for and method of determining cut resistance of a material
Piezoelectric sensor
Method for the determination of local wave heights and acoustic sensor in marine seismic signals
Optical fiber array
Connector housing for fiber-optic module
Optical connector and printed circuit board assembly with movable connection
Optical subassembly and related methods for aligning an optical fiber with a light emitting device
Optical fiber winding apparatus and method
Multipurpose locking and fastening device
Custom eyeglass manufacturing method
Progressive multifocal ophthalmic lens with rapid power variation
Camera mechanism has substitute actuator to functionally replace failed primary actuator
Image display mechanism and image display device
Image recording apparatus with drum balancing
Pressure transducer
Method and apparatus for operating a thermostat to provide an automatic changeover
Visual and reading enhancement apparatus for thermostats and associated methods
System and method of operation of a digital mass flow controller
Control lever
System for snapping a periferal device to a circumferential edge of a pedestal
Radiating module
Self-positioning device for a keyboard
Computer keyboard
Integral keyboard and storage organizer
Passbook printer, passbook printer maintenance method, data processor, data processor maintenance method, and storage medium for printer operation control data
Card reading device having a multi-functional connector
Method and device for reading of a barcode on an article
Method and apparatus for optically reading information
Item tracking systems and real-time inventory management
Inventory control and point-of-sale system and method
Method and system for managing a transaction card account
Gaming cash management slip and method
Gaming machine with tool feature
Method and apparatus for personal identification, and automatic cash handling machine
Detachable and adjustable sound and feedback control device for stringed musical instruments having a hollow body with a sound hole
Multimedia storage case
Automatic separator and method to obtain circuits for microelectronics
Heat sink with enhanced heat spreading and compliant interface for better heat transfer
Pillar connections for semiconductor chips and method of manufacture
Image reading apparatus
Green phosphor converted light emitting diode
Optical cable installation with mini-bend reduction
Wire guide system
Guide sleeve for electric cable emerging from a tube
Orbiting blade coaxial cable cutter/stripper
Protective cover plate for temporarily covering an electrical outlet box
Underwater cable protection pipe
Cable storage box
Method and device for detecting and correcting chromatic aberrations in multicolor printing
Shock-absorbing device for a microphone stand
Continuous printing and mounting apparatus for film-like printing body
Fixing device for attaching an auxiliary card in a personal computer
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