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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of removing ticks from the skin and reducing the risk of bites
Process for forming shaped foods from fruit meal
Home carbonation method
Support for cooling a container
Office furniture system
Tray mechanism with automatic beverage holding device
Seat assembly having a multi-position head restraint assembly
Product dispensing apparatus and system
Curved bin for shelf
Free-standing, stackable cereal bowl with elevated trough
Cassette for receiving substrates
Suspension system for a ceiling mount of a surgical microscope
Container holder
Forward looking optical coherence tomography endoscope
Device for facilitating the medical examination of an orifice
Surgical access port and associated introducer mechanism
Surgical access device assembly
Fine needle arrangement for cell sampling
Tissue anchorable devices
Adapter driver for orthopaedic reamer
Articulating suturing device and method
Autologous wound sealing apparatus
Tibial guide for ACL repair having left/right docking configuration
Apparatus for use in arthroplasty on a knee joint
Method and apparatus for communication between humans and devices
Device for measuring intraocular pressure through an eyelid
Comprehensive neuromuscular profiler
Oral testing devices and methods
Detection of bubbles during hemodynamic monitoring when performing automated measurement of blood constituents
Ionic complex nanoparticles for detecting heparanase activities and method for preparing the same
Stressor sensor and stress management system
Medical event logbook system and method
Blood flow measuring and evaluating apparatus
Method and system for measuring pulmonary artery circulation information
Instant dental bridge
Orthodontic kit and methods for same
Occlusive transdermal therapeutic system with a non-occlusive backing layer
Quiet adhesive fastening system for a disposable absorbent article
Absorbent articles comprising a slow recovery stretch laminate and method for making the same
Self-expanding plastic stent
Balloon type stent system for treatment of obesity
Implantable medical devices comprising poly[l-lactide-co-(3,6-dialkyl-1,4-dioxane-2,5-dione)]
Balloon with wings for rotational stent
Stent delivery catheter system and method of implanting a self-expanding stent with embolic protection
Expandable spinal prosthesis
Stents with enhanced fracture toughness
Flexible, compressed intravaginal rings, methods of making and using the same, and apparatus for making the same
Therapeutic heating and cooling via temperature management of a colon-inserted dual balloon
Spider vein treatment apparatus
Mechanical drop traction apparatus
Methods and compositions for tissue regeneration
Antiestrogenic glyceollins suppress human breast and ovarian carcinoma proliferation and tumorigenesis
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising hGH for oral delivery
Identification of antigenic peptides from multiple myeloma cells
Antigen determinant of rheumatoid arthritis-specific autoantibody and use thereof
Ricin A chain mutants lacking enzymatic activity as vaccines to protect against aerosolized ricin
Live vaccine strains of Francisella
Method for identification, isolation and production of antigens to a specific pathogen
Prevention and treatment of gram negative, flagellated bacterial infections
Method for diagnosing and/or treating tumor
Methods of modulating and identifying agents that modulate intracellular calcium
Engineered anti-IL-13 antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Antibodies that bind OV064 and methods of use therefor
Stable formulations of highly concentrated recombinant human albumin-human granulocyte colony stimulating factor
Appetite suppressant product and method
S-triazine sunscreens bearing hindered para-aminobenzalmalonate/para-aminobenzalmalonamide and aminobenzoate/aminobenzamide substituents
Topical compositions of opioid antagonists and methods for treating skin conditions therewith
Therapeutic foam
Method for stabilizing phenylephrine
Solid oral dosage form containing an enhancer
Pharmaceutical moire pill
Quantitative liquid injection device of plasma sterilizer
Bowel management system
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling peritoneal dialysis therapy
Liner for use with a breast pump
System with a reservoir for perfusion management
Non-compliant medical balloon having a longitudinal fiber layer
One-hand operated drug mixing and expelling device
Support harness
System and apparatus for storage and use of dumbbells
Golf balls having at least two core layers formed from HNP compositions
Racquet handle assembly including a plurality of support members
Net frame assembly and anti-rebound system
Training device--lacrosse ball handling
Gaming system having large display and plural gaming machines
Method of playing a poker-type game
Random number selector device
Wagering method for games of chance including TruePlace and flat bet resolved concurrently
Game achievements system
Enhanced reel gaming system with touch controls
Gaming machine and game system
Performing Operations; Transporting
IC-processed polymer nano-liquid chromatoraphy system on-a-chip and method of making it
Rehabilitation method
Filter element for water loaded with solid particles and dissolved toxic substances and purification system equipped with said filter element
Cyclone with classifier inlet and small particle by-pass
Two phase reactor
Combination relief valve and filtration system
Treatment of flue gas from an oxyfuel combustion process
Capture of mercury from a gaseous mixture containing mercury
Optimized work exchanger system
Method and system to flush an RO system
Pool fitting with venturi
Multi-layer micro structure for sensing substance
Reformation of hydrogen-containing fluids in a cyclic flow reactor
Use of fluid aspiration/dispensing tip as a microcentrifuge tube
Apparatus, system, and method for compostable waste processing
Method for extracting zinc from aqueous ammoniacal solutions
Collapsible sluice box
Purification of metal-organic framework materials
Centrifugal separator with venturi arrangement
Systems and methods for forming components with thermal barrier coatings
Carbon-based thin film, and process for producing the same, and member using the thin film
Preshrunk solid hardwood floor
Method of producing ceramic foams
Method and apparatus for separating fines from rock
Inhibiting corrosion and scaling of surfaces contacted by sulfur-containing materials
Automatic cleaning system for solar panels and method thereof
Fine composite metal particles and their production method, micro-bodies, and magnetic beads
Laser weld cutter
Clamping device for adjoining board materials
Holster and belt clip assembly for a box cutter
Apparatus and method for forming a clay slab
Apparatus for dispensing visually attractive, freshly prepared extruded fat-based confectionery product with temporary flexibility having enhanced melt-in-the-mouth properties
Method for manufacturing a pants-type diaper
Device and a process for the production of sleeves
Image forming apparatus
Catheter and method of manufacturing same
Anti-theft and anti-corrosive tracking code method
Jamming detection method and sheet laminating apparatus using same
Inkjet printing apparatus
Gel maintenance cycle for a release agent application system
Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method
Liquid droplet ejection system and control program of ejection condition of compositions
Method for generating documents having stored electrostatic pattern information
Liquid discharge head substrate and manufacturing method thereof, and liquid discharge head using liquid discharge head substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Operating mechanism for an inkjet printer
Snap-in die mount assembly for inkjet printhead
Ink supply system for an inkjet printer
Multi-pass calibration in fixed printhead array printers
Coding and marking printing system
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method with stir mode for stir operation of ink tank
Inkjet recording apparatus and method, and abnormal nozzle detection method
Methods and apparatus to score book covers
Identification medium, identification method, and identification apparatus
Swing arm assembly
Coupling mechanism for headrest of vehicle seat
Drinking water dispensing system for automobiles and associated method
Fork lift for trucks, methods, and associated devices
Motor vehicle
Illuminated vehicle wheel with bearing seal slip ring assembly
Multifunction device
Front bumper arrangement for a truck for single or dual tow points
Integral protection removable system for motor vehicles without body shell
Airbag, airbag device and airbag exhausting method
Retractable cargo carrying device
Over cab extension kit
Automobile vehicle with a wiperless cleaning system for glazed surfaces and the like
Power brake system for a motor vehicle
Portable workstation
Stroller and seat assembly
Hinged rotatable binding system for snowboards
Connection between roof panel and side panel
Aerodynamic drag reduction device for a trailer
Wheel axle lifter
Watercraft drive
High torque aerial lift (HTAL)
Panel with impact protection membrane
Bag holder
Apparatus and a method for the provision of activated indicators for product marking and a product marking
Cooking article with folding handle
Shirt boxes and arrangements of articles of clothing therein
Insert and envelope assembly
Trash collection and removal system
Self-venting container having a lid that remains attached to a base during venting
Device housing
Carrier tapes having tear-initiated cover tapes and methods of making thereof
Quantitative and qualitative analysis apparatus for measuring the body fluid
Infant drinking cup
Method and apparatus for conveying a cigarette stream in a controlled manner
Chain conveyor apparatus
System for processing articles
Apparatus for extracting and delivering articles in amounts of uniform size
Image forming apparatus
Motion quality by handoff force control between upstream and downstream transports
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalyst for the oxidation of SO.sub.2 to SO.sub.3
Hydrolysis reactor for hydrogen production
Embedded nanoparticle films and method for their formation in selective areas on a surface
Process for solubilizing, reducing and fixing hexavalent chromium contained in chromite ore processing residue into trivalent chromium
Method and apparatuses for connecting sanitizing and other devices to water lines
Removal of selenium in contaminated wastewater streams
System and method for sewage and wastewater treatment
Method for manufacturing fine concave-convex pattern and sheet for manufacturing fine concave-convex pattern
Additive composition for mortars, cements and joint compounds and cementitious compositions made therefrom
Method for crosslinking beta-cyclodextrin for cholesterol trapping and regeneration thereof
Method of ultraviolet light assisted surface modification and product having a surface formed by this method
Fluorine-substituted perylenes for colour filters in LCDS
Slurry for prevention of sewer corrosion using mixtures of magnesium hydroxide and/or titanium dioxide and sodium hydroxide via the crown spray process
Smectic aerogel and method for production thereof
Liquid pigment dispersion and curative agents
Apparatus including hydrofluoroether with high temperature stability and uses thereof
Method and device for the coking of high volatility coal
Crucible for master alloying
Automobile high-strength electric resistance welded steel pipe with excellent low-temperature impact properties and method of manufacturing the same
High strain rate forming of dispersion strengthened aluminum alloys
Method for forming a metal pattern on a substrate
Zeolite containing wash coats for adsorber heat exchangers and temperature controlled adsorbers
Erosion resistant cermet linings for oil and gas exploration, refining and petrochemical processing applications
Fast recycling process for ruthenium, gold and titanium coatings from hydrophilic PEM fuel cell bipolar plates
Methods and systems for three-dimensional integrated circuit through hole via gapfill and overburden removal
Method of surface treatment of metal base material
Method for growing aluminum nitride crystal, process for producing aluminum nitride crystal, and aluminum nitride crystal
Textiles; Paper
Transparent, reinforced, composite fiber and articles made therefrom
Method and installation for the combination of plies forming an absorbent sheet
Fixed Constructions
Storm water filter systems
Strut clamp
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Non-collinear valve actuator
Aircraft fluid diversion inlet louver
Vibration damper
Ceramic matrix composite structure
Air cooled turbine airfoil with sequential impingement cooling
Electrical bridge in fuel injectors
Injector for engine
Rotary-type fluid machine
Pressure measurement device and method for determining wind force at wind energy installations
Modular wind-driven electrical power generator and method of manufacture
Fuel supply device
Pressure driven pumping system
Scroll pump with an electromagnetic drive mechanism
Heat transfer device in a rotating structure
Slide bearing
Connecting assembly with securing ring
Universal joint
Wheel bearing device, method of assembling wheel bearing device, assembly configured by wheel bearing device and drive shaft, and method of assembling assembly
Hydrodynamic coupling
Vibration isolator
Shock absorber housing
Transmission controller for continuously variable transmission system
Electromagnetically actuated valve
Portable and adjustable stand
All-in-one tripod/monopod
Vehicle seat, manufacturing process for such a vehicle seat, and machine for implementing the manufacturing process
Solid-state light bulb
Lighting system for appliance
Light source module
Illumination device for an aircraft
Edgelit panel with curvilinear light extracting deformities
Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Biochemical treatment device with dispensing unit
Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous sensor apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for electrochemical analysis
Ascorbate monitoring and control system
Apparatus and method for automated visual distortion adjustments for a portable projection device
Projector apparatus and method of controlling the color fluctuation of the light
Dual lamp illumination system and its varifocal light-mixing device
Information reading apparatus
RFID tag for metallic materials
Dynamic identity matching in response to threat levels
Hand-supportable digital-imaging based code symbol reading system supporting motion blur reduction using an accelerometer sensor
System for processing financial transactions in a self-service library terminal
System and method for independent verification of circulating bank notes
Sheet product dispenser
Obstetrics simulation and training method and system
Lightguides having light extraction structures providing regional control of light output
Fabrication method and fabrication apparatus of head using near field light
Lamp assembly
Plasma generation controlled by gravity-induced gas-diffusion separation (GIGDS) techniques
Microfluidic-based lab-on-a-test card for a point-of-care analyzer
Card edge connector
Bi-directional CPA member to prevent unmating of multiple connectors
Receptacle connector
Contact element
Process for producing roller for electrophotography
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Crop row segmentation by K-means clustering for a vision guidance system
Electronic endoscope system
Computer aided acquisition of medical images
System and method of medical imaging having task and/or patient size dependent processing
Method and device for making radiographic images
Method and apparatus for clinical trials
System and method for intensity modulated radiation therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for inspecting ventilation or air-conditioning conduits, or other types of conduits
Arc-machining power supply with switching loss reducing element
Pattern generator using EUV
Electrostatic chuck
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus capable of preventing deterioration of transmission characteristic
Thermal head, thermal head unit, and method of manufacture thereof
Multi-beam source unit, adjusting method for same, positioning jig for same, assembling method for same, and image forming apparatus having same
Image exposure apparatus
Density unevenness suppressing image forming apparatus and method
Method for recognizing a color of a printing ribbon and ribbon format thereof
Passive electrostatic shielding structure for electrical circuitry and energy conditioning with outer partial shielded energy pathways
Sonobuoy deployment method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Integrated dual source recycling system for chemical oxygen-iodine laser weapon systems
Organic light emitting materials and devices
Amplifier gain error
Coated metal articles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fault condition protection
Waveguide based parallel multi-phaseshift interferometry for high speed metrology, optical inspection, and non-contact sensing
Method for monitoring the rate of etching of a semiconductor
Method and device for measuring the thickness of a layer
Common path interferometer for spectral image generation
Method and apparatus for high resolution monitoring of optical signals
Rapid depth scanning optical imaging device
Apparatus and method for measuring optical activity
Transmission-type extrinsic fabry-perot interferometric optical fiber sensor
Electromagnetic mark device for a magnetism encoder
Optical spectrum analyzer and optical spectrum detecting method
Heterodyne based optical spectrum analysis with reduced data acquisition requirement
Optical sensor for opaque and non-opaque materials
Method for inspecting objects particularly for detecting defects or irregularities therein by means of X-radiation and apparatus for performing the method
Method of and system for correcting scatter in a computed tomography scanner
Disconnection detecting circuit detecting disconnection based on a change in detection signal
Magnetic head with conductors formed on endlayers of a multilayer film having magnetic layer coercive force difference
Optical scanning device
Method for directional location and locating system
Wide-angle lens system
Zoom lens
Reading optical system
Viewing optical system and image pickup optical system and apparatus using the same
Confocal microscopy apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for ROI-scan with high temporal resolution
Numerical aperature increasing lens (nail) techniques for high-resolution sub-surface imaging
Microscopic image apparatus for converting infrared light into visible light
Binocular device and method utilizing monocular devices
Active tuning of a torsional resonant structure
Multiplexed optical scanner technology
Optical scanning device
Laser imaging apparatus
Optical system for creating colored fields of light and components therefor
Image display apparatus having rotationally asymmetric phase distribution
Optical pickup apparatus, objective lens, apparatus for reproducing and/or recording optical information recording medium
Apparatus and method for low dispersion in communications
Method of temperature compensation for interleaver
Method and apparatus for illuminating a display
Conductive member grid array interface for mirror array drive apparatus
Surface emitting laser and photodiode, manufacturing method therefor, and optoelectric integrated circuit using the surface emitting laser and the photodiode
Optical pulse observing device
Optical modulator
Group-velocity mismatch compensation for optical signal processing
Method for recording and viewing stereoscopic images in color using multichrome filters
Laser interferometer displacement measuring system, exposure apparatus, and electron beam lithography apparatus
Reversible image display medium
Control method of an electrophotographic record apparatus and image formation apparatus including controlling developing bias and photoconductor surface potential
Memory device for an image forming apparatus storing characteristics information about a process cartridge detachably attachable to the apparatus
Holographic display element and method of making the same
Timepiece movement
Calendar timepiece
Distributed real-time operating system providing dynamic guaranteed mixed priority scheduling for communications and processing
Voltage generation circuit for selectively generating high and negative voltages on one node
Temperature-compensated output buffer circuit
Built-up microcomputer
Computer system including speaker-antenna assembly
Electronic system having electronic apparatus with built-in heat generating component and cooling apparatus to cool the electronic apparatus
Switch protection apparatus
Electronic apparatus for obtaining pickup data
Associative type computers
Card extraction and separation system
Cooling plate arrangement for electronic components
System and method for storing parity information in fuses
Transaction routing system
Information processing method, information processing apparatus, and recording medium
Method of utilizing variable data fields with a page description language
System and method for distributing print jobs
Distributed MUX scheme for bi-endian rotator circuit
Device and method of printing data in multiple copies
Multiple simultaneous access
Method, system and apparatus for calibrating a pulse position modulation (PPM) decoder to a PPM signal
Transponder and injection-molded part and method for manufacturing same
Wireless telephone for acquiring data encoded in bar code indicia
Cellular telephone for acquiring data encoded in bar code indicia
Automatic training of layout parameters in a 2D image model
Process and device for detection of straight-line segments in a stream of digital data that are representative of an image in which the contour points of said image are identified
Pattern recognizing apparatus and method
Method and system for navigating from day to month in an electronic calendar
Quantization table adjustment
Image segmentation
Method and system for normalizing a plurality of signals having a shared component
Signal processing apparatus
Machine vision methods and systems for boundary feature comparison of patterns and images
Motion detection circuit and a noise suppressing circuit including the same
Motion estimation method and apparatus for interrupting computation which is determined not to provide solution
Method and apparatus for compression and decompression of data
Method and system for generating image compression quantization matrices
Image coding without coding clipped regions
Image coding/decoding method and recording medium having program for this method recorded thereon
Distortion quantizer model for video encoding
Object-based digital image predictive coding transfer method and apparatus
Video encoding
Smart card reader and transaction system
Combustible gas detector and method for operating same
Method and system for displaying an image on a screen
Light modulating element array and method of driving the light modulating element array
Method and system for providing an embedded application toolbar
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information providing medium
Audio reproduction apparatus having audio modulation function, method used by the apparatus, remixing apparatus using the audio reproduction apparatus, and method used by the remixing apparatus
Call waiting notification
High-density information storage apparatus using electron emission and methods of writing, reading and erasing information using the same
Optical storing apparatus and reproducing method for correcting read errors
Recording-medium holder insertion detection apparatus
Perpendicular signal equalization and timing recovery using Hilbert transform
Data reproduction apparatus and method
Parallel coded spread spectrum communication for data storage
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Information access device, information access method, and information storage medium access system
Disc drive head slider with recessed landing pads
Method for controlling a spin motor in a disk drive during cleaning and read/write operations
Low profile and medium protecting cartridge assembly
Cartridge in which disk is stored
System and method for visually indicating usage of magnetic tape cartridges
Magnetic tape cartridge for housing a reel
Information recording method and apparatus
Optical recording medium, optical recording and reproducing device, and recording and reproducing method for the optical recording medium
Disk apparatus and information processing system discriminative plural external electronic appliances
Resonance screen with varying frequency and controllable gain booster
Information record medium on which audio information differing in recording methods are recorded and apparatus for reproducing the same
Method and apparatus for reading down-level tapes having distorted media
Partitioning disc drive read/write electronics to improve data transfer performance
Thin film magnetic head with base coat and small pole-tip recess
Perpendicular write head with high magnetization pole material and method of fabricating the write head
Magnetic recording head and magnetic recording device
Perpendicular magnetic recording head having main magnetic pole layer formed on high-flatness surface of yoke layer, and method of manufacturing the head
Magnetic head and manufacturing method thereof and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Enhanced low profile magnet write head
Electrostatic protection for magnetic heads
Magnetic tape drive apparatus and magnetic head cleaning method
Write head fault detection circuit and method
Head suspension assembly with head amplifier IC
Rotatable actuator arm having an integral strut
Head stack assembly shipping comb with temporary locating feature for internal head disk assembly build process and disk drive manufactured using the same
Methods, apparatus and program products for determining off-track time shift estimates to be used in writing timing patterns on a storage medium
Pivot bearing assembly for compensating for disk drive actuator tilt
Head actuator for a data storage head having a low mass with lateral stiffness
Suspension load beam for disk drive actuator with notch for reducing spring rate
Disk drive using seek profile to enhance fly height control
Disk drive for writing micro-jog values along the centerline of a reserved track and for writing user data offset from the centerline of a data track
Apparatus and method for providing servo gain linearization for a magneto-resistive head
Method and apparatus for improved PES demodulation in the presence of thermal asperities
Method of simultaneously writing servo tracks on a hard disk drive
High density information recording medium and slider having rare earth metals
Automated servo control system
Method and apparatus for implementing high density recording on a recording medium and a method of manufacturing same
Optical recording medium having pre-formed land-prepits and method for producing same
Crosstalk removal apparatus and information reproduction apparatus
Recording medium and apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Objective lens-driving apparatus
Pickup control device for optical disk drive which adjusts loop gain or determines sample rate
Recording/reproducing apparatus for recording data in recording pits
Laser drive integrated circuit and optical disk apparatus using the same
Apparatus for generating seek direction detection signal
Optical head
Optical recording apparatus for recording information on a write-once disk or an erasable optical disk
Method and system for writing data in an MRAM memory device
Temperature dependent write current source for magnetic tunnel junction MRAM
Circuit for testing ferroelectric capacitor in FRAM
Programming a phase-change material memory
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device capable of switching output data width
Individual memory page activity timing method and system
Semiconductor memory device for providing address access time and data access time at a high speed
Reference cells with integration capacitor
High performance embedded semiconductor memory devices with multiple dimension first-level bit-lines
Semiconductor device
Static random access memory cell and method
Reference current generation circuit for multiple bit flash memory
Volumetric electro-optical recording
High reliability content-addressable memory using shadow content-addressable memory
Highly-integrated flash memory and mask ROM array architecture
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, production and operation method thereof
EEPROM flash memory erasable line by line
Dual reference cell for split-gate nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Gapless programming for a NAND type flash memory
Nonvolatile memory, IC card and data processing system
Analog storage semiconductor memory that uses plural write voltages and plural read voltages having different voltage levels
Flexible redundancy for memories
Circuits and methods for identifying a defective memory cell via first, second and third wordline voltages
Cubic memory array with diagonal select lines
Semiconductor memory device
Reference voltage generation for memory circuits
Sensing scheme for low-voltage flash memory
Bus interface circuit and receiver circuit
Method and apparatus for setting and compensating read latency in a high speed DRAM
Method for writing data bits to a memory array
First bit databurst firing of IO equilibrating ending signal based on column access signal
Semiconductor memory device with less data transfer delay time
Memory device having selectable clock input and method for operating same
Compiled variable internal self time memory
Semiconductor memory arrangement
Interleaved wordline architecture
Method of programming a plurality of memory cells connected in parallel, and a programming circuit therefor
Driver control circuit
Method for starting up and monitoring an apparatus for controlling a boiling water nuclear reactor
X-ray collimator and method of construction
Central office surge protector with interacting varistors
Top spin valve with improved seed layer
Film capacitor for high temperature applications
Flat capacitor having staked foils and edge-connected connection members
Non-symmetric capacitor with conductive adhesion layer for cathode
Electrolytes for capacitors
Isolating circuit breaker and circuit protection arrangement
Method of dissipating energy from a contactor coil
Control system for an electrostatically-driven microelectromechanical device
Method and apparatus for ellipsometric metrology for a sample contained in a chamber or the like
High density memory with storage capacitor
Cooling system for integrated circuit chip
Multiple compressor refrigeration heat sink module for cooling electronic components
Ground plane on 2 layer PBGA
High powered laser
Optical fiber amplifier device and communications system using the optical fiber amplifier device
Polarization and wavelength stable superflourescent sources
Organic vertical cavity phase-locked laser array device
Shared forward pumping in optical communications network
Multi-frequency Raman amplifier pump source
Laser oscillation apparatus
Resonating cavity system for broadly tunable multi-wavelength semiconductor lasers
Spread spectrum dither for locking to transmission peak in tunable laser
Digital electronic synchronization of ultrafast lasers
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser device
Widely tunable laser
Method of generating an optical signal with a tunable laser source with integrated optical amplifier
Micro-lens built-in vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser device
Double intracavity contacted long-wavelength VCSELs
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
High efficiency long lifetime sparker sources
Algorithm for detecting faults on electrical control lines
Charge/discharge protection circuit
AC to DC inverter for use with AC synchronous motors
Thermal compensation method and device for circuits with temperature-dependent current sensing elements
Dissipative clamping of an electrical circuit with a clamp voltage varied in response to an input voltage
Resonant switching power supply circuit with voltage doubler output
Battery-operated power supply unit
Rectifying circuit and switching power supply device having the same
Inverter control apparatus
Digital television receiver converting vestigial-sideband signals to double-sideband AM signals before demodulation
Signal processing system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Power module
Counter with non-uniform digit base
Dual mode clock alignment and distribution device
Phase lock loop (PLL) clock generator with programmable skew and frequency
Digital PLL circuit
Method and communication system for synchronizing two devices with a predeterminable data transmission method
Method of and system for one plus one protection for radio equipment
High resolution correlator technique for spread spectrum ranging system code and carrier multipath mitigation
System and method for ensuring operations of redundant signal paths in a communication system
Optical amplifiers with stable output power under low input power conditions
Variable gain optical amplifier and control method
Optical equalizer
Underwater telemetry apparatus and method
Constellation adjustment based on detected encoding and encoding conversion for modem connections
Spread spectrum clocking of digital signals
Method for providing echo control devices in communication links to intelligent peripherals
Mitigation of non-linear signal perturbations using truncated volterra-based non-linear echo canceler
Pure delay estimation
Heusristics for optimum beta factor and filter order determination in echo canceler systems
Line qualification with neural networks
CDMA signal transmission control
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
Multiple channel system for a twisted pair telephone wire local loop system
High-speed long code generation with arbitrary delay
Method for inverse multiplexing
Rate detection in direct sequence code division multiple access systems
Systems and methods for requesting packets for transmission over a wirless channel having a dynamically changing capacity due to a highly varibale delay
ARQ MAC for ad-hoc communication networks and a method for using the same
Configurable communication output redundancy
Method and system for conserving power and improving usability for personal computers with remote startup features
Apparatus and method for optimal conference call renegotiation in telephony over LAN systems
Bandwidth sharing method
Dynamic IP address allocation system and method
Multi-service network interface for FDM communications systems
Apparatus and methods for flow control of non-isochronous data
Detecting and counting node port loop initialization origination
Communication management control system, communication control unit therefor and computer program product
ATM-WAN audio communication selecting system
Method and system in a packet switching network for dynamically sharing the bandwidth of a virtual path connection among different types of connections
Quality of service based path selection for connection-oriented networks
Delay-locked admission control scheme in communications networks
Data communication circuit having FIFO buffer with frame-in-FIFO generator
Device with quality controllable SAR function by upper layer instruction, LSI unit and quality control method by upper layer instruction
Flexible threshold based buffering system for use in digital communication devices
Recoverable cut-through buffer and method
Sequence number ordering in a wireless communications system
Quality of service management in a packet data router having multiple virtual router instances
Architecture for high speed class of service enabled linecard
Routing system and method
Backup service managers for providing reliable network services in a distributed environment
Scalable switching fabric
Method for reassigning channels during transmission of IEEE-1394 isochronous data to external synchronous network and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for handling on-line escape in multiple-modem connections
Apparatus for frequency deviation estimation and method of estimating the same
Direct QAM modulator with digital feedback control and complex pre-equalization for phase and amplitude distortion
NEXT cancellation for modem pools
Programmable transmitter circuit for coupling to an ethernet or fast ethernet
Method and apparatus for performing analog mode operations when receiving data and signaling tones in a wireless TDMA system
Single chip VLSI implementation of a digital receiver employing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Low memory and low latency cyclic prefix addition
Time-domain equalizer of cascaded filters for VDSL
Tone signal detecting method and tone signal detector
System for estimating carrier frequencies of quadrature amplitude modulated signals having high symbol rates
Method and apparatus for joining a party to a multipoint conference using digital techniques
Internet communication control apparatus and communication terminal calling method
System and method for performing IP telephony
System and method for bringing an in-line device on-line and assuming control of calls
Automatic address book update system
Timing phase acquisition method and device for telecommunications systems
Generating user-dependent keys and random numbers
User interface and system to facilitate telephone circuit maintenance and testing
Unified method and apparatus to simplify telephone area code dialing
On-hold messaging system and method
Telephone signal discriminator
Parallel handset on-hook/off-hook detection by software-based signal power measurement
Method and an arrangement for securing an ADSL connection
System and method for retaining client configuration information across the re-installation of any tapi service provider in a tapi 2.1 environment
Method and system for processing records in a communications network
System and method for defining a local communication space
Method for providing telephone services for commercial classes of service
Maintaining an off-hook condition during a call bridge
Method for measuring the attenuation in digital transmission lines
Base station subsystem and method for handling an increase in traffic volume that overloads a terrestrial link in an internet protocol network
Method and system for providing additional information to a subscriber based on a universal resource locator
Method for controlling a telephone call between two items of terminating equipment
Network and method for the specification and delivery of customized information content via a telephone interface
Public telephone network
Controller for use with communications systems for converting a voice message to a text message
Enterprise contact server with enhanced routing features
Forwarding voice messages to a called party using electronic mail
Personal IP follow-me service
Printer equipped with image recognition unit for counterfeiting prevention, computer providing printer with print source, and print system including printer and computer
Image transfer device calibration label and method of making and using same
Digitizer with masking apparatus
Parallel driving mechanism for optical chassis
Electronic camera with print specifying information
Image display and image storage for electronic camera
Video processing apparatus and printing apparatus
Method for digitally rasterizing half-tone images with rasters of any width and angle
Data processing system and method for producing shifted-element halftone screens
Stereo synchronizing signal generator for liquid crystal shutter glasses
Visual calibration target set method
Imaging apparatus that reads out an electrical charge from a part of its plurality of photoelectrical conversion elements
Method for controlling a photosensitive device with low image retention, and photosensitive device implementing same
Method for driving solid-state image device
Increased resolution digital capture device
Optical scanning apparatus with switchable resolution
Motion vector detecting device
Preview mode low resolution output system and method
Apparatus and method for correction of a deviation of digital camera
System and process for improving the uniformity of the exposure and tone of a digital image
Lightweight image manipulation for maximizing the capacity of digital photo storage media
Recording a digital image of a desired aperture format and resolution onto motion picture photosensitive medium
Method for correlation directed echo cancellation and channel equalization for the digital transmission link in vestigial side band amplitude modulation
Decoding apparatus using tool information for constructing a decoding algorithm
Efficient video data data access using fixed ratio compression
Method for block matching motion estimation in digital video sequences
Method and apparatus for motion estimation for encoding sequential frames
Method of coding and decoding image
Apparatus and method for transforming picture information
Method and apparatus for expanding moving pictures by software
Receiver, CPU and decoder for digital broadcast
Trellis coded modulation system for digital television signal with trellis coded data and synchronization symbols
Image pickup apparatus
Method for driving an imaging device and image pickup device wherein signals corresponding to same color outputs are combined
Surveillance security system
Connection discovery for optical amplifier systems
Scaleable wormhole-routing concentrator
Telecommunications system with a switching facility and a data concentrator for providing access to the internet
Subscriber loop terminal equipment-resident mechanism for determining bit rate of high-level data link control communication channel
Bandwidth control apparatus
ATM transport system
Electronic exchange and key telephone system
System and method for providing device-aware services in an integrated telecommunications network
Intelligent routing
Method and apparatus for the secured provision of functions of a signaling network for distributed telecommunication applications
Service provision in a telecommunications network
Method and system for termination blocking of message delivery service
Method and apparatus for distributed MTP Level 2 architecture
Method and arrangement for connection of a computer to a computer network via a telephone exchange
Arbitration-type call establishing system method and storage medium
Method of designing signaling networks for internet telephony
Method and apparatus for integrated wireless communications in private and public network environments
Method for dynamic channel allocation in a frequency hopping radio system
Reconfiguring diversity legs during CN-RNC interface streamlining
Methods and systems for facilitating a multi-mode multi-pilot hard handoff
Method and apparatus for supervising the performance of a quick paging channel in a dual event slotted paging system
Active sub-woofer speaker system
Method and apparatus for determining in situ the acoustic seal provided by an in-ear device
System and method for adjusting the low-frequency response of a crossover that supplies signal to subwoofers in response to main-speaker low-frequency characteristics
Vehicle-mounted acoustic system
Planar loudspeaker
Circuit synchronization apparatus and method
Method and apparatus to facilitate restriking in an arc-furnace
Method and apparatus for patient-in-place measurement and real-time control of beam-spot position and shape in a scanning electron beam computed tomographic system
System and method for producing pulsed monochromatic X-rays
Electronic component with shield case
Circuit board and frame assembly
Integrated wedge lock and elastic member
Apparatus for cooling electronic components in a phase change electronic cooling system
EMC core supporting structure
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