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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device for influencing cell-growth mechanisms in vessels of a human or animal body
Performing Operations; Transporting
Preventing crease formation in donor web in dye transfer printer that can cause line artifact on print
Electronic access control device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control system for a linear vibration motor
Method and apparatus for alignment of a precision optical assembly
Method and apparatus for enhancing the resolving power of a tunable optical filter
Projection exposure apparatus and aberration measurement method
Miniature three-dimensional contour scanner
Systems, methods and devices for holographic demultiplexing of optical signals
RF signal peak detector
Very precise resistance measurement
Method and apparatus for characterizing shared contacts in high-density SRAM cell design
Cross-connect method and cross-connect apparatus
Semi-conductor component testing system with a reduced number of test channels
Method and process for prediction of subsurface fluid and rock pressures in the earth
System and method for single-sided magnetic resonance imaging
Method for automated management of hydrocarbon gathering systems
Rare-earth doped optical fiber module and manufacturing method therefor
Multi-layer PCB and method for coupling block type multichannel optical signals
Optical switching device
Lens module and assembling method thereof
Image exposure device and laser exposure device applied thereto
High-speed field-effect optical switch
Liquid crystal display
Methods and apparatus for implementing transmissive display devices
Display device with an adhesion layer and a thin glass layer on adhesion layer and method of manufacturing the same
Reflective and transflective liquid crystal display using a wire grid polarizer
Optical films having matt property, films having a high transmittance, polarizing plates and liquid crystal display devices
Circular polarization plate and liquid crystal display device
Method and device for determining projection lens pupil transmission distribution and illumination intensity distribution in photolithographic imaging system
Image-forming apparatus
Drum assembly having helical gear and spur gear spaced therebetween for use in printer
Image forming apparatus with improved image quality and maintenance workability
Toner supply container detachably mounted to an image forming apparatus including a coupling projection
Process cartridge, developing cartridge and developing roller
Induction heat fixing apparatus
Image-reproducing apparatus and image-reproducing method
Method and apparatus for performing fast power control in a mobile communication system
Systems, apparatus, and methods for motor control
Bus system, memory system, printed circuit board and directional coupler
Portable computer case
Disk array system
Handheld medication dosage calculator
Floppy drive transitional system
Interface control device and computer system for controlling data transfer
Print engine/controller to work in multiples and a printhead driven by multiple print engine/controllers
Overlay registration control system and method employing multiple pilot lot in-line overlay registration measurement
DSP processor architecture with write datapath word conditioning and analysis
Apparatus and method for minimizing accumulated rounding errors in coefficient values in a lookup table for interpolating polynomials
Method for correlating job-step or execution-process information with corresponding software licensing information
Method and apparatus for a mobile device to address a private home agent having a public address and a private address
Smart card virtual hub
Method and structure for allocating sites in an expanded SCB array
Programmable array-based bus arbiter
Printing assembly and an operator control panel user interface for the printing assembly
Progressive image shift for a saddle-stitched document
Web based client side batch printing
Printer and control program product therefor
Device-initiated image processing transaction system and method
Server apparatus for space information service, space information service providing method, and charge processing apparatus and charging method for space information service
Communication support method and system
Multi-tier video delivery network
Technique to support co-location and certification of executable content from a pre-boot space into an operating system runtime environment
Fuzzy logic reasoning for inferring user location preferences
Method for matching a motor vehicle wheel valve identifier with an identifier or said wheel
Speech translation system utilizing holographic data storage medium
System and method for performing a search and a browse on a query
Determining a rating for a collection of documents
Versioned project data
Methods and apparatus for concurrent enumeration of an object reference root set
Method of performing a system reverse engineering process
Method for the analysis of sensory perception
System and method for mailing list testing service
Method for protecting a device against operation with unallowed consumables and arrangement for the implementation of the method
Testing of integrated circuits from design documentation
Method and apparatus for scheduling production lots based on lot and tool health metrics
Programming of cyclical machines
Validation of electrical performance of an electronic package prior to fabrication
Method and system for segmentation of medical images
Color management system having interchangeable gamut mapping methods
Encoding method and apparatus
Multi-resolution image data management system and method based on tiled wavelet-like transform and sparse data coding
Image-processing apparatus
Bill validator
Image forming system, image forming device, function setting method and storage medium
Surround sound display
3-d model providing device
Method for assuring safety during firing exercises with live ammunition
Multi-device inter-connection securing apparatus
Fire extinguisher location system
Vehicle mounted travel surface and weather condition monitoring system
Method and apparatus for predicting runway overrun
Optical scanning system with variable focus lens
AC-type plasma display panel and method for driving same
System and method implementing non-physical pointers for computer devices
Flat panel display capable of digital data transmission
Stereoscopic picture separation for phosphor lag reduction in PDP
Data processing apparatus
Method for separating background sprite and foreground object and method for extracting segmentation mask and the apparatus
System and method for applying color management on captured images
Method and apparatus for speech synthesis without prosody modification
Speech recognition support method and apparatus
Speech coding apparatus and speech decoding apparatus
Method of adjusting rotation speed of optical disc drive
Magnetic read head with dual layer lead
Magnetic head comprising a multilayer magnetoresistive device and a yoke for introducing magnetic flux from a medium to the magnetoresistive device
Method and apparatus for runout correction by proper positioning of servo data while self-servo writing
Magnetic recording disk drive with dual-stage actuator and control system with multiple controllers
Magnetic pattern transferring method for performing a magnetic pattern transfer while correcting a magnetically different part
System and method to adjust the level of re-calibration effort based on disc drive performance
Tracking system for recording/reading a data medium and recording medium
Apparatus for and method of detecting defocus error signal for optical pickup and apparatus for and method of detecting seek direction
Media servowriting system
Stiffened suspension for a storage device having a layer of composite material
DRAM and refresh method thereof
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having switch circuit to supply voltage
Semiconductor integrated circuit device operating at high speed and low power consumption
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Address decoding circuit and method for addressing a regular memory area and a redundant memory area in a memory circuit
Device and method for decoding an address word into word-line signals
CMOS isolation cell for embedded memory in power failure environments
Method of reducing disturbs in non-volatile memory
Organic EL device and manufacturing method for the same
Electronic component having stacked semiconductor chips in parallel, and a method for producing the component
Even nucleation between silicon and oxide surfaces for thin silicon nitride film growth
Light-receiving assembly
Semiconductor device including high speed transistors and high voltage transistors disposed on a single substrate
Semiconductor device including a gate insulating film on a recess and source and drain extension regions
Flash memory having memory section and peripheral circuit section
Low resistance semiconductor process and structures
Dielectric filter
Matching feed partially inside a waveguide ridge
Vehicle handle assembly with antenna
Microstrip antenna for RF receiver
Etched circuit for lighting protection
Three phase rectifier circuit with virtual neutral
Multiple inverter power system with regard to generator failure
Backup power supply
Power supply unit, distributed power supply system and electric vehicle loaded therewith
Heavy-duty audio equipment
Power system having a phase locked loop with a notch filter
Electrostatic chuck support mechanism, support stand device and plasma processing equipment
Linear motor and linear guiding apparatus
Variable gain amplifier for high frequency band using microstrip hybrid
Method and apparatus for an LNA with high linearity and improved gain control
AGC circuit
Interface device and information processing system
High current 5V tolerant buffer using a 2.5 volt power supply
Fully differential input buffer with wide signal swing range
SAR with partial capacitor sampling to reduce parasitic capacitance
Electronic device with housing supplement
Echo cancellation using a variable offset comparator
Radio frequency identification aiding the visually impaired
Communication system, terminal, communication method, and recording medium recording communication method program for selecting terminal of communication party
Transceiver control with sleep mode operation
Method of connecting network elements to a radio system, and radio system
Free space optical communication network
Optical network architecture
Circuit arrangement for gaining a stereo subcarrier and an RDS carrier
Apparatus and method for rate-based polling of input interface queues in networking devices
Method and apparatus for preserving flow order across links of a multi link trunk
Method for establishing communication on an integrated services digital network
Method for supporting high priority calls on a congested WAN link
Virtual connection service cache for filling available bandwidth
Method and apparatus for mapping an IP address to an MSISDN number within a service network
Methods and apparatus for generating local oscillation signals
Timing synchronization methods and systems for transmit parallel interfaces
Method and apparatus for discarding data packets through the use of descriptors
System and method for provisioning broadband service in a PPPoE network using a random username
Method and apparatus for emulating ethernet functionality over a serial bus
Mobile IP for mobile ad hoc networks
CDMA mobile data communication system and a method of wireless data communication using the system
Digital FM receiver for recovering FM digital data frame in mobile communication system
Method of hybrid soft/hard decision demodulation of signals with multilevel modulation
Reverse charging system, reverse-charging service control apparatus, call agent and reverse charging method
Key telephone system and interface unit for key telephone
Non-binding fully retractable latching apparatus
Mobile radio telephone system having an identity which can be dynamically changed
Multimedia signal processing apparatus
Device for establishing a galvanically separate connection between a telephone line and a signal processing unit at the subscriber end of the telephone line
Integrated telephone call and context notification mechanism
Hand-ear user interface for hand-held device
Method and apparatus for cooperative diagnosis of impairments and mitigation of disturbers in communication systems
Method and system for controlling audio content during multiparty communication sessions
Fee collection system and method for call completion
Bi-directional presentation apparatus
Halftone dot encoding
Alternative video sync detector
Auxiliary power supply unit and portable electronic system
Portable moving picture recording device including switching control for multiple data flow configurations
Camera control system
Arrangement of circuits in pixels, each circuit shared by a plurality of pixels, in image sensing apparatus
Image pickup system with separable/attachable image pickup device and display device
Scene change detection method using two-dimensional DP matching, and image processing apparatus for implementing the method
Digital camera
System for controlled provisioning of telecommunications services
Location register, location registration system, and location registration method
Method and system for managing real-time bandwidth in a wireless network
Inter-RAT cell reselection in a wireless communication network
X-ray image taking device
Image sensing system
Electronic circuit board
Shield case for electronic apparatus
Power adapter with heat sink device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Adjustable crop thinner
In-line sub-surface seeding, fertilizing and watering device
Hydraulic system having boost pump in series with a primary pump and a boost pump drive therefor
Hay bale stacking apparatus
Heating system valve for a wind machine
Method for timber harvesting and system for forestry
Saw assembly
Radio control box for bird hunting
Animal confinement shelter with accelerated decomposition of waste
Container for carrying pets
Cat cabinet
Heat removal and recovery system for incubators and hatchers
Animal feeder having a drum feed transport device
Automated livestock feeder
Automated electronically controlled microsprayer
Controlled probe soil injection apparatus
Tree stand hoist assembly and casing therefor having identical mating halves
Bagel making apparatus
Easy-to-adjust grader
Method and device for pre-milling a confectionery material
Device for making molded confectionery products
Confection dispensing apparatus
Ice cream cone and popsicle holder
Cracking die assembly for high production nutcracking apparatus
Low-density tobacco filler and a method of making low-density tobacco filler and smoking articles therefrom
Requisite for reducing emissions of side stream smoke from a cigarette
Conveyorized apparatus for performing work operations on one or more layers of sheet-type work material
Retention apparatus for a boot on a gliding board
Accessory article carrying bag device for a cane
Electric stretching/collecting device for a parasol
Two-stage expansion/collapse control mechanism for use on a hand-trailable luggage case
Looped fastener decorative hair tie or qik ti hair cinch
Dutch oven stand and lid holder
Hip belt apparatus and system for carrying a golf bag
Adjustable skate carrier
Container holder
Carrier for cellular phone
Ion emitting grooming brush
Height adjustable pedestal for chairs and tables
Office desk with multiple trays pivotally connected thereto
Modular table
Portable treatment table
Article carrier with adjustable support elements and a reflow soldering system provided with such an article carrier
Mobile connectable furniture, a connector therefor and method of connection
Multi-purpose wall mounting
Climbing tree stand with cable attachment
Infant carrier
Turntable storage device
Bulk food dispensing apparatus
Display system for lamp shades
Device for the secure display of articles
Movable bicycle storage rack
Push button apparatus for wall hangings and calendars
Means and method for hanging a load chart on a delivery vehicle
Holder for a container
Poolside organizer
Personalized garment coordination apparatus
Device for holding garments, particularly hosiery, with a suspension arrangement
Portable room divider apparatus
Snap mounted drapery system
Sheet opening/closing and spreading apparatus
Beverage filter cartridge holder
Apparatus and methods for brewing and dispensing beverages
Ash catcher assembly for a charcoal grill
Vertical hearth barbecue grill
Auxiliary cooking surfaces
Vat bottom configuration for deep fryer
Wet towel dispenser
Shower screen
Soap leaf dispenser
Pump and soil collection system for a dishwasher
Minimally invasive cardiac valve surgery procedure
Cryosurgical probe and method for uterine ablation
Veneer holder
Non-invasive sinus pain relieving assembly
Transmyocardial implant with induced tissue flap
Display for transportable life support system
Patient positioning apparatus and method for spinal tap
Lightweight motorized wheelchair
Wheelchair and caster wheel mounting for adjustable height wheelchair
Handlebar for wheelchairs
Quick change camber tube assembly and wheelchair with quick change camber tube assembly
Device and method for transforming a unidirectional flow into an oscillating flow employed in an artificial respiration system
Fluid control valves
Power filling apparatus and methods for their use
Virus-removing filter
Inhaler for multiple dosed administration of a pharmacological dry powder
Pressure control in CPAP treatment or assisted respiration
Intravenous transport/support device
Adjustable safety net methods and apparatus
Escape device
Nozzle for a floor nozzle spray system
Gas-liquid mixture as well as fire-extinguishing unit and method for the use thereof
Hollow golf ball
Inflatable protective cover for golf club bags
Golf bag equipped with detachable carrier
Tennis ball throwing device
Ball-throwing machine
In-line ice skates
Truck assembly with replacable axles and ball joint pivots
Power transmission device and transportation device
Snowboard, surfboard, Monoski, water-ski and the like with very low weight and high mechanical strength
Laminated skateboard
Shock-absorbing device for a ski or the like
Card games and methods of playing same
Method of playing a blackjack wagering game
Board game having dynamic game pieces
Language board game
Ring-spinning games with game parts and methods of play
Shower unit
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reciprocating sprayer for a cylindrical wastewater screen
Filter coated with chitosan for removal of leucocytes
Vapor canister and fuel tank assembly
Automatic dry granular chemical dispenser
Installation for filling a container with gas
Method and apparatus for providing a precise amount of gas at a precise humidity
Combination carbonator, soda pump and water agitator
Random packing element and method
Catalyst unloading device
Burette tip
Distribution apparatus, distribution method and method of fitting distribution tips
Method and apparatus for reclaiming carpet components
Rotary nozzle assembly having insertable rotatable nozzle disc
Device for storing a liquid co-operable with a spray dispenser, and spray dispenser comprising said device
Solenoid operated heated liquid spray device
Liquid jet driving device and liquid jet driving method
Apparatus and method for making snow
Injection spray system with adjustable metering valve
Manually operated dispensing device for a double dispensing cartridge
Manually operated dispensing device having a friction brake acting upon a thrust rod
Inductor station for sortation conveying system
Method for qualifying the cylinder valve on gas cylinders
Protector for sewer cleaning hose
Cleanout fitting for air conditioner evaporator drains
Dump facility for cassette sewage tanks
Field replaceable helical flight
Hydroformed side rail for a vehicle frame and method of manufacture
Wedge-lockable removable punch and die bushing in retainer
Holding device for a cage for roll bodies on a pillar of a tool
Feeding device for strips
Unloader conveyor for a blanking die
Method of making a cylinder liner
Method of making a drill blank
Bar loader
Toolholder with floating roller
Self locking device for power tool
Guard and control apparatuses for sliding compound miter saw
Folding table for use with a table saw
Arrangement for performing a contact pattern test of bevel gears
Method and apparatus for reworking ceramic ball grid array or ceramic column grid array on circuit cards
Angled transducer-dual head bonder for optimum ultrasonic power application and flexibility for tight pitch leadframe
Wire bonding method
Method and apparatus for precisely registering solder paste in a printed circuit board repair operation
Stepless cutter feeding mechanism for a lathe
Grid-lock vacuum clamping system
Vacuum table with mat
Apparatus and method for holding a flexible product in a flat and secure position
Magnetorheological fluid work piece holding apparatus
Shank structure for a wrench
Wrench and plier device combination
Magnetic spark plug keeper accessory for wrench sockets
Fuse insertion device
Hand tool with ratchet handle and associated quick release mechanism
Telescoping handle assembly
Clamping device
Stud driver and spring therefor
Multiple driver and pliers handtool
Foldable working bench
Apparatus and methods for separating microelectronic packages from a common substrate
Apparatus for securing flat articles for cutting
Switchable router brake system
System and method for processing ingots
Hollow tubular body for air intake duct, mold therefor, and method of molding the same
Injector structure for liquid additives
Methods of manufacturing microfabricated substrates
Inflatable airbag and a method of manufacturing the same
Automatic feeder for beads with bead fillers
Apparatus for the manufacture of nonwoven webs and laminates including means to move the spinning assembly
Laser-imageable printing members and methods for wet lithographic printing
Lithographic printing plates for use with laser imaging apparatus
Printing press with an actuator
Method and apparatus for producing multiple cut business forms
Staggered gear for bi-directional operation
Information detection apparatus and information detection method for recording media
Printer device and method for printing on a print medium
Label printer
Data carrier with optically variable color
Printing blanket
Planographic printing
Copy holder
Compartmented file
Wood cutting apparatus
Heavy duty pneumatic tire including chamfered region having a flat surface
Pneumatic run flat tire
Rotary air coupling for tire inflation system
Device for fitting and removing a tire
Helper arm for a rim holding tire changer
Trailer hitch assembly
Extendable semi-trailer
Hydraulic shock absorber
Spring and strut module with restraint for strut bumper
Utility vehicle with a rigid axle
System for protecting a vehicle occupant during a vehicle rollover condition
Device and method for supplying power to a vehicle, semi-conductor circuit device for use in the same and collective wiring device for a vehicle or an automobile
Suspension system for vehicles
Suspension system for a work machine
Reversible caster steerable suspension system
Air conditioner for preventing corrosion of evaporator
Fuel delivery unit having a line connection
Process for filling hydrogen into a hydrogen storage tank in automobile
Dust cover structure for a power transmission member
Multiple wheel drive assembly
Viscous actuated ball ramp clutch having through shaft capability
Movable vehicle pedal apparatus
Hand lever apparatus
All-terrain vehicle, drive train for such a vehicle and method of its operation
Child object support system
Method for mobile sales and vehicles therefore
Steering module
Nonelectric brake warning device for vehicle
Vehicle control pedals
Pedal locking device for a loader
Uncoated woven fabric for air bags, and its production process and system
Gas bag covering system
Air bag mounting and vent hole arrangement
Gas generator
Thrust-neutral inflator manifold
Gas generator for air bag and air bag system
Device for reducing the impact of pedestrians
Device for seat belts
Load limiting device for a seat belt
Attachment mechanisms for securing utility racks to vehicles
Method for dispensing fuel
Accident prevention system for vehicles
Multiple friction plate brake device in a buggy vehicle
Monorail system
Automobile transport unit
Lubricant delivery system for lubricating rail wheel flanges
Adjustable stop-wagon retarders with locking function for wagons at high speed and disposal methods thereof
Collapsible cable dispensing dolly
Device for attaching a support to a child's pushchair, pushchair and support equipped with such a device
Arrangement for covering a gap between components
Energy absorbing device with double spring means for steering columns
Hydraulic steering device
Fifth wheel
Telescopic bicycle seat post system
Folding device for a scooter
Adjusting device for a suspension strut of a motorcycle
Multilayer handlebar
Rear swing arm of motor-bike with tapered rectangular pipe member and method of manufacturing tapered rectangular pipe for vehicle body
Two wheel drive bicycle with a shock-absorbing front fork
Folding trailer for a bicycle
Restoring device of a frame for a skateboard
Sea going barge train
Docking apparatus
Subsea module
Reinforced powerboat construction
Stair assembly for marine craft
Towable innertube accessory with rudder
Personal watercraft suspension system
Load carrying structure having variable flexibility
System for minimizing the effects of shock and vibration in a high speed vessel
Boat launch apparatus
Pivoting docking platform for personal watercraft
Boat deployed explosive net assembly
Ballast for lighter than air aircraft
Rigid sandwich panel acoustic treatment
Semi-levered landing gear and auxiliary strut therefor
Helicopter with control by displacement of its center gravity
Aircraft crew rest station for a long distance airline flight
Medium earth orbit augmentation of a global positioning system for global navigation
Method for placing an artificial satellite on a geostationary orbit
Tilt table
Inline vacuum slug feeder
Quick connecting vertical connector
Liquid nitrogen injection system with flexible dosing arm for pressurization and inerting containers on production lines
Pass-through dispenser system with aligned feeder troughs
Apparatus for sealing tubular or bag-shaped packaging casings
Label cutting apparatus
Container and method of manufacture
Plastic drum
Envelope construction
Hanger for article-containing envelopes
Assembly of two elements mounted to rotate freely one with respect to the other irreversibly
Displayable jewellery box
45 degree off-set top seal carton
Package with peak closure
Package with extended top panel and a blank therefor
Two-component polyurethane box kit
Compact disk packaging with window
Pierce and cut closure
Collapsible box
Divisible container carrier
Closure membranes
Method and apparatus for secure storage and handling of elongate objects
Collapsible container for holding foodstuffs, and methods of using same
Container for gelatin
Particle flow enhancer for bulk bin auger systems
Sump stabilizer bar
Waste receptacle
Bin filling chute
Scraper blade for conveyors
Side conveyor disc including quick-change features
Device for transferring articles between oppositely running conveyors
Spacer for stacking glass plates, method for attaching the spacer to the glass plate and apparatus for attaching the spacer to the glass plate
Device and process for separating a sheet article from a stack
Automatic force balance adjustment for sheet material cassette trays
Contact roller system of a winding machine
Apparatus for processing flexible, sheet-like products
Paper stacker apparatus used with facsimile device
Duplex document retard separation and feeding with reduced image smudging
Method and devices for conveyance of sheets
Device for moving a thread to a winding sleeve driven by a friction roller
Flange for a roll
Reassemblable reel and disassembly device
Mobile lifting device for the disabled
Adjustable scaffolding and lift carriage and support member therefor
Swaying hoisted load-piece damping control apparatus
Method for the target path correction of a load carrier and load transport apparatus
Detentioning unit for retrieval of an elongated body
Redundant drawworks
Elevating work platform
Vehicle lift
Materials handling vehicle having an expanded operator's compartment
Enhanced visibility rider reach fork lift truck
Jar opener
Beverage dispensing apparatus
Fuel safety management system for storing, transporting, or transferring hydrocarbon fuel
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dispersant and fluid loss control additives for well cements, well cement compositions and methods
Process for treating water-containing natural gas wells and natural gas storage wells
Integrated control and destructive distillation of carbonaceous waste
Hollow cathode for plasma doping system
Surface-treated shower head for use in a substrate processing chamber
Inductively coupled HDP-CVD reactor
Textiles; Paper
Method for weaving face-to-face carpets and carpet fabrics
Driving apparatus for an oscillating catcher of a sewing machine
Lower thread winding device
Apparatus and process for the smoothing of a material web
Fixed Constructions
Traffic channeling device
Rain water vessel
Venturi based vacuum valve apparatus and method for water conservation
Filter mechanism for diaphragm flush valve
Friction-mountable hanger
Modular garden border system
Foldable fence inserts
Apparatus and method for driving posts into the ground
Luminaire housing with universal dual surface cantilever hinge
Acuator for a trunk-cover, a hood, a door, a rear door of vehicles, especially of automobiles
Motorized activation
Overburden drilling apparatus having a down-the-hole hammer separatable from an outer casing/drill bit unit
Bit torque limiting device
Device for performing downhole functions
Drill string diverter apparatus and method
System and method for deploying a plurality of tools into a subterranean well
Downhole jar apparatus for use in oil and gas wells
Multi-port cementing head
Flowline extendable pigging valve assembly
Blasthole drill having a drill pipe seal assembly
Bellow seal and anchor
Storm valve
Helical scraper apparatus for a reciprocating sucker rod
Method and apparatus for optimizing production from a gas lift well
Borehole sucker-rod pumping plant for pumping out gas liquid mixtures
Generating commands for a downhole tool using a surface fluid loop
Method of sampling a well using an isolation valve
Well fluid sampling apparatus with isolation valve and check valve
Supplementary borehole drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Combustion-driven hydroelectric generating system
Device for positioning a measuring probe
Variable valve control device
Segmented camshaft assembly for an internal combustion engine
Camshaft for engine
Lever-type cam follower for a valve drive of an internal combustion engine
Device for the relative rotation of a camshaft relative to a crankshaft that drives the camshaft in an internal combustion engine
Hydraulic control valve mounting structure in an engine
Internal combustion engine with electromagnetically actuated valves
Oil-passage structure of internal combustion engine
Cooling water circulating structure for engines
Heat exchanger system with integral control valve
Internal combustion engine with cooling circuit
Apparatus for internal combustion engine
Independent cooling system for alternative internal combustion engines
Bolted articulated piston
Two-stroke diesel engine
Method of affecting mixture formation and charge motion in an engine cylinder
Carbon black tailgas fueled reciprocating engines
Bellows balanced valve
Exhaust gas recirculation control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Flow measurement and control
Lean burn engine speed control
Fuel injection control apparatus and fuel injection method
Fuel vapor control system for internal-combustion engine
Low RPM switching tachometer
Thermal-type airflow meter, intake air system for an internal combustion engine, and control system for the same
Car engine controller
Integrated throttle body and intake manifold spacer module
Gas valve with electromagnetic actuation
Electromechanically actuated solenoid exhaust gas recirculation valve
Leak detection of emission control system
Plate heat exchanger with serpentine flow paths
Integrated inlet manifold/throttle valve chamber unit
Fuel supply unit for vehicle
Internal combustion engine with inlet and outlet valves
Damper containing internal lubricant
Fuel injection valve
Compression-ignition type engine
Oil suction device for hermetically sealed compressor
Device for generating an underpressure
Rotary directional valve with integral load holding check
Apparatus for safely installing and removing spring failsafe actuator
Micro-valve with capacitor plate position detector
Differential-speed-dependent coupling
Disc brake device
Elastic-tube-operated brake band
Fixed-yoke brake with appropriate brake pads
Spring-actuated electromagnetic brake with noise suppressing device
High performance two-ply friction material
Torque transmitting apparatus
Damping force control type hydraulic shock absorber
Pressure-dependent valve for a vibration damper
Process for measuring the relative movement of at least two components
Cup-type wave gear device
Shift lever device
Transmission for automotive vehicles or machinery
Latching element
Metal gasket
Stuffing box packing assembly
Sealing device having an annular space between sealing lips
Gas seal for pumps
Unitary bearing seal
Intermediate metallic layer for flat packing and process for the production of a flat packing with such an intermediate layer
Valve assembly for an apparatus under pressure
Diverter valve
Diverter valve for improved flow control
Valve assembly
Dual isolation valve with rectangular flow passageways
Foot valve safety cover apparatus
Position sensing system for butterfly valves
Motorcycle petcock cover assembly and method
Packing piece half for a cable lead-through
Coupling device
Pre-conditioned swiveling air adapter chute
Cryogenic fluid conduit coupling device
Breakaway coupling and coupler therefor
Frangible sealing plug for pipelines
Flexible offshore pipeline with a bituminous thermal insulating layer
Piping jacket
Flexi-rail assembly
Open air stove
Method and equipment for thermal destruction of wastes
Woodstove emission controller
System for connecting valve units for gas water-heaters to tanks belonging to the water-heaters
Exhaust hood
Water recirculation manifold
Radiant floor wall and ceiling hydronic heating and/or cooling systems, using modular panels hinged together in sets of panels, staggering the positions of panels in the sets so that sets are interlocking
Self-assembly water heater enclosure and kit
Lightweight snow making tower
Heat exchanger apparatus including auxiliary radiator for cooling exothermic component
Plate-type crossflow air-to-air heat-exchanger comprising side-by-side-multiple small-plates
Plate-type heat exchanger
Polyhedral array heat transfer tube
Heat exchanger with protected thin edges, especially for a motor vehicle
Demining device including demining discs and impact devices and demining method utilizing the device
Grenade attachment system
Measuring tape dispenser with an impact buffer housing and tentative tape halting means
Structure of angular rate sensor
Meter with microprocessor control of pointer and multi-status indicator
Light probe installation
Accelerometer without proof mass
Emulsion composition monitor
Swivel-type static pressure bar adapter
Pressure sensor for sealed containers
Low-cost, easy-to-use, dynamometer
Resonant sensor and method of making a pressure sensor comprising a resonant beam structure
Coupler arrangement for isolation arrangement for system under test
Method and apparatus for studying the properties of a multiphase fluid under pressure flowing in a duct, such as a petroleum stream
Mechanical water sensor
Method and apparatus for imaging thin structures
Acoustic bottle tester and conveyor therefor
Apparatus and method for characterizing semiconductor wafers during processing
Maternal immune responsiveness as a predictor of pregnancy outcome
Reel tape for provisionally supporting a bare chip
Pressure balance device for use in a faucet
Device and method for automatically controlling rotating speed of fan cooler
Autonomous device for limiting the rate of flow of a fluid through a pipe, and fuel circuit for an aircraft comprising such a device
Containment ring for flywheel failure
Device for mounting computer expansion slot covers
Loading mechanism for loading and/or unloading at least one memory card into/from an electronic apparatus
Bar code scanner with intuitive head aiming and collimated scan volume
Systems and methods for authorizing a transaction card
Orientational disambiguation for self-clocking glyph codes
Smart card with fingerprint image pass-through
Web-enabled system and method for designing and manufacturing laser scanners
Method and system for gift credit card
Office supply vending system and apparatus
Telephone calling card coupon
Jam detector system for coin escrow device
Brush housing for bulk vending machine
Electronic bulk vending machine system
Customer retail apparatus having multiple card reader capability
Network-supported chip card transaction method
Electronic bankbook, and processing system for financial transaction information using electronic bankbook
Labeling insulation tape
Holder for a planar data storage medium
Vacuum processing chambers and method for producing
Apparatus for particle beam induced modification of a specimen
Magnetic separator for linear dispersion and method for producing the same
Apparatus for recovering impurities from a silicon wafer
I.C. carrier insert
Fixture for securing a component to a heat sink
Method and apparatus for filling electrical energy storage devices
Pedestal closure assembly with locking mechanism
Cooling apparatus for use in an electronic system
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