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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Two-step comminuting apparatus for cuttable material
Fishing reel
Crotch-possessing garment
Waterproofed breathable sole for shoes and method for the manufacture thereof
Umbrella attachment device
Hair grip with a connection working in elongation
Corner potted plant holder
Bed ventilator unit
Lounge chair with adjustable legs
Survival kit and commode
Toilet training device for small children
Head for a strip mop
Suction brush for vacuum cleaner
Optical apparatus and methods for performing eye examinations
Dental floss tool device and method
Roll-in cot
Wheeled attachment system
Nebulizing drug delivery device with interlock detection and temperature protection
Truck assembly for a skateboard, wheeled platform, or vehicle
Systems and methods for playing a card match game
Lottery game based on combining player selections with lottery draws to select objects from a third set of indicia
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid control device and method of manufacturing the same
Moulding composition
Cold spraying installation and cold spraying process with modulated gas stream
Portable direct-current sprayer
Cleaning method of semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Aluminum pipe production method
Method for manufacturing rocker arm
Continuous casting plant
Method of producing energy efficient printhead in-situ
Method of manufacturing support structure for open MRI
Hammer with leverage No. II
Front-accessible bevel locking system
Method of and mechanism for peeling adhesive tape bonded to segmented semiconductor wafer
Contoured artwork
Ink jet printhead with glass nozzle chambers
Ink jet head structure and adhering method thereof
Ink-jet recording head and ink-jet recording device
Ink jet device and method for operating ink jet device
Delivery pressure compensation methods and apparatuses
Method of assembling printer media transport arrangement
Print roll for a camera having an internal printer
Micro-fluid ejection apparatus signal communication devices and methods
Method for manufacturing a wheel including centering a wheel rim on a wheel disc, and a wheel produced by the method
Wheel including a rim, a hub, and a device for connecting the rim to the hub
Tire module and tire comprising a module of this type
Tire with central rubber layer reinforced with micro and/or macro reinforcing fillers to abridge split carcass ply ends
Trailer coupling for tractive vehicles, in particular agricultural tractors
Vehicle height adjustment device and vehicle height adjustment method
Side impact crash event body structure improvement
Cooling device for electric apparatus mounted on vehicle
Tilting vehicles
Electrically-driven transfer case with power take-off
Horizontally adjustable motor-vehicle headrest
Fluid tank
Vehicle light
Airbag, airbag folding method, and airbag device
Parking lock device for automatic transmission
Apparatus for stopping a vehicle
Motor vehicle steering control
Mounting system for rotary damper
Bicycle treadle device
Device for modifying the hull of a floating body
Underwater cable cutter apparatus
Jet engine nacelle for a supersonic aircraft
Steam-replacement deaeration apparatus for use in bag packaging
Can and bottle covers
Tamper evident container with tear-apart parts
Buckle for thin plate storage container and thin plate storage container
Cosmetic mask package
Warming container for wipes
Packing film stretching and rewinding machine
Sheet processing machine having an apparatus for removing selected sheets
Dual disc stacker/stitcher high speed finisher
Scuffer apparatus and method
Dispensing device for fluid substances
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass powders, methods for producing glass powders and devices fabricated from same
Optical fiber drawing apparatus and sealing mechanism for the same
Fixed Constructions
Wheeled shovel with hinge apparatus
Methods for compensating beach erosion
Underwater dredging system
Method and apparatus for providing strain relief of a cable
Temporary support system for drywall
Roofing product possessing thermal expansion relief characteristics
Solar heat absorbing and distributing system
Enclosure having exchangable lock assembly
Locking device for vehicle
Wire drum window regulator
Drill frame with tool magazine
Oilfield apparatus comprising swellable elastomers having nanosensors therein and methods of using same in oilfield application
Wellbore zonal isolation system and method
Sulfur barrier for use with in situ processes for treating formations
Methods, systems and apparatus for production of hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Position measuring system for a hydraulic cylinder
Oil communication manifold for an internal combustion engine
Oxidation catalyst for removing fine soot particulates from exhaust gases and method of removing fine soot particulates using the same
Variable compression ratio mechanism for an internal combustion engine
Engine intake control system
Pilot valve
Hydrostatic transmission of a hydrostatic-mechanical power distribution transmission
Actuator for an active chassis of a motor vehicle
Cable holder
Gear stage of an actuating drive
Water supply system
Modular geomatic pole support system
Transversal suspension rod for a ceiling fan
Modular flashlight and method of use therefor
Mounting system for a light fixture
Light emitting diode lamp
LED lamp
Integrated freezer-anteroom control
Portable air conditioning and water cooling apparatus
Sighting device
Reversing linear drive comprising means for detecting an armature position
Scanning probe microscope
Method and apparatus for micromachines, microstructures, nanomachines and nanostructures
Scanning probe apparatus and drive stage therefor
Bearing health monitor
Compact multifunction sight
Plumb/level alignment gauge for aligning structural elements in two directions
Bricklaying method and apparatus for plumbing control joints
Mass-flow sensor with a molded flow restrictor
Empty fuel level detection cross-check
Collision detection system
Calibration weight arrangement for an electronic balance
Systems and methods for collecting particles from a large volume of gas into a small volume of liquid
Method and apparatus maintaining multi-component sample gas constituents in vapor phase during sample extraction and cooling
Gas sensor with nanowires of zinc oxide or indium/zinc mixed oxides and method of detecting NOx gas
Test language conversion method
Wing mirror unit
Lockable rearview mirror assembly
Reflective accessories
Line light irradiation device
Retractable lens and swingable lens retracting device thereof
Eyeglass nose-pad, eyeglass assembly and fabricating method of the same
Universal lighting system for computer web camera
Method and apparatus for regulating current for programmable logic controllers
Adjustable rotary locking and unlocking device
Method and system to reduce thrashing in a multi-threaded programming environment
Method and system increasing performance substituting finite state machine control with hardware-implemented data structure manipulation
Communicating between a process and a destination
Cross-platform software development with a software development peripheral
Method and system for efficiently interpreting a computer program
Method and apparatus for sequence number checking
Shift register control of a circular elasticity buffer
Method and system to improve prefetching operations
Method and apparatus for performing cache segment flush and cache segment invalidation operations
Moving sectors within a block of information in a flash memory mass storage architecture
Control of device-driver persistency
Dynamic-adaptive client-side image map
Handwriting text input system
Teller/scanner system and method
Method and system for subsetting rich media in a peer-to-peer model
Method and apparatus for propagating a piecewise linear function to a point
Low-error fixed-width modified booth multiplier
System and method for child card payment
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine that operates responsive to data bearing records
Apparatus and a method for processing paper currency
Damage resistant marking stake
Loudspeaker diaphragm and method for manufacturing the same
Deskew circuit and disk array control device using the deskew circuit, and deskew method
Method of making thin film magnetic head using electric lapping guide
Use of anti-reflective seed layers for the fabrication of perpendicular thin film heads
Process to form an ABS through aggressive stitching
Method and architecture for detecting random and systematic transistor degradation for transistor reliability evaluation in high-density memory
Method of manufacturing of an armature winding for electro-mechanical machines
Method and system for copy-prevention of digital copyright works
Enhancement to a system for automated generation of file access control system commands
VPN enrollment protocol gateway
Method and an apparatus for granting use of a session of a packet data transmission standard designated by an identifier
Information providing device and method
Device and method of determining location of signal ingress
Media interface device
Padded cover for an x-ray film cassette
Heat exchanger
Method for detecting invalid electronic storage media and card system using the method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of encouraging registration of animals with a breed registry
Tiltable kneading trough for the industrial production of dough for baking bread, viennese bakery products, and pastries
Food material shaping cutter
Humane fish killing method and apparatus
Automated fish scaling apparatus
Tornado pop
Ladies' sleeved undergarment
Structure of a brassiere cup
Assembling structure for landing gear of a model airplane
Expanable multipocket carrying case
Wire distribution system for furniture
Illuminated moldings and method for illuminating therewith
Adjustable armrest assembly
Portable bathtub massage pad
Diagnostic method for inflammatory conditions in the intestines
External stress reduction device and method
Guidewire and catheter with rotating and reciprocating symmetrical or asymmetrical distal tip
Catheter with centering wire
Surgical suction cutting instrument with internal irrigation
Expandable introducer sheath
Drug delivery module
Bidirectional steerable cathether with bidirectional control handle
Safety caps for sharps
Medical therapy and/or diagnosis equipment with a position sensing device
Variable multiple color LED illumination system
Apparatus and method for converting a standard non-rotatable diagnostic lens into a rotatable diagnostic lens for evaluation of various portions of the eye
Measuring system
Variable stiffness angioplasty guide wire
Docking station for a patient monitoring system
Pressure measuring guide wire
Gas column device with a single use connector
Breathing disorder prescreening device and method
Method and apparatus for monitoring of daily activity in terms of ground reaction forces
X-ray scanning method and apparatus
Endodontic insert pre-impregnated with reinforcing fibres for filling the dental canal
Dental syringe for dentists
Dental strainer unit for an aspirator
Scalloped dental trays for use in treating teeth with sticky dental compositions
Dental crown
System and method for releasing tooth positioning appliances
Release substrate for adhesive precoated orthodontic appliances
Lock for orthodontic treatment
Titanium material implants
Aseptic protector for skin penetrating devices
Disposable diaper
Biodegradable absorbent pads
Tampon and the method for packaging same
Article for packing body cavities
Vibrating tampon apparatus
Feminine hygiene system and kit using an absorbent interlabial device
Valve for bladder control device
Electronic control unit and tubing assembly system for automatically controlling urinary irrigation
Metatarsal fracture neutralizer
Technique for restoring plasticity to tissues of a male or female organ
Externally supported female urinary collector
Ultrasonic wave applying apparatus
Abdominal massage and/or stimulation device
Multi-use solution container having flaps
Method of delivery of skin treatment agents using freeze-dried liposomes
Blood evacuation container with blood spike nesting feature
Implantable pump system
Centrifugal blood pump
Dozing preventive device and its method
Method of using a vessel cannula having properties varying along the axial length
Catheter de-clogging device
Multi-directional steerable catheters and control handles
Method for delivering a medication
Multiple mechanical microporation of skin or mucosa
Needleless injection site
Medical dye delivery system
Variable rate infusion apparatus with indicator and adjustable rate control
Adapter for a feeding system
Tissue penetrating device and methods for using same
Device for winding and storing a used needle of an injector
Syringe with retractable needle guard
Needle protection injection devices
Safety syringe with retractable needle and universal luer coupling
Hypodermic syringe having a selectively retractable needle
High strength connector design for passive fixation pacing lead
Radiation exposure device for blood vessels, body cavities and the like
Vehicle exercise system
Method and apparatus for adjusting resistance to exercise
Self-positioning vaginal weight with facilitation
Hand at rest grip
Multi-functional exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise trainer with a stride multiplier
Palm plates designed to be attached to the user's hands in an aquatic environment
Swim fin structure
Golf ball with improved intermediate layer
Correlated set of golf clubs
Apparatus and method for tuning a golf shaft
Compressed gas powered putter
Dual face golf putter
Golf clubs with brazed ceramic and cermet compounds
Golf putter
Method for producing a gold club head
Fiber-reinforced metal striking insert for golf club heads
Golf club
Apparatus for manufacturing golf club shafts
Pad for a hockey stick blade
Hockey stick blade for roller or street hockey
Punching aid
Rite speed putting accessory
Simulated training method using processing system images, idiosyncratically controlled in a simulated environment
Replaceable cue tip system
Movement measuring device, electronic game machine including movement measuring device, and method of playing game machine
Game device and screen display method thereof
Communicative game system
Radio controlled toy surfer
Electronic toy and method of generating dual track sounds for the same
Suspended display arrangement for vehicles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Precision dispensing of ultra-fines via a gas medium
Centrifugal separator having axially-extending, angled separation discs
Rotor shaft assembly having non-linear stiffness
Lightweight portable unit for paint striping of pavement
Airless paint sprayer intake dampener
Method and system for sorting flat articles
Method for treating vapors and liquids recovered from a subsurface remediation process
Raw material delivery system for compacting press
Boring head
Rotary shaft tool
Steerable toolholder
Methods and apparatuses for cutting, abrading, and drilling
Structure for detachably mounting a horizontal drill head
Machine tool for machining cavities in workpieces
Method of stacking packs of printed circuit boards and relative pack loading and unloading device for a machine tool
Manually operated work pallet changer system
Polishing apparatus
Burnishing head with circular burnishing pads
Polishing apparatus with defined pattern
Adapter apparatus for sanding, grinding or buffing
Polishing apparatus and method
Apparatus for polishing surgical stents
Carrier head with a flexible membrane for a chemical mechanical polishing system
Chemical-mechanical polish machines and fabrication process using the same
Slurry pump control system
Slurry recycling apparatus and slurry recycling method for chemical-mechanical polishing technique
Method for grinding glass funnel seal edge and apparatus therefor
Method of supplying a chemical mechanical polishing liquid and apparatus therefor
Sustained surface step scrubbing
Abrasive article with embossed isolation layer and methods of making and using
Driver extension bar with selective illumination
Cement slab surface beveling device
Composite masonry block
Fiber additive concrete manufacturing method
Door trim assembly and method of making same
Connector manufacturing method and metal mold therefor
Injection molding machine valve gate nozzle
Electrically-operated injection molding machine
Plastic blow molding in-mold labeling system
Apparatus for forming an article
Lens hydration apparatus and method
Refuse bags with integral ties and method of manufacture
Sheet feeding apparatus
Printer with improved paper handling mechanism
Printer tractor paper feeder and ironer
Holder for roll-type print media, roll-type print media cassette, and printing apparatus
Angled printer cartridge
Coating apparatus for use in an ink jet printer
Thermal inkjet printhead and printer energy control apparatus and method
Control system for applying biasing and recording signals to recording electrodes of an electrostatic ink jet recording device
Ink jet recording head having a common wiring structure and ink jet recording apparatus
Printer having multi-chamber print cartridges and off-carriage regulator
Liquid discharging head, head cartridge, liquid discharging device, recording system, head kit, and fabrication process of liquid discharging head
Ink jet recording head and process of manufacturing the ink jet recording head
Inkjet printhead and fabrication method for integrating an actuator and firing chamber
Ink delivery system for high speed printing
Ink jet printhead having a patternable ink channel structure
Method for singulating and attaching nozzle plates to printheads
Ink jet recorder
Self-cleaning ink jet printer having ultrasonics with reverse flow and method of assembling same
Self-cleaning ink jet printer system with reverse fluid flow and method of assembling the printer system
Device for cleaning an ink jet print head
Ink jet recording apparatus and method for recording information with blend of plural types of ink and ink tank used in the same
Method and apparatus for positive pressure filling a printbar
Ink container, manufacturing method therefor, ink jet cartridge and ink jet apparatus
Method and apparatus for keying ink supply containers
Method and device for determining the quantities of consumable products contained in reservoirs grouped together next to one another and document printing device using this method
Ink-jet printing apparatus
Maintaining black edge quality in liquid ink printing
Thermal transfer MICR printer
Method and apparatus for securing an electronic device to a loose-leaf support assembly
Protective cover
Device for applying liquids onto a base using an applicator element
Magnetic drawing board structure
Wheel rim top cover
Roller wheel device for supporting heavy object
Integrated lift and tow hitch
Air deflector having multiple tandem airfoils
Convertible load cover for trucks and trailers
Tonneau cover and attachment assembly
Folding top for a convertible
Convertible rear structure for a modular vehicle body
Variable pressure relief system for hydraulically actuated limited slip differentials
Control system for lock-up clutch
Vehicle seating assembly
Child seat
Automobile seat
Safety net system with load indicator
Method of manufacturing an interior automotive component and components made therefrom
Pallet racking system
Counterbalance for trailer gate and method for using same
Push-on tie-down anchor
Automatic leveling apparatus for use with automobile headlamps
Lighting apparatus with convex-convex lens assembly
Lamp retainer ring and lampholder assembly
Light emitting diode warning lamp
Rear view mirror for a vehicle
Vehicle exterior mirror
Lighted vehicular mirror assembly
Electrical connection configuration
Bumper assembly
Device for securing cargo
Apparatus and method for controlling behavior of a vehicle
Brake boosting system
Control of an automatic clutch
Brake control device of automobile for sharp braking in backward movement
Fail safe electrical brake control system for aircraft
Braking system with remote boost valve
Molded unitary front cap for a motor home
Hydraulic gear pump power pack for a power steering system with separate flow paths for fluid noise reduction
Storage compartment for golf carts
Seat with an adjustable abutment portion
Communication buoy with ice penetrating capabilities
Hydrostatic balancing jacket
Reverser for watercraft
Oarlock height adjuster for a rowing or sculling shell
Exhaust system for engine powering a watercraft
Ship drive with a drive engine and directly driven propeller shaft
Outboard motor with a hydraulic pump and an electric motor located within a steering mechanism
Closure preventive device for water jet propulsion type outboard motor
High internal force resistant peel sealable zipper
Foldable fast-food carrying device
Loader assembly for an articulated refuse collection vehicle
Work transport system
Arrangement for long-distance conveying of thick matter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Rotary kiln for forming lightweight aggregate from flyash and sewage sludge
Control of cement clinker production in a wet process rotary kiln by analysis of sulfur in the end product
Hepatitis C virus helicase crystals and coordinates that define helicase binding pockets
Method of heating a continuously charged furnace particularly for steel-making products, and continuously charged heating furnace
Textiles; Paper
Articulate electric connector
Fixed Constructions
Screeding apparatus and method incorporating oscillating attachment
Mobile apparatus for securely retrieving and placing markers on a surface and method therefor
Pipe pier system
Method of centrifugally forming a subterranean soil-cement casing
Method and apparatus for laying out a pipeline
Automotive soil treating machine
Torque control device for hydraulic pump in hydraulic construction equipment
Spreader broom unit for application of roofing mastic
Device for fixing insulating strips
Display device and method therefor
Door with integrated fire exit device
Tilt-latch for a sash window
Pivot and slide door system
Process and device for separation of pipes or columns fixed in the ground
Progressive cavity motors using composite materials
Cylindrical cutting device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cast on-board injection nozzle with adjustable flow area
Airfoil with reduced heat load
Cooling circuits for trailing edge cavities in airfoils
Airfoil isolated leading edge cooling
Cooling-air bore
Stress relieved blade support
Durable turbine nozzle
Pilot control valve for controlling a reciprocating pump
Outboard marine drive powered by an air-cooled internal combustion engine
Tilt mechanism for marine outboard drive
Operation cable mounting structure of outboard motor
Epicyclic face gear reduction gearbox particularly for a gas turbine engine
Auxiliary pump means of an advance arrangement of a high pressure piston pump
Digital pump
Clean-in-place gear pump
Inverter-controlled sealed compressor
Magnetohydrodynamically-driven compressor
Two stage oil free air compressor
Chemical supply system with a pair of bellows connected in series for pumping a fluid
Angled flow ports for reciprocating piston pump
Snap-in connection for pumping plunger sliding shoes
Isolated engine oil pump drive
Hydraulic apparatus
Displacement type fluid machine
Electric motor driven compressor
Multishaft electric motor and positive-displacement pump combined with such multishaft electric motor
Screw compressor
Immersible motor system
Electric fan assembly for vehicle air conditioning systems
Fan device
Safety blade for ceiling fan
Single slot impeller bleed
Magnetic drive pump having polymeric bearings and encased magnets for pumping very low temperature fluids
Heat dissipation fan with a shaft positioned to prevent chafing between the fan blades and the bearing
Electric fan with desk fan/floor fan dual-mode
Mount for fan
Cooling fan mounting arrangement
Blind rivet
Wall nut and bolt assemblies
Sealed end tee-nut
Floating sleeve bearing for electric motor
Tilting pad thrust bearing arrangement
Single plate hydrodynamic bearing with self-balancing fluid level and fluid circulation
Bearing structure
Dust cap assembly having two snap ring securing mechanism in a slip spline assembly
Sealing assembly for a cross member unit for universal joints
Differential containing rheological fluid
One-way over-running flex coupling
Geneva mechanism and motion picture projector using same
Variable-ratio transmission
Method for reducing jerking during gear shifting
Control apparatus and method for an automatic transmission of a vehicle
Control unit and control method of automatic transmission and automotive vehicle
Speed ratio controller and control method of toroidal continuously variable transmission
Control apparatus for automatic transmission
Seal using gasket compressed normal to assembly axis of two parts
Tube coupling bodies
Pass-through dual containment fitting
Flashlight and charger
Cover arrangement including an electro-luminescent element
Directional lighting fixture
Light bulb without connection terminals used for Christmas decorative lamps
Multi-lamp assembly for miniature lighting strips
Shock absorbent flashlight bulb and reflector assembly
Halogen lamp
Figurative structure for clamping a decorative lamp string
U-shaped trough frame for hanging Christmas light bulb series
Halogen torchiere light
Decorative lighting system
Spring clip light fixture connector
Image projecting lampshade
Method and apparatus of controlling beam divergence and directionality
Apparatus and method for producing a transparent tubular member containing a phosphorescent material
Uniform-burning matrix burner
Self opening flexible protective covering for heat registers
Molded roof exhaust vent
Heating equipment
Light guide for illuminating a dial
Dispenser with metering device
Apparatus for substrate temperature measurement using a reflecting cavity and detector
System and method for the real time determination of the in situ emissivity of a workpiece during processing
Projector and a measuring device provided with the same
Ferrite method and device particularly for thermocouples and other dissimilar metal conductor combinations
Linearized temperature sensor
Method for nondestructive/noncontact microwave detection of electrical and magnetic property discontinuities in materials
Process and measuring system for detection of substances emitted or perspired through the skin
Apparatus and method for determining paperboard thermal conductivity
Motion amplification based sensors
Radio beacon that uses a light emitter as an antenna
Multiplexed array transducers with improved far-field performance
High numerical aperture ring field projection system for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Three-dimensional display system
Motion picture, TV and computer 3-D imaging system and method of use
Kit providing independent right and left eyeglass lenses with side frames and method for assembly thereof
Integral vertical plane adjusting mechanism for an eyeglass frame with multifocal lenses
Progressive addition lenses
Contact lenses with constant peripheral geometry
Contact lens comprising a violet tint
Camera system
Instant photo film pack
Single lens reflex camera
Laser projection apparatus with liquid-crystal light valves and scanning reading beam
Color imaging systems and methods
Light source device and an illuminator and an image projector
Photosensitive medium cassette and method of use
Drier device for photosensitive material
Process solution supply system, substrate processing apparatus employing the system, and intermediate storage mechanism employed in the system
Electronic watch
I/O connector module for a field controller in a distributed control system
Impact absorbing keyboard, contoured to the natural shape of the hand
PC cards with integrated I/O communication receptacles
Option card retainer and retaining method
System and method for monitoring international tax status
Multiplier sign extension
Minimizing program code storage for performing regular and repetitive operations in a programmable processor
Multi-pass recording system using random mask
National customer recognition system and method
Simulated environment using procedural animation in a simulated city
Finite and pari-mutual video keno
Network gaming system
Touch controlled light emitted two balls instrument
Method and system for preventing bias in test answer scoring
Collaborative and quality control scoring system and method
Method of using nuclear waste to produce heat and power
Soft x-ray emitting radioactive stent
Computer key
Fiber spacers in large area vacuum displays and method for manufacture of same
Ultra-miniature electrical contacts and method of manufacture
Isolated multilevel fabricating facility with two way clean tunnel transport system with each tool having adjacent support skid
Wafer handling system and method
End effector
Dual arm linear hand-off wafer transfer assembly
Self aligning wafer chuck design for wafer processing tools
Shielded modular jack
Board-to-board connector assembly
High-density electrical connectors and electrical receptacle contacts therefor
Electrical contact element and circuit board connector using the same
Stacked electrical card connector assembly
Surface mount connector with integrated PCB assembly
Electrical card connector assembly avoiding displacement of terminals
Mounting fixture for use with an electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector
Termination adaptor for PCB
Compressible elastomeric contact and mechanical assembly therewith
Connector with redundant contact points
Automotive cellular phone connector assembly
Electrical contact
Double lock connector
Electronic interface connector cover and method of using same
Connector structure and assembling method for connectors
Retention mechanism
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Lever fitting type connector
Lever fitting-type connector
Lever structure of electric connection box
Low coupling force connector assembly
Panel mounted lever connector
Electrical connector
Method and apparatus for transferring signals through a high density, low profile, array type stacking connector
Plug connector
Coaxial connector
Safety receptacle for electrical outlets
Filtered universal serial bus
Electrical connector
Electrical connector latching mechanism
Type III PCMCIA card with integrated receptacles for receiving standard communications plugs
Convertible lamp socket
Molded electrical receptacle assembly
Staggered interface contacts
Resilient device allowing an electrical connection to be made in a connection terminal
Protective conductor clamp
Connector for coaxial cable with friction locking arrangement
Shielded cable end-processing construction
Device for preventing sandwiched condition
Projection type image display apparatus
Illuminating apparatus and projecting apparatus
Device for connecting power cable conductors to distribution cable conductors
Bezel assembly and method of production
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