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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Substituted imidazopyridazines
Piles treatment
Undergarment with firearm holster
Motor mount
Height adjustable pillow for use in surgery
Kraft mortise and tenon assembly
Kraft dovetail and slot assembly
Remote Controlled Showering Apparatus and Related Methods
Method for increasing muscle strength
Merchandise display system for identifying disposable absorbent article configurations for wearers
System of adaptable modular utility devices
Gait training apparatuses, attachments for gait training and related methods
Pharmaceutical formulation containing irritant
Pyrazine derivatives as CB2 receptor agonists
Delphinidin for combating melanoma cells
Pharmaceutical compositions for treating IBD
Controlled release corticosteroid compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
3-substituted estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraene derivatives, methods for the production thereof, pharmaceutical preparations containing same, and use thereof for the production of medicaments
Composition usable in the treatment of cancer
Method for improving immune system function by administering agents that inhibit DNA-dependent protein kinase-directed apoptosis
Insulin derivatives containing additional disulfide bonds
Treatment of muscular conditions and muscular dystrophies
Macrocyclic inhibitors of flaviviridae viruses
Enhanced immunogenicity of tumor associated antigens by addition of alphagal epitopes
Facultatively attenuated bacterial species and methods of preparation and use thereof
Escherichia coli vaccine combination
Detection of early-stage pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Methods for treatment of gastric cancer
.sup.18FDG multimeric positron emission tomography imaging agents
Compositions and methods for non-invasive imaging
Intraorally rapidly disintegrating tablet
System for the delivery of biologically active compounds into an organism and method for the preparation of said system
Interpolymer network delivery system
Catheter-type therapeutic or diagnostic instrument provided with shaped wire members and catheter tube to be used together with shaped wire members
Elastomeric infusion pump
Device and method for electrical stimulation of neural or muscular tissue
Bionic cochlea
Optical fiber-fine wire conductor and connectors
Prevention of setup errors in radiotherapy
Formulations and methods for recovery from dental surgery
Method and apparatus for treating underground conduits
Flame arrester with porous cover
Elliptical exercise device
Desk workstation with an integrated treadmill
Elliptical exercise device with moving control tracks
Two stage progressive resistance trainer
Push-up twisting plate
Stick assembly
Collapsible exercise device
Systems and/or methods for stock portfolio based competitive simulations
Gaming system using gaming surface having computer readable indicia and method of using same
Basketball game console, network basketball game console using the same, and basketball method
Signaling and remote control train operation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water pitcher with filter
Device and method for treating ballast water for ship
Oil sludge mixing assembly
System for extending turndown in a gas-liquid separator
Process for producing hydrogen-containing water for drinking
Energy-saving static stirring apparatus for automatically stirring a fluid
Substrate fabrication
Adsorption of actinides in cationic form from aqueous solutions
Porous reactive framework
Method for oxidizing carbonaceous material diesel particulate filter and exhaust gas system
System and methods for using synergized PGM as a three-way catalyst
Regeneration of spent paraffin dehydrogenation catalyst
Selective hydrogenation catalyst and methods of making and using same
Grinding type vertical grain polishing machine
Pore structures for reduced pressure aerosolization
Fluid product tank
Coating system and coating method
In situ alkaline hydrolysis of subsurface contaminants using gaseous reactants
Gravity induced soil remediation system
Sheet molding device
Method and machine for producing a muselet for bottles of effervescent drinks
Chamber-less thermal joining system
Pin clamp having integrated check valve
Strain gage device and method
Guided cutting assembly
Cutting tool
Trimmer apparatus
Fusion cutting device
Insert and saw blade with a plurality of inserts of this type
Process for production of replica mold for imprinting use
Method of making fasteners by three-dimensional printing
Composite optical element and process for production thereof, and imaging device and optical recording/reproduction device each equipped with the composite optical element
Formed ligneous body, and method of producing the same
Universal feeding system for extruders
Resin mold, production method thereof, and use thereof
Manufacturing method for optical substrate using film shaped mold, manufacturing device, and optical substrate obtained thereby
Method for collecting and removing refuse from an underground mine
Automated door assembly, press, and adhesive therefor
Web with molded articles on both sides
Sonication for improved particle size distribution of core-shell particles
Surface energy gradient films for analytical devices
Printing head for multi-stroke screen printing apparatus
Binder clip
Cycle wheel rim and method of manufacture
Motor vehicle having a vehicle frame and articulation arrangement
Air conditioner for vehicle
Adjustable opacity control based on operator and light source position
Integrated module carrier plate
Method and module for controlling a vehicle's speed based on rules and/or costs
UrbandGO: A sustainable urban mobility system
Smarter charging of plug-in vehicles
Seat frame for vehicle seat
Protective device for a compartment section of a motor vehicle
Collision warning system
Tow hitch receiver bracket
Automatic system for quick dropping of the battery, integrated to an electrical or hybrid vehicle, and consequences on its maximum loading weight
Pedestrian protection system for hood contact
Systems and methods for anticipatory tire pressure control
System and method for parking an automobile
Rail car cover system
Transport cart
Utility cart
Power steering system
Seat tube assembly for a bicycle or the like
Cycle with single wheel
Actively controlled buoy based marine seismic survey system and method
Kayak having reconfigurable center staging
Multi-component robot for below ice search and rescue
Personal safety survival device
Boat propulsion device
Aircraft frame
Power and data transfer to hub sensors
Disc-shaped aircraft with dual spinning discs
Systems and methods for deicing
Dispersed space based laser weapon
Component transferring system for automotive assembly line
Tab for a closure and process for making such tab
Assemblable pallet
Assemblable pallet
Dual compartment produce container having two receptacles separated by a barrier defined by oppositely oriented walls of each of the two receptacles
Package bag, package body using the same, and method of manufacturing said package bag
Animated clothes container
Pharmaceutical waste container and lid
Intelligent wine capsule
Can-shaped container having a protective inner layer
Conformable pliable produce storage insert
Compact palletizer including a skeleton and a subassembly
Singulating conveyor system
Conveying device
Noise reduction barrier for air cushion supported aircraft cargo loading robot
Vibrating tray for diverted card inserts
Paper conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus
Ratchet device for winding and blocking a drawstring
Pitch control unit, picker having the pitch control unit and test handler having the picker
Method for calibrating a movable crane part of a crane
Color dispensing system for recreational gear
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen storage pellet
Flux composition useful in directional solidification for purifying silicon
Process for production of nanoparticles of solid lubricant and lubricant dispersions stable in oil and in water
Safe clean drinking water, the worldwide challenge of preventing waterborne illnesses
Method for neutralizing sulfuric acid acidic solution and hydrometallurgical method for nickel oxide ore
Piezoelectric discharge water purification
System and process for the disinfection of sludge or solids
Hydrophilic film
Process for the production of chlorinated propenes
Enhancers of protein degradation
Augmenting moieties for anti-inflammatory compounds
Direct oxidation of methane to formaldehyde and methanol
Combination therapy for the treatment of cancer and immunosuppression
Histone deacetylase 6 selective inhibitors for the treatment of bone disease
Antiviral compounds
Soluble, processable polyhemiaminals and polyhexahydrotriazines
Thermal conductive compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Polymorph forms of desazadesferrithiocin analogs
Synthesis, structure and use of functionalized naphthalenes
Process of producing purified gamma- and delta-tocotrienols from tocol-rich oils or distillates
Microbicidally active imidazopyridine derivatives
Boron-containing diacylhydrazines
Antibacterial S-heterosubstituted disulfides
Treatment of antiviral gene related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to an antiviral gene
Single-domain antibodies that bind to HIV-1 Nef with high affinity
Anti-NPC2 monoclonal antibodies and a method of detecting fatty liver tissue, cancer cells or cancer tissue by using them
Methods for treating colon cancer and inflammation associated with overexpression of human signal peptide-containing proteins
Age inhibitors
Methods for the treatment of X-linked hypophosphatemia and related disorders
Compstatin analogs
Foam sheet using cross-linked polylactic acid, and preparation method thereof
Process for preparing a copolymer
Silicone copolymers with pendant alkyl radicals attached via allyl glycidyl ether and related compounds, and use thereof as stabilizers for production of flexible polyurethane foams
Method and apparatus for extracting a fiber of a wound composite part
Functionalized porous organic polymers for olefin/paraffin separations
Reinforced polymeric articles
Polymer composition and a process for preparing the same
Poly(lactic acid) composition with improved impact resistance
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Digital glaze for high grammage, without the use of anti-settling agents
Method for manufacturing an adhesive compound for use in the production of corrugated paperboard
Alignment material for liquid crystal lens and liquid crystal lens system
Cement compositions and methods utilizing nano-hydraulic cement
Well treatment fluids and methods utilizing nano-particles
Well treatment fluids and methods utilizing nano-particles
Process for removing color bodies from used oil
Solid state detergent in a transparent container
Machine dishwasher detergent comprising hydrophobically modified polysaccharides
Hop oxidation-reaction product, preparing method thereof and use thereof
Endoglucanase variants
Cells and methods for obtaining them
Recombinant expression of multiprotein complexes using polygenes
Resistance gene and uses thereof
Modulation of receptor-like kinases for promotion of plant growth
RTEF-1 variants and the use thereof for inhibition of angiogenesis
In vitro model for neuronal death
Use of N-acetylneuraminic acid aldolase in catalytic synthesis of N-acetylneuraminic acid
Nucleic acid encoding antibodies binding to the extracellular domain of the receptor tyrosine kinase ALK
Isoform-selective inhibitors and activators of PDE3 cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases
Polypeptides having organophosphorous hydrolase activity
Enzymatic process for fat and oil hydrolysis
Glucose dehydrogenase
Detection of aflatoxins and aflatoxic aspergilli in natural fungal bouquets
Method for detecting the presence or absence of an antibiotic resistant pathogenic staphylococci in a test sample
Method and device for introducing fine particle-shaped material into the fluidised bed of a fluidised bed reduction unit
Coating method for forming crack-resistant coatings having good adherence and component coated in this manner
Electroplating equipment capable of gold-plating on a through hole of a workpiece
Antibody preparation method, and antibody and antibody library thus prepared
Textiles; Paper
Storage caddy for an ironing board
Short oxygen delignification method
Fixed Constructions
Traffic cone
Self-driven ice resurfacing machine and method for use
Ground improvement method
Retractable nose cone system and method for forming reinforced concrete pilings and/or an electrical grounding system
Silt fence installation equipment and method
Electric swiveling type construction machine
System and method of use for removing waste odor proximate a toilet
Ground water collection system
Device and a method for controlling a flow of liquid
Column shoe
Structure connection system
Wall trim finishing apparatus
Concrete dispensing boom for concrete pumps
Fence system with variable rail reinforcement
Automated swimming pool cleaner having and angled jet drive propulsion system
Lock assembly
Security display case
Expandable fence gate frame assembly
Garage door extension system for allowing airflow
Cord embedded roman shade
Leveling hunting ladder
Cable protector system
Combination plug and setting tool with centralizers
System and method for creating lateral heat transfer appendages in a vertical well bore
Non-rotating wellbore casing scraper
Solid-supported crosslinker for treatment of a subterranean formation
Subsea fluid processing system and an associated method thereof
Systems and methods for regulating an in situ pyrolysis process
Ambient-activated switch for downhole operations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sealing of the flow channel of a turbomachine
Standardized gas turbine inspection port system
Rocker arm clip retention feature
Device for supplying a liquid additive and motor vehicle having the device
Combustion driven ammonia generation strategies for passive ammonia SCR system
Heat exchanger for cooling exhaust gas
Device for cooling charge air, system for conditioning charge air, and intake module for an internal combustion engine
Method and system for improving engine starting
Method for improving engine performance using a temperature managed fuel system
Engine starting device
Low-cost molded wind turbine blade
Method and system for improving wind farm power production efficiency
Swash plate type variable displacement compressor
Control valve for variable displacement compressor
Multi-stage integrally geared compressor
Fan assembly
Fluid pressure cylinder
Anchor fastening element
Bolt system
Bearing device and turbomachine having a bearing device
Bearing system and cage for bearing
Coupling device, in particular for industrial applications
Hybrid drive
Accessory plate extension for wheelbarrow brake systems
Multi-speed transmission
Transmission device
Injection-molded pocket-type chain wheel made of fiber-reinforced plastic
Sealing structure
Single push button multi-function water output switching structure
Pilot-operated pressure control valve
Pneumatic gate valve with integrated pressurized gas reservoir
Method of laying a pipeline
Method of forming a collar on a tubular component through depositing of weld metal and machining this deposit into a collar
Expandable exhaust duct assembly
Flexible conduit assembly
Mounting bracket for strain sensor
Connector part and fluid connection structure
Lateral reinstatement cutter and single access point method of use
Thermal insulation laminate
High pressure gas container and manufacturing method for high pressure gas container
Vehicular lamp
Frame for a luminescent screen
Non-combustible candle apparatus for use in indoor and outdoor settings
Solid-state drive
Modular LED lamp fixtures and associated accessories
Gas turbine engine combustor with fluidic control of swirlers
Gas turbine engine combustor top hat cover attachment system with lugged interlocking backing plate
Bottom-loading cooking appliance
Insulation configuration for thermal appliances
Decorative air conduit
Combustion apparatus, method for combustion control, board, combustion control system and water heater
Method for producing a direct flow aluminium absorber for a solar thermal collector
Cooling apparatus
Hot water recovery
Nozzle for distribution of a fluid
Reactive solid/heat-transport gas reactor including a helical duct in which the solid and the gas flow in opposite directions
Heat exchanger
Paintball ejecting apparatuses and methods therefor
Unconventional compact compound bow
Arrow mounted tracking apparatus
Methods for determining mechanical quantities associated with a deformation force by utilizing an integrated computational element
Measuring device, measuring method, and computer program product
Distance measurement device and distance measurement method
Load estimation apparatus, laser light irradiation system, and load estimation method
Three dimensional characterization of silicon wafer Vias from combined on-top microscopic and bottom-through laser fringes measurement
Use of the occupancy rate of areas or buildings to simulate the flow of persons
Auxiliary guiding device and system for the blind
Systems, methods, and apparatus for providing indoor navigation
Area map provision system, terminal device, and server device
Sensor unit for a vehicle
Electric power measurement system, electric power measurement method, and information processing device
Flowmeter comprising piezoelectric sensor
Solar simulator light-amount evaluation apparatus, solar simulator light-amount evaluation method, solar cell evaluation apparatus, and solar cell evaluation method
Split field spectral imager
Spectral color sensor and image forming apparatus
Terahertz radiation detector, focal plane array incorporating terahertz detector, multispectral metamaterial absorber, and combined optical filter and terahertz absorber
Photoconductive antenna, camera, imaging device, and measurement device
Electronics enclosure with redundant thermal sensing architecture
Torque sensor and electric bicycle using same
Inter-cylinder air-fuel ratio variation abnormality detection apparatus
Methods and systems for microfluidic DNA sample preparation
Rapid freeze-quench device and methods of use thereof
Apparatus for taking an accurate photometric measurement of a liquid
Optical sensor and image forming device incorporating the same
MEMS-based calorimeter, fabrication, and use thereof
Ion mobility spectrometer which controls carrier gas flow to improve detection
Method for quantitative determination of oxidant and apparatus for quantitative determination of oxidant
DNA sequencing using multiple metal layer structure with different organic coatings forming different transient bondings to DNA
Insect-based ex vivo model for testing blood-brain barrier penetration and method for exposing insect brain to nanoparticles
Differentially expressed genes in large granular lymphocyte leukemia
Isoform-selective inhibitors and activators of PDE3 cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases
Methods for the detection and diagnosis of malaria using an electrochemical sensor
Method for small-signal stability assessment of power systems within instability borders using source side and load side perturbations
Test head for electrical testing of a test specimen
Aging-based usage metering of components
Magnetic resonance coil with overlapping coil elements
Apparatus and method for detecting high-energy radiation
Method for detection of subsurface seismic events in vertically transversely isotropic media
Tone detection apparatus and method
Methods and systems for obtaining an electrical impedivity and/or resistivity image of a subterranean formation
Methods and systems for displaying customized icons
Pane construction
Photochromic composition and optical article using photochromic composition
Fine-structure layered product, preparation method of the fine-structure layered product and manufacturing method of a fine-structure product
Method and device for focusing laser light
Polarizing splitter and method for manufacturing same
Optical fiber cable splicing box
Optical waveguide and manufacturing method thereof
Active photonic integrated circuit (PIC) with embedded coupling efficiency monitoring
Assembling device for assembling plurality of optical fibers in optical fiber connector
Ball cage assemblies for centration of axially thick lenses and related methods and systems
Illuminated eyewear
Optical semiconductor element, method of controlling the same and method of manufacturing the same
Optical semiconductor element, method of controlling the same and method of manufacturing the same
Touch panel, touch screen structure thereof, and touch display device thereof
Method for producing masterboard alignment film and transfer printing plate and alignment solution
Fine electret particles and process for producing same
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Lithographic apparatus, method for maintaining a lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure head and exposure device
Exposure method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method for forming a non-deformable patterned template
Waking alarm with detection and aiming of an alarm signal at a single person
Driving mode alerts from self-driving vehicles
Measurement of performance scalability in a microprocessor
Apparatus and method for adjusting operating frequencies of processors based on result of comparison of power level with a first threshold and a second threshold
Data processing apparatus capable of controlling power supply, control method therefor, and storage medium
Efficiency of cycle-reproducible debug processes in a multi-core environment
Information processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium having stored program for controlling information processing apparatus, and method for controlling information processing apparatus
Transaction tracking within a microprocessor
Tertiary storage unit management in bidirectional data copying
Maintaining inactive copy relationships for secondary storages of active copy relationships having a common primary storage for use in case of a failure of the common primary storage
Method for maintaining file system of computer system
Communication software stack optimization using distributed error checking
Using error correcting codes for parity purposes
Determining adjustments of storage device timeout values based on synchronous or asynchronous remote copy state
Restore in cascaded copy environment
System and method for determining correct execution of software based on baseline and real time trace events
Modeling memory use of applications
Auto-deployment and testing of system application test cases in remote server environments
Dynamic detection and software correction of incorrect lock and atomic update hint bits
Free space collection in log structured storage systems
Migration of data to sequential access medium
Multi-level data protection for nonvolatile memory system
Determining prefix codes for pseudo-dynamic data compression utilizing clusters formed based on compression ratio
Reference counting for memory areas
Obtaining additional data storage from another data storage system
Sharing resources allocated to an entitled virtual machine
Unmap storage space
Page table including data fetch width indicator
Enhanced computer processor and memory management architecture
Control method, control device, and recording medium
Impact-based migration scheduling from a first tier at a source to a second tier at a destination
Broadcast and unicast communication between non-coherent processors using coherent address operations
Power saving based on clock management claim of priority
System and method for revealing hidden information in electronic documents
Storage and access of job ticket values
Systems and methods for repositioning on user defined boundaries in a presentation data stream
Message flow control in a multi-node computer system
Dynamic data collection communication between adapter functions
Vector instructions to enable efficient synchronization and parallel reduction operations
Secure data migration in a dispersed storage network
Using content structure to socially connect users
Linguistic based determination of text location origin
Extracting and recommending business processes from evidence in natural language systems
Computer implemented method, program, and system for identifying non-text element suitable for communication in multi-language environment
Method and system of implementing a database index in shared memory
Managing database clustering indices
Methods and apparatus for storing and retrieving information relating to edible objects
Smart guide for use by visually impaired persons
Method, apparatus and computer program for detecting deviations in data repositories
Documentation system
Guaranteeing anonymity of linked data graphs
Space efficient cascading point in time copying
Systems and methods for processing software application metadata associated with a software application
Test case generation
Input device and position determining method
User interface for presentation of a document
Managing product configuration
Integrated support for application porting transparency and streamlined system migration in heterogeneous platform environments
Changing a controlling device interface based on device orientation
Stylus detecting device and stylus detecting method
Chip architecture in improve the sensing latency time in projected capacitance touch
Mobile terminal for controlling various operations using a stereoscopic 3D pointer on a stereoscopic 3D image and control method thereof
Method of selecting a second content based on a user's reaction to a first content
Static content updates
Detection of communication topic change
Displaying posts in real time along axes on a computer screen
Information processing apparatus and medium for correcting the start and end time data based on handwriting user input
Virtual accounting container for supporting small volumes of data
Dynamically controlling temporary compromise on data redundancy
Parallel processes for performing multiple incremental copies
Memory module virtualization
Image forming apparatus, method and storage medium controlling the insertion of index sheets in a print job
Management of allocation for alias devices
Virtual attribute federation system
Managing redundant immutable files using deduplication in storage clouds
Database insertions in a stream database environment
Contributor identification tool
Table boundary detection in data blocks for compression
Table boundary detection in data blocks for compression
Variable updates of branch prediction states
Instruction merging optimization
Techniques for implementing barriers to efficiently support cumulativity in a weakly-ordered memory system
Auto-scaling thresholds in elastic computing environments
Dynamic tracing framework for debugging in virtualized environments
System for the discovery and provisioning of artifacts and composites
Server, information processing system, and computer product
Automated code coverage measurement and tracking per user story and requirement
Computer-assisted release planning
Deploying incremental scripts
Computer system and a method for generating an optimized program code
Generating comprehensive symbol tables for source code files
Provisioning virtual environments based on policies for troubleshooting purposes
Compare point detection in multi-threaded computing environments
Calibrated timeout interval on a configuration value, shared timer value, and shared calibration factor
Calibrated timeout interval on a configuration value, shared timer value, and shared calibration factor
Inducing transactional aborts in other processing threads
Reducing virtual machine suspension time in checkpoint system
Automated virtual machine provisioning based on defect state
Maintaining hardware resource bandwidth quality-of-service via hardware counter
Inducing transactional aborts in other processing threads
Data processing system and scheduling method
Managing provisioning for cloud resource allocations
Dynamic resource allocation based on data transferring to a tiered storage
Providing extended memory semantics with atomic memory operations
Requesting shared variable directory (SVD) information from a plurality of threads in a parallel computer
Approach for processing print data using password control data
Management of evacuation with mobile objects
Wireless door monitoring system for use on aircraft exterior access panels
Stale data detection in marked channel for scrub
Electrical power multiplication
Wiring harness wiring structure
Efficiency adjustments in power supply system
Integrated circuit (IC), adaptive power supply using IC characteristics and adaptive power supply method according to IC characteristics, electronic device including the same and manufacturing method of IC
Memory controller with read unit length module
Hierarchical data compression and computation
Method and apparatus for speculative decompression
Method for measuring radiation by means of an electronic terminal having a digital camera
Asymmetrical link aggregation
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Polypeptides having lipase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Process for the fermentative preparation of D-pantothenic acid and/or its salts
Collection device
Method of determining a chemotherapeutic regimen based on glutathione-S-transferase pi expression
Method of inducing and maintaining neuronal cells
Methods for enhancing the production of viral vaccines in cell culture
IP-10/MIG receptor designated CXCR3, nucleic acids, and methods of use therefor
Preparation of virally inactivated intravenously injectable immune serum globulin
Performing Operations; Transporting
Screening combinatorial arrays of inorganic materials with spectroscopy or microscopy
Porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles for chromatographic separations and process for their preparation
Magnesium dichloride-alcohol adducts
Manipulating micron scale items
Chromate-free coating for metal honeycomb
Diffusion barrier layer with a high barrier effect
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic lysis of biological cells
Composite fine particles, conductive paste, and conductive film
Wood veneer comprising ethylene styrene interpolymer layer and process for producing the same
Process for producing a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin molded product and product thereby produced
Coating structure of a metal pipe and method of coating a metal pipe
Laminated glass
Heat treatable low-E coated articles and methods of making same
Composite carbonaceous heat insulator
Reactive oil/copper preservative systems for wood products
Polypropylene composite film
Optically variable pigments and foils with enhanced color shifting properties
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Plate-making method for producing waterless lithographic printing plate
Color filter, method for manufacturing it, and liquid crystal panel
Method and composition for the sizing of paper using azetidinium and/or guanidine polymers
Secured documents identified with anti-stokes fluorescent compositions
Process for achieving a wear resistant translucent surface on surface elements
Nanosyringe array and method
Patterning of surfaces utilizing microfluidic stamps including three-dimensionally arrayed channel networks
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for formation of thermal-spray coating layer of rare earth fluoride
Methods of forming binary noncrystalline oxide analogs of silicon dioxide
Positive electrode material and nickel-zinc battery
Glass fiber composition
Anti-reflection colored film-coated glass products and plasma display panel optical filters
Transparent conductive layered structure, display in which this transparent conductive layered structure is applied, and coating liquid for forming transparent conductive layer
Method for partially treating a water-repellent glass sheet
Partial photoresist etching
Methods of making low thermal expansion calcium aluminate articles
Carbonaceous composite material, process for production thereof, fuel cell separator, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Methods employing oligonucleotide-binding e-tag probes
[5]-helicene and dibenzofluorene materials for use in organic light emitting devices
Alkyl esters of 3-(3,4-dihalophenyl)-2,6-dioxopiperidine-3-propionic acid of use as intermediates
Photographic processing composition containing heterocycle combination and method of forming image
Cell surface display of proteins by recombinant host cells
Methods for targeting RNA molecules
Methods for obtaining nucleotide sequences coding for polypeptides specifically active for larvae of S. littoralis
Method for the production of bacterial toxins
Coding sequence haplotype of the human BRCA1 gene
Methods and compositions for the large scale production of recombinant adeno-associated virus
Adsorption of polyampholytes to charged surfaces and assays incorporating same
PRV-1 gene and the use thereof
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand polynucleotides
Insulin analogs with enhanced zinc binding
Methods and compositions for modulating telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) expression
Immunological detection of RNA:DNA hybrids on microarrays
Use of thinnings and other low specific gravity wood for lyocell products
Use of thinnings and other low specific gravity wood for lyocell pulps
Supported dual transition metal catalyst systems
Reactive particles, curable composition comprising the same and cured products
Cured polyesters containing fluorinated side chains
Photosensitive resin compositions, insulating films, and processes for formation of the films
Coloring master pellet for optical molded article and colored optical disk substrate
High peel strength rubber/textile composites
Surface-coated calcium carbonate particles, method for manufacturing same, and adhesive
Varnish composition and liquid-crystal display element
Material for casing for acoustic equipment and casing for acoustic equipment fabricated therefrom
Rigidized trimethine cyanine dyes
Method of coating substrate surfaces with LCST polymers
Waterborne composition exhibiting sound damping property at low and high frequencies
Process for preparing resists
Method for making long-life electroluminescent phosphor
Light-emitting compound and display device adopting light-emitting compound as color-developing substance
Magnesium calcium thioaluminate phosphor
Ester compounds, liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal display devices
Liquid-crystalline medium
Method and device for selecting accelerated proliferation of living cells in suspension
Low allergenic protein variants
Screening of phage displayed peptides without clearing of the cell culture
Polynucleotide encoding a human myosin-like polypeptide expressed predominantly in heart and muscle
Antisense RNA expression strategies effective against Streptococcus thermophilus bacteriophages
Method and constructs for inhibiting protein expression in bacteria
Recombinant, modified adenoviral vectors for tumor specific gene expression and uses thereof
Genetic manipulation of spermatogonia
Method for producing preparations of mature and immature pancreatic endocrine cells, the cell preparation and its use for treatment of diabetes mellitus
25934, a novel fatty acid desaturase and uses therefor
Mutant fatty acid desaturase
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Fusion polypeptides of human serum albumin and a therapeutically active polypeptide
Method for the production of L-amino acids from their racemic N-aceytyl-D, L-derivatives by enzymatic racemate cleavage by means of isolated recombinant enzymes
Comparative phenotype analysis of two or more microorganisms using a plurality of substrates within a multiwell testing device
Method of measuring total homocysteine
Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting Borrelia burgdorferi
Cancer associated antigens and uses therefor
Methods and compositions for transcription-based nucleic acid amplification
Universal variable fragments
Signal amplification with lollipop probes
Prognostic methods for prediction of progression of normal and hyperplastic mammary cells to carcinoma
Molecular differences between species of the M. tuberculosis complex
Amplification of nucleic acids with electronic detection
Electronically-indexed solid-phase assay for biomolecules
AL alloy member having excellent corrosion resistance
Steel plate having TiN+CuS precipitates for welded structures, method for manufacturing same and welded structure made therefrom
Methods of preventing reduction of IrOx during PZT formation by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition or other processing
Method of producing an electroluminescence display device
Semiconducting devices and method of making thereof
Ultra low deposition rate PECVD silicon nitride
Method to deposit a stacked high-.kappa. gate dielectric for CMOS applications
Coating workpiece method using beam of plasma
Nodule-free electroless nip plating
Thermal barrier coating material
Cooling plate and production method therefor
Process for producing a photoelectric conversion device
Textiles; Paper
Bicomponent nonwoven webs containing splittable thermoplastic filaments and a third component
Electric luminescence fiber
Conductive fiber
Fixed Constructions
Fuel cell for downhole power systems
Histologic visualization of cyanoacrylate embolization
Method of signal amplification in multi-chromophore luminescence sensors
Reagents for detecting cannabinoids
Methods for detecting and extracting gold
Chemically-resistant sensor devices, and systems and methods for using same
High throughput method and system for screening candidate compounds for activity against target ion channels
Methods and compositions for attachment of biomolecules to solid supports, hydrogels, and hydrogel arrays
Device and method for carrying out fluoresence immunotests
Reagent for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus by agglutination
Test device for detecting semen and method of use
Competitive chemiluminescent assay for cyclic nucleotide monophosphates
Assay devices with mobile control reagents
Recognition of tumor-specific gene products in cancer
Chip manufacturing method for cutting test pads from integrated circuits by sectioning circuit chips from circuit substrate
Heterogeneous spacers for CPP GMR stacks
Color filter, color filter forming material and process for producing color filter
Silver halide photographic photosensitive material
Silver halide photographic elements containing bis Au(I) sensitizers
Silver halide photosensitive material
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and method of forming image therein
Radiation-sensitive emulsion, silver halide photographic film material and radiographic intensifying screen-film combination
Blue spectrally sensitized film for radiography, imaging assembly and method
Photothermographic materials processable at lower temperatures and recording processes therefor
Multifunctional polymeric materials and use thereof
Blue-sensitive film for radiography with desired image tone
Blue-sensitive film for radiography with reduced dye stain
Blue-sensitive film for radiography and imaging assembly and method
Blue-sensitive film for radiography and imaging assembly and method
Stabilized black-and-white developing compositions and methods of use
Color negative film element and process for developing
Color motion picture print film with improved raw stock keeping
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Method of manufacturing a photomask
Fused silica pellicle
Non absorbing reticle and method of making same
Photoresist monomer, polymer thereof and photoresist composition containing the same
Lithography method and lithography mask
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Optical proximity correction method
Two-exposure phase shift photolithography with improved inter-feature separation
Pattern forming method using photolithography
Developing solution for photosensitive lithographic printing plate, plate-making method of lithographic printing plate, and photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Method and apparatus for enhancing resist sensitivity and resolution by application of an alternating electric field during post-exposure bake
Production of photoresist coatings
Method of producing biocompatible structures and biocompatible microchip
Photoresist composition and method of forming pattern using the same
Method for producing a semiconductor device
Method of aligning a photolithographic mask to a crystal plane
Electrophotographic process and apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming method and apparatus
Electrophotographing dry-type toner and production method therefor
Toner and image forming apparatus using the same
Toner compositions comprising vinyl resin and poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
Carrier for electrophotographic developer and developer containing the same
Reversible hologram fixation in photorefractive materials using incoherent ultraviolet light
Magnetic recording medium containing specific binder in the magnetic layer and the lower non-magnetic layer
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus using the same
Perpendicular magnetic recording media, magnetic recording apparatus
Magnetic recording medium with improved control layer
Magnetic recording medium, process and apparatus for producing the same, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Method of manufacturing chip type electronic parts including forming a photo-sensitive film on the chips and irradiating the end surfaces with light
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and apparatus to be used therefore
Method for manufacturing non-volatile memory device and non-volatile memory and semiconductor device
Retrograde well structure for a CMOS imager
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of producing a capacitor electrode with a barrier structure
Nitrogen-based highly polymerizing plasma process for etching of organic materials in semiconductor manufacturing
Process for producing thermally annealed wafers having improved internal gettering
Method of trimming and singulating leaded semiconductor packages
Method and system for exposed die molding for integrated circuit packaging
Capacitors of semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Programmable capacitor for an integrated circuit
Pendeoepitaxial methods of fabricating gallium nitride semiconductor layers on sapphire substrates, and gallium nitride semiconductor structures fabricated thereby
Method for transferring epitaxy layer
Compound semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a MOS transistor with a high dielectric constant material
High precision integrated circuit capacitors
Anisotropic etch method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of selectively removing metal nitride or metal oxynitride extrusions from a semmiconductor structure
Method for fabricating a dual mode FET and logic circuit having negative differential resistance mode
Method for forming a plug metal layer
Semiconductor device having cobalt silicide film in which diffusion of cobalt atoms is inhibited and its production process
Protective layers prior to alternating layer deposition
Methods for controlling the crystallographic texture of thin films with anisotropic ferroelectric polarization or permittivity
Method of forming self-aligned bipolar transistor
Method for fabricating a bipolar transistor having self-aligned emitter and base
Methods of forming structures over semiconductor substrates, and methods of forming transistors associated with semiconductor substrates
Damascene gate process with sacrificial oxide in semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device a ball grid array package structure using a supporting frame
Dual damascene trench depth monitoring
Amorphizing ion implant local oxidation of silicon (LOCOS) method for forming an isolation region
Method for reducing gouging during via formation
Method of fabricating copper interconnects with very low-k inter-level insulator
Semiconductor chip having both polycide and salicide gates and methods for making same
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
Integration of high voltage self-aligned MOS components
Method and structure to reduce CMOS inter-well leakage
Method of fabricating a DRAM transistor with a dual gate oxide technique
Method of forming a semiconductor memory device
Method for producing metallic bit lines for memory cell arrays, method for producing memory cell arrays and memory cell array
Fabrication method for flash memory
Method of forming low-resistivity connections in non-volatile memories
Thin film transistors and method of manufacture
Anti-reflective coatings for use at 248 nm and 193 nm
Self-aligned contacts to gates
Semiconductor memory device having a multiple tunnel junction layer pattern and method of fabricating the same
Method for forming packaged semiconductor device having stacked die
Method of forming overmolded chip scale package and resulting product
Semiconductor device having improved contact hole structure, and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming a fuse in a semiconductor device
Stacked semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for fabricating multi-chip package semiconductor device
Semiconductor structure and method for reducing charge damage
Electro-optical transceiver system with controlled lateral leakage and method of making it
Buried digit spacer-separated capacitor array
Method for manufacturing solid state image pick-up device
Method of separating semiconductor dies from a wafer
Sub-critical-dimension integrated circuit features
Vertical MOSFET with asymmetric gate structure
Power semiconductor device having a voltage sustaining region that includes doped columns formed with a single ion implantation step
Method for packaging a high efficiency electro-optics device
Method of fabricating piezoelectric vibrator
Deuterated semi-conducting organic compounds used for opto-electronic devices
Selective formation of top memory electrode by electroless formation of conductive materials
Organic electroluminescent device, method for manufacturing organic electroluminescent device, and electronic apparatus
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell with a spirally wound electrode unit
Non-acqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Gel electrolyte precursor and chemical battery
Battery reclamation system
Nonaqueous electrolyte type secondary battery with a film casing
Electrochemical conversion system
Header insulator for an electrochemical cell
Battery electrode, secondary battery, and method of manufacturing same
Rechargeable solid state chromium-fluorine-lithium electric battery
Battery with a nonaqueous electrolyte and a negative electrode having a negative electrode active material occluding and releasing an active material
Positive electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolytic solution secondary battery and nonaqueous electrolytic solution secondary battery therewith
Fuel cell stack
Gas block mechanism for water removal in fuel cells
Fuel cell systems
Methods and apparatuses for a pressure driven fuel cell system
Method of reformer operation to prevent fuel cell flooding
Liquid hetero-interface fuel cell device
Process for producing electrical energy with the aid of a fuel cell
Fuel cell
Method for design and manufacture of semiconductors
Method of fabricating patterned layers of material upon a substrate
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