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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lettuce variety ISI 45125 and method of production
Antimicrobial compositions and uses thereof
Ribonucleoside cyclic acetal derivatives for the treatment of RNA-dependent RNA viral infection
Quinazoline compounds for the treatment of hyperproliferative disorders
Soluble, stable and concentrated pharmaceutical composition compromising ritonavir and process for preparing thereof
Hexenoic acid derivatives, processes for the preparation thereof, pharmaceutical compositions comprising them, and therapeutic applications thereof
Indolone derivatives, processes for preparing them and their uses
Inhibitors of integrin .alpha..sub..nu..beta..sub.6
Dialkylamino alkyl esters of pivagabine as medicaments for the treatment of central nervous system disorders
Methods of decreasing or preventing pain using spicamycin derivatives
Bone densifying agent characterized by use of cathepsin K inhibitor with PTH
HYD1 peptides as anti-cancer agents
Use of calmodulin kinase II inhibitors to treat myocardial dysfunction in structural heart disease
Methods and compositions for inhibiting PKC delta cleavage for treatment and prevention of neurodegeneration and apoptosis
Metal-binding compounds and uses therefor
Compositions capable of specifically binding particular human antigen presenting molecule/pathogen-derived antigen complexes and uses thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of preparing a catalyst for direct formic acid fuel cells
Solvothermal method for preparing vanadia-titania catalyst having nano structure for decomposing chlorinated organic compounds
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Low cost selective octene process: RHT-octene
Compounds and methods for treatment of cancer and modulation of programmed cell death for melanoma and other cancer cells
Method of crystallization of bicalutamide
Method for the production of alicyclic polycarboxylic acid esters from partial esters of aromatic polycarboxylic acids
Hydrogenation process and catalysts
Quinolone carboxylic acids, derivatives thereof, and methods of making and using same
Method for making 3,3,7,7-tetrakis(difluoramino)octahydro-1,5-dinitro-1,5-diazocine (HNFX)
Substituted morpholine and thiomorpholine derivatives
Pyridyltetrahydropyridines and pyridylpiperidines and method of manufacturing them
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Cyanine dye
Compositions and methods for modulation of Mcl-1 expression
Methods for identifying inhibitors of botulinum neurotoxins
Soluble, stable form of HDM2, crystalline forms thereof and methods of use thereof
Humanized monoclonal antibodies to hepatocyte growth factor
Cyclodextrin derivatives, method for the preparation thereof and use thereof for the solubilization of pharmacologically active substances
Block copolymer, composition comprising it and cosmetic treatment process
Hybrid polymer materials for liquid crystal alignment layers
Biobeneficial polyamide/polyethylene glycol polymers for use with drug eluting stents
Resin composition, resin molding, package and production method of resin molding
Azinium salts as splayant for layered materials
Polycarbonate compositions and articles formed therefrom
Methods and fluid compositions for depositing and removing filter cake in a well bore
Low damage treatment fluids and methods of using the same
Washing and cleaning agents containing acetals as organic solvents
Encapsulated fragrance chemicals
Spirocyclic ketols and their use
Modulation of flowering time by the pft1 locus
Expression of monoclonal antibodies in duckweed
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Resonating blade for electric power generation
Reduced friction wind turbine apparatus and method
Integrated tunable resonance circuit
Conduction structure for infrared microbolometer sensors
Scintillator plate
Inspection apparatus using terahertz wave
Passenger detection apparatus for detecting breakage on shield line without being affected by peripheral shield cables
Magnetic resonance system and method for determining a diffusion-weighted image
Method of reducing eddy currents caused by a gradient magnetic field in a magnetic resonance system
Magnetic resonance stage microscope
Polysiloxane prepolymers for biomedical devices
Arrangement with a movable portion of an article of furniture
Single phase motor driving device
Reference voltage generation circuit
Bandgap voltage reference circuit working under wide supply range
Current source circuit and method of outputting current
Reference current circuit for adjusting its output current at a low power-supply voltage
Mixer stage and method for mixing two signals having different frequencies
Fast laser scanning optical CT apparatus
Method for tracking personnel and equipment in chaotic environments
Anti-fraud system for a car wash station
Robust tactical unattended ground sensor networking
Aircraft provided with a cabin differential pressure warning system
Detection system employing trained animals
Portable traffic light
Device for signaling risks, risk level map obtained by the device and method for formulating the map
Keyboard-type tone plate percussion instrument
Colored foaming polymer composition
Structure of transformer
Electrode materials for electric lamps and methods of manufacture thereof
Barium-free electrode materials for electric lamps and methods of manufacture thereof
Drop-in light emitting diode (LED) module, reflector, and flashlight including same
Electric charged particle beam microscopy and electric charged particle beam microscope
Sealed light emitting diode assemblies including annular gaskets and methods of making same
Mercury-free metal halide discharge lamp
Dimmable fluorescent lamp package
Semiconductor device, substrate, equipment board, method for producing semiconductor device, and semiconductor chip for communication
Acoustic transducer module
Method, system, and apparatus for a secure bus on a printed circuit board
Semiconductor unit having two device terminals for every one input/output signal
Pixel sensor cell having a pinning layer surrounding collection well regions for collecting electrons and holes
Electroluminescence display panel, image display, and method for manufacturing them
Integration of high-voltage devices and other devices
Trench MOSFET with implanted drift region
Structure and fabrication method for capacitors integratible with vertical replacement gate transistors
Oxide isolated metal silicon-gate JFET
Magnetic sensor and manufacturing method therefor
Image sensor module
Self-assembled photosynthesis-inspired light harvesting material and solar cells containing the same
Light emitting transistor
Primary battery with internal voltage regulator
SPST switch, SPDT switch and MPMT switch
Tunable-inductance thin-layered superconductor components, method for the production thereof and devices including said components
Coupling structure between circuit board and frame member
IS-4 lead to PSA interface cable
Photoconductive element and sensor device
Apparatus for interfacing a three phase power supply to a load
Electronic apparatus and starting method of the electronic apparatus
Lighting control system
Secondary-battery management apparatuses, secondary-battery management method, and secondary-battery management program
Electric machine
Stator for reciprocating motor and fabrication method thereof
Cylinder-type linear motor and moving parts thereof
Magnetic bearing device and vacuum pump
Direct drive torque motor
Vehicle-use alternator
Single-sensor based commutation of multi-phase motor
Differential ring oscillator
Signal generation apparatus for frequency conversion in communication system
Monolithically integratable LC circuit arrangement
Balun circuit and frequency converting apparatus
Single signal-to-differential signal converter and converting method
Digital QP detecting apparatus, spectrum analyzer having the same, and digital QP detecting method
Frequency-locking device and frequency-locking method thereof
Circuit and method for Manchester decoding with automatic leading phase discovery and data stream correction
Organic light-emitting device with meandering electrode surface, and method for manufacturing same
LED element for an LED stream
Electronic candle and method of use
Lamp driving apparatus having balance circuit units for a display
Lamp driving device and display apparatus having the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Process for the preparation of materials with a high content of conjugated long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
Polypeptides having aminopeptidase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Flexible composite material with phase change thermal storage
Target devices
Coating selective zones of thin webs to change the pervious character thereof
Medicinal preparation based on fetal cell suspension having immune substituting effect for patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV infection)
Complement-resistant non-mammalian DNA viruses and uses thereof
Methods for isolation and activation of, and control of differentiation from, skeletal muscle stem or progenitor cells
Chimeric and/or growth-restricted flaviviruses
Chitosan related compositions and methods for delivery of nucleic acids and oligonucleotides into a cell
Catalytic antibodies against cocaine and methods of using and producing same
Biologically-active polymers
Protein kinase molecules and uses therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mesoscale sample preparation device and systems for determination and processing of analytes
Porous materials containing melamine resin
Ethylene polymerization catalyst and catalyst system
Mixed fluorination catalyst
Thermally stable modified ZSM-5 zeolite materials with micro porosities and method of making same
Polynucleotide probe chip and polynucleotide detection method
Soft impact dispense method
Primer composition, fixing member, and fixing device using the fixing member
Rigid thin sheet material and method of making it
Brazing or soldering material and manufacturing method therefor
Oscillating orbital polisher and method
Thermoplastic resin-combined glass fiber base material and process for its production
Method for obtaining a three-dimensional textile product, thread used therein, composite materials obtained with this thread and according to this method
Conformable composite chemical barrier closure and attachment tape
Adhesive ethylene copolymer resin compositions and laminates using the same
Opaque polymeric films and processes for making same
Method of preparing a lithographic printing plate
Lithographic printing plate precursor and method for preparing lithographic printing plate using the same
Image forming method and system
Ink jet image recording medium
Thermal transfer recording sheet
Contactor sleeve assembly for a pick and place semiconductor device handler
Process for manufacturing high-sensitivity capacitive and resonant integrated sensors, particularly accelerometers and gyroscopes, and sensors made therefrom
Process for manufacturing high-sensitivity accelerometric and gyroscopic integrated sensors, and sensor thus produced
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrochemical lithium secondary element
Spindle-shaped goethite particles, spindle-shaped hematite particles and spindle-shaped magnetic iron based alloy particles
Glasses and glass-ceramics with high E-moduli
Dielectric composition for plasma display panel
Method for producing a pattern on a transparent substrate
Lead-free glasses
Sealing glass paste for cathode ray tubes
Dielectric porcelain composition
Bimodal silicon nitride-bas ceramic composites
Refractory fibrous ceramic insulation and process of making same
Preform and production method therefor
Method of making a reinforced carbon foam material and related product
Electronic circuit substrates fabricated from an aluminum ceramic composite material
Production of optically active sphingoid compound
Enzymatic resolvation for obtaining a (-)-3,4-trans-diarylchroman
Process for the preparation of galanthamine and its derivatives
Nucleic acid ligand inhibitors to DNA polymerases
Isolation and purification of eubacteria and fungus with catalytically inactive murein binding enzymes
HCV peptide antigens and methods for the determination of HCV
Transport proteins and their uses
Viral isolates associated with multiple sclerosis
Vibrio vulnificus molecular probes, antibodies, and proteins
OspA DNA and lyme disease vaccine
Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of B. microti infection
Methods and compositions for regulating cell cycle progression
Method for identifying suppressor mutations for common p53 cancer mutations
Leukocyte-specific protein and gene, and methods of use thereof
Isolation of enzymes
DNA sequences that encode a natural resistance to infection with intracellular parasites
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the breast
Human betacellulin-specific antibodies and uses thereof
High level expression of proteins in yeast
Methods of diagnosing clinical subtypes of crohn's disease with characteristic responsiveness to anti-Th1 cytokine therapy
Production of biologically active recombinant bovine follicle stimulation hormone (rec bFSH) in the baculovirus expression system
Testis-specific insulin homolog polypeptides
Method for evaluating the metastatic tendency of tumors
Method for reducing hook effect in an immunoassay
Identification of genes encoding cell surface antigens using CREF-Trans 6 cells
Method for mass production of antimicrobial peptide
Method for liquefying starch
Supported bidentate and tridentate catalyst compositions and olefin polymerization using same
Metallocene catalyst systems
Synthesis of 1,4-trans-polybutadiene using a lanthanide organic acid salt catalyst
Coating compositions containing polyisocyanates and aspartate-terminated urea/urethane prepolymers
Enzymatic hydrolysis of cyclic oligomers
Low melt viscosity amorphous copolyesters with enhanced glass transition temperatures having improved gas barrier properties
Silicon-containing organic fluoropolymers and use of the same
Silicon dioxide which bears partially or fully silylated polysilicic acid chains on its surface
Method for manufacturing composite board using high oil content wax and the composite board made using high oil content wax
Fine particles for modifying polyolefine
Boron nitride catalyzed polysiloxane resin blend and composite products formed therefrom
Aggregated dyes for radiation-sensitive elements
Functional fusing agent
Multilayer PSA construction exhibiting reduced tackifier migration
Electrochromic system
Bacterial polyphenol oxidase from bacillus for use in oxidation of colored substances
Laccase mutants
Cellulases, the genes encoding them and uses thereof
Fermentation bung device and method
Chromosomal mutagenesis in Pichia methanolica
Intron-based assay for detecting and characterizing chromosomal rearrangement
Methods of measuring gene expression using wax-embedded tissue specimens
Method for target site selection and discovery
Nucleotide sequence encoding carbamoyl phosphate synthetase II
Apparatus and method for selectively ranking sequences for antisense targeting
System for the sequential, directional cloning of multiple DNA sequences
Morphological mutants of filamentous fungi
Process for making desired polypeptides in yeast
Sequences for promoting epidermal cell-specific transcription
Ornithine biosynthesis enzymes
Polypeptides having prenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase activity or inhibiting activity
Thermostable cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase and processes using it
Polymerase enhancing factor (PEF) extracts PEF protein complexes isolated PEF proteins and methods for purifying and identifying same
Polypeptides having pectin acetylesterase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Deoxyribonuclease II proteins and cDNAS
.beta.-glucosidase coding sequences and protein from orpinomyces PC-2
Glycine and phaseolus .alpha.-D-galactosidases
Catalytically-active gelatinase mutant
Metalloproteinase and encoding DNA therefor
Chondroitinase, process for preparing the same, and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Synthetic transcriptional modulators and uses thereof
Method for reversible modification of thermostable enzymes
Method for the fermentative production of D-pantothenic acid using strains of the family enterobacteriaceae
Method for the fermentative production of D-pantothenic acid by enhancement of the panD gene in microorganisms
N-containing saccharides and method for the synthesis of N-containing saccharides from amino-deoxy-disaccharides and amino-deoxy-oligosaccharides
Method of releasing solid matrix affinity adsorbed particulates
Diagnostic assay for late-onset Alzheimer's disease
Luciferase assay, compositions and kits for use in connection therewith
Probes for variance detection
High throughput in vitro screening assays for transcription modulators
Composition for the detection of genes encoding receptors and proteins associated with cell proliferation
Rolling circle replication reporter systems
Method for isolating a polynucleotide of interest from the genome of a mycobacterium using a BAC-based DNA library application to the detection of mycobacteria
Methods for determining the coat color genotype of a pig
Detection of CYP1A1, CYP3A4, CYP2D6 and NAT2 variants by PCR-allele-specific oligonucleotide (ASO) assay
Procedure for the detection of high virus concentrations in blood plasma and/or blood serum by means of the polymerase chain reaction
Method and apparatus for detecting viruses using primary and secondary biomarkers
Process for preparing a crystalline .alpha. anhydrous dextrose of high purity
In plane deflection coupon for monitoring and controlling of laser shock peening
Heat protection element consisting of a quasicrystalline aluminum alloy
Cast-alumina metal matrix composites
Substrate material for mounting a semiconductor device, substrate for mounting a semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and method of producing the same
Process for producing a coating for providing superalloys with highly efficient protection against high-temperature corrosion, a protective coating formed by the process, and articles protected by the coating
Stress-loaded film and method for same
Metallic article having a thermal barrier coating and a method of application thereof
Insitu formation of TiSi2/TiN bi-layer structures using self-aligned nitridation treatment on underlying CVD-TiSi2 layer
Inductively coupled plasma CVD
Tin coatings incorporating selected elemental additions to reduce discoloration
Coated hard metal material
Method of retaining the integrity of a photoresist pattern
Composite foil of aluminum and copper
Magnetic thin film and method for forming the same
Method for fabricating compound semiconductor epitaxial wafer and vapor phase growth apparatus using the same
Method of processing the backside of a wafer within an epitaxial reactor chamber
Methods for growing defect-free heteroepitaxial layers
Textiles; Paper
Regenerated cellulosic fibers and process for producing the same
Alkaline battery separator and process for producing the same
Darkfield imaging for enhancing optical detection of edges and minimum features
Diagnostic assay system and method
Method for determining the fat content of feed, food, and other materials utilizing filter media encapsulation
Methods to identify compounds affecting mitochondria
Screening assays for G protein coupled receptor agonists and antagonists
Method of detection of congenital disease
Method for the determination of analyte concentration in a lateral flow sandwich immunoassay exhibiting high-dose hook effect
Method for detection of specific target cells in specialized or mixed cell population and solutions containing mixed cell populations
Determining hepatic status of a liver transplant recipient by measuring PI glutathione S-transferase
Preparation of dried synthetic prothrombin time reagents
Method for locating defects in the clotting system
Testing method and apparatus assuring semiconductor device quality and reliability
Magneto-impedance element, and magnetic head, thin film magnetic head, azimuth sensor and autocanceler using the same
Color filter, production process of color filter, liquid crystal display device using the color filter, and production process of black matrix
Silver halide emulsion, production process of silver halide emulsion, silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material and image formation method
Preparation method of organic silver salt dispersion and thermally processable photosensitive material
Processing method of silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Silver halide photographic light sensitive material and image forming method using thereof
Silver halide photosensitive material for color photography and color image forming method
Method of forming a phase shifting reticle
Method for proximity effect compensation on alternative phase-shift masks with bias and optical proximity correction
Semiconductor device geometrical pattern correction process and geometrical pattern extraction process
Inorganic-containing photosensitive resin composition and method for forming inorganic pattern
Conformal organic coatings for sidewall patterning of sublithographic structures
Negative photosensitive resin composition, method of forming a pattern and electronic parts
Fused hybrid resist shapes as a means of modulating hybrid resist space width
Process and system for flattening secondary edgebeads on resist coated wafers
Post photodevelopment isotropic radiation treatment method for forming patterned photoresist layer with attenuated linewidth
Thinner composition for removing spin-on-glass and photoresist
Method for stripping a photo resist on an aluminum alloy
Alignment method and system for use in manufacturing an optical filter
Alignment mark strategy for oxide CMP
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Crack-resistant and curl free multilayer electrophotographic imaging member
Electrophotographic photosensitive member having surface of non-monocrystalline carbon with controlled wear loss
Toner and two-component developer for electrophotographic process and image formation method and image formation apparatus using the toner
Toner and image forming method
Electrostatic image developer
Two component developer comprising specific magnetic toner and specific magnetic carrier
Toner for full color development
Liquid developer processes
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
Magnetic head and method of manufacture
Magnetic recording medium substrate and magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording media having CrMo underlayers
Method for manufacturing a split game type transistor
Memory device with multiple input/output connections
Method of making an hermetically sealed implantable medical device having a vacuum-treated liquid electrolyte-filled flat electrolytic capacitor
Method of fabricating conductive anti-reflection film for a cathode ray tube
Plasma producing tools, dual-source plasma etchers, dual-source plasma etching methods, and method of forming planar coil dual-source plasma etchers
Process of forming solid thin film from layer of liquid material without void and film forming apparatus used therein
Process for fabricating semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for breaking and separating a wafer into die using a multi-radii dome
Oxide etch process with high selectivity to nitride suitable for use on surfaces of uneven topography
Semiconductor material produced by improved etch process which protects metal
Thin film capacitor including perovskite-type oxide layers having columnar structure and granular structure
Method for multiple phase polishing of a conductive layer in a semidonductor wafer
Dry process for cleaning residues/polymers after metal etch
Fabrication method for a vertical MOS transistor
Self-aligned contact for trench DMOS transistors
Process for forming ultra-shallow source/drain extensions
Method to elimate silicide cracking for nand type flash memory devices by implanting a polish rate improver into the second polysilicon layer and polishing it
Method for monitoring self-aligned contact etching
Method of fabrication a self-aligned polysilicon/diffusion barrier/oxygen stable sidewall bottom electrode structure for high-K DRAMS
Method for fabricating stacked capacitor for a dynamic random access memory
Method for forming cornered images on a substrate and photomask formed thereby
Method of forming a MOSFET transistor with a shallow abrupt retrograde dopant profile
Method for forming a ultra-thin gate insulator layer
Method of manufacturing a gate electrode in a semiconductor device
Method to fabricate the MOS gate
Method of manufacturing semi-conductor memory device using two etching patterns
Low resistivity poly-silicon gate produced by selective metal growth
Method for forming high density nonvolatile memories with high capacitive-coupling ratio
Method of forming nitrogen implanted ultrathin gate oxide for dual gate CMOS devices
Process for forming a high-K gate dielectric
Integrated cobalt silicide process for semiconductor devices
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium from titanium tetrachloride and hydrocarbon reactants
Method of fabricating self-aligned silicide
Method for reducing lateral silicide formation for salicide process by additional capping layer above gate
Method of making microelectronic spring contact elements
Electrode of semiconductor device, method of manufacturing thereof, and the semicondutor device
Methods of making microelectronic packages utilizing coining
Photolithographically patterned spring contact
Method of forming an assembly board with insulator filled through holes
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Non-contact voltage stressing method for thin dielectrics at the wafer level
Method of dividing a wafer and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
MOS transistor formation
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Formation of controlled trench top isolation layers for vertical transistors
Method of fabricating a capacitor under bit line DRAM structure using contact hole liners
High resistance polysilicon SRAM load elements and methods of fabricating therefor
Pre-semiconductor process implant and post-process film separation
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of making trench isolation structures with oxidized silicon regions
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device requiring less manufacturing stages
Substrate for high frequency integrated circuits
Method to create a controllable and reproducible dual copper damascene structure
Method of forming a buried plug and an interconnection
Interlayer dielectric planarization process
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and fabrication process thereof
Process for low k organic dielectric film etch
Methods for reducing semiconductor contact resistance
Method using a thin resist mask for dual damascene stop layer etch
Fabricating method of dual damascene
Method to prevent delamination of spin-on-glass and plasma nitride layers using ion implantation
Method for forming a high aspect ratio borderless contact hole
DRAM contact process by localized etch-stop removal
Structure and method for improving low temperature copper reflow in semiconductor features
Silicide glue layer for W-CVD plug application
Method for preventing crosstalk between conductive layers
Chip interconnect wiring structure with low dielectric constant insulator and methods for fabricating the same
Process for forming a semiconductor device having an interconnect or conductive film electrically insulated from a conductive member or region
Semiconductor processing method of providing dopant impurity into a semiconductor substrate
Low cost deep sub-micron CMOS process
Method for fabricating crown-type capacitor of semiconductor device
Method of fabricating interconnect lines and plate electrodes of a storage capacitor in a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating dynamic random access memory
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method of the simultaneous formation for the storage node contacts, bit line contacts, and the contacts for periphery circuits
Method for fabricating a capacitor for a dynamic random access memory cell
Method for DRAM cell arrangement and method for its production
Method for fabricating mask ROM via medium current implanter
Method for producing semiconductor device
Methods of forming nonvolatile memory devices using improved masking techniques
Integrated circuits and methods for their fabrication
Fabrication of thin film transistor-liquid crystal display with self-aligned transparent conducting layers
Method for post transistor isolation
Capacitor trench-top dielectric for self-aligned device isolation
Process for forming cone shaped solder for chip interconnection
Semiconductor processing method of forming a contact opening to a region adjacent a field isolation mass, and a semiconductor structure
Method of making embedded wiring system
Method for preventing the peeling of the tungsten metal after the metal-etching process
Method of implementing differential gate oxide thickness for flash EEPROM
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating one-time programmable read only memory
Integrated thin film solar battery and method for fabricating the same
CMOS image sensor with equivalent potential diode and method for fabricating the same
Optical electronic IC capable of photo detection and its process
Method of manufacturing a photodiode
Method for forming a photodiode
Semiconductor die back side surface and method of fabrication
Method for manufacturing a well isolation bipolar transistor
Method for forming a floating gate semiconductor device having a portion within a recess
Process of making diamond-metal ohmic junction semiconductor device
Field effect transistor device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a photovoltaic foil
Process for producing solar cells and solar cells produced thereby
Low resistance MTJ
Magneto-resistance effect device and method of manufacturing the same
Maintenance-free open industrial type alkaline electrolyte storage battery
Protective coating for separators for electrochemical cells
Plastic battery container having reduced end wall deflection
Beaded electrode cup for a miniature galvanic cell
Terminal seal for electrolytic devices
High energy glass containing carbon electrode for lithium battery
Alkaline storage battery with a negative zinc electrode
Cadmium negative electrode for alkaline storage battery and manufacturing method of the same
Alkaline storage battery
Negative electrode material for nonaqueous secondary battery and nonaqueous secondary battery comprising same negative electrode material
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Binder for an electrode of an electrochemical system with a non-aqueous electrolyte
Gas diffusion electrode for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Electrocatalyst for alcohol oxidation in fuel cells
Fuel-cell power generating system
Polymer-based hydroxide conducting membranes
Solid oxide fuel cell and a carbon direct-oxidizing-type electrode for the fuel cell
Via filled interconnect for solid oxide fuel cells
Storage battery terminal structure
Fitting-type connection terminal
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