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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Protective shoulder pads
Vest insert for tactical training
Stress-at-work evaluating device and method
Cardiac rhythm management system with noise detector
Respiratory gated image fusion of computed tomography 3D images and live fluoroscopy images
System for producing CT image data records and for irradiating a tumor patient
Compact and conformal telemetry antennas for implantable medical devices
Respiration parameters controlled by heart rate
Ring connector for implantable medical devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Bow-free telecentric optical system for multiple beam scanning systems
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
System and method of controlling vehicle communications during emergency conditions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for dispersing and dampening impact forces
Position detection apparatus and method
Method and apparatus of measuring a length of a band-shaped member
Diffractive interferometric optical device for measuring spectral properties of light
Flight control indicator for an aircraft
Information processing method and apparatus for finding position and orientation of targeted object
Method and apparatus for CMOS imagers and spectroscopy
Tire monitoring techniques
Optical navigation device and method thereof
Three-dimensional fourier transform processing method for shared memory scalar parallel computer
TAP, ST, lockout, and IR SO enable output data control
System and method for providing assistance data within a location network
Method for monitoring performance of marine seismic air gun arrays
System and method for wireless data collection from seismic recording buoys
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Condenser zone plate illumination for point X-ray sources
Binocular with disparate fields of view
Method and apparatus for generating an angular sweep of a directed propagation of electromagnetic radiation
Two-dimensional spatial radiation modulator
Projection objective having a high aperture and a planar end surface
Wire grid polarizers and optical elements containing them
Integrated polarization controllers with nano-electromechanical dielectric pertubation
Fiber optic force sensor for measuring shear force
Cabinet access sensor
High-quality-factor tunable microdisk
Optical via to pass signals through a printed circuit board
Filler ribbons for ribbon stack
Optical wavelength division coupler and associated methods
Zoom lens lens-barrel and imaging apparatus
Lens unit and image pickup apparatus
Exposure device
Fixed-focus lens
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, program and computer readable information recording medium
Liquid crystal cell carrying case
Method and apparatus for fabricating liquid crystal display device and substrate base material for liquid crystal display device
Flat panel display device with conductive bar at edge of first display panel connected to pixel electrode pads on second display panel during manufacturing
Image projection apparatus and adjusting method used for the same
Liquid crystal display device
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
System for coding a recorded image, and method therefor
Storage apparatus
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method using a compensation scheme for a patterning array
Solid-state imaging device for enlargement of dynamic range
Auto document feeder
Image forming apparatus comprising a developer roller
Drive device used in image forming device
Developing device for developing images by adhering developer onto electrostatic images
Transfer station for an electrographic printer or copier
Heater assembly in a fuser with a raised resilient pad in an electrophotographic imaging device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image receiver sheet surface characteristics for optimum sheet handling
Method and apparatus to control fusing temperature of an image forming apparatus
Toner delivery mechanism made in simple construction and image forming device
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus to which a plurality of process cartridges are detachably mountable by using a moving guide and an opening and closing member
Laser printer apparatus
Computation of imbalance in rotatably mounted object in a motion control system
Systems and methods for reducing static and total power consumption in programmable logic device architectures
Sample generation method and system for digital simulation processes
Fault-tolerant clock generator
Latching mechanism
Failover method in a cluster computer system
System and method for interposition-based selective simulation of faults for access requests to a data storage system
Method and apparatus to measure and display data dependent eye diagrams
Aggregating trust services for file transfer clients
Timeouts on accessing a shared resource
Mapping data blocks to storage blocks to wrap around storage devices
Method and apparatus to purge remote node cache lines to support hot node replace in a computing system
Dual storage apparatus and control method for the dual storage apparatus
Data processing system, cache system and method for scrubbing a domain indication in response to execution of program code
Storage apparatus for preventing falsification of data
Memory tuning for garbage collection and central processing (CPU) utilization optimization
Operating system permitting limited access to a system page
Low profile of security USB digital data processing device
Method of and system for recording and reproducing information data
Media streaming techniques and systems
System and method for supporting new and existing extensions to application programming interfaces
Configurable I/O bus architecture
Disk controller and storage system
Printing system and method for customization of a print job
Method to search data
Information processing apparatus for displaying data related to an image forming apparatus, and information processing method therefor
Color management system that enables dynamic balancing of performance with flexibility
Method and system for activating a packet data subscriber context for packet data
Method and a system for providing network communication between a product supplier and a potential buyer
Load balancing techniques for inter-domain traffic engineering
Global names zone
Control of access control lists based on social networks
Re-mapping a location-independent address in a computer network
Integrated management system utilizing e-mail for remotely monitoring/controlling over the internet
Method, apparatus, and user interface for managing electronic mail and alert messages
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing status information to a device attached to an information infrastructure
Reputation system for web services
Method and system for extracting status information from networked devices using the SNMP protocol
Operator control device for individually operating a motor vehicle device
System and method for enhanced streaming audio
Object virtualization
Pre-configured settings for portable devices
Method of establishing rules for a device which is intended to be able to be used for generating decision support
Arrangement of configurable logic blocks
Digital filter device
N dimensional non-linear, static, adaptive, digital filter design using D scale non-uniform sampling
Cross lingual text classification apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for latency and power efficient database searches
Method and data structure for a low memory overhead database
Entitlement security and control for information system entitlement
Media content descriptions
History preservation in a computer storage system
Removal of stale information
System for aiding the design of product configuration
Reporting status of external references in a spreadsheet without updating
System and method for transferring information to a motor vehicle
Sanity checker for integrated circuits
Circuit clustering during placement
Constrained detailed placement
Autonomously moving robot management system
Method for fabricating a hearing aid shell and mold incorporating test fitting by the user
Method of tracking and despensing medical items to patients through self service delivery system
Method and apparatus for an elevator system for a multilevel cleanspace fabricator
Workload calculation apparatus and method for internal combustion engine, and engine control unit
Method and a system for testing of a power management system of a marine vessel
Method and apparatus for detecting dependability vulnerabilities
Method and system for organizing projects in an integral user environment
Method and apparatus for mapping corresponding functions in a user
Device driver and recording medium
Printer driver and method with automatic setting feature
Apparatus and methods for distributing print jobs
Complex syntax validation and business logic validation rules, using VAXs (value-added XSDs) compliant with W3C-XML schema specification
Method and apparatus for vector table look-up
Method and apparatus for detecting an unauthorized client in a network of computer systems
Microcomputer with mode decoder operable upon receipt of either power-on or external reset signal
Binding for business workflow processes
Serialization for structured tracing in managed code
Invoking applications with virtual objects on an interactive display
Method and system for transforming legacy software applications into modern object-oriented systems
Semantic analysis based compression of interpreted code by replacing object instruction groups with special instruction specifying a register representing the object
Device configuration and management development system
Methods and apparatus for compiler managed first cache bypassing
Uniform resource discovery with multiple computers
Interrupt and exception handling for multi-streaming digital processors
Monitoring message queues and starting processing applications
Image processing device and image processing method
Modeling low frame rate videos with bayesian estimation
Driver's appearance recognition system
Method and apparatus for acquisition and evaluation of image data of an examination subject
Time resolved non-invasive diagnostics system
Image retrieval method and apparatus independent of illumination change
Candidate list enhancement for predictive text input in electronic devices
Digital image adjustable compression and resolution using face detection information
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Edge generation method, edge generation device, medium recording edge generation program, and image processing method
Mobile brain-based device having a simulated nervous system based on the hippocampus
System and method for effectuating the creation and management of customer pick-up/backhaul programs between buyers and sellers in a supply community
System and method for the real-time transfer of loyalty points between accounts
Web-based system and method for hedge fund compliance
System and method for predicting security price movements using financial news
Method and system for managing graphics objects in a graphics display system
Method for interactive construction of virtual 3D models
Resolution-independent surface rendering using programmable graphics hardware
Cable crash barrier apparatus with novel cable construction and method of preventing intrusion
Radio frequency identification asset management system and method
Package distinguishing system
Device for generating plane beam/conical shape beam and security device using generated plane beam/cone beam
System and method for passive wire detection
Wireless device with emergency medical and related information
Virtual earth rooftop overlay and bounding
Light emitting device and electric appliance
Liquid crystal display device for improving a display response speed and driving method for the same
Disposing identifying codes on a user's hand to provide input to an interactive display application
Method and apparatus for the creation of cartoon effect videos
Semiconductor display device and driving method
Training and using pronunciation guessers in speech recognition
Device and method for operating a voice-enhancement system
Using web FAQ data for creating self-service speech applications
Disk drive operable with first and second servo patterns in a perpendicular media recording environment
Airflow shroud for HDD tracking microactuator
Unified suspension laminate
Wired circuit board for controlling characteristic impedances of a connection terminal
Optical disk device and optical disk discriminating method
Optical element, optical head, optical information recording/reproduction device, computer, video recording device, video reproduction device, server, and car navigation system
Sense amplifier for non-volatile memory
Magnetic random access memory
Memory circuit, drive circuit for a memory and method for writing write data into a memory
Low-voltage reading device in particular for MRAM memory
Semiconductor memory device
Memory device programming using combined shaping and linear spreading
System and method for initiating a bad block disable process in a non-volatile memory
Output driver
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device control method
Utilization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) plastic and composition-modified barium titanate powders in a matrix that allows polarization and the use of integrated-circuit technologies for the production of lightweight ultrahigh electrical energy storage units (EESU)
Capacitor and its manufacturing method
Balanced MEMS switch for next generation communication systems
Broadband inverted-F antenna
Antenna device and wireless communication apparatus
Multiband antenna using whip having independent power feeding in wireless telecommunication terminal
Portable wireless device
Frequency adjustable antenna apparatus and a manufacturing method thereof
Planar antenna
Optical fiber for optical amplifier
Optical device chip, and optical module and method for manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Fast continuously wavelength tuning single frequency fiber laser using tunable polymer optical filters
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Method for improving the operation of a matrix converter
Voltage controlled surface acoustic wave oscillator module
Method and apparatus for accurately detecting validity of a received signal
Method and apparatus of cross-correlation
Rational number frequency multiplier circuit and method for generated rational number frequency
DC offset mitigation in a single-supply amplifier
Selecting samples for amplifier digital predistortion estimation
Ultra-wideband low noise amplifier and amplification method thereof
Dynamic bass equalization with modified sallen-key high pass filter
Apparatus for channel equalization using multi antenna and method thereof
Counter with correction circuitry
Voltage controlled oscillator circuit, phase-locked loop circuit using the voltage controlled oscillator circuit, and semiconductor device provided with the same
Asynchronous analog-to-digital converter and method
Decoding error correction codes using a modular single recursion implementation
Method for decoding error correcting code, its program and its device
Multiplexed-input-separated .SIGMA.-.DELTA. analog-to-digital converter for pixel-level analog-to-digital conversion utilizing a feedback DAC separation
Vehicle audio system and reproduction method using same
Detection of entropy in connection with audio signals
Forward ACK/NACK channel for CDMA system
Heavy-duty audio equipment
Method and apparatus for wireless data transfer
Paper rack with functions of accessing and playing multimedia files
Method and apparatus for concurrently processing multiple calls in a spread spectrum communications system
Directly modulated laser optical transmission system
Electro-absorption modulation of optical signals
Drop-and-continue device
Polarization mode dispersion compensation
Manually agitated underwater signaling device
Electronic measuring device for detecting a process variable, in particular a radar or ultrasonic filling level measuring device, and a method for operating a measuring device of this type
Communication system
Method and system for rate-2 transmission
Data transfer method and radio terminal for executing transport layer protocol on radio network
Method and apparatus for supporting a reduced resource dormant state for packet data
Forward and reverse link capacity determination
System for flexible multiple broadcast service delivery over a WDM passive optical network based on RF block-conversion, of RF service bands within wavelength bands
Synchronization method in a cellular telecommunication network, hand-over method, corresponding terminal and base station
Method of detecting intermediary communication device
Auto-IP traffic optimization in mobile telecommunications systems
Discovering liveness information within a federation infrastructure
System for communicating between network end-points using a payload offset and buffer pool handle
Scalable high speed router apparatus
Packet routing in a multi-bearer-type network
System and method for providing proxy and translation domains in a fibre channel router
Enhanced circuit-switched media transmission over IP access networks
Active stream format for holding multiple media streams
LUN based hard zoning in fibre channel switches
Methods, systems, and computer program products for operating a communication network by dividing the network into multiple zones and defining policies that specify allowable communications between the zones
Method and apparatus for performing quality-of-service calculations on packet-based networks
Hybrid fiber twisted pair local loop network service architecture
Apparatus and method for controlling a master/slave system via master device synchronization
Processing servo data having DC level shifts
Receiver for high bitrate binary signals
Distortion compensating apparatus
Address generating device and method of generating address
Delay regulating device
Block edge effects in iterative diversity reception
System and method for preventing network misuse
Method and system for dynamic interleaver adaptation scheme in VDSL
Secure electronic component
Methods and arrangements for selectively maintaining parental access consent in a network environment
Layout and architecture for reduced noise coupling between circuitry and on-chip antenna
Communication device
Rotating apparatus for liquid crystal display
System and method for dynamically routing communications
Method and system of voice activated dialing using an intelligent peripheral in an advance intelligent network
System and method for providing visual indication of caller and telephony platform information on customer premises equipment
Method and system for call, facsimile and electronic message forwarding
GPS and non GPS position finder, emergency, MIMO, spread spectrum, CDMA, GSM and OFDM
Voice-messaging with attachments
Pre-paid wireless interactive voice response system with variable announcements
Network support for call record privacy
Enhanced call return in a wireless telephone network
Acoustic shock prevention
Multi-purpose scan device using the same power source
Sheet-fed scanner capable of scanning multiple scan lines for image signal calibration
Color separation into plural ink components including primary color ink and spot color ink
Camera and method for composing multi-perspective images
Apparatus and method for processing image data in an interactive media player
Information processing device and method, distribution medium, and recording medium
General line of sight stabilization system
Digital camera recording a composite image
Image playback apparatus and method
Apparatus and method of reproducing moving picture at variable speed
Conference recording device, conference recording method, and design method and storage media storing programs
Construction machine
Executing partial-width packed data instructions
Implementation of multiple simultaneous calls in a mobile communication system
Method and system for maintaining registration information for multiple communication areas
Security control system
Removal tool for in situ cerumen removal from hearing devices
Electroacoustic devices with noise-reducing capability
Portable electronic device
System for insertion and extraction of an electronic module
Radio frequency unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus for supplying food dough
Method and device for increasing the shelf life of an oxygen sensitive product
System and method for cleaning intestines
Adjustable circular knit bra with stabilizing areas and methods of making the same
Graduated cup and method of making same
Toy bank
Tooth brushing device with video scope
Seat air conditioning unit for vehicle
Machine for machining a volume, in particular an inlay, by automatic duplicating
Bondable orthodontic appliance with a polymer resin bonding base
System for determining final position of teeth
Digitally modeling the deformation of gingival tissue during orthodontic treatment
Implants and modular components for assembly of dentures and bridges
Tool for removing soft tissue growth around a dental implant
Universal restraint system
Exercise apparatus for the limbs and joints
Exercise apparatus for inverting human body
Aqueous slurries useful for cleaning teeth and methods related thereto
Implantable drug delivery pump with desiccant humidity protection
Gravity-independent constant force resistive exercise unit
Exercise accessory device, kit and method of using
Compact weightlifting system with safety cage
Front cover plate for an electric treadmill
Epicycle gear exercise device
Muscle-building apparatus for press-ups
Hand fin apparatus
Three-layer cover for a golf ball including a thin dense layer
Golf ball mold
Golf ball mold and golf ball
Multi-layer cover polyurethane golf ball
Ball for ball game
Dual embossed cover material for sporting goods and method of making same
Handle for a sports racquet
Golf club head having a striking face with improved impact efficiency
Portable automatic golf ball teeing device
Wrist toy
Athlete training device
Electric toy top device with support and its associated method of operation
Flyable plastic airplane and method of manufacture
Plush assembly and method for stuffing same
Toy figure with combined activation
Reproducible doll
Apparatus for producing a fire special effect using steam
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drill insert geometry having V-notched web
Thread forming tap
Roller swaying device for an emery belt machine
Compensating chemical mechanical wafer polishing apparatus and method
Automatic mower reel grinder
Grinding machine
Method for grinding convex running faces and outside diameters on shaft-like workpieces in one set-up and grinding machine for carrying out the method
Method for finishing edges of glass sheets
Grooved polishing pads and methods of use
Polishing pad comprising particles with a solid core and polymeric shell
Processing tool, method of producing tool, processing method and processing apparatus
Polishing pad window for a chemical mechanical polishing tool
Pneumatic sanding roll for flexible abrasive cloth sleeve
Automatic abrasive sleeve tightening means and quick release system for an oscillating spindle sander
Apparatus for treating blocks
Golf ball casting mold
Split metal die assembly with injection cycle monitor
Extrusion molding machine
Method of providing a film on a surface, device for providing said film, and display screen provided with said film
Apparatus for filling a gap between spaced layers of a semiconductor
Air guide box
Climate control system outlet
Differential limiting device for a differential device
Driving apparatus for a vehicle
Overheat detection system for outboard motor
Transportable unit for earthworking implements
Method, system, and device for transporting gas cylinders
Rocker arm assembly for the rear derailleur of a bicycle
Buoyant device that resists entanglement by whales and boats
System for transferring fluids and methods for installing, modifying and operating system
Self-righting inflatable life raft
Personal watercraft
Azimuth propeller device
Toy storage apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling suspended articles in an air conveyor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing an incandescent lamp
Rotary hearth furnace for producing reduced metal and method of producing reduced metal
Golf club made of a bulk-solidifying amorphous metal
Fixed Constructions
Drum heater with hot gas conduit segments, in particular for asphalt recycling
High-aseismic reinforced concrete pier using unbonded high-strength core member
Mechanically stabilized earth wall systems and methods
Method to form in-situ pilings with diameters that can differ from axial station to axial station
Roller shade clutch with internal gearing
Hydraulic jet pump
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade assembly with stranded wire cable dampers
Fluid discharging device with a reciprocating pump member defining an outlet valve, and a valve member defining an outlet and suction valve
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of reciprocating compressor
Liquid cooled integrated rotordynamic motor/generator station with sealed power electronic controls
Fluid apparatus including gravity induced check valves and downwardly inclined lower lamella portion of a bellows
Actuator device utilizing a conductive polymer gel
Pneumatic reciprocating pump
Flexible tube positive displacement pump
Hydraulic transmission pump assembly having a differential actuation and integrated line pressure control
Methods of pressure fluctuation dampening
Valve assembly for sucker rod operated subsurface pumps
Fluid transfer machine with drive shaft lubrication and cooling
Scroll compressor
Structure of a vertical-type, acid and base resistance pump
Monodirectional impeller with flexible vanes
Hollow blades for ceiling fans
Water pump
Perforated nut tensioning system
Chain incorporating rolling bodies
Power transmission mechanism
Constant velocity universal joint and method of producing
Vibration absorbing universal joint
Plate adapter for flexible half couplings
Composite power transmission belt
Silent chain in which strength and elongation of link row are uniformized
Variator disc and a method of fabricating the same
Forward-reverse rotation device for a continuously variable transmission
Hydrodynamic, mechanical multi-speed compound transmission
Line pressure control system for automatic transmission
Hydraulic chain tensioner with no-return device for the piston
High velocity injection of enriched oxygen gas having low amount of oxygen enrichment
Apparatus for burning fuel with low NOx formation
Air and fuel staged burner
Three-tube burner for furnaces, especially glass and metallurgical furnaces, and method of injecting fuel and oxidizer by means of such a burner
Automatic modular outlets for conditioned air, dampers, and modular return air grills
Building ventilation air inlet assembly
System using hot and cold fluids to heat and cool plate
AC adapter mounting structure
Electrical card connector
Card connector
Electronically-controlled rotary coin change dispenser
Disk for coin hopper
Method and apparatus for teaching and learning reading
Physical motion state evaluation apparatus
Personal hand held device
Cardiac surgical trainer and method for making same
Learning control information generation method, apparatus and computer readable medium storing learning control information generation program
Method and system for creating and evaluating quizzes
Computer-based educational learning
Inexpensive computer-aided learning methods and apparatus for learners
Method of fabricating capillary discharge plasma display panel using lift-off process
Magnetic field measuring system of deflection yoke
Process for producing electroluminescent device with liquid crystal layer
Logic analyzer testing method and configuration and interface assembly for use therewith
Shielded electronic card connector
Balanced-transmission cable-and-connector unit
Electrical connector and terminal for flat circuitry
Cable connector having improved cross-talk suppressing feature
Retaining device for trailer wiring
Combined connector for fluid and electrical connection
Elastomeric connector assembly
Sockets for testing electronic packages having contact probes with contact tips easily maintainable in optimum operational condition
Elastic electrical contact with axial pressure, comprising adjustable connection terminal
Electrical cable connector
Low-profiled electrical connector with improved terminals
Electrical connector with stiffener
Connector and a method for connecting such connector with a mating connector
Connector and a method of assembling a connector
Shielded electrical connector assembly having reliable grounding capabilities
USB connector assembly having reduced mating height
Electrical connector assembly having ground member
Connector and method of assembling it
Electric connector
Micro coaxial cable end connector assembly
Apparatus for connecting conductors
Folding blade electrical terminal
Electrical connector
Electrical breadboard assembly
Electrical connector having improved grounding terminals
Electrical connector
Circuit board leverage mechanism
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