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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Composition containing short-to-ultrashort GPIIb/IIIa and factor Xa inhibitors and platelets
Compositions and methods for synergistic manipulation of plant and insect defenses
Neuritogenic peptides
Anti-viral pyrimidine nucleoside derivatives
Oral and/or topical compositions comprising prebiotics and fatty acid
1,3,6-substituted indole derivatives having inhibitory activity for protein kinase
Tubular film for foodstuff casing and a foodstuff casing produced from the film
Friable, baked potato pieces and process
Cooling composition
Surgical hand access apparatus
Seal device with adjustable aperture
Device for performing an anastomosis
Method and implant for curing cystocele
Method and apparatus for performing needle guided interventions
Hair-removal appliance with different tool attachments
Minimally invasive orthopaedic apparatus and methods
Static compression device
Interspinous vertebral stabilization devices
Assemblies for provision of therapy to motion segments
Osteosynthesis device with rapid fixing means
System for electromagnetic radiation dermatology and head for use therewith
Light energy delivery head
Drug container and multilayer film
Implantable hemodynamic monitor and methods for use therewith
Method and apparatus for assessing hemodynamic parameters within the circulatory system of a living subject
Coil system and method for obtaining volumetric physiological measurements
Ultrasonic determination of optical absorption coefficients
Hydrophobic surface coated light-weight nonwoven laminates for use in absorbent articles
Interlabial pad and package thereof
Combination male/female hip joint and installation kit
Optimal ratio of polar and bending moment of inertia for stent strut design
Adjustable orthopedic back brace
Spa machine with a pressure-balancing watertight electric control device
Quaternary ammonium functionalized glycodendrimers, methods for the production and use thereof
Pyrazine compounds as phosphodiesterase 10 inhibitors
Oxazolidinone derivatives
Dihydrofuro pyrimidines as AKT protein kinase inhibitors
Amide compounds and use of the same
Cephalosporin derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Polymers containing poly(hydroxyalkanoates) and agents for use with medical articles and methods of fabricating the same
Polymers containing poly(hydroxyalkanoates) and agents for use with medical articles and methods of fabricating the same
Mask pack comprising cosmetic cotton-like material prepared from paper mulberry
Antibacterial agent based on fatty acid esters of hydroxy carboxylic acids
Arylalkyl and heteroarylalkyl derivatives of cyclosporine A for the treatment and prevention of viral infection
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Method for isolating and purifying grass pollen allergens
Detoxified pneumococcal neuraminidase and uses thereof
Death domain containing receptor 4 antibodies and methods
Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of sepsis
Compounds, compositions and methods for medical imaging of Parkinson's disease
Magnetic nanomedicine for tumor suppression and therapy
Double walled microcapsules with an outer thermoplastic wall and application process thereof
Dual controlled release dosage form
Process for producing fenofibrate tablets
System and method for photocatalytic oxidation air filtration using a substrate with photocatalyst particles powder coated thereon
Umbilical cord cell harvesting
Method for fluid delivery and catheters for use with same
Filter element with retractable guidewire tip
Implantable site with septum prestressed in two directions
Disposable blood transfusion device
Intraluminal cannula placement apparatus utilizing a specialized cannula for use with a previously inserted I.V. catheter
Temporary catheter for biopsy site tissue fixation
Method for treating a patient having a spinal cord injury using phototherapy
Pyridooxazepine derivative and use thereof
Method for renal disease diagnosis and prognosis using annexin A1 and Rab23 as markers
PIMAP39 modulates LPS-induced inflammatory response
Use of cooling agent to improve cosmetics
Resistance apparatus for exercise devices
Device for changing load at any phase of movement
Fiber composite and process of manufacture
Trampoline and cage ball game device
Golf club head
Combination pitching aid and batting tee
Motion tackler
Golf training tool
Self-generating resistance apparatus for fitness and rehabilitation equipments
Combat action selection using situational awareness
Bonus game displaying and awarding selected values
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for desalinating water combined with power generation
Method for producing a distillate stream from a water stream containing at least one dissolved solid
Methods and apparatus for making a chromatography column
Fuel supply device, particularly for an internal combustion engine
Method for building remediation caused by defective drywall
Flammable gas concentration system
Adsorption box for single distillation column within the insulating enclosure
Sorbent composition
Method of making a crosslinked fiber membrane from a high molecular weight, monoesterified polyimide polymer
Mercury adsorbents compatible as cement additives
Mercury adsorbents compatible as cement additives
Titania-containing extrudate
Method and system for producing synthetic gas from biomass by high temperature gasification
In situ heat induced antigen recovery and staining apparatus and method
Electrostatic painting apparatus and electrostatic painting method
Method for preparing metal oxide crystalline nanoparticle films for dye sensitized solar cell photoanodes
Foreign material contamination detection
Metal powder for metal laser-sintering and metal laser-sintering process using the same
Porous metallic structures
Metal alloy powders production
Method for forming a resist pattern
Laminated steel with compliant viscoelastic core
Medicament container
Carbon fiber reinforced beam
Controlled atmosphere when sintering a frit to a glass plate
Plasma display panel including TCC EMI filter, and/or method of making the same
Biodegradable and renewable film
Film structure with high oxygen barrier properties and method for manufacturing such a film structure
Sol-gel coating methods and thin film coated substrates therefrom
Barrier laminate, gas barrier film, and device using the same
Drywall joint compound applicator for seam and patch surfacing
Silicone resin composition
Method for forming stair-step structures
Method for controlling the operation of a motor vehicle
Method and system for reducing delay in power downshifts for an automatic transmission
Method for operating a drive train
Braking/driving force control apparatus for vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of synthesizing crystalline polymeric boron-nitrogen compound and dehydrogenation of boron-nitrogen-hydrogen complex
Method and system for hydrogen evolution and storage
Halogenated activated carbon materials for high energy density ultracapacitors
Isotopically-enriched boranes and methods of preparing them
Process for the preparation of titanium dioxide with nanometric dimensions and controlled shape
Method for production of an isotopically enriched compound
Method for preparing pyrochlore oxide, polymer electrolyte fuel cell, fuel cell system, and method for producing electro catalyst for fuel cell
Liquid purifying apparatus
Suspended media granular activated carbon membrane biological reactor system and process
Micromachined transducers and method of fabrication
Grease composition and grease-sealed bearing
Organic molybdenum compounds and lubricating compositions which contain said compounds
Dye-based gray ink formulations, methods of making dye-based gray ink formulations, and ink-jet ink sets
Compounds suitable for use in inks and inks having such compounds
Waterproof multiple rare-earth co-activated long-afterglow luminescent material
Liquid crystal alignment agent, and liquid crystal alignment film and liquid crystal display including same
Hand dishwashing detergent
Liquid composition to clean nozzle surface and cleaning device having the same
Biodegradable personal cleansing compositions and methods relating to same
Water based paint thinner
Cell electrophysiological sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Syngas conversion system using asymmetric membrane and anaerobic microorganism
Immobilized resins for algal oil extraction
Biosynthesis of phloroglucinol and preparation of 1,3-dihydroxybenzene therefrom
Polymerase-immobilized electrode
Swellable (meth)acrylate surfaces for culturing cells in chemically defined media
Pluripotent olfactory stem cells
Thermal cycler for PCR including temperature control bladder
Polymyxin synthetase and gene cluster thereof
Method of making propanol and ethanol from plant material by biological conversion and gasification
Endometrial biomarkers
Magnesium alloy and process for producing the same
Carbonitrided induction hardened steel part superior in surface fatigue strength at high temperature and method of production of same
Lever-type cam follower
Thin films and methods and machines for forming the thin films
Magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording and reproducing device with magnetic recording medium, and magnetic-recording-medium manufacturing method
Weight plate of vacuum evaporation apparatus and vacuum evaporation apparatus using the same
Method for controlling film forming apparatus, film forming method, film forming apparatus, organic EL electronic device, and storage medium having program for controlling film forming apparatus stored therein
Wafer heating and temperature control by backside fluid injection
Film forming apparatus and method
Coating apparatus and method with indirect thermal stabilization
Conveyor assembly with removable rollers for a vapor deposition system
Gas generating device and carbon electrode for gas generation
Barrel plating apparatus
Metal plating compositions and methods
Seed crystal axis for solution growth of single crystal
Apparatus and semiconductor co-crystal
Crystal of GTP Cyclohydrolase Type IB
Textiles; Paper
Process for the production of a microfibrous chamois woven-non-woven fabric containing an elastomeric nanocomposite matrix
Transition synthetic sports turf
Phthalimides as bleach activators
Durable non-fluorine water repellent agent and process for preparing same
Modified kraft fibers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Displacement unit and universal shaft comprising a displacement unit
Torque converter leaf spring connections
Torsional vibration damper
Gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Variable speed accessory drive system
Power pivot device for a plow
Vehicle power transmission device
Method for controlling the creeping properties of a motor vehicle
Method for producing liquid discharge head
Sample port, multi-layer filter, sampling method, and use of a sample port in sampling
Microfluidic chip features for optical and thermal isolation
Conveying device and sample processing method
Miniaturized apparatus for real-time monitoring
Dielectrophoretic process for retaining polarizable target-particles and device for performing that process
Method for extracting polychlorinated biphenyls
Wash process for removing undesired components in samples being analyzed
Treatment apparatus, solution stirring method and solution transfer method
Methods, kits, and antibodies for detecting parathyroid hormone
Lysis reagent for use with capture-in-solution immunoassay
Compositions and methods for immunodominant antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Method for determining NAE1-beta or NAE1-beta/NEDD8 complex
Method for diagnosing kidney disease comprising detecting the level of annexin A2
Analysis of circulating tumor cells, fragments, and debris
Method of producing color filter and color filter
Method and apparatus for producing toner
Carrier, production method thereof, developer and image forming method
Phase change magnetic material
Methods for damage etch and texturing of silicon single crystal substrates
Anisotropic rare earth-iron based resin bonded magnet
Manufacturing method of nitride semiconductor light emitting elements
Mechanical quantity sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Stretchable circuit configuration
Method for manufacturing solar cell
Method of making a semiconductor chip assembly with a post/base heat spreader with an ESD protection layer
Method for fabricating super-steep retrograde well MOSFET on SOI or bulk silicon substrate, and device fabricated in accordance with the method
Semiconductor device substrate with embedded stress region, and related fabrication methods
Method for reducing line width roughness with plasma pre-etch treatment on photoresist
Plasma processing apparatus and methods for removing extraneous material from selected areas on a substrate
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Sacrificial nitride and gate replacement
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and NAND-type flash memory
eFUSE enablement with thin polysilicon or amorphous-silicon gate-stack for HKMG CMOS
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Strain memorization in strained SOI substrates of semiconductor devices
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device using a laser annealing process
Conformal coating of highly structured surfaces
Method and system for providing contact to a first polysilicon layer in a flash memory device
Surface emitting laser, method for producing surface emitting laser, and image forming apparatus
Method of forming organic semiconductor layer and method of manufacturing organic thin film transistor
Battery cooling with mist evaporation and condensation
Electrochemical device
Battery cover and electronic device using the same
Anode material for lithium secondary batteries and lithium secondary batteries
Electrolytic solution
Fuel cell system and operating method thereof
Fuel cell with microtruss water vapor transport device
Bipolar plate for fuel cell and fuel cell having the same
Marine antifoulant coating
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Nail polish bottle holder
Combination corner hutch and dining table
Collapsible movable cart
Drawer slide with sequence control mechanism
Musical instrument supporting stand
Cabinet for displaying stringed musical instruments
Unlock system of particular locker
Suction hose assembly for an upright type vacuum cleaner
Net fixing rack structure
Road luge
Touring, telemark, or cross-country ski binding
Method of playing a rummy game using star playing cards and companion playing card games
Therapeutic role-playing board game
Multi-layer puzzles
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for attaching tubing
Insulation piece for a pipeline
Positioning device and positioning method
Self lubricating, non-sealing piston ring for an internal combustion fastener driving tool
Devices for remote manipulation of items
Gripping device adapted to be mounted on the arm of a robot
Noise insulation structure
Storage drum in turning devices of sheet-fed printing machines
Sheet-fed printing machine and method of operation
Method for controlling media ejection
Ink tank and ink jet recording apparatus provided with the same
Liquid jetting apparatus and method of driving the same
Low voltage differential signaling for communicating with inkjet printhead assembly
Printing apparatus and printhead characteristic data selection method
Printing apparatus and printing method
Measurement of fluid continuity in a fluid carrying member
Printer consumable having data storage for static and dynamic calibration data, and methods
Carrier for information storage unit and method
Pinata-manipulating stand
Vehicle body guard
Trailer dolly
Combination tow hook and base plate system for tow bar connection
Individual wheel suspension
Low floor mass transit vehicle
Foam in place integral air duct
Vehicle front interior cross member
Seal arrangement for a folding roof of a hardtop vehicle and method for making a seal arrangement
Trailer drag reduction system
Retractable cover system for open top end containers
Sunroof assembly
Vehicle subassembly including a cooling cassette and a support frame
Extrusion for the siderail of a vehicle to provide head impact countermeasure and support for siderail components
Container holder
Boat trailer
Synchronized slide-out mechanism
Power sliding door wire housing
Truck grille guard mounting bracket
Device for stopping an airbag unfolding in a motor vehicle
Vehicle occupant weight classification system
Twelve-sided polygon-shaped air bag
Air bag device
Airbag release aid
Airbag device and method of operating an airbag device
Leg protection device for vehicle occupants
Side impact sensors and airbag system
Bumper for reducing pedestrian injury
Airbelt and airbelt apparatus
Hitch-mounted extensible step for pickup trucks and other vehicles having tailgates
Parking brake control system
Method for operating reference speed in anti-lock braking control and anti-lock braking system
Vehicle braking system and vehicle braking device
Folding cart
Flat top carrier deck
Tilt steering column
Vehicle steering column ride down apparatus
Subframe construction for front suspension
Reinforcement of instrument panel
Method for producing two fascias using two ventilation structures
Part installation structure for vehicle
Adjustable fifth wheel hitch with rollers
Balance system for an enclosed fore-and-aft wheeled vehicle
Simplified cycle mounting assembly, including for a tricycle
Tricycle footwell
Multi-speed inline bicycle transmission
Aircraft and missile forebody flow control device and method of controlling flow
Support for hand held video camera
Object engaging tool and method of manipulating object using same
Paper dispensing mechanism
Automatic teller machine
Pivotal post processing tray
Transport method and system for controlling timing of mail pieces being processed by a mailing system
Textiles; Paper
Closing device for a washing machine or a clothes dryer
Fixed Constructions
Hydrophilic joint seal
Connector and method for assembling structural elements together without the use of weldments
Quick release mechanism for use with a supporting device
Ornamental support pole for a luminaire or the like
Door lock
Vehicle door opening closing device
Rotary paddle handle assembly
Latch mechanism for locker
Helically wound expandable tubular insert
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Dual solenoid latching actuator and method of using same
Wireless, intrinsically safe valve
Pull type solenoid with high force
Banjo clip for flange head flow bolt
Silicone rubber gasket with perforated metal core and method
Hydrodynamic rotary seal with varying slope
Mechanical seal for rotating shaft
Tandem seal
Ventilated trickle seal
Control valve and diaphragm for use in the control valve
Vacuum valve
Assembly of solenoid-controlled pilot-operated valve
Fluid fitting with torque suppression arrangement
Torque resistant retrofit for compression metal face seals
Method and device for sealed mechanical connection
Control valve having moveable inlet and outlet
Pipe support apparatus
Restraining system and method
Hose and clamp assembly
Rapid connection for tubes
Ladderless method for attaching objects to a surface
Adjustable support stand
Computer enclosure incorporating drive brackets
Method and apparatus for performing a transaction without the use of spoken communication between the transaction parties
Self-laminating strip label and method for assembling same
Label, a label system and method
Conductive speaker mounting system
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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