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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Brisket barrier
Food dispenser
Flame-retardant and fireproof cigarette
Method of using a buttocks uplift and support device
Table with a table top including a plurality of integrally formed depressions
Multi-level rack system with ultraviolet light for supporting surgical tools
Shelf attached to post by connector with rotatable latch and method of assembly
Rail for positioning and locking of elements, and a corresponding fitting
Rotary track mechanism for corner cabinets
Beverage cup for drinking use in spacecraft or weightless environments
Container with a grinder
Apparatus for reducing cross-contamination
Stimulus method for multifocal visual evoked potential
Device for use in measuring and/or analysing at least one parameter of an external body portion
Automatic decompression valve for sphygmomanometer with extension spring
Ultrasound diagnosis system including a motor driving multiplane ultrasound probe and image data acquiring method
Intraoral device
Intra-oral camera for diagnostic and cosmetic imaging
Method and apparatus for protecting teeth, preventing the effects of bruxism and protecting oral structures from sports injuries
Manufacturing method for absorptive article
Ultrasound medical systems and related methods
Dispensing device
Aroma dispensing device
Endotracheal tube with feature for delivering aerosolized medication
Therapeutic device for local area stimulation
Aerial ladder system with powered rungs
Adjustment device for a training machine
Weight plate locking and lifting system
Total body exercise machine
Golf ball with intermediate layer containing an expandable polymer
Ball retrieving apparatus
Golf club head with improved mass distribution
Energy absorbing device for sporting equipment
Lacrosse head with vertical pocket attachments
Sports training device
Monitoring method
Boot for use with a gliding board
Snowboard or ski or the like having a channeled edge or multiple element edge
Handheld game console having assembled and disassembled modes
Gaming machine
Method and a surface for playing a wagering game of chance
Halloween afternoon at dracula 3-D castle board game
Puzzle for the physically or visually impaired
Bonus game and game bonusing system
Fencing strip
Storage housing for a remote controlled toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hand held manually operated mixer
Process for the comminution of composite materials
Auto-feed built-in a paper shredder
Lubricator nozzle and emitter element
Fluid management system and method for fluid dispensing and coating
Fuel oil atomizer
Apparatus for forming a sheath over an elongate member, extruder system and method of manufacturing a fiber optic cable
Separation of cenospheres from fly ash
Cooling system for forming mold and method of cooling forming mold
Chuck and rotary orienting device
Three-stage valve switch structure
Gradient polycrystalline cubic boron nitride materials and tools incorporating such materials
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Configurable tooling block
Adjustable wrench with ratchet function
Portable tool kit with auto-release clasp and expandable tools
Cutting wheel for liquid crystal display panel
Fringe cutter for tie and cut blankets and pillows
Safety nailing device
Machine tool with an exhaust hood
Method and apparatus for artificially aging pre-cast blocks
Injection molding machine
Machine for forming boxes
Processing apparatus
Printing system, post-processing device and computer readable medium storing program therefor
Method of printing images to compensate for pile height differential
System and method for optimizing printing throughput and print quality by evaluating image content
Recording head driving method and recording apparatus
Substrate for ink jet head and ink jet head
Printhead nozzle having heater of higher resistance than contacts
Liquid transporting apparatus
Liquid ejection head and process for producing the same
Refill unit for an ink storage compartment connected to a printhead through an outlet valve
Installing fluid container in fluid ejection device
Liquid container, liquid supplying system and circuit board for liquid container
Method for feeding solid ink stick with multiple interlocking axis in a solid ink printer
Head driving device, inkjet printer comprising the same, and data processing method thereof
Mobile workstation
Signal processing apparatus, droplet ejection apparatus and signal processing method
Camera-based automatic nozzle and substrate alignment system
Desktop organizer
Decoupling groove for pneumatic tire tread
Device for mechanically fastening a tyre sensor to a rim
Folding top with changeable tension in the cover
Drive device of vehicle
Inertial centrifugal drive system
Vehicle having utility bed and seat
Cargo handling device for vehicle
Air release pneumatic load binder
Automobile wheel rim light decoration device with adjustable sensing interval
Metering check valve for active brake pads retraction system
Brake system
System and method for securing cargo to a load bearing surface
Wheel alignment apparatus
Bonnet for automobile having automobiles that protects the heads of pedestrians
Steering system for an adaptable vehicle
Adjustable motorcycle wheelie device
Suspension bicycle derailleur link
Arm member and straddle-type vehicle
Impeller and cooling fan incorporating the same
Floor system for a fuselage airframe of an aircraft
Coated turbine blade
Helicopter having means for the aerodynamic support of the torque equalization
Liner film and packaging system with liner film
Fluid dispenser assembly
Method and apparatus for metering liquid nutritional supplements
Child-resistant container and container cap
Sip and dip cookie apparatus
Avocado saver
Sports bag and backpack containing nylon mesh pouches within the bag and the backpack
Holding tray
Fluid product dispensing element and dispenser comprising one such element
Device and method for running a warehouse
High rate preform feeding device
Automatic transport loading system and method
Sheet feed tray and image forming apparatus
Apparatuses for feeding sheets and printing apparatuses
Cable laying device
Textiles; Paper
Quilting tool
Fixed Constructions
Shut off cover
Extension arm with cable management
Wall affixed vertically articulated flat panel display mount
Multi-position tailgate support apparatus and method
Trash container lid lift retainer
Zero step sill extruded flush threshold door seal system
Dust containment system
Earth-boring tools comprising silicon carbide composite materials, and methods of forming same
Earth removal member with features for facilitating drill-through
Drilling method and downhole cleaning tool
Ring member for a swellable downhole packer
Casing collar locator and method for locating casing collars
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll-type fluid machine including thrust receiving device
Fan assembly
System and a method for dynamically balancing a blade
Gas turbine compressor
Ingestion resistant seal assembly
Removal of moisture from process gas
Method and sensor setup for determination of deflection and/or strain for failure detection
Developments relating to a rotor arrangement
Composite blade and method of manufacture
Blade angle setting for a turbomachine
Guide systems for variable valve controller
Integrated hydraulic cooler and return rail in camless cylinder head
Variable compression ratio apparatus
Variable compression ratio apparatus
Piston for an internal combustion engine and method for its production
Air intake device for a heat engine with a cooled main circulation system and a bypass system equipped with a heating mechanism
Fuel injector actuator assemblies and associated methods of use and manufacture
Spark to flame conversion unit, such as employed with an existing spark plug or heat source supplied glow plug for accomplishing more efficient piston combustion
Screw pump and pumping arrangement
Wind turbine spars with jointed shear webs
Electrohydraulic aggregate with a compact construction
Clutch and brake latch mechanism
Electrohydraulic booster
Clamping part and retention device having a clamping part of this type
Wheel bearing with sensor
Drive arrangement for a motor vehicle, in particular a low platform bus
Friction drive device
Automatic transmission gear and clutch arrangement
Power train of automatic transmission
Automatic opening-closing device
System and assembly for power transmission and generation in a wind turbine
Planetary gear set
Hub transmission assembly
Self-cleaning valves for use in vacuum cleaners and other self-cleaning valves
Magnetic valve with manual override
Drive device
Plastic pipe sealing gasket and process for belling plastic pipe
Fluidically operated device
Clamp member and clamping method
Pipe fitting for a heatable piping of a SCR system
Adjustable apparatus
Method and apparatus for improving the strength of a utility pole
Hermetic light-emitting device
Lighting system with color adjustment means
Backlight unit and display device
Cooling appliance
Heat spreader with composite micro-structure
Active armor systems
Tree stand archery target system
Impact release stun gun dart
Hard-core projectile with penetrator
Thermal monitoring device
Apparatus and method for measuring characteristic and chip temperature of LED
Crankshaft machine tool test device
Transmitter for controlling industrial processes
Method and apparatus for the detection of leaks
Device for measuring coefficient of friction
Systems and methods for measuring the specific modulus of cellular ceramic bodies
Pre-signaling magnetic plug
Clandestine grave detector
Display screen shades for mobile devices
Fiber optic connector and fiber optic assembly having same
Multiple layer multifocal composite lens
Safety helmet visor with a treated surface for eye protection and therapy
Image pickup apparatus and lens device
Lens barrel, camera, portable data terminal equipment, image input equipment, and cylinder for lens barrel
System and methods for angular slice true 3-D display
Ranking determination system and program, and recording medium storing the program
Slot machine game having rotation of symbol area
System and method for selective distribution of information
System for biometric security using a fob
System and method of pre-approving applicants for visa processing using an emerging country's international travel approval control card
Concealable card module for a cash register keyboard
Merchandise checkout system
Systems and methods for preserving and maintaining document integrity
Method of calculating carbon dioxide emission of steam turbine CHP plant and system for the method
Methods and systems for validating negotiable instruments
Phosphorus-doped diamond film allowing significantly reduced electron emission voltage, method for producing the same, and electron source using the same
Multipole matrix connector
Connector with an actuator pushed by a base-plate
Circuit board connector and connector assembly
Grid array connector with floating cover
Connector having a plug arranged above a plate-like terminal
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Connector assembly having a detection switch which is closed or opened by operation of a locking member
Ball screw resettable mechanical disconnect
Fluid measuring instrument carrier structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Device for stabilizing parts of a body particularly for computed tomography diagnostics
Frequency-variation type demodulator and demodulating method
Analog controls housed with electronic displays for remote controllers having feedback display screens
Multiperson tactual virtual environment
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and process for remote, in situ metal work
Power tools with operating speed control circuit
Thermal printer, thermal printing method and conveyor for recording material
Thermal line printer and a method of driving the same
Image forming apparatus for forming an electrostatic latent image on a latent image carrier
Electronic displays using organic-based field effect transistors
Pneumatic tire monitor
Determination of wheel sensor position using radio frequency detectors in an automotive remote tire monitor system
Apparatus and method for sensing a condition of a vehicle tire
Mechanical power outputting apparatus and inverter apparatus
System and method for optimal battery usage in electric and hybrid vehicles
Speed electromotive force phase control system adapted to low speed
Method and device for automatically switching on or off the lights of a vehicle
Magnetoresistive rollover sensor
Windscreen wiper drive aggregate and a vehicle which is equipped with the same
Voice-activated personal alarm
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of forming low dielectric silicon oxynitride spacer films highly selective of etchants
Process for determining spacing between heater and showerhead
Precision etched radome
Cubic (zinc-blende) aluminum nitride
Low threading dislocation density relaxed mismatched epilayers without high temperature growth
Fixed Constructions
Combination door unlock and trunk release mechanism
Device for indicating multiple conditions
Safety system for motor vehicle opening panel
Systems and methods for determining motion tool parameters in borehole logging
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for determining the position of an armature
Integrated torque motor and throttle body
Control system for metering fuel to an internal combustion engine
Fluid-powered energy conversion device
Method and apparatus for magnetic voltage isolation
Device having a magnetic clutch and use thereof for a gear pump
System and method for measuring dynamic loads in a magnetic bearing
Oscillation isolator
Area type light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Signal processing circuit
Compact video inspection apparatus with Y, Z, X compounded measurement axes
Angle of rotation sensor having a rotating annular magnet and two ferritic stator halves
Magnetic sensor for delivery of an electrical signal proportional to position
Wireless assisted altitude measurement
Sensor sensitivity adjusting apparatus
Angular position sensor including rotor with spaced bar magnets
Variable resistive element
Physical-quantity detection sensor
Method of determining angle-of-cut
Probe structure and manufacturing method thereof
Electrical test probe wedge tip
Probe card
General purpose oscilloscope having digital television signal display capability
Alternating current meter with photoelectric digital counter structure
Secondary battery protection circuit capable of reducing time for functional test
Active power monitoring using externally located current sensors
Wide-band RF signal power detecting element and power detecting device using the same
System and method for analyzing forced and unforced oscillators
Method and apparatus for testing frequency-dependent electrical circuits
Self-compensating phase detector
Method and apparatus for measuring insulation resistance
Multi-sensor electrometer
Device test handler and method for operating the same
Method and device for the electrical monitoring of an electrode lead of a bipolar high-voltage D.C. transmission system
Method and device for the detection of damage in the insulation of electrical components, particularly of lines and cable harnesses
Method of inspecting an electrical disconnection between circuits by calculating physical quantities thereof based on capacitances regarding the circuits measured twice
Test method using semiconductor test apparatus
Integrated circuit device having a burn-in mode for which entry into and exit from can be controlled
Embedding of dynamic circuits in a static environment
Circuit construction in back side of die and over a buried insulator
Method and apparatus for measuring pure resistance of in-vehicle battery
Secondary battery device and method of protecting an overdischarge of the same
Method and apparatus for quantitative determination of accumulations of magnetic particles
Powerful bonded nonconducting permanent magnet for downhole use
MRI apparatus provided with axially stiff suspension elements for the gradient coil system
Use of CPMG sequences with phase cycled refocusing pulses in inside-out NMR for phase encoded imaging and to eliminate coherent ringing within one scan
Methods and apparatus for measuring flow velocity in a wellbore using NMR and applications using same
Magnetic resonance imaging method with sub-sampled acquisition
Motion correction of magnetic resonance images
Apparatus and method for locating objects under a body of water
MPRF interpulse phase modulation for maximizing doppler clear space
Synthetic aperture radar system capable of detecting moving targets
Impulse radar security system
Key fob with valet and car locator feature
Mobile object locator
Cellular positioning system that compensates for received signal delays in positioning radio receivers
Object recognition apparatus
Measurement technique and apparatus for high-resolution multi-volume NMR well logging
Multichromal twisting ball displays
Electronic article surveillance marker assembly
Thin film transistor array substrate for liquid crystal display and method for fabricating same
Combined cholesteric liquid crystal display and solar cell assembly device
Flash lamps for underwater photography
Method and system for allowing a programmable controller to communicate with a remote computer
System monitor for a linear/rotary actuator
Circuit and method for reducing leakage current within an electronic system
Low dropout voltage regulator with non-miller frequency compensation
Mechanism for minimizing current mirror transistor base current error for low overhead voltage applications
Low voltage PVT insensitive MOSFET based voltage reference circuit
Clock generating circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit using the same
Electronic blackboard system
Sensitive and short height pointing device
Wall switch device and power outlet device
Communications device with touch sensitive screen
Thermally conducting inductors
Charge balancing system
Automatically-maintained customizable user interfaces
Logic circuit design method and logic circuit
Portable computer supporting paging functions
Hand stabilization apparatus for an input device having a keypad
Record range control for browsing published databases
Mouse and mouse template for a motion impaired user
Device for detecting and inputting a specified position
Angle quantization using log division
Graphics container
Methods and systems for providing human/computer interfaces
Information recording tag
Capacitive alignment structure and method for chip stacking
Game apparatus, game method, and computer-readable storage medium
Graphics system and method for rendering independent 2D and 3D objects using pointer based display list video refresh operations
Method and apparatus for generating patches from a 3D mesh model
Method and device for collision detection and recording medium recorded with collision detection method
Apparatus, system, and method for simplifying annotations on a geometric surface
Graphic data generating apparatus, graphic data generation method, and medium of the same
Protective permanent housing for anti-theft tag
Apparatus and method for monitoring line disconnection and a fire, and a fire alarm system having the same
Warning system
Electric resonance element, detection apparatus and moving vehicle control system
Virtual manipulatives
Method of forming the images in the systems having objects moving relative to each other
Color image display apparatus and method
Driving apparatus for driving a plasma display panel
Display device
Color organic EL display and method for driving the same
Data signal line driving circuit and image display device including the same
Liquid crystal display device
LCD column driving apparatus and method
Image display apparatus
Replacing defective circuit elements by column and row shifting in a flat-panel display
Display of messages from a plurality of processes running in parallel
System for manipulation and display of medical images
Adapter device for separating synchronizing signal from sync-on-green video signal and color display apparatus with the same
Modularized architecture for color and image management system
Pixel engine
Display unit architecture
Encoding apparatus and method, recording medium, and decoding apparatus and method
Image-display edit processing method, image editing apparatus and storage medium
Sense amplifier threshold compensation
One-time programmable logic device
System and method for reducing timing mismatch in sample and hold circuits using the clock
Boosted switch device for a sampler of an analog/digital converter, and operating method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for dynamic leakage control
Sense amplifier with improved latching
High resolution scanning thermal probe and method of manufacturing thereof
Antifuse programmable resistor
Permanent magnet assembly and method of making thereof
Transformer bobbin
Power supply transformer for telephone
Motor utilizing basic factor and having generator function
Method of monitoring the contact burnoff in tap changers
Electric switching device
Relay driving apparatus
Fuseholder remover
System and method of selecting pages that an appliance is sending
Circuit breaker compartment door
Flat display device and fabricating method of the same
Stud for cathode ray tube face panel
Color cathode ray tube with shadow mask and mask frame having round corners
Mask-frame assembly for cathode ray tube
Beam deflection system and color tube
Display device comprising a deflection unit, and a deflection unit for a display device
Field emission display having reduced optical sensitivity and method
Semiconductor laser cathode ray tube for driving at room temperature
Method and apparatus for producing uniform process rates
Discharge device having cathode with micro hollow array
Mercury capsule for use in a fluorescent lamp
Electrodeless discharge energy supply apparatus and electrodeless discharge lamp device using surface wave transmission line
Trench DMOS transistor having reduced punch-through
Electronic component, semiconductor device, methods of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Semiconductor device
Packages for semiconductor die
EEPROM memory cell with increased dielectric integrity
SOI-type semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Multi-Thickness silicide device formed by succesive spacers
Trench-gate power semiconductor device preventing latch-up and method for fabricating the same
Vertical replacement gate (VRG) MOSFET with a conductive layer adjacent a source/drain region and method of manufacture therefor
Semiconductor device having a buried-channel MOS structure
Strontium nitride or strontium oxynitride gate dielectric
Semiconductor MISFET
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Deep slit isolation with controlled void
Integrated circuit having a passive device integrally formed therein
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Superconductor barrier layer for integrated circuit interconnects
Semiconductor device with variable composition low-k inter-layer dielectric and method of making
Stackable package having a cavity and a lid for an electronic device
Apparatus and method for reducing interposer compression during molding process
Ultra-thin outline package for integrated circuit
Multi-chip package-type semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and lead frame assembly/lead frame for making a semiconductor device
Tape carrier type semiconductor device with gold/gold bonding of leads to bumps
Lead frame and semiconductor device
Semiconductor package
Tape under frame for lead frame IC package assembly
Plated aluminum leadframes for semiconductor devices, including two nickel layers, and method of fabrication
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having an optimal circuit layout to ensure stabilization of internal source voltages without lowering circuit functions and/or operating performance
Tri-layer dielectric fuse cap for laser deletion
Method for monitoring an amount of heavy metal contamination in a wafer
Semiconductor package with ground projections
Surface-mounting type electronic circuit unit suitable for miniaturization
Integrated CMOS circuit configuration, and production of same
Semiconductor integrated circuit having circuit for transmitting input signal
High-voltage capacitor voltage divider circuit having a high-voltage silicon-on-insulation (SOI) capacitor
Solid state imaging device
Solid-state image sensor, production method of the same, and digital camera
Organic light-emitting devices
Semiconductor device and process for producing the device
AC drive cross point adjust method and apparatus
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive film type elements and process for producing the same
Piezoelectric wave motor
Dielectric laminated device and manufacturing method thereof
Filter circuit and a superconducting filter circuit
Resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Confined-flux ferrite structure for circulator/isolator
Coplanar transmission line
Suspended transmission line with embedded amplifier
Wideband compact large step circular waveguide transition apparatus
RF power divider/combiner circuit
Multimode dielectric resonator apparatus, filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Antenna device having a rotation limited structure
Frame for a handheld computer
Simplified helical antenna structure for communication equipment
Planar antenna apparatus
Low profile antenna
Antenna polarization separation to provide signal isolation
Vivaldi cloverleaf antenna
Integrated multifrequency slot/patch antenna and method
Low-profile cavity-backed slot antenna using a uniplanar compact photonic band-gap substrate
Non-skid, radar absorbing system, its method of making, and method of use
Radio communication device
Parasitically driven dipole array
Adaptive antenna for use in same frequency networks
Method and apparatus for transmitting signals via an active sampler antenna
Antenna arrangement and radio device
Device for transmitting and/or receiving electromagnetic waves fed from an array produced in microstrip technology
Multifrequency antenna
Arrangement, method, and current measurement device for measuring a current in a conductor
Line differential protection system for a power transmission line
Devices and methods for protection of rechargeable elements
Charging control system for air conditioner and battery
System and method of forming capacitor-based electrical energy storage modules
Power supply unit, battery electrical apparatus, and memory effect detection method
Battery charger and charge control system
Stator for starter motor
Resolver for measuring and determining angular positions or revolutions of a shaft
Electric motor including unitary brush card bushing holder
Multi-position actuator or sector motor
Driver timing and circuit technique for a low noise charge pump circuit
High efficiency electronic circuit for generating and regulating a supply voltage
Boosting circuit for high voltage operation
Pumping voltage regulation circuit
Switching regulator control circuit with proactive transient response
Zero-voltage-switch snubber circuit
Circuits and techniques for capacitor charging circuits
Control system, observer, and control method for a speed-sensorless induction motor drive
H-bridge motor driving circuit
Alias suppression method for 1-bit precision direct digital synthesizer
Circuits and methods for generating an accurate digital representation of a sinusoidal wave
Ferroelectric modulator
Circuit for linearizing the power control profile of a BiCMOS power amplifier
Push-pull amplifier
Circuit for compensating noise and errors from an output state of a digital amplifier
Dynamic delay compensation versus average switching frequency in a modulator loop and methods thereof
Voltage buffer
Enhanced folded cascade voltage gain cell
Method and apparatus for effecting programmable gain amplification
Bipolar rail-to-rail input stage with selectable transition threshold
Variable gain type amplifier
Discrete delay line system and method
Device and method for sampling rate conversion
Software programmable delay circuit
Magnetostatic wave element and manufacturing method therefor
Frequency controlled filter for the UHF band
BAW filters having different center frequencies on a single substrate and a method for providing same
Piezoelectric vibration device
Surface acoustic wave filter formed with a ripple at the high frequency shoulder of the pass band
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Power device with protection against undesirable self-activation
Parallel circuit comprising a plurality of IGBTs
Use of current folding to improve the performance of a current -steered DAC operating at low supply voltage
Output circuit
Comparator and a control circuit for a power MOSFET
Integrated circuit for mobile radio and mobile telephone installations
High-frequency switch
Inductive or capacitive detector
Circuit arrangement having a capacitive sensor element for a touch contact switch
Design simplicity of very high-speed semiconductor device
High voltage CMOS output driver in low voltage process
Circuit configuration for converting logic levels
Voltage translator, particularly of the CMOS type
Push-pull output stage for digital signals with regulated output levels
Combinational logic using asynchronous single-flux quantum gates
Current mode logic circuit with output common mode voltage and impedance control
Dynamic CMOS circuits with individually adjustable noise immunity
Input/output architecture for efficient configuration of programmable input/output cells
Programmable divider with built-in programmable delay chain for high-speed/low power application
Clock circuit with self correcting duty cycle
Apparatus and method for a thermal feedback oscillator
Latch circuit and register circuit
Method for generating a short-pulsed microwave and an equipment for generating a short-pulsed microwave
Slew rate adjusting circuit and semiconductor device
Oscillation stop detection circuit
Gate driver for driving a switching element, and a power converter in which the gate driver and an output element are integrated in one-chip
PLL frequency synthesizer circuit
Mixed delay locked loop circuit
Voltage controlled oscillator with voltage regulation
Method and apparatus for spectral shaping of non-linearity in data converters
System and method of background offset cancellation for flash ADCs
Circuit configuration for testing and A/D converter for applications that are critical in terms of safety
Method and device for analog-to-digital conversion of a signal
Signal processing apparatus having an analog/digital conversion function
Analog-to-digital converter with multiplexed input channels
System with high-speed A/D converter using multiple successive approximation cells
Stopping criteria for iterative decoding
Analog-to-digital converter
Parallel time interleaved delta sigma modulator
PC card and WLAN system having high speed, high resolution, digital-to analog converter with off-line sigma delta conversion and storage
Method and apparatus for multilevel signal operation
Cascade sigma-delta modulator
Approximate prefix coding for data compression
Multiple symbol length lookup table
PC card for electronic devices
Information signal compressor and expander
Modulation analyzing apparatus with balance/imbalance converter
Digital communication system for law enforcement use
Method and circuitry for a pre-emphasis scheme for single-ended center taped terminated high speed digital signaling
Electronic apparatus having plural entry switches
Generating and using a color palette
Image observation apparatus
Electronic still camera having line thinning out during continuous shooting mode
Image pick-up apparatus
Image quality by automatically changing the black level of a video signal
Method and apparatus for providing an on-screen guide for a multiple channel broadcasting system
Mobile imaging
Video call distribution
Color signal separating circuit pure color signals
Image pickup apparatus with mode switching between a still picture mode and a moving picture mode
Pixel circuit display apparatus and electronic apparatus equipped with current driving type light-emitting device
Halogen lamp electronic transformer
Method of illuminating incandescent lamp, and circuit for illuminating the same
Voltage detector for series light circuit
Circuit arrangement for the energy-saving operation of a fluorescent tube
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a lamp
Non-thermionic ballast-free energy-efficient light-producing gas discharge system and method
Reduced thickness optical image pickup device with improved sealing and method of making same
Grid array inspection system and method
Ceramic electronic part
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