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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dermal micro organs, methods and apparatuses for producing and using the same
Proteasome inhibitors and methods of using the same
Systems with interchangeable horns for producing encased products and related methods, computer program products and horn rotor assemblies
Garment hanger and method for using same
Packaging and applicator device for a cosmetic composition
Device for manufacturing brushes
Cabinet for television set
Resilience tilt-adjusted device of backrest
Vehicle seat
Trucker's trash can
Surgical retractor
Localization element with energized tip
Transmural ablation device with integral EKG sensor
Atrial ablation catheter adapted for treatment of septal wall arrhythmogenic foci and method of use
Monitoring device, method and system
Method and apparatus for noninvasive intraductal fluid diagnositc screen
Apparatus and method for measuring hemodynamic parameters
Biological information monitoring apparatus
Methods and systems for implantably monitoring external breathing therapy
Electromagnetic radiation emitting toothbrush and dentifrice system
Patellar retractor and method of surgical procedure on knee
Impedance-matched vibration massager
Anti-fatigue cyclohexenone compounds from antrodia camphorata
Tricyclic pyrazole kinase inhibitors
Sulfonyl pyrrolidines, method for producing the same and their use as drugs
2-ethyl and 2-ethylidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Modulation of insulin like growth factor I receptor expression
Mutated anthrax toxin protective antigen proteins that specifically target cells containing high amounts of cell-surface metalloproteinases or plasminogen activator receptors
Glue composition for lung volume reduction
Tissue specific prodrugs
Cyclosporin derivatives for the treatment of immune disorders
Neuropathic pain treatment method
Skin treatment preparation
Delivery of opioids through an inhalation route
Preparations for the application of anti-inflammatory agents
Injection catheter with controllably extendable injection needle
Multi-beveled point needle and syringe having a multi-beveled point needle
Partial aortic occlusion devices and methods for cerebral perfusion augmentation
Compositions comprising at least one hydroxide compound and at least one oxidizing agent, and methods to straighten curly hair
Seat adjusting mechanism of exercise machines
Golf balls having two or more core layers formed from HNP compositions
Prosthetic device for golfing
Compact elliptical exercise machine with adjustable stride length
Modifiable game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Grit trap
Bilge water barrier and pollution prevention system
Hand held shower head with filter replacing pre-alarm assembly
Device for cleaning vehicular exhaust gas, in particular a diesel exhaust particle filter, and vehicle comprising such device
Vacuum cleaner equipped with bag mount and separate bag caddy
Operation of mixed conducting metal oxide membrane systems under transient conditions
FAIMS electrodes with lateral ion focusing
Metal-supported porous carbon film, fuel cell electrode and fuel cell employing the electrode
Catalysts for oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde
Automated fluid handling cartridge and fluid processing system
Holder construction particularly useful for holding and dispensing pressure-flowable products, such as ice-cream or other relatively soft foods
Cross-linked heparin coatings and methods
Vibration screen system
Failed roll condom removal apparatus
Electrically conducting adhesives for via fill applications
Ceramic polishing pad dresser and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for balancing tires during retreading
Silicone vulcanizate coated fabric
Electroconductive woven and non-woven fabric
Protected polymeric film
Adhesive membrane for force switches and sensors
Method of depositing heater material over a photoresist scaffold
Inkjet printhead with common plane of symmetry for heater element and nozzle
Micromachined fluid ejectors using piezoelectric actuation
Inkjet printer with printhead cartridge and ink cartridge
Cradle for printhead cartridge having power regulation interface
Printing apparatus and method
Inkjet printhead assembly with an ink reservoir in a multi-layered shell
Liquid ejection apparatus and method of controlling liquid ejection apparatus
Pagewidth printhead assembly with ink distribution arrangement
Ink priming system for inkjet printhead having a bypass flow path
Inkjet printer with disengageable maintenance station drive coupling
Liquid jetting apparatus and liquid jetting method
Methods for determining unidirectional print direction for improved print quality
Tree-ring chronology pens, pencils, key chains, and other commonly used articles
Structure for enabling independently suspended wheels to lean with vehicle hull
Electrical load control device
Base for fitting infant seats to motorcars
Interior mirror system
Voice acquisition system for a vehicle
Steering wheel with airbag apparatus
Managing wheel slip in a locomotive
Residential mobile house keeping cart
Vehicle body structure for a passenger car equipped with a fastback
Motor vehicle hood with pedestrian protection
Reclosable plastic bag
Cosmetic container
Pressure control device for maintaining a constant predetermined pressure in a container
Device for conveying workpieces
Recording medium feeding device and image forming apparatus
Paper feed assembly
Conveyer and image recording apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing nitrogen to use in under balanced drilling, secondary recovery production operations and pipeline maintenance
High temperature resistant vitreous inorganic fiber
High temperature resistant vitreous inorganic fiber
Method of making mixed metal oxide containing sulfur
Therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer, metabolic diseases and skin disorders
Azeotropic distillation process for separating acetic acid, methylacetate and water in the production of an aromatic carboxylic acid
Process and apparatus for improved methods for making vinyl acetate monomer (VAM)
Process for separating meta-xylene from a feed of aromatic hydrocarbons by liquid phase adsorption
Regiospecific Furan Compounds and Their Use in Fragrances
Recombinant Candida rugosa lipases
p40 protein acts as an oncogene
Rare earth aggregate formulation using di-block copolmers
Stabilization of fluorescent dyes in vinyl articles using hindered amine light stabilizers
Polyester compositions
Antifouling condensation curing organopolysiloxane composition and underwater structure
UV- or heat triggered low oxygen packaging system employing an oxidizable polymer resin and a peroxide
Method for modifying plant morphology, biochemistry and physiology
Enriched preparation of human fetal multipotential neural stem cells
Stabilizing agent for enzymes
Polynucleotides encoding useful polypeptides in corynebacterium glutamicum ssp. lactofermentum
Methods and kits for screening nucleic acid duplex stability
Compositions for detection of A target nucleic acid sequence
Methods for detecting nucleic acid sequences
Methods for tissue analysis
Impact pad for metallurgical vessels
Fluorine separation and generation device
Fixed Constructions
Repair and reinforcement device for wooden door jambs
Articulated rod
Drill bit with protection member
Method and device for preventing pipeskidding
Rotary vector gear for use in rotary steerable tools
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooled turbine blade or vane for a gas turbine, and use of a turbine blade or vane of this type
Auxiliary fuel and air supply in a carburetor
Low input torque rotor for vane pump
Device for axially conveying fluids
Separator and linear guide apparatus
Boot for universal joint
Electromagnetic coupling device for engine accessories
Disc brake pad return spring
Method for manufacturing a variator component of continuously variable transmission, and variator component of continuously variable transmission
Hybrid architecture incorporating three motor generators and planetary gear arrangment having a stationary member
Rotation shaft seal
Lightweight clamp blocks
Quick connector
Candle assembly and fuel element therefor
Hollow fiber membrane sample preparation devices
Computer program products for measuring critical dimensions of fine patterns using scanning electron microscope pictures and secondary electron signal profiles
Tools for detecting Moraxella catarrhalis
Electric amplifier and method for the control thereof
Polymerizable siloxane-quaternary amine copolymers
Privacy film
Fiber optic drop cables and preconnectorized assemblies
Electro-optical display device and image projection unit
Array substrate for a transflective liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Retardation compensator and single-panel type color liquid crystal projector
Alignment treatment of liquid crystal display device
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Use of telephone-specific components to provide refocusing in a camera-ready device
Integrated optical circuits having drop-in locations for optical circuit elements
Substrate heat treatment apparatus
Maskless photolithography for using photoreactive agents
Mask for photolithography, method of forming thin film, liquid crystal display device, and method of producing the liquid crystal display device
Polyphenyl thioether and thiophosphate containing photoconductors
Processes for forming latexes and toners, and latexes and toner formed thereby
Ballast with arc protection circuit
Method and system for protecting privacy of signatures on mail ballots
Billing statement customer acquisition system
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Emergency ingress/egress monitoring system
Article holder with notification mechanism
RFID conveyor system
Semiconductor device for IC tag, IC tag, and control method for IC tag for detecting and executing command from radio wave
Detection and identification method for in-transit determination of chemical contraband, decaying animal and vegetable matter, and concealed humans in cargo shipping containers and other secure spaces
Traffic light safety zone
Horizontal electric field applying type liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof
Character display apparatus and character display method, control program for controlling the character display method and recording medium recording the control program
Method and system for improving color reduction
Guitar playing assist apparatus
High resolution x-ray and gamma ray imaging using diffraction lenses with mechanically bent crystals
Single stage charged particle beam energy width reduction system for charged particle beam system
Synthesis of conducto-magnetic polymers as nano-transducers in biosensor design
Visible polarizing glass and process
Method for dehumidifying air and air dehumidifier for oil-insulated transformers, reactance coils and step switches
Electrical switch
Multi-segment filament high output halogen lamp
Lighting device with anode including carbon fiber mixed paper
Optical spot grid array scanning system
Spot grid array scanning system
Discharge lamp with a discharge filling having a measured emission intensity of argon to OH radicals and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a light emitting device
Method of fabricating a heterojunction of organic semiconducting polymers
Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
Angled elongated features for improved alignment process integration
System and method for securing optoelectronic packages for mounting components at a mounting angle
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Exfoliating method, transferring method of thin film device, and thin film device, thin film integrated circuit device, and liquid crystal display device produced by the same
Method for producing patterned thin films
Forming pocket and LDD regions using separate masks
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Application of impressed-current cathodic protection to prevent metal corrosion and oxidation
Imprint process using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane based imprint materials
Physical quantity sensor
RF-coupled digital isolator
Devices having compliant wafer-level input/output interconnections and packages using pillars and methods of fabrication thereof
Multiple chips bonded to packaging structure with low noise and multiple selectable functions
Device and method for the acquisition and automatic processing of data obtained from optical codes
Test structures for development of metal-insulator-metal (MIM) devices
Piezoelectric resonator for oscillator and surface mount type piezoelectric oscillator
Battery having improved positive electrode and method of manufacturing the same
Composite solid oxide fuel cell anode based on ceria and strontium titanate
Self-starting fuel cell assembly
Bandpass filter and wireless communications equipment using same
Gradient coil arrangement and method for using the same
Wireless communication device with integrated antenna
Land grid array socket
Electrical connector for flat conductor
Female connector terminal for electric power connector
Locking structure for card edge connector
Automatic transfer switch apparatus
Rotating electric machine and electrically driven vehicle
Method and apparatus for initializing operation of a disk drive
Electrical load drive device
Superconducting switching amplifier
Multi-amplifier circuit
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device for use with multiple I/O standards
Encoding conversion fallback
Content integration platform with format and protocol conversion
Solid state imaging device having transition time relationship for drive signals
Interactive presentation system
Multiview video decomposition and encoding
Photographing device and method for obtaining photographic image having image vibration correction
Digital camera
Image management system to obtain images of persons with open eyes
Method and apparatus for scanning the camera LOS in a continuous zoom camera system
Flexural plate wave sensor
Circuit substrate and electronic apparatus, fabrication process thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Buoy for fish finding method and system
Construction of large, robust, monolithic and monolithic-like, AMLCD displays with wide view angle
Cigarette case with lighter and clock
Performing Operations; Transporting
Information transfer system, a transmitter, a receiver and a record carrier for use in the system
Laser processing method, method for manufacturing ink jet recording head using such method of manufacture, and ink jet recording head manufactured by such method of manufacture
Method to improve sealing of ink jet printhead purge mechanism to printhead
Printing apparatus and printing method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming device fast draft print mode
Measuring applications for an electronic reading device
Additive for YAG laser marking
Device for transmitting data in a motor vehicle
Modification of ice friction in transportation systems
MEMS structure with surface potential control
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control algorithm for soft-landing in electromechanical actuators
Reflective liquid-crystal display device
High rate optical correlator implemented on a substrate
Fringe analysis method using fourier transform
Method and apparatus for optical measurement of a surface profile of a specimen
Apparatus for measuring slant angle of solid immersion lens
Position sensor for movable body and optical interferometer
Moving imager camera for track and range capture
Image processing computer system for a photogrammetric analytical measurement
Laser reference system and method of determining grade rake
Navigation apparatus for coupling with an expansion slot of a portable, handheld computing device
Distance measuring device and method for adjusting photodetection unit of distance measuring device
Laser range estimation aid
Apparatus for microchip laser geo-sensors
Polarization imaging system
Ellipsometer using radial symmetry
Photometric device
Method of inspecting surface-emitting semiconductor laser and inspection device for surface-emitting semiconductor laser
Method and apparatus for substrate surface inspection using spectral profiling techniques
Method and system for fast on-line electro-optical detection of wafer defects
Reversed memory module socket, motherboard and test system including same, and method of modifying motherboard
Reversed memory module socket, motherboard and test system including same, and method of modifying motherboard
Semiconductor device having PLL-circuit
Diode fault detection and ground fault detection systems
GMR coefficient enhancement for spin valve structures
Geographical navigation using multipath wireless navigation signals
Adaptive smoothing system for fading communication channels
Radar device and method for coding a radar device
Multifunction millimeter-wave system for radar, communications, IFF and surveillance
Object recognition apparatus and method thereof
Method and device for co-operative radio direction-finding in transmission
Self-contained selectively activated mobile object position reporting device with reduced power consumption and minimized wireless service fees.
Optical element having antireflection film
Anti-glare and anti-reflection film, polarizing plate, and image display device
Zoom lens system
Arrangement for illumination with a plurality of wavelengths in a microscope
Microscope having an illumination optical system which is integrated with the microscope base which reduces heat conduction from the microscope base to the microscope frame
Polygonal mirror fixing device
Low-observability, wide-field-of-view, situation awareness viewing device
Imaging element and image reading apparatus
Lens array unit, method of manufacturing lens array unit, and optical device using the lens array unit
Athermal and high throughput gratings
Birefringent devices
Polarizing element and optical display apparatus including the same
MEMS-based selectable laser source
Member mounting structure and member mounting apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting set of images and selecting most focused image
Optical sampler based on stable, non-absorbing optical hard limiters
Apparatus and method for controlling electro-optic modulator
Photo-conductor plate reduced in light reflection, and surface emitting device and liquid crystal display unit using it
Flat display device
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Thermal control device for liquid crystal display
Display device
Liquid crystal display
High resolution display of image data using pixel sub-components
Liquid crystal display device having counter electrode with overlapping relation with drain line and extends in region of light-blocking film
Active-matrix type liquid crystal display device having thick and thin overcoat layers layered over a black matrix
LCD and projection type display using same
Electro-optical device and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display
Image display device and its repairing method and apparatus
Electro-optic display device with reduced electrical asymmetry
Electro-optical device
Liquid crystal device and driving method therefor
Electrophoretic display method, display medium, liquid and particle for display medium, display apparatus, and reversible display material
Optical circuit system and components of same
Wave surface aberration measurement device, wave surface aberration measurement method, and projection lens fabricated by the device and the method
Method and apparatus for diffractive transfer of a mask grating
Scanning projection exposure apparatus
Mark detection method, exposure method, device manufacturing method, mark detection apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device
Color image formation apparatus and method including three alignment sensors and density adjustment sensor
Electronic device, electronically-controlled mechanical timepiece, and electronic device controlling method
Apparatus and method for automatically displaying information
Electronic device and control method for electronic device
Active power supply transient limiter circuit
Joystick operated positioning device for a computer
Controller with variable sensor(s)
Method of mounting liquid crystal display module and apparatus thereof
Printed circuit board (PCB) bracket for a monitor
Monitor front case with gate landings
Notebook type information apparatus having protruding front side portion
Electronic unit enclosure and method
Expansion card mounting apparatus
Circuit board mount
Circuit arrangement of a control device for monitoring a voltage
Data bus driver having first and second operating modes for coupling data to the bus at first and second rates
Pointer interactive apparatus
System and method for automatic generation of visual representations and links in a hierarchical messaging system
Customer self service iconic interface for resource search results display and selection
Method of determining the stability of two dimensional polygonal scenes
Haptic feedback using a keyboard device
Vibrotactile haptic feedback devices
Method of assisting cursor movement toward a nearby displayed target
Method and apparatus for integrating print job status information and user options with implicit job interruption
System and method for unifying hotspots subject to non-linear transformation and interpolation in heterogeneous media representations
Method and apparatus for displaying notification that a color corrected image is being viewed
Elastic buffers for serdes word alignment and rate matching between time domains
Image processing apparatus and image processing system using the apparatus
Method and device for monitoring a setting of a phase in flat screens
Image processing system that switches process between monochromatic image and color image, and image data processing method
Printer configuration update system and method
Printing apparatus, an initialization method therefor, and a program storage medium
Path to trapezoid decomposition of polygons for printing files in a page description language
Apparatus and method converting continuous tone data to multiple-valued data
Method and apparatus for controlling an acousto-optic modulator
Image forming apparatus with a print head having variable lighting period
RF transponder
Method and systems for testing an antenna
Data processing method using combined software/hardware scheme and apparatus for the same
Apparatus for and method of embedding and extracting digital information, and medium having program for carrying out the method recorded thereon
Graphics processor with pipeline state storage and retrieval
Computer-implemented node spreader
Method and apparatus for determining bins to be updated for polygons, including lines
System and method performing image processing of image data of low resolution and arranging image data of high resolution
Reduction rate processing circuit and method with logarithmic operation and image processor employing same
Method and system for iterative morphing
Method of area partition in virtual environment
System and method for multi-resolution fairing of non-manifold models
Methods and arrangements for compressing image based rendering data using multiple reference frame prediction techniques that support just-in-time rendering of an image
Moving picture encoder and moving picture decoder
Image reproducing apparatus, projector, image reproducing system, and information storing medium
Threshold addressing of electrophoretic displays
Liquid crystal display apparatus and its luminance control method
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method therefor
Asymmetric liquid crystal actuation system and method
Image display device, method of driving thereof, and electronic equipment
Liquid crystal display apparatus and data driver
Liquid crystal display device and driving method for the same
LCD device
Method and apparatus for displaying images
Calculating display mode values
Graphic accelerator reducing and processing graphics data
Subband encoding and decoding system for data compression and decompression
Reproducing method and reproducing apparatus for magneto-optical recording medium
Tape cartridge transport magazine for an automated tape cartridge autoloader/library system
Compact form factor for an automated tape cartridge autoloader/library system
Gripper assembly apparatus for interfacing with a storage device
Disc drive having feed chassis supporting members
Data cartridge detector
Apparatus and method for adjusting balance and assembling disk drives
Asymmetry correcting circuit and information reproducing apparatus using the same
Disc sequencer supporting pipelined and non-pipelined read
Method and apparatus for a disc drive adaptive file system
Optical disk recording apparatus
Recording clock generating apparatus for a data recording system
Timing signal recovery by superheterodyne phase locked loop
Method for linearizing microactuator hysteresis for a disc drive
Head carriage
Control method of control magnetic disk unit and magnetic disk unit using such method
Disk drive having a vertically adjustable ramp load
Cartridge casing for a magnetic tape cartridge
Disk drive having a head disk assembly enclosure including an integrated hinge
Information recording medium having parallel grooves with alternating convex-concave sections
Optical disc and optical disc apparatus
Method and apparatus for indexing and locating key frames in streaming and variable-frame-length data
Data storage
Transmitting and recording method, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus of information and its recording medium
Locating information on an optical media disc to maximize the rate of transfer
Reproducing unit for recording medium
Disk drive support apparatus and methods
Preamplifier circuit configurable to allow simultaneous read and write operations for self-servo writing a disk drive
Reducing read element power dissipation levels in a disc drive
Perpendicular magnetic recording head having a flux focusing main pole
High data rate write head
Spin valve sensor with a spin filter and specular reflector layer
Magnetoresistive sensor and magnetic storage apparatus
Method and apparatus for load/unload testing of disk drives
Information storage apparatus and method of controlling the same
Method and disk drive for improving head position accuracy during track following through real-time identification of external vibration
Disk drive system with hybrid surface-based data mapping and method of operation thereof
Magnetic head with slider including respective cores for high and standard recording densities, and method for producing the same
Protection method for preventing optical disk drives from laser leakage
Method and system for window realignment using pipeline and sync correction to correct data frame boundaries
Method and device for recording an information signal on an information layer of a recording medium
Multi-track optical data recording and readout
Method and apparatus for servo control using stepping motor as sled motor
Integrated unit, optical pickup, and optical recording medium drive device
Optical pickup device with high-frequency superposition circuit
Magnetic random access memory
Circuit and method of writing a toggle memory
Magneto-resistive device including clad conductor
Low cross-talk electrically programmable resistance cross point memory
Minimization of metal migration in magnetic random access memory
Magnetic memory sensing method and apparatus
System and method for quick self-refresh exit with transitional refresh
Semiconductor memory device equipped with refresh timing signal generator
Register circuit of extended mode register set
Soft error resistant semiconductor memory device
Priority encoder circuit and method
Semiconductor associative memory
Single-poly two-transistor EEPROM cell with differentially doped floating gate
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with enhanced erase/write cycle endurance
Memory cell sensing circuit capable of enhancing the sensing speed
Method for compensating field-induced retention loss in non-volatile storage with reference cells
Testing method for a reading operation in a non volatile memory
Semiconductor memory device
High voltage switch circuitry
Bounce tolerant fuse trimming circuit with controlled timing
Apparatus of repairing memory cell and method therefor
Device and method for repairing a semiconductor memory
Device and method for detecting alignment of bit lines and bit line contacts in DRAM devices
Command controller for an integrated circuit memory device and test circuitry thereof
Memory device and method having data path with multiple prefetch I/O configurations
Read compression in a memory
Semiconductor device having a plurality of output signals
Sending signal through integrated circuit during setup time
TRCD margin
Semiconductor storage apparatus
Wordline on and off voltage compensation circuit based on the array device threshold voltage
Double-sided copper clad laminate for capacitor layer formation and its manufacturing method
IDCI with reset lockout and independent trip
Method for controlling the operation of a switching device
Static electricity chuck apparatus and semiconductor producing apparatus provided with the static electricity chuck apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuits and fabricating method thereof
Susceptor and manufacturing method thereof
Ferroelectric capacitor and a method for manufacturing thereof
Electronic device
Fast-dump structure for full-frame image sensors with lod antiblooming structures
High frequency circuit with a connection for a printed antenna
Layout for automotive window antenna
Antenna/feed alignment system for reception of multibeam DBS signals
Apparatus for commonly using antenna for call signal and television broadcasting signal in radio communication terminal
Cylindrical double-layer microstrip array antenna
Optimal use of an electrically tunable multiband planar antenna
Omni directional antenna with multiple polarizations
Digital beam stabilization techniques for wide-bandwidth electronically scanned antennas
Method for calibrating an electronically phase-controlled group antenna in radio communications systems
Method and apparatus for a digital phased array antenna
Dual-frequency antenna
Ultra-broadband antenna achieved by combining a monocone with other antennas
Optical fiber laser structure and system based on ASE pumping of cladding element
Reeder rod
Waveguide laser source
Method for gain equalization, and device and system for use in carrying out the method
Method and apparatus for oscillator start-up control for mode-locked laser
Technique for filtering chirp from optical signals
Modulatable multi-wavelength fiber laser source
Air ionizer with static balance control
Surge suppression for current limiting circuits
Ripple cancellation circuit for ultra-low-noise power supplies
Electric power source
Power supply and battery back-up system for telecommunications systems
Integrated controller, method of operation thereof and power supply employing the same
Switching power supply circuit
Control method of DC-DC converter
Bias supply selection circuit, method of operation thereof and power supply employing the same
Device for quasi-direct pulse-width controlled energy conversion between three-phase system
Device for equal-rated parallel operation of single-or three-phase voltage sources
Phase-locked loop methods and structures for generating modulated communication signals with nonconstant envelopes
Portable radio device with direct conversion receiver including mixer down-converting incoming signal, and demodulator operating on downconverted signal
Wideband fast-hopping receiver front-end and mixing method
Mixer optimization for active radar warning receiver
Adaptive digital pre-distortion circuit using adjacent channel power profile and method of operation
Power amplifier having negative feedback circuit for transmitter
Low-order HDSL2 transmit filter
ESD protection devices for a differential pair of transistors
Electronic component with reduced inductive coupling
Clock and data recovery method and apparatus
Integration type A/D conversion method, integration type A/D converter, and battery charger utilizing such converter
Methods and apparatus providing multiple concurrent acquisition modes in a digitizing measurement instrument
Apparatus and method of early-late symbol tracking for a complementary code keying receiver
Fast acquisition module for a code division multiple access (CDMA) wireless local loop (WLL) system
Portable terminal
Method of quantifying the quality of service in a CDMA cellular telephone system
Data communication apparatus and method
Dispersion compensating nonlinear polarization amplifiers
Broadband amplifier and communication system
Dispersion managed discrete Raman amplifiers
Detecting encoding and encoding conversion for modem connections
Wideband co-site interference reduction apparatus
Method and an apparatus for a waveform quality measurement
Coupling device for a low-rate carrier current transmission system
Adaptive wireless communication receiver
Circuit switched switching system
Method, mobile station and base station for transmitting signals
TDMA radio terminal capable of adjusting transmit timing by using measured delay time
Dynamic code allocation for downlink shared channels
Communication control method and transmission unit
Signal control apparatus, transmission system and signal resynchronization control method
System and method for generating signal waveforms in a CDMA cellular telephone system
Method of wireless communication using structured unitary space-time signal constellations
Apparatus, and associated method, for forming a systematic, recursive, space-time code
Minimum mean squared error approach to interference cancellation and maximum likelihood decoding of space-time block codes
Transmission and reception system, transmission and reception device, and method of transmission and reception
System and method for avoiding stall of an H-ARQ reordering buffer in a receiver
Method and apparatus for filtering that specifies the types of frames to be captured and to be displayed for an IEEE802.11 wireless LAN
Data exchange unit
Carrier reproducing circuit
Method for bit error rate measurements in a cell-based telecommunication system
Adaptive front end for discrete multitone modem
Call control model for a packet-based intelligent telecommunications network
Method for allocating fractional bandwidth in a fixed-frame communication system
System of controlling the flow of information between senders and receivers across links being used as channels
Data discard avoidance method
System for use of packet statistics in de-jitter delay adaption in a packet network
Method and apparatus for guaranteeing data transfer rates and delays in data packet networks using generalized discrete data transfer rate approach
Arbitration mechanism for packet transmission
Trace format for a sliced switch fabric
Apparatus and method for efficient evaluation of equations which generate frame tags in a network switch
Multiple synchronous data stream format for an optical data link
Method and system for measuring reception characteristics in a multicast data distribution group
Communication network system
Network interconnecting apparatus and active quality-of-service mapping method
Technique and apparatus for using node ID as virtual private network (VPN) identifiers
Apparatus and method for buffer-free evaluation of packet data bytes with multiple min terms
Method and system for transporting traffic in a packet-switched network
Facsimile to E-mail communication system with local interface
Information receiving device and method, information release device, and information communication system
Method and apparatus for compensating for intersymbol interference in a received signal
Adaptive channel equalizer having a training mode
Data apparatus for maintaining analog line signal during a data sample underrun condition
Digital subchannel transceiver for transmitting data
Frequency correction burst detection
Method and system for detection of short digital radio messages
Method and apparatus for accessing a telephone network from the internet
Variable bit rate transmission of AV signal in packet network
System and method for enabling fault tolerant H.323 systems
QAM modulator
Method and apparatus for identifying bit rate
System and method for facilitating communication between dissimilar radio voice devices
Method and system of screening and control of telephone calls while using a packet-switched data network
Method and system for combining symmetric DSL signals and voice signals
Communications network and method for directly routing calls to mobile subscribers using an internet protocol network
Light beam scanning apparatus
Recording apparatus
System and apparatus for facilitating printing of images from an electronic camera
Multicolor image forming apparatus and method
Increasing scanning resolution through driving system control
Image processing apparatus for performing high-speed error diffusion
Image processing apparatus and method for processing a color image, and storage medium storing program code of the method
Image processing apparatus and method
Automatic color map conversion
Multi-photodetector unit cell
Method for reducing image blurring
Self-diagnostic image sensor
Image reading device
Solid-state image-pickup device and method of mounting solid-state image-pickup device
Digital camera with optical viewfinder and method of using same to visualize optical and digital zoom effects
Digital camera for adjusting charge accumulation time in response to object distance
Data buffer management to enable apparent simultaneous record and playback from a rewritable digital disk
Coordination of video sessions when calling an auto-attendant system
Videoconferencing systems with recognition ability
Conferencing system having an embedded web server, and method of use thereof
Process to extract regions of homogeneous texture in a digital picture
System and method of video frame memory reduction of video decoders
Optimized BIFS encoder
Method and apparatus for color space conversion
Motion detecting apparatus for detecting motion information of picture within signal
Frame synchronization method and frame synchronization circuit
Asynchronous transfer mode apparatus
Backplane configuration without common switch fabric
Cross-connection architecture for SDH signals comprising time-and-space division switch groups
Selecting IPX/IGX nodes in a multi-domain environment
Method of controlling communication resources
Method and apparatus for conducting mobile communication over IP networks
Digital portable or mobile radio
Efficient bandwidth allocation for high speed wireless data transmission system
Piezoelectric audio transducer
Furnace with bottom induction coil
Expansion card retainer
Computer system having a chassis-level thermal interface component and a frame-level thermal interface component that are thermally engageable with and disengageable from one another
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