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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Stress evaluation apparatus
Medical electrical lead employing load bearing sleeve
Pathway management for CHF patients
Conductor arrangement for multipolar medical electrical leads
Active fixation assembly for an implantable device
Treatment of hypertension
Apparatus for inducing energies of alpha rhythm to the human body
System and method for reducing pain associated with cardioversion shocks generated by implantable cardiac stimulation devices
Neurostimulation to treat effects of sleep apnea
Auto-referencing mixed mode phase locked loop for audio playback applications
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cam sensor elimination in compression-ignition engines
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and device for vacuum sputtering
Method for transferring destination guidance elements, vehicle navigation device and control center
Display method and apparatus for navigation system for searching POI and arranging listing order of POI
Vehicle information collection system and method thereof
Projection gating of x-ray CT scan
Phase contrast X-ray device for creating a phase contrast image of an object and method for creating the phase contrast image
Method of determining parameters of a sample by X-ray scattering applying an extended genetic algorithm with truncated use of the mutation operator
Pre-inerting method and apparatus for preventing large volume contained flammable fuels from exploding
System for regulating the handling of milk during the milking process and a method for regulating said milking process
Method of constraints control for oscilloscope vertical subsection and display parameters
Semiconductor test management system and method
Method for retrieving local near-surface material information
Pressure transducer featuring large diameter optical waveguide having bragg grating and being configured for reducing the bulk modulus of compressibility thereof
Holey optical fibres of non-silica based glass
Optical device and method for manufacturing the same, optical module, and optical transmission device
Optical wave guide and method for producing the same
High efficiency multi-spectral optical splitter
Wide-band fiber-optic tunable filter
Bidirectional wavelength cross connect architectures using wavelength routing elements
Monolithic waveguide/MEMS switch
Water-resistant telecommunication cable
Device for Mach-Zehnder modulator bias control for duobinary optical transmission and associated system and method
Silencer for an imaging device photoreceptor
Photoreceptor belt tensioner providing low variation in belt tension as a function of belt length
Method and apparatus for electro photographic image forming capable of effectively performing an evenly charging operation
Image forming apparatus with mode having prolonged rotation time of image bearing member at non-image forming time
Process cartridge, developing cartridge and developing roller
Method and apparatus for developing a latent image using toner grains constituting a developer
Developer carrier, developing device, image forming apparatus and computer system
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Device and method for generating and/or editing NC programs or NC tables
Data management
Time-bound database tuning
Selectively handling data processing requests in a computer communications network
Synchronization of data between two handheld computers
Storage management method
Method and device for extracting data for attachment to a mail message
Acquiring web page information without commitment to downloading the web page
Method, system and article of manufacture for data distribution over a network
Boosted perceptron
Generation of partial traces in model checking
Method of correcting physical impairments of a programmable filter
Sales management system and method thereof
Method and apparatus for managing memory in a workstation
Hierarchical data processing
Fuzzy relations and graph structures for compact description and modification
Method and system for generation of medical reports from data in a hierarchically-organized database
Plant information management system
Method for using data regarding manufacturing procedures integrated circuits (IC's) have undergone, such as repairs, to select procedures the IC's will undergo, such as additional repairs
Area coverage with an autonomous robot
Numeric control method and numeric control system
Apparatus and method for programming motor vehicle electronic control units
Parking assist apparatus
RF identification apparatus for pallet conveyances
File management method and program that manage multiple files as single combination file
System, method, apparatus, and program for providing electronic manual
Compressed normalized character comparison with inversion
Variable gain integrator
High-speed parallel-prefix modulo 2n-1 adders
Method and apparatus of detecting fire by flame imaging
Moving object detection method
System and method for extracting reflection and transparency layers from multiple images
Coarse representation of visual object's shape for search/query/filtering applications
Method and system of measuring characteristics of an organ
Method of analyzing cell samples, by creating and analyzing a resultant image
Image processing system, image processing method, and medium having an image processing control program recorded thereon
Image recognition apparatus, image recognition method and image recognition program for specific pattern
Method of segmentation of a digital image and a method of controlling an implement
Moving image data management apparatus and method
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image, for rendering the composite image, and for spectral demultiplexing the composite image, which achieve increased dynamic range in a recovered source image
Cascaded planning of an enterprise planning model
System and method for complex schedule generation
Drug preparation instruction system
Electronic cash system
Account management systems and methods
Preprinted print rolls for postal use in an image processing device
Agreement management system and method
Automatic sales promotion selection system and method
Method and apparatus for distribution of fashion and seasonal goods
Context free grammar engine for speech recognition system
Audio playback device that reads data encoded as dots of infra-red ink
Optical element for enhanced transmission of light and suppressed increase in temperature
Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical disks, apparatus and method for recording data on optical disks, apparatus and method for reproducing data from optical disks, and optical disks formed with pits strings and mark strings
Stamper and optical disk with specific dimensions, surface roughness, and a land and a groove provided in a non-signal recording area
Compensation method for detecting the seeking speed of an optical disk drive
Laser power selecting method, information recording medium, and information recording device
Optical reproducing method for optical medium with aligned prepit portion
MRAM architecture with electrically isolated read and write circuitry
MRAM cell with domain wall switching and field select
Thin film magnetic memory device writing data with bidirectional current
Non-destructive readout of ferroelectric memories
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Bitcell having a unity beta ratio
FIFO-register and digital signal processor comprising a FIFO-register
Integrated memory and method for functional testing of the integrated memory
Protection circuit of a memory module and the method thereof
Redundancy circuit
Semiconductor memory device and data read and write method thereof
Semiconductor memory with single cell and twin cell refreshing
Clock signal initiated precharge technique for active memory subarrays in dynamic random access memory (DRAM) devices and other integrated circuit devices incorporating embedded DRAM
Signal transmission system using PRD method, receiver circuit for use in the signal transmission system, and semiconductor memory device to which the signal transmission system is applied
Storage device employing a flash memory
Method for measuring the delay time of a signal line
Broad-band variable-wavelength laser beam generator
Laser beam source control method and unit, exposure method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Surface emitting semiconductor laser and communication system using the same
Control apparatus for an electric power steering system
Equalizer and equalization method for return-to-zero signals
Coincidence detection apparatus and method
RF communications system utilizing digital modulation to transmit and receive data
Method and apparatus for performing transmit pre-emphasis
Multipath distortion eliminating filter
Weight prediction for closed-loop mode transmit diversity
DDS-PLL method for frequency sweep
AM receiver
Triple band receiving apparatus for a mobile communication terminal
Varactor with extended tuning range
Multi-channel filtering system for transceiver architectures
Mobile radio apparatus and radio unit
Motion video signal encoder and encoding method
Methods and apparatus for efficient and accurate coarse timing synchronization in burst demodulators
Steerable free space optical interconnect apparatus
Avalanche photodiode controller circuit for fiber optics transceiver
Pulse amplitude modulated transmission scheme for optical channels with soft decision decoding
Loss-less architecture and method for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical networks
Channel identification in communications networks
Optical communication devices, light emission devices and optical communication methods
Simulator for developing acoustic detector of underwater vehicle
Wireless LAN monitoring device
System and method facilitating acoustic echo cancellation convergence detection
Method and circuit of digital measurement of the phase of a sinusoidal signal
Modified power control for hybrid ARQ on the reverse link
Unified passcode pairing of piconet devices
Wireless communication network with automatic threshold adjustment
Constellation rearrangement for ARQ transmit diversity schemes
Method of determining the capacity of each transmitter antenna in a multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) wireless system
Differential transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
CDMA mobile communication system and communication method
Decoder supporting multiple inputs
Audience detection
Method and apparatus for service multiplexing over telephone networks which employ bridged tap construction
Method and system for measuring crosstalk utilizing a crossbar switch
Enterprise network analyzer zone controller system and method
Method and system for determining dropped frame rates over a packet switched transport
Application-aware resource reservation in multiservice networks
Fast fourier transforming apparatus and method thereof for compensating for OFDM output bit signal
Multiplexer circuit for converting parallel data into serial data at high speed and synchronized with a clock signal
Method for real-time insertion of auxiliary data packets into DSS bitstream in the presence of one or more service channels
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating maintenance of sensitivity level of data communicated in a packet communication system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and computer-readable storage medium storing image processing program code
Method and system for resetting nodes in communication systems
Method and apparatus for providing conference call announcement using SIP signalling in a communication system
Devices, softwares and methods for dynamic bandwidth allocation for ATM connections
System, apparatus, and method for ATM header compression for DSL links
ATM traffic having unknown characteristics including traffic with weighted priorities and traffic without weighted priorities
Non-blocking grooming switch
Packet transfer device, semiconductor device, and packet transfer system
User controlled transaction archiving
Stackplane architecture
Apparatus and method for computer telephone integration in packet switched telephone networks
Frequency synthesizer with on-chip registers
Creating training sequences for space-time diversity arrangements
System and method for emulating a multiple input, multiple output transmission channel
Frequency controller
Optical disk apparatus and data randomizing method using for optical disk apparatus
Process, arrangement, devices for seizure of a shared telephone line
Foldable cellular telephone having image pick up unit and external display operable in folded state
Radio communication network system
Communications module having a detachable antenna section
Apparatus and method for monitoring antenna state of mobile station
Communication station with automatic cable loss compensation
Systems and methods for reducing noise in ADSL transmissions
Method and apparatus for billing for usage-based group communication between wireless devices
System and method for billing calls over a wireless network
Technique for routing and controlling emergency calls
Dynamic frequency passband switching in home phone-line networks
Method and network for emergency call services
Method and system for presenting billing information according to a customer-defined hierarchal structure
Power offloading for a subscriber line interface circuit
Method and system for providing a picture as caller identification
Method of handoff control in an enterprise code division multiple access wireless system
Vertical roaming in wireless networks through improved quality of service measures
System and method of providing access to intelligent network services from a plurality of telecommunications networks
Transmit pre-correction in a wireless communication system
Radio communication system for reducing interferences with respect to other communication system using close frequency band
Method of determining the position of a target using transmitters of opportunity
Dynamic frequency selection and radar detection with a wireless LAN
Fast method for adjusting downlink transmitted power
Systems and methods for enabling a user of a communication device to manage remote information
I-port controller
Surround sound headphone system
Switch for a body-worn electronic device
Adaptive microphone matching in multi-microphone directional system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Micro relief element and preparation thereof
Magneto-resistive head open and short fault detection independent of head bias for voltage bias preamplifier
Magnetic tape cartridge
Programmable tree viewer graphical user interface with integrated control panel
Digital non-contact blade position detection apparatus
Caption display device for digital TV and method thereof
Reflective LCD with dark borders
Far field monitor apparatus
Antenna mast adapter
Display apparatus with digital micromirror device
Data-transferring method and apparatus for reducing the number of data-bit changes
Method and apparatus for block data transfer to reduce on-chip storage for interpolative video resizing
Remotely-actuated audio/visual assembly
Message formatting, authentication, and error detection in home control systems
Method of converting bits of optical disk, demodulating method and apparatus
Digital variable-delay circuit having voltage-mixing interpolator and methods of testing input/output buffers using same
Linearization of FET channel impedance for small signal applications
Method and apparatus for achieving accurate temperature-invariant sampling frequencies in a multiple message non-volatile multilevel analog signal recording and playback system
Common mode choke coil
Crystal resonant frequency sensor
Cross-channel probe system for time domain reflectometry detection of fluid flow
Apparatus and methods for testing simultaneous bi-directional I/O circuits
Driving circuit for a semiconductor switching element
Integral motor and control
Flat signaling lamp with dielectrically impeded discharge
Remote control device of lamp tube
Control system for building automation controlled by human physiological signals
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew