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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Potato treatment composition
Pharmaceutical composition of peptide drug and enzyme-inhibition compounds
Proteomimetic compounds as inhibitors of the interaction of nuclear receptor with coactivator peptides
Benzoylpyrazoles and herbicide
Wax melting system
Indene derivatives as pharmaceutical agents
Substituted aminophenylsulfonamide compounds as HIV protease inhibitor
Glucagon receptor antagonists, preparation and therapeutic uses
Substituted arylimidazolone and triazolone as inhibitors of vasopressin receptors
Substituted arylpyrazoles
Substituted methyl aryl or heteroaryl amide compounds
Organic compounds
Use of DHEA derivatives for enhancing physical performance
Method for inhibiting activation of macrophages, inhibiting formation of osteoclasts, inhibiting function of osteoclasts, and/or activating osteoblasts
Runx2 isoforms in angiogenesis
Compounds and their analgesic applications
Uteroglobin in the treatment of IGA mediated nephropathy
Compositions and methods related to erythropoietin
Dopaminergic neuronal survival-promoting factors and uses thereof
Subcutaneous implants containing a degradation-resistant polylactide polymer
Materials leading to improved dental composites and dental composites made therefrom
Dental compositions containing carbosilane polymers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalyst composition and process for the selective oxidation of ethane and/or ethylene to acetic acid
Pulsed voltage electrospray ion source and method for preventing analyte electrolysis
Metal-film-coated material and process for producing the same, metallic-pattern-bearing material and process for producing the same, composition for polymer layer formation, nitrile group-containing polymer and method of synthesizing the same, composition containing nitrile group-containing polymer, and laminate
Thermal marking system
Laser printer with reduced banding artifacts
Exposure system with a plurality of laser sources located at dispersed sites
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ceramic powder, ceramic layer and layer system with pyrochlore phase and oxides
Ethanol as a feedstock for a BCTL facility
Method of reducing inflow of water from a reactor outlet gas to a dehydration tower for separating carboxylic acid solvent and water
Amide gellant compounds with aromatic end groups
Glyceryl ether compounds and their use
Antibacterial agents
Compositions and methods for detecting and treating tumors containing acidic areas
Substituted piperidines
Substituted nicotinamide compounds and uses thereof
Ionic liquids having fluoroalkyltrifluoroborate anions
Multivalent entrain-and-amplify immunotherapeutics for carcinoma
Factor VII or VIIA-like molecules
Artificial entropic bristle domain sequences and their use in recombinant protein production
Crystal of human glycoprotein VI collagen binding domain
RS7 antibodies
Method for preparing water-absorbing polymer particles by suspension polymerization
Process for preparing acrylate copolymers
Preparation of transition metal nanoparticles and surfaces modified with (co)polymers synthesized by RAFT
Low gloss thermoplastic composition
Method for plasticizing lactic acid polymers
Addition of polar polymer to improve tear strength and processing of silica filled rubber
Silicone resin film, method of preparing same, and nanomaterial-filled silicone composition
Thermosetting silicone rubber composition
Sealing agent for optical semiconductor element, and optical semiconductor element
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Silica-filled elastomeric compounds
Processes and manufacturing methods to produce an aqueous thermosetting fire-rated fire-retardant polymeric adhesive composition for manufacturing interior or exterior fire-rated cellulosic products
Ethylenebis(hydroxyalkylphosphinic acid) and salts thereof
Thermoplastic polymer composition and molded product
Catalyst for polymerization of conjugated diene and method of polymerizing conjugated diene using the catalyst, rubber composition for tires, and rubber composition for golf balls
Systems and methods for oxidation of synthesis gas tar
Fabric treatment composition
Apparatus for particle removal by single-phase and two-phase media
Compositions and methods of sphingosine kinase inhibitors in radiation therapy of various cancers
Methods for discretized processing and process sequence integration of regions of a substrate
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and devices for converting wave energy into rotational energy
Wind turbine
Wind-driven electricity generation device with segmented rotor
Method and device for measurement of the pole orientation angle of a magnetic levitation vehicle of a magnetic levitation railroad
Sensor including two code rings and a magnetic field sensor between the code rings
Through air radar sensor
Method and apparatus for faster global positioning system (GPS) location using a pre-computed spatial location for tracking GPS satellites
Receiver including a matrix module to determine angular position
Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
Electromagnetic wave resistivity tool having a tilted antenna for geosteering within a desired payzone
Liquid crystal display
Alignment treatment of liquid crystal display device
Thin film transistor array panel having a pixel electrode including a first subpixel electrode and a second subpixel electrode connected to the drain electrode of the thin film transistor and a third subpixel electrode capacitively coupled to a coupling electrode extended from the drain electrode
Digital camera including remaining battery voltage check
Identification with RFID asset locator for entry authorization
Signal generation circuit, electric power conversion control circuit and LSI for electric power conversion control
Pulse adding scheme for smooth phase dropping at light load conditions for multiphase voltage regulators
Method of driving a semiconductor device
Pre-assembled part with an associated surface convertible to a transcription apparatus
Method and apparatus to determine direction of motion in a sensor array of a touch sensing device
Power conserving mobile transmitter used with an automated barrier operating system
Apparatus for proccessing drawn-by-human-hand effect using style lines
Personal environmental monitoring method and system and portable monitor for use therein
Electronic apparatus including a battery chamber and method for controlling the display of battery information
Load detector for a dimmer
Safety warning system and method
Electronic apparatus and method for controlling the same
Activity monitoring device
Method of and apparatus for controlling a source of light in accordance with variations in a source of sound
Semiconductor device
Optically compensated bend (OCB) liquid crystal display and method of operating same
Image display apparatus and image taking apparatus including the same
Display device, keypad thereof and method for activating display device
Keypad panel assembly having laterally-illuminated keypad surface
System and method for clipping values of pixels in one color space so not to exceed the limits of a second color space
Method and apparatus for displaying bitmap multi-color image data on dot matrix-type display screen on which three primary color lamps are dispersedly arrayed
Input control device and image forming apparatus
Electronic signal processor
Distortion pedal
Flexible electromagnetic valve actuator modeling and performance
Image forming apparatus
Programmable wall switch controller
Rotating operation type electronic component, and electronic device including the same
Multiple device shaping uniform distribution of current density in electro-static focusing systems
Multiple device shaping uniform distribution of current density in electro-static focusing systems
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Replacement metal gate method
Modified DARC stack for resist patterning
Method of manufacturing a nano structure by etching, using a substrate containing silicon
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device for enhancing the current drive capability
Semiconductor fabrication method suitable for MEMS
Resist feature and removable spacer pitch doubling patterning method for pillar structures
Method for forming post bump
Method of fabricating a metal cap layer with enhanced etch resistivity for copper-based metal regions in semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method therefor
Apparatus, system, and method for wireless connection in integrated circuit packages
Interconnect structures with patternable low-k dielectrics and method of fabricating same
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, imaging system, and photoelectric conversion apparatus manufacturing method
Integrated circuit with memory having a step-like programming characteristic
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
High mobility tri-gate devices and methods of fabrication
Image sensing device and packaging method thereof
Integrated circuit including doped semiconductor line having conductive cladding
Subresolution silicon features and methods for forming the same
Test structures for development of metal-insulator-metal (MIM) devices
Light-emitting film, light-emitting device and production method thereof
Silicided base structure for high frequency transistors
Method of forming source and drain of a field-effect-transistor and structure thereof
Trilayer resist scheme for gate etching applications
Low-cost multi-junction solar cells and methods for their production
Solid-state image pickup device
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive film element having wavy grain boundaries
Resistive memory
Electrical funnel: a novel broadband signal combining method
Smart antenna system and failure detection method for smart antenna system
Configurable radio frequency element
Sealant-filled enclosures and methods for environmentally protecting a connection
Rechargeable electric power tool
Adaptive gate drive systems and methods
Method and device for controlling a storage voltage of a battery pack
Voltage sensor module and voltage monitoring apparatus
Battery charger with charging reminding capability
Uninterruptible power supply apparatus
Stator coil retention system for unvarnished stators
Driving apparatus
Monolithic stage positioning system and method
Generator/motor mounted as an auxiliary power unit of an engine
Spindle motor having holding magnet preventing oil discharge
Dual armature motor/generator with flux linkage
Use of an accelerometer to control vibrator performance
Digital polar radio frequency transmitting device with a radiofrequency reference oscillator and an integrated circuit comprising such device
Transmission module
Gain control amplifier
Method and system for polar modulation with discontinuous phase for RF transmitters with integrated amplitude shaping
High speed multiplexer
Generation of a low jitter clock signal
Level shift circuit
PLL circuit
Current-mode DAC capable of prospective correction
Digital to analog converter system and method with multi-level scrambling
Wireless communication device with vibrating module
Stereoscopic image display apparatus
Process and system used to discover and exploit the illusory depth properties inherent in an autostereoscopic image
Early radial distortion correction
Image pickup apparatus, method for controlling image pickup apparatus
Highly miniaturized, battery operated, digital wireless camera using programmable single chip active pixel sensor (APS) digital camera chip
Image input apparatus, image input method, personal authentication apparatus, and electronic apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image sensing apparatus, and control method of image processing apparatus
Image capturing apparatus and power supply control method therefor
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, storage medium, and program
Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof, and camera
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Defect pixel correction circuit, image processing system using the same, and defect pixel correcting method
Method and apparatus for resolving RFID-based object traffic transactions to a single object in the presence of a plurality of objects
RFID interrogator
Lamp driving circuit
Apparatus and method for automatically trimming an output parameter of an electronic ballast
Driving circuit for LED
Inverter and liquid crystal display device including the same
Method and system to detect zero current conditions in an electronic ballast by monitoring voltage across a buck inductor
Systems and methods for improved startup and control of electrodeless plasma lamp using current feedback
Fluorescent ballast with inherent end-of-life protection
Method for detecting a fire condition in a cooking chamber of a baking oven
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Crop yield monitoring system
Propagation of human hepatocytes in non-human mammals
Herbicidal sulphonylamino(thio)carbonyl compounds
Trypsin inhibitors with insecticidal properties obtained from Pentaclethra macroloba
Process for preparing epoxy compounds, aromatic compositions containing the same
System and method for housing electronic devices
Electric garlic cooker
Thong pantiliner with improved wicking characteristics
Single use disposable skin and cuff protector
6-methoxy-2-naphthylacetic acid prodrugs
Therapeutic agent
Unactivated oocytes as cytoplast recipients of quiescent cell nuclei while maintaining correct ploidy
Fused polyhedron borane dianion
5HT1 antagonists for antidepressant therapy
Polylactide/dextran graft co-polymers for biomaterial and tissue engineering applications
Low-substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose and process for producing same
Broad spectrum decontamination formulation and method of use
Golf ball
Rubber composition for golf ball and golf ball produced using the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of manufacturing (meth)acrylic acid
Membrane-augmented manufacture of cumene
Polymerization of silicone in a surfactant medium
Method for producing reinforced thermoplastic resin composition and melt-kneading apparatus
Styrene-containing popcorn polymers, method for producing same and utilisation
Method for the catalytic gas-phase oxidation of propene to acrylic acid
Method of reaction in water catalyzed by Lewis acid
Chiral ligands, transition-metal complexes thereof and uses thereof in asymmetric reactions
Process and apparatus for endothermic reactions of organic compounds
Micro-chip for chemical reaction
Power supply for electro-erosion machine
Method for closing and/or joining a connecting joint or joining seam between two pieces of galvanized sheet metal
Piston for magneto-rheological fluid systems and method for its manufacture
Method of processing and optical components
Device for clamping and welding pieces of sheet metal
Process and apparatus for cutting or welding a workpiece
Gas lens assembly for a gas shielded arc welding torch
Mig gun nozzle with reduced cross-sectional area at the front
Trimethylene-2, 6-naphthalene dicarboxylate (co)polymer film, quaternary phosphonium sulfonate copolymer and compositions thereof
Absorbent article containing unitary stratified composite
Tire with tread which utilizes an alpha-methyl styrene oligomer
Composition of organophosphite, isobutylene copolymer and silica and tire thereof
Multifunction rocker switch
Soundproof grommet for wiring harness
Method of preventing car thefts
Switching device, in particular for an ignition-starter switch in a motor vehicle
Polyamide conveyor elements
Selection of materials and dimensions for a micro-electromechanical switch for use in the RF regime
Method to reduce release time of micromachined devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cooking surface for cooking food having a glass ceramic surface with a glass coating thereon
Anionic vinyl/dicarboxylic acid polymers and uses thereof
Methods for preparing macrocyclic products by ring-closing diyne metathessis
Process for liquid phase aromatics alkylation comprising in-situ catalyst reactivation with polar compounds
Process for preparation of substituted aromatic compound employing friedel-crafts reaction using a reusable basic anionic clay catalyst
Process for preparing diketone compounds and precursors thereto
Process for preparing amines
Preparation of secondary amines from nitriles
Arylpiperidinopropanol and arylpiperazinopropanol derivatives and pharmaceuticals containing the same
4-amino-2-hydroxy-5-substituted-acylanilide compounds and method of using them
Processes for preparing 6-hydroxy-3,4-dihydroquinolinone, cilostazol and N-(4-methoxyphenyl)-3-chloropropionamide
Use of diamines and alkanolamines to inhibit unsaturated monomer polymerization
Method for producing isoxazoline-3-yl-acyl benzene
Bis(aminostyryl)benzene compounds and synthetic intermediates thereof, and process for preparing the compounds and intermediates
Zone reactor
Process for separating ethylene glycol
Process of telomerizing conjugated dienes
Alkylated fluorochemical oligomers and use thereof in the treatment of fibrous substrates
Producing hydrofluoro compounds by hydrogenolysis of iodides
Dendritic macromolecules for metal-ligand catalyzed processes
Process for producing sorbic acid
Process for preparing esters
Process for preparing a modified alkylaryl
Method for manufacturing 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Cyclic amine phenyl beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
HIV protease inhibitors
Method for producing 4,6-dichloropyrimidine with sulfur compounds and phosphorus compounds
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
Method of producing epoxides
Epoxidation of olefins
Lactonization process
Compounds with high monoamine transporter affinity
Method for obtaining polymorph a from doxazosine mesylate
Chromene compound
Aminoaryl oxazolidinone N-oxides
Intermediates for the synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives and a process for the preparation thereof
Multicyclic aromatic compounds and uses thereof
Guanidinylation, guanidinoglycosides, uses, and methods of assaying their activity
Conformationally constrained L-nucleosides
Multiple-labelled oligonucleotides synthesized on solid-supports
Methods and compositions for impairing multiplication of HIV-1
Process for expression and production of recombinant protein hybrid protein (p24/p17) derived from human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV-1)
Method for identifying components involved in signal transduction pathways in higher plants
Nuclear retinoic acid co-receptor
Antibodies to mammalian T cell surface antigen
Polymorphisms associated with hypertension
Chimeric gene formed of the DNA sequences that encode the antigenic determinants of four proteins of L. infantum, useful of serologic diagnosis of canine leishmaniosis and protein obtained
Polynucleotide encoding autoantigens associated with endometriosis
PGC-1, a novel brown fat PPARgamma coactivator
Truncated forms of NY-ESO-1 protein
Precerebellin-like protein
Purification of alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor
Drying of coagulated water-containing rubber particles
Process for preparing polyolefin products
Polymerization catalyst systems and processes therefor and therewith
Olefin polymerization catalysts and olefin polymer production methods using said olefin polymerization catalysts
Propylene ethylene polymers
Molecular imprinting for the recognition of peptides in aqueous solution
Copolymer for improving the chemical and developer resistance of positive working printing plates
Photochromic core and shell matrix
Method of preparation of coupled branched and linear polymer compositions
Inhibition of popcorn polymer growth
Chloroprene latex composition, process for producing the same, and adhesive composition comprising the same
Grafting of ethylenically unsaturated monomers onto polymers
Golf ball
Norbornene polymer and production process
Aromatic diamine polyurethane curatives with improved stability
Powder coating compositions and a method for coating a substrate
Polyols, polyurethane systems and polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives produced therefrom
Polycationic polymers, their production and use
One-pack cold moisture curable resin compositions
Polyolefin compositions having variable density and methods for their production and use
Polycyclic polymers containing pendant cyclic anhydride groups
Highly branched polyesters through one-step polymerization process
Methods for converting linear polyesters to macrocyclic oligoester compositions and macrocyclic oligoesters
Process for the production of polycarbonate
Process for producing a polycarbonate and method of cleaning a production unit
Fuel detergent composed of hydropoly(oxyalkylene) oxyalkyl amine compound
Method for producing polyamide 6 of a low extract content, high viscosity stability and low remonomerization rate
Epoxy resin composition and process for producing silane-modified epoxy resin
Thermoplastic resin composition
Process for the stabilization of a stabilizer mixtures for recycled plastic mixtures
Compatible blend systems from ethylene vinyl alcohol and oxygen scavenging polymers
Modifier for methacrylic resin
Antistatic acrylic polymer compositions
Polyamides with high fluidity, method for making same, compositions said polyamide
Chemically resistant polythiothers and formation thereof
Cyanine dyes
Water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesives
Monohydroxylated diene polymers and epoxidized derivatives thereof
Multimerized DBH enhancer domains
Plant histidinol-phosphate aminotransferase homologs
Expression methods
Self-regulated apoptosis of inflammatory cells
Dielectric films and capacitor structures including same
Moisture corrosion inhibitor layer for Al-alloy metallization layers, particularly for electronic devices and corresponding manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing a langasite single crystal substrate, a langasite single crystal substrate, and a piezoelectric device
Fixed Constructions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Portable engine generator having a fan cover with a control unit mounting portion
Accumulator and manufacturing process thereof
Thermal compensation spindle for ceramic ball bearings
Wrapped multiple density gasket
Cable management
Bulb applied with a glare protection paint and a vehicular lighting fixture equipped therewith
Co-generation system employing a stirling engine
Towel warmer
Integrated optical interrogation of micro-structures
Optoelectronic sensor
Scanning unit for optical position measuring device
Apparatus and method for wavelength detection with fiber bragg grating sensors
System for quantifying the hydrocarbon content of aqueous media
System and method for detecting erosion caused by particles in a fluid
Method of strip insertion detection
Use of a region of the visible and near infrared spectrum to predict mechanical properties of wet wood and standing trees
Ball grid array (BGA) package on-line non-contact inspection method and system
Control systems and methods for synchronizing diffuse illumination with a camera
System and method for inspecting containers with openings with pipeline image processing
Ultraviolet light permeable filter for flaw detection light, and method for detection of flaws
Methods of inspecting integrated circuit substrates using electron beams
Reduction of charging effect and carbon deposition caused by electron beam devices
Multiaxis actuator and measuring head, especially for a scanning probe microscope
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Method and apparatus for improved estimation of characteristics of pulses detected by a nuclear camera
Method and device for detecting currency
Frequency tunable resonant scanner
Wavefront coding phase contrast imaging systems
Method and apparatus to prevent signal pile-up
Low resistance wiring in the periphery region of displays
Laser imaging apparatus
Computer mouse with integral digital camera and method for using the same
Integrated circuit wireless tagging
Arrangement pressure point generation in keyboards for piano-like keyboard instruments
Guitar or similar musical instrument comprising a detachable body support
End block for acoustic stringed instruments
Differential supporting of drum heads
Drumhead and muting structure for acoustic and electronic percussion instruments
Transmission of musical tone information
Method of compressing a midi file
Device for composing and arranging music
Cadence-providing conga drum practice pad assembly and method
Electromechanical musical instrument pickup
Sound signal analyzing device
Method and apparatus for managing saving of tone control data
Instrument or wind chime
Method of displaying the title and words of songs on a digital music player
Method for detecting and compensating disk tilt and apparatus used it
Process and integrated circuit for a multilevel memory cell with an asymmetric drain
Superfine electronic device and method for making same
High density flash EEPROM array with source side injection
IC chip for contactless IC card
Flexible electrical cable
Chip-type composite electronic component and manufacturing method thereof
Multilayer insulated wire and transformer using the same
Lever switch and detecting device using same
Multiple operation type input device
Keyboard switch assembly including actuator member with three active positions
Switch designed for manual actuation of several switching elements
Switching device
Emergency call button for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Base assembly for an insulator assembly
Triple action pressure switch
Pendant switch assembly for controlling a movable hoist
Color selecting member method of preventing vibration of color selecting member and cathode ray tube
Tensioned shadow mask assembly for flat cathode ray tube
Damper wire for shadow mask in flat Braun tube
System and method for removing particles entrained in an ion beam
Ion implanter and beam stop therefor
Electron beam lithography system and pattern writing method
Charged-particle-beam projection optical system
Large current watchdog circuit for a photodetector
Method and apparatus for an electrospray needle for use in mass spectrometry
Compact high-performance mass spectrometer
Mass spectrometer with method for real time removal of background signal
Electric lamp
Bulb-form lamp and its manufacturing method
Field emitting display
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp with tube remnant discharge chamber connection
Lamp with filament segments in curved layers
Barrier layers ferroelectric memory devices
Semiconductor substrate, field effect transistor, method of forming SiGe layer and method of forming strained Si layer using same, and method of manufacturing field effect transistor
Semiconductor device using a shallow trench isolation
Capacitor having the lower electrode for preventing undesired defects at the surface of the metal plug
Anti-reflection structure for a conductive layer in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having MIS field effect transistors or three-dimensional structure
Semiconductor device having increased moisture path and increased solder joint strength
Collar positionable about a periphery of a contact pad and around a conductive structure secured to the contact pads, semiconductor device components including same, and methods for fabricating same
Integrated circuit configuration with at least one capacitor and method for producing the same
Leadless semiconductor product packaging apparatus having a window lid and method for packaging
Semiconductor device with inductance element
Semiconductor wafer, method of manufacturing the same and semiconductor device
Thin film transistor, liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the thin film transistor
Semiconductor-on-insulator body-source contact using shallow-doped source, and method
Raised S/D region for optimal silicidation to control floating body effects in SOI devices
Low threshold voltage MOS transistor and method of manufacture
Heterojunction bipolar transistor with tensile graded carbon-doped base layer grown by MOCVD
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method capable of reducing low frequency noise
Semiconductor device with junction isolation
Nickel silicide process using starved silicon diffusion barrier
CMOS with a fixed charge in the gate dielectric
Conductor layer nitridation
Uniform dielectric layer and method to form same
Substrate isolation for analog/digital IC chips
Semiconductor power device with insulated circuit
Semiconductor substrate having an isolation region
Semiconductor device including transistor with composite gate structure and transistor with single gate structure and method for manufacturing the same
Electrode protective film for high melting point silicide or metal gate electrodes
Self-aligned split-gate flash memory cell and its contactless flash memory arrays
Self-aligned non-volatile random access memory cell and process to make the same
High voltage termination with amorphous silicon layer below the field plate
Graded low-k middle-etch stop layer for dual-inlaid patterning
Semiconductor device capable of preventing moisture-absorption of fuse area thereof
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Capacitor for semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor apparatus and process for its fabrication
Semiconductor device having chip scale package
FET circuit block with reduced self-heating
CCD mold package with improved heat radiation structure
Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
Methods of making microelectronic assemblies including compliant interfaces
Integrated circuit package
Multilayer printed circuit boards
Junctionless antifuses and systems containing junctionless antifuses
Extended drain MOSFET for programming an integrated fuse element to high resistance in low voltage process technology
Semiconductor device for integrated injection logic cell and process for fabricating the same
Compound semiconductor device having diode connected between emitter and collector of bipolar transistor
Semiconductor integrated circuit basic cell semiconductor integrated circuit using the same
Resin composition and an electronic device using the same
Multispectral photodiode
Solid-state imaging device capable of improving sensitivity without causing rise in depletion voltage and shutter voltage
Solid imaging device
MIS semiconductor device with low on resistance and high breakdown voltage
Light and/or electron element
Semiconductor component with a high breakdown voltage
Memory device, method of manufacturing the same, and integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having trench filled up with gate electrode
Vertical power devices having insulated source electrodes in discontinuous deep trenches
High withstand voltage insulated gate N-channel field effect transistor
Power semiconductor device having trench gate structure and method for manufacturing the same
Non-protruding optoelectronic lens
Thin-film solar cell module
Solar cell module array and method for installing solar cell modules
Photodetector and unit mounted with photodetector
Solid-state image sensor provided with divided photoelectric conversion part
Two terminal edge illuminated epilayer waveguide phototransistor
Light emitting device, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the devices
Light emitting semiconductor devices including wafer bonded heterostructures
Thermoelectric conversion material, and method for manufacturing same
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Organic electroluminescent element
Compression connector
High voltage power cable termination
Semiconductor photonic device
Apparatus and method utilizing amorphous metal laminates in an electric generator
Permanent magnet rotating electric machine
Electric motor end plate assembly with integrated motor driver transistor
Plane commutator and method of manufacturing the same
Dynamo-electric machine
Spindle motor having disc mounting portion
Rotating electrical machine stator
Proportional distribution of power from a plurality of power sources
Binary demand switching circuit
Electrostatic actuator driving method and mechanism, using rigidity retention as a parameter
Piezoelectric resonator utilizing a harmonic in a thickness-extensional vibration mode
Method and device for operating a dispersed control system in a motor vehicle
Circuitry for converting analog signals from pixel sensor to a digital and for storing the digital signal
Combination oven with manual entry of control algorithms
Cartridge for a plasma torch and plasma torch fitted therewith
Method and apparatus for suppressing electromagnetic emissions from a bus interface with electronic equipment
Circuit-board mounted clip for electromagnetic interference reduction
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew