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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Promoter sequences providing male tissue-preferred expression in plants
Compositions inducing plants disease-resistance and process for producing the same
Apparatus for cutting dough with nested pattern cutters
Capsule endoscope and a capsule endoscope system
Illuminated nipple cup
Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity
Occlusion member and tensioner apparatus and methods of their use for sealing a vascular puncture
Ligation clip applier and method
Method for automatically calibrating electronic sphygmomanometer
Active acoustic noise reduction system
Active-noise-reduction headsets with front-cavity venting
Adhesive including medicament and device and method for applying same
Method and device for topical delivery of therapeutic agents to the skin
Structure having balanced pH profile
Method for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease
Gastric bypass prosthesis
Balloon catheter having a textured member for enhancing balloon or stent retention
Tissue heart valve with annulus support structure
Spinal brace having laminate shells
Fluid warming cassette with rails and a stiffening member
Substituted thiophenes: compositions, processes of making, and uses in disease treatment and diagnosis
Cell differentiation inducer
Isolation and structure of Cribrostatin 6
Small peptides having anti-angiogenic and endothelial cell inhibition activity
Site-specific preparation of polyethylene glycol-GRF conjugates
Glucose dependent release of insulin from glucose sensing insulin derivatives
Glucose-dependent insulins
Cosmetic composition comprising a silicone-containing compound and a fatty acid ester
Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds
Catheter with associated extension lumen
Portable wound treatment apparatus
Methods and apparatus for distal protection during a medical procedure
Infusion device for medical use
Lead insertion tool for hemostatic introducer system
Tricyclic benzodiazepines as vasopressin receptor antagonists
Foaming composition for washing and treating hair and/or scalp based on an active principle
Golf club head
Elliptical exercise machine
Electronic Bingo game and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filtration system and method for obtaining a cytology layer
Ceramic foam insulator with thermal expansion joint
Range separation devices and processes
Fiber and corrugated metal mat support
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
Cleaner with high pressure cleaning jets
Copper powders methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Lockset drilling guide
Ergonomic router assembly
Router bit system
Method and apparatus for generating an electric arc
Sheet for mounting polishing workpiece and method for making the same
Apparatus for forming containers
Multifunctional polymeric tissue coatings
Strand-reinforced composite material
High-viscosity elastomeric adhesive composition
Low cost electrically conductive carpeting manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Apparatus for production of hollow fiber membrane module and method of production
Breathable and waterproof lining structure for footwear and garment
System for controlling printer cooling fan
Traction pad for personal water board
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Crystalline composition, preparation and use
Performance concretes that do not contain additions with latent hydraulic activity
Curable trans-1,2-cyclohexane bis(urea-urethane) compounds
Process for enantioselective synthesis of single enantiomers of modafinil by asymmetric oxidation
Ortho-substituted pentafluorosulfanylbenzenes, process for their preparation and their use as valuable synthetic intermediates
A.sub.2B adenosine receptor antagonists
Ryegrass CBF3 gene: identification and isolation
Members of the FC receptor homolog gene family (FCRH1-3, 6), related reagents, and uses thereof
Mutant glycoproteins
Antagonistic anti-hTNFSF13b human antibodies
Aqueous suspensions of pentabromobenzyl acrylate
Ligand immobilization support
Catalyst composition and use thereof
Polycarbonate copolymer, and heat resistant parts comprising the same
Fluoropolymer blend with high ionic conductivity
Ink set, ink cartridge, ink jet printer and recording method
Sulfur-containing phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating same
Liquid-crystalline phenol esters
Detergents or cleaning agents comprising a water-soluble building block system and a cellulose derivative with dirt dissolving properties
Filter aid used in alluviation
Bak binding protein, DNA encoding the protein, and methods of use thereof
Automated pap screening using optical detection of HPV with or without multispectral imaging
Portable sensor array system
Electromagnetic helical pump for high-temperature transportation of molten metal
Multiple target tiles with complementary beveled edges forming a slanted gap therebetween
Apparatus and method for molten salt electrolytic bath control
Fixed Constructions
Acoustically matched method and apparatus for screeding concrete
Tamping device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stator for an eccentric screw pump or an eccentric worm motor operating on the Moineau principle
Vane assembly with metal trailing edge segment
Planetary gear apparatus
Automatic transmission apparatus
Method and installation for regulating the quantity of circulating solids in a circulating fluidized bed reactor system
Action reciprocating structure of a toy gun
Police baton
Method of full-color optical coherence tomography
System and method for optimizing heat management
Method for measuring stress/strain using Barkhausen noises
Method and device for detecting surface defects on the neck ring of a transparent or translucent container of revolution
High throughput microfluidic systems and methods
Method for determining the scale of an observation area
Radiation scanning of cargo conveyances at seaports and the like
Wideband signal analyzing apparatus, wideband period jitter analyzing apparatus, and wideband skew analyzing apparatus
Methods and systems for automated pipeline testing
Glitch free reset circuit
Interconnect for bumped semiconductor components
Method and apparatus for optimizing elastic flows in a multi-path network for a traffic demand
Method of constructing network topology and interface circuit
Signal test procedure for testing semi-conductor components and a test apparatus for testing semi-conductor components
Skeletal topography imaging radar for unique individual identification
System and method for measuring wave directional spectrum and wave height
Compact digital camera with zoom lens system
Tunable dispersive optical system
Imager to imager relay lens system
Carton with removable three-dimensional viewer
Zoom lens
Method of manufacturing color filter substrate of liquid crystal display device
Projection viewing system
Backlight wedge with encapsulated light source
Optical fiber sensor and method
Periodically poled optical crystals and process for the production thereof
Method of producing polymer optical waveguide
Fiber optic cable breakout configuration with retention block
Optical switch
Apparatus for electrical and optical interconnection
Zoom lens
Propagation delay variation for a distributed optical modulator driver
Optical fibers, devices and methods for making same
Optical film, light reflective film, liquid crystal display panel, method and apparatus for producing an optical film, method of producing a die roller, and method and apparatus for laminating an optical film
Multilayer plate and display panel with anisotropic crystal film and conducting protective layer
Liquid crystal display device provided with a reflective-type monochromatic display screen in addition to a color display screen
Tilted vertical alignment of liquid crystals employing inorganic thin film composition and ion beam treatment
Optical frequency converter
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Optical system and method for the production of micro-structured components by microlithography
Method and system for automated process correction using model parameters, and lithographic apparatus using such method and system
Different polarization in cross-section of a radiation beam in a lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Light controller and image pickup device including the same
Modular containment cell arrangements
Laser mask and crystallization method using the same
Etching bias reduction
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate
Developer regenerators
Process and donor elements for transferring thermally sensitive materials to substrates by thermal imaging
Mounting a pellicle to a frame
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and a manufacturing method thereof
Method of producing a custom color toner
Displacement control system for a vehicle axle
Circuit for an LED array
Circuit arrangement for load regulation in the receive path of a transponder
Clock distribution network using feedback for skew compensation and jitter filtering
Display device
Apparatus, method and program for processing information acquired through a network
Image forming apparatus for changing an image formation level
Image processing device
Logic circuitry with shared lookup table
Identifying intrinsic pixel colors in a region of uncertain pixels
Robot apparatus, face identification method, image discriminating method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional imaging
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Serial storage of ink and its properties
Color image processing apparatus with background control
Compression of bi-level images with explicit representation of ink clusters
Luminance correction
Method and apparatus for using RFID's in the investigation of motor vehicle accidents
Solar-powered wireless crosswalk warning system
Method for luminance compensation of liquid crystal display and its device
Field sequential liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof, and head mounted display
Pointing device with adaptive illumination level
Key-based advanced navigation techniques
Image display apparatus, image display program, image display method, and recording medium for recording the image display program
Liquid crystal display for improving dynamic contrast and a method for generating gamma voltages for the liquid crystal display
Display drive control device and electric device including display device
Methods and structure for general purpose interval accumulating filter for measuring operational parameters of a digital read channel
Method and apparatus for compensating for disc eccentricity in optical disc servo system
Method of playing optical recording media
Method for reading Uniform Channel Program (UCP) flash memory cells
User configurable commands for flash memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile memory with erasable parts
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory apparatus
Signal timing for I/O
Semiconductor memory
Non-volatile memory devices having multi-page programming capabilities and related methods of operating such devices
Semi-conductor memory component, and a process for operating a semi-conductor memory component
Reduced alien crosstalk electrical cable with filler element
Reduced alien crosstalk electrical cable with filler element
Apparatus and method for measuring the insulation resistance of a fuel cell system
Adjustable safety switch
High energy polyenergetic ion selection systems, ion beam therapy systems, and ion beam treatment centers
Method for manufacturing electrooptical device and apparatus for manufacturing the same, electrooptical device and electronic appliances
Self light-emitting device
Chip dicing
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for producing an annular microstructure element
Substrate contact for a capped MEMS and method of making the substrate contact at the wafer level
Method of fabricating a fin field effect transistor in a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for providing an integrated active region on silicon-on-insulator devices
Method of patterning transparent conductive film, thin film transistor substrate using the same and fabricating method thereof
Controlling carbon nanotubes using optical traps
Strain enhanced ultra shallow junction formation
Method for forming high selectivity protection layer on semiconductor device
Wire bond pads
Contact hole formation method
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Multichip module including a plurality of semiconductor chips, and printed circuit board including a plurality of components
Memory module having memory chips protected from excessive heat
Ohmic contact configuration
Thermal interface apparatus, systems, and fabrication methods
Semiconductor device mounting structure for reducing thermal stress and warpage
Inhibiting underfill flow using nanoparticles
Semiconductor apparatus having a large-size bus connection
Method and monitor structure for detecting and locating IC wiring defects
Optimization of NMOS drivers using self-ballasting ESD protection technique in fully silicided CMOS process
Interconnection and input/output resources for programmable logic integrated circuit devices
Imaging optical system and endoscope provided with imaging optical system
Patterned SOI by oxygen implantation and annealing
Intrinsic decoupling capacitor
Light emitting diode
Semiconductor device, method of making the same and liquid crystal display device
Anchors for microelectromechanical systems having an SOI substrate, and method of fabricating same
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Light-emitting unit and method for producing same as well as lead frame used for producing light-emitting unit
Photovoltaic conversion device and method of manufacturing the device
Method of producing a microelectronic electrode structure, and microelectronic electrode structure
Film formation apparatus and film formation method and cleaning method
Discharging battery monitoring
Miniature electrochemical gas generator and power source
Fuel cell system
Antenna device
Low cost omni-directional antenna manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Antenna module with an enhanced angular coverage
High performance edge connector
Compliant electrical contacts
Protected socket for integrated circuit devices
Electric connection box
Zero insertion force cable interface
Field wireable network plug
Power sourcing unit for power over ethernet system
Method and device for passive alignment
Swappable mount for cable support and system and method incorporating same
Protective housing for power cord connection
Integrated circuit with electrostatic discharge protection
Circuit interrupting device with automatic end of life test
Selecting a bias for a level shifting device
Method of calculating aging factor of battery for hybrid vehicle
Electroosmotic micropump with planar features
Low voltage electronic motor wire termination
Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage generation circuit, liquid crystal display controller and mobile electric equipment
Parallel current mode control using a direct duty cycle algorithm with low computational requirements to perform power factor correction
Frequency synthesizer
Near-optimal multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel detection via sequential Monte Carlo
Varactor tuning for a narrow band filter including an automatically controlled tuning system
Transmit amplitude independent adaptive equalizer
Adjustable data loading circuit with dynamic test mode switching for testing programmable integrated circuits
Reconfigurable IC that has sections running at different reconfiguration rates
System and method for spectral shaping of dither signals
Multi-channel digital to analog (D/A) conversion
Digital modulation apparatus and digital modulation method
PCM-to-PWM converter
Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
Multi-mode variable rate digital cable receiver
Method for in-band signaling of data over digital wireless telecommunications networks
Method and apparatus for encoding data for transmission in a communication system
Data transmission method for embedded data, data transmitting and reproducing apparatuses and information recording medium therefor
Scrambler initialization in a wireless local area network
Method to decode temporal watermarks in compressed video
System and method for video stream encryption
Transmitting data frames with less interframe space (ifs) time
System and method for distributed multicast routing
Network path discovery
Passive and distributed admission control method for ad hoc networks
Signal transmission system
Systems and methods for memory utilization during packet forwarding
Action based termination of multidimensional lookup
Method and apparatus for emulating ethernet functionality over a serial bus
Wireless local area network authentication method
Transmitter and receiver
Signal observation system
Communication processing system, communication processing method, server and computer program
Method and system for providing a voice mail message
Printing method and system for making a print from a photo picture frame and a graphic image written by a user
System and methods for video compression mode decisions
Autostereoscopic video display with a parallax barrier having oblique apertures
CMOS APS readout scheme that combines reset drain current and the source follower output
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Image pickup apparatus for processing an image signal by using memory
Camera incorporating method and mobile electronic equipment with camera
Electronic image pickup apparatus allowing a longer exposure time
Display apparatus
Recording/playback apparatus with telephone and its control method, video camera with telephone and its control method, image communication apparatus, and storage medium
Solid-state imaging apparatus and digital camera
Flexible counter update and retrieval
Method of assigning radio channels in wireless network
Quantitative transmission/emission detector system and methods of detecting concealed radiation sources
Door structure of microwave oven usable as pizza oven
Kinematic sensors employing atom interferometer phases
LCD panel for a server system
Intermediate substrate, intermediate substrate with semiconductor element, substrate with intermediate substrate, and structure having semiconductor element, intermediate substrate and substrate
Method and apparatus for supplying power to a semiconductor device using a capacitor DC shunt
Integrated circuit coolant microchannel assembly with manifold member that facilitates coolant line attachment
Expired Patents Due To Time
Compression girdle
Strapless and backless bra
Shoe bottom
Shoe bottom
Shoe insole
Oblong CD case
Shoe outsole
Strap buckle
Slider for a slide fastener
Portion of a shoe upper
Convex compacted U-shaped bag with zipper edge
Wooden basket
Double-sided business card holder
Convex triangular pocket with bag portion
CD wallet
Octagonal jewelry box
Lock smith utility kit
Jazz tap shoe key ring
Sports bag
Lighter holder
Sports bag
Snowboard carry strap
Bowed ceiling umbrella
Floor scrubber
Brush with angled wave-shaped bristles
Embossed paper
Seating unit
Table having an electrically elevatable lift having a lazy-susan platform for supporting a microwave oven
Sectional desk
Spacesaver shelving
Spacesaver shelves
Multiple-shelf wagon for storage and transport
TV stand
Multi-tiered merchandise support assembly
Pair of table legs
Removable headrest for convertible automobiles
Back for a seating structure
Table top
Tubular part for furniture
Auxiliary table and convenience chest for hospital beds
Chest component
Chair base
Picture frame
Bed sham with pockets
Arm tunnel pillow
Air mattress
Portable beverage dispenser
Lid for condiment dispenser
Motorcycle beverage tap dispenser
Portable barbeque grill
Roaster stand
Pan rim
Manual ice crusher
Salad fork
Rasp carrier
Pepper mill
Sports straw helmet
Stem for an article of stemware
Pneumatic grinding tool
Slip-proof block
Hand tool
Sharpening block
Mounting bracket for an airbag inflator
Optical fiber holding device
Trash bag support
Key ornament
Connection element for sheet piles
Child-resistant cabinet latch
Male member of a connector
Cleaning mitt
Grooved round sash weight
Corinthian column shaped bottle
Bubble bottle
Fragrance dispenser
Doric column shaped bottle
Aerosol dispenser
Ionic column shaped bottle
Dual perfume bottles and tray
Bottle and cap combination
Corinthian column with label space shaped bottle
Doric column on pedestal shaped bottle
Easy hold paint can
Corinthian column on pedestal shaped bottle
Packing case for lock devices
Food container
Snack food container
Snack food container
Snack container
Flexible package with shrouded slide fastener closure having circular opening
Gift bag with metal handles
Flexible pouch
Pushbutton sprayhead
Aerosol actuator
Refuse container enclosure
Refuse container body
Combined clock and display device with moving images
Wristband watch
Surface configuration of a wristwatch
Counting device
Tape measure
Measure tape
Alarming electronic article surveillance tag
Lighthouse buoy
Barricade frame
Highway safety reflector
Jewelry component
Sword bracelet
Door handleset
Device for lifting wheels and tires
Power winch
Forklift truck
Dune buggy body
Snow/smooth surface transporter using endless track unit(s) and slider(s)
Tire tread
Automobile tire
Tire tread
Automobile tire
Automobile tire
Tire tread
Tire tread
Automotive wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Illuminated removable cover for trailer hitch
Steering wheel for motor vehicle
Gear shift knob
Disc for a disc brake
Portion of a motorcycle instrument cover
Exterior pin stripe for an automobile
Exterior pin stripe, luggage rack, and rear panels kit for an automobile
Electric coupler for batteries
Electric coupler for batteries
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning system controller
Housing for photoelectric control
Optical fiber plug
Electrical adapter plug with control button
Enclosure cover and base for use with AGU fuse blocks
Terminal configuration of a six contact female connector
Surface mount package
Terminal socket
Light emitting semiconductor device
Splashproof wall outlet casing
Hybrid integrated circuit board
Outlet cover
Heat dissipating RF electronics housing
Audio speaker cabinet
Audio speaker cabinet
Speaker box
Digital audio mixer with disk recorder
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Computer enclosure
Data input and output device
LCD monitor
LCD display
Banking interface for a display screen
Moveable cabinet with computer display
Trapezoidal computer keyboard
Portion of a computer display with a computer icon graphic
Computer processor enclosure
Computer mouse
Operational mode icon for a display screen of a control unit for a surgical device
Mono-body type integrated function computer
Computer pointing device
Computer display accessory
Television set
Key button arrangement for a handset
Projection television
Keypad for a handset
Base for portable telephone
High frequency transmitter
Karaoke controller with microphone
Electronic article surveillance pedestal antenna
Telephone amplifier switch box
Wireless public address system
Cable modem
Key button arrangement for a handset
Engine cover
Air pump
Piston for refrigerant compressors
Vacuum pump rotor
Excavator cab
Quick change bit holder with hardened insert
Electric cleaner/polisher
Automatic swimming pool cleaner
Dust collector
Brush roll for a vacuum cleaner
Freezer array
Miter saw
Splash guard for transmission fluid filter
Engagement arrangement of two connectable bodies
Single-lens reflex camera
Video camera with video tape recorder
Videoconferencing system with extensible microphone arrays
Digital camera
Golf ball slide viewer
Facsimile transmitter-receiver
Photographic processor for facsimile machine
Toner cartridge
Swimming goggle
Set of characters
Set of characters
Set of characters
Envelope with windows
Desk accessory pad
Desk accessory pad
Funeral memorial book flower card holder
Multicolor drafting device
Footprint stencil
Grip for a marker
Pen cap
Mathematical instructional aide device
Label with grips
Car wash entry station face plate
Parking meter advertisement assembly
Independent for sign
Set of playing cards
Scoreboard and scorecard for softball games
Putter head
Golf club head
Portable golf video practice monitor
Golf club head
Rifle rest
Livewell containment system
Holder for fishing rods or guns
Grip for a sanitary faucet
Pair of faucet handles for a lavatory
Shower escutcheon
Socket of pipe coupling
Plug of pipe coupling
Faucet body
Sprayer gun
Faucet body
Shower head
Sportsman's potty
Liquid dispensing cartridge
Toilet supporting frame with mirror
Air freshener
Exhaust ventilation hood
Combination ceiling fan motor housing and blades unit
Electrode for use on a living subject
Oxygen concentrator
Anesthesia work station
Portable external defibrillator
Reservoir for a subcutaneous infusion set
Medication delivery pump
Tongue and tooth cleaning device
Stent wall structure
Sanitary towel
Stay bar for a window
Temporary safety rail support bracket
Straight face, foam-backed, vinyl siding panel
Fence rail cap
Store entrance facility
Meeting rail
Burial columbarium
Fiberglass pool
Fiberglass pool
Burial columbarium
Portable work bench
Step ladder wheel attachment
Venting plate for a containerized candle
Combination snap hook and flashlight
Twin-S motion lamp
Wooden lamp stand
Stand lamp
Compact fluorescent reflector lamp
Side lamp for use in a motor vehicle
Compact fluorescent lamp
Fog lamp for automobile
Compact fluorescent lamp
Tail light
Tail light
Lamp composed of non-contacting compression members and tension members
Solar-powered outdoor lamp
Night light
Fluorescent lamp glass tube shape
Fluorescent lamp glass tube bending shape
Fluorescent lamp glass tube bending shape
Trim ring for ceiling light fixture
Facia ring
Trim ring for ceiling light fixture
Lighter clip
Vitamin tablet
Liquid and lotion applicator
Cosmetic casing
Cosmetic casing
Cosmetic block
Cosmetic casing
Lipstick holder with reflective surface
Tint bowl with brush
Inhaler for dispensing medication
Profile of a bowed aquarium base
Rotatable bird feeder-planter
Bird feeder
Harness buckle
Human Necessities
Lawn mower roller having a universal mount for mounting grass bending roller
Combination grass mowing and rolling apparatus
Sensor arm for combine header
Battery-powered walk-behind greensmower
Slope guard
Mulch and method of manufacturing mulch
SG pruning machine
Seeding container
One piece garden stake
Phlox plant named `Natural Feelings`
Citrus tree named `Vered`
Citrus tree named `Nectar`
Geranium plant named `Balshofron`
Poinsettia plant named `Duelewi`
Poinsettia plant named `KLEW01052`
Double Impatiens plant `Balfiepuna`
Antirrhinum plant named `Balumdelo`
Poinsettia plant named `KLEW01064`
Citrus tree named `KEDEM`
Poinsettia plant named `Duelebri`
Citrus tree named `Yanov`
Azalea plant named `Bliss`
Poinsettia plant named `KLEW01066`
Antirrhinum plant named `Balumhopi`
Begonia plant named `PLA0002BEG`
Tiarella plant named `Butterfly Wings`
Spiraea plant named `Golden Carpet`
Citrus tree named `Orri`
Bandanna for pets
Dog handler system
Fishing lure
Capsicum based pesticide and method of use
Spiraea plant named `Green Carpet`
Produce drying system utilizing multiple energy sources
Neck support pillow with bib
Trousers for bow hunters
Disposable patient face mask
Protective gauntlet and garment
Bouncing device
Footwear for heel strikers
Article of footwear for gripping and kicking a ball
Custom orthotic sandal and process for constructing
System and shoe enabling the determination of fit from outside of the shoe
Zipper slide
Application unit for a lipstick-type product
Shoulder mounted cord retaining clip
Scrub brush cover device
Push broom bracket device
Knee wall bed
Sleep support system
Self adjusting support for sleeping
Cooling blanket
Ergonomic seating cushion
Method for reusing hangers with size indicia
Floral arranging device
System for forming a decorative cover for a plant having substantial horizontal growth
Flower pot cover
Method of covering a flower pot
Liner apparatus for toilet seat
Hinge assembly with limited play
Self-lowering toilet seat
Prevention system and preventing method against infectious diseases, and apparatus for supplying fluids
Window scraper guide
Vehicle window cleaning apparatus and system
Polishing pad and system
Wall cleaning apparatus
Self-wringing mop with rotating offset
Collection/dispensing system with improved mopping assembly
Airflow shut-off mechanism for vacuum cleaner
Angled rotary tissue cutting instrument and method of fabricating the same
Operating table for surgical and angiographic applications
Modular medical-bed mattress with underlying bed pan
Railed mounted patient lift
Acoustically active hot tub
Method and apparatus for automatically disinfecting plumbing fixtures
Meted hyperpolarized noble gas dispensing methods and associated devices
Top for starting platform for swimming pool
Performing Operations; Transporting
Elastomer-covered roller having a thermally sprayed permeable bonding material
Surface charge controlling apparatus for wafer cleaning
Flexible web cleaning system
Railcar cleaning method and apparatus
Aluminum closure panel and hemming method
Automated drill and rivet machine
Insulating cover for a saber saw
Apparatus and method for routing radii and drawing full-scale layouts
Quick mount attachment for rotary finishing tool
Brake caliper depressor device
Gunnel-rail insert installation method
Multifunction tool with replaceable implements
Measuring device and method of manufacture
Clasp knife
Method and apparatus for cutting an object while simultaneously applying a border to the object
Apparatus and process for boring and bolting pallets
Automotive seat assembly having an integral tear seam
Jig used for formation of fiber-reinforced composite structure and method for formation of fiber-reinforced composite structure using jig
Apparatus for making resealable packages and reclosable seals
Flat sleeve convertible to a decorative container
Manufacturing method for an ink jet recording head
Animated music box card
Device for handling objects in sheet form
Evaporator with plastic outer covering
Air conditioning systems
Hybrid vehicle powertrain
Unit assembling error prevention structure
Wiper element for cleaning motor vehicle windows
Wiper blade for window panes of motor vehicles
Liquid spray systems
Hinge for a foldable bicycle
Plasma accelerator arrangement
Method and apparatus for capping, evacuating and folding collapsible plastic containers
System and apparatus for an automated container filling production line
Machine for setting heat-shrinkable sleeves on objects from a continuous sheath
Tamper-proof tie
Cord keeper strap
Method for packing and sealing a zeolite adsorbent with a dehydrating agent
Die for assembling metal spool having high torque transmitting capacity between spool components
Hoisting device for big loads
Self adjusting saddle tree
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dispersion-managed fiber preform and fabricating method thereof by MCVD
Method of forming an optical fiber
Method of manufacturing glass substrate for use in information recording medium, and method of manufacturing information recording medium
Method for utilizing gas reserves with low methane concentrations and high inert gas concentration for fueling gas turbines
Work recovery from process involving steam generation
Method of manufacturing a wiring board
Textiles; Paper
Sawtooth wire
Device and method for making textile products from fibers and/or filaments
Hose reversal detection system for a washing machine
Suds detection and display system for an automatic washing machine
Device for machine washing of clothes
Method of checking the aseptic nature of washing before opening at least one door of a washing machine
Shibori clothes manufacturing method, etc. and shibori clothes made by said manufacturing method
Fixing device and method between a structural element and a suspension cable
Drying roll for drying a material web
Dryer section
Fixed Constructions
Overload protecting device for snow removing machine
Wall forming system for retaining and non-retaining concrete walls
Fastening plate
Multi-purpose material handling apparatus
Toilet water recycling system
Toilet ventilation system
Method for building construction
Snap-in hanger
Attachments and devices for straightening, squaring and aligning support members to receive exterior finishing members and methods therefor
Rotating-cover storage shed
Main beam connection
Ceiling grid with resilient centering tabs
Wall block with interlock
Building panels with plastic impregnated paper
Composite shingle having shading zones in different planes
Roofing layout tape and method of use
Tread and handrail combination structure of a staircase
Method and apparatus for ganging together concrete forms
Integral, external carrying track for building
Pool cover apparatus
Heat retaining swimming pool cover
Retractable wire lock with secure reset mechanism
Hinge arm mounting
Balance system for sash window assembly
Mobile rig
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermodynamic power system using binary working fluid
Piping support of gas turbine steam cooled combustor
Process for controlling the cooling air mass flow of a gas turbine set
Clean air engines for transportation and other power applications
Method and apparatus for diagnosing engine exhaust gas purification system
Cold start vehicle catalyst monitor
Method and system for the catalytic aftertreatment of the exhaust gas of an internal-combustion engine
Air gap insulated exhaust manifold assembly for an internal combustion engine and a method of making same
Control system for a variable-geometry turbocharger
Variable mode jet engine--compact
Motor stator with loose laminations
Hydraulic switching apparatus
Roller bearing with a cage
Bi-directional overrunning clutch
Method of making a metallic press fitting element
Power cord clip
Coupling for corrugated flexible hose
Miniature flashlight
Super cooler for a heat producing device
Fuel injector fuel conduits with multiple laminated fuel strips
Environmental control device
Cryogenic neon refrigeration system
Absorption refrigerator
Cooling cycle and control method thereof
Ice cube apparatus
Adaptive defrost control device and method
Water bottle cooling jacket
Apparatus for drying and stacking treated workpieces
Accumulator with internal heat exchanger
Method of manufacturing a heat pipe
Method of making a seamless unitary body quadrilateral header for heat exchanger
Arrangement for opening the dust flap of a firearm
Revolver-safety lock mechanism
Behavior modification device for handguns
Backstrap assembly for an electronic firearm
Reseat system for touch probe in coordinates measuring machine
Angular encoder
Method of adjusting drive current of magnetism sensor and electronic azimuth meter
Gear assembly with alignment feature
Apparatus and method for balancing a vehicular driveshaft
Process and structure to repair damaged probes mounted on a space transformer
Initializing and saving peripheral device configuration states of a microcontroller using a utility program
On-line fault tolerant operation via incremental reconfiguration of field programmable gate arrays
Method for manufacturing a fibre optic male contact
Optical fiber connector
Charge roller of developing device for image forming apparatus, method for fabricating the same and tool for fabricating charge roller
Universal heliodon-sundial
Z-axis processor power delivery system
I2C test single chip
Foldable display panel
Decorative aqua ball
Clip card
Golf cart promotional system
Extruded label holder
Method for monitoring opened containers of foodstuffs
Mounting method of IC chip and manufacturing method of head suspension assembly with the IC chip
Method of attaching a slider with head transducer to a suspension
Method for gate blocking x-outs during a molding process
Support for components used in microsystems technology
Method of producing a microwave filter
Coaxial cable, method for manufacturing a coaxial cable, and wireless communication device
Method for removing insulation from a flat cable
Apparatus for automatic sensing of line amplifier configuration for status monitoring
Method and apparatus for telephone network impairment detection and compensation in signal transmission between modems
System and method for VDSL real time response to video programming
Configuration for enhanced entertainment system control
Cable network system with ingress noise suppressing function
Method of manufacturing a ceramic capacitor
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
Method for forming fine through hole conduction portion of circuit board
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