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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Anti-paper jam protection device for shredders
Shirt having form-fitting mid-section support
Multi-sectional waistband quick release undergarment
Pull release connectors
Impact shock absorbing material
Piezoelectric-based toe-heaters for frostbite protection
Electric toothbrush
Table furniture configurable into three separate arrangements and modes of use
Ergonomic filmless radiology work station with keyboard sanitizer
Mailbox adjustable mounting bracket
Slide in locking newspaper box
Aircraft seat
Covering apparatuses for prevention of bed bug intrusion and methods of use thereof
Combined backrest for a chair
Back cushion
Serving dish with dispensing ramps
Quick secure shelving
Passive thermal insert for temperature-controlled trays and food service counters
Suction head structure and vacuum cleaner using the same
Virtual control of electrosurgical generator functions
Virtual operating room integration
Surgical stapling apparatus
High precision visual field tester with unprecedented detailed results
Method and apparatus for monitoring cerebral physiology
Method of optical measurements for determining various parameters of the patient's blood
Time syncrhonization of data
MRT apparatus, method and computer program product for determining the speed of a flowing medium
Energy induced bulking and buttressing of tissues for incontinence
Portable collapsible stretcher
Neural stimulation system providing auto adjustment of stimulus output as a function of sensed impedance
Cardiac stimulation system with delivery of conductive agent
Capture threshold monitoring
System and method for using a multi-contact electrode to stimulate the cochlear nerve or other body tissue
Compact pendant sprinkler head
Snow gliding board and set of at least two such snow gliding boards
Actively point-lighted modular panel for star field presentations
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rectangular sedimentation system having self-aggregation facility
Blade-motor coupler for a blender
Food waste disposal unit
Separation method and separation apparatus
Spray gun structure
Method of installing axially adjustable driveshaft assembly
Self-piercing rivet and method of joining with bonded riveted joints
Roll polishing apparatus
Diamond cutting member and method of making the same
Apparatus for forming a metallic container
Techniques for arranging solder balls and forming bumps
Pivoting tacker
Tube expander for heat exchanger
Substrate supporting apparatus
Method and apparatus for protecting a substrate
Replacement of air cleaner cover
Spreading pliers
Powder-actuated fastener-driving device capable of power adjustment
Apparatus having one or more removable tools
Power tool
Method for press punching a hole in sheet metal and press die
One handed ice cube tray
Ink-jet authentication mark for a product or product packaging
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Dual blade release agent application apparatus
Electrostatic actuator, droplet discharge head, method for driving droplet discharge head, and method for manufacturing electrostatic actuator
Heater chips with silicon die bonded on silicon substrate
Liquid droplet ejecting head and liquid droplet ejecting apparatus
Ink jet recording head, producing method therefor and composition for ink jet recording head
Liquid droplet discharging device and image forming device
Thermal ink jet printhead
Fast-drying, solvent-based inkjet composition and a method and system for printing such ink
Printer with frame produced by press-forming sheet metal
Liquid ejector and method for ejecting liquid
Liquid ejector and method for ejecting liquid
Continuous ink jet apparatus and method using a plurality of break-off times
Cart and track arrangement
Bed immobilization system integrated into chassis feet
Suspension height adjustment mechanism
Windshield deicer
Vehicle structural reinforcement system
Sandwich panel
Pickup truck bed extender
Tonneau cover storage system for motor vehicles
Airbag system for vehicle
Airbag for a motor vehicle
Seat belt apparatus and seat belt control method
Vehicle occupant restraint and method
Vehicle closure panel assembly and method
Straddle-type vehicle
Steering apparatus for vehicle that detects an anomaly of the connecting-disconnecting device between the steering wheel and the turnable wheels
Wheelchair advantage mobility system
Cable-concealing fittings and fitting system for watercraft
Modular ship and floatable modules intended to be part of the ship
Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof
Filler neck for the fuel tank of a vehicle
Turbulent flow control device for fuel filler pipe
Embossing device
Apparatus, system, and method for providing a securing mechanism for a vessel
Stabilizer cup holder
Multifunction pouring spout with pivoting handle
Waste container
Easily removable multi-paneled locking cover
Carton with dispenser, display features and/or corner features
Convertible device for dispensing material having parts that can be retained on the device
Damping unit for film packing device
Image forming device with open/close cover and manual paper feeding tray
Post-processing device
Method of and equipment for conveying sheet paper having a temporary deformity
Conveying device, method of controlling the conveying device, and recording device using the conveying device
Cash handling system
Sheet transport apparatus and image reading apparatus
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
Method and a device for forcibly expelling a cork from a bottle of champagne or the like
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Platinum condensation abatement by electrostatic precipitation
Textiles; Paper
Clothes dryer drum bearing assembly
Fixed Constructions
Dual flush valve refill
Flapper valve apparatus and method of use
Method of making a composite panel having subsonic transverse wave speed characteristics
Edging rail for a flooring
Roofing tile system
Apparatus for providing protection against the sun
Locking mechanism
Multi-position tailgate support apparatus and method
Packer providing multiple seals and having swellable element isolatable from the wellbore
Method for a short-term well operation by means of an electrically-powered submersible pumping unit (Kuzmichev method)
Logging while producing apparatus and method
Method of miscible injection testing of oil wells and system thereof
Device and method for feeding particles into a stream
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with tip region cooling
Damped stator assembly
Heat engine/ heat pump using centrifugal fans
Zero float valve for internal combustion engine and method of operation thereof
Fluid supply connection for reductant delivery unit for selective catalytic reduction systems
Exhaust system of internal combustion engine
Universal energy-saving system for multiple working conditions
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engine
Nozzle module for an injection valve
Rock bolt
Multiple-disk brake in an automatic transmission having controllable cooling oil supply and method for operating the same
Torsional vibration damper hub for a vehicle clutch
Control apparatus for work machine
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Hydraulic one-way disc clutch assembly
Vibration wave controlled variable stiffness structures and method of making same
Hydraulic bushing
Friction clutch and vehicle equipped with the same
Flow valve for example for faucets
Retaining device
Connector for a dialysis port
Illuminating device having a speaker
Self-illuminating book with mode-switchable page-embedded lighting
Flashlight holder and assembly
Water heater
Control method and system
Defroster for evaporator in refrigerator
Method for operating a condenser tumble-dryer comprising condenser tumble dryer that is suitable for said method
Rolled heat exchange
Firearm suppressor with slip and capacitance chambers
Recoil operating pistol with nestable barrel and slide
Composite treatment of ceramic tile armor
Plan orientation template
Liquid supply apparatus and method of detecting fault thereof
Measurement device and method of measuring fluid level
Aircraft brake assembly having a temperature probe and method of mounting a temperature probe in a brake assembly
Method for monitoring thermal control
Mechanical and electronic temperature reading system with built-in failure and inaccuracy detection
Optical systems and methods for determining tire characteristics
Method for performing a diagnostic on an exhaust gas analyzer probe disposed in the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine and device for implementing the method
Method to diagnose an exhaust gas sensor disposed in the exhaust gas region of an internal combustion engine and device for the implementation of the method
System and method of determining the speed of digital application specific integrated circuits
Interconnect for MEMS device including a viscoelastic septum
Vibrating debris remover
Edible wafer products produced by extrusion
Method for analyzing engine oil degradation
Manufacturing method of an electromechanical transducer
Manufacturing method of an electromechanical transducer
Safety eyewear
Light guide device and backlight module
Remote microphone and range-finding configuration
Apparatus and method to optimize printer media definition
Image forming apparatus mounted with an open and close unit
Management of peak water use
Data storage device and method for determining the dependency of the risk for prostate cancer, device and method for indicating a risk for a disease of an individual
Storage device parity computation
Protection of non-volatile memory component against data corruption due to physical shock
Policy-based response to system errors occurring during OS runtime
Systems, methods, and computer readable medium for analyzing memory
Alarm analysis methods and systems capable of multi-purpose function
Method and system for adaptive interleaving
IC memory complex with controller for clusters of memory blocks I/O multiplexed using collar logic
System and method for selective write to flash memory in HDD
Disk array control device with an internal connection system for efficient data transfer
System and method for thermal throttling of memory modules
Attestation using both fixed token and portable token
Cache hit ratio estimating apparatus, cache hit ratio estimating method, program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for replicating volumes
CPU-containing LSI, and optical disk device and LSI device with the same
Method and system for formulaically bounding data in a spreadsheet
System and method for integrating tactile language with the visual alphanumeric characters
Method and system for estimating spare parts costs
Shift-invariant probabilistic latent component analysis
User profile information data structure based on user preference and multimedia data browsing system using the same
Communication device and method for controlling communication device
Communication apparatus for allowing data reception in specific master or slave unit depending on request forwarded to remote center
Information processing system
System and method for providing language localization for server-based application with scripts
Method and apparatus for performing network-based control functions on an alert-enabled managed client
Method and apparatus for utilizing an audibly coded signal to conduct commerce over the internet
Receiving data at a client computer and performing an operation on the data at the client computer based on information in the key file
Methods for feature selection in a learning machine
Printing device and printing system
Apparatus and method of additive synthesis of digital audio signals using a recursive digital oscillator
Driving force control apparatus for vehicle
Method and apparatus for training a translation disambiguation classifier
Word output device and matrix keyboard for use therein
Machine translation system, method and program
System and method for performing click stream analysis
Enhanced tabular data stream protocol
Method and apparatus for performing incremental placement for layout-driven optimizations on field programmable gate arrays
Method for physical placement of an integrated circuit based on timing constraints
Apparatus and method for verifying layout interconnections using power network analysis
Method and system for generating trimlines for stamping processes
System and method for modeling and/or executing software applications, especially MES applications
Estimating device and vehicle motion control device using the same
Computer-implemented image acquisition system
Apparatus operation device for operating an apparatus without using eyesight
Tying a digital license to a user and tying the user to multiple computing devices in a digital rights management (DRM) system
System and method to support platform firmware as a trusted process
Peripheral device with hardware linked list
Versioning in a rules based decision management system
Object oriented software architecture for software reconfigurable wireless modem
Method for monitoring or installing new program codes in an industrial installation
Stored procedure interface language and tools
System and method for processor thread for software debugging
Band-pass filter and tracking signal processor circuit
Method for producing a portable data carrier
Laser barcode scanner employing heterodyning techniques
Multiple party reward system utilizing single account
Selecting prospective bidders to whom to promote an online auction based upon bidding history
System and method for an automated benefit recognition, acquisition, value exchange, and transaction settlement system using multivariable linear and nonlinear modeling
Biometric certifying authorities
Prepayment device for delivery of french fries
Flat panel display mount and methods of making the same
Device for the pixel-integrated return of fluid
Method and apparatus to perform voice activity detection
Fixing mechanism between core and cover of peripheral storage device
Method of manufacturing a laminated armature for a fuel injector
Scissor action compression assembly tool
Data storing method of dynamic RAM and semiconductor memory device
Hardware-efficient CRC generator for high speed communication networks
Parallel convolutional encoder
Radio-controlled clock and method for gaining time information
Optical communications systems, devices, and methods
DC offset cancel circuit
Satellite digital radio broadcast receiver
Optical packet switching system
System and method for maintaining security in a distributed computer network
Cryptographic key setup in queued cryptographic systems
Method for measuring the time of arrival of a radio signal, receiver and system to carry out the method
Collaboratively locating disconnected clients and rogue access points in a wireless network
Digital camera and printing system
Optical disk for high resolution and three-dimensional video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus, and optical disk recording apparatus
Radio access network system, radio communication method, control server and data server
Responding to changes in measurement of system load in spread spectrum communication systems
Device and method for controlling admission and congestion of the configuration of a wireless communication network
Methods of making small volume in vitro analyte sensors
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for conductivity measurement including probe contamination compensation
Puncture needle support tool, RF coil, magnetic resonance signal measuring apparatus, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Apparatus for mapping and coagulating soft tissue in or around body orifices
Instrumented and actuated guidance fixture for sterotactic surgery
Method and apparatus for volumetric image navigation
Method for displaying the tip of a medial instrument situated in the body of a patient
Digital magnetic system for magnetic surgery
Sleep disorder breathing event counter
Apparatus for performing hyperspectral endoscopy
Method and apparatus for acquiring fluorescence images
Method and apparatus for imaging cardiovascular surfaces through blood
Fetal probe
Communication and control by means of brainwave and other processes causing voltage changes that can be measured from the body
Method and apparatus for positioning an instrument relative to a patients body during a medical procedure
Implantable medical device for tracking patient cardiac status
Biometric measuring device
Extradural leads, neurostimulator assemblies, and processes of using them for somatosensory and brain stimulation
Method for mapping internal body tissue
Method for the operation of an MR tomography apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring skin moisture by using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy
Heart rate variability as an indicator of exercise capacity
Intravascular imaging guidewire
System and method employing indwelling RF catheter for systemic patient warming by application of dielectric heating
Optical detection and quantification of microair in blood
Inflatable electrode for temporary pacing
Fluid-phase electrode lead
Method and apparatus for repositioning a percutaneous probe
Electrode for tissue stimulation
Voice recognizer, voice recognizing method and game machine using them
Performing Operations; Transporting
High throughput methods, systems and apparatus for performing cell based screening assays
Method for automatic operation of industrial plants
Apparatus and method for fabricating fiber grating
Robot and information processing system
Method and device for the improvement of the pose accuracy of effectors on mechanisms and for the measurement of objects in a workspace
Closed loop interactive controller
Refractive index profile type optical fiber
Consumable order-assistance system for computer peripheral device within a single connection environment and method for replenishing consumables
Diagnostic method for printing systems
Method for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure and apparatus used therefor
Apparatus and method for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure
System and method for controlling vehicle velocity and inter-vehicle distance
Speech recognition system
Method and apparatus for controlling an actuatable restraining device using switched thresholds based on transverse acceleration
Vehicle rollover detection system
Method of developing a system for identifying the presence and orientation of an object in a vehicle
Roll over stability control for an automotive vehicle having rear wheel steering
System for affixing tags to lumber
Process for handling articles in the mail order business
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method, system, and program for executing operations on a client in a network environment
Chemical signal-impermeable mask
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for installing in swimming pool a track for receiving optical fibers
Measurement-while-drilling assembly using gyroscopic devices and methods of bias removal
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Evolutionary controlling system for motor
Method and system for enhanced engine control
Control device for engine having automatic stop and start function
Systems and methods for remotely controlling a machine
Methods and apparatus for configuring an automobile electronic control module
Urban driving operating method for an electronically controlled automatic gearbox
Optical element having an integral surface diffuser
Generating 3D models by combining models from a video-based technique and data from a structured light technique
Network transceiver having media independent interface operable in a general purpose serial interface mode
Route planner with area avoidance capability
GPS device with compass and altimeter and method for displaying navigation information
Integrated position and direction system with map display oriented according to heading or direction
Personal communication system for communicating voice data positioning information
Navigation apparatus and communication base station, and navigation system and navigation method using same
Voice guidance switching device and method
Navigation system with zoomed maneuver instruction
Method of evaluating traffic information
Instrumentation calibration protocol
Multivariable transmitter
Computer for liquid level measurement
Method of and apparatus for predicting vehicle interior noise
Method of determining and treating the health of a crop
Apparatus for knock detection with digital signal analysis and method of detecting knock using same
Method for acquiring, storing and analyzing crystal images
Inspection data analyzing system
Apparatus for inspecting cream solder on PCB and method thereof
Radiation image taking apparatus
Thermal analysis apparatus
Method for improving the accuracy in the determination of a waveform center of a waveform signal
Process and machine for signal waveform analysis
Vector network measurement system
Method and system for analyzing an on-board vehicle computer system
Method and apparatus for test generation during circuit design
System and method for communicating with an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for looping back a current state to resume a memory built-in self-test
Device for estimating the state of charge of a battery
Imaging of neuronal material
Dead reckoning system for reducing auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Apparatus and method of velocity estimation
Efficient determination of time of arrival of radio communication bursts
Method and device for measuring distance and speed
Radio wave arrival direction estimating antenna apparatus
Motion tracking using image-texture templates
Maintaining desired distribution of machines using time multiplexed global positioning system
System and method for determining the 3D position of aircraft, independently onboard and on the ground, for any operation within a "gate-to-gate" concept
Method and system for providing wide area augmentation systems (WAAS) like corrections using a server and processor on the internet
Seismic imaging using omni-azimuth seismic energy sources and directional sensing
Reservoir monitoring in a laminated reservoir using 4-D time lapse data and multicomponent induction data
Single-mode optical fiber
Waveguide tunable Bragg grating using compliant microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology
Absorbing layer for minimizing substrate exposure during the UV writing of a waveguide grating in addition to a birefringent control system
Method for formatting the facet of optical waveguide element for use in optical communication
Method to optimize rare earth content for waveguide lasers and amplifiers
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer and its manufacture method
Manual variable optical attenuator and method
Optical filter with improved crosstalk rejection
Passively compensated optical fibers
Emulator and compensator for polarization mode dispersion
Frustrated total internal reflection optical switch using waveguides and method of operation
Optical switch and method for aligning optical switch components
Method for transparent switching and controlling optical signals using mirror designs
System and method for orienting and positioning optical fibers
Method and apparatus for optical switching
Optical circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Optical fiber array and optical light-wave device, and connecting the same
Optical fiber for optically coupling a light radiation source to a multimode optical waveguide, and method for manufacturing it
Angle selective side-pumping of fiber amplifiers and lasers
Cable junction box, particularly for optical fibers
Optical fiber cable
Self-supporting fiber optic cable having a support section with a non-uniform jacket
Optical device with optical waveguides and manufacturing method therefor
Optical waveguide element, manufacturing method for optical waveguide element, optical deflecting element, and optical switching element
Waveguide incorporating tunable scattering material
Optical modulator
Apparatus and method for inspecting cell defect of liquid crystal display device
Optical devices employing an optical thresholder
Driving device and apparatus having the same, and camera
Camera for preventing plastic deformation of locking member of light-shielding door or film cartridge
Preventive device of harmful light leakage of lens assembly area of digital still camera
APS camera and method
Mechanisms for making and inspecting reticles
Computation of die-per-wafer considering production technology and wafer size
Stepper lens specific reticle compensation for critical dimension control
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge detachably attachable to image forming apparatus comprising an image bearing body, and a developer carrying body
Image forming system for controlling the amount of toner deposited on a photosensitive drum based on environmental conditions
Image forming apparatus having registration rollers of a variable rotating speed
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, toner removing device and image receiving sheet
Image-forming apparatus
Methods and apparatus for calibrating inline color laser printers
Image forming apparatus featuring a variable toner return bias applying time
Toner cartridge electrical identification mechanism
System for removing liquid carrier
Image forming apparatus and fixing device
Image forming apparatus having variable sheet-conveying speed
Cleaning blade arranged with at least one heater and printer arranged with the same
Image forming apparatus with density control
Control method with a characteristic curve defined by interpolation points
Agent learning machine
Jog control for industrial control network
Numerical control for machine-tools, robots or the like
Process equipment selecting system and method for selecting process equipment
Thermal efficiency diagnostic method and apparatus of a combined power generation plant
Method and apparatus for monitoring computer systems and alerting users of actual or potential system errors
Method and apparatus for identifying and displaying process interactions
Autonomous navigating system having obstacle recognition
Programmable generic read channel control device
Apparatus for and a method of clock tree synthesis allocation wiring
Method and apparatus for timing duration of initialization tasks during system initialization
System for monitoring and detecting difference voltage levels of I/O adapter cards via a connector
Image forming apparatus having an efficient localization system, and a method thereof
Circuit and method for power distribution management
Method for reducing power consumption, and portable electronic device and entertainment system that employ the method
Bilateral power management system
Method and system for managing storage systems containing redundancy data
Troubleshooting apparatus troubleshooting method and recording medium recorded with troubleshooting program in network computing environment
Method and apparatus for receiving and decoding coded information, including transfer of error information from transmission layer to coding layer
Apparatus and method for writing and reading data to and from a virtual volume of redundant storage devices
Self-healing computer system storage
Method for correction of errors in a binary word stored in multilevel memory cells, not requiring additional cells
Heterogeneous computer system, heterogeneous input output system and data back-up method for the systems
Method and apparatus for tolerating defects in a programmable logic device using runtime parameterizable cores
Information recording device and a method of recording information by setting the recording area based on contiguous data area
Method and system for maintaining data coherency in a dual input/output adapter utilizing clustered adapters
Method and apparatus for monitoring the performance of internal queues in a microprocessor
Data processing system processor dynamic selection of internal signal tracing
Group and virtual locking mechanism for inter processor synchronization
Method and apparatus for maintaining and restoring mapping table entries and data in a raid system
Efficient fault-tolerant preservation of data integrity during dynamic RAID data migration
Intelligent expansion ROM sharing bus subsystem
Incremental class unloading in a train-algorithm-based garbage collector
Computer system implementing system and method for ordering write operations and maintaining memory coherency
Adaptive prefetching of data from a disk
Method and apparatus to eliminate failed snoops of transactions caused by bus timing conflicts in a distributed symmetric multiprocessor system
Adaptive elasticity FIFO buffer
Methods and apparatus for interconnecting independent fibre channel fabrics
Computer input/output (I/O) interface with dynamic I/O adaptor processor bindings
Policy-based multivariate application-level QoS negotiation for multimedia services
Method and apparatus for multiple disk drive access in a multi-processor/multi-disk drive system
Method and apparatus for supporting heterogeneous memory in computer systems
Computer system controlling memory clock signal and method for controlling the same
Ordering mechanism, ordering method and computer program product for implementing PCI peer to functions
Method and microprocessor with fast program downloading features
Terminal for wireless communication
Selective interception of system calls
Interrupt optimization using storage time for peripheral component events
DMA controller and coherency-tracking unit for efficient data transfers between coherent and non-coherent memory spaces
Bus arbiter
Dual phase arbitration on a bus
Method and apparatus for addressing and controlling exspansion devices through an AC-link and a codec
Superposition of host bridge status onto an existing request/grant signaling protocol
Method and apparatus for compression of universal serial bus data transmission
Hot pluggins in a PCI bus system
Active impedance compensation
Method for exchanging digital data between electronic cards and corresponding connection system
Radial arm memory bus for a high availability computer system
System and method for providing reliable transmission in a buffered memory system
Circuit and method for reliably performing bus reset regardless of cable length
Method and apparatus for a high-speed serial communications bus protocol with positive acknowledgement
I2C/SMBus start-stop detecting circuit that reduces the likelihood of stalling the bus due to glitches on the data line
Host system for remote control of mass storage volumes using cascading commands
Multi-object fetch component
Data processing apparatus for chromatograph
Multiplexer reconfigurable image processing peripheral having for loop control
Logarithmic compression methods for spectral data
Determining a distribution of a numeric variable
Interactive connotative dictionary system
Apparatus, method and product for multi-attribute drug comparison
Techniques for DLM optimization with re-mastering events
System and disassembling test data and method
Method for managing a database for storing variable size data records using fixed size buckets
Method of striping data onto a storage array
System and method of synchronizing replicated data
User-initiated maintenance of document locators
Multimedia linking device and method
Method and system for electronically retrieving door hardware data
Object-oriented programming model for accessing hierarchical databases
System and method for registering and providing a tool service
Method and apparatus for data visualization
Web-updated database with record distribution by email
Multidimensional indexing structure for use with linear optimization queries
Method of optimizing a query having an existi subquery and a not-exists subquery
Automating statistics management for query optimizers
Method for translating an object attribute converter in an information services patterns environment
Apparatus and method for automatically generating worldwide web pages based on real world domain data
Methods and apparatus for using a modified index to provide search results in response to an ambiguous search query
Deployment of snapshots with parameterized data description language strings
Method and system for allowing multiple users to edit a hierarchical data structure
Dynamic synchronization of tables
Method and system for off-line detection of textual topical changes and topic identification via likelihood based methods for improved language modeling
Data processing system and method for organizing, analyzing, recording, storing and reporting research results
Private, trackable URLs for directed document delivery
System and method for obtaining and utilizing maintenance information
Server, client, client server system, method for controlling them and storage medium therefor
Communicating network information using universal resource locators
File system
Database for electronic design automation applications
Rule based hierarchy generation in a circuit design verification system
Client-server simulator, such as an electrical circuit simulator provided by a web server over the internet
RTL annotation tool for layout induced netlist changes
Printed circuit board design, testing, and manufacturing process
Method of constraining non-uniform layouts using a uniform coordinate system
Method and apparatus for detecting equivalent and anti-equivalent pins
Power consumption reduction for domino circuits
Apparatus and method for placing a component
Method and apparatus for predicting an operational lifetime of a transistor
Particle impact and soil deposition analysis system and method for vehicle design
Method of computing wiring capacitance, method of computing signal propagation delay due to cross talk and computer-readable recording medium storing such computed data
Picture archiving and communication system and method for multi-level image data processing
Automatic prescription drug dispenser
Method of sorting a group of integrated circuit devices for those devices requiring special testing
Adaptive feedback security system and method
System, method and article of manufacture for remote unlocking of local content located on a client device
Method and apparatus to reduce the risk of observation of a secret value used by an instruction sequence
Method and apparatus for providing interactive services with multiple interfaces
Coordinate position detecting method and display apparatus using the same
Network attached virtual tape data storage subsystem
Methods and systems for arbitrating access to a disk controller buffer memory by allocating various amounts of times to different accessing units
Method of and apparatus for enabling the selection of content on a multi-media device
Method and apparatus for generating shift amount signals for an alignment shifter
Methods and apparatus for performing a signed saturation operation
Floating-point adder performing floating-point and integer operations
Prefix tree adder with efficient carry generation
Quantization device and method using prime number dividers
Method and apparatus for vector register with scalar values
Method and system for efficient processor usage
Method and system for distributed transaction processing with asynchronous message delivery
Method and apparatus for locking and unlocking a semaphore
Information processing system and method for same
Near-orthogonal dual-MAC instruction set architecture with minimal encoding bits
Instruction control apparatus for loading plurality of instructions into execution stage
Instruction set for controlling a processor to convert linear data to logarithmic data in a single instruction that define the exponent filed of the logarithmic value
Accessing a test condition for multiple sub-operations using a test register
Setting condition values in a computer
Predicted return address selection upon matching target in branch history table with entries in return address stack
Booting a computer system using a last known good set of configuration data
Method and apparatus for pre-processing and packaging class files
Device and method for releasing an in-memory executable image from its dependence on a backing store
Apparatus for automatically retrieving and installing device drivers across a network
Method for optimizing locks in computer programs
Methods, systems and computer program products for controlling applications/preferences of a pervasive computing device
Self-contained application disk for automatically launching application software or starting devices and peripherals
Circuit arrangement and method for creating and retrieving patch data from memory
System and method for maintaining device name consistency during parallel device discovery process
Disk boot sector for software contract enforcement
JIT/compiler Java language extensions to enable field performance and serviceability
Virtual machines in OS/390 for execution of any guest system
System and method to compile instructions to manipulate linguistic structures into separate functions
Method and apparatus for dynamic management of translated code blocks in dynamic object code translation
System and method providing an arrangement for efficiently emulating an operating system call
Locking of computer resources
Preserving thread identity during remote calls
Method for subdividing data of a layout
Produce recognition system and method
Method and device for extracting principal image subjects
Recording method and apparatus
Row and column feature detection in binary images
Advanced miniature processing handware for ATR applications
Method for representing synoptic climatology information in a class-object-attribute hierarchy and an expert system for obtaining synoptic climatology information
System and method of knowledge architecture
Automatic determination of the number of clusters by mixtures of bayesian networks
Generating improved belief networks
Expert diagnostic system with inference generator
System and method for automatically releasing collections of goods for shipment
Electronic template medical records coding system
Equipment allocation system
Recycling system and recycling method
Automatic payment system for a plurality of remote merchants
Transaction security apparatus and method
Method and system for in-store marketing
System for rewarding viewers of interactive commercial advertisements
Method for managing group membership in internet multicast applications
Methods and systems for carrying out directory-authenticated electronic transactions including contingency-dependent payments via secure electronic bank drafts
Minimalistic electronic commerce system
Electronic cash register enabling to select recommendation commodities to a customer
Apparatus and method for providing and updating recorded audio messages for telecommunication systems
Computer-implemented program product and method of deferring allocation of storage for array elements of objects
Method for enlarging/reducing digital images
Method for deskewing a scanned text image
Image segmentation apparatus and method
System for electronic compensation of beam scan trajectory distortion
Position detecting method and position detecting device for detecting relative positions of objects having position detecting marks by using separate reference member having alignment marks
Radiation image processing apparatus
3D model conversion apparatus and method
Parallel difference coding method for lossless compression and real time decompression
Contrast sensitive variance based adaptive block size DCT image compression
Image coding method
Apparatus and method for optimizing encoding and performing automated steerable image compression in an image coding system using a perceptual metric
Queue management system
Fuel dispensing method and control system for refueling from master and satellite dispensers
Prepayment energy metering system with two-way smart card communications
Downloading system
Image processing system
Navigation configuration and method of utilizing a communications network, especially a mobile radio network
Emergency vehicle locator and proximity warning system
Computerized scientific method educational system for collecting and analyzing data from prerecorded experiments
Graphics display system with unified memory architecture
Beat rate tuning system and methods of using same
Clustered patterns for text-to-speech synthesis
Method for noise adaptation in automatic speech recognition using transformed matrices
Apparatus and method for speaker verification/identification/classification employing non-acoustic and/or acoustic models and databases
System and method for identifying an unidentified customer at the point of sale
Identifying voice mail messages using speaker identification
Speech recognition system and associated methods
Communication system noise cancellation power signal calculation techniques
Method and system for reducing undesired signals in a communication environment
Injecting high frequency noise into pulse excitation for low bit rate CELP
Sampled amplitude read channel employing a post processor with a boundary error compensator which compensates for boundary error events in a split-field data sector
Multimedia direct access storage device and formatting method
Methods for increasing file storage capacity of optical discs
Information recording method and information reproducing method
Information processing apparatus and method as well as providing medium
Picture image recording device
Method and apparatus for error recovery in a storage device
Information recording medium, apparatus and method for performing after-recording on the recording medium
Method and apparatus for an easy identification of a state of a DRAM generator controller
Streamlined initialization and refresh of file system directory limits
Parallel test in asynchronous memory with single-ended output path
Circuit, semiconductor device and method for enhancing test efficiency of function modules
Apparatus and method for testing rambus DRAMs
Data and data strobe circuits and operating protocol for double data rate memories
Focused X-ray scatter reduction grid
Method of controlling step switches
Heating member for combination heating and chilling apparatus, and methods
Method and apparatus for automatic routing for reentrant processes
Integrated circuit of inductive elements
Apparatus for verification of IC mask sets
Device modeling and characterization structure with multiplexed pads
Radio communication equipment
Microstrip filter cross-coupling control apparatus and method
Convertible dipole/inverted-F antennas and wireless communicators incorporating the same
Elimination of optical power limitation due to stimulated raman scattering in fiber optic links
Porting engine for testing of multi-lingual software
Distribution automation remote terminal unit
Energy coordination system
Oscillator phase noise prediction
Image reject mixer
Low-noise mixer and method
RF transmitter with extended efficient power control range
Amplifier architecture for multi-carrier wide-band communications
Method for producing a constant sound pressure level in hearing aids and corresponding hearing aid
Receiver with a search circuit
Radio frequency (RF) system loss compensation method
Method and apparatus for dynamic sound optimization
Analog discrete-time FIR filter
Tail-biting turbo-code encoder and associated decoder
High speed generation and checking of cyclic redundancy check values
Method and apparatus for offloading checksum
Wireless device cradle with spatial antenna diversity capability
Satellite communications adapter for cellular handset
Bi-Directional add/drop multiplexer and bidirectional add/drop amplifier module for wavelength interleaved bidirectional networks
Closed loop power control scheme for wireless communication systems
Multi-bit power control and power control command sub-channel design
Network control center for satellite communication system
Aircraft satellite communications system for distributing internet service from direct broadcast satellites
Group radio with subscriber-radio controlled channel selection
Scalable stereo audio encoding/decoding method and apparatus
Configurable monitoring of program viewership and usage of interactive applications
Method and apparatus for the secure storage of audio signals
Write data error checking in a PCI Bus system
System and method for adaptive multi-rate (AMR) vocoder rate adaption
Method for setting a timer based on previous channel request statistics
Method and system for replicating data in a distributed computer environment
Extensible information distribution mechanism for session management
Scalable computer network resource monitoring and location system
Knowledge based expert analysis system
Service quality management system
Method and apparatus in a wireless communication system for selectively providing information specific to a location
Apparatus for transmitting connecting status and method of displaying connecting status
Method for increasing performance on a dedicated multi-speed Ethernet link segment
Label switched path set up scheme with reduced need for label set up retry operation
Data buffer management between two different systems
Universal wireless telephone to modem adapter
System and method for providing recipient specific formats for electronic mail
Process for estimating a parasite phase shift during reception of a multi-carrier signal and the corresponding receiver
Method for reducing the crest factor of a signal
Network connection controlling method and system thereof
Permission-based scanning of a web site
Method and system for testing filter rules using caching and a tree structure
Method of detecting TCP/IP bindings of installed network interface cards present in a computer system
Message translation and data proxy service for remote data transport in a computer network
System and method for communicating client IP addresses to server applications
Audio program delivery system
System and method for gathering, personalized rendering, and secure telephonic transmission of audio data
Proxy session count limitation
Object-oriented web server architecture suitable for various types of devices
Method and system for the collection of cookies and other information from a panel
Managing transiently connected network clients
Network fault recovery method and apparatus
Authenticating method for an access and/or payment control system
Method and apparatus for polarization-insensitive quantum cryptography
Method and device that validates time of an internal source using an external source
Group oriented public key encryption and key management system
Open/close-type portable telephone
Voice label processing apparatus and method
System and method for managing contact information based on use of a communications device
Handling menu information
Menu-driven input of SMS-messages
Flexible tributary unit protection method for a trunk-multiplexed metallic interface
System and method for enhanced 9-1-1 address development, maintenance and call routing using road access zones
Method and system for communication caller identification information between a remote site and a central monitoring station over PSTN
Method and system for monitoring and controlling automation equipment by modem
Method and apparatus for digital PABX detection and modem interface protection
Method of notifying a wireless subscriber as to call payment responsibilities
System and method for generating quality of service statistics for an international communications network
Internet-based message delivery with PSTN billing
Prepaid phone service for both wired and wireless telecommunication devices
PSTN call simulator and method of operation for testing PSTN-To-IP network telephone services for individual and group internet clients prior to availability of the services
Web-based control of telephone
Method and apparatus for over-the-air service provisioning of a mobile telephone
Apparatus and method for sending a customized message to a telephony subscriber and establishing a direct operative connection therewith within the same telephone call
System and method for automated contact management
Method for screening active voice mail messages
Technique for accurate color-color registration measurements
Method and apparatus for identifying defective regions in a discrete pixel detector
Virtual positioning media control system
Image processing apparatus
Method and system for controlling operation mode switching of portable television (TV) phone
Method and device for preventing piracy of video material from theater screens
Automated control of interactive application execution using defined time periods
Device for selecting and controlling a plurality of signal sources in a television system
System for personalized settings
Method and system for preventing unauthorized playback of broadcasted digital data streams
Reception method and apparatus for searching various first and second source devices apapted to send data signals to analog and optical input terminals
Data storage medium, and apparatus and method of reproducing the data from the same
Method and apparatus for automatic routing of circuit switched data connections based upon stored behavioral information
Method and apparatus to process number portability data for a call
Method and telecommunication system for transmitting a facsimile message
Method and arrangement in a communication network
Automated user notification system
Method and apparatus in a cellular network
Automatic expiration of wireless communication service subscriptions
Wireless communication channel management
System and method for amplifying a cellular radio signal
Method of handoff control and a handoff control system using thereof
Method and service providing means for providing services in a telecommunication network
Bandwith supply dependent cell level
Puller and methods of making and using the same
Process and electric appliance for optimizing acoustic signal reception
Speaker mounting structure
Multifunction acoustic device
Multimedia computer speaker system with bridge-coupled subwoofer
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