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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dermal micro-organs, methods and apparatuses for producing and using the same
Disinfectant with quarternary ammonium polymer and copolymers
Methods and compositions for oral delivery of FTS
Purified pyrroloquinoline quinone fortified food
Apparatus and method for surface treatment of a food product
Decorative element for the human body
Insertion assisting tool for endoscope
Core biopsy device
Surgical suture passers and methods
Vascular wound closure device and method
Medical instrument for cutting tissue
Safety trocar with lancet feature
Multi-membrane prosthetic nucleus
Device for disc shunt implantation and peri-shunt injection
Craniotomy closures and plugs
Cryoplasty device and method
Method and apparatus for plasma incision of cardiovascular tissue
Method and apparatus for magnetically controlling motion direction of mechanically pushed catheter
Device for transferring fluid from a cartridge to a container
Methods and apparatus for measuring pressure profiles
Identification of an implantable medical device by correlating cardiac related data
Paramagnetic nanoparticle
Fetal movement monitoring system and fetal movement information collecting device
Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof
Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof
Wound penetrating hemostatic device impregnated with coagulant, antibiotic and/or anesthetic
Therapeutic compositions and methods
Drug-eluting intravascular prostheses and methods of use
Prosthetic hip implants
Femoral prosthetic implant
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and deformable spinal disc annulus stent
Back support system
Apparatus for preventing and removing forehead wrinkles
Ophthalmic marker for surgical retinal vitreous procedures
Fatty acid analogues for the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune disorders
Substituted tetracycline compounds for the treatment of malaria
3-3-di-substituted-oxindoles as inhibitors of translation initiation
Sigma receptor inhibitors
3'-[(2Z)-[1-(3,4-dimethylphenyl)-1,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-4H-pyrazol-4-y- lidene]hydrazino]-2'-hydroxy-[1,1'-biphenyl]-3-carboxylic acid bis-(monoethanolamine)
Benzoxazole carboxamide inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase (PARP)
4-(5-aminomethyl)-indole-1-ylmethyl)-benzamide derivatives and related compounds as opioid receptor antagonists for the treatment of obesity
Biphenyl amide lactam derivatives as inhibitors of 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1
Benzisoxazole piperazine compounds and methods of use thereof
Therapeutic compositions and methods
17.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type I inhibitors
Cholestanol derivative for combined use
Soluble, degradable poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives for controllable release of bound molecules into solution
Peptide-conjugates that bind to VEGF-stimulated or tumor vasculature and methods of treatment
Compounds for enzyme inhibition
Gold binding peptides and shape-and size-tunable synthesis of gold nanostructures
CTLA-4 protein variants
Human granulocyte-colony stimulating factor isoforms
Capsid proteins and uses therefore
Swine influenza hemagglutinin variants
West nile virus vaccine
Treatment of complement-associated disorders
Tumor-specific recognition molecules
Isolated complexes of endotoxin and modified MD-2
Method and composition for delivery of medicants to animals
No clog shunt using a compact fluid drag path
Methods and devices for treating tissue
Implantable medical site
Apparatus and methods to improve sleep, reduce pain and promote natural healing
Hair cosmetic composition
Hair cosmetic composition
Hair cosmetic composition
Portable exercise equipment
Adjustable driver hosel
Core stabilizing running exercise system and apparatus
Method and system for playing a bowling game in combination with a secondary card game
Baccarat game system, method of using baccarat game system, baccarat game program and recording medium
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of separating at least two fluids with an apparatus
Heat exchange tower airflow apparatus and method
Electrodialysis method for purifying of silicate-containing potassium hydroxide etching solution
Shapable resin compositions
Preparation method of vanadium/titania-based catalyst showing excellent nitrogen oxide-removal performance at wide temperature window through introduction of ball milling, and use thereof
Roll-to-roll evaporation system and method to manufacture group IBIIAVIA photovoltaics
Laser treatment apparatus
Emulsification of concentrated dispersions of colloidal and nanoparticles
Direct digital printing methods for textiles
Method for improving accoustic properties
Resin layer formation method, resin layer formation device, and disk manufacturing method
Porous membrane and method of making the same
Slider with leading edge blend and conformal step features
Composite sheet for mounting a workpiece and the method for making the same
Plant for continuously manufacturing a foam layer to form rest articles
Method for processing an interior trim component
Production method and production apparatus for polymer member
Injection molding nozzle having a tip retainer movable relative to a nozzle housing
Method of molding a microneedle
Electrospray/electrospinning apparatus and method
Process for the manufacture of mouldings
Disposable vase
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet and method
Information recording medium and method for manufacturing same
Optical storage medium with a mask layer providing a super resolution near field effect, and respective manufacturing method
Piston ring
Assembly process and plastic composite tube
Process for group 10 metal nanostructure synthesis and compositions made using same
Metallic structure and photodetector
Anti-reflecting membrane, and display apparatus, optical storage medium and solar energy converting device having the same, and production method of the membrane
Barrier material
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, reversible thermosensitive recording label, member, and image processing method
Paper with photo-feel backcoat
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) hardmask and methods of fabrication using same
Magnetic latent image holding body, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Turbine blade with showerhead film cooling holes
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Stabilized composition for producing chlorine dioxide
Group II metal sulfide phosphor precursor and method for producing phosphor
Hydrogen and carbon utilization in synthetic fuels production plants
Paper production with modified silica gels as microparticles
Process for the preparation of ethanedinitrile
Transitional alumina particulate materials having controlled morphology and processing for forming same
Alkene hydrofunctionalization reactions
Gravity separator, and a method for separating a mixture containing water, oil, and gas
Aqueous liquid treatment
Sealing glass composition for intermediate-temperature planar SOFC
Organosiloxane compositions
Topcoat composition
Cyclohexyl-1, 4-diamine compounds
Hydroxy and alkoxy substituted 1H-imidazoquinolines and methods
Flea head, nerve cord, hindgut and malpighian tubule nucleic acid molecules, proteins and uses thereof
Detection of mutations in a gene associated with resistance to viral infection, OAS1
Ex vivo animal or challenge model as method to measure protective immunity directed against parasites and vaccines shown to be protective in the method
Isolated multiple sclerosis (MS)-associated retrovirus (MSRV) nucleic acids corresponding to the gag region
Nucleic acids encoding cynomolgus IL-13 mutein proteins
FAD4, FAD5, FAD5-2, and FAD6, novel fatty acid desaturase family members and uses thereof
Assay for methylation in the GST-Pi gene
DNA virus microRNA and methods for inhibiting same
Airway administration of tissue factor pathway inhibitor in inflammatory conditions affecting the respiratory tract
Two-phase precipitation of proteins
Antibodies that bind the glutamate ligand binding region of Notch1
Organosiloxane compositions
Polymer-fiber composite building material with bulk and aesthetically functional fillers
UV barrier film
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, and pressure-sensitive adhesive product and display using the same
Synergistic combinations of chromate-free corrosion inhibitors
Method of removing the polymer encapsulating a nuclear fuel pellet
Luminophores made of doped garnet for pcLEDs
Epoxy compound for liquid crystal photo-alignment agent, liquid crystal photo-alignment agent, and liquid crystal photo-alignment film
Equipment and process for upgrading oil
High flash point additives for treating carbon-based fuels
Methods and compositions for production and purification of biofuel from plants and microalgae
Enigma-Mdm2 interaction and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding antibodies against PD-1
Established Maruca vitrata cell line
Nitrilases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Method for producing an L-amino acid using bacterium of the Enterobacteriaceae family with attenuated expression of a gene coding for small RNA
Expression systems for functional membrane polypeptides
Polynucleotides for the detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Escherichia coli O157:NM verotoxin producers
Optical component for observing a nanometric sample, system comprising same, analysis method using same, and uses thereof
RNA detection method
Method for manufacturing titanium oxide-containing slag
Phased magnetic cathode
Low impedance gold electrode, apparatus, method and electrolyte solution for fabricating the same
CuC1 thermochemical cycle for hydrogen production
Detection of circulating tumor cells in peripheral blood with an automated scanning fluorescence microscope
Textiles; Paper
Graphitic-carbon-nanofiber/polymer brushes as gas sensors
Methods for producing recycled pulp, methods for modifying pulp fiber surfaces and dirts, as well as pulp processing equipments
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with dual serpentine flow circuits
Rotary pump with vane support divided into two half shells
Hydraulic rotary machine
Agricultural harvester with propulsion load shifting between dual engines
Fluid channeling device for back-to-back compressors
Multi-speed transmission
LED system and method
Weep hole cover
Positive air pressure isolation system
Heating method
Apparatus and method for preparing sliced specimen
Gas sensor element and gas sensor
Explosive or drug detection system for shipping containers
Polymer compound for biomedical use and biochip substrate using such a polymer compound
Genetic products differentially expressed in tumors and the use of thereof
Gene and protein expression profiles associated with the therapeutic efficacy of EGFR-TK inhibitors
Lanthanide-doped NaYF.sub.4 nanocrystals, method of preparing and uses thereof
Device for mixing and separation of magnetic particles
Use of the 7F4 protein in the in vitro diagnosis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections
Optical alignment methods for forming LEDs having a rough surface
Reflective mask blank for EUV lithography
Thiopyran derivative, polymer, resist composition, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using such resist composition
Base soluble polymers for photoresist compositions
Electrophotographic photosensitive member and electrophotographic apparatus
Production apparatus and production method of wired member using electrophotographic method
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer readable medium
Card gaming machine and card game playing method
Online gaming with real-world data
Systems and methods for verbal communication from a speech impaired individual
Metal paste for forming a conductive layer
Solution-based fabrication of photovoltaic cell
Resin composition and semiconductor device produced by using the same
Chemical solution deposition method of fabricating highly aligned MgO templates
Joints for multi-component molded articles
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Method of fabricating chip package
Electron device using oxide semiconductor and method of manufacturing the same
Thin-film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, liquid crystal display panel having the same and electro-luminescence display panel having the same
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing substrate of semiconductor device
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
CMP method
Method for fabricating a multilayer microstructure with balancing residual stress capability
Check valve package for PB-free, single piece electronic modules
Apparatus and method for semiconductor wafer bumping via injection molded solder
Integration of bottom-up metal film deposition
Semiconductor chip having island dispersion structure and method for manufacturing the same
Fabricating ESD devices using MOSFET and LDMOS
Bistable resistance value acquisition device, manufacturing method thereof, metal oxide thin film, and manufacturing method thereof
Green phosphor of thiogallate, red phosphor of alkaline earth sulfide and white light emitting device thereof
Superconducting fault-current limiting element and the process for producing the same
Thin-filmed field effect transistor and making method
Fluid consuming battery with fluid regulating system
Method and apparatus for applying electrode mixture paste
Method of forming a card with embedded IC and electrochemical cell
Fuel cell system for computing fuel level
Monitoring apparatus for a fuel cell stack
Battery cartridges
Grid array connector comprising a plurality of base units within a frame
Conductive contact holder and conductive contact unit
Electric connector with a dust cover
Waterproof structure for connector housing
Connector and connector combination for balanced transmission
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System for, and method of, irradiating article with x-ray beam
Medical endoscope with a video camera
Apparatus for controlling laser penetration depth
Pain migration tracking and display method
Interactive medication container
Analog controls housed with electronic displays for electronic books
Performing Operations; Transporting
Laser working method, method for producing ink jet recording utilizing the same, and ink jet recording method produced by such method
Thermal printer and driving device for the same
Driving circuit, printed wiring board, and print head with clock inverting circuits
Method and apparatus for forming image with image recording liquid and dummy liquid
Printing method and apparatus
Thermal head enabling continuous printing without print quality deterioration
Illumination unit and a method for point illumination of a medium
Apparatus for and method of recording image
Releasable mount for an electronic device
Multiplex communicating method
Method for measuring the width of a gap
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Protective overcoat for replicated diffraction gratings
Fixed Constructions
Sheet take-up device for a projection screen and the like
Position sensitive detectors and distance measuring apparatus using them
Optical interference apparatus and position detection apparatus
Three-dimensional measuring device and three-dimensional measuring method
Interferometer and method for measuring the refractive index and optical path length effects of air
Method for acquiring an image by oversampled push-broom scanning
Optical alignment apparatus with a beam splitter
Display control with movable or updatable auxiliary information
Optical computational system
Techniques for characterizing cloud condensation nuclel
Monitoring oil films
Apparatus and method for detecting defects in the surface of a workpiece
Methods and apparatus for FOV-dependent aliasing artifact reduction
Optical detection in bio-separation device using a widened detection zone
Method of finding, recording and evaluating object structures
Input protection circuit implementing a voltage limiter
Self-test for 10/100 Mbit ethernet physical layer devices
Method and system for determining carrier frequency offsets for positioning signals
Baseline length variable surface geometry measuring apparatus and range finder
Folded sagnac sensor array
Radio positioning systems
Object location monitoring within buildings
Mobile station combining telecommunications and positioning functions, and a corresponding method of receiving positioning signals by a mobile station
Proton recoil scintillator neutron rem meter
Two-conductor bidirectional digital seismic telemetry interface
Method of reducing effects of a rough sea surface on seismic data
Observation optical system and optical device having the same
Eyepiece variable focal length optics
Eyepiece lens system, telescope, binocular, and microscope
Modulation transfer function characterization employing phased slit reticle
MEMS-based spatial-light modulator with integrated electronics
Deflectable spatial light modulator having superimposed hinge and deflectable element
Method and apparatus for broadcasting optical signals within an optoelectric computer network
Hologram scanner
Optical scanning system for printer and method for adjusting starting point of image scanning
Color corrected projection lenses employing diffractive optical surfaces
Head mounted display with full field of view and high resolution
Apparatus for frequency conversion of a laser
Multi-color machine vision system
Color integrating optical device and display optical system
Partly reflecting optical component and laser source incorporating such a component
Image blur correction apparatus
Lens and production method therefor
Optical filter
Polarization based optical splitter/combiner
Tunable optical filter
Laser diode module
Electromagnetic interference reduction method and apparatus
Zoom lens assembly with focus adjustment mechanism
Selective intensity modulation of channels in a multiplexed optical communication system
Optical component and method of manufacturing the same
Electrophoretic displays, display fluids for use therein, and methods of displaying images
Anisometrically shaped carbon and/or graphite particles, liquid suspensions and films thereof and light valves comprising same
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Active-matrix liquid-crystal display apparatus which prevents flicker and image sticking in main display area and sub display area
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device having wiring layer and semiconductor layer crossing each other
Touch panel and screen input type liquid crystal display device
Polymer dispersion type liquid crystal display element, producing method therefor and apparatus for use in the producing method
Liquid crystal display panel
Flat panel display unit
Filter for adjusting amount of light
Optical element and method for manufacturing the same, and optical apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Electrochemical device
Method and apparatus using four wave mixing for optical wavelength conversion
Production method of light wavelength converting element
High contrast front and rear viewing surfaces for projection displays
Method of controlling photolithography processes based upon scatterometric measurements of photoresist thickness, and system for accomplishing same
Lifting support assembly for an exposure apparatus
Support structure for a projection exposure apparatus and projection exposure apparatus having the same
Device and method for flat holding of a substrate in microlithography
Very-high-density memory device utilizing a scintillating data-storage medium
System and method for performing lithography on a substrate
Fast wavelength correction technique for a laser
Position detection apparatus having a plurality of detection sections, and exposure apparatus
System for processing semiconductor products
Sheet supply device with quick reverse function and sheet process method
Electrophotographic apparatus
High voltage generating apparatus for use in toner system printing device
Color hologram recording medium and process for fabricating the same
Compensation of crystal start up for accurate time measurement
Automatic antenna direction controller
Method and apparatus for providing a self-sustaining precision voltage and current feedback biasing loop
Laptop computer base
Keyboard switch
Computer user interface for executing and controlling an application program using program selection smarts buttons
Wearable computer-battery system
Computer enclosure incorporating pivotable drive bracket
Electronic computer with a file bay cover including an electronic lock and method of controlling the same
Bezel fastening structure for computer enclosure
System processor heat dissipation
Integrated cooling system
Prioritized-buffer management for fixed sized packets in multimedia application
Caching in digital video processing apparatus
Propagation delay independent SDRAM data capture device and method
Communication apparatus with digital interface
Router for which a logical network address which is not unique to the router is the gateway address in default routing table entries
System and method for graphically displaying a set of data fields
Generalized system for internet and services navigation from keypad equipped internet devices, including browser equipped phones
Manual interface combining continuous and discrete capabilities
Method and system for index finger controlled pointing device positioned on home row keys
Method and apparatus for annotating widgets
Method and component for discontiguous range selection
Touch screen stylus with IR-coupled selection buttons
Rotating color word
Optical disk and optical disk drive device
Image data display apparatus in which image data are displayed on terminal display unit and NTSC system display unit
Dynamic printing interface for routing print jobs in a computer network
Image forming apparatus with light beam control
Interactive print job display system and method
Efficient rendering of masks to a screened buffer using a lookup table
Parallel rendering device
Method and apparatus for storing and accessing texture maps
Method and apparatus for pitch-adaptive reconstruction in multislice helical computed tomographic systems
Ball pattern architecture
Indirect object manipulation in a simulation
Relabelling of tokenized symbols in fontless structured document image representations
Method for rendering endpoints of segments during scan conversion of a glyph
Efficient stroking of vectors with arbitrary endpoints
Image processing apparatus and method, and medium therefor
System and method for generating pixel values for pixels in an image using strictly deterministic methodologies for generating sample points
Rendering method and apparatus, game system, and computer readable program product storing program for calculating data relating to shadow of object in virtual space
Identifying silhouette edges of objects to apply anti-aliasing
Method and apparatus for generating mesh models of 3D objects
Adaptive projection filtering scheme for noise reduction
Color adviser
Histogram-based intensity expansion
Shape-based image compression/decompression using pattern matching
Signal processor
Picture coding device and picture decoding device
Method and a device for transmission of a variable bit-rate compressed video bitstream over constant and variable capacity networks
Block boundary artifact reduction for block-based image compression
Low branch-mispredict technique for MPEG run length encoding
Data efficient quantization table for a digital video signal processor
Paper sheet identification method and device
Content providing system
Dubbing apparatus
Card lock
Twin coil antenna
Security and fire control system
Remote control apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for monitoring/shutting down a power line within a display device
Method and apparatus for improved signal restoration
Plasma display with reduced power consumption
Method of and apparatus for displaying halftone images
Display device
Liquid crystal display device having high speed driver
Liquid crystal display apparatus having display control unit for lowering clock frequency at which pixel drivers are driven
Method for providing privately viewable data in a publically viewable display
Automatic luminance and contrast adjustment as functions of ambient/surround luminance for display device
Method and apparatus for updating a window identification buffer in a data processing system
Apparatus and method for pipelined bubble squeezer
Video processor using shared memory space
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Low-birefringence optical fiber for use in an optical data storage system
Magneto-optical head involving solid immersion lens with two-layer heat-dispersive coil
High speed magnetic coil for magneto-optical head
Detection of pulse peak instance and amplitude in a storage drive
Disk apparatus with enhanced focal positioning
Optical system for optical disk drive
Optical disk driving device having a clamper for correcting warpage of an optical disk
Disk apparatus having a contacting member contacting an outermost area of a disk for protecting the disk from damage due to a shock
Hand microphone interfaced to game controller port of personal computer
Data processing apparatus and data recording media
Asymmetry correction circuit
Process and device for extracting binary data conveyed by an incident signal, in particular a signal emanating from a digital disk
Disk reproducing device, a disk reproducing method, a disk rotation control method, and a regenerative clock signal generating device
Method for managing defective area of optical recording medium
Magnetic head slider with protrusion on surface facing recording medium
Single lever bi-directional inertia latch
Disc protection casing and drive for receiving the same
Disk loading device and disk adaptor
Recording/reproducing device and recording/reproducing method
Disk drive employing a multi-layer noise-dampening HDA cover
Magnetic recording/reproduction device using preformat information
Magnetoresistive sensing element and magnetic head using the magnetoresistive sensing element
Head assembly and suspension having a terminal section with a bend for contact
Magnetic disk apparatus having an electric conducting path with a defined characteristic impedance and which interconnects a write element and a read/write integrated circuit
Disk drive comprising a voice coil motor having a yoke with a multiple-bend magnetic flux conductor
Method and system for compensating a head positioning servo in a storage device
Disc drive slider having textured pads
Method for controlling flying height of a magnetic head
Information recording apparatus
Data recording and reproducing method for multi-layered optical disk system
Optical information recording medium, optical information recording apparatus, and method of recording test signal on the same
Information recording method and apparatus with suppressed mark edge jitters
Optical recording medium with aligned prepit portion
Integrated optical component, optical pickup, and optical disc device
Thin film magnetic memory device capable of reducing number of wires and reading data at high speed
Ferroelectric memory and method for reading the same
Refresh mechanism in dynamic memories
Semiconductor device with power supply wirings and expanded wirable regions for users
Semiconductor memory device
Source pulsed, dynamic threshold complementary metal oxide semiconductor static RAM cells
Integrated resistor having aligned body and contact and method for forming the same
Semiconductor memory
SRAM array with temperature-compensated threshold voltage
Circuit and method for programming and reading multi-level flash memory
Content addressable memory cell techniques
Memory-logic semiconductor device
Redundant decoder circuit
Source side sensing scheme for virtual ground read of flash eprom array with adjacent bit precharge
NAND array structure and method with buried layer
Source regulation circuit for flash memory erasure
Memory and a data processor including a memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device conducting data write and erase operations based on a prescribed unit region
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device achieving shorter erasure time
Parallel erase operations in memory systems
Method for preventing over-erasing of memory cells and flash memory device using the same
Semiconductor storage device and method for evaluating the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including a circuit for providing a boosted potential
Semiconductor device with improved latch arrangement
Semiconductor memory device implemented with a test circuit
Circuit and method for varying a period of an internal control signal during a test mode
Multi-bit parallel testing for memory devices
Test structures for measuring DRAM cell node junction leakage current
Built-in programmable self-diagnostic circuit for SRAM unit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having internal supply voltage generating circuit
Reference voltage generator circuit for nonvolatile memory
Input stage apparatus and method having a variable reference voltage
Semiconductor memory device and data read method thereof
Rapid equalizing ground line and sense circuit
Write prohibiting control circuit for a semiconductor device
Apparatus for varying data input/output path in semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device with concurrent refresh and data access operation
Semiconductor memory device with reduced current consumption
Internal clock signal delay circuit and method for delaying internal clock signal in semiconductor device
Supply degradation compensation for memory self time circuits
Integrated circuit for concurrent flash memory with uneven array architecture
Address decoder optimization
Method for writing to multiple banks of a memory device
Low power static memory
Semiconductor memory device
Memory controller with AC power reduction through non-return-to-idle of address and control signals
Optical devices based on resonant configurational effects
X-ray condenser and x-ray apparatus
Magnetoresistive tunnel junction element with bias magnetic field applying layer
Capacitor integrated into transformer by multi-layer foil winding
Universal input miniature power supply with a single split transformer primary winding
Niobium capacitor and method of manufacture thereof
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of fabricating the same
Gas-filled discharge path
Explosion bonded anode stem of an x-ray tube assembly
Monocrystalline ceramic electrostatic chuck
Article exhibiting enhanced adhesion between a dielectric substrate and heat spreader and method
Structure of power module radiation
Integrated circuit heat sink support and retention mechanism
Heat sink unit and electronic apparatus using the same
Semiconductor device realized by using partial SOI technology
Photodetecting device supporting saturation detection and electronic shutter
Current-driven emissive display device, method for driving the same, and method for manufacturing the same
Image sensor with stripes of cyan filter material perpendicular to stripes of yellow filter material
Antenna control method and antenna controller
Double-action antenna
Vertical polarization antenna
Arrangement relating to antennas and a method of manufacturing the same
Phased array antenna system with virtual time delay beam steering
Ultra-wideband multi-beam adaptive antenna
Two-frequency antenna, multiple-frequency antenna, two- or multiple-frequency antenna array
Antenna with integrated feed and shaped reflector
Dual-polarized radiating element with high isolation between polarization channels
Coaxial overvoltage protector with improved inner conductor of the .lambda./4 short-circuit line
Gas laser oscillator apparatus
L-band erbium-doped fiber amplifier pumped by 1530 nm-band pump
Automatic gain-controlled optical fiber amplifier
C and L band laminated fabric optical amplifier
Optical amplifier providing dispersion compensation
Total internal reflection (TIR) coupler and method for side-coupling pump light into a fiber
Variable output coupling laser
Beam parameter monitoring unit for a molecular fluorine (F2) laser
Semiconductor laser device having controlled oxygen concentration at boundary between semiconductor layers and reflectance control layer formed on end facet
Laser drive circuit and recording apparatus using the same
Wavelength controlling circuit for laser signal
Surface emitting semiconductor laser
Molecular light emission device
Incoherent beam combined optical system utilizing a lens array
Overvoltage protection element system
Gas-insulated switchgear
Power polarity reversal protecting circuit for an integrated circuit
Driver protection circuit for preventing damage due to line contact with ground or supply voltage
Capacitor with protection device
Power-up and no-load/light load protective mechanisms for DC:DC converters
Switching power supply circuit
Unified power architecture
Switching power supply
Switching power supply unit
Inverter for an electric motor
Phase current sensor using inverter leg shunt resistor
Reduced soft output information packet selection
Circuits for dynamic turn off of NMOS output drivers during EOS/ESD stress
Data pulse receiver
Method and apparatus for equalizing propagation delay
Add-compare selection circuit
Method and system for canceling interference in an impulse radio
Method and apparatus for providing differencing multistage detection in the reverse link of a code division multiple access communication system
Acquisition of a spread-spectrum signal using counters
System and method to reduce the peak-to-average power ratio in a DS-CMDA transmitter
Optical network equipment with optical channel monitor and dynamic spectral filter alarms
Optical communication equipment and system
Storage and reproduction method and apparatus
Downlink timeslot power control in a time division multiple access system
Method and apparatus for adjusting a signal-to-interference threshold in a closed loop power control communications system
Array antenna radio communication apparatus and array antenna radio communication method
Rake receiver
Internet over satellite system
Method for generation of accurate doppler-free local clock in satellite/wireless networks
CDMA radio multiplex transmitting device and a CDMA radio multiplex receiving device
Method of deactivating working fiber resources in optical ring networks
Optical transmission apparatuses, methods, and systems
Channel switching in wavelength encoded optical communication systems
Network independent clocking in a telecommunication system
Multiplexing device having a digital 1-link relay capability
Data transmission in radio system
Method for supporting acknowledged transport layer protocols in GPRS/edge host application
Method and apparatus for providing a network interface
Method and device for bandwidth allocation in multiple access protocols with contention-based reservation
Device for ATM cell switching, with failure tolerance
Data storage system
Restriction of source address up-dating in network switches
ATM switching apparatus and method thereof
Shaping algorithm
Pass/drop apparatus and method for network switching node
Apparatus and method for storing header information in a network switch
Methods and apparatus for packet classification with multiple answer sets
Routing support for point-to-multipoint connections
Converting circuits and bandwidth management apparatus in mixed network
Method for providing quality of service for delay sensitive traffic over IP networks
Method and a network element for transferring data packets in a teletransmission network
Switch controlling apparatus for small capacitance ATM exchange
Plural communication connection setting method
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Method and apparatus for facilitating a classification of a baseband signal
Electronic apparatus and method for receiving noisy signals
Ask Modulator
Circuit for detecting a center error to correct same
Generation and decoding of multi-carrier signal
Monitor for the control of multimedia services in networks
Gateway architecture for data communication over bandwidth-constrained and charge-by-use networks
Method of using static maps in a virtual private network
Method and apparatus for efficient network management using an active network mechanism
Unified messaging notification
System for expanding a parameter encoding field in a message to allow additional parameters to be added while maintaining compatibility with existing parameter encodings
Device and method for detecting data communication property
Establishment of communications with a selected device in a multi-device environment
Method and apparatus for internet telephony
Scalable and fault-tolerant link state routing protocol for packet-switched networks
Optical communications networks utilizing frequency division multiplexing
Multiple frequency allocation radio frequency device and method
Data synchronizer for a multiple rate clock source and method thereof
System and method for an equalizer-based symbol timing loop
SVC accessing method for use in ATM-DSLAM
TSTD transmitter for limiting transmission power of antenna and controlling method thereof for base station in mobile communication system
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for locating an optical module of an image-scanning system
Securing device for scanner
Image scanner utilizing rollers to bias an original in a holder against a support such that the holder enters the image scanner by a nibbling action of the roller and support
Digital camera for outputting digital image signals and image reproducing device connectable thereof
Digital printing system
Image information transmission device
Image processing system
HVQ compression for image boundaries
Image processing apparatus
Fuzzy black color conversion using weighted outputs and matched tables
Stereoscopic LCD shutter glass driver system
Method and apparatus for compensation of point noise in CMOS imagers
Random access memory integrated with CMOS sensors
Display device also compatible with digital broadcasts
Image display and horizontal speed modulator
Complete CDS/PGA sample and hold amplifier
Look ahead shutter pointer allowing real time exposure control
Station selector
System for processing programs and program content rating information derived from multiple broadcast sources
Spatial scan replication circuit
Systems and methods for remote video and audio capture and communication
Television meeting system
Camera control system, camera server, camera client, control method, and storage medium
Coded stream splicing device and method, and coded stream generating device and method
Coding and decoding a signal modified in accordance with the feedback states of an encoder
Multimedia multiplexing method
Method for electronic reduction of the contrast of video images as early as during recording
Digital video decode system with OSD processor for converting graphics data in 4:4:4 format to 4:2:2 format by mathematically combining chrominance values
Automatic white balance adjusting circuit in color image display
Auto white balance apparatus and method in a digital camera with a strobe
Architecture for increasing density of channel bank in digital carrier system
Optical switch and protocols for use therewith
WDM optical network with passive pass-through at each node
ATM gateway system
Local area network with a header converter
Statistical method of data compression and decompression
Access for mobile terminals network
Telecommunications service control point interface
Communication system, method and processing means for switching calls via a transmission network disposed between two local networks
Computer program products, methods, and protocol for interworking services between a public telephone network, intelligent network, and internet protocol network
Handover method between mobile switching centers using intelligent network and IMT-2000 network system adapting the same
Channel allocation and release for packet data services
Trunked radio repeater communication system
Method and apparatus for securely transmitting distributed RAND for use in mobile station authentication
Method and apparatus for carrying packetized voice and data in wireless communication networks
Private/residential code division multiple access wireless communication system
Vacuum heat treating furnace
Efficient controlled current sink for led backlight panel
Cooling system for high power x-ray tubes
Component array adapter
Multiple terminal SMT BGA-style wound capacitor
Docking cartridge for insertion and removal of electronic circuit cards
Apparatus and method for retaining a circuit board
Electronic apparatus
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