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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Monopod mounted solid pet waste collecting and disposing system
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitors
Therapeutically active fused pyrimidine derivatives
Servo rotary carrier
Method of treatment or prophylaxis of inflammatory pain
Calcilytic compounds
Remote monitoring of a patient
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of agglomerating silicon/silicon carbide from wiresawing waste
Gasifier for solid carbon fuel
Single-step multiplex immunoassay
Customizable embedded sensors
Highly corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant member with thermal sprayed layer formed thereon and thermal-sprayed layer forming powder for forming the same
Apparatus and system for retaining and installing rivets
In-process compensation of machining operation and machine arrangement
Rotational angle sensor system and method for the production thereof
Image forming apparatus that identifies a reflection surface of a rotating polygon mirror on which a light beam is incident
Safety door
Engine air to fuel ratio cylinder imbalance diagnostic
Fluid delivery system for personal mobility devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Sub-10-nanometer nanostructures engineered from giant surfactants
Process for the oxidative coupling of hydrocarbons
Method of treating inflammation
Process for separation of C8 aromatic compounds with limited recycling
Arylalkylamine compounds as calcium sensing receptor modulators
Substituted hydroxamic acids and uses thereof
Sovaprevir polymorphs and methods of manufacture thereof
Substituted amide compounds
Processes and intermediates for preparing a macrocyclic protease inhibitor of HCV
Antimicrobial agents
Inhibitor compounds of semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidases
Synthesis of 2', 3'-dideoxynucleosides for automated DNA synthesis and pyrophosphorolysis activated polymerization
Fluorescent antagonists of the A3 adenosine receptor
Methods for the purification of cucurbituril
Method of preparation of epsilon-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexanitro-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazaisowurtzitane with reduced impact sensitivity
Taxane and abeo-taxane analogs
Calcium treatment of alkyl-tin stabilizers
Method of preparing deoxyribofuranose compounds
Chicken antibodies that bind to nanoparticles
Method of treating hypertension disorder and a pharmaceutical agent
Process for the gas phase polymerisation of olefins
Comfort apparatus and method of manufacture
Versatile, facile and scalable route to polylactic acid-backbone graft and bottlebrush copolymers
Versatile, facile and scalable route to polylactic acid-backbone graft and bottlebrush copolymers
Polymers derived from renewably resourced lysinol
Preparation of thioether polymers
Silicone polymers containing UV photostabilizing groups
Increased output of a film extrusion process
Reinforced PCT compositions
PE wax dispersions in the coating of plastics
Process for the co-encapsulation of biocidally active compounds in clay minerals functionalized by nitrogen compounds
Radiation curable composition
Single phase and full-color phosphor
Method of lowering the cloud point of fatty acid esters
Method for controlling the growth of cell culture
Cell programming
Method for producing triptolide
Fluorescence energy transfer by competitive hybridization
Labeled biomolecular compositions and methods for the production and uses thereof
Process of water degumming an edible oil
Method for producing ricinoleic acid ester by selective enzymatic transesterification
System and method for conditioning a hardwood pulp liquid hydrolysate
Chemical conversion coating for protecting magnesium alloys from corrosion
Nonlinear optical crystals and their manufacture and use
Systems and methods for characterizing kidney diseases
Textiles; Paper
Processes for preparing carbon fibers using gaseous sulfur trioxide
Washing ball
Dryer motor and control
Fixed Constructions
Pervious paving mat with raised teeth
Slipforming assembly
Surface mount wedge barrier
Device for capturing energy from an oscillating drive member
Control system for construction machine
Ground engaging tool assembly
Pull-out wand
Installation structure of countertop faucet
Sink with colored lights for indicating water temperature
Odour extraction device for a toilet and an associated collar
Quick connect structural system
Beam attachment system
Roofing device
Data center modules and method of large-scale deployment
Modular trade show booth
Tilt-down tower
Modular drilling rig system
Restraint device
Underground coal gasification well liner
Tong assembly for manipulating a tubular
Wellbore packer back-up ring assembly, packer and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Nozzle particle deflector for a gas turbine engine
Turbomachine component temperature control
Exhaust gas purification control device for an internal combustion engine
Process for determining the lambda value upstream from the exhaust catalytic converter of an internal combustion engine
Piston for internal combustion engine
System for thermal management of a vehicle and method for vehicle cold start
Fluid control system
Two-stroke uniflow turbo-compound internal combustion engine
EGR controller for internal combustion engine
Ethanol preheater for engine
Method of refurbishing a fuel injector
Plasma generation device
Convertible wind turbine nacelle cover
Wind turbine comprising a cooling circuit
Fluid transporter and fluid transporter driving method
Hydraulic circuit for construction equipment
Friction clutch
Tubular torsion bar
Method and tool for adjusting cable grips
Driving-side pulley
Seal with replaceable lip
Pumping seal with aligned spring
Butterfly valve
Rotary multi-port valve
Direct drive rotary valve
Two-piece pipe flange and systems
Shock attenuator and closure for same
Hydraulic pressure unit
Drum type washing machine and tilting method of the same
Soft flashlight
Portable multi-purpose illumination device
Linear LED system
Lighting system comprising at least one luminous band
LED lamp
Day running lamp for motor vehicle and motor vehicle having same
LED light fixture having circumferentially mounted drivers adjacent external heat sinks
LED light tube and replacement method
Modular LED lamp structure with replaceable modules
Light-emitting device
Outdoor LED lighting device structure with easy installation features
Display stand
Redirecting optics for concentration and illumination systems
Warning device
Lighting device
Illuminated ATM surround
Adjustable height candle holder jar
Hinge mounted switch control device
Gun barrel and tube cleaning device
Rifle fore grip with mount for quick release of accessories
Gas generator provided with a safety device for slow warm-ups
Thickness monitoring device, etching depth monitoring device and thickness monitoring method
Wide baseline binocular object matching method using minimal cost flow network
System and method for presenting a computed route
System and method for determining a uniform external magnetic field
Dual beam non-contact displacement sensor
Device for diagnosing railway bogies by applying an energy-autonomous measuring and transmitting bolt, and corresponding control method
Detection apparatus for light-emitting diode chip
Apparatus for measuring pollutants and method of operating the same
Electrical storage device temperature measuring method
Electrostatic pressure sensor
Optical time domain reflectometer calibration standard
Methods for an exhaust fluid sensor
Birefringence measurement of polycrystalline silicon samples or the like
Sample analysis element and detection device
Sensor chip, detection device, and method of manufacturing sensor chip
Methods and devices for detecting unsaturated compounds
Biosensing well array by self-alignment and selective etching
Electroosmotic movable device
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure
Method and device for detecting device colonization
Drug monitoring methods using the promyelocytic leukemia protein as a redox sensor
Multi-analyzer and multi-reference sample validation system and method
Electronic apparatus, mobile terminal, and velocity measuring method
Testing apparatus and method using same
Sampling circuit for a current transformer
Obscured feature detector
Hybrid electrical contactor
Automatic test system
Integrated circuit with degradation monitoring
Self-contained, path-level aging monitor apparatus and method
Stack including inspection circuit, inspection method and inspection apparatus
Method for reducing mechanical vibrations in a magnetic resonance imaging system
Magnetic resonance method and system to generate an optimized MR image of an examination subject
Method for diffusion magnetic resonance imaging
Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
Neutron detector
Meteorological parameter forecasting
Variable magnification optical system and imaging apparatus
Panoramic optical systems
Electrode configurations for an electrowetting display device
Alignment methods in fluid-filled MEMS displays
Display device, in particular for a motor vehicle
Image stabilizer and image-shake correcting method
Optical fiber
Lens module
Optical communication device
Optical communication device
Bend-limited flexible optical interconnect device for signal distribution
Optical fiber connector
Optical module
Photoelectric coupling module with fiber module connected to lens module by positioning pole
Colored charged silsesquioxanes
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Information exhibition system
Ring structure for reducing flash glare and a manufacturing method thereof
Tripod to support photographic equipment with tripod legs that quickly convert from a folded condition to an assembled condition
Privacy ensuring covert camera
Multi-directional rotational mount
Displays employing multimode optical fiber and low-speckle light sources
Exposure apparatus, measurement method, stabilization method, and device fabrication method
Reticle support that reduces reticle slippage
Positioning system, a lithographic apparatus and a method for positional control
Circuit apparatus having a rounded trace
Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus, and program
Frame structure and image forming apparatus including same
Intermediate transfer belt and method of preparing the same, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developer container, developing cartridge, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Developer conveyance device, image forming apparatus, and developer conveyance method
Fixing apparatus with a control unit for powering a fixing heater using a combination of control patterns, and image-forming apparatus using the same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Cleaning device, fixing device including the cleaning device, and image forming apparatus including the fixing device
Gloss applier and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus, control apparatus, and control methods thereof
Image forming apparatus including waste toner container with guide unit
Image forming apparatus capable of receiving different cartridges
Production line quality processes
Lockable enclosure having improved access system
Solving large-scale security-constrained economic dispatch problem in real-time
Fluid cooling device with a replenishment circuit
Cloud management method of electronic devices
Dynamic power regulation
Electronic apparatus
Control device
Image processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Distributed grid-interactive photovoltaic-based power dispatching
Performing local power gating in a processor
Systems and methods for detecting errors and recording actions on a bus
Managing traces to capture data for memory regions in a memory
Sensor array evaluation tool and method
Storage management system for preserving consistency of remote copy data
Synchronous mode replication to multiple clusters
Dynamic reconfiguration of storage system
Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage
Read disturb handling in NAND flash
Storage system and method for controlling storage system
Total quotas for data storage system
Inexpensive solid-state storage by throttling write speed in accordance with empirically derived write policy table
Flash translation layer system for maintaining data versions in solid state memory
Concurrent garbage collector thread
Cache management based on physical memory device characteristics
Cache device, communication apparatus, and computer program product
Apparatus and method for compressing a memory address
Status information saving among multiple computers
Determining a direct memory access data transfer mode
Systems and methods for managing direct memory access operations
Embedded control channel for high speed serial interconnect
Circuit marginality validation test for an integrated circuit
Method, system and device for execution of a software application
Recipient changes in email threads
Centrally managed and accessed system and method for performing data processing on multiple independent servers and datasets
Contact relevance based on context
Shared network response cache
System, method and program for managing file downloads
Enhanced browser cookie management
Dynamically relocating workloads in a networked computing environment
Method and system for displaying a cached web page advertisement after the completion of a browsing session
Font processing method for maintaining e-document layout
Method for normalizing a computer system
Information exchange engine providing a critical infrastructure layer and methods of use thereof
Sensor assembly for driver assistance systems in motor vehicles
Optimizing the layout of electronic documents by reducing presentation size of content within document sections so that when combined a plurality of document sections fit within a page
Determining similarity of unfielded names using feature assignments
Apparatus and method for managing digital contents distributed over network
Management of searches in a database system
Identifying entities based on interactivity models
Database management delete efficiency
Database management delete efficiency
Managing attributes in stream processing using a cache
Management of searches in a database system
Enhanced reliability in deduplication technology over storage clouds
Addressing cross-allocated blocks in a file system
Simulating accesses for archived content
Spatiotemporal encounters detection in historical movement datasets
Conformed dimensional data gravity wells
System and method for text extraction and contextual decision support
Displaying a contextual organization chart with awareness
Meteorological parameter forecasting
Password topology monitoring and enforcement
Encrypting and decrypting a virtual disc
Anonymization for data having a relational part and sequential part
Encrypting and decrypting a virtual disc
Managing password strength
Securing application information in system-wide search engines
Optical filter security
Providing alerts based on unstructured information methods and apparatus
Technique for providing secure firmware
Approval of content updates
Rule-based Access Control List management
Power meter consumption system and method to verify data stored in a register by comparing an address of the register with request for data of the register
System and method for rendering widget
Method for adjusting the user interface of a device
Related page identification based on page hierarchy and subject hierarchy
Coordinate detection system, information processing apparatus and method, and computer-readable carrier medium
Random scanning technique for secure transactions entered with capacitive sensor input device
Physically modifying a configurable user interface
Projection system, image generating method, and computer-readable storage medium
Information input apparatus
Integrated capacitive touch screen and LED layer
Touch pen
Multi-touch active display keyboard
Selective sharing of displayed content in a view presented on a touchscreen of a processing system
Visual connectivity of widgets using event propagation
Turning pages of an electronic document by means of a single snap gesture
Reactionary backup scheduling around meantime between failures of data origination
Identifying redundant data for disk image streaming
Flexible attribute tracking and report generation for a workflow
Information processing apparatus and method for selective prioritization of jobs
Printing apparatus which prints on a sheet conveyed from one of sheet storage units
Image distribution apparatus, display apparatus, and image distribution system
Search suggestion and display environment
Pushing specific content to a predetermined webpage
Automated corruption analysis of service designs
Automated corruption analysis of service designs
Execution-based license discovery and optimization
Accessing privileged objects in a server environment
Provisioning aggregate computational workloads and air conditioning unit configurations to optimize utility of air conditioning units and processing resources within a data center
Identifying load-hit-store conflicts
Identifying load-hit-store conflicts
Global weak pattern history table filtering
Major branch instructions with transactional memory
Processor for executing wide operand operations using a control register and a results register
Serializing wrapping trace buffer via a compare-and-swap instruction
Method and apparatus for programming assistance
Processing proposed program code libraries in a networked computing environment
Initializing processor cores in a multiprocessor system
Prevention of classloader memory leaks in multitier enterprise applications
Automatic computer code parallelization
Usage of TOC register as application register
Converged call flow and web service application integration using a processing engine
Prevention of classloader memory leaks in multitier enterprise applications
Mobile terminal and application providing method for the same
Computer-aided modeling
Safe conditional-load and conditional-store operations
User input auto-completion
Passive monitoring of virtual systems using extensible indexing
Generating, at least in part, at least one packet indicating, at least in part, at least one command and/or issuing, at least in part, at least one result of execution, at least in part, of the at least one command
Optimizing a file system interface in a virtualized computing environment
Policy-based workload performance optimization for dynamically distributed OSGi application
Estimating migration costs for migrating logical partitions within a virtualized computing environment based on a migration cost history
User datagram protocol (UDP) packet migration in a virtual machine (VM) migration
User datagram protocol (UDP) packet migration in a virtual machine (VM) migration
Methods and apparatus for resource capacity evaluation in a system of virtual containers
Host providing system and host providing method
Parallelizing heterogeneous network communications in smart devices based on selection of task allocation strategy
Identifying data communications algorithms of all other tasks in a single collective operation in a distributed processing system
Determining resource instance placement in a networked computing environment
Multidimensional data repository for modeling oilfield operations
Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium storing program
Reuse of binary bitmaps generated for images in a print job
Automated card customization machine
Method and system for binarization of two dimensional code image
Handwritten document retrieval apparatus and method
System for predicting production of fruit tree and driving method thereof
Systems, methods, and computer program products for compound image demosaicing and warping
Analysis of the digital image of the external surface of a tyre and processing of false measurement points
Analysis of the digital image of the internal surface of a tyre and processing of false measurement points
Systems and methods for registration of ultrasound and CT images
Driver assistance system, driver assistance method and information storage medium
Vision support apparatus for vehicle
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image data
Content based recommendation system
Product quality tracing to locate unsafe product material
Method and system for providing a bi-directional feedback loop between project management and personal calendar systems
Creation and use of constraint templates
Presentation of product recommendations based on social informatics
Presentation of product recommendations based on social informatics
User-specific event popularity map
Display apparatus configured for display of lower resolution composite color subfields
Method and apparatus for interactive curve generation
Electronic device and control method therefor
Prioritized rendering of objects in a virtual universe
Antialiasing image generation apparatus for selecting an antialiasing technique to be applied to a pixel using pixel data
Complexity estimation of a 2D/3D conversion
Coin counting and sorting machines
Product delivery device
Theft deterrent device and method of use
Drinking reminder apparatus and method
Voltage detecting system
Generating routes
Method of recording a motion for robotic playback
Language learning platform using relevant and contextual content
Map folded to expose staggered edges
Device and system for differentiating specific lead wires in a multi-wire environment
Image display device, image display method, and program
Method for producing structure
Light to frequency converter optical sensor with electronic bias and adjustable gain
Motion trajectory capturing device and motion trajectory capturing module thereof
Nanochannel electrode devices
Butt-coupled buried waveguide photodetector
Refractive fuel concentration detector
Battery capacity displaying system for wireless peripheral device
Minimum-spacing circuit design and layout for PICA
Current-starved inverter circuit
Alert devices and systems
Private two-party computation using partially homomorphic encryption
Alias-based social media identity verification
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and computer program product
Toner Estimation Mechanism
Pop-up test reference image
System and method for RFID dynamic content presentation
Apparatus for low power wireless communication
Method and apparatus for weighted message passing
Radiation inhibiting personal electronics case
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Landscaping pond system
Functional aquarium water and a preparation method thereof
Procedure for specific replacement of a copy of a gene present in the recipient genome by the integration of a gene different from that where the integration is made
Procedure for specific replacement of a copy of a gene present in the recipient genome by the integration of a gene different from that where the integration is made
Methods for separating, collecting and storing red blood cells
Vacuum-mediated desiccation protection of cells
Shaped bodies which release agrochemical active substances
Nestable containers and improved water treatment materials
Pest repellent composition
Ophthalmic solutions
Bisexual attractants, aggregants and arrestants for adults and larvae of codling moth and other species of lepidoptera
Antimicrobial compositions containing quaternary ammonium compounds, silanes and other disinfectants with furanones
Azole/amine oxide preservatives
Protein with plant protecting properties
Insecticidal protein toxins from Photorhabdus
Process for heat treating food product
Low water activity filling
Use of a composition
Method for producing solid dosing forms
Composition and method
Feed mass having a modified protein structure for carnivorous animals
Method for heat treating a continuous strand of food product and apparatus adapted therefor
Morinda citrifolia dietary fiber
Method for selectively obtaining antioxidant rich extracts from citrus fruits
Synthetic membranes and micelle-like structures comprising lipo-glycoprotein membranes
Total nutrient admixtures as stable multicomponent liquids or dry powders and methods for the preparation thereof
Fruit snacks with varied center filling
Wet weather vision improvement system and method for video and television camera, and other viewing and imaging equipment
Shoe sole with dual energy management system
Method of attaching a cover to a tubular body
Cobalt-molybdenum-phosphorus alloy diffusion barrier coatings
Cobalt-tungsten-phosphorus alloy diffusion barrier coatings, methods for their preparation, and their use in plated articles
Structure for a strap for portable electronic equipment
Makeup sponge puff
Preformed enclosure for a cushion
Removable adhesive tape
Single handed container for mixing foods
Device for reducing water hardness (softener) having a resins exhaustion sensor, and washing machine having said device
Methods and devices for blood vessel harvesting
Laparoscopic needle introducer device
Self-locking suture anchor
Intravascular balloon catheter for embolic coil delivery
System and method of use for ligating and cutting tissue
Laser device for treatment of painful symptomatologies and associated method
Environmentally friendly peracetic acid decontamination formula with increased performance and chemical stability
Method of making an absorbent article having double side cuffs
Crimped polymeric fibers and nonwoven webs made therefrom with improved resiliency
Blood filter having legs and centering elements integrally manufactured
Emboli capturing device
Expandable medical device with ductile hinges
Biodegradable drug delivery material for stent
Clad composite stent
Stent delivery system
Support device for a stent and a method of using the same to coat a stent
Knotless suture anchor system and method of use
Vascular device and method for valve leaflet apposition
Method of machining preformed plastic film by separation and/or ablation
Method for in vivo ex vivo and in vitro repair and regeneration of cartilage and collagen and bone remodeling
Bone substitutes
Constrained socket for use with a ball-and-socket joint
Femoral stem attachment for a modular knee prosthesis
Intersomatic spine implant having anchoring elements
Intervertebral disk prosthesis
Intervertebral spacer device having a spiral wave washer force restoring element
Intervertebral implant
Trial acetabulum or implantable acetabulum with adjustable orientation
Foot prosthesis with modular foot plate
Method and apparatus for regional and whole body temperature modification
Automatic surgical device for cutting a cornea and a cutting blade assembly and control assembly therefor
Method and apparatus for burning calories
Foot and ankle reflexology bands
Coextruded multilayer films for sterilizable fluid containers
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions employing desmethylselegiline to treat neoplastic diseases or conditions
Topical composition for skin including witch hazel
Topical compositions and methods for treating pain
Method for determining whether a compound is an insulin receptor kinase activator
Compositions treating, preventing or reducing elevated metabolic levels
Oenothein medicaments
Selection and/or enhancement of resident microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract
Nasal spray liquid
Composition and method for improved carbohydrate management in mammals
Cytolytic T-cell clones against colorectal carcinoma
Method for removal of HIV and other viruses from blood
Mycotoxin derivatives as antimitotic agents
Growth factor homolog zvegf3
Recombinant human serum transferrins containing peptides for inducing apoptosis in HIV-1 infected cells
Compositions and methods for reducing oxysterols in blood
Eukaryotic cells expressing at their surface at least an HLA-G isoform and their applications
Recombinant vaccines against IBDV
Recombinant trytophan mutants of influenza
Saponin adjuvant composition
EMU oil-based formulations for use as an analgesic, anesthetic and antipruritic
Carrier mixed with additives having lubricant properties for preparing powdery pharmaceutical compositions for inhalation
Site-specific preparation of polyethylene glycol-grf conjugates
Preparation of a therapeutic composition
Peptide agonists of GLP-1 activity
Methods and compositions for enhancing immune response
Kits for forming protein-linked lipidic microparticles
Method for transferring nucleic acid into multicelled eukaryotic organism cells and combination therefor
Use of G-actin for improving transfection of a polynucleotide into a cell
Low density microspheres and their use as contrast agents for computed tomography and in other applications
Process for the preparation of stable aqueous hair dyeing emulsions
Pigmented cosmetic compositions
Cataplasms containing vitamin C or its derivative
Cosmetic compositions
Ultra-stable composition comprising moringa oil and it's derivatives and uses thereof
Lipid composition containing a liquid crystal structure
Compositions of flavonoids for use as cytoprotectants and methods of making and using them
Oxidation dye composition for keratin fibers, comprising an anionic amphiphilic polymer
Clear hair treatment composition
Solid cosmetic composition and uses thereof
Biodegradable polymer composition
Methods and apparatus for drug delivery involving phase changing formulations
Method of producing concentrated non-buffered solutions of fibronectin
Stable shaped particles of crystalline organic compounds
Multiwall polymeric microcapsules from hydrophilic polymers
Controlled release formulation of divalproex sodium
Controlled release formulation of divalproex sodium
Anti-atherosclerotic and anti-thrombotic agent and the use thereof
Sustained release non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory and lidocaine PLGA microspheres
Protease for activating clotting factor VII
Method and device for producing segmented contact adhesive layers and for applying the same on a substrate
Method for the inactivation of non-lipid-coated viruses
System and method for sterilizing a lumen device
Method for sterilizing a device in a multi-compartment sterilization system
Method for rapidly determining the acceptability of loads to be sterilized
Indicator systems for determination of sterilization
Method for microporous surface modification of implantable metallic medical articles
Method for producing antimicrobial antithrombogenic medical devices
Self-repairing, reinforced matrix materials
Coating gradient for lubricious coatings on balloon catheters
Thin film stent
Foul air eliminator
Odor absorption and deodorization
Method and apparatus for eliminating odors and killing bacteria associated with emissions from sewer and grease trap vents
Method and device for the treatment of air of at least one room by air ionization
Catheter systems and methods for their use in the treatment of calcified vascular occlusions
Method of providing a detectable marker in a fluid
Emulsion comprising a ternary surfactant blend of cationic, anionic, and bridging surfactants, oil and water, and methods of preparing same
Cosmetic composition containing N-acyl neutral amino acid esters of lower alcohols
Composition containing sapogenin
Stratified composite with phosphorescent properties, method for the production and the use thereof
Microbiological aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) fire-fighting formulation
Manufacturing apparatus and method for golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for treating a fluid
Chromatographic column
Method of clarifying bayer process liquors using salicylic acid containing polymers
Heat-activatable microporous membrane and its uses in batteries
Layered bag filter elements
Spin-on filtering oil removal cartridge
Indoor fan filter
Exhaust process and film depositing method using the exhaust process
Pressure swing adsorption process for co-producing nitrogen and oxygen
Oxygen enhanced CDA modification to a CDO integrated scrubber
Rotating drum adsorber process and system
Rotor and sealing device for rotary adsorber
Monofunctional ether heat and mass transfer additives for aqueous absorption fluids
Alkaline sorbent injection for mercury control
Selective removing method of carbon monoxide
Catalyst compositions employing sol gel particles and methods of using the same
Method and apparatus for rejuvenating polishing slurry
Process of manufacturing equipment for preparing acetals and ketals
Methods for producing or purifying onium hydroxides by means of electrodialysis
Process for producing an amino acid-N, N-diacetic acid and its salts
Ceramic membrane
Concentrated polyol composition
Low dielectric constant porous materials having improved mechanical strength
Encapsulation of discrete quanta of fluorescent particles
Apparatus for pre-determined mass sorting of positional-encoded solid phase synthesis supports
Substrates and inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes
Hydrogen storage composition and method
Ozone storage/recovery system
Porous hybrid particles with organic groups removed from the surface
Catalyst comprising a phyllosilicate containing boron and/or silicon, and a hydrocracking process
Method for preparing noble metal-supported zeolite catalyst for catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxide
Process for preparing nanosize metal oxide powders
Control of solid catalyst alkylation process using raman spectroscopy
Multilayered ceramic micro-gas chromatograph and method for making the same
Multi-temperature modular reactor and method of using same
Thin-well microplate and methods of making same
Jet pump treatment of heavy oil production sand
Method and arrangement for purifying the intake air of a gas turbine
Automatic condensed oil remover
Integrated paint quality control system
Device for the automatic regulation of the quantity of adhesive deposited in flexible film rolling machines
Developing apparatus with a porous film nozzle
Flow controller
Corrosion resistant powder coated metal tube and process for making the same
Method of treating a substrate
Method for coating a substance on one side of a substrate using a single miniscus
Method for monitoring nitrogen processes
Metal substrate with a corrosion-resistant coating produced by means of plasma polymerization
Method for multi-layer varnishing with radiation hardenable coating agents
Terpene/co-solvent adhesive or paint coating composition for toy articles
Method and system for applying a coating to recessed and poorly accessible wood surfaces
Surface-treated steel sheet having lowered contact resistance and connecting terminal members made by using the same
Wafer cleaning module and method for cleaning the surface of a substrate
Methods for reducing contamination of semiconductor substrates
Method for cleaning deposits from the interior of pipes
Method and installation for the continuous production of hot-rolled, thin flat products
Structure of hemmed together metal plate materials
Thixocast casting material, process for preparing thixocasting semi-molten casting material, thixocast process, fe-based cast product, and process for thermally treating fe-based cast product
Molten metal handling vessel
Carbon/silicon carbide composite material
Method for manufacturing tungsten-based materials and articles by mechanical alloying
Nickel composite particle and production process therefor
Quenched thin ribbon of rare earth/iron/boron-based magnet alloy
Method for producing a tin-nickel alloy film
Method for fabricating improved mirror arrays for physical separation
Bump-forming method using two plates and electronic device
Welded structure made of low thermal expansion coefficient alloy and welding material therefore
Support structure and method of assembling same
Wood preservative additive composition
Method for pressure treating boards
Extruded fiber reinforced cement matrix composites and method of making same
Solid product manufactured from recycled domiciliary sweepings materials, a procedure for manufacturing said product, and a mobile equipment for recycling plastic
Manufacturing steel belted planks from scrap tires
Method for preparing artificial marble of wave/wood pattern
Method for producing a rubber glove
Method for embossing a foam article
Molded connector and method for manufacturing molded connector
Developer regulating member and method of molding the same
Removal of portions of cable tie while separating mold parts
Extrusion process for fabricating plastic optical fiber
Method of making a blown vessel provided with a mouth, an insert for being overmolded by blowing a parison, and a blown vessel including such an overmolded insert
Polyester heat-shrinkable tube for coating an electrolyte condenser
Method of fabricating integrated circuit pack trays using modules
Method for producing fibre-reinforced plastic components
Creping blade, system, and method for creping a cellulosic web
Rheology modification of polymers prepared using metallocenes
Clad aluminum alloy sheet for aircraft structural parts
Reduction of chip carrier flexing during thermal cycling
Cladding material and manufacturing method therefor
Process for producing a rubber-based double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
Adhesive transparent resin and a composite including the same
Composite fabric for vehicles
Ethylene vinyl acetate compositions and film and methods related thereto
Non-wax packaging film
Biaxially oriented polyester film, the use thereof, and process for the production thereof
Opaque polymeric films cavitated with syndiotactic polystyrene
Use of a structure based on poly(dimethylketene) and objects comprising this structure
Process and apparatus for cutting of discrete components of a multi-component workpiece and depositing them with registration on a moving web of material
Method for producing foamed-in-mold product of aromatic polyester based resin
Heat sensitive non-ablatable wasteless imaging element for providing a lithographic printing plate with a difference in dye density between the image and non image areas
Chemical resistant underlayer for positive-working printing plates
Ink jet head substrate, an ink jet head, an ink jet apparatus, and a method for manufacturing an ink jet recording head
Substrate bonding method, bonded product, ink jet head, and image forming apparatus
Image transfer method and image transfer apparatus having insertion table therefor
Paper coating for ink jet printing
Ink jet printing method
Print media products for generating high quality visual images and methods for producing the same
Recording medium and image formation employing the same
Surface treatment method, production method for ink jet recording medium, and ink jet recording medium
Method of providing a printed thermoplastic film having a radiation-cured overprint coating
Transfer material, surface-protective sheet, and process for producing molded article with these
Thin piece forming method
Methods and apparatuses for improved flow in performing fluidic self assembly
Surveillance tag applicator
Stopper of foamed thermoplastic synthetic material
Method of attaching a security device to a substrate
Chip scale surface-mountable packaging method for electronic and MEMS devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ozone generating apparatus and corona generating apparatus
Thermomembrane method and device
Reforming with intermediate reactant injection
Carbon nanotube devices
Ultra-stable lamellar mesoporous silica compositions and process for the prepration thereof
Process for treating bauxite in which a desilication product and an insoluble residure are separately precipitated
High discharge capacity electrolytic manganese dioxide and methods of producing the same
Conditioning system and method for reducing the oxygen content of water carried in a subsystem of an industrial plant
Production method of acid water and alkaline water
Mineral oxide liquid concentrates for water and wastewater treatment
Construction of a water treatment appliance
Method for regulating aeration during waste water biological treatment
Apparatus for purification of waste water and a "RFLR" device for performing the same
Method for inhibiting scale formation
Structure of a water purifier
Glass-ceramic plate and method for making same
Colloidal silica refractory system for an electric arc furnace
Glass-ceramic material for dental restoration and method for producing same
Method of making a capacitor anode of a pellet of niobium oxide
Mixed ionic conductor and device using the same
Fiber coating compounds for reinforced ceramic matrix composites
Use of comb-branched copolymers in gypsum compositions
Coating system to permit direct brazing of ceramics
Sintered diamond tool and method for manufacturing the same
Process for applying a decorative coating to a concrete surface
Polymeric cyclodextrin nitrate esters
Gas generant for air bag
Explosives comprising modified copolymers of polyisobutylene, vinyl esters and maleic anhydride as emulsifiers
Method for anchoring oligonucleotides to a substrate
Process for preparing pentafluoroethane
Sulfonium salt compound, photoresist composition and method for patterning by employing same
Process for the preparation of 1-Propyl-2, 4, 5-trimethoxybenzene from toxic .beta.-asarone of acorus calamus or from crude calamus oil containing .beta.-asarone
Thrombin inhibitors
Material for luminescence element and luminescence element using the same
Ligands for metabotropic glutamate receptors and inhibitors of NAALADase
Process for producing a lens by polymerizing bis(.beta.-epithiopropyl) ether
2-(purin-9-yl)-tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol derivatives
Dye precursor, image forming material, and image forming method
Isosorbide derivatives that can be used in detergent compositions for gasoline-type fuels
Azole derivatives or salts thereof
Complex of an element of transition group IV or V for forming an improved precursor combination
Dextrose in powder form and a process for the preparation thereof
Pyranoside derivatives
Aryl phosphate derivatives of d4T having anti-HIV activity
Nucleic acid mediated electron transfer
22s-hydroxycholesta-8, 14-diene derivatives with meiosis regulating activity
Variant varicella-zoster viruses and methods of use
Cancer control
Equine infectious anemia challenge model for testing vaccines, diagnostics and treatments
Fusion proteins, DNA molecules, vectors, and host cells useful for measuring protease activity
Glutaryl cephalosporin amidase from Pseudomonas diminuta BS-203
Evolution of whole cells and organisms by recursive sequence recombination
Nucleotide sequence of the Haemophilus influenzae Rd genome, fragments thereof, and uses thereof
Porphyromonas gingivalis antigens for the diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis
Peptide inhibitors of inflammation mediated by selectins
Receptor activator of NF-.kappa.B
Neuropeptide Y-Y5 receptor
Therapeutic compounds
DNA markers for assessing seed purity and method of using DNA sequences for assessing seed purity
Screening methods for identifying modulators of proliferation and differentiation of bone cells
Methods of administering antibodies that specifically bind ACT-4-L-h-1 ligand
Method for treating cystic fibrosis
Compositions and methods for diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Dominant negative mutants of IRS-1 and uses thereof
Myeloid cell leukemia associated gene MCL-1
Immunological agents specific for prion protein (PRP)
Polynucleotides encoding proteins mediating switch recombination
Inhibition of .beta.arrestin mediated effects prolongs and potentiates opioid receptor-mediated analgesia
Suppressor of HIV replication and transcription
Methods for identifying compounds for treatment of cell proliferative disorders associated with adaptor protein interactions
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
DNA encoding human interleukin-11 receptor
Method for typing of HLA alleles
Members of the D52 Gene family
Inhibition of viral infection using antigen-binding proteins
NG2/HM proteoglycan-binding peptides that home to angiogenic vasculature and related methods
Sustained-release preparation
Lyocell fiber from sawdust pulp
Process of making cellulose formate fibers of liquid crystal origin
Synthetic polysaccharides, their method of production and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Process for preparing soft, elastic polyurethane
No-flow flux adhesive compositions
Process for producing aromatic liquid crystalline polyester and film thereof
Coating composition
Aqueous treatment agent for wiping paper
Process for producing an adhesive-treated polyester fiber cord
Production process of rubber plugs
Derivatized polystyrene and other polymer supports for spectroscopic studies
Epoxy-, melamine- and isocyanate cured oxygen scavenging compositions and methods of preparing the same
Multilayer material for plain bearing and method of making same
Liquid crystalline filter dyes for imaging elements
Highly flexible starch-based films
Metal complex for ink jet ink
Oil-based ink for ink-jet recording
Fine colored particles and ink jet ink
Emulsion inks
Infrared cutoff film
Polishing slurries for copper and associated materials
Low temperature-curable connecting material for anisotropically electroconductive connection
Elastomer adhesive for condensing furnace heat exchanger laminate material
Phosphor for vacuum ultraviolet ray-exciting light-emitting element
Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing
Composition and method for planarizing surfaces
Proppants with fiber reinforced resin coatings
Cracking furance having radiant heating tubes the inlet and outlet legs of which are paired within the firebox
Method for utilizing an electro-rheological or magneto-rheological substance in mechanical components
Method of manufacturing a detergent with soluble builder
Liquid detergent compositions comprising polymeric suds enhancers
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor and wrinkle control
Use and preparation of primary amines to improve oily soil detergency of cleaning compositions
Cleaning chemical composition comprising an amine oxide, alkanolamine, and organic solvent
Liquid detergent compositions comprising block polymeric suds enhancers
.alpha.-amylase mutants
Proteases from gram positive organisms
Process of treating fabrics with a laundry additive
System-granulates comprising a hydrophobic organic active substance encapsulated in an alkali-water soluble solid organic polymer
Polymer support for DNA immobilization
Method for enrichment of natural antisense messenger RNA
Non RCR leuconostoc plasmid capable of being transferred into lactic acid bacteria, use as cloning and expressing tool
Mammalian cell culture process for producing glycoproteins
Bone marrow cells as a source of neurons for brain and spinal cord repair
Engraftable human neural stem cells
Method of producing infectious reovirus
Attenuated dengue-3 virus vaccine
Thyroid peroxidase epitopic regions
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Protein phosphatase methylesterase
Method of producing activated lipase
Human lysozyme gene, its encoded polypeptide and the method for preparing them
Paclitaxel production by actinomycetes
Method for the production of sialylated oligosaccharides
Process for the preparation of derivatives of ruscus aculeatus steroid glycosides
Candida magnoliae producing mannitol and fermentation method for producing mannitol
Protein activity screening of clones having DNA from uncultivated microorganisms
Methods for identifying a protease inhibitor
Methods for detecting human methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase allelic variants
Shot-gun sequencing and amplification without cloning
Methods for detection of a target nucleic acid sequence
Methods, kits and compositions pertaining to PNA molecular beacons
Nucleic acid sequencing using an optically labeled pore
Reagents and methods for detection of heart failure
Methods for identification and isolation of specific nucleotide sequences in cDNA and genomic DNA
Method for the simultaneous monitoring of individual mutants in mixed populations
Biallelic markers related to genes involved in drug metabolism
Hydrogen annealing process and apparatus therefor
Steel wire and method of manufacturing the same
Operation method of furnace equipment for magnesium alloys
Ductile medium-and high-density, non-toxic shot and other articles and method for producing the same
Iron-based alloy containing bonded and free carbon and method of manufacturing the same
Silicon steel sheet and method for producing the same
Process for creating structured porosity in thermal barrier coating
Optical transparent film and sputtering target for forming optical transparent film
Apparatus and method for deposition of thin films
Disk carrier
Method and apparatus for observing porous amorphous film, and method and apparatus for forming the same
Tool with a molybdenum sulfide containing coating and method for its production
Atomic layer deposition of cobalt from cobalt metallorganic compounds
Hard carbon thin film and method of forming the same
Temperature controlled gas feedthrough
Plasma process apparatus
Double acting cold trap
Lid cooling mechanism and method for optimized deposition of low-k dielectric using tri methylsilane-ozone based processes
Silica-based optical device fabrication
Process for preparing a polycrystalline silicon thin film
Post-treatment for metal coated substrates
Composition and method for metal coloring process
Article with a protective coating system including an improved anchoring layer and method of manufacturing the same
High temperature resistant article with improved protective coating bonding and method of manufacturing same
Method of producing copper foil with an anode having multiple coating layers
Bifurcated electrode of use in electrolytic cells
Cathode for electrolyzing aqueous solutions
Electrochemical cell stacks
Zinc coated steel plates coated with a pre-lubricating hydroxysulphate layer and methods for obtaining same
Copper electroplating apparatus
Method for electrolytic deposition of copper
Silver alloy plating bath and method of forming a silver alloy film by means of the same
Method of electroplating a copper-zinc alloy thin film on a copper surface using a chemical solution
Process for electroplating pins of an integrated circuit package
Contact assemblies, methods for making contact assemblies, and plating machines with contact assemblies for plating microelectronic workpieces
Electroplating reactor including back-side electrical contact apparatus
Process for producing a planar body of an oxide single crystal
Apparatus for growing a single crystalline ingot
Semiconductor crystal growing apparatus and crystal growing method
P-type ZnO single crystal and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for growing a gallium nitride boule
Growth method of gallium nitride film
Method for contact diffusion of impurities into diamond and other crystalline structures and products
Method for changing surface termination of a perovskite oxide substrate surface
Method for producing nitride monocrystals
Textiles; Paper
Acrylic synthetic fiber, use thereof, and process for producing acrylic synthetic fiber
Method for the production of hydrolysis stabilized polyester monofilaments and use thereof
Process for producing regenerated cellulosic fibers
Process of making a tubular dental hygiene device
Process for producing yarn having reduced heatset shrinkage
Process of making carbon fiber with sharp ends
Carbon fiber material and electrode materials for batteries
Milled carbon fiber and process for producing the same
Durable press/wrinkle-free process
Garment dyeing
Proteins for use as pitch and stickies control agents in pulp and papermaking processes
Pressing section for a paper machine
Method of enhancing brightness and brightness stability of paper made with mechanical pulp
Fixed Constructions
Tiled road surface
Method for making stabilized artificial turf
Insulated assembly incorporating a thermoplastic barrier member
Method and apparatus for making a cellular structure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Soot filter for diesel exhaust
Fuel control device
Phase change cooling of brake components
Self-lubricating piston ring material for internal combustion engine and piston ring
Multilayer plastic pipe having a segmented barrier layer
Method of manufacturing pressure microsensors
Process for producing membrane for capacitive vacuum measuring cell
Pressure transducer with composite diaphragm
Device for handling liquids for analytical purposes
Processing technology for LCM samples
Method of and device for detecting micro-scratches
Scatter controlled emission for optical taggants and chemical sensors
Semiconductor inspection system, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Measuring transformer for detecting hydrocarbons in gases
Microfabricated array of iridium microdisks
Heater-equipped air-fuel ratio sensor
Gas sensor and nitrogen oxide sensor
DNA sample preparation and electrophoresis analysis apparatus
Apparatus for monitoring a hydrogen containing gas stream
Fuel cell concentration sensor
Analytical method and apparatus
Opposable-element chromatographic assay device for detection of analytes in whole blood samples
Method of managing the chemotherapy of patients who are HIV positive based on the phenotypic drug sensitivity of human HIV strains
Method of testing adequacy of cells in a specimen
Determining the transforming capability of agents
Bidirectional lateral flow test strip and method
Activated inorganic slide having aldehyde groups deposited by plasma deposition
Receptor-based assays for pathogens
Method for the visual detection of specific antibodies in human serum by the use of lateral flow assays
Immunogenic polypeptides that mimic a surface polysaccharide antigen of a pathogenic microorganism, method for obtaining the same, and their use in vaccine compositions
Methods for quality control of prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) assays using coagulation controls
Use of conductive adhesive to form temporary electrical connections for use in TCA (temporary chip attach) applications
Method for fabrication of a silicon photosensor array on a wafer and testing the same
Antireflection coating
Method of forming a sion antireflection film which is noncontaminating with respect to deep-uv photoresists
Method and apparatus for analyzing three-dimensional internal structure
Method for producing gradient index refraction index profiles in polymer optical fibers
Method of forming a grating in a waveguide
Method of imparting birefringence in a III-V compound semiconductor
Film/screen system and image-forming system for use in direct X-ray applications
Photothermographic material and method for making
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Color photographic element comprising a multifunctional infrared-dye-forming coupler
Concentrated photographic fixer additive and fixing compositions and method of photographic processing
Substrate for diamond stencil mask and method for forming
Pattern forming method
Chemical amplification type negative-working resist composition for electron beams or X-rays
Photosensitive resin composition, multilayer printed wiring board and process for production thereof
Method of fabricating circuitized structures
Pattern formation method
Positive photoresist composition
Method for enhancing anti-reflective coatings used in photolithography of electronic devices
Methods for making patterns in radiation sensitive polymers
Electrically programmable photolithography mask
Dynamic alignment scheme for a photolithography system
Method for identifying and controlling impact of ambient conditions on photolithography processes
Antihalation compositions
Phase shift mask and fabrication method thereof
Enhancing adhesion of organic electrostatographic imaging member overcoat and anticurl backing layers
Toner for developing electrostatic images and image forming method
Electrophotogaphic color toner, electrophotographic developer, and image-forming process
Flash fixing toner and fabrication method therefor
Magenta-colored toner particles for electrostatographic imaging
Method and system for undoing multiple editing operations
Foam transfer method for making formed laminate
Perpendicular-magnetic recording media and magnetic recording apparatus
Optical information medium
Method of producing an optical video disc
II-VI compounds as a medium for optical data storage through fast persistent high density spectral holeburning
Magnetic powder and isotropic bonded magnet
Rare earth magnet and method for making same
Rare-earth bonded magnet, rare-earth bonded magnet composition, and method of manufacturing the rare-earth bonded magnet
Magnetic garnet material and magnetooptical device using the same
Magnetorheological polymer gels
Powder for dust cores and dust core
Method and apparatus for low voltage plasma doping using dual pulses
Vacuum treatment system
Plasma processing
Plasma processing apparatus
Configurable plasma volume etch chamber
Stacked RF excitation coil for inductive plasma processor
Method and apparatus for desorption and ionization of analytes
Substrate processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing substrate surface with striped ridge patterns
Method for fabricating semiconductor memory device having a capacitor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Controlled cleavage process and device for patterned films
Method of making a semiconductor package by dicing a wafer from the backside surface thereof
Substrate planarization with a chemical mechanical polishing stop layer
Method and system for reducing polymer build up during plasma etch of an intermetal dielectric
Method for forming silicide
Methods of etching insulative materials, of forming electrical devices, and of forming capacitors
Two-stage self-cleaning silicon etch process
Dual salicidation process
Metal patterned structure for SiN surface adhesion enhancement
Polymer and ceramic composite electronic substrates
Process line for underfilling a controlled collapse
Molding apparatus for use in manufacture of resin shielding semiconductor device
Method for mounting electronic components and apparatus and dispenser used in the method
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Integrated package and methods for making same
Method for manufacturing a trench capacitor
Method to modify 1T-RAM by extra resist protect oxide (RPO) blocking
Method for fabricating a capacitor
Methods of preventing reduction of irox during PZT formation by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition or other processing
Thinning of trench and line or contact spacing by use of dual layer photoresist
Method of forming a metal line in a semiconductor device
Interconnect structure formed in porous dielectric material with minimized degradation and electromigration
Semiconductor device and method of making utilizing hemispherical grain silicon technology
Methods for forming wiring line structures in semiconductor devices
Integrated circuit interconnect and method
H2-or H2/N2-plasma treatment to prevent organic ILD degradation
Semiconductor device and method of its fabrication
Layer structure having contact hole and method of producing same
Method for bumped die and wire bonded board-on-chip package
Monolithically-fabricated compliant wafer-level package with wafer level reliability and functionality testability
Semiconductor device its manufacturing method and electronic device
Process for producing electrical-connections on a semiconductor package, and semiconductor package
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Bipolar transistor compatible with CMOS utilizing tilted ion implanted base
Enhancement mode RF device and fabrication method
Laser annealing method and laser annealing device
SOI substrate and process for preparing the same, and semiconductor device and process for preparing the same
Semiconductor thin film, method of producing the same, apparatus for producing the same, semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor substrate and method for preparing the same
Sidewall spacer definition of gates
Transistor and method of making the same
Metal gate with CVD amorphous silicon layer for CMOS devices and method of making with a replacement gate process
Method for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit drive using an oxygen and hydrogen catalyst
Method of forming silicide
Fabrication of notched gates by passivating partially etched gate sidewalls and then using an isotropic etch
MOSFET transistor with short channel effect compensated by the gate material
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Fabrication process of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Staggered in-situ deposition and etching of a dielectric layer for HDP-CVD
Method of forming silicon containing thin films by atomic layer deposition utilizing Si2C16 and NH3
Methods to form electronic devices and methods to form a material over a semiconductive substrate
Method of forming silicon nitride layer directly on HSG polysilicon
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Electrical method for assessing yield-limiting asperities in silicon-on-insulator wafers
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Process for fabricating a non-volatile memory device
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method for fabricating polycide dual gate in semiconductor device
Fabrication methods of vertical metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor for advanced embedded DRAM applications
Self-aligned active array along the length direction to form un-biased buried strap formation for sub-150 NM BEST DRAM devices
Simultaneous formation of deep trench capacitor and resistor
Semiconductor device having protruding electrodes higher than a sealed portion
Protection of tungsten alignment mark for FeRAM processing
Liner materials
Method for fabricating semiconductor device, and semiconductor device, having storage node contact flugs
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Depositing an adhesion skin layer and a conformal seed layer to fill an interconnect opening
Method of forming dual damascene structure
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming a silicon oxide layer using pulsed nitrogen plasma implantation
Dicing configuration for separating a semiconductor component from a semiconductor wafer
Chip stack-type semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
Manufacturing method for making a microwave semiconductor device with improved heat discharge and electric properties
Method for fabricating a metal plated spring structure
Process of fabricating an integrated circuit
Electro static discharge protection n-well ballast resistor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same, and electronic device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and ultrathin semiconductor device
Solid state imaging apparatus, method of manufacturing the same and video system using such solid state imaging apparatus
Method for forming dielectric stack without interfacial layer
Manufacture of semiconductor capacitively-coupled NDR device for applications such as high-density high-speed memories and power switches
Method of manufacturing array substrate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Sacrificial spacer layer method for fabricating field effect transistor (FET) device
Layered dielectric on silicon carbide semiconductor structures
Method for fabricating a trench MOS power transistor
Method of fabricating compound semiconductor device and apparatus for fabricating compound semiconductor device
Method for stabilizing temperature of an optoelectronic module
Magnetoresistive device and method for producing the same, and magnetic component
Organic EL element for multi-color emission
Electrochemical cell having an electrode with a nitrite additive in the electrode active mixture
Lithium secondary battery comprising individual cells with one another, as well as watches, computers and communication equipment provided with a battery
Electric accumulator battery
Fuel cell stack having bent section flow passage grooves
Safety vent device used in a battery module
Non-woven fabric separator for sealed electrolytic cells
Anodes for rechargeable lithium batteries
Anode degassing process
Method of making lithium-containing materials
Lithium battery
Storage battery
Graphite article useful as an electrode for an electrochemical fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell, electrode for it and method for producing it
Electrode for fuel cell and process for producing the same
Fuel cell membrane hydration and fluid metering
Bipolar plate with porous wall for a fuel cell stack
Residual fuel dissipation for a fuel cell stack
Freeze tolerant fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell system
Process of producing semiconductor layer structure
Method for reducing warpage during application and curing of encapsulant materials on a printed circuit board
Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring boards
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