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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant container having an elongated member for attachment within the ground and method for use thereof
Porous article for training animals for urination and defecation
Method of cleaning animal cages
System for adjusting the length of a garment
Reel based closure system
Jewelry coupling and jewelry article and method of making
Volumizer attachment and device for forming hair with such attachment
Makeup case with drawer
Applicator for making up the eyelashes and/or the eyebrows, the applicator including a furrow
Cosmetic product applicator with multiple typically oriented elements
Vacuum mount type support device
Paint brush with reinforced ferrule construction
Connecting device for furniture
Adjustable tray
Handle for a portable table
Foldable bed frame
Safety straw and method of use thereof
Dressing aid
Machine for filtered coffee with shutter opening
Dispensing utensil
Shower bathing apparatus
Apparatus and method for surgical fastening
Capsule endoscope
Custom instant flossing appliance
Applicator for a hair treatment composition
Optional telemetry antenna for implantable medical devices
Sensing techniques for implantable medical devices
Percutaneous Surgical lead body
Passive fixation mechanism for epicardial sensing and stimulation lead placed through pericardial access
Cardiac response classification using multiple classification windows
Self-adapting defibrillator induction feature
Face mask support
Apparatus to mitigate the spread of infectious material caused by coughing or sneezing
Facemask with filtering closure
Holder for flexible wall containers
Powered snowboard
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for real time determination of the mass of particles in a particle filter of a motor vehicle
Method, system and apparatus for the deagglomeration and/or disaggregation of clustered materials
New-type thin shredder blade having blade points without steps, blade sets and manufacturing method thereof
Redundant tire and rubber compound reprocessing
Round cotton module opener
New-type thin shredder blade having blade points without steps, blade sets and manufacturing method thereof
Platform for a portable vacuum and shredder apparatus
Gyratory cone crusher with skewed non-co-planar conehead and main crusher centerlines
Method and apparatus for cleaning spin coater
Stencil stretcher frame having a protective device for holding a printing stencil
Dynamically adaptive trommel screen system
Method for batching items
Compact roll grooving apparatus with adjustable mounting and extended backup roller shaft
Spinning method of a work piece in a non-circular cylindrical shape and apparatus for the same
Device and method for operating in a water chamber of a heat exchanger
Manufacturing method for liquid discharge head substrate
Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head
Method for manufacturing a substrate for a liquid ejection element
Reconfigurable pallet
Method of forming a hollow sand core
Method of forming casting with frictional damping insert
Method and apparatus for removing core material
Method of making a control arm
Bonding apparatus and bonding method
High pressure tank and method thereof
Bulge forming method and bulge forming apparatus
Method to repair pitch control components
Cartridge adjustment tool for a slotting cutter
Jewelry tool
Torsion tool
Power tool guard
Nail gun with a nail guiding unit
Manipulator with distributed actuation mechanism
Transport device for a finger jointing system
Wood splitter
Device for loading containers on a transporting element provided with means for ejecting incorrectly loaded containers
One-piece inner shell for full barrel composite fuselage
Web conveyance method and apparatus of tandem printing system
Transmission system for tire state quantities
Tire for heavy vehicles
Wheel arrangement for a four-wheeled vehicle
Cooling system in a motor vehicle
Power divider for motor vehicles comprising a controlled friction coupling
Method for operating a hybrid electric powertrain based on predictive effects upon an electrical energy storage device
Power output apparatus and hybrid vehicle
Hybrid drive for vehicles and method for controlling a transmission for a hybrid drive
Disk brake
System and method of differentiating rotational speed and torque between wheels of a hybrid vehicle
Vehicle drive system and vehicle equipped with it
Electric power steering device
Compressed natural gas barge
Tandem powered power tilting tilt rotor aircraft
Inverted airfoil pylon for an aircraft
Plastic bottle with a gripping portion
Anti-twist device for a container
Plastic food container with leveraged, conical, area seal
Container closure assembly with internal neck thread
Removable lid for use with a toner container
Child-resistant package
Wet well apparatus with base form and installation method regarding same
Automated article dispensation mechanism
Cable coiling apparatus
Elevator system
Arrangement for pouring free-flowing media from a container
Dispenser, in particular, metering dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Recycled glass items and method of making
Process and plant for producing a refuse derived solid fuel
Hide folding system and method
High velocity method for depositing diamond films from a gaseous phase in SHF discharge plasma and a plasma reactor for carrying out said method
Textiles; Paper
Flexible wire for removing scale in pipe
Fixed Constructions
Trackway and method for manufacturing a trackway
Seabed organic material relocating
Lightweight metal joint for concrete surfaces
Convection baffle for hollow blocks
Sound absorbing structure built into luggage compartment of vehicle
Low mass acoustically enhanced floor carpet system
Structure used as greenhouse roof frame, greenhouse roof frame, greenhouse framework, greenhouse, and greenhouse framework building method
Building construction element
Sound-insulating partition wall and assembly method for such a partition wall
Multi-piece plug assembly for a cylinder lock
Broadcast-receiving automatic window covering
Furniture hinge deceleration device and furniture hinge having said deceleration device
Storm shutter fastener and quick release system for emergency egress
Combined sealing system and seal activation system for door/window
Operating wand for venetian blinds
Means of preventing marine fouling of subsea connectors
Intelligent well system and method
Apparatus and method for providing fluid and projectiles to downhole tubulars
Method and device for the in-situ extraction of a hydrocarbon-containing substance from an underground deposit
Downhole combustion unit and process for TECF injection into carbonaceous permeable zones
Proppant for use in a subterranean formation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Driving device
Method and apparatus for managing combustion mode transitions in an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for exhaust aftertreatment in an internal combustion engine
Technique for production of ammonia on demand in a three way catalyst for a passive selective catalytic reduction system
Exhaust device for a diesel engine
Split-cycle engine with early crossover compression valve opening
Combustion chamber wall, gas turbine installation and process for starting or shutting down a gas turbine installation
Cooling passage partition for an internal combustion engine
Canted outlet for transition in a gas turbine engine
Diagnostic systems and methods for a pressure sensor during driving conditions
Diagnostic systems and methods for a pressure sensor during idle conditions
Integrated fuel injector igniters having force generating assemblies for injecting and igniting fuel and associated methods of use and manufacture
Apparatus and method for engine head
Flow compensated restrictive orifice for overrunning load protection
Automatic parking brake
Method and device for actuating a parking brake
Method and device for controlling a movement of a movable machine element of a machine tool or production machine
Actuator arrangement for active vibration isolation comprising an inertial reference mass
Offset compound gear inline two-speed drive
Pneumatic regulator unit and method of use
Energy re-claimer
Solar light collector assembly having a clamp arrangement for attaching a mirror to a frame truss
Weighing type ice vending machine
Heat pump defrost system
Bent coil for ducted unit
Method of controlling gas valve of dryer
Post-supported covers for food trays
Thermal energy storage materials
Multi-channel flat-tube heat exchanger
Foam dart gun
Firearm with underarm gun stock
System for water-based launch of an unmanned aerial vehicle
System and method for electronically discriminating a target
Methods for filtering and providing traffic information
Transducer matrix film
Pressure sensor
Gage for measuring mini-strip displacement for determining intensity
Serial to parallel conversion circuit having a shift clock frequency lower than a data transfer frequency
Apparatus and method for cleaning residual toner with a scraper blade periodically held in contact with a toner transfer surface
Multi-modal device power/mode management
Protective device and method for installation of a protective function in a protective device
Water control fixture having bypass valve
Power control system for synchronous memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, an electronic apparatus including the device, and a power consumption reduction method
Clock-signal generation device, communication device, and semiconductor device
Power management over switching fabrics
Consumer network diagnostic agent
Banking render cache for multiple access
Method and apparatus for file management
Controlling updates of electronic files
System on a chip for caching of data packets based on a cache miss/hit and a state of a control signal
Apparatus, method, system and executable module for configuration and operation of adaptive integrated circuitry having fixed, application specific computational elements
Method for flagging and relating information in a computer system
Optical disc drive having a control board and driving unit in separate locations
Mail server probability spam filter
System and method for reserving a virtual connection in an IP network
Method and apparatus for packet segmentation, enqueuing and queue servicing for multiple network processor architecture
Quality of service definition for data streams
Remote health monitoring apparatus using scripted communications
Automated appliance registration
Using tables to learn trees
System and method for managing database files in a client management tool
Produce identification and pricing system for checkouts
Unilingual translator
Method and system for supporting symbolic serendipity
Image authentication apparatus, image authentication method, and image authentication program
Translating mates in geometric models into joint blocks in block diagram models
Method of generating cell library data for large scale integrated circuits
Delay analysis device, delay analysis method, and computer product
Method for identifying a physical failure location on an integrated circuit
Method for on-chip signal integrity and noise verification using frequency dependent RLC extraction and modeling techniques
Multi-level controller system
Method for detecting steady-state and transient air flow conditions for cam-phased engines
Data distribution system
Controlling flow of data between data processing systems via a memory
Method for processing consistent data sets
Systems and methods for creating and displaying a user interface for displaying hierarchical data
Method and apparatus for aligning operands for a processor
System and method for managing native application data
Method for visualizing information in a data warehousing environment
Pluggable notations and semantics for visual modeling elements
Method of installing software, and storage medium
Methods and apparatus for selecting a server to process a request
Mutual exclusion lock implementation for a computer network
System, method, and apparatus of a customer interface device
Intelligent agents for electronic commerce
Multi-picture online commerce feature
Dynamically interacting with an internet service using a client-specified communication proxy and protocol
Method and a computer network server for facilitating sale of an object
Monitoring apparatus
Method and apparatus for lifestyle risk evaluation and insurability determination
Method and apparatus for generating error correction data, and a computer-readable recording medium recording an error correction data generating program thereon
Speed-monitoring radar-activated brake light
Handheld illuminated warning sign
Handwriting and voice input with automatic correction
Ranking parser for a natural language processing system
Multi-source phoneme classification for noise-robust automatic speech recognition
Method and apparatus to perform speech reference enrollment based on input speech characteristics
Automatic voice and data recognition for implanted medical device instrument systems
Disc holder for discs having an interior hole, and method of using the disc holder
Method for providing a structure in magnetic recording transducer
Apparatus and method to switch a FIFO between strobe sources
Method of manufacturing probe with printed tip
Apparatus and method for memory with bit swapping on the fly and testing
Fast parallel calculation of cyclic redundancy checks
Technique for collecting data from vehicles for analysis thereof
Apparatus and method for DC offset compensation in a direct conversion receiver
Holder for a clamshell-type mobile phone
System comprising a plurality of devices that can be addressed by radio frequency, and method for addressing by activation of a transparent mode
Radio-frequency tuner with differential converter
Communication system
Retraining derived clock receivers
Method and token for authenticating a control point
Secure method for roaming keys and certificates
Method and system for server support for pluggable authorization systems
Method for the selection, transmission and playback of pieces of music by subscribers a digital mobile communication network
Block-based encoding and decoding information transference system and method
Wireless portable information storage and retrieval device
Single number reachability using cellular and desktop telephones
Methods and apparatus for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
Method of forwarding an SMS message in a mobile communication system
Dual mode terminal for accessing a cellular network directly or via a wireless intranet
Methods for determining the approximate location of a device from ambient signals
Information delivering method, information delivering device, information delivery program, and computer-readable recording medium containing the information delivery program recorded thereon
System and method for mobile switching center initiated service negotiation
Method for manufacturing quartz crystal unit, quartz crystal oscillator and electronic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Zipper pull
Belt buckle
Electric driver drill
Discharge spout assembly for gravity bin
Handle grip
Warming drawer front panel
Can opener
Tray holder
Ice cream scoop
Cordless reciprocating saw
Cordless reciprocating saw
Pocket knife
Tool for inserting ring travelers
Windshield repair apparatus
Truck/cab window cleaning apparatus
Head portion of a ratchet wrench
Prying tool for removing lids from large paint containers
Paint can
Beverage container
Bottle including cap
Bottle with cup
Container for salad dressing or the like
Container for liquids
Snack food container
Snack food container
Snack food container
Snack food container
Shrimp cocktail container
Bowl for instant noodles
Combined box with baby
Snack food container
Dispensing lid
Can end
Ornamental lid structure
Trash container
Wristworn timepiece
Watch with rectangular face and beveled glass
Casing for a watch
Casing for a watch
Watch setting
Portion of a watch housing
Tape measure housing
Steel worker's tape measure with magnetic tip
Flow meter end fitting with integral tube connector-version 4
Computer panel for an automobile
Combined navel ring and logo portion
Combined navel ring and logo portion
Combined navel ring and logo portion
Combined navel ring and logo portion
Transparent windshield wiper display
Underwater motive device
Body design for a racing cart
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy, and miscellaneous consumer products incorporating the design
Pair of motorcycle fender struts
Circular wing flying saucer
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire for automobile
Tire tread
Tire tread
Automobile front bumper
Vehicle double cowl
Vehicle wheel
Steering wheel for motor vehicle
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Vehicle license plate frame having a pair of bumpers and vertical rods
Rear fender for a truck
Vehicle wheel
Magnetic ornament
Vehicle rear bumper
Front-end piece for a rectifier module for power supplies
Electric coupler for batteries
Electric coupler for batteries
Case for batteries
Charger for cellular phone battery
Electric connector
Electrical connector
High performance cooling device
Hybrid integrated circuit device
Speaker box
Digital audio disc player
Flip open headset
Digital audio disc player
Headset ear loop
Speaker housing
Portion of a speaker housing
Speaker housing
Audio system enclosure
Computer pointing device
Computer pointing device
Computer pointing device
Monitor for a computer
Multidirectional input apparatus
LCD display
Connector for computer
Rectangular computer keyboard
Alphanumeric input device
Wireless gamepad
Communication center
Communication hub
Control pod for a communications headset
Access point
Car holder for a handset
Communication device
Mobile phone holder
Key button arrangement for a handset
Multibeam antenna
Display area and key array for a handset
GPS receiver
Wireless communication apparatus
Television set with electric torch
Engine styling shroud
Coolant pump
Diaphram-type process pump for transferring various fluids by moving a diaphragm with compresed air
In line pump throat
Dash surface
Engagement arrangement of two connectable bodies
Track design
Walk in beverage cooler
Buffer with dual hand grip
Steam cleaner
Collection chamber for a vacuum cleaner
Dishwasher net retaining apparatus
Leaf blower
Apparatus for treating an item during travel of the item along a spiral trough
Wood-turning lathe
Crayon maker
Videoconferencing system with extensible microphone arrays and microphone grills
Developer supplying apparatus for a copy machine
Photosensitive drum unit
Electronic still camera
Digital camera stand
Control member for a digital camera
Swimming goggle
Eyeglasses with joining earpieces
Electronic percussion musical instrument
Clock with pen
Writing and drawing instrument
Writing instrument
Label for use on an outboard motor
Label with grips
Toy lamp
Simulation game machine
Soft toy couch
Character figurine lighting device for electronic game device
Radio remote control unit
Scooter board
Scooter board
Design craft kit construction component--serpentine worm form
Soft toy television
Golf ball
Golf club turf repair device
Optical positioning system
Golf club support
Detachable putting trainer
Baby float
Exercise device
Training weight
Golf ball
Golf ball
Gaming display device
Water pistol
Single faucet handle
Sling bow with rigid guide tubes and universal frame for propelling a conventional or fishing arrow
Broad head arrow head
Spray nozzle
Water pistol
Tank for water closet
Portable heater
Safety filter element for engine air cleaner
Ventilation rotor
Triple tooth implant substructure
Spine board
Analytical instrument
Medical vial
Tool for handling a specimen
Surgical kit for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy procedures
Surgical kit tray
Floor for bath apparatus
Medical article
Medical article
Adult unisex body harness
Hearing aid having a modular structure
H-mullion for a window
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Decorative baluster
Support post cover
Two tier gazebo
Burial columbarium
Portable lighting fixture with moveable arm
Motion lamp
Compact fluorescent reflector lamp
Motorcycle light
Spiral facetted crystal lamp
Taillight assembly
Navigation light
Rotatable night light
Energy saving light
Oval decorative vehicle lighting reflector with stepped reflective surface
Lamp for a vehicle
Support frame of a table lamp
Vehicle tail light lens
Cosmetic product
Replaceable applicator portion for a liquid and lotion applicator
Massage pad
Inflatable foot exerciser
Tint bowl
Electric shaver
Nail file device
Protective helmet
Respirator facemask assembly
Golf glove
Helmet chin cover
Pet kennel
Pet dish
Oblong harness square
Observational mailbox window
Coin bank
Human Necessities
Adjustable anchor wing for an agricultural bagging machine
Low profile pruning tool
Dahlia plant named `Karma Corona`
Citrus tree named `Shani`
Geranium plant named `Balgalfroe`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfiedeor`
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `SATIN PILLOW`
Dahlia plant named `Carolina Burgundy`
Poinsettia plant named `Duepre`
Seashore Dropseed plant named `BT-1`
Petunia plant named `Duesurimrovein`
Poinsettia plant named `Red Fox 811`
Fern plant named `Crocodyllus`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfieplos`
Dahlia plant named `Carolina Orange`
Guzmania plant named `Esquire`
Hibiscus plant named `Old Yella`
Poinsettia plant named `Duerostar`
Alstroemeria plant named `Ossorio`
Begonia plant named `Bela`
Hibiscus plant named `Fireball`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balolestop`
Double impatiens plant named `Balolesal`
Begonia plant named `Betulia Light`
Phlox plant named `Red Feelings`
Kalanchoe plant named `Soul`
Antirrhinum plant named `Balumorew`
Begonia plant named `Binos`
Geranium plant named `Balgalbrio`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoursula`
Simple assembled slow baking oven device
Wet smoke mask
Rehabilitation and exercise system
Scooter glove
Glove with improved grip
Neckwear with safety feature
Tattooed tear wear
Tattooed tear wear
Waistband stay for clothing
Vinyl hat
Air circulation device
Disposable sandal
Showshoe with cam lock buckle
Seat belt device
Hook fasteners and methods of manufacture
Reclosable fastener with slider
Mounting device for commendation bars
Automatic hair washer
Cord clip
Brush having a plano-concave profile
Residential program deck
Hand-supported headrest pillow
Bassinet with mounting arrangement for play pen and cot
Basket bed for an infant
Carpet sample board spacers
Flat light panel thin mount illuminated picture frame
Padded raised flooring panels and coverings
Toilet lid position control
Bath scrubber
Wet mop with a rotatable handle
Blower tube for air-jet type cleaner
Vacuum cleaner actuated by reconfiguration of the vacuum cleaner
Handle for a vacuum cleaner
Method for transferring drilling energy to a cutting member and method of constructing a drilling energy transfer member
Apparatus for acquiring human finger manipulation data
Use of a-mode echography for monitoring the position of a patient during ultrasound therapy
Perforated release tape
Decorative visor assembly and securement assembly
Ambulance stretcher with improved height adjustment feature
Proning bed
Vessel for cremated remains
Container system for draining a urinary leg bag
Supine position assist apparatus for adjusting the position of a person on a bed
X-ray transparent hospital bed compatible with open geometry portable CT scanners
Preparation of agarose coated, solid agarose-collagen beads containing secretory cells
Golf shaft evaluator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas dryer
Head for dispensing a liquid product in the form of an aerosol and dispenser equipped with such a head
Positionable web cleaning buff assembly
Device for continuous production of foil expanded metal
Method for clamping a pipe with a hose or a pipe with the aid of a compression sleeve
Methods for automated peening of tenons connecting turbine buckets and cover plates
Feed head
Device for producing relative motion with two translational degrees of freedom
System for detecting linear dimensions of mechanical workpieces, with wireless signal transmission units
Wafer polishing and endpoint detection
Tool for installing seal ring
Device for separating cutting bits from holders
Scissors with minute recessed parts formed at blade tip and method of manufacturing the scissors
Detachable comb-and-sheers apparatus
Device for trimming and shaping a beard or moustache
Molded building panel and method of construction
Concrete structure
Method of manufacture of an ink jet printhead having a moving nozzle with an externally arranged actuator
Ink bottle
Stabilization of fluorescent dyes in vinyl chloride articles using hindered amine light stabilizers
Method of changing very large tires
Method for managing the operation of a seat and seat implementing this method
Retractable assist grip and mounting method thereof
Illuminated license plate holder
Wiper apparatus with twisting
Anisotropic magnetic powder and magnet thereof and method of producing same
Attachable electro-impulse de-icer
Flexible over the wing passenger loading bridge
Low thread force cable tie with locking device that pierces strap
Dispensing head
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Molecular genetic construction of vaccine strains of pasteurellaceae
Fixed Constructions
Portable and lightweight ramp structure
Snowplow mounting assembly
Method and apparatus for connecting a building panel to a foundation
Drain cleaner with a high pressure can
Passive dispenser fordosing and issuing a predetermined amount of dispensable liquid
Toilet mounted bidet
Suspended ceiling grid structure with main runners incorporating measurement indicia for establishing a border dimension for a engagement by a cross tee
High pressure downspout
Gutter cleaning system
Roof mount
Beach stairway
External wall construction
Flooring system
Interlocking tiles
Extruded composite interlocking corner assembly
Pool cover tracking system
Hinge auto-return device for a glass door
Enhanced performance tandem roller for patio doors
Replacement window installation and flashing system
Door frame guard
Trim strip for use around window and door openings and method of installing the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Coating for a fuel injector seat
Self-contained venting toilet
Fastener for a heat sink on a chip
Methods of using natural products as dewatering aids for fine particles
Firearm safety device
Mid-grip high-power pistol
Power storage unit charging system for firearm
Paint ball gun
Glint-resistant position determination system
High precision component alignment sensor system
Winged measuring tape
Adapter for checking the angular alignment of a roller which is to be precisely supported
Head for the linear dimension checking of mechanical pieces
Satellite spacecraft targeting device and method
Electronic level
Positioning of an optical device using a non-force-applying external agent
Developing device having regulating rotary member for regulating toner amount
Sign for illumination utilizing translucent layers
Manufacturing method of magneto-resistive effect type head
Method for burnishing hard disks
Angled flying lead wire bonding process
Method of producing double-sided circuit board
Method of assembling a snap lid image sensor package
Cutting and stripping tool
Rotor assembly
Method for applying localized pressure to turbine generator armature bars
Printed circuit board transferring apparatus of a surface mounter
Apparatus for resetting printed-wiring-board supporting device, and printed-wiring-board-relating-operation performing system
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
Design Only
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