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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods for treating skin conditions
Enhancement of plant growth
Process for producing aqueous solution of doripenem
Use of urokinase inhibitors for the treatment and/or prevention of neuropathological diseases
Methods and compositions for inhibition of multi-drug resistance by hyaluronan oligomers
Safety place mat
Absorbent article including absorbent core having a plurality of first regions and a second region surrounding each of the first regions
Sweat-absorbent sheet and disposable diaper having the same
Absorbent article
Nitric oxide-releasing diazeniumdiolated compounds
Weekly administration of dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Compositions and methods for increasing compliance with therapies using aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitors and treating alcoholism
Metallo-.beta.-lactamase inhibitors
Macrocyclic compounds which stabilize G-Quadruplex DNA and RNA
Heteroaryl substituted cyclohexyl-1,4-diamine compounds
Genipin derivatives and uses thereof
Combination of an HDAC inhibitor and an antimetabolite
Inhibitors of protein prenyltransferases
Aporphine derivatives and pharmaceutical use thereof
Pyrazolo[1,5-A]pyrimidine-carbonyl-piperazine derivatives
Imidazopyridine kinase inhibitors
Sulfonylethyl phosphorodiamidates
Antisense modulation of C-reactive protein expression
Fed batch culture methods for streptococci
Therapeutic peptides for the treatment of metastatic cancer
Method for restructuring a biological tissue comprising collagen fibrils and relative uses
Organic compounds
Modular patient support system
Dibenzo[b,f][1,4]oxazapine compounds
Heteroaryl urea derivatives useful for inhibiting CHK1
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalyst for reducing carbon monoxide concentration
Mineral composition capable of trapping hydrogen, preparation method and uses
Thermochromatic pigment covered article and method of making the same
Topographically selective oxidation
Synthesis of highly luminescent colloidal particles
Wire electric discharge machine with impedance switching
Control method of a temperature of a sample
Laser cutting apparatus and laser cutting method
Sports equipment with resonant core bodies and method for production thereof
Resin tank weld member
Method for producing a plastic membrane device and the thus obtained device
Window with anti-bacterial and/or anti-fungal feature and method of making same
Corrosion resistant spacer
Shielding, particulate reducing high vacuum components
Noise reduction layer for optical data storage media
Cellular confinement system
High strength polymerics
System for resealing open bags
Heat sink substrate and production method for the same
Print medium for inkjet web press printing
Candy product and method of making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
ZrO.sub.2-Al.sub.2O.sub.3 composite ceramic material and production method therefor
Glass composition, dielectric composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor embedded low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate using the same
Synthesis of quaternary salt compounds
Methods of inhibiting ethylene responses in plants using cyclopropene amine compounds
Functionalized amino acids and absorbable polymers therefrom
Process for preparing acylglycinates by means of direct oxidation
Compounds for treating proliferative disorders
Intermediate compounds and their use in preparation of lacosamide
Integrated biorefinery for production of liquid fuels
Process for synthesis of (3R,3'R)-zeaxanthin and (3R,3'S;meso)-zeaxanthin from (3R,3'R,6'R)-lutein via (3R)-3',4'-anhydrolutein
Processes for epimerizing cyclohexenyl ketones with subsequent aldol condensation to produce fragrance compounds
Removal of light fluoroalkanes from hydrocarbon streams
Cationic ceramides, and analogs thereof, and their use for preventing or treating cancer
Process for producing fused imidazole compound, reformatsky reagent in stable form, and process for producing the same
Processes for the preparation of alfuzosin
Antidepressant oral pharmaceutical compositions
P70 S6 kinase inhibitors
Method of producing organosilicon compound
Crystallization method for intermediates of carbapenem antibiotics
Methods for identifying inhibitors of botulinum neurotoxins
Pegylated human interferon polypeptides
Anti-perp antibody
Anti-PERP recombinant antibody
Antibodies against human tweak and uses thereof
.beta.-pinene polymer and process for producing the same
Adhesive with alkanoate blend
Compositions comprising polyphosphonates and additives that exhibit an advantageous combination of properties, and methods related thereto
Silane compounds carrying a hydrazone or diazo functional group in order to functionalize solid supports and immobilize biological molecules on these supports
Method for producing an aminohydroxybenzoic acid-type compound
Terminally modified polybranched polyimide, metal-plated terminally modified polybranched polyimide, and method for producing the same
Method of preparing a silicone resin
Soy-based rubber composition and methods of manufacture and use
Esterified fatty acids for PVC plasticization
Non-reactive additives for fiber coatings
Tissue scaffolding composites
Additive for viscoelastic fluid
Cleaning formulations for machine dishwashing comprising hydrophilically modified polycarboxylates
Fluid reservoir
Engineered microorganisms with enhanced fermentation activity
Method for producing biocomposite comprising collagen and polymer
mTOR inhibtors and mTOR signaling pathway inhibitors induce differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into the osteoblastic lineage
Transgenic cover plants containing hemicellulase and cellulase which degrade lignin and cellulose to fermentable sugars
Reduced RDM-1 gene expression in plants
Allelic discrimination analysis using an efficiency related value (EFR)
Antibody identifying an antigen-bound antibody and an antigen-unbound antibody, and method for preparing the same
Polyhydroxyalkanoate biopolymer compositions
Medium and method of deriving and using a mutated bacteria strain
Method for determining the viability of cells in cell cultures
Fluorescence energy transfer by competitive hybridization
Textiles; Paper
Non-woven material comprising polymer fibers using mixtures with amphiphilic block copolymers as well as their production and use
Stretchable nonwoven web and method therefor
Out-of-round coder
Method and apparatus for analyzing a hydrocarbon mixture using nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
Fluidic nanotubes and devices
Characterization of granulocytic ehrlichia and methods of use
Binding reagent system for homogeneous immunoassays for multiple allergens
Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, and correction method
Determining downhole fluid flow
Method of focus and automatic focusing apparatus and detecting module thereof
Method of making a planographic printing plate
Adjustable gloss document printing
Toner compositions
Polymer, charge control agent, and toner for developing electrostatic latent images
Toner particle having excellent charging characteristics, long term credibility and transferring property, method for producing the same and toner containing said toner particle
Modular tongue drum
Percussion instrument and electronic percussion instrument
Method and system for prefetching sound data in a sound processing system
Magnetic disk, method of manufacturing the magnetic disk and method of evaluating the magnetic disk
Switching element relying on nanogap electrodes
Press-button for electronic device
Keypad module of non-backlight panel and panel assembly of the same
Wind and temperature spectrometer with crossed small-deflection energy analyzer
Electric field separator device and process
Composite luminous vessels
Organic light emitting apparatus and method of producing the same
Photoelectric device, method of fabricating the same and packaging apparatus for the same
Method of fabricating photoelectric device of group III nitride semiconductor and structure thereof
Manufacturing method of micro-electro-mechanical device
Functionalized nitride nanomaterials for electrochemistry and biosensor applications
Semiconductor imaging instrument and manufacturing method thereof, and camera and manufacturing method thereof
Blocking contacts for N-type cadmium zinc telluride
Method of fabricating a capillary-flow underfill compositions
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Techniques for glass attachment in an image sensor package
Storage capacitor and method of manufacturing a storage capacitor
Method for fabrication of aligned nanowire structures in semiconductor materials for electronic, optoelectronic, photonic and plasmonic devices
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, semiconductor device and manufacturing method of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method for forming a vertical transistor having tensile layers
Method for N/P patterning in a gate last process
Method of forming a metal gate
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having electrode for external connection
Packaged device and method of manufacturing the same
Analysis method for semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Lock and key through-via method for wafer level 3D integration and structures produced
Integration methods for carbon films in two- and three-dimensional memories formed therefrom
Method for manufacturing display device
Semiconductor device
Direct contact leadless flip chip package for high current devices
In situ formed drain and source regions in a silicon/germanium containing transistor device
Circuit and methods to improve the operation of SOI devices
Display substrate, display device having the same and method of manufacturing the same
LED packaging structure
Thin film array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Photoelectric conversion device
Semiconductor device having multichannel transistor
Self-aligned replacement metal gate process for QWFET devices
Stacked organic light-emitting device and imaging apparatus and image display apparatus having the same
Iron sulfide semiconductor doped with Mg or Zn, junction devices and photoelectric converter comprising same
Trench metal oxide-semiconductor transistor and fabrication method thereof
Photoelectric conversion element, photoelectric conversion element assembly and photoelectric conversion module
Solid-state imaging device
Solar cell receiver for concentrated photovoltaic system for III-V semiconductor solar cell
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Optoelectronic component
Optoelectronic semiconductor component
Tubular fuel cell module and the sealing device thereof
Portable terminal having battery cover
Reactive polymer-carrying porous film and process for producing the same
Fuel cell system with fuel conversion reactor
Cable management system for moveable communication panels
Busbar assembly
Universal variable transmission line hanger
Photovoltaic devices fabricated from nanostructured template
Impingement/convection/microwave oven and method
Layered electronic circuit device
Flex-rigid wiring board and manufacturing method thereof
Multilayer wiring board
Multilayer wiring board and power supply structure to be embedded in multilayer wiring board
Printed wiring board and method for producing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Tableware magnifier
Analog controls housed with electronic displays for global positioning systems
Image generation system and program
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasound sensor
Recording medium cartridge with improved welding characteristics
Adjustment method of dot printing positions and a printing apparatus
Ink jet recording head, substrate for this head, manufacturing method of this substrate and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet printer having a ceramic piezoelectric transducer
Printer using thermal printhead
Image forming apparatus with writing electrodes having a substantially semi-circular resistant layer
Optical scanning lens, optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Heat development recording apparatus and heat development recording method
Ink jet recording apparatus provided with an improved cleaning mechanism
Halftone printing plates containing microscopic perforations and methods for producing same
Rail crossing video recorder and automated gate inspection
Curved float for marine divertors
Integrated micro-opto-electro-mechanical laser scanner
Direct acting vertical thermal actuator with controlled bending
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Refractive index grating manufacturing process
Methods for marking a sintered product and for fabricating magnetic head substrate
Optical filter
Circularly polarizing reflective material having super broad-band reflection and transmission characteristics and method of fabricating and using same in diverse applications
Liquid crystal display material, liquid crystal display method and liquid crystal display device
Electrochromic element
Silicon coating on air bearing surface for magnetic thin film heads
Coordinates input device, coordinates input method, a display board system
Method and apparatus for measuring vehicle wheel scrub radius
Fringe analysis error detection method and fringe analysis error correction method
Three-dimensional map navigation display device and device for creating data used therein
Distance measuring apparatus
Surveying instrument having an optical distance meter
Free-space diffraction measurement of a phase mask for fabrication of a waveguide Bragg grating
Particle-measuring system and particle-measuring method
Measuring the velocity of small moving objects such as cells
Method for determining ion concentration and energy of shallow junction implants
Fiber-amplifier cavity for cavity ring down spectroscopy
Analog detection for cavity lifetime spectroscopy
Aerosol fluorescence spectrum analyzer for rapid measurement of single airborne particles
Method and apparatus for depth profile analysis by laser induced plasma spectros copy
Vision system for identification of defects in wet polymeric coatings
Device and method for controlling the surface of an object
Method and apparatus for multidomain data analysis
3-D lead inspection
Automatic inspection apparatus and method for simultaneous detection of anomalies in a 3-dimensional translucent object
Method and system for safe mail transmission
Method and apparatus for determining a material of a detected item
Data message bit synchronization and local time correction methods and architectures
Method and arrangement for minimizing the autocorrelation error in the demodulation of a spread-spectrum signal subject to multipath propagation
Subsea positioning system and apparatus
System and method for target tracking and motion anyalysis
Seismic sensor array
Anti-reflection conducting coating
Method and apparatus for implementation of close-up imaging capability in a mobile imaging system
Zoom lens system
Operating microscope stand for X-Y displacement
Ceramic substrate for photonic switching system
System and method for canceling ringing in a MEMS device
High throughput optical switching system, device and method
Optical scanner
Compact optical apparatus for head up display
Display device for use in vehicle
Apparatus and method of capturing images from alternative media types
Opaque screen visualizer
Method and apparatus for eliminating steroscopic cross images
Polarization device
Laminated film for thin film mirrors
Irradiation device for polarized light for optical alignment of a liquid crystal cell element
Wire grid polarizer
Single-mode optical fiber floor long haul transmission
Optical circuit board
Transverse-longitudinal integrated resonator
V-groove dual fiber collimator for DWDM multiplexor/demultiplexor
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer with three waveguides
Symmetric wavelength selective switch for interconnecting two WDM rings
Method and apparatus for providing a uniform beam from a laser-light-source
Transceiver housing and ejection mechanism therefore
Cable guide for fiber termination block
Identification scheme for splittable ribbon products
Network cable with optical identification element
Photographic scanner with focus control
Variable chirp optical modulator having different length electrodes
Bi-directional polarization-independent optical isolator
Fiber optic isolator for use with multiple-wavelength optical signals
Channel equalizer with acousto-optic variable attenuators
Acousto-optic filter
Liquid crystal display, and method for transferring its signal, and liquid crystal panel
Transverse electric field system liquid crystal display device suitable for improving aperture ratio
Optical element, optical head and optical recording reproducing apparatus
Ruggedized hand held computer
Liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the same
Display device and electronic device using the same
Transflective liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device with TFTs on color filters, and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display with nonspecular reflectors
Brightness enhancement for bistable cholesteric displays
Extended lifetime frequency conversion crystals
Electronic projector with equal-length color component paths
Roller operated system with mounting assembly for multi-stage installation
Exposure apparatus and method
Image registration apparatus having an adjustable reflective diffraction grating and method
Laser wavelength control unit with piezoelectric driver
Alignment system and projection exposure apparatus
Process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Method and apparatus for providing certified time
Clock saver apparatus and methods
Haptic feedback gaming device with integral power supply
Method of processing print data using parallel raster image processing
Computer display device with dual lateral slide-out screens
Flexible monitor/display on mobile device
Appliances with multiple modes of operation
Mechanism for attaching accessory devices to handheld computers
Portable computer having secondary display
Method and apparatus for clearing obstructions from computer system cooling fans
Recording selected applet events of a user interaction sequence
Distribution of bank accesses in a multiple bank DRAM used as a data buffer
Interconnection between addressable elements of a microcomputer for active implantable medical devices
Input/output integrated circuit hub incorporating a RAMDAC
System and method for utilizing a topology detector to capture visual information
Decoding apparatus providing decoding protection according to both transferred protection data and apparatus protection data
Audio positioning mechanism for a display
Data processing apparatus having control element for detecting false touch
Mouse control for scrolling switch options through screen icon for the switch
Orthopedic computer mouse
Pointing direction calibration in video conferencing and other camera-based system applications
Portable radiotelephone equipped with a connector having ejection mechanism and detection switch
Split image-forming method and device and split image-printing method and device for tape printing apparatus
Electronic apparatus comprising a group of chipcards
Talking toy scanner
Image browser
Programmable hardwired geometry pipeline
Luminance sensitive palette
Method and apparatus for model-based compositing
Combined floating-point logic core and frame buffer
Volume rendering pipeline
System, method and article of manufacture for pixel shaders for programmable shading
Cloth animation modeling
Method, apparatus and presentation medium for multiple auras in a virtual shared space
Method of creating 3-D facial models starting from face images
Generalized panoramic mosaic
Camera system wherein recording medium in camera stores information on angle of view of photographing of image necessary for cylindrical conversion
Geometry instructions for graphics data compression
Scalable video coding system
Coding method and apparatus and recorder
Magneto-optical recording medium comprising recording layer and reproducing layer
Apparatus and method suitable for magnetic-thermal recording
Optical actuator assembly with lens position sensor for recording or playback
Head switching sequence in a disc drive employing head bias currents
Cartridge engagement system for optical disk cartridges
Import/export element with selector nut and bevel gear for rotation
Programmable self-operating compact disk duplication system
Disk centering apparatus
Damped turntable/disk arculately positionable relative to a head
Compression algorithm with embedded meta-data for partial record operation augmented with expansion joints
Equalization method and apparatus with gain adjustment for direct access storage device (DASD) data channels
RAM-search processor for intersymbol interference cancellation
Data storage apparatus and magnetic recording method
Disk-type recording medium having a crack hindering element
Media pipeline with multichannel video processing and playback with compressed data streams
Information recording apparatus and method thereof
Data set to recording media registration and synchronization
Automatic data disc storage and selection system
Disk drive carrier apparatus and associated method
Write drive apparatus
Head for reading magnetically stored data
Hard disk drive apparatus
Mechanism for producing minute movement of a head of a disk device
Head assembly, disk drive apparatus, hard disk drive and method for manufacturing disk drive apparatus
Suspension load beam for disk drive actuator
Method and apparatus for sustaining feedback filter state having periodic output
Voltage supply adaptable to current highest voltage demand
Optical recording medium having prepits deeper than grooves
Copy protection for optical discs
Optical disk, optical disk apparatus, and method for writing figures
Optical information recording medium and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical reproducing method
Information record medium with a record/reproduction area and a reproduction-dedicated area
Objective lens actuating device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with magnetic memory cell array
Pulsed write techniques for magneto-resistive memories
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and driving method thereof
Low voltage charge pump apparatus and method
Input signal receiving circuit for semiconductor integrated circuit
Write data masking for higher speed DRAMs
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with mechanism to prevent leak current
Nonvolatile configuration cells and cell arrays
Steering gate and bit line segmentation in non-volatile memories
SONOS latch and application
Method and apparatus for soft program verification in a memory device
Reducing level shifter standby power consumption
Non-volatile memory array with equalized bit line potentials
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory capable of selectively erasing a plurality of elemental memory units
Semiconductor device capable of adjusting internal potential
Semiconductor memory device having sensing power driver
Voltage generator for semiconductor device
Precharge control signal generator, and semiconductor memory device using the same
Semiconductor device having integrated memory and logic
Semiconductor memory device having redundant circuitry for replacing defective memory cell
Semiconductor memory device having high speed data read operation
Integrated memory having a row access controller for activating and deactivating row lines
Magnetic spin polarization and magnetization rotation device with memory and writing process, using such a device
Integrated circuit inductor with a magnetic core
Power supply with flux-controlled transformer
Low noise and low loss reactor
Surface-mount air-core coil, electronic component having the same, and communication apparatus having the same
Foil for a foil capacitor and foil capacitor
Multiple tier array capacitor
Electrical double layer capacitor
Fuse handler
Semiconductor memory production system and semiconductor memory production method
Heat-dissipating device for electronic component
Heat sink mounting structure
Reference plane of integrated circuit packages
Memory device using a transistor and its fabrication method
Excimer laser apparatus
Polarization and wavelength stable superfluorescent sources
C-band and L-band optical amplifier for submarine transmission systems
All-optical gain controlled bidirectional add/drop optical amplifier
Optical amplifier, light source module and optical system
Diode-laser side-pumped solid-state laser device
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) driver with low duty cycle distortion and digital modulation adjustment
Arc fault circuit interrupter and circuit breaker having the same
Arc-fault detecting circuit breaker system
Switching power supply unit
Switching power supply
Apparatus and method for broadcast band noise reduction in a transmitter with a low IF frequency
Differential voltage bias, voltage sense preamplifier architecture
Efficient polyphase decimation filter
Method for performing phase comparison, and phase comparator
Transmitter of multiple frequency radio communication system
Receiver and receiving method simplifying the interference cancellation of multi-user detection in a direct sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) telecommunication system
Methods and apparatus for spreading and despreading information signals in code division multiple access communications systems
Multiple signal Q-tester
Optical communications apparatus
System and method for wide band Raman amplification
Optical digital regenerator
Optical amplifier
Optical fiber amplifier and optical transmission system using the same
Dispersion managed optical transmission line and method for making same
Apparatus and methods for improving the assignment of parallel demodulators to multipaths of wireless signals
Method for estimating signal-to-noise ratio of digital carriers in an AM compatible digital audio broadcasting system
Device and method for network communications and diagnostics
Receiving apparatus and transmitting/receiving system
Device and method for measuring non-orthogonal noise power for CDMA communication system
Method for controlling DSL transmission power
Transmission reservation in mobile satellite communication system
Method and arrangement for optimal scheduling of slotted-mode related measurements in a cellular radio system
System and method for packet level distributed routing in fiber optic rings
Synchronization method and arrangement
Communication device and method
Multicast communication method and apparatus
Integrated circuit card for computer communication
Trunking inter-switch links
System and method for efficient channel assignment
Back-pressure type ATM switch
Low cost link aggregation method and system
Guaranteeing data transfer delays in data packet networks using earliest deadline first packet schedulers
Method and tool for calculating impact of voice traffic on fast packet networks
Apparatus for and method of testing a hierarchical PNNI based ATM network
Method and system for transporting audio/video data over a serial bus
Pulse transmission device for use in long-distance communication
Variable rate constellation precoding
Equipments, transpondor and methods for optical fiber transmission
Spread spectrum systems with trellis-coded modulation
Carrier recovery and doppler frequency estimation
System for automatically determining a network address
Method and apparatus for determining SNA sessions using various protocols for transport based on filter criteria
Method and apparatus for signal transmission and reception
Open loop receiver
High-speed data communication over a residential telephone wiring network
Method and apparatus for viewing real time telephone charges
Method and system for accumulating call prepayment
Method and switching device for billing telecommunications network
Central office based ADSL test platform
Announcement device with virtual recorder
Mixed-media communication apparatus and method
Print ordering method, printing system and film scanner
Method for detecting the relative location of an image reading head and a light source
Imaging-offset compensation methods and systems
Image reading apparatus
Image recording and retrieving system using index information of a film
Method and system for digital image stamping
Method for processing images and device for implementing same
Image processing system
Illumination device and image reading apparatus
Optical color matrixing using time delay and integration sensor arrays
Weight calculation for blending color transformation lookup tables
Low-noise active-pixel sensor for imaging arrays with high speed row reset
Clock supply device for use in digital video apparatus
Processing sequential video images to detect image motion among interlaced video fields or progressive video images
Multi-format on-screen monitor
Television receiver for teletext
System and method for multimedia collaborative conferencing
Method for encoding, editing and transmitting digital signals
Data transmitter, data receiver, processor, equipment managing device, equipment managing system, data transmitting-receiving system, and medium
Method and system for video compression
Optical cross-connect, method of switching over optical path, optical ADM, and optical cross-connect network system
Wavelength selective cross-connect with reduced complexity
Virtual time loop
Transmission/reception concurrent matching apparatus for TDM channels and method thereof
Arrangement for changing the destination of single link, single destination data messages
Controlling traffic congestion in intelligent electronic networks
Digital trunk circuit supporting multiple trunk circuits
General packet radio service
Method and arrangement for transmission of data in a mobile network
Communication method, transmission method, reception method, base station and terminal
Handoff method of mobile communications systems
Medium access control layer for packetized wireless systems
Method, systems, and terminals for assigning control channel time slots for group and individual pages
Electrification preventing implement and electrification preventing method
Angulated semiconductor packages
Stack assembly housing
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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