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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Fine-structure transfer apparatus and method
Basketball training aid
Comestible fluid rack with conduit routing system
Swivel squeegee 360
Flexible endoscope tip bending mechanism using optical fiber as compression member
Trans-septal catheter with retention mechanism
Fundus camera
Method and apparatus for communication between humans and devices
Motor-operated gastric banding device or gastric ring comprising at least one misaligned receiving antenna for power supply, remote control and data transmission by means of induction
Controlled anal incontinence disease treatment
Extraocular muscle prosthesis
Osteosynthesis modular prosthesis, particularly for humerus osteosynthesis
Injector and thermal jacket for use with same
Thermotherapy device with an inflatable hood
Target CA125 peptides for cancer immunotherapy
Microparticle-based transfection and activation of dendritic cells
Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy
Methods and apparatus for the enhanced delivery of physiologic agents to tissue surfaces
Tissue engineered cerebrospinal fluid shunt
Photoreactive system and methods for prophylactic treatment of atherosclerosis
Golf club-heads having a particular relationship of face area to face mass
Three dimensional sports game
Amusement ride assembly and method
Traction kite with deformable leading edge
Hand-held noisemaker
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pressurised container
Concentration of suspensions
Water harvesting device
Wave energy conversion system
Method of separating a fluid fraction from whole blood
Hopper flow smoothing method and device
Runtime sensor for small forced air handling units
Separator for liquids, in particular condensate, from liquid-loaded compressed gases
Systems and methods of microfluidic membraneless exchange using filtration of extraction outlet streams
Purification of oil field production water for beneficial use
Method for fabrication of elastomeric asymmetric membranes from hydrophobic polymers
Device and method for manufacturing carbonated spring and carbonic water, control method for gas density applied thereto and membrane module
Catalytic reaction device
Porous bodies and methods
Apparatuses and methods for reducing pollutants in gas streams
Showerhead and valve assembly for receiving a rinsing system
Hot source cleaning system
Spindle device of machine tool
Milling cutter tool for chip removing machining, as well as a cutting body and a basic body therefor
Bevel head attachment for plasma and oxy fuel cutting machines
Machine tool and tool, both with an automatic balancing device
Tension ring lifting assembly
O-ring free cooling pallet for hard disk drive slider carriers
Active material based suction cups
Gas hydrate compression molding machine
Method for manufacturing a sealable container closure
Molded plastic container and preform having insert-molded insert
Foamed resin molding machine and method of operating the same
Nanoimprint stamper and a fine-structure transfer apparatus using the stamper
Corrosion-resistant ply bond adhesives and products and processes incorporating such adhesives
Method for manufacturing liquid ejection head
Method of manufacturing optical film
Method and system for producing activated carbon
Cutting device and manufacturing method for absorptive article
Duplex printing with integrated image marking engines
Fluid ejection device
Installing fluid container in fluid ejection device
Ink melt device with solid state retention and molten ink pass-through
Ink jet printer cartridge refilling method and apparatus
Managing project information with a hand-propelled device
Retractable solid or semi-solid substance dispenser
Package for merchandising consumer care products
Gooseneck trailer hitch alignment system
Independent suspension with adjustable sub-frame
Door-opening device in a vehicle sliding door
Vehicle body with a curved metal plate floor
Rear window in a rear roof section of an openable roof vehicle
Floor top crossmember
Energy absorber for use as impact protection in a motor vehicle
Convertible motor vehicle with active rollover protection
Semitrailer landing gear
Brake control apparatus for vehicle
Integrated parking brake and clutch control system
Transmission scheduling for multi-stroke engine
Engine control system for jet-propulsion boat, jet-propulsion boat incorporating same, and method of using same
Motor control device, motored vehicle equipped therewith, and method of controlling a motor
Retractable cargo strap
Roll out cart
Recreation device for sliding downhill on a surface
Wheel adjustment apparatus
Turbine blade assembly
Methods and apparatus for optical propagation improvement system
Mobile surfaces for aircraft with sealed slots
Deformable tube winding device
Pressure cooker equipped with a gripping part attached to the pan
Pressure cooker with overpressure safety device
Transporting and vending package
Flower support with stem protection
Image generating apparatus
Sheet containing device and image forming device and method of operating sheet containing device
Medium transportation apparatus and image forming apparatus having planetary gear rotational load member
Belt overload device
Spindle for a roll of web material
Dispensing appliance for a multiple cartridge
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the manufacture of carbon disulphide and use of a liquid stream comprising carbon disulphide for enhanced oil recovery
Method for producing chlorine
Eliminating natural organic contaminants from liquids
Binder for whiteware ceramic mixture and method of using same
Catalyst and method for hydrodesulfurization of hydrocarbons
Method and apparatus for detecting substances or analytes from the analysis of one or more samples
Lance duct for vacuum treatment systems
Continuous annealing equipment
Method for thiosulfate leaching of precious metal-containing materials
Use of conductor compositions in electronic circuits
Evacuable magnetron chamber
Thermal diffusion chamber
Vacuum chamber system for semiconductor processing
Magnetic porous particles and method of making
Plating method, light-transmitting electrically-conductive film and light-transmitting electromagnetic wave shield film
Textiles; Paper
Aqueous alkylketene dimer dispersions
Aqueous composition and use thereof for paper production
Fixed Constructions
Connector and rig mat employing same
Apparatus for inserting sheet pile having an independently adjustable insertion axis and method for using the same
Locking pivot actuator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressor with oil separation and storage
Turbine vane for a gas turbine engine having serpentine cooling channels within the inner endwall
Turbine blade with trailing edge impingement cooling
Air cooled turbine airfoil with sequential cooling
Turbine engine component with cooling passages
Turbine blade with serpentine cooling circuit formed within the tip shroud
Trailing edge cooling for turbine blade airfoil
Trailing edge cooling slot configuration for a turbine airfoil
Centrifugal air blower
Roots type gear compressor with helical lobes having feedback cavity
Pump having adjustable pumping pressures
Bi-directional continuous peristaltic micro-pump
Single piece dual jet pump and fuel system using it
Method and apparatus for lash prevention using coil springs
Saddle type vehicle with forward/reverse changeover mechanism
Automatic transmission
Apparatus for driving and braking a shaft
Pressure regulator for gaseous media
Connecting structure for piping
Flange gasket
Split joint restraint device with dual pipe size capability
Light emitting diode illumination system
Light module for signaling
Ventilation system control
Autoclave waste fluid disposal device
Gun holster
Addressable chem/bio chip array
Reversible electrochemical sensors for polyions
Light control film with off-axis visible indicia
Headband eyeglasses
Timepiece comprising a rotating bezel
Gaming machine with runs of consecutive identical symbols
Multifunctional paper identification label
Magnetic activated carbon particles for adsorption of solutes from solution
Method of producing solar modules by the roller laminate process
Power connector
Safety and obstructive device for an electrical outlet
Replaceable connection for portable electronic devices
Electrical connector for terminating a coaxial cable
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Low cost main stream gas analyzer system
Microwave off-gas treatment apparatus and process
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for removing residual metal-containing polymer material and ion implanted photoresist in atmospheric downstream plasma jet system
Arrangement for the temperature-compensated multi-dimensional micropositioning of mutually position-defined optical components
Wireless vehicle monitoring system
Open/close control device for movable lid
Proximity sensing system for vehicles
Electrical tell tale system for trailers
Illumination device for safety triangle
Configuration for triggering a restraint device in a motor vehicle
Air bag having excessive external magnetic field protection circuitry
Vehicle user identification device
Method and device for detecting position of a rotating control member
Robot device and learning method of robot device
Packaging for individually microwaveable portions of food items
Conveyance of stimulable phosphor sheet
Creel for a textile machine producing cheeses
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Microelectronic mechanical systems (MEMS) switch and method of fabrication
Flip-chip micromachine package
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device for generating a variable magnetic field
Structure having spatially separated photo-excitable electron-hole pairs and method of manufacturing same
Textiles; Paper
Electrical rotating actuator for forming a shed in a weaving loom
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for sensing oil condition
System that supplies electrical power and compressed air with throttle control
Control valve for an exhaust gas recirculation system of an internal combustion engine
Magneto-system firing apparatus
High pulse rate ignition system
Waterwheel power generating device
Marine macerator pump control module
Method for inductive distance measurement, and a working head for carrying out this method using an induction coil
Cable sensor
Offset-compensated angle measuring system
Measurement device for the non-contact detection of an angle of rotation
Control device for wearable electronics
Rotary position sensor and transducer for use therein
Temperature sensor and sensing apparatus
Diagnostic test device for motor vehicles which comprises a portable testing apparatus
Particle signal processing apparatus and particle measurement apparatus using same
Hemispherical detector
Method and apparatus for evaluating the quality of a semiconductor substrate
Apparatus for detecting balls carried in tube
Charged particle beam system and pattern slant observing method
Device having active and reference coils for performing non-destructive inspection by eddy current
Apparatus and method for determining stiffness properties of an anisotropic electronic substrate using scanning acoustic microscopy
Transducer and method for producing the same
Apparatus to attach sensors on equipment with rotating shafts
Test socket and system
Component holder for testing devices and component holder system microlithography
Sockets for "springed" semiconductor devices
IC socket, a test method using the same and an IC socket mounting mechanism
Checker head and a method of manufacturing the same
Contact structure having silicon finger contactor
Transformer system provided with a decoupling system
Method and apparatus for determining the internal impedance of a distribution transformer and sensing DC current through an AC power meter
Methods and apparatus for optically measuring polarization rotation of optical wavefronts using rare earth iron garnets
Low power peak detector
Dual totem current sensor for measuring load current in an H-bridge power stage
Connection tester for an electronic trip unit
Reduced terminal testing system
Testing of BGA and other CSP packages using probing techniques
Dual stage in-circuit test fixture for circuit board testing
Device and method for testing performance of silicon structures
Configuration for carrying out burn-in processing operations of semiconductor devices at wafer level
Electrical parameter tester having decoupling means
Parameter variation probing technique
Integrated circuit test vehicle
Testing device and testing method for a semiconductor integrated circuit and storage medium having the testing program stored therein
Multipurpose test chip input/output circuit
Universal wafer carrier for wafer level die burn-in
Semiconductor wafer designed to avoid probed marks while testing
Systems and methods for obtaining an electrical characteristics of a circuit board assembly process
Method for determining the performance of a storage battery
Electronic battery tester
Magnetic resonance scanner with electromagnetic position and orientation tracking device
Method and apparatus for designing an RF coil assembly
Multi-channel phased array coils having minimum mutual inductance for magnetic resonance systems
Asymmetric arrangement of permanent-magnetic elements for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Downhole NMR tool antenna design
MR imaging method and MRI apparatus
Modulation of the resonant frequency of a circuit using an energy field
Voltage controlled oscillator, voltage controlled oscillator device and radar device
Radiation detection apparatus
Gamma camera plate assembly for PET and SPECT imaging
Radiation imaging detector and method of fabrication
High resolution high output microchannel based radiation sensor
Modular electromagnetic sensing apparatus having improved calibration
Permanently emplaced electromagnetic system and method for measuring formation resistivity adjacent to and between wells
Broad spectrum reflective coating for an electric lamp
Metal-oxide electron tunneling device for solar energy conversion
Ultra-stable, compact, high intensity fiber-coupled light source for use in monitoring and process control
Multiple-light cold-cathode tube lighting device
Surface position detecting system and method having a sensor selection
Mercury-filled discharge lamp with stabilized light intensity
Servo controller
Intelligent control and adjustment device
Casing for closure operating device
Pass device leakage current correction circuit for use in linear regulators
Band-gap reference circuit with offset cancellation
Method for obtaining a temperature--independent voltage reference as well as a circuit arrangement for obtaining such a voltage reference
Multi-axis potentiometer
Method and circuit for providing copy protection in an application-specific integrated circuit
Clock signal generator
Secure asynchronous clock multiplexer
Conditional clock buffer circuit
Reduced jitter clock generator circuit and method for applying properly phased clock signals to clocked devices
Clock signal selection system, method of generating a clock signal and programmable clock manager including same
Circuit for detecting a cooling device in a computer system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Configurable operational amplifier as a microcontroller peripheral
System and method for communicating with multiple transponders
System and method of managing failure of an electronic shelf label to respond to a message
Driver and method for switching applications
Method and apparatus for environment recognition
Priority controlled network
Wave-discriminating inductive electronic device
Horizontal deflection circuit and bidirectional horizontal deflection apparatus
Method and apparatus for manufacturing electron source, and method manufacturing image forming apparatus
Organic electroluminescence driving circuit, passive matrix organic electroluminescence display device, and organic electroluminescence driving method
Motor with rotator having shaft insertion sections with different internal peripheral surfaces
Disc drive spindle motor having reduced acoustic noise
Disk drive employing method of spinning up spindle motor including detecting BEMF polarity change for selecting initial commutation state
Magnetic head tester with write coil and read coil
Electronic component
Dense backplane cell for configurable logic
Low power circuit with proper slew rate by automatic adjustment of bias current
System for generating a reference voltage
High-speed sense amplifier with auto-shutdown precharge path
Sense amplifier with offset cancellation and charge-share limited swing drivers
Vessel for uranium hexafluoride transport
Current limiting arrangement and method
Electronic device and process of making electronic device
Chip resistor
Multilayer inductor
High Q inductor with faraday shield and dielectric well buried in substrate
Low loss high Q inductor
Wound type common mode choke coil
Cores and coils for electrical transformers
Composite components and the method of manufacturing the same
Insulated transformer foil windings with breakouts and methods for forming the same
High speed induction motor rotor and method of fabrication
Plasma display panel
Plasma display panel
Panel display with a fluorescent layer
Electron beam device
Color cathode ray tube with tensioned shadow mask
Color selection apparatus for a color cathode ray tube
Color CRT apparatus
Cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube faceplate having particular black matrix hole transmittivity in the peripheral areas
Implosion protection band for color cathode ray tube
Electronic device sealed under vacuum containing a getter and method of operation
Electron source with microtips, with focusing grid and high microtip density, and flat screen using same
Electron source
Active matrix drive fluorescent display device and method for manufacturing same
Electrostatic trap for particles entrained in an ion beam
Plasma processing apparatus
Atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI): a new ionization method for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
Tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometer with damping in collision cell and method for use
VHO lamp with reduced mercury and improved brightness
High pressure discharge lamp with tungsten electrode rods having second parts with envelope of rhenium
Discharge lamp having electrode part with negative electron affinity
Infrared lamp with carbon ribbon being longer than a radiation length
Modular semiconductor substrates
Method of enhanced fill of vias and trenches
Hardmask designs for dry etching FeRAM capacitor stacks
Contactless channel write/erase flash memory cell and its fabrication method
Electrical coupling of a stiffener to a chip carrier
Semiconductor device with stack electrode formed using HSG growth
Semiconductor memory device having capacitor structure formed in proximity to corresponding transistor
Semiconductor part for component mounting, mounting structure and mounting method
Common ball-limiting metallurgy for I/O sites
Integrated helix coil inductor on silicon
Semiconductor device, semiconductor element and method for producing same
Device including an epitaxial nickel silicide on (100) Si or stable nickel silicide on amorphous Si and a method of fabricating the same
Silicon on insulator field effect transistor with a double Schottky gate structure
Compound semiconductor field effect transistor
Thin film transistor matrix having TFT with LDD regions
Thin film transistor having dual gate structure and a fabricating method thereof
Epitaxial aluminium-gallium nitride semiconductor substrate
Display device and glass member and substrate member having film comprising aluminum, nitrogen and oxygen
Semiconductor device having self-aligned structure
Polysilicon bounded snapback device
Method for reducing base to collector capacitance and related structure
Dual damascene interconnect
Tape having implantable conductive lands for semiconductor packaging process and method for manufacturing the same
Local interconnect junction on insulator (JOI) structure
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Wireless communications system and method of making
Semiconductor device
High performance integrated circuit devices adaptable to use lower supply voltages with smaller device geometries
Semiconductor device having a test element, and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Structure with protruding source in split-gate flash
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor memory device having a trench capacitor with sufficient capacitance and small junction leak current
Ball grid substrate for lead-on-chip semiconductor package
Semiconductor chip and semiconductor device having the chip
Assembly and methods for packaged die on pcb with heat sink encapsulant
Thermal transfer plate
Thermally balanced power transistor
Microelectronic device structure with metallic interlayer between substrate and die
Ball grid array semiconductor package with improved strength and electric performance and method for making the same
Semiconductor package having heat sink attached to pre-molded cavities and method for creating the package
Semiconductor device
Lead frame for semiconductor device and semiconductor device using same
Semiconductor package and printed wiring board for semiconductor package
Pin grid array package with controlled impedance pins
Semiconductor copper bond pad surface protection
Optimizing the power connection between chip and circuit board for a power switch
Continuous antifuse material in memory structure
Method for reducing stress-induced voids for 0.25 .mu.m micron and smaller semiconductor chip technology by annealing interconnect lines prior to ILD deposition and semiconductor chip made thereby
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Damascene structure with low dielectric constant insulating layers
Apparatus and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Integrated decoupling networks fabricated on a substrate having shielded quasi-coaxial conductors
Semiconductor device with protection circuitry and method
Semiconductor device
Tunable on-chip capacity
Integrated semiconductor circuit with an increased operating voltage
Self-aligned punch through stop for 6F2 rotated hybrid DRAM cell
Integrated dynamic memory cell having a small area of extent, and a method for its production
Electronic device, semiconductor device, and electrode forming method
SRAM cell design
Stacked-gate flash memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Electromagnetic wave detector using quantum wells and subtractive detectors
Vertical photodetector with improved photocarrier separation and low capacitance
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for injecting charge onto the floating gate of a nonvolatile memory cell
Semiconductor device and control method thereof
Nanomechanical switches and circuits
Phase-change memory bipolar array utilizing a single shallow trench isolation for creating an individual active area region for two memory array elements and one bipolar base contact
GaN-based high electron mobility transistor
MOS transistor
MOSFET semiconductor device
Asymmetrical MOS channel structure with drain extension
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Integrated circuit device including a deep well region and associated methods
Semiconductor device
Power MOS device with improved gate charge performance
Low impedance VDMOS semiconductor component
Stacked multiple quantum well superlattice infrared detector
Metal-insulator-semiconductor photocell and imager
Integrated circuit optics assembly unit
Group III nitride light emitting devices with gallium-free layers
Semiconductor light-emitting element
Surface plasmon enhanced light emitting diode and method of operation for the same
Semiconductor light-emitting unit, optical apparatus and optical disk system having heat sinking means and a heating element incorporated with the mounting system
Surface mount light emitting diode package
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device having mutually opposing thin plate section
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same
Piezoelectric device
Array of ultra-small pores for memory cells
Charging method for charging nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Method and apparatus for a battery state of charge estimator
Pulse charger
Hybrid power supply control system and method
Adapter for DC power source unit
Spiral electrode group winding method and device and battery using them
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Microwave resonator having an external temperature compensator
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication device using the same
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication system
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Dielectric tube loaded metal cavity resonators and filters
Embedded ridge waveguide filters
Non-reciprocal circuit element, lumped element type isolator, and mobile communication unit
High-frequency circuit device and communication apparatus using the same
Suspended transmission line and method
Compact high-frequency circuit device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Power supplying apparatus for a vehicle and an intensive wiring apparatus
Battery charging apparatus, battery pack and method for charging secondary battery
Battery charger
Thermostatic automatic cutoff charging device
Voltage regulator wake up control using frequency detection
Voltage sensing for automotive voltage regulator
Stator assembly structure of a direct current brushless motor
Rotor of magneto generator for internal combustion engine
Axial pole motor with specific relative rotor and stator structure
Electric motor intended to be fixed to a printed circuit board
Flat type vibration motor
High efficiency charge pump circuit
DC/DC converter circuit
Switched charge voltage driver and method for applying voltage to tunable dielectric devices
Compact DC/DC converter circuit
Voltage regulator having an inductive current sensing element
Multi-channel interleaved power converter with current sharing
Motor drive converter and method with neutral point drift compensation
Synchronous AC motor
Magneto-resistive position sensor and variable reluctance controller interface circuit
Pump controller
Control method of the current flow in driver systems for brushless motors, particularly during the switching phase
Motor driving circuit, a method for driving a motor, and a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for driving a sensorless BLDC motor at PWM operation mode
Injection locked frequency multiplier
Frequency doubler circuit having detect-control unit for improving frequency doubling performance
CMOS voltage controlled phase shift oscillator
Hybrid power MOSFET for high current-carrying capacity
Amplifier circuit
Multi-reference, high-accuracy switching amplifier
Drive method for a cross-connected class AB output stage with shared base current in pre-driver
System and method for temperature compensated IF amplifier
Low noise, low distortion, complementary IF amplifier
Differential comparator with offset correction
System and method for noise and spurious supression in power amplifier systems
High-frequency power amplifier module
Surface acoustic wave device and method of manufacture thereof
Surface acoustic wave ladder filter with balanced input and output terminals
Surface acoustic wave device, shear bulk wave transducer, and longitudinal bulk wave transducer
Electronic component
Spatial harmonic transducers for surface wave devices
Surface acoustic wave device
Output buffer with compensated slew rate and delay control
Apparatus and method to use a single reference component in a master-slave configuration for multiple circuit compensation
Logic gate circuit with low sub-threshold leakage current
CMOS ECL input buffer
Programmable logic integrated circuit devices with low voltage differential signaling capabilities
Switching control method of a level shifter and corresponding improved self-controlled level shifter
Voltage level shifting circuits and methods and systems using the same
Strobe circuit keeper arrangement providing reduced power consumption
High-speed, current-driven latch
Programmable glitch filter
Linearized digital phase-locked loop method
Peak hold circuit
Clock signal filtering circuit
Duty cycle correction circuits that reduce distortion caused by mismatched transistor pairs
Data bus fault detection circuit and method
Fully differential continuous-time current-mode high speed CMOS comparator
Integrated circuit interconnect routing using double pumped circuitry
Charge pump circuit
Variable frequency oscillator, and phase locked loop and clock synchronizer using thereof
Apparatus and a method for locating a fault of a transmission line
Methods and apparatus for power measuring receiver
Device and method for I/Q modulation, frequency translation and upsampling
Device adapter for automation system
Data receiver technology
System and method for phone line characterization by time domain reflectometry
Low maintenance line scan camera
Image reader with a closed-state detector and image forming apparatus using same
Image sensor noise reduction
System for testing the presence of an ignitor pulse within a high intensity discharge luminaire
Method and arrangement for monitoring a gas discharge lamp
Electromagnetic ballast for sequentially starting a plurality of a gaseous discharge lamps
Multi-lamp driving system
High power factor electronic ballast with load dependent bus voltage regulation
Portable fluorescent drop-light
Method for driving a flat-type lamp
Dimming control system for electronic ballasts
Discharge lamp lighting circuit with protection circuit
Backup power supply charged by induction driven power supply for circuits accompanying portable heated container
Apparatus and system with increased signal trace routing options in printed wiring boards and integrated circuit packaging
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew