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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Yield increase in plants overexpressing the ACCDP genes
Surfactant compounds
Modulation of telomere length in telomerase positive cells and cancer therapy
Augmented cognitive training
Light sensitive PDMS for complex pattern formation
Method of treating a condition associated with phosphorylation of TASK-1
Agrochemical formulations comprising N-vinylamid co-polymers
Papaya puree and the use of the same
System and method for calibrating a blood oxygen saturation sensor for use with an implantable medical device
Method for three-dimensional localization of an instrument for an interventional access and associated device
Coatings for implantable medical devices
Self-adhering friction reducing liner and method of use
Hydrophobic surface coated absorbent articles and associated methods
Radiolabeled 3-[3-(benzoyl-amido)benzyloxy]aspartic acid derivative and method of producing the same
AMPA receptor potentiators
Azacyclic derivatives
Inhibitors of hedgehog signaling pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
Derivative having PPAR agonistic activity
Lipid A and other carbohydrate ligand analogs
Cocrystal of C-glycoside derivative and L-proline
Polysialic acid derivatives, methods of production, and uses in enhancing cancer antigen production and targeting
Method for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Methods of treating inflammation by administration of heme oxygenase-1 and products of heme degradation
Derivatives of GLP-1 analogs
MAGE3 polypeptides
Stabilized formulations of insulin that comprise ethylenediamine
Methods and compositions for administering therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Lipid a deficient mutants of Neisseria meningitidis
Use of low doses of oligonucleotides antisense to TGF-.beta. genes in the treatment of brain tumors
Methods and compositions for imaging
External skin patch
Implantable medical lead configured for improved MRI safety and heating reduction performance
Modular, zone-specific medical electrical lead design
Implantable medical lead and method for the manufacture thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Two-stage calcination for catalyst production
Catalyst support powder and exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Methods for electrostatic coating of an abluminal stent surface
Method for producing a thin-film chalcopyrite compound
Film forming method and electrooptic apparatus
Method for producing diaper component parts from strip material
Method of making nanoparticles by electroless plating
Diamond-containing nanocomposite interfacial layer in fusers
Glycoluril resin and acrylic resin dual members
Lightweight circuit board with conductive constraining cores
Polyurethane carpet backings made using fatty acid amide polyols
Electronic device housing
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Exposure device, light-emitting device, image forming apparatus and failure diagnosing method
Paper roll with pre-cut windows
Vehicle monitoring system
Power aware techniques for energy harvesting remote sensor system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dielectric ceramics and capacitor
High-density pressurelessly sintered zirconium diboride/silicon carbide composite bodies and a method for producing the same
Cinchona alkaloid-catalyzed asymmetric mannich reactions
Inflammatory cytokine release inhibitor
Isoserine derivatives for use as coagulation factor IXa inhibitors
Methods of isomerizing xylenes with a catalyst reduced in the presence of hydrogen and a base
Dihydropyridinone derivatives
Crystalline sodium atorvastatin
Process for preparation of high-purity meloxicam and meloxicam potassium salt
Pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidines as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
[1,2,4]thiadiazine 1,1-dioxide compounds
Method of producing organosilicon compound
Mixtures composed or monocarboxy-functionalized dialkylphosphinic acids, their use and a process for their preparation
TAT294 polypeptides
Modified human interferon polypeptides with at least one non-naturally encoded amino acid and their uses
Tumor antigen protein SART-3 and tumor antigen peptides thereof
Ink composition and inkjet recording method
Process for the production of medium density decorative molded foams having good fire retardant properties with reduced mold times, fire retardant compositions and foams produced by this process
Cyclic dihydrogenpolysiloxanes, hydrogenpolysiloxanes, processes for their production, silica type glass moldings and a process for their production, optical elements and a process for their production
1-butene propylene copolymer compositions
1-butene propylene copolymer compositions
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Well drilling fluids having clay control properties
Methods of fracturing subterranean formations using sulfonated gelling agent polymers
Lubricating composition for hydrocarbonated mixtures and products obtained
Liquid laundry treatment composition comprising an asymmetric di-hydrocarbyl quaternary ammonium compound
Composition for the protection of glassware in a dishwashing process
Solid nutrient media useful for isolating and identifying alkaliphilic bacteria
Polypeptides having beta-glucosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Ethanol production in bacillus
Model system for identifying anti-cancer agents
Iminosugar compounds with antiflavirus activity
Promoter of differentiation and keratinization of epidermic cell and functional beverage/food for promotion of keratinization of epidermis
Ethanol production from graminaceous plants by using immobilized carbohydrate hydrolases on nanoparticles
MN/CA IX and breast cancer therapy
Method of forming mixed rare earth oxynitride and aluminum oxynitride films by atomic layer deposition
Electrical insulation film manufacturing method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method to enchance light load HCCI combustion control using measurement of cylinder pressures
Systems, methods and apparatus for position sensor digital conditioning electronics
Map display controller and computer readable medium including instructions for displaying map image
Configurable photo detector circuit
Irradiation device
Planar lightwave fourier-transform spectrometer
Methods and systems for detecting concealed objects
Keyboard tester
Beam scanner and surface measurement apparatus
Integrated embedded processor based laser spectroscopic sensor
Metrology and 3D reconstruction of devices in a wafer
Using plasma proteomic pattern for diagnosis, classification, prediction of response to therapy and clinical behavior, stratification of therapy, and monitoring disease in hematologic malignancies
Crystallographic structure of Trypanosoma cruzi proline racemase and uses therefor
Methods and compositions for detecting steroids
Multiplex protein fractionation
System and method for the separation of analytes
Method and apparatus for providing a multicast service with multiple types of protection and recovery
Method and device for managing simultaneous connections of a mobile telecommunications device to different networks
Packet relay method and device
Contact-making apparatus
Multiplexer selecting STP clock signal with tap control outputs
Radiation imaging apparatus, processing method therefor, and radiation imaging system
Method and apparatus for real time oil based mud contamination monitoring
Systems and methods for parametric mapping for correction of noise-based systematic bias of DTI metrics, using a DTI mapping phantom
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Optical decollimator for daylighting systems
Electromechanical system having a dielectric movable membrane
Scanning image display system and scanning image display
Vibrating mirror element
Optical combiner and image projector using the optical combiner
Grating structure for directing non-polarized light
Lens module with adhesively mounted filter
Electroabsorption modulator based on fermi level tuning
Optical pickup apparatus and liquid crystal optical element
Stereoscopic 3D liquid crystal display with graded light guide light extraction features
Exposure apparatus and method for photolithography process
Image pickup device and image pickup apparatus
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Image output apparatus, image output method, computer program and recording medium
Thin film device having thin film elements and thin film pattern on thin film elements, and method of fabricating the same
Self-forming top anti-reflective coating compositions and, photoresist mixtures and method of imaging using same
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method for eliminating image defects by considering a kind of transfer material
Color image forming apparatus
Development device and image forming apparatus capable of reducing stress applied to developer
Apparatus and method for development of potential images, produced on an intermediate image carrier, for an electrographic printing or copying device
Image forming apparatus and image forming unit including sealing member
Pressure roller interframe oil cleaning device and method
Induction heated member
Fixing apparatus for image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method of preparing the photoreceptor, and image forming method, image forming apparatus and process cartridge therefor using the photoreceptor
Removable device for injecting electric power for an ethernet network
Digital controller
Current negative-feedback circuit and DC-DC converter using the circuit
Reception of a signal transmitted over a transmission link comprising coded channels
Data reception apparatus and microcomputer having the same
Computer apparatus and power supply method thereof
Method and apparatus for reduced power consumption in an image forming device
Bridge, system, bridge control method and program recording medium
Logic tester and method for simultaneously measuring delay periods of multiple tested devices
Recovery method management device, recovery method management method and computer product for recovering a failure of IT system
Software problem identification tool
Autonomic component service state management for a multiple function component
System and method for protecting memory stacks using a debug unit
Software fault detection using progress tracker
Stack manager protocol with automatic set up mechanism
System and method for cache-locking mechanism using segment table attributes for replacement class ID determination
Translation look-aside buffer with a tag memory and method therefor
Power efficient media playback on general purpose portable devices
Limited use data storing device
Storage system and data migration method
Providing protected access to critical memory regions
Increasing functionality of a reader-writer lock
Load sharing method and system for computer system
Fairness mechanism for starvation prevention in directory-based cache coherence protocols
Synchronization mechanism for use with a snoop queue
Relay device and program product, allowing continued communication via an alternative protocol
Apparatus and method for displaying digital multimedia broadcasting service
Data processing apparatus
Gamut mapping in spectral space based on an objective function
Blind evaluation of nearest neighbor queries wherein locations of users are transformed into a transformed space using a plurality of keys
User definable on-line co-user lists
Method and apparatus for providing an instant message notification
Streaming content from one or more production nodes or media player systems
Context switched route look up key engine
Method and system for providing asynchronous portal pages
Method and apparatus for dynamic data flow control using prioritization of data requests
Content feedback for authors of web syndications
Information processing device and method, recording medium, and program
Remote direct memory access for iSCSI
Hardware-accelerated high availability integrated networked storage system
Communication system, node device, node process program and a message transmitting and receiving method
Network for targeting individual operating a microcomputer regardless of his location
Apparatus and method for range-confined communications
Probabilistic mesh routing
Preserving sessions in a wireless network
Method, apparatus and system for platform identity binding in a network node
Program, method, and apparatus for managing applications
Parallel video processing architecture
Information exchange engine providing a critical infrastructure layer and methods of use thereof
Distributed data storage and access systems
Performance evaluating apparatus, performance evaluating method, and program
Policy based composite file system and method
Determining whether change in workload of database system has occurred, and/or whether executing current workload will likely result in problem developing with database system
Methods and systems for automated searching
Optimizing execution of database queries containing user-defined functions
Method and apparatus for selective file erasure using metadata modifications
Robust generative features
Relational linking among resoures
Method and apparatus for assessing similarity between online job listings
Two-step simulation methodology for aging simulations
CAD flow for 15nm/22nm multiple fine grained wimpy gate lengths in SIT gate flow
Interchangeable connection arrays for double-sided DIMM placement
Software product for semiconductor device design
Simulation model for transistors
Method and apparatus for processing pharmaceutical orders to determine whether a buyer of pharmaceuticals qualifies for an "own use" discount
Control system of internal combustion engine and control method of the control system
Path planning for autonomous parking
Methods and systems for encoding and protecting data using digital signature and watermarking techniques
Dynamic help user interface control with secured customization
Method and apparatus for controlling access to logical units
Operation management apparatus, display method, and record medium
Intelligent dynamic multi-zone single expander connecting dual ported drives
Portable system and method for soft reset of computer devices
Stylus for data collection devices
Touch-sensitive screen with haptic acknowledgement
Handheld electronic apparatus and input device thereof
Method and apparatus for animation profiling
Method for adapting shift schedule of an automatic transmission based on GPS/map information
Apparatus, system, and method for improved portable document format ("PDF") document archiving
Generalized language independent index storage system and searching method
Relational model for management information in network devices
Facility information output device, facility information output method, and computer-readable medium storing facility information output program
Operation procedure extrapolating system, operation procedure extrapolating method, computer-readable medium and computer data signal
Apparatus, and an associated methodology, for facilitating authentication using a digital music authentication token
Method for access control to conditional access data
Semiconductor programmable device
Performance-based haulage management system
Compressing and accessing a microcode ROM
Method and apparatus for applying business rules in an object model driven context
Parsing of declarations in all branches of preprocessor conditionals
Method and device for creating and using pre-internalized program files
Heterogeneous virtualization of host and guest OS having different register sizes using translation layer to extract device port numbers for host OS system memory addresses
Blasting method
System and method for image thumbnail/preview on an image processing device
Image forming apparatus and printing method having printing type changing part
Content-aware uniform rosette color halftone image resizing using iterative determination of energy metrics
Image processing circuit and printing apparatus
Photoconductors and processes thereof
Body position detecting apparatus
Three-dimensional reconstruction of an object from projection photographs
Method and system for automatic analysis of the trip of people in a retail space using multiple cameras
Method and apparatus for processing image data by rearranging wavelet transform data
Method for adaptively selecting filters to interpolate video data
Image processing apparatus, computer readable medium storing program, image processing method, and computer data signal
Resolution conversion apparatus, method and program
Method of and apparatus for encoding signals, and method of and apparatus for decoding the encoded signals
Apparatus and method for encoding digital image data in a lossless manner
Apparatus and method for image encoding and decoding using prediction
Method, apparatus, and system for reducing blurring in an image
Signal processing method, apparatus, and program
Image sharpening technique
Resolution enhancement apparatus and method
Face tracking device
Method of modeling composite emotion in multidimensional vector space
Method and arrangement for variably generating cryptographic securities in a host device
System for financial documentation conversion
Systems and methods for determining taxes owed for financial transactions conducted over a network
Traffic estimator
Method of facilitating value-based bartering over the internet
System and method for providing a futures/forward tradable market and bidded price negotiation for internet advertising
Methods and systems for processing card-not-present financial transactions as card-present financial transactions
Method and apparatus for enabling individual or smaller investors or others to create and manage a portfolio of securities or other assets or liabilities on a cost effective basis
System and method for creating a market map in an electronic trading environment
System and method for issuing negotiable instruments by licensed money transmitter from direct deposits
Time factor feature generation system, time factor feature generation method and time factor feature generation program
Vehicle for determining the climate
Reprogrammable receiver collar
Driving method of electrophoretic display device
Information processing device, and transparent display element control method and program
Portable device with versatile keyboard
Graphics processing system with enhanced memory controller
Finger-mounted striking devices for activating musical instrument strings
Voice conversion system
Speech recognition method and speech recognition apparatus
Sound quality control device and sound quality control method
Interactive clustering method for identifying problems in speech applications
Motor, storage disk drive apparatus and motor manufacturing method
Disk device
Disk device
Fly-height management in a hard disk drive (HDD)
Slider with shallow step pads and rear side pockets
Method for setting zone format of a disk for storing data and disk drive
Current perpendicular to plane magnetoresistance read head design using a current confinement structure proximal to an air bearing surface
Dual-state clamping mechanism
Connecting a preamplifier to a printed circuit board assembly on a hard disk drive
Magnetic recording apparatus
Optical head and optical disk apparatus
Optical disk device and optical receiver IC
Objective lens for optical pickup apparatus, objective lens unit for optical pickup apparatus and optical pickup apparatus using the same
Reverse reading in non-volatile memory with compensation for coupling
Semiconductor memory device with memory cell having charge accumulation layer and control gate and memory system
Configurable inputs and outputs for memory stacking system and method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, method of fabricating the nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and process of writing data on the nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method of decontaminating radioisotope-contaminated surface vicinity region by use of nonthermal laser peeling without re-melting, without re-diffusion and without re-contamination, and apparatus therefor
High pressure, high voltage penetrator assembly
Power inductor with reduced DC current saturation
Fluidic electrostatic energy harvester
System and method for controlling an electromagnetic field generator
Protection switch
Movable contact unit with light-guiding function and lighted panel switch using the same
Scanning electron microscope
Conversion circuit for converting data of signal line between an air-conditioner and a computer
Mass-analysis method and mass-analysis apparatus
Mercury-free arc tube for discharge lamp unit
Plasma generating apparatus and plasma generating method
Solar cell receiver component placement control with positioning receptacles
Vertical through-silicon via for a semiconductor structure
Method and apparatus for fabricating a high-performance band-edge complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting elements
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor light emitting device
Dual trench isolation for CMOS with hybrid orientations
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
System and method for the manufacture of semiconductor devices by the implantation of carbon clusters
Method of making an integrated circuit package with shielding via ring structure
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and storage medium
Method and manufacture of silicon based package and devices manufactured thereby
Die package with asymmetric leadframe connection
Modular methods of forming isolation structures for integrated circuits
Interconnect structures and methods
Semiconductor device having finger electrodes
Conductive chip-scale package
Adjustable film frame aligner
Ultra low .kappa. plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition processes using a single bifunctional precursor containing both a SiCOH matrix functionality and organic porogen functionality
Integration of passive device structures with metal gate layers
Field-effect transistor with spin-dependent transmission characteristics and non-volatile memory using the same
Modifiable gate stack memory element
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Compound semiconductor film, light emitting film, and manufacturing method thereof
Light-emitting diode
Semiconductor memory device
Electronic device package with an optical device
Thermoelectric material including a multiple transition metal-doped type I clathrate crystal structure
Ultrasonic sensor
Semiconductor device with high-breakdown-voltage transistor
Protecting against incorrect battery polarity
Ram air driven turbine generator battery charging system using control of turbine generator torque to extend the range of an electric vehicle
Power generation system
Stack seal interface adapter
Electroactive material for charge transport
Nanotube wiring
System and method for providing reformed fuel to cascaded fuel cell stacks
Solid oxide fuel cell with transitioned cross-section for improved anode gas management at the open end
Fuel cell system comprising modular design features
Antenna structure and radio communication apparatus including the same
GPS, GSM, and wireless LAN antenna for vehicle applications
Radio frequency identification tag and radio frequency identification tag antenna
Antenna and communication device having the same
Antenna matching in video receivers
Vertically integrated phased array
Apparatus for a junction point between two electrical high-voltage cables
Spin-valve or tunnel-junction radio-frequency oscillator
System and method for voice control of medical devices
Semiconductor laser apparatus and optical apparatus
Single-exciton nanocrystal laser
Separation and/or reinforcement device for a wire cable duct
Structure for wire outlet covers
Electricity delivery system
Drive system for a motor vehicle comprising an internal combustion engine and an electric motor
Battery charging apparatus having a chute and method of recharging a battery
Distributed audio system
Connector device, method of manufacturing the same, and battery pack using the same
Charge/discharge control device for secondary battery and vehicle equipped with the same
Position-controlled start from the AC line using a synchronous machine
Electric motor and/or generator with mechanically tuneable permanent magnetic field
Electrical generator that utilizes rotational to linear motion conversion
Control system for an industrial robot
Converter station for connecting an AC system to an end of an HVDC transmission line
Single-stage power supply with power factor correction and constant current output
Generator motor driving device and method for discharging charges from capacitor of generator motor driving device
Low noise voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)
Phase locked loop apparatus with selectable capacitance device
Unbiased signal-to-noise ratio estimation for receiver having channel estimation error
System and method for automatic leakage control circuit for clock/data recovery and charge-pump phase locked loops
Method in the compensation of unlinearities in an amplifier, and uses of the method and the amplifier
Radio frequency buffer
Amplifier circuit, integrated circuit device, and electronic instrument
Method and apparatus to enhance low frequency component of audio signal by calculating fundamental frequency of audio signal
Sound field generator and method of generating sound field using the same
Method and apparatus for equalization control
Receiver employing non-pilot reference channels for equalizing a received signal
Matching circuit
Transmission apparatus for differential communication
Reducing and sharing computations for GPS signal processing
Integrated circuit and programmable delay
PLL disturbance cancellation
Communication apparatus and method including a plurality of descramblers
Method for estimating, in a communication system, the level of interference plus noise affecting received signals representative of a set of received pilot symbols
Hybrid equalizer
Digital radio data system receiver methods and apparatus
Downconversion strategies for reducing interference in wanted signals
Broadcast receiver for use in mobile communication terminal
CMOS transceiver analog front end having a combined power amplifier and low noise amplifier
Compressing and decompressing multiple, layered, video streams employing multi-directional spatial encoding
Optical signal synchronization sampling apparatus and method, and optical signal monitoring apparatus and method using the same
Multiple channel power monitor
Optical add/drop multiplexer
Optical transmitting and receiving apparatus and method for analyzing abnormality or failure of the optical transmitting and receiving apparatus
Optical interconnection system for transmitting and receiving a three-level signal and method of operating the same
Optical fiber amplifying module
Multipurpose infrared apparatus and display apparatus thereof
Multi-channel output device for a multimedia device
Method and apparatus for improved forward link power control while in soft handoff
Method for integrating audio and visual messaging
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving signals in multiple-input multiple output communication system provided with plurality of antenna elements
Method and system for a reliable relay-associated and opportunistic cooperative transmission schemes
Channel-occupancy efficient, low power wireless networking
Modified upstream channel descriptor messages for DOCSIS-based broadband communication systems
Timing adjustments for channel estimation in a multi carrier system
System and method for transferring high-definition multimedia signals over four twisted-pairs
Method of early starting the operation of a descrambler
Base-band ethernet over point-to-multipoint shared single conductor channel
Multiplexed audio data decoding apparatus and receiver apparatus
Priority scheduling using per-priority memory structures
Key distribution
Computer, internet and telecommunications based network
Method and apparatus for signaling virtual channel support in communication networks
PON system
Apparatus and method for processing contents using routing table
Method and apparatus for configuring channel node tree in an OFDMA wireless communication system
Method and system for automating membership discovery in a distributed computer network
Systems and methods for converting a P packet/cycle datapath to a Q packet/cycle datapath
Device, system and method for cryptographic key exchange
Apparatus and methods for digital-to-analog conversion with vector quantization
Robust multi-tuner/multi-channel audio/video rendering on a single-chip high-definition digital multimedia receiver
Method and apparatus for windowing orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signals
Millimeter wave radio with phase modulation
Training pattern for a biased clock recovery tracking loop
Multi-key cryptographically generated address
Secure registration for a multicast-broadcast-multimedia system (MBMS)
Data processing system, data processing method, and program providing medium
Method for issuing IC card storing encryption key information
Methods for integrating security in network communications and systems thereof
Portable electronic device providing gaming functions
Apparatus and a method for directing a received signal in an antenna system
Actuator notification system for use with a mobile communications device, a method of automatically driving an actuator on a mobile communications device, and a mobile communications device utilizing same
Electronic device
Method and apparatus for bulletin board messaging in a voice mail system
Logging call data for failed emergency calls
Method and apparatus for session establishment for emergency VoIP calls
System and method for providing a descriptor for a location to a recipient
Providing location information for wireless devices using name service
Methods and systems for selectively playing received ringtones
Laser print apparatus with dual halftones
Image forming apparatus capable of suppressing color variation due to misregistration of colors, image forming method, and computer-readable medium
Solid-state imaging apparatus and camera using the same
Liquid crystal television including a left speaker and a right speaker for outputting audio based on an audio signal
High speed photographic device, method for controlling high speed photographic device, and computer program
Video reproduction apparatus, digital camera, semiconductor integrated circuit, and method for video reproduction
Method of manufacturing camera module
Processor for image capture and printing
Imaging device
Imaging apparatus and method of controlling imaging
Multiple camera system for obtaining high resolution images of objects
Mapping of presentation material
Digital camera recording a composite image
Image display system
Video encoder, video decoder, video encoding method, video decoding method, and video encoding and decoding system
Generating a motion attention model
Efficient 8.times.8 CABAC residual block decode
Data encryption/decryption method and mobile terminal for use in the same
Image signal transmitting/receiving apparatus and method
Conditional access system for broadcast digital television
Phase adjustment device, phase adjustment method and digital camera
Imaging device and imaging method
Image-capturing system diagnostic device, image-capturing system diagnostic program product and image-capturing device for monitoring foreign matter
Call receiving system and apparatus for selective reception of caller communication
Vibration speaker and a portable electronic device comprising the vibration speaker
Speaker device for portable terminal
Microphone unit and sound input apparatus
Sound field controlling apparatus
Low frequency equalization for loudspeaker system
Method and apparatus for classifying user morphology for efficient use of cell phone system resources
Method for selective distribution of communications infrastructure
Method, system, and computer program product for creating smart services
Packet transfer control method, communication message processing method, access router, and mobile terminal
Efficient multi-cast broadcasting for packet data systems
Methods and apparatus for planning wireless data networks using analytical modeling of user level performance
Method of making interchangeable glass ceramic tops for a cooking stove
White light emitting device
Automatic, low level floor lighting system
Circuit arrangement and method for operating a discharge lamp
Driving circuit for and semiconductor device for driving laser diode
Driving circuit of multi-lamps
Driving circuit of light emitting diode and lighting apparatus
Device and method for time-delayed integration on an X-ray detector composed of a plurality of detector modules
Printed circuit board and its designing method, and designing method of IC package terminal and its connecting method
Electronic component
Control unit for controlling an electromotive drive unit
Wiring board for semiconductor device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Tractor load weighing device
Method of producing a poppy plant
Use of polymers as sticking agents
Carbanilides as pesticides
Method to mitigate plant stress
Fungicidal compositions based on metalaxyl
Uracil substituted phenyl sulfamoyl carboxamides
Substituted pyridine herbicides
Herbicidal pyridine compounds
Herbicidal mixtures having a synergistic effect
Synergistic insecticide mixtures
Toxins active against pests
Process for the preparation of materials with a high content of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
Indazolyloxy propanolamines for improving livestock production
Methods for suppressing appetite and enhancing exercise and recovery
Compositions for increasing energy in vivo
Elastic structure and a diaper
Allosteric inhibitors of pyruvate kinase
Use of HMG-COA reductase inhibitors to prevent and treat BPH
Pharmaceutical composition and method for treatment of dyspepsia
Pharmaceutical composition active in reducing production of MCP-1 protein
Propofol-based anesthetic and method of making same
Methods of treatment with compounds having RAR.alpha. receptor specific or selective activity
Method to treat chronic heart failure and/or elevated cholesterol levels using 3,5-diiodothyropropionic acid and method to prepare same
Treatment of ocular disorders
Indeno[1,2-C]pyrazole derivatives for inhibiting tyrosine kinase activity
Methods for preventing and treating alopecia induced by chemotherapy or radiotherapy
2-substituted piperidine analogs and their use as subtype-selective NMDA receptor antagonists
N-substituted-N'-substituted urea derivatives and the use thereof as TNF-.alpha. production inhibitory agents
Laminitis in horses
Methods and compositions for treating infection using optically pure (S)-lomefloxacin
Methods for treating psychological disorders using bioactive metabolites of gepirone
Bicyclic heterocyclic compounds for the treatment of impotence
Use of cyamemazine in the treatment of abrupt benzodiazephine withdrawal
Thermogenic composition and benzazepine thermogenics
Protease inhibitors
Method for slowing heart valve degeneration
Combination and method of treatment of cancer utilizing a COX-2 inhibitor and a 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme-a (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitor
Melanocortin receptor-3 ligands to treat sexual dysfunction
Recombinant alpha-fetoprotein hybrid cytotoxins for treating and diagnosing cancers
Use of TIMP-3 inducers of TIMP-3 expression, and TIMP-3 mimetics to treat ocular neovascularization
Expression vectors for stimulating an immune response and methods of using the same
Organophosphorus compounds and the use thereof
Utilization of powder preparations containing hydroxypyridones for treating leg ulcers and decubitus ulcers
Protected one-vial formulation for nucleic acid molecules, methods of making the same by in-line mixing, and related products and methods
Tough denture and method for producing the same
Oxa acids and related compounds for treating skin conditions
Antibacterial cleaning wipe
Isoprenoid compositions for the inhibition of exoprotein production from gram positive bacteria
Methods for encapsulating plasmids in lipid bilayers
Bioresorbable hydrogel compositions for implantable prostheses
Controlled release formulations
Edible herbal compositions for relieving nicotine craving
Compositions comprising a thermoplastic component and superabsorbent polymer
Low viscosity thermoplastic compositions for moisture vapor permeable structures and the utilization thereof in absorbent articles
Surgically implanted devices having reduced scar tissue formation
Cross-linked polymer compositions and methods for their use
Biomedical devices with hydrophilic coatings
Golf balls formed of compositions comprising poly (trimethylene terephthalate) and method of making such balls
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for evaporating polymer solutions of thermoplastic polymers
Catalyst for reducing nitrogen oxides in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres
Process for production of carbonaceous chars having catalytic activity
Non-crushable, non-friable, non-breakable carbon catalyst supports
Integrated process and dual-function catalyst for olefin epoxidation
Process for the activation of a metallic palladium based catalyst useful for the direct oxidation of hydrogen to hydrogen peroxide
Catalyst and process for the preparation of aromatic carbonates
Method for the production of cobalt catalysts supported on silicon dioxide and their use
Nickel-rhenium catalyst for use in reductive amination processes
Process for preparing a mixed metal catalyst composition
Process for in situ synthesis of supported heteropoly acids and salts thereof
Catalyst systems for polyurethane polyester foams
Methanol to olefin process with increased selectivity to ethylene and propylene
Chiral imidazolidinone-based catalyst composition and reaction system
Process for the preparation of spherically shaped microcomposites
Chiral ferrocene phosphines and their use in asymmetric catalytic reactions
Tris[(1H,1H,2H,2H-perfluoroalkyl) aryl]phoshites and catalytic uses thereof
Catalyst compositions for producing aromatic carbonates
Fluid bed vinyl acetate catalyst
Catalyst composition
Method for preparing highly stabilized hydroxylamine solutions
Multicomponent ion exchange resins
Precursors for making low dielectric constant materials with improved thermal stability
Oxygen cutting of slabs
Method of making metal-based compacted components and metal-based powder compositions suitable for cold compaction
Method for adjusting the oscillation frequency of a sprung balance for a mechanical timepiece
Resistor trimming with small uniform spot from solid-state UV laser
Method for manufacturing a display device
Method and device for scanning the surface of an object with a laser beam
Nozzle particularly suited to direct metal deposition
Narrow gap welding method and welding apparatus
Welding torch and handle
Coating solution for forming porous organic film
Process for the manufacture of tablet detergent compositions
Elastic substantially linear ethylene polymers
Multifunctional windshield wiper stalk switch
Stalk switch apparatus with biased latch and return components to prevent damage
Cable set
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Crystalline disodium pamidronate hydrate and process for preparing it
Process and apparatus for the production of synthesis gas
Radiation-curable, optical fiber primary coating system
Methods of drying optical fiber coatings
Vacuum switch container, vacuum switch, method for producing vacuum switch container and method for producing vacuum switch
3,5-Dioxa-8-aza-tricyclo[,0]decane-9-methanols, their metal complexes and enantio-selective hydrogenation processes
Radiolabelled bisphosphonates and method
Dehydrochlorination stabilization of polychlorinated alkanes
Azeotrope-like composition of 1,2,2-trichloro-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropane and hydrogen fluoride
Manufacturing process for .alpha.-olefins
Aniline derivatives possessing an inhibitory effect of nitric oxide synthase
Process for producing fluorinated alkylamine compound
Catalyst ligands, catalytic metal complexes and processes using same
N(CF3)2 anion generation and its use
Phenylalkanoic acid derivatives
Process for producing hydroxyalkyl (meth)acrylate
Hydrogenation of carbon monoxide using sulfide catalysts
Photocurable halofluorinated acrylates
Benzisoxazole and 4-amidino-3-hydroxyphenyl chemical intermediates
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Synthesis and use of amino acid fluorides as peptide coupling reagents
Process for the preparation of zinc dithiocarbamates
(2-hydroxy)ethyl-thioureas useful as modulators of .alpha.2B adrenergic receptors
Method for producing bisphenol catalysts and bisphenols
Liquid mixture consisting of diesel gas oils and oxygenated compounds
Lactic acid processing; methods; arrangements; and, products
Process for producing tartaric acid from a raw material containing potassium hydrogentartrate
Dicarboxylic acid crystallizates
Highly nucleated thermoplastic articles
Unsaturated derivatives at the 4-position of 6-tert-butyl-1,1-dimethylindane and their use in human and veterinary medicine and cosmetics
CC-1065 analog synthesis
Inhibitors of factor Xa
Subtype-selective NMDA receptor ligands and the use thereof
Short synthesis of pyridine-based pharmaceutical intermediates
Polysubstituted 6-phenylphenanthridines with PDE-IV inhibiting activity
Substitute 11-phenyl-dibenzazepine compounds useful for the treatment or prevention of diseases characterized by abnormal cell proliferation
Compounds, their preparation and use
2-phenyl benzimidazole derivatives as MCP-1 antagonists
Sufidomaidocarboxylic acids, method for production thereof, and use therefor
Piperazine derivatives and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Intermediates for the preparation of substituted 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives
Process for preparing imidazoquinolinamines
Phenanthridine-N-oxides with PDE-IV inhibiting activity
Substituted oximes and hydrazones as neurokinin antagonists
Indazole compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting protein kinases, and methods for their use
7-Substituted isoindolinone inhibitors of inflammation and reperfusion injury and methods of use thereof
Preparation and use of ortho-sulfonamido bicyclic heteroaryl hydroxamic acids as matrix metalloproteinase and tace inhibitors
Androgen receptor modulator compounds and methods
Dideoxycarbocyclic nucleosides
Therapeutic polymorphs of a GABA-A alpha-5 inverse agonist and pamoate formulations of the same
Kappa opioid receptor antagonists
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Process for the preparation of cefuroxime axetil in an amorphous form
Antiviral compounds
Thrombin inhibitors
Use of water and acidic water to purify liquid MOCVD precursors
Process for the production of linear organohydrogensiloxanes
Preparation of amino-functional siloxanes
Preparation of sulfur-containing organosilicon compounds using a buffered phase transfer catalysis process
Silica gel incorporating polyazacycloalkane units comprising more than six nitrogen atoms, preparation process and use
Process for preparing salts of dialkylphosphinic acids
Preparation of alkenylphosphonic acid derivatives
Recombinant DNA molecules encoding aminopeptidase enzymes and their use in the preparation of vaccines against helminth infections
2-(purin-9-yl)-Tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol derivatives
Guanidinium functionalized oligonucleotides and method/synthesis
Oligonucleotide labeling reagents
Synthesis of chlorophenol red glucuronic acid
Unsaturated 14, 15-cyclopropanoandrostanes, method for the production thereof and pharmaceutical preparations containing said compounds
Bacterial receptor structures
Identification and characterization of a Dwarf and Late Flowering 2 phenotype (DLF2) in Arabidopsis
Smad6 and uses thereof
Secreted protein HT5GJ57
Connective tissue growth factor-2
Chemokine variants
Bone marrow-specific protein
Diagnostic agent and method to determine pregnancy in ruminants
Compositions corresponding to a calcium transporter and methods of making and using same
Compositions and methods enabling a totally internally controlled amplification reaction
Polyspecific binding molecules and uses thereof
Nematode-extracted serine protease inhibitors and anticoagulant proteins
Modified timp
Production and use of modified cystatins
Serine protease inhibitors
Alkylsulfonamido heterocyclic thrombin inhibitors
1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives and process for producing the same
Methods and compositions to alter the cell surface expression of phosphatidylserine and other clot-promoting plasma membrane phospholipids
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Antipicornaviral compounds and compositions, their pharmaceutical uses, and materials for their synthesis
Cyclic azapeptides with angiogenic effect
Synthetic polysaccharides, preparation method therefor and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Isolated algal lipopolysaccharides and use of same to inhibit endotoxin-initiated sepsis
Single-carbon bridges bys cyclopentadienyl compounds and metallocene complexes thereof
Catalyst composition, method of polymerization, and polymer therefrom
Support materials for use with polymerization catalysts
Process for preparing a catalyst support for polymerization of alpha-olefins, and support thus obtained
Catalyst system for the Ziegler-Natta polymerization of olefins
Process for producing polyethylene
Catalysts and processes for the polymerization of olefins
Hydrolytically degradable olefin copolymers
Silicone-grafted vinyl copolymer emulsion composition
Capstock composition and process providing weatherability, reduced gloss, and high impact
Flame retardant organic resin composition
Block copolymer composition, process for producing the same, and pressure-sensitive adhesive composition
Polymerizable compounds and use thereof
Living polymerization process
Method for making and using a metallocene catalyst system
Cycloaddition functional polymers from (vinyl) polystyrene
Method for making an organo-soluble (meth)acrylic resin composition, and use of same as binding agent for antifouling marine paints
Extruder process for making thermoplastic polyurethanes
Coating agent comprised of at least three constituents, method for the production thereof, and its use
Hyperbranched polyureas, polyurethanes, polyamidoamines, polyamides and polyesters
Process for manufacturing a hydroxyester derivative intermediate and epoxy resins prepared therefrom
Process for producing alkyd resins
Macromers of poly (hydroxyalkanoates)
Process for the preparation of crystalline polycarbonate oligomers
Hydroxy-functional polyurethane carbonates, a process for their preparation and their use as binders
Hydroxyl-functionalized polymer compositions
Process for production of polyimide powder, polyimide powder, polyimide powder molded bodies and process for their production
Process for producing a resin having a large refractive index
Silalkylenesiloxane copolymer materials and methods for their preparation
Polymers containing modified pigments and methods of preparing the same
Sprayable autofrothing polyisocyanate foam and delivery system
Desiccant dispersion for rubber compounds
UV stable polyetherester copolymer composition and film therefrom
Self-lubricating enameled wire
PVC-containing material with citrate esters
Plasticized polyvinyl chloride compound
Polyolefin-based resin compositions and fabricated products produced therefrom
Water-based composition of amino-functional silicon compounds
Powder coating or adhesives employing silanes or silane treated fillers
Organoclay compositions for gelling unsaturated polyester resin systems
Resin materials and films made therefrom
Flame-retardant rubber composition and flame-retardant elastomer
Rubber compositions, rubber-resin laminates and fluid-impermeable hoses
Elastomer composition and thermoplastic resin composition containing the same
Inorganic reinforced polyamide resin compositions
Wax compositions comprising wax and oil
Ink jet ink composition
Azo-metal complex dye and method for producing the same and its use for a high density optical disc recording medium
Fast-dry, high solids coatings based on modified alkyd resins
Silicone composition and electrically conductive silicone adhesive formed therefrom
Composition and method for acidizing wells and equipment without damaging precipitation
Process for the conversion of waste plastics to produce hydrocarbon oils
Producing liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas
Surface-active alkylurethanes of fructans
Compositions containing .alpha.-sulfofatty acid ester and polyalkoxylated alkanolamide and methods of making and using the same
Surfactant composition
Shaped soap product comprising talc, one or more fatty acids in the form of their alkali soaps and one or more cationic surfactants with the simultaneous absence of alkyl (oligo) glycosides
Liquid laundry detergent and pretreatment composition
Bleaching compositions
Method for producing colored detergents and cleaning agents
Low-density compositions and particulates including same
Bleaching compositions
Liquid cleaning compositions
Liquid cleaning compositions
Liquid cleaning compositions
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease
Drosophila recombination-associated protein and methods for use
Sialidase localized in plasma membrane DNA coding for the same
Thermal process apparatus for measuring accurate temperature by a radiation thermometer
Textiles; Paper
Dyeing method of dyeing plastic lens and base body to be used for dyeing plastic lens
Friction facing composition and method of manufacture
Foam control composition and method for controlling foam in aqueous systems
Fixed Constructions
Multi-position photovoltaic assembly
Safety edge switch
Weighing scale with scale pan and body made from a particulate of natural stone
Packaging and interconnection of contact structure
Method of making an optical fiber
Pressure vessel joint for repeaters in submarine optical communication systems
Rotatively-operated switch apparatus and communication terminal apparatus
Instruction input device for electronic musical instrument
Snare strainer for a snare drum
Cantilevered tail block/tailpiece for an acoustic guitar
Automated compilation of music
Memory card with music performance function
Fibre channel cable
Signal transmission cable with a noise absorbing high loss magnetic film formed on a sheath of the cable
Apparatus for the installation of spring clips, especially electrostatic animal guards
Hollow insulator and production method
Electrical cable with self-repairing protection and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Reinforcement of superconducting coils by high-strength materials
Contact closing speed limiter for a transfer switch
Decorative wall plate switch mechanism for operating a toggle switch
Key switch of keyboard unit
Flat panel type display apparatus
Spatially resolved temperature measurement and irradiance control
Heat treatment unit and heat treatment method
Wafer heating apparatus and ceramic heater, and method for producing the same
Semiconductor purification apparatus and method
Semiconductor device having a self-aligned contact structure and methods of forming the same
Encapsulation package and method of packaging an electronic circuit module
Module substrate and method of producing the same
Multilayer printed-circuit board and semiconductor device
High-frequency circuit board and semiconductor device using the high-frequency circuit board
DRAM cell with high integration density
Memory cell with stored charge on its gate and a resistance element having non-linear resistance elements
Solar cell
Solar battery module arranging method and solar battery module array
Device for connecting a window with electrical functions
Cover assembly for a transfer switch
Adaptive material of ternary composition
Communications distribution box having improved access
Methods and apparatus for beaming power
Flame retardant epoxy resin modified with phosphorus and silicon
Enhanced design and process for a conductive adhesive
EMI shield having flexible fingers with nonlinear slits
Method for absorbing active, external and dynamic magnetic fields using a ferrite encapsulated coating
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