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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Nucleic acid encoding an NPR1 interactor from rice and method of use to produce pathogen-resistant plants
Herb medicine composition to be contained in sanitary materials for infants
Analgesic compositions containing buprenorphine
Semi-hydrochloride of 8-cyano-1-cyclopropyl-7-(1S,6S-2,8-diazabicyclo[4.3.0]nonan-8-yl)-6-fluor- o-1, 4-dihydro-4-oxo-3-quinolinecarboxylic acid
Dihydropyridine derivative
Substituted 4,5-dihydro-1,2,4-triazin-3-ones, 1,2,4-triazin-3-ones, and their use as fungicides and insecticides
Methods and compositions for modulating drug activity through telomere damage
Peptides and polypeptides useful for regenerating the nervous system
Cyclic undecapeptide pro-drugs and uses thereof
Water-soluble natural film and its preparing method
Process for producing insoluble and soluble collagen protein products from poultry skins and use thereof
Formation of novel erythropoietin conjugates using transglutaminase
Battery charger amusement device
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for controlling the size of the molten pool in laser-based additive manufacturing
Power source with saturable reactor
Low cost robot manipulator
Method and apparatus for facsimile data output sorting
Print head and image forming apparatus
Recording method and recording apparatus utilizing laser focusing element
Thermal printer assembly
Vehicle positioning apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carboranylporphyrins and uses thereof
Alkylaromatics production
Method for producing bisphenol catalysts and bisphenols
N- and O-substituted 4-[2-(diphenylmethoxy)-ethyl]-1- (phenyl) methyl) piperidine analogs and methods of treating CNS disorders therewith
Ac-HEHA and related compounds, methods of synthesis and methods of use
Immobilization of nucleic acids
Polynucleotide encoding the enoyl-acyl carrier protein reductase of Staphylococcus aureus, FAB I
Thermophilic amino acid biosynthesis system enzyme gene of thermotolerant coryneform bacterium
Cellular delivery agent
Gene involved in CADASIL, method of diagnosis and therapeutic application
PT32 sperm protein, sperm c-Yes, oocyte cytoplasmic c-Yes and uses thereof
Hyphal growth in fungi
Treatment of inflammatory disease
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Polymer and process for producing the same
Copolymer of conjugated cyclodiene
Process for manufacturing polyamides
Plateout-resistant thermoplastic resin composition
Methods of producing polyolefins and films therefrom
Nanocomposites of dendritic polymers
Flame retardant polymer compositions
Flame retardant ethylene family resin composite and flame retardant electric wire or cable
Flame retardant, thermoplastic polycarbonate molding compositions
Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition and molded article thereof
Wood-based refined tar-containing coating compositions
Clear or translucent aqueous fabric softener compositions containing high electrolyte and optional phase stabilizer
Blooming natural oil cleaning compositions
Gene regulating plant branching, vector containing the gene, microorganism transformed by the vector, and method for regulating plant branching by using the microorganism
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Portable oven
Fiber optic based method and system for determining and controlling position of a sliding sleeve valve
Tamper-proof container
Method and apparatus for radiation encoding and analysis
Methods and systems for substrate surface evaluation
Fluorescence detecting device with integrated circuit and photodiode, and detection method
Nanotube, near-field light detecting apparatus and near-field light detecting method
Method and apparatus for determining properties of an electrophoretic display
Method and apparatus for measuring analytes in blood bags
Voltage modulator circuit to control light emission for non-invasive timing measurements
Apparatus and methods for measuring resistance of conductive layers
Method and system for locating chip-level defects through emission imaging of a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for detecting conditions in paralleled DC power cables
Closing a communications stream between terminals of a communications system
Thermographic wiring inspection
Method, apparatus and program for determining available bandwidth between multiple points in a communication system
Thin film transistor array inspection apparatus
System and method for doppler track correlation for debris tracking
Split-electrode radiation detector free of sensibility variations and after-outputs
Retrievable subsurface nuclear logging system
Method and system for optimized pre-saturation in MR with corrected transmitter frequency of pre-pulses
Wide-angle optical system for solid image pickup element
Compact zoom lens system and digital camera using the compact zoom lens system
Vibrating mirror, optical scanner using vibrating mirror, and image reproducing and forming apparatus
Laser scanning apparatus
Method of producing a sheet having lenticular lens in pre-selected areas
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, and projector
Condensing lens, optically-multiplexed-laser-light source, and exposure system
Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
Diffraction grating with reduced polarization-dependent loss
Optoelectronic sensor device
Liquid crystal display device
Electrochromic safety glazing
Electro-optical device, method for manufacturing electro-optical device, apparatus for manufacturing electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Exposure apparatus and aberration correction method
System and method for controlling remote devices
Current source circuit for generating a low-noise current and method of operating the current source circuit
DC-to-DC power regulator having non-linear load line and automatic leakage current offset adjustment
Strap buckle apparatus for a notebook computer
Printer apparatus, control method and control program therefor, and computer-readable storage medium containing the control program
Printing apparatus using recording material cartridge with non-volatile memory
Image processing apparatus and method and computer program product
Color conversion device and color conversion method
System and method for routing service requests from a paired digital camera and transceiver module
Method and system for modifying print stream data to allow printing over a single I/O port
Color conversion method using buffer storage for compact printer system
Flexible digital halftoning
Virtual environment navigation aid
Editing method and medium in CAD system
Compression of 3D surfaces using progressive geometry
System and method to enhance security of shipping containers
Electronically controlled power steering system for vehicle and method and system for motor control
Parking aid for use in a motor vehicle
Weather information dissemination system for mobile vehicles
Drive method of AC type plasma display panel
Plasma display module
Display driver and display device using the display driver
Driving circuit and driving method
Light sensitive display
Electromechanical information browsing device
RF data compression for a high speed mouse
Picture convert apparatus
Capacitive sensing and data input device power management
Reducing fill and improving quality of interlaced displays using multi-sampling
Automatic pitch processing for electric stringed instruments
Optical disk controller which sets sampling interval according to rotational speed of optical disk
Method for improving head position determination in a disk drive
Systems for WORF improvement in conditional servowriting
Thermal asperity compensation in perpendicular recording system
Methods for detecting multiple occurrences of a SAM pattern to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness
Pseudo multi-channel play-back apparatus
Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical disks, apparatus and method for recording data on optical disks, apparatus and method for reproducing data from optical disks, and optical disk formed with pit strings or mark strings
Information recording apparatus and method
Disk drive for optimizing write current settings relative to drive operating characteristics and ambient temperature readings
Method for suppressing tribocharge in the assembly of magnetic heads
Temperature compensation of seek profiles in data storage devices
Off-track error recovery method and apparatus for disk drive
Head positioning system, disk drive apparatus using the same, and head positioning method
Data recording system with servo pattern having pseudo-noise sequences
Systems for WORF improvement
Head shock resistance and head load/unload protection for reducing disk errors and defects, and enhancing data integrity of disk drives
Optical disc apparatus
Optical pickup device
Optical disc recording method and apparatus
Optical disk recording apparatus, optical disk recording method, optical disk reproducing apparatus, and optical disk capable of interlayer crosstalk reduction
Optical reproducing method for optical medium with aligned prepit portion
Optical pick-up actuator
Information recording method
Pickup head actuator
Magnetic memory device, write current drive circuit, and write current drive method
Apparatus and method of driving non-volatile DRAM
NOR flash memory cell with high storage density
Bidirectional shift register and display device incorporating same
Echo clock on memory system having wait information
Semiconductor memory device
ROM embedded DRAM with bias sensing
Devices for synchronizing clock signals
MEMS differential actuated nano probe and method for fabrication
Capacitors including interacting separators and surfactants
Earthing switch
Input key and input apparatus
Pressure sensitive trip mechanism for circuit breakers
Solid state vacuum devices and method for making the same
Near field optical probe having an internal near field generating and detecting device, and manufacturing method thereof
Lens array with a laterally movable optical axis for corpuscular rays
Multiple optical vortices for manipulating particles
Image sensor packages
Semiconductor device, circuit board and electronic instrument that include an adhesive with conductive particles therein
Silicon building block architecture with flex tape
Multilevel copper interconnects with low-k dielectrics and air gaps
Wiring structure and manufacturing method therefor, semiconductor device including wiring structure and wiring board
Cavity down no lead package
Integrated semiconductor storage with at least a storage cell and procedure
Memory device for storing electrical charge and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with a frequency selective guard ring
MOSFET device with nanoscale channel and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package including passive elements and method of manufacture
Switching device using superlattice without any dielectric barriers
Image sensor with vertically integrated thin-film photodiode
Apparatus and circuit having reduced leakage current and method therefor
Method of fabricating low dielectric constant dielectric films
Semiconductor device with inverted thin film transistor structure that includes a body contact
Semiconductor memory device having memory cell section and peripheral circuit section and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuits using optical fiber interconnects formed through a semiconductor wafer
Ultrasensitive photodetector with integrated pinhole for confocal microscopes
Semiconductor optical integrated device having a light emitting portion, a modulation section and a separation portion
Structural augmentation for flexible connector
Wearable directional antenna
Mobile radio terminal containing two antenna elements
Selectively engaged antenna matching for a mobile terminal
Antenna element
Dielectric resonator wideband antenna
Broadband antenna having a three-dimensional cast part
Semiconductor laser module, and method for driving the semiconductor laser module
Wavelength stabilization of tunable lasers by current modulation
Light source device and wavelength control device therefor
Semiconductor laser based on the effect of photonic band gap crystal-mediated filtration of higher modes of laser radiation and method of making same
Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method therefor
Switching circuit and method therefor
Fire protection for electronics equipment
Electric rotary machine equipped with stator coil consisting of sequentially connected conductor segments
Electric machine
Axial gap brushless DC motor
Flywheel energy storage systems
Hydro-electric farms
Switched mode power supply responsive to current derived from voltage across energy transfer element input
DC--DC converters providing reduced deadtime
System, method, and an article of manufacture for starting a brushless direct current motor
Method of controlling the commutation in an electronically commutated motor, and an electronically commutated motor for carrying out said method
Oscillator having multi-phase complementary outputs
Oscillator with quadrature output in a cross-coupled configuration
Piezoelectric oscillator
Amplifier and radio frequency tuner
Switching circuit and digital power amplifier
Phase interpolator device and method
Direct conversion receiver having a DC offset eliminating function
Band pass filter for GHz-band
Center-tap termination circuit and printed circuit board having the same
Micromachine vibration filter
Surface-acoustic-wave component adapted to electronic circuit and device, and manufacturing method therefor
Fast and wire multiplexing circuits
Hybrid phase/delay locked loop circuits and methods
High-resolution digital-to-analog converter
Method and apparatus of converting a series of data words into modulated signals
Modem identification and diagnostics
Channel gain estimation in a rake receiver using complex weight generation (CWG) algorithms
Satellite broadcasting system
Apparatus for and method of providing and measuring data throughput to and from a packet data network
Methods for improving bus performance and bandwidth utilization of a parallel bus LAN
Method and apparatus for decoding
Mechanism to strip LARQ header and regenerate FCS to support sleep mode wake up
Reducing spread spectrum noise
System and method for determining network throughput speed and streaming utilization
Method for processing data packet headers
Communication apparatus and a method of controlling a communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for routing data traffic across a multicast-capable fabric
Method and device for delivering communication in ethernet-over-synchronous networks
Method and apparatus for data transmission
Sequence estimation method and sequence estimator
Symmetric spherical QAM constellation
Voice over IP method of determining caller identification
Voicemail system with subscriber specific storage folders
Utilization of in-band signaling to facilitate modem on hold
Method and apparatus for forwarding caller identification for a credit card or calling card call to an automatic number identification system of a telephone network
Call-associated data transfer among multiple telecommunication switches
Hand held mobile communications device with an image sensor, a printer and a display moveable between first and second positions
Image reading apparatus
Image reading apparatus and its control method
System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites
Reduced-buffer error diffusion
Anti-aliasing characters for improved display on an interlaced television monitor
Viewfinder control unit and television camera
Portable information communication apparatus with rotating mechanism
Image pickup apparatus utilizing a plurality of converging lenses
Method for managing images over a communication network
Image processing apparatus for joining a plurality of images
Video tap for a digital motion camera that simulates the look of post processing
Charge detecting device for a solid state imaging device
Fast half-pixel motion estimation using steepest descent
Motion estimation method by employing a stochastic sampling technique
Image signal decoding apparatus
Sports projectile and camera apparatus
Shared VT connectivity over SONET
Method of simultaneously reading multiple radio frequency tags, RF tags, and RF reader
Cellemetry-operated railroad switch heater
Publishing node information
Light display with color and clear lights
Method for producing a large-mass ohmic resistor for protecting electronic assemblies from surges, and an electronic assembly
Component carrier
Heat-dissipating fan module of electronic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Forwardly folding tool bar
High speed grader
Power tool
Drilling system with integrated bottom hole assembly
Apparatus and method for pilot-tube guided auger boring
Protected lubricant reservoir with pressure control for sealed bearing earth boring drill bit
High pressure internal sleeve for use with easily drillable exit ports
Multiple lateral hydraulic drilling apparatus and method
Non-cryogenic nitrogen for on-site downhole drilling and post drilling operations apparatus
Tool for transporting cutting means to and from a ground drill
Steel tooth bit with extra-thick hardfacing
Rotary cone drill bit with machined cutting structure
Drilling structure with non-axial gage
Articulated work vehicle
Electrical wheelchair with double frame structure
Work vehicle windshield
Vehicle with a resiliently suspended cab part, particularly a driver's cab
Vehicle body panel assembly
Automatic cruise control method for vehicles
Adjustable rear suspension for a tracked vehicle
Apparatus and method for locking an adjustable width axle assembly of a crop sprayer
Carrier for lifting devices having variable width track
Lead wheel steering system for a gantry crane
Working vehicle
Crush sensing vehicle crash sensor
Vehicle anti-theft device
Traction control system for hydraulic drives
Vehicle electric steering apparatus
Clamped receiver array using tubing conveyed packer elements
Cover for stethoscope head
Suction noise muffler for hermetic compressor
Acoustic liner and method of making an acoustic liner
Connector for a personal safety device
Safety belt for climbing tree stand
Folding tripod ladder having extendable legs
Pressure lubrication system for countershaft transmission
Gravity motor
Elevator advertising system and method for displaying audio and/or video signals
Elevator landing apparatus
Bicycle brake system
Brake apparatus for a hydraulic elevator
Disc brake assembly
Disc brake
Drum brake with duo-actuation
Caliper disk brake for steel mill cranes
Composite brake drum having a balancing skirt
Ventilated pad for a bicycle disc brake
Vibration damper with variable damping force
Adjustable installation with a controlled locking gas spring and an emergency locking gas spring
Axle pivoting controller and hydraulic cylinder for industrial vehicles
Energy absorbing protective shroud
Section insulator for conductor rails
Rotating driving unit
Wear indicator for friction clutches
Driving torque transmission control apparatus used in an automotive vehicle
Ratchet transmission control mechanism for a ratcheting tool
Selectively engageable torque transmitting mechanism with a one-way screw apply
Dog clutch mechanism
Flow control capsule for clutch lubrication and cooling
Dual-mode two-way clutch
System for promoting the returning of service carts, e.g. shopping carts, intended for transporting commodities in an activity center, e.g. shopping centers
Coin-operated massage table and method and system for providing high quality massage
Coin turning coin-entrance chute
Simplified coin-controlled latch unit
Supply line for supplying parallelepiped products to a user machine
Control system for a tilt tray sorter
Foodstuff collating system and method
PTP conveying method and apparatus therefor
Device for compactly accumulating identical objects coming from a conveyor line
Pressureless multi-lane dividing apparatus
Conveyor cleaning and air-borne residue control system
Substrate transfer shuttle having a magnetic drive
Grain auger bearing drive mechanism
Carrier and discharging system for hangers
Chain conveyor
Vibratory parts-feeder
Gearless motorized conveyor roller
Co-injected labyrinth and contact seal for an idler roller assembly for a belt conveyor background of the invention
Painter's box
Multimedia distribution package
Media storage disk case
Case for compact discs, digital video disks or the like
Electronic device retention case
Used cutting blade receptacle apparatus and method
Display container having secure closure mechanism
Collectible card and can package and method
Rupturable container of amphiphilic molecules
Dental emergency kit
Packing box
Boxes with internal resilient elements and insert therefor
Impact protecting modular block for shielding an industrial computer from impact
Door guide for a wafer container
Semiconductor wafer carrier with grooves
Lightweight, high temperature packing reel for integrated circuits
Method and an apparatus for recycling different components in a multiple layer material
Mounting system for modular panels used in a screen deck
Sorting apparatus for utensils
Cyclone separator
Apparatus and process for separating components of a treatment mixture from waste water treatment system
Screen apparatus
Pleated filter and support tube therefor
Rail-mounted hanging file arrangement
Portable saddle holder
Jewelry stand
Secure belt and tie holder device
Display/storage rack for hangings
Frame piece for a rack of a switching cabinet
Display unit
Crane with a luffing jib
Non-metallic coupler carrier wear plate for a railcar
Rail car coupler
Child-resistant cap
Packaging case set
Nested containers
Apparatus for monitoring the closed position of a locking gas cap
Vacuum container with reclosable sealing closure having a vaccuum release sealing button
Covering device
Resealable closure on seamed can end
Can cooler
Shopping caddy and bag system
Portable device for displaying and dispensing card-like members
Lining system
Closure assembly for pressure vessel
Double-walled tank for storing fluids such as heating-oil, and the like
Drinking cup with depressible buttons
Single piece, push-pull dispensing closure and assembly
Waste can cover
Article dispenser
Blister packaged pill ejection method and apparatus
Cigar vending machine
Candy dispenser
Clip fastener
Bottle dispenser
Fingerprint activated fluids mixer and dispenser
Pastry dough or cake decorating device
Liquid chemical dispensing system with pressurization
Automated fluid dispenser
Pot with a flexible storage barrel and follow-up plate
Collapsible spray bottle
Device for squeezing flowable material out of a tubular bag
Pump with a delivery valve including a ball
Device for pre-positioning a covering collar on a pushbutton
Rotary valve for particulate materials
Dispensing piston for commodity container
Fluent material container and dispenser
Lid member for a paint container useable with a semi-automated automotive paint dispensing system
Pour flow control device
Liquid dispensing tailgate for automotive vehicles
Hanger for suspenders
Garment rack structure
Clothes hanger adapter
Needle for attaching a tag to an infusion bag using an intermediate knotted thread
Swivel belt clip with bi-directional action
Carrier for sunglasses for use on a bicycle
Hitch mountable bicycle carrier
Multi-purpose automotive console device
Scabbard for long guns
Separating device for severing perforated tube sections
Material advance tracking system
Apparatus and method for conveying abrasive web of indeterminate length
Temperature control method of solder bumps in reflow furnace, and reflow furnace
Control method for wire bonding apparatus
Full coverage thermal couple
Friction stir welding pin with internal flow channels
Soldering of a semiconductor chip to a substrate
Method of assembling needles for eyebrow makeup
Method for sealing a vacuum double wall container made of metal and associated sealed thereof
Alignment weight for floating field pin design
Structures and processes to create a desired probetip contact geometry on a wafer test probe
Lead penetrating clamping system
Deep access, close proximity, fine pitch bonding of large wire
Direct-placement fluxless soldering using inert gas environment
Quality-enhancing pizza carton
Fluid dispensing spout for beverage containers
Expandable, stay-open snack package
Folding carton and blank with reclosure means
Calculator with automatic slow motion deployment
RF embedded identification device
Method and apparatus for transferring money via a telephone call
Flexible configuration automatic teller machine
Peripheral assembly kit for the workstation of a goods invoicing system
Bar code reader
Film optical image bar code reader
Bar code scanner positioning
Control system for oscillating optical element in scanners
Flat card having internal relief and incorporating at least one electronic element
Surface-printable RFID-transponders
Magnetically communicative card
Expansion valve
Comfort thermostat
Rotor for heat generators and its manufacturing method
Apparatus and method for manufacturing a gasdrop
DC powered low resistance water pump and a waterworks display employing said pump
Traction enhancing deployment system
Aerosol generator
Reversible spray nozzle
Attachment mounting structure
Manually operated spray device for liquid
Irrigation emitter unit
Discharge apparatus for discharging materials
Electrostatic atomizer with controller
Method to obtain wood with weak fibre connections
Method and device for treatment of fibrous material
Rotary mill
Baitcast fishing reel with discreting backlash control
Fly fishing reel with detachable spool shaft supporting plate
Tape cartridge allowing concurrent reading/writing on multiple tapes
Seat belt retractor
Unit comprising at least two torsion bars for limiting the force in a belt retractor
Belt retractor with force limitation
Apparatus and method for coiling a fire hose
Medical and power cord control and storage apparatus
Wire winding clamp
Method for operating a cheese-producing textile machine
Reel cutter for a material web and method of using the same
Towel dispenser with anti-free wheel mechanism
Yarn package holder
Wing-drive mechanism, vehicle employing same, and method for controlling the wing-drive mechanism and vehicle employing same
Onboard aircraft de-icing using lasers
Method and apparatus for actively enhancing aircraft weapon separation
Modular spacecraft bus
Centrifugal gravity habitation torus constructed of salvaged orbital debris
Process and device for the control of the rudder of an aircraft
Pipe clamp
D-shaped wire harness clip with ratchet lock
Clamping device
Motor mount for vehicular seat apparatus
Structure for and method of mounting an object on a vertical surface and a laminated backing for such a structure
Adaptable frame carrier with freedom of movement along three axes for couches or seats
Venting of molds
Automatic flood control ball valve
Fail as-is hydraulic actuator
Rotary fuel filler valve actuator
Radar devices for low power applications and bathroom fixtures
Piezoelectric actuated poppet valve to modulate pilot pressures and control main valve activation
Seat valve having rotating closure member for variable pressure control
Solenoid valve
Oil drain plug for oil storage vessel and oil drain device using same
Pipe pusher
Portable vehicle lift and method
Juvenile security fence
Evaporative cooler for a gas turbine engine
Fluid-fluid contacting apparatus
Film fill-pack for inducement of spiraling gas flow in heat and mass transfer contact apparatus with self spacing fill-sheets
Pneumatically operated active vibration damping device having pressure regulating device
Circuit board holding apparatus
Clamping device for structural components
Vise having automatic locating mechanism
Clamp clips with rotational and displaceable tension elements
Tray for holding food
Kit of interchangeable workpiece locating and holding elements
Book binding system
Printer having a plurality of paper cassettes and method of selecting a paper cassette from the paper cassettes
Device for separating blanks
Media stack status indicator
Catch tray attachment for sheet feeding machine
Paper transport belt of alkylated chlorosulfonated polyethylene
Sheet receiving apparatus for sorting and stacking sheets on a tray with friction-free horizontal reciprocation
Antidrop protector for sheet-stacking apparatus
Automatic sheet feeder for ink jet printer
Paper transport device with one roller pair
Variable jackpot amusement game
Device for "flipping a coin", or the like
Magic squares game
Method of and apparatus for playing a card game
Methods of playing poker games
Blackjack table card game and method therefor
Apparatus and method of sealing a valve against increasing fluid pressure
Seal arrangement for a sensing element of a gas sensor
Gas turbine spindle bolt seal device
Second pressure ring for Al cylinders and its producing method
Seal device for rolling bearing
Multi-layer metal gasket
Equalizing power chuck
Hydraulic control systems
Doll walker with activity toy
Modular universal flat bed cart with variable support and maneuvering handles
Snowmobile dolly
Collapsible skateboard
Scooter board
Method and apparatus for surfable skateboards
Skateboard apparatus
Rear suspension using a torsional spring integral with trailing arm
Stabilizer bar apparatus for use in a vehicle suspension
Constant center of gravity tilt seat of a wheelchair
Health exercise equipment propelled by simulated rowing motion
Telescopic and variable tilt bicycle gooseneck
Cycle incorporating shock absorber
Bicycle wheel travel path for selectively applying chainstay lengthening effect and apparatus for providing same
Structure of a rear swingarm for a vehicle with saddle seat
Bicycle body support and brace
Variable sized trailer ball hitch assembly
Trailer support arrangement
Snowboard binding adjustment mechanism
Snowboard strap binding
Ski boot safety binding
Mobile seating arrangement
Multi-purpose dispensing apparatus
Vehicle suspension system
Air bag module emergency venting system
Air bag system
Assembly for housing an inflatable airbag
Apparatus for protecting crew member of automobile when collision of side portion thereof occurs
Inflator assembly for a vehicle occupant protection device
Steering wheel with integrated airbag unit
Air bag inflator including plural burst disks
Vehicle airbag deactivation system
Vehicle safety system
Air bag inflator exit gas dispersion features
Hybrid generator with internal gas injection
Device for inflating an airbag
Device for introducing pressurized gas into a vehicle safety device
Control cylinder for a steering system of a motor vehicle
Cab suspension for an agricultural vehicle
Vehicle with a seat belt tensioner secured to the floor of the vehicle
Furniture slide
Filing folder, in particular for lateral files
Security hardware device for clamping multi-leafed materials
Bill having one or more information panels and a perpendicularly oriented remittance panel
Prismatic printing
Connector and attachment mechanism for a lumen
Safety locking coupling assembly
Ball-lock-type quick-acting connector
Combustion air conduit coupling
Clampable pipe coupling
Quick coupling device for coupling a tube to a rigid endpiece
Differential wedge thread for threaded connector
Hose male fitting
Grill for vehicle front end
Protective bumper for a transport refrigeration unit
Damped mechanical joint assembly
Apparatus and method for transferring wafers by robot
Glove compartment in the instrument panel of a motor vehicle and method of making same
Motor vehicle storage area liner
Tailgate windspoiler
Tailgate-adapted cutting board and accessories
ATV all-weather cab
Golf cart frame enclosure attachment device
Variable height covering system
Side-to-side truck cover system
Automotive convertible top attaching construction
Dual panel retracting vehicle shade
Window protector assembly
Soft-top type vehicle cover
Sliding door stabilizer
Camping trailer lift
Operator's cab for construction machines
Vehicle body structure
Reinforcement structure for rear wheel housing of vehicle
Motor vehicle with vibration damper
Bottom structure for a self-supporting frame body of a motor vehicle
Pinch preventing mechanism for a collapsible chair
Combined carrying case and folding seat
Adjustable support apparatus for a computer data input device
Cushioning for a vehicle seat
Automobile seat
Upholstered element fastened to a cover by means of a hook and loop strip
Removable padded seat cover
Stackable side-by-side ganging chair
Child safety seat
Shopping cart safety seat
Two position reclinable wooden chair
Apparatus and method for constructing knockdown furniture from paperboard material and the like
Padding for a vehicle seat
Inflatable cushion with a vibration-message device
Waste concrete container
Yard waste handling apparatus
Tunnel excavator with crawler drive and roof support bearing frames
Hub centric truck wheel cap and spacer apparatus and method of using same
Mobile computing and communication system
Trailer control valve for a compressed air brake system for motor vehicles
Electronic brake management system with a signal modulation controller and a brushless motor
Empty-load device with brake cylinder test port
Brake system having a pilot-operated boost valve
Electronically controlled motor vehicle braking force distributor
Brake apparatus for a vehicle
Brake pressure control device
Method and apparatus for controlling a braking system
Method and device for check-testing a braking system
Brake control system for a vehicle
Crawler device for crawler vehicle
Mid-roller for endless track laying work machine
Display structure for collectibles
Assembly unit with an assembly rail
Dock and roll mobile computer stand with adjustable keyboard tray
Ink jet recording head drive device and method thereof
Liquid ejecting apparatus with variable wiping of a liquid ejection head
Ink purge apparatus, ink purging method nozzle wiping apparatus and wiping method in printer
Ink-jet recording head
Printer having a guide plate for transporting waste ink
Ink jet recording head
Printing method and printing apparatus
Inkjet recording head
Method and apparatus for two-color ink jet point of sale (POS) printing
Ink jet printer having an ink cleaning mechanism
Liquid ejecting method, liquid ejecting head, and head cartridge using same
Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-nozzle ink jet printhead
Method and apparatus for adapting an ink jet printing system for receiving an alternate supply of ink
Multiple-cartridge off-board ink supplies for color ink jet printers
Replaceable ink delivery tube system for large format printer
Ink tank unit, an ink jet cartridge having said ink tank unit and an ink jet apparatus having said ink jet cartridge
Ink tank unit, an ink jet cartridge having said ink tank unit and an ink jet apparatus having said ink jet cartridge
Double compartment ink-jet cartridge with optimum snout
Ink jet recording method, ink jet recording apparatus and printed product
Ink jet printing process
Reshapable sunglasses frame
Eyeglasses assembly including a removable auxiliary eyeglasses unit
Contact lenses with contoured edges
Eyewear that simulates bodily impairments
Apparatus for evaluating the visual field of a patient
Eye refractive power measurement apparatus
Lensless transparency shadowgraph
Miniature micro prism retroreflector
Bi-focal plane rear view mirror
Device for oblique light irradiation
Surface figure control for coated optics
Vehicle mirror device
Collapsible frame
Lightweight precision optical mirror substrate and method of making
High efficiency light source projection apparatus
Fiber optic lighted instrument panel
Illumination device for use in image reading applications
Planar lighting device and method of making light guides used therein
Table lamp with movable ornamental liquid container
Electrically illuminated attention-attracting devices and method of using same
Miser light for cordless battery operated hand tools
Flashlight with focal length adjustment means
Roadside emergency security flashlight
Flashlight support device
Flashlight holder assembly
Catadioptric lens system for collecting and directing light from large aperture luminescent light illuminating fixtures
Enhanced safety retrofit and manufacturing system for luminaria
Light fixture with improved sealing features
Light-emitting handle for swimming pool cleaner
Luminaire module having multiple rotatably adjustable reflectors
Light reflector
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid carrying method, a liquid carrying apparatus, and a liquid discharging method and a liquid discharge head utilizing such liquid carrying method and apparatus
Auto document feeder
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew