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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method to improve plant somatic embryo germination from manufactured seed
Mown-gross collecting bucket
Device for the creation of containment barriers for cold air in atmospheric conditions corresponding to radiation frosts
Apparatus for capturing and entrapping an insect
Mitten-sleeve combination for a winter garment
Artificial nail form
Cosmetic applicator
Article assembly
Cleaning brush structure
Multi-positionable work surface
Tool holder
Snap frame graphic display arrangement
Window shade liner method and apparatus
Beverage dispenser
Food cooking installation
Apparatus for adjusting height of suction brush
Surgical draping system
Implantable signal amplifying circuit for electroneurographic recording
Biological signal sensor and device for recording biological signals incorporating the said sensor
Condom valve
Bed with movable mattress
Envelope-based amplitude mapping for cochlear implant stimulus
Ventricular safety pacing in biventricular pacing
System for reducing hydrostatic load imbalances in a driver's open-circuit breathing apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gravity separator for a multi-phase effluent
Fluidized bed apparatus
Method of making a sheet metal part for motor vehicles
Flux overspray removal masks with channels, methods of assembling same, and systems containing same
Method, device and system for bonding a semiconductor element
Forming solder balls on substrates
Friction linear guide rail assembly for boiler tube cutting apparatus
Pallet handling system for a machine tool
Coil nailing device for construction finishing materials
Correction tape dispenser
Printing device
System for protection of goods against counterfeiting
System and method for providing a launch assist system
Power source device and battery cooling structure for vehicle
All terrain vehicle utility storage box
Diver propulsion system with separate battery and motor-transmission modules
Carrier tape containing good therein, and container using the carrier tape
Pipe conveyor
Adjustable conveyor for varied size and shape containers
Hybrid fastener
Hydraulic cylinder of outrigger
Supporting device for package water dispenser
Textiles; Paper
Embroidery machine
Laundry amount sensing apparatus and method for washing machine
Washing machine and method for guiding use of the same
Fixed Constructions
Trenching attachment having an internal combustion engine
Anti-freezing hydrant
Flushing device comprising a pressurized chamber and evacuation fitting for a flushing device and system comprising a flushing device and a toilet bowl
Device and method to provide air circulation space proximate to insulation material
Floor panels with edge connectors
Crown molding member having planar portion, intermediate portion, and mounting flange
Bridging member for concrete form walls
Adjustable collapsible panels
Weather protection barrier for a frangible opening of a building
Underreaming and stabilization tool for use in a borehole and method for its use
Dual-type plug for wellhead
Subsea compressor module and a method for controlling the pressure in such a subsea compressor module
Arrangement for controlling rock drilling
Drill hole measuring device and rock drilling unit
Deviated drilling method for water production
Tensioner assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Arrangement and method for a combustion engine
Method for facilitating vaporization of a fuel for a diesel type direct-injection internal-combustion engine
Radial turbine and method of cooling nozzle of the same
Exhaust gas particle collector
Gas fuel supply apparatus
Automatic concrete pump comprising a mast support unit for a distribution mast, which is fixed to the chassis
System of underwater power generation
Electric power steering apparatus equipped with worm gear mechanism
Heavy duty cylinder
Heat-resistant rubber hose for diesel engine
Keystone-shaped fireplace door apparatus
Heat pump system with multi-stage compression
Cooling system with variable capacity control
Split-air stream air conditioning with desiccant dehumidification
Methods and means to collect water vapors
Apparatus for rapid loading and firing paintballs
Capacitive motor sensor
Device for installation of a probe and probe accommodating arrangement
Airflow sensor with pitot tube for pressure drop reduction
Device and a method for the detection of structure-borne acoustic vibrations
Thermal comfort sensor device and an anthropomorphic dummy for simulating heat exchange which includes a plurality of such devices
Programmed computation of predicted pressure loads on marine vessels
System and process for detection of weak or non-functioning cylinders in engines
Method and apparatus for indirectly ascertaining the cylinder pressure in piston engines
Methods and systems for gene expression array analysis
Test system rider board utilized for automated at-speed testing of high serial pin count multiple gigabit per second devices
Photographic apparatus for stereoscopic microscope
Polarizing device
Optical waveguide and method for fabricating the same
Flexible optical waveguides for backplane optical interconnections
All-frequency PMD compensator and emulator
Consumable cartridge having an information recording device and controller for storing and supplying information on the cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus capable of determining type of recording sheet to prevent sheet jam
Belt drive control device and image forming apparatus including the same
Toner kit, toner, method for forming an image, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method of transferring image on intermediate medium onto recording medium
Image formation apparatus having charging means and developing agent charging means
Gas exhausting apparatus for wet electrophotographic image forming device and method thereof
Systems and methods for detecting impending faults within closed-loop control systems
Irrigation controller with removable station modules
System and method to efficiently approximate the term 2x
Power over ethernet switch node for use in power pooling
Disk drive executing a manufacturing program internally by executing disk commands through a vector
Method and apparatus for providing debug functionality in a buffered memory channel
Apparatus and method to handle power supply failures for a peripheral device
Method for communicating diagnostic data
System and method for detecting computer intrusions
Multiport memory, data processor and data processing system
Content addressable memory array having flexible priority support
Cluster-based cache memory allocation
Systems and methods for striped storage migration
Compressed file system for non-volatile RAM
Method of writing a group of data bytes in a memory and memory device
Data prefetching method
Method and apparatus for accessing a wide area network
System and method for providing update information
Configurably prefetching head-of-queue from ring buffers
Apparatus and methods for initializing integrated circuit addresses
Method and apparatus for spawning multiple requests from a single entry of a queue
High-speed segmented data bus architecture
Generic bridge core
Secondary processor execution kernel framework
Multiphase encoded protocol and synchronization of buses
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Method for facilitating the entry of a URL address into an internet web browser URL address window
Embedded input/output interface failover
System for storing and transmitting home network system data
Methods and apparatus for preparing high-dimensional combinatorial experiments
Methods and systems for preparing extensible markup language (XML) documents and for responding to XML requests
Methods and apparatus for parsing extensible markup language (XML) data streams
Hypervideo: information retrieval using time-related multimedia:
Sound volume adjustment system in personal computer and sound volume adjustment method thereof
Filter processing apparatus and its control method, program, and storage medium
Process and device for displacing a moveable unit on a base
IP address resolution methods and apparatus
XML storage solution and data interchange file format structure
Work standard creation system and method, distributed client/server system, and computer program storage medium
Method for version recording and tracking
Method and apparatus for performing an exponential path search
Method of designing layout of semiconductor device
Dual purpose munition
Transport system with multiple-load-port stockers
Multi-OS configuration method
Configurable operating system for control of a mobile I/O device
Method and apparatus for interacting with a portable computer system
Substrate processing apparatus and method of processing substrate while controlling for contamination in substrate transfer module
Method of capturing user control inputs
Computer system employing pipeline operation
Booting an operating system or running other pre-boot code from a file stored under a different operating system
Microcomputer and dividing circuit
System and method for automatically generating program
Program generation method
Methods and systems of testing software, and methods and systems of modeling user behavior
Consolidation and reduction of usage data
Method and apparatus for providing instrumentation data to an instrumentation data source from within a managed code environment
Performance technology infrastructure for modeling the performance of computer systems
Electronic document management system, medical information system, method for printing sheet of chart paper, and sheet of chart paper
Robust recognizer of perceptually similar content
Applying informed coding, informed embedding and perceptual shaping to design a robust, high-capacity watermark
Forensic communication apparatus and method
Methods for physiological monitoring, training, exercise and regulation
Inspection method utilizing vertical slice imaging
Visual image system
Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
Apparatus and method for image processing and storage medium for the same
Apparatus and method for removing background on visual
Reduced image forming method and apparatus
Rebinning methods and arrangements for use in compressing image-based rendering (IBR) data
Compressed storage of data items
Sweeping spatial filter system and method
Image processing apparatus and method which defines abnormal pixels by reading density signal levels
Image type classification using color discreteness features
Reconfigurable digital processing system for space
Method for purchasing items over a non-secure communication channel
Method and system for performing money transfer transactions
Wet wipe dispensing system for dispensing warm wet wipes
Safety location signal mount for off road use
Speaker and method of outputting acoustic sound
Information processing system
Method and apparatus for automated measurement of quality for machine translation
Selecting one of multiple speech recognizers in a system based on performance predections resulting from experience
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method of digital video signal or audio signal
Coding method, recording medium, decoding method, and recording-medium reproducing apparatus
Manufacturing assembly for manufacturing a disk drive
System, method, and computer program product within a data processing system for converting a spare storage device to a defined storage device in a logical volume
Apparatus and method for compensating transmission power in mobile terminal
Memory configuration scheme enabling parallel decoding of turbo codes
Consolidating signals for an antenna system
Antenna/coupler assembly for coaxial cable
PLL circuit and radio communication terminal apparatus using the same
Sector capacity prediction
Channel code decoding for the CDMA forward link
System and method for transmitting data on a reverse link channel
Device for the analysis of electromagnetic signals
Wireless communication terminal
Low visibility watermark using time decay fluorescence
Apparatus and methods for including codes in audio signals
Methods and apparatus of signal demodulation combining with different modulations and coding for wireless communications
Negotiating secure connections through a proxy server
Processing internet protocol security traffic
Dual-tier security architecture for inter-domain environments
Data generating apparatus and data verifying apparatus
Communication system
Cellular phone housing
Electronic device having a movable keypad
Smart car radio
Digital broadcast receiver, recording apparatus and data recording method
Methods and apparatus for protecting signals transmitted between a source and destination device over multiple signal lines
Method of transition between wireless voice and data transmissions
Method and system for initiating change in a preferred roaming list
Rules based methods and apparatus for generating notification messages based on the proximity of electronic devices to one another
Mobile messaging global directory
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board having embedded component
Manufacturing method of printed circuit board using an ink jet
Heat exchanger
Expired Patents Due To Time
Flexible shipping container
Puncture-resistant barrier pouch
Flexible container with improved printable and removable section
Flexible bag with resealable pour spout
Bearing device
High reliability bearing structure
Ball bearing and method of assembling the same
Cage for bearing and bearing using the same
Cage for cylindrical rolling elements
Fiber optic adapter shutter door assembly
Connection assembly of computer and port replicator
Arrangement for integrating a rectangular fiber optic connector into a cylindrical connector
Optical connector
Optical connector having a one-piece housing
EMI reduction for optical subassembly
Optical fiber fusion splicer with communication device
Method and apparatus for modifying relocatable object code files and monitoring programs
Film drop-off apparatus and method
Protective films on photographic images
Automatic processing machine and method for manufacturing conveying rollers used therein
Thermal printer
Printer ribbon compensation
Label printing assembly for use with a medicament dispensing control workstation
Sheet carrying device
Pinch roller for inkjet printer
Computer with attached printer
Print media level sensor and method for use in printing devices
Writing utensil
Washcloth with pocket
Process for producing a stick-like implement
Capping device
Paint roller handle construction having a self contained paint supply
Combination toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser
Locking booster ring binder mechanism
"See-through" binder with printed frame cover
Low to medium pressure high temperature all-ceramic air to air indirect heat exchangers with novel ball joints and assemblies
Plug-in coupling
Wooden piece of furniture
Fixing device for rod body
Environmental porous pavement construction, and method for manufacturing pavement construction
Vehicle disabling device
Extension for a canal bed liner
One operator system for painting curved road striping patterns
Device for cleaning the tire of a roller
Apparatus for preventing contamination of a fresh water source by grey water to be land applied
Configurable support apparatus for flexible pipe and method
Floating offshore drilling/producing structure
Method for founding of a building-or plant-construction and apparatus for the use of the method
Tool and method for cutting a circular opening and retaining the cut portion
Reamer with guide surface and method of finishing hole by using the same
Rotary pipe cutting apparatus
Non-adjustable single cylindrical lip boring tool
Thread chasing tool and method
Apparatus for chip removal
System for chucking workpieces
Bulkhead for retaining a cargo in a container
Cargo space divider
Nut with positive and micrometric automatic locking
Mechanism for transferring integrated circuit packages from a source site to a destination site with minimized moving parts
Loading device for containers or similar
Pallet jack adapter
Turbine brush seal protection device and method
High torque impulse turbine
Turbomachine fan casing with dual-wall blade containment structure
Bleed tube for centrifugal pump and method for retrofitting same
Case assembling structure of blower unit
Steam turbine blade, method of manufacturing the same, steam turbine power generating plant and low pressure steam turbine
Fan stator
Ribbed impeller
Gas turbine blade
Low cost airfoil cooling circuit with sidewall impingement cooling chambers
Enhanced fan and fan drive assembly
Blower wheel assembly with steel hub, and method of making same
Micro fan
Compressor blade for a gas turbine engine
Method for controlling reciprocating compressor having variable capacity
Compact dual pump
Variable orifice gas lift valve for high flow rates with detachable power source and method of using
Method and sensor for the detection of cavitations and an apparatus containing a sensor of this kind
Waste water disposal system
Process and apparatus for pressurizing fluid and using them to perform work
Variable axial piston displacement machine with maximized swivel angle
Oil pump for an internal combustion engine having toothed wheels
Compressor capacity modulation
Internal oil filter element for refrigeration compressor
Air mattress inflation apparatus
Electrically-operated sealed compressor
Method of operating a free piston internal combustion engine with high pressure hydraulic fluid upon misfire or initial start-up
Air-operated pumps with removable cartridges for groundwater sampling and other applications
Organic substance processing system and organic substance processing apparatus
Magnetically driven rotor for blood pump
Apparatus for controlling gas temperature in compressors
Hermetic compressor
Two-cylinder slurry pump
Piston pump
Compact pump
Rotation inhibiting mechanism for movable scroll of scroll type fluid machine
High efficiency gear pump
Pump for dispensing resins
Fluid machine
System for continuously manufacturing a composite preform
Process for the production if transversely ribbed tubes
Pressure molding apparatus
Apparatus of fabricating 3 dimensional objects by means of electrophotography, ionography or a similar process
Plastic lens and plastic lens manufacturing system
Injection molding apparatus with removable hetero-molding tools
Extrusion die for the manufacture of monolithic adsorption tubes
Electric/pneumatic rim press
Suture cutting system
Symmetrical flow extrusion manifold
Apparatus for making molded plastic hook fasteners
Extrusion die membrane
Mold for producing resin-molded product
Molding accelerated stripper-ejector system
Molding device
Steam generator injector
Method for reducing NOX in combustion flue gas using metal-containing additives
Integral low NOx injection burner
High turndown modulating gas burner
Decorative assembly
Child resistant lighter
Orthodontic appliance and methods of installation and removal
System and methods for analyzing tooth shades
Dental impression stock tray
Buccal impression registration apparatus, and method of use
Handpiece assembly for air abrasion
Step-back eliminating tapered dental cutting instruments for improved root canal treatment and method
Driver tool for one step implant delivery system
Device for the retention and adaptation of a matrix for dental restorations
Pliable composite condensing instrument
Activity book with extrudable illustration feature
Apparatus and method for interactive adaptive learning by an individual through at least one of a stimuli presentation device and a user perceivable display
Mathematical teaching apparatus and method
Methods and devices for treating unilateral neglect
Biofidelic human seating surrogate apparatus
Karaoke network system with commercial message selection system
Three-dimensional modular electronic interconnection system
Electrical connector
Board to board connector
Through via plate electrical connector and method of manufacture thereof
High voltage terminal for an ignition cable
Card connector
High density high performance telecommunications/data link and connector with tap and contact displacement assembly
Connector coupling apparatus
PCB zero-insertion-force connector
Plug and adapter for existing single pole electrical receptacle
Actuating tool for use with ZIF sockets
Connecting terminal and circuit breaking device
Electric component unit with lead wire connection terminal fitment
Connector for electrical cable
Pressure contact terminal having multiple width wire cutting edges
Micro connector assembly and method of making the same
Electrical connector for a flat circuit
Combined connector for ethernet and modem cables
Connector assembly
Tolerance accommodating mounting pad for junction box cover
Terminal and crimping method
Shielded electrical connector system
High density electrical interconnect system having enhanced grounding and cross-talk reduction capability
Shielded electrical connector
Cable end connector
Electrical connector
Connection block assembly for a waterproof switch
Low crosstalk connector
Press fit print circuit board connector
Electrical conductor splicing assembly having spring with opposite end portions captured by and interconnecting conductor gripping members
Enhanced terminal screw with impeller wire gripping elements
Marine drive system with improved drive belt
Inboard marine engine winterizing apparatus
Exhaust outlet structure for personal watercraft
Buoyancy device and method for using same
Insulated flotation garments
Programmable assembly toy
Control means for toy
Wind indicator toy
Simulated weapon using holographic images
Personalized toys and methods for manufacturing and delivering the same
Toy vehicle with motor-driven and free-wheeling modes of use
Invisible straps for apparel and method of use
Brassiere with helical underwire
Endpoint detection apparatus, planarizing machines with endpointing apparatus, and endpointing methods for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrate assemblies
Method and apparatus for making blunt needles
Tungsten chemical-mechanical polishing process using a fixed abrasive polishing pad and a tungsten layer chemical-mechanical polishing solution specifically adapted for chemical-mechanical polishing with a fixed abrasive pad
Polishing systems, methods of polishing substrates, and methods of preparing liquids for semiconductor fabrication processes
Method for increasing working life of retaining ring in chemical-mechanical polishing machine
Polishing pads and planarizing machines for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies, and methods for making and using such pads and machines
Method and apparatus for preventing particle contamination in a polishing machine
Bedknife grinding device
Method and apparatus for cutting mults from a billet
Deburring machine
Methods for machining hard materials using alcohols
Non-rotational dresser for grinding stones
Grinding wheel
Planetary gear system parallel planer
Adjustable and extended guide rings
Method and apparatus for stopping mechanical and chemical mechanical planarization of substrates at desired endpoints
Wafer carrier head for prevention of unintentional semiconductor wafer rotation
Balancer for orbital abrading machine
Disc grinder
Carousel apparatus and method for explosive meat tenderization
Roof environmental exhaust duct
Motor vehicle heating and/or air conditioning device comprising a pollution sensor
Ventilation device
Board-mounted nozzle with guide vanes
Air diffuser plenum
Grain tank extension
Multi poker
Game machine with reel light control means
System and method for facilitating casino team play
Control input device and game system
Torque limiter
Constant velocity universal joint and method
Rotating shaft
Golf training device
Adjustable loft golf club
Golf club
Iron type golf club head with weight adjustment member
Four piece solid golf ball
Golf ball having elongated dimples and method for making the same
Composite hockey stick handle with resilient shroud
Method of making inflatable stitched sports balls
Basketball with cushion layers
Power transmission mechanism using metal belts
Belt tensioner with flexible armplate
Active differential
Bicycle antitheft control device, shifting device and shifting system
Universally adaptable carrier and swing arm for planetary gear assembly
Continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic control system for 4-speed automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for operating a clutch in an automated mechanical transmission
Exercise methods and apparatus
Step for exercising
Elliptical motion exerciser
Ankle exercise device
Angle-adjustable rowing exerciser
Exercise apparatus
Exercise machine
Multi-function exerciser
Stretching and conditioning fitness devices
Arrangement in a variable-crown roll provided with loading shoes
Composite work roll for cold rolling
Method and device for manufacturing hinge-lid packets
Method for inverting a folded collation
Method and apparatus for folding sheets
Tile surfacing for a classifier or centrifuge scrool
Halogenation catalyst
Device for supporting cardiac function having elastic filling chambers
Device for generating, recording and reproducing brain wave sound and fetal vital sound for a woman and her fetus
Devices and methods for percutaneous surgery
Surgical instrument and method for endoscopic tissue dissection
Flexible tube for endoscope and method of producing the flexible tube
Illumination system for endoscopes and an endoscope having the illumination system
Devices and methods for percutaneous surgery
Apparatus and method for tissue and organ stabilization
Sternal retractor with changeable blades and blade latch mechanism
Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system including network access
Signal processing apparatus and method
Ultrasound-guided ablation catheter and methods of use
Apparatus for guiding medical instruments during ultrasonographic imaging
Finite amplitude distortion-based inhomogeneous pulse echo ultrasonic imaging
Stiffened hollow vascular device
Remotely interrogated diagnostic implant device with electrically passive sensor
Battery-operated device, in particular a blood pressure measuring device
Portable system with telemetric data transmission for the measurement of metabolic parameters
Autoloader and skin testing system
Cervical cancer self-screening methods and apparatus
Method for the identification of a liquid secreted by a living subject particularly for identification of amniotic fluid
Method and apparatus for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests
Ultrasonic operation device
Ultrasound system and methods utilizing same
Reusable ultrasonic surgical instrument with removable outer sheath
Orthopedic bandage and method of making same
Orthotic device for treating contractures due to immobility
Medical probe device
Liquefracture handpiece
Multiple lumen catheter
Patient controllable drug delivery system flow regulating means
Hemodialysis access apparatus
Balloon catheter having a small profile catheter
Self-retracting syringe needle
Catheter garment
Hand and finger guard shield for medical use
Safety syringe
Blunt tip cannula with access pin
Self-aligning plunger rod
Spikeless connection and drip chamber with valve
Needleless injection site
Shower douching system
Method and system for cleansing the skin
Ostomy appliance with inverted triangular faceplate and non-protruding pull tabs
Absorbent article having a cellulosic transfer layer
Tampon with flexible panels
Protective device and method against embolization during treatment of carotid artery disease
Hair removal system
Catheter stylet handle
Surgical kit for implantation of an injection site
Endoscopic instrument which can be bent
Device and method for eliminating adipose layers by means of laser energy
Apparatus and method for locating electrically active sites with an animal
Method of capactively coupling energy to an electrosurgical instrument
Electrosurgery with cooled electrodes
Combined bipolar scissor and grasper and method of forming thereof
Condition responsive gas flow adjustment in gas-assisted electrosurgery
Osteosynthetic holding system
Method for percutaneous intramedullary nailing of tibial shaft fractures
Bone plate
Plating system for the spine
Bioabsorbable materials and medical devices made therefrom
Reduction-based joint replacement apparatus and methods
Catheter guide and drill guide apparatus and method for perpendicular insertion into a cranium orifice
Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair apparatus and method
Optical lens deformation and insertion into the eye
Stent delivery system using shape memory retraction
Device for removing anatomical parts by laparoscopy
Remote actuation of trajectory guide
Device and method for calibration of a stereotactic localization system
Instrument for removing ticks
Device and method for suturing of internal puncture sites
Electrically powered needle holder to assist in suturing
Suture with toggle and delivery system
Surgical clamp pad with interdigitating teeth
Enhanced visualization of the latching mechanism of latching surgical devices
Rotational atherectomy device
Dissecting retractor for harvesting vessels
Clot evacuation catheter
Puncturing device
Nose pack
Surgical tool with mechanical advantage
Foreign body-recovering instrument for endoscope
Devices and methods for applying a mixture of two or more liquid components to form a biomaterial
Methods and devices for performing a temporary tarsorrhaphy
Occlusion device with stranded wire support arms
Absorbable polymer and surgical articles fabricated therefrom
Portable warmer suitable for a body
Compliant intraluminal stents
Stent combination
Medical grafting methods and apparatus
Method and system for attaching a graft to a blood vessel
Implantable system with drug-eluting cells for on-demand local drug delivery
Drug storing and metering stent
Coated intraluminal graft
Differential treatment of prosthetic devices
Heart valve prosthesis having a pivot design for improving flow characteristics
Method and apparatus to correct refractive errors using adjustable corneal arcuate segments
Composition and method for forming biodegradable implants in situ and uses of these implants
Method of replacing nucleus pulposus and repairing the intervertebral disk
Methods and instruments for interbody fusion
Flexible implant using partially demineralized bone
Three-dimensional geometric bio-compatible porous engineered structure for use as a bone mass replacement or fusion augmentation device
Elbow prosthesis with indexed sphere
Prosthetic knee joint with enhanced posterior stabilization and dislocation prevention features
Surgically implantable knee prothesis
Orthopaedic tray trial
Bipolar hip prosthesis with locking head
Absorbable tissue expander
Graft prosthesis materials
Active energy ray-curable composition and lens sheet
Foldable lantern reflector and shade
Anti-luxation device for clasper of power-supply wires in a lamp string
Single pivot mirror with security light
Motor vehicle light
Headlight for low beam and high beam of a vehicle
Remote headlamp adjustment system
Traffic sign with vertically movable light source
Extrusion system
Plasticating screw
Throttling means for extruders of the transfermix type
Collapsible whisk
Agitator with adjustable magnetic drive coupling
Device for leakproof fastening of a watch glass to a watch case
Cooking utensil including a temperature sensor integrated into the bottom of the utensil
Continuous conditioning of dielectric fluid in an x-ray tube
X-ray apparatus for producing a 3D image from a set of 2D projections
Human Necessities
Container having dual openings for facilitating rapid access to the interior of the container
Syringe with needle retraction arrangement
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew