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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods of expanding stem and progenitor cells and expanded cell populations obtained thereby
Device for de-rinding trimming a piece of meat or a piece of slaughtered animal
Process for promoting calcium absorption
High capacity extrusion die assembly
High capacity extrusion die assembly
Slide assembly with locking device
Wall hanging adjustable mount
Taxidermy hanger system and method
Near infrared imaging agent
Surgical suture needle
Adjustable rod and connector device and method of use
Percutaneous pringle occlusion method and device
Compliant guiding catheter sheath system
Apparatus for physical measurements of the eye
Apparatus and methods for assessing metabolic substrate utilization
Radiation stress non-invasive blood pressure method
Method and apparatus for monitoring dynamic cardiovascular function using n-dimensional representatives of critical functions
Digital printing method and a paper or board applicable thereto
Interlabial pad
Implantable device which is freely movable in a body cavity
Materials and methods for soft tissue augmentation
Variable lamination of vascular graft
Orthotic bracing device
System and method for therapeutic application of dissolved oxygen
Compositions and methods for WT1 specific immunotherapy
Neisserial antigens
Co-administration of a tissue plasminogen activator, anti-CD11b antibody and anti-CD18 antibody in stroke
Methods for treating pain by administering a nerve growth factor antagonist and an NSAID
Topical formulations comprising ceramic hydroxyapatite particles
Topical composition for transdermal administration
Method and apparatus for manipulating pre-sterilized components in an active sterile field
Balloon catheter having improved balloon seal
Method for percutaneously implanting a medical catheter and medical catheter implanting assembly
Hair straightener composition
Composition for the coloring of keratinous fibers comprising a halochromic compound, the dye corresponding to this compound, and methods of use thereof
Exercise apparatus
Collapsible hoop
Foldable exercise bench system
Sports ball comprising automatic inflation means and method to manage the internal pressure of such a ball
Multi-purpose golf accessory assembly
Sports board with an interlocking structure
Casino-type wagering game based on card color
Method of playing a poker-type bonus
Wagering game with simulated mechanical reels
Video game
Gaming machine with expandable array
Prize-winning game machine and apparatus for grasping an object
Flicker-type flying toy device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Can-filter structure of oxygen concentrator
Particulate matter-containing exhaust emission controlling filter, exhaust emission controlling method and device
Cyclonic vacuum cleaner
Coal fired flue gas treatment and process
Filter element and method for the production thereof
Method and system for operating a shut-off valve of a filtration system
Air humidifier
Assembly for collecting samples for purposes of identification or analysis and method of use
Biochemical reaction apparatus and biochemical reaction method
Systems for isolating toxins and collecting eluates for testing for toxins and methods using the same
Method and systems to facilitate improving electrostatic precipitator performance
Rolling herbicide applicator with an adjustable shield
Nanoparticles with controlled growth
Titania composite membrane for water/alcohol separation, and preparation thereof
Method of washing solid grain
Method of cleaning semiconductor surfaces
Spa apparatus
Method of manufacturing a golf ball
Vent piece
Golf ball mixing and dispensing process
Hot runner nozzle system
Air ring with circumferentially adjustable air flow
Method for elongating foil
Belt-shaped mold and nanoimprint system using the belt-shaped mold
Ink-receptive foam article
Mix of grafted and non-grafted particles in a resin
Method for the application of reusable fasteners on diapers
Floor covering lifting and removal hand tool
Photofinishing system having media roll slitter
Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
Transfix roller load controlled by motor current
Inkjet printhead nozzle assembly having a raised rim to support an ink meniscus
Printhead nozzle arrangement having variable volume nozzle chamber
Ink jet head
Liquid recording head
Method of ejecting drops from printhead with planar bubble nucleating heater elements
Modular inkjet printhead with mating formations
Inkjet head clean device for inkjet printer
Consumable product container and image forming apparatus
Signaling method for printhead
Camera device incorporating a color printer with ink validation apparatus
Fusible reactive media comprising mordant
Personalized book
Self-authenticating documents with printed or embossed hidden images
Stretchable fabric book cover and method
Notepad system for holding and dispensing various sized notepads
Convertible vehicle comprising a main pillar
Vehicle decklid position sensor and control
Vehicle seat assembly with air bag seam rupturing means
Lamp for vehicle
Vehicular lamp
Light source device and projection-type image display device
Rollover protection system for a motor vehicle and related method
Air bag for vehicle
Blow molded knee airbag with integrated reaction plate
Gas generating system
Gas generator unit
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Support leg assistant
Operating method for a hybrid drive
Vehicle box apparatus
Side impact arm rest retracting mechanism
Tracked traveling gear with two drive units per chain
VTOL personal aircraft
Paper sheet running-out mechanism
High capacity tandem stack shuttle feeder module
Multi-feed detection independent of number of sheets or type of sheets
Image forming device and sheet transport device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for producing synthesis gas from waste materials
Long-lived photo-protonated carbocation for photochromic, photoconductive liquids
Process for the manufacture of hydrogen-rich cyclosiloxane
Colloidal metal-containing Urushi lacquer and Urushi lacquered article
Ink compositions containing an emulsion
Carbon black inks and method for making same
Reforming catalysts having a controlled coordination structure and methods for preparing such compositions
Process to prepare a base oil
Ashless hydraulic fluid or paper machine oil
Process for improving the lubricating properties of base oils using isomerized petroleum product
Screw conveyor of rotary hearth furnace for discharging reduced iron
Nitrogen removal from molten metal by slags containing titanium oxides
Steel alloy for cutting tools
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Tandem process chamber
Plating bath and surface treatment compositions for thin film deposition
Method for preparation of steel material
Textiles; Paper
Continuous fiber of fullerene nanotubes
Mixing of a protein hydrolysate derived from keratin-containing material in the wet-end of a papermaking process
Fixed Constructions
Locking device for switch blades with adaptable profiles
Mobile asphalt production machine
Rotary action draw latch
Grout pack restraining system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Mobile concrete pump and corresponding building frame
Electric fan with bearing
Ball joint
Clinch spot bearing
Rotatable supporting module and gantry apparatus having same
Fluid dynamic bearing mechanism for a motor
Apparatus for damping the torsional excitation of a drive shaft
Continuously variable V-belt transmission
Shift control system and shift control method for continuously variable transmission
Power actuated valve
Pipe pulling method and device
Directional control of an automatic pool cleaner
LED lamp assembly
LED lamp with an improved heat sink
Light source device and display device
LED lamp having heat dissipation structure
Led lamp
LED lamp
Method and apparatus for securing a door to a lighting device chassis
Light-guiding modules and LED lamp using the same
Optical plate and backlight module using the same
Optical plate and backlight module using the same
Control valves for heaters and fireplace devices
Flint ignited premixed lighter
Method and device for identifying a temperature sensor connected to a control unit
Integrated nanomechanical sensor array chips
Delayed and diffused flow rapid confirmatory immunological testing apparatus and method
Electrophoresis apparatus
Folding hinge
Actuator drive circuit and actuator device
Methods and devices comprising flexible seals for modulating or controlling flow and heat
IC card case and IC card unit
Conductive polymer, conductive polymer compositions and their use
Large format emissive display
Wafer support system
Socket with contact for being soldered to printed circuit board
Cable assembly having improved configuration for suppressing cross-talk
Double-row angle pin connector
Brittle fracture resistant spring
Chip card holder and portable electronic device using same
Connector for electrically connecting circuit boards
Interconnection assembly for printed circuit boards
Indicator light for connector
Tooling gage cable retainer
Pre-terminated outlet assembly for raceway systems
IC package having improved structure
Electrically conductive substrate with high heat conductivity
Expired Patents Due To Time
Process for recovery of aluminum using high purity salt aluminum flux
Method for leaching nickel from nickel matte
Method of separating and selectively removing hydrogen contaminant from process streams
Condensate separator and collector
Blood set and chamber
Vacuum cleaner apparatus with at least three stages of dust collection, of the type with a path partially submerged in water and provided with a separation labyrinth
Siloxane automotive protectant compositions
Tricalcium phosphate-containing biocement pastes comprising cohesion promoters
Dental porcelain compositions
Single-solution adhesive resin formulations
Rub resistant heatset lithographic printing ink
Method of determining oxygen precipitation behavior in a silicon monocrystal
Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing same
Multiple head dispensing system and method
Apparatus for coating a decorative workpiece
Pedestal substrate for coated optics
Low resistivity W using B2H6 nucleation step
Apparatus for coating products
Method and apparatus for fabricating semiconductor
Semiconductor wafer processor, semiconductor processor gas filtering system and semiconductor processing methods
Integrated temperature controlled exhaust and cold trap assembly
Method and apparatus for providing uniform gas delivery to substrates in CVD and PECVD processes
Chemical vapor deposition system and method
Substrate processing system, interface apparatus, and substrate transportation method
Vacuum treatment system for application of thin, hard layers
Deposition apparatus and related method with controllable edge exclusion
Method for crystallizing anhydrous fructose from its aqueous solutions
Process for cleaning aquarium tank walls
Process and apparatus for treating a strip material in a liquid bath
Multi-functional cleaning machine
Process for enhancing the adhesion of organic coatings to metal surfaces
Process and solution for providing a conversion coating on a metal surface
Medium carbon steels and low alloy steels with enhanced machinability
Non-heat treated wire or bar steel for springs
A1 alloy films and melting A1 alloy sputtering targets for depositing A1 alloy films
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling the quality of a galvannealed coating of steel strip
Method for manufacturing a casting-die body and a casting-die body
Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane compositions and explosive compositions containing the same
Apparatus for applying a masking element
Roof tile construction using sandwiched adhesive
Method for manufacturing fibrous ceramic by a room temperature extrusion process and a method for manufacturing fibrous monolithic ceramics using the same
Method and apparatus for providing a tubular material within a pipeline
Method and apparatus for covering a metal roll core with a polymeric material preferable a high performance thermoplastic material
Moving-web slack reducing system including a deformable tension roller
Decals and methods for providing an antireflective coating and metallization on a solar cell
Method for bonding heat sinks to overmolds and device formed thereby
Method for making formable laminated decorative sheets
Method of making a lightweight speaker enclosure
Process for the production of analytical devices
Method for cutting thin tapes and films
Resin impregnation of absorbent material
Fabrication of structure having structural layers and layers of controllable electrical or magnetic properties
Method for producing thin IC cards and construction thereof
Cluster tool apparatus using plasma immersion ion implantation
Vacuum processing apparatus
Plasma processing system
Dry etching endpoint detection system
Method of treating mechanical pulp with a phenol-oxidizing enzyme system
Preparation and use of iminodisuccinic acid salts
Crosslinkable creping adhesive formulations
Hydrophilic, humectant, soft, pliable, absorbent paper having wet strength agents
Hydrophilic, humectant, soft, pliable, absorbent paper having wet strength agents and method for its manufacture
Softening lotion composition, use thereof in paper making, and resulting paper product
Process for recovering raw materials from paper industry mechanical waste sludge
Method for dividing a paper web
Process and device for determining the effect of adjustment of final control elements
Process for controlling headbox with pulp consistency control
Calender hood
Method for conditioning paper and paperboard webs
Creping blade
Purification of crude (meth) acrylic acid
Process for microwave air purification
Method of preparing phosphorus
Preparation of methane sulfonic acid
Magnetron with cooling system for substrate processing system
Method to reduce overhead time in an ion metal plasma process
Sputtering device with a cathode with permanent magnet system
Apparatus for vapor deposition and evaporator
Apparatus for measuring coating quality
Methods and apparatus for processing a sample of biomolecular analyte using a microfabricated device
Electrostatic/mechanical emulsion treating method and apparatus
Process and apparatus for regeneration of chromium plating bath
Method of manufacture of polymer transistors with controllable gap
Method for manufacturing a metallic composite strip
Electrolytic high-speed deposition of aluminum on continuous products
Recovery of metal from solution
Process for preparing a composite electrolyte based on BIMEVOX and the use of said compound in separating oxygen from a gas mixture
Process for recovering onium hydroxides or onium salts from solutions containing onium compounds using electrochemical ion exchange
Process for the gasolines production
Process for converting heavy crude oil fractions, comprising an ebullating bed hydroconversion step and a hydrotreatment step
Reforming using a bound halided zeolite catalyst
Method of preparing low-sulphur aliphatic compounds
Solvent extraction of hydrocarbons from inorganic materials and solvent recovery from extracted hydrocarbons
Water-in-fuel integrated control module
Drinking water dispenser
Wastewater treatment system
Water treatment kit
Multichannel capillary column
Magnetic core for an oil filter
Filtered hydraulic fluid handling system
Method and apparatus for removing air locks within manually operated micro-filtration devices
Thermoplastic, unibody transfer device
Method of biologically cleaning polluted water
Method and apparatus for forming a slurry
Method for biological purification
Hog waste processing apparatus and method
Recovery and reuse of nonionic surfactants from aqueous solutions
Process for treating wastewater
Method for treating water to be provided to an animal
Method and device for filtering of hydrocarbon contaminated water by means of hydrocarbons
Treatment of aqueous effluents by injection of carbon dioxide
Blood processing systems and methods using apparent hematocrit as a process control parameter
Ozone contact chamber
Integrated liquid discharge system
Method for purification of a blood component
Method for fabricating oxide superconducting device
Silicon nitride etch bath system
Piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric device
Composition for piezoelectric ceramics
Fluid composition comprising HFC refrigerant and alkylbenzene-based refrigerator oil
Cooling medium for use at elevated temperatures
Remediation of environmental contaminants using a metal and a sulfur-containing compound
Quick release of chlorine from trichloroisocyanuric acid
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Fluorovinyl derivative compound, liquid crystal composition, and liquid crystal display device
Luminescent gel coats and moldable resins
Process for the production of synthesis gas
Scale and/or corrosion inhibiting composition
Composite material having reactant(s) homogeneously dispersed in fluid matrix
Method for producing conductive composition and conductive composition
Method for filling large area electrochromic windows
Naphthopyrans annelated in C6-C7, their preparation and compositions and (CO)polymer matrices containing them
Heat expandable compositions
Method and apparatus for washing or hydration of ophthalmic devices
Insulated-runner injection molding method and system
Process of drawing fibers through the use of a spin finish composition having a hydrocarbon sufactant, a repellent fluorochemical, and a fluorochemical compatibilizer
Process for manufacturing an electromagnetic interference shielding metallic foil cladded plastic product
Method for manufacturing a film-covered article
Process for producing the drawn molded article of a fluoroplastic
Process for making a drag shield for a power mower
Compositions for improved orientation processing
Method of forming concrete masonry blocks with external plates
Process for manufacturing multi-layered cores
Trim panel having zig zag fiber construction
Method for manufacturing physical objects using precision stereolithography
Method for producing porous inorganic materials
Process for uniform cross-direction distribution of particulate material
Closure indicator for cup lid
Method of making fired bodies
Method of sintering cemented carbide bodies
Fe-Cr-Si steel sheets having excellent corrosion resistance and method for manufacturing the same
Ternary hydrogen storage alloy and process for production thereof
Wear resistant nickel alloys and methods of making same
Room temperature deodorizing method based on a polymerization reaction, an oxidation reaction and adsorption
Steam sterilizable system for inactivating viral contaminants in body fluids
Peroxygen compositions
Sterilant gas mixtures of pentafluorodimethyl ether and ethylene oxide
Metallic overcoating as a light attenuating layer for optical sensors
System for describing the physical distribution of an agent in a patient
Piston burette for a burette apparatus
Device for sampling feces
Reactive material placement technique for groundwater treatment
Process and plant for the conversion of olefinic C4 cuts to polyisobutene and to propylene
Catalytic purification device
Charged particle beam apparatus and gas supply and exhaustion method employed in the apparatus
Mobile ultraviolet radiation curing device
Sealed system for handling, manipulating and formulating materials in an isolated environment
Catalytic vent gas treatment system for abatement of volatile chemical emissions
Composition and process for removal of acid gases
Method for converting hydrocarbon fuel into hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide
Process for producing sodium salts
Lithium intercalation carbon and method for producing same
Recycling of flux material
Recovery of lithium compounds from brines
Catalyst and method for the selective oxidation of sulfur compounds to elemental sulfur
Method of producing a catalyst
Lithiated manganese oxide
Metal-exchanged carboxylato-alumoxanes and process of making metal-doped alumina
Method and apparatus for producing titanium dioxide
Process for producing high purity hydrogen
Anti-tumoral therapy agent containing a contrast agent
Ultrafine lightly coated superparamagnetic particles for MRI
Gaseous microparticles for ultrasonic diagnosis and process for their production
Fluorescent imaging method of saccharide uptake activity of living tissue
Dental formulation
Fluoride free dental remineralization
Anti-tartar dental product and related method
Sun screening agents in the form of oil/water micro emulsions
Conditioning compositions
Compositions containing an antifungal and a cationic agent
Antimicrobial cat litter
Polypeptides with interleukin-16 activity, process for the preparation and use thereof
Therapeutic applications of high dose interferon
Gene expression in mammalian cells
Cancer immunotherapy using tumor cells combined with mixed lymphocytes
Disease associated protein kinases
Starch binding domains (SBDs) for oral care products
Variants of thymidine kinase, nucleic acids encoding them, and methods of using them
Aqueous solution of t-PA
Hepatocyte growth factor receptor antagonists and uses thereof
Antigen binding fragments that specifically detect cancer cells, nucleotides encoding the fragments, and use thereof for the prophylaxis and detection of cancers
Methods of treatment using antagonists of cytokine synthesis inhibitory factor
Method of eosinophil depletion with antibody to CCR 3 receptor
Specific antibodies and antibody fragments
Conjugate vaccine for nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae
Parasitic helminth macrophage migration inhibitory factor proteins, nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
aPL immunoreactive peptides, conjugates thereof and methods of treatment for aPL antibody-mediated pathologies
Induction of cytolytic T-lymphocytes with cytomegalovirus polypeptides
AspS from Chlamydia trachomatis
Hydration compositions for human or animal bodies
Process for the preparation of a stable, homogeneous, extract free or nearly free from secondary reaction products
Polynucleotide formula against porcine reproductive and respiratory pathologies
Polynucleotide formulation against pathologies of the horse
Chicken leucocytozoon vaccine
Vaccine composition for herpes simplex virus and methods of using
Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of Ehrlichia infection
Patient-specific white blood cell malignancy vaccine from membrane-proteoliposomes
Polyphosphazene microspheres
Composition for the delivery of a pharmaceutical agent to a patient
Lysine derivatives containing an N.epsilon.-alkoxy or N.epsilon.-alkenoxycarbonyl group, their preparation and their use in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, hygiene or food compositions
Composite powder and coloring containing the same
Powdered cosmetic and/or dermatological lotion and its use
Starch based adhesives for skin cleaning tape
Monosodium cyanuric acid slurry
Solid lipid particles, particles of bioactive agents and methods for the manufacture and use thereof
Parasiticidal formulation for animals and a method of making this formulation
Intravesical drug delivery
Reservoir for controlled active substance delivery, and apparatus containing the same
Adhesive patch for lithium controlled release
Surface-stabilized pharmaceutical preparation for application on the skin
Hydrophilic adhesive masses
Method for inducing a systemic immune response to an HIV antigen
Lamellar gels and methods for making and using
Compositions based on tocopherols
Omeprazole sodium salt
Procedure for the production of capsules and tablets of natural substances of vegetable origin
Dosage forms for the treatment of the chronic glaucomas
Multi-stage drug delivery system
Prolongation of chemical activity of flavorants and therapeutics with cetyl pyridinium chloride
Transdermal drug delivery system
Pectin process and composition
Therapeutic nanospheres
Vegetable base material from cereal plants and process for obtaining the same
Gastroretentive controlled release microspheres for improved drug delivery
Composition containing an acid-labile omeprazole and process for its preparation
Process for making a particulate support matrix for making a rapidly dissolving dosage form
Use of proteins as anti-retroviral agents
Sodium hypochlorite based disinfectant and sterilizer for medical-surgical instruments
Flaked fish food made from raw fish
Fortified coffee drink
Cereal grain kernels fortified with amino acid chelates and method of making
Spicy popcorn with natural ingredients
Flavored instant coffee products having variegated appearance comprising mixtures of different colored agglomerated particles
Coated confectionery having a crispy starch based center and method of preparation
Absorptive treatments for improved beer flavor stability
Method for removing phospholipids from vegetable oil miscella, method for conditioning a polymeric microfiltration membrane, and membrane
Broad-range antibacterial composition and process of applying to food surfaces
Roasted coffee and coffee roasting method
Method and apparatus for conveying bar-like bread dough pieces
Frozen concentrated milk and preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for manufacturing Korean traditional oil pastries
High temperature/ultra high pressure sterilization of foods
Quickly dissolving aerated confection and method of preparation
Animal nutrition compositions
Method for coating medical implants
Method for manufacturing thin-film solar cell
Dual track stencil/screen printer
Process for producing a metal-ceramic substrate and a metal-ceramic substrate
Dual damascene metallization
Method for producing magnetic recording medium
Process for coating thermoplastic substrates with a coating composition containing a non-aggressive solvent
Solventless two-component strippable lacquer for metal surfaces
Metallic coating method
Cleaning article and method
Concurrent fragmentation and impregnation machine and processing
Highly luminescent color-selective materials and method of making thereof
Method of the preparation of high-heat-resistance resin composite ceramic
Coating film forming method and coating apparatus
Process for producing bis(alkyl-cyclopentadienyl) ruthenium complexes and process for producing ruthenium-containing films by using the same
Process for forming an oxidation and corrosion resistant coating on selected surfaces of an airfoil
Via formation for multilayer inductive devices and other devices
One-pack coating composition and coating method using the same
Coating composition, coating film, and method for producing coating film
Elastic nonwoven webs and films
Plasma enhanced chemical deposition for high and/or low index of refraction polymers
Plasma enhanced chemical deposition of conjugated polymer
Laser marking of effect coatings
Corrosion and fire resistant composite conduits and method of making
Laminated package with enhanced interior and exterior
Fuser member with mercapto-treated Al2O3 filler
Structural element and process for its production
Fiberglass insulation blanket with release liner assembly and method
Nonwoven abrasive material roll
Method for manufacturing a molding tool used for sustrate molding
Bookbinding applications utilizing warm melt polyurethanes
Cushioning product and method with stitching
Treated textile fabric
Reinforced particle-loaded fibrillated PTFE web
Magnetic recording medium and production method thereof
Acicular hematite particles and magnetic recording medium
Partially perforated foam
Adsorbent article with dust collection function
Space truss composite panel
Pressure seal roll product and apparatus and methods using the product to form mailers
Composition and method for improved ink jet printing performance
Alignment device for a prosthetic limb
Knee prosthesis
Ankle block with spring inserts
Hair dyeing method
Dyed filament yarn having clear hue
Solid electrolytic capacitors comprising a conductive layer made of a polymer of pyrrole or its derivative and method for making the same
Snap-through gasket for galvanic cells
Wax anti-settling agents for distillate fuels
Fuel formulations to extend the lean limit (law770)
Apparatus and process for carbonization and activation of carbonaceous materials
Method for making abrasive grain using impregnation, and abrasive articles
Separator system for aircraft waste system
Low aspect ratio diesel exhaust filter
Method of producing artificial guano
Fertilizer absorption accelerator composition and fertilizer composition
Process for making an animal litter comprising gypsum, aluminum sulfate and urea
Metal reduction and melting process and apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Layer-structured oxide and process of producing the same
NOx reduction using coal based reburning
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew