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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar S06-02JR409114
Disease resistance factors
Rice hybrid XP316M
Transgenic mammals
Cyclopropanated macrocyclic ketones and lactones
Vaginal health products
Method and system for adaptive vision modification
Work comfort evaluating device and work comfort evaluating method
Single use pulse oximeter
X ray computer tomograph and method for operating an X ray computer tomograph
Bicyclic inhibitors of MEK and methods of use thereof
Corneal perception recovery drug containing amide compound
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising unacylated ghrelin and therapeutical uses thereof
Osteoinductive materials
FGF-5 supported and binding peptides
Method for treating cardiac muscle disorders
pH-buffered alkylene carbonate nail polish and paint remover
Method and device for supporting or strengthening a portion of a lead
Device for delivery of oxidizing agents to barrier membranes
Baroreflex modulation to gradually decrease blood pressure
Verification of radiation beam characteristics
Short-acting benzodiazepines
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oxygen storage material, process for its preparation and its application in a catalyst
Process for synthesizing a heteropoly acid catalyst for oxidation of unsaturated aldehydes to unsaturated carboxylic acid
Wire-guide nozzle assembly for a robotic TIG welding torch
Semiconductor apparatus having conductive layers and semiconductor thin films
Modular wiring harnesses
Vehicle drive assist system
Method for determining estimated vehicle dynamics parameters
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Porous mullite bodies and methods of forming them
Substituted porphyrins
Continuous process for decarboxylating carboxylic acids
Efficient method for preparing 3-aryloxy-3-arylpropylamines and their optical stereoisomers
Method of producing nitrile compounds from ethylenically-unsaturated compounds
Process for the production of 2-hydroxy-4-methythiobutyric acid ammonium salt
Staged countercurrent oxidation
Preparation of acetic acid
Organometallic compositions and coating compositions
Method for preparing enantiomerically pure 4-pyrrolidinophenylbenzyl ether derivatives
Cyclic amine compound and pest control agent
Process for making trisaryl triazine UV absorbers using Lewis acids and reaction promoters
Catalyst system
Process for the preparation of risedronate sodium hemi-pentahydrate
Cellulose-type material
Stereoselective synthesis of .beta.-nucleosides
Nucleic acids coding for adhesion factor of group B streptococcus, adhesion factors of group B streptococcus and further uses thereof
Soluble rage protein
Antibody against G-protein coupled receptor showing selective affinity for ATP and uses therefor
Compatibilizers for fluoropolymers and polyolefins; blends thereof
Polycarbonates containing low levels of methyl salicylate prepared by a melt polymerization in a reactive extruder
Polycarbonates containing low levels of methyl salicylate prepared by a melt polymerization in a reactive extruder
Functionalization of living rubbery polymers with nitrones
Encapsulated liquid cleanser
Organoleptic compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Textiles; Paper
Bag filter comprising polyphenylene sulfide and acrylic fiber
Electrospun nanofiber-based biosensor assemblies
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Aircraft combination engines complemental connection and operation
Slow cooker
Device and process for alignment of machines, machine parts or other technical articles
Megavoltage scatter radiation measurement using beam stop array
Lens meter for measuring refractive power distribution
Navigation device
Inertial navigation unit protocol converter
Emulator for an inertial navigation unit protocol converter
Displacement sensor employing discrete light pulse detection
Laser scanning microscope
Hand held magnetic induction thermography system
Thermoelectric bridge IR detector
Radiometer, sighting device for a radiometer and method therefor
Intelligent vehicle fleet systems and methods
Multiple beam inspection apparatus and method
Groundwater monitoring system and method
Method and apparatus for standardization of a measuring instrument
Plasmon resonance structure with metal nanoparticle layers
Inspection method for semiconductor wafer and apparatus for reviewing defects
Advanced multi-resonant, multi-mode gamma beam detection and imaging system for explosives, special nuclear material (SNM), high-z materials, and other contraband
Rotating head for nondestructive tests
Method for preventing corrosion of contact and apparatus for preventing corrosion of contact
Method for measuring thickness of print products passing spaced apart at specific distances in a conveying flow through a measuring device
Active matrix panel inspection device and inspection method
Multiple virtual router group optimization
Apparatus for testing un-moulded IC devices using air flow system and the method of using the same
System for measuring signal path resistance for an integrated circuit tester interconnect structure
GPS device
Microwave and millimeter frequency bistatic radar tracking and fire control system
Ultrasonic sensor comprising an adjustable detection area
Pneumatic infrared detector
Method and apparatus for increasing spatial resolution of a pet scanner
Stabilization of a scintillation detector
Methods and apparatus for predicting the hydrocarbon production of a well location
Fluid monitoring arrangement
Magnetic resonance system with coupling between a base unit and a local coil at the patient bed
Compact orthogonal NMR field sensor
Projection optical system, exposure apparatus and device fabricating method
Monitoring system for turbine engine
Quick connect lightable rod
Multi-dwelling unit optical fiber splitting unit
Lens body tube and projector having the same
Imaging lens
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Color filter substrate, method for manufacturing the same, liquid crystal display panel, and electronic equipment
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Display device and method of manufacturing thereof
Liquid crystal display device using in-plane switching mode having a pair of switching devices in one pixel region
Semiconductor display device and manufacturing method thereof
Illumination apparatus and photographing apparatus having the same
Lens unit and imaging apparatus
Camera device capable of changing range-finding area
Radio remote control for photographic equipment
Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus with indicating section for indicating initial positions of insertion paths
Electrophotographic printer having removable photosensitive drum unit
Image-forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with a belt curling correction feature
Transfer apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and device electrically discharging a printing material
Image forming apparatus with an exterior cover operable to actuate a releasing mechanism and to serve as a handle
Method of producing electronic circuit, and electronic circuit substrate
Heat generating roller, fixing equipment, and image forming apparatus
Holographic recording apparatus
Transmission control unit having pressure transducer package
Method for generating a control output for a position control loop
Low power voltage reference
Power supply apparatus
DC-DC converter having a diode module with a first series circuit and a second series with a flywheel diode
Clock skew compensation
Bracket for disk drive
Network data routing protection cycles for automatic protection switching
Printing service system
Editing (including contrast and sharpness editing) of digital images
Editing (including saturation editing) of digital color images
Automatic gearshifting process for a vehicle with engaged coupling-dependent power take off and automatic disengagement process of a coupling-dependent power take off
Automated system and method for managing a process for the shopping and selection of human entities
Method for planning a security array of sensor units
Simplified data signal support for diagramming environment languages
Method and system for modeling distributed time invariant systems
Transducer health diagnostics for structural health monitoring (SHM) systems
Method and system for determining utilization of process tools in a manufacturing environment based on characteristics of an automated material handling system
Method and apparatus to optimize engine warm up
Precision of localization estimates
State detection device
Process planning method, process planning apparatus and recording medium
Estimating of the jitter of a clock signal
Method for stabilizing and precisely locating pointers generated by handheld direct pointing devices
Capacitive load charge-discharge device and liquid crystal display device having the same
Road traffic simulation apparatus
Monitoring system for monitoring surroundings of vehicle
Local bias map using line width measurements
System and method for performing a three-dimensional virtual examination of objects, such as internal organs
Color data accuracy calculating method, color data accuracy calculating apparatus, color processing method, color processing apparatus, color data accuracy calculating program, color processing program, and storage medium
System, computer software product and method for transmitting and processing handwritten data
Method and apparatus for scene learning and three-dimensional tracking using stereo video cameras
Method and device for detecting three-dimensional information
Method for recognizing characters in a portable terminal having an image input unit
Active embedded interaction coding
Decoding apparatus, decoding method and program product therefor
Apparatus and method for image processing, and computer product
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Noise reduction apparatus
Human detection method and apparatus
System and method for multilabel random walker segmentation using prior models
System and method for accepting a reservation based on statistical profitability
Automotive information communication exchange system, method, and program product
Systems and methods for providing item sales and delivery service
Method for maintaining product and maintenance business system for product
Vector graphics element-based model, application programming interface, and markup language
Method, device, and program for image conversion, method, device and program for texture mapping, and server-client system
Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset
Coaxial cable antenna for communication with implanted medical devices
RFID tag with frequency adjusting portion
Electronic device and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display driving method
Electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for communicating digital data from a computer system to a display device
Integrated input and display device for a mobile computer
Display device driving apparatus and display device using the same
Color palette providing cross-platform consistency
Variable resolution optically addressed active display
Circuit for adjusting gray-scale voltages of a self-emitting display device
Combination chimes and faith building message system
Chord-name detection apparatus and chord-name detection program
Method and apparatus for discriminating speech from voice-band data in a communication network
Power disturbance compensation
Corrected read/write offset compensation
Minimizing a mechanical mode excitation utilizing a generated seek trajectory
Method and related apparatus for generating fixed packets while writing data to CDs
Disk drive with performance driven head-to-disk spacing
Finite field based short error propagation modulation codes
Highly adaptive recording method and optical recording apparatus
Magnetic data system having bias circuit with bias resistor
Head gimbal assembly method with solder fillet formed by laser irradiating a shaped solder mass
Hard disk drive vibration cancellation using adaptive filter
Methods and apparatus for constraining transducer velocity based on disk rotational latency while seeking in a disk drive
Recording medium, method of configuring control information thereof, recording and/or reproducing method using the same, and apparatus thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and magnetic memory device capable of maintaining data integrity
Magnetic memory device
Method and system for providing domain wall assisted switching of magnetic elements and magnetic memories using such magnetic elements
Method and system for providing a spin transfer device with improved switching characteristics
Low power content addressable memory array (CAM) and method of operating same
Semiconductor memory device with memory cells each including a charge accumulation layer and a control gate
Memory array using mechanical switch, method for controlling the same, display apparatus using mechanical switch, and method for controlling the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Method and apparatus for driver circuit to provide a desired voltage level to a device
Decoder circuit
Cross-coupled inductor pair formed in an integrated circuit
Spiral inductor
Electrode for electric double layer capacitor, method for manufacturing same, electric double layer capacitor, and conductive adhesive
Methods and apparatus for constructing a multi-part switch
Method and circuit arrangement for operating a solenoid actuator
Low-voltage micro-switch actuation technique
Steering column switch
Magnetic latch mechanism
Imaging system having a plurality of vortex lenses
Electron tube with electron-bombarded semiconductor device
Optical device and production method thereof
Seal ring for mixed circuitry semiconductor devices
Method for producing semiconductor elements
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Laser irradiating apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor apparatus
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Device with gaps for capacitance reduction
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing thereof
Undercut-free BLM process for Pb-free and Pb-reduced C4
Semiconductor device
Method of making a semiconductor device having improved contacts
Method of making an integrated circuit
Microelectronic package optionally having differing cover and device thermal expansivities
Semiconductor device, wiring substrate forming method, and substrate processing apparatus
Dielectric material
Electronic component, semiconductor device, methods of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Drop resistant bumpers for fully molded memory cards
Image sensor with image signal shaping circuit
Simplified vertical array device DRAM/eDRAM integration: method and structure
Insulated gate silicon nanowire transistor and method of manufacture
Solid-state imaging device having a defect control layer and an inversion layer between a trench and a charge accumulating area
Image sensor
Light emitting device
Nitride semiconductor device and a manufacturing method therefor
Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device
Transistor epitaxial wafer and transistor produced by using same
Process to create buried heavy metal at selected depth
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having polycrystalline silicon resistor circuit
SOI semiconductor device with improved halo region and manufacturing method of the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Dynamic control of capacitance elements in field effect structures
Array substrate for liquid crystal display device and the seal pattern in the periphery of the display
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Highly doped III-nitride semiconductors
Battery pack shipping method
Buck/boost power converter for an electronic apparatus, method thereof and system incorporating the same
Millimeter-wave band broadband microstrip-waveguide transition apparatus having a main patch and a parasitic patch on different dielectric substrates
Devices and methods for retaining an antenna
Microwave connector, antenna and method of manufacture of same
Circular polarized wave antenna and method for designing same
Femtosecond laser processing system with process parameters, controls and feedback
Optical delay module for lenghtening the propagation path of a light beam and pulse multiplication or elongation module
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Holder for attaching electrical line bundles and pipes etc. to carriers and boards
Circuitry assembly and electrical junction box incorporating the same
Electrical current return device for avionic equipment
Light detection power system and method for same
Uninterruptible power supply
Electric circuit and oscillator comprising said electric circuit
Ventilation apparatus
Bearing support for use in a motor
Direct current brushless vibration motor
Magnetic bearings
Lateral piezoelectric driven highly tunable micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) inductor
Power supply device for vehicle and method of controlling the same
Method for determining the back electromotive force induced in a voice-coil motor driven in discontinuous mode
Controller for motor
Power output apparatus and vehicle including such power output apparatus
Power manager for an electrical power generator
Configurable, variable gain LNA for multi-band RF receiver
Circuit for biasing a transistor and related system and method
Bipolar audio signal switch
Semiconductor device comprising a photoelectric current amplifier
Audio correcting apparatus
Method for extending lifetime reliability of digital logic devices through reversal of aging mechanisms
CPLD for multi-wire keyboard decode with timed power control circuit
LUT based multiplexers
Set/reset latch with minimum single event upset
Current-controlled CMOS logic family
System and method for generating two effective frequencies using a single clock
Reconfigurable communications circuit
Flicker noise degeneration technique for VCO
Controllable oscillator with output oscillation adjustment and method for producing an output oscillation for use therewith
Method and system for increasing resolution and accuracy of an analog to digital converter
Multi-bit pipeline analog-to-digital converter capable of altering operating mode
Compression and decompression of stimulus and response waveforms in automated test systems
Method and device for changing an encoding mode of encoded data streams
Variable length coding for sparse coefficients
Method and system for transmission of carrier signals between first and second antenna networks
Apparatus for removing distortions created by an amplifier
Multi-path interference removing for wireless relay system apparatus and method using by same channel frequency
Efficient RF amplifier topologies
Physical layer device having an analog serdes pass through mode
Transcoder and code conversion method
Narrow-band integer cycle or impulse modulation spectrum sharing method
Apparatus and method for direct measurement of channel state for coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing receiver
Module for distributed network repeater
Method of adjusting a signal power in a variable data rate mode in a mobile communication system
Methods and apparatus for wireless communications
Obtaining data rates for mobile stations based on a forward link of a cellular system
Reverse link data rate control method in mobile communication system
Fault-tolerant multicasting network
Efficient implementation of low power mode in digital subscriber line (DSL) transceivers
Optical transmission apparatus and method
Communications system with symmetrical interfaces and associated methods
DDR interface for reducing SSO/SSI noise
Media-gateway controller and a call set up processing method for non-same codec communication
Data transmission in communication system
Device and method for calculation on elliptic curve
Apparatus and method for reducing the crest factor of single carrier or multi-carrier signals
Facilitated security for handoff in wireless communications
Wireless network communications
Device for locally controlling one or more parameters of a connection to be set up, for an element of an ethernet communications network with a GMPLS control plan
OAM echo messaging to verify a service-based network distribution path
Method and apparatus for grooming traffic demands according to mileage based tariffs
Time-aware strategy for message-initiated constraint-based routing
Network-unit for handling multicast messages
Multi-slice network processor
Method and apparatus for interfacing a public switched telephone network and an internet protocol network for multi-media communication
Data transfer system and method of transferring data packets using aggregation/disaggregation
Method and system of managing connections between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks
Internet controlled telephone system
Transport of DTMF tones over VOATM/VOIP networks
Determination of a code phase
Alignment of clock signal with data signal
Method and apparatus for key management in distributed sensor networks
Method for performing roaming in dual mode mobile terminal capable of preventing ping-pong phenomenon
Method and apparatus for integrated wireless communications in private and public network environments
Pop-up type portable terminal
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive voice services, with telephone-based service utilization and control
System, method, and device for providing communications using a distributed mobile architecture
Systems and methods for prerating costs for a communication event
Telephone message forwarding method and device
Telephone management system and method
Apparatus and method for performing impedance synthesis in a transmitter
Subscriber line interface circuitry with common base audio isolation stage
Image forming device, pattern formation method and storage medium storing its program
Inter-separation decorrelator
Method, apparatus, and program for processing an image
Optical recording medium and apparatus and method to play the optical recording medium
Image pickup device
Battery remaining amount warning apparatus
Method and apparatus for taking an image, method and apparatus for processing an image, and program and storage medium
Camera having lens system
Moving imager camera for track and range capture
Imaging apparatus and image processing method therefor
Image sensing apparatus and control method therefor
Video reproduction apparatus and intelligent skip method therefor
System and method for reproducing a video session using accelerated frame playback
Method and apparatus for distributed load multiplexing of multiple encoded signals over a shared communication path
Terrestrial broadcast copy protection system for digital television
System and method for automatic exposure control and white balancing for CMOS sensors
Method, apparatus and system of wireless transmission
Adaptive time division duplexing method and apparatus for dynamic bandwidth allocation within a wireless communication system
Channel estimation and channel quality indicator (CQI) measurements for a high-speed downlink GPRS
Automated circuit board assembly positioning system
Information processing device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Sleeping bag
Toeless ankle stockings
Footwear sole
Sole for footwear
Footwear upper
Mountable storage basket
Accessory holder
Umbrella shaft
Pushbroom with bracket
Camouflage pattern applied to substrate
Lawn chair
Support for a table
Clamping stand
Computer table
Computer desk side leg
Seat back meal tray
Three dimensions apple activity mat
Taco plate
Ice cream scoop
Base for an apparatus for securing a work piece
Furnace igniter bracket
Truss shaped bracket for gutter covers
Lock receiving element for a hasp type closure
Combination memo pad holder with highlighter
Container with top opening
Image projection apparatus
Camera arm
Musical instrument tuner housing
Toilet paper cover
Human Necessities
Mobile telephone back-clamping device
Coupon applicator and methods of applying coupon strips to grocery carts
Fluoroscopic registration system and method
Head cursor control interface for an automated endoscope system for optimal positioning
Method for detecting and excising nonpalpable lesions
Master having redundant degrees of freedom
Method and apparatus for noninvasively monitoring hemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation
Pulse oximetry SpO2 determination
Stereo pulse oximeter
Method of performing operating settings in heart rate measurement arrangement, and heart rate measurement arrangement
Method for the iontophoretic non-invasive determination of the in vivo concentration level of an inorganic or organic substance
Method and apparatus for monitoring heart rate
System and method for determining tissue contact of an implantable medical device within a body
Method for measuring the degree of edema and apparatus using the same
Bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus
Connector and guidewire connectable thereto
Heating pad assembly
Apparatus and method for expanding a stimulation lead body in situ
Universal electrode system and methods of use and manufacture
Cardiac pacing lead and delivery system
Electroporation and electrophoresis system and method for achieving molecular penetration into cells in vivo
System and method of automatically adjusting auto capture safety margin
Cycle to cycle adjustment of the stimulation amplitude for an active implantable medical device
Hard paddle for an external defibrillator
System and method of generating an optimal three-step defibrillation waveform for use in an implantable cardioverter/defibrillator (ICD)
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for producing and screening mass-coded combinatorial libraries for drug discovery and target validation
Flats bundle processing system
Synchronous position control apparatus and method
User-machine interface system for enhanced interaction
Electronic device for processing image-data, for simulating the behaviour of a deformable object
Closed-loop control method for operation of individually driven rotating machine elements
Printing apparatus, and informing method in printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, recording medium in which test-pattern image forming program is recorded, test-pattern image forming method, and skew angle calculation method
Vehicle communication system with display/control unit
Adaptive rollover detection apparatus and method
Method for road grade/vehicle pitch estimation
Collision detecting apparatus for vehicle
System and a method for the control of variable-ratio transmissions
Parcel singulation software control logic
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Radiation curable coating composition
Performance evaluation method for plasma processing apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Method of and apparatus for determining the path of a well bore under drilling conditions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Observer for engine crankshaft torque
Ethanol content rationality for a flexible fueled vehicle
Method of compensating for the effects of using a block heater in an internal combustion engine
Method, computer program and control and/or regulating device for operating an internal combustion engine
Method of operating an internal combustion engine
Process cartridge, load producing member and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method of controlling shift action in up-shift mode operation of automatic transmission for vehicles
Method and apparatus for intercepting an evading target alerted at seeker turn-on
Methods and apparatus for installation alignment of equipment
Navigation method and a navigation system for determining a route for a means of transport moving from starting point to a destination
In-vehicle navigation apparatus
Map displaying method and apparatus, and navigation system having the map displaying apparatus
Navigation device with means for displaying advertisements
System and method for a digital mass flow controller
Multi-alarm monitoring and protection system
On road corner dynamic balancing for vehicle wheels
Closed loop rheometer
Method for quantifying permeability of vuggy carbonates using wireline logs
Computer-implemented neural network color matching formulation system
Optical waveguide illuminator
Paint defect automated seek and repair assembly and method
Control system
Method for correcting combustion effluent data when used for input-loss performance monitoring of a power plant
Method and apparatus for quantifying progress of sample clean up with curve fitting
Method and system for designing a probe card
Apparatus for testing semiconductor integrated circuit
Time reference compensation for improved metering accuracy
Flexible noise figure measurement apparatus
Method and apparatus to facilitate generating simulation modules for testing system designs
Formal verification method
Method for reducing stored patterns for IC test by embedding built-in-self-test circuitry for chip logic into a scan test access port
Configuration for generating signal impulses of defined lengths in a module with a bist-function
Test data generating system and method to test high-speed actual operation
System and method for displaying operator-generated annotations of a trigger specification in a signal measurement system
Method and apparatus for displaying triggered waveform on an error performance analyzer
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Method and system for displaying automatically scaled map according to degree of precision of estimated mobile position
Providing position information to a device
Method for the localizing of terrestrial mobile radio from an aircraft
Method for seismic monitoring of an underground zone by simultaneous use of sererval vibroseismic sources
System and method for estimating subsurface principal stresses from seismic reflection data
Hot plate precipitation measuring system
Variable optical attenuator
Micro electromechanical system and method for transmissively switching optical signals
Light-wave circuit module and method for manufacturing the same
Optical collimator and method for making same
Optical component having selected bandwidth
Optical demultiplexing system and method
Tunable chromatic dispersion and dispersion slope compensator utilizing a virtually imaged phased array and a rotating grating
Multi-wavelength non-laser light source
Wide range tunable filter
Optical switch using micromirrors and method of testing the same
Optical fiber having a low-shrink buffer layer and methods of manufacturing the same
Fiber optic with high strength component
Optical submarine cable
Fiber optic cables with strength members
Optical cable housing an optical unit surrounded by a plurality of gel layers
Zoom and focus control method and system
Lens barrel and photographing apparatus therewith
Phase difference detection method, phase difference detection apparatus, range finding apparatus and imaging apparatus
Waveguide-type optical control device and process for producing the same
Optical transmission system employing auto-synchronized chirped return-to-zero transmitter
Parallax correcting apparatus of a viewfinder
Automatic motion-controlled photographing apparatus and related photographing method
Camera capable of having alternatively positioned mode indicator
Motor mounting structure for cameras
Photographic mode selectable camera
Exposure method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
Three dimensional reconstruction metrology
Printing system that positions web at accurate waiting position
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communication modes for sending messages to users
Image forming apparatus with different recording sheets feeding and discharging features
Belt stretcher and color image formation apparatus incorporating the same
Developing roller for electrophotography, developing apparatus, apparatus unit and image forming apparatus
Toning station intermediate bearing cap and tension assembly
Process cartridge, mounting mechanism for process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Cartridge detachably mountable on image forming apparatus
Connecting pin for process cartridge, and process cartridge
Robust steady-state target calculation for model predictive control
Method and system for monitoring computer networks and equipment
Host cache for haptic feedback effects
Push-type scheduling for semiconductor fabrication
Method for triggering an asynchronous event by creating a lowest common denominator clock
Computer including installable and removable cards, optical interconnection between cards, and method of assembling a computer
Method, apparatus, and machine-readable medium to enhance microprocessor performance
Method and apparatus for thermal management of a power supply to a high performance processor in a computer system
Programmable controller system and method for resetting programmable controller system
Security server token caching
System for automatically reading stored rewriting data and replacing system generated setup data by the rewriting data before system initialization
Method for combining logic-based circuit units and memory-based circuit units and circuit arrangement
Power management apparatus
System having devices connected via communication lines
System for rearranging plurality of memory storage elements in a computer process to different configuration upon entry into a low power mode of operation
Processor for controlling substrate biases in accordance to the operation modes of the processor
Reducing power consumption by estimating engine load and reducing engine clock speed
Method and circuitry for switching from a synchronous mode of operation to an asynchronous mode of operation without any loss of data
Method and apparatus for implementing a workgroup server array
Method, computer program product, and system for making standard stream data accessible that would otherwise be lost in application programs
External debug card sharing a communication bus
Method and apparatus for detecting strobe errors
Hierarchical fault management in computer systems
System and method to support varying maximum cryptographic strength for common data security architecture (CDSA) applications
Portable disc drive testing apparatus
High-availability architecture using high-speed pipes
Automatic fault diagnostic network system and automatic fault diagnostic method for networks
System and method for fibrechannel fail-over through port spoofing
Processor and method for performing a hardware test during instruction execution in a normal mode
Dynamic reallocation of physical storage
Memory access system
Redundant controller data storage system having an on-line controller removal system and method
Detecting and causing latent deadlocks in multi-threaded programs
Secure server using public key registration and methods of operation
PCI/PCI-X bus bridge with performance monitor
Method and apparatus for reading from and writing to storage using acknowledged phases of sets of data
Network document transmission to receiving display stations with automatic sizing of received document caches based upon user activity in prior browsing sessions
System and method for efficiently performing a restore operation in a data storage environment
Method and apparatus for possibly decreasing the number of associative memory entries by supplementing an associative memory result with discriminator bits from an original set of information
Systems and methods for multiport memory access in a multimaster environment
Multi-bank memory device having a 1:1 state machine-to-memory bank ratio
Methods and systems for a shared memory unit with extendable functions
Cache for processing data in a memory controller and a method of use thereof to reduce first transfer latency
System and method for partitioning a storage area network associated data library
Method for backup and restore of a multi-lingual network file server
Apparatus and method for a sorting mode in a direct memory access controller of a digital signal processor
Ranked cleaning policy and error recovery method for file systems using flash memory
Synchronous integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for controlling memory client access to address ranges in a memory pool
Disk time-sharing apparatus and method
Information processing apparatus using index and tag addresses for cache
Apparatus and method for storing track layout information for performing quick write operations
Performance improvement of a write instruction of a non-inclusive hierarchical cache memory unit
Method, system, and data structures for transferring blocks of data from a storage device to a requesting application
Efficient translation lookaside buffer miss processing in computer systems with a large range of page sizes
Cache slot promotion in a replacement queue cache using determinations of probabilities and costs
Microcomputer and information processing system
Method and system for soft modem protection
Initializing, maintaining, updating and recovering secure operation within an integrated system employing a data access control function
System and method for improving web site accessibility
Out-of-band look-ahead arbitration method and/or architecture
Efficient memory management mechanism for digital signal processor and method of operation thereof
Providing a configuration file to a communication device
Data processing apparatus and display processing method
Mult-mode I/O interface for synchronizing selected control patterns into control clock domain to obtain interface control signals to be transmitted to I/O buffers
Watermark for additional data burst into buffer memory
Bus reset management by a primary controller card of multiple controller cards
Method and system for reducing latency in message passing systems
Interface circuit device for performing data sampling at optimum strobe timing by using stored data window information to determine the strobe timing
Module array
Interruption signal generating apparatus
Method and apparatus for intermediate validation of data transferred between a host and a device
Method and means for enhanced interpretive instruction execution for a new integrated communications adapter using a queued direct input-output device
Method and device for providing high data rate for a serial peripheral interface
Bus system
Bus emulation apparatus
Switching file system request in a mass storage system
Unique serial protocol minicking parallel bus
Device and method for controlling solid-state memory system
Bus system having improved control process
Program trace method and apparatus, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for performing sequential executions of elements in cooperation with a transform
Protecting open world wide web sites from known malicious users by diverting requests from malicious users to alias addresses for the protected sites
Use of browser cookies to store structured data
ATM controller and ATM communication control device
Host bridge translating non-coherent packets from non-coherent link to coherent packets on conherent link and vice versa
Bios corruption detection system and method
Method and apparatus for identifying a version of an electronic assembly using a unique embedded identification signature for each different version
Can microcontroller that employs reconfigurable message buffers
Multimedia-instruction acceleration device for increasing efficiency and method for the same
Facility for simultaneously outputting both a mixed digital audio signal and an unmixed digital audio signal multiple concurrently received streams of digital audio data
Efficient streaming of synchronized web content from multiple sources
Method and system for rapidly generating identifiers for records of a database
Multi-channel audio reproducing device
Placement and routing of circuits using a combined processing/buffer cell
Method for generating analyses of categorical data
Similarity transformation method for data processing and visualization
Achieving application-specific document content by transcoding using Java Server Pages
Rapid phase identification method
Parsing ambiguous grammar
Storage access keys
Enhanced concern indicator failure prediction system
Learning data prototypes for information extraction
System and method for managing file export information
Method and system for creating vertical search engines
Apparatus for retrieving documents
Method and mechanism for tracking dependencies for referential integrity constrained tables
System and method for authenticating and registering personal background data
Weighted preference data search system and method
Lightweight directory access protocol, (LDAP) trusted processing of unique identifiers
Query planning using a maxdiff histogram
Methods for reproducing and recreating original data
Continuous journaling of objects within a hierarchical directory tree
Systems, methods, and computer program products to rank and explain dimensions associated with exceptions in multidimensional data
Dynamic file system configurations
Mobile terminal with integrated host application software
Method for converting directory data, and program and device therefor
Display-equipped information terminal device having mailing function and electronic mail transmitting method
Development system providing HTML database control object
Creation of structured data from plain text
Method and apparatus for displaying data stored in linked nodes
System, method, and article of manufacture for propagating transaction processing facility based data and for providing the propagated data to a variety of clients
System, apparatus and method for location-based instant messaging
Method and system for providing resource access in a mobile environment
Method and system for processing records in a communications network
Modular, portable data processing terminal for use in a communication network
Method for simulating an electrical circuit, computer program product, software application, and data carrier
Method and apparatus for critical and false path verification
Method of resolving min-time violations in an integrated circuit
Datasheet browsing and creation with data-driven datasheet tabs within a microcontroller design tool
Method and system for reducing the computation tree to include only model behaviors defined succinctly by a user via regular expressions as being of interest
System for identifying patterns in biological data using a distributed network
Multi-user server application architecture with single-user object tier
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using digital tickets
Programmable memory based control for generating optimal timing to access serial flash devices
Method and apparatus for coordinating cooperating resources and its application
Method of regulating a flow of data in a communication system and apparatus therefor
Method and system for over-run protection in a message passing multi-processor computer system using a credit-based protocol
Communication system and data adapter
Initializing a processor-based system from a non-volatile re-programmable semiconductor memory
Method and system for providing memory-based device emulation
System, method and recordable medium for printing services over a network
System and method for efficient processing of denormal results as hardware exceptions
Management of non-persistent data in a persistent database
Software requirements metrics and evaluation process
Method of creating and using a sub-classed object that spans multiple computers in a networked computing system
Diagnostic director
Method and system for the assembly of a whole genome using a shot-gun data set
System and method for arranging bits of a data word in accordance with a mask
High speed random number generation
System and method for selectively enabling and disabling plug-ins features in a logical volume management enviornment
Earnings-based time-share scheduling
Processing pipeline in a base services pattern environment
Efficiently distributing information used for lock management among distributed resource objects using sequence numbers
System and method for optimizing insertions for timer queue operations
System and method for collecting, processing, and distributing information to promote safe driving
Execution program generation method, execution program generation apparatus, execution program execution method, and computer-readable storage medium
Multi-microcomputer system
Micro program control method and apparatus thereof having branch instructions
Call gate expansion for 64 bit addressing
System for using rate of exception event generation during execution of translated instructions to control optimization of the translated instructions
Utilizing a scoreboard with multi-bit registers to indicate a progression status of an instruction that retrieves data
Multiple job signals per processing unit in a multiprocessing system
Efficient method router that supports multiple simultaneous object versions
Method and apparatus for implementing fast subclass and subtype checks
Method and system for interfacing a plurality of applications conforming to a standard
System and method for providing and displaying debugging information of a graphical program on a first computer during execution of the graphical program on a second computer
Request based automation of software installation, customization and activation
Operation input processing apparatus and method
Virus resistant and hardware independent method of flashing system bios
Program modification device
Method for installing software components at a user-terminal, related devices and related software module
Distributed processing system and its control method
Multiphase single pass interpreter
Multiple operating system control method
Backup and restore of data associated with a host in a dynamically changing virtual server farm without involvement of a server that uses an associated storage device
Data management system using a plurality of data operating modules
Micropower differential sensor measurement
Portable electronic apparatus and communication method for protocol selection processing of a portable electronic apparatus
Method for sliding window image processing of associative operators
Image synthesizing method
Method and apparatus for enhancing the edge contrast of an interpolated digital image
Method for encrypting and decrypting information using rule-based templates embedded with synthetic gene sequences
Production instruction volume decision support method and program therefor
Dual path scheduling method
System and method for virtual setup and configuration for a build-to-order computer
Method and system for making production plan
System and user interface for processing task schedule information
Integrated system for the administration of an insurance company
System and method for project designing and developing a procurement and accounts payable system
Method for scheduling a project to design and manufacture a multi-component assembly
System and method for an advance notification system for monitoring and reporting proximity of a vehicle
Integration of a computer-based message priority system with mobile electronic devices
Crossing paths notification service
System and method for detecting fraudulent transactions
Method for targeted advertising on the web based on accumulated self-learning data, clustering users and semantic node graph techniques
Device for selectively blocking remote purchase requests
Method and apparatus for forming user sessions and presenting internet data according to the user sessions
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Data warehousing infrastructure for web based reporting tool
Method and system for embedded network device installation
Content aggregation method and apparatus for on-line purchasing system
Method for returning merchandise
Subscriber identification based on electronic program guide data
Image processing device having matrix computing units
System and method for providing editing controls based on features of a raster image
Method for generating a shell mold for a casting
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image scaling method and apparatus using continuous domain filtering and interpolation method
System and apparatus for preparation of mailpieces and method for file based setup of such apparatus
Dispensing lottery tickets
Methods and apparatus for secure personal identification number and data encryption
System for remote monitoring of a vehicle and method of determining vehicle mileage, jurisdiction crossing and fuel consumption
Speech transcription and analysis system and method
Method of training an automatic speech recognizer
System and method for automated multimedia content indexing and retrieval
Codebook structure and search for speech coding
Digital cordless phone system for improving distance of speech communication using error concealment and method thereof
Modified concealing device and method for a speech decoder
Group contacting system, and recording medium for storing computer instructions for executing operations of the contact system
Real-time recording system and real-time recording method
Source coding and transmission with time diversity
Changing a playback speed for video presentation recorded in a non-progressive frame structure format
Method of and apparatus for tracking appended data on storage medium
Hard disk onto which table information depending on model is written, and hard disk drive adopting such a disk
Copy protection through symbol substitution and induced errors
Methods of factoring and modular arithmetic
Method of testing a semiconductor memory device
Memory data verify operation
Test method and apparatus for semiconductor device
Data selecting memory device and selected data transfer device
Non-volatile memory device with multiple ports
Semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of outputting leading data of a series of multiple burst-readout data without delay
Operating method of vacuum processing system and vacuum processing system
Method and apparatus for providing communication between a defect source identifier and a tool data collection and control system
Method for measuring number of yield loss chips and number of poor chips by type due to defect of semiconductor chips
Structure and method for fabricating semiconductor structures and polarization modulator devices utilizing the formation of a compliant substrate
Method for adding redundant vias on VLSI chips
Cellular telephone system with free space millimeter wave trunk line
Butterfly package pallet
Method of and system for managing test case versions
Second battery control circuit
Step motor with interpole pair stabilizing rest position
System and method for an image rejecting single conversion tuner with phase error correction
Hardware accelerator for normal least-mean-square algorithm-based coefficient adaptation
Circuit assembly for producing a one-way connection between transmitter and/or receiver units and an antenna
Broadcast radio signal seek circuit
Wireless communication system
System and method of DC calibration of amplifiers
Simple and systematic process for constructing and coding LDPC codes
Turbo decoder with modified input for increased code word length and data rate
Feedback system and method for optimizing the reception of multidimensional digital frame structure communications
Interference canceller
Method and apparatus for prevention of the concurrence of modes condition during operation of electronic device
Mobile communication terminal device
Transceiver for transmitting and receiving an RF signal on at least two frequency ranges
Antenna switching in multiple radio terminal
Multi-mode satellite and terrestrial communication device
Optical device, system and method for detecting a condition in an optical device
Method and apparatus for monitoring an optical WDM network
Optical transmission systems and optical receivers and receiving methods for use therein
Error detection circuitry and method for detecting an error on a transmission path
Method and system for implementing smart antennas and diversity techniques
Antenna reception diversity in wireless communications
Radio transmission control method and radio transmission device
Radio communication system, radio communication method, and recording medium for storing a program for selection of a repeater in radio communication system
Method and apparatus for limiting access to signals delivered via the internet
System and method for reducing call dropping rates in a multi-beam communication system
Method for an automatic search by an aircraft of a communication address of a ground entity in an ATN network
Meteor burst communication system having the capability of simultaneous communication with multiple remote units
Polarization-division multiplexing based on power encoding of different polarization channels
Method of providing a remote power feed to a terminal in a local area network, and corresponding remote power feed unit, concentrator, repeator, and terminal
Method and apparatus for adapting a routing map for a wireless communications network
Apparatus and method for allocating buffer space
Method and apparatus for configuring network devices with subnetworks in an ATM environment and retrieving permanent virtual channel (PVC) configuration information from network devices
Message passing over secure connections using a network server
Method and apparatus for signal degradation measurement
Firewall system and method via feedback from broad-scope monitoring for intrusion detection
Multiple cache communication and uncacheable objects
Security rule database searching in a network security environment
Architecture for an IP centric distributed network
Systems and methods for monitoring distributed applications using diagnostic information
Method and apparatus for efficiently reassembling fragments received at an intermediate station in a computer network
Method and system for seamless access to a remote storage server utilizing multiple access interfaces executing on the remote server
Making CGI variables and cookie information available to an OLTP system
Information delivery service
System and method for the transfer of digital data to a mobile device
Context sensitive web services
Addressing system and method for communicating data
System and method for connecting analog telephones and facsimile machines to the internet
Trellis interleaver and feedback precoder
Data processing system and method having time-span support for input device driver
Method and system of alerting internet service providers that a hacker may be using their system to gain access to a target system
Portable communication apparatus having first and second user interfaces, and an accessory device comprising a keypad and a display for a portable radio telephone
Telephone terminal, removable data medium provided with means of deleting common functions and corresponding process for management of function menus
Image reading apparatus and image processing apparatus
Digital camera and method for communicating digital image and at least one address image stored in the camera to a remotely located service provider
Image reading apparatus and an image forming apparatus having the image reading apparatus
System and method for communication of digital images generated from photographic film
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of image forming stations, and unit detachably mountable on the apparatus
Method and apparatus for storing multi-media data
Video recording system using magnetic disk drive
Video signal authentication system
File system for handling real-time and non-real-time data
Apparatus and method for generating command and/or response frame for control of digital equipment
Method and apparatus for media data transmission
Time base corrector
System and method for programming and controlling a fiber optic circuit and module with switch
Optical switching apparatus and optical switching method
Optical network and switch control method for use in the optical network
Method and apparatus for archiving, updating or retrieving an uninitialized entry in an advanced intelligent network
Method and configuration for operating a communication network
Selective radio paging receiver with display function
Method and system for inter-frequency handoff and capacity enhancement in a wireless telecommunications network
Method and system for instant messaging across cellular networks and a public data network
Automated testing for cellular telephone system including emergency positioning
System and method of managing supplementary features in the presence of a proxy switch in a mobile communications network
Method and system for using SIM card in CDMA service area
Radio telephone system with one-to-many dispatch system
Handoff device and method for mobile communication system
Method of reducing base station overloading
Method for masking the location of a mobile subscriber in a cellular communications network
Method for preventing forward telecommunication distortion in soft handoff
Method for enabling receipt of a packet-switched page by a mobile station
Method and arrangement for providing fast cell change in a packet-switched cellular radio system
Communication system for wireless communication of content to users
Lamp monitoring and control unit and method
Capacitor charging device for a flash
PCI bus switch architecture
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