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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for shipping items in an aircraft
Conjugates of soluble peptidic compounds with membrane-binding agents
Pyrazole derivative, medicinal composition containing the same, medicinal use thereof, and intermediate for production thereof
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic derivatives, medicinal compositions containing the same and medicinal use thereof
Herbicide composition
1-(azolin-2-yl)amino-1,2-diphenylethane compounds for combating insects, arachnids and nematodes
Nitromethylene derivatives and their use
Automated methods and systems for vascular plaque detection and analysis
Method for evaluating extracellular water concentration in tissue
Use of L-carnitine or of alkanoyl L-carnitines for the preparation of a physiological supplement or medicament for opthalmic use in the form of eye drops
Anti-tumor composition
Thiazole compound and use thereof
Morphinan derivatives, the quaternary ammonium salts thereof substituted in position 14, method for production and use thereof
Thieno [2,3-D]pyrimidine-2,4-dione melanocortin-specific compounds
Substituted 1H-quinazoline-2,4-diones useful as AMPA receptor ligands
Oxadiazine derivatives
Indole derivatives
Method for treating liver cirrhosis or interstitial pulmonary fibrosis
Composition and method for regulation of body weight and associated conditions
Dab.sup.9 derivatives of lipopeptide antibiotics and methods of making and using the same
Peptides and their use for the treatment of HIV infections
Antiangiogenic peptides
Method for producing a bone material enriched with bone growth factors
Use of one or more metal carriers to selectively kill mammalian cells
Insulin-associated peptides with effects on cerebral health
Method of providing stability for liquid cleansing compositions comprising selection fatty acyl isethionate surfactants
Foaming emulsions and foaming compositions containing a polymer comprising water-soluble units and units with an LCST, especially for cosmetic uses
Adaptive cardiac resynchronization therapy system
Endovenous device for dispersing a dilating agent
Seal for use with cardiac lead
Cardiac lead with a retractable helix
Implantable medical device with a dual power source
Methods and systems for stimulating a motor cortex of the brain to treat a medical condition
Technique for adjusting the locus of excitation of electrically excitable tissue
3-isopropyl-1-methylcyclopentyl derivatives and their use in fragrance applications
Entertainment system including a vehicle with a simulation mode
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for making nitrogen aromatic oligomers and polymers
Ziegler-Natta catalyst for particle size control
Process and apparatus for the regeneration of spent FCC catalyst
Method for monitoring a resistance welding process and device therefor
Microinscribed gemstone
Electro-magnetic storage device and method
Telematic parametric speed metering system
Multipurpose optical signalling device, particularly for road emergency in low visibility conditions
Vehicular electronic system with crash sensors and occupant protection systems
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production methods of optically active hydrazine compound and optically active amine compound
Process for the preparation of ionic liquids with alkyl sulfate and functionalized alkyl sulfate anions
Substituted carbamic acid quinolin-6-yl esters useful as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
Method for synthesizing benzotriazole
Inhibitors of Akt activity
Pyrimidineamide derivatives and the use thereof
Diketohydrazine derivative compounds and drugs containing the compounds as the active ingredient
Crystalline 1H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyridin-5-amine, 7-[5-[(cyclohexylmethylamino)-methyl]-1H-indol-2-yl]-2-methyl, sulfate (1:1), trihydrate and its pharmaceutical uses
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Nucleic acid purification method
Collapsin response mediator protein-1 (CRMP-1) transcriptional regulatory nucleic acid sequences
Polymorphisms in the human cyp3a4 and cyp3a7 genes and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Integrin-linked kinase and its uses
Ancestral and COT viral sequences, proteins and immunogenic compositions
Gene expression modulating element
Variants of human glycoprotein hormone alpha chain: compositions and uses thereof
Materials and methods for treatment of allergic diseases
Bacteria with increased levels of protein secretion, nucleotide sequences coding for a SecA protein with increased levels of protein secretion, and methods for producing proteins
Compositions comprising positional isomers of PEGylated G-CSF
Recombinant bivalent monospecific immunoglobulin having at least two variable fragments of heavy chains of an immunoglobulin devoid of light chains
IL-17-like cytokine binding compounds and antibodies
Neutralizing antibodies against GDF-8 and uses therefor
Method of forming thin film
Process for the continuous preparation and isolation of soluble preceramic oligomers and/or polymers
Phosphorus-containing mixtures, a process for their preparation and their use
Transparent polyolefin compositions
Radiation resistant polypropylene materials
Clean-up additive for viscoelastic surfactant based fluids
Process of hydraulic fracturing using a viscoelastic wellbore fluid
Method for the production of synthetic fuels from oxygenates
Lubricants for sports equipment
Laundry wrinkle control composition
Cell culture vessel and cultured cell
Production process for munant
Expression of soluble heterologous proteins in bacteria utilizing a thioredoxin/protein expression vector
Plant pigment accumulation gene
Alteration of embryo/endosperm size during seed development
Recombinant Candida rugosa lipases
Stable lipid-comprising drug delivery complexes and methods for their production
Anti-tumor activity of Ea-4-peptide of pro-IGF-I
Dual inhibitors of HIV-1 GP-120 interactions
Plant caffeic acid 3-O-methyltransferase homologs
Alanine 2,3-aminomutase
.beta.-fructofuranosidase variants
Methods for synthesis of sulfated saccharides
Trimerizing polypeptides
Methods for detecting receptor modulator activity
Isolation and use of ryanodine receptors
Live-cell biosensor polypeptides and methods of use
Compositions and methods based upon the kinase haspin
CHD7 gene polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility to idiopathic scoliosis
Substance capable of accelerating nucleotide chain exchange reaction
Method and device for detection of nucleic acids and/or polypeptides
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydroelectric pumped-storage
Hydro-wind power generating turbine system and retrofitting method
Fluid warming system and technique for using the same
Device for determining the position of spaced-apart areas in transparent and/or diffuse objects
Apparatus and method for measuring suspension and head assemblies
Methods for reducing spherical aberration effects in photolithography
System for checking centration of lens surfaces of aspheric lens
Navigation device for a vehicle, method for producing data for a search, and method for searching for a guided route
Vehicle-mounted information processing apparatus
Distance measuring apparatus, distance measuring method, and computer program product
Fiber optic SERS sensor systems and SERS probes
Test apparatus and method
Flowing device for optics-based methanol sensor
Illumination device for product examination via pulsed illumination
System for automatic detection of forest fires through optic spectroscopy
Holding apparatus for spectrum measurement
Position sensor, method for detecting horizontal and vertical position, alignment apparatus including position sensor, and method for horizontal and vertical alignment
Particle analyzer based on sheath flow impedance method
Method of voltage measurement and apparatus for same
Metal detector with improved receiver coil
Management of response to triggering events in connection with monitoring fugitive emissions
Treatment of disease by inducing cell apoptosis
Determination of responders to chemotherapy
Methods and compositions for identifying anti-HCV agents
VCAM-1 specific monoclonal antibody
Sensor device, sensing method, biological substance sensor device, biological substance sensing method, secretion sensor device, secretion sensing method, emotion sensor device and emotion sensing method
Nitric oxide donors for inducing neurogenesis
Uses of a chemokine receptor able to bind to MCP-1, MIP-1.alpha. and/or RANTES
Ephrin-B receptor protein involved in carcinoma
Automatic power source configuration
Over-power detector
Intensity modulation type optical sensor and optical current/voltage sensor
Method and apparatus for measuring pulse widths of a side-band signal
Neutralizing electromagnetic noise for a capacitive input device
Systems and methods for hitless equipment protection
Method and apparatus for computing alternate multicast/broadcast paths in a routed network
Preventing duplicate sources from clients served by a network address port translator
Storage system, path management method and path management device
Current transformer and electric energy meter
Millimeter wave image processor and millimeter wave image processing method
Target detecting method and target detecting apparatus
Systems and methods for analyzing acoustic waves
Quadrature radar apparatus
Conversion apparatus, radiation detection apparatus, and radiation detection system
Device and method for mapping the distribution of an X-ray fluorescence marker
Rational motion compensated seabed seismic sensors and methods of use in seabed seismic data acquisition
Locating stationary magnetic objects
Double-sideband suppressed-carrier radar to null near-field reflections from a first interface between media layers
Method and device for reduction of polarization-dependent effects in a tunable optical component
Method and apparatus for controlling a gap between conductors in an electro-mechanical device
Method and apparatus for solving mask precipitated defect issue
Optical deflector and optical instrument using the same
Projection lens system
Prism sheet and backlight module using the same
Single analyte molecule detection by fibre fluorescence probe
Optoelectric printed circuit board, method of manufacturing the same, and optoelectric transmission method using the optoelectric printed circuit board
Optoelectronic integrated circuit device and communications equipment using same
Y-junction reflector tunable delay or resonator waveguide devices
Optical cable module
Color image readout lens and color image readout apparatus
Optical communication device
Method, array, and influencing unit for said array in order to modify a wavefront of an optical beam
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Substrate for a liquid crystal display panel, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display device having the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Systems and methods for integrated optical circuitry for high data rate optical transmission and reception
Motor structure with built-in lens
Autofocus assembly that adjusts a lens in the optical axis direction by alignment of holes in a spacing ring that receive ball bearings
Image taking apparatus
Light diffusing sheet with two kinds of light diffusion particles
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Compact camera modules with Lavet stepping-motors as actuators
Reticle set, method for designing a reticle set, exposure monitoring method, inspection method for reticle set and manufacturing method for a semiconductor device
Process for producing photonic crystals and controlled defects therein
Selecting a best three color solution to a CIE Lab input using linear interpolation
Image processing apparatus
Composition for forming a photosensitive organic anti-reflective layer and method of forming a pattern using the same
Compact image forming apparatus with a moveable optical sensor
Image forming apparatus having an auxiliary driving means which transmits a restricted driving force to an image bearing member
Image forming apparatus employing a cleaner-less system
Consumable management device, image forming apparatus, computer readable medium storing a program, and consumable management method
Controlling timing for starting image formation
Method for imaging with imaging member having filled overcoat layer
Developer collection system and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus with air blowing unit and associated transfer bias changing means
Gloss providing sheet and image formation apparatus
Fixing liquid, toner fixing method and apparatus, and image forming method and apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Photoconductive imaging members
Embedding HMI logic into control logic
Process and systems for the epoxidation of an olefin
Process and systems for the epoxidation of an olefin
Remote controller for portable electronic device
Device control system, device control method, and control program
Digital voltage converter with constant off-time and variable on-time of controller
Switched mode current source for pulsed loads
Dual sliding portable electronic device
Unified image processing system
Method and apparatus for acquisition and administration of medical image data
Reduction of memory requirements by de-interleaving audio samples with two buffers
Method for estimating a frequency offset of a modulated bandpass signal
Integrated battery service system
System and method for large route data handling within a telematics communication system
System, apparatus and method for facilitating pattern-based clothing design activities
System, apparatus and method for facilitating pattern-based clothing design activities
Method of inhibiting the automatic stop control system of the heat engine of a vehicle in the absence of a driver
Fuel injector having algorithm controlled look-ahead timing for injector-ignition operation
Fuel injection quantity control system for general-purpose engine
Methods and apparatuses for compound tracking systems
System and method for optimized routing of print jobs
Method of designing probe set, microarray having substrate on which probe designed by the method is immobilized, and computer readable medium on which program for executing the method is recorded
Latch circuit, flip-flop circuit including the same, and logic circuit
Multiple-phase, differential sampling and steering
Method of recording a computer object using color enabled by a recording device and communication device
Image compression using a color visual model
Stylization of video
Marker placement information estimating method and information processing device
Single constraint at a time (SCAAT) tracking of a virtual reality (VR) display
Method and apparatus of color system adaptive intensity compensation and video encoding/decoding method and apparatus thereof
System, method, and apparatus for generating a three-dimensional representation from one or more two-dimensional images
Image processing method and image generating apparatus
Apparatus for identifying a photographer of an image
Text document capture with jittered digital camera
Image encoding method and image encoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing mosquito noise in decoded video sequence
Apparatus and method for generating a three-dimensional representation from a two-dimensional image
Apparatus and program for image processing for obtaining processed compressed moving image data
Optical sensor, method for producing an optical sensor, and method for detecting an object with an optical sensor
Media content preview
Smoke detection for hardware cabinets
Method and apparatus for sensing a current in a circuit
Bed exit and patient detection system
Method and system for retrieving and broadcasting updated informational data based on location
Method and system for supporting path control
Technique for operating a vehicle safely in a lane
Virtual oral recitation examination apparatus, system and method
Circuit for driving network indicator
Data on light bulb
Driving device and driving method of electrophoretic display
Slip resistant and/or non-linear force response pedal peripheral device
Calibrating digital pens
Pointing device with integrated audio input and associated methods
Method and apparatus for calibrating a camera-based whiteboard scanner
Tuning device of wireless communication type
Pedal support for percussion instruments
Pre-programming of a preamplifier in a disk drive to improve servo-writing characteristics
Disk drive demodulating a spiral track by finding a maximum correlation between a spiral track crossing signal and a time-shifted nominal spiral track crossing signal
Optical disk player
Method and apparatus for recording digital audio to compact disc from a mass storage device
Current biasing circuit to reduce MR common mode voltage jumping for MR resistance measurement
Calibrating a defect scan parameter for a disk drive
Information recording and reproducing device suppressing erasure of data when power interruption occurs during data recording
Perpendicular magnetic recording disk with a soft magnetic layer having a discrete track recording pattern
Laminated high moment magnetic films antiferromagnetic coupling as write pole of perpendicular magnetic recording head
Tunnel magnetoresistance device with tunnel barrier layer containing residual carbon
Disk drive comprising a servo accelerator employing a dual state variable memory
Method for repeatable run-out compensation
Magnetic recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and stamper
Magnetic head device having slider and magnetic function unit
Apparatus and method for controlling tracking servo in near field optics
Optical pickup for an optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus including an actuator forming a predetermined angel with respect to the pickup base
Optical disc device
Optical pickup and objective optical system for use in the same
Optical reading/writing apparatus and method
Method for forming visible images on optical recording medium
Reproducing system and corresponding information recording medium having wobbled land portions
Optical information recording medium, and substrate and manufacturing method for the optical information recording medium
Optical information recording medium, and substrate and manufacturing method for the optical information recording medium
Data storing and reading apparatus for storing data in a nano-device
Integrated circuit having a resistively switching memory and method
Radiation-hardened programmable device
Magnetoresistive sensor memory with multiferroic material
Sense amplifier screen circuit and screen method thereof
Semiconductor memory device with a reference or dummy cell for testing
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Power-off apparatus, systems, and methods
Semiconductor memory device which compensates for delay time variations of multi-bit data
Regular expression search engine
Memory module with load capacitance added to clock signal input
Conductor for liquid-cooled windings
Integrated magnetic device and conductive structure thereof
Precise multi-pole magnetic component
Balun transformer, mounting structure of balun transformer, and electronic apparatus having built-in mounting structure
Method and apparatus for a capacitor with a flexible interconnect
Input device and electronics device
Semiconductor device employing fuse circuit and method for selecting fuse circuit system
Apparatus and method for controlling a solenoid
Low energy magnetic actuator
Plasma display panel with improved barrier rib structure
Tape carrier package on reel and plasma display device using the same
Cathode head having filament protection features
Light emission device including a heat dissipation plate and a thermal diffuser plate
High density photodiodes
Growth method for chalcongenide phase-change nanostructures
Method of packaging a semiconductor device and a prefabricated connector
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Metal spacer in single and dual damascene processing
Etching method, program, computer readable storage medium and plasma processing apparatus
InN/InP/TiO.sub.2 photosensitized electrode
InP based heterojunction bipolar transistors with emitter-up and emitter-down profiles on a common wafer
Lateral DMOS structure with lateral extension structure for reduced charge trapping in gate oxide
Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device
Method of making metal gate transistors
Interconnect structures for semiconductor devices
Spin polarization amplifying transistor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Stackable semiconductor package having metal pin within through hole of package
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device with improved resin configuration
Vehicular image sensing system
CMOS device with asymmetric gate strain
Semiconductor device using MEMS technology
Memory cell, memory device and method for the production thereof
Line component and semiconductor circuit using line component
Systems and methods for reducing contact to gate shorts
Programmable junction field effect transistor and method for programming same
Semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same
Semiconductor devices
Semiconductor light receiving device and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device and backlight unit using the same as light source and field sequential LCD apparatus employing the backlight unit
Piezoelectric actuator for tunable electronic components
Driving device
Voice coil motor device for positioning
Unimorph/bimorph piezoelectric package
Actuator using piezoelectric device
Phase change memory device and method for fabricating the same
Film comprising organic semiconductors
Fuel-cell system
Battery and method of assembling battery
Liquid fuel supply type fuel cell
Fuel cell using in the cathode compartment and optionally in the anode compartment oxydoreductase enzymes
Method of operating fuel cell and power supply system
Sub-micron solid oxide electrolyte membrane in a fuel cell
Proton-conducting electrolyte membrane method for production and use thereof in a fuel cell
Dielectric filter having electrodes jump-coupled to a flexion, a chip device having the dielectric filter and method of manufacturing the chip device
Non-contact communication antenna unit and mobile communication device using the same
Transparent antenna for vehicle and vehicle glass with antenna
Breathable radome
Antenna device, wireless communication apparatus using the same, and control method of controlling wireless communication apparatus
Multiple phase shifter for protecting individuals against electromagnetic waves
Photosensitive conductive paste for electrode formation and electrode
Microchip-Yb fiber hybrid optical amplifier for micro-machining and marking
Semiconductor system having a ring laser fabricated by epitaxial layer overgrowth
Semiconductor laser
External resonator type wavelength-variable laser
Multi-port compression connector with single tap wire access port
Earthing and overvoltage protection arrangement
IC power protection circuit
Power supply system comprising rechargeable battery pack and attachment apparatus
Method and device for controlling a storage voltage of a battery pack
Capacitor charger with a modulated current varying with an input voltage and method thereof
Power conditioner and method of operating the same
Motor having suction ring
Linear motor and transducer arrangement therefor
Drive unit with a housing
Charge pump for bus-powered device
System and method for transmission format detection
Switched capacitor equalizer with offset voltage cancelling
Laser audio preamplifier, volume control, and multiplexer
Method for synchronizing an equalizer output data
Matching circuit
Multi-state latches from n-state reversible inverters
Spread-spectrum clock generator
Generating a pulse signal with a modulated duty cycle
Booster circuit and voltage supply circuit
Voltage level clamping circuit and comparator module
Radio receiver, system on a chip integrated circuit and methods for use therewith
Delay locked loop circuit having coarse lock time adaptive to frequency band and semiconductor memory device having the delay locked loop circuit
Circuit and oscillating apparatus
Signal processor
Saturation detection for analog-to-digital converter
Signal level conversion circuit for increasing dynamic range of analog-to-digital converter
Reduced keypad for multi-tap input
Semiconductor memory device having error correction function
Interface control circuit for a portable product
Method and device for the suppression of periodic interference signals
Device, system and method of noise identification and cancellation
Selectable capacitance circuit
RF transceiver front-end
Methods of antenna selection for downlink MIMO-OFDM transmission over spatial correlated channels
Method for conserving energy in a multimode communication device
Skip feature for a broadcast or multicast media station
Mixer constant linear range biasing apparatus and method
Synthesized voice production
Video interpolation coding
Interpolation of channel search results
Hybrid spread spectrum radio system
Interactive vehicular communication system, particular between cars and its method of use
Optical device and circuit using phase modulation and related methods
Liquid lens optical transmitter system
Variable bandwidth transimpedance amplifier with one-wire interface
Communications test receiver
Single-ended tri-level encoding/decoding
Device for calculating FSM bits in the UMTS standard
Method and apparatus enabling concurrent processing of contiguously and virtually concatenated payloads
Method of selecting a profile of a digital subscriber line
Method and apparatus of multi-entity wireless communication adapter
Access points with selective communication rate and scheduling control and related methods for wireless local area networks (WLANs)
Reducing power consumption of a wireless device
Method for pulse shape design for OFDM
Data transmission apparatus capable of dividing network areas
Class-based detection of microcongestion on QoS-enabled links
Internal substitution bi-level addressing for compatible public networks
Prioritized segmentation and reassembly methods and systems
Apparatus for and method of using an intelligent network and RFID signal router
Traffic control method for network equipment
Non-blocking internet backbone network
Controlling media server resources in a VoIP network
System and method for implementing auto-configurable default polarity
Iterative decoding
Gain control in signal processing with feed-forward gain correction
Adaptive modulation method and coding rate control method
Encryption communication method and system
Cryptography related to keys
Systems and methods for generating random addition chains
Systems and methods for providing wireless communications for data and voice communications
System and method utilizing dynamic beam forming for wireless communication signals
Method and apparatus for instant voice messaging
System and method for establishing a high speed non-switched data connection
Telephone terminal and method for controlling display of the telephone terminal
Distributed wireless online access system
Mobile device notification with options
User identification method in mobile communication system and mobile station, and mobile communication system therefor
Call routing system and method of using the same
Method and apparatus for processing multiple services per call
Sliding mechanism for slide-type portable electronic device
Apparatus and method for compensating for pixel distortion in reproduction of hologram data
Detection of a differential gloss region in a cluster-screen halftone image using filters each having a different polarization
Tools to embed tampering indicator into digital visual works using two screens with halftoning elements of different size dots or shapes
Camera module for communicating through I2C method
Slide show generation on DVD-video compatible discs including DVD+RW and DVD+R
Hue correction for electronic imagers
Image pickup apparatus including adjustable reflection surface
Digital camera and data transfer method from a record medium
Video signal processing apparatus and video signal processing method
Imaging apparatus, imaging method and recording medium for minimizing release time lag
CCD color solid-state image pickup device
Remote controller for broadcasting receiver, broadcasting receiver, information recorded medium, and channel setting method
Target use video limit enforcement on wireless communication device
Broadcast playback and/or recording apparatus
Providing edited video data suitable for efficient use of video reproducing device capabilities
Program data recording method and apparatus
Extended method of noise-adaptive motion detection
Bidirectional predicted pictures or video object planes for efficient and flexible video coding
Optical disk apparatus
Image processing apparatus for correcting defect pixel in consideration of distortion aberration
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and pixel-extraction method therefor
Telephone handset
Bass drum speaker
Speaker unit
System and method for bypassing an access point in a local area network for P2P data transfers
Method and apparatus for deriving a combined transmit power control command during handover
Feedback control system and method for maintaining constant resistance operation of electrically heated elements
Rare earth activated alkaline earth metal fluorohalide stimulable phosphor and radiation image conversion panel employing the same
Method of producing laminated type organic electroluminescent element and display apparatus
Hybrid ballast control circuit in a simplified package
Control module
Drive bracket assembly
Latch mechanism
Airflow direction controlling apparatus
Integrated heat-dissipating device for portable electronic product
Electromagnetic shielding film, plasma display panel filter using the electromagnetic shielding film, plasma display panel device including the electromagnetic shielding film, and method of manufacturing the electromagnetic shielding film
Expired Patents Due To Time
Wiring board
Multicomponent optical body
Electrical insulating laminated paper, process for producing the same oil-impregnated power cable containing the same
Coated cemented carbide endmill having hard-material-coated-layers excellent in adhesion
Anti-reflection film and process for preparation thereof
Monolithic activated carbon
Non-ionic circuit board masking agent
Electromagnetically shielding bonding film
Magnetic recording medium and process for its production
Transfer sheet, and pattern-forming method
High substrate bias sputtering underlayer for longitudinal recording media
Transparent cover plate of plastic for motor vehicle headlight, and method of producing the same
Packaging material for hermetically sealed batteries
Peelable heat-conductive and pressure-sensitive adhesive and adhesive sheet containing the same
Process for producing filament and filament assembly composed of thermotropic liquid crystal polymer
Fragrance containing fiber
Melt spun fluoropolymeric fibers and process for producing them
Sheath-core bicomponent fiber and its applications
Multiple insulating layer high voltage wire insulation
High-wet-bulk cellulosic fibers
High-density acicular hematite particles, non-magnetic undercoat layer and magnetic recording medium
Multilayer-coated powder and process for producing the same
Electrostatic-erasing abrasion-proof coating and method for forming the same
Substrate surface treatment method
Metal nitrides as performance modifiers for glass compositions
Partially crystallizing ceramic enamel composition containing bismuth silicate, and use thereof
Lubricated sheet product and lubricant composition
Coated dummy plates
Copper ink for aluminum nitride
Thermoplastic compound for filling pores in wooden materials
Antifoulant compositions and methods of treating wood
High-temperature sliding alloy and sliding contact structure using same
Electrochromic indicating device
Flexible corrugated multilayer metal foil shields and method of making
Self-sharpening, laminated cutting tool and method for making the tool
Article with tailorable high temperature coating
Inorganic filler, epoxy resin composition, and semiconductor device
Barrier layer for a MCrAlY basecoat superalloy combination
Connector surface-treated with a Sn-Ni alloy
Sheet metal with an aluminum-containing coating having low emissivity
Soldering paste for producing geometrical metal structures with precise contours
Polymer fluorescent substance and organic electroluminescence device
Electroluminescent device and method of producing the same
Multilayered magnetic film having buffer layer inserted between resin layer and laminated magnetic film layer and thin film inductor using the same
Method of forming silicon oxy-nitride films by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Corrosion-resistant members against a chlorine-based gas
Apparatus for humidifying the air stream of a fuel cell power plant
Carbon monoxide removal from a reformate gas
Water treatment system for a fuel cell assembly
Environmental compensation method and apparatus for a fuel cell assembly
Fuel cell with metal screen flow-field
Solid oxide fuel cell operable over wide temperature range
Self-humidifying fuel cell
Magnetic composites and methods for improved electrolysis
Base material for a fuel battery
Three dimensional battery for space applications
Rechargeable battery system with large-pored and small-pored separator arrangement
Button-type battery constructions
Electrochemical batteries with restricted liquid electrolyte volume
Cap assembly for secondary battery
Cap assembly of secondary battery
Sodium secondary battery
Alkaline cell with semisolid cathode
Hydrogen storage alloy electrode
Zinc sulfur battery
Lithium-containing complex metal oxide, preparation methods thereof, and cathode electroactive material using the same and lithium secondary cells
Secondary battery
Totally-solid lithium secondary battery
Method of forming a phase shift mask
Process for producing color filter
Formation of punch inspection masks and other devices using a laser
Aqueous image recording method for electrochemically depositing an image forming material
Process for producing lithographic printing plate
Mask with attenuating phase-shift and opaque regions
Photoreceptor with improved combination of overcoat layer and charge transport layer
Use of metal carboxylates and sulfonates as charge control agents
Liquid developing method
Immersion coating system
Toner particles of controlled morphology
Process for producing toner
Positive photoresist composition and process for forming contact hole
Method for producing a chemically adsorbed film
Chemically amplified resist material and process for the formation of resist patterns
Positive photosensitive composition
Composition for laser marking
Laminate film and processes for preparing printed wiring board
Waterborne photoresists made from urethane acrylates
Photoimageable composition having improved flexibility
Dimensionally stable lithographic printing plates with a sol-gel layer
Lithographic imaging with constructions having mixed organic/inorganic layers
Corrosion inhibitor for NiCu for high performance writers
Method for pattern seeding and plating of high density printed circuit boards
Resist developing process
Resist formulation which minimizes blistering during etching
Method of making an organic chip carrier package
Optical recording medium and method for producing same
Method for the pattern-processing of photosensitive resin composition
Methods of forming photoresist and apparatus for forming photoresist
Method of stripping a photoresist from a semiconductor substrate using dimethylacetamide or a combination of monoethanolamine and dimethylsulfoxide
Method for reducing the dye stain in photographic elements
Method for image formation and apparatus for development processing
Photographic film with base containing polymeric antistatic material
Tough durable imaging cellulose base material
Photographic element, compound, and process
Thermally developable material
Fluorescent enzyme substrates and method for determining enzyme activities
Chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis
Process for genetic mapping for plant identification and breeding purposes
Methods and reagents for controlling chain extension and ligation chain reactions
Multi-array, multi-specific electrochemiluminescence testing
Diagnostics based on mass spectrometric detection of translated target polypeptides
Indexed library of cells containing genomic modifications and methods of making and utilizing the same
Universal primer sequence for multiplex DNA amplification
Methods for determining nature of repeat units in DNA
Tuberous sclerosis 2 gene and uses thereof
TGF-.beta. inducible early factor-1 (TIEF-1) and a method to detect breast cancer
Method of detection of polymorphism and loss of heterozygosity in a lung tumor suppressor gene
Method for construction of thermus-E. coli shuttle vectors and identification of two Thermus plasmid replication origins
Method for amplifying nucleic acid molecules and method for synthesizing proteins
Method for amplification of DNA
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the urinary tract
Method for nucleic acid analysis
Production of lampbrush chromosome
Mutations in and genomic structure of HERG--a long QT syndrome gene
Systematic identification of essential genes by in vitro transposon mutagenesis
Use of nucleic acids bound to carrier macromolecules
Compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of body weight disorders, including obesity
Molecular diagnostics for galactosemia
Compositions, methods, kits and apparatus for determining the presence or absence of target molecules
Methods of controlling T lymphocyte mediated immune responses
Methods for the use of reduced affinity streptavidin
High-throughput screening assays for modulators of STAT4 and STAT6 activity
Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for making and using such probes
Inhibition of intracellular signal transduction by 14-3-3-binding peptides
Diagnosis of primary congenital glaucoma
Diagnostic assays for detection of Entamoeba histolytica
Immunoassay reagents and methods for determination of LSD and LSD metabolites
In vitro fluorescence polarization assay
Cyclosporine derivatives and uses thereof
Methods of determining endogenous thrombin potential (ETP) and thrombin substrates for use in said methods
Non- or minimally invasive monitoring methods using particle delivery methods
Diagnosis and treatment of AUR-1 and/or AUR-2 related disorders
Detection of mammalian heparanase activity and purification of mammalian heparanase
Kinesin motor modulators derived from the marine sponge Adocia
Coumarin-based CYP3A fluorescent assay reagents
Pilot drain system for rapid biofilm formation
Microbial sampling apparatus and process
Identification of antibacterial agents
High quality, continuous throughput, tissue fixation-dehydration-fat removal-impregnation method
Fermentative carotenoid production
Genes encoding an insect calcium channel
Identification of a G protein-coupled receptor transcriptionally regulated by protein tyrosine kinase signaling in hematopoietic cells
Nucleic acids encoding novel orphan cytokine receptors
Tyrosylprotein sulfotransferases and methods of use thereof
Immortalized cell lines protein production
Recombinant proteins of a Pakistani strain of hepatitis E and their use in diagnostic methods and vaccines
DNA encoding stem cell factor
Production of a multimeric protein by cell fusion method
Thrombin inhibitory agents and methods of using same
Fusion protein systems designed to increase soluble cytoplasmic expression of heterologous proteins in Escherichia coli
DNA sequencing and DNA terminators
Protein that enhances expression of potassium channels on cell surfaces and nucleic acids that encode the same
Denaturation of double-stranded nucleic acids
Self-primed amplification system
Bidirectional PCR amplification of specific alleles
Conditionally replicating viral vectors and their use
Method for producing optically active compound
Process for the isolation of clavulanic acid and of pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof from the fermentation broth of streptomyces sp. P 6621 FERM P 2804
Method for producing optically active cyclopropanecarboxylic acid
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides having laccase activity
Glutamine:fructose-6-phosphate amidotransferase, its production and use
Tyrosylprotein sulfotransferases and methods of use thereof
Polypeptides having aminolevulinic acid activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Process for the deacylation of cyclic lipopeptides
Method for producing nucleoside-5'-phosphate ester
Endo-B-1,4-glucanases from saccharothrix
Crystalline protease and method for producing same
Method for preparing a product in particular for preventing and curing skin diseases, and resulting product
Purification of Japanese encephalitis virus
Bacterial nitrite oxidizer
Method for producing docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) using Pseudomonas sp. ys-180
Plasmid construction by homologous recombination
Method for initiating heap bioleaching of sulfidic ores
Enzymatic process of making alpha 1a adrenergic receptor antagonists using protease
Filtration and extraction device and method of using the same
Selection of proteins using RNA-protein fusions
Damper and blower unit providing reversible aeration for composting
Bioreactor and related method
gidB from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Glaucoma therapeutics and diagnostics based on a novel human transcription factor
Mammalian muscle construct and method for producing same
Antibody of the anti-proliferation domain of human Bcl-2
Recombinant AAV vector-based transduction system and use of same
Method for enhancing the effciency of gene transfer with stem cell factor (SCF) polypeptide
Lentiviral vectors
Nucleic acid delivery vehicle
Targeted nucleotide sequence delivery and integration system
Proteins capable of regulating NF-.kappa.B JNK and apoptosis pathways and methods of using the same
Method for the analysis of medical samples containing haemoglobin
Detection of base contaminants in gas samples
Process for the preparation of platinum or palladium benzoporphyrins and platinum or palladium cyclohexenoporphyrins, intermediates, and an oxygen sensor comprising platinum or palladium cyclohexenoporphyrin
Microwave apparatus and method for analysis of asphalt-aggregate compositions
Separation device for microparticles involving a magnetic rod
Rigidized monomethine cyanines
Method of fabricating ferroelectric integrated circuit using dry and wet etching
Method of manufacturing thin film magnetic head
Multi-chip module with stacked dice
Non-contact method for monitoring and controlling plasma charging damage in a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a pressure-measuring device equipped with a resonating element
Method of producing solar cell device
Low temperature thin film transistor fabrication
Process for manufacturing semiconductor wafer, process for manufacturing semiconductor chip, and IC card
Method of forming a stack of packaged memory die and resulting apparatus
Method for dispensing underfill and devices formed
Methods of packaging an integrated circuit and methods of forming an integrated circuit package
Semiconductor device having a ball grid array and a fabrication process thereof
Method for manufacturing semiconductor package of center pad type device
Place and route method for integrated circuit design
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display
Thin film transistor having a crystallization seed layer and a method for manufacturing thereof
Integration method for deep sub-micron dual gate transistor design
Method for smoothing polysilicon gate structures in CMOS devices
Method for fabricating BiCDMOS device and BiCDMOS device fabricated by the same
Integration of high K spacers for dual gate oxide channel fabrication technique
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming dielectric film of capacitor having different thicknesses partly
Method for forming a tantalum oxide capacitor using two-step rapid thermal nitridation
Method for manufacturing capacitor of semiconductor memory device having tantalum oxide film
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for preventing silicon substrate loss in fabricating semiconductor device
Common gate and salicide word line process for low cost embedded DRAM devices
Formation of out-diffused bitline by laser anneal
Isolation collar nitride liner for DRAM process improvement
Method of fabricating capacitors
Method of forming capacitor of semiconductor device
Conformity of ultra-thin nitride deposition for DRAM capacitor
Method of fabricating a coronary-type capacitor in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, and sputtering apparatus
DRAM chip fabrication method
Method of fabricating a flash memory
Method of using source/drain nitride for periphery field oxide and bit-line oxide
Method for shrinking array dimensions of split gate flash memory device using multilayer etching to define cell and source line
Method of fabricating flash erasable programmable read only memory
Method for forming high density nonvolatile memories with high capacitive-coupling ratio
Nonvolatile memory and method for fabricating the same
Multi-level flash memory using triple well process and method of making
Method for fabricating a radio frequency power MOSFET device having improved performance characteristics
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for making an integrated circuit including high and low voltage transistors
Self-aligned trenched-channel lateral-current-flow transistor
Method and apparatus for improving latchup immunity in a dual-polysilicon gate process
Spacer process to eliminate corner transistor device
Method for forming borderless gate structures and apparatus formed thereby
Method of fabricating buried source to shrink chip size in memory array
Method of fabricating gate oxide layer with different thickness
Method of fabricating a semiconductor insulation layer and a semiconductor component containing the semiconductor insulation layer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of making semiconductor device having double spacer
Rapid thermal anneal with a gaseous dopant species for formation of lightly doped regions
Thin-film resistor employed in a semiconductor wafer and its method formation
Formation of thin film capacitors
Methods of forming capacitors DRAM arrays, and monolithic integrated circuits
Memory cell with a stacked capacitor
Method to fabricate electrodes for high-K dielectrics
Method of fabricating an extended self-aligned crown-shaped rugged capacitor for high density DRAM cells
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for fabricating capacitor of semiconductor device
Semiconductor wafer,wafer alignment patterns and method of forming wafer alignment patterns
Dual gate FET and process
Shallow trench isolation using UV/O3 passivation prior to trench fill
STI process for improving isolation for deep sub-micron application
Method for forming an integrated circuit
Method to form narrow and wide shallow trench isolations with different trench depths to eliminate isolation oxide dishing
Method of forming shallow trench isolation
Method for forming a thin film of a composite metal compound and apparatus for carrying out the method
Method for formation of impurity region in semiconductor layer and apparatus for introducing impurity to semiconductor layer
Method for forming n and p wells in a semiconductor substrate using a single masking step
Semiconductor device having field isolating film of which upper surface is flat and method thereof
Method for manufacturing high performance MOSFET device with raised source and drain
Method employing silicon nitride spacers for making an integrated circuit device
Method for establishing ultra-thin gate insulator using oxidized nitride film
Metallization technique for gate electrodes and local interconnects
Method of fabricating ultra thin nitride spacers and device incorporating same
Method for forming a T-shaped plug having increased contact area
Prevent passivation from keyhole damage and resist extrusion by a crosslinking mechanism
Bond pad design for integrated circuits
Method for fabricating a micromachined chip scale package
Method of forming a ball bond using a bonding capillary
Method for fabricating bump electrodes with a leveling step for uniform heights
Method and apparatus using formic acid vapor as reducing agent for copper wirebonding
Forming and filling a recess in interconnect for encapsulation to minimize electromigration
Method of forming multiple levels of patterned metallization
Gap filling process in integrated circuits using low dielectric constant materials
Electron beam process during dual damascene processing
Method of fabricating metal interconnect
Method of forming multilayer titanium nitride film by multiple step chemical vapor deposition process and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
Barrier applications for aluminum planarization
Method of making a semiconductor device for attachment to a semiconductor substrate
Method for manufacturing thin-film resistor
Selective oxidation methods for metal oxide deposition on metals in capacitor fabrication
Method of forming titanium silicide
Low-leakage CoSi2-processing by high temperature thermal processing
Method of forming self-aligned isolated plugged contacts
Integrated process for ashing resist and treating silicon after masked spacer etch
Method for forming a metal plug on a semiconductor wafer
Fabricating method of glue layer and barrier layer
Ionized metal plasma (IMP) method for forming (111) oriented aluminum containing conductor layer
Prevention of Cu dendrite formation and growth
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit devices
Self-aligned contact formation for semiconductor devices
Reverse linear chemical mechanical polisher with loadable housing
Differential trench open process
Method for fabricating a DRAM cell storage node
Local interconnect etch characterization using AFM
Self-aligned dual damascene arrangement for metal interconnection with low k dielectric constant materials and oxide etch stop layer
Self-aligned dual damascene arrangement for metal interconnection with oxide dielectric layer and low k dielectric constant layer
Methods of forming patterned constructions, methods of patterning semiconductive substrates, and methods of forming field emission displays
Method of fabricating self-aligned node
Method of plasma etching the tungsten silicide layer in the gate conductor stack formation
Method of fabricating node contact hole
Native oxide removal with fluorinated chemistry before cobalt silicide formation using nitride spacers
Photoresist ashing process for organic and inorganic polymer dielectric materials
High dielectric constant material deposition to achieve high capacitance
Method of forming stacked insulating film and semiconductor device using the same
Oxide/nitride stacked gate dielectric and associated methods
Method for forming a dielectric
Method for simultaneously forming thinner and thicker parts of a dual oxide layer having varying thicknesses
Method of forming a doped metal oxide dielectric film
Method for deposition of high stress silicon dioxide using silane based dual frequency PECVD process
Method and equipment for manufacturing semiconductor device
Anti-static films and anti-static fabrics for use in manufacturing bulk bag liners and bulk bags
Asphalt coated mat
Polyamide substrate having stain resistance, composition and method
Laminate and method of manufacture thereof
Disposable premoistened wipe containing an antimicrobial protease inhibitor
Printing blanket
Soft-faced dryer fabric
Nonwoven backing and carpet comprising same
Fibers and fibrous moldings made by using the same
Melt-blown nonwoven fabric, process for producing same and the uses thereof
Nonwoven fabrics and fabric laminates from multiconstituent polyolefin fibers
Solar cell cover glass
.beta.-zeolite molecular sieve absorbent
High silica content zeolite-based catalyst
Mixed catalysts and their use in a polymerization process
Composition containing magnesium, titanium, halogen and an inner electron donor, its preparation and use for the polymerization of alpha-olefins
Olefin polymerization with direct use of ansa-metallocene amide complexes as catalysts
Method of forming molybdenum carbide catalyst
Compacts based on pyrogenically produced silicon dioxide
Catalyst for hydrodemetalization of heavy oil
Removal of impurities from hydrocarbon streams
Reversible thermosensitive coloring composition and recording material using the composition and recording method using the recording material
Substantially light-insensitive black and white monosheet thermographic recording material with improved image tone
Lawn fertilizer for canine waste damage
Herbicidal composition
Concentrate composition of plant treatment compound in acid form
Heterocyclic substituted 4-benzoyl-pyrazole as herbicides
Oxidic superconductor with a bismuth phase of the 2223 type and method of manufacture thereof
Use of encapsulated acid in acid fracturing treatments
Method for producing a member having a high lubricative surface and a member having a high lubricative surface
Water-resistant conveyor lubricant and method for transporting articles on a conveyor system
Industrial oils of enhanced resistance to oxidation
Engine oil having dispersant and aldehyde/epoxide for improved seal performance, sludge and deposit performance
Lubricant oil composition for diesel engines (LAW913)
Soybean based transformer oil and transmission line fluid
Oxygen-containing organic compounds as boundary lubricants for silicon nitride ceramics
Aqueous solution
Concentrated aqueous betaine-type surfactant compositions and process for their preparation
Processing compositions and methods of using same
Detergent compositions comprising polymeric suds volume and suds duration enhancers and methods for washing with same
Detergent composition comprising a cationic surfactant and a hydrophobic peroxyacid bleaching system
Granular detergent composition containing an optimum surfactant system for cold temperature laundering
Non-aqueous, particulate-containing detergent compositions containing bleach
Process for manufacture of high density detergent granules
Process for preparing a low TFM detergent bar composition
Disulfonated alkylamines as degreasers and hydrotropes
Nutritional intervention composition for enhancing and extending satiety
Compounds and methods for modulating neurite outgrowth
Treatment of partial growth hormone insensitivity syndrome
Pharmaceutical composition containing IFN-.gamma. inducing polypeptide or factor for treating and/or preventing IFN-.gamma. susceptive diseases
Member of the TNF family useful for treatment and diagnosis of disease
Mimetic insect allatostatin analogs for insect control
Peptide analogues containing a 7-membered lactam ring
Vaccination and methods against diseases resulting from pathogenic responses by specific T cell populations
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules
Methods of using cytochrome P450 reductase for the enhancement of P450-based anti-cancer gene therapy
Nucleoside analogs and uses in treating disease
Antiviral, highly water soluble, stable, crystalline salts of 2', 3'-dideoxyinosine, 2', 3'-dideoxy-2', 3'-didehydrothymidine and 2', 3'-dideoxy-2'-fluoroinosine
Method for treatment and prevention of deficiencies of vitamins B12, folic acid, and B6
Apoptosis inducers
Use of heparin or heparan sulphate in combination with chitosan for the prevention or treatment of infections caused by herpes virus
Capillary membrane stabilization and reduction of inflammation during the course of chemotherapy or antiviral treatment through the use of biodegradable macromolecules and interleukin-2
Bis-phosphonate confugates with alkylating moieties having antitumor activity
Vitamin D analogues and their neuronal effects
Steroids substituted in position 11, method of preparation, application as medicines and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Preservation of tissue during removal storage and implantation
Effects of 17 .alpha.-dihydroequilenin on plasma lipid and lipoprotein, glucose, insulin concentrations, coronary artery vasomotor function, and reproductive organ and mammary gland proliferation in atherosclerotic mammals
Texaphyrin conjugates and uses thereof
Premixed formulation of piperacillin sodium and tazobactam sodium injection
Disubstituted morpholine, oxazepine or thiazepine derivatives, their preparation and their use as dopamine D4 receptor antagonists
Vitronectin receptor antagonists, their preparation and use
Squalene synthetase inhibitor agents
Piperazine derivatives and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Method for treating a patient having precancerous lesion with 4-phenylphthalazine derivatives
1,3 diazines with platelet-derived growth factor receptor inhibitory activity
Substituted pyridines/pyrimidines, their preparation, and their use as pesticides
Bicyclic heteroaromatic compounds as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Antiproliferative substituted 5-thiapyrimidinone and 5-selenopyrimidinone compounds
Cyclic and heterocyclic N-substituted .alpha.-iminohydroxamic and carboxyclic acids
Covalent conjugates of topoisomerase I and topoisomerase II inhibitors
Dextromethorphan and oxidase inhibitor for weaning patients from narcotics and anti-depressants
Pyrrole derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Bicyclic amines
Piperidine derivatives having anxiolytic effect
Quaternary ammonium compounds as tachykinin antagonists
Antimicrobial agents uses and compositions related thereto
Heteroarylpiperidines and their use as antipsychotics and analgesics
Methods and compositions for treating urinary incontinence using enantiomerically enriched (R)-trihexyphenidyl
Modified release formulations containing (R)-1-(10,11-dihydro-5H-Dibenzo[a,d]cyclohepten-5-ylidene)-1propyl)-3-pipe ridinecarboxylic acid
Benzocycloheptathiophene compounds
Compounds with combined antihistaminic and mast cell stabilizing activities, intended for ophthalmic use
Therapeutic application of a thienycyclohexylamine derivative
Endothelin antagonists
Substituted imidazoles having cytokine inhibitory activity
Phenethyl-thiourea compounds and use
Polycyclic thiazol-2-ylidene amines, processes for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Troglitazone compounds for treating climacteric and cancer
Fungicidal active compound combinations
2-[1',2',4'-Triazol-3'-yloxymethylene] anilides, their preparation and their use
Benzamide derivatives having a vasopressin antagonistic activity
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for managing scalp conditions
Chiral imidazole fungicidal compositions and methods for their use
Compositions and methods for the prophylaxis and treatment of dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, and pre-term labor, using histidine
Benzimidazolinones, benzoxazolinones, benzopiperazinones, indanones, and derivatives thereof as inhibitors of factor Xa
Sulfonated amino acid derivatives and metalloproteinase inhibitors containing the same
Pharmaceutical combinations for treating obesity and food craving
Amide derivatives for antiangiogenic and/or antitumorigenic use
Urokinase inhibitors
Method for reducing postprandial oxidative stress using cocoa procyanidins
Methods and materials for treating and preventing inflammation of mucosal tissue
Type 2 methionine aminopeptidase [MetAP2] inhibitors and uses thereof
Biopesticides related to natural sources
Use of COMT inhibitors for the manufacture of a medicament for the prevention of diabetic vascular dysfunctions
Method for controlling termites
Hydroxyamidino derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
N-substituted-2-amino-4-phenyl-4-oxo-butanoic acid compounds having kynurenine-3-hydroxy base inhibitory activity
Compounds for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis
Photoaging inhibitor and skin-care preparation
Plant volatile elicitor from insects
Topical and oral delivery of arginine to cause beneficial effects
Methods and pharmaceutical preparations for improving glucose metabolism with (-)-hydroxycitric acid
Alpha-methylbenzyl-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses containing a substituted phenylene-diamine group
Non-steroidal ligands for the estrogen receptor
Entrapment of vitamins with an elastomeric silicone polyether
Pharmaceutical compositions containing hedgehog protein
Method and system for preparing ASA emulsion
Hydrolyzable silane emulsions and method for preparing the same
Aluminum silicate suspension
Foam control compositions having resin-fillers
Rubber composition and method for producing the same
Foam materials and high internal phase emulsions made using oxidatively stable emulsifiers
Rigid polyurethane foams
Photocurable prepreg composition and production method thereof
Photoinitiator mixtures containing acylphosphinoxides and benzophenone derivatives
Photo-curable composition and photo-cured product
Texturized cellulosic and lignocellulosic materials and compositions and composites made therefrom
Epoxy and microsphere adhesive composition
Cathode electrocoating compositions having improved appearance, improved edge coverage and reduced craters
Heat-setting single-component LVA (low-viscosity adhesive) system for bonding in the micro-range
Capped amines as hardeners for monocomponent (1c) epoxy resin systems which can be diluted with water
Creping adhesive for creping tissue paper
Flame retardant and flame retardant resin composition containing it
Synergistic flameproofing combination for polymers
Glass fiber sizing, sized glass fibers and polyolefin reinforced articles
Fabric coating composition containing energy absorbing phase change material
Polyamide acid composition containing metal, polyimide film, flexible printed wiring board and method for producing them
Polymeric methine ultraviolet absorbers
Thin flame resistant solid surface material
Water-based marker material
Curable polyurethane polymer dispersion based on this polymer, processing for preparing the dispersion, and its use
Flame retardant anti-drip polyamide compositions
Process for production of thermoplastic polymer composition
Acrylic flexible light pipe of improved photo-thermal stability
Elastomeric ethylene copolymers for hot melt adhesives
Comb copolymers for regulating cell-surface interactions
Propylene homopolymers and methods of making the same
Semicarbazide derivative and a coating composition containing the same
Thermoplastic vulcanizates of carboxylated nitrile rubber and thermoplastic polyurethanes
Aromatic vinyl resin material and molded products thereof
Low modulus thermoplastic olefin compositions
Biodegradable thermoplastic composition
Product and method for making polyolefin polymer dispersions
Rubber composition, method of adding and blending the composition and vehicle tire made from the composition
Fluorinated thermoplastic elastomers
Composition for a cover of a golf ball
Golf ball cover compositions
Ionomer/rubber/polyolefin blend and uses thereof
Thermally reversible crosslinked matter and its use
Application of disubstituted ethylene-maleimide copolymers in rubber compounds
Halogenated elastomer compositions
Process for brominated styrenic polymers
Room temperature-setting compositions
Bioabsorbable branched polymer containing units derived from dioxanone and medical/surgical devices manufactured therefrom
Combining differently colored powder coatings which heat-cure to homogeneous hue
Polymer composition
Cholesteric flakes
Method for producing polymers using micellar polymerization
Method for production of cross-linked polymer
Metallocene catalyst for preparing olefin polymer
Process for producing ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer
Homogeneous filled polymer composite
Peroxidic compositions
Antifouling composition, method for its production and product treated therewith
Conditioning/styling terpolymers
Ring-opened polymer
Interpolymers of unsaturated carboxylic acids and unsaturated sulfur acids
Polymerization of an organofunctional cocyclic siloxane
Hydrophilic siloxane latex emulsions
Silicone oligomers with higher alkoxy groups
Golf ball comprising anionic polyurethane or polyurea ionomers and method of making the same
Hydroxylated polydiene based hot-melt adhesive compositions
Ternary systems of benzoxazine, epoxy, and phenolic resins
Antireflective coating for microlithography
Novolak resin precursor, novolak resin and positive photoresist composition containing the novolak resin
Phenolic resin, resin composition, molding material for encapsulation, and electronic component device
Process for producing amorphous anisotropic melt-forming polymers having a high degree of stretchability and polymers produced by same
Low formaldehyde emitting crosslinking agents, process of preparation and curable compositions thereof
Melt-stable amorphous lactide polymer film and process for manufacture thereof
Process for production of polytetramethylene-ether-glycol-diester using halloysite catalyst
Polyoxyalkylene polyols, derivatives thereof, and process for producing the polyoxyalkylene polyols
Removal of hydrogenation catalyst from polymer solutions by treatment with ammonia and carbon dioxide
Production process for hydrophilic polymer
Method for reducing the surface reactivity of copolymers produced by electrochemical polymerization
Modified PE40 toxin fusion proteins
Neuropeptide Y receptor Y5 and nucleic acid sequences
FADD-like anti-apoptotic molecules, methods of using the same, and compositions for and methods of making the same
Stem cell factor and compositions
Human requiem
Genetically engineered antibody analogues and fusion proteins thereof
Prostate cell surface antigen-specific antibodies
IGF-I purification process
Method for the separation and purification of immunoglobulins
Catalytic method for the preparation of lignin phenol surfactants in organic solvents
Process for the preparation of aqueous diazonium salt solutions
TRT1 polynucleotides, host cells and assays
Nephrin gene and protein
Chondrosarcoma associated genes
Fish insulin-like growth factor II promoter
Amplification and detection of shigella spp. and enteroinvasive strains of Escherichia coli
Compounds, processes and intermediates for synthesis of mixed backbone oligomeric compounds
Combinatorial library of moenomycin analogs and methods of producing same
Long-wavelength electromagnetic radiation and photoprotective tumor localizing agents for diagnosis
Process for the synthesis of azetidinones
Carbapenem antibacterial compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Purification of N-substituted lactams
Method for production of pyrrolidinone derivatives
Macrocyclic compounds having nitrogen-containing linkages
Process to separate .epsilon.-caprolactam from 6-aminocaproamide and 6-aminocaproamide oligomers
Process for making 2-(trihaloacetyl)-3-(substituted amino)-2-propenoates
Process for preparation of pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidin-7-ones and intermediates thereof
Process for the production of 3-aryl-uracils
Fluorescent dyes (AIDA) for solid phase and solution phase screening
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Method for the preparation of (2-quinolythio)acetic acid and its hydrochloride
Process for producing piperidinecarboxylic acid amide derivatives
Process for the preparation of arylmetal compounds and their reaction with electrophilic reagents
Indolin-2-one derivatives
Process for producing dibenzo[b,f]thiepine derivatives
Electrochemically generated organothiating reagents and their use
Process for preparing compositions useful as intermediates for preparing lubricating oil and fuel additives
Process for preparing 3-isochromanone
Bisphenol derivative and its manufacturing method
Process for preparing procyanidin(4-6 or 4-8) oligomers and their derivatives
Process for the preparation of N-(alkanoyl) aminoalkanoyloxy benzenesulfonates
Compounds and methods for depositing pure thin films of gallium nitride semiconductor
Aluminum compounds and use thereof
Process and intermediate compounds for the preparation of difluorovinylsilane insecticidal and acaricidal agents
Manufacture of optically active halohydrin trialkylsilyl ethers
Process for the production of diaryl carbonates
Method and catalyst system for producing aromatic carbonates
Process for co-production of dialkyl carbonate and alkanediol
Process for simultaneously preparing 6-aminocapronitrile and hexamethylene diamine
Smooth muscle spasmolytic agents, compositions and methods of use thereof
Homogeneous asymmetric hydrogenation using phosphine ligands of transition metals
Preparation of 3-amino-3-cyclopropylpropanoate esters
Stable no-delivering compounds
Therapeutic compositions
Precursor compounds
Regioselective synthesis of DTPA derivatives
Stabilization and transport of .alpha., .beta.-unsaturated carboxylic acid and removal of stabilizer
Thermally stable aminosulfur trifluorides
Method for producing and screening mass coded combinatorial libraries for drug discovery and target validation
Precursors for the production of chiral 1,3-aminoalcohols
Synthesis of haloformimine compounds
Process for preparing cyclopropylacetylene
Method for the hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds
Method for producing diarylmethane or its derivatives
Method for purifying .beta.-phenylethyl alcohol
Asymmetric synthesis catalyzed by transition metal complexes with chiral ligands
Process for perhalofluorinated butanes and hexanes
Catalyst based on a noble group VIII metal containing silicon and possibly boron, and its use in hydrotreating hydrocarbon-containing feeds
High-purity meta-xylene production process
Metallo aluminophosphate molecular sieve with cubic crystal morphology and methanol to olefin process using the sieve
Skin protector
Customized aesthetic and reconstructive temporary tattoo and method for making same
Wound dressing and manufacturing method therefor
Adenosine deaminase deficient transgenic mice and methods for the use thereof
Transgenic coagulation factor XIII defective animal and its use for testing wound healing and bleeding
Sarcospan-deficient mouse as a model for clinical disorders associated with sarcospan mutations
Maize RS81 promoter and methods for use thereof
Plants which synthesize a modified starch, process for the production thereof and modified starch
Control of fruit ripening through genetic control of ACC synthase synthesis
Disease resistant transgenic plants comprising a tomato aspermy virus 2b gene
DNA sequences coding for a protein conferring male sterility
French horn
System and method for rendition control
Skutterudite thermoelectric material thermoelectric couple and method of producing the same
Miniature milliwatt electric power generator
Semiconductor materials with skutterudite type crystal lattice structures optimized for selected thermoelectric properties and methods of preparation
Solar battery modules, installation method thereof, and solar power generator using such modules
Photovoltaic element and method for manufacture thereof
Columnar-grained polycrystalline solar cell substrate
System and method for sealing high density electronic circuits
High frequency shielded duct
Load supporting electrical box system suited for installation in concrete and having enlarged cavity therein
Device box for wall mounted communications apparatus
Adhesion structure of box member
Load supporting variable positioning electrical box suited for attaching to a joist
Electrical box with fixture support
Thermostat cover
Hybrid cable with central line and supplementary conductors
Low loss thermal block RF cable and method for forming RF cable
Electrical wiring cable with color contrast abrasion wear indicator
Via transitions for use as micromachined circuit interconnects
Printed wiring board structure having continuous graphite fibers
Glass-ceramic composition, circuit substrate using the same and manufacture method thereof
PCB having holes between terminals and method of making the same
Keypad with individual keys made from transparent plastic
Mode switch
Latching handle mechanism for securing a module
Low profile, double pole safety switch and connector assembly
Combined switch and doorstop assembly for a vehicle
Electrostatic discharge protection in a portable communication device
Operation switch
Push-button switch incorporating self-restoring function
Reset mechanism for canceling locked state in a push-button switch
Electric arc explosion chamber system
Compressed gas power switch
Compressed gas power switch
Load break interrupter having shunt circuit break actuating mechanism
Method and system for welding railroad rails
Welding equipment
Electric control for welding optical fibers
Plasma arc torch tip providing a substantially columnar shield flow
Inductive plasma torch with a reagent injector
Apparatus for cutting and/or welding flexible packaging
Fiber optic laser texturing with optical probe feedback control
Gas-shielded AC arc welding method and machine making use of consumable electrode
Consumable electrode type pulse arc welding method
Tandem electrode welder and method of welding with two electrodes
Device for separating a meltable wide strip into at least two strips, especially patterned strips of labels
Method for the heat treatment of workpieces
Heater block for heating wafer
Stove top assembly and related method
Cook top with installation frame formed by bending
Radiant heating element with a metal foil heat conductor
Model-based predictive control of thermal processing
Temperature control system for a thermal reactor
Resistive heating track with bridge fuse
Device and method for de-icing an elongated structural element
Microwave de-icing system for aircrafts
Method and apparatus for rapid drying of coated materials with close capture of vapors
Optical pickup device, error detection device, and detection method therefore
Consistent brightness backlight system
Semiconductor imaging device
Integral positioning and imaging device
Adaptive lighting system and method for machine vision apparatus
Using DUV curing to form a protective coating for color filters
Color filter, display device using color filter, apparatus comprising display device, ink-jet head, and color filter manufacturing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for stabilizing attenuators in optical networks
Optical electronic assembly having a flexure for maintaining alignment between optical elements
Method of generating a pulsed metastable atom beam and pulsed ultraviolet radiation and an apparatus therefor
Water phantom type dose distribution determining apparatus
Apparatus and methods for determining gas saturation and porosity of a formation penetrated by a gas filled or liquid filled borehole
Multiple sample introduction mass spectrometry
Pneumatically assisted electrospray device with alternating pressure gradients for mass spectrometry
Method and apparatus for quantitative determination of turfgrass color
System to quantify gamma-ray radial energy deposition in semiconductor detectors
Multimedia detectors for medical imaging
Ion implanter
System and methods for detection of labeled materials
Loss compensation using digital-signal processing in fiber-optic fluorescence sensors
Charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus and methods exhibiting reduced thermal deformation of mark-defining member
Ion beam implantation using conical magnetic scanning
Continuously variable aperture for high-energy ion implanter
Apparatus and method for electron beam lithography and semiconductor device
Mark protection with transparent film
Off the glass imaging rain sensor
Reading head for an optical scanning device
Semiconductor thin film and semiconductor device
Thin-film transistor display devices having composite electrodes
Thin film transistor suitable for use in an active matrix type display and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting diode with transparent window layer
Light emitting devices with layered III-V semiconductor structures
Process for manufacture of a p-channel MOS gated device with base implant through the contact window
Angle cavity resonant photodetector
Semiconductor device with ohmic contacts on compound semiconductor and manufacture thereof
Vertical MISFET devices
Flash memory cells having a modulation doped heterojunction structure
Gate array and manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit using gate array
Layout method of a semiconductor device
Charge-coupled device with potential barrier and charge storage regions
Solid-state image pickup device capable of high-speed transfer of signal charges in horizontal direction
Charge transfer device, and driving method and manufacturing method for the same
CMOS sensor
DRAM memory cell and array having pass transistors with surrounding gate
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device having smooth surface for suppressing layer displacement
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Non-volatile memory device having a high-reliability composite insulation layer
Eeprom memory cell and corresponding manufacturing method
Integrated non-volatile and CMOS memories having substantially the same thickness gates and methods of forming the same
Vertical floating gate transistor with epitaxial channel
Field effect semiconductor device
High-voltage transistor with multi-layer conduction region
High K integration of gate dielectric with integrated spacer formation for high speed CMOS
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor for antistatic circuit and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with well of different conductivity types
Double coding mask read only memory (mask ROM) for minimizing band-to-band leakage
Semiconductor element having charge accumulating layer under gate electrode and using single electron phenomenon
Gallium arsenide semiconductor devices fabricated with insulator layer
Field effect transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor structure provided with a polycide interconnection layer having a silicide film formed on a polycrystal silicon film
Semiconductor device with high-temperature-stable gate electrode for sub-micron applications and fabrication thereof
Mercury-based quaternary alloys of infrared sensitive materials
Thin film spatial filters
Buried layer in a semiconductor formed by bonding
Integrated circuits having reduced stress in metallization
RC-networks in semiconductor devices and method therefor
Semiconductor memory device
Voltage-controlled power semiconductor device
Zener zap diode and method of manufacturing the same
Microactuator with an improved semiconductor substrate and method of forming the same
Use of multifunctional reagents for the surface modification of nanoporous silica films
Interlevel dielectric with air gaps to lessen capacitive coupling
Forming submicron integrated-circuit wiring from gold, silver, copper and other metals
Semiconductor device with lead-on-chip structure
Piggyback multiple dice assembly
Ultra-thin card-type semiconductor device having an embredded semiconductor element in a space provided therein
Leadframe for use in manufacturing a resin-molded semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof and aggregate type semiconductor device
Electronic-circuit assembly
Lead frame for use with an RF powered semiconductor
Microelectronic mounting with multiple lead deformation using restraining straps
Microelectronic component with rigid interposer
External electrode for a monolithic multi-layer actuator
Temporary interconnect for semiconductor devices
Integrated circuit device with reduced cross talk
Semiconductor device having a low dielectric constant material
Circuit fabrication using a particle filled adhesive
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Apparatus having titanium silicide and titanium formed by chemical vapor deposition
Power output device and control method of the power output device and hybrid vehicle driven by the power output device
Power generation apparatus utilizing energy produced from ocean level fluctuation
Powertrain with integrated motor generator
Waterwheel-driven generating assembly
Electrical load management method and apparatus for a vessel
Apparatus to control multiple parallel batteries to share load current
Customer side power management system including auxiliary fuel cell for reducing potential peak load upon utilities and providing electric power for auxiliary equipment
Drive control device, module and combined module
Anti-reactivation safety device
Fault error generation in electronic sensors
Removable media ejection system
Electric motors and positioning devices having moving magnet arrays and six degrees of freedom
Stepping motor
Motor-pump unit, particularly motor vehicle anti-lock brake device having internal electrical connecting lines
Motor vehicle auxiliaries drive assembly
Motor and bearing structure for motor
Spindle apparatus
Cooling module for an electronically controlled engine
Adjustable torque hysteresis clutch
Permanent magnet electric rotating machine and electromotive vehicle using permanent magnet electric rotating machine
Electromagnetic transducer and electronic device including the transducer
Cartridge armatures for electro-dynamic machines
Electrical machine with reduced audible noise
Automotive alternator
Rotor for an electric machine, retainer for retaining a winding in a slot in a rotor, and method of manufacturing a rotor
Stator of vehicle AC generator and method of manufacturing the same
No-load generator
Surface acoustic wave transponder configuration
Surface acoustic wave device having polycrystalline piezoelectric ceramic layers
Piezoelectric transformer drive circuit and drive method
Piezoelectric transducer and actuator using said piezoelectric transducer
Semi-creeping discharge type spark plug
Color cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube
Low-pressure mercury discharge lamp for tanning
Metal vapor discharged lamp with specific angle between electrodes and tapered envelope wall
Electron source substrate with low sodium upper surface
Image display apparatus with focusing and deflecting electrodes
Smart light emitting diode cluster and system
Double-sided electroluminescent device
Conductive fluorocarbon polymer and method of making same
Organic electroluminescent device with silicone oxide and/or germanium oxide insulative layer
Organic electroluminescent device with a non-conductive fluorocarbon polymer layer
Display device and display device assembly
Circumferentially-segmented collector usable with a TWT
Magnetic flux shaping in ion accelerators with closed electron drift
Apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Method for driving surface discharge type plasma display panel
System and method for driving organic EL devices
Display device including display panel using AC discharge
Circuit for power-factor correction
Halogen power converter with complementary switches
Pixel mirror based stage lighting system
Method and ballast for starting a discharge lamp
Discharge-lamp lighting circuit
Reduced voltage and time delay to eliminate filament hot shock
Current sensing in vacuum electron devices
Apparatus and method for digital deflection processing
Selectable clampers for an S-shaping voltage of a video display
Activin receptor-like kinases, ALK-3 and ALK-6, and nucleic acids encoding them
Family of high affinity, modified antibodies for cancer treatment
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High affinity oligonucleotide ligands to growth factors
BMP-6 proteins
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