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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Adjusting device for adjusting the height of a lawn care apparatus
Canine security leash
Cat litter box liner with an absorbent scratch resistant pad
Chew toys comprising biologically degradable material
Animal entertainment device
Fishing lure device
Emergency anti-hypothermia system and highly portable, inflatable emergency vest therefor
Hair weaving apparatus and method for making and using
Face mask
Pairing and indexing system for a garment pair
Safety footwear
Compact system with magnetic slide out brush
Electric battery powered toothbrush with integrated tongue cleaner
Self-stowing support table with articulating arm
Spring mattress having a heating function
Rod brackets and related systems and methods
Car and truck beverage holder
Cleaning tool and cleaning element
Vacuum and blower attachments
Minimally invasive surgical stabilization devices and methods
Occlusion of fallopian tubes in a vertebrate subject
Swimming goggle
Protective device
Wheelchair with a commode that converts into a bed
Respirator with a breathing tube system
Expandable face mask with engageable stiffening element
Blackjack-type game with modified deck
Table ball game device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system for separating and recovering wire and other metal from processed recycled materials
Method and apparatus for optimizing the separation of small particles using the asymmetric flow field flow fractionation method
Wire recovery system
Method for selective-regulating spraying liquid and a device for carrying out said method
Liquid transporting apparatus, classifying apparatus, and classifying method
Method for setting up a painting system in a predefined setup location
Method for manufacturing reference pressure chamber
Method of forming micromachined fluid ejectors using piezoelectric actuation
Rebar bending device
Method for producing or repairing integrally bladed gas turbine rotors
Method and system for extracting heat from metal castings and molds
Mixed metal magnetic pulse impact beam
Introducer sheath and methods of making
Manufacturing method of valve sealant fitting
Magnetic repair kit for latches and mailbox latch repair method
Baking dough processing assembly
Ball screw device
Clamping device
Radial foldout tool with multiple types of tools and bit storage
Rotary striking tool
Multi-tasking utility tool
Shaving blade unit comprising a movable trimming blade protector and shaver having such a blade unit
Actuating opening system for folding knife
Cutter with laser generator that irradiates cutting position on workpiece to facilitate alignment of blade with cutting position
Method and apparatus for potting an electronic device
Tow ejector foot for a fiber placement head
Apparatus and process for in-mold labeling
Method of sealing an inkjet ink tank
Scribing apparatus and scribing method
Wheel having temperature compensated and controlled pressure
Cart transporting apparatus
Angular adjusting system for torsion suspension and torsion suspension so obtained
In-wheel motor drive device
Motorcycle frame having protected space therein, and motorcycle incorporating same
Support system for power train of vehicle
Vehicle supporting structure for a motor vehicle
Vehicle door handle device
Control of the operating mode of a main drive unit of a vehicle in dependence on brake pedal actuation
Roll-out cart
Grocery cart cup holder
Trailer steering mechanism
Recirculating ball power steering system
Vehicle steering system
Machine suspension system having torsion axle assemblies
Method and device for releasably latching a water vessel to a line
Steering device
Motorized undercarriage for aircraft
Flying apparatus
Floor structure in an aircraft with continuous panels
Ram air duct flap arrangement and ram air duct
Diamond constellation of non-geostationary satellites for broadband multimedia communications
Standalone ice dispenser
Fuel system for a floating unit, and method for the operation thereof
Method of baling switchgrass or miscanthus at optimum highway transport densities
Method and device for filling pressure gas containers
Container and lid for sawhorse application
Case or bag having a lid element that can be opened with one hand
Communication box
Automatic opening-and-closing discharging structure for a loose powder jar
Containing elongate bulk products
Rotatable indexed article support for a conveyor
Rotating device
Input tray media de-slouch system
Sheet remaining amount detection device and image forming apparatus
Imaging device
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Print control apparatus and print control method
Medium pressurizing device and image forming apparatus
Feedback-based document handling control system
Reel for improved handling of lengthy flexible materials such as electrical cords, and the like
Oil buffer for an elevator
Mid-span winch with a reel-enclosing support frame
Air piston and dome foam pump
Incubato/crib infant positioning blanket
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and method for producing sheets of glass presenting at least one face of very high surface quality
Downhole device actuator and method
In-situ flux measurement devices, methods, and systems
Textiles; Paper
Steel cord for reinforcing tire
Dispensing system for powdered treating agent for use in a washing machine, and washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Mounting means for mounting natural stone, and method of mounting natural stone
Method for building over an opening via incremental launching
Shutter border frame with channel and cover plug
Single strip single web grid tee
Pultruded/extruded utility lighting, mounting and climbing structures
Guy adapter having non-integral pulling eye
Hunting blind
Motorcycle canopy
Locking hinge assembly
Multi doorlock using braking resistance of DC motor
Lead the bit rotary steerable tool
Rotating control device with replaceable bowl sleeve
Deep water drilling with casing
Method and apparatus for preventing spillage or loss of drill fluids
Overriding a primary control subsystem of a downhole tool
Surface modification for cross-linking or breaking interactions with injected fluid
Process and process line for the preparation of hydraulic fracturing fluid
Steering device for downhole tools
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind-gas engine assembly and motor vehicle with the same
V-type internal combustion engine with variable valve train
Valve timing control apparatus
Internal combustion engine, vehicle, marine vessel, and secondary air supply method for internal combustion engine
SCR reductant mixer
Exhaust purifying apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Particulate filter temperature correction system and method
Powertrain controls
Exhaust purification device of an internal combustion engine
Reactant delivery for engine exhaust gas treatment
Twin turbocharged engine with reduced compressor imbalance and surge
Variable compression ratio device
Microjet creation and control of shock waves
Oil separation apparatus for blow-by gas
Internal combustion engine and method for controlling the internal combustion engine
Engine fuel reformer monitoring
Circuit arrangement for controlling an inductive load
System for rotation of a shaft using the force of gravity
Trim actuator actuating system for a hydraulically actuatable trimmable horizontal stabilizer actuator
Trim clip
Snap ring having multiple rollers
Hydraulic control systems for dual clutch transmissions
Transmission for industrial vehicle
Hydrodynamic component and force transmission device with a hydrodynamic component
Power transmission device and vehicle having the same
High-pressure valve
Arrangement of a filling and filtering device in a valve body
Control system and method for transitioning between position control and force control for multi-stage turbo engine turbine bypass valve
Ball valve made of plastic
Adjustable bent housing with rotational stop
Adjustable frame to support flexible bodies
Display apparatus and method
System and method that dissipate heat from an electronic device
Weapon system with caseless ammunition
Compressed gas projectile accelerating linked system for loading and expelling multiple projectiles at controlled varying velocities
Structure and method for stabilizing an archers hand
Anypoint picatinny rail bipod/tripod mount
Apparatus and method for broad spectrum radiation attenuation
Miniature shaped charge for initiator system
Composite projectile
Measurement of roughness of a playing surface
Pin bearing arrangement for aircraft landing gear
Circuit for calculating a three-dimensional inclination angle
Wall siding board installation tool
System for measuring loads during wheel/rail contact of rail vehicles
Molded differential PRT pressure sensor
Automatic engine oil life determination adjusted for presence of oil squirters
Abnormal combustion detection method for internal-combustion engines from several combustion indicators
Gas sensor apparatus for automotive exhaust gas applications
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Rotor disk weld inspection method and arrangement
Memory circuitry with data validation
System and method for performing logic failure diagnosis using multiple input signature register output streams
Rain gauge with particulate separator
Resistance mechanism for a pedal assembly
Method for filtering content using neural networks
Semiconductor device and system
High performance integrated circuit with low skew clocking networks and improved low power operating mode having reduced recovery time
Wireless semiconductor device having low power consumption
Execution recovery escalation policy
Analysis of pipelined networks
Method of recovering reallocation sectors in data storage system and disc drive using the same
Backup system and backup method
Recovering from abnormal interruption of a parity update operation in a disk array system
System and method to locate and correct software errors within a protocol stack for wireless devices
Method for data protection in disk array systems
Intrusion detection using a network processor and a parallel pattern detection engine
Exception handling in content based routing solutions
Data protection program and data protection method
Protocol agnostic database change tracking
Service layer architecture for memory access system and method
Locking multiple resources in a distributed environment
Prioritized bus request scheduling mechanism for processing devices
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner
Method and system for memory leak detection
Data storage system for storing data in different types of data storage media
Method and apparatus for binding shadow registers to vectored interrupts
Cache memory to support a processor's power mode of operation
Article of manufacture and system for storage pool space allocation across multiple locations
Enabling ports on a module received in a slot in a chassis
Method and system for transferring a computer session between devices
Techniques for authenticating email
Transaction flow and ordering for a packet processing engine, located within an input-output hub
Using out-of-band signaling to provide communication between storage controllers in a computer storage system
Electronic program guide system with advertising messages in pop-ups
Method and apparatus for using a personal digital assistant to interface with a communication station
Computer system to control the data transfer between a memory and a peripheral device connected to a CPU via a bus
Host-client utility meter systems and methods for communicating with the same
Method and apparatus for allowing a remote site to interact with an intermediate database to facilitate access to the remote site
Single ended synchronization agents
Methods and systems for routing messages through a communications network based on message content
Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of workload
Partially interconnected networks
Method and apparatus for performing priority encoding in a segmented classification system
High performance IP processor
System and method for unified registration information collection
Integrated electronic mail and instant messaging application
Methods and apparatus for directing a flow of data between a client and multiple servers
Method and apparatus for maintaining SIP contact addresses
Communication control unit and communication control method applied for multicast-supporting LAN
Switch management system and method
Method and apparatus for automatically provisioning data circuits
Management of tiered communication services in a composite communication service
Infection-based monitoring of a party in a communication network
Dynamic self-configuration for AD HOC peer networking
Method and system for making resources available
Using a word processor with accounting data
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program for implementing information processing method, information processing system, and method for information processing system
Smart hybrid card system providing authenticity, privacy, and security (APS)
Method and apparatus for adaptively determining weight factors within the context of an objective function
Method and system for conducting an on-line survey
Extending a directory schema independent of schema modification
Locker manager for managing access to shared resources
Method and apparatus for two stage transaction handling
System and method for providing increased database fault tolerance
Intelligent discovery of shares
Method implementing scrollable cursors in a distributed database system
Method for executing a query having multiple distinct key columns
System and method for analyzing data
Method and apparatus for generating page-level security in a computer generated report
Method for increasing manufacturability of a circuit layout
Systems, methods, and apparatus to perform statistical static timing analysis
Method for dynamically adjusting parameter values of part heights to verify distances between parts
Method and system for evaluating a constraint of a sequential cell
Method, system and storage medium for determining circuit placement
Methods and apparatus for design entry and synthesis of digital circuits
Managing arbitrary window regions for more effective use of screen space
Reaction information display system
Method and apparatus using buffer pools and arrays of buffer pointers for sharing memory in a multiprocessor system
Programmable object model for extensible markup language schema validation
Communication system and method, and distributed control system and method
Techniques for simultaneously displaying a background page and an interactive content page in an application window
System and method for issuing commands based on pen motions on a graphical keyboard
Method and apparatus for generating unique identification numbers for PCI express transactions with substantially increased performance
Method and data processing system with data replication
Inline search results from user-created search verticals
Mapping web services to ontologies
System and method for loading hierarchical data into relational database systems
Method and apparatus for routing and distributing digital images
Method of, and system for, replacing external links in electronic documents
Granular access control method and system
Radio frequency identifiers in game tickets
Data processor for modifying and executing operation of instruction code according to the indication of other instruction code
Back-end renaming in a continual flow processor pipeline
Branch encoding before instruction cache write
Strategy for referencing code resources
Generic framework for runtime interception and execution control of interpreted languages
Multithreaded microprocessor with register allocation based on number of active threads
Physical distribution business management method, physical distribution business management system, and storage medium
Methods and system for continuous replenishment planning of consignment inventory
RFID tag
Apparatus and method for enhancing card security
System and method of deconvolving multiplexed fluorescence spectral signals generated by quantum dot optical coding technology
Apparatus, system and method for a hybrid optical code scanner
Method and apparatus for solving concisely expressed combinatorial auction problems
Merchant cash payment systems and methods
System and method of a smartcard transaction with biometric scan recognition
Computer-implemented securities trading system with virtual currency and virtual specialist
Probabilistic mechanism to determine level of security for a software package
Sign holder for an electronic kiosk
Interface for presenting data representations in a screen-area inset
Slide valve control device and a drive device for use with it
Method for a general near optimal turbo code trellis termination
Coding system and decoding system using a multiplexed code string
Optimization of a full duplex wideband communications system
Method and apparatus for the distribution of digitised information on demand
Architecture for manufacturing authenticatable gaming systems
Secure authentication and authorization for transaction processing
Digital authentication over acoustic channel
Data use management system, transmitting apparatus having management function, and data use management method
Methods and systems for using digital signatures in uniform resource locators
Hosts file protection system and method
Method to control access between network endpoints based on trust scores calculated from information system component analysis
Saving and retrieving data based on symmetric key encryption
Method for securing a ciphered content transmitted by a broadcaster
Virtual smart card system and method
Interactive television program guide with selectable languages
Tiered programming television delivery system
Method and apparatus of load sharing and improving fault tolerance in an interactive video distribution system
Application programming interface (API) for accessing and managing resources in digital television receiver
Hearing assistance device
Method of manufacturing wiring board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Vapor-dispensing device
Link for watch bracelet
Method for registering a patient data set obtained by an imaging process in navigation-supported surgical operations by means of an x-ray image assignment
Automated stereo fundus evaluation
Apparatus for holding optical instruments in a reproducible position with respect to teeth
Image collecting system
Method and apparatus for radiological examination by injection of a contrast medium
Marking grid for radiographic imaging, and method of making such a grid
Radiation therapy treatment method
Collimator for radiotherapy apparatus
Image processing device and method, and distribution medium
Video-on-demand purchasing and escrowing system
Collapsible structures having enhancements
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thin film, method and apparatus for forming the same, and electronic component incorporating the same
Microfabricated acoustic transducer with suppressed substrate modes
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, computer-readable record medium stored with image forming program, and image forming method
Method and system for note taking using sensor with identifier
Use of a holographic video screen as a display surface in a vehicle
Electrochromic device having a seal including an epoxy resin cured with a cycloaliphatic amine
Electrochromic dimmer system
Vehicle license plate cover
System and method for implementing a constellation of non-geostationary satellites that provides simplified satellite tracking
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Basic hydrogen peroxide recycling system for chemical oxygen-iodine lasers
Temperature-based method for controlling the amount of metal applied to metal oxide surfaces to reduce corrosion and stress corrosion cracking
Fixed Constructions
Enterprise network analyzer agent system and method
Mini-optical light shelf daylighting system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of controlling solenoid actuator
Shower warm water capacitor
Dual function single laser
Coordinate input apparatus and method, and computer-readable memory therefor
Process for identifying a specific light signal used in a linear optical sensor of goniometer from among other potentially disturbing light signals
Position detection device, position pointing device, position detecting method and pen-down detecting method
Analytical method and apparatus
Rapid in-situ mastering of an aspheric fizeau
Measurement of complex surface shapes using a spherical wavefront
Method of detecting pattern defects
Sensor for optically sensing air borne acoustic waves
Track and field measuring apparatus and method
Current control biasing to protect electrode seals
Optical rangefinder
Position measuring system
Acoustic doppler channel flow measurement system
Transient suppression apparatus for potentially explosive environments
Exposure meter
Optically tunable Fabry Perot microelectromechanical resonator
Spectral instrument using multiple non-interfering optical beam paths and elements for use therewith
Fourier transformation infrared spectrophotometer
Variable transmission rate digital modem with multi-rate filter bank
Method for measuring far-end reflectance of fiber-optic cable
Use of light scattering particles in design, manufacture, and quality control of small volume instruments, devices, and processes
Apparatus for determining the volume of single red blood cells
De broglie microscope
Spectral ellipsometer without chromatic aberrations
Optical inspection method and apparatus having an enhanced height sensitivity region and roughness filtering
Light detecting optical device
Method and apparatus for inspecting photosensitive material for surface defects
Semiconductor device inspecting apparatus
Congestion control mechanism for SSCOP protocol
High resiliency network infrastructure
Magnetoresistive sensor, magnetoresistive head, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Magnetic sensing element having improved magnetic sensitivity
Inclination angle measurement apparatus
Agile pseudo-noise coded ranging ladar
Sensor and method for range measurements using a TDI device
System and method for active sonar signal detection and classification
Neutron spectrometer
Determination of anisotropic moduli of earth formations
Optical system for distorted imaging of an object
Zoom lens system, and image pickup system using the same
Microscope with a region of modifiable length
Cordless microscope
MEM's mirror internal sensor linearization based on driver linearity
Method and device for modulating a light beam and having an improved gamma response
Packaged micromirror assembly with in-package mirror position feedback
Scanning optical system
Scanning optical system
Scanned imaging apparatus with switched feeds
Optical device with a function of homogenizing and color separation, and optical illumination system for a projector using the same
Illumination apparatus with polarizing elements for beam shaping
Optical device provided with tremble correcting function
Grin lenses, devices and methods of manufacture
Double sided wire grid polarizer
Volume holographic diffusers
Optical module
Optical lens device assembly
Optical component mounting apparatus
Lens drive system
Lens barrel, and cam barrel molding die
Lens barrel and cam ring
Lens device and method of assembly of lens device
Modulator assembly
Tunable fabry-perot cavity filter and method for making and using the filter
Apparatus for mounting and cooling a flat screen
Active optical system for beam-steering a laser beam
Optical switch based on light spatial modulators
Laser light generating apparatus and optical apparatus using the same
Screen and projection display system with improved viewing angle characteristic
Lens shutter mechanism
Aligning method, aligner, and device manufacturing method
Lithography device for semiconductor circuit pattern generation
Energy stabilized gas discharge laser
Discharge source with gas curtain for protecting optics from particles
Film scanner
Hologram plate and its fabrication process
Timepiece with analogue display of time related information based on a decimal system
Watch movement with a microgenerator and method for testing watch movements
System and method for customized time display
Positioning method, positioning device and disk device
Current modulation of direct current transmission lines
Mechanism for pivotably coupling notebook computer to its display
Stand with infrared emission
Extractable motherboard seat plate of computer case
Drive bracket assembly for computer enclosure
Block redundancy implementation in heirarchical RAM's
Foldable keyboard input device
Image output method and apparatus therefor
IC card equipped with elliptic curve encryption processing facility
Methods and apparatuses to determine the state of elements
Method and apparatus for determining the quality of an image of an agricultural field using a plurality of fuzzy logic input membership functions
Method and software-implemented apparatus for ground plane estimation in multi-dimensional data
User interface for imaging system
Surface shape recognition apparatus
Use of correlation histograms for improved glyph decoding
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium therefor
Method and apparatus for image positioning processing
Boundary analyzer
Enhanced communication platform and related communication method using the platform
Detection of auxiliary data in an information signal
Wavelet based feature modulation watermarks and related applications
Watermarking an information signal
Method of automatic registration of images
Image processing method and apparatus, and recording medium therefor
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Method for converting digital image pixel values
Image processing apparatus
Autogrid analysis
Method and system for customizing facial feature tracking using precise landmark finding on a neutral face image
Image processing device and method and memory medium
Image processing system for compressing image data including binary image data and continuous tone image data by a sub-band transform method with a high-compression rate
Subband image compression of blocks within a bounded shape using a resolution transform
Decoding apparatus and method
Image encoding/decoding method, apparatus thereof and recording medium in which program therefor is recorded
Fully automated iris recognition system utilizing wide and narrow fields of view
Counterfeit detection apparatus
Skip detector for compact disc jukebox
Photographic print producing system
Flying optical recording/playback head and method for controlling the flying height
Method of manufacturing a disk drive by measuring the read width in the servo-writer to set the write unsafe limit
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus and magnetic tape accessing method
Tape media guiding assembly for protecting a tape head
Concentric ring carousel concept for data storage libraries
Disk device with width-varying mechanism
Disc device
Information recording/reproducing apparatus
Memory control device
Method and disk drive for shock estimation and write termination control
Circuit and method to prevent errors in recording
Asynchronous timing for interpolated timing recovery
Partial servo write fill in
Disc drive having a suspension limiter for improved shock performance
Top cover shroud for a disc drive
Apparatus and method for processing audio signals recorded on a medium
Method for forming an information recording medium having information on spare area, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data to/from the medium
Method and apparatus for writing clock data to a storage medium
Disk recording medium and disk drive apparatus
Method and apparatus for selecting data densities on disk surfaces in a disk drive based upon measured thermal decay rates of the disk surfaces during self-test procedure
Method of verifying defect management area information of optical disc and apparatus for performing the same
Vibration damping apparatus for damping external vibrations
Bulk degausser with fixed arrays of magnetic poles configured for thick and small form factor, high coercivity media
Data reproduction control method and apparatus, and optical disk unit
Write head and method for recording information on a data storage medium
Spin valve head with reduced element gap
Soft magnetic film having improved saturated magnetic flux density, magnetic head using the same, and manufacturing method therefor
Giant magneto-resistive effect element, magneto-resistive effect type head, thin-film magnetic memory and thin-film magnetic sensor
Digital magnetoresistive sensor with bias
Magnetic disk apparatus
Reduced stiffness printed circuit head interconnect
Data storage device operated for reduced sliding contact
Magnetic disk device having an improved seek control
Self-limiting wear contact pad slider and method for making the same
Master information medium and method of master information recording
Optical disk apparatus
Adaptive recording method and apparatus for high-density optical recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for optical head and optical information reproducing
Data memory and method for writing information in a data memory
Optical recording carrier having groove wobble phase changes between subsequent predetermined positions
Optical pick-up actuator
Wire-suspended objective lens actuator structure and method of assigning current pathways thereto
Optical disc drive and signal processing method
Optical disc player for compensating for eccentricity error with eccentricity detected and compensated at different parts of the player
Method for calibrating tilt in disc player
Pickup device and information recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Information recording medium including layer of uniform thickness and reproducing device thereof
Magnetoelectronics information device having a compound magnetic free layer
Thin film magnetic memory device for writing data of a plurality of bits in parallel
Memory architecture with write circuitry and method therefor
Bridge-type magnetic random access memory (MRAM) latch
MRAM architecture with a grounded write bit line and electrically isolated read bit line
Three terminal magnetic random access memory
Write operation for capacitorless RAM
Memory array with dual wordline operation
Method and architecture for refreshing a 1T memory proportional to temperature
Fast accessing of a memory device using decoded address during setup time
Semiconductor memory and control method
System and method for multiplexing data and data masking information on a data bus of a memory device
Semiconductor memory device having preamplifier with improved data propagation speed
Semiconductor memory device
Memory apparatus including programmable non-volatile multi-bit memory cell, and apparatus and method for demarcating memory states of the cell
Process for making and programming and operating a dual-bit multi-level ballistic flash memory
Parallel channel programming scheme for MLC flash memory
Method of programming a multi-level memory device
Sense amplifier suitable for analogue voltage levels
Semiconductor device and a integrated circuit card
Ferroelectric transistor for storing two data bits
Content addressable memory having column redundancy
Word programmable EEPROM memory comprising column selection latches with two functions
Method of operation of a dual-bit double-polysilicon source-side injection flash EEPROM cell
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and semiconductor disk device
Semiconductor memory device including bit select circuit
High voltage positive and negative two-phase discharge system and method for channel erase in flash memory devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of detecting overerased cell
Flash memory including means of checking memory cell threshold voltages
System of performing a repair analysis for a semiconductor memory device having a redundant architecture
Memory module with equal driver loading
Method and circuit for generating constant slew rate output signal
Circuit and method for testing a memory device
Dummy wordline for controlling the timing of the firing of sense amplifiers in a memory device in relation to the firing of wordlines in the memory device
System and method for a self-calibrating sense-amplifier strobe
Semiconductor device with data output circuit having slew rate adjustable
Semiconductor device with high speed latch operation
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with memory blocks and a write buffer capable of storing write data from an external interface
On-chip compression of charge distribution data
High-speed read-write circuitry for semi-conductor memory devices
Memory device and process for improving the state of a termination
Mid-array isolate circuit layout and method
Method of checking the state of a capacitor fuse in which the voltage applied to the capacitor fuse is the same level as voltage applied to memory cells
Semiconductor memory device having divided word line structure
Semiconductor memory device having reduced chip select output time
Spacer grid with double deflected vanes for nuclear fuel assemblies
Disposal of radiation waste in glacial ice
Magnetic element utilizing spin transfer and an MRAM device using the magnetic element
Ultracapacitor energy storage cell pack and methods of assembling and cooling the same
Microfabricated electrochemical device separators
Undervoltage tripping device
Jet cooled x-ray tube window
Optical inspection equipment for semiconductor wafers with precleaning
Split fin heat sink
Semiconductor package with a controlled impedance bus and method of forming same
Method for producing an electronic component having a plurality of chips that are stacked one above the other and contact-connected to one another
Compact thermosiphon with enhanced condenser for electronics cooling
Mechanisms and techniques for fastening a heat sink to a circuit board component
Flip chip package substrate
Electronic component and utilization of a guard structure contained therein
Protection configuration for schottky diode
Method and apparatus for THz radiation power enhancement
Design of optical superlattice to realize third-harmonic generation and multi-wavelength laser output and its application in the all-solid state laser
Molecular iodine supply system for a chemical laser
Excimer laser and method of operating an excimer laser
Tunable laser source with an integrated wavelength monitor and method of operating same
Calcium gallium sulphide (CaGa2S4) as a high gain erbium host
Method and system for locking transmission wavelengths for lasers in a dense wavelength division multiplexer
Ridge type semiconductor laser of distributed feedback
Tapered air apertures for thermally robust vertical cavity laser structures
Monolithically integrated optically-pumped edge-emitting semiconductor laser
Contact scheme for intracavity-contacted vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
Optical modulator system
Compact phase locked laser array and related techniques
Reducing output noise in a ballast-powered semiconductor optical amplifier
Semiconductor optical amplifier providing high gain, high power and low noise figure
Method for detecting faults internal to a distribution equipment configuration
Active inrush current control for AC to DC converters
Power factor corrected SMPS with light and heavy load control modes
Multiple-phase, multi-module power supply system for high frequency operation
Combined transformer-inductor device for application to DC-to-DC converter with synchronous rectifier
Dead-time compensation with narrow pulse elimination in solid- state switch devices
Demodulator and receiver
Multiple conversion tuner
High frequency module device and method for its preparation
CATV tuner for high speed data communication utilizing a different frequency band
Channel selection device for receiving digital TV broadcasting, receiving device and channel selection method
MOS-type semiconductor integrated circuit
Telephony switching apparatus
FM stereo signal demoudulating apparatus and method
Rake combining methods and apparatus using weighting factors derived from knowledge of spreading spectrum signal characteristics
Sliding matched filter with flexible hardware complexity
Multiuser detector for variable spreading factors
Method and apparatus for code assignment in a spread spectrum wireless communication system
Electric power feeding line switching method, electric power feeding line switching apparatus and electric power feeding line switching system
Low-noise distributed Raman amplifier using bi-directional pumping using multiple Raman orders
Power stabilization in an optical communication system
System and method for reducing interference generated by a CDMA communications device
Method and apparatus for echo suppression
Method and apparatus for maintaining a predefined transmission quality in a wireless network for a metropolitan area
Wireless local loop system using CDMA method
Method and apparatus for improving capacity in a radio communications system
CDMA adaptive antenna receiving apparatus and communication system
Packet concatenation for increased transmission capacity
Communication device and method of operation
State synchronization method between a base station and a mobile station in a CDMA communication system
Wireless network with user clock synchronization
Code division multiple access communication system and code division multiple access transmitting apparatus
Network clock synchronization scheme
Method for setting up a connection in a synchronous digital telecommunications network and network element
Method and device for avoiding error of pointer process in SDH radio communication
Method and apparatus for segmenting network traffic variable length frames
Method of transmitting clock signals, method of synchronizing clock generators or network elements, as well as a network element and a clock generator
Method and apparatus for efficient processing of signal in a communication system
Matched-filter obtained side information for spread-spectrum data detection
System and method for real-time spectrum analysis in a communication device
Redundant radio frequency network having a roaming terminal communication protocol
Method and apparatus for interference cancellation in a high speed modem
Method and apparatus for proxied signalling of an end to end connection across a connection oriented network
ATM cell multiplexer and scheduling method therefor
Communication system and its control method, and computer readable memory
System for implementing network protocols between devices on a printed circuit board
Method and apparatus for encoding bridging/switching information within a routing information filed in a token ring environment
Communications network
Apparatus and method for storing min terms in a central min term memory for efficient sharing by a plurality of network switch ports
Method and apparatus for interconnection of packet switches with guaranteed bandwidth
In-band management of a stacked group of switches by a single CPU
System and process for flexible queuing of data packets in network switching
Method and system for sorting packets in a network
Data communication method, communication frame generating method, and medium on which program for carrying out the methods are recorded
Switch fabric architecture and techniques for implementing rapid hitless switchover
Policy server and architecture providing radio network resource allocation rules
Method and system for managing a packet switched network
Method and apparatus for cosocket telephony
Quality-ensuring routing technique
Network connecting method and device
Signal transmission circuits that use multiple input signals to generate a respective transmit signal and methods of operating the same
Transmission system with improved signal conditioning means
Co-channel interference in a receiver
Joint demodulation using a viterbi equalizer having an adaptive total number of states
Integrated modem and line-isolation circuitry and associated method
Integrated services digital broadcasting deinterleaver architecture
BS digital broadcast receiver
Communication device with primitive synchronization signal
OFDM transmission/reception apparatus having a guard interval length changing function
Burst-mode combining of reverse path radio frequency signals
Method in digital quadrature modulator and demodulator, and digital quadrature modulator and demodulator
Method and system for unlimited use of telephony services over a data network without incurring long distance calling tolls
Communications availability
Web based personal directory
System, apparatus method for multi-carrier transmission
Multi-mode variable rate digital satellite receiver
Method and device for synchronization of phase mismatch in communication systems employing a common clock period
Apparatus and method for controlling the sampling clock in a data transmission system
Subscriber unit for generating a stream cipher
System and method for screening calls
Telephone line interface circuit without hookswitch relay
Network interface unit with subscriber line daughter boards
VDSL data network, service and management architecture
Device and method for diversity combining signals on common channel in CDMA communication system
Ringing scheduling for FXS ports on platforms with limited power supply
System and method for providing calling name services with local number portability
Method and apparatus for selecting disabling music on hold in a telecommunication system
Apparatus, method and system for subscriber control of timed and regional membership in multiple member termination groups for multiple leg telecommunication sessions
Method and system for an automated departure strategy
Method for reservation-less instant group conferencing
System and methods for call decisioning in a virtual call center integrating telephony with computers
System and method for implementing wait time estimation in automatic call distribution queues
Customer programmable caller ID alerting indicator
One-button-triggered image processing unit
Image reading apparatus and image processing apparatus
Image reading device
Image reading apparatus and light conductor used for the same
Method and apparatus for producing an overall image from a number of partial images
Dithering method and apparatus for multitone printers
Image processing system
Image processor and color image processor
On-line piecewise homeomorphism model prediction, control and calibration system for a dynamically varying color marking device
Smoothing calibration files to improve reproduction of digitized images
Digital television channel surfing system
Video-apparatus with noise reduction
Portable device for capturing image and sound data including compact memory and board arrangement
Monolithic generation of RF for wireless transmission of video
Method and apparatus for receiving digital television signals from a plurality of independent channels
Method of displaying character data in digital television broadcasting receiver
Video signal processing system
Adaptive multiplexing/demultiplexing method and multiplexer/demultiplexer therefor
Multimedia recorder with enhanced EPG-related functions
Pay broadcasting system with enhanced security against illegal access to a down loaded program in a subscriber terminal
Recording of scrambled digital data
Video image coding device and video image decoding device
Motion compensating prediction of moving image sequences
Video content detection method and system leveraging data-compression constructs
Image processing device
Picture information conversion method and apparatus
Video apparatus delivering video signals, notably S-Video signals
Color key preservation during sample rate conversion
Wavelength converter and optical cross-connect system using the same
SS7 signalling transport over ATM
Digital clock recovery
Broadband telecommunications switch
ATM communications system and method
Terminal adapter
Lifeline service for HFCLA network using wireless ISD
Communication system, exchange and extension call processing method
Service provision in a telecommunications network
Telecommunications service control point interface
Cellular/PCS CDMA system with increased sector capacity by using two radio frequencies
Assigning physical channels to time slots using a fragmentation parameter in a hybrid time division multiple access/code division multiple access communication system
Method and apparatus for a dedicated control channel in an early soft handoff in a code division multiple access communication system
Hearing aid operative to cancel sounds propagating through the hearing aid case
Sound capturing method and device
Loudspeaker system with dust protection
Dynamic decorrelator for audio signals
Apparatus and method for controlling common mode impedance in disk drive head suspensions
Electronic circuit unit that is suitable for miniaturization and suitable for simple output adjustment
Module holder
Support rack for vibratory testing of printed circuit boards
Scalable coolant conditioning unit with integral plate heat exchanger/expansion tank and method of use
Spring spacer assemblies for maintaining electrical components in contact with thermal transfer surfaces
Computer server hot plug fan tray assembly and method of fan removal
Protecting device against electromagnetic radiation comprising EMI-gaskets
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