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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Corn inbreds like FAR601 and hybrids thereof
Acetals as insect repellant agents
Combined therapy against tumors comprising substituted acryloyl distamycin derivatives and platinum derivatives
Orally dispersible tablet
Orally dispersible tablet
Inhibitors for brassinosteroid signalling
Alkynylpyrimidines and salts thereof, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, methods of preparing same and uses of same
Method of diagnosing and therapeutically treating a patient for a traumatic brain injury
Blended cheeses and methods for making such cheeses
Method for producing fatty acid ester from flattened oleaginous grains
Water formulation with herbal hint and a process therefor
Creation and implantation of an artificial nail for the treatment of deformed or missing nails
System and method for facet fixation
Bone anchoring device
Absorbent article containing structured fibers
Guidewire loaded stent for delivery through a catheter
Stent design with sheath attachment members
Methods of modifying stent coating thicknesses
Spinal fusion devices and a method of performing spinal fusion
Posterior spinal implant system
Prosthetic limb mounting lever and method therefore
Sustained drug-releasing stent
Device and method for extracting heat from the palm of a hand
Methods and systems for use of photolyzable nitric oxide donors
Hair treatment product and hair after-treatment product containing ether guanidines as active substances, for protecting from damage caused by chemical treatment and for repairing already damaged hair
4-(methyl sulfonyl amino) phenyl analogues as vanilloid antagonist showing excellent analgesic activity and the pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same
Sulfonyl semicarbazides, semicarbazides and ureas, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods for treating hemorrhagic fever viruses, including infections associated with arena viruses
Treatment for leukemia and idiopathic aplastic anemia
Naphthylacetic acids
Ethinyl-pyrazole derivative
Vanilloid receptor ligand compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, a method of producing them and the use thereof to treat pain and various other conditions
Carbostyril derivatives including cilostazol for treating fatty liver
Composition containing amidine derivatives or carboxamide derivatives and steroids, as a medicament
Cytidine derivative-containing antitumor agent for continuous intravenous administration
Skin cosmetic
Excipients for protein stabilization
Methods of nourishing animals
Glucagon analogues
Smac mimetic dimers and trimers useful as anti-cancer agents
Recombinant fusion proteins to growth hormone and serum albumin
Hepatitis B virus-binding polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Method for treating a disease characterized by reduced appetite
Modulation of the activity and differentiation of cells expressing the osteoclast-associated receptor
Method of treating a staphylococcus infection in a patient having a low-level pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection
Carboxylic acid containing dispersants for composites
Conditioning composition for hair
Antimicrobial compositions, methods of preparation thereof, and uses thereof
Treatment of active infections and related compositions
Pharmaceutical compositions for the oral administration of heparin or derivatives thereof
Coated formulations for tolterodine
Method and device for controlling the sterilization of products in an autoclave
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for high efficiency reverse osmosis operation
Apparatus for synthesizing nano particles, and method for synthesizing the nano particles using the same
Liquid extractor with vanes
Photovoltaic device and manufacturing method thereof
Processing method for cleaning sulfur entities of contact regions
Cartridge block for multilayer ceramic screening
Formation of layers on substrates
Adaptive optic beamshaping in laser processing systems
Welder having a wireless receiver for remote control
Manufacturing method of a piece in a tire mold for molding
Method for the one-step programming of the three-shape plastics
Airtight container manufacturing method, and image displaying apparatus manufacturing method using airtight container manufacturing method
Method for fabricating light guide plate
Apparatus and method of manufacturing light guide plate
Method of manufacturing lens casting mold and method of manufacturing eyeglass lens
Innerliner with nylon skin layer
Coated-product with marking, process for manufacturing the same, and enclosure for electronic apparatus
System and method for forming a support article
Polypropylene film for electron-beam hardening applications
Method of determining bond coverage in a joint
Mobile robot and clinical test apparatus using the same
Tubular film, device and method for producing the same
Micro-fluid ejection devices with a polymeric layer having an embedded conductive material
Optically variable security element
Bis [tri (hydroxypolyalkyleneoxy) silylalkyl] polysulfide, method of manufacturing bis [tri (hydroxypolyalkyleneoxy) silylalkyl] polysulfide, tire rubber additive, and tire rubber composition
Electric heating system, in particular for use as an auxiliary heating system for automobiles
Method and device for supplying operating voltage to a control unit of a motor vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing hydrogen via a thermochemical route, based on hydrochlorination of cerium
Process for recovering lithium from a brine
Floating cell and island with a floating macrophyte filter
Transparent conductive thin film
Method of manufacturing building brick
Processes for converting gaseous alkanes to liquid hydrocarbons using microchannel reactor
Bromination of telomer mixtures derived from toluene and styrene
Chemical methods for treating a metathesis feedstock
Process for the nitration of O-xylene and related compounds
Preparation of primary diamines having a linear main chain for polyamide syntheses
Frustrated Lewis pair compositions
Process for increasing hydrogen content of synthesis gas
Methods and compositions for treating amyloid-related diseases
Method for isolating di-trimethylol propane
Methods of converting mixtures of palmitoleic and oleic acid esters to high value products
Preparation method of acylbenzenes
Vanilloid receptor ligands, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, process for making them, and use thereof for treating pain and other conditions
Synthesis of (+) cortistatin A and related compounds
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Ionic liquids
Activators of executioner procaspases 3, 6 and 7
N1-benzo[1,3]dioxol-5-ylmethyl-N2-substituted biguanide derivative, preparation method thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing same
Co-crystal compound, method for preparing the same and oxidant of gas generator propellant
MicroRNA inhibitors comprising locked nucleotides
Crosslinking reagent for analysis of protein-protein interaction
Antibodies to lymphotoxin-alpha
Copolymerizable (meth)acrylic acid esters
Fibres and nonwoven prepared from polypropylene having a large dispersity index
Silane-crosslinking compositions
Photoelectric conversion element, method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion element and solar cell
Structure and its method for hydrophobic and oleophobic modification of polymeric materials with atmospheric plasmas
Polymer-dispersed polyol and process for producing flexible polyurethane foam
Paste composition and printed circuit board
Polypropylene with bio-based and synthetic fillers for light weight material applications
Acid etch resistance for calcareous substrates
Aqueous pigment dispersion and aqueous ink for inkjet recording
Regenerable and non-regenerable sorbents for acid gas removal
Catalytic cracking catalyst compositions having improved bottoms conversion
Fuels and fuel additives comprising butanol and pentanol
Production of renewable diesel by pyrolysis and esterification
System for the production and harvesting of algae
Flow cytometer having cell-sorting function and method of separating living cells
Method to increase pathogen resistance in plants
Plant cell culture for production of natural products with reduced glucosinolate contamination
Antibody compositions, methods for treating neoplastic disease and methods for regulating fertility
Method for producing proteins comprising non-natural amino acids incorporated therein
Method for production of bio-ethanol using watermelon seeds
Continuous single vessel butanol synthesis by fermentation
Prognostic biomarkers to predict overall survival and metastatic disease in patients with triple negative breast cancer
Compositions and methods for the detection of topoisomerase II complexes with DNA
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled polymerase chain reactions
Method of quantifying target and reference nucleic acid
Method for identifying substances capable of modulating the activity of a target molecule
Aberrant methylation of C6Orf150 DNA sequences in human colorectal cancer
Method of forming titanium nitride film
Apparatus and method for controlling nucleation during electrolysis
Fixed Constructions
Method for constructing a monolithic refractory concrete furnace for the manufacture of glass
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Two-stroke gasoline engine equipped with a self-powering generator
Method of determining a magnet arrangement
Apparatuses and methods for storing and/or filtering a substance
Intelligent solar energy collection system with a dedicated control device
Reaction device and electronic equipment
Automated system for load acquisition and engagement
Thermal detector, thermal detection device, electronic instrument, and thermal detector manufacturing method
Apparatus of inspecting defect in semiconductor and method of the same
Device for magnetic detection of individual particles in a microfluid channel
Immunotherapeutic method
Cascade enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Methods for the identification of agents that inhibit mesenchymal-like tumor cells or their formation
Direct method and reagent kits for fatty acid ester synthesis
Method and apparatus for reducing shock and arc-flash hazards in power distribution systems
Method and device for checking the electrical insulation as well as a method and system for producing photovoltaic modules
Method and apparatus for generating expect data from a captured bit pattern, and memory device using same
Neutron dosimeter
Electromagnetically detecting thin resistive bodies in shallow water and terrestrial environments
Measurement systems and methods
Devices and methods for achieving non-contacting white state in interferometric modulators
Microcapsule, system comprising microcapsules, method for changing the state of at least one such microcapsule and apparatus therefor
Composite crystal colloidal array with photochromic member
Lens moving mechanism
Back light unit and liquid crystal display including the same
Liquid crystal display device having an outer-side optical member and a backlight-side optical member
Liquid crystal display device
Electronic device having liquid crystal display device
Array substrate and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Reflection type display apparatus and method for driving this apparatus
Method of manufacturing color filter substrate for semitransmissive type liquid crystal display device
Multi-phase switching regulator and driver circuit and control method thereof
Driving voltage adjusting circuit capable of adjusting driving voltage via digital rheostat
Feeding device with solar cells, working with artificial light sources, for electronic equipments
Method and system for creating hierarchical classifiers of software components to identify meaning for words with multiple meanings
Disk array optimizing the drive operation time
Method and apparatus for on-demand power management
Method for ensuring synchronous presentation of additional data with audio data
Apparatus for an energy efficient clustered micro-architecture
Enterprise service availability through identity preservation
Creating and managing multiple virtualized remote mirroring session consistency groups
System of circumvention and recovery in a multi-function system
Storage switch system, storage switch method, management server, management method, and management program
Accelerating software rejuvenation by communicating rejuvenation events
System and method for remotely monitoring, diagnosing, intervening with and reporting problems with cinematic equipment
Test apparatus for updating a value of the bit position in result register by executing a result register update instruction with predetermined value to generate test pattern
Statistical method and system for taking performance measurements
Sliding mode method for predictive diagnostics
Storage apparatus and method of managing data using the storage apparatus
Method of maintaining a plurality of snapshots, server apparatus and storage apparatus
Addressing device resources in variable page size environments
Microprocessor architecture capable of supporting multiple heterogeneous processors
Selectively utilizing a plurality of disparate solid state storage locations
Efficient processing of memory accesses to virtual hardware using runtime code patching
Storage controller
Method for sharing encrypted data region among processes in tamper resistant processor
High-level bridge from PCIE to extended USB
Router to use three levels of arbitration for a crossbar channel
Circuit arrangement and method for operating a circuit arrangement
Memory using packet controller and memory
Method to provide cache management commands for a DMA controller
Dynamic memory bandwidth allocation
Methods and apparatus for handling reset events in a bus bridge
Directed media based on user preferences
Method and system for distributing a document to at least one destination
System and method for transporting MPEG2TS in RTP/UDP/IP
Method and system to determine the geographic location of a network user
IP network node and middleware for establishing connectivity to both the IPv4 and IPv6 networks
System and method to identify customer premise equipment devices
System and program product for throttling events in an information technology system
Hierarchy modification
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Computer implemented method and system for hanging protocol configuration simulator displaying desired order of medical images data
Storage medium storing program, method and apparatus presenting guide captions for categorizing files
Method for selecting a ferrite bead for a filter
Pseudo-anchor text extraction for vertical search
Server for synchronization of files
Data structure and method for pipeline heap-sorting
Server apparatus, data processing method, program, and communication method
System and computer program product for facilitating customs planning and clearance
Verification apparatus, design verification method, and computer aided design apparatus
Performance visualization of delay in circuit design
Synchronous elastic designs with early evaluation
Engineering method and system for industrial automation systems
Method and system for designing test circuit in a system on chip
Hierarchical system design
Input-output device and control method thereof
Summarization of soccer video content
Automatic user profiling
Data output apparatus and control method therefor
Information receiving apparatus and method for receiving headline information
System and method for displaying stack icons
Optical touch panel having SMT components as optical gates
Touch-sensitive device and touch-sensitive display device
Advanced touch control of graphics design application via finger angle using a high dimensional touchpad (HDTP) touch user interface
Electromagnetic-type touch input device, and touch display device incorporating the same
Touch panel and manufacturing method of the same
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor and storage medium
Apparatus and method of controlling an image forming apparatus based on the print speed of print jobs
Print preview display of confirmation page with main page based on selected display method
Image reading system, image reading apparatus, control methods and programs thereof
Establishing relationships between objects based on object interfaces
Method for providing a compressed rendition of a video program in a format suitable for electronic searching and retrieval
Systems and arrangements to adjust resource accessibility based upon usage modes
Context look ahead storage structures
Integration of external tools into an existing design environment
Visualizer system and methods for debug environment
System and method for using data address sequences of a program in a software development tool
Wavescalar architecture having a wave order memory
Process simulation system
Detecting lock acquisition hierarchy violations in multithreaded programs
Scheduling system and method in which threads for performing a real-time operation are assigned to a plurality of processors
Method of and apparatus for displaying structure optimizing result
Method of constraining a heterogeneous permeability field representing an underground reservoir by dynamic data
Subterranean formation treatment methods using a darcy scale and pore scale model
Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program and storage medium therefor
Electric energy consumption control system, electric energy consumption control method, and storage medium storing control program therefor
Card format for digital screen and print display
Method and system for setting security of a portable terminal
Method and system for provision and acquisition of medical services and products
Validating apparatus having encryption integrated circuits
Money transfers for tax refunds
Type-setting method for a text image file
System and method for periodic body scan differencing
Programming a universal remote control via direct interaction
Contact for fluid level detection apparatus and fluid level detection apparatus
Child monitoring system
Postural state attitude monitoring, caution, and warning systems and methods
Power distribution unit
Electronic device and method for managing bus services
Method of driving a display panel and display apparatus having the display panel
Display device and control method thereof
Instant message analytics of historical conversations in relation to present communication
Medical imaging viewer
Video entertainment picture quality adjustment
Efficient radial gradient fills
Gamut converting device and gamut converting method
Computer mouse having illuminating function
Non raster row pixel processing
Stringed instrument bending stress relief
Multi-purpose plectrum
Mat and carrier for an object
Vibration applying assembly
Interactive electronic apparel incorporating a drum kit image
Acoustic signal transmission method and apparatus with insertion signal
Voice authentication system
Disk holding device and disk recording/reproduction apparatus
Method and apparatus for operating a storage device
Inspection device or inspection method for magnetic head or magnetic disc, and magnetic disc recording device and magnetic disc recording method
Methods utilizing supplemental module for backward and/or cross-platform compatibility
Magnetic recording apparatus and recording method of magnetic recording apparatus
Method for improved repeatable runout learning in a disk drive
Semiconductor integrated circuit and the same checking method
Porous film sensor
Transformer structure
Electrolytic capacitor element and process for producing the same
Illuminating device
Method for controlling ion energy in radio frequency plasmas
Carbon nanotube device and process for producing the same
Method and system for large scale manufacture of thin film photovoltaic devices using multi-chamber configuration
Method for fabricating group-III nitride semiconductor laser device
Method and system for fabricating ion-selective field-effect transistor (ISFET)
Method of fabricating stacked packages using laser direct structuring
Thin film transistor having improved manufacturability and method for manufacturing a display panel containing same
Suspended beam for use in MEMS device
Substrate structure and method of manufacturing the same
Capacitor with deep trench ion implantation
High-throughput printing of semiconductor precursor layer from nanoflake particles
Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit device
Insulated gate type semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
N-type carrier enhancement in semiconductors
High voltage device and manufacturing method thereof
Implementing semiconductor signal-capable capacitors with deep trench and TSV technologies
Semiconductor switching device and method of making the same
Semiconductor substrate with transistors having different threshold voltages
Process for production of SOI substrate and process for production of semiconductor device
Structure and method of T.sub.inv scaling for high .kappa. metal gate technology
Lighting device
Double trench rectifier
Power semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor component with high breakthrough tension and low forward resistance
Semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
System for coupling photovoltaic arrays
Light-emitting device and luminaire
Light emitting element and image display apparatus using the light emitting element
Method for depositing oxide thin films on textured and curved metal surfaces
Piezoelectric ultracapacitors
Phenanthroline compounds and electroluminescent devices using the same
Secondary battery
Modular CID assembly for a lithium ion battery
Secondary battery
Composite anode active material, with intermetallic compound, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium battery containing the material
Lithium secondary battery
High power miniature RF directional coupler
Wireless communication device
Flexible antenna
Triplate line inter-layer connector, and planar array antenna
Antenna with EMI shelter
Electromagnetic wave absorber
Multi-frequency antenna
Lock-out, tag-out system using safety network
Integrated battery charger
Electromagnetic interference reduction apparatus
Portable auxiliary power-source device for a vehicle
Electrical machine with a restraint system for a rotor winding head
Squirrel-cage rotor for asynchronous motors
Operator mechanism
Common reference crystal systems
Multi-input differential amplifier with dynamic transconductance compensation
Adjustable gain audio power amplifying circuit
Piezoelectric device with a package including a convex part
Electronic device having a hidden input key and method of manufacturing an electronic device
Touch panel
Implementing low power, single master-slave elastic buffer
Method and apparatus for termination of iterative turbo decoding
Decoding device and decoding method
Low-complexity hybrid LDPC code encoder
Framework for a security system
Apparatus and method for securely and conveniently rebooting a computer system
Digital signal watermaker
Certificate-based encryption and public key infrastructure
Efficient and secure data currentness systems
Content reproducing apparatus authenticating detachable recording medium and authentication control method
Image processing apparatus and program therefor
Image forming apparatus and computer-readable storage medium for computer program
Multileveled television
Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method, recording medium, and integrated circuit
Test system and method for testing camera module having voice coil motor
Method of producing solid state imaging device with optimized locations of internal electrical components
Display interface methods and systems
Vertical field detection for television receivers
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
Camera and control method of camera
Image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up system with overlapping exposure areas
Electronic device related to automatic time setting
Manufacturing method of solid-state imaging apparatus, solid-state imaging apparatus, and electronic imaging apparatus
Electronic device and control method for controlling powering-saving state of electronic device
Orientation detection using image processing
Simplified data interface protocol for digital television receiver
Receiver, program retrieval method, and receiving method
Content processing apparatus and content processing method for digest information based on input of a content user
Digital subscriber television networks with local physical storage devices and virtual storage
Rear-view display system for a bicycle
Multi-camera vision system for a vehicle
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
Radio frequency identification secret handshakes
Light emitting diode device having pillars disposed such that light efficiency of the device is improved
Light-emitting device and illumination apparatus
Constant temperature light emitting diode lighting system
Lighting device and luminaire
Lighting device and method for adjusting sensing region thereof
Driving circuit and optical connector having same
LED lamp and driving circuit for the same
Microwave pellet furnace and method
Method for synthesizing nano particles
Circuit board with handles
Server system with heat dissipation device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Multiplexed video interface system
Compact helical resonator coil for ion implanter linear accelerator
Optimized winding drive
Traction vehicle adhesion control system without ground speed measurement
Variable frequency drive noise attenuation circuit
Technique for controlling current limiter of motor
Motor overload coil control
Process for limiting the excess force of an electrically controlled aggregate actuated by an external force when it nears its top or bottom stop positions, in particular for a motor vehicle window lifter nearing its closure position
Method for controlling automotive sliding doors
Electric motor-operated actuator for a motor vehicle lock
Robot control unit
Robot controller
Method and system for adjusting headway in an adaptive speed control system based on road surface coefficient of friction
Use of digital current ramping to reduce audible noise in stepper motor
Controller for reluctance type synchronous motor
Synchronous motor driving method, compressor driving method, device for the methods, and brushless DC motor driving device
Method for determining rotor position
Motor starter arrangement with soft start electronic control
Method for controlling a voltage/frequency converter controlled single-phase or polyphase electric motor
System for controlling the rotation of AC motors
Battery monitoring system with integrated battery holder
Battery substitute pack
Method for charging batteries, particularly in cordless communication devices
Battery pack and electronic apparatus using the same
Far-distance remotely controllable rectifier with back-up battery
Electronic speed-control circuit
Excitation control system for rotating electrical apparatus
Switching power supply with AC waveform capability
High frequency pulse width modulation of AC current for control of lighting load power
Voltage regulator with clamp circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Low noise current source
Circuit having a bidirectional switch for supplying a load from an AC voltage supply
Methods and apparatus to predictably change the output voltage of regulators
Apparatus and method of continuously measuring the wear of a wall of a metallurgical vessel
Optical method and arrangement for measuring a periodic value having at least one frequency component
Electrical transfer switch and related method
Electronic position and speed sensing device
Non-intrusive speed sensing for induction motors
Method and apparatus for calibrating the output signal of a linear position detector
Interference-tolerant proximity sensor system having a resonance-tracking impedance analyzer
Inductive noise cancellation circuit for electromagnetic pickups
Method of and apparatus for nuclear quadrupole resonance testing a sample, and pulse sequence for exciting nuclear quadrupole resonance
Chemometric technique for predicting polymer properties with an on-line NMR system
Bias field estimation for intensity inhomogeneity correction in MR images
System and method of phase sensitive MRI reconstruction using partial k-space data
MR tomography apparatus and method for operating same to allow use of different gradient field qualities in the same pulse sequence
Method and apparatus for mounting gradient tube to diagnostic imaging device
Magnetic resonance apparatus and methods with shim adjustment
Biplanar homogeneous field electromagnets and method for making same
Magnetic resonance operating room magnet
MRI apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring contact resistance for spot welding simulations
Method of and apparatus for measuring battery capacity by impedance spectrum analysis
Battery charger
Method and apparatus for monitoring electric insulation conditions in energized electric systems
Electrical discharge state detecting device for electrical discharge machining machine
Method and apparatus for measurement of microscopic electrical characteristics
Redundant resistor matching detector with constant percentage threshold
System for fast piezoelectric-resonator parameter measurements
Method of determining the doping concentration across a surface of a semiconductor material
Probe tip and method for making electrical contact with a solder ball contact of an integrated circuit device
Test carrier for packaging semiconductor components having contact balls and calibration carrier for calibrating semiconductor test systems
Method for testing semiconductor components
Zero static force assembly for wireless test fixtures
Machine press motor load monitor
Detection of a perturbation in the synchronization of the driving in a tripolar mode of a brushless, sensorless DC motor for minimizing torque ripple
Differential signal transmission circuit
Technique for preconditioning I/Os during reconfiguration
FPGA configurable logic block with multi-purpose logic/memory circuit
Programmable logic array with vertical transistors
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Circuit and method for implementing combinatorial logic functions
Voltage tolerant buffer
Output driver circuits having programmable pull-up and pull-down capability for driving variable loads
Internal clock jitter detector
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a sleep mode with low power and small area
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with low power consumption and simple manufacturing steps
System margin and core temperature monitoring of an integrated circuit
Peak detector
High-speed comparator systems and methods with enhanced noise rejection
Circuit arrangement for the evaluating a binary signal defined by current threshold values
Adaptive driver circuit for semiconductor magnetoresistors
Output buffer having immediate onset of gentle state transition
CMOS over voltage-tolerant output buffer without transmission gate
Dividing circuit and transistor stage therefor
Core clock correction in a 2/N mode clocking scheme
Self-compensating phase detector
Phase-locked loop circuit
Gated delay-locked loop for clock generation applications
Method and device for delaying selected transitions in a digital data stream
High performance active gate drive for IGBTs
Differential signal generator
Comparator circuit with built-in hysteresis offset
Synchronizing circuit for receiving an asynchronous input signal
Beamformed ultrasonic imager with delta-sigma feedback control
Minimizing effects of switching noise in mixed signal chips
Positive and negative voltage clamp for a wireless communication input circuit
Four-quadrant multiplier for operation of MOSFET devices in saturation region
Multiplexer control scheme
Synchronous rectifier MOFSET with controlled channel voltage drop
Fast transmission gate switch
Current mode charge pumps
Internal charge pump voltage limit control
Drain voltage pumping circuit
Pulse amplifier with low duty cycle errors
Level shift circuit with low voltage operation
Recovery of a carrier signal from a modulated input signal
High efficiency switched gain power amplifier
Low-noise amplifier
Feedforward amplifier
Amplifier circuit and method for reducing noise therein
Frequency compensation techniques for low-power multistage amplifiers
Adaptive linearizer for RF power amplifiers
Operationally amplifying method and operational amplifier
Automatic gain control circuit using a capacitor for minimizing digital coupling
Advanced hybrid power amplifier design
Low jitter phase locked loop having a sigma delta modulator and a method thereof
Delay cell with controlled output amplitude
Thermostatically controlled crystal oscillator
Multifunction high frequency integrated circuit structure
VCO and filter controlled by common integrated thermal frequency reference
Phase-locked-loop pulse-width modulation system
Ask modulator with frequency dependent voltage divider
Nonreciprocal circuit device including dielectric wave guide, dielectric wave guide device and radio device
Broadband RF circuits with microstrips laid out in randomly meandering paths
Multilayer microwave couplers using vertically-connected transmission line structures
Microwave diplexer arrangement
Electromechanical phase shifter for a microstrip microwave transmission line
Receiving filter of a saw separator with greater electrode interdigitated width in first stage parallel resonator
Surface acoustic wave filter with parallel arm resonators having different resonant frequencies
Filter structures for integrated circuit interfaces
Planar comb(-)line filters with minimum adjacent capacitive(-) coupling effect
Electromagnetic resonator
Circuit interrupter with improved trip bar assembly accomodating internal space constraints
Moulded case power switch housing with removably secured secondary cover
Transformer for cycloconverter
Stick-type ignition coil having improved structure against crack or dielectric discharge
Dummy pin structure for a miniature transformer
Trim resistor connector and sensor system
Resistors for electronic packaging
Apparatus for magnetically decoupling an RFID tag
Alarm memo method using time reservation function
Electro-mechanical and acoustic transducer for portable terminal unit
Electromagnetic sound generating body
Procedure for the provision of access authorization to an engine-driven vehicle
Misalignment sensor
Exit illuminator assembly for a motor vehicle
Circuit configuration to monitor a regulated output voltage in a motor vehicle
Vehicle having position generators assigned to the wheels
Combination monitoring device and patch for a pneumatic tire and method of installing the same with a coupled antenna
Engine oil change indicator system
Method and apparatus for improving railcar visibility at grade crossings
Wireless integrated sensor network using multiple relayed communications
Quick response perimeter intrusion detection sensor
Passenger detection system
Patient position detection apparatus for a bed
System for monitoring and assisting isolated persons, and device for implementing the system
Low intensity flame detection system
Wireless monitoring of temperature
Thermal dispersion mass flow rate and liquid level switch/transmitter
Non-resonant electromagnetic energy sensor
Automobile carbon monoxide detection and control device
Inspection apparatus of an emergency exit light
Circuit and method for determining whether AC mains voltage is below or above a predetermined set point
Basket level indicator for cotton harvester
Personal warning method and apparatus for traveling loads
Use of visual building alarm system to display public information to building visitors
Floor condition sensor
Multiple value multiple owner message class
Personal verification in a commercial transaction system
Electromagnetic signal pickup apparatus and method for use of same
Remote data acquisition and processing system
Indicating device for an electronic backup aid
Vehicle presence, speed and length detecting system and roadway installed detector therefor
Automatically activated rescue radio and associated method
Device and method for detection of aircraft wire hazard
Remote controller with analog button(s)
Decoding of a quantized digital signal
System and method for performing scalable embedded parallel data compression
Transmission system using a variable length encoder
Method and apparatus for digital concatenation
Method and apparatus for sample rate pre- and post-processing to achieve maximal coding gain for transform-based audio encoding and decoding
High speed analog to digital conversion circuitry using quantum mechanical tunneling structures
System and method for logarithmic digital to analog conversion
Single-cycle oversampling analog-to-digital converter
Converting a pulse-width modulation signal to an analog voltage
Resistance ladder together with digital-analog converter and semiconductor using the same
A/D converter with input capacitor, feedback capacitor, and two invertors
Synthetic aperture radar system and platform position measuring apparatus used in the same
Radar augmented TCAS
Pulse compressor for doppler tolerant radar
Method for discovering the location of a living object and microwave location device for realizing the same
Phased array antenna calibration system and method
Millimeter wave all azimuth field of view surveillance and imaging system
System and method for monitoring and reporting GPS pseudo range correction data
GPS receiver utilizing a communication link
Highly parallel GPS correlator system and method
Position location with low tolerance oscillator
Photonically controlled, phased array antenna
Array antenna receiving device
Method for processing radio signals that are subject to unwanted change during propagation
Method and apparatus for training a receiver on a source
Methods and apparatus to position a mobile receiver using downlink signals, part I
Planar array antenna
Dual band antenna arrangement
Director element for radio devices
Antenna device
Mobile telephone antenna system for a satellite and mobile telephone including this antenna system
Window glass antenna apparatus for vehicles
Aircraft mounted dual blade antenna array
Integrated antenna and trim component for an automotive vehicle
Compact, broadband antennas based on folded, top-loaded broadband dipoles with high-pass tuning elements
Aircraft in-flight entertainment system having wideband antenna steering and associated methods
Polyrod antenna with flared notch feed
Dual depth aperture chokes for dual frequency horn equalizing E and H-plane patterns
Multimode choked antenna feed horn
Dipole antenna for use in wireless communications system
Multi-feed multi-band antenna
Sectoral antenna with changeable sector beamwidth capability
Satellite reception antenna
Antenna for reception of satellite broadcast
Frequency selective surface devices for separating multiple frequencies
Hub mounted bending beam for shape adjustment of springback reflectors
System and method for high resolution volume display using a planar array
Display device
Vertical pin distortion correction apparatus and method for a multi-scan display
Electrostatic ink jet recorder having ejection electrodes and auxiliary electrodes divided into groups
Color control signal converter
Drive method, a drive circuit and a display device for liquid crystal cells
Event/switch matrix window
Image rotation for video displays
Apparatus and associated method for selecting video display parameter of a computer-system, video display monitor
Camouflage of imaged post spacers and compensation of pixels that depart from nominal operating conditions by luminance diffusion
Manipulative pointing device, and portable information processing apparatus
Supplemental mouse button emulation system, method and apparatus for a coordinate based data input device
Coordinate input apparatus and its control method
Cleaning touchscreens
Resistance film tablet system capable of rapidly detecting a position of contact and method of controlling the same
Image processing system including image data compression
Text reading apparatus, text reading method and computer-readable medium storing text reading program
Method and apparatus for providing a menu structure for an interactive information distribution system
Dynamic graphical user interface feature-set configuration
Method and system for adding application defined properties and application defined property sheet pages
Online documentation and help system for computer-based systems
User-interactive data entry display system with entry fields having distinctive and changeable autocomplete
Graphical user interface including a drop-down widget that permits a plurality of choices to be selected in response to a single selection of the drop-down widget
GUI of remote control facilitates user-friendly editing of macros
Graphical user interface for enabling selection of a selectable graphic image
Graphical user interface scroll bar that provides varied levels of access granularity
System and process for manipulating and viewing hierarchical iconic containers
Visual data integration system and method
Attribute information presenting apparatus and multimedia system
System and method for computer modeling of 3D objects and 2D images by mesh constructions that incorporate non-spatial data such as color or texture
System and method for dimensionalization processing of images in consideration of a pedetermined image projection format
Multidimensional display controller for displaying to a user an aspect of a multidimensional space visible from a base viewing location along a desired viewing orientation
Methods and apparatus for processing DVD video
Conversion of alpha-multiplied color data
Method for the computerized solution of the intersection of polygons
Automated cartographic annotation of digital images
Method and apparatus for displaying multiple graphics images in a mixed video graphics display
Sketch-based editing of curves
Image synthesis
Method and apparatus for creating and animating characters having associated behavior
Image processing device, image processing method and storage medium
Systems and methods for communicating through computer animated images
Method and apparatus for graffiti animation
Method and system for efficient context switching in a computer graphics system
Simple image processing system and method capable of reducing occurrence of unwanted overhead
Multiple-image forming apparatus capable of correcting color shifts
Diffusion resistant lenticular element
Vacuum fluorescent printer
Optical head having function of detecting positional displacement of photosensitive member and electrophotographic image forming apparatus employing the same
Light beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Removable lead screw assembly for an image processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for recording an image
Method and apparatus for determining the starting position and the power of a scanning light beam to be used in writing on a media
Laser beam image recording apparatus
Remote electromechanical control of a video communications system
Method and apparatus for enabling a videoconferencing participant to appear focused on camera to corresponding users
Video display systems
Test probe positioning method and system for micro-sized devices
Communication system and method and storage medium for storing programs in communication system
Image-shake correcting device for detecting vibration frequency and for changing vibration characteristics
Video arrangement with remote activation of appliances and remote playback of locally captured video data
Camera display control and monitoring system
Digital camera with detachable memory
Convertible connector arrangement adaptable for video camera
Color video processing system and method
Soft scrolling method and apparatus of closed-caption words
Methods and systems for providing information to a television using a personal computer
Letterbox image detection apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatic electronic replacement of billboards in a video image
Advertisement at TV-transmission
Channel responsive television input signal interface circuit and method
Display device comprising a display screen having an antistatic and light-absorbing coating
Electrode substrate resistant to wire breakage for an active matrix display device
LCD device with a built-in electroluminescent body and method of producing the same
Metallic standoff for an electro-optical device formed from a fourth or higher metal interconnection layer
Liquid crystal color filter with integrated infrared blocking
LCD device and method for fabricating the same having color filters and a resinous insulating black matrix on opposite sides of a counter electrode on the same substrate
Reflective liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the same
Normally white mode twisted nematic liquid crystal display device having improved viewing angle characteristics
Optical member cell substrate and liquid-crystal display
Hybrid aligned liquid crystal display employing a porous material
Liquid crystal display device
Electrode plate having metal electrodes of aluminum or nickel and copper or silver disposed thereon
Liquid crystal panel and method for producing the same
Antiferroelectric liquid crystal panel
Antiferroelectric liquid crystal display device
Black matrix
Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display
Environmental control apparatus for exposure apparatus
Method and apparatus for repetitively projecting a mask pattern on a substrate, using a time-saving height measurement
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Film deck
Image forming apparatus
Massively parallel inspection and imaging system
Method and apparatus for determining optical quality
Hadamard spectrometer
Modular laser gyro
Birefringence imaging in biological tissue using polarization sensitive optical coherent tomography
Method and apparatus for measuring shape of objects
Method and apparatus for detecting minute irregularities on the surface of an object
Apparatus and method for measurement of the mechanical properties and electromigration of thin films
Method of and apparatus for bonding light-emitting element
Method and apparatus for estimating quality of grains
Optical stress generator and detector
Surface plasmon sensor
Arrangement at measurement of PH or another chemical property detectable by dye indicators
Interferometric apparatus and method for measuring motion along multiple axes
Endpoint detector and method for measuring a change in wafer thickness in chemical-mechanical polishing of semiconductor wafers
Facsimile communication method and facsimile machine
Personal digital assistant (PDA) printer apparatus and printing method
Printing system and charging method thereof
Method and system for band printing of rotated digital image data
Increased functionality for Holladay halftoning
Method of eliminating artifacts in display devices
Image storage control apparatus
Image pick-up apparatus capable of stable flicker compensation without influence by reflectance of an object
Copying apparatus in a facsimile machine
Method and apparatus for providing a handheld scanner-dictionary apparatus
Use of a header page to provide scan control information for a scan
Viewing light box scanner for scanning and viewing transmissive and reflective media images
Reflection type image reader having an original positioning sheet
Generalized geometric transforms for computer generated holograms
Optical wavelength filter and optical demultiplexer
Optical add/drop wavelength division multiplex systems
Programmable optical multiplexer
Dynamic optical add-drop multiplexers and wavelength-routing networks with improved survivability and minimized spectral filtering
Apparatus for wavelength demultiplexing using a multi-cavity etalon
Apparatus for wireless optical transmission of video and/or audio information
Optical detector system and optical communication apparatus including same
Optical receiver
Scanning optical apparatus
Image forming device
Scanning optical device
Polarization conversion system, illumination system, and projector
Electrochromic device
Oriented niobate ferroelectric thin films for electrical and optical devices
All-optical mach-zehnder wavelength converter with monolithically integrated laser
Wavelength converter
Compact optical amplifier with integrated optical waveguide and pump source
Optical fiber coupler, method for producing the same and optical amplifier using the same
Quasi-phase-matched parametric chirped pulse amplification systems
Method and system for multi-spectral imaging in the visible and infrared spectrums
Optical head
Daytime/nighttime arms sight
Conversion optical system
Polarizer apparatus for producing a generally polarized beam of light
Tremble preventing device
Method and apparatus for imaging an object by diffractive autofocus
Multilayer reflector with selective transmission
Display apparatus for displaying an image having gradation
Image-forming optical system and apparatus using the same
Method of adjusting reduction projection exposure device
Telecentric projection lens
Zoom lens system
Lens drive control device and image pickup apparatus having the same
Catadioptric projection lens
Original reading lens and original reading apparatus using the same
Optical-member inspection apparatus and holder for inspection target member
Data recording device and method for recording data on a magnetic tape with error correction
Hard disk drive having a built-in self-test for measuring non-linear signal distortion
Read clock interface for read channel device
Magnetic disk apparatus
Circuit and method for maintaining a rotation position reference on a disc drive with a staggered servo format
Gain and phase constrained adaptive equalizing filter in a sampled amplitude read channel for magnetic recording
Signal amplifying circuit for an MR element
Gripper-positioning component for storage library system
Recirculation filter for use in a disk drive
Spindle motor flange land portion
Floppy disc drive chucking device
Magnetic tape apparatus
Head stack-level load/unload mechanism for rigid disk drives
Magneto-resistive head utilizing plural plates arranged with their easy axis parallel to recorded magnetic flux
Spin valve with improved capping layer structure
Seed layer structure for spin valve sensor
Method and system for protecting integrated circuits against a variety of transients
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including electrostatic protection circuit accommodating drive by plurality of power supplies and effectively removing various types of surge
Method and apparatus for interrupting a current carrying path in a multiphase circuit
Discharge counter and a nonlinear resistance material for a discharge counter
Driving method and driving apparatus of a solenoid and solenoid driving control apparatus
Corona discharge device
High quality factor capacitor
Standing axial-leaded surface mount capacitor
Non-symmetric capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor and process for producing the same
Portable computer having a rectractable handle
Computer, keyboard, and flat screen monitor support assembly
Space saving CD-ROM/DVD drive mechanism used with electronic devices
Carrying case having plug-in connector and switch modules for a compact portable computer workstation
Space-saving docking station for vertically supporting an opened notebook computer
Portable computer having access door
Integrated test cell cooling system
Arrangement for enclosing a fluid and method of manufacturing a fluid retaining enclosure
Contactless hermetic pump
Independently mounted cooling fins for a low-stress semiconductor package
Mechanical latch for an electronic cartridge
Socket for an integrated circuit
Electromagnetic interference shield and gap filler for a circuit board
Heat sink
Fastening device for a heat sink
Thermally enhanced semiconductor package
Method for allowing redundant and non-redundant power supplies in the same computer system
Film carrier and laminate type mounting structure using same
Computer chassis assembly with a single center pluggable midplane board
Processor retention apparatus
Electronic apparatus, battery powerable apparatus, and radio frequency communication device
Process for mounting electronic device and semiconductor device
Mounting multiple substrate frame and leadless surface mountable assembly using same
Retention mechanism assembly for processor cartridges with captured screw fasteners
Power supply with surface mounted magnetic components having sheet material windings
Zero voltage switching buck derived converter
Switching power supply device having main switching element period control circuit
Power converter having magnetically coupled control
Switched-mode power supply that clock-pulse controls a switching element for supplying a rectified AC voltage to a primary winding of a transformer of the power supply
Switching power supply for stabilizing a DC output voltage
Generating bias voltage in a voltage converter
Resonant gate driver
Safety device for a drive mechanism
Series resonant sinewave output filter and design methodology
PWM control apparatus
Two-phase clock charge pump with power regulation
Combined power inverter and auxilliary power supply using null vector modulation
PWM inverter apparatus
Techniques for storing digital data in an analog or multilevel memory
Translation lookaside buffer (TLB) including fast hit signal generation circuitry
Content addressable memory cell providing simultaneous read and compare capability
Three dimensional structure memory
Memory module
Memory circuit/logic circuit integrated device capable of reducing term of works
Slave circuit select device which can individually select a plurality of slave circuits with one data bus
One-time programmable poly-fuse circuit for implementing non-volatile functions in a standard sub 0.35 micron CMOS
Ferroelectric memory device and method for operating thereof
Memory circuit architecture
Circuit and method for biasing the charging capacitor of a semiconductor memory array
High density non-volatile memory device incorporating thiol-derivatized porphyrins
Single event upset (SEU) hardened static random access memory cell
Negative resistance memory cell and method
Address transition detect timing architecture for a simultaneous operation flash memory device
EPROM and flash memory cells with source-side injection and a gate dielectric that traps hot electrons during programming
Acceleration circuit for fast programming and fast chip erase of non-volatile memory
Method of operating EEPROM memory cells having transistors with thin gate oxide and reduced disturb
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method to reduce capacitive loading in flash memory X-decoder for accurate voltage control at wordlines and select lines
Digital memory and method of operation for a digital memory
Semiconductor memory device which continuously performs read/write operations with short access time
High voltage comparator
Multi-ported register structure utilizing a pulse write mechanism
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device capable of cutting off a leakage current in a defective array section
Circuit for cancelling and replacing redundant elements
Method of and apparatus for sharing redundancy circuits between memory arrays within a semiconductor memory device
Redundancy test method for a semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device, circuit board mounted with semiconductor memory device, and method for testing interconnection between a semiconductor memory device with a circuit board
Semiconductor memory device having resistive bitline contact testing
Semiconductor memory device
Sense amplifier with local column read amplifier and local data write drivers
Dynamic memory array bit line sense amplifier enabled to drive toward, but stopped before substantially reaching, a source of voltage
Synchronous semiconductor memory device
Circuit and method for refreshing data stored in a memory cell
Partial replacement of partially defective memory devices
Stackable microelectronic components with self-addressing scheme
Semiconductor storage device including column pre-decoder circuit for preventing multiple selection of bit lines
Hybrid memory device and method for controlling same
Memory device including a double-rate input/output circuit
Synchronous semiconductor memory having an improved reading margin and an improved timing control in a test mode
Place calibration of sonar receive array
Acoustic LWD tool having receiver calibration capabilities
Method and apparatus for communicating data in a wellbore and for detecting the influx of gas
Method of detecting seismic events and for detecting and correcting geometry and statics error in seismic data
Depth sphere
Method of screening acoustic signals transmitted by a moving target
Sagnac interferometric sensor array for acoustic sensing and method of detecting acoustic signals
Luminescent device, timepiece, electronic apparatus and method for manufacturing luminescent device
Clock with novelty hands
Anti-counterfeit compact disc
Optical disk apparatus
Method and device for recording data in an optical memory card
Optical information recording method and apparatus
Efficient linearization of saturation channels
Magneto-optical recording medium
Disc reproducing apparatus
Disk loading apparatus with interlocked shutter mechanism, elevator mechanism and eject mechanism
Disk cartridge apparatus with ejection preventing mechanism using two driven levers
Optical system with interactive data capability
Light exposure apparatus for master optical disc
Programmable self-operating compact disk duplication system using stacked spindles
Information recording medium having same-phase wobbling areas and different-phase wobbling areas
Broadband wireless access based on code division parallel access
System for detecting errors in a network
Channel tracking in a mobile receiver
Method and apparatus for replacing lost PSTN data in a packet network
Packet data flow control method and device
TCP-aware agent sublayer (TAS) for robust TCP over wireless
Apparatus and method for testing the ability of a pair of serial data transceivers to transmit serial data at one frequency and to receive serial data at another frequency
Traffic flow cutover to virtual connection transport
Method of combining PNNI and E-IISP in an asynchronous transfer mode network
Paging scheme for mobile communication system using increased paging channel data transmission rate
Method and apparatus for increasing call-handling capacity using a multi-tier satellite network
Real-time satellite communication system using separate control and data transmission paths
Signaling and protocol for communication system with wireless trunk
Method and apparatus for assigning spectrum of a local area network
Modulary clustered radiotelephone system
Intra-cell inter-frequency hard handoff method in a CDMA cellular system
System and method for CDMA channel estimation
System and method for mobile data services
Methods and apparatus for CDMA wireless call setup time/service negotiation optimization
Network for transferring data packets and method for operating the network
Apparatus and method for processing signals selected from multiple data streams
Method and apparatus for the generation of analog telephone signals in digital subscriber line access systems
Method and apparatus for transmission and retrieval of facsimile and audio messages over a circuit or packet switched network
Constant phase crossbar switch
Apparatus and method for acquiring an operating channel
Method and apparatus for mobile data communication
Digital carrier system for rural telephone and data applications
Asynchronous sample rate converter
Optical pulse source
Multifunction solid state laser system
Laser chamber with fully integrated electrode feedthrough main insulator
Blower assembly for a pulsed laser system incorporating ceramic bearings
Gas laser oscillator
Diode array package with homogeneous output
Laser pump source and method of operation thereof
High-power multi-wavelength external cavity laser
Optical devices having ZNS/CA-MG-fluoride multi-layered mirrors
Highly compact vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Channel inductor and melt furnace comprising such channel inductor
Receiving apparatus for use in CDMA type mobile radio communication system comprising a plurality of path receivers each including a follow-up path detection unit
Cyclic adaptive receivers for DS-CDMA signals
Matched filter
System and method for dynamic amplitude adjustment of modulating signal in frequency modulated transceivers
Filter switching method
Method of selecting a requantization step size and controlling a bit-rate
Method and apparatus for digital image decoding
Method of motion-compensated interframe-prediction in a video-coding device
Method for seamless splicing in a video encoder
Apparatus and method for performing scalable hierarchical motion estimation
Chroma-key for efficient and low complexity shape representation of coded arbitrary video objects
Reduced power supervisory message transmission in a wireless alarm system
Method for reception of multicarrier signals and related apparatus
Low power density radio system
Channel code converter capable of decreasing DC component and channel coding system therefor
Quadrature modulator imbalance estimator and modulator stage using it
Method and apparatus for detecting zero rate frames in a communications system
Apparatus for processing a signal received via an information carrier
Synchronizing apparatus
High frequency clock signal distribution utilizing CMOS negative impedance terminations
First-in-first-out synchronizer
Production of radioisotopes with a high specific activity by isotopic conversion
Electronic counter for a non-volatile memory device integrated on a semiconductor
Method and apparatus to increase the operational time of a tomographic scanner
X-ray projection exposure apparatus
X-ray mammography apparatus having a solid-state radiation detector
Detection processing system
X-ray diagnostic apparatus and radiation diagnostic apparatus
Method and apparatus for clearing ions in a scanning electron beam computed tomographic system using a single potential power source
Predictive bandwidth allocation method and apparatus
Switch with one-bit resolution
Architecture independent application invocation over a telephony network
Apparatus and method for analyzing bitstreams
Network switch providing dynamic load balancing
Time multiplexing of cyclic redundancy functions in point-to-point ringlet-based computer systems
ATM transfer system of data packets
Multicast extension to data link layer protocols
Network element and input/output device for a synchronous transmission system
Derived VLAN mapping technique
Circuit for performing high-speed, low latency frame relay switching with support for fragmentation and reassembly and channel multiplexing
Method and system for masking the overhead of protocol layering
Method and apparatus for controlling a flow between terminals in an ATM network
Cell multiplexing device for synchronous digital interface and method thereof
Method and apparatus for serving data
Methods for dynamically assigning link addresses and logical network addresses
Programmable gateway for a virtual bearer channel platform
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Data processing system and method for providing personal information in a communication network
Method, system and apparatus for telecommunications control
Variable resolution scheduler for virtual channel communication devices
Method for distributing and recovering buffer memories in an asynchronous transfer mode edge device
Method and system for block ARQ with reselection of FEC coding and/or modulation
HDSL modules for telecommunications channel unit cards
Data synchronization unit for a headend
Telephone answering apparatus and method for determining the time of message reception
Method for migrating or altering a messaging system
Emergency interrupt technique
Method and apparatus for locating a desired record in a plurality of records in an input recognizing telephone directory
Telephone answering apparatus for indicating the presence of a power cycle
System, method and computer program product for a dynamic rules-based threshold engine
Method and apparatus for identifying telephone callers who have been unsuccessful in reaching a called destination
Programmable hands free telephone system
Holding device for a communications unit
Secure spread spectrum watermarking for multimedia data
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Method and apparatus for television signal scrambling using the replacement of synchronizing and color subcarrier signals with an alternative time base inherent in a QPSK audio subcarrier
Interface between two proprietary computer programs
Noise and vibration suppression method and system
Stereophonic magnetic induction sound system
Battery enclosure for canal hearing devices
Electro-acoustic dynamic transducer system for use in a loud speaker
Electrodynamic acoustic transducer with magnetic gap sealing
Method and apparatus for imbedding a watermark into a bitstream representation of a digital image sequence
Biometric watermarks
Determination of scanning error in scanner by reticle rotation
Monitoring focus of a lens imaging system based on astigmatism
Systems and methods for the multispectral imaging and characterization of skin tissue
Method for detecting particles using illumination with several wavelengths
Cluster tool
System for eliminating or reducing exemplar effects in multispectral or hyperspectral sensors
Quality of digitized images through post-scanning reregistration of their color planes
Image compression and expansion device using pixel offset
Method and apparatus for developing a character recognition dictionary
Hand-written character recognition device with noise removal
Method and apparatus for reconstructing handwritten symbols from parametric representations thereof
Method for learning by a neural network including extracting a target object image for which learning operations are to be carried out
Switching between bit-rate reduced signals
Method and apparatus for motion vector processing
Video coding
Optimized enhancement of digital images
Method and apparatus for enhancing discrete pixel images
Rank filter using a linked-list to link elements in a memory array in numerical order
Method and apparatus for improving image resolution
Process for influencing the quality images furnished by an electronic imaging system
Hardware rotation of images with line sorting in L*A*B* color space
Method for processing picture elements of an image segment with a computer
Method of accurately locating the fractional position of a template match point
Digital colored corrected prints produced from colored film
Methods and apparatus for robust decoding of glyph address carpets
Data processing system for logically adjacent data samples such as image data in a machine vision system
Addressable, semiconductor adaptable Bragg gratings (ASABG)
Polarization independent light switching device based on liquid crystals
Birefringent fiber grating sensor and detection system
Actuator assembly for optical switches
Non-perpendicular optical paths for a crosstalk-inhibiting switching arrangement
Optical fiber array interconnection
System and method for optical monitoring
Fiber optic transmission system for high power laser
Segmented reflector for coupling an extended illumination source to N fiber elements
Optical filtering device
Fiber optic multiple access system
Optical fiber cable
Method of manufacturing arrays of monomode fibers
Microlens and long period gratings
Apparatus and methods for concentrating light through fiber optic funnels coupled to dental light guides
Probe, method of its manufacturing, and probe-type memory
Ultra violet light curable polymer matrix for tight-buffering optical fibers
Optically integrating pixel microstructure
Article comprising a planar optical waveguide with optically non-linear core
Wavelength-tunable optoelectronic apparatus
Multi-section electro-optical monolithic component
Optical waveguide isolator
Fiber optic module
Optical fiber routing device and method of assembly therefor
Variable optical attenuator with thermo-optic control
VCR recording timeslot adjustment
Recording apparatus, recording system, and recording method
Information reproducing apparatus and information recording medium for use in the information reproducing apparatus
Optical disk, reproduction apparatus, and reproduction method
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus which produces main information and historical information with respect to signal processing performed on the main information
Multimedia direct access storage device and formatting method
Inhibiting a control function from interfering with a playing of a video
Electric water heater control
Method and apparatus for disassembling lens-fitted photo film unit
System and method for enhanced automatic recall
Virtual telephone
Arrangement for controlling remote telephones
System and method for automated emergency call breakthrough
Method of alerting apartment residents to the arrival of visitors
Method and apparatus for on-hold switching
Human Necessities
Portal image within a virtual wedge treatment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for servo control of nonlinear electromagnetic actuators
Luminous body for a watch
Document image processor and method for setting a document format conforming to a document image
Disk player with disk chucking device
Tray guide mechanism for easy assembly of a disk drive
Optical disk, optical disk device, and method of reproducing information on optical disk
Preformatting an optical disk with positioning information in boundary areas between non-written information block areas
Apparatus and method for optical disk reproduction
Transfer control system of information read beam
Optical pickup and optical disk unit
Adjustable optical pickup device with means for removing stray light
Switched hybrid circuit for use with digital subscriber lines
System and method for maintaining timing synchronization in a digital video network
Method and apparatus for transmitting messages in a telecommunication system
Key top attachment structure
Multisensing circuitry for class signals and stutter dial tone in visual message waiting indicator
Method of accepting charges in individual connections and a telephone network and terminal
Method and apparatus for telecommunications having automatic network adaptations and silent mode operations
Call waiting in call setup
Increment scheduler
Computer network system with telephonic function
Method for providing a unique temporary identification of a mobile station
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