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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for milking animals having four teats
Arrangement for automatically cleaning teat cups of a rotary milking platform
Fishing lure
Shaving kit with replacement indicator
Got your back applicator systems
Hair styling apparatus and method
Bed with linen changing means
Assemblies, systems, and related methods employing interlocking components to provide at least a portion of an encasement, particularly for bedding and seating applications
Power actuated toilet seat device
Steam and sauna shower panel
Spa tub apparatus and system using air jet
Antibacterial agent, and device used for active protection of incision margins and incorporating such an antibacterial agent
Radiographic imaging method and apparatus
Shielded stimulation and sensing system and method
Methods of measurement of drug induced changes in cardiac ion channel function and associated apparatus
Extendable airflow restriction system
Methods and systems for facilitating stimulation of one or more stimulation sites
Performing Operations; Transporting
Flux monitor
Signal transmitter device comprising an electrical acoustic signal transmitter
Compact washing flume system
Method and controlled machine for continuous bending
Heat exchanger fabrication with improved thermal exchange efficiency
Connectors removal pliers
Clamping device and method for assembly of stringer couplings
Manual compactor
Rail vehicle for a driving operation on track systems having a ballasted superstructure
Motorized three-wheeled vehicle active suspension
Tank valve system
Adjustable boat mooring standoff
Textiles; Paper
Systems, devices, and/or methods for washing and drying a product
Fixed Constructions
Self-closing entry system
Building construction wrapped with reinforcement fabric to resist wind loading
Pool chair lift and associated method of use
Electronically-configurable key
Pin tumbler lock system and a key pin for such system
Selectable-mode door assembly and related method
Sliding door system
Weather strip
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Toroidal motor
Valve mechanism for an internal combustion engine
Mixing system in an exhaust gas mixing chamber
System and methods for stoichiometric compression ignition engine control
Internal combustion engine for use with a pressurized low viscosity fuel
Fuel pump attachment structure
Fluid insulated injector-igniter
System for powering a vehicle with a heat engine and provided with an automatic stop and restart system
Hydraulic power apparatus
Helical gearing for a steering system of a motor vehicle
Structure of valve stem and frame lining
Method for offshore liquefaction
Fume box for a domestic heating appliance using solid fuel
Heat-power conversion magnetism devices
Pistachio/nut dryer-assembly and method
Protection armor
Portable and foldable shielding device
Broadhead bullet
Method and apparatus for providing geospatial and temporal navigation
Bicycle wheel balance machine
Liquid sample quantity determiner
Method for inspecting bolts
Quality control system and method for construction, commissioning, and other initiation of a process plant
Coupled mass-spring systems and imaging methods for scanning probe microscopy
Information processing device and information processing method
Sensor having an integrated Zigbee.RTM. device for communication with Zigbee.RTM. enabled appliances to control and monitor Zigbee.RTM. enabled appliances
Method for presenting the drift values of an aircraft
Method for determining a steam dryness factor
Backplane structure allowing setting of equal peer-to-peer communication distance between two blades arbitrarily inserted into a plurality of fixedly arranged slots
Opto-electric hybrid board and manufacturing method therefor
Opto-electric hybrid board and manufacturing method therefor
Method of tuning resonance wavelength of ring resonator
Light transmission system with optical waveguide
Uniform light source for an imaging instrument
Lens system and image pickup system including the same
Method for progressively determining depth from defocused images
Camera platform for 3-D photography
Image forming apparatus having rotary developing unit, method for controlling, and storage medium
Developer supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
Cleaning device, image formation device, and image formation method
X-ray imaging apparatus and method of X-ray imaging
Apparatus and method for sampling power consumption
System for controlling apparatus driven by battery
Power up a LAN module when execution of special reproduction is expected by user during reproduction of an optical disc reproduction apparatus
Pre-programmed energy management ballast or driver
Power-saving control apparatus and method
Charge suspend feature for a mobile device
Cable redundancy and failover for multi-lane PCI express IO interconnections
Computer system and control method for allocation of logical resources to virtual storage areas
Systems and methods for remotely troubleshooting a software problem occurring on a computing device
Administering incident pools for event and alert analysis
Alternate procedures assisting computer users in solving problems related to error and informational messages
Precise fault localization
Serialized error injection into a function under test
Serialized error injection into a function under test
Analysis system for unknown application layer protocols
Conditional decoding receiver
Configuring host settings to specify an encryption setting and a key label referencing a key encryption key to use to encrypt an encryption key provided to a storage drive to use to encrypt data from the host
Debugging mechanism having an OR circuit for triggering storage of arithmetic operation data whenever a valid control signal is received or a clock-based counter overflows
Optimized flash based cache memory
Apparatus and method for accessing a memory device
Block mapping circuit and method for memory device
Method and apparatus for supporting memory usage throttling
Tracking dynamic memory reallocation using a single storage address configuration table
Facilitating data coherency using in-memory tag bits and tag test instructions
Dynamically supporting variable cache array busy and access times for a targeted interleave
Computing device system and information managing method for rearrangement of data based on access characteristic related to a task
Storage system comprising plurality of storage system modules
SCSI reservation status information on a SAN disk
Method and apparatus for detecting and preemptively ameliorating potential logic unit thrashing in a storage system having multiple requesters
Concurrently moving storage devices from one adapter pair to another
Memory bus write prioritization
Methods for implementation of worm enforcement in a storage system
Encrypting method, recording medium of encrypting program, decrypting method, and recording medium of decrypting program
Signal processor, transmission apparatus, and method for processing signal
Stored data protection and recovery
Consumer media player
System and method for adaptively collecting performance and event information
Method for managing object-based storage system
Determining meeting attendee readiness
Balancing the loads of servers in a server farm based on an angle between two vectors
Request packet size reduction
Image transmission device, image transmission system, and image transmission method
Methods and apparatus for enabling a hybrid web and native application
High data rate interface apparatus and method
Collaborative arbitration of polling results in a collaborative computing environment
In-vehicle communication system
Content providing system and method, shared content providing apparatus and method, content output apparatus and method, and program
Using prime numbers to manage partitioning in a cluster of nodes of computers
Information processing apparatus and control method therefor, information processing system, computer program and storage medium
System and method for monitoring outbreak of contagious diseases
Digital interactive phrasing system and method
Output image data generating device and method of generating output image data
Critical threshold parameters for defining bursts in event logs
Content reproduction apparatus, status bar display method, and status bar display program
Methods and systems for creating, accessing, and communicating content
Method and apparatus for a finite impulse response filter
Method and structure for cache aware transposition via rectangular subsections
Method for managing tax return information
System and method of prioritizing automated translation of communications from a first human language to a second human language
Active memory expansion and RDBMS meta data and tooling
Storing records in databases in a randomized manner to effectively utilize database servers
Information processing system, data update method and data update program
Large volume data replication using job replication
Method and system for securing user identities and creating virtual users to enhance privacy on a communication network
Personal resources organizer with calendar interface and object detection
System and method for providing search query refinements
Computing correlated aggregates over a data stream
System and method for object searching in virtual worlds
Method and device for customizing a mail history
Memory pattern searching via displaced-read memory addressing
Method and system for managing and querying large graphs
System and method for simulating a billiard cue stroke
Method of determining shape of artificial cementless hip prosthesis stem
Method to transfer failure analysis-specific data between design houses and fab's/FA labs
Method for extracting information for a circuit design
Visualization and information display for shapes in displayed graphical images based on a cursor
Method and apparatus for identifying connections between configurable nodes in a configurable integrated circuit
Evaluating high frequency time domain in embedded device probing
Heating element location optimization
Device and method of examining absorption of infrared radiation
Method for reconstructing evolutionary data
Pareto sampling using simplicial refinement by derivative pursuit
Process for the on-line sale of a software product
Process for the on-line sale of a software product
Runtime enforcement of security checks
Method and system for software licensing under machine virtualization
Answering security queries statically based on dynamically-determined information
Management system for a contact center
Methods and apparatus for interactive map-based analysis of digital video content
Comparison selection, ranking, and anti-cheating methods in an online contest environment
Graphical display of actions for handling medical items
List building system
Dynamic icon overlay system and method of producing dynamic icon overlays
Provisioning workflow management methods and systems
Converter, server system, conversion method and program
Apparatus, system, and method for communicating interactive forms and reports in messaging applications
Method and apparatus for propagating updates in databases
Expertise identification using interaction metrics
Document taxonomy generation from tag data using user groupings of tags
Adaptive query execution plan enhancement
Controlling access of a client system to an access protected remote resource
Automated password reset via an interactive voice response system
Dynamic data restructuring
Multicore processor and method of use that adapts core functions based on workload execution
Providing support for debugging heap related errors with heap assertions
System and method to determine defect risks in software solutions
Source code inspection
System and method for replacing code
Systems, methods and machine readable mediums for defining and executing new commands in a spreadsheet software application
Conversational programming
Method for generating specifications of static test
Method and apparatus for dynamic middleware assembly
Testing a system management program
EvalBinding extension
Apparatus and methods for client-driven server-side installation
Moving static elements between a document and an external resource file in a document editor
Control flow analysis methods and computing devices for converting COBOL-sourced programs to object-oriented program structures
Method and apparatus for detection and optimization of presumably parallel program regions
Simultaneous compiler binary optimizations
Automatic parallelization using binary rewriting
Method and computer system for designing and/or providing computer-aided tasks for medical task flows
Method and apparatus for communication between two or more processing elements
Method and apparatus for data processing using queuing
Clustering threads based on contention patterns
Managing resource allocation and configuration of model building components of data analysis applications
Application programming interface (API) for restoring a default scan list in a wireless communications receiver
Method for dynamic discovery of processors and processor capabilities
Magnetic control plane
Method for visual image detection
Multiple audio/video data stream simulation
Image display device, image display method, and image display program
Image analysis platform for identifying artifacts in samples and laboratory consumables
Method and apparatus for performing model-based OPC for pattern decomposed features
Mapping colors of an image
Method and system for measuring lens quality
Image processing method
User-assistance information at least partially based on an identified possible non-imaged portion of a skin
Complex pattern deciphering using architecture parallel to swarm intelligence
System and method for indoor-outdoor scene classification
System and method for reduction of block noise
Method for constructing a tree of linear classifiers to predict a quantitative variable
Change point detection in causal modeling
Integrated calendar and task scheduler
System and method for sales tax automatic declaration
Marketing method and communication system for implementing the marketing method
Systems and methods to facilitate payment of shipped goods
Future technology projection supporting apparatus, method, program and method for providing a future technology projection supporting service
Secure telematics payment method
System and method for loading stored value accounts
Systems and methods for verifying identities
Methods, apparatuses, systems and computer program products for use in determining premiums
System and method for analyzing strategic network investments in wireless networks
Method and system for providing online records
Systems and methods for determining information regarding drugs
Source aware data center power profiles
Determination of earned values of progress of a project
Money transfers for tax refunds
Method and apparatus for interactively monitoring a physiological condition and for interactively providing health-related information
Automatic page-turning device and automatic page-turning scan device using the same
Security device
Front panel assembly with identification plate
Fast, language-independent method for user authentication by voice
Optical device and adjusting method thereof
Disk chucking apparatus
Optical pickup
Method and device for detecting a sync mark
Method for manufacturing a magnetic write pole of a perpendicular magnetic write head using novel mask fabrication
Optical information processing device and tracking control method thereof for use with grooveless multilayer optical disc
Method and system for programming multi-state memory
Dynamic pipeline cache error correction
Local sense amplifier circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
Writing circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit and writing method
Duty cycle distortion correction
Gamma thermometer axial apparatus and method for monitoring reactor core in nuclear power plant
Special fluorescent bulb holding device
MIMO soft demodulation using hard-decision candidate selection
Robust differential receiver for frequency modulated system
Method and apparatus for detecting modulation symbols in a communication system
Low overhead PMI and CQI feedback and pairing schemes for MU-MIMO
Error correction decoder and storage apparatus
Methods and systems for rapid error correction by forward and reverse determination of coding states
Fast detection of convergence or divergence in iterative decoding
Terminal apparatus and diversity antenna control method for the same
Optical burst mode clock and data recovery
Radiofrequency local communication interface between a mobile phone and a contactless reader
Terminal apparatus, base station apparatus detection method, wireless communication system, and base station apparatus
Transmitting system and method of transmitting digital broadcast signal in transmitting system
Method of relaying data
Method and arrangement for SINR feedback in MIMO based wireless communication systems
Contents watching device and contents recommending method
Enabling user defined network change leveraging as-built data
Predictive throughput management
Multi-hop wireless terminal and traffic control method thereof
Resource utilization method and system
Multiport passive device for sharing optical signals
Wireless communication system and method of calling terminal
Methods and apparatus to use window alignment information to process acknowledgment information associated with transmitted data blocks
Clock recovery in a system which transports TDM data over a packet-switched network
Unbundling packets received in wireless communications
Method and system for securely protecting a semiconductor chip without compromising test and debug capabilities
Apparatus and method for compressive sensing tap identification for channel estimation
Sideband error signaling
Method and apparatus for master privacy policy mechanism in a communications network
Priority based flow control within a virtual distributed bridge environment
Quarantine device, quarantine method, and computer-readable storage medium
Method for managing multicast traffic between equipment in a multicast data network
Break before make forwarding information base (FIB) population for multicast
Scheduling packet transmissions
Architecture and method of channel estimation for wireless communication system
Node device
System, method and device for high bit rate data communication over twisted pair cables
Temporary ENUM gateway
Method and apparatus for establishing a media path between a gateway system and a border element
Method and apparatus for efficiently routing packets across disparate networks
Providing slope values for a demapper
Radio frequency receiver with dual band reception and dual ADC
Parallel restricted integrated sign on system and method
Remote authentication based on challenge-response using digital certificates
Method and system to detect a security event in a packet flow and block the packet flow at an egress point in a communication network
Method of authentication based on polyomials
Detection of encrypted packet streams using a timer
Method and apparatus for providing a synthetic system
Process for authenticating an end user
Source-of-leakage detectable E-mail address forming, sending and detection
Portable identity rating
Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for subscriber authentication and temporary code generation
Method and system for securing online identities
Message authorization
Interjurisdictional recording mechanism
Methods, systems, and products for monitoring service usage
Caller name detection and export
Safety promoting techniques for mobile communication
Methods and systems for dynamic treatment of callers
Telephony usage derived presence information
Method and system for providing a value added service that is available in a first network to a subscriber in a second network
Method and device for approximating a DC coefficient of a block of pixels of a frame
System for realistically reproducing multimedia content and method thereof
Apparatus and method for image coding and decoding
Apparatus and method for reproducing contents
Apparatus for reference picture resampling generation and method thereof and video decoding system using the same
Method for providing content
Remote entitlement processing module integration processing device and method
Content server systems and methods
Method and apparatus for providing collaborative viewing of a media stream
Method and apparatus for browsing using alternative linkbases
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Dynamic microphone unit and dynamic microphone
Condenser microphone unit and condenser microphone
Network-assisted optimization of location determination
Mobile station and mobile communication method for determining radio link failure
Generic wireless services discovery
Multi-tier wireless home mesh network with a secure network discovery protocol
Mobile communication method, mobile station, and radio base station
Dynamic voltage-frequency management based on transmit buffer status
Terminal having SCTP-based handover function and SCTP-based handover method of the terminal
System and method for performing a handover in an enhanced multicast broadcast system (E-MBS)
Telecommunications networks
Apparatus, and associated method, for paging a mobile station with page addresses upon a paging channel
Portable terminal
Electronic device with clip card installation assembly
Electronic device with cooling module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Deformation securing lens and mount assemblage
Camera with motor-driven lens barrel
Image blur preventing device
Automatic focussing system
Camera with bar code reader
Method and arrangement for taking pictures of the human body, especially of the mouth cavity
Pre-exposing method for a photographic film and manufacturing method for a lens-fitted film unit
Method for differentiating or detecting particles in a sample by identifying signal segments of time-resolved, optical raw signals from the sample on the basis of single photon detection
Developing device, process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and agitating member
Developing apparatus and method for assembling the same
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method for discharging photoreceptor residual charges
Electrophotographic apparatus having pre-exposure means
Photosensitive drum having injection molded insert and method of forming same
Liquid material supplier and image forming apparatus comprising the same
Developer station with cross conveyance
Apparatus for non-interactive electrophotographic development using resonating donor member
Low-Friction single component development apparatus
Transfer device having notches, method and image forming apparatus using the same transfer device or method
Dual function air skive assembly for reproduction apparatus fuser rollers
Compact image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method used for forming a matrix of dots as a latent image on photographic paper
Printing apparatus having improved paper cutting function
Mounting device for image forming apparatus
Learning system with response analyzer
Echo cancellation for a broadband distribution system
Apparatus and method for facilitating terrestrial transmissions at frequencies also used for satellite transmissions to a common geographic area
Methods for enhancing service and reducing service cost in mobile satellite systems
Earth station acquisition system for satellite communications
Selective calling/receiving device
Pager with reception error notification
Remote token based information acquistion system
Handy phone with an infrared communication capability
Environmental simulator for a wireless communication device
Method and apparatus for estimating a channel parameter
Radio frequency and microwave module for simultaneously transmitting data and audio signal
System and process for shared functional block communication transceivers with GPS capability
Frequency modulation method and frequency modulated signal transmitter
Method and apparatus for enhancing transmitter circuit efficiency of mobile radio units by selectable switching of power amplifier
Receiving circuit
Radio receiver squelch circuit with automatic adjustment of the squelch threshold
Receiver with suppressed intermodulation distortion and method for operating the same
Direct conversion receiver per-selection
Prepay telecommunications system
Telephone, telephone exchange system, storage medium and method incorporating suspend service
Methods for registering a warranty for a wireless device
System and method for routing a call to a called party's landline or wireless communication unit
Mobile data communication system
Method for maintaining service nodes in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for performing position-and preference-based service selection in a mobile telephone system
System and method for reducing call dropping rates in a multi-beam communication system
Service preemption for mobile terminals in a mobile satellite communications system
Hard hand-off timing determining method through software
Mobile terminal with GPS function
Method of realizing hard handoff between FA in CDMA mobile communication system
Handover in a mobile communication system having a multilayer radio coverage
Establishing calls and processing on-going calls in fixes and cellular networks
Cellular telephone system which increases efficiency of reserved channel usage
System and method for location-based marketing to mobile stations within a cellular network
Portable terminal system, option apparatus for portable terminal unit, and method for connecting portable terminal unit and option apparatus for portable terminal unit
Expanded communication method in cordless telephone system
Mobile radio communicating system including both a public system and at least one private system
Short message service notification forwarded between multiple short message service centers
Method and apparatus for providing a time adjustment to a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for inhibition of calls while roaming
Method and apparatus for transmitting reverse link power control signals based on the probability that the power control command is in error
Telephone assembly with automatic antenna adjustment
RF architecture for cellular dual-band telephones
Wireless communication device
Methods and apparatus for selectively displaying information entered from a radiotelephone keypad
Radio communication apparatus
Mobile information terminal equipment and portable electronic apparatus
Blood parameter measurement device
Catheter with thin film electrodes and method for making same
Stapedius reflex electrode and connector
Ultrasound localization and image fusion for the treatment of prostate cancer
Noninvasive room temperature instrument to measure magnetic susceptibility variations in body tissue
Injector for injection of pre-polarised fluid into a patient for magnetic resonance (MR) measurement
Non-linear optical tomography of turbid media
Catheter-delivered low resolution Raman scattering analyzing system for detecting lesions
Voltage sensing system with input impedance balancing for electrocardiogram (ECG) sensing applications
Biomedical response exercise equipment which avoids interference effects
Device and method for measuring the composition of the body
Disabling circuit for an iontophoretic system
Time domain ultra-wide band rf-enhanced chemotherapy for cancer treatment
Electroporation apparatus with connective electrode template
System of implantable devices for monitoring and/or affecting body parameters
Circuit for performing external pacing and biphasic defibrillation
Method and apparatus for providing variable defibrillation waveforms using switch-mode amplification
Method and apparatus for monitoring and treating sudden infant death syndrome
Impedance estimation with dynamic waveform control in an electrotherapy apparatus
Implantable cardioversion device with automatic filter control
Method and apparatus for rate-responsive cardiac pacing using header mounted pressure wave transducer
Apparatus for determining the AV transmission time
Apparatus and method for adjunct (add-on) therapy for pain syndromes utilizing an implantable lead and an external stimulator
Microwave applicator
General purpose data communications protocol converter
System and method for controlling conditions in a space
Printing apparatus with a cash drawer control function, and a control method therefor
Domino to static circuit technique
Integrated order selection and distribution system
Wafer transport device
System and method for determining the location of a mail piece
Solid drug filling apparatus
Assembly for connecting a measuring head to a measuring robot
Chemical injection system
System for improved receding-horizon adaptive and reconfigurable control
Method for low-fuel, computer-assisted control of any number of thrusters arranged on a spacecraft
Automatic guided vehicle system
Ambient temperature/inlet air temperature sensor dither
Data recovery system and data recovery program recorded medium
Vehicle data acquisition and analysis system
Tire contact load control system
Vehicle behavior control system
Tracked vehicle closed loop steering system
Fault-tolerant electromechanical steer-by-wire steering actuator
Bus system for data transfer
Simplified powertrain load prediction method and system using computer based models
Method and apparatus for controlling the brake system of a vehicle
Vehicle maneuvering control device
Method of improving ABS control behavior
Torque distribution control apparatus for 4 wheel driven vehicle
Engine control system and method having control routines of different execution priorities
Power distribution system in a vehicle
Navigation apparatus
Cartographic overlay on sensor video
Method and system for providing walking instructions with route guidance in a navigation program
Map application system
Utilization of a magnetic sensor to compensate a MEMS-IMU/GPS and de-spin strapdown on rolling missiles
Method and apparatus for generating navigation data
Apparatus and method for monitoring and reporting weather conditions
Topography information data processing method and apparatus based on manifold corresponding thereto
Cone tipped cylindrical probe for use in groundwater testing
Method and apparatus for analysis of chromatographic migration patterns
Molecular hologram QSAR
Fluid flow measurement correcting system and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Method for determining and displaying spectra for vibration signals
Harmonic component measuring method for power system
High speed fourier transform apparatus
Method in an integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing process for identifying and redirecting IC's mis-processed during their manufacture
Computer-assisted diagnostic device and diagnostic process for electronically controlled systems
Method and apparatus for dynamical system analysis
Noise reduction method for a semiconductor device
Method and an apparatus for the identification and/or separation of complex composite signals into its deterministic and noisy components
Method and system for delayed registration of protocols
Method for monitoring plants with mechanical components
Method for scheduling event sequences
Distributed maintenance system based on causal networks
Method and system for translating documents using different translation resources for different portions of the documents
Voice coding and decoding system
Pitch determination apparatus and method using spectro-temporal autocorrelation
Mapping of digital data symbols onto one or more formant frequencies for transmission over a coded voice channel
Removing periodicity from a lengthened audio signal
Apparatus for preventing use of erroneous speech encoding parameters for decoding digital speech transmissions
Signal coding system
Method and apparatus for signal classification using a multilayer network
Method and apparatus for providing unsupervised adaptation of transcriptions
Method and apparatus for performing a name acquisition based on speech recognition
Telephone network service for converting speech to touch-tones
Method and apparatus for automatic speech segmentation into phoneme-like units for use in speech processing applications, and based on segmentation into broad phonetic classes, sequence-constrained vector quantization and hidden-markov-models
Computer method and apparatus for text-to-speech synthesizer dictionary reduction
Electronic data processing apparatus and method for sound synthesis using transfer functions of sound samples
Method and system for estimation of a source of a voice signal
Method and apparatus for command recognition using data-driven semantic inference
Method for integrating computer processes with an interface controlled by voice actuated grammars
Point of service third party financial management vehicle for the healthcare industry
Method and system for managing wellness plans for a medical care practice
Information aggregation and synthesization system
Order management system with automatic menu updating
Accounting and billing based on network use
System and method for issuing security deposit guarantees based on credit card accounts
Computer-driven information management system for selectively matching credit applicants with money lenders through a global communications network
System and method for printing multiple postage indicia
Circuit configuration for controlling a running-gear or drive system in a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for solving complex and computationally intensive inverse problems in real-time
Method and apparatus for training and operating a neural network for detecting breast cancer
Method and system of determining access to records of members of a community
Data refinery: a direct manipulation user interface for data querying with integrated qualitative and quantitative graphical representations of query construction and query result presentation
Web interface and method for accessing and displaying directory information
Hierarchically structured indexed information retrieval system
Method for identifying themes associated with a search query using metadata and for organizing documents responsive to the search query in accordance with the themes
Facility for the intelligent selection of information objects
Method and architecture for automated optimization of ETL throughput in data warehousing applications
Dynamic file mapping for network computers
Information system and process for storing data therein
Method for organizing directories
Supporters providing extensible classes without recoding for object-oriented applications
Web browser download of bookmark set
Mobile device having notification database in which only those notifications that are to be presented in a limited predetermined time period
Rapid production of optimal-quality reduced-resolution representations of very large databases
On-line directory service through the internet
Recoverable computer file system with a signature area containing file integrity information located in the storage blocks
Tracking storage for data items
Back-up system capable of performing back-up operation at optional time
Method and apparatus for cascading data through redundant data storage units
Garbage collection in an object cache
Method and system for generating and distributing document sets using a relational database
Method and apparatus for generating and linking documents to contacts in an organizer
Pop-up definitions with hyperlinked terms within a non-internet and non-specifically-designed-for-help program
Web internet screen customizing system
Method for displaying selectable and non-selectable elements on a small screen
Computer implemented method for wrapping data to an arbitrary path defined by a page description language
Handheld computing device with external notification system
System and method using mode bits to support multiple coding standards
Efficient implementation of a filter
Look-ahead LMS technique
Method of implementing dual-mode audio decorder and filter therefor
Co-processor for performing modular multiplication
High speed digital signal processor
Service framework for a distributed object network system
Data processing system, computer network, and data processing method
Distributed pipeline memory architecture for a computer system with even and odd pids
System for computer supported collaboration
Slave station with two output circuits commonly and directly connected to a line for serially transmitting data to a master station in two operational modes
Supporting a SCSI device on a non-SCSI transport medium of a network
Method and apparatus for accessing an array of data storage devices by selectively assigning users to groups of users
Integrated video system
Central processing and combined central and local processing of personalized real-time traveler information over internet/intranet
Recirculating network address list with single button sequencer/selector
System and method for supplying supplemental audio information for broadcast television programs
Method and apparatus for accessing data sources in a three tier environment
Method and apparatus for control of hard copying of document described in hypertext description language
Configuring computer network operations based upon a sequence of interactive user entries into a network server computer with a one time entry of data commonly required by multiple clients
Enabling target servers to control determination of full user synchronization
Apparatus and method for network capacity evaluation and planning
Remote keyboard macros activated by hot icons
System and method for establishing communication links and transferring data among a plurality of commication nodes
Management of and access to information and other material via the world wide web in an LDAP environment
Motion control systems using communication map to facilitating communication with motion control hardware
Technique for aggregate transaction scope across multiple independent web requests
Method and apparatus for providing an interface between a plurality of frame relay networks
Method and system for interfacing to a type library
Method and computer program product for reducing inter-buffer data transfers between separate processing components
Computer system having two DMA circuits assigned to the same address space
Command-controllable IC memory with compatibility checking unit suspending memory operation/enabling data to be only read from memory when IC memory operation is host incompatible
Method and apparatus for controlling a display monitor in a PC/TV convergence system
Data processor and data processing system
DMA transfer from a storage unit to a host using at least two transfer rates and cyclic error detection
RAM data transmitting apparatus and method using a FIFO memory with three fullness flags
Peripheral with integrated HTTP server for remote access using URL's
Data processing system and method for inputting data from storage devices where the data buss width for input depends on the number of memory devices
Expansion card
Method for switching between multiple system hosts
System and method for suppressing processor cycles to memory until after a peripheral device write cycle is acknowledged by the memory arbiter
Method and apparatus for operating an adaptive multiplexed address and data bus within a computer system
Reliable interrupt reception over buffered bus
Method and apparatus for reducing noise induced among conductive lines
Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of bank sections distributed in a plurality of divided memory cell arrays
Storage device having data buffer
Cache management for data transfer control from target disk areas
Method and apparatus for the on-line reconfiguration of the logical volumes of a data storage system
Disk array device for ensuring stable operation when a constituent disk device is replaced
Integrated hierarchical memory overlay having invariant address space span that inactivates a same address space span in main memory
Method for holding cache pages that are not invalidated within normal time duration for a second access or that are likely to be accessed again soon
Management of the information flow within a computer system
Cache coherence unit with integrated message passing and memory protection for a distributed, shared memory multiprocessor system
Mechanism for optimizing generation of commit-signals in a distributed shared-memory system
Method and apparatus for memory allocation in a multi-threaded virtual machine
Computer system controller and method with processor write posting hold off on PCI master memory request
Read line buffer and signaling protocol for processor
Method and apparatus using volatile lock architecture for individual block locking on flash memory
System for multiple data transfer operations
Asynchronous request/synchronous data dynamic random access memory
Source synchronous interface between master and slave using a deskew latch
System and method for interlocking barrier operations in load and store queues
Address re-mapping for memory module using presence detect data
Method and apparatus for extending memory of an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for two-stage address generation
General purpose programmable accelerator board
Accelerated multimedia processor
Processor for executing instruction codes of two different lengths and device for inputting the instruction codes
Constant reconstruction processor that supports reductions in code size and processing time
Method and system for nonsequential instruction dispatch and execution in a superscalar processor system
Apparatus and method for optimizing execution of push all/pop all instructions
Processor having selectable exception handling modes
Dependency table for reducing dependency checking hardware
Method and apparatus for performing process switching in multiprocessor computer systems
Method and apparatus for fast response time interrupt control in a pipelined data processor
Data processor with multiple compare extension instruction
Computer hibernation implemented by a computer operating system
Correcting for changed client machine hardware using a server-based operating system
Method and apparatus for providing secure time stamps for documents and computer files
Multi-step digital signature method and system
Method and system for transferring content information and supplemental information relating thereto
Technique for producing a privately authenticatable product copy indicia and for authenticating such an indicia
Robust watermark method and apparatus for digital signals
Method and system for processing electronic documents
Method and device for storing main information with associated additional information incorporated therein
Content protection method and content protection system
Circuit and method for ensuring interconnect security with a multi-chip integrated circuit package
Secure data processing method and system
Moderated forums with anonymous but traceable contributions
Adaptive security system having a hierarchy of security servers
Method and apparatus for secure entry of access codes in a computer environment
Methods and apparatus for preventing reuse of text, images and software transmitted via networks
Secure data entry and visual authentication system and method
Battery-driven electronic equipment system and power source control method therefor
Method and apparatus for synchronizing selected logical partitions of a partitioned information handling system to an external time reference
Parity storage unit, in a disk array system, for generating updated parity data from received data records
Method for testing VDSL loops
Code synchronization decision circuit of Viterbi decoder
Circuitry, apparatus and method for embedding a test status outcome within a circuit being tested
Error correction on a mobile device
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption of an error-correcting decoder
Method and apparatus for performing error correction on data read from a multistate memory
Efficient hardware implementation of chien search polynomial reduction in reed-solomon decoding
Reed-Solomon decoder and VLSI implementation thereof
Adaptable overlays for forward error correction schemes based on trellis codes
Method for canceling abnormal synchronization signal
Method for modifying an integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for synthesizing module
Verifying hardware in its software context and vice-versa
Method and system for improving delay error
Minimization of circuit delay and power through transistor sizing
Methods of placing transistors in a circuit layout and semiconductor device with automatically placed transistors
Method of markup language accessing of host systems and data using a constructed intermediary
Method and apparatus for software component analysis
Stall detecting apparatus, stall detecting method, and medium containing stall detecting program
Terminal device capable of remote download, download method of loader program in terminal device, and storage medium storing loader program
Apparatus and method for providing access to multiple object versions
Passive television program guide system with local information
System for collecting television program data
Apparatus and method for processing additional information in display device
Host apparatus for simulating two way connectivity for one way data streams
Dress tie
Surface pattern for a portion of a knitted garment
Surface pattern for a portion of a knitted garment
Reversible denim vest
Golf visor
Shoe sole
Shoe sole
Track spike
Removable tread device for footwear
Shoe upper
Pouch for an absorbent article
Spinner key ring
Portable golf kit
Eyeglass case
Case for a plasma display screen
Storage container with dividers
Case for computer and accessories
Case for a portable computer
Jigsaw puzzle piece storage case
Storage container lid
Toothbrush head with bristles
Fused bottle brush
Paint pad
Tartan textile
Set of surface patterns for a tapestry for a chair
Garment hanger
Bicycle saddle
Chaise lounge
Media storage rack
Tower cabinet
Chest and mirror
Spacesaver cabinet
Display unit
Shelf assembly
Table leg support
Chair armrest
Chair armrest
Seat cushion
Gland plate for cabinet top panel
Stackable drawer
Sheet dispensing figure
Tissue holder
Combination bottle and toothbrush holder
Electric toothbrush brush holder
Ring fixture for supporting bed canopy and window drapery fabrics
Tailless vane for use in coverings for architectural openings
Curved tail vane for use in coverings for architectural openings
Storage container for disc-shaped item of recorded media
Drinking straw
Coffee machine
Water pitcher
Coffee pot
Pizza oven
Portable cooking grill
Combined microwave oven and video display
Corner unit microwave oven
Contact grill
Food processor
Tea infuser
Kitchen utensil handle
Burner with wind ring
Dual liquid dispenser
Table top organizer for condiment containers, menus and napkins
Drink coaster
Fork probe thermometer
Pasta tongs
Barbecue spatula
Replaceable blade for weed cutters
Cutter blade for reaper machine
Dial indicator torque wrench
Citrus shaped bottle opener
Wedge coil wire spreader tool
Impact tool body portion
Guard for a cut-off tool
Work piece support
Board holder
Adjuster latch
Combination padlock with locking cable
Combination padlock with enlarged dials
Self protecting lock assembly
Locking rod device
Cable harness
Satellite dish mounting bracket
Furniture coaster
Door/drawer clip
Bundling and holding clamp
Novelty gift package
Packaging for bottled water and coffee
Collectible box with detachable cards
Tubular food container
Food container base
Dispensing device
Pushbutton dispenser cap
Combined bottle and cap
Container with handle
Prayer clock
Chronograph timepiece
Handwashing timer display
Cooking thermometer
Metrological instrument
Hand-held color measurement instrument
Transmitter for a microphone
Multi-technology occupancy sensor
Car radar detector
Sensor assembly
Supplemental crosswalk identification devices
Faceted reflector
Indicating bank
Bicycle horn
Instrument for producing sound
Watch strap
Banner support bracket
Slider for reclosable fastener
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Shower-bath seat
Tire tread
Steering wheel
Caliper housing portion
Caliper housing portion
Floor mat
Portion of a motorcycle rim
Supersonic aircraft with in-flight refueling system
Battery housing
Battery pack
Battery housing
Bubble base of an ornament lamp
Electrical plug
Applicator for surface treatment compounds
Baby bottle holder
Dish rack
Boot Brush
Boot wiper
Footwear scraper
Compost bucket
Removable leaf and trash guide
Wheel chock for a grocery cart
Electric winch
Electric connector assembly
Electric connector assembly
Electric connector
Electric connector
Communications headset
Computer mainframe
Computer mainframe
Communication device
Contoured housing
Video printer
Monitor for computer
Display having input means
Computer mouse
Computer mouse
Computer pointing device
Computer pointing device
Docking station for a hand-held monitor
Animated computer mouse cover
Combined keyboard pad and mouse pad
Compact keyboard tray assembly
Computer icon for a display panel
Conference call apparatus
Set top box for television receiver
Telephone handset
Remote tuner for internet-based radio
Remote tuner for internet-based radio
Main body of an electric cleaner
Motor cover for vacuum cleaner
Double door merchandiser grill
Weedless jig fishing lure
Cough silencer
Sprinkler base
Vacuum control valve
Manifold type electro-magnetic valve
Combined single handle faucet and sprayer
Quick disconnect nozzle assembly
Adaptor sleeve
Water closet
Toilet bowl
Reversibly installable shower enclosure
Heater support and spacer
Gas fireplace front
Front panel for a room air conditioner
Contamination control breather
Air purifying unit and/or air humidifying unit
Air filter cleaning device
Deodorizing apparatus for personal use
Fan housing
Range hood
Range hood
Medallion for a ceiling fan blade
Rotor for heater
Glass ceramic panel for use with a stove or fireplace
Magnetic field generating device for use in MRI
Cradle for instrument
Veterinary operating table
Multi-well microcentrifuge tube
Female connector for medical haemodialysis lines
Handle for a medical instrument
Compression wrap insert
Sternum saw blade
Dental wedge
Push button fluid delivery controller
Absorbent article
Absorbent article
Disposable absorbent article
Ophthalmic surgical sponge
Decorative edging and stepping block
Paver stone
Masonry block
Window frame extrusion
Aluminum end snap-on plate
Container and candle embedded therein
Swirl candle
Mini tools torch
Fluorescent working light
Wall lamp
Tire candle
Netted decoration lamp
U.S. style adjustable night light
Desk lamp
Camper's night light
Outdoor lighting fixture
Compact fluorescent lamp
Basket for lighting fixture
Temporary lighting unit
Cigarette lighter
Lighter holder
Roll-on cosmetic applicator
Toe opener
Hot air brush
Travel shaver
Beard trimmer with rotating head
Vibrator head
Hair adornment
Cat bowl
Vibrating dog collar set
Outboard boat motor mailbox
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