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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods and materials for increasing starch biosynthesis in plants
Veterinary aqueous injectable suspensions containing florfenicol
Opioid-containing oral pharmaceutical compositions and methods
Anti-fungal formulation
Methods for treating hemorrhagic conditions
Method for treating hemodialysis-related oxidative stress using cystine or cysteine
Sulfonamide compounds for the treatment of respiratory disorders
Anti-cancer agents based on 4-(hetero)Ary1-1,2,5-oxadiazol-3-yl Amino derivatives and a method of making
Modified macrophage migration inhibitory factor inhibitors
5,6-diaryl pyridines substituted in the 2- and 3-position, preparation thereof and therapeutic use thereof
N,N-disubstituted aminoalkylbiphenyl antagonists of prostaglandin D2 receptors
Compounds and methods to dysregulate CA.sup.2+ homeostasis for cancer treatment
Aminoacyl prodrug derivatives and medicaments for treatment of thromboembolic disorders
Chemo- and radiation-sensitization of cancer by antisense TRPM-2 oligodeoxynucleotides
Oximyl HCV serine protease inhibitors
Designer cyclic peptides--HIV gp120 antagonists and their applications
O-linked glycosylation of peptides
Growth hormone releasing factor (GRF) analogs and uses thereof
Method and article of manufacture for encapsulating a homeopathic ingredient with a second ingredient
Use of herpes vectors for tumor therapy
Dental curable composition and kit for such dental curable composition
Chemical compositions for skin care emulsions and heavy duty hand cleansers
Nanotubes as mitochondrial uncouplers
Periostin-induced pancreatic regeneration
Performing Operations; Transporting
Defoaming of ionic liquids
Organic/inorganic compositive dispersant including inorganic clay and organic surfactant
Enhanced slurrification method
Process for producing complex oxide catalyst
Exhaust gas-purifying catalyst
Methods and compositions for removal of arsenic and heavy metals from water
Laser thin film poly-silicon annealing optical system
Windshield heater
Vehicular rearview mirror system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Film comprising silicate platelets of exfoliated from phospolipid-intercalated layered silicate
Zinc-oxide nanoparticles and their use for photo catalytic degradation of cyanide
Rare earth aluminoborosilicate glass composition
Fragrance and methods for production of 5-epi-.beta.-vetivone, 2-isopropyl-6,10-dimethyl-spiro[4.5]deca-2,6-dien-8-one, and 2-isopropyl-6,10-dimethyl-spiro[4.5]deca-1,6-dien-8-one
Process for making glycol ether compositions useful for metal recovery
Composite catalyst and using the same for making isopropyl alcohol
Process for preparing 4-pentenoic acid
Graphene compositions and methods for production thereof
3-aminoalkyl-1,3-dihydro-2H-indol-2-one derivatives, preparation thereof and therapeutic use thereof
Process for the manufacture of [phenylsulfanylphenyl]piperidines
Compositions and methods for the treatment of disease associated with Trp-p8 expression
Quinoline compound, and composition containing centipede extract or compounds isolated therefrom for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
Process for preparing 1,3-disubstituted pyrazole compounds
Process for preparing aminale and their use for preparing 1,3-disubstituted pyrazole compounds
Compositions to effect neuronal growth
Crystalline forms of dexlansoprazole
Compositions useful for treating disorders related to TRPA1
Complexes of 4-hydroperoxy ifosfamide as anti-tumor agents
Solid support reagents for synthesis
Methods for the synthesis of two or more dicarba bridges in organic compounds
Chimeric proteins and uses thereof
Telomerase reverse transcriptase variant
Antibodies that bind human dendritic and epithelial cell 205 (DEC-205)
Non-natural peptides as models for the development of antibiotics
Borazine-based resin, process for its production, borazine-based resin composition, insulating film and method for its formation
Gas-phase anionic polymerization
Hybrid polymer materials for liquid crystal alignment layers
Monomers for making polymeric cell culture surface
Polyisobutenyl sulfonates having low polydispersity
Modified conjugated diene-vinyl aromatic copolymer and method for manufacturing the same
Phenol resin powder, method for producing the same, and phenol resin powder dispersion liquid
Polyglycolic acid resin composition
Polyamide resin and hinged molded product
Coating composition and a coating therefrom having waterdrop sliding property
Polyammonium/polysiloxane copolymers
Flame retardant halogenated phenyl ethers
Supported iridium catalysts
Tris(heterocyclyl) metal complexes, washing and cleaning agents containing the same, and use as bleach catalysts
Paint stripper
Paint remover
Methods for ionophorically screening pore forming bacterial protein toxins and receptors
Optical instrument comprising multi-notch beam splitter
Biological system and assay for identifying modulators of tubulin ligases
Human growth and differentiation factor GDF-5
Pharmaceutical compositions for treatment of microRNA related diseases
Therapeutic RNA interference technology targeted to the PDX-1 oncogene in PDX-1 expressing neuroendocrine tumors
Polynucleotides encoding phenylpropanoid pathway enzymes in coffee
Random homozygous gene perturbation to enhance antibody production
Adaptation of Pitman Moore strain of rabies virus to primary chick embryo fibroblast cell cultures
Regioselective alkane hydroxylation with a mutant CYP153A6 enzyme
Methods for detection of methyl-CpG dinucleotides
Anti-FcRH5 antibodies and immunoconjugates and methods of use
Continuous single vessel butanol synthesis by fermentation
Increased isoprene production using the archaeal lower mevalonate pathway
Method for diagnosing acute lymphomic leukemia (ALL) using miR-221
Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
Micrornas differentially expressed in cervical cancer and uses thereof
Detection and typing of bacterial strains
Method of detecting tumor-associated DNA in plasma or serum with a premalignant solid tumor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Modular power source for transmitter on boring machine
Marine energy hybrid
Portable 350 airpower module
Method and apparatus for wind energy system
Method of classifying microorganisms using UV irradiation and excitation fluorescence
Method and apparatus for oil spill detection
Apparatus for determining the position of an object
System and method for automated sample introduction
Method and composition for determining hardness in wellbore fluid filtrate
Combination of sPLA2 activity and oxPL/apoB cardiovascular risk factors for the diagnosis/prognosis of a cardiovascular disease/event
Xanthurenic acid derivative pharmaceutical compositions and methods related thereto
Fuidi herd management schema
Capillary flow solid phase assay
Stimulus responsive nanoparticles
Harmonic rejection tuner with adjustable short circuited resonators
AC detection circuit for power supply
Motor phase winding fault detection method and apparatus
Circuit boards including removable test point portions and configurable testing platforms
Method and device for determining degradation state of electrical storage device in hybrid construction equipment
Diagnosable hall sensor
Long range millimeter wave surface imaging radar system
Memory reduction in GNSS receiver
Process and control device for operating a magnetic resonance imaging scanner
Optimized flat/saddle coil cooling system
Secure system for non-covert user authentication and identification
Reduced gain variation biasing for short channel devices
Method and device for locating tires mounted on a vehicle
RFID reader and method for identifying RFID tag thereof and apparatus for analyzing reception power pattern
Retractable assembly
Communication regarding aspects of a dispensed consumable composition
Method for running vehicles detecting network and system thereof
Method and apparatus for providing and using public transportation information
Road condition detecting system
Electronic control system
Drive apparatus for frame deflection and method
Display apparatus, method of driving a display, and electronic device
Method for controlling a display panel by capacitive coupling
Wearable display unit, headphones and system provided with these
Marked precoated strings and method of manufacturing same
Switch mechanism and electronic device
Electrostatically driven high speed micro droplet switch
Hand held MIG welding spark shield
Control key assembly for electronic device
Remote switch actuator
Power adapter with low power loss
Apparatus and method for reducing the energy consumption of a machine or system
Keys with double-diving-board spring mechanisms
Phosphors and light-emitting devices using the same
Organic light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, display unit, and electronic device
Use ion guides with electrodes of small dimensions to concentrate small charged species in a gas at relatively high pressure
Substrate processing method and method for manufacturing liquid ejection head
Light-emitting nanocomposite particles
Method for forming transparent conductive oxide
Array substrate for display device and method of fabricating the same
Method for making complementary P and N MOSFET transistors, electronic device including such transistors, and processor including at least one such device
Strained semiconductor-on-insulator by addition and removal of atoms in a semiconductor-on-insulator
Deep trench capacitor on backside of a semiconductor substrate
Semiconductor light-emitting device with metal support substrate
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Method of manufacturing an SOI substrate and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for adjusting the height of a gate electrode in a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Self-aligned silicidation for replacement gate process
High performance low power bulk FET device and method of manufacture
Thermal barrier layer for integrated circuit manufacture
Stress in trigate devices using complimentary gate fill materials
Method for programming an anti-fuse element, and semiconductor device
Stressed transistor with improved metastability
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Layered chip package and method of manufacturing same
Ultra wideband hermetically sealed surface mount technology for microwave monolithic integrated circuit package
Semiconductor device with non-overlapped circuits
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
Current-driven light-emitting display apparatus and method of producing the same
Zinc oxide film forming method and apparatus
Solid-state imaging device and fabrication method thereof
Rod-shaped semiconductor device
Sealing method for display element
Light emitting device comprising film having hygroscopic property and transparency
Micro-channel chip and micro-analysis system
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Memory element with small threshold voltage variance and high-speed logic element with low power consumption
Power semiconductor device having adjustable output capacitance
Semiconductor device including MISFET and its manufacture method
Trench gate semiconductor device and the method of manufacturing the same
Multifunctional tape
Semiconductor device including a magnetic sensor chip
Resonator including a microelectromechanical system structure with first and second structures of silicon layers
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Sealed monolithic photo-electrochemical system and a method for manufacturing a sealed monolithic photo electrochemical system
III nitride semiconductor crystal, III nitride semiconductor device, and light emitting device
Method of manufacturing a thin film solar cell
LED lamp with improved die arrangement
Electronic device substrate, electronic device, method of manufacturing electronic device substrate, method of manufacturing electronic device, and electronic apparatus
Encapsulation for organic optoelectronic devices
Composition for an organic dielectric
Spin-transfer switching magnetic element utilizing a composite free layer comprising a superparamagnetic layer
Quantum dot white and colored light-emitting devices
Display device and manufacturing method of display device
Organic field effect transistor and semiconductor device
Organic EL panel and its manufacturing method
Tuning bolt ground connection structure and RF cavity filter including same
Antenna system
Adjustable antenna baffling system
System and method of controlling a plurality of energy loads and energy supplies in a coordinated manner
Distributed wind turbine electric generation system
Battery charging pad employing magnetic induction
Voltage comparison circuit
Electric generator
Motor drive circuit
Stepping motor driver
Re-driver with pre-emphasis injected through a transformer and tuned by an L-C tank
Dual-mode voltage controlled oscillator, frequency synthesizer and wireless receiving device
Package manufacturing method and apparatus for piezoelectric oscillator
Amplifier circuitry, integrated circuit and communication unit
Tunable MEMS resonators
Keypad assembly
Asynchronous digital circuits including arbitration and routing primitives for asynchronous and mixed-timing networks
Keeper circuit
Clock adjustment circuit, shift detection circuit of duty ratio, imaging device and clock adjustment method
Reducing an EMI effect by preventing the diffuse width with the SSCG from being limited by the jitter standard value in a structure in which the PLL circuit is mounted
Radiant electromagnetic energy management
Multi-stage sliding structure of handheld device
Apparatus and method for integrated reader and tag
Biopresence based keyguard mechanism
Sensor and transmitter system for communication in pipelines
Apparatus and method for L.E.D. illumination
Solar powered light assembly to produce light of varying colors
Circuit arrangement for operating discharge lamps and method for operating discharge lamps
Analog LED controller
Multi-gas mixer and device for supplying gas mixture to plasma torch
Wired circuit board assembly sheet
Image display element with a divided back panel
Wiring board assembly and manufacturing method thereof
Wireless chip
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Production of collagen in the milk of transgenic mammals
Method of sensing temperature of a digital X-ray imaging system
Self-adhesive bandage
Absorbent articles providing improved fit when wet
Disposable article having a biosensor
2-amino-3-aroyl-4,5 alkylthiophenes: agonist allosteric enhancers at human A1 adenosine receptors
ABCA-1 elevating compounds
Reactive dye compounds
Magnetically shielded assembly
Scintillating fiber radiation detector for medical therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Spherical side-to-side FAIMS
Microwave-assisted chemical synthesis instrument with fixed tuning
Ultrastable organofunctional microporous to mesoporous silica compositions
Production of catalysts for olefin conversion
Caulking warmer
Jump control apparatus for electric discharge shaping/profiling machine
Wire electric discharge machining method and wire electric discharge machine utilizing pressurized gas for removing machining solution
Method and device for thermally connecting the contact surfaces of two substrates
Apparatus and method for trackless movement and full penetration arc welding
Scoring process and apparatus with confocal optical measurement
Method and device for laser welding metal sheets
Method and device for laser drilling laminates
Lens to adapt laser intensity for uniform welding
Reduced mist laser shock peening
Method of manufacturing a golf club head
Method for cutting a non-metallic substrate
Process and apparatus for cutting or welding a workpiece
Rotor and method for welding an element of a rotor
Basic flux cored wire with excellent weldability
Method of designing and manufacturing welding-type power supplies
Portable drawn arc stud welding apparatus and method providing high current output in short time intervals
Electric-motor rotary power tool having a light source with a self-generating power supply
Key top and method of manufacture
Heat-sealing method and apparatus for fiber sheets
Image heating apparatus
Induction foil cap sealer
Drum heater
Method and system for laser marking a gemstone
Electric load control system and vehicle air-conditioning system having the same
Motor-generator system for a motor vehicle with hybrid traction drive
Key fob for vehicular remote keyless entry systems
Insulating insert for magnetic valves
Welding material and method without carrier
Linear electromagnetic zero net mass jet actuator
Visible light forklift alignment apparatus
Monolithic fully-integrated vacuum sealed BiCMOS pressure sensor
Micro-structures and methods for their manufacture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic irradiation of liquid
Oncogenes and methods for their detection
Textured Bi-based oxide ceramic films
Antimicrobial compounds
Condensation of olefins in fischer tropsch tail gas
Process for hydrolyzing optically active amides
Polyamines and polymers made therewith
.beta.2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Reactive anthraquinone colorant compounds and polymeric materials reacted therewith
Degradable crosslinkers, and degradable crosslinked hydrogels comprising them
Quaternary amino acids on solid supports
Process for the recovery of a polyol from an aqueous solution
Integrated process for synthesizing alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, and olefins from alkanes
Sulfonyldiazomethanes, photoacid generators, resist compositions, and patterning process
Preparation of diacetals of glyoxal
Thloxanthone dyes with improved solubility and a method of preparing 2-oxybenzanthrones as intermediate materials for making of these dyes
Method for production of formic acid
Method for absorbing acrylic acid and method for purifying acrylic acid
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives, process for preparing them and their uses
Substituted tricyclics
Processes for the preparation of (R)-.alpha.-(2,3-dimethoxyphenyl)-1-[2-(4-fluorophenyl)ethyl]-4-piperidine methanol
Substituted pyridyl amine catalysts and processes for polymerizing and polymers
Process for the preparation of imidazole derivatives
Preparation method of 2,2'-bi-1H-imidazole using glyoxal and an ammonium salt
Continuous preparation of substituted oxazoles
5,5-Disubstituted thiazolidine derivative pesticides
Process for preparing enantiomerically pure (S)-3-hydroxy-gamma-butyrolactone
4,7-dichlororhodamine dye labeled polynucleotides
Process for synthesizing N-aryl piperazines with chiral N'-1-[benzoyl(2-pyridyl)amino]-2-propane substitution
Pyrroloazepine derivatives
Compounds capable of cleaving double-stranded DNA and method of utilization of the same
Process for preparing a 2-hydroxymethyl-2,3-dihydro-thieno[3,4-b][1,4] dioxine-5,7-dicarboxylic acid diester
Process for the preparation of cefditoren using the thioester of thiazolylacetic acid
Method for producing alkali metal monohydridoborates and monohydridoaluminates
Amine organoborane complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Amine organoborane complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Hydrosilation with platinum free neat copper containing catalyst
Tetraphosphonate bicyclic trisanhydrides
Process for producing erythromycin derivative
Oligonucleotide primers for phosphotidyl inositol in bacillus cereus
Method for removing endotoxin from the samples containing basic protein
High affinity TGF.beta. nucleic acid ligands and inhibitors
Maize NPR1 promoter and methods of use in plant gene expression
Invertase inhibitors and methods of use
Chimeric oligonucleotides for modulating gene expression
Monoclonal antibodies to type I interferon receptor
Human antibodies derived from immunized xenomice
Process for preparing pharmacologically acceptable salt of N-(1(S)-ethoxycarbonyl-3-phenylpropyl)-L-alanyl-amino acid
Olefin polymerization catalysts based on convex, polcyclic ligands
Method for producing highly productive supported ionic catalyst for gas phase polymerization
Process for the oligomerization of .alpha.-olefins having low unsaturation, the resulting polymers, and lubricants containing same
Ethylene copolymerization process
Crosslinkable polymer material of low relative permittivity, and films, substrates and electronic units formed of it
Flip-chip package with optimized encapsulant adhesion and method
Starch-based modeling compound
Dimeric azo pyridone colorants
Flowering locus T (FT) and genetically modified plants having delayed flower development
Fatty acid elongase 3-ketoacyl CoA synthase polypeptides
DNA which encodes trehalase and uses thereof
Cloning, sequencing and expression of a gene encoding an eukaryotic amino acid racemase, and diagnostic, therapeutic, and vaccination applications of parasite and viral mitogens
Reliable semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automatic turbogenerator restarting system
Wind mill with a suspension for cables and the like, such suspension for cables and the like and a holder for such suspension
Efficient wind generator
Blower for use in office automation equipment
Timing system
Solar energy converter and solar energy conversion system
Method and apparatus for manufacturing cylindrical member
Structure and method for controlling the thermal emissivity of a radiating object
Combination of normal and oblique incidence polarimetry for the characterization of gratings
Single unit position sensor
Optical encoder and optical rotary encoder
System and method for weighing items such as mailpieces with varying accuracy
Analytical balance having a connecting part between the housing and the display and operating unit
Semiconductor device including a light-receiving element and an optical transfer device
Arrangement and method for illuminating a specimen field in an optical instrument
Display device with feedback brightness sensing
High resolution spectral measurement device
Oxide thin film for a bolometer, process for producing the same, and infrared sensor using the same
Thermoelectric conversion component
Field based spectral radiometer
Method to correct for sensitivity variation of media sensors
Apparatus and method for secondary electron emission microscope
Mask for and method of forming a character on a substrate
Power supply, a semiconductor making apparatus and a semiconductor wafer fabricating method using the same
.alpha.-tantalum lead for use with magnetic tunneling junctions
Junction-side illuminated silicon detector arrays
Method for storing and reproducing radiation image and radiation image storage device
Gamma camera with capability of modifying study during exam
Hybrid two-dimensional scintillator arrangement
Fiber-coupled, high-speed, integrated, angled-dual-axis confocal scanning microscopes employing vertical cross-section scanning
Homogeneous electric field liquid crystal display
Compensating electro-optical device including thin film transistors
Thin film transistors with self-aligned transparent pixel electrode
Radiation image read-out method and apparatus
Light exposure apparatus
Free-form fabrication using multi-photon excitation
Motor system for positioning a load
Fast response, multiple-loop temperature regulator
Method and appparatus for controlling temperature
Elevatable key switch and keyboard with the same
Satellite direct radiating electronic packaging and related method
Reset mechanism for use in electric device equipped with microcomputer and resetting method
Register setting method and semiconductor device
Foot pedal for drums
Easily assembled optical fiber sensor and musical instrument using the same
Digitally controlled variable speed integrated planer motor assembly
Linear voice coil actuator with compensating coils
Magnetoresistive sensor with reduced side-reading effect
Surface light emitting devices
Fabry-perot resonator and system for measuring and calibrating displacement of a cantilever tip using the same in atomic force microscope
Irradiation system and method
Scanning electron microscope
Structure of speaker signal line
Magnetoresistive element, memory element using the magnetoresistive element, and recording/reproduction method for the memory element
Using a micromachined magnetostatic relay in commutating a DC motor
Door opening circuit
Electrical switch
Pushbutton assembly
Soft-feeling operation switch
Method and apparatus for switching several electric circuits
Switch apparatus
Dust and moisture free switch
One piece toggle switch cover with integral panel standoff and seal receptacle
Electric switch having both toggle and rocker functions
Switch mechanism, multidirectional operation switch, and multidirectional operation unit
Key switch stabilizer mechanism
Terminal pad for an insulator assembly
RF microelectromechanical systems device
Analysis of semiconductor surfaces by secondary ion mass spectrometry and methods
Controlling the temporal response of mass spectrometers for mass spectrometry
Electronic assembly and system with vertically connected capacitors
Magnetic tunnel junction patterning using SiC or SiN
Nitride-based semiconductor element
Electrodes for ferroelectric components
Method for manufacturing an extended-wing capacitor and the extended-wing capacitor
Lateral semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory device having an anti-punch through (APT) region
Poly-crystalline thin film transistor and fabrication method thereof
Thin film transistor and display device having the same
Dual bit memory device with isolated polysilicon floating gates
Cooling of optoelectronic elements
Housing assembly for an electronic device and method of packaging an electronic device
Semiconductor-chip mounting substrate having at least one projection thereon and a pressure holding means
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having contacts self-aligned with a gate electrode thereof
Metal-insulator-metal device structure inserted into a low k material and the method for making same
Adhesion between dielectric materials
Multilayered semiconductor device
Semiconductor capacitor with diffusion prevention layer
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same, and method for mounting semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Films doped with carbon for use in integrated circuit technology
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Field effect transistor having a lateral depletion structure
Non-volatile devices, and electronic systems comprising non-volatile devices
Resin sealing apparatus and resin sealing method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Lead over chip semiconductor device including a heat sink for heat dissipation
Semiconductor memory device with increased capacitance
Image detection device
Process using poly-buffered STI
Method of removing free halogen from a halogenated polymer insulating layer of a semiconductor device and resulting semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a multi-level interconnect structure
Barrier layer associated with a conductor layer in damascene structures
Polishing of conductive layers in fabrication of integrated circuits
Method of fabricating semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Split gate flash with strong source side injection and method of fabrication thereof
Low profile stacked multi-chip semiconductor package with chip carrier having opening and fabrication method of the semiconductor package
Semiconductor device having semiconductor element housed in packed with heat sink
Semiconductor device having a carbon fiber reinforced resin as a heat radiation plate having a concave portion
Semiconductor package for enhancing heat dissipation
Direct build-up layer on an encapsulated die package having a moisture barrier structure
Packaging structure integrating passive devices
Semiconductor utilizing grooves in lead and tab portions of lead frame to prevent peel off between the lead frame and the resin
Tape carrier package structure with dummy pads and dummy leads for package reinforcement
System and method for converting a DC input voltage to a DC output voltage
Semiconductor leadframes plated with thick nickel, minimum palladium, and pure tin
Semiconductor device having leadless package structure
Semiconductor substract with substantially matched lines
Hole grid array package and socket technology
Wiring pattern of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Conductive routings in integrated circuits
Inductive fuse for semiconductor device
Antifuse structure with low resistance
Dual die memory
Wafer level chip-scale package
Semiconductor device with fuse
Semiconductor devices with dual nature capping/arc layers on organic-doped silica glass inter-layer dielectrics
Apparatus and method for repairing electronic packages
Mask set for compensating a misalignment between patterns
Scribe lines for increasing wafer utilizable area
Method of forming an alignment mark structure using standard process steps for forming vertical gate transistors
Electronic element with a shielding
Package for microwave components
Surface mount solder method and apparatus for decoupling capacitance and process of making
Stacked chip package with enhanced thermal conductivity
Internal reactor thyristor stack
Electrostatic discharge protection device
Electrostatic discharge device for integrated circuits
ESD guard structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit system
Semiconductor device
Structure of a mask ROM device
Semiconductor device with transistors that convert a voltage difference into a drain current difference
Isolated photodiode
Field effect transistor structure with bent gate
Semiconductor device having two-layered charge storage electrode
Semiconductor device
DMOS transistor structure with gate electrode trench for high density integration and method of fabricating the structure
Multilayer high .kappa. dielectric films
SOI MOSFET having amorphized source drain and method of fabrication
TFT with a negative substrate bias that decreases in time
T-RAM array having a planar cell structure and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Optical semiconductor housing and method for making same
Photodetector for ultraviolet light radiation
Borderless contact architecture
Acoustic absorption electromagnetic radiation sensing with SIC
Electrostatically clean solar array
Vertical metal-semiconductor microresonator photodetecting device and production method thereof
Light-emitting diode
Thermopile on an electrical insulating substrate
Organic light-emitting device having phenanthroline-fused phenazine
Wire collection box
Power generation apparatus and its control method
Wiring board with terminals and method for manufacturing the same
Low temperature co-fired ceramic-metal packaging technology
Cable management system for electronic devices such as flat panel monitors
Device for supplying electricity to a motor vehicle
Closed-path linear motor
Linear synchronous motor
Linear motors and stages comprising same that produce reduced magnetic fields at an optical axis for charged-particle-beam lithography
Inverter controlled generator set
Pre-drive circuit for brushless DC single-phase motor
Vehicle motor-generator apparatus utilizing synchronous machine having field winding
Output stage layout for minimum cross coupling between channels
Touch switch with integral control circuit
Monolithic loss-of-signal detect circuitry
Methods of sampling a surface having a micro-texture
Device and method for exposing visual data on light-sensitive recording material
Heating element arrangement for an electric blanket or the like
Textile heater with continuous temperature sensing and hot spot detection
Scanner having cold-cathode-tube light source and method of controlling a drive signal for illuminating a cold-cathode-tube light source
System for reducing noise from a thermocouple in an induction heating system
Image heating apparatus for heating image formed on recording material
Conveyorized oven with automated door
Methods for temperature control in microwave processing
Microwave oven having heaters for cooking food
Plasma arc torch quick disconnect
Non-circular micro-via
Through hole conduction structure of flexible multilayer circuit board and forming method thereof
Opto-electric mounting apparatus
Electronic circuit module with a carrier having a mounting pad array
Electronic package with offset reference plane cutout
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing printed wiring board
Circuit board and its manufacture method
Integrated circuit heat sink device including through hole to facilitate communication
Compliant shaped EMI shield
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew