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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device for picking up animal waste
Methods and devices for collecting separate components of whole blood
Metalloenzyme inhibitor compounds
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitors
Hybrid batting and sliding glove
Hunting trophy and visual display presentation apparatus
Container restraint assembly
Infant seat support
Cell pathology tubes and associated cell processing methods
Spherical ultrasonic HIFU transducer with modular cavitation sense element
Wound treatment device
Functionalized 9-bromo-camptothecin derivatives
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Substituted pyrrolo[3',2':5,6]pyrido[4,3-d]pyrimidines and JAK inhibitors comprising the same
Substituted pyrazolopyrimidinylamino-indazoles
Bicyclic pyridines and analogs as sirtuin modulators
Tricyclic compound
DNA sequence and preparation of grass pollen allergen Phl p 4 by recombinant methods
Therapeutic agent
Targeting microRNAs for the treatment of fibrosis
Fluorinated 2-amino-4-(benzylamino)phenylcarbamate derivatives
Ionizing-radiation-responsive compositions, methods, and systems
System for delivering therapeutic agents into living cells and cells nuclei
Carrageenan products and method for their production and use
Systems and methods for treating blood
Method and apparatus for removal of gas bubbles from blood
Biomedical haemostatic powder dispenser
Dilator device
Expandable introducer sheath and related methods
Methods and systems for treatment of a bladder
Port for a catheter
Method for producing silicon microneedle arrays with holes and microneedle array
Retinal prosthesis and method of manufacturing a retinal prosthesis
Safe device for iontophoretic delivery of drugs
Electroporation appliance comprising an oblong applicator, ring electrodes and a seat for a syringe
MEMS based parallel microbeam radiosurgery without adaptive resistance to radiation
Method and apparatus for non-thermal nail, foot, and hand fungus treatment
Device for remotely cross-firing particle beams
Safety glass breaker
Adjustable jerk block
Continuous ball feed and stroke practice device
Sports scorekeeping system with integrated scoreboard and automatic entertainment system
System and method to identify and track objects on a surface
Programmable haptic peripheral
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter device
Liquid oxygen production device and method
Carbon dioxide capture system and carbon dioxide capture method
Selective catalytic reduction processes using doped cerias
Fuel reformer for De-NOx trap
System for producing graphene in a magnetic field
Synergized PGM catalyst systems including platinum for TWC application
Carbon dioxide adsorbent
Catalyst-containing reactor system with helically wound tubular assemblies
Jet mill
Detecting passing of unintended objects through throat of under-sink disposal
Sink disposal and metal sensor
Recovering valuable mined materials from aqueous wastes
Mixing chamber, cartridge, and method for mixing a first and a second component
Valve device and shower device using the same
Paint application system
Waste stream management system and method
Discharge system and method of discharge by a discharge system
Selective coating of a component using a potting process
Material separator
Robotised device of cleaning of external steel structures
Can manufacture
Ironing ring having a microstructure
Method for connecting two components
Piping system
Substrate joining method using rivet, and joining structure
Arc melting and tilt casting apparatus
Aluminum alloy casting and method for producing the same, and apparatus for producing slide member
Process and plant for producing components made of an aluminium alloy for vehicles and white goods, and components obtained thereby
Milling insert
Method of cutting super-hard materials using an electron beam and a range of beam scanning velocities
Method and system for mass production of customized engraved products
Assembly tool for wheel hub
Fitting assembly evaluating apparatus
Fitting assembly evaluating apparatus
Machine tool spindle device
Work holding devices
Workpiece discharge device for machine tool
Method for processing an edge of a glass plate
Socket coupling receptacle
Clamping device for clamping a fastener
Machines and methods for evaluating prevailing torque threaded fasteners
Truss supply and rigging table systems and methods
Control device, robot, robot system, and control method
Trimmer line cutting device and method
Apparatus for and method of producing two-color molded article
Process for making opaque polyester film
Process for making a stretch-blow moulded container having an integrally moulded handle
Pneumatic tire for heavy load, and method for producing the same
Compression molding machine and method of producing molded product
Method of forming single face corrugated board
Barrier layers comprising Ni-inclusive alloys and/or other metallic alloys, double barrier layers, coated articles including double barrier layers, and methods of making the same
Molding sheet for forming hard coat layer
Resin composition and bonded composite
Automated door assembly system and method
Applying pressure to adhesive using CTE mismatch between components
Method for quantifying blanket performance and printing press
Continuous printhead drop deflector system
Replay unit for waste liquid container and image forming apparatus incorporating the relay unit
Refractive gradient inkjet printing
Optical scanning device, method of adjusting optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus
Controlling a plurality of nozzles of a handheld printer
Reversible-hinge greeting card with dual-activated electronics
Electric pencil sharpener with a replaceable cutter assembly
Puncture-free inner tube
Convertible electric bike and board apparatus
Four-point link
In-vehicle input system
Rapid charging power supply system
Apparatus and method for dispensing vehicle balancing weights
Transport tank
Vehicle wheel information acquiring device
Vehicle front structure
Knee protector structure for vehicle
Electric power assisted drive, in particular a wiper drive
Vehicle jacking point and reinforcing insert
Parking device for vehicle
Standstill determination in a rail vehicle
Slider suspension assembly with compliant hold-down arrangement
Scooter with rotatable platform
Adjustable debris collection apparatus for maritime vessels and associated methods
Motor pylons for a kite and airborne power generation system using same
Fluid management device having rotating carousel with container holders for vertically positioning a container during automated spiking and injection into patient
Label applicator having a heat idler
Stacking apparatus, stacking sleeve, and sleeve-pallet
Synthetic bottle closure
Screwed cover embodiment having apparatus of foil-cutting and folding to the inner part in the aseptic liquid cardboard packages
Packaging container and blank for a packaging container
Locking medicine container
Sun reflective ice chest cover
Method for preparing a beverage from a capsule, capsule and beverage preparing system
Container comprising corner member incorporating lock unit
Material handling system
Self-clamping handrail drive
Bearing stand-off devices
Semi-automated inventory transfer station
Pressure compensating air curtain for air cushion supported cargo loading platform
Pneumatic solids transfer pump
Sheet conveyance device, image processing apparatus, sheet conveyance method
Device and method for trimming folded printed products
Cable spool assembly
Labor-saving device for detection of no-load hand hoist motion
Bottle for upright and inverted use
Dispenser display having a plurality of independent dispensing bodies
Seat support device for a riding animal or a pack animal
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Integrated method for gasification and indirect combustion of solid hydrocarbon feedstocks in a chemical loop
Methods for controlling the thickness wedge in a glass ribbon
Corrugated sheet, method of manufacture thereof, and mold therefor
Separation apparatuses for separating sheets of brittle material and methods for separating sheets of brittle material
Compositions and methods for well completions
Salt resistant cement
Process for sintering silicon carbide
Tubular pore material
Nanoparticle catalyst capable of forming aromatic hydrocarbons from CO.sub.2 and H.sub.2
Krill oil refinery for purification of krill oil extract
Hyperforin derivatives and their use in Alzheimer's disease
Hydroformylation of triglycerides in a self-emulsifying medium
Methods and intermediates for the preparation of (4bS,5aR)-12-cyclohexyl-N-(N,N-dimethylsulfamoyl)-3-methoxy-5a-((1R,5S)-3- -methyl-3,8-diazabicyclo [3.2.1]octane-8-carbonyl)-4b,5,5a,6-tetrahydrobenzo [3,4]cyclopropa[5,6]azepino[1,2-A]indole-9-carboxamide
Process for the distillation of a mixture comprising a cyclic N-vinylamide
Method of treatment for acne and an anti-acne formulation
N-cyanomethylamides as inhibitors of janus kinase
Process for preparing N-substituted 1H-pyrazole-5-carboxylate compounds and derivatives thereof
Pyridyloxyalkyl carboxamides and use thereof as endoparasiticides and nematicides
Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 inhibitors
Fungicidal 3-[(pyridin-2-ylmethoxyimino)(phenyl)methyl]-2-substituted-1,2,- 4-oxadiazol-5(2H)-one derivatives
Humic acid derivatives and methods of preparation and use
Salts of Dasatinib in crystalline form
Method for preparation of 1-cyclopropyl-6-fluoro-1,4-dihydro-8-methoxy-7-[(aS,7aS)-octahydro-6H-pyr- rolo[3,4-b]pyridin-6-yl]-4-oxo-3-quinolinecarboxylic acid
(2S, 5R)-sulfuric acid mono-{[(4-aminopiperidin-4-yl) carbonyl]-7-oxo-1,6-diaza-bicyclo[3.2.1]-oct-6-yl} ester
Furo[3,4-b]pyran compounds and pharmaceutical uses
Process for the preparation of abiraterone and intermediates thereof
Method for regulating circadian rhythms
Cross-reactive antibodies against dengue virus and uses thereof
Humanized anti-epiregulin antibody, and cancer therapeutic agent comprising said antibody as active ingredient
Monospecific and bispecific anti-IGF-1R and anti-ERBB3 antibodies
Cyclopolymer containing residues of methionine and synthesis and uses thereof
Dithiolane carbonate monomers and polymers thereof
Catalyst for olefin polymerization, method for its preparation and use thereof
Catalysts for polyurethane foam polyol premixes containing halogenated olefin blowing agents
Vinyl carbosiloxane resins
Dual cure resin composite system and method of manufacturing the same
Curable compositions and membranes
NFC stabilized foam
Primer for footwear constituting members, method for producing same, footwear constituting member, and footwear
Method for fabricating a semicrystalline polymer / graphene oxide composite film
Zwitterionic lignin derivatives
Glass fiber structure designed to reinforce bonded abrasive articles
Chelating agent precursors, fluids containing them, and their use
Defoaming systems and methods in hydrocarbon processes
Refining apparatus and refining method for recycling waste plastics
Polymer structured aqueous detergent compositions
System and methods for anaerobic environmental microbial compartmentalized cultivation
Identification and the use of KRP mutants in plants
Process for the purification of recombinant albumin
Use of fructokinases and sucrose synthases for increasing cell wall polymers
Methods of increasing yield and stress tolerance in a plant by decreasing the activity of a trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase
Highly glyphosate-resistant mutated gene, method of modification and use thereof
1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate synthase alleles responsible for enhanced terpene biosynthesis
Compositions and methods for reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)
Protein complex having activity catalyzing asymmetric oxidation reaction and process for producing the same
Method for producing EPA-enriched oil and DHA-enriched oil
Method of isolating and identifying fruit oligosaccharides from ripe banana fruit
Gene methylation and expression
Methods of identifying individuals at risk of perioperative bleeding, renal dysfunction or stroke
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 8 and methods of detection
Methods and compositions for detecting non-hematopoietic cells from a blood sample
Blast furnace
Creep resistant high temperature martensitic steel
Method for the photocatalytically active coating of surfaces
Spatial deposition of material using short-distance reciprocating motions
Spallation-resistant multilayer thermal spray metal coatings
Textiles; Paper
Paper pulp molding device
Fixed Constructions
Structure for railroad ties having data acquisition, processing and transmission means
Train rail track structure systems
Screed system for paving machine
Sustainable filtering device for collecting floating debris
Garage floor barrier system
Pile cap connectors
Apparatus for supporting stay-in-place metal decking forms
Method for constructing cylindrical tank
Roof erection system and assembly kit
Scaffold system
Concrete pier foundation anchor bolt support and chamfer form
System and method for the selective repair of roofing shingles
Convertible stand/table
Portable hunting blind
Post guard system
Apparatus for opening and closing entrance
Latch actuating device
Apparatus for opening and closing front entrance
Saddle lock
Damped hinge assemblies
Safety gate apparatus and method
Mobile ladder support assembly
Cover assembly for a directional drilling machine
Drive shaft connection assembly
Elevator link extension systems
Disconnecting tool
Expandable fracture plug seat apparatus
Casing joint assembly for producing an annulus gas cap
Flow induced electrostatic power generator for tubular segments
Apparatus and method for recovering fluids from a well and/or injecting fluids into a well
Curable fiber
Method for establishing a relief well
Methods and systems of analyzing wellbore drilling operations
Fluid loss control material tester
Rotary steerable assembly inhibiting counterclockwise whirl during directional drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Layer system with double MCrAlX metallic layer
Air separator for gas turbine engine
Steam turbine system and method for starting up a steam turbine
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Individual piston squirter switching with crankangle resolved control
Device and method for metering a liquid into the exhaust tract of an internal combustion engine
Reducing agent supplying device
Method and system for binary flow turbine control
Exhaust gas housing for a gas turbine and gas turbine having an exhaust gas housing
Systems and methods for measuring a flow profile in a turbine engine flow path
System for controlling combustion condition in vehicle engine
Vaporized fuel processing apparatus
Enhanced engine performance with fuel temperature control
Adiabatic fuel injection-ignition method and device
Intake system
Method for operating a fuel injection system and fuel injection system comprising fuel injection valves with a piezo direct-drive
Fuel injection valve, and fuel injection apparatus provided with the same
Engine with integrated mixing technology
Plasma ignition device and plasma ignition method
Tidal current generating device and installation frame thereof
Variable displacement swash plate compressor
Control valve for variable displacement compressor
Method for controlling a refilling motor that drives a hydraulic pump
Liquid ring compressor
Hydraulic machine, in particular hydraulic pressure exchanger
Throttle device
Floating barrel nut assembly and related methods
Oil deflector and oil deflector-bearing assembly
Bearing for wind turbine
Agricultural tandem pivot assembly
Cage element for rolling bearing assembly
Bearing seal for media lubrication
Method for operating a roller bearing assembly, and roller bearing device therefor
Capacitance measurement in a bearing housing
Frusto-conical dual clutch
Original type damping-adjustable shock absorber
Transmission having a continuously or infinitely variable variator drive
IVT based on a ball-type CVP including powersplit paths
Vehicle transmission gear assembly
Hydraulically actuated continuously variable transmission
Alternator damper pulley for vehicle
Control valve
Gas supplying apparatus
Overpressure valve in the form of a check valve
Clamping device
Liquid waste treatment apparatus
Color rendering index tunable lamp and luminaire
Lighting device and associated method
Deployable, multi-sided illumination devices and related methods of use
LED 3D curved lead frame of illumination device
Light emitting diode lamp
Lighting device
Lens for an illuminating device
Lighting device
Light flux controlling member, light emitting device and illumination apparatus
Light source module
Metal ferrite oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion of solid fuels
Reliable carbon-neutral power generation system
Heat pump hot-water supply system
Solar flux conversion module
System and method for storing thermal energy
Refrigeration cycle apparatus
Method and scalable devices for hyper-fast cooling
Dehumidification system
Refrigerator door lock
Systems and methods for natural gas liquefaction capacity augmentation
Apparatus for manufacturing molten metal
Reversible safety selector for AR15-type firearm
Trigger assembly and system including a blocking mechanism
Drum magazine for projectiles
Handheld archery release
Single to two point tactical sling
Centerpin arrowhead adapter
Combination tape measure and cutter
Wavefront aberration measuring method, wavefront aberration measuring apparatus and optical element manufacturing method
Device for determining the position of a magnetic element using linear hall-effect cells
Fluid composition analysis device and method
Metering apparatus for and method of determining a characteristic of a fluid flowing through a pipe
Photoelectric convertor
Fourier transform spectroscopy method, spectroscopic device, and spectroscopic measurement program that improve spectral resolution and spectral accuracy
Smart tiles
Torque sensor and electric power steering device
Integrated optics reflectometer
Active measurement of gas flow velocity or simultaneous measurement of velocity and temperature, including in gas turbine combustors
High-throughput multi-laser wave mixing detection methods and apparatus
Optical particle detector and detection method
Use of microfluidic systems in the electrochemical detection of target analytes
Tension member fatigue tester using transverse resonance
Vial rack for liquid chromatography having draining means
Method of making ionic liquid mediated sol-gel sorbents
Methods of treating gastrointestinal sarcoma patients depending on their sB7H6 serum level
Device for sampling and enriching impurities in hydrogen comprising hydrogen-permeable membrane
Inertial sensor
Method and means for contactor monitoring in electric vehicle supply equipment
Tester to simultaneously test different types of semiconductor devices and test system including the same
Integrated time dependent dielectric breakdown reliability testing
Group vision alignment for double sided IC device testing
Partitioned scan chain diagnostics using multiple bypass structures and injection points
Power supply detecting circuit
Apparatus and method for high sensitivity magnetometry measurement and signal processing in a magnetic detection system
Radar detection for adjacent segments in wireless communications
Angular resolution radar sensor
Surveillance and tracking system and method
Systems and methods for handheld device based battery efficient context monitoring, detection of a vehicular motion and identification of a specific vehicle
Systems, methods, devices and subassemblies for creating and delivering a GNSS augmentation service
Method and system for low-frequency pressurized source
Acoustic isolators
Monitoring movement in fluid-containing environment via variable heating
Contact prevention film, touch panel and display device cover panel
Systems and methods for self-referenced quantitative phase microscopy
Rotary body driving apparatus
Alkali-soluble resin, photosensitive resin composition, color filter, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display apparatus
High pressure splice housing
Optical connector with lenses having opposing angled planar surfaces
Fibre stub device and method using butt coupling for receptacled photonic devices
Camera module and method for manufacturing a camera module
Fixed focal-length lens system
Eyewear design kit with customizable, erasable area
System, method and device for measuring pupillary distances
Switchable window having low emissivity (low-E) coating as conductive layer and/or method of making the same
Display device
Projection system with refractive beam steering
Display apparatus
Mirror unit and exposure apparatus
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium for detecting an abnormity from sound data
Image formation apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image formation method
Spring bearing for use in a developer cartridge roller system
Waste toner collection container and image forming apparatus
Hologram transfer foil, fabrication method of image display element, image display element, and personal authentication medium
Program creation device and programmable logic controller
Method for regulating the voltage of a transformer
Electronic device with carrier for storage device
Adjusting coordinates of touch input
Datacenter power management optimizations
Fast hot boot of a computer system
Fast hot boot of a computer system
Power control device and power consuming device
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
System and method for distributing electrical power
Apparatus and method for detecting errors on a transmission path
Detecting data requiring rebuilding in a dispersed storage network
Risk-based test coverage and prioritization
Tracing mechanism for recording shared memory interleavings on multi-core processors
Two-level cache locking mechanism
Security for memory module data
Storage device data overlay tracking and prevention
Main memory operations in a symmetric multiprocessing computer
Interconnection of peripheral devices on different electronic devices
Flashcard reader and converter for reading serial and parallel flashcards
System and method for managing information retrievals for integrated digital and analog archives on a global basis
Using augmented reality to create an interface for datacenter and systems management
Preventing modification of an email
Method for creating a document model from discontinuous selections of an existing document
Motorcycle having interactive lean control
Sparse matrix multiplication using a single field programmable gate array module
Automated document translation
Smart terminology marker system for a language translation system
Managing product configuration
Method and system for data mining of short message streams
Keyboard system with automatic correction
Storage quota management
Relational database recovery
Methods and systems of cloud-based disaster recovery
Database storage reclaiming program
Reducing lock occurrences in server/database systems
Method for non-intrusive on-line detection of turbine blade condition
Electronic device, unlocking method, and non-transitory storage medium
Display apparatus and method for motion recognition thereof
Technology for stall detection
Split transaction protocol for a bus system
Permitting participant configurable view selection within a screen sharing session
Dynamic tactile interface
Method for reducing perceived optical distortion
Computer keyboard with ultrasonic user proximity sensor
Methods and systems for commencing a process based on motion detection
Touch location sensing panel having image
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Transparent conductive coating for capacitive touch panel or the like
Contextually-specific automatic separators
Information processing apparatus, method for controlling display, and storage medium
Display system, display apparatus, manipulation apparatus and function selection apparatus
Apparatus and method for turning E-book pages in portable terminal
Block-level predictive data migration
Printing apparatus for performing printing based on data including a plurality of pages
Image forming system and image forming method which allow image forming apparatus to print documents even when battery exhaustion attacks on mobile communication terminal
Control apparatus, control system and control method
Embedded content suitability scoring
Enhanced document input parsing
Refinement shape content search
Reconfigurable processor for parallel processing and operation method of the reconfigurable processor
Enhanced policy editor with completion support and on demand validation
Continuous automatic tuning of code regions
Method, apparatus, and non-transitory computer readable media for the assessment of software products
Transactional boundaries for virtual model generation
Seamless application integration apparatus and method
Generating a predictive data structure
System, method and apparatus for transparently enabling software applications with adaptive user interfaces
Conditional stack frame allocation
Autonomic application installation
Constructing and deploying patterns of flows
Extending superword level parallelism
Inter-platform management of computing resources
Monitoring system noises in parallel computer systems
Live application mobility from one operating system level to an updated operating system level and applying overlay files to the updated operating system
Calculating expected maximum CPU power available for use
Management system and management method for managing information processing apparatus
Managing resources of a shared pool of configurable computing resources
Managing resources of a shared pool of configurable computing resources
Synchronization method, multi-core processor system, and synchronization system
Realizing graph processing based on the MapReduce architecture
Shuffle optimization in map-reduce processing
Method of processing javascript (JS) API requests
Systems, methods, and devices for assessing microbiota of skin
Dual contrast vessel wall MRI using phase sensitive polarity maps
Method of identifying palm area of a touch panel and a updating method thereof
Touch sensitive holographic displays
Filtering information within augmented reality overlays
Ladder program display device and ladder program display method
Method of controlling an electronic or computer system
Facilitating a meeting using graphical text analysis
Conductive fine particle and metal paste for electrode formation and electrode
Rotary/push button controller
Power control device
High precision detector robot arm system
Low energy electron beam lithography
Stage apparatus and exposure apparatus
Nanochannel electrode devices
Power generation and CO.sub.2 capture with turbines in series
Electronic centering indicator for clockspring assembly
Graphene coupled MIM rectifier especially for use in monolithic broadband infrared energy collector
System interconnect dynamic scaling handshake using spare bit-lane
Apparatus for supporting electronic device
Method and system for using relationship information from a social network to enable mobile device communications in a privacy enhanced network
Input structure and portable electronic device using the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Tool and method for soil sampling
Mobile harvesting unit
Ground roller and aerator mounted carriage
Geosynthetic material irrigation system
Portable ventilating system
Method and system for processing waste products generated in an animal dehairing operation
Modular fence
Flow inducer fish guide and method of using same
Sealing structure for fishing reel
Methods and apparatus for a quick-change spool system
System, apparatus, and methods for dispensing scent blocker and animal lure and marking trail during hunting and other outdoor excursions
Antimicrobially-treated fabrics
Flower sleeve holding preservative
Electrical stunning device
Big game gambrel
Poultry thigh processor
Apparatus for dispensing of food from one portion container
Simulated frozen beverage composition and method of manufacture thereof
Nozzle holder and device for extruding dough materials
Floatation garment
Footwear capable of being used interchangeably as a jumpshoe or roller skate
Reclosable bag having tamper-evident member attached to body panels along a line of weakness located below the rib and groove profiles of the bag zipper
Device for attaching wristband strands to a case
Exhaust valve for a bag
Roll-on body powder dispenser
Solvent container with dual purpose dispenser
Article of luggage with outer retaining device
Low slung tool carrier
Finger mounting system for writing instruments
Workstation system
Computer document holder
Mountable hanger apparatus and kit of parts therefore
Self-closing slide
Rotatable easel
Reclining device for chairs and chair with said reclining device
Lumbar support member
Display with appurtenance attachment system
Foldable merchandising strip
Wall or ceiling mountable brackets for storing and displaying board-based recreational equipment
Electronic labeling system to be carried by the crosspiece of a display unit with a peg
Method for assembling sheet metals and rigid structure obtained by said method
Material processing appliance and associated magnetic drive unit
Grill implements with removable handle
Apparatus for dispensing a wiping material
Endoscope system having transponder for discriminating endoscope
Television device of portable endoscope
Endoscope sleeve and irrigation device
Method for preventing laparoscope fogging
Combination of a vaginal speculum with a single-lens colposcope
Biopsy system
Lockout for a surgical biopsy device
Method of noninvasively obtaining intraductal fluid
Method for connecting adjacent vertebral bodies of a human spine with a plating system
Tissue acquisition system and method of use
Locking mechanism for an endoscopic overtube
Mating insertion instruments for spinal implants and methods of use
Fixation plate system for dorsal wrist fracture fixation
Sternum closure apparatus and method for helping maintain a space between parts of the sternum
Methods and systems for treating breast tissue
Treatment instrument for endoscope
Outflow system for an endoscope
Disposal of sharps in a healthcare environment
System and method for measuring vision
Techniques for facilitating use of eye tracking data
Intraocular pressure monitoring/measuring apparatus and method
Temperature sensing catheter
Enhanced interstitial fluid collection
Implantable mechanical force sensor
Personal computer card for collection of real-time biological data
Low power consumption implantable pressure sensor
Augmentation-index determining apparatus and arteriosclerosis inspecting apparatus
Blood pressure monitoring device with inclination sensor
Breath-based diagnostic device including an array of multiple sensors
Exhibited muscular power estimating apparatus
Radiation recording device
Ultrasonic scanning method and apparatus
Ultrasonic imaging devices and methods of fabrication
Ultrasonic probe
Catheter system having a balloon angioplasty device disposed over a work element lumen
Supporting structure for a dental model and a method for forming thereof
Anatomically contoured matrix bands for use in dental restoration procedures
Endodontic instrument with controlled flexibility and method of manufacturing same
Orthodontic bracket for visual positioning
Self-contained limb and cast support device
Drug delivery device with a flexible grating to hinder unforced removal of a drug in solid form from an insert tube
Apparatus and method for the repair of articular cartilage defects
Custom-formable knee immobilizer product, knee immobilizer and method
Anti-turnover mechanism of electrical wheelchair
Exercise and massage hoop
Skin cleaner
Water exercise device and method
Method for producing a two-chamber arrangement, and such a two-chamber arrangement
Methods of preventing UVB-induced skin damage
Characterization of an antibiotic impregnated delivery system as an intracanal medicament in endodontic therapy and method
Programmable device for diffusing olfactory peaks
Parenteral catheter apparatus
Introducer having a movable valve assembly with removable side port
Single-use preassembled medical device for administering at least two drugs in preset proportions to patients
Automatic safety syringe
Self destructive safety syringe
Apparatus and method for unwinding a needle portion
Electromagnetically induced anesthesia and sensory stimulation
Brachytherapy apparatus and methods
Radioactive therapeutic seed having selective marker configuration
Safety rope grab device
Compact abdominal exercise apparatus
Exercise apparatus
Exercise apparatus with video effects synchronized to exercise parameters
Multi-functional exerciser
Hand exerciser
Stair climbing exerciser
Rehabilitation and fitness trainer
Methods for creating consistent large scale blade deflections
Solid golf ball
Multilayer golf ball with wound intermediate layer
Light emitting golf ball
Three-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball
Cover device for covering an exercise fitness ball and the like
Day and night croquet and bocce
Tennis racket stringing machine
Golf club bag
Head frame for golf club-bagging device
Golf course hole cup advertising method
Basketball shot training device
Method for practicing golf shots
Fascia and shoe molding for a bowling center and method
Multi-level pool game apparatus and method
Entertaining system
Butt extender having a cushion-receiving cavity for a pool cue
Using existing videogames for physical training and rehabilitation
Stereo model displaying method and apparatus in video game, game apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium stored with stereo model displaying program for video game
Video game apparatus and information storage medium for video game
Security system for video game system with hard disk drive and internet access capability
Game apparatus and method of play
Jackpot system
Casino card game
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Computer game with cars and levers
Puzzle device
Stationery holder
Articulated magnet assembly and kit
Performing Operations; Transporting
Integrated scum baffle and launder cover for use in a clarifier tank
Fuel drawing device for motor vehicle tank
Method and device for temperature reduction of exhaust gas by making use of thermal water
Method for producing an exchanger and exchanger
Hollow fiber carbonation
Auger fed mixer apparatus and method of using
Straddle mixer
System and method for accurately blending fluids
Water aerator apparatus
Compression paddle mixer
Self-feeding shredder device for machine tools with swarf removal
Method and device for crushing glass bodies by means of microwave heating
Agent for dressing phosphate ore
Centrifugal separator for separating solids from a liquid mixture centrally fed through a gear device
Swinging bucket centrifuge with tapered rotor pins
Flexible-pouch support and dispenser containing said support
Diaphragm pump
Revolving mechanism of a spray head of a gardening sprinkler
Process and station for changing product in an installation for spraying coating product
Spray coating apparatus
Nozzle tip for agricultural sprayers
Adjustable adapter for gravity-feed paint sprayer
Venting plunger for caulk cartridges
Soil screener
Method apparatus for separating unwanted matter from granular material
Method and apparatus for weight controlled portioning of articles having non-uniform weight
Sorting and packaging products
Continuous pressure molten metal supply system and method
Continuous pressure molten metal supply system and method for forming continuous metal articles
Apparatus and method for dispensing coiled metallic ribbon
Tubing expansion
Articulated arm transport system
Process for manufacturing a can with a polygonal cross section and a can with a polygonal cross section
Self-tapping screw, blank and method for joining thin workpieces and production method for the same
Collected sand processing method
Device and method for casting a workpiece and workpiece
Method and apparatus for continuous casting of metals
Method and device for change of section of a billet of a continuous casting plant during continuous casting
Method for estimating and controlling flow pattern of molten steel in continuous casting and apparatus therefor
Indexable insert for turning
Tool with improved resistance to displacement
Device for clamping tools
Rock drilling tool
Milling tool and milling inserts having impact protection for main cutting edges
Machine and method for producing bevel gears
Bump reflow method by inert gas plasma
Solid conductive element insertion apparatus
Bonding method and apparatus
Indirect imaging method for a bonding tool
Process for producing a groove-like recess, and a groove-like recess of this type
Drilling device for frameless glasses
Cooling and flushing means for tools used for working rock
Adapter for agile fixturing automation
Board processing unit
Angled physical contact ferrule and associated method and apparatus for fabricating same
Platen assembly having a topographically altered platen surface
Portable power tool with rotation motor and grease lubricated angle drive
Polishing apparatus and polishing method
BPSG chemical mechanical planarization process control for production control and cost savings
Device for edge-machining of optical lenses
Clamping wafer holder for chemica-mechanical planarization machines and method for using it
Polishing apparatus, polishing head and method
Method and apparatus for applying downward force on wafer during CMP
Polishing-product discharging device and polishing device
Vacuum sanding pole with actuated hose junction
Methods and apparatuses for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies on planarizing pads
Portable sand blasting cabinet and accessory end caps
Polishing pads with polymer filled fibrous web, and methods for fabricating and using same
Grinding wheel fixture
Method for grinding at least one surface on a cutting knife used in machining, use of said method and grinding wheel used to carry out said method
Backing plate for abrasive flap wheels
Ratchet wrench and lighting circuit
Setting tool
Switch assembly for a combined hand tool device
Quick attachment release system for a rotary hand tool
Height adjustable sawhorse
Socket holder with wedge retention and rotational release
Tool rack assembly
Stiffening rail support
Nail gun carriage
Automatic truss jig setting system
Polymeric forms for moldable building material structures
Mold battery with improved member separation
System for producing ultraviolet blocking lenses
Holder for mold assemblies with indicia
Foam in bag packaging system and method for producing the same
Insert molding method and metal mold
Injection-moulding device
Actuating cylinder for a valve gated injection moulding device
Mixing apparatus
Fuel tank and method for its production
Optical connecting component
Combination molding/punching station for molding and punching containers out of a foil strip of thermoplastic synthetic material
Apparatus for manufacturing an adjustable covering for architectural openings
Eyeglass manufacturing method using variable index layer
Method and apparatus for creasing planar material
Recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Ink-jet printing apparatus and print timing setting method for the apparatus
Ink-jet printer and method of driving head thereof
Ink jet printer
Printhead board, printhead and printing apparatus
Integrated circuit and drive scheme for an inkjet printhead
Liquid jetting apparatus
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Piezoelectrically driven printhead array
Printhead assembly with shift register stages facilitating cleaning of printhead nozzles
Ink-jet recording head, manufacturing method of the same and ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Liquid container, elastic member for liquid container, and recording apparatus
Ink cartridge having shielded pocket for memory chip
Ink jet printing system, ink container and method of preparing the same
Inkjet printing head
Asymmetrical tape automated bonding device for a printhead cartridge
Method of image rasterization and imaging an address space an ink jet printers
Lightfastness/gamut modulation via separation of colorant species in inkjet printers
Printing apparatus and method implementing smooth outline
Controlling printing in response to print media characteristics
Modular compact printer system
Method and apparatus for forming an image on a recording medium with contraction and expansion properties
Ink jet nozzle rim
Method of printing film and articles
Removable insert assemblies and methods for making
Soft book
Embossed data carrier
Security device
Foldable carrier for retaining objects
Compactor tooth
All-terrain bicycle
Wheel cover simulating a high profile automotive wheel and tire
Tire working tool
Lifting and towing device and method of using same
Magnetic, telescoping trailer hitch alignment device
Pivoting, underslung, stowaway, hitch mount
Power train
Vehicle having systems responsive to non-mechanical control signals
Helical compression spring for a vehicle suspension
Strut mount
Device for measurement and control of the conditions of stability of a vehicle, in particular an industrial vehicle
Deep mass compensation for a vehicle automatic climate control
System and method for automatic temperature control in vehicles using predictive coding
Heating apparatus and housing for a heating apparatus
Zipper assembly with integrated electrical contacts
Tactical ID visor
Sealing and acoustic insulation panel, in particular for automobile doors
Hold-down system for a flexible cover of an open-topped container
Modular system and apparatus for covering a truck bed, and method of using same
Refueling safety switch
Vehicle for traveling on uneven ground
Transfer case with enhanced torque bias capability
Three-speed transfer case
Active torque bias coupling
Gearbox for a motor vehicle, especially a gearbox with a dual clutch and method for operating said gearbox
Hybrid vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling deployment of a side airbag
Driving unit
Lost motion dual disc seat recliner assembly
Cup holder for automobile
Loadhandling equipment, a vehicle incorporating the equipment and a method of raising a load with the equipment
Expandable camper shell for a pickup truck
Combination truck-box cover and collapsible shelter
Mobile, expandable structure, assembly support system
Habitable vehicle utility docking apparatus and method
Article steadying board
Tie-down system with deformation region
Rope tie
Vehicle mirror device assembly and method of assembling vehicle mirror device
Anti-buffeting vehicle mirror assembly
Easy to install pull out cargo-carrying tray frame for pickup trucks
Junction box
Extruded aluminum bumper
Bumper device for vehicles and bumper stay
Vehicular impact resistant barrier system
Air bag with tether
Occupant protection device
Inflatable side impact airbag
Dent and vibration resistant rigid knee airbag
Airbag module for motor vehicles
Abacus calculator
Hybrid gas generator
Displaceable automotive hood assembly
Belt tensioner
Seat belt retractor
Coupling disc for a belt retractor of a vehicle safety belt
Vehicle start system and method
Roof rack
Foldable cargo carrying basket
Hitch receiver mounted spoiler
Vehicle impact force limiting system
Energy management system
Primary seals for master-slave cylinder systems
Lock latch mechanism for transit vehicle door system
Coupling arrangement for rail vehicles
Swing cover door prop device for an electric coupler used on a passenger transit vehicle
Baby carrier
Adjustable steering assembly for an electrical scooter
Tubular crossmember
Motor vehicle front end structure
Aerodynamic stabilizer for motor vehicle
Convertible liftgate, ramp and work platform combination
Folding pickup truck wind deflection system and method
Steering system for a motor vehicle
Hydraulic dual circuit steering system
Double-axis oscillating bogie wheels
Automotive frame assembly
Vehicle steering system
Lean-right motorcycle support brace
Quick release clamp and mounting apparatus for detachably securing an object to a bicycle or other device
Flashlight securement systems
Multi-post shock absorber clamp system
Two-wheeled vehicle with rear suspension
Bicycle rear suspension
Stretchable bicycle
Transmission system for electrical twist vehicle
Latch mechanism for a snowmobile engine cover
Snowmobile remote throttle control
Riser support for floating offshore structure
Manufacturing process for surfboards and bodyboards and articles of manufacture
Ice composite body and process for the construction thereof
Drop weight dive belt
Self-tensioning pedal drive mechanism for a human powered boat
Adjustable engine mount bracket assembly
Turning of a propulsion unit
Cockpit vent for a power boat
Snap-on sidewall assembly
Metal structural component for an aircraft, with resistance to crack propagation
Constant velocity drive rotary-wing aircraft rotor with torque splitting differential
Reconnaissance using unmanned surface vehicles and unmanned micro-aerial vehicles
Aerial cargo container with deceleration and orientation assembly
Method for the control of aero gas turbine engines
Impact resistant surface insulation tile for a space vehicle and associated protection method
Apparatus and method for altering the tension of a clampband
Empty bag supplying apparatus and a product-filled bag extraction apparatus in a continuous conveying type bag-filling packaging machine
Method and means for packaging draperies for purposes of storage or transportation
Labeler and method
Phial for distributing products, with an improved applicability
Plastic container and method of manufacturing the same
Slider zipper package with wide mouth opening
Lid with hinge for plastic pail
Stackable display tray
Novelty date package
Carton and a cushion member for placement into a carton
Magnetic tape cassette storage case
Device for controlling and monitoring a conveyor belt, notably a tubular conveyor belt
Automatic centering device for a conveyor belt for industrial and/or agricultural machinery
Intermediate discharge for an enclosed roller belt conveyor assembly
Sorting conveyer with a tilting mechanism
Conveyor apparatus with cushioning holdback bar
Accumulator apparatus and method having improved sheet registration
Sheet feeding apparatus
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Discharge and transfer system for interfolded sheets
Sheet folder with turnover and pressing device
Automatic device for dispensing and applying adhesive tape in rolls
Apparatus and method for dispensing tickets
Method and apparatus for folding a web
Self aligning transport mechanism for media of variable media widths
Document pinch force control with soft pinch rollers and document pinch force control
Chuck for a winding apparatus
Method and apparatus for locating and conveying sheet-like body
Traction elevator
Staircase guide for a stairlift
Hoist system
Apparatus and method for use in handling a load
Perfected device to transport vehicles in assembly lines
Tahoe rescue tool--rescue hoist
Method of opening an ampoule
Fluid dispensing system and dual-mode, system fluid actuated valve for use therein
Dispensing device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Batch charger for cold top electric furnace
Safe and stable retroviral helper cell line and related compositions and methods
Golf ball
Ink set and ink jet recording method
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation in reducing environment
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation to pyrolyze a selected percentage of hydrocarbon material
Method and apparatus for recovery of lost diluent in oil sands extraction tailings
Water-soluble preflux, printed circuit board, and process for treating the surface of a metal in a printed circuit board
Perforated sleeve connector
System and method for electropolishing nonuniform pipes
Textiles; Paper
Yam melt spinning apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Roller device for compacting the ground comprising slip control
Temporary raised pavement marker (TRPM) applicator machine for automatically applying pavement markers to road surfaces
Safety barrier transition for providing an easily removable closure of road gaps
Marker post, mold assembly and molding method
Modular drainage unit
Grid drain system
Portable exhibition frame assembly
Drywall taping and texture system using bladder pump with pneumatic flip/flop logic remote control
Portable collapsible scaffolding for angled surfaces
Support pole
Erectable shelter with collapsible central roof support
Weather resistant fence covering
External door handle for vehicles
Lock for a motor vehicle opening leaf with a disengageable wrist pin
Simplified integral inside and outside handle and operator for a latch member for closures
Drive mechanism for use with an overhead shaft of a sectional door
Raised panel door section for garage door
Headrail for double shade
Seafloor-surface linking device comprising a stabilizing element
Tubular threaded joint capable of being subjected to diametral expansion
Downhole assembly releasable connection
Apparatus and method for coring and/or drilling
Float collar
Apparatus and method for spacing out of offshore wells
Borehole conduit cutting apparatus and process
Isolation of subterranean zones
Modular bi-directional hydraulic jar with rotating capability
Spool for pressure containment used in rigless well completion, re-completion, servicing or workover
Resin impregnated continuous fiber plug with non-metallic element system
Downhole plug holder and method
Partial coil-in-coil tubing
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using a selected production well spacing
Method of well casing cathodic protection optimization using the drill stem data
Junction isolation apparatus and methods for use in multilateral well treatment operations
Method and apparatus for deployment, mounting and coupling of downhole geophones
Lockable motor drive
Leadless sub assembly for downhole detection system
Self-calibrated ultrasonic method of in-situ measurement of borehole fluid acoustic properties
Apparatus and methods for expanding tubulars in a wellbore
Method for drilling multilateral wells with reduced under-reaming and related device
Cutting arrangement
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll compressors
Bearing spring plate pedestal
Fuel injection control for marine engine
Turbomachine with a vaneless rotating diffuser and nozzle
Cylinder head gasket
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Electromagnetic fuel injection device for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Discharge valve of a hermetic compressor using stopper and weight driven disc valve
Over-molded gland seal
Hydraulic amplifier pump for use in ultrahigh pressure liquid chromatography
Fluid delivery device, particularly for delivery of combustion air to a heating burner of a motor vehicle
Combination of split bodies for use in assembling blower fan by hollow article molding process
Seal apparatus for a water pump, rotation-support apparatus for a water pump, and a water pump
Impeller for water pump
Centrifugal fan
Fan blade
Combinational drawer
Iron mounting for detachably fixing to a piece of furniture
Expansion dowel
Device for clamping two components in a spaced relationship
Releasable fastening device for mounting components
Threaded bolt having measurement planes
Quick insertion and removal fastener
Connecting device for profiled bars with grooves
Profile-connecting device
Hydrodynamic bearing unit
Redundant ball bearing
Linear motion guide unit
Rolling guide device and drive system using rolling guide device
Sleeve bearing arrangement
Fluid bearing device
Cage for roller bearing
Sealed bearing
Preloading method for preload-adjustable rolling bearing and manufacture of the same
Torque transfer device with release mechanism
Bearing device for driving wheel
Oneway clutch device
Clutch adjustment method and apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for mounting a brake disc
Disk brake unit for a vehicle wheel
Wet friction plate assembly
Arrangement for damping torsional vibrations
Mass and impact energy adaptive compensating converter
Liquid-sealing type variation isolating apparatus
Powertrain mount with high frequency plunger
Damper mechanism
Transmission mechanisms with three planetary gear sets
Family of multi-speed planetary transmissions each having two input clutches and three planetary gearsets
Family of five-speed transmission mechanisms having a stationary interconnecting member
Motor actuator
Compact hydrokinetic coupling apparatus, especially for a motor vehicle
Lube regulated pressure regulator valve
Hydraulic control apparatus of an automatic transmission
Control apparatus for automatic transmission
Belt-type continuously variable transmission
Seal assembly for limiting the movement of a seal within a seal housing
Compression ring sealing device with end gap control and a method of manufacturing same
Coupling member for use in fluid control apparatus and method of fabricating same
Fluid damper
Valve mechanism
Solenoid valve
Double shoulder oilfield tubular connection
Flange connector
Single-handed cord/cable management device
Structure of a piercing drain device used on a sealed chamber
Method and apparatus for routing cable in existing pipelines
Rotary stand for an electric appliance
Pan head
Adjustable supporting device for a display panel
Lamp assembling device with orientation adjustable lamp post
Portable outdoor lighting fixture
Decorative light device having rotary actuating member
Globe type electrodeless lighting apparatus
Framework for a lighting fixture
Light emitting panel assemblies
Spread illuminating apparatus with light reflection-diffusion layer on optical path conversion means
Method and apparatus for producing an illuminated animation effect
Illumination device and liquid crystal apparatus using the same
Lighted ornament
Hybrid type high pressure combustion burner employing catalyst and CST combustion with staged mixing system
Combustion optimization
Gas burner for a cooking hob
Low power starter for catalytic heaters
Multiple port catalytic combustion device and method of operating same
Cautious optimization strategy for emission reduction
Expansion valve
Heat dissipation device comprised of multiple heat sinks
Method and apparatus for automated measurement of properties of perishable consumer products
Wireless remote cooking thermometer system
Temperature sensor device for use in a clean room
Method for determining the relative humidity of a volume of air having a temperature of C or greater
Synchronized electronic shutter system and method for thermal nondestructive evaluation
Method to calculate fuel DI number from a measured curve
3rd borehole radar antenna and algorithm, method and apparatus for subsurface surveys
Counting apparatus
Grounding system for a fiberscope
Controlled curvature of stressed micro-structures
Wide-field-of-view projection display
Bulkhead adapter with optical fiber for signal attenuation
Translucent dust cap and associated method for testing the continuity of an optical fiber jumper
Optical connector enabling multicore structure by efficiently utilizing space
Optical bench for an opto-electronic device
Infrared data communication module and method of making the same
Fiber optic connections and method for using same
Progressive-power lens and design process for same
Eyeglasses having additional, replaceable lenses
Fabrication method of flat panel display comprising address line with mending layer
Apparatus and method for pressing and combining two substrates of a LCD panel
Digital camera back holding
Housing and internal layout for compact SLM-based projector
Mirror array device and projection type display apparatus using the same
Projection display apparatus and method of display
Color field sequential projector including polarized light beam splitter and electronically controllable birefringence quarter waveplate
Projection lens and projector provided with the same
Escapement device for timepiece
Wheel calculator
Communication device for a handheld computer
Method for preventing storage of duplicate barcode entries in an item security database
Device for finding the triggers of paroxysmally occurring illnesses
Method and system for playing games on a network
Ergonomic and efficient keyboard
Keyboard with improved lateral region
Hand-held computer keyboard
Data carrier comprising an array of contacts
Device and method for reading coded information, and device for detecting a luminous signal diffused by a support containing coded information
Versatile method and system for VCSEL-based bar code scanner
Permanent visual shock indicator
Positioning of photodetectors in optical scanning modules for use in bar code readers for reducing specular reflection
Method and apparatus for reading invisible symbol
Mechanical numeral wheel counter that can output switch signals and a method of reading the switch signals
Electronic book interactive wagering system
Gate system
Coin changer
Bill receiving and dispensing device
Lockable removable cassette
Network transaction and cash-accepting add-value station
Method for crediting a player of an electronic gaming device
Method and apparatus for player selection of an electronic game payout
Game service interfaces for player tracking touch screen display
Apparatus and method for facilitating team play of slot machines
Gaming device with rotating display and indicator therefore
Enhanced bezel for currency acceptor
Gas suction pump device, gas feed adapter and gas alarm unit
On-premises restaurant communication system and method
System for education about names
Display device suited for a blind person
High-precision cognitive performance test battery suitable for internet and non-internet use
Optical projection system including projection dome
UPC identification device
Recording sensor mounting bracket for acoustic pianos
Delta velocity tension control for tape
Magnetic tape cartridge
CD organization device
Compact disc case
Multiple interface memory card
Method of manufacturing plasma-display-panel-substrate, plasma-display-panel-substrate, and plasma display panel
Process of preventing junction leakage in field emission devices
Method of manufacturing an image forming apparatus having improved spacers
Tool for placing spacers in a flat display screen
Method and apparatus for adjusting characteristics of electron source, and method for manufacturing electron source
Method and apparatus for separating sample
System and method for interlocking management in semiconductor material supply equipment
Wafer carrier door and latching mechanism withhourglass shaped key slot
Substrate transfer apparatus and substrate transfer method
Piezoelectric wafer clamping system
Automated semiconductor processing system
Thermally enhanced interposer and method
Cylindrical fin tower heat sink and heat exchanger
Heatsink and heatsink device using the heatsink
CPU cooling structure
High frequency semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing electroluminescence device
Light emitting diode
Integrated quantum cold point coolers
Terminated coaxial connector
Pressure actuated zero insertion force socket
High-speed transmission connector with a ground structure having an improved shielding function
Electrical connector having latches for reducing warpage thereof
Board mountable connector and board mounting structure of connector
Moment/bow reducing wear plate
Electric connector having lateral fasteners arranged along and rotatable about a horizontal axis
Cable fixture of coaxial connector
Connector/switch unit for a flat antenna
Coaxial line section assembly and method with VSWR compensation
Coaxial elastomeric connector system
Connector lock mechanism
Internally locking coaxial connector
Power tool cord retainer
Laminate electrical interconnect system
Electronic equipment
Electronic ignition device
Connector termination adapter
Apparatus and method of making an electrical connection in a high voltage/high current lamp
Electrical brushless rotary connector assembly
Resilient contact and assembly thereof
Electrical connector with continuous strip contacts
Clamping structure for continuous terminal
Connecting arrangement
Cabinet, particularly equipment cabinet
Wire winding apparatus and method for manufacturing armature
Magnetic pump
Cellular communication device with integral headset retraction assembly
Image processing apparatus, image processing system apparatus, and recording medium which records image processing program
Reader for electromagnetic radiation detection element, sensor, and the corresponding read process
Video providing apparatus
Cross-fired multiple horn loudspeaker system
Method and system for positioning implanted hearing aid actuators
Backpack entertainment system with detachable pockets for speakers
Mounting arrangement for light emitting diodes
Electronic component and a method of manufacturing the same
Modem ejection assembly for a handheld wireless communication device
Method for manufacturing an electronic apparatus having a shielding assembly and a printed wire board
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