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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Regulation of gene expression in plants
Synergistic insecticide mixtures
Medicament for treating lung cancer
Heterocyclic carboxamides and their use as fungicides
Pyrrolo [3,2-C] pyridines useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Ubiquitin ligase inhibitors and methods related thereto
Method and apparatus for manufacturing decorated ice cream confectionery items
Isothiocyanate preservatives and methods of their use
Shape memory alloy actuators
Endoscope, in particular for tracheotomy
Biopsy needle with integrated guide pin
Surgical instrument and method for treating female urinary incontinence
Method for creating a temporary hypobaric wound space in an intentionally left open surgical wound to diagnose substrate losses and prevent exogenous contamination with microorganisms
Vital signs monitor using an optical ear-based module
Timing techniques for magnetic resonance imaging
Methods and devices for epithelial protection during photodynamic therapy
Thermoelastic and superelastic Ni-Ti-W alloy
Bandage bag
Method of increasing gastric emptying
Therapeutic proline derivatives
Tryptophan derivative and application thereof
Melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagonist
.alpha.-Amino-N-hydroxy-acetamide derivatives
Pharmaceutical compounds
Hydroxyethylene-based .beta.-secretase inhibitors and use thereof
Broad spectrum 2-(substituted-amino)-benzothiazole sulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors
Benzamide derivatives and uses related thereto
N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-N-methyl-4-(quinolin-8-yl(1-(thiazol-4-ylmethyl)piperid- in-4-ylidene)methyl)benzamide
Unsaturated mTOR inhibitors
Methods and compositions for stimulating the immune system
Metal-binding motif compositions and methods
Treatment of osteoarthritis
BMP-7 variant compositions, methods and uses
Autologous T-cell vaccines materials and methods
PH-sensitive polymeric micelles for drug delivery
Antibody assay methods to assess risk for TIA/stroke
Solid oral dosage form containing an enhancer
Foaming granule and method for making same
Attachment device and system for corneal irrigating cannula and method thereof
Variable implantable medical device power characteristics based upon implant depth
Methods and systems for electrical and/or drug stimulation as a therapy for erectile dysfunction
Medical electrical lead
Electrotransport delivery device having improved safety and reduced abuse potential
Training device for exercising muscle groups of the entire body
Low cost electronic toys and toy components manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Game call apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Foam composition
Locking filter assembly
Biological fluid filtration apparatus
Monolithic element with reinforced corners for the filtration of particles
Ceramic filters formed from photocurable pre-ceramic polymers
Off gas extraction and chemical recovery system and related methods
Ion transport membrane module and vessel system with directed internal gas flow
Process and apparatus for treating flue gas from sintering plants
Process for preparing semipermeable membranes having improved permeability
Pipe shaped reformer having rugged internal surface
Air purification and decontamination for hazmat suits
Method for making a film with improved wettability properties
Sealing porous dielectric materials
Method and apparatus for sorting contaminated glass
Dishwasher having avatar display portion
Method of preventing exposure of asbestos-containing material, method of treating asbestos-containing waste material, method of melt treating asbestos-containing waste material, asbestos-containing waste material treated article, and asbestos-containing melt treated article
Pattern forming apparatus
System for producing pressure sensitive intermediate web assembly having regularly occurring discontinuous segments produced in a continuous fashion
Method for sealing edges of a core of a composite sandwich structure
Membrane apparatus for receiving samples
Letterpress application of elastomeric compositions
Structures having aligned nanorods and methods of making
Method of preparing sustained release microparticles
Durable and fire resistant nonwoven composite fabric based garment
Substrates and compounds bonded thereto
Surface protection film-attached optical film and image display
Binding-in and pressing machine
Combined window screen and ventilation system for vehicles
Automotive messaging display unit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the production of hydrogen by the thermochemical route, based on the hydrochlorination of cerium
Use of Rhizopus stolonifer (Ehrenberg) Vuillemin in methods for treating industrial wastewaters containing dyes
Mixed bacterial culture for atrazine degradation
Metal pattern and process for producing the same
Sealing composition for sealing aluminum nitride and aluminum oxynitride ceramics
Methods for producing acylphenylalanine
Process for the allylation of n-acylhydrazones
Purification of 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoroisopropanol
(PER) fluoropolyether compounds
Methods to prepare carbon-isotope labeled organohalides with high specific radioactivity from carbon-isotope monoxide
Method for separating hydrogen chloride and phosgene
Method of making dialkyl ketones
Urea derivatives as calcium channel blockers
Amidine derivatives and their applications as a medicament
3-Hydroxy-3-(2-thienyl) propionamides and production method thereof, and production method of 3-amino-1-(2-thienyl)-1-propanols using the same
Thiophene-containing compound and thiophene-containing compound polymer, organic electroluminescent device, production method thereof, and image display medium
CCR9 inhibitors and methods of use thereof
Thioamide derivatives as progesterone receptor modulators
Pyrithione complex compound, process for producing the same and use thereof
Method of separation using aromatic thioether ligands
Nucleic acid molecule set for detecting Salmonella, nucleic acids, kit and use
Transgenic mammals introduced a Period 1 promoter that confers rhythmical expression
Double-stranded synthetic oligonucleotides useful for inducing apoptosis of osteoclasts for the treatment of osteopenic pathologies
Polynucleotides encoding molecules designated LDCAM
Gene expression profiling of uterine serous papillary carcinomas and ovarian serous papillary tumors
Telechelic homopolyamino acids functionalized with hydrophobic groups, and their applications, especially therapeutic applications
Patched polypeptides and uses related thereto
Human IL-1 epsilon DNA and polypeptides
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 193P1E1B useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Angiopoietin-2 specific binding agents
Peptide with putative role in cytoskeletal protection
Impact strength polypropylene
Water- and oil-repellent fluoroacrylates
Hydrophobically modified polymers as laundry additives
Removing fluorosurfactant from aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions using monodisperse ion exchange resin
Binders containing ortho ester groups
Method for extracting nylon from waste materials
Polymer membrane for fuel cell, method of preparing the same, membrane-electrode assembly including the same, and fuel cell system including the same
Impact resistant rigid vinyl chloride polymer composition and method of making the same
Shapeable resin compositions
Anticorrosive coating compositions
Antimicrobial paint
Liquid crystalline medium
Conducting liquid crystal polymer matrix comprising carbon nanotubes, use thereof and method of fabrication
Garden tool maintenance fluid
Fabric softener compositions comprising homo- and/or copolymers
DNA amplification device
Method for freezing viable cells
Chemical sensor enhanced by direct coupling of redox enzyme to conductive surface
Recovery method for immobilized biocatalysts
DAP12 nucleic acids
Process for producing physiologically active protein using genetically modified silkworm
Compositions and methods using RNA interference for control of nematodes
Expression of plasminogen and microplasminogen in duck weed
Selected cell delivery for heart failure
Human salivary gland-origin stem cell
Method and compositions for obtaining mature dendritic cells
Method of treating waste from alcohol production
Stain-directed molecular analysis for cancer prognosis and diagnosis
Methods for genetic analysis of DNA to detect sequence variances
Transgenic fungi expressing Bcl-2 and methods of using Bcl-2 or portions thereof for improving biomass production, survival, longevity and stress resistance of fungi
Detection and distinguishing infections bursal disease virus (IBDV) strains by molecular biology method
Method of electrically detecting biomolecule
Noble metal layer formation for copper film deposition
Method of producing carbon nanostructure
Plasma film-forming apparatus and plasma film-forming method
Chemical vapor deposition chamber with dual frequency bias and method for manufacturing a photomask using the same
Concentrated electroless solution for selective deposition of cobalt-based capping/barrier layers
Focus ring and plasma processing apparatus
Plasma processing apparatus capable of controlling plasma emission intensity
Method for copper electrowinning in hydrochloric solution
Method for fixing metal particles and method for manufacturing substrate containing metal particles, method for manufacturing substrate containing carbon nanotube, and method for manufacturing substrate containing semiconductor-crystalline rod, employing thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems and methods for regulation of engine variables
Turbine with tube arrangement and method of preventing detachment of a fluid flow
Electrically controlled actuating element on a machine
Vehicle headlight bulb
Internal combustion burner, particularly for drawing mineral fibers
Refrigerator door and refrigerator therewith
Colorimetric three-dimensional microscopy
Relative position detection device and detector for rotary body and image forming apparatus including the relative position detection device
Apparatus and method for calculating size tolerance, and computer-readable recording medium in which program for calculating size tolerance is stored
Information service system
Orbitron based stand-off explosives detection
Device and method for acquiring information on objective substance to be detected by detecting a change of wavelength characteristics on the optical transmittance
Optical inspection apparatus and method
Method of purifying the used O-18 enriched cyclotron target water and apparatus for the same
Integrated carry-on baggage cart and passenger screening station
Radiographic imaging control apparatus and method for controlling the same
Device for detecting molecules, method for detecting molecules
Methods and devices for diagnosis of appendicitis
Single population of simulated leukocyte granules, calibrators comprising the same and methods of preparing the same
Method for the diagnosis of sepsis with determination of soluble cytokeratin fragments
Detecting a bacterial process in chronic rhinosinusitis
Method and kit for determination of prostacyclin in plasma
Methods utilizing target genes related to immune-mediated diseases
Liquid properties sensor circuit
Method for assessing the suitability of metered dose inhaler actuators
Method and apparatus for testing electronic components within horizontal and vertical boundary lines of a wafer
Reporting dial-up access problems using a real-time automated system
System and method for monitoring label switched path in network
Semiconductor inspection system and apparatus utilizing a non-vibrating contact potential difference sensor and controlled illumination
Sensor circuit, semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
Electromagnetic and particle detector with reduced number of connections
Systems and methods for seismic data acquisition employing asynchronous, decoupled data sampling and transmission
Apparatus, systems and methods for determining position of marine seismic acoustic receivers
Integrated seismic sensor cable
Sanding advisor
Method and computer program product for drilling mud design optimization to maintain time-dependent stability of argillaceous formations
Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs
Surveying method using an arrangement of plural signal sources
Radar mining guidance control system
Coarse wellsite analysis for field development planning
Functionalized dyes and use thereof in ophthalmic lens material
Lens barrel and image pickup device
Object lens and condenser
Device and method for modifying actuation voltage thresholds of a deformable membrane in an interferometric modulator
Electrophoretic apparatus and electronic equipment
Image display apparatus and image display method
Method of producing a sheet having lenticular lenses for a three dimensional display system
Optical lens and light emitting device using the same
Thermally controlled sold immersion lens fixture
Optical element and optical element holder
Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Wide angle lens with large aperture
Apparatus and method of dual-mode display
Method for forming electro-optic film
Optical modulator and modulation method
Liquid crystal display device and display apparatus having the same including rear case and receiving container attachment combination
Liquid crystal projector
Liquid crystal display device with spherical spacers in contact holes
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel including a data wire having first and second data lines
Liquid crystal display module having electrode pairs in partitioned light emitting spaces, respectively
Systems and methods for reducing rain effects in images
Camera with display panel
Level adjustment systems and adjustable pin chuck thereof
Near-field exposure mask, method of producing that mask, near-field exposure apparatus having that mask, and resist pattern forming method
Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and control method therefor
Image reading apparatus capable of reading infrared and visible images
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
LED driver
Semiconductor device
Current detector circuit and current-mode DC-DC converter using same
Nonlinear neural network fault detection system and method
Apparatus and methods for discriminating late software commands sent to hardware
Slide type portable terminal
HDD anti-shock and anti-vibration device
Thin display
Apparatus for positioning electronic component modules within an equipment chassis
Systems and methods for maintaining performance of an integrated circuit within a working power limit
Method and apparatus for seamless management for disaster recovery
Method for defect management in rewritable optical storage media
System for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a master
System and method for verification of cache snoop logic and coherency between instruction & data caches for processor design verification and validation
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance, and computer product
Two-level RAM lookup table for block and page allocation and wear-leveling in limited-write flash-memories
Data storage drive for automated data storage library
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner
Data processing system
Storage control system and storage control method
Apparatus and method to control access to stored information
Information processing device, information recording medium and information processing method, and computer program
Program security through stack segregation
Operating system arrangement for flexible computer system design
Flash card reader and data exchanger utilizing low power extended USB protocol without polling
Airborne real time image exploitation system (ARIES)
Memory and I/O bridge
Segmented antenna system for offshore radio networks and method of using same
Method of converting a color recipe
System, method, and computer program product for video benchmarking
Controller driver, liquid crystal display apparatus using the same, and liquid crystal driving method
Presence enhanced telephony service architecture
Method and apparatus for dynamically delivering a gadget
System and method for confirming specification of intended electronic mail message recipients
Method and apparatus for enhancing discoverability and usability of data network capability of a mobile device
Bidirectional remote communication via browser plug-in
Electronic file management
Meeting structures and global unique identifiers
Apparatus and method for interacting with internet content via one or more applications that do not include native web browsing navigation control features
Method for discovery reply packet transmission in communication network
Virtual computer system and virtual computer migration control method
Use of virtual targets for preparing and servicing requests for server-free data transfer operations
Node discovery involving stealth node enumerators
System for similar document detection
System for automatically identifying power system type and identifying likely errors of wiring and connection
Method, system, and computer program product for executing SIMD instruction for flexible FFT butterfly
System recovery method and computer system using the same
Information processing system, information processing method and information processing program
Information processing method and apparatus
Remote desktop system
Automated error checking system and method
Method and device for monitoring and analyzing signals
Production management method and production management system
Secure digital couriering system and method
Block-based data striping to flash memory
Auxiliary display system architecture
Method for switching node and an information processing system
Out-of-band platform recovery
Associating electronic documents, and apparatus, methods and software relating to such activities
Image forming apparatus and image forming method capable of reading image data from document bundle including document with tab
Policy-based management method and system for printing of extensible markup language (XML) documents
System and method providing control of reticle stocking and sorting
Flexible accumulator in digital signal processing circuitry
S-matrix technique for circuit simulation
Method and system for dependency tracking and flush recovery for an out-of-order microprocessor
Method and software for partitioned floating-point multiply-add operation
System and apparatus for group data operations
Driveline angle analyzer
Traffic information transmitting apparatus, transmitting method, and transmitting program
Stabilizing print job manager
Automated method for image analysis of residual protein
High resolution radio frequency medical imaging and therapy system
Method for inspecting luggage
Method for on-line machine vision measurement, monitoring and control of organoleptic properties of products for on-line manufacturing processes
Method and a system for automatic measurement and tracking of logs, industrial wood and boards
Gamut selection in multi-engine systems
System and method for fusing geospatial data
Error concealment using icons for JPEG and JPEG 2000 compressed images
Coding of image sequences with a plurality of image blocks and reference images
System and method for generating superimposed image data
Method and apparatus for converting a photo to a caricature image
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and program for the same
Optical tactile sensor
Viewing and ordering customized resin panels through web-based interfaces
Terminal apparatus, server, content data storage method, and program for executing the method
System and method for requesting, receiving, tracking and verifying or receiving proof of insurance coverage and transferring risk to uninsured or underinsured parties
Processing method for vending machine with substitutable magazines
System and method for delegating file system operations
Method and apparatus for visual silent alarm indicator
Process for producing and controlling the package quality of absorbent articles containing a wetness sensing system
Call admission control system and method for interpreting signaling messages and controlling traffic load in internet protocol differentiated services networks
System and method for off route processing
Interactive patient education system
Method of driving plasma display panel
Plasma display panel and method for driving same
Current control circuit, LED current control apparatus, and light emitting apparatus
Method and system for using a keyboard overlay with a touch-sensitive display screen
Automatic height adjustment for electronic highlighter pens and mousing devices
Mobile terminal
Generation of an image from text
Method and apparatus for lossless and minimal-loss color conversion
Neck for stringed musical instrument
Guitar stand system and method of use
Device for adjusting the tension of the strings of a guitar or of a bass
Optical recording method, evaluation indicator acquiring method, optical recording apparatus, micro CPU device, and computer program
Disk drive initializing a coil temperature estimation algorithm using a resistance of the coil estimated during a load operation
Device for creating content from multiple video and/or audio materials and method therefor
Method of controlling write strength of HDD and recording medium having recorded thereon program suitable for same
Method and system for reduction of off-track write errors in disk drives
Media drive, processing method for recording data onto a medium, processing method for data read from a medium, and method for controlling a process for reading data from a medium
Superparamagnetic platelets field sensing devices
Quiet high performance seek procedure for disk drives
Read/write head with dynamic flying height control by magnetostriction
Optical disk apparatus and information recording/reproduction method
Disc device
Objective lens, optical pickup apparatus and optical information recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical system, optical pickup apparatus, and optical disk apparatus
Optical disk apparatus
Method and apparatus for writing data to optical disc
Disk reproducing apparatus and method
Method for programming an integrated circuit, method for programming a plurality of cells, integrated circuit, cell arrangement
Content addresable memory having selectively interconnected counter circuits
Method and device for programming control information
Device with memory and method of operating device
Layout structures and methods of fabricating layout structures
Infrared marking device and methods
Transformer with fixed pins
Method for fabricating a solid electrolyte memory device and solid electrolyte memory device
Linear pressure switch apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for measuring degradation of insulation of electrical power system devices
Electrical switch box
Plasma display device with chassis base formed of plastic and conductive material
Plasma display device
Pixel array arrangement for a soft x-ray source
X-ray device component with emissive inorganic coating
Automatic method of axial adjustments in electron beam system
Optical sensor with an optical element transmissive to warming radiation
Cryo-charging specimen holder for electron microscope
Electrical test method and apparatus
Process for producing a flat panel radiation detector and a flat panel radiation detector
Semiconductor device fabrication method and semiconductor device
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing said solid-state imaging device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Barrier metal film production method
Heat treatment apparatus
High resolution silicon-containing resist
Method for cutting solid-state image pickup device
Method for growing an oxynitride film on a substrate
Method for forming silicon thin-film on flexible metal substrate
Structure capable of use for generation or detection of electromagnetic radiation, optical semiconductor device, and fabrication method of the structure
Fabricating method for quantum dot of active layer of LED by nano-lithography
Method for producing a Group III-V compound semiconductor
Self-constrained anisotropic germanium nanostructure from electroplating
Methods for etching layers within a MEMS device to achieve a tapered edge
SiO.sub.x:Si composite articles and methods of making same
Interconnect structures with interlayer dielectric
Method for manufacturing insulated-gate type field effect transistor
Method of forming PN junctions including a post-ion implant dynamic surface anneal process with minimum interface trap density at the gate insulator-silicon interface
Methods of forming stepped bumps and structures formed thereby
Oxidized barrier layer
Method of depositing nanolaminate film for non-volatile floating gate memory devices by atomic layer deposition
Soluble hard mask for interlayer dielectric patterning
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Atomic layer deposition processes for non-volatile memory devices
Silicon controlled rectifier electrostatic discharge clamp for a high voltage laterally diffused MOS transistor
Semiconductor device
Contact structure comprising semiconductor and metal islands
Semiconductor device having a nanoscale conductive structure
Lead frame, method of manufacturing the same, semiconductor device using lead frame and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Organic electroluminescent device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic appliance
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Electric field read/write head and method of manufacturing same and data read/write device
Method for backside surface passivation of solar cells and solar cells with such passivation
Method for obtaining a better color rendering with a photoluminescence plate
Semiconductor component with MIM capacitor
Fuel cell and fuel cell stack
Plastic molding type secondary battery and method of forming the same
Lithium secondary battery
Catalyst nanoparticle
Power supply plate for a coplanar circuit fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fluorinated sulfonamide compounds and polymer electrolyte membranes prepared therefrom for use in electrochemical cells
Dielectric waveguide filter with cross-coupling
Circulator device and a method for assembly
Double comb guard trace pattern for reducing the far-end cross-talk and printed circuit board including the pattern
Antennas for card devices
Foldable portable radio device
Multiple frequency band antenna
Multi-band antenna with low-profile
Broadband antenna
Antenna system for radio frequency identification
Terminal block
Contacting unit
AC Power adapter with swiveling plug having folding prongs
Socket having clip with attaching portion
Method for accommodating plugs with different contact layout geometries
Jack assembly arrangement with staggered jack bores
Cable arrangement with shielded cables
Compressive collet electrical clamp and contact and method
Substrate holding system and exposure apparatus using the same
Overcurrent detecting circuit and semiconductor device
Voltage rise suppression circuit and panel television
Dehumidifying device for rechargeable electronic equipment
Motor battery systems
Linear motor and linear compressor using the same
Stator fixing apparatus of reciprocating compressor
Moving magnet type linear slider
Method for operating an inverter including boos, buck, and CUK converter topologies and arrangement for executing the method
Electrostatic actuator with interdigitated electrode structure
Rotation brake method and device for working machine
Method and system for implementing smart antennas and diversity techniques
Low terahertz source and detector
Bit log likelihood ratio evaluation
Efficient header acquisition
Variable external interface circuitry on programmable logic device integrated circuits
Clock synchronizer
Analog comparator with precise threshold control
Resistor circuit
Amplitude regulating circuit
Phase synchronous circuit
Quadratic and cubic compensation of sigma-delta D/A and A/D converters
Digitizing an analog signal, and reconstituting an analog signal from a digitized version of the analog signal
Methods and systems for modifying the statistical distribution of symbols in a coded message
Method of receiver processing of CDMA signals in a CDMA system
Method and apparatus for excision of narrowband interference signals in navigation or communication bands
Apparatus and method for estimating and correcting frequency offset in MB-OFDM UWB system using time frequency hopping
Transceiver apparatus and method having ethernet-over-power and power-over-ethernet capability
Power allocation scheme for DMT-based modems employing simplex transmission
Precise sleep timer using a low-cost and low-accuracy clock
Hybrid spread spectrum radio system
Optical transceiver module and calibration method thereof
Optical transmission apparatus
Remote access unit and radio-over-fiber network using same
Transmit equalizer compensation for probe receivers
Nevigation within a wireless network
Method and apparatus for the ordering of carrier links
Adjustment of target signal-to-interference in outer loop power control for wireless communication systems
System, apparatus and method of varying channel bandwidth
Radio communication device
System and method of multi-nodal APS control protocol signaling
Downstream power back-off for fiber to node applications
Methods and apparatus for optimizing utilization in a ring network
Supporting synchronization status messages on building integrated timing supply synchronization supply unit remote shelves
Method and apparatus for aligning communication signals
Virtual network construction method, system, and relaying apparatus
Signal component demultiplexing apparatus, filter apparatus, receiving apparatus, communication apparatus, and communication method
Receiving device
Statistical, signature-based approach to IP traffic classification
Packet shaping device, router, band control device and control method
Network data re-routing
Homing of user nodes to network nodes in a communication system
Point-to multipoint network interface
Method of and device for transmitting data packets on a network
Communication network, a method of routing data packets in such communication network and a method of locating and securing data of a desired resource in such communication network
System and method for visualizing traffic and path in network
Transmission apparatus
Storage function method and apparatus in a passive optical network
Method and apparatus for reshaping cell-based traffic
Voice-over-IP enabled chat
Relatively unique ID in integrated circuit
Wireless terminal apparatus, control method for wireless base station and control method for wireless terminal apparatus
Normalized auto-correlators
Encryption/decryption method and authentication method using multiple-affine key system
Cryptographic puzzle cancellation service for deterring bulk electronic mail messages
Method of establishing a secure e-mail transmission link
Encryption key updating for multiple site automated login
Electronic data storage system and method thereof
Persistent tactile event notification
Cellular phone
Multi-dwelling unit module for passive optical networks
Portable telephone
Multi-networking communication system and method
Electro-optical device, image printing apparatus, and method of manufacturing electro-optical device
Method and apparatus for controlling image processing for extraction assured embedding, and recording medium storing program product
Facsimile machine
Image-processing apparatus, an image-forming apparatus, and a program
Products with data-encoding pattern
Image reading device and noise detecting method
Apparatus for imaging objects of changing luminance
Recording/reproduction apparatus, and recording/reproduction method as well as stereoscopic images visual effects confirmation apparatus and stereoscopic image visual effects confirmation method
Wiring substrate, solid-state imaging apparatus using the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Camera module equipped with an optical filter having an edge not in contact with a fixing portion
Elimination of blink-related closed eyes in portrait photography
Solid state imaging apparatus and its driving method
Broadcast receiver
Digital video camera and mode changing method
Video deblocking
Mobile television channel switching system and method
Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for field-based adaptive spatio-temporal Y/C separation
Wireless communication terminal and control method therefor
Method for operating an electrical device
Radiation image conversion panel and preparation method thereof
Lifting apparatus and method of lifting carbon based electrodes
Flexible printed circuit board
Printed circuit board, solder connection structure and method between printed circuit board and flexible printed circuit board
Electronic device and electronic system
Digital micromirror device module
Heat management in circuit card assemblies
Electrical apparatus, cooling system therefor, and electric vehicle
Heat dissipating fin assembly for clamping dynamic random access memory to dissipate heat
Heat dissipating member, heat dissipating mechanism, and information processing apparatus
Covered multilayer module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Thin-profile battery electrode connection members, button-type battery electrode connection members, thin profile battery constructions and button-type battery constructions
Chevron shaped battery jar bridges
Lithium fluorophosphates and their use as conducting salts
Cathodes comprising electroactive sulfur materials and secondary batteries using same
Mixed ionic electronic conductor coatings for redox electrodes
Nickle positive electrode for an alkaline storage cell
Active material for positive electrode used in lithium secondary battery and method of manufacturing same
Lithium secondary battery and liquid electrolyte for the battery
Lithium secondary battery
Electrode grid for lead storage batteries
Substrate for ion conductor and ion conductor
Nitrite additives for nonaqueous electrolyte rechargeable electrochemical cells
Flame-retardant electrolytic solution and nonaqueous secondary battery containing the same
Approach to increase the resolution of dense line/space patterns for 0.18 micron and below design rules using attenuating phase shifting masks
Method for fabricating stencil mask
Modulation of peripheral critical dimension on photomask with differential electron beam dose
Protective layer for color proofs
Plate precursor for lithographic printing plate, method for making lithographic printing plate using the same, and method for producing the plate precursor for lithographic printing plate
Exposure during rework for enhanced resist removal
Crystalline oxotitanylphthalocyanine and electrophotographic photoreceptor using the same
Electrophotographic photoconductor, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Color toner, and image forming apparatus and toner cartridge using said toner
Carrier for electrophotographic developer and electrophotographic developer containing the same
Electrophotographic toner surface treated with silica mixtures
Toner development of electrostatically charged image
Toner aggregation processes
Aqueous developable flexographic printing plate
Positive resist composition suitable for lift-off technique and pattern forming method
Resist composition and process of forming a patterned resist layer on a substrate
Heat sensitive imaging element for providing a lithographic printing plate
Anti-reflection film and display device using the same
Copolymer for the manufacture of chemical amplified photoresist and a positive photoresist composition using the same
Recording medium
Tonable radiation sensitive recording material with balanced adhesive properties and process for using the same
Composition for photoimaging
Borate coinitiators for photopolymerization
Method and apparatus for laser imaging with multi-mode devices and optical diffusers
Extreme-UV lithography condenser
Method for forming features using self-trimming by selective etch and device formed thereby
Method for fabricating low-loss optically active device
Method for forming a pattern on a chemical sensitization photoresist
Image forming method using heat-developable photosensitive material
Method of creating an image-bearing signal record by scanning a color negative film element
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Optical film
Methods and compositions for the priming of specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte response
Synthetic peptides and mixtures thereof for detecting HIV antibodies
Process of determining the efficacy of drug treatment in HIV infected subjects
Nucleic acid primers and probes for detecting Chlamydia pneumoniae
Prediction of coronary artery disease
Array-based detection of genetic alterations associated with disease
Method for diagnosing schizophrenia
Polymorphism analysis by nucleic acid structure probing with structure-bridging oligonucleotides
Method for reducing inhibitors of nucleic acid hybridization
Rapid thermocycling for sample analysis
Compounds and methods for diagnosis of lung cancer
Rolling circle replication reporter systems
Modifying double stranded DNA to enhance separations by matched ion polynucleotide chromatography
Method for diagnosing multiple myeloma by determining tumor rejection antigen precursors
Methods for evaluating colon tissue for expression of the DRA (down regulated in adenoma) gene
Technique for screening inhibitors of deamination enzyme activity
Method for enrichment of fetal cells from maternal blood and use of same in determination of fetal sex and detection of chromosomal abnormalities
Human peroxisomal thioesterase
Method of sequencing DNA
Alteration of cellular behavior by antisense modulation of mRNA processing
Automated quantification of DNA strand breaks in intact cells
Method and apparatus for conducting an array of chemical reactions on a support surface
Ho-1 as a diagnostic and prognostic test for dementing diseases
Molecular motors
Identification of canine leukocyte adhesion deficiency in dogs
Method of performing immunochromatography
Use of a BMP protein receptor complex for screening bone metabolism actives and cells co-transfected with a type II BMP receptor and type I BMP receptor
Method of encoding a series of combinatorial libraries and developing structure activity relationships
Specific binding substances for antibodies and their use for immunoassays or vaccines
Estimation of the fragmentation pattern of collagen in body fluids and the diagnosis of disorders associated with the metabolism of collagen
Peptide derived from human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), isolate Ant70, containing an immunodominant epitope and it's use in immunodiagnostic assays
Anticoagulant test
Tumor necrosis factor stimulated gene 6 (TSG-6) binding molecules
Specific antibodies to kringle 5 of apo(a) and methods of use therefor
Measuring device with electrodes fabricated on porous membrane substrate in whole
Activated peptides and conjugates
Liquid specimen container and attachable testing modules
Optical fiber biosensor array comprising cell populations confined to microcavities
Rapid Identification of Escherichia coli O157:H7
Method for examining chronic rejection reactions following organ transplantation and method for determining urine components
Modulation of integrin-mediated signal transduction
Method to identify proteins which bind to integrin regulatory proteins
Telomerase extraction method
Rec 2 kinase
Method for suppressing multiple drug resistance in cancer cells
Non-invasive method for detection, diagnosis or prediction of term or pre-term labor
Genetic sequences and proteins related to alzheimer's disease
Flea protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
CAR: a novel coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor
Serum free production of recombinant proteins and adenoviral vectors
Mammalian circadian regulator M-RIGUI2 (MPER2)
Overexpressing cyclin D 1 in a eukaryotic cell line
Direct expression of peptides into culture media
Herpes simplex virus ICP4 is an inhibitor of apoptosis
Polynucleotides encoding sbGnRH, a novel reproductive hormone
Production of proteins in procaryotes
Fusion protein comprising a furin derivative or a derivative of a furin analogue and a heterologous sequence
Process for preparing doxorubicin
Ribozyme-mediated synthesis of circular RNA
System for detecting nucleic acid hybridization, preparation method and application thereof
Recombinant .alpha.-2,3-sialyltransferases and their uses
Gene and gene structure coding for an aminotransferase, and microorganisms which express this gene
Staurosporin biosynthesis gene clusters
Enzyme-catalyzed modifications of macromolecules in organic solvents
Development of genetically engineered bacteria for production of selected aromatic compounds
Antibody catalysis of enantio- and diastereo-selective aldol reactions
Recombinant adenoviral vector and methods of use
Methods for the detection and isolation of proteins
Recombinant pinoresinol/lariciresinol reductase, recombinant dirigent protein, and methods of use
Sucrose phosphate synthase from citrus and DNA encoding the same
Phosphoribosyl transferase from Staphylococcus aureus
Method for cloning and producing the RsaI restriction endonuclease in E. coli and purification of the recombinant RsaI restriction endonuclease
Modified adenovirus containing a fiber replacement protein
Isolation and screening of subcuticular brittlestar bacteria for antimicrobial compounds production
Expression and secretion of heterologous polypeptides from caulobacter
Mouse MTS2 gene
Methods for diagnosing, preventing, and treating developmental disorders due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors
GMP synthetase and gene coding for the same
Bacillus thuringiensis mutants which produce higher yields of crystal delta-endotoxin than their corresponding parental strains
Bacillus thuringiensis isolate BTC-18 with broad spectrum activity
Protease A-deficient Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Foam transport process for in-situ remediation of contaminated soils
Optically active cis-1,3-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid monoesters with high enantiomeric purity and process for their preparation
Apparatuses for treating biological tissue to mitigate calcification
Temperature regulating block with receivers
Apparatus for the cultivation and concentration of non-adherent cells as well as for co-cultivation of two different cell species
Nucleic acid encoding a transcription factor, IDX-1
Recombinant infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus comprising foreign DNA inserted into a non-essential region of a infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus genome
Nucleotide and peptide sequences of an isolate of the hepatitis C virus, diagnostic and therapeutic applications thereof
Recombinant cells from the monocyte-macrophage cell line for gene therapy
Avian extracellular calcium-sensing receptor
Cell culture process and medium, cellular composition obtained and its application as production system and study model
Culture medium for insect cells lacking glutamine an contains ammonium salt
DNA encoding a mammalian LPA receptor and uses thereof
DNA molecules encoding pgp3 protein from Chlamydia trachomatis
Composition and method for differentiation of basophil and eosinophil subpopulations of leukocytes in blood
Method of diagnosing or categorizing disorders from biochemical profiles
Assay for the detection of creatinine
Characterization of flowing dispersions
Method for automated flourescent tagged sample detecting
Compositions and methods for promoting nerve regeneration
Process for determining a bindable analyte via immune precipitation and reagent therefor
Methods for early detection of heart disease
Measuring device and method for making same
Method and device for the detection of analyte in a fluid test sample
Method for fabricating ferroelectric capacitor improving adhesive strength between upper electrode and capping layer without polymer in FRAM device
Inspection pattern and method for semiconductor device
Method for etching a flip chip using secondary particle emissions to detect the etch end-point
Method for improving spatial resolution and accuracy in scanning probe microscopy
Method for analyzing probe yield sensitivities to IC design
Method and apparatus for automatically positioning electronic dice within component packages
Field emission arrays and method of fabricating emitter tips and corresponding resistors thereof with a single mask
Microfluidic channel fabrication method
Vertical cavity-emitting porous silicon carbide light-emitting diode device and preparation thereof
Polycrystalline silicon germanium films for forming micro-electromechanical systems
Ultra thin surface mount wafer sensor structures and methods for fabricating same
Method for fabricating solid state image sensor
Metal contact scheme using selective silicon growth
Controlling packaging encapsulant leakage
High density semiconductor package and method of fabrication
Process for forming an edge structure to seal integrated electronic devices, and corresponding device
Method for manufacturing fusible links in a semiconductor device
Laser illumination system
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device formed on an insulator and having a damaged portion at the interface between the insulator and the active layer
Method and test structure for low-temperature integration of high dielectric constant gate dielectrics into self-aligned semiconductor devices
Method of making high performance mosfets having high conductivity gate conductors
Electrostatic discharge protection for salicided devices and method of making same
CMOS process for forming planarized twin wells
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Methods of fabricating integrated circuit ferroelectric memory devices including a material layer on the upper electrodes of the ferroelectric capacitors thereof
Method of forming a trench-type capacitor
Process for enhancing refresh in dynamic random access memory devices
Method for forming high-density high-capacity capacitor
Manufacturing a capacitor electrode in a semiconductor device
Method of forming hemispherical grains on a surface comprising pre-cleaning the surface in-situ with plasma
Method for fabricating asymmetric virtual ground P-channel flash cell
Method of fabricating an ETOX flash memory
Method for fabricating single electron transistor
Three-dimensional, deep-trench, high-density read-only memory (ROM) and its manufacturing method
Ultra high density flash memory having vertically stacked devices
Method for forming high density nonvolatile memories with high capacitive-coupling ratio
Method of fabricating floating gate EEPROM
Method for fabricating high density trench gate type power device
Read-only memory cell device and method for its production
Process for fabricating a common source region in memory devices
Method for forming a borderless contact
Field leakage by using a thin layer of nitride deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Method for fabricating a metal-oxide semiconductor transistor
Method for forming a semiconductor device by using multiple ion implantation sequence to reduce crystal defects and to allow the reduction of the temperature used for a subsequent rapid thermal anneal procedure
Method of making elevated source/drain using poly underlayer
Methods of forming integrated circuitry, methods of forming elevated source/drain regions of a field effect transistor, and methods of forming field effect transistors
Method for manufacturing PMOS transistor
Twin current bipolar device with hi-lo base profile
Process of fabricating a bipolar transistor having lightly doped epitaxial collector region constant in dopant impurity
Method for fabricating resistors in integrated circuits
Method to produce dual polysilicon resistance in an integrated circuit
Method for forming silicon carbide chrome thin-film resistor
Integrated capacitor bottom electrode for use with conformal dielectric
Metal patterning with adhesive hardmask layer
Integrated circuit and method
Semiconductor device having an improved capacitor structure, and a method of manufacturing the same
Locos processes
Semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same
Silicon-on-insulator islands and method for their formation
Two-step, low argon, HDP CVD oxide deposition process
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate and method of fabricating the same
Growth of epitaxial semiconductor films in presence of reactive metal
Method of manufacturing a compound semiconductor thin film on a substrate
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device component using a selective silicidation reaction
Incorporation of nitrogen-based gas in polysilicon gate re-oxidation to improve hot carrier performance
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for forming contact of semiconductor device
Method of reducing salicide lateral growth
Forming submicron integrated-circuit wiring from gold, silver, copper, and other metals
Fill pattern in kerf areas to prevent localized non-uniformities of insulating layers at die corners on semiconductor substrates
Reduction of plasma damage at contact etch in MOS integrated circuits
Mask repattern process
Laser wire bonding for wire embedded dielectrics to integrated circuits
Method of forming a conductive line and method of forming a local interconnect
Wet-dry-wet process in wet station
Integrated circuit air bridge structures and methods of fabricating same
Method for manufacturing arch air gap in multilevel interconnection
Semiconductor device with multiple contact sizes
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having contacts with different depths
Method for planarizing a damascene structure
Dual damascene process for carbon-based low-K materials
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having multiple wiring layer
Method to fabricate self-aligned dual damascene structures
Method for fabricating CMOS device
Method of depositing and amorphous fluorocarbon film using HDP-CVD
Electronic devices with barium barrier film and process for making same
Method for manufacturing metal plug
Dual damascene process for manufacturing interconnects
Dual damascene process flow for a deep sub-micron technology
Peripheral structure of a chip as a semiconductor device, and manufacturing method thereof
Optimized trench/via profile for damascene filling
CVD Tin Barrier process with improved contact resistance
Methods for making copper and other metal interconnections in integrated circuits
Methods and arrangements for reducing stress and preventing cracking in a silicide layer
Method of improving metal stack reliability
Bus line wiring structure in a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming polycrystal silicon film for semiconductor elements
Method of improving resist adhesion for use in patterning conductive layers
Method for fabricating interconnects of a dynamic random access memory (DRAM)
Repair of dielectric-coated electrode or circuit defects
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device in a CVD reactive chamber
Chemical vapor deposition of tungsten using nitrogen-containing gas
Use of a novel capped anneal procedure to improve salicide formation
Method of forming reliable copper interconnects
Method of preparing CU interconnect lines
Method of avoiding CMP caused residue on wafer edge uncompleted field
Chemical wet etch removal of underlayer material after performing chemical mechanical polishing on a primary layer
Manufacturing method for semiconductor gas-phase epitaxial wafer
Method for fabricating GaN substrate
Method of fabricating flux concentrating layer for use with magnetoresistive random access memories
Self-aligned eetching process
Counterbore dielectric plasma etch process particularly useful for dual damascene
Laser ablative removal of photoresist
Thickness control method in fabrication of thin-film layers in semiconductor devices
Method for relieving lattice mismatch stress in semiconductor devices
Tunable dielectric constant oxide and method of manufacture
Planarization process
Wet oxidation method for forming silicon oxide dielectric layer
Substrate fabric
Synthetic filter media
Durable hydrophilic fiber and fabric using the same
Vacuum formed coated fibrous mat
Synthetic silicate pellet compositions
Catalyst for catalytic pyrolysis process for the production of light olefins and the preparation thereof
Nitrogen-containing group 13 anionic complexes for olefin polymerization
Groups IIA and IIIA based catalyst composition for preparing high-syndiotacticity polystyrene
Process for expoxidizing prochiral olefins and a catalyst therefor and intermediates for making the catalyst
Metallocene compounds and use thereof in catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Process for treating silica with alumoxane
Bridged metallocene complex for the (co)polymerization of olefins
Activator composition comprising aluminum compound mixture
Photocatalyst carrier and manufacturing method therefor
Catalyst beds for non-steady state processes
Catalyst and process for preparing 2-buten-1-ol compounds
Reducing agents for use in thermographic recording materials
Substantially light-insensitive black and white thermographic recording material with improved image tone
Printing plastics substrates
Herbicidal compositions
Multiphase lubricant concentrates for use in water based systems in the field of exploratory soil drilling
Application of aluminum chlorohydrate in viscosifying brine for carrying proppants in gravel packing
Water glycol treatment with polytetrafluoroethylene
Carboxylic compositions and derivatives thereof and use as lubricating oil and fuel additives
Lubricating oil compositions
Non-foaming liquid hard surface detergent compositions
Heat-mediated conditioning from shampoo and conditioner hair care compositions containing silicone
Formulations including a 1, 3-dicarbonyl compound chelating agent for stripping residues from semiconductor substrates
Photoresist stripping composition
Toilet bowl cleaning and sanitizing composition and method of using same
Two part chemical concentrate
Use of quaternary acetonitrile compounds as activators for detergents
Sequesterants as hypochlorite bleach enhancers
Composition and method for deburring/degreasing/cleaning metal surfaces
Bituminous substance removal composition
Mutant .alpha.-amylase
Processes for the purification and use of 2,2-dichloro-1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoropropane and azeotropes thereof with HF
Process for preparing granular detergent components
Process for making a detergent composition by non-tower process
Process for making a detergent composition by non-tower process
Polyester polyquaternary compounds, compositions containing them, and use thereof
Cationic charge boosting systems
High-density powdered detergent composition
Compositions comprising gas6 polypeptides and articles of manufacture comprising the same
Preparation and method for increasing cartilaginous mass of joints in a mammal
Stable concentrated insulin preparations for pulmonary delivery
Bicyclic depsipeptides
60A protein-induced morphogenesis
Method of promoting angiogenesis using relaxin
Antimicrobial peptides from bovine neutrophis
Inhibitors of formation of protease resistant prion protein
Analogs of cationic proteins
Peptides with organo-protective activity, a process for preparation thereof and their use in therapy
Formulations for peptide release
Methods for treating LHRH associated disorders with LHRH antagonists
Ketoheterocyclic inhibitors of factor Xa
Peptide conjugates derived from thymic hormones, their use as a medicament and compositions containing them
Peptides for treatment of erectile dysfunction
Protein mixtures to induce therapeutic angiogenesis
Desazapurine-nucleotide derivatives, processes for the preparation thereof, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and the use thereof for nucleic acid sequencing and as antiviral agents
Flagellin gene, FlaC of campylobacter
Method for tolerizing a mammalian patient to administration of gene therapy virus vectors
UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine:D-glutamate ligase (MURD) of staphylococcus aureus
Pulmonary delivery of protonated/acidified nucleic acids
Methods for delivering DNA to the bloodstream using recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors
Antisense oligonucleotides of the human chk1 gene and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for reducing ischemic injury of the heart by administering adenosine receptor agonists and antagonists
5'-deoxy-cytidine derivative administration to treat solid tumors
Arylsulfonanilide phosphates
Methods for preparation and use of 1.alpha.,24 (S)-dihydroxy vitamin D2
Stable calcitriol solution for packaging into vials
Azetidinone derivatives for the treatment of HCMV infections
Use of antidepressants for local analgesia
Methods and compositions for controlling biofouling using sulfonamides
Use of 2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-3-benzazepines for the manufacture of a pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of sleep disorders
Naphtho-fused lactams promote release of growth hormone
Cardiac diseases improving method
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Method for treating neoplasia by exposure to substituted 2-aryl-benzimidazole derivatives
Triazine derivative, production and use thereof
Nitrosated and nitrosylated phosphodiesterase inhibitor compounds, compositions and their uses
1-Benzenesulfonyl pyrrolidine derivatives as bradykinin receptor antagonists
Imidazole compounds substituted with a six or seven membered heterocyclic ring containing two nitrogen atoms
Selective factor Xa inhibitors
Integrin antagonists
Concentrate comprising a sulfonamide in solution, a 2,4-diaminopyrimidine in stable suspension within said solution, and a suspending agent
Enzyme Inhibitors
3-aryl substituted pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidine deriviatives; corticotropin-releasing factor receptor (CRF1) specific ligands
Treatment of skin disorders
Amino-spiro-quinazoline compounds
Pyrimidine derivatives, process and intermediate products for their preparation and pesticides or fungicides containing these derivatives
Integrin receptor antagonists
Alkynyl-substituted camptothecins and process for their preparation
Compounds useful for inhibition of farnesyl protein transferase
Solution containing nicotine
CRF antagonistic thiophenopyridines
Benzyloxy-substituted, fused N-heterocycles, processes for their preparation, and their use as bradykinin receptor antagonists
Prostaglandin receptor ligands
Dihydropyridines and new uses thereof
Substituted 4-(1H-benzimidazol-2-yl-amino)piperidines useful for the treatment of allergic diseases
Metal complexes
Multivalent salts of pyridostigmine and related compounds
2-methoxyimino-2-(pyridinyloxymethyl) phenyl acetamides with substituted ketal derivatives on the pyridine ring
Muscarinic receptor agonists
Pharmaceutical composition
Pharmaceutical composition
Pharmaceutical composition
2-aminopyridines containing fused ring substituents
Method of inhibiting connective tissue degradation
Diphenyl-1,2,3-thiadiazol-3-oxides, compositions and methods of use
Benzopyrans and their use as therapeutic agents
Pyrrolidine and thiazole derivatives with metallo-beta-lactamase inhibitory properties
Stable microbicide formulation
Biphenyl ether oxazolines and their use as pest-control agents
Heterocyclic compounds, their production and use
Isoxazolyl- and isoxazolinyl-substituted benzoylcyclohexanediones, process for their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Method for reducing pericardial fibrosis and adhesion formation
Wood preservative
Aminocyclohexane derivatives as 5-HT receptor agonists
Method for treating neoplasia with amino or pyridylamino cyclobutene derivatives
Dietary supplement containing histidine for alleviating dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, and pre-term labor
Substituted indazole derivatives and related compounds
Indole derivatives useful in therapy
Antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone
Heterocyclic aminopyrrolidine derivatives as melatonergic agents
11-Aza prostaglandins for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension
Tricyclic compounds
Compositions and methods for treating mast-cell mediated conditions
Treatment of transient and short term insomnia
Method of reducing brain damage resulting from seizures
Stabilized vitamin C formulations
Process for producing benzamidoximes
Prostaglandin pharmaceutical compositions
Substituted phenyl compounds
Compounds for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis
Fungicide mixtures
Aqueous disinfecting agent containing performic acid and peracetic acid process for production and process for use thereof
Preservative system for topically administrable pharmaceutical compositions
Method for treating or preventing breast cancer or leukemia using 6-[3-[1-adamantyl]-4-hydroxyphenyl]-2-naphthalene carboxylic acid (AHPN)
O-benzyl oxime ether derivatives and their use as pesticides
Aryl sulfonamides and sulfamide derivatives and uses thereof
Benzamide derivatives as vasopressin antagonists
Methods for treating cold sores with anti-infective compositions
Calcium receptor-active compounds
Compounds active at a novel site on receptor-operated calcium channels useful for treatment of neurological disorders and diseases
Rapidly absorbed liquid compositions
Administration of resveratrol to prevent or treat restenosis following coronary intervention
Fluorinated alkanes and their uses
Polyester polyether block copolymers
Percutaneous delivery system
Fluid emulsification system and methods
Method for forming aqueous, pumpable fluids from solid carbonaceous materials
Process for producing emulsions, particularly emulsions of liquid fuels and water, and apparatus used in the process
Process for recycling heterogeneous waste
Fischer-tropsch synthesis
Open celled polyurethane foams and methods and compositions for preparing such foams
Process for preparing rigid and flexible polyurethane foams
Low volatile reinforcing system
Photocurable paint composition for road markings
Thermosetting pressure-sensitive adhesive and adhesive sheet thereof
Corrosion resistant, radiation curable coating
Adhesive for secure topical attachment to the skin and comfortable removal
Dental composition system and method
Water base ink set for ink jet recording
Dimensionally stable thermoplastic moulding materials
Method for the continuous production of organopolysiloxane gum solution
Polyoxymethylene resin composition
Glass-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic ABS compositions
Cyanoacetylureas for stabilizing halogenated polymers
Process for producing a vulcanizable rubber composition including carbon black-based and silica-based reinforcing fillers
Polybutene/liquid polydiene hot melt adhesive
Polymer devolatilization apparatus
Process for reducing the molecular weight of copolymers and terpolymers of ethylene
Method for producing peptides and their salts which have an agonist activity of luteinizing hormone releasing hormones secreted from the hypothalamus
Cell-cycle regulatory proteins, and uses related thereto
Method of tissue repair
Ataxia-telangiectasia gene
RIP: novel human protein involved in tumor necrosis factor signal transduction
Single-chain recombinant complexes of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease and NS4A cofactor peptide
Apoptosis polypeptide
.delta.-sarcoglycan antibodies
Polypeptide having factor Xa inhibitory activity
Multivalent MHC complex peptide fusion protein complex for stimulating specific T cell function
Lactoferrin receptor protein
Process for preparing factor V-deficient plasma, and a deficient plasma which is obtained in this way
Synthesis of cyclic sulfur silanes
Metal complex pigments
Process for preparing fine pigment dispersions
Hydroxy derivatives of tylosin and process for their preparation
Protonated/acidified nucleic acids and methods of use
Synthesis of oligonucleotides
Chimeric mutational vectors
Method for the diagnosis and treatment of glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantigen associated diseases
Isolated nucleic acid encoding a human mGluR5
Optically active DNA probe having phosphonic diester linkage
Radionuclide labeling of vitamin B12 and coenzymes thereof
Metallocene-phosphoramidite conjugates, process for their preparation and their use
Strengthening compositions and treatments for lignocellulosic materials
Method for preparing solution of cellulose acylate method for producing cellulose acylate film and cellulose acylate film
Triaza-cryptand and method of determining an alkali ion
Ibogamine congeners
Method for making debromohymenialdisine and analogs thereof
Pyrroloazepine compounds
Pentacyclic compound
Process for preparing indane-like compounds
Fused pyrrolecarboxamides; a new class of GABA brain receptor ligands
Bridged 4-phenyl-2-aminomethylimidazoles
Methods of Synthesing Purine Compounds Having PDE Iv Inhibitory Activity
Pyrrolo(3,4-d)pyrimidinone derivatives and their use as medicaments
Spiro compounds and the use thereof
Asymmetric cycloaddition reactions
Intermediates in the synthesis of camptothecin and related compounds and synthesis thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use
Phenyl urea antagonists of the IL-8 receptor
Water soluble, pyran-based photochromic compounds having carboxylate functionality
Pyridonecarboxylic acid derivatives or salts thereof and antibacterial agents containing the same as the active ingredient
8-hydroxy-7-substituted quinolines as anti-viral agents
Process for the purification of (.+-.)-2-azabicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-en-3-one
Process for the synthesis of 4-substituted N-[(alk-2-en-1-yl)oxy]-and N-aralkyloxy-2,2,6,6-tetraalkylpiperidines
Process for preparing heterocyclic compounds
Process for the preparation of heteroaryl-zinc halides
Thiazole compounds
Process for the preparation of 1,3-diaza-spiro (4.4) non-1-en-4-one derivatives and 1-cyano-1-acylaminocyclopentane intermediates
Nohr-McDonald elimination reaction
Methods for the acylation of amine compounds
Process for preparing substituted benzo[1,2-G]-chrome-3-ene, benzo[1,2-G]-thiochrom-3-ene and benzo[1,2-G]-1,2-dihydroquinoline derivatives
Process for asymmetric hydrogenation
Diol compounds as intermediates for preparing antimycotic compounds
Method for producing propylene oxide
Methods of reducing the chloride content of epoxy compounds
Method for producing fatty acid esters
High metathesis activity ruthenium and osmium metal carbene complexes
Method of manufacturing ferrocenyl-1,3-butadiene
Compounds with biologically active silicon and applications
Process for the preparation of organochlorosilanes
Enantioselective synthesis of 3-aminopyrrolidines
Process for producing halogen-containing phosphate ester
Process for the preparation of .alpha.-chloromethylene-triorganylphosphorane derivatives
Process for the preparation of dialkyl esters of naphthalenedicarboxylic acids
Pressurized chlorination and bromination of aromatic compounds
Sulphinic acid derivatives, method for producing them, and their use
Process for preparing polytetrahydrofuran
Phosphinic acid aluminum salts
Process for preparing 2-chloro-3-alkoxy-4-alkylsulfonyl-benzoic acids and esters
Method of refining benzoic acid
Addition of iridium to the rhodium/inorganic iodide catalyst system
Process for the manufacture of .alpha., .alpha.-branched carboxylic acids
Dicreatine citrate and tricreatine citrate and method of making same
Method of removing iodides from non-aqueous organic media utilizing silver or mercury exchanged macroporous organofunctional polysiloxane resins
Process for preparing mono-, Di- or oligoamide alkoxylates
Method for producing organic hydroxylamines
Process for producing retinal and intermediate for producing the same
Synthesis of epothilones
Process for the preparation of phenyl alkyl ketones and benzaldehydes
Process for preparing aldehydes by hydroformylation
Process for thermal decomposition of hexafluoropropylene oxide oligomers
Method for producing enol ethers
Process for preparing bis-(4-hydroxyaryl) alkanes
Method for producing trimethylhydroquinone
Process for the preparation of alkylene glycols
Process for the preparation of fluorinated olefin
Preparation of 1,1,1-trifluoropropene
Enzyme catalysis in carbon dioxide fluids
Process for separating saturated compounds from olefins
Advanced vitrification system
Devices and methods of treatment for pressure ulcers and related impaired blood circulation problems
Peptide production as fusion protein in transgenic mammal milk
Transgenic mouse expressing a familial form of human amyloid precursor protein
Complete oocyte activation using an oocyte-modifying agent and a reducing agent
FbLate promoter
Plant transcription regulators from circovirus
DNA sequences coding for a cinnamoyl COA reductase, and applications thereof in the control of lignin contents in plants
Manipulation of Mlo genes to enhance disease resistance in plants
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Nucleic acid molecules from plants coding enzymes which participate in the starch synthesis
Nucleic acids from maize encoding proteins which suppress plant cell death
Herbicide resistance in plants
Herbicide resistance in plants
Hm2 cDNA from maize encoding disease resistance polypeptide
Soybean cultivar 9317709521997
Soybean cultivar 9581419733880
Garden bean named `10417`
Hybrid maize plant and seed 34W67
Inbred corn plant 91ISI5 and seeds thereof
Inbred corn plant 22DHQ3 and seeds thereof
Drum set
Percussion instrument pedal with an adjustable weight
Antibacterial keyboard
Music lesson system with local training terminal and remote supervisory station
Electronic musical instrument having a function of dividing performance information into phrases and displaying keys to be operated for each phrase
Performance information making device and method based on random selection of accompaniment patterns
Photovoltaic element
Silicon thin-film, integrated solar cell, module, and methods of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for routing 1 of 4 signals
EMI-shielded connector in an electronic device
EMI shielded vent panel and method
Shielded bulk cable
Multi-device yoke for a surface raceway system
Chip size package and method of fabricating the same
Low inductance power package for integrated circuits
Electronic circuit package with diamond film heat conductor
Grommet having resilient flange for mounting on a panel
Sealed connecting box for fitting a tube to an aperture of a wall
Switching cabinet
Low loss data cable
Flexible circuit with conductive vias having off-set axes
Printed circuit substrate with comb-type electrodes capable of improving the reliability of the electrode connections
Height measurement apparatus for determining the volume/density of wood chips on a conveyor
Control system for automatically controlling a work implement of an earthmoving machine to capture, lift and dump material
Flat electronic scales
Electronic weighing apparatus utilizing surface acoustic waves
Multi-input switch
Keyboard with key lock function
Air bag cover with horn switch
Electrostatic deceleration system for flow cytometer
Switching arrangement and method for its production
Persistent current circuit switch
EDM machine for fine hole and EDM method using such machine
Power supply device for electric discharge machining apparatus
Apparatus and method for precision excavation and welding of thick-walled components
Multiple beam laser welding apparatus
Laser making system and certificate for a gemstone
Blind via laser drilling system
Method of making ink jet recording head with tapered orifice
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for separating non-metallic substrates utilizing a laser initiated scribe
Method of magnetically impelled arc butt welding
Nozzle for shielded arc welding gun
Anti-fogging glass
Thermally deposited portion structure of thermoplastic resin molded product
Ice prevention mat system
Drainmast with integral electronic temperature control
Temperature control system for a thermal reactor
Molybdenum disilicide heating element and its production method
Induction consolidation system
Induction heating apparatus and transformer
Method and apparatus for component separation using microwave energy
Disposable, microwaveable containers having suitable food contact compatible olfactory properties and process for their manufacture
Thermoformed polypropylene mineral-filled microwaveable containers having food contact compatible olfactory properties and process for their manufacture
Bacon cooker
Device and method of heating components made of microwave absorbing plastic
Wall-mounted microwave oven and method for controlling hood motor therefor
Method and apparatus for checking shape
Method and apparatus for electro-optically determining the dimension, location and attitude of objects
Signal charge transferring method in image sensor in which clock signal phase is switched
Lensless optical system in imaging sensing module
Solid-state image sensor
Active pixel sensor with bootstrap amplification
Dual-wavelength optical pickup head
Detector array for use in a laser imaging apparatus
Automated test system and method for device having circuit and ground connections
Device and method for sensing wafer-shaped objects and shelves in a container
Adaptive non-uniformity compensation using feedforward shunting and wavelet filter
Photoionization mass spectrometer
Electron beam fault detection of semiconductor devices
Electron beam dose control for scanning electron microscopy and critical dimension measurement instruments
Transition-edge sensor with enhanced electrothermal feedback for cryogenic particle detection
Infrared sensor and infrared sensor array using the same
Infrared pixel sensor and infrared signal correction
Passive infra-red intrusion sensor
Autocontouring device for gamma camera using radioactive source and transverse motion
Enhanced radiation detectors using luminescent materials
Detector devices
Marking of materials using luminescent and optically stimulable glasses
Method for device editing
Electron beam drawing method in which cell projection manner and variably shaped beam manner are used in combination
Infrared radiation-detecting device
Sparse-carrier devices and method of fabrication
Controllable conduction device
Microprobe chip for detecting evanescent waves probe provided with the microprobe chip and evanescent wave detector, nearfield scanning optical microscope, and information regenerator provided with the microprobe chip
Solid state imager including TFTs with variably doped contact layer system for reducing TFT leakage current and increasing mobility
Thin film transistor array and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having improved crystal orientation
LED array
Electroluminescent device including a blue light emitting thick-film electroluminescent layer and a red light emitting thin-film electroluminescent layer
Semi-insulated indium phosphide based compositions
Semiconductor strain sensor and scanning probe microscope using the semiconductor strain sensor
Article for de-embedding parasitics in integrated circuits
Completely encapsulated top electrode of a ferroelectric capacitor using a lead-enhanced escapsulation layer
Lead silicate based capacitor structures
Memory cell layout for reduced interaction between storage nodes and transistors
Device fabricated by a method of controlling outdiffusion from a doped three-dimensional film
Method of manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory array with buried drain lines and processing methods therefor
Metal-gate non-volatile memory cell
High breakdown voltage semiconductor device including first and second semiconductor elements
Backmetal drain terminal with low stress and thermal resistance
Solid-state relay
Resurf LDMOS device with deep drain region
Pneumatic tire for heavy duty use
Aqueous dispersion of a peelable coating composition
Electrically insulated metallic surfaces with interior corners and methods and compositions therefor
Highly storage-stable organopolysiloxane composition
Polyisocyanate-based polymer comprising metal salts and preparation of metal powders therefrom
Binders for soft feel coating materials
Particle formation process and marking materials thereof
Highly water resistant tackifier resin
Modified polyvinylacetals with low solution viscosity
Modified polyolefins and methods of manufacturing and painting same
Polyolefin compositions
Functionalized block copolymers cured with isocyanates
Polycarbodiimide compound, production process thereof, resin composition, and treatment method of article
Multicomponent fiber prepared from a thermoplastic composition
Polyolefin compositions and blown films obtained therefrom
Hydrogels containing substances
Process for preparing rubber-modified moulding compounds
Rubber modified monovinylidene aromatic polymer compositions
In situ solvent free method for making anhydride based graft copolymers
Propylene-ethylene block copolymer compositions and processes for production thereof
Method for production of antifouling resin and antifouling resin composition
Rheology modification of interpolymers of alpha-olefins and vinylidene aromatic monomers
Process for the oxidation of polyethylene waxes
Mordants for ink-jet receptors and the like
Aromatic polyol end-capped unsaturated polyetherester resins and resin compositions containing the same having improved chemical and/or water resistance
Polyester polyols of low molar mass, their preparation and use in coating compositions
Organopolysiloxane composition for forming fired film
Method for coating a textile
Water-dispersable materials
Manufacture of stereoregular polymers
Olefin polymerization process using activated lewis acid-base complexes
Iron-based catalyst composition and process for producing conjugated diene polymers
Process for the preparation of low-viscosity fluorinated rubbers
Lewis acid-catalyzed polymerization of biological oils and resulting polymeric materials
Taddol and titanium (IV) taddolate dendrimers
Copolymers based on unsaturated dicarboxylic acid derivatives and oxyalkylene glycol alkenyl ethers
Solvent-free, fine white powders of a copolymer of maleic anhydride and A C1-C4 alkyl vinyl ether substantially free of poly (alkyl vinyl ether, homopolymer
Perfluoroelastomer composition having improved processability
Low viscosity acrylate monomers formulations containing same and uses therefor
Diene rubber
(Meth)acrylate esters of organosiloxane polyols, process for their preparation, and their use as radiation-curable materials
High molecular weight alkylmethyl-alkylaryl siloxane terpolymers having low SiH content and methods for their preparation
Hydrophobic polyurethane elastomer
High strength plastic from reactive blending of starch and polylactic acids
Method for the production of polyester imides containing carboxyl- and hydroxyl groups and their usage in wire enamels
Process for the manufacture of low molecular weight polyphenylene ether resins
Phenol resin
Process for preparation of a dendritic polyol
Semiconductor package with an improved leadframe
Integrated circuit package having stepped terminals
Apparatus for preventing electrostatic discharge in an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus to improve the thermal interface between a heat sink and a semiconductor
Top heatsink for IGBT
Electromigration resistant metallization structures and process for microcircuit interconnections with RF-reactively sputtered titanium tungsten and gold
Interconnection lines for improving thermal conductivity in integrated circuits and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnection structure
Method and apparatus for testing chips
Semiconductor chip package with fan-in leads
Semiconductor device with an improved lead-chip adhesion structure and lead frame to be used therefor
Semiconductor package with wire protection and method therefor
Method and apparatus for identifying customized integrated circuits
Semiconductor device
Jump start circuit for a vehicle battery
Instrumentation for vehicles
Multiple output converter having a low power dissipation cross regulation compensation circuit
Twin configuration for increased life time in touch mode electrostatic actuators
Power bar with remote control
Electrical switching device
High speed current switch
Magnet and a motor component having a coating with improved anticorrosion and insulation
Stepping motor type indicator having a pole tooth with reduced end area
Gas-cooled electrical machine
Electric rotating machine
Electromoter having a position sensor with a plurality of field sensitive elements on a semiconductor chip
Magnetic systems for energy storage flywheels
Spring-applied pad and carrier brake
Linear/rotary electromagnetic device
Motor for driving storage disks
Synchronous motor with permanent magnet provided on magnetic pole end
Vehicle AC generator's stator
Armature structure of toroidal winding type rotating electric machine
Claw-pole machine
Motor/generator with multiple rotors
In-plane MEMS thermal actuator and associated fabrication methods
Microelectromechanical ratcheting apparatus
Surface acoustic wave component
Multi-tuned acoustic cylindrical projector
Actuator using electromechanical transducer capable of being used in high temperature and high humidity environment and apparatus having the same
Ultrasonic motor and electronic apparatus with ultrasonic motor
Method for assembling ultrasonic motor
Piezoelectric step motor
Piezoelectric actuator and method for manufacturing same
Actuator using electro-mechanical transducer
Field emission device with buffer layer and method of making
Corner spring for color cathode ray tube
Color cathode-ray tube with resistive spring contact
Cold cathode fluorescent display
High contrast electroluminescent displays
Electrode structure of an AC type plasma display panel
Powder metal electrode component for discharge lamps
High pressure discharge lamp, with tungsten electrode and lighting optical apparatus and image display system using the same
Acousto ionic radio antenna
Arc discharge lamp with bimetal strip for fast passive lamp failure
Electronic ballast cathode heating circuit
Ballast for fluorescent lamp
Energy transfer microwave plasma source
Plasma processing equipment
Fully integrated ballast IC
Method and device for the modulation of the intensity of fluorescent lamps
Electronic ballast with over-voltage protection
Illumination components
Lighting systems
System for controlling the position of an electron beam in a cathode ray tube and method thereof
Cut-off level setting
Single motor, two film belt control system
Electrical power-assisted steering systems
Direction control device for a ceiling fan
Synchronous sampling circuit for a sensorless switching reluctance machine system
Method and apparatus for initialization and operation of field-commutated motors and machines incorporating field-commutated motors
Brushless motor driving system for driving outdoor fan of air conditioner
Pressing machine and motor torque control method in pressing machine
Container for polluted and/or contaminated materials
Method and apparatus for linearizing control of a reluctance force motor
Drive system using a servomotor with a memory
Motor drive control system
Capacitive resolver
Open-loop step motor control system
Power device
Method and apparatus for identifying a battery
End plate incorporated in battery power source unit, and cooling device
End plate incorporated in battery power source unit
Method enabling communications between an electronic device and a battery, an apparatus comprising an electronic device and a battery, and a battery enabling communication
Battery pack for portable computer
USB cable and method for charging battery of external apparatus by using USB cable
Battery cell by-pass circuit
Method and apparatus for charging a valve-regulated lead acid battery
Discharge protection apparatus for a battery-powered device and a method of preventing overdischarge of a battery
Method and apparatus for measuring the state-of-charge of a battery
Method for predicting battery capacity
Battery charger
Method and device for determining the charging current of an accumulator
Two stage power converter with interleaved buck regulators
Balanced voltage reference circuit, integrated with one or more amplifier circuits, for operating point adjustment
Cascode circuits in dual-Vt, BICMOS and DTMOS technologies
MOS transistor output circuits using PMOS transistors
Tunable constant current source with temperature and power supply compensation
Hand-held hidden object sensor for sensing a location of objects hidden behind a surface of an architectural structure
Baseband time-domain waveform measurement method
Device for measuring the rise time of signals interfered with by noise from gamma or X radiation detectors
Solenoid motion detection circuit
Object location system and method using field actuation sequences having different field strengths
Electronic position transmission device adapted to transmit the position of stem of valves
Magnetic position sensor having opposed tapered magnets
Magnetic detector with improved noise resistance characteristics
Magnetic sensing device for outputting a digital signal as a dynamic representation of an analog signal
Interference-cancellation system for electromagnetic receivers
Human appendage mounted metal detector
Apparatus for use in magnetic-field detection and generation devices
Method and system for providing a maximum intensity projection of a non-planar image
Automatic measurement of gradient field distortion
Organic-inorganic composite conductive SOL and process for producing the same
Wood substitute composition and process for producing same
Heat-conductive rubber composition material and heat-conductive rubber sheet
Encapsulating material and LOC structure semiconductor device using the same
Composition intended for the manufacture of tire casing with an elastomeric base containing oxygenated functions and silica as filler
Method of making a multi-phase aggregate using a multi-stage process
Interconnect structure and method employing air gaps between metal lines and between metal layers
Human Necessities
Method for preparing malonate methylidene nanoparticles, nanoparticles optionally containing one or several biologically active molecules
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process of making an epoxide polymer using highly active double metal cyanide catalysts
Supported olefin polymerization catalysts
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Secondary coating for fiber strands, coated strand reinforcements, reinforced polymeric composites and a method of reinforcing a polymeric material
Surface micro-machined sensor with pedestal
Thin-film transistor, a method for manufacturing same, and a liquid crystal display device using the transistor
Protection of an integrated circuit with voltage variable materials
Symmetric magnetic tunnel device
Color cathode ray tube with first and second magnetic compensators
Eliminating buried contact trench in MOSFET devices having self-aligned silicide
Semiconductor device with a pair of transistors having dual work function gate electrodes
Contact structure using taper contact etching and polycide step
Homojunction semiconductor devices with low barrier tunnel oxide contacts
Voltage tunable schottky diode photoemissive infrared detector
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